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5 Best High-End Office Chairs Of 2020 (And One Budget Alternative)

Do you find yourself wincing every time you return to your desk? Your office should be a place that inspires great ideas and incredible productivity. If your chair (and any aches or pains it causes) distracts you from getting your work done, it may be time to rethink your current office strategy.

Putting in hours at your desk should make you feel powerful and successful. The best designer office chairs harness that potential and work with your body to help you allow an environment of creativity.

Whether you’re looking for the best standing chair to keep in your home office or the best leather office chair to accentuate the traditional style of your workspace, there’s a perfect office chair for you. Just remember: Being hard at work shouldn’t be painful.

Indulging in a stylish and supportive office chair is a practical and important business decision. The best office chair allows you to relax, to take your mind off where you’re sitting and truly get your head in the game.

That’s why we’ve put together this ranking and a helpful guide below to help you find the perfect office chair. Your home office has never looked—or felt!—better, and soon your to-do list will be looking great as well.

The Best Office Chairs of 2020

  1. Steelcase Gesture Chair – Overall best
  2. Herman Miller Embody Chair – Best high-end
  3. OFM Essentials High Back Office Chair – Best value 
  4. REFICCER High Back Leather Office Chair – Best luxury leather
  5. BestOffice Ergonomic Mesh Chair – Best budget

1. Steelcase Gesture: Overall best office chair

If you’re dealing with back aches after a long day of work, then a new chair may be just what you need. The Steelcase Gesture Chair models itself after the physiology of the human back, so it provides natural and consistent support. By mimicking natural spine movement, it cradles your back at pressure points designed to comfort. 

Whether you’re sitting straight up at attention or leaning all the way back, this chair will make sure you’re supported. It uses a core equalizer, equipped with a springing mechanism, to adapt lumbar support to your specific position. At the end of the day, the Steelcase Gesture feels good—and it looks good. Its sleek upper back style flows into the sturdy star base in a way that will add to the beauty of your office. 

The Steelcase Gesture office chair brings form and function together with high-quality materials and biology-backed support. Because of this, we’re pleased to rank the Steelcase Gesture as the best overall office chair on our list.


With its comfortable material, tall ergonomic back, and thoughtful, ventilated design, this leather chair is good for anyone who needs an accessibly-priced yet high-quality office seat.

2. Herman Miller Embody: Best high-end office chair

For a chair that works with your physiology to keep you primed and focused for excellent work, consider the Herman Miller Embody Chair.

The Embody chair is meticulously-designed to stimulate blood and oxygen flow—freeing you from the aches and pains that generally accompany long hours put in at your desk.

With multiple thoughtful ergonomic functions including a working recline, the Embody chair seeks to keep you healthy while you work. The recline allows you to reduce spine compression and stand tall after work, instead of feeling hunched and tired. After consistent use, this chair may even slow fluid loss from your spinal discs, keeping you young and flexible for years to come.

The innovative upholstery found on this chair is breathable—which means you’ll be cool and dry, no matter how many hours you’re sitting down. This company is one you can feel good supporting, as well. The facility from which this chair comes uses only renewable energy, and is 95% recyclable once you are finished enjoying it.

With all of the subtle yet powerful details included in this office chair, the Herman Miller Embody is undeniably a great choice for sitting long hours in your office! We’re naming it the best high-end chair in our ranking.


For a similar breathable, ergonomic chair at a lower price point, we recommend the Duramont Ergonomic Chair.

3. OFM Essentials High Back: Best value office chair

For a chair which does its job well yet doesn’t require a significant investment, we’re pleased to introduce the OFM Essentials Office Chair. With a quilted leather back and a subtle pop of colour around the headrest, this chair looks as good as it feels.

An included lifetime guarantee grants you peace of mind; you can enjoy this chair without worrying at all about its safety or maintenance. Also included are fully-integrated arm- and head-rests, so you can relax and lean back while feeling fully supported at all times. The moulded 5-star base allows for 360-spin. It also supports a centre-tilt mechanism which allows you to lean and rotate at the same time. You’ll certainly be able to find just the right angle for productive thought with this chair.

The lumbar cushion which is sewn into the back of the chair will set you up for zero back pain, no matter how many long hours you put in. The segmented upholstery is conducive for ventilation, as well; your seat will be breathable and comfortable all day long.

As this chair is accessibly-priced, it’s a great choice for those wishing to spend under $200 on their office chair. We’re delighted to name the OFM Essentials High Back as the

best value office chair.


The AmazonBasics Leather Executive Chair has similar features at a lower price point, and is the Amazon Bestseller for chairs in this general category.

4. REFICCER High Back: Best luxury leather office chair

Sometimes, you’re looking for a chair which makes a statement about who you are and what you do, in addition to providing comfort for your workday. In such a case, the large plush back of the REFICCER Office Chair may just do the trick! This tall executive chair was designed to be comfortable, so that you are not distracted as you go about your important work.

It is covered with soft padding, and features a ‘waterfall’ front edge to reduce pressure on your knees.

This seat is wider and taller than most conventional seats, giving you the room you require to make sure that you’re able to lean in your chair as you please. The metal base allows you to swivel around, and the included casters will protect your floor as you move to and fro. The S-shape of the back of the chair is moulded for spine health.

With levers to help you attain the perfect height and angle for working, rocking, and leaning back, this chair is customisable for every purpose you might need. If you’re searching for a good executive office chair, this is a good choice. We’re pleased to name the REFICCER High Back as the

best luxury leather office chair.


If you’d like a leather chair that looks a little more modern, we recommend the ORVEAY Leather Office Chair. The bright white leather and slimmer profile present a beautiful contrast in dark offices.  

5. BestOffice Ergonomic: Best budget office chair

If all you require is a solid chair for an at-home office or other area you don’t use as often, we’re pleased to present the best under-$100 chair! The BestOffice Ergonomic is constructed of durable yet breathable mesh for your comfort. It’s also designed for support yet full mobility. Even if you do sit in it all day, your back will be supported, and you’ll be able to move around as needed.

With eight beautiful colourways and easy assembly, this chair can truly go wherever it’s needed. A thickly padded seat and sturdy, ergonomic armrests offer superior comfort. The included casters have 360-degree swivel, so you can easily roll wherever you need. Perhaps the most attractive feature of this chair is the mesh back. It offers a minimal, modern feel and maximum ventilation. This ensures that you will be cool and dry, no matter how long you spend at your desk.

Perhaps best of all, the BestOffice Ergonomic Mesh Chair is very accessibly-priced—making it a good option if you need multiples—and far and above the best mesh office chair. We’re happy to rank the BestOffice Ergonomic chair as the best affordable office chair on our list.

Buyers guide: Choosing the right chair for you

Your office chair needs to support you through long hours of hard work and look good doing it. Because everyone’s physiology and needs are different, however, there are many different types of chairs—for example, you’ll see big and wide chairs for maximum office presence, mesh chairs for support and breathability, and luxury leather chairs that are plush and decadent. Choosing which is best for you will depend on what you need from a chair. If ergonomics is your end goal, a modern mesh selection may work for you. However, if your chair needs to match your traditional office style, leaning towards a leather option may be a better choice.

If you’re looking for a marketplace that has reliable reviews, a vast variety of choices as well as differing price ranges to suit your personal budget—Amazon is likely your best bet. When you’re examining your options, keep the different available features in mind. Modern office chairs can recline, have casters which protect your floors, easily customisable heights and excellent support for your spine. It’s important to keep an eye out for all of these characteristics when sourcing the best office chair.

Methodology: How we select, test, and rank the best office chairs on the market

When searching for the best office chairs, we first wanted to distil the criteria for our ranking. In other words: What are the ingredients of the best home office chair?

After looking into what experts say about the necessary support you need for long hours of sitting and working, we settled on the following characteristics: Ergonomics, Comfort, Style, and Price. For each of these categories, we came up with specific criteria for which we searched. Did a chair have enough lumbar support to be considered? Was it built to look good in your office—and last long enough to justify the expense? Did it, very simply, appear to be a chair that you’d want to sit in?

With an eye to these questions, we scoured the current offerings on the market. After reading many office chair reviews, we came up with a short list of premium office chairs. From there, we chose the best in each category, so that we could recommend the best ergonomic budget chair in the same article as top-tier luxury office chairs.

High-end office chairs: Frequently asked questions

What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

The best office chair for sitting long hours is the Herman Miller Embody Chair.

Does IKEA have good office chairs?

IKEA has good office chairs but they might not include all your requested features. IKEA tends to focus on the product aesthetics rather than performance.

Is a good office chair worth it?

A good office chair is certainly worth it! Aside from making your office look as good as you’d like, a good office chair can allow you to keep your mind on your work instead of on your sore muscles, as may be the case with a cheaper chair.

The Best Office Chair for 2021

Our pick

Steelcase Gesture

This is one of the most adjustable chairs available—anyone can make the Gesture comfortable, regardless of their height or size—and it’s built to last.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $1,031.

The Steelcase Gesture requires an investment in excess of $1,000, but if you sit for long periods, the expense is well worth it—for the support, for the adjustability, and for comfort that will last over a decade. Through multiple test panels involving dozens of Wirecutter staffers trying out office chairs, the Gesture has continued to be a favorite since we first recommended it in 2015. It’s one of the most comfortable, supportive, and durable office chairs we’ve ever tested: Everything, from the back support to the quality fabric to the dependable adjustment knobs, has stood the test of time. The Gesture also comes in the widest range of fabrics and other finishing options of the chairs we tested, so you can customize its appearance for your workspace.


Herman Miller Aeron

The well-known Aeron has more limited armrest adjustability than the Gesture, but it’s also more breathable and just as comfortable and supportive for typing at a desk. Three sizes help it fit a wider range of body types and sizes than most one-size-fits-all chairs.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $1,033.

The Herman Miller Aeron is an iconic, comfortable, and durable chair, and the mesh back and seat make it a better option than the Gesture if you run hot or work somewhere without air conditioning. Bottom line: If you mainly want a chair that props you up ergonomically and is comfortable for long hours of typing at a desk, the Aeron will suit you well. But the Aeron’s armrests aren’t as adjustable as the Gesture’s, so it’s not as versatile for different tasks that require arm support, such as propping up a tablet to read. It’s less bulky than the Gesture and easier to move around, and it doesn’t collect lint as much. Because it has been around so long, we know that the Aeron is durable enough to last a decade or more—and you can probably find a lightly used example at a steep discount at an office-furniture liquidation store. It comes in three sizes, so we recommend checking the fit guide (PDF) before ordering.

Also great

Herman Miller Sayl

The Sayl is as supportive and comfortable as many chairs twice the price, but it lacks some advanced adjustment features. It’s also the most visually distinctive model we tested—for better or worse, depending on your taste.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $545.

If our top picks are out of your price range, the Herman Miller Sayl provides similar comfort and durability for nearly half the price. It lacks much of the adjustability that the Steelcase Gesture offers, but it still satisfied test panelists of a variety of sizes and heights. As a high-quality chair with strong lumbar support, the Sayl is a good fit for standard office work—and its plastic-webbed back stays cooler than fabric cushions. This chair demands that you notice it, and if you’re into that space-age look, the range of color options allows you to make it fit in or stand out.

Budget pick

HON Ignition 2.0

The Ignition 2.0 is one of the most comfortable chairs we’ve tested retailing for less than $500, and it has many of the adjustments generally reserved for more expensive chairs.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $303.

Not everyone has $500—let alone $1,000—to spend on a chair. If you’re looking for something more affordable, the HON Ignition 2.0 makes the fewest sacrifices of any inexpensive office chair we tested and is an upgrade to our previous budget pick, the HON Exposure. The Ignition 2.0 has all the standard adjustments we like to see in a chair, including seat-depth adjustment, tilt tension, tilt lock, seat height, and height-adjustable arms. We found it comfortable for all-day use, with supportive, adjustable lumbar support; make sure the product description says “adjustable lumbar” so you’re getting the model with that option. However, since the seat starts at 17 inches high, people of below-average height may have difficulty sitting properly with their feet flat on the floor (we recommend a footrest). Also, its build isn’t as sturdy as that of our more expensive picks, and we don’t think it’ll last nearly as long. But for around $300, you get a solid chair that will be comfortable for at least a few years.

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The 7 Best Big and Tall Office Chairs (for Any Budget)

In this guide, we’ve rated and reviewed seven of the best big and tall office chairs across a variety of price points.

While there are a ton of different chair options on the market, the number of heavy-duty big and tall chairs is somewhat limited. We’ve already featured some of the top big and tall gaming chairs and now today we’re going to take a look at the best big and tall office style chairs.

We’ve rated and reviewed seven of the best office chairs for larger users. These office chairs have maximum weight capacities of up to 500 lbs. and we have left out any option that doesn’t have a capacity of at least 350 lbs. So, if you’re in need of a heavy-duty office chair that can give you the support you need, check out the options below.

A Quick Look at the Best Big & Tall Office Chairs

For a quick look at our top options for the best big and tall office chairs, the table below will give you a look at four of our favorite options across a few different categories. We’ve selected the best big and tall chair overall, the best large ergonomic chair, the best value option, and the best budget-friendly heavy-duty chair.

*Click on the “Read Review »” link to skip to our rundown on each of the chairs listed above. We’ve also picked a handful of Honorable Mentions and you can scroll further down to read more about them.

Best Big & Tall Chair:

Space Seating AirGrid
  • Max Capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Mesh Covering
  • Mid Back Style
  • Comes in Black Only

Our Rating: 9.1/10

Check Price on Amazon

Technically, the Steelcase Leap Plus should probably be the “Best Overall” pick. However, its ~$1,500 price range will put it out of the reach of the vast majority of users and so we decided to go with a more feasible option.

Space Seating is known for making solid chairs at affordable prices and the Space Seating Professional (a chair that I owned for 3-years before switching to a Secretlab Titan gaming chair) was our top pick for the best office chair under $200. So, it’s no surprise that the Space Seating Big and Tall AirGrid comes so well-regarded.

The chair has a maximum capacity of up to 400 lbs. and comes with a fabric-covered seat, as well as a breathable mesh back. There is also an adjustable lumbar support on the back of the chair as well, so this is a solid option for anyone who needs the extra support for their back. If you’re looking for an executive-style chair, though, the Space Seating AirGrid is not that. It’s a mid-back traditional office style chair.

For the price, the Space Seating AirGrid comes in at a bit under $300, so it is definitely not a cheap option. However, its size, design, and overall reception from its users make it the best big and tall office chair around. If you need a heavy-duty office chair and you have a decent budget, then this would be the first option you should consider.

High-End Ergonomic Big Chair:

Steelcase Leap Plus
  • Max Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Fabric Covering
  • Mid Back Style
  • 6 Color Schemes

Our Rating: 9.3/10

Check Price on Amazon

I can’t vouch for the Steelcase Leap Plus, personally, but I can vouch for the standard Steelcase Leap. It’s an incredible chair. And, based on my experience owning a Steelcase Leap, I’m assuming that the Steelcase Leap Plus is probably the ideal option for big and tall users. The only problem, though, is that at just under $1,500, the Leap Plus will not be an economically feasible option for most users. Still, though, if you are a larger user that sits at your desk all day long and you need a chair that will keep you well-supported, and you don’t mind paying a premium, the Leap Plus is probably your best bet.

It comes with an insane 500-pound weight capacity, making it the studiest and most heavy-duty office chair on this list. The Leap Plus comes with Steelcase’s Live Back technology, which will make the back of the chair move and adjust to match your spine as you move around in the chair. So, in terms of back support, the Leap Plus’s high-end ergonomic design will have you more than covered.

The arms on the Steelcase also sport a unique design. The arms can move in multiple directions including up and down, forward and back, in and out, and at an angle. Most office chairs offer two-directional adjustment (or none at all), so having multiple options for adjusting the armrests on the Leap Plus will allow you to find the perfect resting spot for your arms.

Ultimately, while the price tag of the Leap Plus will drive most users away from it, if you have an unlimited budget, or you’re just willing to pay top dollar for a long-term sitting solution, then the Leap Plus will probably offer you the best overall sitting experience.

Best Value Pick:

Serta Executive
  • Max Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Leather Covering
  • High Back Style
  • 8 Color Schemes

Our Rating: 8.8/10

Check Price on Amazon

If you don’t have the enormous budget required in order to get the Leap Plus, or you don’t have ~$300 to spend to get the Space Seating AirGrid, the Serta Big & Tall Executive chair is worth considering. It doesn’t have as big of a weight capacity (can hold users up to 350 lbs. ), but it should be sturdy enough to hold most larger users and it comes in at about $250.

This Serta chair also sports the more common high-back executive look that has become common for office chairs. And, the Serta Executive comes with an adjustable lumbar mechanism and deep ergonomic cushioning to provide you with a supportive but comfortable sitting experience. It also comes with the tilt and lock feature that is popular on modern gaming chairs and it is covered in bonded leather.

The chair comes in eight different color schemes, so if you have a preference for a specific color, this chair likely has something that will suit your needs.

Ultimately, if you need a heavy-duty executive-style high back office chair and you don’t have an insanely large budget, then Serta’s Big & Tall Executive chair is definitely worth considering.

Best Budget Option:

AmazonBasics Executive
  • Max Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Leather Covering
  • High Back Style
  • Brown Only

Our Rating: 8. 7/10

Check Price on Amazon

The AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive chair is our pick for the best budget-friendly heavy-duty office chair on the market. At just under ~$190, this chair from AmazonBasics can hold users that weigh up to 350 lbs.

As for the style and design of this chair, it features the common high-back executive style look. The chair only comes in a brown or black leather, but it does have an adjustable lumbar mechanism built into it for ideal back support.

Other than that, though, the offering is pretty simple. It doesn’t have adjustable arms and the seat can only be adjusted up and down. However, again, the biggest selling point of this chair is its price and its weight capacity. So, if you’re looking for an affordable office chair that has a fairly large weight capacity, then the AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive chair is the option for you.

Honorable Mention #1:

La Z Boy Delano
  • Max Capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Leather Covering
  • High Back Style
  • 6 Color Schemes

Our Rating: 8.8/10

Check Price on Amazon

As an alternative option to the Serta Executive, the La Z Boy Delano is another high-back executive style heavy-duty office chair. The Delano has a maximum weight capacity of up to 400 lbs., which ties it with our top pick, the Space Seating AirGrid, in terms of capacity.

However, while the Delano will offer a similar sitting experience to the Serta Executive, it does come in at nearly $100 more (at just under $350 total). The Delano does offer a thicker seat base and a higher weight capacity than the Serta Executive, though. And, like the Serta and AmazonBasics’ chairs, the Delano is covered in bonded leather.

The Delano comes in six different color schemes total, so there are quite a few options to choose between if you have a specific color in mind.

Overall, if you’re willing to pay a little more to get a higher capacity high-back executive style chair, then the La Z Boy Delano might be a better option to consider when compared to Serta’s Executive chair.

Honorable Mention #2:

HON Wave

The HON Wave is another heavy-duty executive style chair that comes in at just under $300. Unlike the other high-back executive style chairs on this list, though, the Wave looks more like a standard mid-back office chair and it also comes in a mesh material rather than a bonded leather.

The Wave also comes with a 450-pound weight capacity, too, so it’s a bit more heavy-duty than all but two of the chairs on this list. The Wave only comes in black, but it does feature 2D adjustable armrests (they can be adjusted up & down, and back & forth.) It also features an adjustable lumbar support and an adjustable recline feature.

In the end, if you prefer a high-back chair, but you want a mesh covering instead of a leather covering, then the Wave would be an option worth looking further into. Or, if you need a fairly affordable big and tall chair that has a weight capacity of over 400-pounds, the HON Wave might be the option for you.

Honorable Mention #3:

Flash Furniture Hercules
  • Max Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Leather Covering
  • High Back Style
  • Black Only

Our Rating: 8.7/10

Check Price on Amazon

Another contender for the title of the big and tall office chair that offers the best value is the Flash Furniture Hercules. In fact, all of its specs would suggest that it should take the crown over the Serta Executive chair we chose as our best value option.

It has a maximum rated weight capacity of up to 500 lbs., tying it with the $1,500 Steelcase Leap Plus as having the highest capacity among the chairs on this list. It also features a tilt and lock mechanism, an adjustable lumbar support, and a 4″ thick foam seat. However, many users have complained that, despite the chair having a larger-than-normal weight capacity, it hasn’t offered them an above-average sitting experience for a larger person.

Users have also complained that they have sunk into the softer cushioning and rest up against the solid frame. So, while the chair may technically be rated to hold up to 500 lbs., it is probably better suited for individuals that weigh less.

Ultimately, the chair is still an okay option for bigger and taller users, but it probably won’t offer an ideal sitting experience for the users it says it is rated for.

Do You Need A Big & Tall Office Chair?

While there aren’t a ton of options for bigger and taller office chairs on the market as there are for smaller-to-medium-sized users, there still are enough heavy-duty chairs out there to give you a variety of options. Above, we have listed our picks for the top big and tall office chairs currently available. So, if you are in the market for a bigger chair, one of the options listed above should get the job done for you.

Herman Miller, Steelcase & More

Editor’s Note: Many chairs in this guide are backordered or experiencing significant shipping delays due to COVID (particularly the more premium options). If you need an office chair quickly, be sure to check the estimated ship date before completing your purchase.

Long has the doom of sitting been forecasted. Published papers aplenty have argued that a stationary life is shorter and trouble-ridden, and the primary workarounds are many — standing desks, frequent breaks, stretching, taking walks and so on. But none address the simple fact that, sometimes, to get shit done, we simply need to plant ourselves in a chair and get after it.

Luckily, a number of companies are working to beat each other at building the best office chairs, even though they all know it’s not possible. No one chair is the best for everyone, so take our guide with plenty of salt. If you can, go to stores and showrooms in your area and sit down, lean back, lean forward, pull levers and ask questions about everything. Your back, muscles, various joints and brain will thank you.

How We Test Office Chairs

Testing and getting hands-on with products is integral to what we do at Gear Patrol, and given the price of a quality office chair and the task its given — keeping your spine and neck in a healthy line — we don’t recommend chairs without sitting in them first. The features we test for are founded in notes gathered through interviews with experts in the category, including ergonomics specialist and President of Human Innovation Designs Dr. Brock Walker. To illustrate the need for a body friendly desk chair, Walker suggests you picture your head as a bowling ball. “How would your body hold that bowling ball up? If you lean backward, hunch over or slouch, you’re asking your muscles and soft tissue to hold up the bowling ball all day,” he says.

Every office chair in this guide has been tested for at least a month’s time by an editor or writer, but most are used for three months before being evaluated and, if scored well, added to the guide. Tester’s notes on delivery, assembly, comfort, issues, strengths and any other quibbles they have are recorded and weighed against the product’s price and warranty, as well as the brand customer service response times. Have a question about a chair that’s on the list (or one that’s not)? Email this story’s editor, Will Price, and ask.

Best Budget Office Chairs

  • Best Office Chair Under $150: Flash Furniture High Back Mesh Chair
  • Best Office Chair Under $200: Alera Elusion
  • Best Office Chair Under $250: Branch Daily Chair
  • Best Office Chair Under $300: Branch Ergonomic Chair
  • Best Office Chair Under $500: Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

    Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

      Best Overall Office Chair: Steelcase Series 1


      Steelcase Series 1 Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair

      Steelcase amazon.com


      • Airy mesh back keeps you cool
      • Excellent build quality for the price
      • Backed by a reliable company with a customer support line
      • Can feel cramped for very tall people

      Steelcase’s entry-level office chair, the Series 1, combines looks, comfort and ergo-friendly features not usually found in a chair under $500 into one very strong value proposition.

      The chair is simple and compact, which is incredible considering how many built-in intuitive adjustment controls there are in the chair. The Series 1 employs a breathable mesh backing, dubbed 3D Micro Knit, which is flexible and supportive. Then comes the laundry list of adjustments: arm height, lumbar height, seat depth, tilt control and – obviously —seat height. The Series 1’s main highlight is its 4D adjustable arms. Like most office chairs, users can adjust the arm height. Steelcase goes many steps further by making the arm cap – the soft, supportive arm rest — mobile, too. It can slide forward and backward, side-to-side and pivot about 40 degrees. The only caveat: its compact design makes it not as well-suited for larger sitters, which we hope Steelcase is able to address with a slightly larger version in the future.

      Best Upgrade Office Chair: Steelcase Gesture Chair


      Steelcase Gesture Chair

      • Exceptional material quality
      • Extremely comfortable and supportive
      • More ergonomic adjustability than nearly any other chair
      • $1,000 is a lot to spend on a chair

      If there were a Mount Rushmore of office chair design, Steelcase would be on it, and the Gesture chair would be its carving. Decked-out in all the obvious ergonomic features, it also boasts a synchronous tilt system that, when you recline, lifts the seat slightly to keep your feet on the ground, which keeps blood circulating freely. The materials are considered, too. Take the shell that holds the seat; where most of the chair that doesn’t touch the sitter is made of a hard plastic, the seat shell has give, which allows it to move and bend to however you’re sitting. On top of this, it’s customizable — there are dozens of fabrics, colors and materials to choose from.

      Best Budget Office Chair: Branch Task Chair


      Branch Task Chair

      • Wide and very breezy mesh back is ideal
      • Adjustable lumbar support
      • Adjustable arms (up-and-down, side-to-side)
      • Foam seat could be more comfortable

      Even if you’re shopping on a thin budget, finding the best cheap office doesn’t need to be an exercise in settling for less; rather, finding high-priced features hidden in low-priced products.

      Formerly a B2B office supply company, Branch makes furniture built to endure the rigors of a workplace while keeping prices low enough for customers to buy in bulk. Since making the move from B2B to a direct-to-consumer model, its kept that ethos. The Task Chair isn’t its cheapest chair (that title belongs to the $219 Daily Chair), but its built-in adjustable lumbar support, wide mesh back, adjustable arms, responsive customer service and firm warranty make it the best value of the bunch. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a chair that offers that much for under $300.

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      Best Budget Office Chairs

      Gear Patrol

      As with most products of the budget variety, temper your expectations. There is no sub-$100, $200 or even $500 office chair that does all things for all people, or performs equally to premium chairs. Expect materials that don’t necessarily ensure a long life and may not look stellar. That said, these chairs are ergonomic. Our budget picks are simply the most affordable you can go without sacrificing your health and wellbeing at work.

      Best Office Chair Under $150: Flash Furniture High Back Mesh Chair

      Flash Furniture High-Back Mesh Chair

      Flash Furniture amazon.com


      • Mesh back + headrest is a nice touch for a budget option
      • The frame isn’t too rigid, like many affordable chairs
      • Very poor materially speaking; cheap plastic abounds

      This mesh-bodied, high-back chair from Flash Furniture is the best and most versatile chair we’ve found under $100. It has an adjustable headrest (ideal for those who like to lean back), holds more weight than most dirt cheap options, has a tilt tension adjustment knob, offers firm lumbar support and isn’t absolutely atrocious to look at. If it’s missing anything (other than quality materials that would drive the price up), it’s adjustable armrests, but that’s the lowest number of serious compromises you’ll find out of seating in this price category.

      Best Office Chair Under $200: Alera Elusion Chair

      Alera Elusion Series Mesh Chair

      • Mesh-backed office chairs rule
      • We prefer mesh seats, the foam seat is comfortable over the long haul
      • As with all budget options, the seat feels and is cheap. Know what you’re buying.

      It looks as simple as any other chair you’d run into at Staples, but it isn’t. Alera’s Elusion chair borrows features like a full mesh back for breathability, a waterfall-edge seat cushion to maintain regular levels of leg circulation and more comfort customization than chairs fives times its price.

      Its only limiting factors are aesthetics (it is rather boring to look at) and the use of cheap materials, which means it’s likely not a great long-term seating option.

      Best Office Chair Under $250: Branch Daily Chair


      Branch Daily Chair

      • Lightweight and compact; good for smaller sitters or smaller offices
      • The color is subtle but nice
      • Foam butt cushion is thin and stern; if you prefer softer support, look elsewhere

      Some who may be looking for an office chair to alleviate the strain (in more ways than one) of working from home without breaking the bank should look to Branch’s Daily Chair. There are a number of office chairs that come in at the same price point and under, but the Daily Chair is truly a chair you can sit in daily. It has a clean and elegant look, which makes it a pleasure to look at and sit in. The chair has a lightweight quality to it that, unlike other chairs, doesn’t make it feel cheap. However, it’s not very substantial, which probably accounts for its 225-pound weight capacity.

      In terms of ergonomics, the Daily Chair is great to sit in. It has the basic adjustable features of an office chair — recline with adjustable tension, seat level adjustments and armrest movement — without getting too into the weeds with customizability. The cushion is firm and comfortable, and the nylon-weave back is lightweight and cushiony.

      Best Office Chair Under $300: Branch Ergonomic Chair


      Branch Furniture Ergonomic Chair

      • Arm adjustability is very handy
      • Thicker foam cushion is more comfortable than budget Branch chair
      • Mesh back has a little give to it; feels like being cradled
      • Cream white base and arms prone to scuffing

      Branch is a new company that makes affordable home office gear. Its plainly named Ergonomic chair ticks the ergonomic boxes you’re looking for — adjustable height armrests, tilt, tilt tension, lumbar support, up-down functions, adjustable depth seat and an airy mesh back. Instead of the cheap plastics deployed by other ultra-cheap options, its base is made of a sturdier anodized aluminum. The brand offers white glove delivery in NYC, but self-assembly otherwise, which takes about 10 minutes.

      Best Office Chair Under $500: Autonomous ErgoChair 2


      Autonomous ErgoChair 2

      Autonomous autonomous.ai


      • Absurdly cozy and soft cushion
      • Headrest is wide and supportive
      • Loads of adjustability

      Autonomous isn’t a new company, but it’s found its niche in the affordable-but-clever office chair space. The ErgoChair 2 features the mass-adjustability that’s needed in a chair you’ll sit in eight hours a day – the armrests move, the seat pan moves, the seat cushion moves and, perhaps most helpfully, the lumbar support slides up and down the spine of the chair. All this, in tandem with a mesh back and a wicked sub-$400 price point, make Autonomous’ chair one of the best value buys there is.

      Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

      To different extents, ergonomic design is present in all seating, but not all office chairs fully commit. By way of built-in automatic adjustments or manually turning knobs and pulling levers, the best ergonomic chairs are the ones that conform to the human body, and the best do that to specific human bodies, no matter their weight, height or posture. These are those chairs, in every specific taste and style we could think of. (Note: chairs are listed in price-ascending order. Gear Patrol writers and editors have independently tested every chair we recommend. )

      Ikea Markus Chair

      Most of Ikea’s desk chairs are built with aesthetics top of mind, rather than performance. Avoid those. The Markus chair is the Swedish company’s most body-minded offering. Its high mesh back is good for taller folks and those of us who run hot, and despite Ikea’s reputation for cheapness, it’s better built than most frugal options. Plus, because it’s from Ikea and not a nobody Amazon company run by bots, you’re more likely to get customer service if anything goes wrong.

      Sihoo Ergonomics Office Chair

      SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

      What you get from this chair, for less than $300: a breezy mesh back, adjustable headrest, lower back support, variable armrests and easily one of the best spring-lock tilt mechanism of any cheap chair. That’s everything you can ask for out of a budget chair.

      Fully Desk Chair


      Fully Desk Chair

      Fully linksynergy. com


      An unfortunate truth of design (office chair and otherwise): if your needs don’t fit the middle of the bell curve, you may be left out in the cold. When it comes to sitting, this takes shape in weight limits, chair back heights, static armrests and shoddy materials that fail to support bigger bodies. Most chairs on this list are ergonomically sound and rated to safely carry about 250 pounds, and in testing we’ve found many chairs rated for more than the standard 250 lack important adjustability features or quality of build. Fully’s desk chair is good for 330 pounds and loses nothing.

      On top of the weight limit bump, the chair is built with a sturdy aluminum base, a high back, a firm butt cushion and armrests that adjust inward (toward the sitter) and outward (away from the sitter). These are all features that serve folks who aren’t 5’9″, 165 pounds, and that’s a good thing.

      HON Ignition 2.0


      HON Ignition 2. 0 Mid-Back Adjustable Lumbar Work Fog Mesh Computer Chair for Office Desk (Black Fabric)

      HON amazon.com $498.18

      $336.00 (33% off)

      It won’t win any awards for its looks, but HON’s Ignition 2.0 chair is a good value buy nonetheless. For just over $300, you get: an airy mesh back, a comfy foam cushion, adjustable arms, basic up-down adjustability and dynamic lumbar support. The only downside at the price was the size; the cushion is a little higher up than is standard, making it better-suited for sitters about 5’9 and up.

      Herman Miller Sayl


      Herman Miller Sayl Chair

      Herman Miller hermanmiller.com


      Designer Yves Behar based the Sayl on suspension bridges like San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. The chair’s Y-frame back and ventilated elastomer provide both support and ventilation, earning the Sayl numerous design awards after it was released in 2010. For Herman Miller, the chair’s $545 price tag is practically a steal. And to put things in context, these are the office chairs we use in the office and we can’t get enough of them.

      Blu Dot Daily Task Chair

      Blu Dot Daily Task Chair

      Blu Dot 2modern.com


      Blu Dot’s mantra: bring good design to as many people as possible. As such, the Midwestern company’s designs ride the “I could afford that if I wanted to” line more than any modern furniture brand, and it’s all original, sturdy and hardwearing. The Daily Task Chair isn’t a loud or boastful piece to bring into your own home, but it’s interesting, a bit retro and comes with a few foundational ergonomic perks.

      Knoll ReGeneration

      ReGeneration Office Chair

      Knoll 2modern.com


      If you’re willing to splash a little more cash, Knoll’s ReGeneration is an excellent upgrade from the Steelcase Series 1 chair. The chair’s back bends with the user, so you’re never fighting against the chair to get comfortable; but it doesn’t give too much, sacrificing structure or support. And though mesh-backed chairs are generally great for breathability and providing a little flex for the sitter, mesh will stretch and sag over time. Knoll opted for a flexible but far sturdier elastomer back, which keeps the breeziness of mesh while ensuring fidelity years into use. The chair has won countless design and sustainability awards and comes with a robust 12-year warranty. If you can swing the $600 price tag, it’s hard to find better value.

      X-Chair X1 Task Chair


      If you value the breeziness of mesh, the X1 chair may be for you. The chair’s stainless steel undercarriage provides a sturdy foundation for a host of ergonomic features, the most impressive of which were the arms, which can move up, down, sideways and shift angles at will, and the lumbar support. The brand calls it DVL, or dynamic variable lumbar, and it’s basically the lower-third of the chair attached to the middle-back. The DVL is tense enough to resist bending inward without serious pressure, but not so tense as to not bend at all. Our reviewer found it to be the ideal balance between overly aggressive lumbar support systems and lumbar support systems that you barely notice.

      Humanscale Diffrient World Chair


      Humanscale Diffrient World Desk Chair

      Humanscale wayfair.com


      Few manufacturers set out to make office chairs specifically for small spaces. This chair, also designed by Diffrient, has armrests that can be lifted or lowered to slide under a desk when not in use, a back high enough to allow for comfortable reclining and a width on the slimmer end.

      Instead of chairs requiring manual adjustment via knobs and levers like most task chairs before it, the Diffrient World adapts to the sitter automatically (it was one of the earlier task chairs to do this). It uses your body weight as a counterbalance to allow for seamless and steady reclining and the whole thing is a springy mesh that’s just tight enough to sink into, but not so much to the point of sagging and stretching. It’s also guaranteed to last for 10 years.

      All33 Backstrong C1

      All33 Backstrong C1 Chair

      If you’re prone to slouching down into your seat during the workday, this chair should be on your radar. Because the seat and lower-half of the back rest of a fulcrum on the base of the chair, separate from the top-half of the back, the back comes forward when you start to sink into it. Effectively, it won’t allow you to slouch. It’s also been on Shark Tank, for what that’s worth. Admittedly, this chair is really meant for users who need to fix their posture, as the measures its design takes are rather extreme. The construction of the chair could be better for the price as well.

      Humanscale Freedom

      Humanscale Freedom

      Humanscale humanscale. com


      American industrial design legend Niels Diffrient authored many products of great importance, but this was his magnum opus. The Freedom chair marks the beginning of the shift away from manually-adjustable office seating (primarily because most people don’t actually know how to adjust the chairs properly) and to self-adjusting chairs.

      Specifically, the Freedom chair handles all recline tension and tilt functionality itself, while still allowing you to slide the seat backward or forward and the armrest up and down. Since its release, a hundred or more self-adjusting chairs have cropped up, but few have done so as elegantly as the Freedom chair.

      Its base model ships in a PU leather upholstery (as almost all “leather” office chairs do) with a die-cast aluminum frame, but you can special order real leather upon request.

      Herman Miller Cosm

      Herman Miller Cosm Low Back Chair

      Herman Miller lumens. com


      The success of Herman Miller’s office seating line is unquestioned (just look at our list), but this might be the largest departure from that line since it began. Where our “Best Value” choice was of the old school of passive ergonomics, Cosm is of the new.

      Apart from aesthetics and sizing options (the high-backed Cosm is stunning online and in person), the primary functional difference between the two is a single, completely unique innovation — the ability to use your weight to adjust tension to you without the need to slide your body forward or lift you up at all. This sliding and lifting lifts your legs ever so slightly up, resulting in added tension to the body.

      It’s a subtle difference, but one no other company had managed until Cosm. In fact, the only reason Herman Miller didn’t release an auto-adjusting chair prior was its inability to solve the riddle of the lifting legs.

      Herman Miller Aeron


      Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

      Herman Miller lumens. com


      The Aeron is the chair against which all other chairs are measured. Not even the worthy competition on this list challenge its status as the most influential office chair of the modern era.

      Released in 1994, Aeron is the chair that bookended a shift in task seating design, from a form-first to function-first industry. Its critical, commercial and cultural successes are many. It ushered out clean lines in favor of shapes contouring to the human body, and was the first hugely successful mesh chair. It is among the most customizable designs ever conceived. It’s earned a permanent place in the Museum of Modern Art. It’s even 94 percent recyclable, a feature years ahead of its time.

      Though the Aeron chair is no longer seating du jour, in style and function, its importance and power is unrivaled.

      Herman Miller Embody

      Herman Miller Embody Chair

      Herman Miller hermanmiller. com


      This is not luxury in the plush leather, animal skin, bedazzled sense; it’s luxury in just how effective it is at what it does. Herman Miller puts it this way: “so intelligent, it makes you think.” It prioritizes and glorifies movement above all else — movement lessens muscle tension and increases blood flow, thereby increasing the amount of time your brain operates at a high level, which in turn makes for better work.

      Thought up by the late and great Bill Stumpf (father of the Aeron chair) and designed by Jeff Weber with the guidance of a team of 20 physicians and doctors in physical therapy, ergonomics and biomechanics, it uses the human body as its blueprint — a spine with a flexible rib cage bends and turns are you do, and redistributes pressure to lessen tension.

      All told, it’s an expensive, luxury office chair, but not because of whims of fanciness and wealth, but because it is a throne built on the idea that a chair doesn’t have to be a health-negative.

      Best Office Chair Brands


      An extreme and praise-worthy focus on sustainable, eco-friendly design and gorgeous aesthetics come together with research-backed ergonomics at Humanscale. A through-line can be seen in all Humanscale’s more recent products — simplicity. Simplicity urged forward by the late American industrial designer Niels Diffrient in his partnership with Humanscale, which yielded two of the most notable and respected chairs ever — the Freedom and Diffrient World.


      Herman Miller

      Herman Miller is the company behind many of the most iconic pieces in the era of mid-century modern but its catalog has far more to offer than famous lounge chairs. When Herman Miller released the Aeron office chair, it instantly became the, or at least one of the, best makers of office seating the world over. The American brand’s most notable office chairs are likely the Aeron, Embody and the newly released Cosm, a fully passive ergonomic chair with a few unique-unto-itself features.



      Where Herman Miller and others work in a variety of furniture areas, Steelcase narrows its gaze to furniture with a performance and sustainability bend. The 105-year-old company is unrelenting in its focus on research-guided design, and it is most known for the Gesture, Leap and its auto-adjusting (and fairly new) SILQ.



      Allsteel is function and performance driven above all else. It bullied its way into office gear in the early 20th century making steel electrical boxes and lockers (it would take until the middle of the century to add its first chairs) Not all of its seating is beautiful looking (except for the Acuity, which is), but it is all based on the science of ergonomics.



      Like Herman Miller, Knoll was (and has become again) mid-century royalty. Also like Herman Miller, it didn’t fall off the face of the earth. Knoll still peddles high-end, luxurious home furniture aplenty, but its office seating, the Generation line in particular, is a revelation. Ergonomic, good looking and sold at price points low and high, Knoll covers the spectrum of what you need now and in the future.


      Will Price Assistant Editor, Home and Design Will Price is Gear Patrol’s home and drinks editor. Tyler Chin Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.

      The 8 Best Standing Desk Chairs & Stools of Winter 2021

      Why Get a Standing Desk Chair or Stool?

      Standing desk stools are quickly gaining popularity among standers. Here are the main reasons people use standing desk stools:

      • More options – simply having another position to choose from is one of the main benefits of getting a standing stool or chair. Changing positions frequently is one of the keys to staying active at your desk and avoiding pain and soreness.
      • Reduced pressure on your joints – leaning takes a lot of pressure off your feet, knees, and spine without the increased lower back stress of sitting. It’s a great middle-ground.
      • Less sitting time – as more people become aware of the risks of excessive sitting, a leaning stool or chair can significantly reduce the time spent in a chair. You are actively sitting to remain upright. While it burns fewer calories than standing, it burns more than sitting.

      Our review process is simple, but each step is in-depth and critical to make informed recommendations for our readers.

      While we do have extensive experience in office furniture, standing desks, chairs, and stools, we also tap our network of experts, doctors, and chiropractors to understand what our bodies need in a chair or stool. This is especially important for office furniture that enables you to sit. When seated, your spine endures much more stress than when standing. Having proper support while still enabling movement is key.

      Once we’ve established a foundation of what to look for in a chair or stool for a standing desk, we then survey the market and create a list of manufacturers and models for us to consider. This list is then refined by customer reviews, features, and price points to generate the list of products we will review.

      Our team spent several weeks testing chairs and stools in our own offices to provide unbiased reviews so that you can decide which chair or stool will work best for you. Here are our criteria and what we’ve found to be important when considering a standing desk stool or chair.

      • Stability – most leaning chairs and tools have a single tube supporting the seat. With the high pressure applied when leaning, it’s important for the stool to be stable and confidence-inspiring.
      • Height adjustment – just like the standing desks these are often paired with, you will want to adjust the height to your exact posture needs.
      • Seat comfort – fairly self-explanatory, we look for seat surfaces that are forgiving and ergonomic to create comfortable office chairs.
      • Design – this is a little subjective but design matters. We see a wide variety of design and quality in the standing chair and stool market. Some are very boldly designed, and others are more generic.
      • Quality – how is the finish? Is it going to last? What areas, if any, are likely to fail with continued use? We ask ourselves these questions when reviewing any product.
      • Overall value – value is always very important to us. Our definition of value is getting the most benefit from the stool or chair for money spent.

      Best Chairs and Stools for Standing Desks

      While we pick an overall top recommended stool, we realize that you may find one thing more important than another, especially when it comes to standing desks, as you can go in many different directions with your chair or stool. With this in mind, we have picked chairs and stools spanning multiple categories so you can choose which is best for you:

      HomCom desk chairs cheap office chairs sale

      According to a recent study, people spend as much as twelve hours in the average day in front of a screen. Much of this is time spent at desks, especially viewing computers.

      With such a staggering amount spent with technology, it aims to reason that most of that is spent sitting down. Sitting down certainly doesn’t sound like a strenuous activity, but those hours add up.

      When people are spending more time in their desk chair than anywhere else, the chair matters. Office chairs and ergonomic chairs have exploded in popularity for this reason.

      But “desk chair” is an incredibly broad category! A desk chair could really refer to any chair. Office chairs, executive chairs, high-backed, low-backed, mid-backed – there’s no limit.

      So when searching for a new desk chair, how can you know what to get? Read on for a quick buying guide for desk chairs.

      Why a Desk Chair?

      The first thing that one may consider is why they should bother with a desk chair at all. There are more than a few studies showing that standing desks are also growing in popularity.

      Additionally, if it’s about comfort, why not settle for a stack of pillows? What could be more comfortable than slumping into a beanbag chair for eight hours?


      Desk chairs are designed with comfort in mind. The designers know that the average customer will be spending a lengthy amount of time in these chairs.

      Because of this, a desk chair is made to be sat in long-term. Being designed with comfort in mind helps to stop them from becoming uncomfortable within a few hours of use.

      When you intend to be in a chair for so many hours a day, the last thing you want is discomfort. Too small a seat, too narrow a back, too rough of armrests – all of these can make a chair worthless.

      A proper desk chair will remain comfortable for hours on end, many days a week. Without a comfortable chair, you’ll be unmotivated and far from at your peak. A comfortable chair is an effective one!

      Ergonomics Support

      It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to look too far into desk chairs without discussing ergonomics. That’s because ergonomic support is one of the most vital features of a desk chair.

      To put it simply, ergonomics is the focus on efficiency and productivity. Ergonomic support plays into comfort, but also into health and posture. Healthy, comfortable employees are the most efficient and productive.

      Because of this, chairs designed with ergonomic support tend to be more comfortable. They also tend to be better for your posture and long-term health.

      Ergonomics are vital to make sure that you’re not slowly wearing yourself down in your chair. Make sure that whatever you buy has a focus on ergonomic support.

      Aesthetic Appeal

      Desk chairs tend to be simpler than many other chairs. Recently, gaming chairs have become commonplace, especially amongst the gaming community. These chairs are often flashy and colorful, designed to have an unignorable appearance.

      In contrast, desk chairs are usually meant to fit into an office space without disrupting the general aesthetic. Many are more neutral in design, meant to complement the décor.

      Depending on the back size, this also means they’re often smaller. While high-back chairs will be larger, many desk chairs come in more inoffensive shapes.

      Colors are often more muted. Oftentimes, desk chairs will be in a single color, with black being highly common. This keeps them neutral and easier to blend in with the general space.

      Different Styles of Desk Chair

      Desk chairs don’t come in any one specific type. Instead, you’ll have a choice of a wide plethora of choices for your office.

      Different styles come with different bonuses. High-back and low-back chairs aren’t only for aesthetic preferences, for example. Here are a few of the most common desk chair styles you can expect to find.

      High-Back Desk Chair

      A high-back desk chair is exactly what it sounds like – a chair with a high back. Office chairs in this style are often what comes to mind when one thinks of a desk chair.

      A high back means it’s easier to lay back. Proper support helps with ergonomics to help keep your back from hurting.

      Unfortunately, it won’t do much if you hunch forward, but having a high back to lean on is still a great boost. Taller people are likely to want to opt for a high-back desk chair.

      Low-Back Desk Chair

      At the opposite end of the spectrum is the low-back desk chair. It may be strange to think on why someone would prefer to have a smaller back to their chair.

      A smaller back can help discourage slouching, which is just as bad for your posture as hunching. This can help break some bad posture habits and stop others from forming.

      Shorter people often lean towards low-back desk chairs. They’re also great for smaller offices that may not have the space for a large chair.

      Executive Desk Chair

      From the name alone, you likely have a mental image of a grand leather chair at the back of a CEO’s office. Executive desk chairs are a great way for your office to broadcast that you’re in charge.

      Executive chairs are tall-backed office chairs that strike a powerful image. Typically made from high-quality materials and often black, executive chairs are more than just appearance.

      The back is often as tall, if not taller, than most high-back desk chairs. This provides all the ergonomic support without adding any drawbacks. Ultimately, executive desk chairs are more stylish, dominant versions of high-back desk chairs.

      Strong Contenders

      Now that we know a bit about some of the common types of desk chairs, let’s look at some examples. Once you know what style suits your need, your search is considerably narrower.


      High-back chairs are great for back posture, taller individuals, and for offices with a decent bit of room.

      An excellent option to start with is our Vinsetto High-Back. This sturdy chair was built with ergonomics in mind first and foremost. Users will enjoy the sponge padding build into the high back, headrest, and armrest.

      The Vinsetto High-Back’s all-black professional aesthetic is wonderful for any office. Capable of supporting up to 400 pounds with a heavy-duty base, nearly any user will find this chair comfortable and sizeable. With adjustable height and full rotation, this versatile high-back is a perfect example.


      Low-back office chairs are excellent for lumbar support and fit well in workplaces that may not have as much room as others.

      Sticking with Vinsetto brings us the Vinsetto ergonomic studio drafting chair. This chair is an excellent option for those that want to opt for a low-back office chair for their workplace.

      The neutral grey coloration helps the drafting chair to fit in with nearly any workplace. A padded seat and back help to ensure that the comfortable support lasts.

      Without armrests, this drafting chair also fits any workplace regardless of size. The adjustable height and small profile can help it fit in any room, even under some desks. Drafting tables especially will find this chair a perfect match.

      Executive Option

      Executive desk chairs are wonderful options for advanced luxury and striking an unforgettable figure. Ergonomic support for these deluxe chairs is top-notch.

      HomCom’s Reclining executive home office chair is a great example of an executive chair. The faux leather exterior is tough enough to avoid wear but soft enough to remain comfortable. This exterior can also come in a neutral black or brown, or a striking red.

      An extendable footrest serves as a strong addition to the luxurious comfort of this professional throne. Overall, this is one of the best samples for an executive office chair available.

      Desk Chairs on Deck

      Desk chairs are an incredibly common and thoroughly used item in every office. With such a wide selection of choices, something’s waiting for everyone.

      Ultimately, your best office chairs will fulfill the needs that you specifically have. It may take some shopping and experimentation to find what’s right for you.

      This buying guide has given some excellent guidelines and tips for how to select a desk chair. That said, this information is by no means exhaustive.

      Our catalog carries desk chairs of multiple different types that weren’t as common as those listed above. Midback chairs, for example, are an excellent middle ground for those that may be stuck choosing.

      Check through our catalog for plenty of excellent choices for desk chairs and office chairs. Regardless of whatever needs you may have, we’re certain to carry your next office staple.

      Office Chairs, Modern Desk & Task Seating

      Beyond Comfort. Beyond Mesh. Steelcase Karman.

      Steelcase Karman™ goes beyond other mesh chairs by delivering comfort in an entirely new way. Its streamlined frame and patented hybrid seat with integrated cushioning, minimize the painful pressure points found on other mesh chairs.

      Learn More


      Steelcase Customize

      Gesture Save to project
      Contract $2,147 USD Contract $2,469 CAD Think

      Steelcase Customize

      Think Save to project
      Contract $1,448 USD Contract $1,665 CAD Steelcase Series 2

      Steelcase Customize

      Steelcase Series 2 Save to project
      Contract $751 USD Contract $864 CAD Leap

      Steelcase Customize

      Leap Save to project
      Contract $2,135 USD Contract $2,455 CAD Amia + Amia Air

      Steelcase Customize

      Amia + Amia Air Save to project
      Contract $1,324 USD Contract $1,523 CAD Steelcase Series 1

      Steelcase Customize

      Steelcase Series 1 Save to project
      Contract $731 USD Contract $841 CAD JAKU Chair

      AMQ Customize

      JAKU Chair Save to project
      Contract $865 USD Contract $995 CAD Daily Task Chair

      Blu Dot Customize

      Daily Task Chair Save to project
      Contract $599 USD Contract $689 CAD SIYA

      AMQ Customize

      SIYA Save to project
      Contract $740 USD Contract $851 CAD ZILO

      AMQ Customize

      ZILO Save to project
      Contract $701 USD Contract $806 CAD BODI Chair

      AMQ Customize

      BODI Chair Save to project
      Contract $530 USD Contract $610 CAD Turnstone Jack

      Steelcase Customize

      Turnstone Jack Save to project
      Contract $478 USD Contract $550 CAD Siento


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      Steelcase Customize

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      Contract $812 USD Contract $934 CAD Jersey


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      Steelcase Customize

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      Contract $817 USD Contract $940 CAD Kirn


      Kirn Save to project

      Steelcase Customize

      Reply Save to project
      Contract $851 USD Contract $979 CAD

      When it comes to office seating, our chairs deliver ergonomic performance with a contemporary design. From desk to conference, we have the seating solutions for your space.

      90,000 Why you can’t save on a working chair

      Everyone knows that sitting for a long time in a motionless position is harmful. But even worse, if this position is uncomfortable, then back pain and health problems are definitely inevitable. The only way to work 8 hours and stay healthy is to take care of the correct office chair .

      The evolution of humans and the environment has greatly influenced our body and lifestyle. Even for walking on two legs, a person is forced to “pay off” with problems with the spine.What can we say about the uncomfortable sitting positions in which many spend most of their day!

      What are the consequences of an improper fit?

      1. Back pain and health problems. Even several hours in an uncomfortable position can cause pain in the shoulders and lower back, arms, hands or wrists. And long-term disregard for the principles of ergonomics is fraught with serious health problems such as depression, heart disease, diabetes, muscle degeneration, high blood pressure, disc compression, poor circulation, etc. etc.

      2. Decrease in labor efficiency. An uncomfortable work posture reduces concentration, makes us fidget in our chair, make more mistakes and interruptions in work.

      Sitting is harmful ?! Search for alternatives

      The history of office chairs is long and branchy. In search of ways to avoid the problems of long static posture, original alternatives to office chairs have been invented:


        The idea of ​​standing work, popular in recent years, has positive aspects: in this position of the body, the metabolic rate is higher than when sitting on a chair.Working while standing allows you to stretch, which eliminates the risk of many diseases associated with numbness and muscle atrophy.

        – At the same time, standing for a long time causes fatigue and swelling of the legs, problems with veins and joints.

      Therefore, an alternative can only be the alternation of different body positions. For example, the tables in the Motum series have a function of transformation from a standing position to a sitting position supported by a comfortable office chair.

      Motum desks reflect the cutting edge of office ergonomics

      Fitball instead of a chair

      In the mid-2000s, it was proposed to use the large Pilates ball as an alternative to the work chair.

        + To maintain balance, on the fitball, you have to sit straight with your feet on the floor, while the back muscles and abs are trained imperceptibly.

        – Long-term activation of the back muscles puts pressure on the spine, so the fitball is only good for temporary use.

      Orthopedic knee chair

      The design of this chair provides anterior support to the body by creating knee support.

        + The “kneeling” chair helps maintain the correct posture due to a slight natural bend in the lower back and twisting the pelvis forward.

        – Such a chair definitely requires a habit, at first it will create discomfort in the joints and back. With prolonged use, the knee chair causes a greater compression of the vertebrae compared to a traditional chair.

      P Reamer of a kneeling chair, source – upliftdesk.com

      Choosing an ergonomic office chair

      Today there is no alternative that could replace the functional office chair . Of course, this only applies to models that have modern adjustment mechanisms and provide all-day comfort. It is definitely not worth saving on health – try to focus on individual needs in order to find the optimal balance of price and functionality for yourself.

      When choosing a particular model, it is important to consider factors such as:

      • the purpose of the chair;
      • time spent in a chair per day;
      • the height, weight and build of the owner;
      • owner’s needs, habits;
      • the specifics of work, the required degree of mobility, etc.

      Read more in article How to choose a computer chair?

      Medium price segment

      If you need a complete “tool” for productive work, test the high-back seats with integrated headrests.

      This design is a great opportunity to take a break from work and take breaks. Choose high-quality models that are not overloaded with additional mechanisms, some of which may remain idle.

      Compactness and elegance are the distinguishing features of this stylish armchair

      For example, the Oxy armchair demonstrates the “golden mean” between excellent ergonomics and an affordable price. For lovers of original design and decent functionality, a chair such as IQ black is suitable.The spring effect of the seat relieves tension from the vertebrae at the moment of landing, and the swing mechanism allows the seated person to lean back comfortably and fix a comfortable tilt angle.

      High ergonomic backrest allows you to rest during the day!

      In the middle price segment, there are many stylish models that provide a high level of comfort. These include the Smart armchair with a comfortable high back and breathable mesh upholstery. The translucent, practical upholstery and the original shape of the headrest give the model a light and sporty look.

      Comfort-class armchairs

      If working in front of a computer takes up most of the day, you need a smart chair that provides maximum comfort. In more expensive models, you will immediately notice additional functional solutions – mechanisms and adjustments that make these chairs so comfortable and ergonomic!

      The main advantage of premium segment chairs is their ability to flexibly adapt to individual parameters, maintain an active working regime and rest breaks, and create an even distribution of body weight.For example, the Brenda and Mirto P white armchairs, despite their minimalist design, have a balanced set of mechanisms. The armrest height and seat depth adjustments give the chair the ability to follow the lines of the wearer’s body, providing perfect support.

      The armchair Plaza PP has gone even further: advanced adjustment mechanisms (seat depth and armrest positions, lumbar deflection and swing mechanism with fixation in 5 positions) allow you to customize the model to any physical characteristics and preferences of the owner. Still would! Just take a look at the list of functions provided in the chair:

      • synchro-swinging mechanism with backrest fixation in 5 positions and backrest auto-return system
      • armrest height and depth adjustment
      • lumbar deflection adjustment
      • headrest angle adjustment
      • seat depth adjustment
      • voltage regulation with weight control
      • armrest rotation mechanism

      Armchair Plaza PP progressive armchair in two versions – with and without headrest

      How to test an office chair?

      The best option is to test the chair for comfort before buying in a furniture showroom in your city .Be sure to sit down in your chair, listen to the sensations of your body and answer your questions:

      • Do I feel perfect back support?
      • Are my feet touching the floor when I move to the very back?
      • Was it comfortable for me to sit down and stand up, and also turn around?
      • Can I lean back and take a break from work?
      • Do I want to get up sooner or, conversely, sit longer?

      Tip: If your goal is to provide yourself or your employees with a productive working environment, choose the models with the most customizable items. You can save money on other interior items, even on your desk, but not on an ergonomic computer chair!

      If you need help in choosing or detailed technical parameters of a particular chair, order callback !

      Office chairs and chairs – ROZETKA

      What are office chairs and why are they needed

      Various office chairs – equipment that should be in every workspace. Such furniture provides comfort and convenience for workers.It’s no secret that monotonous sedentary work is exhausting not only mentally, but also physically. Without proper seating, the spine will become deformed. In addition, the muscles in the back will strain, and at the same time suffer, which in the future leads to serious illnesses.

      It is very important to equip the office space with all the essentials, which will increase productivity and enable employees to perform their duties not only efficiently, but also without the slightest harm to health and general condition. It is this function that such chairs perform. You should not save on this purchase, since the cheap varieties do not have certain qualities, but represent an extremely simple structure made of plastic and metal, on which you can only sit. More innovative representatives of the expensive segment have orthopedic elements available. These include variations with a back. This detail fully complies with the anatomical structure of the back. Helps to avoid scoliosis and other undesirable consequences.

      Next, you should pay attention to the built-in modes and additional functions. Among them is a special handle for lifting the seat. Height adjustment is a very important mechanical addition. Almost all units presented in the product range have standard sizes, which cannot be said about desks. In order to raise the office chair to the desired height – just one pull of the handle is enough.

      External and structural parameters

      Products also perform an aesthetic function. It has long been known that the correct organization of the workspace promotes mental performance. Therefore, many bosses pay for decorators and designers to develop a suitable style and decor. These chairs can also act as a special detail that emphasizes the interior and exterior characteristics of the office. They come in a variety of colors and styles. It can be modern or high-tech, as well as just classics, familiar and loved since the nineties.

      Upholstery is also an important factor.For lovers of soft seats – manufacturers present entire lines and series, upholstered in leather. Eco-leather is considered a more innovative derivative. In addition to being soft, it also assumes ease of cleaning, which is carried out with an ordinary damp cloth. However, this material also has a small number of disadvantages. With regular use, the leather cover cracks and simply wears out. To avoid these consequences, you can purchase special chemicals. This type of product belongs to the expensive segment, but the price is fully covered by the quality.

      The back can in some cases be covered with a cloth or be presented in the form of a mesh. This makes the whole structure lightweight and environmentally friendly. There is also an advantage in cost. Products of this type belong to the cheaper segment.

      Speaking about the types of structure, it is impossible not to single out office chairs on wheels. They are convenient for the visually impaired user. If you need to move closer to the table – you will not need to manually move the computer chair. You can just drive up.

      How to make the right choice

      Before choosing – you need to study in detail the characteristics of the desired device, so as not to be mistaken in the little things. Further, it is important to understand for what purposes the product will be used.

      If you need it for home use, you should stay on the usual varieties so as not to overpay extra money. If it comes in handy at a company, where the process of doing work sometimes drags on until the very night, it is not recommended to save currency, because your health will suffer from this. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the reviews of experienced consumers who are familiar with this category firsthand. This will help you determine and understand which manufacturers really deserve respect, and which ones you should stay away from.

      40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm, 70 cm

      As soon as computers have become part of household use, it became necessary to equip special tables for them. As practice has shown, a standard desk does not meet the ergonomic requirements, which slows down the work and does not have the best effect on the operator’s health.

      And of course, the question immediately arose about the maximum permissible dimensions of the product: the area of ​​the rooms remained small, and it is not always possible to install another table.

      Disadvantages and advantages of the product

      Traditionally, it is believed that a special table is necessary for a stationary computer, and a laptop can be installed on any horizontal surface – a table, shelf, wide armrest. There is some truth here, but only if the machine is not used as a tool for work – 8-9 hours a day.Otherwise, a special table is needed that meets quite clear requirements.

      Working on a computer is associated with three main difficulties: the distance from the eyes to the monitor, the position of the hands when typing on the keyboard and the position of the hand when using the mouse.

      • The first factor determines the depth of the tabletop, that is, how narrow a computer table can be. The problem is solved in several ways.
        • A sufficient or optimal depth is 60 cm.In this case, the monitor can be located directly on the table: the distance to the monitor will be at least 50 cm, and the top edge of the screen will be at eye level.
        • But when a computer desk appears in the room after furnishing the interior, sometimes it is impossible to install a model of this size. And then a narrow table is irreplaceable: its depth is 50 cm, and the monitor is installed on a stand to be at the operator’s eye level.
        • If such a model does not fit anywhere, they resort to the services of special designs.The tabletop as such disappears here, and there is only a wider stand for the monitor – 35-40 cm and a stand for the keyboard. The latter, after the end of the work, is usually pushed under the upper one. When folded, this model occupies the smallest possible area.
      • When working on a narrow table, the elbows and wrists are suspended. To reduce the load, place the keyboard shelf as low as possible. In some cases, a special mouse pad is also fixed there.In addition, the workstations have sections for elbow support fixed on the table or on the operator’s chair.
      If a table of medium size, and even more so a large one, can be used as a writing desk, then the narrow model excludes this option. Moreover, it can also be equipped with add-ons to accommodate computer equipment.

      One of the main disadvantages of such models is that there is not always a compartment for the system unit. As a rule, a narrow table also means a very narrow one, which excludes the installation of a box for the system unit.However, with such small dimensions, it becomes possible to fix the entire structure on the wall. And this not only frees up floor space, but also makes cleaning easier, and also gives the interior a modern, original look.

      Narrow corner computer table for laptop “KS 20-44”

      Dimensions of narrow home computer desks

      It is possible to change the size of the furniture only within certain limits, otherwise it turns out to be impossible to use the object. And if we are talking about work furniture, then here the dimensions vary in an even smaller range, since not only ease of use depends on them, but also the correct posture during classes.

      The following video contains an excellent selection of examples of narrow computer desks and desks. Perhaps your ideal option is among them:

      Popular Models

      Popular models are not only those whose cost is the lowest, but also those that provide maximum convenience with great compactness. The latter is especially important if the computer desk is designed for long-term work, and not just for checking e-mail.

      • Coaster is a mobile computer desk with a table top depth of 45 cm. Designed for a laptop or netbook with any diagonal. The cost of the product is 1371 rubles.
      • Model KST-01 is more likely the best option, not the minimum, since it has quite decent dimensions: depth 63 cm, and length – 80 cm. Plus – there is a compartment for the system unit, minus – there are no superstructures. You can buy such a narrow computer desk for 2440 rubles.
      • A4 transforming table on hinged sectional legs allows you to fix the tabletop at any convenient height and at an angle.Manufactured from aluminum. The model is estimated at 2150 rubles.
      • KS 20-33 – a table with a depth of 60 cm, but of an unusual structure. When working with a laptop, the latter is placed on the tabletop, and if a stationary computer is used, the monitor is installed on a stand, the keyboard is placed on a pull-out shelf, and the system unit is placed on the lowest one. Besides, the model is mobile. The product costs 4100 rubles.
      • KD-S1224 – a glass table for a computer with a tabletop dimensions of 90 * 50 cm. The monitor is placed without a stand, the keyboard is on a pull-out shelf.The mobile compartment for the system unit is not included in the package, but can be purchased additionally. Cost – 4800 r.

      Photos of popular models of narrow computer tables

      The narrow 493/1 computer desk from Mebelsp also looks good, shown in the following video: