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These are great pens. I bought the pink one, and I actually came back to buy some more colors. They are vibrant and don’t bleed. I would definitely recommend them.



Got one in a 0.5 yellow. Can’t see the ink well at all as I can with other yellows of other brands. Gave it to my granddaughter who’s an artist. She says she can find a use for it, so the purchase worked out okay.



I purchased this pen in the 0.5 tip in the following colors: black, blue, blue black, violet, green, pink, and light blue. The colors are quite vivid and are represented well in the cap. The needle tip allows me to enter text in small areas, something I need when writing space is limited. The tip gives a bit of feedback but not so much that I would consider never using again.

Also, I’m used to 0.7 tip pens, so I’m attempting to adjust to the smaller size. I also like the snap on cap when capped and posted; it’s very secure. Great purchase!



I’ve always loved the Hi-Tec C. I have OCD and autism and DVD, and so it’s extremely difficult for me to find a pen that writes perfectly and is comfortable to hold. When I first discovered the Hi-Tec C, it was in one of those Japanese shops in the mall. Unfortunately, they only ever had 10 at a time, and usually some were dried out or broken from being tested. Also, they costed a whopping $4.50 each! :0 More recently, I ran out of all but one of my Hi-Tec Cs and my other pen. Knowing the mall is far away, I just decided it’d be easier to order online. This website is awesome! I was so SO happy to see a place where I could purchase my favorite pens in the whole world for a reasonable price. I was even more happy when I received the package quick. After testing all 10 pens I ordered, they all work perfect! From now on I’m ordering all my Hi-Tec Cs on here! Anyway, this pen is really amazing.

It’s comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing. No matter how I write with it, it never looks bad,



I’m so glad Tokyo Pen Shop carries these pens! This is my first time trying these out and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised by them. They don’t bleed (like a lot of gel pens I’ve tried), dry quickly and write smoothly. The various ink colors available are also a big plus since I’m an artist, so doodles are very fun to make with these (my favorites are probably Cherry Pink and Camelia hehe). Will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future!



Thank You Tokyo Pen Shop for these wonderful pens~ These pens are awesome for small details, for their fine point and their spectrum of color. I wish I knew about these pens earlier so I could have purchased the “retired” colors. Now a comment about the color, “Elegance Pink”, BEAUTIFUL COLOR. I have purchased this pen in 3 separate locations.

One pen from overseas, one from a competitive webstore, and lastly one in Tokyo Pen Shop. Now, Elegance Pink has a beautiful color. However, the pen is notorious for being scratchy and having a lack of ink. Tokyo Pen Shop is the only shop I have known who has sold non-scratchy, ink-full “Elegance Pink.” So that deserves my thumbs up. Thank you again! And I look forward to purchasing more Hi-Tec C from TPS in the future



I’m sure it’s all been said in prior reviews, so I’m just going to say that these pens are the best. In the end, I always come back to these. 0.4mm is my favorite (0.5mm can be a little too thick, and I find that 0.3mm doesn’t write quite as smoothly). My only disappointment is that I think some of my favorite colors have either been discontinued or are so popular they’re constantly out of stock here (I’m guessing it’s the former?). Anyway, these pens are awesome.



Frank, We have never met, but your parents are our next door neighbors and your mom was kind enough to give me 2 of your Hi Tec c pens.

These pens have performed superbly. Like one of your other clients that have used Pilots for years, I have never encountered a fine point pen like this which could endure heavy usage. The stems on these pens must be constructed and engineered with some very durable metals. I am a computer analyst and plan on purchasing more of these great writing instruments as well as telling my associates where they can acquire these writing instruments. Mike Braun



These are my favorite needle nosed gel pens. The ink is very smooth and vibrant and I love the fast drying time. I prefer the 0.3mm size but I also enjoy the 0.4mm size for a thin but slightly thicker line. I find the 0.5m size is a bit large because it lays down the thickest line out of the above mentioned sizes. It muddles my super tiny handwriting. I am always disappointed that most of my favourite colours get disconinued but I love the wide colour selection compared to other pen lines. As a warning, be careful when you use them. If you drop it onto hard surfaces, the roller ball at the tip of he pen may get jammed into the tip sleeve which can make the pen unable to write.



I love these! Smooth as you can get. Not skipping. Precise ink distribution. Very sturdy plastic. I have about half a dozen of them and plan to get more. They are fantastic.



I’ve been a Pilot G-Tec C3 user for 10 years and was skeptic about trying the Hi-Tec C line. After receiving my order, I am totally switching over to Hi-Tec! I wanted to just try some colors with my original order and got Wine Red 0.3, Sapphire Blue 0.3, Kurikawa 0.3, and Usuzumi 0.3 but I’m buying more. The colors were as depicted on the preview image and the pens write smoothly. Great product!



I have been ordering these pens for awhile now & they are my favorite! I have all the colors in all the tips sizes. My favorite is the Ultra Marine in 4mm!! If you have not tried these pens—do so!! I LOVE THEM!!



I’ve used up eight of these pens and am returning today for more. I was never a fan of fine point pens, the thicker and smoother the better, was my preference. After trying Hi-Tec C pens I am converted for LIFE. Never have I used a pen that wrote so fine and rolled so smooth. They’ve ruined me for other ball-point pens and all the beautiful high-priced collectibles I already own. Pen are about writing, not their price tag and this is the best pen I have found. My only regret is that I can’t give more than five stars.



This is the best pen ever!! The .3 writes so smooth and fine. Buying in more colors today! The service and shipping on this site is the best!



These pens definitely live up to the all the hype. I got the .3mm violet and the .4mm sapphire blue (which I’m sad to hear they are discontinuing.

It’s the perfect dark-not-quite-blue black-blue). I found that the ink in the .4mm flowed a bit more easily than the .3mm. I look forward to trying out some of the other colors!



The 0.4mm Hi-Tec C is the best pen I’ve found. I read about them, ordered a few out of curiosity, and have not looked back – I have totally switched over. They’re perfect for writing and grading in the margins – very fine tip, won’t bleed, a pleasure to write with. Very sad that Wine Red is being discontinued!



I was a devout Uniball Signo micro gel ink pen user until I met the Hi-Tec. I LOVE this pen – it writes smoothly and effortlessly. My husband swipes my pens every chance he gets so I’ve resorted to hiding them. That’s how coveted they are in my household! Call me odd but I’m on a mission to collect all the colors. 🙂



These pens are the BOMB. I had a hard time finding a pen that wrote smoothly and consistently on these chocolate brown envelopes I bought for my wedding.

I bought some other gel pen that I found at an art store but the ink was chunky and didn’t dry quick enough for my taste. Someone told me about these pens and so happy they did.

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Pilot Hi-tec-c review | The Pencilcase Blog

In my previous post, I mentioned my new pens and pencils that I got. One of them is the Pilot Hi-tec C (or G-tec C, as they are called in Belgium) If you don’t know anything about these pens, you should also check out Brad’s blog: the Pen Addict, he really loves them!

But if you frequently read stationery blogs, you probably already read millions of reviews about this pen. But that won’t hold me back to add another one to that list! I have to say this though: I personally like them, but they aren’t everyone’s favorite! They really are something totally different from what you typically use.

Personally I think Pilot deserves a trophy for making a  gel pen that writes this fine and smooth, but that’s just my opinion. I say ‘gel’ pen but I don’t exactly know what kind of ink it is, anyway it resembles gel ink!

But as I said before, You might not like it at all. The first thing that might annoy you is the appearance. It isn’t a fancy pen, being made almost entirely out of plastic, with the exception of the metal front piece (or whatever it is called!)

The fact that this pen is so well known and loved around the world. Does give you some options to ‘upgrade’ it, as there are multiple barrels for the refill available trough Kickstarter projects. These range from all metal, to bamboo finishes, and they will definitely make this pen stand out like it deserves to!

Some examples of these barrels are:
The pen type A from CW&T (It’s quite expensive, but it looks very,very sleek! It’s not really portable though, it’s more like a desk pen!)
The render-K from karaskustoms (which looks more like a normal pen, and they have some other cool models as well)
The eco-essential pen from nownthen (which is made out of bamboo, it’s also available with a capacitive stylus). I personally don’t have one of these yet. But I would really like one, so I might buy one when my wallet get’s too heavy 🙂

The way this pen writes certainly is unique. It isn’t really smooth, but any pen that writes this fine will be scratchy, probably even more than this one. But if you really only like buttery-smooth writers, this pen might be too scratchy for you. The fine needle tip also makes it a good technical drawing pen, though the ink is a little too thick to work easily for drafting. It also stops working when you try to ink a drawing that you made in pencil, somehow graphite and this pen don’t combine very well!

Nevertheless, it’s great for small handwriting and sketching. And  you should give it a try as they aren’t very expensive, I have no idea about the exact price though!

PS: I’m sorry for the terrible written review, I was a little too tired at that moment!

Micro Tips Pilot Hi-Tec C vs. Uni-Ball Signo DX

This post is a personally-based comparison between Pilot Hi-Tec C (0. 3 mm and 0.4 mm) and Uni-Ball Signo DX (0.38 mm).

Pilot Hi-Tec C Price:
JetPens – $3.30 each
Refills – $2.20 each

Uni-ball Signo DX UM-151 Price:
JetPens – $2.50 each
Refills – $1.35 each

Both Pens Have Things In Common!

– Similar size and weight: Hi-Tec C – 0.40 oz and Signo DX – 0.35 oz
– Refillable – makes my eco heart feel a little less guilty.

– Low smearing ink – great for lefties! And for anyone who just naturally smears their hands all over their writing (me). Unless you get an ink blob. Which can and will smear.

– Both lines are micro tips!

– Great for precision work and fine details – the tiny little nib sizes will let you do some magnificent things. Not me though, because I have no artistic talents whatsoever. But hypothetically.

– Ink doesn’t bleed through the paper with these nib sizes.

– Ink doesn’t last very long. Most people I know who use these pens write often or doodle and burn through the ink rather quickly. That’s the price to pay for precision, I guess.

– Writes really nicely on premium paper (Clairefontaine/Rhodia) – although everything writes really nicely on premium paper…

– Doesn’t work on Post-Its. This may not be a bother for some people if they don’t use sticky notes. But it really just scratches on the paper and no ink comes out. Must be the ink + paper coating mixture.

Top: Pilot Hi-Tec C 0.4 mm Bottom: Uni-ball Signo DX 0.38 mm

Why I’d Pick my Hi-Tec C 0.3 mm & 0.4 mm Pens

– Comes in a large variety of colors! A huge, wonderful, rainbow spectrum to please every picky eyeball! I lovelovelove the colors that are available.

– This is totally personal, but my writing looks nicer with these pens. When the ink is flowing well, I feel like I have more control over my writing than with the Uni-ball Signo DX 0.38 mm. I think the reason for this is because of the weight of the pen – the Pilot Hi-Tec C aren’t bottom heavy like the Uni-balls when they are capped. This probably seems very nit picky… well… it is nit picky. This is a nit picky comparison of two pens.

– Ink doesn’t bleed once it’s dry.

Why I Want to Strangle my Pilot Hi-Tec C 0.3 mm & 0.4 mm Pens

– Sometimes they’re just scratchy – like when starting up writing after not using it for a little while. And for the life of me, I don’t know how to fix it short of continuing to write until the ink gets going. I’m “forced” to use premium paper (Clairefontaine & Rhodia). I use the term “forced” lightly here… it’s never upsetting to have to use premium paper but say I wanted to write on crappy paper but couldn’t because my pen kept scratching across it and collecting tiny, itty bitty little paper fibers until it was so plugged with them that it just refused to drop any more ink?? What would I do then?

– The tip of the smaller sizes (0.3 mm) feels breakable. If you look at it closely, it looks like it could break, too, although I’ve never broken it. Yet. But I should be confident in my writing utensil, right??

– No grip in the Hi-Tec C line. A pretty grip to match the ink color would be so awesome. The colors are so gorgeous that a matching grip along with the colors on the cap and ends would look seriously soooo good!!! But aside from no grip, they’re tough to hang on to for extensive writing. Or if you get sweaty hands (what?? It could happen!), your grip will just slip on the plastic. There are ridged lines in the plastic which actually dig into my fingers when I am holding the pen tightly for a lot of writing.

– I have experienced ink blobs with 0.4 mm and 0.5 mm nibs. Kind of annoying when you’re trying to make a perfect line.

– The ink doesn’t flow smoothly right away. It takes a little bit of writing to get the ink going and it’s so nice to write when it’s flowing. When I’m doing writing samples, it’s a real nuisance because I have to keep uncapping and recapping the pen and scribbling on some scrap paper to get the ink moving. It has taken me awhile to break in my new 0.3 mm nibs and the occasional 0.4 mm. I hate that when it’s breaking in, I have to write with the pen straight up. It’s uncomfortable and weird and drives me insane.

 Why I’d Pick my Uni-ball Signo DX 0.38 mm Pens

– Sturdy tip that can withstand a lot of heavy handed writing. I’m very confident with this tip. I never worry that I’ll bend it or break it.

– Somehow the design of the tip prevents scratchy writing and ink skipping (which plagues me with the Pilot Hi-Tec C line), even on poorer quality papers. Which means it always writes like a dream on premium paper.

– Both the pen and the refills are cheaper than the Pilot Hi-Tec C. Significantly. Which adds up over time. When you buy giant amounts of pens *coughs innocently*

– Easier to hold than the Pilot Hi-Tec Cs are, especially after extensive writing; the grip is helpful.

– A solid feeling pen that still boasts an impressive micro tip.

Why I Want to Strangle my Uni-ball Signo DX 0. 38 mm Pens

– Not enough colors! Such a wonderful pen and so few colors available! How disappointing. That’s not true. There are quite a few colors available but they could expand so much more and add some more shades. I would love it.

– The grip! The grip ends before the metal nib so there’s a bit of plastic barrel in between… which happens to be right where my fingers sit.

– I don’t like the weight when the pen is capped. The bottom is too heavy and it throws off my writing, especially with smaller nib sizes. I often write without the cap on the back.

– I have experienced ink blobs (although fewer than with the Hi-Tec Cs).



Left: Pilot Hi-Tec C 0.4 mm Right: Uni-ball Signo DX 0.38 mm

It does appear that I don’t like the Hi-Tec Cs very much, but that’s not true! I really do like them. I am a huge fan of the colors and despite the downsides I mentioned, I still love them. The Signo DXs are also great. Although they have comparable nib sizes and ink qualities, they’re such different pens that I have a hard time admitting they’re completely interchangeable. In conclusion, I’d say, just get both.

3 Refills for Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.5mm Extra Fine Rollerball Gel Ink Pen Red Business & Industrial Pens, Pencils & Markers westernfertility.com

3 Refills for Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.5mm Extra Fine Rollerball Gel Ink Pen Red

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Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto – Pen Vibe

Update February 2019 – Please note that unfortunately, the Tiger Pens website is no longer online.

Tiger Pens  have been very busy importing lots of great new products recently and were pleased to announce that they now have the fabulous Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi-Pens in stock.


Usually a Multi-Pen has either three or four colours typically black blue red & green or perhaps two colours and a pencil. However those clever boffins in Japan at Pilot Pens have developed the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi-Pen system this allows you to create a pen just the way you want it by mixing & matching from 15 different colour refills.


To create your own Multi-Pen first you need an empty Multi-Pen body to fill it with your favourite colours. We currently have three different models and changing refills is really easy each pen has a cap at the top which flips open and you simply pull out your old refill and slide a new one in. the refills all easily identifiable by their colour coded fins.

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 4 Colour Gel Multi- Pen Body

The Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 4 pen body is available with a clear barrel or translucent black, blue or pink barrel and it has a matching rubber grip area.

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 5 Colour Gel Multi- Pen Body

The Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 5 pen body is available with a clear barrel or translucent black, blue or pink barrel and it has a matching rubber grip area.

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Lumino 4 Colour Gel Multi- Pen Body

The Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Lumino 4 pen body is their top of the range model made from strong plastic with either a matt black or metallic silver finish.

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Refills

Pilot Hi-Tec-C refills are available with either a 0.4mm tip that writes a 2.0mm wide and available in 15 colours or with a 0.5mm tip that writes a 0.3mm wide line and available in 10 colours. There is also a refill which is a 0.5mm mechanical pencil.



We think that the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi-Pen system is a great idea and would love to hear any comments you have, maybe you already own one and could let us know what you think of it.


[Pen/Pencil Review] The Pilot HI-TEC-C Cavalier – Rhonda Eudaly

Posted by reudaly on August 1, 2011 in Review, writing instruments | ∞

My husband reminded me that I’ve never reviewed the Pilot HI-TEC-C Cavalier he gave me for some gift-giving holiday. He knows I like fine point rollerball pens – and the finer the point the better. The HI-TEC-C Cavalier is Pilot’s higher end, refillable “executive” HI-TEC-C pens.

The HI-TEC-C Cavalier is 5.25″ capped and 5.75″ with the cap posted, which makes it long enough to be very comfortable. The body is black lacquered and chrome brass which gives it more weight and balance than you’d expect from such a slim body. To me and my hand, that’s it’s only drawback – the slim body. It’s only about a .25″ wide. I like a little more width to my pens, but it’s not a huge drawback, it’s still a well-balances and comfortable pen. For those who like a slim body pen, this is one you should check out.

This pen, which used to be available in a range of body colors, is now only available in the black and chrome. According to JetPens.com, the other body colors have been discontinued by Pilot – which is a shame, I probably would’ve picked up the green one. The only other body color available is silver. But these are pens geared for offices – so I suppose that makes sense.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of needle-point rollerball pens. I do love my extra-fine point nibs, but I’m a heavy handed writer, always have been. I’ve bent and broken needle-points before. However, the HI-TEC-C has a very solid and sturdy nib construction. I would have to go to great lengths to bend or break this nib. The .04 mm tip is a lovely extra fine line that rolls smoothly over most paper, leaving a good, continuous line. The ink is smooth and dark – even for something this fine. There is some skipping on rougher paper, but on decent quality paper, I have no complaints.

Pilot is one of my favorite companies for consistently high-quality writing instruments – even in their less expensive, “every day” lines. So I expected nothing less from the HI-TEC-C. It’s a solid pen. A good all around pen. I give it 3.5 out of 5 bronze pencils.

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Pilot Hi Tec C .


The Pilot Hi Tec C .25mm in Blue Black

The last time I reviewed a Pilot Hi Tec C, it was actually the Coleto Multi Pen version where I used the .3mm refills, and I liked that pen lots.  With that good experience under my belt, I thought Id try out a slightly smaller version, and go with the .25mm single barrel pen.

The Pilot Hi Tec C in .25 and .30 to compare body styles

The first thing that you notice about the Pilot Hi Tec C .25mm is that it looks exactly like the other versions, except for one minor difference.  The clip on the .25mm version has a small gold oval on it that has the tip size printed in it.  I kind of like having this there because it really makes it easier to tell the difference between the sizes without looking at the top of the cap where the size is also printed.  I think that they way most people store pens, the clip is usually the most visible part, so it makes sense to have there for easy identification.  Besides the clip, everything else appears to be identical for the barrel on these pens.   For the most part I dont mind the design of these pens, but I would prefer a more rubberized grip instead of the hard plastic ridges.

Pilot Hi Tec C .25 writing sample and comparison

The .25 and .3mm version of the Hi Tec C write in a fairly similar fashion.  I would say that the .3mm version is just a slight bit smoother, and less toothy on the paper, which in this case was the Rhodia Web Notebook with 90g paper.  Im not sure if its just me, but when you look at the close up scan of the writing sample, both the Pilot Hi Tec C .25mm and the .3mm appear to write in the same exact width.  It could just be that the .05mm difference is too difficult for me to discern with my eyes, so I wont swear to it, but it is a pretty close match if you ask me.

In this writing sample I also compared the Pilot Hi Tec C .25mm to the Pentel Slicci .25mm to see how they stack up to each other.  As you can see, the line sizes appear to be almost identical.  Neither pen shows any amount of bleed, feathering, or show through on the Rhodia Notebook paper, and they both seem to dry fairly quickly.   Initially, the Pilot Hi Tec C .25mm had a tiny bit of scratch to it when I started writing, but after writing a few words with it, it seems to have disappeared and the writing experience became much smoother, and comparable to the Pentel Slicci.

If you are looking for a really narrow tipped pen that writes very smoothly with no bleed, I think that either the Pilot Hi Tec C or Pentel Slicci will fit the bill.  My personal preference is to actually stay with the Coleto, simply for the more comfortable and thicker grip, but again if you have a different grip preference then the regular version of the Hi Tec C is for you.

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On this topic

At the same time, there was a temporary increase in the consumption of coal as a traditional energy source, and the Soviet Union began to increase the volume of oil exports.Thus, two serious oil crises became an incentive to accelerate progress in developed countries, but at the same time slowed down the same progress in countries whose economies were based on the export of hydrocarbons.

By the way, it is almost impossible to overcome the notorious “Dutch disease” or “oil needle effect” in practical terms. A classic example of this is the openly backward economy of Venezuela, which ranks first in the world in terms of proven oil reserves.

As a rare exception, the United Arab Emirates has been pursuing a long-term, targeted policy to move away from oil dependence. However, the UAE still hasn’t gone all the way. And for other oil-producing states, such a restructuring of the economy in an urgent firefighting order in the current realities is simply incredible.

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The current situation in the global economy can be described as a “commodity crisis on the contrary.” Long periods of quarantine in industrialized countries have contributed to a sharp decline in global production.This led to an inevitable drop in prices for many types of raw materials.

Another equally important consequence of the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 was the understanding that individual countries can no longer rely on stable imports of vital goods. The urgent establishment of the production of personal protective equipment in many states in this regard was only the first sign. Thus, the main slogan of Donald Trump “Let’s make America great again” suddenly became very, very relevant.

It is quite obvious that the repatriation of industrial production in the USA, EU countries and in many other countries will not have the character of physical movement of machines and equipment from the third world with their restart in a new place. The traditional rate for cheap labor at the location of the opening of new production facilities is inapplicable in this case. This means that new factories in economically developed countries will be created at a higher technological level. There have been opportunities for this for a long time.For example, the German multinational corporation Adidas launched the first fully automated shoe factory in Bavaria back in 2016. The role of people in this production was reduced to monitoring the operation of machines and assessing the quality of finished products.

What stock indices are talking about

It is well known that stock markets live on expectations, and the dynamics of stock indices often outstrips trends in the real sector of the economy. In this regard, the movement of the four key US stock indexes as the current crisis develops looks very indicative.From the second half of February to mid-March, they showed a rather uneven drawdown: Dow Jones Industrial Average -38.4%, S & P500 -35.4%, NASDAQ Composite -32.6%, NASDAQ 100 -30.4%.

Recall that the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is heavily weighted by companies that represent the traditional old economy. The S & P500 broad market index characterizes the state of the US economy as a whole. The NASDAQ Composite Index mostly includes high-tech stocks.Even more high-tech is the NASDAQ 100 index, which strictly includes the shares of high-tech representatives.

As we can see, the exchange value of high-tech companies’ shares during the spring sales turned out to be much more stable in comparison with the securities of representatives of other sectors of the economy. The further dynamics of these indices seems to be even more eloquent in relation to their maximum average-term values ​​reached before the start of the spring fall: DJIA -3. 1%, S & P500 + 3.4%, NASDAQ Composite + 18.9%, NASDAQ 100 +23.2 %.The DJIA Industrial Average has still failed to regain its recent drawdown. At the same time, the high-tech NASDAQ 100 index not only rose strongly, but also continues to stubbornly renew its historical highs.

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This trend became clear already by the beginning of the second quarter of 2020. Already at that time, many representatives of the following sectors of the US stock market looked noticeably better than the market: telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics, equipment and materials for the production of semiconductors, software development, electronic games and multimedia, Internet services and electronic content.

At the same time, the shares of companies providing traditional telecommunications services looked weak. The specified industry has not been able to derive much benefit from the coronavirus quarantine period. It is obvious that she began to lose in the competition with advanced Internet services and social networks. Many securities included in this sector did not manage to neutralize their spring decline until the beginning of September.

Thus, the thesis that the new crisis will be overcome through the growth of high-tech sectors of the economy finds its confirmation in the expectations of investors and stock speculators, which are broadcast on the stock market.

By the way, the Russian stock indices of the Moscow Exchange and the RTS are still far from both their historical highs and the values ​​at which they were at the beginning of the year. This confirms the idea that the economies of countries that export raw materials are at risk of lagging behind the maturing high-tech leap in developed countries. One of the few hopes for Russian investors and speculators is only Yandex shares. Since the end of 2019, they have risen in price by 88.5%. Of course, by the beginning of September 2020, these securities clearly look overbought, but the fact that their price was able to rise so high says a lot.

Electric vehicle success

For the sake of completeness, it is worth mentioning another trendy topic of the current year on the foreign stock market. We are talking about the shares of electric car manufacturers led by the notorious Tesla company. We know that many of the world’s automakers have been hit hard by the production suspension and the drop in demand in the first half of the year. The total loss of their revenue for the specified period is estimated at $ 250 billion. The most significant damage was incurred by the two largest global carmakers in terms of sales – Toyota Motor Corp.and Volkswagen AG.

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Against this background, Tesla shares were growing by leaps and bounds. Since mid-March, they have risen in price more than six times. The company even had to split its securities in a 1: 5 ratio, as their exchange price became too high for an ordinary private investor. Again, these stocks now look overvalued given their extremely high P / E ratios. TASS) and the ambiguous reputation of the company’s founder, Elon Musk.

And yet, unlike many dot-coms that have sunk into oblivion at the beginning of the century, Tesla produces and successfully sells a real popular product. Despite the drop in sales in the second quarter of 2020, it still managed to increase its semi-annual revenue by more than $ 1 billion. Of course, this is, to put it mildly, a modest achievement in comparison with the global auto giants. But in the context of depreciated money, investors are important not only in absolute numbers, but also in trends.The unreasonably high value of Tesla shares includes a market and image premium for involvement in the business of the pioneer company, which has all the prerequisites for becoming a new American legend.

Do not forget that the world in this regard has not converged like a wedge on Tesla alone. Recently, there have been frequent reports in the media about plans for new IPOs of electric car manufacturers. Traditional technology manufacturers are also making significant strides in this direction.For example, Mercedes-Benz recently announced plans to bring five all-electric models to market by the end of 2020. And fans of the Harley-Davidson brand are looking forward to the protracted launch of the company’s first electric LiveWire.

As for the US stock market, there are already listed shares of a number of companies producing vehicles on electric traction. These are NIO Limited, Li Auto Inc., Nikola Corporation, XPeng Inc., Workhorse Group Inc., NIU Technologies, Kandi Technologies, ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corporation.

We will venture to assume that the production of electric cars will become one of the locomotives of the global economy’s recovery from the current crisis. Such an expensive product, with great added value and a huge number of components, is perfect for this role. Along the way, these new products will make it possible to burden a very wide segment of the world’s population with new debt. Figuratively speaking, we will go to a bright future in a decarbonized electric car …

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High technologies of the Republic of Belarus

Crisis gives both time and chance 90 260

TSEPKALO Valery Vil’yamovich – Director of the Administration of the Park of High Technologies, Candidate of Law

Russia seriously intends to create a national analogue of Silicon Valley, which, according to President Medvedev, should become the largest testing ground for the new economic policy.In March 2010, it was determined that such a center would be built in Skolkovo near Moscow.

Our neighbors, in Belarus, created a High-Tech Park a few years ago, which is a national project.

To what extent were the hopes and plans of the Government of the Republic of Belarus justified, related to the intention to increase the competitiveness of the sectors of the economy based on new and high technologies; how are the new prospects of employment of graduates of Belarusian technical universities being realized; what is the real interest of foreign investors and about many other things – in a conversation with our correspondent, the director of the administration of the Park of High Technologies Valery TSEPKALO told.

– Valery Viljamovich, in the world practice there are different approaches to the creation of structures similar to the Belarusian Park. What principles, ideas, criteria were used as the basis for the creation of the Park? What are the main directions of its activity and the main factors of competitiveness?

– According to the research of world analytical agencies, bio-, nano- and information technologies, applied research in the field of physics of materials will have a global impact on the technological development of society in the period up to 2015.Of course, Belarus, like the absolute majority of countries in the world, will find it difficult to compete in all high-tech segments of the world economy, especially since each of these areas requires special state support. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the experience of consolidating efforts in one direction is today a world practice. This is confirmed by the fact that almost all parks in the world have a pronounced industry focus. Specialization in a certain type of activity allows you to concentrate organizational, financial, human, scientific and educational resources, which creates a “cumulative”, breakthrough effect.And then large world corporations begin to reach for this park, it receives international status and gains authority in the relevant sector of the world economy. The most successful parks in the world can be cited as examples: Silicon Valley (USA), specializing in information and communication technologies, software and hardware systems, chip design; Bangalore Park (India) specializing in software and IT services.

In 2005, the information technology industry in Belarus received state support: in accordance with a presidential decree, the High Technology Park was created.Its goal is to create favorable conditions for increasing the competitiveness of the sectors of the economy of our country based on new and high technologies, further improving the organizational, economic and social conditions for the development of modern technologies and increasing their exports, attracting domestic and foreign investments in this area. Thus, the main area of ​​the park’s activities in the next few years will be the information technology sector as one of the fastest growing.It ensures the production of products and services with a high share of added value and does not require significant investments.

The Belarusian HTP has a number of advantages that make it especially attractive for foreign and domestic companies. First of all, this is the presence in the republic of a large number of qualified personnel, a strong education system in the IT sector. So, annually, Belarusian universities graduate about 23 thousand specialists in the field of information and communication technologies.The geographical position of our country plays an important role, as well as the ability to issue a business visa right at the airport. In addition, the Hi-Tech Park has a special legal regime, and preferential economic conditions are also provided. Carrying out activities within the framework of the established legal regime, residents of the park are exempt from paying taxes, fees and other payments to the republican budget, state targeted budgetary and extra-budgetary funds, and from paying income tax, value added taxes and real estate taxes.The regime provides for benefits in the calculation of personal income tax. Park residents are exempted from payments for inviting foreign citizens of Belarus to work and live in Minsk.

– If today we summarize the results of the HTP’s activities over the past period, what assessment would you give to its main results? What would you say are your main achievements to date? What are the main tasks that the HTP administration is currently focusing on? What measures do you consider the most effective at the moment to overcome the consequences of the global financial and economic crisis?

– The park began functioning in June 2006.We expected that the industry related to the development of computer programs would develop in our republic rather quickly and energetically. If we talk about the intermediate results, then already in 2008 the export of products of the Hi-Tech Park alone was almost ten times higher than the export of the entire industry of computer software production in Belarus in 2005.

Today, the park practically completely develops software for export, that is, 80-85 percent of what is produced in the country today, we emphasize, legally.

In 2009, the pace of development slowed down a little, but in the world as a whole, the industry generally “sagged”. Some countries lost from 20 to 30 percent, while we, according to standard Western European methods, grew by 25 percent, taking into account the devaluation of the ruble and the inflationary factor.

In times of crisis, when effective demand is sharply reduced, when products are not sold, instead of producing unclaimed products, the accumulated reserves are used to modernize production, innovate, and develop new types of products that will “shoot” after the crisis is over.Moreover, the crisis gives both time and a chance for this … Companies are beginning to focus more not on volumes, but on product quality, profitability, production efficiency, creating products with a higher intellectual component in the cost of products.

In times of crisis, the most important thing is to retain key, qualified personnel who, in conditions of poor sales of products, are involved in research and development of new types of goods. Thus, the famous iPod, iPhone and other popular models, which allowed Apple to earn tens of billions of dollars, were developed by the company’s specialists precisely during the 2001 crisis… During the acute crisis of the late 80s – early 90s, the Finnish company Nokia, which produced rubber soles for shoes and car tires and lost its guaranteed Soviet market, began research in the field of mobile telephony …

The anti-crisis strategy of the Hi-Tech Park is that we mainly hold meetings and brainstorming sessions with our main, so-called resident anchor companies. A more active external promotion has also begun.Now we are actively negotiating with Bosch, recently Apple contacted us, we have been and are actively negotiating on cooperation with Microsoft. We invite potential clients. There was an Indian delegation, business people from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. In 2009, the park was ordered by companies from 50 countries of the world. The first contracts were signed with companies from Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Japan and Taiwan. It can be stated that our movements give an effect, albeit not momentary. There is no other way but to move to foreign markets and conduct a more active marketing policy.

From my point of view, in times of crisis, the general macroeconomic policy should be revised. As a rule, the mechanisms for stimulating the economy that work when everything is developing anyway are ineffective during a crisis. There should be a reassessment of values, outsourcing should be used very actively – in other words, it is necessary to look at what is more promising for the country, and not to support everyone in a row. If a company can do something on its own, does not ask the government for help, in this case it should be provided with additional opportunities and resources in order to help conquer its market segment during a crisis.

– Technoparks in Russia very often turned into an ordinary development project. How did you manage to avoid this?

– The main difference between the Belarusian HTP is that the park has an extraterritorial principle of registration of resident companies. This means that the legal regime of the HTP is valid throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus. You can register as a resident and use all the advantages of the HTP regardless of where the office of your Belarusian company is located: from the regional center to a small settlement.This makes it possible to fully use the educational, research, professional and infrastructural potential of the entire country. In this way, we differ from the concept of creating technoparks in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries, where state support measures operate only in a specially designated area.

Now, when the norms of legislation have come close to the level of benefits that exist in the HTP, we have focused our efforts on helping residents to promote their business.We are actively cooperating in this direction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our embassies, we hold seminars and meetings of developers outside the republic in order to acquaint Western customers with the services of Belarusian companies. We have already met with representatives of Sweden, Denmark, Kazakhstan. In turn, we were visited by delegations from Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia. Moreover, all these events were productive and ended, at least, with mutual agreements on further cooperation.And this is a rather serious support for small enterprises (up to 100 people), which on their own cannot reach reputable customers in Russia, the CIS or far abroad. Such corporate meetings are much more effective than independent participation of developers in major events, such as CeBIT, the world’s largest exhibition of information and communication technologies.

Another way of supporting investors and our companies, which we actively practice, is assistance in setting up a business (business incubator).First of all, we try to support our start-ups, offering promising innovative products to the market. We provide them with small turnkey premises for rent at a minimum rate.

We help to start work in the Belarusian market and foreign companies. They need to create their own infrastructure, but they are not guided by our legal framework. It is necessary to help their managers to understand the office work, accounting, to establish relations with government agencies and business.We usually support overseas enterprises and help them develop throughout the year – usually, more is not needed. Successful examples of such cooperation include work with the French company Abaxia or with the Belarusian branch of the Scandinavian IT developer TietoEnator.

– In your opinion, “cooperation with the world’s leading technology parks allows us to use their best experience and practice.” Please tell us about the experience of such cooperation and its real results.

– We have established cooperation with many technoparks in different countries of the world – we are constantly exchanging experience with the Finnish Technopolis Technopark, the Beijing Science Park, the Beijing International Business Incubator, the South Korean Daedeok Innopolis Technological Park, the Italian Institute of Technology, the Armenian Viasfer Technopark, the free economic the Information Technology Park zone (Kazakhstan), the Serbian IT cluster, the Latvian associations of IT companies, the Poland-East Science and Technology Park and others.

At the invitation of the HTP administration, Mahathir Mohamad – Prime Minister of Malaysia (1981-2003), long-term leader of the Non-Aligned Movement, President of the Organization of Islamic Conference joined the International Advisory Council at the Belarusian High-Tech Park and became its Honorary Chairman.

As part of a memorandum signed in Minsk last September on the establishment of an Indian-Belarusian training center in the field of information technology, the Government of the Republic of India will provide a grant of $ 1 million for the creation of a Belarusian-Indian training center on the basis of the Hi-Tech Park.

– The Park works closely with leading Belarusian universities. What is the format of this interaction? How would you rate its effectiveness for universities, on the one hand, and for HTP, on the other?

– Resident companies are interested in the training of qualified young specialists by universities and annually provide jobs for more than 300 young specialists. Companies have created and support joint educational and scientific laboratories in the country’s universities, direct funds to strengthen the material and technical base of universities, conduct special educational courses, conduct free seminars and trainings for teachers and practical classes for students, financially and organizationally support various international competitions and competitions with the participation of university students.Currently, there are more than 30 joint laboratories of resident companies with leading technical universities, more than 2 million US dollars have been invested in them. Many companies are planning to open new laboratories. Joint laboratories are not just classrooms equipped with modern technology, but also channels through which the HTP and its residents have the opportunity to transfer practical experience to the higher education system.

– Recently in Russia – at the highest level – they are actively trying to resist the phenomenon, which is called the “brain drain”.What role does the Hi-Tech Park play in “confronting” this common problem for our countries?

– As of January 1, 2010, the number of employees in the Hi-Tech Park was 7259 people, with 633 new jobs created in 2009. More than 70 percent of those working in the park are young people under 30. The average salary in the park in 2009 exceeded $ 1,100.

The labor emigration of Belarusian programmers has largely lost its attractiveness lately.And the Hi-Tech Park played an important role in this. In particular, thanks to the park, it became possible to distribute graduates to the HTP and IT companies. In addition, the “brain drain” has slowed down due to the increase in the remuneration of Belarusian programmers, who began to earn at the level of American beginner specialists or average Israeli ones.

The dynamic development of the HTP laid the foundation for a very positive and socially significant process – reverse intellectual migration.A significant number of talented programmers, who at one time left to work in their specialty in foreign IT companies, returned to their homeland.

It is also worth mentioning that many Belarusian programmers left earlier for creative reasons, citing the lack of interesting large-scale projects demanded by users. Today the situation has completely changed due to the presence of the High-Tech Park in Belarus, hundreds of companies and thousands of teams working for foreign customers.

– What is your opinion on the quality of training of young specialists? What are your suggestions as an employer for improving its quality?

– The history of the development of information technologies in Belarus is more than 50 years old. During this time, a system of training specialists in this field has been created in the republic. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that, unlike India, China and other countries, young people in Belarus receive a fundamental education.This is confirmed by the performances of Belarusian students at the World Programming Championships, where our programmers are constantly among the best. At the same time, it is important that the growing IT industry of the Republic of Belarus creates jobs for young professionals who have the opportunity to get high-paying jobs.

Belarus does not have significant natural resources – there is no gas or metal in its depths, but our country has a serious intellectual resource.And our most important task is to make the most of this resource! To do this, we have to, firstly, increase the prestige of technical education, and secondly, its quality.

The Hi-Tech Park conducts extensive propaganda, educational and vocational guidance in the system of general secondary education, its representatives regularly participate in republican methodological seminars on informatics, meet with the pedagogical community and students, conduct educational excursions to the park’s resident companies and organize honoring of the winners of international olympiads in mathematics and computer science.The park is one of the main sponsors of the Republican Olympiad in Informatics.

Another important area of ​​the HTP’s activity is participation in improving the structure and content of the invariant and variable components of informatics education in secondary schools. In 2008, on the initiative of the HTP, the Ministry of Education of Belarus approved the course “Fundamentals of Information Technologies” developed by Cisco as an elective for teaching in schools.The successful cooperation of the Ministry of Education, Cisco and the Hi-Tech Park over the past two years has brought Belarus to the first place in the number of Cisco Networking Academies in the CIS countries, and now it is ahead of the traditional leaders – Russia and Ukraine. Moreover, in 2009, in terms of growth rates, Cisco Networking Academies in Belarus ranked first in the world.

In addition, the HTP is equipping computer classrooms in rural schools of the republic.

– How do you see the prospects for the further development of the High-Tech Park? In your opinion, have you already achieved a rather ambitious goal – to become a world-class park?

– Today we have become the largest information technology park in Central and Eastern Europe.I think that in another three or four years we will be well known in Western Europe. In another three years, we will play a prominent role in the world.

Today we offer solutions, including for other states, in the field of “one window”, tax declaration systems, creation of electronic government, etc. It saddens that we are doing and implementing all this everywhere, but not in Belarus! And this is necessary. Therefore, we will offer the president options for creating an effective e-government in our country.In fact, in a year or two, a computer will come to every home, and it is necessary that it become not just a toy, but also an effective means of interaction with government authorities, opening up opportunities for obtaining all kinds of services.

High technology | Lifestyle

Water is one of the most important components of life on Earth. This is confirmed by at least a fact known to us from school: a person is 70% water, and he can live without it for no more than three days. At the same time, the situation with drinking water in the world continues to deteriorate.Thus, according to the UN, the consumption of fresh water has tripled over the past half century. And, according to forecasts, by 2030 almost five billion people will remain without clean water, that is, about 67% of the world’s population.

Russia is in an advantageous position in this respect, because, according to the data of the same United Nations Organization, by 2025 Russia, together with Scandinavia, South America and Canada, will still belong to the regions with the most fresh water supply. Lake Baikal is one of Russia’s main trump cards in the struggle for water.It contains 1/5 of all fresh water in the world and 3/4 of all fresh water in Russia. However, you should not count on it alone. After all, now Baikal is threatened by an ecological catastrophe. It can happen if the construction of hydroelectric power plants begins on the Selenga River, which provides up to 80% of the water flow into the lake.

What can we do in this situation? Of course, it is more economical to treat the expenditure of this source of life. But not only. Each family is able to independently provide themselves with clean drinking water.Modern and reliable filters for water purification will help to do this. One of which is the BARRIER filter jug.
The advantages of such a filter are many: lightness and mobility, an affordable price. But the main plus is the use of the most modern scientific technologies, on the development of which real professionals are working.

The quality management system of the research center BVT BARRIER Russia is accredited for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO / IEC 17025.Also, the competence of the research center is confirmed by the International Water Quality Association, which makes it possible to study filters for compliance with international NSF / ANSI standards. But these standards are even stricter than our GOST.

One of the best research centers in the country employs highly qualified employees, including candidates and doctors of science. The laboratory is equipped with the most modern high-precision equipment from well-known foreign and domestic manufacturers, thanks to which scientists are able to carry out not only a targeted quantitative analysis of water by chemical indicators, but also analysis of water samples by microbiological indicators.

Microbiological laboratory BVT BARRIER was founded in 2014 and is licensed to work with microorganisms of various pathogenicity groups. In 2016, this laboratory successfully passed international interlaboratory comparative tests for the analysis of water for a number of microbiological indicators.

Employees of the research center BVT BARRIER regularly attend international conferences and forums devoted to water quality problems, presenting the results of their research there.We also actively interact with colleagues from other Russian and foreign research centers. BVT BARRIER successfully cooperates with the Russian Academy of Sciences, colleagues from the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, as well as with scientists from Austria, Japan, Germany and other countries.

The filter models produced by BVT BARRIER comply with GOST and NSF / ANSI international standards. All this allowed the Company’s products to receive prestigious awards, such as “Product of the Year 2015” and “Brand No. 1 in Russia”. That is why, by purchasing a BARRIER filter jug, you can be completely sure that you will provide your family with the best and healthiest water for the body.

Experts of the research center BVT BARRIER Russia, the authors of the “Map of Russia’s Water” project, constantly monitor water quality and give recommendations to consumers on what it is necessary to purify water from in each specific place on the map. If you want to know what kind of water you have, please contact the BVT BARRIER Research Center by phone +7 495 926-38-57 (Moscow, Leninsky Prospect, 31), bring your water for analysis and get expert recommendations …

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High fashion and high technology.TEMPLA.

B a brand that harmoniously combines fashion, ski aesthetics and technology.

The combination of modern technology and fashion – every year this approach becomes more and more relevant. Ski equipment has its own unique aesthetic born of function. Such things are permissible to be worn in the city. But for some, they seem too utilitarian. The founders of the Templa brand wanted to balance style and function in their clothing.The brand is different from what the mainstream ski equipment industry offers. In some places, Templa products are not even perceived as something purely for skiing. However, the same brand jackets have all the necessary technologies and details – for example, a modern three-layer membrane, laminated seams, Primaloft synthetic filler, a snow skirt and a RECCO reflector.

“Designed for the mountains, but suitable for the city,” co-founder Delano Pereira describes Templa.Delano and his partner Rob Maniscalco do business from Melbourne. In this case, the first is snowboarding, and the second is skiing. Both have considerable experience in the fashion industry. Previously, Rob had his own brand, Claude Maus (founded in 2000), characterized by monochrome shades, minimalism and casual elegance. In 2012, Maniscalco sold his brainchild and was ready to return to the industry with something new. Pereira worked for a creative agency that had Claude Maus as a client. Industry involvement and a love of alpine skiing united Delano and Rob.“What if the consumer was craving something cooler, more modern and progressive, mountain clothes that looked like something out of fashion?” – thoughts, Maniscalco and Pereira, which became the starting point for the creation of Templa in 2016.

Delano and Rob noticed the progressiveness of the sportswear market in terms of combining aesthetics and function. But the ski industry, in their opinion, was losing in this segment – the bulk of it was too utilitarian.“We wanted to create a design language you wouldn’t expect to see in the mountains … a fusion of fashion and ski aesthetics,” explains Maniscalco. Templa managed to bring all thoughts to life. The brand’s clothes look original in the context of the mountains and in the city. They will help you feel comfortable on the slope, save you from cold weather and bad weather in everyday life. Almost from the very start, Templa has been sold in leading fashion stores, including famous boutiques: New York’s Barneys, London’s Selfridges and online Net-A-Porter.This is the merit of the third co-founder of the brand – Anati Rakoch.

Anati was not fond of alpine skiing. Rakoch worked in Israel for a PR agency that had nothing to do with fashion. One day her parents were vacationing in Europe and met the owner of the brand Ann Demeulemeester (a famous brand created by the Belgian designer Anne Demeulemeester, who is often called the poet of the fashion world), who invited Anati to go to Paris for Fashion Week and help with the showroom. All this led to the fact that Rakoch moved to Antwerp, received the position of commercial director of Ann Demeulemeester and worked for the company for 12 years.Maniscalco and Pereira knew who they were turning to in search of a partner. They charmed Anati with the Templa design. Rakoch claims to have “never seen ski and snowboard clothing that looked so cool”. She almost immediately accepted an offer from Delano and Rob to help launch Templa.

Templa x Raf Simons Fall / Winter 2019

The brand has managed to build a distinctive brand DNA, made up of fashion, ski aesthetics and modern technology.There are no flashy logos and pretentious prints in Templa clothes. A minimalistic design, a bit of volume and a technological streak is a combination that is a kind of branding. Templa continues to integrate fashion and skiing. In 2019, he even released a joint collection with the eminent Belgian designer Raf Simons, which was a great success. However, the creators themselves are not going to go headlong into fashion, wanting to produce a functional self-sufficient product. Rob Maniscalco explained well the current direction of Templa: “I can equally imagine our runway shows in Paris and how we provide equipment for professional athletes for backcountry skiing in Alaska”


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