How to find the perfect eyebrow shape: How to find your eyebrow shape


How to find your eyebrow shape

Good eyebrows can instantly lift your face, which is why it’s important to map out your brows and have them shaped to flatter your face shape.

However, figuring out the right brow shape for you can be a tricky task, so we spoke to Lauren Hogsden, brow expert and senior makeup artist at Benefit, a brand known for its iconic eyebrow products, to find out more.

Here, Lauren shares her top tips for determining the right eyebrow shape for you.

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“A common mistake people make when shaping their brows is not knowing where their brows should start, arch and end,” Lauren told us.

“You can easily brow map at home though to determine this, using a brow pencil or the end of a makeup brush,” Lauren said.

She added: “Mapping your brows will give you the perfect guideline to understand where you brows need growth, where excess hair can be removed and where you need to fake it ’til you make it with brow products.”

How to brow map

  1. Place the pencil on the side of your nose and hold it at an angle towards the inner corner of your eye. The pencil should not be over the eye area. Where the pencil edge hits the brow line – this is the beginning of your eyebrow and should be your starting point.
  2. Next hold the pencil on the side of your nose, straight up over the eye and at the point where it hits the brow bone is your arch.
  3. Finally, place the pencil on the edge of your nose and align it with the outer corner of your eye to find the end of your eyebrow.
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      As well as using this handy trick to map out your brows, you should also consider your face shape when it comes to determining the right eyebrow shape for you.

      How to find the right eyebrow shape for you

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      The golden rule is to go for a brow shape opposite to your face shape. For example, if you’ve got a long face you should go for a low-lying arch and straight, elongated brows to add width to your face.


      If you’ve got a round face where the length and width of your face are roughly the same, you should go for a high arch to help open up the face.

      “A high arch for the brow can really help add structure and length to a round face, which ultimately helps narrow the face shape,” Lauren told us.


      If the length of your face is almost double the width, you should go for a low-lying arch, straight and elongated brows to break up the long face shape and add width, according to Lauren.


      Those with a square face will have a more angular jawline with the height and width of the face roughy the same.

      “To soften the jawline on a square face shape, lift the brows with soft arches, and give the brows and overall undefined finish – avoid sharp and angled brows,” Lauren said.


      Similar to a long face shape, the length of rectangular faces is almost double the width but with a more defined jaw.

      “As a rectangular face can be long but with a strong jawline, opt for fuller, non-structured brow shapes to help reduce forehead size. Soft and slightly more curved arches will help soften the jawline also,” Lauren told us.


      If you have a wider jawline than your forehead, you can soften features by adding volume and fullness to brows.

      “Keep the arches low and curved, and do not taper the tail of the brows angling downwards,” Lauren said.


      Heart-shaped faces are wider at the forehead than at the jaw, and have a pointed chin so slightly thicker brows can help balance features.

      “To help balance the chin, a soft, rounded arch and straighter brows are ideal,” Lauren revealed.


      If you have a small forehead, pointed chin and wide cheekbones you should keep the arches of your brows rounded to soften that diamond face structure.

      “Stay clear of an over-defined finish on the brows, as this can look harsh on the face shape,” Lauren said.


      Oval face shapes are very symmetrical, so stick with a slight arch and ensure your brows start and end on the same level.

      “Oval face shapes are very balanced, so there is no need to play with brow shape to manipulate the face shape. Stick to natural, soft angled brows,” Lauren suggested.

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      How to Choose the Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

      The reign of skinny brows ended a long, long time ago—it’s all about big, bushy brows these days. Chances are that you’ve given your tweezers a break in lieu of a fuller brow, and now that your arches have had some time to grow, it’s time to find the shape that flatters your face shape. One thing’s for sure: The process is not that different to finding the right part and the right bangs for your face shape. Like a hairstyle, certain brows will work better for certain face structures. But how do you know if you need a sharp arch, a gentle curve, or a straighter structure? It’s a science, and we’ve got it all figured out for you.

      But first, you need to figure out what your face shape actually is. “You can sit right in the middle of two shapes and it can often be hard to tell which face shape you truly have,” says brow expert Savannah St. Jean. She suggests using a tape measure to determine the exact measurements. “That way you can truly see which part of your face is widest against the others.” To get precise numbers, makeup artist Steve Kassajikian says to measure your “forehead, cheekbones, jawline and face length.”

      Find the best brow style to complement your face shape, ahead.

      Meet the Expert

      • Savannah St. Jean is a beauty expert and founder of Savannah Rae Beauty based in Miramar Beach, Florida. She specializes in makeup, hairstyling, waxing, and eyebrow shaping.
      • Steve Kassajikian is the Global Makeup Artist for Urban Decay.

      Brow Shapes for Heart-Shaped Faces

      Getty Images

      Your Face Shape: Heart-shaped faces follow the general outline of a heart, with a wider forehead that tapers down to a pointed chin.

      Celebs With Your Face Shape: Cara Delevingne, Kourtney Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon

      The Best Brows for You: A heart-shaped face looks best with a soft arch, which balances a longer chin. When it comes to thickness, choose a fuller shape. “Heart shaped faces wear fluffy full brows really well, because the widest area of their face is the brow area and it won’t get easily overwhelmed with too much brow,” says St. Jean. Don’t have naturally full brows? “Use a cream or pomade brow product with an angled brush to create hair-like strokes for the illusion of a fuller shape,” says Kassajikian. He likes Urban Decay Brow Blade ($26)

      Brow Shapes for Square-Shaped Faces

      Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

      Your Face Shape: “On square faces, all measurements are fairly the same,” says Kassjikian. Your chin will typically be less defined, while your jawline will be wide and angular.

      Celebs With Your Face Shape: Olivia Wilde, Malin Akerman, Nicole Richie

      The Best Brows for You: A high, curved arch works well on a square shape since it softens and elongates your face. “Arched brows on a square face help to off-set the hard angles of a square shape,” notes St. Jean. She cautions against having the tail dip too low. “Taking the tail too low will bring the eye shape downwards.”

      When visiting a brow technician, St. Jean recommends keeping things simple: “Don’t request anything extreme for your first go! A simple brow clean-up will do wonders already, so start slow.” The right brow expert can make all the difference. “Look for a technician that will lean on the side of caution,” she adds. “Brows don’t always grow back as they once were.”

      Brow Shapes for Oblong Faces


      Your Face Shape: If you have an oblong face, “the face length is the largest [measurement]” says Kassajikian.

      Celebs With Your Face Shape: Joan Smalls, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler

      The Best Brows for You: “A straighter brow with soft edges will help widen the face shape,” says St. Jean. A gentle arch will help widen your face. Avoid high arches, which will make your face appear thinner, says Kassajikian. “This face shape also wears a fluffy brow really well because it offsets the length of the face,” St. Jean notes.

      Brow Shapes for Round Faces

      Andrew Toth / Getty Images

      Your Face Shape: Round faces are curved slightly outward and feature a rounded chin. Your cheekbones are generally the widest part of your face. 

      Celebs With Your Face Shape: Gabrielle Union, Ginnifer Goodwin, Kirsten Dunst

      The Best Brows for You: Fuller brows with a sharp, angled arch give structure to a round face, our experts suggest. “An arched brow looks gorgeous on this face shape!” adds St. Jean. The farther from your nose the arch is, the wider your face will appear. Be careful with the thickness of your brows here: “If you have a small and round face shape, try not to overwhelm your face with too thick and fluffy of a brow.”

      Brow Shapes for Oval-Shaped Faces


      Your Face Shape: Like round faces, the cheekbones are the widest of an oval face. But oval faces are overall longer and slimmer in appearance than round faces, with a length “greater than width of your cheekbones & jawline,” notes Kassajikian

      Celebs With Your Face Shape: Jessica Alba, Beyoncé, Eva Mendes

      The Best Brows for You: “An oval shape can do almost no wrong,” says St. Jean. Those with an oval face shape can pull off almost any haircut or bang length, and the same goes for brows. “Your best approach is to let your natural brows guide you.” Kassajikian says, “I always stick to a full natural brow with a soft arch.”

      Caring for your brows at home is just as important as the work that happens in the salon chair. St. Jean loves West Barn Co. Soap Brows ($26) and Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector ($23) for shaping and color. And be careful with tweezers: “If you feel the need to tweeze, only tweeze the hairs that are obviously not a part of your brow shape.”

      Brow Shapes for Diamond-Shaped Faces

      Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images 

      Your Face Shape: Similar to a round face, diamonds have narrower chins and wide, high cheekbones. Much like an actual diamond, the top of your head will also be narrower than the middle if you have a diamond-shaped face.

      Celebs With Your Face Shape: Halle Berry, Audrey Tautou, Elizabeth Hurley

      The Best Brows for You: Have a diamond face shape? Try a curved brow with an angled arch, which helps to lengthen the widest part of your face, according to our experts. “Because the goal is to widen the appearance of your forehead, an angled brow works well,” says St. Jean. If you’re between appointments and don’t want to mess with your brows too much, Kassajikian says “you can use a concealer to clean up around the brow to sharpen your shape and conceal the stray hairs.”

      Now go make a brow appointment, and go in with instructions.

      Find The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Faceshape


      “Eyebrow Shape Can Change How Your Face Shape Looks”

      The face shape looks different in this example:

      Here a long face shape looks shorter with a flat eyebrow shape

      Is one eyebrow shape better than the other?

      The quick answer is yes.

      A long face shape can look “too long”
      • A flat eyebrow shape shortens the face shape

      The Good News

      Examples of women with long face shapes who have flat eyebrows:

      Note how the celebrities with characteristically long faces below all have a flat eyebrow shape. This creates an optical illusion and makes the face appear shorter, bringing it into balance.

      The best eyebrow shape for your face shape

      “Knowing your face shape is the first step to creating your most beautiful look” – Kevyn Aucoin

      There are six basic face shapes:

      Oval Face Shape

      Round Face Shape

      Long Face Shape

      Square Face Shape

      Heart Face Shape

      Diamond Face Shape

      Start by pulling your hair back from your face, and look closely in the mirror. The features to look for are:

      Oval Face Shape • Forehead is wider than the chin • Prominent cheekbones • Face gracefully tapers to a narrow chin

      Round Face Shape• Face is almost as wide as it is long • Face is widest at the cheeks

           Long Face Shape• Forehead, cheekbones and jawlines are all about the same width • Face gracefully tapers to a narrow oval chin

      Square Face Shape• Forehead, cheekbones and jawlines are all about the same width • The squared jawline is the most obvious feature

      Heart Face Shape • Similar to oval but the chin tapers to a point

      Diamond Face Shape•Not as common as the other face shapes • Typically the face is highly angular • The forehead is somewhat short and the face is widest at the temples

      Step 1: Measure the length of your face with a ruler. (In this case the total length of the face is 8). Step 2: Divide the total length by 3. (In this case 8 divided by 3 is 2.67). Step 3: Measure the length from the bottom of your nose to the bottom of your chin. (in this case 2 1/3) • If the last number is larger than the first number, chances are you have a long face. • If the last number is less than the first number, chances are you have a round face. • If the last number equals the first number, chances are you have an oval face.

      How To Choose The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

      Eyebrows for an Oval Face

      Some say that people with oval-shaped faces are the most beautiful people… or something. First of all, everyone is beautiful and every face shape is perfect, but let’s be real, if I were a face-stealing alien from a far off planet I would definitely put oval faces at the top of my shopping list. What’s so great about oval faces? Humans really dig symmetry and well-balanced faces. Oval faces are just that—perfectly balanced like a Sunday morning breakfast. This is the reason why most people use their eyebrows to make their face look more oval. This witchcraft can be achieved through soft angles and shallow arches. NO DRAMA. Dramatic shapes will make your fabulous oval face into something else.

      Eyebrows for a Round Face

      People with round faces may want to use their eyebrows to create the illusion that their face is less circular. To make a round face more oval, you will need to lift that eyebrow arch and spice up that angle; this will lengthen how your face looks. But alas you have bamboozled everyone—your face is the same shape it was last week *gasp*. But they don’t need to know that. If they find out we can shapeshift, it’s all over.

      Eyebrows for a Long Face

      “Why the long face?” It was supposed to be a flirty joke. It wasn’t. Shut it down. You don’t need this. You’re a goddess. Give yourself a face that can stop traffic. Enter Eris, Goddess of chaos. Today you decided to take matters into your own hands and give yourself horizontal, straight eyebrows to stop those wandering eyes in a locked gaze. A flat eyebrow will make a long face seem shorter—don’t forget to extend their tails to create the width that you need to get that A+ look. For a rounder look, avoid any arches—arches make the face grow longer. 

      Eyebrows for a Square Face

      All you square-faced beauties have a jawline that’s almost as strong as you. But when it comes to strong jawlines, you need something to balance out that showstopping angle. Your eyebrows provide you with a path to an elegant balancing act that will reveal a drop-dead gorgeous look. A strong brow with a defined arch is what you’re looking for, but feel free to ~mess around~ with curved brows, which can soften your face shape if you’re into that. Bring attention back to those eyes. Entrance them.

      Eyebrows for a Heart Face

      Y’all out there repping heart-shaped faces: you may have delicate facial features but you’re most certainly not fragile. Don’t hide your incredible taper. Embrace that 2000s TNT slogan—you DO know drama, and you make it look FINE. High arches can give a shorter face the drama and length you need to bring that “I’m the boss” vibe to your look. Longer faces: a lower arch is the way to go. Don’t switch them though—high-arched eyebrows on a long face will bring attention to the forehead. DON’T DO THAT. Keep their eyes on yours. She is beauty, she is grace, she is smashing that eyebrow game, zayum.

      Eyebrows for a Diamond Face

      Diamonds are formed using a monumental amount of heat and pressure, and while stress is subjective, diamond-faced people ARE made of carbon and they ARE pretty hot. The diamond-shaped face is apparently the rarest face shape and owners may feel that their angles are just a little too spicy. They’re mainly known for strong and wide cheekbones that taper off towards their chin and forehead. If your angles are a bit more dramatic than you’d like, diamonds are only a few degrees from an oval face. To give yourself a softer and less wide look, round out your brows. But whatever you do, do NOT go all Silence of the Lambs on people with oval faces. That is a big ol’ NOPE from us.

      Tame Those Brow Beasts

      Eyebrows can be hard to get right and figuring out the best look definitely isn’t easy. Stop in at Brow Betty and we can do all that for you. Wanna learn more about eyebrow shapes and face shapes and stuff? We got you. We’ll tackle any eyebrows. 

      How To Shape Your Brows To Flatter Your Face | Blog

      Ever since Cara Delevingne burst onto the scene, not only did she become the most relatable model out there, but she also brought big brows back onto the beauty scene. It was the wakeup call we all needed after excessively plucking our brows for years, and we finally realized a tiny strip of hairs was not our most flattering look. But, like everything in life, one size doesn’t fit all, and it’s insane how finding the right brow shape to flatter your face can improve symmetry and even knock years off. So, we’ve broken down every gorgeous face shape with the tips for how to shape your brows to match.

      How to Shape Eyebrows:

      Shaping your brows is a  major skill: it’s kinda like art and geometry combined because to find the perfect arch, it’s all about the angles and proportions of your face shape. When you shape your brows, they should be balanced and as symmetrical as possible. As a rule, we always recommend using two shades to shape your eyebrows, which will give them more dimension. Start at your natural arch using a deeper shade (the same as your hair or one shade darker) and fill in the arch and tale, then use a lighter shade to fill in the front of your brow.

      How to Shape Your Eyebrows For Your Face Shape:

      Round-Shaped Face: Go for High Arched Brows

      Face Shape: Facial width and length are roughly the same size
      Brow Goals: Lengthen your face
      Celeb brow sisters: Mila Kunis, Emma Stone, Cameron Diaz

      Brow style: High-arched brows are going to work best for you as this will provide a vertical point, creating the illusion of a slimmer face. Your goal is to elongate your face so start by filling your brows in at your arch, making them slightly darker here to emphasize the shape. You can also brush your brows upwards as this will help lift your face. Add a little highlighter to your brow bone to lift the brow even higher.

      Oval-Shaped Face: Go for Softly-Angled Brows

      Face Shape: Forehead is slightly wider than the chin, with high cheekbones
      Brow Goal: To help balance your facial features
      Oval-shaped faced celebs: Jessica Alba, Beyoncé, Kerry Washington

      Brow style: If you’re blessed with an oval shape like these beauties, consider yourself lucky as you can rock almost any brow shape (except the overly plucked 90’s look – that didn’t work for anyone). Try a softly-angled brow with a slight arch (like Kerry Washinton), which will add dimension to your face without being too harsh.

      Heart-Shaped Face: Go for Soft, Rounded Brows

      Face Shape: Forehead is wider with a sharp chin
      Brow Goals: Soften your face shape
      Celeb brow sisters: Scarlett Johansson, Naomi Campbell, Halle Berry

      Brow style: For all of you heart-shaped beauties, try a rounded brow shape, as it’ll help soften the more angular areas of your face. Stay clear of a high arch and go low instead, unless you have a shorter face, in which case more depth can look great. Keep your brows well-groomed to help balance your facial harmony (check out our tips here).

      Square-Shaped Face: Go for Thick, Flat Brows with a Soft Arch

      Face Shape: Forehead, jawline, and cheekbones are all the same width
      Brow Goals: Draw attention to your eyes and brows
      Celeb brow sisters: Keira Knightley, Olivia Wilde, Angelina Jolie

      Brow Style: If you have a square face shape like the utterly gorgeous Keira Knightley, opt for slightly angled brows that will soften the angles of your face and add depth. But be careful of a sharp arch or a round shape, like seen above on Olivia Wilde.

      Diamond-Shaped Face: Go for Curved Brows

      Face Shape: Wide cheeks with a narrower chin and forehead.
      Brow Goals: Soften and shorten your face.
      Celeb brow sisters: Mallika Sherawat, Shakira, Serena Williams

      Brow Style: If you’ve got a diamond-shaped face, your primary goal is to shorten your face. The best way to do this is by creating a curved brow, which will lift your face upwards, making it appear more round. Don’t be afraid to lengthen your brow, as it’ll help balance a sharper jawline.

      Long-Shaped Face: Go for Long Flat Brows

      Face Shape: Forehead, cheekbones, and chin are a similar width
      Brow Goals: Add width to your face
      Celeb brow sisters: Lucy Liu, Kelly Rowland, Gisele Bundchen

      Brow Style: Your main brow goal is to add width to your face, drawing them out horizontally to balance your face. Flat brows with an elongated downward curve will give you a slight arch without making your face look longer. But, remember to go lighter as you edge further towards your ear line.

      Top Tips:

      While we love a brow trend as much any Insta addict, IRL they’re way less wearable so here are some extra tips to keep your brows in check.

      • Insta-famous brow queen Anastasia Soare preps brows by applying a mix of foundation and eye cream to the outline to help define their shape.
      • Your arch should be two-thirds of the way out. If you need help measuring, use this tool.
      • The golden rule: never over-pluck!

      See five mistakes you’re making when you pluck your brows here.

      How to Shape Eyebrows – 6 Tips for the Perfect Eyebrow Shape 2020


      I have never, ever, ever tweezed my brows at home. I’ve heard (and, well, seen) so many horror stories of tadpole brows that I quickly found myself in a committed relationship with my brow shaper. It just wasn’t worth the risk—that was, until appointments became off-limits with shelter in place.

      I decided to phone a friend and the owner and founder of Joey Healy Brow Studio, celebrity brow expert Joey Healy.
      So my brow boyfriend, who has worked with Vanessa Hudgens, Bethenny Frankel, and ELLE’s very own print beauty director Katie Becker (I mean, look at those brows!), took me on the ultimate Zoom date where I learned to groom my brows all on my own.

      “It seems really elementary, but your brow should be right on your brow bone,” says Healy. “Roll up your sleeves and feel your face. It’ll be obvious what needs to go—the hair between your brows, on the temples, forehead, and close to the lids.”

      And while I’ll be heading right back to Healy’s chair the first chance I can get, for now, I know I can at least keep my brows in check while at home. Below, everything I learned from Healy on how to craft the most perfect brows.

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      Perfect brows will require more than just your mom’s tweezers from the ’90s. Healy’s kit is a great place to start: it comes with a dual-ended spoolie and powder brush, surgical grade stainless steel tweezers, and a pair of pressure scissors that you can easily use with your non-dominant hand (genius).

      Joey Healy Essentials Tool Kit, $55;

      SHOP NOW

      M.A.C Disposable Mascara Wands, $10;

      SHOP NOW

      Joey Healy Grooming Dermablade Trio, $18;

      SHOP NOW


      “I also suggest having your favorite powder or pencil on hand, because our last step is going to be filling them in to easily identify any strays,” Healy says.

      These are some of the favorites of ELLE editors:

      Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel, $22;

      SHOP NOW

      Luv + Co. Natural Brow Pomade, $27;

      SHOP NOW

      Iman Cosmetics Perfect Eyebrow Pencil, $10;

      SHOP NOW


      First thing’s first: You need to figure out what you’re working with. Run the spoolie through clean, dry brows, brushing the hairs up. “This will show you if there are any super-long hairs or if there are any holes that maybe brow hairs are covering up when in place,” Healy says.


      I was scared, too. Until Healy shared his fool proof technique. “Only trim the front area of the brow, and want to trim one hair at a time at a downward angle,” he shares. “The downward angle is important, because you want your brows to be fringy, not in a straight line.”

      Hold the spoolie brush in one hand, and the scissors in the other. When you push the spoolie through the brows it drags hairs up—that way you can see which are too long and easily cut them without risking over-snipping. “Remember, length isn’t bad,” Healy says. “Actually, it’s necessary sometimes to help get the perfect brow shape. You will probably only trim a few hairs, only the ones that are not cooperating.”

      Pro tip: If you’re nervous, run a little bit of gel through your hair and form the shape you want. This is an easy way to identify exactly what to trim. Then wipe it off again for the next step.


      It’s anatomy time. All you need to figure out where the brow should start, arch, and end is your tweezers. “They are your guide,” Healy says. “Pinch your tweezers together and it makes a straight line that will help you know the perimeter of your brows.” Once you’ve used them identify, it’s time to remove the hair that’s out of place.


      Your brows are a total Monet. If you’re tweezing brows from super up-close, you won’t be able to see the bigger picture—and something that maybe looks wrong in a magnifying mirror is necessary for the structure of the brow.

      First, hold it flush against the bridge of your nose. The vertical line shows where the head of your brow should start. “This doesn’t mean get rid of any sprouts that hang over the other side of the line,” Healy cautions. “This might be the time to get those scissors out again and use them to do a little bit more trimming.”

      Next, you’re going to use your tweezers to make sure the top and bottom of the front of your brows align. “The front of your brows is more important than it seems, it really makes an impression,” Healy says. “People are really focused on the arch, but how the brow starts really visually indicates how your brow looks—if they are little wonky in the front it looks strange.”

      Place one end of your tweezers at the tip of your nose, slanting them diagonally to meet the corner of your eye. This line will show you where the tail of your brow should end. “You want to avoid having brow on the temple because it will drag your eye down,” Healy says. For many, this is the area to always tweeze with caution—remove too many hairs and the ends of your brows might disappear.

      “A big mistake people typically make is tweezing an arch at the center of your brow,” Healy warns. “You want your arch 2/3 of the through your brow, but it’s an eyeballing sort of situation.” And the arch isn’t just about the shape underneath the brow—you also want the arch to line up with the highest point of the top of your brow.

      Start with the brow that has a less pronounced arch and work toward having it mirror the other brow. “Hold the skin taut, and slowly start to remove hairs,” Healy says. “The arch is where you want to selectively reveal a part of the brow bone.”

      Finally, take a step back and look at your brows. If there’s anything that seems way out of place, remove.


      Whip up that dermaplaner, hold the skin taut, and work the blade across the temple, forehead, and anywhere use where you want to remove vellus (aka blonde, fine) hair. It’s also great for upper lip, you know, while you have it out. “Getting rid of this peach fuzz really helps your brows pop,” Healy says.

      STEP 5: FILL ER UP

      Pull out your favorite brow enhancing products and fill in your brows in the exact shape that you want them. “Placing the color intentionally will show you if you missed any stray hairs,” Healy shares. “Remove those hairs, and you finally have the full picture.”

      And that’s it. “If you didn’t fuck your brows up, then it’s really a success!” Healy says. “That’s how I feel about virtual appointments.”

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      How to Find Your Perfect Eyebrow Shape

      Just like fashion, beauty trends come and go, and eyebrow grooming is no exception. Do you remember the pencil-thin, over plucked eyebrows that plagued the 90s? When it comes to your brows today, less isn’t always more. Full, luscious brows are in!

      The trick to the perfect eyebrow shape is to follow your natural arch. To achieve just the right shape, master the art of grooming, not plucking. The perfect shape can vary depending on the shape of your face, but there are some general rules you can follow.

      Rules to Follow for the Perfect Eyebrow Shape

      1. Align the Start and Endpoints of Your Eyebrows

      To find the beginning of your brow, use a pencil to align the beginning of your brow with the middle of your nostril. To find the endpoint, measure from the outer corner of your nose through the outer corner of your eye. Only pluck the hairs that fall outside these two areas.

      2. Locate Your Natural Eyebrow Arch

      Place your pencil parallel to the outside edge of your eye. As a rule of thumb, the highest point of the arch should be on the back third of your eye. Once you’ve achieved the proper arch, minimal plucking of a few hair stragglers should be all you need to do to maintain it.

      3. Fill In Your Eyebrows

      Not everyone is blessed with full brows. Try growing yours out for 15 weeks. That’s right, because brows typically grow in a 3 to 4 month cycle. That means growing yours out takes (a lot of) patience. If you’re still unable to achieve the right fullness, fill in the scarce areas with a brow pencil. If you’re unsure which eye pencil shade is right for you, consult a professional esthetician. Apply short strokes, going with the grain of the hair.

      4. Trim Your Eyebrows

      Once you’ve achieved the right shape, trim the brow hairs. Use a brow spooly to comb the hairs upward. Then just trim the ends of the hair that extend past your brow shape.


      Eyebrows are an important feature because they frame your face. Bold, well-defined brows can work wonders! They can let you get away with wearing less makeup, allow you to show more facial expressions, and even make you look younger.

      If you want to learn more about esthetics and all you can do with makeup and facial care, consider a career in the beauty industry. Salon Success Academy offers a variety of programs at six convenient locations across the Inland Empire of California. Find one near you and get started today!



      90,000 photos how to choose the shape of eyebrows for different types of face

      You can, following the fashion, fill your cosmetic bag with eyebrow products to refusal. But they will not be useful if you do not decide on the shape of the eyebrows in advance. We will tell you how to “fit” it correctly to your face type

      In the search for the ideal eyebrow shape, it is important to achieve a harmonious balance between what is given by nature (natural curvature is a hint to listen to) and what one wants to get depending on the type of face.All of them require a different approach to the correction of the shape of the eyebrows, and it is no coincidence: if you do it correctly, you can noticeably soften some of the shortcomings that you have long wanted to hide or, conversely, turn them into advantages.

      Take our test and find out which eyebrow product to add to your makeup bag.

      Eyebrow shapes for different face types


      • The dream of many girls with this face shape is chiseled cheekbones instead of rounded cheeks, no matter how cute and charming they look from the outside.Therefore, they abuse contouring, trying to at least visually make their cheeks more sunken. But you are much more likely to get sculpted facial features if you shape your eyebrows with a graceful break. They should have a corner and a pointed “tail”. Since chubby people, as a rule, do not have sharp facial features, such eyebrows look especially expressive in their case, bringing character to the image.


      Gigi Hadid © Getty Images


      • If the face is oval, it means that when correcting the shape of the eyebrows it is best to strive to “straighten” them.At the same time, they can be slightly rounded. But a sharp break is something that, on the contrary, should not be. It will add extra severity to your facial expression. And the eyebrow-arches will make the face too elongated – one would hardly want to achieve such an effect either.


      Cate Blanchett © Getty Images


      • The most characteristic of the square shape is the wide jaw.The task is to visually soften the geometry that distinguishes this type of face, as well as “narrow” it a little. So, when deciding on the shape of the eyebrows, choose soft arcs, rounded, without edges and “corners”. Also, attention should be paid to the width of the eyebrows: for girls with a square type of face, according to beauty gurus, thin eyebrows are contraindicated. The natural average width will be ideal.

      Adriana Lima © Getty Images


      • When the face type is rectangular, the same rules apply as for a square face.The only difference is that the bend should not be made high. But in this case, the eyebrows should be longer than with the square type, otherwise the face will seem narrow.


      Georgia May Jagger © Getty Images


      • With a triangular type of face, the forehead is especially noticeable – it seems “heavy” due to the fact that the upper part of the face is larger than the lower one.A well-chosen eyebrow shape should fix this. It should not be direct – this is the time. Two – try to either make them arched, or with a slight lift of the “tails” up. If they “look” down, the face will take on a sad look.


      Christy Turlington © Getty Images


      • This face shape is also called “diamond”.It is angular, so eyebrow shapers recommend smoothing this feature with a soft, rounded bend. Slight geometricity at the highest point of the eyebrow lift is acceptable, but there should be no sharp breaks. Again, it is not the best solution to make the eyebrows straight – the arched shape is considered the most suitable for girls with a diamond-shaped face.


      Barbara Palvin © Getty Images

      We advise you to read:

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      How to determine the correct proportions of the eyebrows? Step-by-step instruction

      Make-up for eyebrows and correction of their shape with its help can be started only after determining the correct proportions.Finding out how to do it.

      © fotoimedia / imaxtree

      • First, determine the fit of the eyes. They are considered wide-set if the distance between them is greater than their width, and also – they can be close-set or have a normal fit.
      • Second, mentally divide the eyebrows into three parts – the beginning, the curve (their top point) and the tip.

      © iStock

      To correctly determine the proportions of the eyebrows, mentally draw three lines – to the beginning of the eyebrow, to the bend and to the tip. The line to the beginning of the eyebrow should run vertically upward from the “wing” of the nose. A line to the bend is drawn from the center of the chin through the pupil to the eyebrow. And the line to the tip is from the “wing” of the nose through the outer corner of the eye.

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      Eyebrow care

      It is one thing to determine the correct proportions of the eyebrows and give them the correct shape to suit your face type; it is quite another to provide them with care.Let’s talk about this in more detail.

      © fotoimedia / imaxtree

      • In time, pluck out the regrown hairs with tweezers so as not to lose the created shape, and also, if you do not style your eyebrows using cosmetics, comb them with a special brush.
      • If you want to grow your eyebrows, include foods containing vitamins A, C, and E in your diet.Or use skin care products: natural oils, such as castor oils, strengthen hairs and stimulate their growth. Use, in addition to castor, lemon, rose, or lavender oil.

        © fotoimedia / imaxtree

      Apply them in the following way: moisten a cotton pad with oil, go over your eyebrows and leave it on for 30 minutes or even overnight.Repeat the procedure every day until you see results, and if the skin becomes irritated, try an alternative regrowth method.

      Take care not to get any care or make-up products on your eyebrows that are not intended for them – for example, moisturizer or foundation. If you can’t avoid this, cleanse the hairs right away – other product formulas can slow hair growth.

      • Another way to grow your eyebrows is to skip the correction for several months and allow the hairs to grow unhindered.This method takes patience, but the results are worth it.

      © fotoimedia / imaxtree

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      How to draw perfect eyebrows?


      Before proceeding with the transformation of the eyebrows, you need to comb them with a special brush, which does not differ in appearance from the mascara brush. This will help arrange all the hairs in place, and then you can easily fill in the “gaps” between them.


      As for the drawing itself, neatness is required here. The most important thing for you is to choose the right shade that will look as natural on your eyebrows as possible.


      To fill in the “blank” areas, girls usually use pencils and felt-tip pens. But if you want to draw an eyebrow from scratch, it is better to take another tool – for example, shadows. The pencil will give a very bright, unnatural shade – it is most convenient for them to draw the outline.

      If in the morning every minute counts and you do not want to spend a lot of time sharpening a pencil, you should use the automatic instead of its classic version.

      • Draw the outline of the eyebrow in shape, first from the top, then from the bottom (to make the lines symmetrical, do makeup in parallel on both eyebrows), and then fill it in with light abrupt strokes. You can find a detailed photo instruction on eyebrow makeup at the link.

        © fotoimedia / imaxtree

      • A special gel will help to fix the makeup: it can be colorless or tinted – black, gray, brown.Thanks to him, the hairs “settle down” in the right direction and fix for the whole day. If you don’t have an eyebrow gel, you can use regular hairspray to style them. But don’t spray it all over your face – put a little on the eyebrow brush and then style the hair.

      © fotoimedia / imaxtree

      Do you know your face type and the shape of your eyebrows that matches it? Write a comment.

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      How to find the perfect eyebrow shape

      Beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows, regular shape, ideally suited to the oval of the face, give your whole look a completeness and soft charm.How to achieve this effect – will tell you I WANT.

      For a long time, makeup artists have been able to prove that eyebrows play an important role in makeup. It is simply impermissible to leave them unattended if you want your face to look harmonious and attractive. In addition, they take an active part in facial expressions and sometimes betray our true emotions. The correct shape of the eyebrows can visually improve the contours and lines of the face, make it more interesting, “open up” the look and perform a number of miracles.The main thing is to find your ideal shape.

      Fashion for eyebrows is changeable and capricious. At different times, eyebrows-strings, then wide eyebrows, then their complete absence and drawn curved lines instead of eyebrows were popular. Fortunately, in our time, it has become popular to only slightly adjust the natural shape of the eyebrows based on the oval of the face, its lines and individual characteristics. Consider what shapes of eyebrows are.

      Horizontal eyebrows – the beginning of the eyebrow and its tip lie on one straight line.Such eyebrows optically widen the face and are suitable for elongated and narrow faces at the top.

      Eyebrows ascending form are able to visually lengthen the face.

      Falling eyebrows are very rare, as they give the face a sad expression. That is why this natural shape of the eyebrows is often corrected.

      Smooth eyebrows do not cause any special optical changes on the face and are rightfully considered ideal.

      Round arched eyebrows are typical for women of the oriental type.

      Kink in the eyebrow line rejuvenates the face and gives it a playful expression. This shape is also the most popular for eyebrow shaping. It is ideal for those with a round face.

      The eyebrows “house” give the face a surprised expression. It’s also best to be careful with this shape and only choose it with a professional makeup artist.

      Now let’s consider which face oval is suitable for this or that shape of the eyebrows.

      For chubby beauties , a broken eyebrow shape with a high rise and a short tip is suitable. The main rule is not to make the eyebrow break too sharp, as it will only emphasize the roundness of the face. In no case do not make round eyebrows, they will make the face wider and fuller.

      Owners of the classic and beautiful oval face shape are suitable for straight and horizontal, slightly rounded eyebrows and far from the bridge of the nose.What should be avoided is the high arch shape of the eyebrows, which will make the face look oblong and too narrow.

      READ ALSO – Permanent eyebrow makeup

      If you have a triangular (heart-shaped) face shape , go for slightly raised and neatly arched eyebrows. It is desirable to leave their length medium, this will soften the contours of the face, make the oval smoother. Avoid straight eyebrows, they will only add stiffness to the face.

      Highly raised, long, arched eyebrows will suit anyone with a square face shape .But for such persons, thin eyebrows are contraindicated.

      The makeup artist will help you determine the shape of the face and the appropriate eyebrow line, but you can do it yourself with this simple tip:

      The most beautiful, correct and closest to ideal is considered to be the eyebrow, which is widest at the base, slightly raised in the middle and tapering smoothly closer to the tip. To create this shape, take a thin stick or a regular pencil and follow this pattern:

      We are looking for a starting point (point A in the diagram).To do this, draw an impromptu line vertically upward from the wing of the nose, through the inner corner of the eye to the eyebrow. The point where the wand points is the starting point.

      Determine the end point of the eyebrow – “tail” (point C on the diagram). Place the tip of the stick or pencil so that it touches the wing of the nose, and the top, passing through the outer corner of the eye , points to the end point of the eyebrow.

      Find the bend of the eyebrow (point B in the diagram).This is perhaps the most important stage, since the bend will give the eyebrow smoothness and beauty, and finally shape it. To determine the highest point of the eyebrow, place a stick on the wing of the nose and draw an impromptu line up through the iris straight to the eyebrow . The point where the pencil meets the eyebrow will be the highest point of the brow line.

      Source: WANT

      Materials on the topic:

      How to choose the shape of the eyebrows according to the type of face?

      The shape of the eyebrows is perfectly matched – a feminine trick that allows you to emphasize your appearance and at the same time hide imperfections.So, having correctly placed all the “accents” on the face, you will look as natural and attractive as possible. There are several factors to consider: thickness, thickness, and curvature. But, before opting for a particular element, you must clearly define your face type. MAKEUPSTORE editors have prepared a guide and life hacks for you on the most important points for creating flawless eyebrows.


      How to determine the type of person?

      Very simple! There are 7 basic forms:

      • Square .Maximum symmetry is inherent in this form: the width and length of the face are almost the same.
      • Pear . The cheeks are full. The forehead and cheekbones are much narrower than the lower part.
      • Oval . The forehead and chin are well proportioned and rounded. Cheekbones are wide.
      • Triangle . The upper part is much wider than the lower one, the chin is sharp.
      • Circle . All parts of the face are symmetrical. There are no sharp lines, the face has smooth curves.
      • Rhombus . It features a pointed chin with wide and high cheekbones.
      • Rectangle . Since childhood, we know the interpretation of this geometric figure: the width is less than the length. In addition, with regards to the type, here the forehead, chin and cheekbones are in the same plane.

      How to choose the shape of the eyebrows for the type of face?

      If you have carefully read the previous paragraph and are ready to proceed to the next step, let’s get started! Circle, square, pear, oval, triangle, rectangle, rhombus – how to choose the right width, thickness and curvature for these face types?

      • Eyebrow shape for square face.Say no to too narrow and thick eyebrows – find a balance, otherwise you will look ridiculous and rude. For this type, the most soft, arched and slightly raised lines are suitable. The bend should be pointed and positioned in the center of the eye or above its outer corner.
      • Eyebrow shape for rectangular face. Thick, bushy and straight eyebrows are the best choice for this type. It is better to pluck those hairs that are too close to the nose (we are not trying to lengthen our already long face?).It is also appropriate here to create slightly rising lines with a rounded arch – they will make the look very delicate.
      • Eyebrow shape for “ pear “. The main task is to make the lower and upper parts of the face as identical as possible. Design your eyebrows as thick and thick as possible, lengthen the tip. If you have sufficiently expressive features, a soft curve will do, otherwise a clear and sharp one.
      • Eyebrow shape for oval face.In this case, you can “play” with different shapes, except for straight and wide ones. Do you want to give the image a femininity? Create a rounded and not very high kink. Do you think your face is too long? Horizontal eyebrows, slightly plucked inside, visually shorten the oval, raise the bend and open the gaze. Arched with an ideal ratio of thickness, length and break – will make the facial features gentle and soft.
      • Eyebrow shape for triangular face.The S-shape is a great option for this type. To visually create a deflection, pluck the hairs slightly above the center of the eyebrows. Smoothly wrap the tip inward, and round the bend and raise it higher.
      • Eyebrow shape for round face . There are 2 options for the “development of events”:
        1) with a sharp bend: it is necessary to pluck the eyebrows in the center, due to which you will increase the bending angle and make it clearer.
        2) ascending lines, thicker at the beginning and thinner at the end, with a clear arch: raise the “tail” a little, but do not shorten it.
      • Eyebrow shape for “ diamond “. To smooth out sharp cheekbones and a wide forehead, create an arched brow line or a rounded curve.

      Eyebrow shaping at home

      Since we have already found the ideal form, let’s proceed with the correction. What is needed for this?

      1. Tweezers. The choice of tweezers is a simple matter. In order to pluck out the eyebrows as accurately as possible, it is better to stock up on two tools – with straight or beveled edges and with pointed tips (needle).
      2. Eyebrow marking pencil. Give preference to light shades. But regular brown for makeup is fine too.
      3. Magnifying mirror with stand. It will help to pluck even very small and short hairs thoroughly.
      4. Alcohol-based lotion for skin disinfection.
      5. Cotton pads.
      6. Eyebrow dye or henna. It is worth choosing a tone darker than the hair color.
      7. Soothing Cream. Apply to reddened skin after correction.

      Lifehacks from MAKEUPSTORE

      • Pluck eyebrows from the bottom.
      • When removing hairs, tighten the skin with your finger – this will greatly facilitate the process.
      • A single grip should be secure, and the jerk should be fast and in the direction of eyebrow growth.
      • It is better to model the shape in the evening, so that the epidermis has time to recover overnight.
      • Do not use a razor.
      • Good lighting is the key to excellent results.
      • Remember the three main points: the starting point is along the line of the edge of the nose, the break passes through the pupil, the final one connects the outer corner of the eye and the wing of the nose.
      • Don’t forget about ingrown hairs.

      We hope our article helped you find the perfect shape and care products. Eyebrows are an important element of the image, so you should not neglect their appearance. Having decided on the type of face and adjusting the width, length and curvature, you will definitely become a real brows-queen!

      How to determine the ideal eyebrow shape by face type

      5 March 2018

      5 March 2018


      The main brow trend of 2018 is naturalness.No more braids and eyebrow feathers, graphically delineated lines and tattooing. The most fashionable eyebrow shape is your natural, but slightly corrected. Here’s how to choose the perfect eyebrow shape for your face type.

      Eyebrows can be spread, thin, thick, short, with a pointed arch, straight, etc. Your ideal eyebrow shape is the one that corresponds to the inert structure of the face. This means that you need to correct for special points.

      When shaping eyebrows for any face shape, there are three main points to find:

      • eyebrow base
      • arch (break line)
      • end of ponytail

      To do this, do the following “manipulations”:

      1. Place the pencil parallel to the wing of the nose so that it goes through the inner corner of the eye.The point of intersection of the eyebrow with the pencil will be its beginning.
      2. Without removing the pencil from the wing of the nose, turn it so that it runs diagonally through the outer corner of the eye – your eyebrow should end here.
      3. Change the angle of the pencil again with respect to the wing of the nose so that the line passes through the outer edge of the cornea. The point of intersection of the pencil with the upper hairline is the ideal bend line.

      For correcting brow-masters recommend using an eyebrow brush, scissors and tweezers.Brush the hairs up, use scissors to correct their length so that the hairs fall in the chosen shape.

      Pluck excess hairs that are far from the eyebrow line with tweezers, but in no case do not thin out the natural density in this way.

      Every day you can use a variety of cosmetics for eyebrow makeup – the main thing is that it is convenient for you to work with it.

      How to choose the shape of your eyebrows? How to make perfect eyebrows?

      The time has long come when beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows have become the hallmark of almost every woman and girl.And for good reason. Professional make-up artists claim that the shape and appearance of eyebrows can completely change facial features, give it a special look.

      How to choose the curl of the eyebrows depending on the shape of the face

      Thus, before plucking your eyebrows again, you must decide which shape of eyebrows actually suits you best. You can answer this question simply by tying your hair and looking in the mirror. In fact, the curve of your brows determines the shape of your face.So, for the fair sex, who have an oval or elongated face shape, slightly curved, smooth eyebrows are ideal. If you have a square face, or a heart-shaped face, then you should opt for wide, strongly arched eyebrows. In case your face is diamond-shaped, thin, curved eyebrows are perfect for you.

      It is also worth remembering that the beauty of eyebrows is determined not only by their shape, but also by their color. After all, it is the color that gives the expressiveness you need.To apply makeup on your eyebrows, you will need tweezers, an eyebrow brush, and a pencil of the color you want. It is very important in this situation to choose high-quality tools, since bad tweezers, for example, can simply break small hairs, after which it will be extremely difficult to get rid of them.
      It is also important to remember about the color type of your face in order to choose the right color and tone of the pencil. In many ways, the color that makeup artists advise to dye your eyebrows depends on the color of your hair.

      Which brushes do you need for perfect eyebrow makeup?

      Often, how your eyebrows will look and how well they will enhance your facial features does not depend solely on the correct shape of the eyebrows. Makeup is another important factor. The minimum set of eyebrow makeup brushes includes a brush for combing eyebrows and eyelashes (it is the least versatile of the entire set, but you cannot replace it with any other one either), a brush for eyebrow shaping, and a brush for blending a pencil.Experts recommend choosing only high-quality brushes made from natural bristles.

      Eyebrow Modeling | Shaping the perfect shape

      Do not underestimate the importance of eyebrows for the expressiveness of your look. Eyebrows are an individual facial feature that irreplaceably emphasizes the beauty of the eyes. The new shape of the eyebrows can dramatically change the look. Therefore, eyebrow shaping should be taken seriously. In this article, we will help you create the perfect eyebrow shape to highlight the dignity of your face.

      Finding the perfect shape

      You can use a simple system to determine where the eyebrows should begin and end, as well as where they bend. Place the pencil against the wing of your nose: the place where it intersects with your eyebrows determines where they should start. The diagonal from the outer corner of the nose to the middle of the iris is the point where the curve should be. To determine where the brow should end, draw a diagonal from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. 1

      The ideal eyebrow shape depends on the type and shape of the face.Highlight the features of your appearance and choose the best shape. For example, straight eyebrows without bending visually broaden and shorten the face, and the shape with a break gives expressiveness and emphasizes the cheekbones. 2

      Get rid of extra hairs

      There are many ways to put your eyebrows in order. Wax is a common hair removal technique, but it requires special skill in precision and approach. If you’re looking for an effortless way to sculpt your brows at home, the Veet Electric Delicacy & Precision ™ trimmer is just what you need.

      The Veet Brow Trimmer Attachment helps you precisely remove unwanted hair and shape your brows. The set includes a special comb attachment, with which you can trim your eyebrows to the desired length. And all this is done at home. The electric trimmer blades don’t touch the skin, so no more cuts.

      While you are adjusting your eyebrows, remember to evaluate the complete image of how your face looks with the new shape. Finish the procedure by styling the hairs slightly upward.

      Paint eyebrows

      So you’ve found the perfect shape for your eyebrows, what about their color? If you have thin, faded eyebrows, you can tint them with makeup. Draw the bend and the end (tail) especially clearly, while the middle of the eyebrow should be painted softer, without much pressure.

      Paint in the spaces between the hairs to add visual density to the brows. To do this, without pressure, apply small strokes with an eyebrow pencil, blend a little.

      A wider palette of colors, in contrast to pencils, is presented in the shadows. You can choose the shade as close as possible to your natural eyebrow color. Using a beveled bristle brush, apply the shadow in one clear line in the direction of hair growth. To make the eyebrows look more natural, blend the line along the entire length with a stiff brush (for example, from old mascara). Apply and blend the eyeshadow until you achieve the perfect color. Finish the procedure by styling your eyebrows with a special gel.

      If your right and left eyebrows don’t look perfectly symmetrical, don’t worry. Remember that eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Therefore, even if their shape and color are not completely identical, they can still look beautiful.


      How to give your eyebrows the perfect shape and color

      Almost every woman does not give up trying to get closer to the ideal of beauty.We can experiment with the hairstyle as much as we want, look for the perfect foundation or lipstick, improve our eyeliner, but eyebrows remain one of the most dominant features of our face. Everyone is constantly trying to find their ideal shape and style. Today, cosmetic brands offer a huge amount of eyebrow cosmetics, thanks to which you can not only give them a spicy curve, but also change their color to a more suitable one.

      Why are eyebrows so important?

      They not only frame the face, but also help to express emotions: joy, surprise, fear or sadness.Eyebrows are not only a mirror of our mood, but also the brightest feature of our face.

      How to choose the ideal eyebrow shape?

      As you know, everyone has their own concept of beauty. Some women find dark bushy eyebrows attractive, others like lighter and thinner ones. Choosing the ideal eyebrow shape is usually dictated by the shape of your face, but that doesn’t mean you need to dwell on it. There are no rules when choosing a shape, only what you like is important.

      How to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape

      Suppose you have already decided on the choice of the shape.Now is the time to think about how to bring your idea to life. There are many ways to remove hair, from shaving to waxing. But, as a rule, these methods involve visiting a beauty salon, since removing hair with a razor or wax on your own is not so easy and not so cheap. Tweezers are most often used to give the eyebrows the perfect shape at home. Due to plucking, the eyebrows retain their desired shape a little longer. But this activity itself can be tedious and even painful.

      Meet the new 1 from Veet – the Veet Sensitive Precision electric trimmer 2 for removing hair from sensitive areas of the body. The trimmer has a special set for eyebrow shaping. With it, your eyebrows will get the perfect shape in just 2 easy steps.

      1. With the special comb, you can trim your brows a bit by removing excess hairs.
      2. Use the small trimmer attachment to give your brows the shape and shape you want.

      Now you can forget about soreness and accidental cuts, as the rotating trimmer blades, which give the eyebrows the desired shape and length, do not come into contact with the skin. The new Veet Sensitive Precision trimmer achieves perfect results in minutes.

      How to achieve the perfect eyebrow color

      In pursuit of fashion, from year to year, you have to devote more and more time to eyebrow care. And this applies not only to their shape, but also to the color! Clear bright eyebrows are at the peak of popularity today.Making them stand out is easy. For example, many salons have a tattoo service. If you prefer something less durable, then eyebrow tints are at your service. They can be used to tint the hairs to make the eyebrows a little darker and more visible.

      Bypassing the beauty salon, stop by a makeup store for everything you need to give your eyebrows the perfect color, from mascara and pencil to a special set of palettes.

      Whether you are looking for the perfect shape or want the perfect color, these tips are the first step towards luxurious brows.Trust us, with the Veet Sensitive Precision trimmer, great results won’t be long in coming.

      1 On the Russian market since May 2016

      2 Sensitive Precision – delicacy and precision


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