How to be a youtube comedian: 5 Steps To Become A Famous YouTube Comedian

5 Steps To Become A Famous YouTube Comedian

Everyone loves a good funny video. But since there are so many funny videos on YouTube, standing out as a popular YouTube comedian is no joke. Gaining popularity and success in YouTube comedy is very possible though, and here are five steps to make it happen.

1. Find your comedic style and stick to it.

First, figure out what your comedic style is. There are so many forms of humor on YouTube, including parody, satire, deadpan, relatable, and more. What type of humor makes you laugh? What type of humor do you use with your friends? Once you pin it down, make sure that you stick with it. Don’t try to force another comedic style in your videos, because quality humor comes naturally.

Check out this video featuring clips of several different styles of humor!

2. Learn from YouTube comedians in your humor genre.

Once you’ve pinned down your comedic genre, watch videos from YouTube comedians and personalities with a similar sense of humor. You can learn a great deal about how to structure and style your videos from watching professionals, and you can even pick up tips that help the comedy flow! For example, Shane Dawson uses cutaway scenes, Jenna Marbles uses different voices, and almost all YouTube comedians have catchphrases!

Here’s a short video showcasing 25 YouTubers’ catchphrases.

3. Practice talking on camera and make a “test” video.

Comedy on YouTube is entirely different from comedy in real life or in other platforms. Simply talking on camera can be a challenge, not to mention also trying to be funny and concise. First, simply practice talking on camera about anything, and try to weave in some humor (in the form of funny side thoughts, ironic observations, etc. ). The more you do this, the more comfortable on camera you’ll become.

If you’re feeling brave, you can even post these free-form videos on YouTube and gauge the viewers’ response in the form of their likes and comments! (And don’t be discouraged if the response is initially negative…try to learn from it!)

Here’s a helpful video with some tips on how to talk on camera.

4. Keep your bloopers.

Bloopers are great for so many reasons, the first being that they’re funny lines that you don’t have to write! Viewers like to see that YouTube comedians are down-to-Earth, authentic, and not afraid of looking ridiculous! Featuring your bloopers will definitely make new viewers warm up to you quickly. Also, you may even find hidden comedic gems in your bloopers (because so many jokes and funny moments happen on accident), and you can incorporate them into the main part of your video!

Check out this hilarious bloopers reel from the YouTuber Miranda Sings!

Lastly, remember that there are certain guidelines for boosting the popularity of nearly any YouTube channel, and comedic channels are certainly no exception. Don’t forget to post videos regularly, keep your videos relatively short (10 minutes max, and preferably much shorter), ask viewers to like/comment/subscribe, and engage with your audience and other YouTubers!

So have no fear, aspiring YouTube comedians! If you find your comedic style, learn from YouTube comedians, practice talking on camera, keep your bloopers, and remember the basics, you’ll become a YouTube comedian in no time!

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David Yaghutiel is a Bay Area native who enjoys traveling, theatre, playing the ukulele, and learning as much about the world as he possibly can. He also occasionally daylights as a senior at UCLA.

How to start your own comedy YouTube channel

How to start your own comedy YouTube channel

Picture it. The date: Spring, 2015. The challenge: Fresh off a firing, I told myself to do something I enjoyed, even if it was not for money. The result: I launched “Stay Golden,” a YouTube channel of weekly original videos inspired by The Golden Girls. We’re talking mashups, interviews, rankings, lists and original scripted comedy (and more).

In the three years since that first video, I’ve produced over 90 videos, gained over 9,200 subscribers, started turning a profit, became a certified YouTube content creator, branched out to hosting Golden Girls Bingo in NYC, and got paying creative work. All of this came out of the channel that I still run today.

YouTube is a valuable platform for comedians at every stage in their career and should be in your creative arsenal. From showcasing your gigs to making your own content, YouTube will be a spotlight on all things you! With no money down, I’m going to give you the inside scoop on how to launch your channel in an hour or less. These are the basics to get rolling on YouTube.

What kind of channel do you want to be?: YouTube channels, like movies, tend to fall into categories. Stay Golden is a combination of comedy, entertainment, and vlogging inspired by the show. I make videos ranking every episode, mashups where “The Golden Girls” meet shows like “Game of Thrones,” and one epic five-hour loop of Dorothy Zbornak screaming “Condoms, Rose!”

The idea of a channel is to showcase your funny, your way. You could do comedic monologues, write and star in sketches on trending topics, develop a full-on web series based on your own life, or use the channel to upload videos of your live performances. And there’s so much more!

You can be one of these things or all of these things. The key here is to have a clear vision, at launch, of what you want to do that makes you feel confident and excited for your new channel.

Setting up your channel: We can get this done in under five minutes.

    • Already have a gmail account? Congratulations, you are 50% done with this part already. Log into YouTube using your gmail address. Visit your account settings to change the name of your channel.
    • Don’t have a gmail, or want to make a new one for your channel? Go to and click “create new account.” Fill out all required information. Your email is not your channel name; the “first and last” name fields make up your YouTube handle.

The key here is your channel name as a part of the setup. If the channel is about you, whether it is vlogs or videos of performances, consider making it your name. If it is sketches, scripted shows, or other comedy, make it your show’s name. Pro tip: Be sure to search the name in YouTube first to see if its already in use. If you need to change it, you can do this anytime in Google+.

Channel art: These will be the first two images viewers associate with your channel. There is your banner and thumbnail. Think of these two items as your visual business card. They work together to tell the story of you and your channel.

  • Thumbnail: Also known as your logo. When thinking about your channel, what is the image that comes to mind? “Stay Golden” uses our name and a picture of a slice of cheesecake. If the channel is all your stand-up material, use your face as the thumbnail.
  • Banner: I talk about Golden Girls all day. My banner is their faces with information about my show. Banners are larger than thumbnails and take up the top of the channel page. Use bold colors and uncluttered images to catch viewer’s eyes. Relate it to what you do. And keep it simple. If your comedy is all about kittens, don’t put your dogs in there too.
    It doesn’t make sense.

Remember more than half of viewers watch YouTube on their phone. Your art needs to be clear enough to look good on smaller devices. Pro tip: You can use free services like or to make these graphics in a snap. They come with drag-and-drop templates, fonts, and styles.

Uploading your videos: Whether it is original content or a recording from your last five-minute standup set, the process is the same. After clicking the camera icon in the top right corner to upload your video and hit these four hot spots:

  • Video title: You have to call it something. No video will ever get published on YouTube without one. Titles range from the silly to the straightforward. I like to number my videos so viewers know there are more out there to watch. Pro tip: Keep titles under 70 characters so they show up in searches without getting cut off.
  • Description: This is your area to chat it up! Tell people what the video is about. Plaster it with all your social media links and your website; tell people where they can find your next show.
  • Tags: These are search keywords related to this video and your channel. They help you show up in searches. Fun Fact: Don’t add too many tags a single video. If a video has more than 15 hashtags, it may get automatically left out or searches. We don’t want that.
  • End screens: People are loving your videos. Laughing it up. Wanting more! Use end screens to give them what they want: More of your awesome content! End screens link directly to your other videos and encourage viewers to subscribe.

Promotion: Launching a channel will expose you to a brand-new audience you might not otherwise be in front of. To broaden your exposure, you should promote your channel across other social media platforms. Share your links on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (if you’re on them). Don’t overlook other options like Tumblr, Buzzfeed, and Reddit. For example, I post every new video in the Golden Girls subreddit and get tons of views. Pro tip: Remind people to subscribe to your channel whenever you link to it.

Why YouTube is important: Comedy is a hustle. I am constantly submitting to shows, pitching producers and trying to get writing published. Let’s be real. It can often leave you feel lonely, stranded, and rejected.

With Stay Golden, I don’t have to wait for acceptance. If I have an idea, I make it. YouTube means creating without permission. You don’t have to be booked to tell jokes or commissioned for a sketch. You set up a camera or your phone, do your thing, upload it, and make your own audience. You take control and power of your voice by making your own opportunities.

Stay Golden has over 1 million views, 99% coming from total strangers. I think about the shows where I’ve performed for an audience of nine people or how hard it can be to get friends to come out for a show on Tuesday at 11 pm. YouTube breaks down the barriers of time, location, and space.

COURTNEY ANTONIOLI is a performer and storyteller who She produces Stay Golden, a YouTube channel of original content inspired by The Golden Girls. @stolafprod

Advice for comedians comedians comedy Courtney Antonioli Golden Girls how to Stay Golden webseries Youtube channel Youtube series

7 Comedy YouTube Video Ideas That Only Funny People Are Allowed to Try

Mar 26, 2021• Proven solutions

Aspiring comedians used to have to find success performing in bars and clubs before they’d get the chance to make big audiences laugh. Now funny people can reach millions of viewers on YouTube, and all they need are funny video ideas. Generating great video ideas isn’t always easy, but I’m here to help you get over that minor speed bump. 

Let’s dive into the world of YouTube comedy videos and find out which ideas can help you launch your career as a comedian.

7 Comedy YouTube Video Ideas

  1. Do a Skit
  2. Start a Funny Series
  3. Kid, Baby, and Animal Videos
  4. Machinima and Gameplay Skits
  5. Parody Videos
  6. Bloopers
  7. Lip Sync Video
1. Do a Skit

YouTube is the perfect medium for short, generally between one and ten minutes long comedy sketches. The majority of the audience on YouTube isn’t patient enough to sit through a half-hour show, no matter how funny it is (at least not until you have a large fan base).

Your skit can be about literally anything, as long as it’s short and effective. Having your own unique sense of humor is a crucial factor in ensuring the success of the sketches you post online. 

2. Start a Funny Series

Try producing a pilot episode of a comedy series for your YouTube channel. Don’t worry about the budget too much because if your ideas are good even a DIY approach will be enough.

Producing a funny series requires dedication and commitment to that goal, so don’t let yourself be discouraged easily.  

3. Kid, Baby, and Animal Videos

Posting cute videos on your YouTube channel will certainly help you get attention online. The Internet loves videos of adorable babies, cats, dogs and other charming animals. Including these types of videos on your channel can be a good way to boost your subscriber count.

It is important to note that your content must be unique. Re-posting funny animal videos you find online won’t get you far and will make it impossible to monetize your channel.

4. Machinima and Gameplay Skits

The term machinima means creating a cinematic production by re-using material from video games. Gameplay skits and machinima videos are a great way of reaching millions of gaming fans who enjoy good comedy videos.

The gaming industry is on the rise, and the audience that wants to watch video game-related content is growing every day. However, these types of videos require an in-depth knowledge of the gaming world, and you really have to know the games you draw from in order to make this idea work.

5. Parody Video

A well done, poignant parody never fails to make people laugh. Pop culture provides an endless source of TV shows, movies, and songs that can be used for your parody videos. When pop stars release big new music videos, they always get parodied by someone on YouTube within the first few days in order to capitalize on the trend while it’s fresh.

Parody videos will provide you with an opportunity to showcase your skills and enable you to show the world that you are a talented, relevant comedian.

6. Bloopers

We all make mistakes. Blooper videos enable us to at least laugh at them. Experienced YouTubers know how easy it is to flub a take, but it takes a brave creator to make an entire video from the shots they messed up.

7. Lip-Sync Video

Have you ever imagined what it’s like to be a pop star? Lip-sync videos offer the opportunity to step into someone else’s shoes for a moment and have fun with it. Knowing the song you’re lip-syncing and having good timing can help, but you can hardly go wrong producing a video of yourself pouring your soul into a song you’re lip-syncing.

Lip-syncing to tunes from the most popular stars in the world will enable you to gain traffic from people looking for content related to those songs and artists.

Need more YouTube video ideas? Check out our Definitive List of YouTube Video Ideas. 

Making A Better YouTube Comedy Video with Wondershare Filmora9

As one of the best video editing software for YouTubers, Filmora9 allows you to create a comedy video with effects, elements and templates quickly.

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Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.

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Being a YouTube Comedian – Texas Monthly

NAME: Kevin Wu (a.k.a. KevJumba)
HOME: Houston
QUALIFICATIONS: Has written and filmed more than 135 short videos since 2007 / Boasts over 2.3 million YouTube subscribers / Worked on a video series with HBOlab

● During high school, I was so bored I would watch YouTube for, like, six hours a day. One afternoon, I decided I would just put out a video. I had to find one of my parents’ old cameras to start recording. I didn’t have experience. I was never into film. 

● At first I had fifty subscribers that I would actually email with—my first viewers. These were people from places like the Netherlands, Canada, and Asia who stumbled across my videos. I was so flattered. It encouraged me to post more because, in a sense, I could make new friends.  

● I had only been video blogging for two weeks when my second video got featured on the home page of YouTube by some guest editor. It was a post titled “I Have to Deal with Stereotypes. ” It went up on a school night around midnight, and I didn’t sleep because I was so excited. In one night, I went from 150 views a video to 500,000. 

● YouTube is a really honest medium. People speak their mind online. You connect. If I were to give advice to anyone trying to make it big on YouTube, I would tell them to be real. The more human you are, the more success you are going to have. 

● My parents are traditional Asian Americans, and it makes them uncomfortable to talk about things like sex and drinking. So for me, it’s always been “How can I talk about things that they avoid?” The goal is to have the discussion but to still make it funny. 

● I am meticulous about the joke. When I am talking to the camera, I’ll shoot that five, maybe eight times, just to where I can say, “Okay, this is the best I can do it.”

● There are going to be people who will be like, “This wasn’t as funny; I think if you tried this and this . . .” You have to be very open to that. They are trying to help you. 

● Connecting with my audience is the reason I make videos. 

● My videos average nearly three million views. That’s what some TV shows average, and they make millions. When I started, people weren’t earning anything from YouTube. Now every time someone watches one of my videos I get a fraction of a penny. But if a person clicks on an ad, it generates more income.

● I don’t want to call myself a celebrity, because that’s separating—that’s saying, “Hey, I’m better than a normal person. I’m a celebrity.” I don’t even like the word.

Ten funny YouTube channels that will make you laugh

Funny YouTube channels are the best place to look for a good laugh. From parodies to satires, to the zany and the bizarre, when it comes to humor and comedy, YouTube has it all. Where television once took center stage, YouTube has now become the golden standard of video, filled with both venerated and rising comedians from around the world with only one objective—making you laugh.

There are plenty of funny YouTube channels to choose from. Here is a list of some of the top comedy channels trending across YouTube—from the best skits, interviews, lip-syncing and sketches:

Top 10 funny YouTube channels


One of the best funny YouTube channels is Nigahiga. With 24 million subscribers and 4 billion video views and counting, Nigahiga—AKA Ryan Higa—has solidified his place as one of the highest-ranked channels in YouTube history. Ryan launched his popular YouTube channel in 2006 with his childhood friend Sean Fujiyosh. His ongoing YouTube success and popularity continue to surge from a variety of sketch comedy, vlogs, parody songs and his hilarious Dear Ryan series. What Nigahiga has done and continues to do with his videos has made him one of YouTube’s brightest stars, with a success that has brought him the attention of media outlets and famous celebrities. His most well-known video is “Nice Guys,” racking up 76 million views.


Friends Ian Hecox and Daniel Padilla founded Smosh in 2005. The two YouTubers have remained dedicated and true to their comedy form, with their hysterical adult humor and sketch comedy videos. As of today, they have 24 million subscribers and 8 billion video views. They immediately came out of the box as an international sensation among fans, followers and subscribers alike.

What makes their humor so magnetic and enduring is their well-known video game themed music videos and funny nerdy spoofs. They have a natural knack for the camera as well as for their style of humor. Over the years, they launched other funny video channels, such as Smosh Games, Shut Up! Cartoons and the Spanish-language YouTube channel, ElSmosh. They continue to publish new videos to their series titled, “Every [Blank] Ever” and “The Big What If”.


CollegeHumor isn’t an assortment of academic pranks and fraternity humor. So don’t let the name fool you. The comedy icon, started by two high school friends, tends to tailor to the nerdier side of humor, producing original comedy videos centered around parody similar to SNL and Mad TV. They are one of the earliest channels on YouTube, launching their channel seven years after starting their website in 1999. They were once the top ten most viewed and most subscribed channel on YouTube, winning various awards, including a Webby Award in the humor category. Despite some ups and downs, CollegeHumor is still among the funniest YouTube channel with over 13 million subscribers since January of 2019. What they continue to do right is submitting viral videos and comedy content daily.

Funny or Die

Another gem amongst funny YouTube channels is Funny or Die. Funny or Die is the most well-known comedy platform on the Internet. What keeps their website and channel fresh and thriving, is their original sketches and population of movie stars and celebrities. Their channel offers something for every viewer with various tastes in comedy, from skits to satires to political humor.


With over 100 million subscribers, PewDiePie, also known as Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, a Swedish born YouTuber, has been featuring everything from vlogs to his famous “let’s play” video series since 2010. What draws people to his channel is his high-energy, sparkling personality and unique sense of humor. As the face behind one of the top funny YouTube channels, he is considered one of the funniest YouTubers of all time with the second most subscribed YouTube channel. Today, fans of his freestyle sketches and video game series flood his channel religiously.

Good Mythical Morning

Rhett James McLaughlin, and Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III, better known as Rhett & Link, have been Internet stars long before becoming hosts of Good Mythical Morning. Before Mythical Morning, their Rhett and Link channel had millions of subscribers. What works for these two comedy hosts is how they incorporate their personalities and humor into their daytime comedy/variety/talk show routines. They give a hilarious take on daily news, pop culture and events happening around the world and it’s bound to have you laughing until you cry.


h4h4Productions is a husband and wife comedy duo, Ethan Edward Klein and Hila Klein, who have earned a status for doing videos that poke fun of Internet trends, sing songs, tell stories and perform challenges. What has given this show popularity for seventeen seasons is its pranks and satirical approach toward criticism and dialogues on unplanned topics. The show’s host has recruited other talents to appear on the show with them, such as PewDiePie and IDubbbzTV.


Jenna got her big break on YouTube from her video “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking.” The video raked in more than 5.3 million views in its first week. After that video went viral, Jenna became an immediate overnight sensation, with nearly 20 million subscribers and more than 3 billion video views to date. In addition to her comedy, Jenna’s honesty, her appeal to feminism, her POV shots of her commentaries, and the positive messages her videos convey draw people to her channel.

Liza Koshy

Liza gained fame through Vine. She is an actress, comedian and video personality that has been building her YouTube presence since 2013. She has nearly 18 million subscribers and 2.3 billion video views. What makes her so appealing among viewers is her energy and vivacious personality with her vlogs, rants and comedy sketches. She has a definite appeal to Millennials of her generation. Her videos are recorded in the same fashion as her vibrant personality.

Miranda Sings

Miranda Sings is a character created by Colleen Ballinger. When she introduced the character to the world back in 2008, her YouTube career skyrocketed and she now boasts over 10 million subscribers. What makes the Miranda character and channel top out the top list is Ballinger’s Jim Carey physical energy. The way she habitually shows facial characteristics such as her bizarre way of contorting her eyebrows and shaping a twisted smile. In her videos, she delivers her comedic style through off-key songs that are hilarious. Her YouTube channel has been such a huge favorite among fans that Netflix created a comedy series based on this character called “Haters Back Off.” Even though the show was canceled in 2017, Miranda Sings videos still receive a total of more than 80 million upload views.

Looking for more?

The list of comedic talent and popular YouTube channels out there today can go on and on. There are some really talented and funny YouTubers offering the best in comedy Intertainment across the Web. And many of them you can never get enough of. But to mention or explore all of them would be a drawn-out effort. Here are some other YouTube stars you might want to check out along with the top 10 listed above:

Tana Mongeau

Tana is not only a YouTube sensation, she has her own MTV reality TV show. Many of her videos are about her making fun of herself and accepting her own immature and fickle ways.

Dolan Twins

Ethan and Grayson Dolan are twins who create hilarious and unique content of them joking and pranking each other.

Bad Lip Reading

This popular YouTube channel makes fun of the media, from TV shows to fake political ads. The show has a mixture of famous movie scenes with substitute dialogue and funny songs dubbed over the scenes.


YouTuber Rachel Levin created this channel in 2010, which features video blogs, comedy skits, and beauty/lifestyle videos.

How To Be A Comedian Who Succeeds

Did you know that more than 3 million people a month search Google in an attempt to figure out how to be a comedian?

But while millions of people want to become a comedian, significantly fewer understand what it takes to actually become a successful comedian.

That’s why I’ve put together the following list of 50 things that will help you figure out How To Be A Comedian Who Succeeds:

1. Try. Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams.

2. Get on stage.

3. Get on stage again.

4. Stick with it. Don’t quit.

5. Find your voice.

6. Be original. Be unique.

7. Learn from the masters.

8. Get to know your peers.

9. Be professional.

10. Embrace, empower, and appreciate every one of your fans.

11. Always be creating.

12. Understand it’s a job. A fun job, but a job.

13. Be patient.

14. Don’t be afraid to fail.

15. Don’t be afraid to succeed.

16. Don’t steal other people’s material.

17. Don’t be paranoid about other people stealing your material.

18. Your short term goal should always be to get better.

19. Your long term goal is your career.

20. Don’t just be a stand up comedian. You need to be more.

21. Learn the business of comedy. It’s just as important to know how to build a career as it is to know how to build a joke.

22. Recognize it’s not enough to just be funny.

23. Find people that connect with your view of life and make them your fanbase.

24. Don’t worry about the people that don’t get you. They don’t matter.

25. Create your own definition of success.

26. Have something to say.

27. Don’t get jealous of other comedians’ success. What they do has nothing to do with what you do.

28. Create your own opportunities.

29. Control your own career.

30. Listen to the conventional wisdom of the industry. But don’t always follow it.

31. Don’t think you’ve made it because you got representation.

32. Don’t give up.

33. Be funny. Be talented. Be lucky. Be persistent. And not necessarily in that order.

34. Understand that the comedy business is very big, but it’s also very small. Don’t burn bridges and don’t ruin your reputation.

35. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re better than you are by only performing for friendly crowds.

36. Have a functional website, YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter account.

37. Adapt.

38. Practice multiple forms of comedy – stand up, acting, sketch, improv, writing, podcasting.

39. Perform in different kinds of venues for different kinds of crowds.

40. Know that being a funny person and being a comedian are not the same thing.

41. Treat every person that sees you perform as a potential lifelong fan.

42. Produce your own live show or project at some point – it will help you better understand the business.

43. Remember that your agent or manager works for you – not the other way around.

44. Understand what your strengths are as a performer and seek out opportunities to exploit them.

45. Brace yourself for the inevitable frustrations and disappointments.

46. Don’t become a jerk when you succeed.

47. Work.

48. Recognize that you’re competing with every other comedian in the world. But remember that you have an advantage because none of them are you.

49. Be honest. Be open. Be real.

50. Have fun!

That’s how I think you can become a successful comedian, but I’m sure you all have plenty of other thoughts about this as well. Please leave them in the comments…

Top 10 Funniest YouTubers (Updated)

From sketch comedy to lip-syncing, YouTube has it all! YouTube has become a platform for comedy, as comedians around the world share their best stand-up, skits, and more daily. The YouTube channels below are sure to make you laugh, as this list is composed of the world’s funniest YouTubers to date.

  • 15.4M subscribers
  • Joined Dec. 19, 2014

David Dobrik is the “founder” of comedic vlogs. Starting out on Vine, he became an increasingly popular influencer in the comedy world years ago. David’s YouTube channel currently has over 15 million subscribers, and his fan base continues to grow every day. His original and hilarious vlogs tend to feature himself and his vlog squad running around LA, and typically involve a prank or two. David Dobrik is a comedic genius and one of the biggest and wealthiest names in YouTube!

  • 102M subscribers
  • Joined April 29, 2010

PewDiePie, also known as Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is a hilarious YouTuber from Sweden. With over 100 million subscribers, he’s one of the most valuable YouTubers right now. His channel features everything from vlogs to his famous “let’s play” video series, where he records himself playing video games. His high-energy personality and great sense of humor are two large reasons why he has been able to gain over 24 billion views and is considered one of the funniest YouTubers.

  • 10.6M subscribers
  • Joined March 9, 2014

Ethan and Grayson Dolan are twins who live in LA and love to entertain their 10 million followers. Good looks aside, they create hilarious and unique content of them roasting and pranking each other. They do everything together and don’t pair with other content creators too often as they like to keep their videos fun and consistent. There’s no doubt these twins will have you crying with tears of laughter after watching just a few of their videos, making them some of the funniest YouTubers on the site.

  • 8.6M subscribers
  • Joined June 13, 2016

Emma Chamberlain’s infectious and carefree personality never fails to make her fans laugh. Whether she’s vlogging regular, day-to-day activities or living on her balcony for 24 hours, there is never a dull moment! Her strange but funny approach to every video she makes is a reason she’s considered one of the funniest YouTubers. Click here to find out more about her!

  • 17.8M subscribers
  • Joined Sept. 2, 2013

Liza gained her fame through Vine and continues to thrive as an actress, comedian, and YouTuber. With over 17 million followers, Liza has proven to be one of the most successful comedians in the industry. Her vlogs feature funny skits, makeup tutorials, and episodes of her daily life. Liza’s energetic, bubbly personality is bound to bring a smile to your face!

  • 21.3M subscribers
  • Joined July 20, 2006

Ryan Higa is a comedian, actor, and YouTuber best known for his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel has videos that have gained over 4 billion views! He started by posting funny videos of himself lip-syncing to songs from 2006. From there, he has grown to be one of the funniest YouTubers and is known for his hilarious skits and original parody songs.

  • 20.1M subscribers
  • Joined Feb. 16, 2010

Jenna Marbles is an overnight sensation, gaining her fame through her first hit video titled, “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking.” Jenna Marbles now has a huge following of over 20 million subscribers! Her channel is full of comedic videos, containing skits with flying puppies and comedic “how to” videos. Even her “average” day vlogs are sure to bring a smile to your face, as she’s a comedic genius.

  • 19.7M subscribers
  • Joined Sept. 19, 2013

Jake Paul is an extremely famous influencer who has relevance on pretty much every social media site. He’s also regarded as one of the funniest YouTubers for his extreme and energetic content. Whatever it is he’s doing, he knows how to keep his audience entertained. As the leader of Team 10, he’s always doing crazy stunts, pranks and throwing wild parties for his followers to watch. Whether he’s sinking someone’s car in a pool or covering a Lamborghini with peanut butter, you won’t want to look away.  

  • 23.1M subscribers
  • Joined Sept. 21, 2005

Shane Dawson is a YouTube sensation with over 23 million subscribers. He’s best known for his famous documentary and conspiracy series on his channel where he explains things with his hilarious personality. Regardless of the tone of his videos, he’ll always be one of the funniest YouTubers for his ability to deliver information in a way that is guaranteed to make people laugh.

  • 5.19M subscribers
  • Joined April 30, 2015

Tana is not only a YouTube sensation, but she also has her own MTV reality TV show. Her huge personality always makes her subscribers laugh and ensures there’s never a dull moment. Most of her videos involve her making fun of herself, owning up to her extremely irresponsible and unreliable qualities. Her hilarious storytime videos, like the one about her stalker, always end up making her viewers laugh.

Can’t get enough of the funniest YouTubers? Check out these channels that didn’t make the cut:
YouTuberSubscriber CountView CountDate Joined
Smosh25M9.2BNov. 19, 2005
Logan Paul20.1M4.8BAug. 28, 2015
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This article was written by Ryan Eaton

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90,000 Guide to stand-up – the most popular Russian art of 2020

Ksenia Sevastyanova

How old are they stand-up? One hundred? And we have ten years maximum. Therefore, the American industry is much more developed than ours, there is a lot of money there for a long time. And we have money, in principle, appeared recently. Therefore, their competition is higher, and the level of production is better. And our first issues of “Porarazbirats” came out with not the best sound, simply because we did not know how to make a high-quality one.

The coolest Western comedians are older people. Therefore, the topics they raise and the jokes they tell are of a completely different level. Firstly, they are aged and see the world differently, and secondly, they have much more experience in stand-up comedy.

Ksenia Sevastyanova

They are easier to make. You go there without preparation and leave in a comfortable atmosphere with comedian friends with a good sense of humor. And to make a stand-up, you need to work.When a comedian does not do stand-up, but only sits on the show, his reputation among comedians goes down. Therefore, everyone is working on solo albums in parallel with funny shows. Everyone is aiming for solo albums. It’s easier, of course, to do a few short monologues, but the solo album is much cooler and more difficult. There is a central thought in it, with a large number of gags.

Eldar Huseynov

This is a normal way to popularize comedians. Everyone in Russia knows Eddie Murphy as an actor, and he is actually an important stand-up comedian for America.

The show has its advantages. Firstly, it is much easier to record it, and secondly, in stand-up you can be in character, and people do not understand who you really are, and in the show you are an ordinary person. Many of our comedians have opened up thanks to YouTube projects. For example, Vasya Medvedev and Serega Orlov came to people after the “Women’s Look”.

Many of my acquaintances, when they make good jokes in a company, say: “I need to go to stand-up.” And I answer: “No, you don’t need to”

Ksenia Sevastyanova

There is no continuity. Of course, aspiring comedians first borrow the style of other comedians – for example, many copy Artur Chaparyan’s presentation. This is normal, because in the beginning you may not have your own style and unknowingly imitate someone. Over time, their own style is already being developed.

Many of my acquaintances, when they make good jokes in a company, say: “I need to go to stand-up.” And I answer: “No, it is not necessary.” Five years ago, a kitchen joke, where there is always either an ass or a fart, would have been okay, but now it is bad manners.Everybody thinks that stand-up is easy, but in fact it is hellishly difficult to make someone laugh.

All comedians start with an observation comedy. “I saw how someone said something to someone or was driving in a taxi, and there …” But, in an amicable way, stand-up is thoughts, this is philosophy. You have to be an intelligent, sensitive person in order to find the very place where laughter will happen. I have been watching stand-up for a long time not to laugh, but to reflect, to feel sad, to think about topics that I have not thought about before.

It’s like reading a book or watching a TV series.

“It’s hard to make money on a stand-up.” How not the most popular Petersburg comedians live

– What are your prospects?

M .: There are many projects: OUTSIDE STAND UP, Stand Up Club # 1, 22 Comedians, Stand Up Underground.

E .: In them, comedians give out the accumulated material to a wider audience. People who sit at home and watch YouTube may not go to bars. To let them know about us, we write the material, make it big, shoot the concert and post it on the Internet.

M .: You can’t go far at bars, but projects already have their own established audience on the Internet. If you are seen all over Russia through YouTube, then you have prospects, you just need to “shine your face” more often.

E .: You need to perform everywhere and often. As Steve Martin said: “If at least one person is following you, then you can already consider yourself a successful comedian.”

– Is acting on television a success?

E.: No, it’s just a good way to get an audience of TV viewers. It is enough to be noticed, some people need only one “Open Microphone” to still get feedback.

M .: Plus it leads to money, they begin to invite to corporate parties. A terrible thing – people pay money, which means that you need to do what they expect from you, and there is no one there to warm up the hall.

E .: I was once offered to hold a funeral, they wanted to do something interesting, but I still refused.And television is one of the paths of development, for me personally another humor is closer to me – not sleek, unkempt, sharp.

M .: There are a lot of pitfalls on TV: contracts, payment of money, politics. You work there. There is a show “Team Improvisation”, which is hosted by Anton Shastun, if you look closely, there are shots that show that he is really tired. Recently they had a girl from the women’s stand-up – bruises under the eyes, sometimes unnatural. It’s hard there.

– How does the comedian’s journey begin?

E.: In bars. There are days when novice comedians perform at the “Open Microphone” for 3-4 minutes, the analogue is slightly higher – “Checking the Material”, this is already 10 minutes on stage.

M .: At us, as in other associations, anyone can speak, for this, posters are published, in which the host is indicated, they write to him on all questions. In St. Petersburg, the excitement for comedy is high, in the first minute 50 people can write, of whom you know half, and half want to debut. In the first minutes, the recording is broken, we select it in order.Each presenter does as he wants, I feel comfortable – an open microphone, a lot of people, the event should go well, so I record five proven comedians out of turn.

And our path is interesting, no one knows where it will lead. Maybe we’ll play in bars until the age of 30, or maybe someday we’ll “shoot”. Now it’s just cool. “The samurai has no goal, only the path.”

E .: For me, this is some kind of psychotherapy. It becomes easier when I remind myself that everything that happened to me is not fatal if you laugh at it.There will be a moment when I can fold the pens, but the stand-up will not let me do this.

90,000 Is there censorship on television? Is Stand Up Sharp now? What is your show on YouTube for? A great interview with the comedian TNT

Despite the fact that our country is not particularly fond of football. I checked it many times in stand-up performances: jokes about football rarely come in. We have about 10% on the topic of football. In my opinion, this is not enough statistics to consider oneself directly as a football nation. And here the person goes ahead of everyone “no” – and it’s so cool! Because if he asked someone at the very beginning, then I’m sure: 99 people out of 100 would tell him not to do this.

Why can’t professional clubs follow the same path? In order for something to fit like Amkal’s, you need to do it with your heart and soul. At the level that football clubs have in organizing the process, it is difficult to do something as mentally, there is a lot of responsibility, money, results. Plus Herman is very close to the viewer, almost their friend. It’s hard to imagine something like that with RPL players. They don’t need it, everyone should do their own thing.

– You are racing across Europe and have even been to the stadiums of Bologna and Ferencvaros.In Hungary, in front of the stadium, he minted the ball with the mayor of the Ferencváros district in Budapest, who knows Russian.

– We bought a jersey and went to take pictures in front of the stadium. Nearby some guy was taking pictures. He thought I was a fan of Ferencváros. His task was to show that the mayor loves football. I told him that we are from Russia and do not root for Ferencvaros. He speaks Russian more or less, it turned out that his wife is Ukrainian. We started talking. For his website, they beat him with a ball and pounded his head in the video.A story where two parts collided and never see each other again.

Were in the German city of Wernigerode. Such an authentic German city, with houses in white decoration, upholstered with planks, the population is 5 thousand. While we were on the train, I said that the local club was called “Einheit”. We went to a sports store. I asked the saleswomen if they had an Einheit shirt. They did not understand what it was about, because they did not understand English. They called the administrator. There was no T-shirt, but she said: “Oh, come on, since you know Einheit, I will send you a T-shirt to Moscow from Germany.”

I have already forgotten about this story, and she wrote on New Year’s Eve on Facebook: “Roman, the parcel will come soon.” The package was eventually deployed because I did not receive notifications. Through a friend, we found a postal address in Berlin and forwarded it. I sent her a Spartak jersey back. Says: “Cool!” The Einheit account posted me on Instagram, but it’s like the Chemist from Rossosh. They play in some seventh Landesliga. Even the footballer of their club wrote to me, but I noticed only a year later, because it went into spam.The story is small-town, but there is super-romanticism in it.

Slightly discordant with our realities. For example, we were in Tyumen. The fan shop there consists of a locker with one T-shirt behind the glass. They asked with a sour face: “Are you sure you will take?” The T-shirt fit and I bought it. Perhaps these are all special cases, but they make you think ( laughs ).

– You have a football show “Pos and Kos” with Dmitry Pozov from “Improvisation”. Why do you need it?

– Do what you know.There was a desire to do something of my own about football and humor. The niche is not occupied, we understand the topic. These two factors are already a sufficient reason to do something in this area. But we didn’t understand the format. There was an idea, but there was no way to do it.

We play football with the Comedy Club team. Oleg Titov is there. He says, “Let’s try the podcasts: you and Pose and the third guest.” We signed up two pilots in September and started looking for partners. The pilots were pretty good. One format – where they tried to joke a lot, the second – calm, where the jokes fell more into the context of the conversation.Partners have appeared. All this was discussed for a long time, and by March the first issue was finally made.

Sergey Detkov: photo, biography, filmography, news

Sergey Detkov – Ukrainian stand-up comedian.


Sergei Detkov was born on April 16, 1992 in Zaporozhye, where he spent his childhood. Then he moved to Kiev. Sergei has a congenital physical disability: the absence of a left forearm. Despite this, Sergei does not lose his optimism and he himself often jokes about the lack of a hand.Due to the fact that everyone is constantly interested in how this happened, the man has unlimited scope for funny answers: “Shark, sawmill, just tired.”

Sergey successfully graduated from high school and university, where he received a diploma in electrical engineering. He never worked as a comedian.

Creative way

In parallel with his studies, Detkov began to play KVN. He wrote jokes and played for the Zaporozhye National Team. Also in 2013, Sergey began to take part in various television projects.He decided to take part in the 4th season of the “Make a Comedian Laugh” project, then Vladimir Zelensky was the judge. Detkov managed to make the future president of Ukraine smile at 57 seconds of his speech, but he could not go further due to a small number of jokes and received only one thousand hryvnia.

“For me it was more important to perform, and 1000 hryvnia is a nice bonus,” says Sergey himself.

Deciding to improve, the comedian concentrated on stand-up and conquered large Ukrainian cities: Zaporozhye, Kiev, Odessa.In 2016, Sergey returned to the show “Make a Comedian Laugh”, where he took the main prize: 50,000 hryvnia (which at that time was equivalent to almost 2,000 US dollars).

Sergey Detkov: “KVN is collective thinking, and Stand Up is purely for one. You yourself are responsible for everything. In KVN, you play with some people who may not write jokes, but are simply part of the team. When you are alone, you yourself are responsible for your result, you yourself are responsible from beginning to end. It is only your success or only your defeat. “

In 2017, Detkov took part in the program “Open Microphone Season 2”, where he got into the team of Slava Komissarenko (“Slaughter League”, “Comedy Battle”). Then the comedian failed to win: the victory was taken by Artem Vinokur from the team of Yulia Akhmedova, but the guys became good friends. Later Sergey began performing in the stand Up comedy show on TNT. His stage colleagues were Roman Kositsyn, Pavel Dedishchev, Ruslan Bely, Yulia Akhmedova, Dmitry Romanov, Elena Novikova, Stas Starovoitov and others.

Most of Sergey’s jokes are devoted to events taking place in the world around him, relationships with friends and family.He’s also not shy about joking about the lack of a hand.

At the beginning of 2019, Detkov, together with comedians Artem Vinokur, Pavel Dedishchev, Alexei Shcherbakov, Rustam Reptiloid , Tambi Masaev and others, created the LABELCOM channel on Youtube, where the show “What happened next?” “Phoned”, “Who is the comedian” and others. Since the fall of 2020, Detkov has not starred in the show “What happened next?”, Ilya Makarov took his place.

Announcements of events with their participation Detkov is shared on the Instagram page.More than one hundred thousand people have subscribed to Sergey’s account. Detkov maintains a microblog on the social network Twitter, where he also jokes on various topics. There, the number of subscribers reaches 4 thousand.

Personal life

In an interview, Sergei Detkov admitted that loneliness is one of his fears. However, the search for a beloved is not his main goal in life; next to him he would like to see a sincere and faithful girl.

Sergei Detkov in an interview with UTOMI: “I would like to go further with a good person, with someone with whom you can go far … so as not to be unhappy later, not to complain, not to stay at work longer than anyone else, because you do not want to go home … home! I want to come home where it’s cool. “

Alexey Shcherbakov: how to become a famous comedian

02/12/2020 09:39

It is not easy to become a famous comedian to participate in such popular projects as “Stand Up”, “Comedy Battle” or “Closed Microphone”. At the same time, Alexey Shcherbakov was able to achieve success and recognition. His jokes really evoke laughter and backlash. Let’s take a look at his biography, perhaps it contains the secret of being in demand in the media market.

Shcherbakov Alexei was brought up by his mother, because the father of the future comedian drowned when he was very young. The stepfather became an artist like a father and raised him like his own, but in severity. There was a lot of youthful energy, so Alexei began to get involved in sports, namely, Japanese martial arts and acrobatics. After which he became actively involved in parkour. In parallel, the future artist played in a rock band and was interested in music.

After serving, Alexey Shcherbakov worked for six years as an electrician in the Moscow metro.The comedian first appeared on television in 2011, when he became part of the Insanely Beautiful program on Muz-TV. Already in 2012, he took part in the program “Comedy Battle” on TNT. However, not everyone liked his jokes. Surprisingly, having suffered some setback, Alexey Shcherbakov did not stop and continued to move towards his dream.

In 2013, he participated in the 4th season of Comedy Battle, taking on the pseudonym Lyokha. However, his path to success was somewhat clouded by the death of his stepfather. The young man felt a great affection for him.At the same time, the comedian still managed to get into the next round. In the end, he did not manage to get to the finals and become a part of the Comedy Club.

However, in 2015, Alexei was invited to a new comedy project “Stand Up”. Initially, he was only under the heading “Open microphone”, and then he became a full-fledged resident of the project, which quickly acquired polarity. His jokes are very appealing to the common viewer. The comedian talks about those things that are close to everyone. That is why the artist’s popularity began to grow.After that, there were many jokes, various projects and initiatives.

The program “What happened next?” Is worth mentioning as it is very popular today. Alexey also has his own YouTube channel, where you can find many of his successful performances. The comedian’s dedication still bore fruit, but the result had to be worked on for many years.

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Comic Stas Starovoitov – about humor in the regions, feminism, alcohol and the film “Dad” :: Heroes :: RBK Style

Aksakal “StandUp on TNT” Stas Starovoitov never ceases to amaze the audience with transformations.In 2016, Stas talked about the divorce, which seemed inconceivable for a comedian with a tightly glued role of “family”: Starovoitov’s comedy – at the suggestion of the authors of TNT – was built for several years on relationships with his wife and children, which eventually bored him himself (in the podcast of Glory Komissarenko, the comedian said that often the topics had to be sucked out of the finger: the wife of jokes had little in common with Stas’s wife, the daughter did not grow up as rapidly as in his monologues – in general, the topic turned into a surrogate).

Devoted viewers still remember Stas’s old days, they say, “it used to be funnier,” but Starovoitov closed the door to the family comedy forever.Today he jokes about self-development, midlife crisis, depression, men and women – but even about performing at the goose’s jubilee. And also – he discusses news on the YouTube channel named after himself, records the podcast “What’s wrong?”

In his own way, without cuts and in “you”, Stas told the editor-in-chief of RBC Style, Evgeny Tikhonovich, why every second person is currently aiming at comedians, and is it true that the comedy is as simple as it might seem from the outside; why he doesn’t like feminists, what makes Russian cinema good and how he managed to find time in a busy schedule to get rid of alcohol addiction.

In the video version of the interview, Stas Starovoitov also tries to distinguish the “old” sold-out humor from the “new” stand-up humor in a special game:

Why are there so many stand-adapters in Russia today? Just like bloggers.

I think it seems that it is easy, you do not need anyone and this is a very quick way to realize yourself in a creative way. Therefore, I think that for people who are somehow active – maybe socially – or want to somehow prove themselves, this is the easiest way: come to an open microphone, speak and, as it were, call yourself a stand-up comedian.

Well, here I am saying: as bloggers – anyone can become.

Unfortunately, as photographers, as bloggers. There were many such trends, and here is one of today’s – stand-up comedian.

What should a comedian be like now, in the 1920s? What should he be able to do and what should he not do? Not only a Russian comedian, but in general, a world one.

I think he should be able to grasp some of the main things that bother people in society, hear them, feel them, transmit them to people.Yesterday I talked with the guys in Kazan, many people, spectators, say: “We always think that we are some kind of abnormal. And when we hear from the stage that the person on the stage experiences approximately the same emotions as we do, it becomes simple and easy for us. ” There was such a story.

So I think he must somehow feel what is going on. I think it would be nice if he was experienced and in terms of life, I mean an adult. Still, the lack of experience in a comedian, namely life, has a very strong effect on the material, it seems to me.

© press service

That is, if I am 20 years old, then most likely it will not work?

Why, will work for a 20 year old audience.

I see, are you talking about an adult audience now?

I’m talking about an adult, yes, and I’m very glad that she is starting to appear.And I am glad that she appears at my concerts, I am very pleased that people between the ages of 30 and 35 begin to go to comedy and start going directly to me. I somehow resonate with them, close, I don’t know why.

So these are what they call millennials? Is this your target audience?

Well, it turns out like that, yes, people from 1980 to 1989.

For a long time, it seems to me, you were a hostage to the role of a family comedian.

It was, yes.

Do you think they perceive you differently now?

It’s hard to say, because, in fact, I decided not to analyze this again.You can, in principle, move out with your head. Six years have passed since I got divorced in 2014. And there are still people who come and say: “You are talking very funny about your wife.” With all due respect to my viewer – well, damn, I’m not like that. I apologize that I told you these jokes for some time and you fell in love with me for it, but, unfortunately … I am wildly sorry, but this question is not for me anymore.

And if we talk about Russia, what a Russian comedian should be able to do and what should not be done today, namely a Russian one?

He shouldn’t be, I think, too, well, so orthodox.I will give an example – Sasha Dolgopolova, may he forgive me for this example. Because, in theory, I don’t want to name any surnames and names, but what happened to him in 2020 was strange, in my personal opinion.

This is when he went first to Israel, then to Europe, and then returned?

This is the whole story, yes, “Putin is pursuing me.” Well *** [damn], I beg you. What does he [Putin] say about Navalny? What is Sasha Dolgopolov, what are you talking about? If you want to be a politically active comedian and talk about such things, well, wait a little, grow up, analyze, see what happens.

Have you grown to speak?

No, I didn’t grow up, I don’t understand anything about it. This does not interest me at all, I can honestly say, because I do not find anything interesting in this for myself.

© press service

Do you watch KVN?

I’m looking. And I started looking at reviews on KVN, because it saves time and you clearly understand what is happening.They are even more interesting than the game itself.

What’s going on there?

It’s funny there. Savva, for example, makes very funny comments on everything that happens. But it is impossible for a sane person to watch KVN.

I, too, still cannot learn to laugh from KVN.

And you won’t laugh, he doesn’t exist for that. It exists because the AMiK structure has grown a fucking mountain of people who devote their lives to this. And they sincerely worry about it – as far as I remember, when I played in KVN, you just sincerely believe in everything.And what to do with them? This is, in fact, like such a small office, I don’t know, a room for guys who play KVN and sincerely believe in it.

Is humor in the regions different from humor in Moscow? And the perception of humor?

Of course, it is definitely different. Many people are more open, they are inexperienced. If there are a lot of stand-ups in Moscow or St. Petersburg, there are a lot of comedians, then, relatively speaking, this is an event for them in Kazan. They are very kind, open, warm people, they are ready to laugh at some absolute nonsense, and that makes you cool.In Moscow, you have to sweat to make people laugh. Well, naturally, when you have a lot of something, sooner or later you start looking at it all like this: “Mmm … okay.”

Does a comedian have to be smart? Is it possible to make people laugh with jokes if, conventionally, you are a fool?

He must be smart. You, like a fool, will make fools laugh, of course. Well, there are a lot of them, let’s be frank. A lot, unfortunately.

How important is the culture of the language? That is, if a comedian is written ready-made jokes, but he himself, frankly, is tongue-tied and says so-so.

So I really like it when interesting verbal constructions are present in the speech of a comedian. It may not even be a joke from the point of view of the setup and punchline (setup is an introductory part of a joke, a description of a situation or a statement of fact; punchline is the second part, a climax that makes the joke funny. RBC Style) , and here it will simply be funny somehow formulated, and I will get more pleasure from it than if I just hear a joke of the correct design.It is very important for me. Someone is hammering a bolt into this.

Antiquaries never give up their sources, their suppliers. Do stand-up artists rent out their authors? In general, how valuable is this “commodity”?

As a matter of fact, there are no big authors – that’s just the authors. Well, do you have gum buddy (a person who helps to hone jokes. RBC Style) , or do you have a friend who helps you overclock. But so, that there is an author somewhere, you came, you were given six sheets, you looked like this: “This will be, this will not be …” – there is no such thing, of course.

So you can’t just write to someone, “Dude, need some good jokes”?

We tried it. I’m finishing the series now, ours is a common one, there is a stand-up, a slot like this, and we tried to give an assignment to comedians to write jokes. Nothing good came of it. That is, in the end, I had to take and process all this myself.

© press service

So you write jokes yourself?

That’s what I write, yes.Guys, everyone who now thinks I’m lying: I write most of them. Of course, there are people who help.

Technologically, how does this happen? Here you sit …

No, if I sit like that, I will never think of anything. I just sit there for a month: “What should I write …”

Okay, let’s say Alexei Navalny released an investigation …

Here you take it and write: “Navalny has released an investigation,” and for a start you think that this is paradoxical. For me, it is paradoxical that such Vasiliy are working in our special services ( is about the investigation into the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, conducted by The Insider, Bellingcat and CNN.The interview was recorded in December, when the material of these publications was published. – “RBK Style” ). For me, this is just a paradox. So I am writing it down. What will I think next? So, okay, there is James Bond, we imagine who this is: this is a super agent. And there’s this guy in the sweater, two. You compare them and somehow try to come up with something further.

And then there is the most important technique, probably the simplest and most important. You say: “What if …” You suppose: “What if there, in the MI-6 special services, the CIA, there are the same rednecks, in caps, with beer …” Substitute, rearrange and thus somehow write …

Is this how technology works, is it written?

I have now very, very well explained, but something like this.

Does it “fly in” to you for jokes? Are they writing something?

Thank God, it does not “arrive”. Because thanks to Nurik (comedian Nurlan Saburov. “RBC Style”) we have revealed the facets of comedy. Well, maybe there is some kind of confusion in the audience, when you, perhaps, go somewhere far or start speaking, heavily using obscene vocabulary, starts to spark a little bit – like, “slow down”.Well, that’s how I feel. Maybe I just feel it that way. Maybe there is no such thing in the hall.

But then they don’t follow in the footsteps of Instagram?

Listen, they write, they write different things. Yesterday they wrote to me: “What are you talking about Auschwitz?” And I, *** [damn], do not even understand when I said what at all. This is, perhaps, a phrase six years ago – perhaps some kind of existed.

This is a sensitive topic, it is understandable that you need to be careful.

Yes, but I don’t even remember what kind of joke it was to discuss it somehow.The word “Auschwitz” just sounded.

You had some jokes where you play the role of a sexist comedian. You kind of called yourself, by the way.

No! It never happened.

At least there are some … slightly sexist phrases.

Sexist, okay, okay.

And, in principle, in 2020-21 this is a little out of the agenda, let’s be frank.

Not on the agenda … Listen, I’ll explain everything now! (laughs)

Come on.My question is: how to joke about gender? Gender jokes – what are they?

Look, gender jokes. If we joke on the agenda, we will never choose anything funny from this. Because after all, a joke is destruction, the basis of a joke is destruction, humiliation, insult. If we ignore all the nuances, this is how it is in any joke from the 70s in our country to now. It is always destruction.

And accordingly, look, I am a man, you are also a man. There is a gender opposite to us, which we love, with whom we are in a relationship and which is key and significant for us, a part of our life.Naturally, in life we ​​are faced with some things when we are annoyed by the behavior of the opposite sex, just as women are annoyed by the behavior of men. Well, how am I not going to talk about it? And since, I will say it again, this is destruction, humiliation, insult and so on, perhaps somewhere you overdo it and say: “Damn, women, well, e-my, well, what are you, damn it … It’s so simple why are you not entering? ” In essence, this is a dialogue. I’m not trying to offend anyone, I’m trying to convey my point of view to them, to say: “*** [Damn], well, you can’t.You annoy me with this behavior, it’s so wrong. ” Again, from my point of view.

It is impossible for a sane person to watch KVN.

Have you gotten from the feminists?

Yes, yes, yes. But they are beaten off on the head. Femki – everything, just burn in hell, yeah. I’m not afraid, I say it frankly.

My position is this: I generally respect them and I think that in many ways they made life easier for us, men. Because we got the right, for example, to cry, to say that today I am weak, not strong.I don’t know, in this sense I am grateful to them.

Sorry, but I don’t think it’s their credit.

Look, last year I had three big monologues on this topic – about what the hell is impossible, why can’t a man come out and say, “*** [Damn] tired”? Why is this considered a weakness? But it was not the femki who invented it for me, I did it before. I decided to say this, because I’m 38, I’m in crisis, and I’m, *** [damn] tired of these imposed gender stereotypes in relation to a man, that you are always like this: “I don’t cry!”

So feminists, in theory, should free us from this.This is contained in their ideology, in their message.

I don’t think so. I don’t know, maybe I’m judging them very superficially, I’m not immersed in the history of Russian feminism. But as far as I hear, read, see what is happening, they have nothing to do with you and me. And our life with you does not interest them at all.

In one of your recent speeches, you hear the phrase: “Here I am 37, and I am now undergoing a reassessment of values.” Now you’re 38, is it still going on now?

Oh, difficult question … I don’t know.I think yes. I’m just trying not to get hung up on anything very much right now. Because here I have a reassessment, here I accept this for myself – that it is happening, and then what am I going to do with it? Walk around with this overestimation and say: “I have an overestimation. Well … “?

No, just somehow think about what to do next.

Yes, yes, yes, it is definitely present. But I say that I am trying to distance myself a little from such abrupt things that, for example, by 40 you have to start some kind of rebuilding.It goes, and God bless him, let it go on its own. I control him, I think about him, but I’m not confused.

In short, without unnecessary planning?

Yes, that’s it, this Stephen Covey and his Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is not my story at all.

Some more make themselves a mood board of desires and write, they say, I want to become so and so, to earn so much. Don’t you suffer like that?

I do not suffer. Perhaps I treat all this with some kind of disdain, but it seems very strange to me.

Are depression and addictions essential to the comedian profession?

No, not required. I think that this is not connected with stand-up, it is probably connected exclusively with the personality. Well, with being on stage, under a lot of eyes. This is a very heavy emotional burden after all. I understand that it looks like “white man’s problems”, but they are, these problems. And accordingly, someone bathes in it and gets pleasure, and someone worries about it, suffers.It affects him somehow. Here, in particular, on me.

Are you reading about yourself on the Internet?

No. I am wildly worried about this, and I decided that this should not be done. Damn, I got so caught up in this a while ago. And I’m like, “No, that’s it, that’s enough, it’s impossible.”

Can you tell us what happened, how you got bogged down?

Well, of course, like any other person, when the broadcasts were broadcast, I watched to myself, read the comments, they were all disgusting. (Laughs.) And I was upset. Guys, don’t write bad comments to anyone. You can harm a person’s psyche.

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There is such a thing – a test concert, when you test jokes on people. The question is, why should people listen to the rough material and not the final material?

No, they shouldn’t.In fact, there is no such thing that they should. But it’s interesting to see how the material is born. I warn people that this is a material check. This style of work is present in all comedians in the West, it is called “work in progress”, like, everything is in the process of work.

That is, you, conventionally, call your friends, and they …

No, I call the audience, I post a poster that I have a test concert. It costs immeasurably less than a regular one. And you can come to the bar and look at the comedian: how he comes out, how it starts in his head and what he will do with it.And in the end you will see the final material, a monologue or a concert, it all depends on what you are checking. That is, this is one of the formats for your performance. Yes, there is a clean one, but there is a format where I can stand on stage for two hours and overclock something, and this is also interesting.

What do you feel when you don’t laugh, when “doesn’t come in”?

Well, sometimes, of course, I feel embarrassed. Sometimes I feel ashamed: “Well, what are you, *** [damn], are you talking about this at all …” And sometimes I just feel: “Well, okay, I’ll think, because I like the thought, there is no joke here, I understand, I I will finalize “.Miscellanea. That is, it all depends on what kind of silence is. There is silence when they listen to you, and there is silence that absorbed all sounds when the tension hangs already. This is bad silence.

I think it sucks for a stand-up comedian when people don’t laugh.

You must understand, 70 percent of your job, of your career, is about the fact that no one laughs. And only 30 is a success. But you have these 30 close these 70. Here, in short, such an unwinding of emotions.

Don’t they laugh because not everyone understands? Or is it just a flaw?

Well, it may be unfinished, unfinished, you have not formulated it yourself.You yourself are uncomfortable with what you say. You may not have experienced it yet, you just superficially captured some thought, you say to people, and people are like: “Oh, dude, we don’t believe you. You can see from your eyes that you yourself don’t believe in it, why should we believe you? ” Well, these are some things.

You talked about your alcohol addiction. And recently in one of my interviews I read or heard that you chose wine for yourself as the most comfortable drink …

Apparently, it was some time ago, but now I try to limit myself in this, because I cannot use anything, this is a fact.Therefore it is necessary to give up everything from this too.

Because there can be no comfortable drink: beer, wine – doesn’t it matter?

It cannot be, of course, this is dependence one way or another.

Well, not very well yet … (laughs) Not very good. But I just keep in my head that I have to do something about it.

Tell us in more detail how it is: a glass of wine a week, two glasses of wine a week?

Earlier I had, for example, such a joke. Friday, weekend, I liked to cook something, some pasta, something Italian, drink wine and so on.That is, it was stable. Then I started doing it not only on weekends. In the end, you realize that you have been moving on the wine for the third or fourth day, and this is all not cool at all.

Now I can’t tell if I have some kind of gradient – like a glass a day. I try not to count, because as soon as you start counting, it still leads to some kind of addiction. It’s just that if you can not drink, it is better not to drink.

Do you know examples in your environment of communication when alcohol led to the fact that a person disappeared from the radar forever or for a long time?

In our case, there is such a person, yes.Unfortunately, he did not take it out (we are talking about Stas’s colleague and friend Alexander Chaliapin, who passed away in January 2021. – RBC Style ).

You said that you were treated in a rehab. What is it, what is it like?

It looks like … (Laughs.) I compared it to Dom-2. It seems to me that “Dom-2” looks exactly like that. It was a good clinic, of course. This is not forced rehabilitation, where you dig holes, not this whole story.

Twelve Steps?

Twelve Steps, yes.But I did not understand, in short. I have not delved into them, I do not know why. Now, one hundred percent, admirers of this program will attack me. I understand everything perfectly, this program has saved someone, I, apparently, just haven’t grown up to it yet. There are some points that confuse me.

But there is no religious connotation, as I understand it. Or is there?

He is there, of course. And it confuses me. I, apparently, just did not see through. Perhaps I do not feel that I am a dependent person, or, on the contrary, I am in the stage of denial.But there is one point that raises very big questions for me.

Leaving for a hard healthy lifestyle, when you are on healthy supplements, you don’t get out of the gym – is this also an extreme?

This is extreme, one hundred percent. These are all extremes. This is all sublimation and some kind of compulsions.

How is it normal then?

It is normal to play sports within the limits of your necessity. When people say: “I am in the gym, I don’t miss at all, every day I’m there …” – this is strange for me.It is normal when this is not my main achievement: “Here I am shaking my ass all my life.” Well, great, great.

You acted in a movie, the film is called “Dad”. Tell us about him.

It comes out on February 23rd. Hooray!

Thank you. I’m wildly happy because I was filming in the fall of 2019 and I had huge bets on 2020, like the rest of the world. (Laughs.) I sincerely thought it would come out in 2020, but of course no one came out anywhere.And I was just so upset because, like: “That’s it, I filmed in September, and I believe that in the second half of 2020 I will become a mega-famous person. I’ll just win all hearts! ” And no, no, no … I’m like, “Where’s the movie? I want to look at myself. ” But in the end, here it comes out on February 23. It will be dedicated, of course, on February 23rd. As far as I know, his slogan is “Go to the cinema with your father”. Accordingly, you can go with dad, with grandfather, with an older brother – I don’t know, just go with the dudes to see.

He is about dad, respectively. The plot is such that I am taking my family to the anniversary to baht, because my dad is so shitty, with character. And we waited for him to come to us, but he did not go anywhere, returned the tickets. And I was like: “Well, damn it, well, dad, what are you, 70 years old …” And we get together and go to his family as a family. Accordingly, such a road movie. And while we are driving, there are some ups and downs with my family, and I always remember how my dad behaved with me in similar situations. And there are sketches, respectively, where I am a little, a little boy plays me, and Volodya Vdovichenkov plays my father.This is all from the 90s, everything is very epoch-making for people who grew up at this time.

There is silence when they listen to you, and there is silence that absorbed all sounds when the tension hangs already. This is bad silence.

Is it comfortable to be a stand-up and act in films?

This is more than a logical part of your career.

Is this your first movie role?

Tell us in more detail how everything was on the site.

Of course, I was incredibly happy when they called me and said: “You are approved, everyone, we are going to shoot.”This, it turns out, I got a call in June or July, I don’t remember exactly, and in September the shooting. I was overjoyed, so, but what to do – I, of course, did not understand until the moment when I was on the site and said: “Camera, motor, let’s go. First scene “. And the first day was hard. I didn’t understand what was going on at all. At all! On the second day, I began to mow – to give out non-editing material, because I did not know that I had to memorize everything – turning my head, moving my hand – in order to make takes.

With Nadezhda Mikhalkova on the set of the film “Dad”

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There is no improvisation, everything should be clear according to the rules?

Of course! There you just have to remember everything. Here is the main jamb, I will give an example. It would seem a very simple thing: you get into the car, close the door, fasten your seatbelt.Naturally, I’ll buckle myself like this, then like this, then I’ll close the door like that. They say to me: “Dude, could you pull yourself together a little? Because we will not edit all this. Could you memorize all your movements, mechanics? ” Well, I reorganized, in my opinion.

Is cinema an ambition or just a logical continuation?

This is a logical continuation. I had no ambitions in this matter – like: “I so want to act now.” Because I saw the actors, saw their hard days when you go to castings, when your agent does not know what to tell you, why you are not approved for the role, when you start to get upset because you were not approved when you get depressed because there is no filming.Thank you, I don’t need it, I’m already a sad type, I don’t want any additional problems at all. Therefore, of course, I was not ambitious in this matter. Well, like, you know how it happened? Approved – cool, would not have approved – well and … I already forgot that I passed the casting there.

Do you believe in Russian cinema?

I don’t think it’s any bad or not bad at all. I don’t understand what kind of trash is going on with watering it. There are shitty films, there are great films.

Now it is fashionable to praise, in fact, because they talk about the renaissance of Russian cinema.

Well, you know, I watched the Golden Eagle awards last year, I think. And this is where all this new growth is: Sasha Petrov, Vanya Yankovsky. And now you look at them, how they are happy, how grateful, how they receive these awards and how they live by it, and it is very strange to throw mud at them. Especially when you, as a matter of fact, do not do this, and you are like: “Here is Petrov …” And what about Petrov, what did he do you bad? Well, don’t watch movies with him. Mikhalkov and I like films – well, frankly, I like Anticipation.Right now you’re throwing shit at me, but I like this movie, it’s good.

But this story, when humorous associations like Comedy shoot films on New Year’s Eve, on March 8, for something else, how do you feel about this?

I don’t really care about it. I am not watching this. These are consumer goods – “Grandmother of easy virtue” and so on. Well, this is the style, this is Sarik Andreasyan (director, screenwriter, producer, KVN actor – “RBC Style”) , yes. The dude invested two million and earned four – this is how he works.That is, no ambitions, no claims at all – nothing. We take off this … cotton wool and show it to people for the New Year – people come and look. What questions?

Filming of the film “Dad”

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Why do they go to see?

Well, you know, it’s like people always say in stand-up: “I turn on the telly on Sunday and I don’t want to strain, I don’t want to be loaded, I want to relax.”I think that this is the very Russian desire not to strain and come with a beer to see this rubbish.

This is called “brainwashing.”

Chewing gum for the brain, of course. You just look at something – maybe you even laugh somewhere. The humor is … So you asked if you can amuse fools – this is over there.

You say: Russian devil. Isn’t it worldwide? An American can also come with a beer …

Yes, yes, yes, I agree. You just asked me about these films, and I answer about them.It is clear that in America there are also a lot of such films, “Bad Santa” or something else. Now I just named an example, I do not mean this particular film. Well, or some “Passed out girlfriends”, relatively speaking. Mila Kunis and some four women, and somewhere they go, and something happens to them, in the end – love. Here’s a plot for you.

That is, there will always be slag and this is normal – everyone has the right to slag?

Of course, yes. Because if there is no slag, you will not be able to understand that Kantemir Balagov, for example, made a cool movie.You will never be able to understand this if this parachute is not there.

Barack Obama called his picture one of the best films of 2020, for a second.

“Dyldu”, yes. It’s cool, I just love it.

Would you star in a serious movie, where there is drama, where there is serious psychology, where everyone is as sad as you?

You know, I would love to film, I’m just afraid of the directors very much. Especially those who make such films – like Zvyagintsev.I heard a story about Balabanov being some kind of tyrant on the court.

Didn’t you hear? Well, somewhere I found out that he tyrannized the actors … I probably would have burst into tears.

Can you cry?

Well, listen, yeah. When a dude whom you respect and treat him with some respect says to you: “What are you, asshole, doing? Get out of the playground! Get this shit out of here, ”you might be upset. I dare to assume that 90 percent of people would go into depression after that.

Finally, I want to ask you about the place where you were born. In the Tomsk region, if I’m not mistaken?

Yes, yes. The village of Bakchar.

Population, in my opinion, 5-6 thousand people?

How long have you been there?

In my opinion, the last time my parents left there was in 1985 …

Don’t you come?

Why? Not to whom?

Not to anyone. It’s very far away. You must understand that in order to get to Bakchar, you have to make some incredible bad trip.

As in the rest of our country, if you want to get to remote regions.

But there is one point with the Tomsk region. For example, let’s take the Krasnoyarsk Territory – there, in addition to Krasnoyarsk, there are many more different cities and there are railways, buses, and so on. The Tomsk region, that’s all it is – Vasyugan swamps. And accordingly, there are three or four settlements, to which crap – you just have to fly on some raven. I’m not so attached to Bakchar roots to go there.And not to anyone, of course.

And Russia – in the figurative sense of the word – is a swamp, what do you think?

Russia – taiga, forest.

Taiga, forest – is this in a figurative sense?

In a figurative sense, this is the taiga, a dense, dense forest. Of course, I won’t call it a swamp – just a forest. You know, there are two forests in the world – this is the Amazonian selva and the Russian taiga, impassable, windbreaks, nothing is visible, darkness, forest, bears. This is how I feel Russia.

Writer David Grossman – about stand-up in Israel and the attraction of evil.

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