How to have thick hair for men: 7 Strategies for Thicker Hair


7 Strategies for Thicker Hair

No guy wants to lose his hair. But for many of us, it’s inevitable.

If your mane is starting to wane, don’t wait around for a miracle baldness cure. Try these seven strategies to achieve thicker hair. 

1. Use a Thickening Shampoo

Lots of shampoos claim to make your hair look thicker, but only one ingredient has been shown to truly preserve your pate: ketoconazole.

Try Nizoral A-D, the only nonprescription shampoo that contains ketoconazole. Lather up a quarter-sized dollop two or three times a week; any more could dry out your hair and cause breakage. Use non-irritating shampoo in between. 

2. Ditch Your Comb

Constant combing and brushing can make thin hair look limp and flat. Instead, style with your fingers; you’ll add volume and texture. 

3. Stop Smoking

As if it weren’t bad enough already, smoking increases levels of hormones that can trigger hair loss, says research from the Harvard School of Public Health. Smoking also constricts the tiny blood vessels that supply the scalp, starving your hair of the nutrients it needs for growth. 

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4. Let Your Hair Dry Naturally 

Human hair is three times weaker when it’s wet. So if you over-comb or towel-dry your wet hair, you may damage it and cause snapping—the last thing you want if you’re already a bit thin on top.

Instead, let your hair dry naturally, or gently pat it dry and style with your fingers to give it more texture. 

5. Blow-Dry Your Hair

You can also use a blow-dryer to give your fine hair more volume. But don’t flame-grill it or you’ll damage your hair’s natural proteins, making it brittle. 

6. Wear a Hat in the Sun

Don’t let your head bake in scorching heat. Sunburn makes your hair brittle and fragile, and causes your scalp to produce a compound called superoxide. This triggers hair follicles to switch from a growth phase to a shedding one.  

7. Get a Better Cut

Some guys try to deal with baldness by growing or parting their hair. But a shorter cut is always more flattering, so go for a classic or unstructured crop if you still have some hair to play with.

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Both styles will help your hair look denser and draw attention toward your face—not your hair loss. 

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11 Clever Hair Thickening Tips

No one wants to lose their hair but for 25 per cent of men under thirty, it’s inevitable. That number rises to over 60 per cent by the time you’re sixty. For those unlucky enough to suffer from tonsorial trauma, there’s little to be done to reverse the shedding process altogether.

Why Do I Have Thinning Hair?

As with many medical issues, there can be many reasons why you have thinning hair. From stress, to hair-styling products, to your diet and your genes, it’s important to know the culprit behind your lacklustre locks.

You’re stressed

If your 9-5 is making you feel zero, physical and/or emotional stress can wreak havoc on your system. Usually, there’s a three-month delay between particularly stressful circumstances and your hair falling out, but the correlation between stress and hair loss is well-documented. Why? Because, when stressed, your body enters ‘fight or flight’ mode, producing extra hormones to send around your body — which affects the growth of hair follicles on your scalp.

Your diet

It’s true — you are what you eat. As you’ll know by now, your nutrition is directly responsible for the shape and the function of your body — from your moods to your metabolism — but did you know that it can affect your hairline, too? That’s because hair loss can be caused by dietary deficiencies that can come from a restrictive diet — from ‘Keto’ to ‘Paleo’ to ‘Carnivore’ and more — as you’re depriving your body from certain nutrients that can be found in food groups. Similarly, if you’re not eating enough protein, it’s your hair that will suffer, as hair is made from protein. Omega 3s and Vitamins A and D can all help build a healthier scalp, so foods like salmon, eggs and nuts all need to be on your shopping list.

Your genes

Blame your parents for this one, because male pattern baldness runs in the family. If you’re losing your hair, male pattern baldness is caused by your body becoming increasingly sensitive to androgens — male sex hormones that regulate development and maintenance of male characteristics and reproductive activity. The extent to which your scalp is affected by this process is hereditary, so fighting thinning hair may be an uphill battle for some.

You’re anaemic

A lack of iron, anaemia, can seriously affect your hair growth. As with the lack of correct nutrients in your diet (explained above), making sure your diet is nutrient-rich is important for both fighting hair loss and maintaining energy levels. Unfortunately, this will be more difficult for vegetarians and vegans, but leafy greens like spinach, beans and lentils can all help. That said, steak and other red meats come out on top when it comes to upping your iron intake.

Your hair follicles

If you’ve spent years styling (and re-styling your hair), your scalp may have become a bit of a warzone. So if your scalp is looking or feeling unhealthy, chances are that your hairs will be following suit. Consider using clarifying shampoos, like the one below, to get rid of the debris from your scalp, including dead skin cells and oil.

Symptoms of Thinning Hair

There’s more to male hair loss than you’re likely to realise. It’s not all about thinning crowns and slowly-emerging bald patches, but instead about where you’re losing your hair how quickly and by how much.

Symptoms of thinning hair include circular and patchy bald spots, scaling that spreads across the scalp, hair loss across your body (it isn’t just about your scalp, you know) and sudden loss of hair; which can be particularly noticeable when you’re showering, shaving or styling your hair. Of course, a gradual thinning on top of your head is most likely to go un-noticed, so be sure to pay attention.

Pongsak Tawansaeng / EyeEmGetty Images

3 Types of Hair Loss

Telogen effluvium

Stressful circumstances and events pushs large numbers of hair follicles into a ‘resting phase’, says the Mayo Clinic. ‘Within a few months, affected hairs might fall out suddenly when simply combing or washing your hair.


Not every man will experience this when dealing with hair loss or thinning hair, but ‘Trichotillomania’ is ‘an irresistible urge to pull out hair from your scalp, eyebrows or other areas of your body’, a direct reaction to negative or uncomfortable feelings, such as anxiety, unhappiness, boredom, tension, frustration or loneliness.

Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is when the body’s immune system ‘attacks’ hair follicles, causing hair loss. It’s thought to be caused by extreme stress.

Expert and Celebrity Advice on Thinning Hair

If you’re worried about your rate of hair growth or thinning hair, there’s plenty of advice — from dermatologists to scientists to Hollywood celebrities — that is likely to resonate with you. Below are five of favourites, each armed to the teeth with expert advice, anecdotal tips and real-world stories.

    Robin SkjoldborgGetty Images

    Make Your Hair Thicker

    However, there’s plenty you can do to thicken what hair you have left. Cheap, quick and easy to do, these solutions will help thicken your lid.

    Per WinbladhGetty Images

    1. Wash Your Hair

    Many men worry that the more they wash their hair the more they’ll lose but in reality washing actually thickens hair because dirty, greasy hair lies flat and looks ‘gappy’. For best results use a regular use shampoo like Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo For Men and wash with warm water (hot water dries out the hair and scalp). Just don’t make these grooming mistakes.

    American Crew Thickening Shampoo, 250ml

    American Crew

    2. Use a Thickening Product

    “Thickening shampoos, conditioners and sprays contain special polymers which plump up the hair shafts to make them look fuller,” says Daniel Morrissey, franchise owner at Toni & Guy. The effects are only temporary so you’ll need to use them regularly but they can increase hair thickness by up to 20 per cent.

    3. Put the Comb Down

    Step away from your toothy tangle tamer. Constant combing and brushing can make thin hair look limp and flat. Instead, try styling your hair using your fingers and you’ll add start to thicken your hair, while adding volume and texture, too.

    diego_cervoGetty Images

    4. Use the Right Styling Products

    If you’re using heavy waxes and gels on thinning hair you’re not doing it any favours. “These can weigh hair down making it look thin and flat,” says Enzo Volpe, stylist at Michael John salon. “The most effective styling product to give hair volume is mousse, along with sprays developed to give the hair “root lift.”

    5. Pack in the Fags

    According to a study by Harvard School of Public Health in America, smoking not only increases levels of hormones that can trigger hair loss, it also constricts the tiny blood vessels that supply the scalp, starving your hair of the nutrients it needs for growth. Stub it out to stop it falling out.

    6. Put the Wind up Your Hair

    Blow-drying is a good way to give fine hair more volume but don’t flame-grill it or you’ll damage your hair’s natural proteins, making it brittle. Use the drier’s ‘cool button’ to protect your locks.

    7. Protect Your Pate

    Allowing your bonce to bake in scorching heat is a recipe for hair-loss disaster. As well as making hair brittle and fragile, sunburn causes the scalp to produce a compound called superoxide that can cause hair follicles to switch from a growth phase to a shedding one.

    8. Don’t Be so Rough

    Human hair is three times weaker when wet and over-combing or rough towel drying can damage it and cause snapping – the last thing you want if you’re already a bit thin on top. Instead, let hair dry naturally or gently pat dry and style with your fingers to give it more texture.

    9. Stock up on Soya

    New research shows that a molecule produced in the intestine when soya is digested could halt the balding process because it blocks the effect of the hormone that triggers hair loss. Worth a try and a lot better than most supposed baldness cures (like getting cows to lick your head).

    10. Get a Better Cut

    Many men try to deal with baldness by growing their hair or playing with partings when in reality a shorter cut is always more flattering, so go for a classic crop or an unstructured one if you’ve still got some hair to play with. Both will help make it look denser and draw attention away from your hair loss and towards your face.

    “If your hair’s not as thick as it used to be ask your stylist about slicing and brick cutting,” suggests Jen Deighton, Art Director of Toni & Guy in Sunderland. “If done finely these cutting techniques can create a more textured finish which will, in turn, make hair appear thicker.

    11. Consider Hair Pills or Vitamins

    Helping maintain healthy, faster hair growth, Hairburst Strawberry gummies contain Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12; which contribute to healthier, thicker hair.

    4 Products to Help Thicken Hair

    Classic Clean Shampoo, 500ml

    Head & Shoulders


    Label M Thickening Cream, 100ml

    Label M


    Label M Volume Mousse, 200ml

    Label M


    CONFU Powerful Hairdryer: Fast Drying Blow Hair-Dryer


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    Tricks Guys Can Use for Thicker-Looking Locks

    If your days of thick, full hair are behind you, fear not. You have other options beyond shaving your head, sporting a comb-over, and collecting baseball caps.

    A bunch of styling approaches can help you look and feel great. Try these tips to make the most of the hair you have.

    1. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Go for “volumizing” or “thickening” products. These are made to work without weighing down your hair, so you can get a fuller look. For added insurance against limp locks, apply conditioner mainly to the ends rather than your scalp.
    2. Style smart. Again, look for mousses and gels geared toward building volume. To give the most oomph to thin strands, blow-dry your hair until it’s only a little damp, then apply a styler at the roots. This also keeps hair from sticking to your scalp, which makes thinness more obvious.
    3. Find a great barber or stylist. Exactly how this pro works their mane magic depends on your hair type, texture, personal preference, and pattern of hair loss. They might blunt the ends of your hair to make them look thicker, for example, or leave your hair longer in some areas to help disguise trouble spots. But the bottom line is that the right haircut can make a big difference for you.
    4. Switch your part. If you’ve always worn your hair parted on the left, try shifting it to the right or center. After years of lying in the same direction, a switch will help lift your hair away from your scalp.
    5. Consider coloring. Not only do the dyes on your strands help thicken them, but the right shade can make the contrast between your hair and scalp less obvious, which draws attention away from thinning. Talk to a pro to be sure you use the right shade. If you prefer to do the job yourself, ask your regular stylist for tips on how to get the same results with at-home color. It’s key to have a plan for upkeep, since hair color can make hair loss stand out if your roots are too noticeable. Not keen on all-over color? This might be the time to try highlights, which need less upkeep.
    6. Fill up with fiber. If you have mild to moderate hair loss, fiber hair cosmetics can be a quick fix for adding volume. These products use statically charged fibers that you sprinkle over your hair to make it look thicker. Most of them come in a few different shades to match your color and will stay on until you shampoo them out.
    7. Add on. Hair weaves, extensions, pieces, wigs, and toupees will give you the appearance of a fuller head of hair. And many look better and fit more securely than the ones you might have seen in the past. These devices are made of human hair, synthetic fiber, or a mix of both. You anchor them to either your existing hair or your skin.

    Finally, treat the locks you do have with care. That means no vigorous towel-drying or blow-drying with high heat. Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair, and high heat can fry your strands and make them break off. It’s best to let it dry a little before you use a wide-tooth comb on it.

    Men’s Guide For Thin, Fine or Thinning Hair

    Whether your hair is naturally fine or starting to thin, here’s how to thicken men’s hair. There are a couple of different ways to get thicker hair that can be used alone or together for maximum effect.

    The first thickening method uses products designed for that job. The second way to make hair appear fuller is to add volume with products and styling. The last method is a lesser-known hair loss product that can benefit all guys.

    1. How To Get Thicker Hair For Men

    Judging by the number of products out there that promise thickening properties, plenty of guys are looking for fuller hair. These products work in two ways, either by coating hair strands or plumping them up with additional moisture. Some also add volume but we’ll get more into that in a bit.

    Thickening Shampoo + Conditioner

    The easiest way to help hair appear denser starts before styling. Shampoo and/or conditioner build on the main components of hair to make strands fuller. Use one or both to build a great foundation for thicker hair. Look for products that contain keratin, protein, and panthenol. Here’s why.

    Hair is about 90% keratin, also known as protein, so the most effective products contain keratin or protein. Keratin proteins smooth hair and coat individual strands to plump it up. The second largest component of hair is water. Panthenol, a form of Vitamin B-5, is a humectant that swells hair strands with more moisture.

    Thickening Sprays

    This may add an extra step to your hair care routine but it is quick and easy. Most of these sprays add both fullness and volume and make an excellent pre-styler. Spray damp almost dray hair, work it through, and dry as usual.

    There are many thickening sprays out there but many of them focus on volume rather than increasing the diameter of each hair strand. Sprays designed for men do tend to get the results you want.

    One of the best out there is Redken Brews Instant Thickening Spray. This review says it all: “this thickening spray work phenomenally well on my little brother’s balding thinning hair he managed to be able to find a girlfriend and she’s kind of cute too he gives it to thumbs up and I’m happy he found somebody

    Another top product is boldify thickening spray. It adds texture and volume to make strands fuller and taller. It also absorbs oil and moisture to fight grease and frizz. It sounds too good to be true but is backed up by a money-back guarantee.

    Sea Salt Spray

    Salt spray is a product we mention frequently. It can be cheap (but doesn’t have to be) and does so much for hair, adding texture, grit, and thickness. The salt also makes hair more rigid, adding to the appearance of fuller hair and making it easier to style. There are many salt sprays available at multiple price points so find one that fits your budget. And be sure to condition well to counter the drying effect of salt.

    2. Pomades That Thicken Hair

    Pomade is the most familiar hair product for most guys and it can also enhance thin or fine hair. Some pomades advertise their thickening properties while others don’t mention it. Texturizing pomades with clay, wax, or fibers and hair putties also boost thickness and volume.

    In terms of hold, that depends on your hair type, length, and style. In general, low to medium hold is best for fine, thin, and curly hair types. Use a strong hold for shorter hair and high volume looks. Hold really varies by brand so look for other qualities first.

    Other than that, be sure to use a matte product because shine can weigh hair down and make it look thinner. Here’s what to look for.

    Thickening Pomades

    • Redken Brews Thickening Pomade – Designes as part of Redken Brews Thickening product line, this mild hold pomades boosts thickness and volume for fuller looking hair plus re-workable control. Like styling powder, it uses starch and silica to coat hair and add height.
    • Every Man Jack Thickening Grooming Cream – Like thickening shampoo and conditioner, this cream contains keratin and soy protein to smooth and plump hair strands. This hair cream is medium hold and can be used for shorter hair as well as natural styles, longer hair, and wavy to curly locks.
    • American Crew Fiber – Like we said, plenty of pomades thicken hair without putting it in the name. This pomade holds strong with a flexible finish and no shine. A combination of resinous fibers and wax thicken up hair while holding it where you want it to go, even with a cowlick.

    With the massive texture trend plus crop haircuts, there are more texturizing products available than every before. There are a few ways to get the look but all of them coat hair strands for the appearance of fuller hair.

    Clay Pomade

    Clay, usually bentonite and or kaolin, adds body, thickness, and structure to the individual strands for a fuller look. They boost volume without weighing hair down and as a bonus absorb scalp oils.

    • BluMaan Monarch Matte Paste – This high hold, matte finish paste adds shea butter to give it a creamy feel that is easy to apply. It also uses bentonite and kaolin clays for thicker hair, texture, and volume plus minerals that promote hair growth. Also check out Hair Craft Co. Clay Pomade.

    Wax Pomade

    Hair waxes provide have strong, reworkable hold with a low shine finish. The coating of wax adds thickness to thin hair as well as texture. Wax formulas may also contain polymers, fibers, or clay. Wax sounds hard to wash out but most formulas are water-based.

    • Bed Head Matte Separation Workable Wax – This medium-weight formula combines beeswax, cera caranauba, plus flexible polymers for separation, texture, and fullness. This matte workable wax washes out easily.

    Hair Putty

    Yes, another type of pomade. Hair putty is a newer product that uses a combination of ingredients to add bulk, body, and lift at the roots. A putty will have a flexible finish like a wax or fiber.

    • Pete and Pedro Putty – This Shark Tank featured product uses lanolin, beeswax, and polymers to create a a firm yet pliable hold. It works well for thin hair as well as wavy and curly hair.

    3. How To Add Volume To Hair

    Hair volume or body refers to how much it sticks up and out. This helps cover thinning spots by spreading hair out for the appearance of denser hair. Pomades also add volume but if you’re looking for something lighter, here are some more ways increase the stature of hair.

    Styling Powder

    Hair powders are mostly silica silylate, a rough particulate. The powder sticks to your hair fibers, increasing the friction between the hairs to boost volume. Styling powders also absorb oil, which also helps keep hair perky. This product can be used alone or with pomade.

    Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Texturizing Powder – When you look at the volume or the price per ounce, this is one of the cheaper hair powders out there. That doesn’t sacrifice quality though. You’ll get invisible hold with plenty of lift, strength, and volume.


    Yes, men do use mousse. In addition to salt spray, it is an underused product that makes hairstyles easier to achieve and last longer. Mousse is a lightweight foam that is easy to apply and provides ample body and a hint of healthy shine. Let this product do double duty by finding a thickening mousse. Mousse can be used on its own or as prestyler with pomade.

    • L’Oreal Paris Boost It Volume Inject Mousse – We’re a fan of drugstore brands too, especially when trying out new products or styles. You won’t be disappointed with volumizing product that also contains thickening agents. If you are disappointed, it was only the cost of a nice coffee.

    Hair Spray

    Just like men use mousse, they also use hair spray. Those slick styles that you like on Instagram? They probably used hair spray. Today’s hairspray is strong yet touchable. It doesn’t create volume but locks in your look all day long.

    Big SexyHair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray – Firm hold hair spray is the best product for mohawks and spikes that don’t move. In contrast, this is a medium hold hairspray with a flexible finish that can be combed or re-styled. It also blocks humidity for 72 hours and can ensure that your hair does what you want it do in the heat.

    4. Haircuts + Hair Styling

    A great haircut is the best foundation for thicker hair. Reading this is no substitute for talking to your barber. Trust the pros to help find the most flattering style for your hair type and face shape.

    First off, short or faded sides makes the hair on top appear fuller. A longer on top style can work at any hair length.

    The crop trend with textured styling can also help hair look thicker. Layers and piecey styling give straight hair some texture while the popular fringe is flattering for receding hairlines.

    Hair styles also can change the appearance of fine, flat, lifeless hair. Think high volume styles like pompadours, quiffs, and modern spikes. Anything that pulls hair up. Use the hair products we recommended above to get the look.

    Last, get a blow dryer. Again, most of the super stylish looks have been blow-dried. It is essential for maximum volume as well as all day hold. Okay, not necessary for short hair, but it makes a significant difference for longer locks.

    How To Make Hair Look Thicker

    We’ve recommended a lot of products but how to use them? Well, you don’t have to use them all but here is what a hair styling routine could look like.

    • Wash hair with thickening shampoo and conditioner
    • Towel hair off
    • Work a thickening spray or sea salt through damp hair
    • Air dry until hair is damp-dry
    • Blow dry (use a heat protectant product first) with fingers or a brush
    • Apply mousse or styling powder
    • Use a thickening, wax, or clay pomade or hair putty
    • Set the look with hair spray

    While professional stylists may use all these steps, they are not all necessary. The thickening shampoo and/or conditioner is a must. Other than that pick one, two, or maximum three products to use.

    5. Fighting Hair Loss

    If hair is thin due to hair loss, you probably want to hang on to as much hair as possible. Even if you’re not, this is an excellent product for any guy, especially with an itchy scalp.

    Most guys have heard of Rogaine (aka Minoxidil) and Propecia. They work well but this is the easiest and cheapest way to prevent thinning hair.

    What is it? Shampoo with Ketoconazole. It is an anti-fungal that treats seborrheic dermatitis but that’s not all. Shampoo with 2% Ketoconazole on its own has been proven as effective at increasing hair growth as using 2% Minoxidil solution. Or combine it with Minoxidil and Finasteride to see hair regrowth in as soon as 30 to 90 days, compared to the usual 4 to 6 months.

    The only product out there is Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. It has 1% Ketoconazole but that is better than nothing. Finish with a thickening conditioner and you’re on your way to thicker hair.

    This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

    7 Tips For Managing Thick Hair

    Big hair is always in style but for some people with thick hair — it’s not always glitz and glam. More hair means more work and thick hair can have the tendency to get poofy and frizzy, leaving you longing for a sleeker look. Luckily, we’ve got some solutions that can help you manage your thick hair so that you can transform it into various styles you love. From choosing the best hair care products for thick hair to styling your hair in a way that makes your mane more tamed, here’s what you need to know.

    1. Choose The Right Shampoo And Conditioner

    The first step to managing thick hair starts with the products you apply. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that will help the hair look and feel smoother. The L’Oréal Paris EverPure Frizz-Defy ShampooSulfate-Free Frizz Defy Shampoo With Marula Oil and L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Frizz-Defy Conditioner can help provide long-lasting frizz control thanks to its nourishing ingredients, such as marula oil, which helps to moisturize and hydrate dry, frizzy hair.

    Editor’s Tip: Be sure to steer clear of volumizing shampoos and conditioners since these can make your hair look even bigger. 

    2. Wash Your Hair In Cool Water

    Hot water is not exactly your hair’s best friend—thick hair or not. Hot water can strip your hair of essential oils, leaving it feeling dry and looking dull. This can lead to the appearance of frizz, which can make thick hair look even bigger. 

    Cooler water temperatures will help keep your hair cuticles sealed, in turn making your hair look healthier and stronger. So, the next time you hop into the shower, make sure to do a lukewarm rinse at the end of your hair wash routine. 

    3. Add A Hair Treatment To Your Routine

    If your thick hair tends to feel rough, incorporate a hair treatment, like the L’Oréal Paris Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water Lamellar Hair Treatment, into your weekly hair care routine. Rough hair can look frizzy and poofy, so keep your thick hair nourished with this fast-working hair treatment. Its formula includes wheat proteins that help retain moisture in the hair, making it less prone to dryness. It will leave your strands silkier, shinier, and healthier-looking in just eight seconds. Use two to three times a week on wet hair after shampooing, massage for eight seconds then rinse thoroughly. 

    4. Apply Hair Cream Before Blow-Drying

    To keep that perfect blow-drying look and fight humidity, using a hair cream or oil can help control your hair and keep it in place. Before blow-drying, apply the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Treatment, which can help provide long-lasting frizz control and heat protection. Apply it to damp hair, then blow-dry for a sleek look. 

    Editor’s Tip: In general, shop for hair styling products that can give your hair a sleek finish, since this can help prevent thick hair from looking too voluminous.

    5. Use A Leave-In Or A Serum 

    A styling serum can help to add shine to your strands and make your hair look slick. To keep your thick hair how you desire, reach for the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Frizz Killer Serum Leave-In, which can help soften, tame, and define hair for shiny, polished frizz-free strands. If you’re working with curly hair, turn your attention to the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Super Curls Cream Leave-In. This conditioner deeply nourishes and defines your hair for soft and bouncy curls and waves.

    6. Try Flat Ironing Your Hair

    Flat ironing your hair can leave it looking smooth and sleek—and less thick than it really is. To get the best results with your flat iron, always make sure to straighten your hair when it’s fully dry. Your hair is most fragile when it’s wet, and flat ironing wet hair could lead to damage. Make sure you apply a heat protectant, like the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Heat Slayer Pre-Iron Spray Leave-In, before reaching for your flat iron and use it on the lowest heat setting to prevent damage.  

    If hot tools aren’t your thing there are also non-heat intensive solutions you can try, such as keratin treatments or silk presses (for the natural hair lovers).

    7. Get A Haircut 

    You can also ask for layers to keep your hair in a more manageable style. A graduated bob or long layers are two of the best haircuts for thick hair. Before your hairstylist starts cutting away, go in for a consultation and express your thick hair concerns so that they can determine which haircut will please you the most and offer you the best results. 

    Next7 Tips To Get Poof-Free Fluffy Hair


    Edited and Photographed by: Lauren Paige Richeson

    37 Best Hairstyles for Men With Thick Hair (High Volume) in 2021

    Thick Mid-Fade + Faux Hawk Haircut

    Instagram @ferni_barber

    This thick mid-fade + faux hawk fade haircut is balanced and doesn’t look too voluminous. When paired with facial hair, it looks bold.

    Men with thick hair are guaranteed to have great hairstyles, and a mid-fade is perfect to achieve this. Finish with some strong hairspray or wax to keep your hair high and dramatic.

    Clean High Fade for Guys with Thick Hair

    Instagram @13byblackstar

    This clean high fade for guys with thick hair is a reminder of Jason Statham’s haircut. This thicker hair is trimmed all around and keeps all of the hair in the short to medium thick hair range.

    Wavy Modern Thick Mid-Fade Haircut with Beard for Men

    Instagram @nickbarford

    This wavy modern thick mid-fade haircut for men highlights its thickness. The thick-cut shows off the natural beauty of thick, healthy hair. Feel free to also grow out a thick beard to complete the style.

    Thick Textured Crop for Older Men

    A textured crop for older men is classic and perfect for men with medium to thick hair. Here’s a great example by stylist Kimberly McKean of Rockwall, TX.

    “This trendy cut lasts 6-8 weeks without looking sloppy. The front pieces are longer with rounded edges. Short hairstyles for men can be styled in a variety of ways to create a masculine men’s style,” McKean states.

    For thick hair men, it’s a messy style that’s easy to work with in the morning. It’s a classic shape, designed to maximize masculinity and it’s for a variety of gentlemen. McKean recommends using a matte pomade to elevate such a hairstyle for men.

    High Pompadour Men’s Hairstyle

    This high pompadour men’s hairstyle for thick hair is classic yet very stylish. This higher pomp haircut features a full head of hair with a long top. Barber Vinsen suggests using a grease pomade to achieve the comb lines and height.

    “Thick haircuts and styles like this pompadour are for men wanting a classy style,” Vinsen points out.

    The Ivy League Cut + Back-Swept Hairstyle

    The thick Ivy League cut + back-swept hairstyle is a formal and traditional classic haircut, and this is an exceptional representation by barber Nodar Borovko of Russia.

    “This is a longer version of a crew cut. This thick hairstyle is long enough for parting, with sides that are short. New barbershops come close with metrosexual cuts, but they’re not quite pompous,” Borovko explains.

    This thick swept back style is for men who want to save time combing their hair. With no more than 1.5 inches of hair on top and fringe gradually shorter, it’s great for all activities.

    When styling, Borovko advises, “Use a matte paste for the finish or hair pomade for a shiny look, especially for thick Asian hair.”

    Clean High Fade French Crop

    A clean high fade French crop on thick hair features the sides and back faded down to 0.5 while keeping a heavy, textured top. Maintaining the length on the top of the haircut gives you a point of difference with the sides.

    Barber Adam Wilcock of the UK suggests asking your barber to use the skip through the guard’s technique to achieve a clean, crisp fade. Use the length on top to style it into your preferred position.

    “This cut is for thick-haired men who want to maintain a lot of length through their hair on top. The high fade is for men who like to style or sweep their fringe over,” Wilcock notes.

    If you like to keep a more natural unkept look, then this haircut is great for that, too.

    Wilcock’s additional advice is to use Chambers Shaper spray while the hair is wet, then dry it thoroughly. Sea salt hair spray won’t make the hair greasy and it gives the hair a light hold.

    Shaggy Brush Cut with Messy Texture

    This shaggy brush cut with thick messy texture is easy to recreate. Since it’s textured messy, you literally just put your hands through your hair, and styling is done.

    For this thick men’s haircut, Florida-based barber Herbin Delgado recommends using Layrite pomade for style. “This style is for men that have thick hair that’s naturally all over the place. This means your hair doesn’t naturally want to comb over a certain way unless you use a lot of product,” Delgado explains.

    It’s ideal to use as little product as possible and still have the style hold for the whole day. This messy textured cut is the perfect option for guys with thick hair!

    Clean Line Up and Bald Fade Haircut for Men with Thick Hair

    This clean line up and bald fade haircut for men with thick hair is easy to maintain. “A well-executed skin fade will never be old-fashioned,” says style creator Benny Machado of Newport News, VA.

    To recreate this thick hairstyle use precise hair cutting and blowdrying techniques. Machado states, “try Skilledbarber Fiber Gum. It has a low to medium hold. This line up fade is for men with straight, thick hair.”

    Modern Thatch Combover with Sharp Hard Part

    This modern thatch combover with a sharp hard part is a very traditional thick hairstyle, created by barber Eric Soto from Pennsylvania.

    “A hard part is a line in the hair that’s created with a trimmer or razor. This is done instead of parting or sectioning the hair with a comb or brush,” Soto explains.

    This thick cut is the transition of a fade with a light to dark contrast. Use pomade with a shine on your longer hair to achieve this cut for thick hair.

    Side Part + Low  Fade with a Long Curly Top

    This side part + fade with a long curly top is timeless. It’s a creation by barber Ron Talley from Riverside, CA. The low skin fade is perfect for short to medium thick hair.

    When styling this short men’s haircut, try Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay. Talley explains, “It works best on wavy hairstyles and for men that want to keep that thick natural curl and wave.”

    The side part is a classic cut that any man can rock. This low fade looks best on men with a little wave in their hair.

    Spiky and Textured with Long Thick Hair on Top

    Spiky and textured with long thick hair on top is a clean style for most men. It’s one of the easier hairstyles for men with thick hair, as claimed by stylist Jade Kirkbride of Utah.

    “Try Kevin Murphy FREE.HOLD styling paste to create this shape. Work the product through your hair, piecing out certain strands and twisting them. That will give you a textured, not-so-perfect style,” Kirkbride explains.

    For maintenance, ask your barber to use thinning shears to thin out the top and a razor to keep your texture. Short haircuts like this make styling thick, wavy hair manageable. If you’re a guy with thick hair looking for a new hairstyle, mention this to your barber. You may even be able to wear it as a mohawk if cut correctly.

    Brushed Back & Natural Curly Crop

    This brushed back and natural curly crop is a combination of high volume and thick hair. It’s textured, brushed back, and has a natural look and feel. This one is designed by barber Zach Ramsey of New York.

    For styling, Ramsey states, “use a light amount of a sea salt spray and a matte finish clay. The more natural the finish, the better.”

    High and thick volume haircuts are for men with thicker hair because it’s much easier to maintain. Much more than a shorter clipper cut.

    Skin Fade Caesar Haircut

    This skin fade Caesar haircut is also a skin fade crop for thick hair. It’s one of the trendiest hairstyles right now. It’s a 90s style with a modern twist that blends into the scalp while leaving the top-heavy and natural.

    This particular cut is made by barber Paddy Corrigan of Ireland. “Use a texture spray and clay and slowly blow dry it into your damp hair using a diffuser,” Corrigan recommends.

    Thick men’s hairstyles like this one work well on men with a good hairline in the front fringe. Corrigan warns that men with straight, thick hair may have trouble getting texture through the top.

    U.K.-Inspired Fade with Short Sides

    This U.K.-inspired fade with short sides creates a thick, wavy texture that’s paired with a smooth fade. Men’s hairstyles like this will eventually make their way to the US!

    According to barber Mikey Henger of Pennsylvania, “any salt spray would be a key element to give your hair texture. Adding some texturizing and volumizing powder will also aid in styling.”

    The cropped fringe style is a great haircut for men looking to stand out. It’s a cute cut for thick hair, but easy to style and even easier to maintain.

    Naturally Curly Hair with Tapered Sides

    This is naturally curly hair with a mid-fade for thick hair, designed by stylist Shawn Barbz of Canada. This cut works well with curls, but men with curly or straight hair can wear this taper haircut.

    Barbz advises, “use Elegance Wax and Pomade for the hair on top of your head. Use a minimal amount to get that messy look. If you have a beard, use Elegance Hair and Beard Oil. This will leave your beard softer with a light shine.”

    These thick curls with tapered sides are perfect for a gentleman who wants to try something new. Weekly maintenance is suggested with the hair products mentioned above.

    Young Professional Combover Part Hairstyle for Men

    This young professional thick combover part hairstyle for men is casual, yet sophisticated. This cut has soft blending up the sides with the part being long enough to feather back and is created by Arkansas-based barber Drake Pieper.

    “To create this style, use a blow dryer to give it as much body as possible. Use a small amount of a matte clay product to hold the style together while maintaining a natural look,” Pieper states.

    Pieper also suggests to ask your barber to exaggerate the feathering back of the sides to give it that nice, blended feel. Make sure you dry it almost straight back from the part rather than down and away from it.

    The medium-length hair that’s normal to medium in thickness is the ideal canvas for this cut. Plus, it must be more straight than curly. With enough blow drying, curly or thick hair can still be manipulated to achieve this style.

    Texture Cut with Highlights and a High Shine Finish

    This textured cut with highlights and a high shine finish adds dimension and interest to thick hair. It was created by stylist Rebecca Franklin of Canada.

    “Use a matte paste with a stronghold for styling. American Crew Fiber is good since it makes your hair look natural, but still has a stronghold,” says Franklin.

    Any man with thick hair can rock this, as the styling options are endless. Having the top styled up a bit will definitely add some height. If you have curly, straight or wavy hair, you can still have this hairstyle with slight variations.

    Franklin claims, “This is for guys that like to have short hair, but still want to style it because the sides can be as short as you want.”

    Short Side Bald Fade With Natural Twists

    This thick haircut is a short side bald fade with natural twists, cut by barber Victoria Rivera of Lancaster, PA.

    “Any man, especially black men, with a natural curl pattern could go for this hairstyle. It’s very simple and low-maintenance,” Rivera emphasizes.

    “Use Twist Sponge and the curl cream when styling it,” says Rivera. “First, start with water, add cream, then twist and blowdry at the same time on warm heat.

    Cool Combover Short Haircut for Thick Hair

    This cool combover short haircut for thick hair uses all aspects of barbering. A detailed description of this cut would be a combover with a mid-bald fade and the top trimmed.

    Barber Yoshi from Florida advises men who want to wear this cut to use a light pomade. “Many dudes over saturate their hair with pomade or gel but ideally, just a small amount is necessary,” Yoshi states.

    This hairstyle is for a guy with thicker hair, but it can be tailored for any man. Ask your barber to cut the top of your hair shorter if you’re active.

    Modern Slicked Back Hair with a Taper Fade

    This thick modern slick back hair with a taper fade is a classic style. It’s designed by Virginia-based barber Benny Machado.

    “To achieve this slicked back hair, blowdry it while using your hands. After drying, apply a matte cream product such as Layrite Matte Cream,” Machado points out.

    Though this is a hairstyle for men with thick and straight hair, it’s a universal look that can work on thin hair, too! This taper fade is one of those men’s hairstyles that takes some time to style on a daily basis.

    Disheveled Medium-Length Texture for Thick Wavy Hair

    Photo Credit:

    This disheveled medium-length texture for thick wavy hair shows off tons of movement.

    To disheveled thick, wavy hair:

    1. Towel dry hair to remove excess moisture.
    2. Work a quarter-sized amount of high hold texture cream through hair.
    3. Use fingertips to style hair.
    4. Allow hair to air dry the rest of the way for the best results.

    Try Aveda Control Paste when styling. It gives thick hair a highly texturized yet low-sheen style that’s smooth, not sticky.

    Using a texture cream on towel-dried hair and allowing it to air dry will give it the most natural finish. If you like a more controlled hold, use a styling gel instead.

    Pompadour Prep Hairstyle for Men with Thick Hair

    Photo Credit:

    This pompadour prep hairstyle for men with thick hair is high, yet soft.

    To style this pomp for thick hair:

    1. Towel dry freshly washed and conditioned hair.
    2. Work a quarter-sized amount of styling cream through hair.
    3. Use a medium round brush to style hair back away from the face, creating the lift needed for your finished look.
    4. Once all hair is dry, add a bit more styling cream to give your hair definition.
    5. Complete the style with a medium to high hold hairspray for control.

    Try Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray. It does double duty, providing a high hold and a medium shine finish. Styling hair with a round brush while blow drying is essential to creating a style that stays put all day.

    Classic Side Part for Thicker-Haired Men

    Instagram @rafaysmensalon

    The classic side part for thick hair doesn’t need salon maintenance. Just grab a comb and pick a side and you’re ready to be a classy gentleman.

    Fresh Faux Hawk Short Cut

    Instagram @juanfrangonzalez20

    This fresh faux hawk short cut is one of those classy hairstyles for thick hair men.

    Its shaved sides and spiky short hair upfront make any guy with thicker hair look youthful.

    Thick Layered Haircut Combover for Older Men

    Photo Credit:

    This layered haircut combover for older men with thick hair is sharp! The longer length on top and sides make it classic.

    To style a layered combover for thick hair:

    1. Towel dry hair.
    2. Work a texture cream throughout, making sure to distribute the product evenly through all your hair.
    3. Allow it to air dry.

    Try Gage for Men Shaping Cream for hold, flexibility, and a medium finish. Always work products through your entire head of hair. Working product through only one section will result in uneven styling and finish.

    Thick Buzz Cut

    Instagram @buckythebarber

    The simple thick buzz cut is refreshing and sleek and is more easily pulled off by boys with thick hair.

    Short Faux Hawk

    Photo Credit:

    A short fauxhawk within dense, dark hair produces a clean-cut yet modern finish.

    For styling:

    1. Towel dry hair.
    2. Use fingers to direct hair toward the middle as you use a blow dryer to dry hair completely.
    3. Work a quarter-sized amount of styling cream through hair. Leave the front down but gradually work the hair at the top of your head into a low-laying faux hawk.

    Try American Crew Molding Clay. It provides concentrated styling power that lets you manipulate your hair.

    Oval, square and round shapes with thicker, coarser hair types can rock this hairstyle.

    Have your barber or stylist detail the thick hair around your face for a nice crisp line, as seen in the picture. This will provide a great frame for your face and enhance your strong features.

    Business-Friendly Haircut for Thick Wavy Hair

    Photo Credit:

    This business-friendly haircut for thick wavy hair is perfect for gray hair men. Especially thick-haired men who want a corporate-friendly coif. Thick wavy hair men who are graying can also remain youthful with this thick hairstyle.

    To style thick waves:

    1. Towel dry hair.
    2. Work a nickel-sized amount of styling gel throughout hair.
    3. Flick a bit of the hair in the front hairline up.
    4. Allow hair to air dry.

    Also, try American Crew Firm Hold Gel. It’s non-flaking, alcohol-free, and has a low pH to prevent drying of your scalp.

    Wavy hair can be tricky to work with. If you like more control, use a blowdryer to finish drying your hair after you work the gel through it.

    Short Shag with Layers

    Photo Credit:

    This short shag with layers is a medium to short cut styled around the head to create tons of movement. It also adds a shattered feel around the ends.

    When styling:

    1. Towel dry hair.
    2. Use a paddle brush to wrap hair around your head as you blowdry. This will create the movement you see in the photo.
    3. Work a bit of pliable styling cream through hair to define the movement created in the previous step.

    Use Bed Head B for Men Multi-Tasking Grooming Cream. It’s a lightweight cream that gives natural definition and control. For extra hold, opt for a medium hold pliable styling paste instead.

    Men with an oval, square, or pear face shape with thick straight hair will wear this style well.

    Brushed Up Spiky Hair + Tapered Quiff Shape

    Photo Credit:

    This brushed up spiky hair + tapered quiff shape style is similar to an undercut. The difference is in the blending through the thick sides.

    To style it:

    1. Towel dry hair.
    2. Work a golf ball-sized amount of styling mousse through hair.
    3. Use fingertips to lift hair at the roots as you blowdry.
    4. Once hair is completely dry, finish by working a high hold gel throughout the top and sides and directing the hair at the back of your head forward.

    Try OSiS Grip for extra style support while blowdrying.

    This thick quiff with undercut is sometimes difficult to describe to a stylist or barber. Always bring photos with you to show your stylist or barber what type of style you’re after for your thick hair.

    Casual Curls for Men’s Medium Thick Hair

    Photo Credit:

    Casual curls for men’s medium thick hair? Yes, please! Wavy hair cut shorter near the sides and left longer at the top creates a laid-back style. This is such a great reason to boost your thick hair with semi-curled texture!

    For styling:

    1. Towel dry hair.
    2. Work a small amount of medium hold styling cream through hair.
    3. Use a blow dryer while lifting hair near the roots to create extra volume.
    4. Finish by distributing about a nickel-sized amount of styling cream throughout the hair from roots to tips.

    Then, try American Crew Grooming Spray. It’s a variable hold finishing spray that you can use on damp or dry hair to hold your style in place. It provides control with a soft, touchable finish.

    Brushed Up Crew Cut

    Photo Credit:

    This brushed-up crew cut haircut is great on hair that has a very coarse texture or hair that is extremely thick.

    When styling:

    1. Towel dry hair.
    2. Work a high hold styling gel throughout the hair, flicking the front up just a bit.

    Try Bed Head B for Men Power Play Firm Finish Gel. It provides control without flaking.

    Gel works better on brush up with thick texture like this than any cream products. This is because gels tend to offer a bit more control and structure to stubborn hair textures.

    Punk-Inspired Choppy Hair with Fringe

    Photo Credit:

    This punk-inspired choppy hair with fringe screams punk rock! The thick hairstyle has a serious style that combines both a smooth and a shattered texture.

    To style:

    1. Towel dry hair.
    2. Use a paddle brush to smooth the front half of your hair forward.
    3. Use fingertips to lift hair in the back, creating an edgy and contrasting look.
    4. Work a nickel-sized amount of texture cream through the front, directing it forward and piecing out the ends.
    5. Use a medium to high hold styling paste to lift and separate the hair in the back.

    Inject your thick hair with Bed Head Headrush. It’s like shine adrenaline with a superfine mist!

    Add extra reflection to the front with a light aerosol shine spray to your choppy fringe.

    Thick Surfer Hair with an Undercut

    Photo Credit:

    This thick surfer hair with an undercut is a super simply long style for thick hair. It also works well on men with straight hair texture.

    Style this by following these steps:

    1. Towel dry hair.
    2. Work a quarter-sized amount of styling liquid throughout hair from roots to ends. Be sure to work product through all your hair for even styling.
    3. Use a blow dryer to set the product and your style while finger-combing hair back and slightly over to one side.

    Try Aveda Men Pure-Formance Liquid Pomade. It adds shine and moderate hold while maintaining natural movement.

    Split hair slightly (don’t create an obvious side part) over one eye rather than right down the middle. Stay away from parting the hair in the middle. That tends to say “geek” rather than “chic”.

    Deep Side Part Combover

    Photo Credit:

    This is a deep side part combover on coarser hair. This thick style is parted deep to one side, giving it tons of touchable lift and a high-stakes cut.

    To style:

    1. Towel dry hair.
    2. Part hair to one side. Use the outer corner of one eye as your guide to where the part should be.
    3. Use fingertips to lift hair at the roots as you blowdry.
    4. Finish by distributing a nickel-sized amount of pliable styling cream throughout hair. Finger comb hair to the side.

    Try Redken for Men Loose Ends Liquid Pomade. It gives longer lengths a mild, flexible finish.

    For extra control, add a bit of medium or high hold aerosol hairspray.

    Neat and Brushed Forward Crew Cut

    Photo Credit:

    This neat and brushed forward crew cut is an ultra-dense dark hair. It’s styled close to the head for a polished, clean-cut finish.

    When styling:

    1. Blow-dry hair forward using a medium heat setting. Lift the very front (near your hairline) up as you dry.
    2. Work a nickel to quarter-sized amount of high hold, high shine styling gel through hair for perfect control.

    Grab OSiS Gelastic for a firm hold with a high shine finish.

    Men with thicker hair of any texture can pull off this style.

    Ask your barber to create this thick haircut using clippers through the sides and back. Then ask for scissors in the top area. The two lengths can then be blended with texturizing scissors.

    Have Thinning Hair? Here Are 5 Ways to Get Thicker, Fuller Hair

    First things first: It’s nearly impossible to thicken your hair at the root itself unless you medically intervene with supplements or injections. But that’s not what this article is about .It’s about how to make your hair look and feel fuller—to maximize the follicles you’re already working with, and to be all the more confident when you head out into the world with each passing year.



    Because the truth is every single one of us will lose hair to some extent—some quicker and to a greater degree than others—but if you act quickly and get a little crafty no one will be the wiser.

    It mostly comes down to using the right hair products, and some minor dietary fixes, says Los Angeles-based celebrity groomer, KC Fee.

    These are her tips for getting a fuller head of hair.

    1. Switch to a Milder Shampoo

    Hopefully you already know that too much shampoo is bad for your hair. It strips all the good oils along with the bad, drying it out and making it hard to style. However, sometimes that’s the tradeoff if you actually want your hair to look fuller: When it’s parched, it stands up more and looks thicker. So, since you might be shampooing more frequently in order to get this effect, Fee suggests switching to one that’s engineered to be less harsh on your strands. It’ll still lift the hair since it removes the oil at the root, but it’ll dry the actual hair out less in the process, by preserving its natural oils.

    She prefers Christophe Robin Men’s Cleansing Thickening Paste for her clients.

    “It gives hair volume and a thicker feel,” Fee says.

    2. Use Light, Dry Products

    “When it comes to thinning hair, you don’t want to use heavy, greasy products that’ll weigh the hair down,” says Fee. “It will cause separation that only accentuates the hair loss.”

    She’s referring to things like standard shiny pomade. Instead you want something with a matte finish that lifts the hair. She uses Kevin Murphy Rough Rider Clay Pomade (note that it’s not a “traditional greasy pomade—sometimes the word ‘pomade’ is used interchangeably with ‘hair product’), or a texturizing spray like Oribe’s, which kind of works like a dry shampoo to soak excess oils and add some lift.

    “Both are light and dry products that give volume and texture,” says Fee. “A good rule of thumb is to start with a little product and build as needed.”

    3. Use a Round Brush (and a Hair Dryer)

    You probably know that a brush isn’t the best styling device for short hair. It’s used to evenly distribute natural oils to the ends of longer hairs. So, while you keep a comb nearby for your styling needs, there is one brush you should have on-hand: a small, rounded one, like the 3/4″ brush from Spornette. If you use a cream styler, like Baxter of California’s Hard Cream Pomade, apply a small amount to clean, towel-dried hair, then use the brush with a hair dryer (a cheap, simple Conair hair dryer will do) to lift the hair and dry the product at the root, Fee says.

    “It gives the hair volume and a thicker look,” she adds.

    4. Follow These Dieting Principles

    “Diet and supplements can be very helpful in strengthening hair and prolonging the inevitable, as hair loss comes down to genetics,” Fee says.

    You can take a proactive approach to hair loss, aside from pills and procedures, by focusing on your diet.

    “It can be as easy as eating a clean diet—no sugar or processed foods—and one high in antioxidants,” she says. “Or you can take supplements that include biotin, zinc, vitamin C, iron, and niacin—such as Viviscal daily hair growth supplements.”

    5. Opt for Hair fibers—Hollywood’s Big Grooming Secret

    We asked Fee for the “Hollywood secret” to making hair look thicker—something beyond these everyday salon tips.

    Her answer was a bit of a shock: It’s hair fibers—like those sprinkle-on powders guys use to cover their bald spots.

    “You’d be surprised to know how many men being photographed or in films and on TV use this trick,” she says. “There’s absolutely no shame in it. And it works! I use Toppik Hair Fiber. It comes in every shade in a shake bottle. You can either shake it in to cover bigger areas, such as the top or back of the head, or it has a pump nozzle you can buy separately to use for a more precise application along the hairline.”

    If you aren’t balding but simply want to make your hair look thicker and fuller, this could be the solution. Just don’t touch the hair much once it’s applied, and shampoo thoroughly before resting it on any pillows.

    For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube!

    90,000 Oops! Page not found !

    Spring-summer collection

    Fall-winter collection

    Backstage fall-winter

    Backstage spring-summer

    90,000 hairstyles and haircuts for thick long and short hair, shampoos and styling products.Is it good or bad to have thick hair?

    Modern guys always strive to look fashionable and stylish. But to create a spectacular look, clothes alone are not enough – you also need a stylish hairstyle.The choice of haircut will depend on the type of hair: thick or sparse, straight or curly. In this article, we will focus on the thick strands, which have long become the subject of dreams of many men.

    Is it good or bad to have thick hair?

    At all times, thick and well-groomed curls were considered an indicator of health.Most often, the density and appearance are due to genetics, and if the strands are naturally rare, you can add volume to them exclusively visually. Thick hair is mostly like this from childhood, and you can maintain its appearance with the help of various care products.

    Density is the quality of hair that always attracts attention. Not a single person with such curls would want to exchange them for rare ones, if it was possible.Such hair has many advantages: beautiful appearance, the ability to do different haircuts with it, bald patches appear much later. However, there are also disadvantages:

    • The need for careful care;
    • 90,027 material costs for the purchase of beauty products;

    • constant maintenance of haircuts, trips to salons and barbershops;
    • in some cases – the need for daily styling.

    It is also worth noting that men’s thick hair is generally either coarse or curly.Both options imply the correct selection of haircuts.

    Hairstyles and Haircuts

    When choosing a haircut for everyday wear, men are advised to focus on their age, physique, and facial contours. But the main thing is the length of the hair. Consider what haircuts are suitable for different lengths of strands.


    This is the most popular length chosen by the vast majority of guys. There are a lot of haircuts for thick short hair. Here are some interesting solutions.

    • Tennis. This haircut was popular among tennis players who could not be distracted by hair falling on their face while playing. In this version, the hairstyle is cut off the back of the head and whiskey, but the volume remains on the top of the head.

    This hairstyle is suitable for a man of any age, but only if the hair has a rigid structure.

    • Hedgehog. One of the most widespread and fashionable haircuts. Suitable for straight short hair. When creating a hairstyle, the hairdresser cuts the hair evenly, along the same length, while the bangs remain slightly elongated. Hair is shaped like hedgehog needles with strong hold styling products.

    It is worth noting that the hedgehog looks good on athletic strong men. Being too thin or overweight is not the best solution for such a haircut.

    • Boxing. With such a haircut for every day, you can completely forget about styling. She is loved by courageous, charismatic guys who prefer the classics. The hair in the box is short, no more than 4 cm, so if you have a machine, you can adjust your hairstyle at home.

    The only drawback is that such a haircut is not at all suitable for those who have an irregular skull structure.

    • Military. This is a rather short haircut, there are only a couple of centimeters on the top of the head, and only a few millimeters on the temples and the back of the head.

    Military – the ideal choice for soldiers, athletes. She looks brutal and does not require any special care.

    Other Popular Ideas:

    • “beaver”;
    • French haircut;
    • buzz cut;
    • fade style.

    Medium length

    Medium length haircuts look daring and fashionable. They are able to refresh the image, bring something new to it. Men with a similar length can adopt the following hairstyles.

    • Hipster. This type of haircut is common among young guys. She is quite shocking, she will immediately draw attention to herself.The back of the head and temples in this case are carefully trimmed, but there is a large volume on the top of the head.

    The main feature of this haircut is the need for combing. It should be done on the forehead, crown and crown, and it is important that it is curvy.

    • Canada. It is also called “double sports square” in another way.The back of the head and temples are cut very short, but a large volume is created at the crown. It creates a spectacular bang that can be styled in several ways. Shaved drawings will complement such a haircut.

    • “Halfbox”. This haircut is similar to boxing, but it is an elongated version of it. The temples and the back of the head are trimmed with a machine, while there is volume on the top of the head. Hair can be styled in different ways, constantly renewing the bow.

    Suitable for semi-boxing guys with a face in the form of a square or circle.

    • “Site”. Quite an interesting haircut that will make your look more masculine in a matter of minutes. At the crown and crown of the head, the hair is cut with a straight cut, and at the temples and the back of the head – with an angular cut. Thus, a semblance of a platform is formed in the middle.

    There are several options for this haircut: it can be either short or elongated, as worn by Elvis Presley.

    • Anderkat. On the sides and on the back of the head, the hair is shaved, but a large volume is created on the crown. Styling a similar hairstyle from the forehead.

    It will work well for both straight and wavy strands, but for men with an elongated face, it is better to choose a different solution.

    In addition to the already described haircuts, guys can choose the following creative solutions:

    • “pompadour”;
    • old school hairstyles;
    • faux hawk;
    • “Mohawk”;
    • asymmetry.


    Do not think that long hair deprives its owner of masculine features.It is enough to recall the history: the ancient Vikings, Greeks, Musketeers, to understand that this is not at all the case. Long hair is a great way to emphasize not only masculinity, but also creativity. That is why they are so often chosen by artists, actors, bikers, musicians.

    There are several options for men’s hairstyles for long thick hair.

    • Surfer style. The simplest hairstyle, all you need is to grow your hair to your shoulders. It is good if they curl slightly and lie in waves.

    This hairstyle allows for casualness, as it is quite difficult to find a surfer who has just got off his board with perfect styling.

    • Dreadlocks. This is an option for those who love extraordinary looks in the style of Bob Marley.

    It is important to remember that dreadlocks must be complemented with the right clothing. With a classic suit, for example, you should not wear them.

    • Classic. These hairstyles involve shoulder length or longer hair with an even parting. The strands can be worn both loose and collected in a ponytail.

    Suitable for men of medium build, as well as big guys.

    • Asymmetry. This is a whole set of different kinds of haircuts for long hair. Haircuts here mean graduation, unusual styling, side partings.

    • Ban. This haircut is hair gathered at the back of the head in a messy bun. Hair length can be different, but in any case, the hairstyle is suitable for those who love experiments and are free from prejudices.

    There are 4 options for such a haircut: full ban, low, top knot, pineapple.

    In addition, it will look great on long strands:

    • staining;
    • wet hair effect;
    • ombre;
    • pigtails.

    How to take care?

    Thick hair requires mandatory and proper care.Only in this case they will delight their owner with a decent look. Consider a few rules developed by experts in this field.

    • Find the right shampoo. The scalp can be normal, oily, dry. It is important that the shampoo is correct for her type. Also, do not buy products that are too cheap: they contain a lot of additives and harmful substances.
    • Apply balm or conditioner to hair. This is a must after washing as the strands should be easy to comb.In addition, such a product will make hair softer, more manageable to styling.
    • Wash your hair properly. Daily washing is mandatory for oily hair and before styling. Wash your hair with warm water. If you have dandruff, it is better to turn to pharmacy products or herbal infusions. Regular anti-dandruff shampoos may not only fail, but dry out the skin and cause itching. Try to use a hairdryer less often after washing.
    • Choose a good comb. Experts advise purchasing combs with sparse teeth – they gently and well comb the strands. But the frequent and hard teeth often damage the hair.
    • Don’t go overboard with styling products. Many men often make the same mistake when applying a large amount of product to their hair. From this, the strands look greasy and unkempt, they quickly lose their shape.

    How to grow?

    Growing hair is a task that takes time, so it is important to be patient and remember a few important points.

    • Leaving. Good scalp care will allow the strands to grow faster. Make masks, rub in a variety of oils. For example, warm castor oil will work well. It should be rubbed into the scalp with light massage movements, leave for 30 minutes, then rinse. You can also turn to products to accelerate hair growth from trusted brands.
    • Timely brushing. Brushing stimulates the blood supply to the scalp, which makes hair grow faster.You need to carry out the procedure 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening, but only on dry strands.
    • Refusal from hair dryers and other similar things. They cause growth retardation, damage to curls. It is best to dry naturally. Do not use paints during growing.
    • Use of food additives. There are special capsules and supplements that help in the growing process. They must be used in accordance with the instructions. These are complexes of vitamins, which necessarily include fish oil.
    • Healthy lifestyle. Try to drink more water, eat healthy foods, exercise. All this will certainly affect the condition of the hair, and the body as a whole.
    • Visit to the hairdresser. Cutting hair will not grow faster, but it will look neater and healthier. Moreover, the creation of a hairstyle is not meant – only trimming the ends. This can be done once or twice a year.

    For hair care tips for men, see the following video.

    90,000 How to make hair thick and dense at home – care recipes

    Attractive curls are every woman’s dream. Someone has long hairstyles, someone looks more interesting with a short haircut, but healthy, strong and lush hair in itself is a natural decoration.

    In Ancient Russia, there was an opinion: supposedly each hair, like an antenna, accumulates and transmits information.It was considered important to wear certain hairstyles, weave one or two braids, wash your hair with special broths – and not only for the sake of attractiveness, but also for the sake of gaining spiritual and physical strength. Hair was considered magical conductors of energy, and many actions with them were sacred. They gave a woman special strength. Some peoples have retained similar beliefs today. Now the meaning of many rituals has been lost, but the hair, which the owner carefully cares for, still attracts more attention.

    Everyone has their own genetic predisposition to the density and a certain structure of curls. It is impossible, for example, to change the color and curl of the strands, but you can intensify the care, and the hairs will acquire shine, be denser, longer, and it will become easier to style them. What determines the health of your curls? You have bad genetics, is everything lost? Of course not! Do you want to enhance the beauty of your curls and speed up their growth? You need to properly care for your hair.

    “I want thick hair,” each says to herself in front of the mirror.At the same time, we use a hairdryer, sunbathe under the scorching sun without a headdress, swim in the salty sea, do not monitor the balance of microelements in the diet … Have you never grown thick hair? Let’s try to fix it!

    Thick Hair Recipe

    Remembering what kind of ecology we have, you need to take care of yourself, not to injure your curls once again. They are already exposed to ultraviolet radiation, hard water, dry or excessively humid air, saturated with by no means useful elements.In cities where the ecological situation leaves much to be desired, this is especially noticeable.

    Protect curls from the scorching sun and cold winter air, strong winds. Wear hats that are appropriate for the season. An increase in air temperature and severe frost worsen the condition of the skin and curls.

    Do not comb your hair for a long time – this stimulates the production of sebum and weighs down the curls. Avoid combing wet or completely dry strands. You need to take up the comb when they are almost dry, slightly damp.Change your comb regularly. Is it natural bristle? You need to throw it away after 2 months. Wash the comb every week in a soapy solution and rinse thoroughly under running hot water. If you are dyeing curls, do not buy a comb with bristles, as split bristles can damage the loose flakes of your hair. In general, choosing the right comb is an art. We will talk about this in a separate article.

    Do not do too tight hairstyles: do not pull the tail together with traumatic thin elastic bands and hairpins with tight clamping and sharp teeth.

    Try to style your hairstyle with electrical appliances as rarely as possible: irons, hair dryers. When this cannot be avoided, it is necessary to use protective equipment – masks, mousses, foams. Buy irons and hair dryers with ionization function – this prevents dryness and dehydration of hairs.

    While shampooing, rub a portion of the shampoo into your palms until a lather forms and apply it to your scalp. The foam should drain along its entire length, gently removing dirt and without injuring the ends.Use the right shampoo, conditioner, and conditioner.

    Try to avoid prolonged stress and monitor the state of the nervous system. From prolonged stress, the hairs become dull and fall out almost in clumps, and besides, they turn gray faster. In many ways, a specially selected menu helps to maintain the stable functioning of the nervous system and give the curls a well-groomed look.

    When more than 70 hairs are shed per day, it is not normal. Consult a trichologist: perhaps the cause of this is a serious illness.

    Proper nutrition – hair beauty

    Should your hairstyle always be lush and beautiful? Then it is imperative to saturate the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. For many of us, nutrition is poor. We have not been accustomed to listening to the needs of the body since childhood, and it is often necessary to restore the diet with the help of various specialists.

    What foods should you eat for the health of your hair in the first place?

    1. Fats – both vegetable and animal.A diet that is devoid of fats will lead to a loss of shine and gloss of the hairs.
    2. Protein – 70% of the hairs are made up of keratin protein. The need for keratin is covered by meat, legumes, eggs, and dairy products.
    3. Vitamins of group B – there are many of them in the liver, cottage cheese, nuts, cereals, bran, vegetables.
    4. Vitamins A and E, as well as antioxidants, can all be found in seafood, grains, nuts, and fish oil.
    5. Iron and zinc – give strength and reduce fragility.Do you want to increase the elasticity of your curls? Lean on plant foods, buckwheat and liver.

    Be sure to drink clean water, although you shouldn’t focus on water. Numerous studies have shown that people who consume liquid food, teas and other drinks, and not just water in the amount of two liters per day, fully satisfy the body’s need for water. This is a controversial issue, but in the case when you plan to adhere to strict recommendations, drink water.And, by the way, you don’t need to drink it exactly in the amount of two liters per day. This is individual: someone needs strictly 2 liters, someone needs 1.5 liters, someone needs all three. Analyze your condition, watch for swelling, monitor urination, pressure, general condition.

    In order to maintain the health of the hair, you can drink vitamin complexes. It is most correct when a dietitian prescribes them for you. Of the most effective remedies, we can note the vitamin complexes of the German company Merz (Merz) and the manufacturer’s drug from the UK – Perfectil: it helps very well with alopecia and is needed in order to increase hair density.

    Cutting and dyeing

    Since most women do not have naturally beautiful hair, it is not recommended for them to wear long hairstyles. The easiest way to care for non-graphic and short haircuts, which may not require styling at all. In general, girls with thin or weakened hair are advised to wear medium-length haircuts. The ends of the hairs can split, and this looks especially messy on long hair.

    We categorically do not recommend hair extensions: this greatly spoils the hair structure and negatively affects the dermis.The same goes for dreadlocks.

    Should you dye your hair? Currently, a huge number of products have been created for the care of thin and thick hair. The salons offer products with a minimum content of ammonia and aggressive components. Moreover, special formulations are added to the paint and shampoos, which nourish and restore the hair follicles and the hairs themselves.

    Procedures such as lamination and keratinization have gained popularity.Both of them even out the surface of the hairs, give them smoothness, strength and shine, so that the resulting hair is thick and long, looks luxurious and rich. After lamination, the richness and depth of color are enhanced, the protection of the strands from environmental influences increases, the hairs are less tangled and become less brittle. Keratinization additionally deeply nourishes each hair.

    Home Treatments: How to Thicker Hair


    What will it take to grow curls quickly? Burdock, olive and castor oils are ideal for nourishing and restoring hair.They awaken the “dormant” bulbs (follicles) and make them work more actively, and after using oil masks you will have thick hair. Regular masks based on, for example, burdock oil will give an effect in a month: the hairs will become thicker. On dry hair, oil masks can be applied up to 2 times a week, on oily hair – one procedure every seven days is enough, and nutrition and growth of curls will already begin. Before using oil-based masks, determine your hair type.

    Castor oil can be used to lubricate eyebrows and eyelashes – the result will please you a lot!

    The only downside to using oils is that they are very difficult to wash off.Rinse your hair several times with hot water and shampoo until you feel a squeak under your hands.

    By the way, you can apply oil (castor oil!) Not only on the scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes, but also on the face. This product can make hair thicker and denser, and with regular use of castor oil, they fall out less, have a richer color! It is difficult or expensive to achieve this effect using other means. Butter (castor oil) is a cheap, time-tested method.

    Nicotinic acid

    In the pharmacy, you can buy nicotinic acid in ampoules – this is the PP vitamin. The liquid is rubbed directly into the scalp, due to which blood circulation is increased, the curls grow back much faster. You need to rub in the acid daily, for a monthly course you will need 30 ampoules. In the event that you develop a burning sensation and itching, the use of the drug should be stopped immediately. It is best to conduct a test test on the inner bend of the elbow before starting the course.Rub in a little nicotinic acid and observe the reaction of the skin. With regular use of nicotinic acid, after about a couple of months, the density and density of the strand will be noticeable.

    Mustard or hot pepper

    A mustard or pepper mask has a similar effect on the work of hair follicles. Mustard gruel applied to the scalp stimulates hair growth. Feelings “frying”, baking. You should not keep the mask longer than five minutes: you can get a skin burn.We do the same with a mask of grated hot pepper for the rapid growth of the strands.

    Egg and kefir

    The well-known “grandmother’s” method, which saturates the hairs with nutrients and visibly strengthens them. You will notice that the curls are thicker and stronger. The sensations after the mask are very pleasant and refreshing. The effect is noticeable after the first procedure.

    Yeast or beer

    The yeast mass must be dissolved in water and applied to the hair, evenly wrapped with a film, this will create a sauna effect.Only yeast in briquettes is good, not in bags. You can rinse your hair with beer, make a mask out of it, but take something that is neither dark nor craft: from these varieties, the hair sticks together and dries out.

    After rinsing your head with beer, do not forget to thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water: the smell eats in and lasts for a long time.

    Herbal decoctions

    After washing, it is good to rinse your hair with decoctions of herbs. For three liters of water, you will need about 5 tablespoons of the herb.You can prepare a mixture of herbs yourself, but it’s easier to buy a pharmacy. Chamomile is ideal for light strands: it will also give the curls an exquisite golden shine. You can also use calendula and birch leaves. Nettle, calendula, burdock, birch are perfect for dark curls. After washing off the shampoo, pour the infused broth over your hair. It should not be hot, but not cooled down either.


    Color and colorless can be used. Henna can make hair dry, so add dry amla or amla – Indian gooseberry oil to the powder.In combination with henna, it gives the effect of saturating the hairs with nutrients, does not allow them to dry out after removing the mask. When you dye or treat your hair with henna, synthetic dyes may not work: all hairdressers warn about this. Tell a professional about using henna.

    Henna is useful: after it, an increase in the density of curls is very noticeable. Do you want to improve the look of your hair and do not plan to paint? Henna is your choice.

    Masks: folk recipes

    Masks can be composed at your discretion from all of the above ingredients.We will offer you several options on how to make simple masks.

    Cognac mask

    From an elite drink applied in the form of a mask, the hairs become silky and shiny, thick.

    You need to take:

    1. Cognac – 45 grams (one glass).
    2. Honey – 2 tablespoons.
    3. Olive oil or oil (castor oil) – 2 tablespoons.

    It is necessary to thoroughly mix the composition, apply it to the hair, make a dense mask, put on a hat, wrap it with a towel on top.After 20 minutes, wash off the gruel with warm water.

    Composition of mask with beer

    This substance nourishes the skin well and makes fine hair elastic and shiny, giving it splendor.


    1. Banana – 1 piece.
    2. Chicken egg yolk – 1 piece.
    3. Honey – 2 tablespoons.
    4. Beer – 1.5 cups

    Mix the composition with a mixer, make sure: there should be no pieces of protein in the composition, otherwise it will curl up, and it will not be easy to comb it out of the hairstyle.

    First you need to apply a mask. Then put on a hat, wrap with a towel, rinse thoroughly after 20 minutes. By the way, you can rinse your head with the remains of beer, and only then proceed to rinsing with water.

    Mask with coffee or cocoa

    An exotic version of the caring mixture, after which the hair smells very tasty – you don’t even want to wash it.

    You will need:

    1. Ground coffee or cocoa – 2 tablespoons.
    2. Egg – 2 yolks.
    3. Kefir or sour milk – half a glass.

    Stir the mixture thoroughly, apply to hair, wait 20 minutes and rinse.

    When you use coffee, instead of kefir, you can take brewed chamomile with ginseng oil, infused for 6 hours. Pour coffee into this composition and mix.

    In addition to these masks, you can use a mix: sea salt and olive oil, as well as castor oil.This will create a gentle organic scrub that can make your hair look better.


    Massage is useful not only for the pleasure of growing luxurious hair and improving density, but also for relaxation. Using your fingertips, gently massage the area from the forehead to the back of the head, grasping the areas behind the ears. You can lightly run your palms through your hair, form a ponytail from the hair on your head with your hand in order to feel a slight tension. When massaging the skin, use a special comb-brush with a wide base and fine teeth.

    Selection of purchased hair care products

    And do not forget: no matter how you take care of your hair at home, you will still need quality shampoos in order to maintain a healthy dermis and strengthen your hair. Is it possible to change the appearance of your hair and deceive genetics using only purchased products? Yes! But you need to know which product to choose.

    Mass market products include a wide range of products, but when you switch to cosmeceuticals (medicinal cosmetics) and organic products, as well as quality shampoos and masks and other professional care products from well-known brands, you will feel the difference.You do not want to put on your beautiful curls any more far from ideal and sometimes frankly harmful and dangerous compositions.

    We recommend that you carefully study the range of hair care products on our website. You may need cleansing shampoos that wash out the remains of styling gels, masks, balms from the hair … However, they often cannot be used.

    With regards to products based on natural ingredients: they have a cumulative effect, you may not feel the results immediately.Skin and curls can get used to new shampoos and masks for a while. It is important to find the right product: reactions to components can vary greatly. One brand will work for your hair, but a completely different remedy for your friend’s or mom’s curls.

    In our online store “Manicure Shop” you will find everything you need to support the beauty and growth of your curls. Do you want to get advice on the selection of funds? Call by phones: +7 (495) 645-35-03, +7 (812) 309-53-28.

    90 000 How to reduce the growth of hair on the legs in a man

    Last update:

    “I have a lot of hair on my legs. Guy, 18 years old. Can you make them smaller without shaving your head? ” – Robert.

    First of all, I would like to understand the main problem: is it the thickness of the cover or is it still the length?

    Or maybe you want to modify the color? Want to make it shorter or thinner? Or maybe all together?

    Of course, for a young man, completely shaving off the hair on his legs is not the best prospect.Yes, and in society this is not very welcomed, although personally I am sure that this should be exclusively the business of each individual person.

    Below we will try to determine the cause of the excess density and understand whether there is a defect as such. Well, then let’s go through the options with the likely advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

    So, our main task is to make the vegetation on the legs less noticeable.

    Photo from

    What affects the growth of hair on the legs in men

    Dear Robert, don’t get me wrong, but before you arm yourself to fight vegetation, it makes sense to define, and maybe not everything is so scary? Let’s figure it out.

    Several factors control the growth of rods in the body: genetics, hormonal balance, and general health.

    With the first, everything is clear and understandable: if the parents (or close relatives) had an increased amount of vegetation on the body, then the same picture will be the norm for their child.

    With hormones, the situation is more interesting: until adolescence, the whole body is covered with a barely noticeable downy. But here the masculine nature wakes up, testosterone comes into force, and almost overnight, hard, terminal hair begins to appear in certain places.

    It is this chemical compound that is responsible for the fact that the follicle increases in size, the growth rate is accelerated and pigmentation appears.

    All this happens in strictly defined places, the so-called hormone-dependent.It is in these areas that hair follicles are especially sensitive to the action of testosterone.

    It is opposed by the female hormone. Yes, yes, it is also present in the male body, just like androgens circulate in an extremely insignificant volume in the tender half of humanity.

    So, this or that shift in the balance can lead to the fact that secondary sexual characteristics in the form of hair growth begin to “junk”.

    So we determined that the reason for the intensively overgrown legs, like everything else, lies in the natural balance of the main male and female compounds.

    Why did I decide to conduct this excursion into the physiological basics? I would like to eliminate one likely cause of dissatisfaction with my appearance.

    It is likely that you are all right and there is no need to change anything. In short, what caused the decision to start fighting hair? Will this desire not change in the middle of the path?

    If you are firmly convinced of the need for changes, then we will begin to analyze the options.

    Options for male hair removal

    Shaver and depilatory cream will be canceled immediately upon initial request.Yes, and there is not much sense from them: the next day, the skin will delight you with hemp and bristles.

    You can use a beard trimmer: by setting a certain height of the knife, you can make the hairs shorter without shaving them to zero.

    But this will not affect the density of the cover in any way, only its height.

    You can use both folk (hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, chamomile) and not very (various paints) means for bleaching hair, but here you have to be very careful with recipes (so as not to harm the skin and the body as a whole).

    Here we will achieve only lightening, without changing the length and density.

    You can resort to thread – trading. The peculiarity of this technique consists in capturing the hairs with a specifically twisted thread, followed by pulling out the rod with the root part.

    The big advantage is that we can precisely thin out the cover, without completely destroying it, and the result will last for 3 weeks. Unfortunately, this method is used only for the face, rarely for the hands, but so far no one has heard that it can be applied on legs (too long and expensive).

    Wax and sugar are unlikely to be suitable in our case due to the fact that the cover is removed completely over the entire zone, that is, the same razor effect is achieved, only it will last, like trading, for 3 weeks.

    Interestingly, with regular depilation, after a while, the vegetation in the treated areas becomes less frequent, thinner and weaker, and grows longer.

    All this happens due to the regular trauma of the hair receptacle.The bad news is that this process can neither be predicted nor monitored: some have a great lasting effect, and some do not notice any progress.

    The optical family (laser, wide spectral photoepilation and ELOS) deserves some interest.

    Light radiation of a certain wavelength has an affinity for the hair pigment – melanin, is absorbed by the latter, which leads to intense heating and damage to important elements of hair growth and regeneration.

    After the procedure, the contents of the follicle fall out, and the resumption of the next generation can happen only after a fairly decent time (after several sessions).

    What should you pay attention to especially in your case?

    If a magician suddenly arrives in a helicopter of any color and makes our skin completely transparent, then we will see a rather interesting picture: some of the sprouts will sit inside, that is, we will not see them on the surface.

    The other part, seemingly visible above the skin, is actually already dead and is just waiting in the wings to leave the living space.

    The third part is completely absent, and their follicle is in hibernation.

    And only a small amount of hair is in its prime: and there are not very many of them. According to rough estimates, it is about 25%.

    How important is this information? Think about it, 25% is exactly the part on which you and I can act.

    Our task is to get to the hair follicle. It is in it that the entire reserve of the hair’s vitality is concentrated. Therefore, if we treat our legs with a laser, then we will be able to cope with only these hairs, and all the rest will continue to exist.

    In our case, this is exactly what you need: thin out the cover, weaken it and reduce growth, but at the same time not achieve ideal skin smoothness.

    That is why I believe that the light treatment will prove to be quite useful in reducing the overall density.The main thing is to find a good master and a decent laser hair removal clinic.

    The last point I decided to point out the most powerful weapon for fighting hair – electrolysis. What caused this choice?

    The fact is that if in all the previous versions it is possible to turn back when the solution changes and / or other fashion trends appear, then the electric technique puts an end to it once and for all.

    Having removed unnecessary vegetation with the help of a current, it will no longer be possible to return it back.The result is lifelong and permanent.

    Therefore, one should weigh everything very well before deciding on such a step.

    What can you expect here? The specialist will act on each hair element using a needle probe. Having introduced it to a strictly defined depth (it is important for us not to pierce this formation, but at the same time still reach far enough to reach important structures), the electrologist delivers a precisely calibrated portion of the current.

    Further, everything that affects the resumption of the growth of the rod will be destroyed by chemical or thermal means. The treated area will soon heal with the formation of a tiny subcutaneous scar – a kind of guarantee of a lifetime result. Nothing will ever grow out of this place again.

    Bearing in mind that the number of bags cannot increase, the removal of all unwanted hairs after the completion of the course occurs forever.

    What else is this technique good for? A professional is able to carefully and naturally thin out the cover.

    Perhaps this is the only procedure in addition to trading, where we can remove exactly what we need, and not what comes in random order.

    The disadvantages include the fact that you have to stock up on a remarkable amount of time, funding and patience. But if your decision is formed finally and irrevocably, then this view will probably please you.

    So, before starting a careful selection of methods, ask yourself the question, what is the reason for the desire to remove the density? Will it not happen that in the middle of the path you will overtake the realization that this is not your true desire, but imposed by fashion, your partner or other reasons?

    If the position and intentions are firm and true, then we proceed to the choice of technique. Good luck!

    Article prepared by:

    Author: Julia Nicholson, dermatologist, physiotherapist, cosmetologist
    Published by: Olesya Smagina, Assistant Director of the Universe of Beauty Hair Removal Centers

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    How to make hair thicker • Increase hair volume at the roots: 8 ways

    Who among us does not dream of thick hair, shining with health! Unfortunately, nature has not endowed everyone with lush hair. What should those less fortunate do? Do not despair! We will tell you how to make your hair thicker …

    When we talk about hair density, we mean the number of hairs per square centimeter of skin. In total, there are on average 100-150 thousand hairs on the head of a person.80-90% of them are in the active phase of growth, another about one percent undergo a short transitional phase, when hair growth stops and it falls out. In the last resting phase, the follicle regenerates and prepares for the appearance of new hair.

    Hair loss is a natural process that does not affect their density, since new hairs are constantly appearing instead of lost hairs. The norm is the loss of up to 100 hairs per day. If it seems to you that previously lush curls have lost their density, and the amount of hair that has fallen out has increased greatly, you should visit a trichologist.The most common causes of hair loss are improper care, unbalanced diet, hormonal imbalances, stress, certain medications, and negative environmental influences. The genetic factor also plays an important role. The specialist will help determine the specific cause and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

    It often happens that there are many hairs on the head, but they are so thin that they do not hold volume and do not look thick. Even fine hair can appear denser, thicker and fuller if properly cared for.There are many ways to do this, which we will talk about further. Care cosmetics, selected in accordance with the type of hair and scalp, are important. There are also folk remedies, but you need to be careful with them: some homemade masks are difficult to wash off, others (for example, based on mustard, pepper, etc.) can cause burns.

    Popular Ways to Make Your Hair Thick and Lush

    So how do you care for your hair to keep it thick? Here are some simple and effective recipes that will allow you to achieve thickness and return shiny and beautiful hair in a short time.

    Wash your hair correctly

    The frequency of shampooing is selected individually, depending on the characteristics of the skin and hair. In our article, we have analyzed this issue in detail. Remember that too hot water activates the sebaceous glands, which makes the hair dirty faster. Do not apply the shampoo directly to your head, but rather mix a small amount of shampoo with water in your palms and distribute through your hair. While washing, massage your head with your fingertips for a few minutes.After shampooing, apply a conditioner for a few minutes. Not only will it make your hair softer and easier to comb, it also contains ingredients to strengthen and nourish your hair.

    It is very important to choose the shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type. To strengthen hair and prevent hair loss, we recommend products from the Pantene Pro-V Miracles “Strengthening from roots to ends” collection based on bamboo, biotin and caffeine. Shampoo and balm from this line do not contain mineral oils and dyes, which means they can be used every day if necessary.

    Use hair mask

    Sometimes a mask should be used instead of a balm. The frequency of its application depends on the condition of the hair. If they need extra care, the mask can be used every other day. As a supportive care, the mask is applied every 1-2 weeks. The mask contains more nutrients, and they act more intensely, since the mask is kept on the hair longer than the conditioner balm. Can hair get thicker with regular use of masks? Yes, absolutely.For example, Pantene Pro-V Miracles Long & Strong Regenerating Mask with biotin and bamboo strengthens hair from the inside out, reducing breakage and preventing hair loss.

    Strengthen hair roots

    It is not enough to make the hair strong itself: to avoid hair loss, it is also necessary to take care of the skin and hair follicles. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase a separate hair root product. At home, you can use vitamin-oil complexes that provide the hair follicles with nutrients.But masks intended for hair should not be applied to the scalp – they can clog the pores.

    Earlier, to make hair strong, products based on burdock or castor oil were often used. Today, trichologists are skeptical about such recipes. For example, burdock oil on contact with the scalp can clog pores, which often leads to inflammatory diseases. Therefore, in order to strengthen the hair and restore its strength, it is more correct to use specialized care products.Better if it is one line designed specifically to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. An example is the Pantene Pro-V Miracles collection, which includes a five-step treatment program: shampoo, conditioner, hair thickening agent, leave-in reconstructor cream and a regenerating mask. You can use only shampoo or only a mask, but the best result is given by an integrated approach.

    Dry and comb your hair correctly

    Do not twist your washed hair, just gently pat it dry with a towel.If your hair is long, leave the towel on your head, but no longer than 10 minutes. Do not comb wet hair or go to bed with wet hair. Choose a comb only with rounded teeth so as not to scratch the skin and damage the hair structure.

    Use thermal protection

    Great damage to hair is caused by the use of hot hairs, irons, etc. Try to do this style less often. Hot air drying is also not good for hair. If you can’t do without a hair dryer, avoid the hottest setting and be sure to use thermal protection before styling.

    Protect hair from ultraviolet radiation

    Not only our skin needs protection from UV radiation, but also our hair. In summer, it is best to hide them under a hat. When using styling products, make sure they have an SPF filter in them. In winter, contrary to grandmother’s advice, it is better to refuse a hat that is too warm: it has been proven that cold (within reasonable limits) stimulates hair growth.

    Eat right

    For the hair to be strong and healthy, it must receive vitamins not only in the form of regenerating masks and balms.Be sure to include in your diet fish, seafood, vegetable oils, as well as vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts.

    Lead a healthy lifestyle

    Stress, lack of sleep, lack of physical activity and lack of fresh air negatively affect the health of hair, provoking a deterioration in its condition and loss.

    How to care for thick hair

    It doesn’t matter if you managed to grow your hair and achieve its density with home remedies or with the advice of a trichologist.The main thing is that the result is preserved for a long time, and your appearance arouses slight envy among others. How to do it? It is enough to properly care for your hair.

    1. Use the right product for you. There are a series of shampoos, balms and masks for different hair and scalp types.
    2. Do you want to make a beautiful styling? Look for products with a light texture to avoid tangles.
    3. Every woman wants a change sometimes.Perhaps, after you have made your hair thicker, it is worth considering a new haircut. Thick and dense hair looks best when it is below the earlobes. Elongated bob or bob, with or without graduation – choose what you like! Happy owners of long hair should also visit a hairdresser regularly. Once every 3-4 months, you need to cut off the ends of the hair. This will prevent further splitting and your hair will look well-groomed.

    The main condition in hair care is regularity, consistency and correctly selected products.We hope our tips have helped you achieve this.

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    Modern Rapunzel or Hair Extensions

    Hair extension is a procedure that is becoming more and more popular in Russia, and every day it helps thousands of girls to change their image and feel irresistible!

    Hair extension technology appeared a long time ago.However, the first lucky women who decided on the procedure were not always happy with the result. This led to the formation of false stereotypes that building up is harmful, ugly and even vulgar. In fact, the overwhelming majority of “failures” are associated with the use of outdated technologies, low-quality materials and the lack of the necessary skills of the master. Modern tape and capsule extension methods completely solve the listed problems and allow you to achieve excellent results.

    Today, hair extensions look as natural as possible, allowing you to quickly increase the length and density of your hair. The following factors made it possible to achieve this:

    • Use of modern technologies and high quality materials;
    • professional training of highly qualified masters;
    • large selection of lengths, textures, material colors;
    • a huge array of knowledge about hair types and the peculiarities of working with them.

    The time has come to change the attitude of Russian women to professional extension and open the door for women to the world of luxurious hair, which previously could only be dreamed of. And for this we have at least 5 arguments in favor of the extension procedure.

    Argument 1. Hair extensions look beautiful and natural!

    When describing a beautiful woman, the vast majority of people start with the phrase “thick long hair.”This hairstyle gives the image of femininity, grace and sexuality. Happy owners of thick long hair never go unnoticed by men, which allows them to feel confident and attractive in any situation. Unfortunately, nature has not endowed every woman with such dignity. Hair extension will help to restore justice in this case!

    A qualified master will perform the procedure in such a way that it is simply impossible to notice the difference between your own strands and those that have been extended.A perfectly even row of capsules is reliably hidden under their own hair, without giving themselves away. This allows you to get the most natural hairstyle that will attract hundreds of raving looks. One has only to decide on changes, and the result will surpass even the most daring expectations!

    Argument 2. Everyone can afford to build up

    The days when the procedure of tape or capsule hair extension was available only to wealthy women are in the distant past.Today almost everyone can afford to grow hair. The cost of the procedure depends on the quality of materials and the qualifications of the master, but the total price is determined by the number of strands and ribbons. Thanks to this approach, the client of the clinic can independently determine the scope of work and the cost of the service.

    In order for hair extensions to retain their original appearance for a long time, it is important to pay attention to daily care. Timely corrections and combing allow you to wear your hair for a really long time with minimal costs.

    Argument 3. Build-up is the fastest way to transform

    Long years of growing, daily care, buying expensive shampoos, balms and conditioners – all this does not guarantee that a woman will be able to become the owner of thick and long hair. At the same time, professional extension allows you to get the perfect hairstyle in just 2 hours. Beautiful, flawlessly smooth and silky hair can be of any length and color. After the procedure, the woman’s image and image change beyond recognition.The use of high-quality Slavic hair allows you to achieve a complete external transformation, experiment and enjoy the result.

    Argument 4. Any hairstyles and styling

    Short and not thick enough hair severely limits the choice of hairstyles and styling for a woman. High-quality build-up solves this problem in just a couple of hours. Voluminous waves for a graceful feminine look, a tight high ponytail for a daring and sexy outfit, flirty braids for creating a romantic bow – all this is available for girls with hair extensions.Thanks to the high qualifications of the master and the use of new technologies, capsules and ribbons are completely invisible under the hair.

    Coloring and coloring is another option available to every woman with hair extensions. This makes it possible to enjoy bold experiments and look great in any situation.

    Argument 5. Luxury natural Slavic hair

    Soft and silky Slavic hair is the perfect solution for quality extensions.Unlike European and Asian hair, such hair can be worn for more than a year, practically without the cost of special care and correction. Using the material of the “Slavyanka Lux” class, the masters of our clinic guarantee an impeccable result. Thanks to the huge assortment of shades and structures, specialists will select the hair that best matches the client’s own hair. The possible length of hair for extension is in the range from 30 cm to 70 cm. This allows every girl to feel like the heroine of the Rapunzel tale.

    THICK HAIR. Why do men lie and women roar

    Read also


    Hair, its length, structure, color and condition can tell a lot about the inner world and the character of its owner. Men rarely dye their hair, for women it is a common thing. Perhaps this is a manifestation of the great plasticity of their mental organization,


    Colour.Physiognomy, being a unique product of Chinese culture, considers black hair to be normal for humans. True, redheads are also born in China. For such people, Chinese physiognomists predict an early death, since white hair is the result of


    All people on the globe have a head covered with hair. One ethnologist reported a small hairless tribe on the west coast of Australia, apparently from a mixture of Australians and Chinese; but this statement still needs confirmation [35].Human


    You really want to tidy up your baby’s hair, right? Put down the brush. It’s okay for his head to look like a bear hair and fluff sandwich. Relax. The garbage entangled in the child’s luxurious mane is already his property, not yours.


    The male neck is historically shorter, thicker, and stronger than that of women.This is understandable – she should not be hit on a hunt or during a battle. That is why a long, thin, slender female neck emphasizes gender differences. Men love


    Humans are the only primates whose lips protrude outward rather than inward. Zoologists believe that women’s lips are a reflection of her genitals, because they are the same size and thickness, and in a state of sexual


    A small nose also reminds of childhood and evokes paternal feelings in men.Cartoonists use this factor to the fullest, creating characters with huge eyes and tiny noses that instantly win the hearts of


    If a person had never cut their hair, they could grow to a length of 110 cm. The lifespan of a hair is six years. Every day we lose 80-100 hairs and, unlike animals, do not shed.Blondes have 140 thousand hairs, brunettes have 110 thousand, and


    Most of all, women are attracted to men by a sporty, V-shaped figure. A strong, athletic body is a sign of good health, signaling that a man has the potential to forage for food and fight enemies. Even in the days of


    Let’s say right away: with bald ones – it’s more difficult.In their hair, many – women especially – have an upper part through which light shines through. The smallest movements of the head are displayed by changing the light and shadow in this part of the head. If you look at the face, it may seem that the head is


    We can say that hair color corresponds to the state of the soul, as well as to the characteristics of a person’s character. And the point is not what hair color you were born with, the main thing is what hair color you have now.Coloring has become a fashion for everyone.

    is rare today


    By the law of meanness, thick and silky hair grows where it shouldn’t be. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the main experiments with hair take place on the head. And not every head of hair is able to withstand this. Hair is a typical example of


    For a woman who is “ruled” by Demeter, the family is more important at home.Home for her is, first of all, “a place where the family gathers.” In this she differs from women who follow the path of the goddess of the hearth – Hestia. Hestia’s peaceful fire can burn outside



    For a long time I remain under the impression that I made on a woman,
    Karl Kraus.
    At this point, everything is quite fun, joyful and at the same time sad. Why? The answer lies on the surface.If a bad manicurist, in the worst case, cuts off all your nails to zero, this is bearable. A


    Hair is associated with the capacity for compassion and empathy. This ability is acquired by some along with hair loss. The thicker the hair, the more selfish a person is. This applies to the modern world. Curly hair speaks of a violent temperament and


    “Our Sweet Blonde” In France, light hair is considered a sign of youth, and everyone simply adores curly blondes.

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