House cleaning singapore: 10 Best Cleaning Services in Singapore 2021 [Official Review]


10 Best Cleaning Services in Singapore 2021 [Official Review]

Living | October 19, 2021

In a busy city like Singapore where people have to spend at least 40 hours per week at the workplace, who still has the energy to keep up with the housework? Most of us are just too exhausted to do daily and weekly house cleaning tasks.

So hiring a part-time maid or using a regular housekeeping service is certainly one of the best solutions. When we leave the household chores in the professional’s hands, it is when we have more time with our family after work. It also means we can recharge our batteries to keep living an energetic life.

Now you want to know which are the trustworthy cleaning companies to check out?

Use our list to prevent getting lost in the forest of house cleaning services. Based on studying the services of a large number of Singapore’s cleaning companies as well as reviews and recommendations of real customers, our team has worked to come up with a list of the

10 most reliable names [updated 2021].

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Image: Whissh


  • Industry First – Eco-Friendly service provider: Whissh prides themselves as the first in the Industry to use Eco-Friendly products for all of their services.  Formulated and imported from their European office, the products are certified by EU Ecolabel’s stringent environmental requirement and Singapore National Environment Agency’s safety standard.  They are made from bio-degradable plant origins such as corn, sugar beet, and potato.  Their products are child and pet friendly and available for sale on their website.
  • High quality and trained crews:  With their own trained staff and industry-first dedicated Service Assurance Team, Whissh is oft-known to be No. 1 Home and Office Service Providers. Whissh serviced quality homes and offices across the Island, including many in Sentosa Cove and Bukit Timah Region. They even serve luxury yachts transiting through Singapore water.
  • Fully integrated service provider: Whissh has expanded its services to include Laundry, Plumbing, Aircon Servicing, Electrical Maintenance, etc. Booking for those services can be done online or a phone call away.
Image: Chiot’s Run


  • 50-year old brand: NTUC Income has been around since 1970. It is a well-established brand that loyal customers trust for various services.
  • Providing great cleaning service consistently: With years of experience in providing cleaning services to hundreds of clients, NTUC Domestic Cleaning has always been keeping its service outstanding and reliable. Professional, efficient, and enthusiastic working attitude are what customers praise for its service.
  • Well-trained cleaning staff: All cleaning personnel undergo a 15-hour training course before they are deployed for cleaning requests. They also go through on-the-job training to prepare them for the actual house cleaning jobs.
  • S$1,000 warranty: NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service offers a warranty of up to S$1,000 in case of damage to property or house items.
Image: Helpling Singapore


  • Reliable and high-quality cleaning service: The preferred choice for both Singaporeans and Expats. All cleaners on the platform undergo rigorous background checks and housekeeping training during onboarding.
  • Dedicated account servicing managers: Designated account managers are assigned to recurring customers. They act as your personal concierge to help resolve any booking issues.
  • Fast and efficient booking system: It takes less than a minute to make a booking on Helpling.
    A sparkling clean house is just a few clicks away!
Image: Home Cleanz


  • One of the biggest cleaning service providers in Singapore: Home Cleanz has a team of 70 cleaning and laundry staff, all are trained by experienced housekeepers. Besides cleaning services, the company also provides house maintenance services like upholstery cleaning, carpet shampooing, and curtain laundry.
  • Best choice for urgent cleaning job: Boasting a big team of housekeepers and a fleet of 10 vehicles located across Singapore, Home Cleanz can deploy their services at short notices.
  • Ironing and window cleaning tasks are included in regular weekly housekeeping service.
Image: Comfy Homes


  • A wide range of cleaning services: Comfy Homes’ maids specialize in interior and exterior housekeeping. Whether you need cleaning from floor to ceiling or targeted cleansing, you can’t go wrong with them. Doing laundry, mopping, dusting, window cleaning, linen changing, and vacuuming are some services the housekeeping company offers.
  • Hassle-free one-time spring cleaning service
    : Many people have a headache when the time for heavy-duty cleaning comes. If you are one of them, give Comfy Homes a call and you will have your sparkling-clean house or apartment. Though, make sure to provide the equipment for the spring cleaning.
  • Easy booking is another benefit the Comfy Homes cleaning service has for you. You can text them a message or make a quick booking via their website. Given that you need to speak with the operator, their phone lines are open every day from 9am to 6pm.
Image: House Cleaner Singapore


  • No agent fee and no placement fee at any point of time:
    Unlike other agencies, House Cleaner Singapore does not charge these admin fees. If you are not satisfied with any cleaner staff, the company will arrange another one for you free of charge.
  • Ironing and window cleaning tasks are included in the regular house cleaning service.
  • A one-stop service provider for all housekeeping needs: Besides offering services for regular house cleaning tasks, this company also provides other related services like carpet cleaning, laundry cleaning, aircon servicing, and house painting.
Image: Budget Cleaning & Housekeeping Services


  • Customer can pay cleaning fee after service is done: The company will only bill you after a cycle of cleaning is completed. Please note that customers still need to pay their admin fee upfront.
  • Offering non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly cleaning products at affordable prices: Its 10 item Home Detox Kit is offered at S$66 nett, which consists of a variety of specific cleaner liquid, tile spray, high-performance cloths, and sponge scrub and window squeegee.
Image: Auntie Cleaner


  • High-tech disinfecting services: Auntie Cleaner is known for its superior technology that ensures the safety of the clients and workers. Modern and advanced equipment is used by the cleaning staff to thoroughly clean your home or office.
  • Green cleaning products: Auntie Cleaner uses eco-friendly cleaning products that are not harmful to humans and the environment. These green products help lower the risk of respiratory and other health problems among the clients and the cleaning staff themselves.
  • No agent fee: Auntie Cleaner is one of the few cleaning service companies in Singapore that do not charge agent fees. This reduces the overall cost of the cleaning service which translates to additional savings for the customers.
Image: Fresh Cleaning


  • Well-trained and knowledgeable crew: Fresh Cleaning conducts weekly and monthly trainings for their employees to prepare them for the demands of the job and to make them readily available for deployment.
  • 3-step booking: Booking your cleaning slot with Fresh Cleaning is as easy as 1-2-3! You simply call or submit a form online. Then, the company will inspect the site and confirm your appointment.
  • No registration fee: Registration fee is zero, giving you more savings for your cleaning costs.
Image: SG House Cleaning


  • Reputable and adaptable cleaning service: After a session with SG House Cleaning, your property will be spotless. Whatever the job scope, SG House Cleaning takes pride in completing all cleaning jobs within reasonable time and prices. SG House Cleaning’s team of skilled cleaners are available to work 7 days a week, including public holidays, to suit your schedule.
  • No commitment cleaning service: For the weekly cleaning arrangement, customers can stop the service at any time, with no hidden fees or contract termination charges. Heading off on holidays? You can reschedule service for up to two weeks without any fees.
  • Referral discount for customers: By recommending the service to friends and family, you will receive a referral fee if they book a service.
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Fast and Efficient Booking System

Filed in best house cleaning services | January 04, 2021

Image: Helpling Singapore

Rated a whooping 4.7 stars by thousands of users on Google, Helpling is a top-rated cleaning service provider in Singapore. Their user-friendly online booking system, dedicated account servicing staff, and hotel grade quality cleaners guarantee to give users a delightful experience.

Image: Helpling Singapore


  • Reliable and high-quality cleaning service: The preferred choice for both Singaporeans and Expats. All cleaners on the platform undergo rigorous background checks and housekeeping training during onboarding.
  • Dedicated account servicing managers: Designated account managers are assigned to recurring customers. They act as your personal concierge to help resolve any booking issues.
  • Fast and efficient booking system: It takes less than a minute to make a booking on Helpling. A sparkling clean house is just a few clicks away!


  • Standard cleaning package: Dusting and wiping, vacuuming and mopping, rubbish removal, surface disinfection, and other housekeeping services.
  • Services on request: Fridge/oven cleaning, interior window cleaning, and ironing.

One-off cleaning: Book a cleaner at an hourly rate of S$28.

  • Cancel and reschedule for free up to 48 hours before the appointment date
  • No minimum commitment

Recurring cleaning: Book a weekly or biweekly cleaning from S$24/hour.

  • Retain your favourite cleaner every week
  • Dedicated account manager to assist with all booking inquiries
  • Enjoy extra savings with a minimum of 5 cleans

Note: A peak-hour surcharge of S$10 is applicable for weekend bookings.

The 10 Best House Cleaning Services in Singapore
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Home Cleanz Cleaning & Laundry Services: All Types of Cleaning

Filed in best house cleaning services | January 04, 2021

Image: Home Cleanz

There are two words to summarise the service of Home Cleanz Cleaning and Laundry Services: professional and competent. Operated since 2008, the company has served hundreds of satisfied customers, and its quality service has been featured in numerous local newspapers including The Sunday Times and Wanbao.


  • One of the biggest cleaning service providers in Singapore: Home Cleanz has a team of 70 cleaning and laundry staff, all are trained by experienced housekeepers. Besides cleaning services, the company also provides house maintenance services like upholstery cleaning, carpet shampooing, and curtain laundry.
  • Best choice for urgent cleaning job: Boasting a big team of housekeepers and a fleet of 10 vehicles located across Singapore, Home Cleanz can deploy their services at short notices.
  • Ironing and window cleaning tasks are included in regular weekly housekeeping service.


  • Regular Residential Cleaning: You can choose bi-weekly, weekly, twice weekly or thrice weekly house cleaning service to suit your needs. Price starts from S$160 for studio apartments below 800 sq ft to S$250 for houses above 1800 sq ft. Cleaning work is done by a team of two cleaners. Customer is responsible for providing cleaners cleaning equipment and materials.
  • Spring Cleaning: A team of three to four housekeepers will be assigned to clean your house for around 4-5 hours. Work scope includes cleaning living and dining rooms, all bed rooms, kitchen, all windows and other glass panes. Service rates start from S$288 for houses below 800 sq ft to S$550 for houses above 1800 sq ft on weekdays, and respectively from S$308 to S$600 on weekends. You can also contact Home Cleanz for a more accurate non-obligation on-site quote.
  • Window Cleaning: Prices are S$150 for HDB 2-3 bedroom / Condominium 2 bedroom, S$200 for HDB 4-5 bedroom / Condominium 3 bedroom, and S$250 for HDB mansionette / Condominium 4 bedroom.
  • Upholstery Cleaning: This service is offered for cleaning mattress and sofa. Prices start from S$70.
  • Carpet Shampooing: Service includes dry vacuuming, spot cleaning, and spraying carpet protector. Rates start from S$90.
  • Steaming and Sanitization: Cleaner uses steaming machine and approved chemicals to kill bacteria and dust mite. This service can be done to sofa, mattress, furniture, and whole house. Prices start from S$70.

NOTE: All prices are subjective to 7% GST.


  • Office: Monday to Friday 09:00 – 18:00
  • Home cleaning & laundry: Monday to Saturday 09:00 – 18:00
    (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)
The 10 Best House Cleaning Services in Singapore
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Cheapest Ironing Service in Singapore

Tired of going through the tedious task of pressing freshly washed laundry after a long day at work? Outsourcing this time-consuming task just might be your solution. Outsourcing will not only reduce your workload but leave your clothes looking well-pressed and crisp for everyday wear.

When hiring an iron service, budget is one of the things that many consider. Why pay a hefty price tag for a task that seems so mundane? Well, you do not have to! At, Singapore Cleaning Service, we offer the cheapest and most reliable ironing service in Singapore.

Ironing Service Singapore

Benefits of Hiring Ironing Services in Singapore

Are you too busy to iron your clothes? The main benefit of hiring ironing services is that it saves you lots of time. Hire our professional part-time helpers to do house chores such as ironing and cleaning for you.

Other benefits include:

  • Wearing clothes that have been ironed very neatly without any creases.
  • Clothes will be ironed differently based on material, protecting the cloth, and maintaining the colour.
  • Professionally ironed and thus eliminating odour, germs, and bacteria from the clothes.

Cheapest Part-Time Cleaning and Ironing Services in Singapore

At Singapore Cleaning Service, we provide one of the cheapest domestic ironing services in Singapore on a one-off or weekly basis. Our highly trained part-time professionals will come to your house and have your clothes ironed for you at an affordable price. Our services include:

  • Ironing for personal and commercial purposes
  • One-time, weekly, or bi-weekly ironing services

Simply book our ironing service for least 4 hours, provide an iron and ironing board, and our personnel will have your clothes sorted out for you.

To get a free quotation on our house cleaning and ironing solutions, contact us at (65) 8167 5339 or drop us an email [email protected] Alternatively, you could fill in our online form for the cheapest ironing service in Singapore.

5 House Cleaning Services in Singapore You Can Rely On To Keep Your Home Spick and Span (2019)

Don’t want to waste your weekend doing household chores yet not ready to commit to a live-in maid? A cleaning service or agency might be the answer to your problem.

Nowadays, cleaning services can be easily booked on the phone or online, saving you hours of time which can be better spent. They even offer a wide array of services ranging from ironing of clothes to cleaning window grilles.

Here are 5 Singapore’s house cleaning services that will take a load off your shoulders.


Top 5 Singapore’s house cleaning services in Singapore

One-time service (per hour) Monthly rate for weekly cleaning (4 hours)
NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service $42 to $55 per hour (2 domestic helpers) $280
Helpling $35 per hour $320
Whissh Home Cleaning Service $30 per hour $380
HelperGo $25 per hour $352
Home Cleanz Cleaning Service $160 to $1,020

*Where the monthly rate is not stated, we use 4 weeks, 4 hours each time to calculate the monthly rate.  


NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service

NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service offers either regular or one-time sessions.

The one-time cleaning price ranges from $126 to $220 depending on the size of your house and the timing that you engage them. You get 2 domestic cleaners and 3 to 4 hours worth of cleaning service.

Image source: NTUC Domestic Cleaning

It gets more expensive when it’s 3 weeks before festive occasions, and even more when it’s a weekend that precedes festive occasions.

For their weekly packages, which is applicable to houses with a floor area of 1,300 square feet and below, it costs $230 per month for 4 times, 3 hours per visit and $280 per month (4 times, 4 hours per visit). Again, it gets more expensive on weekends. Take note that you need to be committed for a period of 6 months for weekly packages, or there will be a 10% increase in prices.

General cleaning covers things like vacuuming, mopping, dusting, wiping and tidying of the entire house.

Other than the general coverage, NTUC cleaning service also includes the cleaning of windows and window grilles regularly (if you are signed up with a weekly package), as well as ironing of clothes at a maximum of 10 pieces per visit.

Contact: 67888788



Helpling is an established cleaning agency available in 10 countries including Singapore, which could explain why it’s being used by many expats as well as locals. They have an app that allows you to book and pay online easily.

A one-time cleaning service costs $35 per hour, and weekly or biweekly cleaning services cost $20 per hour, one of the cheapest in the market. A commitment of 3 months is required. There’s a $10 surcharge for Fridays and weekends.

Other than the standard cleaning duties, you can request for additional services like the cleaning of your oven, fridge and interior of windows.

Contact: 85984399


Whissh Home Cleaning Service

Whissh Home Cleaning doesn’t stop at just house cleaning and laundry. The company also does plumbing and electrical services. A one-time cleaning service costs $30 per hour.

For weekly packages, there are two to choose from. The first is priced at $380 per month for weekly cleaning, 4 hours per visit. The second is priced at $23 per hour for weekly cleaning with a commitment of 1, 3 or 6 months. There’s a $10 surcharge for Fridays and weekends.

Deep cleaning services are available for people who are moving houses or for those who have just finished their house renovations.

Singaporeans also regularly do deep cleaning once a year before Chinese New Year or other festive occasions. Deep cleaning includes tasks like stain removal, cleaning of ceiling fans and stand fans, deep scrubbing of bathrooms, and so on. This is priced at $35 per hour.

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your house needs, Whissh may be your most convenient option.

Contact: 6221 8626


HelperGo Singapore

HelperGo Singapore’s cleaning services can be booked via their app.

A one-time cleaning service costs $25 per hour, while weekly services cost $22 per hour. You need to sign up for a minimum of 3 hours per cleaning session. For additional hours on top of the minimum, cleaners will help in laundry and ironing as well as grocery shopping too.

If you sign up for their regular cleaning package, they will try their best to assign the same cleaner to you each time should you be happy with a particular cleaner’s service. Deep cleaning service is available for an additional $20 per hour.

For one-time services, hiring your preferred cleaner is chargeable at an additional $2 per hour.

If you are looking for helpers in other areas, HelpGo can also help with grocery shopping, cooking for the family, babysitting and even escorting someone for a medical visit.

Contact: 9426 8219


Home Cleanz Cleaning Service

Home Cleanz Cleaning Service is started by 2 young university graduates who aim to serve busy professionals with their cleaning services. Home Cleanz offers a diverse range of additional services including carpet shampooing, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, steaming and sanitization, floor scrubbing, pressure jetting, painting, curtain cleaning, marble polishing, parquet varnishing and air-con servicing.

There are only regular house cleaning packages available, ranging from $160 to $1020 depending on the size of the house and regularity. You can choose from once bi-weekly, once weekly, twice weekly or thrice weekly. Ironing and window cleaning are included in their basic cleaning coverage too.

Contact: 66532640


SG House Cleaning

SG House Cleaning’s one-time house cleaning service is at $100 for 4 hours. The rate increases with the number of cleaners and the working hours. Their weekly package ranges from $320 to $1,200 depending on the size of the house and regularity.

You can choose from once weekly, twice weekly or thrice weekly. The regularity of cleaning determines which house cleaning package you are paying for.

Package 1, which is once weekly, covers basic house cleaning. Package 2, twice weekly, covers basic house cleaning as well as laundry (but no ironing). Package 3, thrice weekly, covers basic house cleaning as well as laundry including ironing. You can also request for their clothes-ironing service separately at $100 for 4 hours. There’s a $10 surcharge for weekends.

The regular cleaning package includes windows and grilles, ceiling fans and stand fans, and internal surfaces of drawers, kitchen cabinets, fridges and wardrobes. However, do note that they may be done periodically and not at every visit).

Other types of cleaning services include post renovation cleaning, after party cleaning and pre-festivities cleaning.

Contact: 90614030 or 96263079 or [email protected]


Kmac International

Kmac International is an accredited cleaning service that specialises not only in residential cleaning but also in office cleaning, commercial cleaning, church cleaning and hotel cleaning.

There are only regular house cleaning packages available, ranging from $280 to $800 depending on the size of the house and regularity. You can choose from once weekly or twice weekly. Weekends are separately priced and you have to call in to enquire on the prices as it differs based on period.

Contact: 69093822 or [email protected]


Is a home cleaning service the same as a part-time helper agency?

With a maid agency, you get more insight about the cleaner you are engaging based on the agency’s recommendations according to your requests. Such customisation is possible with a home cleaning service too but it may not be as precise, especially if you are merely making a quick booking online.

With an agency, you can request for the same cleaner each time but with a cleaning service, cleaners tend to rotate and change often. Agency cleaners are also known to be more reliable as they are obliged to show up according to their contracts with the agency. For home cleaning services that engage independent cleaners, you might not have the same assurance.


How to avoid scam cleaning companies?

One key way is to avoid engaging independent cleaners that do not have the backing of a properly licensed company on sites like Carousell. If you are asked to transfer money to a personal account for cleaning services, it may likely be a scam. You should not make payment on any house cleaning services unless the transaction is secure.

Try to read independent reviews of cleaning companies before you commit, and if there are ad-hoc services to be done, make sure that the prices of the services are negotiated and in black-and-white before the cleaners start work.

Do you have a preferred cleaning service provider? Share with us your experience in the comments below!


Award Winning Cleaning Services Singapore | Rated No.1 for Service Quality [2021] $20 Off First Clean

No.1 Home Cleaning Service in Singapore

Helpling is the leading online platform to find and book reliable cleaning services in Singapore. With Helpling, you can book a professional cleaning service in less than a minute, freeing up your time for the more important things in life.

Simply tell us about your home so we can find a Singapore cleaner that fits your requirements, choose a time and date, then sit back and relax. Our cleaning partners are thoroughly vetted and background checked, in order to guarantee your cleaning is carried out to a professional-level.

As the home cleaning and spring cleaning services on our platform cover all rooms as standard, you can be sure after the cleaner leaves, your entire house will be sparkling. Things we cover:

  • Dusting furniture, wall hangings and electrical devices
  • Vacuuming carpets and mopping floors
  • Cleaning and wiping counter tops, cabinets and visible surfaces
  • Kitchen including sinks, work tops, appliance exteriors and cupboard fronts
  • Emptying the trash
  • Shower and toilets thoroughly cleaned
  • Bedroom cleaned and beds made

Why choose Helpling Singapore?

Helping provides access to vetted cleaning services to thousands of homes across Singapore. Our customers choose Helpling for the quality of the home cleaning provided by our partners, but also for our convenient booking system. With Helpling, you are only ever a few clicks away from a sparklingly clean home. Our customer website allows you to manage your bookings and payments easily.

Home cleaning services are competitively priced at $25 per hour for regular bookings and $35 per hour for a one off home cleaning. Thanks to our transparent pricing model, you know exactly how much your order will cost upfront. No surprises!

Our process for recruiting new cleaners is rigorous, and all our cleaning partners have passed an aptitude test, a face-to-face interview, as well as thorough background checks. All cleanings are backed by an insurance policy of up to $1 million, so in the (very unlikely) event that something goes wrong, your home and possessions are covered.

The dedicated Helpling customer care team is available to answer your questions, or to solve any problems. You can contact us from 9am – 6pm, Monday through to Friday.

Head over to our customer review page if you want to read first hand from our customers what they love about the Helpling cleaning services portal.

9 Best House Cleaning Services and Part Time Helper in Singapore (2021 Guide)

Hiring a maid might not be for everyone. But if you run a busy schedule, especially for working parents, and do not wish to see your house in shambles, you can hire a home cleaning service to keep your house tidy and in good shape. House cleaning service in Singapore can be cost-effective as you can determine the hours and frequency you want the cleaning to be. You can also hire them on demand whenever your house needs more attention i.e. before hosting family and friends. Plus, if you are not satisfied with the home cleaning service, you can easily switch services. Here are the 9 best house cleaning services and Part Time Helper in Singapore for you to reach out to. We also answer some FAQs that you may have regarding house cleaning below.

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This article is part of our Essential Home Services series. Find more services here.

This article was last updated on 11 February 2021.

9 Best House Cleaning Services and Part Time Helper Singapore

1. Helpling Singapore

Platform with well-reviewed house cleaners

Helpling Singapore is an online marketplace that allows customers to look for freelance house cleaners that service your home area. The Helpling platform makes booking very easy and seamless. It also has a rating and review system from customers is very helpful for you to pick the right house cleaner for your home.

Their rates start at $20 per hour with a minimum commitment of 3 hours per session. You can opt for a one-time, weekly or bi-weekly clean. For weekly and bi-weekly cleans, a minimum of 3 sessions is required. Like other house cleaning services in Singapore, additional charges may be applicable during Fridays and weekends, as well as peak and festive periods.

What we like most about Helping is their dedicated customer service team. They will help to service any queries or issues you have. Having a 4.7 Google rating by over 847 users, we can safely say that their platform is reliable for home cleaning services.

Best for: Quick online bookings on the go. You can make payments directly online by card.

2. NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service

Reasonable rates for long-term home cleaning services in Singapore

NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service allows you to hire an independent domestic cleaner on a weekly basis or for a one-time cleaning job. Whether you need someone to help you tidy up your space or you simply just need the floor vacuumed, you can find a reliable cleaner to help you out.

Their job scope is very thorough, and their cleaners are required to undergo a 15-hour training before being assigned to job requests. Rates start at $17.50 per hour on a weekday and $20 per hour on weekends. This package already includes ironing. Thus, you can just chill and relax during weekends. Payments are also very convenient since it can be done automatically via GIRO.

Best for: Long-term cleaning. Their rates are very reasonable for long-term packages.

3. Fresh Cleaning

Rated 4.7 by 199 Google reviews, Fresh Cleaning is another one of our top choices for house cleaning services. Their full suite of cleaning services extends to carpet and steam cleaning.

Their one-time spring cleaning service can help to completely refresh your home. Rates start at $198. You can also opt for their weekly cleaning packages. Fresh Cleaning prides themself in their locally trained house cleaners. They are professional and operational-ready for deployment. Having been in the industry for more than 5 years, Fresh Cleaning takes pride in its commitment to quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

Best for: Spring cleaning

4. Whissh Home Cleaning Service

Whissh Home Cleaning Service is a one-stop home service provider in Singapore. On top of providing laundry and home cleaning service in Singapore, they offer technical services such as aircon servicing, plumbing, and electrical maintenance.

Their rates start at $30 per hour for a one-time general cleaning service. Recurring weekly cleaning is available at $23 per hour and you can opt for a deeper cleaning package at $35 per hour.

Their service crew is trained by certified industry experts. Whissh also ensures to conduct necessary background and health checks for their home cleaners, so you can have peace of mind. All jobs are insured up to $250,000 for accidents and injuries. You can easily make a booking online or over the phone.

Best for: One-stop home service provider

5. Kleepers Singapore

Kleepers Singapore is not your ordinary home cleaning provider. Aside from the usual home cleaning tasks, they can also help you with other services such as moving or lifting furniture or items weighing more than 10kg. They are also adept in pet or pet-related cleanings, pest infestation removal (rats, lizards, and cockroaches) and many more.

They are recommended for their thorough and methodical cleaning process performed by cleaners trained by their Japanese and Taiwanese partners. Rates start at $22 per hour for your first cleaning session.

Best for: Homes with pets

6. Art of Cleaning

On top of regular house cleaning, Art of Cleaning specialises in carpet, mattresses, upholstery sofa cleaning. Rates start $98 per session for a general house cleaning and $80 for mattress cleaning.

7. Sendhelper

Sendhelper is a simple booking app available in Google Play or the App Store that helps you find help pre-screened and insured home cleaning service providers with just a few clicks of a button.

It provides flexibility and convenience with their easy scheduling feature and a secured in-app payment system where you can use your local or international cards. Their inclusive rates start at $20 per hour for recurring orders and $22 per hour for ad hoc orders. They also offer other services that address your varying lifestyle needs such as cooking and elderly care.

8. Part-Time Maid Singapore

Part-time Maid is another trusted home cleaning service in Singapore. They have been in the industry for more than 8 years, and they provide trained home cleaners that assist in your house cleaning needs. They have various weekly packages available to address varying needs ranging from $384 for a once a week 3-hour cleaning session. Their cleaning tools and solutions are safe to use and are certified ecologically friendly.

9. Butler

Butler was established in September 2016 and is considered to be the world’s first daily housekeeping service for residential apartments in Singapore. It is an all-in-one hospitality and property management service that provides not only housekeeping but also other services such as plumbing, pest control, pet sitting, electrical works but also luxurious services such as yacht charter, limo service, private chef and true to its name, exclusive butler service.

They provide solutions to your household duties that are suited to your modern-day living needs. Butler offers a transparent pricing structure and clear invoice statements. They have streamlined the procure-to-pay process so, you don’t need to worry about unexpected charges.

Best for: Homeowners of large landed properties.

House Cleaning FAQs:
What is professional house cleaning?

Professional house cleaning is when you hire a cleaning service to tidy your house. The standard services include sweeping/vacuuming, mopping, tidying of beds, cleaning of toilets, wiping down the kitchen, and disposing of rubbish. If you require more heavy-duty services like laundry or window cleaning, you will probably need more time.

How much does house cleaning cost?

Depending on the workload, the average cost of house cleaning per hour is between $20 to $50 per hour. You can get cheaper rates if you subscribe to a recurring home cleaning service in Singapore. Peak period rates (usually before festive occasions due to higher demand) are applicable.

How much time will it take to clean my house?

This will depend on how big your house is. For less than 1000sq ft of space, I would say 2-hours is sufficient time for basic cleanup. Frequency wise, if you do not spend much time at home, once a week can suffice. Some cleaning services like NTUC provide 2 cleaners for a bigger space.

Is it worth it to hire a cleaner, or do it myself?

It really depends on how much time you have and how much value you put to your time. If your time is worth $50 per hour and you are hiring a cleaning service for $20 per hour, that would be worth it. Also if you have other commitments that demand your time, like spending time with your kids, then it would make more sense to hire a cleaner.

I hope that this article has helped you to find the best home cleaning service for your home. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. 


90,000 Best Cleaning Services – Affde Marketing

Published: 2021-10-01

  • What is commercial cleaning?
  • What is household cleaning?
  • How to choose a cleaner?
  • Consecutive cleaning duties:
  • Reasons to contact cleaning services:
  • Cost of cleaning companies in Singapore

After a long day at work or school, we probably want a little break instead of spending tedious hours of cleaning. to keep our homes clean and clean.Or, you may want to relieve the burden of a family member who has to do household chores on a daily basis again, from cooking for everyone to sweeping and mopping.

We all need a break sometimes, and now that most of us work from home, a little help from the cleaning service would be a big boost! Don’t worry about overpricing, because the list we recommend will definitely be on the budget. The list covers both the cleaning of private houses and the maintenance of offices and large organizations.You can choose the number of hours, the type of cleaning, and even schedule regular part-time cleaning for your convenience.

In addition, payment methods via online payment are convenient. Reservations are also at your fingertips and you can easily reconfirm your timeslots. Thus, the quality of these services and the variety of services offered, as well as friendly customer service, are a reliable source of interaction.

What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is important for both small and large businesses because of its wellbeing and protection.A clean office or building will shelter office workers.

Office Cleaning: Cleaners work on the hour here. A cleaning team monitors the cleanliness of every part of the office.

Commercial cleaning service providers also clean kindergartens and schools where children are regular visitors.

Factory Cleaning: Cleaning of industrial premises is a prerequisite for meeting safety and fire hazard control standards.

Cleaning services for shopping centers: Maintains order in shopping centers.

Commercial Kitchens: Kitchen equipment is disinfected, prepared in accordance with safety standards, prepared to reduce the risk of fire, electrical outages, accidents.

Events: For parties or events, the pre- and post-operative cleaning teams remove rubbish and debris.

Technology is also how commercial cleaning companies benefit. Some companies offer electrostatic spray disinfection.

Commercial cleaning companies are also insured.

Therefore, a commercial cleaner should be used by commercial or specialist companies that require special methodology, certification and technology to thoroughly clean large areas.

What is household cleaning?

A household cleaner is often just that: a household cleaner.

Many household cleaners do not have laws governing cleaning techniques and materials, so standards are met in different ways.

In addition, the quality of cleaning varies greatly from cleaner to cleaner, as most residential cleaners do not necessarily have accreditation and training.

Cleaners are not insured, which means that in the event of a mistake they cannot be held liable.

Cleaning Service

Eunike Living

About Established in 2008, Eunike Living provides quality and efficient cleaning services.Their Singapore home cleaning services include spring cleaning and relocation services, as well as additional services such as handyman, steam cleaning and painting services. The friendly staff at Eunike Living serving over a thousand hotels in Singapore are professional and highly recommended.
  • Post-repair cleaning
  • Cleaning after moving / leaving
  • Pre-cleaning / cleaning when moving
  • Spring cleaning
  • Partial house cleaning
  • Painting services
  • Loader services
  • Floor Polishing
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Handyman Service
Pricing Call for a price or online quote on their website
Website: https //
Address 3012 Bedok Industrial Park E, Singapore 489978
Contact Telephone : (65) 9745 7148

Email : [Email secure]

Opening hours Monday – Friday: 09:30 – 18:30.
Review 1 “The best deep cleaning service in town.I didn’t expect my house to be so clean and spotless. I have used the services of many different cleaning companies in the past and have never achieved such a professionally delivered five-star result before. I will not try other companies in the future. Well done, Yunike Living! “- IMA Report
Overview 2 ” I ordered them for general cleaning of my office and was amazed at their professionalism and efficiency in cleaning. To be honest, I didn’t expect my office to be so nicely cleaned when I ordered them.It was money well spent with the Eunike Living cleaning service! »- Sana Movers

Cleaning Services

De Hygienique

About advanced dry cleaning technology from Europe, resulting in quality services. Featured on CCTV, CNA, Channel U and Singapore Home Decor, De Hygienic has a dedicated customer support team whose expertise in residential and commercial cleaning is readily available to any request.Clients’ needs are carefully analyzed and customized solutions are obtained.
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Sofa cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Disinfection service
  • Upholstery Service
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning the dining chair6 from the mattress
  • Cleaning the dining chair 6 from the mattress
Pricing Call or write to inquire
Website https: //
Address 53 Ubi Avenue 1, # 03-44 Paya Ubi Industrial Park, Singapore 408934
Phone (65) 6749 1950
(65) 8720 1164 Email: [email is protected]
Hours of Operation Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Review 1 “Communication was fast and recording was appointed quickly.It took less than an hour to clean the mattress and we were shocked to see the amount of dirt and dust in just 5 minutes of cleaning. As for cleaning the sofa, the carpet was protected before cleaning. I was impressed with the final result as they managed to remove the yellow stain from the couch.
Recommend their service! “- Stupid duo
Review 2 ” Very fast and prompt responses to my inquiries. Their service is impeccable! Fast and punctual team. Thank you for cleaning my mattresses so thoroughly! I will definitely recommend them to my friends! »- Atom Tan

or write to find out

Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning

About Founded in 2004, Home Cleanz is led by two graduates of the School of Design and Environment National University of Singapore.Home Cleanz ensures that the quality of their company’s service and after-sales service is top notch. The company uses safe hospital disinfectants and HEPA filters to reduce cross-contamination, and has a reliable and efficient team that can personalize their clients’ home and office cleaning needs.
  • Spring cleaning
  • Warehouse / Industrial cleaning
  • Residential regular cleaning
  • Regular office cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Pressure jet
Website https: // /
Address 7 Jalan Saudara Ku Singapore 457444
Phone Phone : (65) 6440 3342

Email : [Email secure]

Operating hours Operating hours:

Monday to Friday: 9:00 to 18:00

Sat: 9:00 to 13:00

Household cleaning and laundry:

Monday to Saturday: 9:00 to 18:00

Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

  • Far East hospitality
  • Volvo
  • Abirex Nigata
  • NOL
  • Tiger
  • PTT International Trading
  • 9093 Economy 9002
1 who came to my house yesterday was amazing! After so many years, my house needed a deep cleaning. And she did such an amazing job that I can’t stop praising her to my friends! Home Cleanz, you have a dedicated and dedicated staff. “- Ilene Chan
Review 2 “Fantastic team! The disinfection service is very well done. The team leader will not only make the extra effort, but will ensure that all aspects of cleaning my new apartment are in perfect condition. I am very glad and will recommend it to my friends without hesitation! »- Donnie Chia


Cleaning Service


About Pressto was founded in Spain in 1994 and is considered the world’s largest quality express network – dry cleaners with more than 500 outlets in more than 22 countries.Pressto specializes in using the latest dry cleaning and laundry technologies to achieve the best possible results in its services. They also have express delivery services as well as pick-up and delivery options to your home or office.
  • Dry / Wet Cleaning
  • Household Cleaning
  • Repair / Alteration
Pricing Call or Email
Website http: //
Address 619C Bukit Timah Road Singapore 269723
Phone (65) 81387544

Email: [Email secure]

9010 open Bukit Timakh Outlet

Mon – Sat: 8.00 – 20.00

Sun: 9:00 – 18:00

Marina Bay Link Mall Outlet

Mon – Fri: 10:00 – 20:00

Sat – Sun: 10.00 – 17.00

Scotts Square Outlet

Mon – Sun: 10:00 – 21:00

Review 1 “Five Stars!” – Roy Vaughn
Review 2 “Great job removing old stains where other cleaning products have failed.” – Owen Jones.

Cleaning services




  • Cleaning services for office and commercial premises
  • cleaning of homes and residential units, including regular cleaning, special cleaning and post-holiday cleaning.
  • Post-refurbishment + General cleaning
  • After lease, transfer, entry or exit cleaning
  • Part-time maid, babysitting and babysitting services (lowest rates)
  • https : //
Address 682A Jurong West Central 1, Singapore 641682
Contact +65 8595 8579

Email: [Email secure]

Review 1

Trying hard to staff for our cleaning needs! I stick to the agreed days, I definitely recommend it to office people! The price is also affordable.Our office is located very inconveniently, but we managed to find people. Thank you! “- Ms. Melissa

Review 2 ” Prompt and professional. Proactive communication and timely response to inquiries. I will definitely use them again! “- Mr. Shahrizad Hamid

0 9000 Mon – Fri)

  • 3 hours per visit 4 times a month ($ 230 per month)
  • 4 hours per visit 4 times per month ($ 280 per month)
  • Weekend package (Sat / Sun)
    • 3 hours per visit 4 times a month ($ 260 per month)
    • 4 hours per visit 4 times per month ($ 330 per month)
  • Rates are valid for premises with an area of ​​1300 sq.Ft. And below with a minimum maintenance period of 6 months. With a service period of less than 6 months, the service fee will be 10% higher.

    Cleaning Services

    NTUC House Cleaning Services

    About NTUC Income Domestic Cleaning Services allows customers to hire an independent household cleaner on a weekly basis.Customers can choose from two different types of packages to suit their specific home needs. All cleaners also undergo rigorous training before they are assigned work orders. While customers are required to provide cleaners with basic cleaning equipment, a price range is available for good service.
    • General cleaning of the house – vacuum cleaner, mop
    • Ironing
    • Washing windows, doors and gates (on a rotational basis)
    Package Pricing
    Address 75 Bras Basah Rd Singapore 189557

    (65) 6788 1777

    Review 1 “I am very pleased with the services provided by Income and Mdm Ho and will definitely recommend you to my friends.I have hired cleaners from various sources for many years and am very pleased with the services provided by Income and Mdm Ho. ” – Ai Ling Sim-Devdas
    Review 2 “I was very pleased and satisfied with the cleaning service provided by Income and Ivy. She always worked on time, quickly and efficiently. ” – Vanessa Katte

    Cleaning Service

    Helpling Singapore

    About Helpling is the leading online platform and marketplace that connects its users with cleaning service providers.All of their suppliers go through rigorous background checks to ensure the reliability and quality of cleaning. They also have a dedicated customer service team to fulfill your requests. Bookings through a website or app take less than 60 seconds, making it one of the most easily available home booking platforms. On their website, you can view cleaner profiles, hourly rates, and past customer reviews.
    • Standard cleaning package
      • Vacuum cleaner, floor cleaning, dust removal, bed cleaning, garbage collection, surface disinfection
    • Additional services (on request).
      • Oven Cleaning, Refrigerator Cleaning, Window Cleaning (inside)
    • Prices depend on the service providers themselves – from $ 26 per hour for a single booking and from $ 23 per hour for weekly / fortnightly regular bookings.
    • All meetings on Saturday and Sunday will be subject to an additional $ 10 fee.
    Website https: //

    (65) 3129 0042 in WhatsApp

    Hours of Operation Mon-Sun 9.00-18.00 Customer Service Phone
    Review 1 “I started using Helpling after reading some good reviews on the Internet. There was no fuss with the booking, you can choose several assistants to start with. What I love about this platform is that you can read their profiles and testimonials from other customers before deciding which assistants to choose.And once the helper is confirmed, Helpling will send updates and pre-service reminders. Fortunately, our assistant is very attentive to detail and meticulous. She is always punctual, if not earlier. Overall, the service is good. ” – MeeChain C
    Review 2 “I have been using their services for several months now and I am very pleased with the way they provide services! It is very easy to book, make changes and / or reschedule, and the assistant provided is very efficient, hardworking and accurate in their work.Overall my experience with this service was great and I will recommend it to everyone! »- Sunetra Biswas

    Cleaning Service

    Maid Part Time

    About With over 8 years of experience, Part Time Maid can offer affordable services and specializes in home cleaning services as part of their standard cleaning packages.Whether in a home or office, they offer competitive prices and reassure customers that they will provide quality services that will lead to a cleaner, healthier mind and body without the stress of over-cleaning. Reservations and payments can also be made online.
    • Spring Cleaning
    • Disinfection Service
    • Carpet Assistant
    • Housekeeping Assistant
    Inquiry Pricing Call for an Appointment or Request an Appointment Online
    Address 61 Kakit Bukit Ave 1, # 04-39G Shun Li Industrial Park, 417943 Singapore
    Phone (65) 86093600

    Email: [email protected]

    Review 1 “Good job, very hard work and hard work, book for 3 hours, work done in 2 hours and they automatically deducted 1 hour for me, really very cool” …- Linda Kwek
    Review 2 “Well trained part-time cleaners. Highly Recommended! “- Daniel Wong


    Cleaning Service


    About Officially Licensed Help To Clean Company in Singapore, offers high quality services at an affordable price.The cleaners on their platform have cleaners on our platform who first check their details before being allowed to join on board. This guarantees quality service and professional skills that will allow the client to get the best experience.
    • Spring cleaning
    • House cleaning (including special cleaning)
    • Office cleaning (including special cleaning)
    Pricing Call
    https: //
    Contact (65) 9005 7764

    [Email secure]

    Hours of Operation 24H Help Line
    Overview 1 “Simple and fast communication with HelpToClean from the moment you contact them. The customer service is one of the best on the market and my janitor was great and pleasant! Completed everything as needed on time. One thing that I really appreciate is the initiative to do additional things that she noticed along the way.Thank you! “- Veronica
    Review 2 ” Great experience with Helptoclean. The cleaner is instructive and punctual. Very responsive, responsible and responsive. Ensure customer satisfaction and satisfy customer needs and requests. Highly recommended to everyone. ” – Irene

    9093 90 to get the price

    Cleaning Service


    O The nimbus featured in Zaobao, Business Times and Straits Times is well known a cleaning service that has stellar reviews for its quality cleaning services.They have a wide range of services, from landscaping to regular cleaning, supplying supplies, moving services, general cleaning, electrical work and more. Crew members are certified and receive on-the-job training prior to commencing work. For corporate clients, Nimbus offers an integrated office management solution that eliminates the need for a company to manage multiple subcontractors.
    • Spring cleaning
    • Special labor
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Commercial and office cleaning
    • Service
    • Furniture upholstery cleaning
    Website https: // /
    Address 970 Toa Payoh North No. 06-21 S318992
    Phone (65) 8787 4824

    Email: [Email secure]

    Overview 1 “I preferred a single point of contact for my facilities and Nimbus has proven to be very effective in this regard. The operations team responds quickly to questions, conducts audits professionally, and their cleaning team members are more service-oriented and professional than other companies I have worked with before.I recommend to everyone. “- Michelle Qiu
    Review 2 ” Extremely professional corporate cleaning services with many hardworking cleaners exceeded my expectations! office cleaning contracts. ”- Gabriel Pang

    900t and residential premises in Singapore.From sofa cleaning to carpet cleaning, regular spring cleaning and marble cleaning, they offer customers a wide range of quality cleaning services at affordable prices. Clients can hire a part-time maid and choose between regular or one-off jobs depending on the client’s needs. 9090 http: //

    Cleaning Services


    • Regular General Cleaning
    • Office Cleaning
    Pricing Call or Email for Quotes
    Address 7500A Beach Road, The Plaza # 05-319 Singapore 199591
    Phone (65) 84171368
    Opening hours Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

    Sat: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

    Overview 1 “The gentlemen who helped carry out the services were highly professional, detailed and even gave me service advice.Thank you 🙂 “- Mondo
    Review 2 ” Very professional cleaning service. I highly recommend to all my friends who need cleaning in the future. ” – TC Yeoh

    Cleaning Service


    About DomesticONE offers both cleaning and babysitting services. From routine to special services, home and office cleaning will be performed by a professional and efficient cleaning team.They have been featured by CNA, The Asian Parent, Straits Times, Expat Living, and The Sunday Times. They are also MOM licensed and tested, fully trained and legally enforceable to provide customers with the best cleaning services. They also offer up to three replacements for our cleaning products and babysitting at no additional cost.
    • Part-time maids
    • Part-time cleaners
    • Regular cleaning
    • Special cleaning
    • Spring cleaning
    • Office cleaning 6 / after renovation
    • Cleaning
    • Childcare
    Pricing Call to Inquire
    Website https: //
    Address Tagora Lane 50, # 05-04 S787494
    phone (65) 63881329
    Opening hours Mon – Fri 9.00 – 21.00
    Review 1 “Great work from Sofia and the cleaning team for my new home.
    The team is efficient and well trained 👍
    A quick and friendly response from the administrator ”.- Jolene Chen
    Review 2 “I highly recommend Tanya. She is punctual, well trained and efficient. Responsive to reviews and very meticulous.
    Excellent customer support from the company. ” – Thomas M

    Cleaning Service

    Maid Laundry

    About Laundry Maid has special training and high quality of its team to provide individual and professional services to their clients.Convenient and easily accessible service, their house cleaning team has proven to be a good quality reliable partner.
    • Partial cleaning
    • Once a week, 4 hours per visit 4 times a month – $ 352 per month ($ 22 per hour)
    • 2 times a week, 3 hours per visit 8 times a month – $ 528 per month ($ 22 per hour)
    • 2 times a week, 4 hours per visit 8 times a month – $ 704 per month ($ 22 per hour) hour)
    • 3 times a week 3 hours per visit 12 times a month – $ 792 per month ($ 22 per hour)
    • 3 times a week for 4 hours when visiting 12 times a month – $ 1,056.00 per month ($ 22.00 per hour)
    Website http: //
    Address 509A Yishun Ave 4 # 04-18 Singapore 761509
    Phone (65) 81818577

    (65) 62823848

    Hours of Operation Mon-Fri: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm
    Sat: 9:30 am to 2:00 pm

    Cleaning Service


    About SparkCleanz has been tested by NEA, BCA and WSQ and provides home and office cleaning services.They provide cleaning, one-off cleaning and air conditioning services, just to name a few. All personnel are fully insured and trained in the use of equipment and products, and use efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning technologies. Thanks to the friendly staff and excellent customer service, customers will be satisfied.
    • Cleaning
    • One-time cleaning
    • Air conditioning services
    • Cleaning curtains
    • Disinfection service
    • Floor cleaning
    Call for price
    Website http: //
    Address 55 Serangoon North Ave 4 # 03-03, S9 Building Singapore 555859
    Phone (65) 9782 2035
    Hours of Operation Mon – Sun: 9.00 – 18.00
    Review 1 “Yes, yes and yes! Was happy with their deep cleaning service as my house was not properly cleaned for a while as it should and was happy with the overall service and cleanliness.After that I brought them in for regular cleaning – so grateful for the extra helping hand to keep the house clean! Special hi to Aaron for his willingness to help and for his flexibility and humility! “- Jean-Nicole Hee
    Overview 2 ” We invited them to do the spring cleaning, in particular, high ceilings, ceiling fans, lamps and tall cabinets. I am very satisfied and impressed with the cleaning. My house is in good condition now. Thanks to SparkCleanz for a good job.I highly recommend it to my friends. “- Eunice Keck

    Cleaning Service

    @ Absolute Cleaning

    About @bsolute Cleaning is committed to allowing customers to hire a professional and reliable company. a home service provider to have professionally trained staff to clean their home and positions itself as affordable yet efficient and effective for clients’ needs.In addition to a part-time maid service, there are also laundry, air conditioning and dry cleaning services.
    • Part-time maid service
    • Spring cleaning
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Air conditioner cleaning
    • Laundry Dry cleaning
    5 Pricing 9000
    • 4-hour package: from 399 $ (once a week, 4 cleaning sessions)
    • 3-hour package: from 359 $ (once a week, 4 cleaning sessions)
  • Spring cleaning
    • From 159 USD (1 person, 4 hours, <651 square feet)
  • Website http: //
    Address 61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1 # 03-05
    Phone (65) 8488 8444 (24 hours)

    (65) 6844 8444 (hours of operation )

    Email: [email secured]

    Review 1 “They were very dedicated and satisfied with the service. We especially appreciate our Win win cleaning lady. She was great and always provided us with the perfect home cleaning experience. ”- Naomi Hamann
    Review 2 “We were very impressed with the assistant Celeste who came in and did the cleaning. She did a great job and we were amazed. ” – Rachel Cannan

    000 per hour for the first session
  • Call for a detailed offer
  • Cleaning Service


    which forms a highly efficient and quality team.With Kleepers, customers can plan and confirm reservations almost instantly. There is also a customer dashboard for users to keep track of their bookings. With a friendly and reliable customer team, Kleepers will definitely give the customer a good impression of its reliability.
    • Regular cleaning
    • Special general cleaning
    • Spring cleaning
    • Entry / exit cleaning
    • Babysitting / babysitting service
    Website https: // /
    Address 10 Anson Road # 27-15 International Plaza Singapore 079903
    Phone (65) 81228113

    Email: [Email secure]

    Review 1 “I tried to find a good cleaning service at a reasonable price. I called Clippers and Miss Amanda was very kind and patient. She told me many options, including all materials, even a vacuum cleaner.The saw service was very good and professional. I would definitely recommend. If you choose Kleepers, you are in good hands. ” – Leila Campagnac
    Review 2 “Fantastic service. Incredibly professional and did a great job. We booked 2x 5 hours of spring cleaning and are very happy with the results! Cindy and Kim arrived at 8:45 am (15 minutes early) to make sure they got all the instructions to get started as soon as possible at 9.The work was very thorough! I highly recommend Kleepers! »- Charlie Anderson

    Cleaning Services

    KMAC International

    About Founded in 2010, KMAC International offers customized cleaning solutions. meeting the needs of customers. Providing a clean and supportive environment for customers, a qualified team will provide all customers with high quality services.KMAC International offers a wide range of services, from personal home cleaning to office cleaning. The materials used are also environmentally friendly and do not contain chemicals.
    • Office cleaning
    • Household cleaning
    • Steam cleaning
    • Maintain the cleanliness of property, premises and equipment.
    • Home cleaning from $ 180 / month
    • Commercial cleaning from $ 300 / month
    • Special cleaning from 200 $ / yen
    Address 2 Venture Dr, # 07-29 Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526
    Phone (65) 6909 3822

    Live chat is available from 9:00 to 18:00.

    Email: [email secured]

    Opening hours Mon – Fri: 8.30 – 18.30
    Review 1 “The cleaning service came up to them to leave! I am completely satisfied with their service! Will recommend to my other friends! 👍 “- Tae
    Review 2 ” Responsive customer service and cleaning lady did a really good job for me! ” – Chau Sin Ling

    Cleaning Service


    About Whissh allows customers to seamlessly participate in on-demand home services.By following 3 simple steps: “Book”, “Confirm” and “Clear”, customers can be sure that they will receive the highest quality service. All Whissh service team members have also received hours of training from certified industry experts. Whissh has also been featured on Channel 8 for using organic cleaning products and talking about the demand for his sanitizing services, highlighting the reliability of his services.
    • Regular house cleaning / general cleaning
    • Laundry service
    • Air conditioning service
    • Electrical services
    • Plumbing

    0 Pricing $ 30 / hour

  • Periodic cleaning: from $ 23 / hour
  • Deep cleaning: from $ 35 / hour
  • Website
    Address 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Central Singapore 059817
    Telephone (65) 6221 8626

    Hotline is open from 9:00 to 21:00 …

    Email: [email secure]

    Review 1 “I hired Visch to apply an antibacterial coating for my company and the result was excellent. The staff are very helpful and professional, answering all the questions we have.The price is very reasonable and definitely value for money. Received many good reviews from my staff after the service provided by Whissh. Highly recommended … “- Justin Tay
    Review 2 ” Hired Wissh the cleaner for my house. The team is very responsive, efficient and efficient. At the end of the session, my house was carefully cleaned and the windows were immaculate. 10/10 will use their services again! “- Celine Chu

    Cleaning Service

    Fresh Cleaning

    About Fresh Cleaning Company named kaodim “Pro of the Month”, was presented on Channel 8 as a reliable partner in the provision of cleaning services. They provide both regular cleaning of private homes and corporate offices and premises. Payment can also be easily made through AXS machines. Their professional cleaners are locally trained and knowledgeable and can be hired at an affordable cost.
    • House
      • Spring cleaning
      • Deep cleaning
      • Post-repair cleaning
      • Entry / exit cleaning
      • Weekly regular cleaning
      • 4

          Routine cleaning


            Routine cleaning

            4 Routine cleaning Post-construction cleaning

    Pricing Call for specific offer and individual packages
    Website https: //
    Address 1014 Geylang East Avenue 3 # 05-240 Singapore 389729
    Phone (65) 83332999
    Hours of Operation Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    Sat-Sun: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Outside office hours please Whatsapp
    Review 1 “This is my first time using a professional cleaning service.Went through many cleaning companies and finally this is the one that gives me the most reasonable offer with the fastest response. Ron (the boss) and his cleaning ladies came to my new location on schedule. He showed patience in solving my problems before starting my cleaning after renovation. After it was completed, I brought my parents with me, and we were all happy with the end result. It was a delightful experience. Thank you very much. “- Fidelia Chan
    Review 2 ” A group of 3 cleaning ladies was just in time and thoroughly cleaned every inch of our house.I am so happy to have used their services and will definitely recommend them to everyone! »- Judy Av

    https: //

    Cleaning Service


    About HomeFresh employs professional and experienced maids who provide fast and efficient cleaning services … With no hidden fees, both regular and special services make it easy for customers to book.All cleanings now also include precision disinfection of frequently used surfaces. There is also no mandatory monthly registration and maids are available to hire anytime the client needs it. Customers are expected to have their own cleaning equipment, but they can also ask HomeFresh to bring their own equipment for a minimal fee.
    • Housekeeping
      • Dining Room
      • Kitchen
      • Bedroom
      • Bathroom
    Address 75, # 02-02 Killiney Rd, 239529
    phone (65) 67344973
    Review 1 “At a reasonable price , professional service and hassle-free. Glad I found this service. I recommend to everyone. “- Flo Yo
    Review 2 ” Very satisfied with their service. Cleaning was quick but detailed. Response was quick too.Great job! “- SY See Towing

    Cleaning Service

    The Art of Cleaning

    About Art of Cleaning is proud of its one-stop, affordable cleaning company. Featured on Channel 8 as a reputable home and office cleaning service, they provide disinfection and sanitation services using non-toxic, alcohol-free disinfectants that are suitable for halal food establishments.Their reliable team is well trained and will provide customers with quality services at an affordable price.
    • Carpet cleaning at home / office
    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Mattress cleaning
    • Disinfection / disinfection


  • Sofa upholstery cleaning: from $ 60.
  • House / office cleaning: from $ 160 per session
  • Sanitization and disinfection: from $ 200
  • Website http: //
    Address Blk 1 Defu Lane 10, # 01-563, S539182
    Phone (65) 67881788

    (65) 98860178

    • Prime Supermarket
    • TCC
    • Bi Cheng Xiang
    • Parkway East
    Review 1 “Many thanks to Richie and his team for the smooth handover of my case.Use them to clean your home, curtains, mattresses, carpets and sofas. Their team of 3 can do it all in 6 hours and my house is immaculate! The landlord even took their contact for future cleaning services. ” – Chi Ann Jiloon
    Review 2 “Found the Art of Cleaning from an NEA approved disinfection contractor. Their quote is one of the most competitive with very detailed job descriptions.

    After the switch was removed, they made a deep cleaning with disinfection for my office.The job was done well and very professionally. We’ve already hired them for regular disinfection. ” – Kirsten Lum


    Cleaning Services




    • Commercial Cleaning Services 9000 services
    • Carpet cleaning services
    • Pest control services
    • Disinfection services
    Pricing Check their prices here
    Website https: //
    Address 8 Burn Road # 15-13, Trivex, Singapore 369977
    Contact Phone: +65 67419968

    Email: [Email secure]

    • Aesop
    • Hyundai Global Service
    • Evo Eurovision
    • CAE Flight Training in Singapore
    • Yoga Movement
    Review 1


    exceeded our expectations in terms of the level of services provided.Their concern for excellence and attention to detail that the company possesses is unmatched. Their account managers work very hard to maintain high standards of work with their people and pay great attention to our needs and feedback. ”

    Review 2

    “I used LUKIS cleaning services to clean my office regularly. They always came on time and did more than the company expected. I am very satisfied and will definitely continue to use their services.LUKIS has shown us that they are very responsible in their work and in the level of customer service. I highly recommend LUKIS to anyone looking for a reliable cleaning service provider for their office. ”

    Cleaning Service


    Address Ang Mo Kio St.62, # 04-09 [email] Singapore 569139
    Contact Phone: 6262 0530
    Email: [email protected]

    How to choose a cleaner?

    The difference between commercial and residential cleaners is the coverage they take on. Commercial cleaners are suitable for cleaning specialized areas such as schools, healthcare facilities and industrial facilities, while household cleaners are more suitable for households.

    Commercial cleaning staff employ trained technicians who use advanced technology to clean intensively to rigorous standards, while residential cleaners do not have specialized training or equipment.

    Commercial cleaners are insured, which means that any damage or theft that occurs during their routine cleaning is eligible for reimbursement, while household cleaners are not insured.

    Consecutive cleaning duties:

    Cleaning, storing and supplying designated areas (mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning ceilings, cleaning toilets, etc.)

    Perform and document scheduled inspections and maintenance work

    Carry out heavy cleaning work and special projects

    Notify management of any deficiencies or need for repair

    Making repairs, correcting

    Spot cleaning of spills

    Cleaning tables, seats and skirting boards

    Cleaning toilets and restocking supplies

    Washing doors and windows

    Making beds and beating pillows

    Folding clean linen

    Cleaning and disinfecting all relevant surfaces

    Careful handling of all furniture


    removes dirt deposits behind kitchen appliances

    Complete cleaning of all corners, including hard-to-reach places

    Removing mold from shower heads, kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles

    Doors stains clean from fingerprints.

    Reasons to contact cleaning services:

    Cleaners are trained professionals. They are trained in the correct cleaning, cleaning and disinfection techniques for your office space.

    When professionals are hired, they bring their supplies.

    They save you labor and time.

    The result is better if you hire professionals.

    Specialized tools and equipment: the professional supplier will keep abreast of the latest innovations in the cleaning industry.They bring the latest technology, materials and training.

    Trained and qualified personnel: professional cleaning company, highly qualified and qualified personnel. They are much more efficient.

    Reduce your environmental footprint: A reputable cleaning company will strive to ensure that environmental standards are met.

    A plan that suits your needs: a professional cleaning company will match the cleaning to your clothes.

    Achieve exceptional results: only professionals perform thorough cleaning.

    Time and tension from the shoulders.

    Standards above.

    Quality consumables are provided.

    Payment for the service: you pay only for cleaning.

    Eliminate Allergens: Free your home / office from germs.

    Extends the life of your home: Your home will last longer if it is not moldy, tarnished and decaying.

    Profitability: Special payment reduces costs.

    Cost of cleaning companies in Singapore

    NTUC house cleaning from $ 42 to $ 55 per hour (2 servants) $ 280

    Help $ 35 per hour $ 320

    Whissh house cleaning $ 30 per hour $ 380

    HelperGo $ 25 per hour $ 352

    Cleanz Housekeeping Service – $ 160 to $ 1020

    NTUC Household Cleaning Service

    NTUC Housekeeping Service offers both regular and one-off sessions.

    One-time cleaning prices range from $ 126 to $ 220 depending on the size of your home and the time you hired them. You get 2 house cleaners and 3-4 hours of cleaning.

    For their weekly packages, which apply to homes with 1300 square feet and below, it costs $ 230 per month for 4 times, 3 hours per visit, and $ 280 per month (4 times, 4 hours per visit).


    Freelance assistants typically charge $ 15 to $ 19 an hour.

    A typical HDB four-bedroom apartment will require 3-4 hours of cleaning. Based on four sessions per month, that would be roughly $ 180 to $ 300 over four weeks for weekly cleansing rituals. That’s reasonable – $ 65 per session.

    Typically a full-time home cleaning will cost you between $ 300 and $ 380 over four weeks in Singapore, depending on your location, area, cleaning requests and level of effort.

    Price list for cleaning depending on the area of ​​the house with a single visit:

    House type Size Regular cleaning Deep / Post-repair cleaning / Onsite cleaning

    Studio from 500 to 799 sq.Ft $ 75 $ 320

    2 Bedroom / 2-3 Room HD Condo 800 to 999 SqFt Ft. $ 87.5 $ 380

    3 Bedroom / HDB 4-5 Room Condo 1000-1399 SqFt Ft $ 100 $ 450

    4 Bedroom Condominium / HDB Mansion 1400 to 1799 sq. Ft. $ 112.5 $ 550

    Penthouse from 1800 to 2000 sq. Feet $ 150 $ 650

    Price list for cleaning depending on the area of ​​the house by the hour:

    House type Size Number of hours Estimated price

    Studio apartments from 500 to 799 sq.Feet 2.5-3 hours $ 75

    2 Bedroom Condominium / HDB 2-3 Rooms 800-999 Sq. Ft 3-4 h. $ 87.5

    3 Bedroom / HDB 4-5 Room Condo 1000-1399 sq. Ft 4 h. $ 100

    4 Bedroom Condo / HDB Mansion 1400 to 1799 sq. Ft., 4-5 hrs. $ 112.5

    Penthouse from 1800 to 2000 sq. Feet 5-6 Hours $ 150

    Editor’s Note:

    While every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy and fairness of this list, we acknowledge that they may contain inaccuracies.Therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact the above service provider for the correct information and / or give us the correct information.

    If you are a service provider and would like to be included in this list (MediaOne reviews are read by hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans), please contact us at [email protected]. IS FREE! Please allow up to 3 business days for us to review before modifying information or including your application.

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    90,000 Immigration to Singapore. Choice of serviced apartments

    Serviced apartments are suitable for expats, tourists and businessmen alike. This type of housing is an alternative to renting an apartment or a hotel room and provides for the possibility of concluding a lease agreement for a period of 1-2 days to 2 years.When renting an apartment, you get a spacious furnished apartment. In comparison with renting a standard apartment, the tenant saves his time by not having to purchase furniture, supply engineering networks, or hire a maid.

    Moving to Singapore for serviced apartments

    Singapore offers a wide range of serviced apartments, from luxury apartments to budget options. The rental price depends on the location of the housing, the cost of furnishings, the set of services and the rental period (the longer the period, the lower the cost).

    Luxury serviced apartments – an alternative to 4-5 star hotel rooms. It provides laundry, housekeeping, concierge services, a swimming pool and gym. The rent starts from 7 thousand Singapore dollars per month.

    Budget Serviced Apartments – the choice of budget-conscious expats. Maintenance services are available here, but some technical tools may not be available. There are also options with maid service.Rentals start at S $ 3,500 per month.

    Moving to Singapore Financial District

    The Central Business District has several names: Financial District – financial district, Central Area – central area, Central Business District or CBD for short – central business district. It is the hallmark of today’s Singapore, testifying to the country’s economic strength and prosperity. In the central area you can see unique, unusual buildings of the Art Nouveau style.A large number of hotels, shopping and entertainment centers are located here. Housing belongs to the “luxury” class.

    Serviced Apartments in Downtown Singapore can be rented at:

    222 Studio – is a modern home offering one-room serviced apartments. Nearby are Outram Park and Tanjong Pagar Station, shopping and entertainment center. Among the services it is worth noting apartment cleaning, concierge and laundry services, security service, multipurpose and entertainment halls, business center.The apartments have air conditioning, cable TV, internet, safe, equipped kitchen, bathroom. Rentals start at S $ 1,040 per week or S $ 2,600 per month. Contacts: 231 Cantonment Road,

    Aurealis Serviced Residence is centrally located near Marina Bay, Raffles Quay, Robinson and Asia Square. The apartment is furnished.They have all the necessary amenities such as a printer and scanner, cordless telephone, ironing board and iron, a well-equipped kitchen with cutlery and crockery. The residents are offered cable TV, swimming pools, tennis courts, a steam room, a gym and aerobics room, a barbecue area, and a business center. The basement of the house has its own shopping center with a large number of shops, restaurants and cafes, ATMs. Rent for 1 month starts from 8 thousand Singapore dollars.Contacts: 2 Marina Boulevard, (65) 6509 0100,

    CityStay – Serviced apartments close to Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar and Street Club stations. The chain also has apartments near Changi Business Park, Changi Airport and other residential areas on the East Coast. We offer one-, two- and three-room apartments with furniture, equipped kitchen, cable TV and telephone, dvd-player, internet and laundry. Also, guests can visit the gym, swimming pool, jacuzzi, use the barbecue area.The offered range of services: daily cleaning (working days) with change of linen and towels, round-the-clock security. Daily rent from S $ 229. Contacts: # 26-04, 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, 65 6100 8710,

    Immigration to Singapore at Orchard Road

    Orchard Road is the heart of Singapore. This street is wide and lined with trees. A large number of hotels and shopping centers are located here. Living in the Orchard Road area, you have convenient access to the business district, shopping and entertainment centers, local and international schools.Housing on Orchard Road is classified as “luxury”

    Orchard Road Serviced Apartments can be rented at:

    Orange Regency is a house just a 10-minute walk from the main street of Singapore – Orchard Road. Nearby are the Botanical Gardens, American Club, Pine Tree and Tanglin Clubs. Among the services you will find a swimming pool and a Japanese bath, a gym, a parking space, a barbecue area, 24-hour security. The monthly rent for a 4-room apartment is approximately S $ 14,000.Contacts: 101 Fernhill Rd, 65 6223 5223.

    Orchard Parksuites is a prestigious building with 255 apartments. Located in the very center of the district. Within walking distance are the subway, Takashimaya shopping center, school, American club and Embassy Row. The apartments are as follows: bathroom, master bedroom with double bed, telephone and fax, cable TV and video player, Hi-Fi system with CD player, kitchen, refrigerator, air conditioning, microwave, cutlery and crockery, safe, hairdryer , ironing board and iron.They also provide services of a gym, sauna and steam bath, free parking for 1 car, tennis court, pool and jacuzzi, barbecue area and playground. Daily cleaning and linen change (excluding weekends and holidays), 24-hour security service, free breakfast (excluding weekends and holidays). The minimum rental period is 7 days, the rental price depends on the size of the apartment and starts from 3500 Singapore dollars per week. Contacts: 11 Orchard Turn, 65 6428 8600.

    Regency House – This apartment is located between Fort Canning and Orchard Road close to Raffles Place, shopping malls and fashion boutique Clarke Quay, Somerset or Dhoby Ghaut stations. The apartments have a spacious living and dining room, a large kitchen with all the necessary equipment and utensils, air conditioning, cable TV, video player, internet access, safe. Offers pool, jacuzzi, concierge, fax and voicemail, fitness and business center, daily housekeeping (excluding weekends and holidays), parking, barbecue area, laundry, airport shuttle, complimentary breakfast (excluding weekends and holidays).The rental price per month is from 9 thousand Singapore dollars. Contacts: 121 Penang Rd, 65 6737 8828.

    Shangri-La Apartments is a house in the center of Singapore with 127 apartments. The apartment is fully furnished. It is possible to rent a 1-, 2- or 3-room apartment. Walking distance to Orchard Road. The residents are provided with a swimming pool and jacuzzi, tennis court and Russian bath, parking, laundry (self-service), barbecue area, business center with a private meeting room.The range of services includes concierge, 24-hour video surveillance, daily cleaning (excluding weekends and holidays), food delivery. The rental price depends on the size of the apartment and starts at S $ 3,500 per week. Contacts: 1 Anderson Rd, 65 6213 4635,

    Somerset Compass is a home located close to Orchard Road, MRT station and downtown Singapore. There are 72 apartments in the house with equipped kitchens, cable TV, air conditioning, telephone, bathroom, internet, safe, washing machine and ironing board with iron, dryer, alarm clock.Also guaranteed 24-hour security, free travel to certain sites, dry cleaning and laundry services, sauna and jacuzzi, gym and swimming pool, playground, business center. The minimum rental period is 7 days, the rental price per day is from 250 Singapore dollars per day. Contact: 160 Orchard Rd, # 06-01 OG Orchard Point, 65 6735 0500,

    Treetops – a house a few minutes from the main street with 220 apartments of different layouts.The house is surrounded by lush greenery and waterfalls. Services offered: daily cleaning and linen change (excluding weekends and holidays), 24-hour security and customer service, laundry, dry cleaning, free internet access, free breakfasts and daily shuttle services, free local calls, business center. The apartments have an equipped kitchen, safe, telephone, cable TV, iron and ironing board, video and audio player. Also at the disposal of residents is a jacuzzi and a swimming pool, gymnasium, cafe, sauna, barbecue area, tennis court and jogging track, spa treatments, parking space.The minimum stay is one week (7 days), the price per day is from USD 200. Contact: No. 7 Orange Grove Road, (+65) 6887 0088,

    Immigration to Singapore in the Singapore River Valley area

    The Singapore River Valley is a popular destination for immigrants due to its close proximity to the city center, Orchard Road, international schools, nightlife and some of the country’s finest restaurants. Accommodation in this area is of the “luxury” class.


    Fort Canning Residence is a home located near UE Square, Fort Canning Park and the Singapore River. Nearby facilities include Robertson Quay, Shenton Way, Raffles Place, Orchard Road, Clarke Quay, Dhoby Ghaut Station and City Hall. Apartments have 1 or more bedrooms, living room, kitchen and laundry. It offers residents a concierge, cleaning (on weekdays), swimming pool, tennis court, spa services.Minimum stay 1 week, average weekly rent S $ 2,000. Contacts: 6 Fort Canning Rd, 65 6338 4222.

    Great World Apartments – house with 302 apartments. Nearby are the Orchard and Outram stations, and Changi Airport is only 30 minutes away. The range of services includes apartment cleaning 3 times a week, grocery delivery, shuttle bus to Orchard, Tiong Bahru and Chinatown stations, business district and Alexandra Road. Residents receive certain discounts and privileges when purchasing in outlets and stores of the Great World City Shopping Center.Recreation areas: bar, sauna, barbecue area, swimming pool, gym, playground, basketball court, tennis court. Minimum stay is one week (7 days), price per night from S $ 500. Contacts: 2 Kim Seng Walk, 65 6722 7000,

    Singapore immigration to Bukit Timah

    This area attracts immigrants with the world famous forest park, where the nature of the jungle is preserved and a lot of animals and birds, including monkeys, live.Housing here is classified as a budget option.


    Meadow Lodge is located near the reserve and a number of schools (Canadian International School, Ngee Ann Polytechnic University and Singapore Institute of Management). Also nearby are King Albert Park Cold Storage Supermarket, Bukit Timah Plaza and Shopping Center and McDonalds. Residents are offered not only apartments, but also recreational facilities such as a playground, fitness room, gym, swimming pools, barbecue areas.Monthly rentals start at S $ 5,000. Contacts: 31 Chun Tin Rd, 65 9007 4274.

    Wilby Bukit Timah – house just a few minutes drive from the city center. Each apartment has air conditioning, video and CD recorder, refrigerator, oven, cable TV, dishes, cutlery, safe, hairdryer, ironing board and iron, washing machine with dryer, fax. Monthly rent starts at 4.5 thousand Singapore dollars.Contacts: 25 Wilby Rd, 65 6305 0505,

    Singapore Immigration to Bugis Square

    Bugis Square, located on the street of the same name, is a great place for meetings and walks. There are shopping and entertainment facilities, as well as a beautiful dancing fountain. Housing here is classified as a budget option.


    Bugis Plaza is located near Bugis Junction Shopping Complex, within walking distance of Shenton Way, Raffles Place and Marina Center.The apartments are decorated in a modern style, have a separate living and dining room, kitchenette, bedrooms (one or two). Recreation facilities include a swimming pool and solarium. The rental price is from 5 thousand Singapore dollars per month. Contacts: 200 Victoria St, 65 6557 6557.

    Wilby Central – 20-storey building close to Bugis and City Hall metro stations. The tenants are offered studios, one or two-room apartments and suites. All apartments have an equipped kitchen, TV with cable channels, internet, video and audio player, iron, ironing board, safe.Apartments are cleaned 3 times a week, laundry and dry cleaning services, round-the-clock security are provided. The house has a gym, jacuzzi, steam bath, barbecue areas, business center, parking. Rent for 1 month starts from 4 thousand Singapore dollars. Contacts: 15 Queen Street # 01-01, 65 6868 1888,

    Immigration to Singapore East Coast

    Earlier (until 1970) the East Coast was a zone of plantations and estates.However, during the period of Singapore’s economic growth, residential apartment buildings began to be built here, the Paya Lebar Air Base appeared, and then the Changi International Airport. Much of the coastline has been altered for the opening of the park. Today the East Coast includes beaches, hotels, entertainment complexes, places for sports and leisure, and a mini golf course. Despite this, apartments in this area are classified as budget options.

    Where can I rent a serviced apartment here?

    Dunman View is located just a short walk from Paya Lebar Station, Victoria College, Tanjong Katong Girls High School, CHIJ Katong Monastery, Chung Cheng High School and Korean School.Nearby are Parkway Parade Shopping Center, China Swimming Club and East Coast Park. In addition to basic security and cleaning services, recreation facilities are provided: a fitness area, a children’s pool and playground, barbecue areas, a jacuzzi, a gym, a multifunctional hall. Rent for 1 month starts from 4 thousand Singapore dollars. Contacts: 100 Haig Rd, 61000300.

    Lotus at Joo Chiat is located in Peranakan microdistrict. It is a house with 32 apartments located next to a park.The apartment is furnished, among other amenities there is a laundry, 24-hour security, swimming pool, solarium, barbecue area, gym, playground and parking. Rent for 1 month starts from 4 thousand Singapore dollars. Contact: 89 Joo Chiat Pl, 65 6348 8206,

    Immigration to Singapore West Coast

    The West Coast was formerly a wetland. Now it is a hilly and green part of Singapore with workshops, industrial buildings, business districts and hotels.Also in this area is the National University, a theme park called Haw Par Villa, a golf course. However, the West Coast has become popular thanks to the Jurong Bird Park. Apartments in this area are classified as “luxury”.

    Interesting serviced apartment rental offers:

    Redwood West is a 4-storey residential complex with 106 apartments. Each apartment is furnished in an ethical and Asian style, and some have a Jacuzzi in the bathroom.Tenants are guaranteed a standard set of amenities, complete kitchen and laundry facilities, 24-hour security, the opportunity to swim in the pool, visit the solarium, bar, steam bath, gym, cook a barbecue in a designated area, put your car in a free parking space or spend time with children in the playground or in the children’s pool. There is also a free shuttle bus service to the National University of Singapore, National Hospital, Science Park I & II and Alexandra Techno, HarbourFront and metro stations.Rent for 1 month starts from 4 thousand Singapore dollars. Contacts: 231 Pasir Panjang Road, 65 6773 3648.

    Village Residence West Coast – apartments just 5-10 minutes from the National University of Singapore, Biopolis and Fusionopolis, 20 minutes from Orchard Road and the business district. Also worth noting is the nearby location of Passir and Labrador Park. Lovers of flora and fauna will be interested in Kent Ridge and Southern Ridges.The apartments have: cable TV, internet, air conditioning, washing machine, ironing board and iron, hairdryer, kitchen with all the necessary equipment and utensils. Extras: parking, children’s playground, gym, jacuzzi, barbecue area, sauna, swimming pool and tennis court. The minimum rental period is 7 days. Rent for 1 month starts from 4 thousand Singapore dollars. Contacts: 154 West Coast Road, S127371, +65 6773 0095.

    Serviced Apartments Sentosa Island

    Sentosa Island is a popular resort, once an agricultural island.It attracts tourists and locals alike with its gigantic theme park with 3 beaches and a wide variety of activities. Apartments in this area are classified as “luxury”.

    One of the more popular homes offering serviced apartments is Club at Capella Singapore . This is a house with 62 apartments with sea views (from 1 to 4 bedrooms), 10 2-storey penthouses and 9 self-contained estates with a private pool.Each apartment is fully furnished and equipped with amenities. Residents of the home enjoy exclusive discounts and conditions at Capella Singapore. Services: 24/7 security, internet and cable TV, cleaning on weekdays, laundry and dry cleaning, babysitting and limousine services, free shuttle bus to VivoCity’s Harbourfront metro station and CBD, fitness center, playground, swimming pool, pool tables, table tennis, parking. Rent for 1 month from 9 thousand Singapore dollars.Contact: 1 Knolls, Sentosa Island, (+65) 6591 5015,

    Other options for renting serviced apartments

    International Service Apartment Pte ltd ( offers apartments in the following buildings:

    • Alexis – 356 Alexandra Road 159949, rent from S $ 4,190 per month.
    • Birmingham Mansions – 130 Thomson Road 307682, rentals from S $ 6,090 per month.
    • Dover Parkview – 30 Dover Rise 138687, rentals from S $ 5,390 per month.
    • Heritage View – 10 Dover Rise 138680, rentals from S $ 5,390 per month.
    • Hundred Trees – 85 West Coast Drive 128001, from S $ 5,590 per month.
    • La Crystal – 160 Killiney Road 239568, rentals from S $ 6,390 per month.
    • Queens – 10 Stirling Road 148954, rentals from S $ 6,190 per month.
    • The Parc – 1 West Coast Walk 127140, from S $ 5,590 per month.
    • Visin Apartments – 9 Surrey Road 307747, rentals from S $ 2,200 per month.
    • Viva Vista – 3 South Buona Vista Road 118136, rent from S $ 3,900 per month.
    • 10 Surrey Apartments – 10 Surrey Road, rentals from S $ 4,590 per month.

    Somerset ( offers apartments in the following houses:

    • Somerset Liang Court Singapore: No.177B River Valley Road, 65 6736 9800, starting from 7,000SGD per month.
    • Somerset Orchard Singapore: 160 Orchard Rd, # 06-01 OG Orchard Point, 65 6735 0500, rentals from 6,900SGD per month.
    • Somerset Bencoolen Singapore: 51 Bencoolen St, 65 6849 4688, rentals from 6,800SGD per month.

    Fraser Suites Singapore ( offers apartments for rent from USD 220 per night in the following houses:

    • 491A River Valley Road, 65 67 375 800.
    • 11 Unity Street.

    LMB Housing Services (16 Ayer Rajah Crescent, # 06-05C, 65 6304 8069, offers apartments with rentals from 4000SGD per month in the following houses:

    • Queenstown / Alexandra: 356 Alexandra Road.
    • One North / Buona Vista: 7 One-North Gateway.
    • Kent Ridge / NUH / Science Park: 1 to 6 Normanton Park.
    • Holland Village: 1 Ford Avenue.
    • Clementi / West Coast: 1 to 15 West Coast Walk.
    • HarbourFront / Mount Faber: 102-108 Wishart Road.

    Pan Pacific Serviced Suites offers apartments in the following buildings:

    • BeachRoad: 7500B Beach Road, 6678 8888, , rent from 200USD per day.
    • Orchard: 96 Somerset Road, 65 6884 5222, , rent from 200USD per day.
    • Pan Pacific Singapore: 7 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, 65 6336 8111,, rent from 200USD per month.

    Uncharted Homes (phones 9648 4307/8238 8279/8712 4152, offers apartments with rent from 2,000 per month in the following houses:

    • Uncharted Homes at Tanjong Pagar: 2 Mistri Road.
    • Uncharted Homes at Aljunied: 10 Aljunied Road.
    • Uncharted Homes at Queenstown: 356 Alexandra Road.

    Le Grove Serviced Apartments: 32, Orange Grove Road, 65 6732 2212,, rentals from 6,500SGD per month.

    Metro Residences: 1 Syed Alwi Road, # 05-03, 65 6513 0030, http: //, rent from 3700SGD per month.

    Citadines Mount Sophia Singapore: 8 Wilkie Rd, 65 6593 8188,, rent from 5,900SGD per month.

    One North Bridge Serviced Apartments: 1 Coleman St, 65 6254 3333,, rentals from 5,500SGD per month.

    Parkroyal Serviced Suites Singapore: 7500A Beach Rd, The Plaza # 01-345 / 346, 65 6296 2511,, rentals from 7,400SGD per month.

    Atas Residence: 8 Scotts Rd, 65 9338 6098, http: //, rent from 6500 SGD per month.

    Cayden Riverfront Residences: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central, 65 – 62221625,, rent $ 200 per day.

    Swissotel The Stamford – 5 Star Hotels in Singapore

    To ensure the health and safety of our guests, we have implemented stringent security measures at the hotel. Check out the security measures that will be taken during your stay.

    Immerse yourself in a world of comfort and unrivaled Swiss hospitality at Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore’s leading business hotel and one of the tallest buildings in Southeast Asia.This hotel is ideally located in the heart of Singapore, right next to City Hall MRT Station and other major transport hubs. Enjoy a luxury hotel stay in one of the city’s finest neighborhoods, close to world-class shopping, dining, entertainment and business.

    Our 1,252 beautifully decorated rooms and suites offer the highest level of comfort. They open out onto a private balcony with stunning views of the Singapore skyline and nearby Malaysian and Indonesian islands.Rooms have high-speed Internet access, and standard Wi-Fi is available in the hotel’s public areas. Designed for executive traveling executives, the Level 65 Lounge offers a wide range of business services to make working away from home comfortable and productive.

    At the Raffles City Convention Center, over 10,030 sq. m, unparalleled, 34 versatile, fully equipped meeting rooms at your disposal, suitable for events of all sizes.All premises are equipped with the latest technology. Every detail is thought out to the smallest detail. A team of experienced conference specialists will take care of all the organizational issues so that you can fully focus on your business meeting.

    Indulge your inner hedonist with a superb meal at one of Swissotel The Stamford’s 13 restaurants and bars, including JAAN by Kirk Westaway, a one-star Michelin-starred Singapore.

    Learn more about our services and facilities.

    90,000 Ulyanovsk residents are invited to attend subbotniks on October 3 – Ulyanovsk today

    Sanitary Friday is a great way to put your territory in order, communicate with everyone in an informal setting and get positive emotions. Today, October 2, subbotniks were held throughout Ulyanovsk. All efforts were thrown into creating comfort and cleanliness on the streets of his native city.

    1167 enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership, more than 3500 people, are involved in cleaning, 137 units of equipment are involved.

    – Today, as part of Sanitary Friday, subbotniks are held throughout the city. So, on UKSM street in the Zasviyazhsky district, together with residents, partial felling of trees, dead wood, grass mowing, and cleaning of the territory is taking place, – said the first deputy head of the city Sergey Mishin. – Cleaning was organized as part of the autumn improvement month. Hopefully this area will get a favorable look during this month.

    The inhabitants of the district themselves initiated the establishment of order here.Last week, residents of house No. 13 on UKSM street expressed a great desire to improve the local area and create a public garden here. The administration responded quickly. A team of Vodokanal and Dorremstroy employees started clearing the area today. To help people were given equipment: KamAZ and a tractor-loader.

    – On the territory of house No. 13 of the UKSM we organized work on cutting down overgrowth, mowing grass. At the same time, garbage collection and collection is organized. In total, about 50 people of municipal workers are involved in the work.Several residents of the house also came. We, in turn, will go through all the appeals and complete the work in full, – notes the deputy head of the city, head of the Zasviyazhsky district administration Nail Yumakulov.

    People are only happy with such a prompt response to their appeal.

    – I would like to thank the administration of our city and the administration of the Zasviyazhsky district, as well as deputy Konstantin Zonov for the prompt assistance in organizing the cleaning of our local area, says Nina Zaitseva, a resident of house No. 13.

    According to the city administration, Saturday clean-ups in Ulyanovsk will be held tomorrow, on October 3. Urges residents to join these works and the head of Ulyanovsk Sergey Panchin:

    – While the weather is relatively warm outside, we need to clear the courtyards, roadside areas, boulevards and squares from debris and fallen leaves. Therefore, I appeal to citizens with an appeal to put things in order in their yards.

    It is already known that on Saturday the residents of houses №23-30 on Vatutin Street and №37-39 on Narimanov Avenue will go out on Saturday for the cleanup.

    Together with the City Duma deputies, residents of house No. 100 along Moskovskoye Highway, No. 33, 35, 37, 43 and 45 along Rostovskaya Street, No. 13 and 19 along Shigaeva Street will be cleaned up in the adjoining plots, and residents of the Peski microdistrict will clear the Sviyazhsky coast of debris …

    TPS “Gemini” will lead its activists to clean up the territory near house 21 on Ho Chi Minh, TPS “Town on Rifle” – near house No. 10 on the 154th rifle division, TPS “Imeni Sholmov” will clean up on the approaches to school No. 78 and behind house no. 7 on Sholmova street, TPS “Imeni Rudenko” – at house no. 7 on Korunkova.

    In the Zavolzhsky District, TPS “New Life” will plant tulip bulbs on the Veterans Alley, TPS “Mayak” – the improvement of the alley on Vracha Mikhailov Street, TPS “Admiral” – the arrangement of the green zone on Nakhimov Street.

    Management companies are ready to provide the participants of the cleanup with entrenching tools and garbage bags under the responsibility of the elders at home.

    Residents can put all the garbage collected in bags along the roads, within a few days the city services will organize its removal.

    90,000 Home Assistant – Unique Singapore

    One of the undeniable advantages of living in Singapore is the ability to hire a home assistant for a relatively low cost. This is especially appreciated by couples with children: the maid, who lives with them, is engaged in cooking, cleaning the house, shopping, as well as ironing the clothes and looking after the children. Parents, on the other hand, have much more free time that they can devote to communicating with children.

    According to the statistics of the Ministry of Human Resources, as of June 2017, 243 thousand domestic helpers work in Singapore. Most come to Singapore from Indonesia and the Philippines.

    These diligent and conscientious women are often referred to as “maid”, but the more polite and correct names are “foreign domestic worker” (FDW) and “domestic helper”.

    A permanent housemaid living in your home will cost from S $ 500 to S $ 700, and sometimes S $ 1000 per month, depending on experience and competence.In addition, the employer is required to pay a monthly government fee of S $ 265, as well as an S $ 5,000 bond, which is guaranteed in the form of an insurance guarantee along with compulsory accident insurance. Such a policy can be purchased from any insurance company. The tenant provides the maid with accommodation, insurance, meals, medical care, and one day off per week (usually Sunday). It is usually recommended that you pay for your flight home at least once a year.Many also write out an annual bonus.

    Some tips from Elena Lopez, director of Match Maid Sg domestic recruiting agency, on how to choose the perfect assistant:

    • Prioritize and decide where the helper should focus first: taking care of the children or cooking and cleaning. Helpers who spend a lot of time with children may not be able to keep up with some of the household chores.
    • Prepare a list of questions and try to structure the conversation so that the assistant is inclined to have a full conversation and detailed answers, try to find out as much as possible about her family, children, as well as about previous employers and what was on her list of daily tasks.
    • Ask for the contacts of her employers or a letter of recommendation. Also ask agents for her official work history.
    • Note her work experience. If a person often changed jobs and did not complete contracts, and the reasons for dismissal are not clear and alarming, then it is better to avoid such an assistant.
    • Be sure to provide all your requirements, to-do list and schedule during the interview, preferably in writing.
    • Introduce the new maid to all family members before finalizing the design so that everyone feels comfortable.
    • Invite your assistant home so that she can see the living conditions, as well as the size of your house. This is important, as not everyone can clean up and do household chores in a large house.
    • After all the formalities are over and the assistant has started living in your home, make a schedule of household chores, tell the maid the daily routine and rules that exist in your home. This will make it easier for her, as well as prevent unnecessary questions and misunderstandings.
    • Demonstrate visually what result of her work you would like to get by completing tasks with the maid (for example, setting the table, sorting linen and clothes with delicate fabrics, ironing using various electrical appliances) at the beginning of her stay in the house. Be more tolerant of her.
    • Yearly Bonus, a small birthday present for her will help you demonstrate your gratitude for the helper’s work while also stimulating her dedication.

    Execution of documents

    One way to find the right person for the role of housekeeper or nanny is to use the services of specialized agencies. The agency usually has a database where you can select staff based on your preferences and working conditions. You will need to inform the agent of all your requirements and wishes for the assistant. Remember, the more detailed information you give, the easier it will be to find the right person for your family.

    Agents will pre-e-mail the resumes of assistants with full information about their work experience and with an official document from the Ministry of Labor of Singapore with information about her employment.

    After you have selected several candidates, the agency will help arrange an interview with them. Usually interviews take place at the agency on Sundays, since this day is an official day off for the assistants and they are free from their daily duties. This applies to assistants who transfer to another family without leaving Singapore.They are called “transfer helpers”.

    The cost of recruiting and paperwork is approximately S $ 1200. The processing time is from 3-5 working days, provided that the assistant can start working on any day with the consent of her current employer.

    Sometimes families hire assistants without a personal interview and bring them from their country of residence. In these cases, interviews can usually be conducted by telephone or video link. This service will cost from S $ 4000 and will take 2-4 months.

    The agency will prepare all the necessary documents and take full responsibility for the registration. The employer only needs their internal documents (EP / DP / NRIC), copies of passports, as well as a tax return from IRAS and / or a letter of employment on the company’s official letterhead. Agents are required to submit all documents for the official hiring of the assistant on the day of her transfer and explain all the conditions of employment to both parties.

    The employer, depending on the contractual conditions of the agency, has the right to ask to replace the assistant within the specified timeframe, if for one reason or another it did not work out and the assistant did not fit.

    Match Maid Sg domestic recruiting agency has successfully established itself in the Singapore market and is one of the top agencies in the latest rankings by the Singapore Ministry of Labor. We are recommended to friends and colleagues!

    Benefits of working with Match Maid Sg:

    • Professionalism and efficiency of the agents.
    • Selection and organization of interviews with selected candidates.
    • Convenient location of the agency in the city center, separate rooms for interviews, where you can chat over a cup of tea in a relaxed atmosphere.
    • Thorough verification of the documents of assistants, confirmation of work experience and references from previous employers.
    • Service throughout the contract and the possibility of replacing the assistant without an agency fee.

    545 Orchard Road # 06–16A Far East Shopping Center,
    Singapore 238882 (next to Hilton Hotel)

    Tel.: +65 6635 3401 , mob .: +65 9100 4871

    Email address mail: [email protected]


    90,000 Is it profitable to buy property in Spain | Europe and Europeans: News and Analytics | DW

    The demand for Spanish property among Russians in recent months has grown significantly again. Spanish realtors who sell real estate to Russian citizens told DW about this.They cite numerous calls and letters from potential clients. The interest in Spain is also evidenced by Russian Internet portals serving the sphere of foreign real estate sales.

    However, we are talking only about interest – the borders of Spain remain closed to Russians due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and they cannot make real deals. However, sooner or later the borders will be opened. What’s in store for buyers? How profitable is it to buy housing in Spain – for a vacation by the sea, immigration or business?

    To study the market before buying a home

    Interest in Spain is quite natural, according to the Spanish lawyer Federico Delgado, interviewed by DW, who specializes in buying and selling real estate.According to him, in recent decades, millions of foreigners, mainly citizens of the European Union, have acquired housing in the sea resorts of Spain. Many of them, especially pensioners, began to live here permanently. They are “attracted by the climate, low food prices, a developed health care system and a friendly attitude towards foreigners of the local population.”

    Many real estate offices in Spain speak Russian.

    In Spain, the lawyer continued, there is a wide range of properties for sale, both new and used.Its cost ranges from 50 thousand euros to tens of millions. The price depends not only on the size of the apartment or house, but also on the place where they are located, on the quality of the building and, of course, on the “degree of honesty of the seller”. Therefore, the first advice to the buyer is to “study the market thoroughly”. And for this “you should get acquainted with the different regions of Spain and, accordingly, with the prices of real estate.”

    Real estate is an expensive pleasure

    People with an average income should know that maintaining housing in Spain – even a small apartment – is not cheap.This was pointed out by another DW interlocutor, Juan Ignacio Sanz, a member of the Spanish College of Residential Property Managers. According to him, for an apartment of 50 square meters with two small bedrooms and a living room in a mid-range resort, you have to pay up to 400 euros per year. This amount includes cleaning of common areas, lighting and minor repairs. Well, if the house has a swimming pool, flower beds, children’s and sports grounds, a guard and a gardener work, then payments can be up to 200 euros per month.

    For major repairs, the manager noted further, an additional amount is charged. In addition, the tax for the mentioned apartment is approximately 200 euros per year. Annual insurance – another 200 euros. In addition, even if you only live in an apartment in the summer, you will have to pay for utilities for all 12 months: for electricity at least 15-20 euros per month, for water – 40-50 euros per quarter. Well, heating in winter or cooling in summer can cost you 500 euros per month.

    Real estate in Spain looks attractive, but the costs for it are rather big

    Is it possible to earn money on real estate in Spain

    Multiple annual visa, which is issued to Russian homeowners, does not give the right to work and allows you to stay in the country without a break for only 90 days, and in a year – in total – no more than 180 days.A document for permanent residence can only be obtained by persons who invest 500,000 or more euros in their real estate. Therefore, many Russians, who do not expect to stay in Spain for a long time, have a desire to rent out their homes. According to Sans, this is possible and usually done through intermediary offices if the person has the appropriate license. The latter, by the way, in some regions of Spain is “quite difficult to obtain”: local authorities are thus trying to control the influx of tourists.

    Apartments on the coast for rent, a member of the board of managers noted further, usually only in July-August, and vacationers change every 10-15 days. Of course, intermediaries take their interest from the income received. Part of the money goes to pay for cleaning when changing guests, as well as water, electricity and gas cylinders if the apartment has a gas stove and a water heater. In addition, it should be noted that on vacation, many guests “relax” – behave inappropriately. So, returning to his apartment, the owner often finds broken furniture, faulty TV, air conditioner or refrigerator.Thus, “the question of whether or not it is profitable to rent housing is quite controversial,” said Sans.

    “Pitfalls” of home acquisition

    When buying a home in Spain, both interviewed experts recommend contacting only legally operating real estate agencies. Many of them serve clients in several languages, including Russian.

    What should not be done is to resort to the services of unfamiliar compatriots who compulsively offer their help to visitors in Spanish airports and hotels.Delgado’s lawyer claims that there are “many fraudulent schemes” using which “you can be sold illiquid housing, and even at an inflated price.”

    And the manager Sans, for his part, warned about the peculiarities of Spanish laws. The fact is that the scourge of homeowners in the country has recently become its illegal seizure by homeless people, most often by illegal migrants. So if you come on vacation and find that unknown persons live in your apartment, do not be surprised and do not try to evict them yourself.The law prohibits this. You can only go to the police. If you’re lucky, the uninvited guests will be evicted by court in a few months. But if they have minor children, then the eviction process can be significantly delayed.

    See also:

    • How Airbnb is changing cities

      Berlin: Airbnb and the housing shortage problem

      From May 1, individuals in Berlin can re-rent the apartment in which they live to Airbnb without time restrictions – provided that they continue to live there.The second apartment can be rented out for a maximum of 90 days a year, and then only if its owner does not own another home in Berlin. In this case, he needs to register with the district administration. The new rules will not improve the difficult situation in the housing market.

    • How Airbnb Changes Cities

      Barcelona: Moving Out of Mass Tourism

      “When Tourists Become the Plague” – this is how the Swiss radio headlined a report on the situation in Barcelona. Millions of tourists visit the Catalan capital every year.Many are staying in private apartments, which drives up rents for local residents. Since the Barcelona authorities do not have a reliable housing register, it is impossible to find out which apartments are being rented illegally.

    • How Airbnb is changing cities

      Lisbon: rental housing prices rise 90,044

      Every year, thousands of tourists travel to the Portuguese capital, finding accommodation through Airbnb. Bottom line: more and more apartments for rent by vacationers, less and less residential space for locals.If the landlord earns an average of 900 euros per month for permanent renting it out, then by renting it through Airbnb, he can easily triple his income.

    • How Airbnb Changes Cities

      Mallorca: New Rules

      The island’s authorities pulled the emergency stop: private housing – with the exception of estates – can no longer be rented by tourists in the capital, Palma de Mallorca. The island has long struggled with the negative effects of mass tourism: water shortages, the clamor of endless parties, and now with skyrocketing rentals.

    • How Airbnb is changing cities

      Amsterdam: residents versus tourists 90,044

      Amsterdam alone in 2016 had 1.7 million bookings on Airbnb. Residents of the capital of the Netherlands are alarmed: on weekends, drunk tourists from the UK and Germany meet at every turn in the city. At the beginning of the year, the Amsterdam authorities tightened the rules for renting housing: from 2019, its owners can do this for a maximum of 30 days a year.

    • How Airbnb Is Changing Cities

      Singapore: Drastic Measures

      Singapore’s laws are tough, and not just for drug crimes.Trying to re-rent a rented apartment in this Asian metropolis can cost a pretty penny. For example, a local court fined two persons who illegally rented an apartment through Airbnb 37,200 euros. Reason: Rental housing in Singapore is subsidized by the government.

    • How Airbnb Is Changing Cities

      Paris: A Magnet For Tourists From Around The World

      Paris authorities are suing Airbnb and Wimdu, the second most popular accommodation booking resource. They accuse them of not complying with the rules of short-term rental housing, the owners of which must be registered.But only 16% of 60 thousand rented apartments are registered. Over the past five years, nearly 20,000 rental properties have been converted into tourist apartments.

    • How Airbnb is changing cities

      Vienna: no vacancies

      For the city authorities of the Austrian capital, subletting housing by tourists has long been a thorn in the eye. More than 7,500 Vienna apartments are listed on their respective online platforms. In the future, short-term renting of apartments in residential areas should become impossible, writes the Kleine Zeitung.Now municipal employees are purposefully searching the Internet for accommodation rented to tourists.

    • How Airbnb is changing cities

      Dortmund: Airbnb helps the city

      Apart from football fans, hardly anyone considers Dortmund a tourist destination. Nevertheless, Airbnb has established a foothold here and is even ready to charge tourists with a special tax of 7.5% of the cost of an overnight stay and transfer it to the city budget – previously, apartment owners had to do this. This makes Dortmund the first city in Germany where the company has undertaken such a commitment.

      Author: Carsten Grün


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