How to make a scrapbook of memories: 17 Great Scrapbook Ideas and Albums to Preserve Your Family Memories


Making a Mini Scrapbook with your Kids

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Learn how to make a simple DIY mini memory scrapbook that your children can decorate and customize on their own. Kids will love this creative scrapbooking activity that is perfect for family photos or vacation memories.

Make mini scrapbooks using paper and rubber stamps.

This project first appeared over at Somewhat Simple where I’m a contributor.

A note from Aimee: This blog post first appeared on The Crazy Craft Lady in August 2017. It has since been updated to bring you the best, most current creative content.

A Mini Memory Scrapbook for Kids

My kids love to look at photos… photos of themselves that they ask me to take on my phone, vacation photos, family photo albums. They love it all. I decided to take our family photo album game up a notch after a recent weekend trip to Madison, WI. I took our favorite vacation photos and made a mini scrapbook for my daughter to decorate and customize however she wanted.

Supplies Needed to make Mini Scrapbooks

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  • cardstock paper (feel free to choose any color, but I used paper bag brown)
  • plain white computer paper
  • paper trimmer or scissors
  • stapler
  • various family or vacation photos
  • embellishments – washi tape, rubber stamps, photo corners, stickers, colored pencils and markers, etc.

How to Make A Mini Memory Scrapbook

First , cut rectangles out of your cardstock and white paper. Remember that the width of your mini scrapbook will be limited by the size of your stapler.

Fold the stack of cardstock and paper in half. Then staple along the crease to form the book’s seam.

Using a rubber stamp or marker, give the cover of the mini scrapbook a title.  I used rubber stamps to spell out “my memories” for my daughter’s vacation photos.

Next, fill in the pages of the book with photos.  Secure the photos with double-sided tape or photo corners.  Add rubber ink stamps that have plenty of white space for your child to color.

Let your child decorate! Add washi tape and stickers in the white space.  Simply let their imaginations run wild!

UPDATE: Here are more mini scrapbooks that we’ve made:

Learn how to make a simple DIY mini memory scrapbook that your children can decorate and customize on their own. Kids will love this creative scrapbooking activity that is perfect for family photos or vacation memories.


  • cardstock paper (feel free to choose any color, but I used paper bag brown)
  • plain white computer paper
  • paper trimmer or scissors
  • stapler
  • various family or vacation photos
  • embellishments – washi tape, rubber stamps, photo corners, stickers, colored pencils and markers, etc.

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This project first appeared over at Somewhat Simple where I’m a contributor.

10 Ways to Scrapbook – All for the Memories

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A while ago I posted about scrapbooking and how there are SO many ways to do it. I think a lot of people have an idea in their head about what scrapbooking is, and looks like although social media is doing a pretty awesome job of changing that!

The one thing that keeps me motivated is new ways of scrapbooking. New products, new formats, new techniques to try (though this is usually the last thing I do) and online inspiration keep memory keeping fun and exciting for me. I thought I’d put together a list of all the types of scrapbooking I like to do and I’d love for you to add your own in the comments below if you have others!


  1. Traditional – I’ll call traditional scrapbooking a traditional album (usually with rings) with pages inserted into page protectors. Usually sized at 12″x12″ or 8.5″x11″. The pages would have photos and/or memorabilia as well as maybe some words written about the photos or memorabilia on the page.
  2. Digital and/or Hybrid – Digital looks much like traditional but without all the physical layers. It is done on the computer and printed out either in a bound album or inserted into a traditional album. Hybrid would be a combination of traditional and digital.
  3. Project Life – a simplified version of scrapbooking started by Becky Higgins. Insert photos and cards (that you can write or type your stories on) into pocketed pages and place in a traditional album. This is closest to the original type of photo book that you’d buy and just insert your photos. You can also do Project Life digitally with the Project Life app which is incredibly convenient for those on the go a lot!

    Image from

  4. Pocket Scrapbooking – Pocket scrapbooking is a more involved version of Project Life. Each pocket almost being a mini scrapbook itself. This feels a bit more creative and opens you up to using more embellishments and elements. Though obviously I don’t like to put rules on scrapbooking I just think of this type as a bit more involved than the Project Life that Becky started to really simplify memory keeping. 
  5. Mini Albums – Mini albums come in all shapes and sizes. A lot of times people will use mini albums for a specific event, vacation or holiday but I use them for all kinds of things. I have several mini albums going and just like the smaller size or less restriction from pages. I’ve made Day or Week in the Life albums (inspired by Ali Edwards), Christmas minis, pet minis, Arizona adventure minis…
  6. Traveler’s Notebook – my latest favorite. Sort of a mix of scrapbooking and mini albums a traveler’s notebook is a smaller sized, bound book that is great for traveling with. Since I don’t stick to the “rules” I don’t necessarily use it just for traveling, but I really love how you can carry around a few albums with you and place each one on the shelf when you’re done and replace it with a fresh clean album to work on next. It requires a bit less supplies since all the paper is there already for you, though there is some restriction on how many layers or memorabilia you can add.
  7. Planner Scrapbooking – probably the latest big craze to hit scrapbooking, people are doing some pretty amazing things with their planners which then turn into their own gorgeous time machine of information for you or your family to go through later.
  8. Bible Journaling – I absolutely love seeing how much my friend Shana’s company Illustrated Faith has grown over the years. There is a huge community of people basically making gorgeous scrapbooks or notebooks in their Bibles. As with all scrapbooking everyone does it differently some right in their Bible, others in notebooks or mini albums. If you’ve ever read notes in the margin of a Bible from a family member than you know that it is possible for this type of journaling to be personal and a real keepsake for family.
  9. Book Bound – there are many companies making book bound albums from ones that will do it from your Instagram account automatically to the ones that you build and add on to from scratch. I’ve done these mixed in with traditional albums and because these are small and relatively inexpensive I’ll order 2 of each so both of my boys will have one.
  10. Traditional Photo Album – Print those photos and stick them in an album, just try to take a moment to write a few notes or at the very least names and dates on the back – just like your grandma/great grandmother did.

Whatever type of scrapbooking you like to do or want to try, just get those photos and memories printed out and written down. While yes, a flood or fire can damage or ruin scrapbooks, it’s incredibly easy to lose it all digitally. What’s your favorite type?!

Digital Scrapbook Online Maker | Free Templates

We’re committed to helping you make digital scrapbooks and photo books that will last a lifetime. From your camera to your computer, creating memory books is easy, with Mixbook!

  • Make an online scrapbook in an instant. Pick a template, digitally upload your photos and we can do the work for you.
  • Choose from our growing library of stickers and backgrounds. You can pick and choose the stickers and backgrounds that will make your book special. You can even upload your own designs if you’d like!
  • Print out your beautiful book without breaking the bank. Our photo books are printed on quality archival silk 100 lb. paper with full photo wrap covers. The paper we use is acid and lignin-free so your scrapbook pages won’t yellow over time. Your scrapbook designs will be vibrant and lasting!

Take a look at our Year In Review photo books.

Digital scrapbooking is easier than ever with online platforms like Mixbook. Powerful software allows you to create your special project in less time and with less effort than anyone thought possible years ago. Plus, you don’t need scissors and don’t have any mess to clean up once your creation is completed. Online scrapbooking allows you to create a meaningful project crafted with vivid colors, clean lines, clear images, and all of the special effects that make this type of project so fulfilling and beautiful. Capturing special moments digitally is an American pastime. It seems like everyone is doing it. If you are part of the “Let me snap this photo, now” group, perhaps it is time for you to turn your images into beautiful tailor-made scrapbooks or photo cards that you can share with friends and loved ones.

Our make-your-own online scrapbooking services are designed for everyone. Our easy-to-use digital software simplifies the process, while our extra features make it possible to add fancy details and unique features to each page. Our lay flat photo books are crafted with premium paper and designed to stay perfectly flat, an improvement over traditional scrapbooks that were bulky with pages that never stayed in place. Each cover is designed to resist warping while offering a beautiful exterior for your online scrapbooking project. You stay in charge of all creative decisions, selecting the features you want while discarding options you have no interest in using. The ability to turn your photos into a gorgeous memento is reason enough to begin your personalized online scrapbooking project now.

Memory books are meant to capture important moments in your life or the life of someone you love, preserving them for future generations. Each custom memory book template is designed with premium materials, ensuring they are up to the task. Consider making a personalized book to give to your children’s grandparents or godparents for a birthday or special celebration for a cool surprise. A wedding anniversary offers the perfect occasion to gift a memory book to your loved one, sibling, or parents. While traditional aspects such as using distinctive photos and short captions are still in vogue, newer trends focus on using larger, single photos on each page rather than grouping them together. The accent is clearly placed on a “special moment.”

“I have used Mixbook many times over the last ten years. It is by far the best tool for putting together a photo book. It has the best tools, the best graphics, the best customer service, and gives you the most flexibility in terms of content. It is amazing!” – Martha

“I love how easy it is to edit in Mixbook, even if you choose a theme you are not restricted to the fonts and styles within that theme. I have made a photo book for my family every year for the past 6 years and am always extremely happy with how they come out.” – Emily

“I had a great time putting my book together and picking out different backgrounds for the pages. I felt that my book turned out great! It made great gifts for my grandchildren.” – Rainey

15 Memorial Scrapbooking Ideas for Pets and Loved Ones

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When death brings grief, one way to begin the healing process is to create something that brings back cherished memories. If you’re looking for a unique and creative way to remember a lost loved one or pet, consider crafting a memorial scrapbook. 

Jump ahead to these sections:

Scrapbooks can be as simple or innovative as you wish. There are many different styles and mediums to choose from. Fashion a basic scrapbook with pictures, stickers, and words, or consider a digital option that can be viewed by many.

All that matters is that your memorial scrapbook is meaningful to you and your family. These also make thoughtful memorial gifts for close friends who have suffered a loss.

Memorial Scrapbook Ideas for a Loved One

Creating a memorial scrapbook is a great way to keep memories alive after you’ve lost a loved one.

1. Digital memorial book

If you are hosting a virtual funeral, a digital memorial book is a perfect companion. You can use PowerPoint, video editing software, or a platform that makes it easy, such as Tribute.

Pandemic Tip: There are paid services for virtual funeral planning. They often offer assistance in creating digital memorials, including scrapbooks and slideshows, for your service.  

2. Collaborative scrapbook

Crowdsource your scrapbook at your loved one’s funeral. Have family and friends bring pictures, quotes, memories, gifts, and anything else representing your lost loved one. Then, let them get to crafting! 

This is a fun activity for an otherwise somber event and can get guests chatting and sharing fond memories and old family stories. 

Pro Tip: Provide blank books along with scrapbooking materials on your memorial table. Glue, scissors, colorful tape, tissue paper, magazines, colored pencils, and markers should do the trick. 

You can also send the original book to a printing company, and they can make copies of photo books for you to share with loved ones. Make sure to ask for the original one back for safekeeping!

3. Grief journal

Scrapbooking can be healing. Cuddle up with a beautiful journal, pen, and your favorite warm beverage, and get to writing.

Share your grief in the form of stories, memories, jokes, poetry, and quotes. The world is your oyster! Grab a magazine and cut out images that remind you of your loved one. 

4. Photo album

Photo albums are the original scrapbook. Sometimes, family pictures with or without captions are more than enough to memorialize a loved one. Collect as many old photos as you can find for your album. Don’t forget to enlist the help of family and friends!

5. Heirloom collection

Pull together items that belonged to your ancestors and showcase them in a unique way. Alternatively, take pictures of the items and have photo books printed for family members. Elevate this project by including a family tree!

Memorial Scrapbook Ideas for a Baby or Child

No life event can compare to the loss of a child. Creating a memorial scrapbook may bring some healing and peace to your grief. 

6. Memory book

No matter how long you knew your child, whether earthside or in the womb, you can create a memory book (like this one) in their honor.

Fill the book with pregnancy and/or developmental milestones. Fill the pages with pictures, memories, and professions of love. There are many beautiful quotes and poems about losing a child you could add. 

7. Digital journal

If your child is battling a terminal illness, consider starting a digital journal now. You can send emails to an account under their name, or you can use an online journaling service such as Qeepsake.

Qeepsake will even send you a daily text message, making it easy for you to fill in the journal piece-by-piece. Daily prompts can help make this task feel less daunting. This is a beautiful memorial that you will be able to look back on and cherish in the future. 

8. Footprint art

Create a scrapbook and add your baby’s adorable hand and footprints. When you miss them most, run your hand over their perfect little hands and feet to bring their memory closer to your heart. 

9. Memorabilia collage

Save your favorite onesie, baby blanket, and other items of your child’s and display them in a shadow box.  

If your child was a bit older when they passed, consider combining fabric from their closet to create a memorial collage. There are many different mediums for this. You could make a poster board, stuffed animal, or even a pillow to hold. Whatever would feel most comforting is the right choice.

10. Onesie quilt

This can be a DIY project, or you can commission a friend, family member, or artist to create one for you. Onesies work, as do blankets, T-shirts, pants, dresses, pillows, or any other textiles that belonged to your little one. 

Memorial Scrapbook Ideas for a Pet

Losing a pet truly does feel like losing a member of the family. Remember their unconditional love through a memorial scrapbook.

11. Collection of favorites

Did your pet have a favorite leash? Collar? Toy? Bowl? Create a shadow box to display your favorite items. Include a cutout from the box of their favorite treat. 

Alternatively, take pictures of these items and create a scrapbook to keep your beloved pet’s favorites within reach.  

12. Open-ended book

The love of our pets is unmatched, but they are with us for such a short time. You may have had many beloved pets throughout your lifetime. Create a scrapbook that you can continue to fill with pictures, memorabilia, and stories of every pet who is lucky enough to have been loved by you. 

13. Picture collage

This option is simple and sweet. Create a photo collage to commemorate your pet. Perhaps you have pictures holding them, playing with them, or a favorite picture of them in their tank or bed. Paste them all together and add magazine cutouts, drawings, or even fabrics for a beautiful and memorable collage. 

Pro Tip: Mod Podge seals and glues paper, pictures, and newspaper and magazine cutouts with a glossy, professional finish. 

14. Euthanasia memorial

Sometimes the best gift we can give our best friends is a peaceful send-off. You can find many beautiful euthanasia quotes and poems online.

Include those along with pictures from your pet’s final moments to commemorate their peaceful transition by your side.  

15. Something to snuggle

Have your animal cloned in stuffed animal form so you can snuggle up to their likeness eternally. 

Some companies create real stuffed pets. Others will use hair or other features from your pet to make their clone more realistic.

If that’s not really your thing, but you like the idea of a stuffed animal that shares your pet’s likeness, there are plenty of crochet, cotton, and polyester options to choose from. 

Gift a Memorial Scrapbook

Scrapbooks make for incredibly thoughtful memorial gifts. Here are some steps to get you started:

  • Ensure that this is an appropriate gift. 
    • Do a gut check. 
    • Check-in with a mutual friend. 
    • Ask their family members for advice. 
  • Once you get the go-ahead, take a trip to the craft store and pick up stickers, textiles, markers, and any other materials you wish to use.  
  • Call up family members and friends and collect pictures, memories, and quotes to fill your scrapbook. Handwritten letters make for beautiful and meaningful additions.
  • Make sure everything is dried and sealed. Have a trusted person look it over.
  • Gift to the grieving family at the funeral, wake, memorial, shiva, or on the anniversary of their loved one’s death. If your friend is a private person, choose a quiet moment with just the two of you to give them this special gift.

Craft from the heart and this will be a gift that your friend will cherish forever.

Make A Handmade Scrapbook: The Perfect Way To Capture Your Memories!

At Create and Craft, our incredible Core Collection has been months in the making – and now that it’s here, we can’t wait to show you all the creative things you can do with it! When our crafty contributor Louise Dunbar received her Core Collection cardstock essentials, she got straight to work on this gorgeous scrapbook travel album – how pretty are these stunning scrapbook pages? If you’re looking for colourful and creative scrapbook ideas you can utilise to turn your own treasured memories into pretty little keepsakes then this scrapbooking project is the one for you! Check out Louise’s step-by-step tutorial below, and discover exactly what you can do with Create and Craft’s fantastic Core Collection cardstock!

Using just four sheets of A3 cardstock, I’ll show you how to make not one but two mini papercraft books, which are perfect for creating scrapbook albums, mini photo books, or simply a pretty little inspiration book or two! Personally, I love to scrapbook travel photos, but you could turn your scrapbook pages into whatever you like!

Time to Make: Approximately 1 hour

Skill Level: Intermediate

Trim your A3 cardstock to the following sizes:

  • 1 at 40cm
  • 1 at 38cm
  • 1 at 36cm
  • 1 at 34cm

Next we’re going to score along the long edge before we trim down to the height; it makes it easier to fit into the trimmer this way. First, take the 40cm length piece, and score at 18cm and 22cm. Next, score the 38cm length piece at 17.5 and 20.5cm, and then score the 36cm length piece at 17 and 19cm. Finally, take the 34cm length piece, and score at 16.5 and 17.5cm.

Now, fold down one of the score lines on each piece of cardstock, then put into your trimmer and trim down to 18cm.  Do this on all four pieces of cardstock.  You’ll now have eight pieces of card, which will make two separate books.

Fold along the other score lines, and you’ll create a ‘U’ shape in the cardstock as shown above; this is the spine of the books, and you’ll see just how easily they fit inside one another to form the scrapbook pages, next!

Time to construct your scrapbook! Add red liner tape to the spines and stick them together, trying to keep each sheet as central as you can; this will just give a neater finish to your handmade scrapbook project.

Now it’s time to decorate your scrapbook pages!  You can choose to do this with coloured papers… patterned papers… it’s really up to you!  I did my bigger book with a mix of coloured and patterned papers, then did my smaller book with just coloured papers.

For the Bigger Book: 17 x 17cm, 17 x 16.5cm, 17 x 16cm and 17 x 15.5cm

For the Smaller Book: 11 x 17cm, 11 x 16.5cm, 11 x 16cm and 11 x 15.5cm

Now that the scrapbook pages are in place, you can finish the books however you like! I choose to add photos of a recent holiday to my big book, and I made a front cover to reflect this!

I turned the smaller scrapbook into an inspiration book and filled it with pieces of white cardstock which I decorated with different craft techniques, so I can look back through it when I need a bit of crafty inspiration!

What would you fill yours with? I’d love to here your crafty suggestions below! Keen to get started? Order all your papercrafting supplies today!

As our content marketing executive in charge of the Create and Craft blog, Lisa loves nothing more than writing about all things craft. ‘When I’m not at work, you’ll find me attempting a wonky crochet project, playing with watercolours or trying my hand at the latest awesome craft tutorial to cross my desk!’

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paper: Writing memories on scrapbook pages

You may have noticed by now I’m rather fond of writing in scrapbooks. I love how written tales of little memories make a scrapbook so much more than just a photo album of anonymous people. It’s why I teach classes like Journal your Christmas and True Stories with their emphasis on committing those memories to paper before they fade into the busy nature of our day-to-day lives. I’m not the only person who shares this pro-writing ethos, and I’m happy to welcome Lain Ehmann today with her thoughts on her favourite scrapbook pages. Don’t miss your challenge at the end of this post!

When Shimelle asked me if I wanted to create a little post for her blog, my response was, “Heck, yeah! With glitter on top!”

Because if there’s anything I love almost as much scrapbooking itself, it’s writing about scrapbooking.

I’ve been scrapbooking a long time (fifteen years in the current incarnation, thirty-plus years if you count my Rick Springfield photo albums circa 1985). And I’ve learned an important lesson in that time.

This may shock you, but the pages I love best in my scrapbook albums are not the ones with the flashy flowers, fancy page elements, and awesome photography. Yes, I love to look at those (and, to be honest, pat myself on the back a bit!), but the ones I really am glad I created are those that capture a little hidden part of our life, something no one would ever know unless I wrote it down.

Like how I sometimes sneak into my kids’ rooms at night to listen to them breathe.
Or how my eleven-year-old steals every pen in the house (just like I used to do…!).
Or how my four-year-old (at the time) told Daddy he had “big hooters.”

These little butterflies of memory are the reason I scrapbook. Not to document one more Christmas or one more soccer game or one more Open House. But to tell the stories behind the pictures — and to tell the stories of my heart, the things that make me laugh and the things that make me cry. Sometimes they’re one and the same.

Let me illustrate. From my albums, I would choose this and label it an example of a Good scrapbook page:

But then there’s the Bombdiggety scrapbook page:

I love both these layouts, but the second one speaks to me more. Anyone could guess that my son celebrated his 13th birthday in some fashion. But would they know that I loved books so much, even at an early age, that I went around the house putting my name In every one I could find?

Your challenge: This is exactly the sort of thing we can all apply to our Christmas scrapbooking to get so much more value in our books than just the annual photos of the family in front of the tree. So today I challenge you to find a creative way to document a holiday memory that’s currently missing from your scrapbooks. Feelings, thoughts, memories hidden behind the pictures. It doesn’t have to be deep and angst-ridden. It can be light and breezy. But angst-ridden works, too, if that’s where you’re at! It’s all good.

And so are you.

About Lain…
Lain inspires women to make their scrapbooking fun and meaningful through her blog, classes, and live online papercrafting events. Her next class, Your Story Matters: A Guided Expedition of Self-Discovery helps scrapbookers gather their memories and stories in her signature effervescent style. The week-long class includes daily prompts, an online virtual crop, and more. You can find out more about Your Story Matters here.

13 November 2011

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Why make a digital scrapbook?

Scrapbooks are a great place to curate memories around a common theme.  They often contain priceless photographs, handwritten notes, and newspaper clippings.  Sometimes they’re adorned with colorful artwork and other decorations to make an extra special memory.  With this great time investment, perhaps you should consider making digital scrapbooks so your entire family can enjoy these priceless heirlooms forever?


There are several reasons why digital scrapbooking is better than paper scrapbooking.  This is not to say an old-time paper scrapbook is not incredibly valuable.  Quite the contrary!  For generations, families treasure these one-of-a-kind heirlooms.   If you’re blessed to have been handed down a paper scrapbook, please consider preserving it digitally so the memories will never be completely lost to fires, floods, and storms.  You can DIY, or seek consul of a professional digitizing company to make you a digital copy.


Too many of these priceless scrapbooks are collecting dust on a bookshelf in one person’s home.  Because it’s physical, the paper scrapbook can only be enjoyed from one location at a time.  Indeed, multiple people can enjoy the scrapbook when they visit the owner’s residence, but access is often difficult, especially as families reside in multiple regions of the world.  A digital scrapbook can be shared with an unlimited number of people, at any location, at any time.


A paper scrapbook is limited to physical items and lacks the ability to include a variety of media.  Favorite songs?  That special voicemail you saved?  Your child’s music recital?  A link to a public website?  Your wedding video?  Only a digital scrapbook provides the opportunity to include non-physical items.   Further, it’s real easy to use one memory in multiple digital albums at the same time.


Paper scrapbooks run out of space, but digital storage options are nearly unlimited.  It’s not difficult to exceed the storage capacity of a DVD, another external device, or your personal desktop, but no one has ever exceeded the storage capacity of the cloud!  If you maintain your digital scrapbook with a good cloud provider, they will scale more storage as you need it.  No more filling up bookcases or boxes.


It very difficult to “insert” a new page in the middle of a bound paper scrapbook, but this is so easy with digital technology.  Features like copy/paste, cropping, resizing, and other enhancements are much more cumbersome using paper scrapbooks.  Digital tools offer the flexibility to rapidly curate your memories without any of the mess of paints, scissors, or glue.

Scrapbooks are treasured heirlooms in many families.  Whether you want to digitize a paper scrapbook or create a new digital scrapbook, it’s helpful to plan out the project “beginning with the end in mind.

”  We can help.  Get your FREE Memory Digitizing Guide here.

90,000 Using Memories in Photos on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

The Photos app recognizes important people, places and events in your library and then presents them in carefully curated collections called Memories. You can also create your own memories and share them with friends and family.

Browsing the collections “Memories”

Change memory mix

Mixes of memories are specially selected combinations of photographic images and corresponding compositions that can be applied to a memory. For each collection, you can choose from several mixes of memories or your own design and composition in Apple Music. Here’s how to use this function:

  1. Open the Photos app and go to the For You tab.
  2. Click on a memory to play it.
  3. Tap the screen, press the memory mix button, then swipe left to view different mixes.
  4. Tap the screen again to apply the mix of memories.

Change of design

  1. Open the Photos app and go to the For You tab.
  2. Click on a memory to play it.
  3. Tap the screen, tap the Memory Mix button, then tap the Filters button.
  4. Select a design from the Appearance list, then click Finish.

Changing the music of memories

In iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, you can change the music for your memories by choosing from a list of soundtracks or suggested songs. If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you can also access your Apple Music library and see songs suggested based on your preferences, or songs playing when the memory was created. To change the music, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Photos app and go to the For You tab.
  2. Click on a memory to play it.
  3. Press the Memory Mix button and then the Music button.
  4. Select a song from the list or search for a specific song and click Done.

Creating your own memories

Creating your own collection “Memories” from an album of a specific month or day:

  1. Go to the Albums tab and select an album. Or go to the Library tab and click Months or Days.
  2. Click the More button, then click Play Flashback Movie.
  3. While a movie is playing, tap the screen, then press the More button.
  4. Click Add to Favorites and then click OK.
  5. Click the Close button.

To add someone from the People album to the Memories collection, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Albums tab and then tap the People album.
  2. Tap the thumbnail of the person, then tap the More button.
  3. Click Create Memory.

Preserving favorite memories

  1. Go to the For You tab and select a memory.
  2. Click the More button, then click Add to Favorites.

To view selected collections “Memories” go to the “For You” tab, click “See All “next to Memories and select Favorites. If you don’t want to save your memories anymore, just click the Favorites button again.

Sharing your favorite memories

  1. Start playing a movie memory. Then tap the screen to display the editing and sharing options.
  2. Click the Share button and choose a sharing method.

The memory you share goes with the music. If a specific song cannot be shared, you will be prompted to select a song that can be sent with a flashback.

Editing Memories

You can make changes to the Memories collection to further personalize them. You can change the title, add and remove photos from the memory, and change its duration depending on the number of photos in it.

Change header

  1. Go to the memory and press the More button.
  2. Click Change Title and then Save.

Add and remove photos from memory 90 100

  1. Start playing the memory, then tap the screen.
  2. Click the More button and then Photo Management.
  3. Check the photos to add them, or unmark the photos you want to delete.
  4. Click Finish.

To make a photo as a key memory, do the following:

  1. Start playing back the memory, then press the Pause button.
  2. Click the More button, then click Set Cover Photo.

To hide a specific photo from a memory, follow these steps:

  1. Start playing back the memory, then press the Pause button.
  2. Click the More button, then click Hide From Memory.

Changing the duration of a memory 90 100

  1. Start playing the memory, then tap the screen.
  2. Press the More button and then Short, Medium, or Long.

Depending on the number of photos in the memory, only Short and Medium may be displayed.

Additional information

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“She wanted to hide in some nameless wilderness and there to cherish and cherish her dear memories.

Haruki Murakami “My Favorite Companion”

So, sir, do not be alarmed, we will not offer you to hide in the wilderness. 🙂 But we have something to offer about the memories.During the holidays, it’s time to start creating a handmade notebook for storing the most intimate: captured moments and emotions.

It is very easy to make such a ‘notebook of memories’! The main thing is to have a base at hand, that is, a notebook, ready-made photos, some cool stickers, a little imagination and a good mood. 🙂 Read our recommendations carefully and start the creative process.

1. Notepad. You can buy a cool notebook with a beautiful cover, or choose a more creative way: take the most ordinary notebook and design the cover yourself.(The notebook that you see in the photo below is designed with pages from a magazine. Yes, you just need to cut out the pictures you like, glue them together, and then wrap the purchased ‘base’ with them).

2. Photos. To make the photos for your album lively and interesting, do not forget to take your camera with you every time you leave the house (our shots were taken with the Instax Mini 70 Instant Photo Camera). You never know what can happen to you on any given day.Perhaps there will be much more reasons for the photo than you expected. 🙂

3. Taking snapshots with the camera. Taking instant photos with cameras like Instax is easy, but there are 3 tips to follow to get the most out of your shot:
a) Change the shooting mode depending on the lighting.
b) In very bright light, the pictures may turn out to be overexposed. To avoid this, take a photo in the shade or against a dark background.
c) When taking a selfie, keep the lens strictly in front of your face.Fortunately, the Instax 70 has a mini-mirror, in which you can see if everything fits into the frame. 🙂

4. Design and decor. Here you can give free rein to your imagination! Photos in a notebook can be accompanied by cute captions, quotes, lines from songs. You can decorate the pages with various stickers, glitter, printed pictures from tumblr, magazine clippings, tape. For example, if you went to the cinema for a long-awaited film, then do not rush to throw away your ticket! It can also be pasted into the album as a memory 🙂

5.Variety of ideas. If you think about it, you can paste anything into a notebook! Here are some more interesting options:
– postcards that friends gave you and are giving you
– cute messages from everyone’s favorite chewing gum ‘love is’
– labels / tags of your favorite brands
– receipts from long-awaited and / or expensive purchases
– business cards
– napkins / disposable packages of sugar from your favorite coffee houses (if this can bring back pleasant memories, then why not?)
– notes that you and your friend exchanged during the lesson 🙂
6.Inspiration. If, nevertheless, all ideas left you at once, then in search of inspiration you can look here:
Instagram. com/ronnycakes
YouTube channel Gretchen Hope

7. Atmosphere. Memories can be good or bad. But the essence of a notebook of memories is to put a smile on your face when you look at it. Make yourself some tea, play your favorite playlist and start creating! And we will hope that the process will cheer you up and bring you pleasure.:)

Well, who wanted to make such a notebook for themselves? 😉

Material and photos prepared by Aysel Eyubova

How to create a photo slideshow “Memories” on iPhone and iPad

Memories are custom slideshows your iPhone or iPad can do for you. It’s easy to overlook this feature, but once you start creating quick and easy slideshows from your own collection of photos, you may find it handy and invaluable.

To access Memories, launch the iOS Photos app and select For You . Select View All, to view the entire cache of generated Memories.

How to Create Photo Memories

Lifewire / Daniel Nations

Memories are created automatically in iOS. All you have to do is continue capturing images and videos, and Photos will dynamically sort them in Memory based on the dates and the number of media generated over a certain period.

If you want to create your own memory from a collection of photos or videos, you will have to do it manually. This means sorting them into an individual album.

How to create memory manually

Lifewire / Daniel Nations

Not all of your real memories fit into the interpretation of Photos of events, holidays and meetings. This way you can create your own album or memory to better reflect reality. Here’s how to create new memories in Photos for iOS:

  1. Launch the iOS Photos app and select Albums .

  2. Click the + icon in the upper left corner, then select New Album .

  3. Name the album and select “ Save” .

  4. Select the photos you want to add to the album. You can browse photos by album or navigate through the entire list of cameras.

    You can also add photos from your camera roll individually or as they are taken.After creating a new album, select Done . When viewing any photo you want to add, click the Share icon, then select Add to Album and select the album you just created.

  5. Return to the albums screen. In the My Albums section, select the album you just created.

  6. In the album header, select > . The album will be displayed as an auto-generated memory.

Select the Play icon to view a full screen slide show from user memory.

How to create a memory of a specific person

This is a cool trick that will create a dynamic slideshow of photos and videos that you have of a particular person.

  1. With Photos open, select the Albums tab.

  2. Scroll down. Under “ People and Places” , select “ People” .

  3. You will see a collection of albums featuring different people, recognizable by the Photos application. Select one to display all the photos of that person taken with your camera.

    This feature now works for every face in the camera’s photo list – only faces found in multiple photos that your iOS device can easily detect.

    To add additional photos for this person, click the menu icon, then select “ Confirm Additional Photos” .

  4. Select the Play icon, to display a full screen slideshow of that person.

How to create memory for a specific date or event

You can follow the same instructions to create a memory and slideshow for a specific date or event in your camera. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Photos app and select the Photos tab.

  2. Navigate to the appropriate date or event using the tabs Years , Months , or Days .

    Lifewire / Daniel Nations

  3. Once you have selected a bunch of photos or videos, select the “ Menu” icon, denoted by three horizontal dots.

  4. Select “Play” to load photos and videos into a slideshow

The Play button is only available under certain conditions, so it is often easier to manually create an album and then convert it to memory.

How to Edit Memories Slideshow

Lifewire / Daniel Nations

Despite its automatic functionality, Memories is not ideal for recognizing people, places or events.For this reason, you can edit slideshows from memory in the Photos application. Here’s how:

  1. Open any memory and select the play icon , to start playing the slideshow.

  2. Tap anywhere on the screen to open the editing options.

  3. Choose your Memory mood from any of the following: Dreamy, Sentimental, Gentle, Cool, Neutral, Happy, Uplifting, Epic, Clubbing or Extreme.

  4. Select the length for memory: short, medium or long.

  5. Select “ Edit” in the upper right corner to customize your slideshow. Here you can change the title, title image, music, and duration. You can also change which photos and videos are included in the slideshow.

Section “Heading” allows you to edit the heading, sub-heading and select the font for the heading. In music, you can choose one of the standard songs or any song from your device’s library.When you edit the memory duration, the Photos app will choose which photos to add or subtract, so you’ll want to do this before editing the photo selection. This allows you to fine-tune your photos after you’ve chosen the right length.

You can add a photo by clicking the “ + ” button in the lower left corner of the screen, but you can only add photos that are in the original collection. So, if you created a memory from 2018 photos, you can only add photos from this 2018 collection.This is where creating a new album helps. If you don’t see the photo you want, you can go back, add the photo to the album, and start the editing process again.

You cannot place a photo at a specific point in the slideshow. The photos are arranged in the same order as they appear in the album, which is usually sorted by date and time.

How to save and share memories

Lifewire / Daniel Nations

Now that you have your own slideshow from memory, you can share it.

You can share the slideshow or save it to your device by pressing the Share button during playback. All the standard sharing options are available, including AirDrop, Messages, Mail, YouTube, Dropbox, Facebook, and more, you can even import it into iMovie for further editing.

If you choose “ Save Video”, the slideshow will be saved to the “Video” album in movie format. This allows you to share it on Facebook or send it as a text message at a later time.

90,000 Album versus iPhone: how to store memories correctly :: Life :: RBC Style

© eurobanks /;


Alena Galkina

11 July 2018

It is easy to document an important moment in life today, you just need to turn on the camera on your phone. But it won’t be so easy to preserve memories. Here’s how to organize your personal photo archive in a world where billions of photos appear every day.

Sharing personal photos with hundreds or thousands of subscribers on social networks is a common thing, although twenty years ago, family albums were shown to loved ones only in a sincere home environment.People were the designers of their memories, making thick photo albums – now the Memories system in the iPhone does this. The American Photographers Association called the growing up children today another “lost generation”: they risk being left without their childhood photos, and therefore, without their own history. Ironically, these kids are living at a time when 95 million photos appear on Instagram every day and more than 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook.

According to a Samsung survey, only 23% of photos taken in today’s world end up in traditional family albums.A third of the respondents explain the lack of photo albums by the lack of time and the fact that they simply do not understand how to unload photos from devices in order to print them. 631 million digital photos are lost every year due to hacked accounts, forgotten passwords or broken hard drives. 42% of respondents no longer print photos, and 70% don’t even have albums. Recognizing the problem of losing memories and connecting with family, the American Photographers Association (PPA) even launched a Print the Movement campaign to raise awareness of the problem.According to rough estimates, in 2017, people around the world took 14 trillion pictures. But how many of them will turn into memories that can be shared with the next generation?

Dana Denis-Smith brings up the importance of preserving roots in an inspiring TED Memory Talk. When a woman wanted to tell her six-year-old daughter about her childhood in a poor village in communist Romania, it was discovered that there were only six photographs from that time in her archive.“The saddest thing is that there was no joint photo with their parents among them,” Dana complains. “And when you lose one of your parents, like me, this lack of memory hits you hard.”

While preparing the Album Beauty exhibition, dedicated to the culture of family photo albums, the Dutch artist and curator of the exhibition Eric Kessel noticed that not long ago a person left behind 7–8 photo albums. The first was usually collected from the moments of the first relationship, the second – from wedding photographs, the third – from cards with the first child (if there was no child in the family, most often, according to Kessel, they photographed pets or cars).The rest of the albums chaotically combined growing children, family holidays, friends, landscapes and blank pages. Yes, most often the pictures in albums are imperfect: a yawn when the camera clicks, awkward posture, flash and red eyes, poor lighting and incorrect exposure. But all these inaccuracies, according to the artist, showed a truth that is difficult to detect in the modern era of Instagram with photographs carved in FaceTune.

Album Beauty Exhibition

© / exhibitions / album-beauty


© / exhibitions / album-beauty


© / exhibitions / album-beauty

I want to organize my archive. Where to begin?

– 1 –

Collect all your images in one place. Try to start small: store a collection of memories in one place. In the process of preparation, most likely, you will find that the photos are scattered in different places: some on Google Drive, others on Instagram, others in tags on Facebook, fourth in the iCloud cloud, fifth on an SD card in the camera, and so on. Further.Your task is to select the important ones and collect them in one repository.

– 2 –

Make several copies and keep them in different places. Such advice comes from the Washington-based Library of Congress, which has launched a tutorial dedicated to preserving personal digital memories. Let one copy be, for example, on your hard drive, and the other in the cloud storage. The Library of Congress recommends adding another repository to existing repositories every five years.

– 3 –

Don’t try to pick the perfect photos.Remember Kessel’s words that there is something real in the pictures with a yawn and a ridiculous pose. To prevent the album from turning into a collection of bad shots, try alternating the ones that you like with those that you find funny (the person in the background, the patch on his forehead, or an awkward expression on his face in a fit of laughter).

– 4 –

Don’t go past the photo booths. On a walk with friends, a party at work or family travel. Snapshots are rare in today’s world where you get memories without wasting time uploading photos and printing.


– 5 –

Take pictures of your friends. Your memories are not only family and places where you have been, but also friends. Take pictures of loved ones or change photos, as they did half a century ago.

– 6 –

Use online photo album printing services.Technological progress does not in any way contradict the culture of photo albums: for enthusiasts of mobile photography, there are services where you can make your own album and order a print. Such a service, for example, is offered by Moleskine in conjunction with the Milk Books service: in the online editor, you select the album size, the number of pages, add signatures, after which the finished photo album is printed for you. Of the Russian services, I would like to highlight the “Periodicals”: through the application or the website of the service, you can make a photobook in hard or softcover, or order postcards with photographs to send to relatives.

– 7 –

Analyze photographs every six months or a year. The more pictures accumulate, the more difficult it will be to collect them and select the ones to print. Get in the habit of regularly sorting through your archives. You can even time this exciting activity to coincide with an event: for example, sorting out pictures once a year on the eve of a birthday or with the whole family during the New Year holidays.

90,000 How to Make Custom Memories on iPhone and iPad with Specific Photos

Over time, we all click thousands of pictures on our iPhone and iPad.Good or bad events in life, they have a special place in our memories. With its unique curation feature, Photos automatically creates memories from our photos with light music and little animations. It doesn’t matter how smart Apple’s algorithms are, they can never read our feelings or our hearts. From time to time, we hope to create custom iPhone memories with specific photos.

It is very possible and that is what this post is about.If you have a special day coming up – like your wife’s birthday or your son’s eighteenth birthday – then this is something you should try. These custom memories will create new, beautiful ones. Let’s not waste any more time and see how you can do it.

How to Create Custom Memories with Specific Photos on iPhone and iPad

Step 1. To create custom memories, we first need a fresh new album.Let’s create this by going to Photos app and then click on Album at the bottom.

Step 2. Now click the “+” sign in the upper left corner and then click “ New Album”.

Step 3. It’s time for the naming ceremony. Name the new album so that you can find it more easily, then click “ Save”.

Step # 4. An album is not a photo album unless you add pictures to it.You will be prompted to select photos to add to the album. Select images from the long list of you can have on your device. After you have exhausted the selection of photos, click Done in the upper right corner.

Step # 5. Now you can see new album with specific photos.

Step # 6. All you have to do now is click on for the album name, and then click on the user memories you created.

Now just hit the Play icon and enjoy the show.

Bonus Tip: While enjoying the memories, click on the animation and you will see various customization options. Changing them to will change the music, the animation style of , as well as the animation speed. Play around to get the perfect one.


I’m sure this little tutorial would help you make a special occasion more special. Even if there is no reason, these memories will truly take you on a beautiful ride of the past.I’ll leave you here with your memories as I search for more amazing things to share with you in the next post.

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Have you found a hidden gem in the attic of your photos? How does it feel? Share this with us in the comments and don’t forget to contact us on Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.

Album of memories | EVA.RU

Do not read this story if you memorize all the articles from “Brockhaus and Efron” the first time.
Close this page right away if you have never been interested in your first words, steps, your menu at the age of three months and the frequency and quality of your body’s waste at the same time.
Forget about thinking about my writing if a nanny is already sitting with your one-month-old baby.

I don’t think you will take my story otherwise than the ravings of a diaper-obsessed bum (now, however, we should say: diapers).
This article is for those who consider the birth of a child to be their highest achievement at least three years in advance, who, without waiting for the victories of their offspring at the Olympiads and other competitions, are ready to admire every breath from the prenatal period. And for those at the same time who are not very confident in their memory. For example, who knows for sure that at the institute he snapped integrals like nuts, but now it is difficult to remember what was generally discussed.I dedicate it to those who are truly passionate about their children!

I have always been interested in the details of my personal life of that period, which I could not remember myself. Unfortunately, the parents, having acquired three children, lost almost all of their memories along the way. There were only a few family jokes among the three of us, in which my sisters and I took turns taking turns, depending on who was interested in his past at that moment.

When my daughter was born, I decided not to repeat parental mistakes.Memory is a strange thing: today one thing seems important to her, tomorrow it’s completely different. I began to write down on paper everything that concerned my most amazing child. At first, this activity did not seem particularly interesting: having bought a special album for newborns, I obediently recorded the height and weight, as well as the next of kin (as if they could be forgotten!). This album filled up quickly – I wanted to capture literally every moment. Along with moments, the date of the first smile and the first agu was recorded in history, the bandage from the hospital and the first, neatly cut, lonely hair from the beloved head went there.By the end of the first “volume” of my daughter’s biography, some of the disadvantages of such “planned” maintenance became clear: there is no place for any additional notes, it is impossible to collect several photographs into one group, and there is simply no room for creativity at all! Therefore, I decided to conduct the next “volume” in a completely different way. Actually, what I want to tell you in detail.

First, I examined the entire range of the photographic store. And I found that I was most comfortable with large albums with completely empty dense sheets.This is a beautiful, high-quality product, on the soft cover of which, for example, an elephant or a dinosaur can be depicted. Why are such albums so good?

    Firstly , I wanted to collect photographs in thematic groups: “First tooth”, for example. This section includes about five images of this tooth from different angles! And on such pages it is not difficult to do it, besides, photos can be placed at different angles.

    Secondly, , I wanted to cut off the unnecessary from the photos – the grandmother’s hands, which are holding a photo model, clearly demonstrating a snow-white smile, do not belong to the image of a tooth.At that time, there was still no Photoshop, and it was possible to cut off unnecessary things only purely mechanically, that is, by cropping. At the same time, pictures were obtained that were round, triangular or generally cut off along the contour, which gave a special relish to the design. And even now, in the days of various computer programs, which not everyone knows how to use, it is not superfluous to just pick up scissors.

    Thirdly , and this was the main thing for me – I wanted to write down the details from our life: when and how the first step was taken, what was torn or broken for the first time, under what circumstances such a device as a toilet was discovered and what was there experimentally launched.I also, of course, like all mothers, madly awaited the onset of the era of words, and space was required to track this period. And in a large album there is a place for a piece of hair, enclosed in an envelope, and for an imprint of a leg dear to the heart, and for the first drawing, and much more.

And yet, I wanted the album of memories to be pleasant for me and then for my child to flip through, that is, to make it unusual and individual.
Of course, it was a solid amateur performance at the level of the senior kindergarten group: flowers and dogs cut out of postcards, hearts drawn by my loving hand, scattered sparkles and so on.By the way, have I already mentioned that I glued everything with ordinary glue?
Later, the design was supplemented with kalyaks-malyaks of my two-year-old daughter, who at one fine moment got hold of both the album and the felt-tip pens.
I proudly showed my creation to friends. Some giggled ironically – they say, who needs all this, others (young or not so mothers) clinked their tongues enviously, but did not find the strength and desire to repeat my quite simple feat.

In fact, it is enough to ask yourself and really answer just one question: who needs it and why? Wouldn’t it be better to take your free time, for example, learning English or fitness? Well, it’s better to have time, of course, for both, and even the fifth or tenth – this advice is obvious, but for some reason it is often absolutely impossible.

Ten years after the birth of my first daughter, it became quite clear to me that this is by no means aimless, but a very useful pastime. Then I felt something on an intuitive level, but now the benefits of my creation are quite tangible.
I don’t remember when it happened for the first time, but in ten years of her life my daughter studied her life story more than once.

Now she is once again sitting on the carpet with an album, looking at photographs, reading my notes.

    – Mom, look how pretty I am here!

    – Really I could have such a small pen ?!

    is about a photocopy from her palm, which we made when we came to my work together.

    “Mommy, you are young, but you look old!” – she bursts into laughter, and after reading that these words were said already at two years and seven months, she is imbued with respect for a child who is essentially unfamiliar to her – is it really me? However, after a few seconds of deliberation he adds: “Actually, Mom, you are not old at all now!” Wow! It seems that I am growing a great diplomat! It’s nice, whatever you say.

The younger sister is sitting next to her with her album, her brow furrowed angrily. The difference between my children is small, it was terribly difficult and there was simply not enough time and energy for an album for my second daughter. I confess that he came out more empty and impersonal. What I am madly sorry about now! Still, relying on your memory is somewhat naive – it keeps only the brightest moments, and even then it leaves no room for details dear to the heart.

So now my youngest daughter is sitting, also reading notes, but there are much fewer of them! Envy gnaws at her, the child almost cries: “Why did you write so much to her? I always knew that you love me less! Why did you give birth to her first? ” Eh, mother is to blame for everything again!
And the eldest, as if trying to get her sister on purpose, continues to read on:
Two girlfriends of three and four years old are walking together.

    – Girls, what street do you live on?
    – Likatev Shashe!
    – No! Do not shash! And sase!

We all laugh together, although I remembered this family joke well and retell it on a regular basis.
Then the youngest finally finds in the middle of her album an envelope with microscopic socks that fit her at the age of one month. The child’s heart rejoices: “But you didn’t have such! Mom, you turned me on instead of a doll! ”

Yes, my dolls. Children are toys for grown-up girls, only obtained by sweat and blood, and these albums are like secret diaries for them, where all the most valuable from our young life was recorded.I look at you, who have delved deeply into your past with interest, and I think: “No, it’s not in vain that I sat over these pages at night. How much you have learned about yourself with their help. How many additional happy moments we had afterwards ”.

In general, it seems to me that it is very important for children to know more about their “dark” past. Firstly, it’s just interesting, and secondly, it’s like a subtle allusion to the eternity of existence. The child learns that he was even when his memory did not leave any nicks on himself.He has no memories of that time, but he already was! This is an amazing feeling! And what if death is just the same as in that two-year period: there is nothing in your head, but you really are! Maybe this is immortality? No death, are there just some kind of memory lapses? And you shouldn’t be afraid of her at all?
But let’s leave philosophy and get back to practice.

If you are an artistically gifted person, you can get out of your hands a real work of art, worthy of eternal storage in family archives.If not, feel free to start this business anyway. Just keep the album open on the coffee table, glue the photos and (most importantly!) Immediately record all the news from the front line. Perhaps in a few years your child will complete the design by himself?

And finally, about the achievements of civilization. From my old friend, now living in Sweden, I learned about a newfangled hobby that European mothers have. It’s called SCRAPEBOOKING. In fact, this is what I told you about above.In terms of form, amateur performance has been reduced to a minimum, everything has already been thought out and prepared by someone. The stores sell special albums with a set of ribbons, bows, sequins, envelopes for little things, some stickers and letters attached to it. Albums differ in themes: if you want jungle – get it, if you want a New Year’s bias – please. You can arrange the entire album in blue, or in orange. The main thing is to find the one that suits your taste and budget. After purchasing such a set, all that remains is to print the photos and paste them mixed with all the attached “goodies”.And that’s all – the dream of a girl of school years has come true!

I have never seen anything like this in our stores, but if you find yourself abroad, be sure to look after a couple for yourself. But, by the way, especially do not flatter yourself and do not hope that with the acquisition of such wealth, all the tasks of your child’s life will be solved by themselves. My Swedish friend, for example, already has five such wonderful sets: one was just wonderful, the other was purchased at a cheap price (you can’t help but buy!), In the third wonderful hearts, which are missing in the first, in the fourth the sheets are artificially aged and the idea came to paste it in black -white photos, in the fifth … I already forgot what feature there is.But: her child is one and a half years old, there is not a single album yet. And not even a single photo has been printed yet. Having looked at the works of scrapbooking art (by the way, you can also look at them on the Internet), my friend decided to approach this business with her inherent perfectionism.

She wants to wait until there is time to choose the most worthy images, process them first in Photoshop, using the most amazing effects, then print them and then make thoughtful compositions.When the feat is accomplished by her, there will be no equal to this album on the whole earth – I am confident in my friend. But the fact is that in a month she has to go to work, she has two children, worries with them are above the roof, and time goes on. The first agu has already been forgotten, the first smile does not seem so significant, it is not possible to circle the palm of a month old baby, having a one and a half year old baby.

Therefore, my appeal to you is this: do not put anything in a distant box, time is running out at a terrible speed, the most significant moments cannot be returned or repeated.Grab a pen, scissors and glue and resolutely take your first step into eternity!


The article participates in the competition of articles “Children and Parents”

90,000 making a book of memories for the baby


Do you have a large number of photos of your baby? You don’t know at all what to do with them? There is a way out – scrapbooking! DIY a book of memories!

What could be better than a handmade gift? And if this is a memory album for grandparents? Maybe with the advent of electronic media, printed photographs have lost their value, but the progenitors are still happy to share photographs of their children.

Together with our relatives, we go to performances, concerts, choral performances and various celebrations since the days of kindergarten or school. But grandparents do not always live in close proximity and have the opportunity to attend these events. I don’t think it will be difficult for someone to capture all the places visited and save these photos. Creating an album or book of memories with your own hands does not require special skills. All you need is an idea and some photos.

If you have a small child, then you can use such scrapbooking ideas as:

  • One day in kindergarten;
  • Swimming lessons day;
  • A trip to the zoo;
  • Walk in the park.

Place different photos on each page, supplement them with funny captions and funny pictures or drawings.

If you have a child over 7-8 years old, then he definitely takes part in activities such as:

  • Football competition;
  • Baseball game;
  • Ballet lessons;
  • Gymnastics, etc.

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