How to buy taobao from singapore: The Complete Shopping & Shipping Guide (2021)


The Complete Shopping & Shipping Guide (2021)

When your teachers told you Chinese was the language of the future, they were right. Except that instead of reading the four great classical novels, we are mainly using the language to buy dirt cheap made-in-China products on Taobao.

Taobao is known as the Amazon of China thanks to the fact that you can buy practically anything there, from wedding dresses to electric scooters. Since half of the sellers on actual Amazon are Chinese merchants anyway, you can save quite a bit by using a website targeted at a Chinese audience.

Trouble is, everything on Taobao is in Chinese. But fear not, Taobao is now a lot more use-friendly for Singaporeans than it used to be. We’ll walk you through the process of buying your own cheap China goods on the platform.


  1. Taobao buying & shipping options – a quick overview
  2. How to shop on Taobao in 4 easy steps
  3. Which Taobao shipping method should you choose?
  4. Should you buy Taobao stuff on Ezbuy?
  5. What about buying furniture on Taobao?
  6. Should you buy Taobao stuff on Lazada?
  7. Will you get charged GST on Taobao purchases?
  8. Best credit cards for shopping on Taobao

Taobao buying & shipping options: a quick overview

So you’ve got your eye on some cheap-ass China-made goods, but how do you actually make the purchase and get it delivered?

Here the road diverges into 3 paths. You can buy from Taobao direct, go through a third party like Ezbuy, or look for it on Lazada’s Taobao collection


Option 1: Direct from Taobao

Buying directly from the Taobao website or app gives you access to the site’s full range of products. However, since you’re essentially doing what Chinese buyers do, you’ll have to navigate the entire website in Chinese AND pay in RMB.

If you can read Chinese proficiently, this is the quickest option as the Taobao app is actually quite simple to use.

On the downside, there are some items there do not qualify for international shipping, including overly large or heavy items, food, cosmetics and electronic devices. The only way to get your hands on these would be to use a third party agent or forwarder.

(This article will focus on buying products directly from Taobao. Scroll down to the end for more info on buying through Ezbuy or Lazada. )

Option 2: Going through a Taobao agent or third party forwarder

Third-party Taobao agents act as go-betweens, helping non-Chinese customers communicate with Taobao vendors, handle payment and arrange for shipping. They can help you speak directly to the seller if necessary, and for big-ticket purchases, some can even help you check the product before sending it to Singapore. They can also help you consolidate your items in China before shipping them all to Singapore.

Then there are third-party freight forwarders, who arrange for shipping but don’t handle other aspects of the transaction.

There are plenty of Taobao agents in Singapore, with Ezbuy, Oops, SGShop and Peeka! being some of the more well-known. However, be aware that they can inflate the cost of your purchase quite a bit through agents’ fees, higher shipping costs and currency conversion to SGD.

Option 3: Taobao via Lazada

Don’t want to have to deal with reading Chinese or rely on an agent? Lazada has a “Taobao Collection” stocked with items from Taobao sellers. You can buy them on the Lazada website or app, which is thankfully in English and directed at Singaporean buyers.

The catch is that you obviously do not get the full range of Taobao’s products—not even close. What Lazada offers is a curated selection of mostly fashion items and homeware.

Buying and Shipping fromTAOBAOLazadaEnglish / SGD /Free Shipping*Third Party AgentsEnglish / SGD /Shipping + Agent feeTaobao (direct)Chinese / RMB /Shipping fee only* With minimum spend

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How to shop on Taobao in 4 easy steps

So, you’e decided to brave the walls of Chinese text and attempt to purchase something directly from Taobao. Here’s how.

Step 1: Create an account

Click on “免费注册” in the top right corner of the screen, somewhere to the left of the shopping cart logo.

A new window containing a registration form will pop up. In the top right corner of the page you’ll see “English”. Click that to (thankfully) proceed with the English version. You’ll need to enter a working mobile number to which a verification code will be sent.

Step 2: Browse products

This is easily the most time-consuming part of the shopping process—browsing the millions of products on Taobao. Unfortunately, the tiny ray of hope you got from signing up for an account on English gets extinguished here as everything has to be done in Chinese.

You can navigate using the categories on the left or just type the names of products in the search bar at the top of the screen. Use their filters to whittle down the selection according to brand (bearing in mind that there are more fakes than authentic items), size, material and so on.

Have fun browsing and we’ll see you on the other side of the rabbit hole in Step 3.

Step 3: Access the product page

When you find a product listing you’re interested in, click on the name and you’ll be taken to the product page, which looks quite similar to what you’d find on Qoo10 or eBay. You’ll see the price displayed in RMB, followed by options such as size and quantity.

The “宝贝详情” tab displays information about the product, which you’ll probably want to paste in Google Translate unless you’re a Chinese whiz. Right next to the product details tab, you’ll find a tab labelled “累计评论”. Click it to see reviews from past buyers—I really recommend you do this scrupulously as there are lots of scammers on Taobao. Also, be aware that lots of sellers have fake reviews, so avoid sellers who sound TOO perfect.

Bowled over by the item’s cheap price and want to buy it? Click on the buttons labelled “立即购买” to buy immediately, or “加入购物车” to add it to your cart and continue shopping.

Step 4: Complete your purchase

On the product page, if you clicked “立即购买”, you’ll be taken directly to checkout.

If you clicked on “加入购物车” instead, the item will be added to your shopping cart. You’ll then have to click on “购物车” at the top right of the screen to access your shopping cart and check out.

The shopping cart is quite intuitive. You’ll see a summary of your items and the total amount of RMB you need to pay. Click on the 结算 button to make payment.

Fill in your shipping and contact details, select a shipping method and confirm by clicking on “提交订单”.

You will then be directed to an Alipay website to complete payment. If you don’t have an Alipay account yet, you’ll need to create one. Once logged in, you’ll see a form for your credit card details. Enter them, click “Continue” and then your card will charged, so look out for the SMS alert if enabled for your card.

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Taobao shipping options: which should you choose?

At the checkout phase (Step 4 above), you’ll be asked to select a shipping option. If your Chinese abilities stop at 风和日丽, the only thing you understood would have been the prices and the number of days.

Here’s a quick and dirty translation of the shipping options:

Taobao shipping option

Rates (doorstep delivery)

Lead time

官方直送 – direct delivery

29RMB up to 1kg

From 5 days

官方集运 - 空运 – Consolidated shipping by air

29RMB up to 1kg, then 10.5RMB/500kg

From 5 days

官方集运 - 海运 – Consolidated shipping by sea

26RMB up to 1kg, then 9.4RMB/kg

15 to 30 days

自行联系卖家发货 – Contact the seller to arrange for shipping on your own



So, which should you choose? The first option is for those who are only buying one or just a handful of items, and want each seller to ship to you directly.

If you’re buying several items, it will be cheaper to combine shipping so that your various parcels can be consolidated before being sent to you all at once by a Taobao forwarder. Shipping by air is the easiest and fastest way to get most items shipped to you, but if you’re buying bulky items like furniture, you can opt for shipping by sea.

Choose the fourth option if you are using a Taobao agent. The agent will handle negotiations with the seller on your behalf.

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Should you buy Taobao stuff on Ezbuy?

You have two options when you shop with Ezbuy — you either use them as a freight service, meaning they help you liaise directly with the seller and arrange shipping for you, or you shop on the Ezbuy app or website, which lists items from Taobao seller, but at a higher price.

The main advantage of Ezbuy is that their interface is in English, which makes it ideal if your main reason for using an agent is to avoid having PSTD symptoms of past 听写 tests.

Ezbuy charges an agent’s fee of 8% and you might also pay a bit more for shipping. Shipping lead times tend to be a bit more unpredictable when using an agent.

You should also know that Taobao has a habit of making life difficult for third party agents and in 2017 was involved in a spat with Ezbuy resulting in unfulfilled orders. Ezbuy still works most of the time but just take note that there is a risk.

If you’re shopping on Ezbuy’s website, they obviously don’t have every single product being sold on Taobao, but their selection is quite wide.

However, some users have complained that you also pay higher prices on your products and higher shipping fees than when buying direct from Taobao, with the total mark-up (including agents’ fees and shipping) raising prices by 30% to 50% (still cheap though).

Shopping on Ezbuy is more worth it if you are an Ezbuy Prime member, which gets you unlimited flat rate shipping of $2. 99 regardless of weight, size and quantity.

The main reason the majority of Singaporean Taobao users shop on the site is for the low prices. So, if you don’t like paying a cent more than you have to, you might prefer to buy on Taobao directly or purchase an Ezbuy Prime membership.

What about buying furniture on Taobao?

Every so often, some influencer parades around their newly-decorated HDB flat and proclaims that everything was purchased on Taobao, from the sofas to the giant wall decals.

There are more furniture and homeware shops on Taobao than you’ll ever find in Singapore, which makes it so much easier to find items to match your gothic boudoir or jungle themed interior.

Shipping furniture from China to Singapore can still be cheaper than getting it at Courts if you use consolidated delivery by sea.

If you are looking to ship a great amount of furniture/home stuff in a short span of time, it’s very cost-effective to use Ezbuy Prime. With its unlimited flat rate of $2.99, you can’t get any cheaper than that!

The main downside is that not everything is available on Ezbuy’s platform.

So, alternatively, you can use Taobao’s Cainiao sea shipping service, subject to size and weight limits. With Cainiao, your shipping charges are likely to be about 230 RMB (48 SGD) to 460 RMB (95 SGD) per cubic metre (the volume of the shipping crate).

Otherwise, you’ll have to turn to third party freight forwarders like Oops, EzShip (Ezbuy’s shipping service) and EK Link.

Remember that all items shipped by sea and/or worth 400SGD and above will attract GST charges.

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Should you buy Taobao stuff on Lazada?

Want to buy cheap Taobao products without having to go through the frightening process of navigating the Taobao site for the first time?

Lazada is like Taobao lite—you get to shop for Taobao products in the comforting setting of the Lazada site.

On the downside, Lazada’s product range is much smaller, and you might also end up paying higher prices due to the lack of competition. Don’t get me wrong, the stuff is still cheap, but it’s not the absolute cheapest.

If you’re a seasoned bargain hunter looking for dirt cheap deals on Taobao, then you might prefer to brush up on your Chinese and plunge directly into the Taobao site.

However, Lazada has one big advantage — a pro-shopper return policy, which makes dealing with Taobao lemons easy.

Read more: What’s the Return Policy for Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee, Zalora, ASOS & Amazon?

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Will you get charged GST on Taobao purchases?

At the time of writing, you get charged GST on Taobao items:

  • Shipped by sea — all items attract GST, regardless of value
  • Shipped by air — items worth 400SGD and above

However, from 1 Jan 2023 the government is going to start charging GST on all items purchased online, regardless of cost or shipping method.

It’s likely the GST will be collected by Taobao at the point of purchase, meaning it will be automatically added to your total bill upon checkout.

Read more: Budget 2021: GST Hikes & Extensions Singaporeans Should Prepare For

Best credit cards for shopping on Taobao

You might be intimidated by stories about Singaporeans struggling to figure out Alipay and all, but I assure you, that’s entirely a thing of the past. You can use Mastercard and Visa credit cards when buying directly from Taobao.

With more established players like Ezbuy (which to be fair, is more of a full-fledged e-commerce platform), you can make payment with credit cards too.

Which means…. on top of buying dirt cheap products from China, you can save even more money by using a credit card that offers a decent cash back rate for your online spending.

Here are our top picks for small Taobao purchases. These are good for up to about $400 a month of online spending:

If you’re buying way more, you may want to opt for an unlimited cashback credit card like these:

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2021 Step-by-Step Taobao Shopping Guide – Blog – YouTrip Singapore

Learn how to buy from Taobao directly and shop as an international buyer easily without agents in this Taobao Shopping English guide!

We understand the struggle when it comes to deciphering all the chim Mandarin words and figuring out how to buy from Taobao, so the Taobao Queen (aka me) is here to give you an extremely detailed step-by-step guide on how to buy from Taobao and shop wherever you go. As the saying goes, “If something exists, it’s probably on Taobao!”

Table of Contents:
1. Register For A Taobao Account
2. Choose A Product
3. Checkout Your Taobao Cart

How To Buy From Taobao To Singapore In 3 Steps:

1. Register For A Taobao Account

Download the Taobao app and you’ll be prompted to grant the app permission to access your camera, gallery and location.  Register for an account by tapping “立即登录” (Login Now). On the login page, tap on “立即注册” (Register) to register for a Taobao account.

Before keying in your mobile number, tap on “+86” to change your country code. Look for “新加坡 +65” (Singapore) in the list of countries and territories.

Enter your local mobile number and tap on the orange bar “同意协议并注册” (Agree to Terms & Conditions and Register) to register your Taobao account. You’ll receive a 6-digit One-time Password (OTP) via SMS to verify your local mobile number. Your Taobao account is set up successfully once you’ve entered your SMS OTP.

2. Choose A Product

Now that you’ve set up your Taobao account, we can begin the fun part: Shopping! 

To search for items, enter keywords into the white search bar located at the top of the home page. Scroll through the wide selection of items and select the one that catches your eye. To filter your search results, tap “筛选” (Filter). You can filter results according to price range, brand, etc.

Tap on the desired product and you’ll see its product page. To check the reviews, scroll down and look under “宝贝评价” (Reviews), where buyers upload their feedback and images of the item. To read more reviews, press on “查看全部” (View All). The number of hearts next to the user’s name are their ratings for the product.

Press the speech bubble icon “客服” (Customer Service) to chat with the seller if you have queries. The seller may use “宝贝” (precious item) to refer to the item and “亲”  (dear) to address you, as these are amicable terms frequently used in China’s booming digital age. To add an item to cart, tap on the light orange “加入购物车” (Add to Cart).

Select the colour or style you want and press “确定” (Confirm). Once you’ve added an item to your cart, you will receive a notification which translates to “Added to cart successfully, your item is waiting for you in your cart~”.

3. Checkout Your Taobao Cart

Once you’re ready to checkout, go back to the home page and tap the shopping cart icon “购物车” (Shopping Cart).  Select the items that you want or simply tap on “全选” (Select All) to select everything in cart. Then, tap on “结算” (Payment) to start the payment process.

You’ll be prompted to add your shipping address. Tap “确定” (Confirm) on the right and fill up the form. Before you fill anything, tap on the “+86” field first to change your country’s mobile number. Again, look for “新加坡 +65” (Singapore) in the list of countries and territories.

Enter your name, mobile number, location, specific address (building number, unit number, etc.), and postal code. You can also tag your address e.g. home, office or school to make it your default address.

Tap into the form’s third field “所在地区” (Location) to set your country. Select “海外国家/地区” (Overseas Countries/Territories) and look for “新加坡” (Singapore) in the list.

Once you’ve selected Singapore, you’ll also be prompted to key in the generic area of your delivery address. Note that this may not be the most accurate, but Taobao still requires you to select an area. My advice? Select the area that’s closest to your delivery address.

For example, if I stay in Tanjong Pagar, I’ll key in “tanjong” and select either “07 Anson Tanjong Pagar” or “08 Anson Tanjong Pagar”. This selection will then be reflected in your Taobao delivery address form. Fill up the remaining fields accordingly, especially your specific delivery address!

After filling your delivery address, you’ll be brought to the summary checkout page. Make sure you select “官方集运 – 空运” (Consolidated Air Freight). Tap on “去支付” (Payment) to process the payment for your order.

Pro tip: Some products are not allowed on air freights, hence “官方集运 – 海运” (Consolidated Sea Freight) will be selected by default. When you try to select “官方集运 – 空运” (Consolidated Air Freight) instead, you’ll notice that your cart value will drop – that’s because those prohibited items will not go through payment. When that happens, you can pay in two separate batches: (1) Pay for those items that qualify for Consolidated Air Freight first and (2) come back again to pay for items that require Consolidated Sea Freight.

Select the Card Payment option and fill in your card details accordingly to confirm.

Is Taobao Cheaper If I Pay in Chinese Yuan (CNY) with YouTrip?

Yes, you can save some money when you pay in CNY with YouTrip!

However, most Taobao mobile apps will automatically charge in your home currency, according to your mobile number. To counter this, simply login to your Taobao account on desktop to pay instead, because payments on desktop will be charged in CNY.

👉 Learn how to pay in CNY with your YouTrip card on Taobao Desktop

Bonus: Taobao Shopping Keywords

To enhance your shopping experience, here’s a list of common keywords to help you search for the items you want! Click here for the full list of keywords and categories.

Taobao Keywords (English)Taobao Keywords (Mandarin)
Shirt 上衣
Pants  (knee length / calf length / ankle length)长裤  (五分长 / 七分长 / 九分长)
Sneakers / White Sneakers球鞋 / 小白鞋 
Sports shoes运动鞋 
Active wear 运动服 
Off shoulder一字领 
Korean style韩版 / 韩风 
Slimming effect显瘦  

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2021 Step-by-Step Taobao Shipping Guide – Blog – YouTrip Singapore

Learn how to ship your online shopping from Taobao directly as an international buyer without agents in this Taobao Shipping English guide!

Table of Contents:
1. Available Shipping Methods From Taobao To Singapore
2. How To Track & Consolidate Your Taobao Shipping
3. Best Credit Card For Taobao Shipping & Shopping

1. Available Shipping Methods From Taobao To Singapore

Taobao to Singapore Shipping Methods
官方集运 – 空运
(Consolidated Shipping – Air Freight)
All your items will be sent to Taobao’s warehouse in China to be registered, consolidated and repacked for optimal shipping, and then sent to you via air freight. You’ll only know the shipping fee after the items arrive at the Taobao warehouse.

Price first 0.5kg: From ¥18 (S$3.70)
Price next 0.5kg: From ¥15 (S$3.10)

官方集运 – 海运
(Consolidated Shipping – Sea Freight)
All your items will be sent to Taobao’s warehouse in China to be registered, consolidated and repacked for optimal shipping, and then sent to you via sea freight. You’ll only know the shipping fee after the items arrive at the Taobao warehouse.

Price first 1kg: From ¥21 (S$4.30)
Price next 1kg: From ¥7.4 (S$1.50)

(Direct Shipping)
All your items will be sent to Taobao’s warehouse in China to be registered, and then immediately sent to you directly as individual packages. You’ll pay for the shipping fee together with the item.

Price first 0.5kg: From ¥22 (S$4.50)
Price next 0.5kg: From ¥15 (S$3.10)

(Seller’s Shipping)
You have to negotiate with the seller directly for them to ship directly to Singapore. This option is troublesome and you need to converse fluently in Mandarin. Plus, there are some sellers who will refuse to personally ship overseas.

Price per kg: Depends on seller

Third-party Freight Forwarders/AgentsRetrieve your bulky items through Cubic Metre (CBM) shipping with third party forwarders. In general, regular shipping charges you for whichever weight is higher (actual weight vs volumetric weight). CBM shipping, on the other hand, uses sea freight and charges you based on the dimensions of your parcel.

Prices start from S$45.

Which Is the Best Shipping Method For Me?

Both “官方集运 – 空运” (Consolidated Shipping – Air Freight) and “官方集运 – 海运” (Consolidated Shipping – Sea Freight) are the best methods, because it’s always better to consolidate everything into one package for optimal shipping. Consolidated shipping is also slightly cheaper than direct shipping.

However, you’ll have an extra step to do, as you need to manually consolidate your items and pay for shipping separately. Read on to understand how to consolidate and pay for your shipping.

Taobao Shipping Method One-time PaymentTwo-time PaymentCost-Effective
Consolidated ✔️✔️

2. How To Track & Consolidate Your Taobao Shipping

Step #1: Access and review your Taobao account orders

After you’ve made your Taobao purchase, tap on the profile logo “我的淘宝” (Account) and select “查看全部订单” (My Orders). You’ll be able to see all your orders and track their shipping progress. When you track your order, you may see that the final shipping address is in China. Don’t fret, that’s just Taobao’s warehouse, and your items will be shipped to Singapore upon arrival and consolidation.

Whenever an item arrives in Taobao’s warehouse in China, you’ll also receive a SMS notification from Taobao. If you’ve ordered five items, you’ll receive five SMSes notifying you that your items have arrived in Taobao’s consolidation warehouse and you’re required to make a consolidated shipping payment.

So once you’ve received all the SMSes, it’s time to login to Taobao to consolidate your items and make payment. Just like logging into Taobao Desktop to pay for your purchases in CNY, you can also do the same to pay in CNY for consolidation and shipping.

Go to and tap on “登录” (Login) to generate a QR code for login.

Open your Taobao mobile app and tap on the Camera function at the top most left corner. Once your camera opens up, point it to the QR code on your Taobao desktop. Tap on the orange bar “确认登录” (Confirm Login) on your Taobao mobile to login. Once logged in, click on “我的淘宝” (Account) to access all your orders.

Click on “待收货” (Items Not Received) to see all your items that’s already sitting in Taobao’s consolidation warehouse. Then, click on any one of the orange buttons that say “合并转运” (Consolidate).

Click on “全选” (Select All) to select all your items in Taobao’s consolidation warehouse, and then “一键合包结算” (Confirm Consolidate) at the bottom of the list.

Step #2: Decide how you’ll like to receive your Taobao to Singapore shipping order

On the shipping delivery page, you’ll see four options:

  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Self Pick-Up
  • Locker Collection
  • Self-Driving Collection

The simplest option is Doorstep Delivery, where the consolidated package will be delivered to your address directly. If no one’s home, you can also choose Locker Collection, where your package will be delivered to a POPStation of your choice.

Frankly, I’m not sure how Self Pick-Up and Self-Driving Collection works – but they sound really complicated. If you’ve tried it before, lemme know!

Your address should already be saved when you purchased your Taobao items previously, but in any case there’s no saved address or you need to change the delivery address, just click on “添加新地址” (Add New Address). Remember to click on “切换” (Change Country) and select “新加坡” (Singapore), otherwise the default would always be China.

The shipping delivery address form is fairly straightforward, just fill it up accordingly and click on the blue “保存” (Save). You can also scroll down to take a look at the price and weight breakdown of each single item.

Step #3: Pay for your Taobao to Singapore shipping

If everything looks great, click on “提交并支付” (Submit & Pay) and you’ll be directed to Alipay’s english website to process the payment.

Again, your YouTrip card details should be saved here if you’ve used it to purchase your Taobao items previously. Input your card details accordingly and click on Confirm to complete the transaction. You’ll then be redirected back to Taobao’s Payment Successful page. Now sit back and wait for your parcel to arrive!

3. Best Credit Card For Taobao Shipping & Shopping

The cheapest way to pay for your Taobao haul would be to check out in Chinese Yuan (CNY) on desktop — payments made via Taobao mobile apps will be automatically charged according to your mobile number i.e. your home currency. In addition, use your YouTrip card to score further discounts thanks to our sweet Wholesale Exchange Rates!

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Add to Cart

Select item and add to cart

Place Order

Click on cart, select items to order and click on order

Setup Parcel Forwarding

Add a Singapore/Malaysia address to activate Parcel Forwarding

Click here for detailed parcel forwarding rates and prohibited items

Once the local address is added, click on use parcel forwarding

The address bar will show the parcel forwarder’s warehouse as the Primary address and your address as the secondary.

Complete the order


Pay for a single order or multiple orders at one go.

Orders can be paid by most major credit cards

Other methods of payments are:

DBS Express Banking in Singapore
Malaysia eBanking by RevPay in Malaysia
Top up your account with the Alipay Purchase Card

Check and Track

Visit your orders page under “򵽵ı”

Parcel Forwarding Platform

Choose to consolidate, or ship out individual items


Enter your mobile phone to start registration. A verification code will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS.

Click here for a more detailed registration guide


Start to search for your product in our 800 million product listings

Select item and add to cart

Place Order

Click on cart, select items to order and click

Setup Parcel Forwarding

Add a Singapore/Malaysia address to activate Parcel Forwarding.

Click here for detailed parcel forwarding rates and prohibited items

Once the local address is added, scroll to down and activate the Parcel Forwarding function

Confirm that you have set the parcel forwarders warehouse as your primary address and your local address as the secondary.


Select your preferred payment channels for your orders.

Orders can be paid by most major credit cards.

For other payment options like eNets, Malaysia e-banking or Alipay Purchase Card please refer to the PC Guide under ‘Payment’.

Direct, Through Lazada, Or Via An Agent

So you’ve heard all your friends talk about the fantastic deals they’ve managed to score on Taobao (up to 10% cash reward) on everything from clothes to furniture. You’re also really excited because 11.11 Singles’ Day is just around the corner and you’re ready to…

Image Credit: Hyperbole and a Half | imgflip

But when you open, you realise that…

Image Credit: Hyperbole and a Half | imgflip

HAVE NO FEAR! ShopBack is here! Whether you wish to:

We got you covered.

And if you appreciate such helpful guides, show us some love and follow us on our Telegram channel! We’ll even let you in on awesome deals and discounts on your favourite merchants. All in English of course.

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Are you looking to renovate or moving into a new place? Discover how you can buy everything you need for your home on Taobao based on recommendations from real homeowners. Watch a recording of our Facebook Live where we share the best tips and tricks on how to choose only the best and save while you do it!

How To Buy Directly From Taobao

If your first reaction when looking at the Taobao website is “这可以吃的吗?” (literal translation: “Can I eat this?”; or loosely translated: “What is this?”). Well… You’re in the right place.

Step 1: Creating An Account

In case you didn’t know, it is now possible to buy from Taobao and ship directly to Singapore. The only requirement you need is a basic grasp of Chinese or – at the very least – the patience and ability to match Chinese characters.

  1. Translate The Page

Before heading to, we highly recommend using Google’s Chrome browser as it allows you to perform a page translation. It’ll look a little bit funny, but at least you can figure out what’s going on. Simply click on “Free registration” (next to “Login”) and you’ll be redirected to a registration page (available in English!) where you can create your account.

  1. Create Your Account

You’ll also need to key-in a verification code sent to your local mobile number, as well as a password, email address, and username.

  1. Welcome To Taobao

You are now ready to begin your Taobao shopping journey. And just in case you were wondering, your Taobao account can also be used to login and shop on TMall (up to 10% cash reward)!

Step 2: The Shopping Experience

This is where it gets a little tricky. Also, you’ll want to have Google Translate and a currency converter handy.

  1. Get It Translated

Let’s say you’d like to get a new pair of ripped jeans to replace your old erm… jeans that are a little ripped…

Image Credit: giphy

You’ll need the Chinese translation of the item that you wish to search for.

  1. Searching For Your Item

Copy and paste the translation into the Taobao search bar to perform a search. If you can muster up more specific descriptions to narrow down your search like “破牛仔裤女 破洞 韩版” (Translation: ripped jeans for women, ripped holes, Korean style), you’ll be able to get better results.

If you have an image of a model in a pair of ripped jeans that you like, you can also upload it to do a reverse image search. Just click on the camera logo (see the red arrow).

By the way, the prices are in Chinese Renminbi and not Japanese Yen. Even though both currencies use the same symbol (¥). So FYI: that ¥69 pair of ripped denim jeans actually costs SGD$13.72 and NOT SGD$0.80.

(Writer’s note: The latter price point would have crashed the internet as millions would flock to the Chinese marketplace and started carting out stuff at random because everything is so RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP.)


Before you start searching and adding to cart, you’ll want to pay attention to the next step.

Step 3: Get Cashback With ShopBack CashBack Button

If you want to take it one step further and save even more, you’ll need to get the ShopBack CashBack Button installed.

You’ll also need a ShopBack account (if you don’t already have one).

And guess what? The CashBack Button does more than just help you shop on Taobao and Tmall, it also helps you to discover stores that offer cashback in your Google search results, and you’ll also get notified when cashback is available at the store you’re browsing on.

Image Credit: Harry Potter | giphy

(Writer’s note: Admit it. You just read that in Ron Weasley’s voice.)

  1. Search For Your Items Using ShopBack CashBack Buddy

Once you have the CashBack Buddy installed and have logged into your ShopBack account. Fire up again. Copy and paste the Chinese name of the item you’re searching for into the extension search bar (see the red arrow) which appears on the top right-hand corner of your browser.

For the sake of continuity, we’re going to search for Korean style, ripped jeans for women or “破牛仔裤女 破洞 韩版”. Click “Activate” to search.

  1. Understanding The Listings

You’ll be shown a selection of listings on Taobao which will give you cashback. You’ll also notice that the listings might differ slightly from what you were shown earlier when you did a search without the CashBack Button.

  1. Make Your Selection

Simply choose the listing that best matches what you’re looking for. Refer to our Taobao Shopping Pro Tip 1 to maximise your shopping experience.

  1. Get SGD$5 Bonus Cashback (1 to 13 November 2018)

If you’re looking for an extra incentive to use ShopBack’s Cashback Button to shop on Taobao or Tmall, we’re giving an SGD$5 bonus cashback for those who use the extension to make a Taobao or Tmall order for the first time!

For fans who are already using and reaping the benefits of shopping with ShopBack’s Cashback Button, keep using the extension to discover online shops which can also give you cashback!

Step 4: Order And Payment

This is where it gets REALLY tricky because Google Translate DOES NOT translate the order form. Once again, we’re here to help you with that.

  1. After clicking “Buy Now”, you’ll be redirected to a page which asks you for your shipping details. Click on “切换” to change your country.

  1. Select “新加坡” for Singapore.

  1. Fill in your details as shown below. And remember to check the box (see the red arrow) if you’d like to make the shipping address that you provided, your default one. Once done, click “保存” (the blue button) to Save.

  1. Here, you’ll be presented with 2 options:
  • Option 1 is Global Direct Shipping or “直送” which means that the cost of shipping from the seller is auto-calculated for you upon checkout.
  • Option 2 is Global Consolidate & Shipping or “集运”. Taobao is a marketplace consisting of sellers from all over China, so if you make purchases from different sellers who are located all over the country, this option allows them to ship your items to a central warehouse. Thereafter, someone will consolidate them in one parcel and ship them to Singapore. However, you’ll have to make payment twice. Once for your items plus the costs of shipping them to the central warehouse, and once more for shipping to Singapore.


If you selected Option 2, you’ll have Option 3 to contend with. Modification Service Provider or “修改服务商” is where you can choose from various courier or forwarding services depending on the size and weight of your purchases (Note: This is especially important for those buying furniture or bulky items)

For your ease of reference, the folks at Taobao have put together a very helpful table (in English!) which you can find on their website:

Image Credit: Taobao
  1. Once done, simply click on “Submit orders” or “提交订单” to pay.

All you have to do now is wait for your baby to be delivered.

Yeah… About that.

You might have noticed throughout your entire Taobao shopping experience that there’re a lot of worrying terms like “Shop baby”, “Already purchased baby”, “check the baby that has been bought”…

Relax, you’re not ACTUALLY buying babies. Taobao simply refers to your purchases or items as “宝贝” (literal translation: baby; loosely translated: treasure or precious).

Image Credit: imgflip

(Writer’s note: Made you read it in Gollum’s voice. Haha.)

How To Buy From Taobao, Through Lazada

If you just want a more seamless shopping experience and not deal with the language barrier. You can choose to shop Taobao through Lazada. The great thing about shopping through Lazada is that you’ll find more reliable and trustworthy sellers from Taobao there. This means that there’s a lower chance of your purchase turning out like this:

Image Credit: puyol | Reddit

Step 1: Creating An Account

Erm… Really?

Step 2: The Shopping Experience

Searching for “Korean style ripped jeans for women” from Taobao is as easy as typing it into the search bar. Just make sure that you’re looking at the Taobao Collection on Lazada.

Step 3: Order And Payment

Erm… Sure… Here’s how you to do it.

And just pay as usual.

Another great thing about Lazada is that they offer free shipping with a minimum spend of SGD$20. However, you ‘ll have to contend with a limited selection of Taobao products to choose from.

How To Buy From Taobao, Through An Agent

If you’re adamant about buying the product you saw on Taobao, but don’t want to figure out the various shipping options. You have the option of getting a third-party agent to buy and ship it to you.

Some agents include:

  • EK Link (Facebook group)
  • Oops
  • Peeka
  • SGshop

These agents will offer assisted purchase services in English which are often called “Buy4U” or “Buy For Me”, and etc. All you usually need is the product URL from Taobao and you’re set. Disclaimer: there’s usually a fee involved when using agents. But the great thing about using them is that they’ll pretty much take care of every step of the payment, shipping, and delivery process right to your door step.

Shopping on Taobao has never been easier.

Image Credit: giphy

So… Which Option Should You Choose?

It really depends on how proficient you are in Chinese as well as the type of items you are ordering.

Buy From Taobao Direct – If you converse with your “哥儿们” (Translation: buddies) regularly on WeChat and understand why “spoon” in Chinese is “汤匙” here in Singapore but “勺子” in China. It’s probably cheaper and faster to order directly from Taobao. But do bear in mind that you’ll have to talk to customer service or the seller in Chinese if things go south.

Buy From Taobao Through Lazada – If Chinese characters look like an alien language to you, and you really can’t be bothered to figure out the various shipping options and charges. Then shop Lazada’s Taobao Collection. It’s not as comprehensive as shopping on Taobao but at least you know what you’re going to get. PSA: some of our Facebook community members have pointed out that their experience with shipping and delivery for Lazada Taobao items – specifically – is mixed.

Buy From Taobao Through Agents – If you’re ordering heavy items like furniture, then you might want to go with third-party agents. They’ve gotten sea freight down to an art (Writer’s note: Unless you’re the high-SES type and want to ship by air… Which doesn’t make sense because you’re shopping on Taobao to save money…). They’ll also take good care of your items and you’ll have the benefit of proper tracking and delivery of your order – for a fee of course.

Have any tips or hacks on how to shop on Taobao? Let us know in the comments below!

Shop at Taobao |


Jump at the Chance of Shopping Taobao Products at Lazada

Taobao is one of the most visited and widely known e-commerce websites globally, providing its consumers with an impressive list of products from clothes and accessories to gadgets and computer hardware at the lowest of prices one can’t even imagine. This China-based shopping marketplace, founded by the Alibaba Group, caters to a wide range of entrepreneurs and sellers, be it small or big businesses. As a result, Taobao has become unquestionably one of the leading online shopping platforms not only in China but worldwide.

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Lazada’s Taobao Collection

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Try the easiest way of buying Taobao products now! Simply visit Lazada Singapore for an enormous range of premium products from Taobao, all offered at the same discounted prices. Every order comes with free shipping service all over Singapore so that you don’t feel the load of extra charges added to your favorite products. We also provide a free and easy return policy for added convenience. So, take advantage of this exclusive opportunity of buying Taobao goods easily and comfortably. Log into the Lazada website now!


Taobao Package Tracking

Since 2014, it has been possible to buy on Taobao with delivery outside of China, more and more people are turning to the services of this trading platform. In order to track a package with Taobao, you should find out if your package is shipped as registered or unregistered.

How do I track Taobao order

First you need to find the tracking number or waybill number, it is assigned to each order after the order is paid and shipped.

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your account
  3. Go to your my Taobao page, 我的淘宝 (my Taobao) > 已买到的宝贝 (my bought products)
  4. There is a menu side bar titled 全部功能 (all functions) , look underneath 已买到的宝贝 (my bought products) and you will find 官方集运 (official consolidation)
  5. Select 官方集运 . Now you enter the consolidated goods page.
  6. Select the tab, 海外物流订单 (overseas logistics order)
  7. This shows all your orders. Now you select the tracking details you want of the recent item you bought, under 查看物流 (view logistics)
  8. When you go here, it may look like the shipping doesn’t get updated, but we’re not using this page. Rather we want the waybill number at the bottom.
  9. 运单号码: (waybill number)
  10. Now that you have the waybill number, enter it on the current page. For USA, Canada buyers for goods shipping with JCEX, our service will provide you with tracking update, and also it will give you the UPS/USPS/FEDEX tracking number.

Taobao order number tracking

Refer to the section above, to track your order you need to find the tracking number assigned to your order by the delivery service.

How long does it take for Taobao items to get here?

Parcel delivery consists of the following:

  • Collection and dispatch of the order by the seller – usually takes 3 to 7 days. Some sellers may stretch the process and send after two weeks.
  • Acceptance by the delivery service – the parcel gets accepted by carrier and it is assigned a tracking number.
  • Export is the time when your parcel has left China customs. The most important and dangerous moment is because Here the parcel may be delayed up to 30 – 60 days. After export, the order will move up to you much faster.
  • Import and customs clearance – in your destination country.
  • Delivery by local courier service like USPS, UPS, Skynet, GDEX, etc.

Sea shipping from China to Singapore, Malaysia takes about 3 weeks, air shipping will deliver your items in 1-2 weeks.

Below is the average delivery time provided by the forwarder:

  • USA : JCEX UPS 5-7 business days, JCEX USPS 7-9 business days, Zhongshan EMS/DHL 9 business days
  • Canada : UPS 5-7 business days, EMS/DHL – 9 business days
  • Australia : JCEX 5 business days, ZTO Express 6 business days, 4PX 7 business days
  • New Zealand : 7 business days
  • Singapore : 5 business days
  • Malaysia : West Malaysia 5 business days, East Malaysia 7 business days
  • Japan : 4PX 5 business days, PRouter 4-8 business days.

The speed of the local customs clearance and local postal services will affect the delivery time.

Taobao shipping time to USA, Canada, UK

After the payment is made, it’s all about the waiting game as your item might take 7-40 working days to reach you. Items usually take 3 weeks or more to enter the country. Then another week or more to clear your local customs. You will then have to wait a few days for your local postal service to deliver it to your doorstep. So, 3-5 weeks is a conservative estimate.

Shipping duration also depends on the delivery option you’ve selected. DHL can deliver within 5-10 days, EMS (also known as China Post) may take 10-28 days and China Air Mail from 14-40 days. Of course, you will need to pay more for a speedier delivery.

How long does Taobao delivery to Singapore take?

It’s not possible to determine exactly how quickly a package reaches you when buying from Taobao. Broadly speaking, Taobao Global Direct Shipping is the fastest as the seller will ship it to you directly. For everything that involves a forwarder, there are several compounding factors:

  • The time it takes for the seller to ship your item to the warehouse
  • The waiting time to consolidate your order
  • Any extra processing time the forwarder might take
  • Whether your international shipment is by air or sea freight

Shipping lead time estimates typically count the days from the time your shipment is in the warehouse to the time it reaches your doorstep (or wherever you’re collecting your items). So you should buffer a couple more days for the seller to ship the item to the warehouse in China.

  • Taobao Global Direct Shipping by Air – Within 5 days
  • Taobao forwarder (Cainiao & 4PX) by Air – Within 5 days
  • 3rd party agent (EZBuy, SGShop, Peeka, Oops) by Air – 7 to 10 days
  • 3rd party agent (EZBuy, SGShop, Peeka, Oops) by Sea – 2 to 3 weeks
  • Lazada Taobao Collection – Varies from 1 to 4 weeks

Taobao Global Direct Shipping

Taobao Global Direct Shipping is available to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan buyers.

Taobao Global Direct Shipping is a Taobao official forwarding service in Singapore and Malaysia areas. All you need to do is checkout all items in your shopping cart at once, select “Taobao Direct Shipping” and make payment, sit back and wait for your parcel to be delivered directly to you without having to undergo a consolidation process at the forwarder warehouse.

The biggest advantage of this service is you only have to make one-time payment including domestic + international shipping fee, so you won’t need to consolidate your orders and make any second payment – Fast and easy!

Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping

Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping,also called Taobao Cargo,Taobao CSCL,is a Taobao official forwarding service for international buyers.It currently supports six countries which are USA,Canada, Australia,New Zealand,Singapore and Malaysia.

“Taobao Consolidated Shipping” is a two-stage shipping process, whereby the shipping fee is to be paid by two steps.

  • Stage 1: From seller to China forwarder’s warehouse
  • Stage 2: From China forwarder’s warehouse to buyer

Taobao forwarders and local courier companies

Forwarders by country:

  • USA – JCEX Jiacheng International, Zhongshan courier
  • Canada – JCEX, Zhongshan courier
  • Australia – 4PX Express, JCEX, ZTO Express, Zhongshan courier
  • New Zealand – 4PX Express, ZTO Express
  • Singapore – 4PX Express, DPEX, DEX-I
  • Malaysia – 4PX Express, DPEX, DEX-I

Local delivery services by country:

  • Canada – UPS, USPS, EMS, DHL
  • Australia – Toll
  • New Zealand – Toll
  • Singapore – Singapore Post, DPEX, PRT Express, popstation, MSC Delivery
  • Malaysia – Skynet, AirPak Express

Zhongshan courier shipping to USA/UK

When you choose Zhongshan courier, Taobao sellers will ship your items using EMS or DHL for the international shipping depending on your location.

What is Taobao Logistics

Taobao logistics refers to an entity named Cainiao logistics, it is consists of Ali Group and domestic courier companies like SF-Express, STO Express, YTO Express, ZTO Express, Yunda Express etc. Its mission is to help the seller deliver packages to its clients in China mainland faster and conveniently. For Taobao users overseas, Taobao partnered with 4PX Express and other courier services to ship goods from China to overseas. But it is mainly restricted to South East Asia like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand etc.

About Taobao

Taobao is a Chinese Internet site headquartered in Hangzhou, China, and is a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group. It is one of the world’s largest e-commerce sites, as well as one of the 10 most visited websites in the world. As of February 2018, Taobao has more than 580 million active users per month.

The Taobao Marketplace, founded by the Alibaba Group in 2003, facilitates retail by providing a platform for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to open online stores that mainly serve consumers in Chinese-speaking regions (mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). ), as well as abroad.

With more than 1 billion products as of 2016, the total transaction volume of Taobao Marketplace and reached 3 trillion yuan in 2017, more than all US retailers and e-commerce sites. The Economist called it “the largest online market in the country.” Sellers can place products for sale either at a fixed price or by auction. Auctions make up a small percentage of transactions. Most products are new products sold at fixed prices. Buyers can rate information about the seller on the information available on the site, including ratings, comments and complaints.


Launched in 2004, Alipay, a deposit-based online payment platform, is the preferred payment solution for Taobao transactions. It is the most widely used third-party online payment solution in China. To ensure secure transactions, Alipay uses an escrow system, through which payment is made to the seller only after the buyer has received his goods in a satisfactory condition.

According to the Alibaba Group website, Alipay works with several financial institutions, as well as Visa and MasterCard to facilitate payments in China and abroad

90,000 How to buy on TaoBao, order things in China with TaoBao without an intermediary

Interested in profitable shopping – choose Taobao in Ukraine!

Who doesn’t like buying new clothes? And buying them at a bargain price is many times more pleasant. Especially when it is possible to do it easily and simply. Today, many internet users choose to shop in China. After all, everyone knows that the Celestial Empire is one of the largest manufacturers of goods in the world.And it is not surprising that a huge amount of their goods goes to the foreign market. Even on the shelves of our stores, most of the products bear the familiar “Made in China” label.

Then the question arises: “Why do people buy on their own in China, if you can buy the same product in Ukraine?” Of course, the answer is obvious – the price! Why pay three times as much when you can buy the same products on Taobao without any “markups”? After all, it is clear that resellers and every intermediary through whom these goods come to us will not work for free.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Chinese shopping is gaining more and more popularity. Let’s take a closer look at what Taobao is? This is a marketplace or online auction where you can find everything:

  • haberdashery;
  • toys and stationery;
  • footwear and clothing for small and adults;
  • sporting goods;
  • decorations;
  • household goods;
  • technology and electronics.

In general, there is everything you need for a comfortable life of a modern person.And if something is not here, then it is nowhere! Taobao is an online store where you can find not only a “robe with mother-of-pearl buttons”, but everything else. Need a new gadget at a good price? Or do you want to dress your child for school without spending all your savings on it? Then you should definitely consider shopping in China.

Don’t know Chinese? Taobao in Russian – no problem!

Of course, it is quite logical that the Chinese online store, which was initially focused on the local market, is replete with unfamiliar hieroglyphs and incomprehensible icons.And this frightens many, because to see the product in the picture, and it is simply necessary to read its description. Yes, and reviews about the seller will not hurt. But, fortunately, we all have browsers that are equipped with a translator. As the saying goes: “Google help!”. The language barrier in modern conditions is not a problem at all.

But how a translator works is familiar to many of us. Sometimes it is easier to guess what is written in Chinese than to understand the meaning of the phrase in the great Russian language that the translator provided you with.It will be much clearer if you use sites that offer purchases on Taobao already with a Russian interface.

But remember that you need to pay attention not only to the description of the product, but also to the reviews. After all, there you can find a lot of interesting and useful information:

  • seller rating;
  • description of the quality of the goods;
  • compliance with the dimensional grid;
  • the decency of the seller;
  • presence of defects, etc.

Of course, all these nuances can and do occur.But without such “errors” it is difficult to find our online stores. But how many offers can be found on Taobao! Hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of sellers and manufacturers from China exhibit their goods. This is a real paradise for shopaholics! Just do not take the first thing that caught your eye. You can search for the same product, but at a more pleasant price.

For those who are looking for an easier way – an intermediary Taobao, Ukraine

Not everyone will be able and willing to understand the whole scheme of buying out goods from China.This is a rather laborious process that takes time. And not everyone has it. But this does not mean that you have to give up profitable shopping! Another way to solve language problems is through the Taobao mediator. We are always happy to help you with the purchase of goods, so that you do not have to study Chinese for many months or order yourself a “pig in a poke”. It is very easy to make purchases through us:

  • register on the site;
  • choose the product you are interested in;
  • pay for your filled basket;
  • add your purchase to your personal account;
  • Put the parcel for shipment;
  • wait for goods from Taobao, which we will deliver as soon as possible.

If you decide to use our services, you will not only get a convenient way of buying, without having to delve into all the intricacies of the process, but also delivery on favorable terms. After all, receiving a parcel from the Middle Kingdom is not going to the store for bread.

Prompt and profitable delivery from Taobao is guaranteed!

In addition to the purchase procedure, you need to know how to receive your purchase. After all, you didn’t save money by ordering shoes, a sweater and a handbag from Chanel in China, so that later all the saved money could be thrown away on delivery.There is no sense in such shopping. You need to find a transport company where the delivery of goods from Taobao is carried out on favorable terms. These are the conditions that the Meest China team has prepared for you:

  • operational terms;
  • delivery by train and air;
  • Consolidation of cargo;
  • storage of goods in a warehouse;
  • check for compliance with the declared characteristics and defects;
  • execution of all necessary documents without your participation.

Not every buyer will be able and willing to delve into the customs clearance procedure.After all, this is a rather laborious process that requires not only time expenditures, but also certain knowledge. Therefore, we are ready to help you with this, taking all the paperwork upon ourselves. You just have to choose the method by which the delivery from Taobao to Ukraine will be carried out. If you urgently need to receive your parcel, then, of course, it is worth getting your goods by plane. This also applies to products with a limited expiration date or those that you need as soon as possible. Well, if you have time in stock, then you can safely choose delivery by train.Moreover, we have a regular shipment of parcels.

You can see from your own experience that Meest China is not only the leader in the delivery of goods from the Middle Kingdom, but also a reliable Taobao intermediary in Ukraine. Having used our services once, we will understand that there is nothing easier than saving on shopping!

It is not the first year that our company has been doing everything to make our customers happy with their choice. We offer a huge range of services, which also includes:

  • detailed check with a photo report;
  • Strengthening packaging for fragile goods;
  • Consolidation of different product categories into one package;
  • Free storage pending consolidation, etc.

It is not only easy, but also the safest to buy goods from China with us. Taobao is not the only platform where we can help you complete your purchase. After all, there are several other large online stores that can offer you a large assortment.

Taobao is a great startup for business!

Have you thought that it would be nice to open your own small store? Or selling things online? So that’s great! It’s time to make your idea a reality.Start small – collect orders from friends and acquaintances. Then you just have to go to the Taobao online store, place an order and get your first profit. Everyone will benefit here. And you will earn, and it is more profitable for your friends than shopping in the store.

So, you can slowly fill yourself with an excellent base of regular customers. Or, you may soon want to expand and open your own store. After all, the majority of Ukrainian entrepreneurs have been making money in this way for a long time! After all, they know that it is on this Internet platform that the lowest cost of products is available.

Didn’t you decide where to start? The assortment allows you to walk around with a choice:

  • baby products – are always in demand;
  • bags, belts, wallets – this is always necessary;
  • accessories and jewelry – it is unlikely that women will be able to refuse another bracelet or jewelry;
  • clothes and shoes – you yourself understand that a wardrobe always needs updating.

How much can you earn on a more expensive product such as phones, tablets and their accessories? In general, the choice is yours, and we will help you take the first step.Meest China is Taobao’s best and trusted reseller.

Kiev is a huge city, which means that you can easily find those who wish for your first order. After all, the residents of the capital love to look like a brand. And everyone will want to make a purchase on favorable terms. And this applies not only to the wardrobe.

Birthdays, various professional holidays, anniversaries and weddings – there are so many reasons that require large financial costs. Therefore, many will want to make sure that their budget is not severely affected.And in such cases, you can once again make sure that shopping in China is the best solution!

Taobao delivery that will exceed your expectations!

One can talk for a long time about the advantages of ordering various products directly from the Middle Kingdom. But, as they say, every barrel of honey has its own fly in the ointment. And the long delivery is perhaps the biggest disadvantage in this case. But okay, only the timing was the point. But what about when the company pre-calculates delivery at one price, and everything is much more expensive? To avoid such an unpleasant situation, you need to contact reliable companies that have already established themselves in the market for this service.This is exactly what Meest China is. We will not only help you choose the most suitable delivery method, prepare all the documents, but also offer the most favorable conditions.

It is not the first year that our customers have been placing orders on Taobao. Delivery to Ukraine from Meest China is always predictable, which means they can be sure that they will receive their parcel on time. And all thanks to an established system, a team of professionals and the presence of its own customs and logistics corridor.

Remember that you can shop on Taobao without or with intermediaries.But delivery should always be trusted only by trusted companies that will become your reliable partners and assistants!

90,000 How to Buy on taobao – 2019 Step-by-Step Guide

Secrets of how to shop on taobao in 2019

How to buy on taobao: tips and life hacks. Photo:

Despite the worldwide popularity of the AliExpress website for making cheap purchases, shopping in China is very often associated with another giant – Taobao.

PaySpace Magazine has figured out how to buy on taobao and is ready to share some tips with you.

Also on the eve of Singles Day in China (November 11) , which the whole country celebrates with large-scale sales, we have prepared a special project about online shopping in China. We will tell you how to buy on AliExpress in Ukraine, how to choose a site in Russian and how to place a bulk order on Alibaba.

How to order a product on taobao

Before answering the question of how to buy on Taobao, it is worth understanding why this site is so popular.

Taobao is the largest online auction site in China with a wide variety of products at very low prices. But the online store has one serious drawback – the absence of any interface language other than Chinese.

How to buy on taobao. Photo:

This might scare the inexperienced online shopper, but if you take some time to figure out how to order on taobao and how to pay for purchases on taobao, the average shopping price can be dramatically reduced.

Difficulties arise already at the first stages of working with the site. But if you know how to search for goods correctly, then there should be no problems with how to order things from taobao.

There are several ways to find the product you are looking for:

  • Using the rubricator. This option is convenient if your product is listed in one of the sections on the main taobao page.

    How to order a product on taobao: rubricator

  • Using the search string. You need to enter in the search line the name of the product that you want to order on Taobao, in hieroglyphs, after translating it into BKRS. You can also enter names in English and Russian, but you need to understand that this will significantly reduce the number of results.

    How to order on taobao: Search

It is important to keep in mind that the top brands in Europe and the USA have their own spelling in Chinese, which is fundamentally different from the Latin script. In order to find out the correct name in Chinese, you can use the baidu search

How to choose a product on taobao

After you have found the product you are interested in on the site, you need to decide on the seller from whom it is better to order it. There are some standard tips on how to order a quality product from Taobao that will meet all your expectations:

  1. Ignore the cheapest options . This does not mean that you have to pay exorbitant prices, but it is still better to choose the option of the product with a price slightly below average, but not the lowest offered.
  2. Check the possibility of delivery of to the desired country.
  3. If the product you have selected is not a narrow-profile product, then it is worth to see the number of units sold and comments left. They, at least, should be.
  4. If there is a wide range of prices in the product description, carefully look at how much the bundle that interests you is worth. . This is not always the cheapest option.
  5. Seller rating is one of the most important points.Look for the presence or absence of a gold medal, as well as the number of hearts, diamonds and crowns.

    How to Buy on taobao

If you want to know how to pay for purchases on taobao, you can do it through the Alipay payment system. To do this, you need to register an account in the system and add your Visa / Mastercard payment card to it.

It is important to clarify that payment for the goods does not guarantee its receipt. If the goods are not in stock at the seller, then the transaction can be canceled by the system.The money, of course, will be returned to you, but the time spent will not. Therefore, check the availability of the goods in advance.

How to buy on taobao and receive parcels in Ukraine?

We have already figured out how to buy on taobao. Now we will discuss how to receive the parcel in Ukraine. Some of the sellers offer shipping to Ukraine via Taobao’s shipping service. However, this option is not always available and in some cases such delivery will take more time and effort.

How to buy on taobao. Photo:

Therefore, one of the most common options for how to get things from taobao with a minimum investment of time is to use the services of an intermediary. Resellers know firsthand how to order goods on taobao and are guaranteed to receive them. Such a service is offered by MyMeest, ua-tao, dostavkain, trans-agent and others. The procedure assumes that you order the delivery of goods to the warehouse of an intermediary company in China with subsequent shipment to Ukraine. Or simply send the intermediary a link to the desired product, and he himself will take care of its redemption.

Yes, you will have to pay for the services of an intermediary, but in some cases it may be cheaper than overpaying for the goods due to a mistake you made, since you have no experience in online shopping in the Chinese segment of the Internet.

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90,000 How to buy on Taobao | INTA-ICS

Step1. Choose how to order from Taobao

Option 1

The first and most reliable way for to make a purchase on this internet site is to contact us.

We will help you choose a reliable supplier, clarify all the nuances of availability, order and redeem goods in an online store in China. The main thing is that we can check it even before sending it, because we have our own warehouses in China. And this is a guarantee that you will receive your order, without defects and within the agreed time frame.

Option 2

I myself! OK

The second way is to start to figure it out yourself. So, to better understand what’s going on, use Google translate and automatic page translator in Chrome.Right-clicking on the page and clicking on “Translate into Russian / Ukrainian”. The translation will not be the most accurate, but it will be sufficient for searching in the catalog.

So, let’s begin.

Instruction: How to order from Taobao

We start with step 2 – registration.

Registration on TaoBao – done

The registration process on TaoBao is mandatory. It is not difficult to pass it, it is important to know where to look. Top of the page, right.

This section can be translated into English and verification will take place in a more or less comfortable mode.Enter your phone number and passwords, enter the code that will come in SMS. In your Personal Account, you can fill in information about yourself in detail and edit it in the future.

The convenience of your personal account is not only in the list of selected sellers, which you will create during the shopping process. All actions with your order are automatically displayed in the appropriate tabs.

Product Search on Taobao

We proceed to step 3 – the selection of goods in a Chinese online store.They are sorted by category in the catalog. They can also be found through the search bar. If we enter the request manually, we translate in Google Translate by choosing Traditional Chinese. It is important to think over the keywords in sufficient detail so that the service gives the most accurate options. You can iterate over keywords, and each time the search results can change.

Sort by price is available here. For example, from largest to smallest. Plus, you will be able to sort the product by the supplier’s additional services: free shipping, product popularity, return guarantees, cash on delivery.Click on “More” and mark what you want.

Another convenient search option is by photo. By clicking on the camera in the search bar, select an image and the service will display all similar options.

Product selection on TaoBao

Step 4. Nice photo? What about the goods?

When buying for the first time on Taobao, you can be confused by the abundance of offers. The first thing to look for is the icons below the main photo. For example, the Red package is important for vehicles.This is a sign that the product has been purchased by Tmall Electric. Hence, it is original. And, therefore, you can count on a partial or full refund if:

  • the gadget will not arrive;
  • will differ significantly in description;
  • will receive your order out of service.

Chinese online shops sin with “false” photos. Often the product does not match the photo on the main page. Therefore, it is very important before ordering to clarify this point with the seller or ask for live photos, also be sure to watch the video, if any, and of course, customer reviews with photos.And if you buy clothes from China, do not forget to ask for a real sizing chart. Clothes can be small. The same goes for shoes.

Do not forget to specify the dimensions of literally everything: scammers can display items from toy sets that look like real ones, as a result, you will get a 10-centimeter frying pan or an 8-centimeter wallet.

Chinese Supplier Selection

Step 5. Checking the supplier. You can find information about it on the product page.How many years has he been working, how many sales he made, what percentage of the return. An important indicator is the attitude towards the buyer. Here you can see the business of this seller is moving upward or rolling into the abyss.

A reliable supplier from China awarded with medals and crowns. For example, this one is a gold seller. And according to the rating, he sold more than 10,001 units of goods, as evidenced by 4 blue crowns. The number in the green frame is the sum of all transactions that have passed through the service.On the right, in the box about the supplier, pay attention to the ratings with arrows. The first is the indicator of the product’s compliance with the description. The second is how well the transactions went and the third is the hassle-free delivery.

Study the provided information in detail so as not to waste time and money.

Another auxiliary tool is customer reviews. People, as a rule, share their experience of communicating with the seller, attach real photos and describe not only the first impression of the product, but also the process of operation.

Choosing a reliable supplier in the Chinese online store, we always study and analyze all the information about him. Since we are no longer new to this business, we can say for sure which indicator is wound and whether it is worth buying from this seller.

How to pay for an item on TaoBao?

Step 6. Chose – bought

Have you noticed that the prices of goods are in yuan? For convenience, use the online currency calculator. This will give you an up-to-date course and up-to-date cost.Have you decided? You can order from Taobao by simply adding an item to your cart.

Remember that buying one at a time is not very profitable here. Small and medium wholesale – that’s what buyers come here for. But this does not apply, for example, to rare goods.

You can buy goods from Taobao through Alipay. The service accepts international bank cards. But! Paying for a purchase does not mean buying it completely. The system will cancel the order if the supplier does not send it. You will not lose money, but you will not receive the goods.Search again!

It is easier to work through intermediaries who know the intricacies of procurement. We are ready to resolve all issues related to the purchase of goods from Taobao and check them in our warehouses, even before shipment. That is, you will not get involved with international transfers, our employees will do it for you while still in China.

Delivery Taobao

The last step 7 is the most important: delivery.

There are two options here: think over the logistics yourself or use the dispatch service of this Internet site.In time it will be much longer, and not as convenient as we would like. Shipping from China won’t be a hassle if you find a trusted logistics company.

In any case, you will need to specify the warehouse of the logistics company in China, and then choose who will deliver from Taobao to Ukraine by sea or air and further transportation across the country.

It is important to keep in mind that heavy, bulky parcels are expensive to transport. In order to avoid wasting time on returning defective goods, it is better to check them before shipment.We propose to connect at this stage, since we have our own warehouses and the ability to weed out defects on the spot. Plus, we can additionally pack the goods if you ordered expensive electronics or fragile goods. And if you decide to order in bulk, then you also need to properly clear your cargo. We will help you at all stages of the purchase and delivery of goods from Chinese online stores.

Intermediary for Taobao in Ukraine INTA-ICS to help!

We have disclosed very little information about purchases in Chinese online stores.The first orders will be time consuming until you work through your purchasing system first-hand. We propose to speed up and simplify the entire process. In it, your role is to choose the desired position. And we, as a Taobao intermediary in Ukraine, will undertake the redemption and delivery of goods from China to the door or to the Nova Poshta branch.

Call or place an application on the page for delivery from Chinese online stores, we will contact you immediately!

What and how to buy on Taobao / SHOPOTAM blog / Habr

In our

last article

, we showed seven funny items from the Chinese online auction TaoBao, just mentioning in passing what they are.It’s time to tell more about TaoBao, compare it with Ebay and tell how convenient and inexpensive it is to buy at this commodity celebration of victorious socialism


TaoBao is a collection of Chinese online stores, it is a huge trading platform with hundreds of thousands Chinese manufacturers and resellers are selling their goods.

TaoBao is huge, like the dam of the Bratsk hydroelectric power station – behind the signboard of an online store is a giant company that can compete in revenue and the number of users with any North American service.

Today, the number of Internet auction users is approaching one hundred million (the population of Russia is only a few tens of millions more than this figure), and the turnover of the entire TaoBao service is no less rapidly approaching the absolutely monstrous hundreds of billions of yuan (the service grows more than one and a half times).

But these are just numbers – it is difficult to describe the mysterious Chinese soul with them. Here is a tablet in which we compare TaoBao and Ibei.

1.Website design and language
The design is made in the Chinese style – a lot of everything at once. The language is Chinese with rare interspersed with bad English.
The site works fast enough.
In design – simplicity and the desire for universal convenience.
English language.
The site works very quickly, being an unspoken benchmark of high-load services.
2. Currency and payment system
TaoBao does not accept international systems – only bank cards from Chinese banks.
The only payment system PayPal.
3. Sellers
A typical TaoBao seller is a reseller for small businesses (employing five to seven people).
Everybody sells on Ebay – from ordinary Americans getting rid of unnecessary second-hand things to quite serious online stores.
4. Buyers
Ordinary Chinese looking to save
People from all over the planet, avid for quality and inexpensive things.
5. Goods
Mainly clothing and highly original electronics of local production
Everything – from cars to hairpins. Mainly electronics of world brands.
6. Rating system
Both sellers and buyers have ratings. The former are even evaluated according to the conformity of the product to the photograph.
Multi-level rating system.
7. Delivery
Most items only ship to China.
Some of the goods are shipped all over the world, some – only in the USA and Canada.
8. Difficulty of independent use
Extremely difficult to buy on your own – requires knowledge of Chinese, a credit card from a local bank, and an understanding of the intricacies of Chinese trade.
Moderate – you need to know English at an intermediate level and have PayPal.

The service interface can be easily assessed by this screenshot:

A riot of colors in its full splendor!

Russian-Chinese commodity friendship

What goods should we, Russians, look for in this commodity ocean?

First of all, we should be interested in electronics .

Chinese electronics is the quintessence of Chinese character. Our eastern friends are very fond of the Juche ideas in their various manifestations – they prefer to rely on their own strengths in everything.

Nobody will buy American iPhones in China – it is expensive and alien (even though iPhones are produced in China). The Chinese would rather start releasing iPhone replicas that will support seven different SIM cards, show TV, and so on.

TaoBao should go for unusual electronics – mobile phones, various gadgets. However, you need to be prepared for the harsh Chinese design.

The second main article of Russian-Chinese friendship is clothes .

Eastern friends have been sewing us for a long time, having learned to sew with high quality and inexpensively.
On TaoBao, you can easily find any clothing (which sometimes likes to hide under well-known Western brands).

It is especially profitable to buy clothes in small batches – this is how they cost a real penny. And these are not smelly sneakers from the market, but quite comfortable and modern clothes.

Also TaoBao will delight people looking for something special .

Sometimes an electronic component cannot be found anywhere other than on TaoBao.The same applies to the widest range of a wide variety of goods. If you need something and this is nowhere to be found either on us or on Ebay – look for it on TaoBao. There probably is not this either, but there are one hundred and fifty types of Chinese replicas (which are not always inferior in quality to the desired product).

I want everything myself

How to buy goods on TaoBao?

For an untrained person, buying on Taobao is no easier than trading on the intergalactic market.

First of all, you need to understand that there is an infinitely deep linguistic and cultural gap between you and the seller.If the Americans are more or less close and understandable to us, then the Russian person cannot understand the Chinese mind.

In order to search for goods and communicate with the seller, you must definitely learn the language or use a translator. One misfortune (more precisely, two) – it takes an average of three to five years to learn Chinese, and a Google translator himself cannot translate even half of the text with a sufficient level of accuracy and clarity.

A few words about the seller’s rating.
Like Ebay, sellers on Tao Bao have their own ratings.

The yellow arrow is the correspondence of the product to the photo, the blue one is the attitude of buyers to the seller, and the red one is the speed of delivery of the goods. How can the speed of product delivery affect the seller’s rating? It’s very simple!
Often, the products on display have not actually been produced yet – the seller simply collects orders for their production. So, let’s say fifty people “buy” a humanoid walking robot – and the robots will be produced. The law of the minibus on the scale of a huge country, in a word.

The second Chinese wall between you and TaoBao will be the issue of a Chinese bank card. And even Google translator won’t help here.

Generally speaking, there are only a few Russians who have mastered the mysterious world of Chinese Internet commerce on their own. It is much easier and easier to contact an intermediary.


Recently we opened the eastern direction of our service and now we are happy to mediate between Russians and Chinese sellers of equipment.

EbayToday has a flat rate for all areas of trade – whether you buy from Ebay or from TaoBao.
Moreover, we tried to make our tariffs as similar as possible – only currencies differ.
Mail forwarding and other goodies are also available for the Chinese market.
You can read about all this here.

A google translator is enough to search for a product – just use the whole page translation service. Well, our valiant support team will help you figure out the details.

All purchases on TaoBao are made in RMB. The currency in your account can be easily exchanged for Yuan using our internal exchanger.

In order to buy a product on TaoBao, simply on the page Buy in the online store go to the tab China :

In the field Link to product , just enter a link to the page with the desired product.

The blue arrow shows the price of the item in RMB.

On the order page, you can write all names and comments in Russian.

In the comments to the order, you can clarify its features, for example, write “I want the same, but blue” or “I want the same as in the photo”. For TaoBao, the last point is quite significant, because in the seller’s rating a separate place is taken by the item “matching the product to the photo”.

With EbayToday, buying from TaoBao is no more difficult than buying from Ebay – the principle is exactly the same.

We hope that our article has brought you a little closer to the mysterious world of Chinese e-commerce, and EbayToday is ready to make shopping on TaoBao simple and easy.

Thank you for your attention.
As always, we are happy to answer your questions in the comments.

Taobao agent shipping rates from China to USA

Description and reviews

We are a global and professional agent approved by the national trade office.

Our head office is located in Shenzhen, with branches in Shanghai, Ningbo, Yiwu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and is dedicated to providing first-class services to our valued customers around the world.Our services cover AMAZON FBA Shipping, Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Warehousing, Customs Declaration, Domestic Shipping, Marketing, Export and Import. Contact us today! Our friendly and professional team can handle all your inquiries whenever you need them.

Air carrier from China to Japan at competitive price

Our main services are as below:

FBA amazon shipping service
Ocean Freight,
Customs Clearance,
Door-to-Door Delivery,
Warehouse Services,
Commodity Inspection,
Export License,
Ground Transportation
Insurance Shipping.

America European Japan Canada Australia



Amazon FBA

DDP 5-6


DDP 6-7


DDP 4-5


DDP 6-7



No maintenance
Express Delivery 2-3days 2-3days 2-3days 3-4days 2-3days 4-5days
Sea transport

DDP 18-22


DDP 20-25


DDP 5-7


DDP 18-25


Port to port or delivery

And delivery

Air freight

Airline: EK AA PO CA HU NH EY TK OZ CZ CX by and so on, airport to airport or airpotr plus Delivery

We always offer you an efficient and professional service.Wingspeed will be your best bet.

TAOBAO TRACKING ORDER | Check the Taobao status of your shipment

What is Taobao?

Taobao is an online store where millions of people can trade new or used products.
In an online store, users have the option to buy or sell items through an auction, which is actually very popular with users.
Taobao USA represent one of the largest sources of income for the Chinese company.
One of the reasons Taobao got off the ground and became so popular today is because of the communication that exists between buyer and seller.
More and more users are choosing to shop online through the Chinese market.
In the next ten years, Taobao hopes to become the largest Chinese e-commerce company.

How can I track my order on Taobao?

Taobao Orders are tracked using a tracking code that matches the shipping order number.
Likewise, package monitoring is done on the same Taobao site.
Likewise, on the company’s website through WangWang chat, you can also get detailed information on product delivery data.
You can also use the ship24 website and put your Taobao tracking number in the search bar on the home page.

How fast does Taobao deliver?

After the first payment, the order is placed, it consists of payment for the goods plus a percentage for the service provided.
These warehouses serve as intermediaries who are responsible for checking the condition of the goods.
Upon completion of this process, Taobao’s delivery time will be between 7 and 40 business days.

Taobao Expensive shipping?

China currently has the largest and most powerful commercial industry in the world.
For this reason, the prices of goods on Taobao are very low, including the cost of shipping goods, whether they are in China or overseas.
Taobao’s shipping cost in China is 15 RMB, which is 15 RMB and approximately $ 2.

Does Taobao have free shipping?

Taobao free shipping is not available at this time for distributing goods sold in an online store.
In these cases, in Taobao, product inquiries usually end up with a service fee and final shipping fees, either in China or overseas.
This test is a flaw and a disappointment for customers.

Taobao shipping to the US?

Taobao’s US shipments account for over a quarter of the company’s annual revenue.
This number currently exceeds 200 million registered users.

How can I contact Taobao?

Taobao customer service is located in a dedicated section on their website.
However, in Taobao, the main customer service process is through direct interaction through the WangWang chat.
In addition, the company offers help and support in buying and selling products to customers in other countries. – Taobao.How to buy and order?

How to order on Taobao? How to choose and search for things on Taobao? How to translate hieroglyphs into English? How do I find out details about things on Taobao?

If you haven’t read the first article on how to buy on Taobao on Taobao, read it first.

It is important to understand that there is no English version of Taobao and it is not easy to buy there, so the only way to translate hieroglyphs is to use Google Translate, which will translate Chinese text into Russian.To do this, see instructions:

Before you go through the ordering process, please understand and remember that ordering things on Taobao on your own is VERY difficult for a non-Chinese person. Shopotam made it easier, but you still need a Chinese SIM card. Taobao only works for China, officially, anyway.

To order, you will need a reseller to whom you will send a list of things that interest you. The list of intermediaries with taobao is here, I will not advise anyone – all intermediaries on the list are working fine.An intermediary can buy things, since, as a rule, he has his own person in China (or a company) who has means of payment accepted by Chinese sellers. I will not describe the working conditions here, they are quite different. The instruction is completely devoted to how to choose a thing before sending a purchase request to an intermediary, how to find a worthy seller with quality things.

Is there any way to buy from taobao on my own? The answer is yes, there is, but it is very difficult and my knowledge here is rather theoretical, so I will not give recommendations on how to order.Seek and you will find. So, the instruction is:

Here is translated by Taobao:

As you can see, Taobao translates poorly into Russian, but this is to be expected. It is also worth looking for things in Chinese. For this we use the same Google Translate, only the opposite direction of translation is used – from Russian to Chinese. Write a word in Russian, copy the hieroglyphs from Google into the search bar.

On Taobao, in my opinion, a more simplified search system is used than on Ebay.You can search by category as in the picture. A graduated system is used: first you select a general category (for example, men’s daily shoes), then you refine your query by brand, type of shoe, material, etc.
As I wrote earlier, Google Translate translates Taobao into Russian poorly, often distorting the page design. Therefore, you will have to learn how to work on this.

1. – these are sorting options, sorting by price – from high to low or vice versa, etc.d.

2. – setting the range of the desired price.
3. – select the region where the seller is located.
4. – sorting by old and new lots placed long ago and recently.
5. – type of transaction, “Buy now” or “Auction”.
So, we have selected a certain product on Taobao – in my case, it is a pair of boots. They cost 238 yuan, let me remind you the rate: 1 USD = 6.8290 CNY. That is, their price: $ 34.85.

1. – item name
2.- price in yuan
3. – delivery methods and their cost (delivery within the country)
4. – payment methods
5. – choice of size
6. – choice of color
7. – choice of quantity

This is how this page looks in Russian:

By and large, you just need this information to make sure that the seller has the item you need in the right size. And keep in mind – it is important to carefully look at the description of the item on, because, for example, a photo may show a whole set items, and the description may indicate that one of the set is being sold.

This is how this page looks in Russian:
It is important to pay attention to two things. The first is a detailed description of the item. The second is the seller’s rating.
A detailed description of the thing on Taobao, thank God, is translated into Russian, but translated poorly. Here is a sample:
In this table

1. – this is a description of the thing
2. – these are reviews for the seller.
3. – these are reviews and ratings of this particular thing, the number of pieces sold. The closer to 5, the better.Here’s to

Now directly to the seller ratings on Taobao. It is located to the left of the item’s photo.

The first red circle contains the seller’s name. The second is his reputation. It is determined by the number and type of icons (in this case, a diamond), and depends on the number of successful trades (see the table below), in the third red circle – the percentage of successful trades. The higher the rating and the greater the number of positive reviews, the more likely you will receive a quality item, exactly the way you want, and gain a positive experience with taobao.Then everything is clear:

compliance of the ordered item with the description
communication with the seller
speed of delivery and dispatch

Here is the number and type of icons depending on the number of successful trades (left).

> Actually, that’s all you need to know to successfully search and find things on

On security: since you do not buy directly, but order from taobao through an intermediary, it seems that the risk of scamming is reduced, because the intermediary conducts a professional assessment of the seller and may advise you not to contact him.But, due to the heavy load, the intermediary can “promote” an unscrupulous seller. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk on taobao, first order only from those sellers who have at least two diamonds and a success rate of at least 95%. Reviews on the taobao seller should also be read: maybe he decided to sell leatherette under the guise of leather, or ships tablets that break in a couple of months? This is mentioned in the reviews, and the middleman will not notice. But the money is yours. So carefully, very closely follow who you are buying from.

A few words of my personal opinion about taobao: I was disappointed in it. Cheap things, after paying all commissions and shipping, were still cheaper than if ordered from the USA / Europe, but not enough to justify all the time and effort. No joke: break through the intricacies of hieroglyphs, communicate with an intermediary, give an advance payment, make lists, wait a month and a half, etc. And as a result, if the thing is of inadequate quality, then there is no one to present a claim: for a low price, you actually refuse the guarantee.

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