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12 Best Erasable Highlighters Reviewed and Rated in 2021

If you are a student, teacher, or businessman, taking notes and highlighting have probably been part of your daily activities. If you’re also a book lover or someone who likes to write in journals and diaries, highlighters must be an essential tool for you. But isn’t it annoying when you make some errors?

Highlighting makes it a lot easier to identify the important texts as well as organize your notes. However, it can damage your notes or books when you over highlight some words or you accidentally highlight wrong texts. Fortunately, you can solve this using the best erasable highlighters.

How can you find the most reliable erasable highlighters? Don’t worry, I’ve come up with in-depth guidelines and reviews of the highest-grade highlighters to help you out.

Best Erasable Highlighter Reviews

1. PILOT FriXion Light Pastel Erasable Highlighters

If you are planning to get the best Pilot highlighter, then you shouldn’t miss out on these Pilot FriXion light pastel erasable highlighters.

This reputable brand has always been one of my favorites so this Pilot Frixion highlighter review is truly worth the read.

With the Pilot’s special thermo-sensitive ink formula, it allows you to highlight selected texts or words smoothly without having to worry about making any errors. It’s nice that you can simply erase them without leaving any stains and damages to your notes.

This special formulation also allows you to keep the notes in your textbooks, journal, or Bible neat and readable. It also provides a precise and seamless highlighting experience that makes it a lot easier to use.

I usually commit errors whenever I highlight or underline words but I can easily use the eraser to thoroughly remove any erasure marks. Amazingly, I am able to maintain the quality of the paper while keeping my notes error-free.

In this pastel collection, the colors are truly pleasing to the eyes. Each color is not flashy but rather provides very subtle highlights. I am impressed by how these pastels can work with every kind of paper and do not bleed through, particularly with thin papers.

Some of my books have delicate pages but I didn’t have any problem highlighting them with pastel highlighters. Even the darker shades work very well with the paper and do not obscure the texts.

Sometimes, I tend to put too much pressure on my hand when highlighting but since the colors remain muted, they don’t obscure the texts. Therefore, if you’re a student who needs to emphasize texts on your books, I must say that this set is your best bet.

Furthermore, the ihisel tips are perfectly solid but not awfully hard. It has a durable tip that lends a seamless and versatile application that you can also use for underlining or writing.

On the other hand, the only downside about it is that it does not last long. I would recommend putting the cap back right away after usage to at least promote extra longevity.

What We Liked

  • Unique thermo-sensitive ink formula
  • Simply erases without leaving stains and damages
  • Provides ultra subtle highlights
  • Very firm and durable chisel tips

What We Didn’t Like

  • Ink doesn’t last very long

That might be an issue but these highlighters deliver soft pastel tones that can provide colorful organization and subtle highlights. The eraser tips do wonders to keep your highlights neat and error-free!

2. Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters

For fun and creative highlighting activities with your kids or students, you can take this 6-piece set of Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters on your next arts and craft project.

These Crayola erasable highlighters are long-lasting and truly vibrant. You won’t have to worry about getting messy mistakes because you can freely remove them using the eraser tip. If you want to keep your notes clean and well-organized, these highlighters will do the job.

I really love how extra smooth these highlighters are. Even right after application, the ink stays dry, making it smudge-proof even when I accidentally touch it. It also doesn’t leave any ink stains or marks, which helps preserve the delicate pages of my books.

This set has 6 different vibrant colors that render beautiful fluorescent colors. They aren’t too flashy, though, but rather they keep the selected texts readable and neatly organized. Aside from highlighting, the vivid colors look great as decorative details in journals or colorful doodles!

Another impressive feature is the chisel nib that you can use to produce varied line widths. You can use the edge for fine lines or lay it flat for broad lines or highlights.

If you want to remove any unwanted highlights, the other end of the highlighter pen uses a clear ink that will correct any errors. You can simply write it over highlighted texts to clear out the colors.

Aside from that, I love how the highlights stand out because of their bright colors. The ink also doesn’t dry out easily even when left uncapped for a long time.

When it comes to safety, these erasable highlighters are non-toxic, making them perfectly safe for aspiring artists of all ages, especially children.

My only concern is that the chisel tip is not that firm enough, so I always make sure to apply every highlight with extra care to avoid the tip from being deformed. The yellow color also can’t be erased completely, unless you let it dry first.

What We Liked

  • Long-lasting ink quality
  • Smudge proof
  • Vibrant colors but not too flashy
  • Non-toxic; safe to use

What We Didn’t Like

  • Chisel tip is not that firm
  • A little difficulty erasing yellow color

Anyhow, this set could be your best bet if you’re after vibrant colors and versatile applications. It is crafted with clear inks that will save your textbooks from messy errors!

3. MOACC Erasable Highlighters

If you’re all about convenience and comfort when highlighting, you can’t go wrong with these MOACC erasable highlighters. Designed with a sleek body and chisel tip, highlighting, underlining, and even erasing will be easy as a breeze.

Even if you constantly make mistakes, this double-ended highlighter is innovatively crafted with an eraser tip at the other end. All you need to do is write it over the selected phrases or texts and let it glide on smoothly.

What’s also amazing about it is that the eraser tip does not damage the paper. It does not create holes or cuts to my paper even if I erase the same area repeatedly.

Carefully curated with 12 fluorescent colors, you can freely play and mix the colors to decorate journals or organize your notes. Since the colors remain subtle, they can highlight passages without concealing the words.

What I also observed in these highlighters is that both the eraser and the highlighter tip are gliding smoothly. The ink doesn’t bleed through the paper even if it’s thin. They also leave my notes very clean and free from mess.

Furthermore, each highlighter is really lightweight, making it a lot easier and more comfortable to hold. With their portable size, I can just slip it into my bag and take it anywhere I go.

The only thing you need to watch out for these highlighters is their caps. You need to put them back right away after usage. There was a time where I left my yellow highlighter uncapped for a few hours and it dried out. So I always put the cap back and make sure it is firmly closed.

What We Liked

  • Cleanly and completely erases unwanted highlights
  • Vibrant but not very flashy fluorescent colors
  • Very firm chisel tip
  • Lightweight and easy to hold

What We Didn’t Like

  • Ink dries out when left uncapped for a long time

Needless to say, these erasable highlighters are all about comfort and efficient performance. You can literally use every color in this set to work on your creative projects and organize your important notes.

4. PILOT 46507 FriXion Light Erasable Highlighters

Are you in search of the brightest and most reliable Pilot erasable highlighters? You’ll probably find your ideal pick with these highlighters.

First of all, this brand uses its exceptional thermo-sensitive ink formula that lets you make endless do-overs on your documents and re-highlight passages effortlessly.

Designed with an eraser tip, it glides smoothly on paper without leaving any crumbs or dirt. I find them very useful and reliable whenever I’m taking notes, editing, and completing my paper works.

But of course, these Frixion erasable highlighters take the performance up a notch with their chisel tips. You can use the broader part for highlighting while the edge of the tip can be used for underlining and fine strokes.

The colors I use the most are orange and yellow because of their vibrant hues. The passages and selected words stand out with these colors and hence, I don’t have a hard time finding my favorite parts in the books.

These stylish caps have pocket clips so I can just hook them into my pocket and take it wherever I go. The highlighter also features a sleek and slim body that feels nice in the hand.

My only concern is that the colors don’t seem to be very lightfast as they tend to slightly fade out, especially when exposed to light. I also wish there were more color options.

What We Liked

  • Offers versatile and seamless application
  • Has thermo-sensitive ink formula
  • Very vibrant and eye-catching colors
  • Unique chisel tip design

What We Didn’t Like

  • Slightly prone to discoloration
  • Limited color selection

Even though that’s an issue, these highlighters are more than just the powerhouse brand. Aside from keeping your textbooks or journals essentially highlighted with bright hues, it allows unlimited do-overs with its efficient ink eraser.

5. YOOUSOO Erasable Highlighters

Lightweight, portable, convenient, and well-saturated; these amazing features are all present in this 10-pack set of YOOUSOO Erasable Highlighters.

These versatile highlighters have molded narrow chisel tips that can help you create wide highlights, extra thin underlines, and you can even use them to write notes and add embellishments in your journal or notebook.

Moreover, their chisel tips are very soft and smooth, allowing the markers to glide seamlessly on your notes without skipping. While you can use it for highlighting, the edge of the tip offers precise application.

My favorite colors in this set of highlighters are fluorescent green, lake blue, and yellow although all of them are impeccably vibrant. But apart from its vivid quality, the ink is also erasable.

The other end of the marker has an eraser tip that renders a smooth drive. I’ll just use the other end of the highlighter to remove any mistakes without leaving residues. Even when they’re left uncapped for a long time, they don’t dry out quickly.

When it comes to portability, I like how light and compact they are. I can just slip them into my bag and bring them all these markers anywhere I go.

On the other hand, some of the darker colors such as red, pink, and purple seem to be darker than the other colors which obscure some selected texts. But with light applications, this won’t be a problem.

What We Liked

  • Offers versatile application
  • Portable and very lightweight
  • Smoothly erases and does not leave residues
  • Ink does not dry out easily even when left uncapped

What We Didn’t Like

  • Darker colors make notes less readable

To wrap it up, this set of erasable highlighters offer superb versatility for emphasizing important notes as well as clearing out errors without leaving any residues.

6. Office Supply Pilot Fluorescent Ink Erasable Highlighters

Are you looking for eco-friendly and vibrant erasable highlighters that provide smooth application? You might want to read through this Pilot Frixion erasable highlighter review that offers a set of 6 different fluorescent colors for efficient highlighting.

87% of the materials used for these highlighters are recycled, making them one of the eco-friendly options on the market. Aside from this fact, these highlighters maintain excellent quality with their long-lasting ink.

To save you from making mistakes with permanent inks, these highlighters let you eliminate unwanted highlights with ease. Crafted with a smooth eraser tip, you can neatly remove the wrong highlights without leaving any stains and eraser shavings.

The colors available are orange, yellow, pink, purple, blue, and green although my favorite is fluorescent green because of its distinct color. The colors aren’t too flashy but rather pleasing to look at, especially when I organize my notes!

These highlighters are convincingly durable. There are many times where I dropped one of them from a very high place, but it did not break. The caps have a great fitting, and they totally secure the highlighter. They also have pocket clips so you can conveniently hang them into your pocket.

Despite the fact that these are very high-quality and reliable highlighters, I do have one concern: The ink tends to dry out when the highlighter is uncapped or not tightly closed.

What We Liked

  • Neatly erases unwanted highlights
  • Eco-friendly highlighters
  • Highly durable and portable
  • Very vibrant fluorescent colors

What We Didn’t Like

  • Dries out when it’s not tightly closed

Therefore, these environment-friendly erasable highlighters would be an exceptional choice. I must say that the ink quality renders a neat and organized highlight on my notes.

7. BIC Brite Liner Erasable Highlighters

For bleedproof highlighters that let you rewrite and correct highlights, these BIC erasable highlighters might be the ones you’re looking for.

This erasable highlighter works really well on all types of paper. Even on very thin papers, the ink does not bleed or smudge.

What makes it even better is that you can effortlessly use the white eraser tip when you accidentally made some unwanted highlights. It won’t leave any dirt or eraser shavings and ink stains when you clear out the errors.

The colors are bright but not too flashy. They actually look visually-pleasing, unlike any typical neon highlighters. Designed with a chisel tip, you can produce fine and broad line widths whether you’re highlighting or underlining words.

Therefore, if you wish to create precise lines or intricate details, the tip’s versatility will do the job. You can use them to decorate journals or highlight textbooks with neat and organized hues. Apart from that, the highlighter glides smoothly even on rough surfaces.

What I also really like about this is that its tip is not very thick. Some of the highlighters I used before have thick tips that had the tendency to over-highlight words. But with this erasable highlighter, I’m able to highlight with ease and convenience.

They are very handy and easy to store in a small pouch. I could bring and use them anywhere I want. I always like bringing my books with me, and now they always come with these reliable highlighters.

However, I have minor concerns about these erasable highlighters: the eraser tip doesn’t seem to work well on a glossy surface. The ink also tends to dry out quickly when left uncapped for a long time.

What We Liked

  • Works really well even on thin papers
  • Bleedproof and smudge-proof
  • Smoothly glides even on rough surfaces
  • Does not leave stains after erasing

What We Didn’t Like

  • Dries quickly when left uncapped for a long time

To sum up, these erasable highlighters can be your best bet for precise highlighting if you want to save your work from errors while keeping your notes organized and neat at all times.

8. Crayola Erasable Highlighters

Long-lasting ink quality, smudge-proof, completely erasable; these qualities are all present in this yellow 12- pack Crayola Erasable Highlighter.

This high-grade erasable highlighter has an amazing ink quality as it does not dry out even when left uncapped for hours. Since the eraser tip glides on smoothly, you can remove any errors in the same area without damaging the paper.

With such a reliable design, making mistakes is never a problem whenever I use this highlighter, particularly on important documents.

Aside from that, it does not leave any smears on the paper. As always, I’ve been a fan of bright yellow colors like these highlighters because they can emphasize all the important notes without concealing the selected texts.

What I like about it is that I can even add another layer of highlight and my notes still remain readable and noticeable. I always use this erasable highlighter on my books because the ink does not transfer on the pages. In this way, the pages remain neat at all times.

This 12-pack highlighter is quite a steal for its long-lasting quality and affordable price. I actually gave this as a gift to my friend and she’s been using these highlighters for a year!

When it comes to the other features, the cap offers an excellent fit that secures each highlighter. I guess this is also one of the reasons why the ink remains protected and long-lasting.

On the other hand, these highlighters do not work well with very thin and low-quality papers. They tend to bleed through the paper. However, to resolve this, I just gradually and gently apply the highlighter to prevent over-applying and eating a mess.

What We Liked

  • Ink does not dry out even when left uncapped for hours
  • Eraser tip slides smoothly onto the paper
  • Does not leave any smears
  • Very long-lasting

What We Didn’t Like

  • Tends to bleed through thin and low-quality papers

Therefore, these erasable highlighters are truly worth the try. They provide excellent and long-lasting performance because of their innovative ink quality.

9. Tomorotec Erasable Highlighters

If you want to get creative and efficient with your highlights, you might consider using these smooth Tomorotec Dual Erasable Highlighter Pens. It is available in 6 different vivid colors; purple, blue, sky blue, pink, rose pink, and neon yellow.

This set of erasable highlighters is very fun and easy to use. It smoothly glides onto your notes and highlights them very properly. You’ll have the highlighter tip on one end and an eraser tip on the other.

No need to worry about accidentally making a mistake; you can just let the eraser tip to glide on any excess or unwanted highlights and eliminate them in a snap. It clearly erases the unwanted highlights without leaving any irritating erasure marks.

In terms of the color selection, the shades are quite vibrant but still cool in the eyes. They can easily make every word or sentence stand out without obscuring the texts.

The neon yellow and sky blue are the colors I always use as they give the most vivid color and they provide maximum emphasis to the most important details.

But you don’t need to shy away from the semi-dark colors such as purple and blue because they still keep the words or sentences readable even when you add multiple layers. Surprisingly, the shades remain noticeable but gentle.

When it comes to safety, these erasable highlighters are totally non-toxic, odorless, xylene-free, and acid-free, making them safe for young artists ages 3 and up. This is also the reason why I’m confident to let the kids in my house have fun with these highlighters.

On the other hand, my only worry about these highlighters is that they easily dry out when left uncapped for many hours. It’s not a big deal though, as long as you put the caps back right after using them.

What We Liked

  • Completely erases excess highlights
  • Excellent ink quality
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Provides maximum emphasis to your notes

What We Didn’t Like

  • Easily dries off when left uncapped

In a nutshell, these environmental-friendly highlighters let you highlight with confidence and emphasize your favorite notes or passages without worrying about making mistakes. You can re-highlight with the gentle colors and erase any errors in a snap!

10. OOLY Mini Magic Liners Erasable Highlighters

If you’re on a hunt for reliable erasable highlighters that can save you from highlighting errors, you should consider buying these amazing OOLY Mini Magic Liners erasable highlighters that are available in 6 different bold and vibrant colors.

With this set of high-quality erasable highlighters, making mistakes would never be a hassle. Just use the white tip to remove any unwanted highlights with ease.

With its ergonomic eraser design, you can keep your notes error-free without any dirt or erasure marks. It is a reliable tool to use, especially when I have to work on important documents that require careful highlighting.

But of course, these highlighters are all also about efficient performance, allowing you to effectively highlight all the important notes that you need to emphasize.

With its beautiful array of colors, you’ll have more room for the organized and creative layout of notes in your textbooks or journals. You can categorize the notes by color while keeping them readable, neat, and free from any smears.

The tip design, on the other hand, is relatively thinner than typical highlighters. This is an advantage, though, particularly if you’re after precise underlines and bold colors without worrying about over-highlighting texts.

Each highlighter also comes in a slim and compact body that lends a nice feel in the hand. I can also slip them into my pocket or bag easily because of their portable design.

However, my only concern about this is that the ink tends to bleed especially when I use the highlighter with too much pressure or I apply multiple layers.

What We Liked

  • Effectively removes unwanted highlights
  • Colors are very vibrant
  • Does not leave erasure marks
  • Keeps notes highly emphasized

What We Didn’t Like

  • Tends to bleed if used with too much force

That might be an issue but these highlighters still stand out among the topnotch choices because of their superb ink quality and reliable eraser tip. This set can be your ideal pick if you want to keep your essential notes organized and readable.

11. Emraw Glide Solid Gel Erasable Highlighters

If you’re looking for a reliable and smooth erasable highlighter, this Emraw Gel Fluorescent Erasable Highlighter might be an ideal choice.

This erasable highlighter is available in bright yellow color that renders vibrant hues on selected words but not very flashy. It uses a chisel tip that delivers a smooth, bleedproof, and versatile application whether you want to produce broad or fine line widths.

The durable tip also lends efficient performance even on rough surfaces without damaging the nib. It helps me create very fine and neat lines for underlining words and sentences no matter what surface I’m working on.

But what’s special about this highlighter is that you can modify your notes and correct any highlights because of its innovative thermo-sensitive ink formula.

This double-ended highlighter has an eraser that can effectively remove unwanted highlights without damaging your notes and leaving any messy erasure marks or residues.

Both the highlighter tip and eraser glide smoothly on the paper without damaging the surface. Since it works well with all kinds of paper, it’s a lot easier to use the highlighter pen and erase any mistakes even if you repeatedly work on the same area.

I also find it impressive that the highlighters are eco-friendly, acid-free, and non-toxic, making them very safe to use. In terms of the design, it features a stylish cap and convenient pocket clips that allow portability.

The only downside is the lightfastness of the colors. They are vibrant but they tend to fade out when exposed to light.

What We Liked

  • Eraser tip glides very smoothly
  • Acid-free and non-toxic
  • Works with all kinds of papers
  • Bleedproof

What We Didn’t Like

  • Tends to fade out or discolor when exposed to light

Anyhow, these erasable highlighters don’t fall short on efficient performance whether you’re highlighting or removing any unwanted highlights. You can always re-highlight and modify your notes while keeping them neat and organized.

12. WHER Double-end Erasable Highlighters

If you want to have a vast selection of bright colors, you might consider buying this 10-piece set of double-end erasable highlighter pens that offer a beautiful array of 10 colors.

With such a variety of shades, it’s a lot easier to categorize highlighted notes. But since they are pastel highlighters, the colors are much more subtle, leaving soft tones that look pleasing in the eyes.

Aside from that, these soft shades keep the selected passages or texts clear and comprehensible. Designed with a chisel tip, it can provide line widths that range from fine to broad. It doesn’t skip but rather delivers a smooth application when highlighting.

But if you’re worried about making any mistakes with your highlights, the other end of this highlighter pen features an eraser tip that you can use to remove errors, re-highlight, and correct your notes.

Therefore, if you’re working on your favorite books or various documents that require precision and careful highlighting, these pastel highlighters will definitely do the job.

I like using it because highlighting my notes is easy as a breeze and I can erase any unwanted highlights without residues.

Another amazing thing about these erasable highlighters is that they do not easily dry out even when you leave them uncapped for hours. But of course, it’s still better to put the cap back immediately after use to bolster its longevity.

My only concern with these erasable highlighters is that some of the colors, such as blue, pink, and purple, are darker than I expected. They make other details less readable and almost unnoticeable. But on a positive note, I could use them effectively when underlining.

What We Liked

  • Available in 10 pastel colors
  • Long-lasting ink quality
  • Offers a smooth and versatile application
  • Able to deliver varied line widths

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some of the colors are really dark

Overall, these erasable highlighters are worth a try. They could help you organize your notes efficiently and you can use them for a very long time.

What to Look for When Buying a Erasable Highlighter

Color Options

To emphasize your favorite texts or any important words, you need to make sure which color selection you would choose. Erasable Highlighter pens are available in different kinds of colors. Depending on your color preference, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, or pastel might be your choice. Some sets of highlighter pens might offer different color options, but usually, the ones that give the best effect are yellow highlighter pens.

However, it is really up to you when picking a color. You just need to make sure that the shade you’re choosing will make your text readable, clear, and comprehensible. Do not pick a highlighter that could darken your text so much; otherwise, it would be very difficult to read.

Tip Size

Erasable Highlighter pens are available in different types of tip sizes. If you want to see the word or sentence while highlighting it, you can use a window-tipped highlighter. A bullet-tipped or a chisel-tipped highlighter would also work if your goal is to circle out or underline a word or sentence.

If you prefer using a versatile highlighter pen, you may consider double-ended highlighters for versatile applications. This allows you to easily shift between two different colors.

Ink Formulation and Quality

There are many highlighter pens available in online shops and school supply stores. However, not all of them provide exceptional ink quality. Some of them may dry quickly while other highlighters might bleed through the paper or smear messily. Therefore, it is essential to consider ink formulation and quality if you’re looking for the best highlighter.

Highlighters with premium ink quality can deliver excellent lightfastness and superb longevity. Furthermore, if you want to save your work from a lot of mess and avoid making errors while highlighting, an erasable highlighter would be a perfect choice.

This type of highlighters is typically formulated with a thermo-sensitive ink formula that allows you to easily and neatly erase the ink without creating a mess.

In addition to that, consider using erasable highlighters that go well with every type of paper. If you want to completely prevent your highlights from smearing and bleeding, consider using a gel highlighter or any highlighter that is proven to be smudge-proof.

Brand Reputation

If you are determined on picking the best highlighter, it is always a very good idea to consider its brand. Finding the best highlighter might get pretty challenging because of the overwhelming options in the market. However, sorting out your options according to their brand will narrow down your choices.

There are well-known brands such as Sharpie, Stabilo, BIC, Zebra, Pilot, and Javapen that provide high-quality and well-made erasable highlighter pens that do not smear and bleed. These brands have also been quite well-known for their vast range of art supplies. You may take note of these well-known and trusted brands to help you decide on the best highlighter pen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is This for?

Erasable highlighters are primarily designed for anyone who regularly uses highlighters but wants to avoid making any highlighting errors, particularly when working on important documents, textbooks, or delicate paper types. These erasable highlighters are innovatively crafted with eraser tips to modify errors with just a smooth and quick glide on selected notes.

Whether you are a student, a teacher, or someone who likes accentuating the best parts of a book or journal, you’ll find these erasable highlighters useful to save your favorite documents and textbooks from any messy and unwanted highlights.

What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Erasable Highlighters?

Erasable highlighters are very easy and convenient to use. Just like any typical highlighters, they work to help you find and emphasize crucial notes in your books, journals, or notebooks.

However, they feature innovative eraser tips that resemble a regular eraser. You won’t have to worry about unintentionally highlighting wrong information because these highlighters can remove errors effortlessly. Hence, this allows you to re-highlight and modify your notes with ease.

On the other hand, since erasable highlighters are designed with additional features, some of them might be a little bit pricier than typical highlighters. Another downside is that some brands offer poor ink quality that does not erase completely.

How to Use Erasable Highlighters?

Erasing the ink is just as simple as removing a pencil mark. You can simply glide and rub the eraser tip to remove any errors or unwanted highlights.

How to Care for and Clean?

Just like any typical highlighters, markers or pens, storage is a must if you want these erasable highlighters to last much longer. After every use, always make sure to put its cap back to increase its longevity and maintain its quality. It is also a good idea to keep them in a good case and put them in an upright position to avoid the ink from leaking and creating a mess.


To wrap it up, finding the best erasable highlighter is more than vibrant hues or massive color selections. You need to be certain that the erasable highlighter you will buy would be high-quality, long-lasting, clear, and bright enough to accentuate the most important words or sentences.

What makes a good erasable highlighter is a good ink quality. Yes, choosing a popular brand might be helpful as well but if you’re going to be wise and practical enough in choosing an erasable highlighter, you will surely end up buying the best one that will satisfy your needs. Just remember these complete guidelines and important reviews, and hopefully, you’ll get the one you need.

Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters Review

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I received a free set of Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters as part of a Swag Box that I received as an attendee at Sweet Suite 2018 – so, of course, I had to write a review.

As you know by now, I love anything to do with productivity including planners, journals, pens, markers, and yes – highlighters.

Where To Find Them

  • CLICK HERE to see Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters at Amazon

When I saw this set of markers in my Swag Box, I must say my pulse quickened. 😉

And when I saw that they were erasable – well, I was hooked.

Because – who doesn’t make a mistake?

Since mistakes are a given, your choices are usually limited:

  • use pencil or
  • accept the fact that you will have to cross things out.

With the Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters, you now have a third choice – use color to your heart’s content and erase away what you don’t want.

I wanted to believe that these were the real deal.

But having tried different brands of erasable markers before, I knew that I had to try these out for myself to make sure that I liked the results.

This is what I found ….

The Way They Work

So this is the basic way you use the Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters. Both ends of the pen have capped marker nibs.

One end is the color highlighter.

The other end is a clear looking highlighter nib..

You add color with the colored end and you erase with the clear end.

You can use the clear end of any color to erase any color.

For example, you could use the clear end of the yellow marker to erase the purple highlighter.

I don’t feel like the clear end picks up color (meaning gets stained or dirty) from erasing the colored highlights. But it could get dirty from the underlying pen that you use.

In fact, the packaging clearly states that these highlighters work best over printed material (as opposed to hand written).

For example, I highlighted over some blue gel pen ink and when I erased the highlighter there, some of the blue gel pen ink transferred to the clear highlighter. This could leave a shadow the next time you erase.

One thing to note is that once you erase your highlight, you cannot re-highlight the same area again with a Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighter. You could use a regular ole highlighter but that, of course, would be permanent.

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The Pros and Cons of Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters

Right off the bat, I have to tell you that they erase really well.

In my test, I wrote text with ballpoint pen and then used the highlighters over the text.

I then went back and erased my highlights.

The highlight erased well for all the colors and the ballpoint pen text stayed intact.

While all the color disappeared, there was a slight shadow left where the color once had been. And when I say slight I mean – really slight.

It was definitely good enough for me.

So let’s hit the Pros of the Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters first:

  • The markers have a nice feel and are comparable to other regular highlighters.
  • Erasability is good with only a slight shadow remaining

And now for the Cons:

  • The colors that I tested were yellow, pink, orange, blue, purple, and green. I felt that the yellow, pink, and orange were perfect for highlighting. The blue, purple, and green were a little dark for highlights but would be could for underlining, coloring, or making notations.

What You Can Use These Pens For

The Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters are great for:

  • students (highlighting textbooks and notes)
  • bullet journaling
  • coloring books for kids and adults
  • and for professionals in business.

They are also great for back to school supplies and for stocking stuffers at the holidays.

Overall, these are an awesome option for highlighters because they are erasable which makes them really unique.

You might also like these Crayola Take Note WASHABLE GEL PENS. I haven’t had a chance to try them yet, but they look really interesting.

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Erasable Highlighters, Double Head Smooth Writing Highlighters, Chisel Tip Assorted Colors High Lighter Markers, 6 Count



A highlighter is a type of writing device used to draw attention to sections of text by marking them with a vivid, translucent colour.

If you find yourself reading paper or books, you may wish to mark something that is important for you, then our high lighters can help you emphasizing the important information.

The color highlighters include 6 colors-yellow, pink, orange, green, blue and purple, You’ll emphasize information with different importance or different feelings by different colors.

With a chisel tip design, the highlighters work well for both broad highlighting and fine underlining. You’ll use the broad tip for full coverage of words or sections of content, or use the thin a part of the tip for underlining or precisely highlighting smaller-size text..

The highlighters are comfortable to grip and offer smooth writing or drawing.

Double head design, one head provides highlighting but leave rooms for a mistake, You’ll erase it with another head.

Ideal Gift for Back to School Supplies, Birthday, Advertising, Anniversary, Fairs, Festivals, Employee Benefits, Housewarming, Opening Ceremony, Awards, Weddings, Business, etc.

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
The highlighters can write as a highlighter and erase like a pencil, it allows you to highlight but leaves room for error, if you highlight something by mistake, You’ll erase it.
The erasable highlighters combine the convenience of the implausible erasable ink & clean wear eraser. You’ll mark and erase without having to wipe away and keep your document clean without damage.
The end of of highlighter marker is molded narrow chisel tip, can be utilized for broad highlighting, fine underlining, the thin a part of the tip can also be used for writing notes.
Double-head highlighters offer easy keep an eye on and comfortable grip, it is vitally light and writes smoothly, it’s also easy to erase in case you write or highlight by mistake.
Assortment of bright fluorescent ink colors, including pink, orange, green, blue, purple and yellow. Nice Christmas Gift for your children, student, coworker and friends.

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Types of markers and methods of their “resuscitation”

Marker (from the English mark – mark), or as it was earlier called – the pen “Magic Marker” Is a tool for writing and drawing with paint. The marker has another common name – felt-tip pen, which is a thinner marker prototype. The marker was invented back in the beginning of the XX century, at that time it vaguely resembled a modern marker, it consisted of a pen and felt filled with ink.After this opening on over half a century, the marker was modernized, and in 1953 began massive sales of markers that quickly fell in love and conquered the market.

On today, markers are distinguished by composition and purpose. By composition emit:

  • Alcohol. Alcohol markers are the most popular. They can be applied both translucent tones and dense, opaque ones. When applied to surface, alcohol evaporates quickly, so the color appears almost immediately in its completed form.The image taken with an alcohol marker is resistant to water, it can only be washed off with alcohol. They are used for lettering and drawings on paper, plastic, iron, wood and other materials.
  • Water based. Markers on water base have a wide range and have a transparency of colors. The main difference – the color layer after drying is not dissolves with the next layer. Mixing colors and smooth transitions from one to the other is impossible in this case.Ink consumption of water-based markers is faster. The main use of water markers is to work on paper and cardboard.
  • Acrylic. They are dense, opaque colors. A feature of these markers is that before the paint dries you can create transitions, make smooth color mixing. After drying a durable film is created that is not affected by water. Their main difference – the ability to apply an image to almost any surface.Most acrylic-based markers are widely used for outdoor decorative works.

According to the purpose they are allocated:

  • General use. These are water or alcohol based markers, which are used in almost all industries. They also include permanent markers that leave a deep mark that lingers on surface for a long time. Their traces are not affected by moisture and are difficult to wipe off, perhaps with alcohol or special means.They are usually used for applying inscriptions and images on any surfaces: wood, metal, plastic, paper and others.
  • Text. Accordingly, they are designed to work with text, and more precisely to highlight important points in the text, therefore, this type of markers called – highlighter. They have a semi-transparent base that allows text to be highlighted.
  • Artistic. They are used artists, decorators and designers in their work.They are modern an alternative to paints, have bright, saturated colors, and they can also be shaded (create a smooth transition) until the marker layer is dry. Once dry, markers do not wash off with water.
  • Professional. This group includes markers created for a specific area of ​​production. For example, markers withstand high temperatures, markers for marking in hard-to-reach places and others.
  • Automotive.Such markers mask scratches on the car, due to the fact that they leave a dense layer paint blending with the color of the machine. They are usually made on enamel basis.
Deadline storage of markers is about 2-3 years, after which they dry out, saturation color drops sharply.

We know 5 ways to animate a marker and extend its service life:

Method 1. Store markers horizontally so that the base of the marker is evenly distributed along the entire length of the rod.

Method 2. If you have markers in a stationery cup, turn them over at least once a week.

Method 3. This method is suitable for “revitalizing” a water-based marker. Pour into a bowl of 100-150 ml hot or warm water, place the markers in the water with the tips down, wait 5-6 minutes, then dry the markers for 10-20 minutes and close the cap.

Method 4. A water-based marker can be revitalized with vinegar.To do this, drip a few (1-2) drops of clear 9% vinegar on the tip of the marker and dry within 3-5 minutes, close the cap.

Method 5. This method is suitable for “revitalizing” the alcohol marker. Pour into a bowl 30-50 ml of alcohol, put the markers in alcohol with the tips down, wait 1-3 minutes. Then dry it for 1-2 days, tip up.

Markers, highlighters, markers and other writing utensils can be purchase in the online store “Profpacking”, in the stationery section.

Fabric markers | All about embroidery

Greetings to dear readers of my blog about embroidery! Today we will try to systematize our knowledge of tissue markers. We have already touched on this issue when I talked about the layout options for the canvas, but then it was in passing, in passing. Meanwhile, there are several types of tissue markers , each with its own properties and for a specific purpose.

To date, manufacturers have provided a large selection of fabric markers:

  • Erasable marker
  • washable marker
  • disappearing marker
  • marker for black fabric

Let’s take a look at each of them.

Erasable Marker

It is a double-sided marker that one side writes and the other erases. This marker can be distinguished by the “eraser pen” inscription. The essence of the application, I think, is clear. The only point that you need to pay attention to – if the marker additionally contains the inscription “air erasable”, this means that over time the marker will disappear from the fabric by itself, which means that they should not completely mark the large embroidery. The markup may disappear before you finish.Can be used on light or colored canvas.

Disappearing Marker

This fabric marker is marked on the packaging with the words “air erasable”. Typically, this marker lasts for 24 – maximum 48 – hours. Hence the conclusion: use for small works, or mark the canvas only in parts. In general, this marker is more suitable for small embroidery projects. Can be used on light or colored canvas.

Washable Marker

It is designated by the inscription “water erasable”.And it stays on the fabric until water gets on it. This marker is great for large processes that take more than a month or three jobs. However, it is important to remember that a washable marker can leave marks, and therefore it is better not to leave it on the fabric for a long time (more than a year). In addition, at the end of the work, the embroidery must first be rinsed without using detergents in cold water until the marker is completely washed off. Only then can the embroidered work be washed with a mild detergent and warm water.If this important condition is not taken into account, hot water can fix the marker on the fabric, and then it will be a big problem to wash it off. This marker is suitable for light or colored canvas. I used just such a marker when I was just learning to embroider … For example, on the embroidery of “Spring Morning” and a ginger cat.

Marker for black fabric

This type of fabric marker also has its own characteristics. First, it is white. Secondly, it can also be washable, as indicated by the inscription “water” or “aqua”, or disappearing with the appropriate indication of “air”, or washable, and then it will need to be washed and ironed.One of the main difficulties in using such a marker is that when marking is applied, it is not immediately visible, the line appears after a few minutes. And therefore, it is rather difficult to monitor the accuracy of the lines. Therefore, embroiderers often use either a special white pencil or an ordinary remnant – the lines from them are immediately visible. Of course, this marker is only suitable for dark fabrics. Depending on the type of marker removal, you need to choose the size of the work: it makes no sense to mark a large embroidery with a disappearing marker.

The main condition when using any fabric marker: if you bought a new fabric marker, be sure to try it in action on a small, preferably unnecessary, piece of canvas. Draw some lines, rub it, try using an eraser if the marker is washable, or wash a piece of canvas if the marker is washable. And only after making sure that you understand the principle of the marker and it is confidently removed from the fabric, you can use it in your work.

Read also about embroidery materials:

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Washable glass marker Edding “4095”

Washable glass markers EDDING “4095” are intended for creating drawings and inscriptions on smooth surfaces such as glass, mirror, tiles.Marker ink is made on the basis of diluted chalk and is odorless. The specially developed ink structure makes it easy to write on smooth and rough surfaces, leaving a dense opaque line even on dark surfaces. Inscriptions made with EDDING “4095” markers can be easily erased from any smooth surfaces with a damp cloth.

Washable glass markers EDDING “4095” are equipped with a dense non-erasable round nib, the thickness of which is 2-3 mm (depending on the slope).Markers in this series are presented individually and are available in a palette of 10 different bright colors.

Markers are made by one of the most renowned marker manufacturers in the world – the EDDING company. It was founded in 1960 in Hamburg (Germany). Initially, the company produced items for planning and visualizing business processes, but later changed the focus of its work and began to professionally produce markers and related products. Today, revolutionary products are created in the company’s laboratories through the efforts of outstanding chemists, technologists, engineers.Brilliant ideas such as “UV marker”, “silicone marker”, “aerospace marker” and many others belong to Edding. Particular attention is paid to product quality control. The production is certified in accordance with the requirements of international standards of the quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001.

• Courier delivery from 350 rubles
• Free delivery within Moscow time and St. Petersburg from 5000 rubles (up to 10 kg., the sum of 3 sides is not more than 170 cm. within the MKAD and KAD)
• Checkpoints and pick-up points in each city of the Russian Federation
• The most accurate and reliable packaging of goods
• Ability to send an order as a gift without receipts and documents
• Didn’t like the item? Return within 21 days!

More info …

• Payment by credit card on the website
• Payment by credit card or cash upon receipt
• Payment by cash, credit card, paypass in any store of the network


Erasable marker – reviews, recommendations, advice! – Exquisite refurbishment

Markers for sketching. What should a newbie choose?

Erasable marker

Labels on frozen food

Most often, people can see a complete mess in the freezer – there is often much less space in it than in the refrigerator, but many foods can be frozen. Due to this, sometimes there is a problem of understanding why something was bought from the freezer, and most importantly – how long has it been here? You can write specialized labels with expiration dates and so on on frozen foods with a marker – this is quite convenient and convenient.

Notes on the mirror

Almost the first thing you see when your day starts is the bathroom mirror. Not a single member of the family bypasses him. Thanks to this, you can apply an erasable marker on the surface of the glass, making specific notes about the coming day even in the evening, so that you can remember them here in the morning. No need to worry, the marker writes very well on glass and is very easy to wipe off, which makes them so comfortable to use in this project.

Card instead of board

Take a small card that can fit in your pocket – it is important that it is tough. Then wrap it in several layers of packing tape and carry it with you. Now you can use your own marker to jot down brilliant ideas on the go.

Application on paper sheet

Everyone knows that erasable markers on a paper sheet are not highly effective – in addition, as everyone understands, they do not erase from such material.However, you can help solve this problem by placing a piece of paper in a translucent plastic file and then writing on a plastic surface. Quite convenient, and you can erase what you have written down many times.

Shelves and cabinets

If you have metal shelves or cabinets in your home, feel free to write on them with your own marker. Make notes, write down what is on this shelf or in the middle of this cabinet – and then wash it if necessary without much difficulty.

Info in the shower

Not everyone has a shower cabin, but if you still have one, and the glass in it is transparent enough, then you can write interesting information that you need to assimilate on the walls of your own cabin in order to read it, being in the middle … Naturally, in this case, you will have to try, since it will be necessary to write the other way around, in order to read later inside the booth.

Vehicle inspection record

At the moment, almost all services stick a specialized sticker on the front glass of your car, where it is noted when the last technical inspection was passed and when it will be necessary to pass it again.However, if you got a service that does not do this, then you can use your own marker to write the necessary information in the same place where the sticker should have been.

Write on the surface

If you have a table or chest of drawers with a glass surface, then you can use them to write the information you need without any restrictions, since you can always erase it. Sometimes you will have to try a little to achieve the desired result, as on some surfaces your marker will not be visible.Then you will have to put some material under the glass, for example, a tablecloth, so that the written text can be clearly read.

Erase Plain Marker

Few know that an erasable marker can be used to erase what is written with a traditional marker. If you just write on top of the usual washable, and then wipe off the text with a dry towel, you will notice that the result is actually there. Only, probably, you have to repeat the procedure a couple of times to complete the process.

Whitish board

All such methods are very interesting and can be quite useful for someone, but at the same time you need to remember that there is also a board for which a similar marker was supposed. If you have it, then you can apply it, as it will give you amazing opportunities – you can write on it lists of purchases, to do at a given time, and much more.

Magnetic whiteboards – specific applications

The prices for whiteboards are very enjoyable, especially when compared with the prices for flipcharts.Any of these boards have their own positive qualities and specific application. If you do not know some simple rules, then a magnetic marker board can be spoiled in a short time.

The main feature of using a magnetic whiteboard is that you can write on it only with specialized markers for magnetic whiteboards. A specialized sponge is required to erase records.

There are several types of markers in total: permanent markers, board markers, flipchart markers.

Only board markers (whiteboard markers) are suitable for working with a magnetic whiteboard. Such markers dry quickly enough on the surface of the board, without delay turning into an easily erasable fine powder. Do not write on magnetic whiteboards with permanent markers or flipchart markers. The former will write very well on the whiteboard, but they will not erase, the latter will not write on the magnetic whiteboards.

In order not to spoil the delicate coating, use only dry erase markers – board markers in the set with the board.The saddest thing is that in certain stores you can come across markers with the name: “whiteboard marker”, but in reality these are markers of poor quality, which are difficult to wash. A good marker dries quickly enough that if you touch the line you draw, the ink will remain on your fingers in the form of colored pollen. Real board marker is easy to dry erase. If the line you have drawn is problematic, change the marker.

As for flipchart markers, their job is to write softly and not soak multiple sheets of paper at once.Any board marker must have a strong, but not too stiff tip. there is a risk of scratching the surface of the magnetic whiteboard .. Board markers are sold in packs of 4 markers: blue, red, black and green. These markers have different line widths.

A board marker with a built-in eraser is considered a pretty good innovation. This greatly reduces the time during the working period. Some markers can be refilled with specialized ink as they dry, while in others, cores can be changed.

For markers to last longer, they must be stored horizontally. This will distribute the ink equally throughout the marker.

In addition, to clean the magnetic whiteboard, you need to purchase a spray cleaner and an erasing sponge. If all conditions are met, your magnetic whiteboard will serve you for a very long time.

Chalk and water marker

One of the great options for washing off a marker of this option is dishwashing gel.We smear the dirty part with the gel and leave it for a while, so that it dries a little. Then we wash with simple soap or washing powder.

How to wipe off a marker with alcohol

In this case, the “wedge by wedge” method is perfect. In order to solve the problem, you will need drugs containing alcohol.

At home it can be:

Note! Rubbing such stains is strictly prohibited. They are blotted with cotton pads until they disappear completely. Discs change as they become dirty.Once the stain is gone, treat the area with a warm, soapy solution.

How to rub off paint marker

Removing traces from a felt-tip pen based on varnish-and-paint elements is considered a very unpleasant process due to the non-standard smell of those products, thanks to which you can get rid of this kind of dirt. These include solvents: acetone, a nail polish remover, or machine fuel (gasoline), only purified.

Marker stripe and stain removal method

  • Moisten a small piece of cloth with solvent.
  • Finish the print so that it is completely dampened (do not rub).
  • We are waiting for twenty minutes. This is enough time for the marker to begin to dissolve.
  • We wipe the area to be treated until there is no more dirt on the rag.

Depending on the material where the stain was, finish the procedure with soap or a solution of powder to get rid of the solvent and pungent odor.

How to Remove Oil Marker

Dishwashing liquid helps again.But you can use it and grow it. oil. However, then you will need to try hard, in order to remove greasy marks, which easily disappear under the influence of dishwashing liquid.

How to wipe off a marker if its base is not known

You shouldn’t be upset in such a situation. Toothpaste is perfect, only without an abrasive filler. The paste needs to be rubbed into the marks from the felt-tip pen and left for a couple of minutes. Then wipe with a damp cloth. If the stained area has a delicate base, then do not risk using tooth powder or gel.


Before wiping off the marker, use the following tips:

  • Chemicals are detrimental to some surfaces or may make marker stains firmly in place;
  • do not use any kind of dry powder;
  • If you remove contamination with extractants, then start with a less aggressive one.

Rule! If you have precisely formed how to wash off the marker, then first of all you need to check the effect of this tool on a small area of ​​the surface from which the stain will be removed.

What is a permanent marker

The revolution in writing devices, from the most primitive pencils and brushes to permanent markers, is incredible. The key property of the item is the resistance of the ink to work in almost a variety of conditions (“permanent” if translated from English “stable”). The marker is a “multifunctional warrior”: it does not flow, does not freeze, does not require constant refueling. The wonderful product applies lines not only on dry, but also on wet surfaces: they will not spread, but will be absorbed.Also, the marker stands out for its durability: it lasts for a couple of months.

Production technology

Permanent permanent marker is made of metal or plastic, it can be round or polygonal. First of all, durable materials are used – foam, felt, plastic, nylon. The tip must not be soft, but hard, sharp, its “loosening” is excluded. The permanent felt-tip pen has the following working principle: the writing unit is made in the form of a fibrous rod inserted into the body.The rod is filled with a specialized pigment – alcohol ink. When pressed, the rod begins to spring and fill with paint.

Marker properties

Parents of children will especially be delighted with the device that has come into use: a “permanent toy” is harmless, does not have toxic or chemical substances. Writing tools help to draw, make signatures in letters. Images remain bright, clear, due to the permanence they do not fade in the light of sunlight. This is a seemingly simple felt-tip pen, only slightly thicker.The marker is permanent (resistant) to aggressive factors from the outside: moisture and even temperature extremes. Thanks to a special ink, the accuracy of an easy, even application on absolutely any surface is ensured:

  1. Paper.
  2. Glass, porcelain and ceramics.
  3. Wood, plastic, metal.
  4. Leather, rubber.
  5. Furniture.
  6. Tile.
  7. Shoes.


Permanent nibs can be very different in shape and thickness of the writing part:

  • In shape – rounded (bullet-shaped) and beveled (wedge-shaped).
  • In thickness – thin, medium (for office space), thick (for manufacturing).
  • The length of the tip considered good is 4 millimeters.
  • The thickness of the permanent tip takes into account from 0.6 millimeters to one and a half to two centimeters.
  • The thickness of the marker line is also provided in a wide range – from 1 to 16 millimeters.
  • The most common colors for inscriptions are blue, red, green, black. Sometimes white and brown are found.

Areas of use

Moisture resistant permanent marker is widely used:

  • Primary school students write on CDs with permanent paint.
  • Snowflakes are applied to the glass to obtain permanence.
  • There are fans of drawing with a marker on glasses, bottles for decoration on holidays.
  • The property of permanence (resistance) is used for everything: for signing jars with blanks, glasses with seedlings by gardeners, open-ended keys, tools and various parts.
  • Exotic use of a permanent device – stenciling a temporary tattoo.

How to erase a permanent marker

There are two types of solution for permanent filler: alcohol and water. The first is unpleasant with a pungent smell, and the second has no such. Regardless of the type of filling, rinsing it off is considered a difficult task, because the main purpose of the product itself is stability (permanence) during application. Alcohol-based solutions will most expediently cope with image removal, because these are not oil-based inks that can be easily removed with the same oil – a very careful approach is required here.Among the most commonly used products for washing off permanent inscriptions are called:

  1. Specifically intended means that do not destroy the surface: it is most advisable to buy these at the same time as the marker itself.
  2. A mixture of baking soda and toothpaste if nothing else is more suitable.
  3. Some of the automotive degreasers.
  4. Alcohol or nail polish remover, especially with acetone. Petroleum products, gasoline are suitable, only immediately after finishing with them you cannot apply a new image, first you need to wash off their remains.
  5. Hairspray – first of all it is sprayed, and then everything is washed off with cold water.

Permanent marker price

Edding is considered the most popular brand that produces a wide range of markers, and this or that model is primarily indicated on the case. The key manufacturers of such writing products are the Germans and the Japanese, their products are distinguished by the highest price, and the paint is the most stable. The Russian Federation is entering the optimal middle of the price segment.Permanent markers are sold in stationery stores or online stores.

Marker name with permanent property


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