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    Hello, Mum, a book by Polly Dunbar

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    b small publishing: a review of their new “Hello Languages!” series

    b small publishing is a London-based publisher specializing in creative and educational non-fiction and language learning for kids.   Their books always draw me in with their bright, happy covers.  It looks like the content is going to be fun!

    The “Hello Languages” series

    Previously I reviewed b small’s  Hide and Speak and Family Tree series.  This time I’m going to look at “Hello Languages!” a new series of four books for young language learners from the age of six.  The series consists of the basic Beginner’s Guide, Workbook, Colouring Book and Picture Dictionary.  They’ve just been published (November 2018) and are available in English, English-French and English-Spanish editions.  The publishers have kindly sent me the French series to review on my blog.

    As usual with this publisher, the books are designed to be an adult-child/children project.  This way, kids and adults get to learn together.  In primary schools and after-school clubs French is often only taught in one lesson a week, so these books could be a valuable back-up to enjoy with your child at home, along with any fun picture story books you can get hold of.

      They’re good quality, strong paperbacks, and great value.  I’m starting off with

    Hello French!  A beginner’s guide to French, £8.99

    By Sam Hutchinson, in 2018

    Illustrated by Kim Hankinson

    French advisor for the whole Hello French! series: Marie-Therese Bougard


    This “core” book for the series has a lively, bold cover.

    The “blurb” on the back emphasizes the importance of confidence and enthusiasm in building a lifelong passion for French.

    On the inside front cover there’s a “How to Use” section which is clear and easy to read.  After that, there’s something new and refreshing.  It’s a section called “Les droits des apprenants d’une langue” – The rights of language learners.  These include the right to ask someone to repeat, the right to have a go and to make a mistake – very reassuring.  There’s no need to be afraid of “getting it wrong”.   However, with very young language learners it’s sometimes best not to even mention that mistakes can be made!   After this section, the others cover all aspects of everyday life and give the kids basic French skills to build on as they grow.   The images are lovely and include kids of varied ethnicity as well as wheelchair users.

    We’re shown how to pronounce the words as accurately as possible using English sounds, eg. ler meer-war = le miroir.  Even so, it would be best to have a native speaker read the words with you to get the most authentic accent.

    By the time you get to the end of the book you’ll have been exposed to/learned about 500 French words, and lots of handy phrases along the way. You’ll have the satisfaction of seeing lists of the words you’ve learned in the French-English and English-French word lists at the back of the book.


    French Practice Workbook, £5.99

    By Sam Hutchinson and Emilie Martin, in 2018

    Illustrated by Kim Hankinson

    This shiny activity book gives you the chance to reinforce what you’ve learned by writing in the boxes and completing the sentences with information about your own life.

    The visuals in this book are just as delightful as in the Beginner’s Guide, and the pages are not too “busy”.   The illustrations stand out and the blank spaces are just asking to be filled in by the young writer/linguist.

    My daughter commented: “Very handy tracker, and nice presentation.  Could it include stickers as “rewards” for completing a page, instead of marks?”  Well, I suppose you could provide the stickers yourself, there are lots to choose from in the shops.

    By the time you’ve finished this book you’ll have recorded a lot of useful phrases about yourself and your family in French.  Your own personal book in French!



    Colouring Book, £5.99

    By Sam Hutchinson, in 2018

    Illustrated by Kim Hankinson

    The kids will be excited at creating their own images while consolidating the words, and colouring-in is very soothing for all ages, adults as well as kids.  The scenes in this book are taken from the Beginner’s Guide.


    French-English Picture Dictionary, £6.99

    By Sam Hutchinson

    Illustrated by Kim Hankinson

    The words are organized into popular themes and the images are simple and colourful, standing out against a white background.   More than 350 French words are listed.



    Here’s what b small publishing have to say in the introduction they sent me with the books:

    “…Kids like cool facts and fun things to do.  That’s why language learning books for kids should be bright, bold, fun and colourful.  They should be filled with practical examples of language in everyday life and encourage kids to just have a go without fear of making mistakes”.

    Well, these books do all those things.  Have fun playing and learning French with your child!


    Thank you to b small publishing for sending me the above books to review.  As ever, I’ve given my own honest opinions.  If you’d like to find out more about b small publishing please visit www.bsmall.co.uk.







    Hello, Mum – Motherdom

    BY POLLY DUNBAR. PUBLISHED BY FABER & FABER. £12.99 hardback, £7.99 ebook.
    Reviewed by Motherdom Deputy Editor Claire Gillespie.

    I’ve been a fan of Polly Dunbar for years. In fact, my son loved her before I did. In June 2007, six months before he was born, Polly’s children’s book Penguin was released. I read it to my baby long before he was old enough to focus on the brightly coloured illustrations and follow Ben and Penguin’s funny, heart warming journey. 

    Award-winner Polly has also written and illustrated Dog Blue and Flyaway Katie for little ones (among many others), and now she’s created a treat for her older readers. 

    According to the official press release, Hello Mum is Polly’s ‘visual diary of the magical highs and absurd lows that many parents will recognise – from the shock and awe of the baby days to the delight (and terror) of the toddler years and the mayhem of sibling rivalry.’ 

    According to mums (this one included), it’s a really special book. The illustrations are beautiful, the sentiments behind them authentic. The fact that Polly admits herself in the introduction that the drawings were ‘mostly made far too early in the morning, coffee in hand, sketch book on lap, boys clambering over me “borrowing” my pens’ makes it feel like the book is completely unfiltered and unplugged.

    Hello, Mum takes the reader on a journey, from ‘Phase One’ (aka ‘Hello, Baby’) through to ‘Phase Eight,’ which could be any stage for the reader. For Polly herself, it’s the moment she finished this book, her two sons increasingly independent but still reliant on her for everything, including her pens. And while I really did feel as if I was going on a journey with Polly, this is also a book you can dip into whenever you want. Like all great illustrated books, it won’t disappoint whatever page you land on when you open it. 

    Honest, tender and funny, Hello, Mum made me laugh and it made me cry. It’s going to be my go-to gift for every new mum. 



    Best personalised storybooks for mum or dad – the ultimate thoughtful gift

    Katherine Robinson What about gifting a personalised story book for kids to dad or mum? It’s a gift that’s sure to become a bedtime story favourite and can be treasured forever. Add your children’s names, dad’s hobbies and interests to create a personalised story about the whole family

    If you’re looking for a truly special and thoughtful gift for anyone with kids – or are shopping for a hard-to-buy mum or dad who has everything, then a personalised book is a fantastic gift idea!

    Are you a partner looking for gifts to give from younger kids in the family? All you need to do is spend a few minutes filling out the unique details of your family – names and ages of kids, dad’s’s name and interests, and you can create a sweet bedtime story that mum and the kids can enjoy together again and again.

    There are even some you can personalise with your own special photo and message – and there are personalised books featuring the likes of popular characters like Peppa Pig to make it even more fun.

    Older children can also get in on the act – there are some options (both humorous and thoughtful) that you can give to mum and dad to make them smile and show them you care…

    RELATED: 10 cute 1st birthday gift ideas: From personalised gifts to adorable sentimental presents

    Best personalised books for younger children to give to dad

    I love daddy this much book, £21.99, Wonderbly


    What’s the story? Set out on an everyday adventure from breakfast to bedtime, as each child tells daddy just how much they love him. More than splashy puddles? Oh yes. More than the ocean? Of course. More than all the moons and stars in the universe? Easily!

    Top review: “My husband was so touched, he had tears of joy reading it to our son. Just wonderful!”

    Personalised Daddy and me book, £19.99, Letterfest


    What’s the story? A cute polar bear illustrates everything Dad loves – from what he does to his favourite food, games, clothes, hobbies and films. The front cover is printed with the name of the child as the author and you can change the main name to whatever you want – Dad, Daddy, Papa etc.

    Top review: “An absolutely wonderful gift from my little boy to my husband. So personal with being able to add so much detail.”

    Peppa Pig: my Daddy personalised book, £17.50, NotOnTheHighStreet


    What’s the story? An adorable Peppa Pig story for every daddy figure to share with their little one at storytime. This book uses the same humour as the Peppa Pig series, with lots of giggles just like Peppa and her daddy. This personalised story stars one customised child character and their daddy, right alongside Peppa and Daddy Pig. Customisable character features include name, hairstyle, skin tone, eye colour, and the option of glasses.

    Top review: “Excellent gift. Good humour which was surprisingly accurate and a lovely keepsake for any Dad.”

    MORE: 10 best Experience Days for him in 2021: The ultimate birthday gift or anniversary surprise for men

    My Daddy the Superhero personalised book, £24.99, Wonderbly


    A rampaging robot is on the loose, and there’s only one person who can save the day… Dad! Turn him into a superhero in this incredible personalised storybook, made for up to four children.

    Top review: “I like that the book is personalised and that you can add so many characters. Adorable gift!”

    Personalised adventures of daddy book, £19. 95, Letterfest


    What’s the story? Go on an adventure with bear across jungle, sea, desert and mountains and and discover all the things daddy loves – from his job to hir favourite places and foods and his achievements

    Top review: “The children loved helping personalise the book for their Father’s Day present. It is excellent quality and great that there was so much opportunity for individual personalisation.”

    All about Dady personalised book, £19.95, Letterfest


    What’s the story? Celebrate all the reasons you love Daddy with this bright storybook written as it’s from the children, illustrated with elephants and their jungle friends. How does daddy keep them safe? Make life exciting? Care for them? All the answers will be here and more in this bright and lovely hardbacked book which is printed with a personalised message so dad can treasure the book as a keepsake in years to come.

    Top review: “My husband said this was the best gift ever! We bought the hardback book. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Excellent quality, beautiful pictures..”

    RELATED: Gift ideas to cheer someone up who might be going through a tough time

    MORE: The 53 coolest gift ideas for tricky teenagers

    King of Dads personalised book, £19,99, Letterfest


    What’s the story? The rhyming story, personalised with Dad and the children’s names, says thank you to Dad for all the amazing things he does – from being the King of Kindness, the Captain of Clever, the Hero of Happiness, the President of Fun and the Champion of Cuddles.

    Personalised Daddy, Me & the Family Tree book, £19.95, Letterfest


    What’s the story? Celebrate the special relationship between Daddy and child, and Letterfest will plant a sapling on behalf of your family at their tree planting site in North Devon. The book features personalised rhyming verse and gorgeous watercolour illustrations of your tree growing through the seasons, showing the child growing up with Dad by their side. You can also add a special gift message on the inside cover to make it extra special.

    Top review: “I bought this book for my partners birthday, we had a baby this year and to have a personalised book and a literal family tree is awesome.”

    Best personalised books for older children to give to dad

    Ladybird book of the dad, £14.99, Amazon


    What’s the story? From the hilarious grown-up series of the classic Ladybird books, this is the ‘how it works’ guide for dad. It explains what it’s like to be a dad in a light-hearted and ‘tongue in cheek’ way. ‘What does a hippopotamus eat, dad?’ asks Philip ‘Children who ask for stuff in the gift shop,’ says his dad. Being a dad is brilliant. ‘”

    Top review: “This made my dad laugh so much, the tears ran down his face. If your dad has a good sense of humour, he will love this.”

    Dad reasons why book, £24.99, Prezzybox


    What’s the story? Tell dad how much you love him by choosing 15 reasons why – choosing from prompts like: “The most amazing thing about you is . . .”, “Being with you makes me…” or “I am grateful for you because…” The front cover can also be personalised with a gold finish, her name and a choice of sentences.

    Top review: “Can’t put into words how much dad loved this. I know he’ll keep it forever. It’s good quality and the gold finish makes it look even better.”

    Best personalised books for younger children to give to mum

    I love mummy this much book, £21.99, Wonderbly


    What’s the story? Set out on an everyday adventure from breakfast to bedtime, as each child tells mummy just how much they love her. More than splashy puddles? Oh yes. More than the ocean? Of course. More than all the moons and stars in the universe? Easily!

    Top review: “Oh. My. Gosh! You know how to make a mummy cry! This is the cutest present EVER! I absolutely love it! My daughter loves it too – she thinks it’s awesome when she’s in a book.”

    Personalised Mummy and me book, £19.99, Letterfest


    What’s the story? A cute polar bear illustrates everything Mum loves – from what she does to her favourite food, games, clothes, hobbies and films. The front cover is printed with the name of the child as the author and you can change the main name to whatever you want – Mum, Mummy, Mama etc.

    Top review: “What can I say but Wow!! I am so happy with the book I ordered for my wife here in New Zealand for her first Mother’s Day. It arrived very well packaged and well ahead of time. Love the pictures in the book and is written perfectly.

    Peppa Pig: my Mummy personalised book, £17.50, NotOnTheHighStreet


    What’s the story? An adorable Peppa Pig story for every mummy to share with their little one at storytime. This book uses the same humour as the Peppa Pig series, with lots of giggles just like Peppa and her mummy. This personalised story stars one customised child character and their mummy, right alongside Peppa and Daddy Pig. Customisable character features include name, hairstyle, skin tone, eye colour, and the option of glasses.

    Top review: “The quality of the product blew me away! This is so professional. My nephew chose this as a gift for his mummy, so we were able to personalise it to show him and his mummy. He can’t wait to give it to her (and is finding it hard to not say anything he’s so excited!). Thanks for a great gift!.

    Personalised adventures of mummy book, £19.95, Letterfest


    What’s the story? Go on an adventure with bear across jungle, sea, desert and mountains and and discover all the things mummy loves – from her job to her favourite places and foods and his achievements

    Top review: “Bought the book for my wife’s birthday from my little boy and it was her best present. Great quality and quick delivery for a bespoke gift.”

    All about Mummy personalised book, £19.95, Letterfest


    What’s the story? Celebrate all the reasons you love Mummy with this bright storybook written as it’s from the children, illustrated with elephants and their jungle friends. How does mum keep them safe? Make life exciting? Care for them? All the answers will be here and more in this bright and lovely hardbacked book which is printed with a personalised message so mama can treasure the book as a keepsake in years to come.

    Top review: “A lovely book sent for Mother’s Day to my Daughter from her children, which she loves and reads every day at bedtime. Speedy delivery and lovely hard backed book.”

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    Best personalised books for older children to give to mum

    Ladybird book of the mum, £7.99, Prezzybox


    What’s the story? From the hilarious grown-up series of the classic Ladybird books, this is the ‘how it works’ guide for mum. It explains what it’s like to be a mum in a light-hearted and ‘tongue in cheek’ way. ‘A mum has two very important jobs to do. One is to look after her children. The other is to do everythign else as well.”

    Top review: “Great book, really tongue in cheek but also sooo true. Wife loved it as mother’s day gift and most importantly it arrived really quickly.”

    Mum reasons why book, £24.99, Prezzybox


    What’s the story? Tell mum how much you love him by choosing 15 reasons why – choosing from prompts like: “The most amazing thing about you is . . .”, “Being with you makes me…” or “I am grateful for you because…” The front cover can also be personalised with a gold finish, her name and a choice of sentences.

    Top review: “Wonderful book. Everything i wanted to be and mum loves it.”

    RELATED: Having a birthday at home? 70 birthday ideas and how to make it fun

    HELLO!’s selection is editorial and independently chosen – we only feature items our editors love and approve of. HELLO! may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. To find out more visit our FAQ page.

    Greetings from the past [SI] – read free online full version of the book (Mom) # 16


    No one can misunderstand a child as wrong as his mother.

    Norman Douglas.

    Severus was lying in his quarters. It was a sunny Sunday morning outside the window. A week ago he was informed that his mother had died in the hospital. The funeral is due today. And after all, no one will come, except for him and Selena, to see off Eileen Snape on the last journey.Their little dinner yesterday turned into an evening of memories.

    Eileen struggled with brain cancer for a long time and was constantly monitored in the hospital. Snape brought her potions to relieve pain. Twelve years of mourning for Lily and now – mourning for the mother.

    – Severus, what does that mean? A woman of about forty-four asked when she saw her son kissing a young girl in the living room.

    – Mom, meet me, this is my student Selena Santos – said Snape, getting up from his knees and moving away from the sofa.

    – That is why you kiss her? – continued interrogation Eileen.

    – Mom, you got it all wrong! Severus protested immediately. “She was hit by a spell and I couldn’t bring her to life.”

    “So you think it’s okay, Severus Tobias Snape, to revive your student with a kiss?” – the mother of the potion maker did not retreat.

    – Ma’am, Professor Snape saved my life – Selena decided to stand up for him. Severus gave her a murderous look and she instantly flushed with embarrassment and her own insolence.

    – Although he has not forgotten how to do it – the woman immediately warmed up – My name is Eileen, darling.

    – Nice to meet you, Mrs. Snape – Selena said.

    When Selena temporarily settled with him after an incident with a spell, one evening he forgot that his mother was coming from the hospital for several weeks. Like a madman, he was transported to the house in Spider’s End, and, dumbfounded, froze in the living room, hearing cheerful voices in the kitchen.

    – Mom, what’s going on? Severus asked as he entered the room.He leaned against the doorway, glaring at the student with an unkind look.

    – Selena has cooked so much! Everything is very delicious. Do you want to join us? Eileen asked, not noticing her son’s mood.

    – No.

    – Darling, promise me that when you grow up, you will marry my unlucky son – Mrs. Snape turned to Selena. The girl choked on the juice and stared at the woman.

    “I promise,” Santos said with a laugh.

    – I didn’t give my consent – pouted like a mouse on Snape’s rump.

    Severus lit the candles with a wave of his wand. I began to dress. He left his black robe in the room – my mother said that in this robe he looks like a bat. There was a soft knock at the door. Selena in a long black dress and hat appeared before Severus’ surprised gaze. She wrapped herself in her robes, not knowing what to do with her hands under his staring black eyes.

    In silence, they were transported into the house.Then they also walked in silence to the cemetery, drowning in the snow. And so … Eileen Snape’s body lies in the ground. During the funeral procession, Selena held his hand. And Severus seemed to be frozen. Only at home, when she poured wine into glasses, he was able to make a toast: “To Eileen.” The girl supported him. Only now did the potion maker notice that Selena’s eyes were red from tears.

    – Why are you crying? Severus asked in a whisper. His voice was hollow.

    – Eileen replaced my mother, who could not take care of me.Yes, and my mother said that I was her mistake. You and Eileen had a complete understanding – Selena answered sadly, – I even envied you a little.

    “There’s nothing to envy here,” Snape responded. “There was a lot of talk here until my father left us.

    – All my life I thought that I had no father. I found it – and still nothing has changed. Tell me, did you love anyone after … after Lily’s death?

    “Well … there is one girl who does not allow me to live in peace,” Severus said, gently running his hand through short brown hair.

    – Sorry – said Selena, catching his hand and pressing her cheek to it – I really do not let you live in peace.

    – Thank you for pulling me out of this swamp. And come on already, “Severus asked, taking her face in his hands. His breath burned the girl’s quivering lips.

    “Kiss me, Severus,” the girl breathed into his face.

    This kiss was not like the one that happened in Flourish and Blotts. Snape gently ran his tongue over her lips, penetrating her mouth.The girl nibbled on his lips, making the Potions Master tremble with goose bumps. He found a fastener on her dress and began to unbutton …

    – No – Selena barely uttered – I want it to be out of love, not because of alcohol.

    “Good,” Severus said, stepping back to the other side of the small living room. As luck would have it, his head was now occupied with obscene thoughts associated with the girl and the tense atmosphere in the room did not allow him to be distracted from them.

    – I have to go.Sorry, I need to prepare for my lessons, ”Santos said. Receiving no answer, she disappeared into the green flame of the fireplace.

    90,000 Poems about mom

    Today … tomorrow … and in years from now!

    They embraced each other and drank tea in the morning.
    He feels so good that it’s even strange.
    She asked him casually:
    – Tell me, who is your mother?
    But he could not collect his thoughts:
    – She is ordinary, like all people.
    Calls once a week: “How are you, son?”
    Will never be imposed.
    And as long as I remember … haircut under the “square”,
    Always made me study,
    Growing roses in the yard
    And I renewed the paint on the swing.
    She answered him: – Not a lot.
    How many are you with mom? – I’m alone.
    – She must be so empty without you!
    You are her everything … her beloved son!
    And rinsing both mugs under the tap,
    I used to call my mom.
    They always talked like girlfriends …
    – Hello, dear! Did your heart let go?
    You have not forgotten, at ten for an appointment.
    When you come back from the doctor, call.
    Believe me, your house will not run away in an hour.
    Don’t go to the dacha alone anymore.
    I need you healthy, do you hear ?!
    Please, take care of yourself!
    All your life for the sake of your family you live and breathe!
    If not yourself, then have pity on me.
    I want at least a part of your big love
    Give you back and take care of you.
    And don’t be bored, go see Antonovna.
    By the way, did she deal with the hiccups there?
    I keep her emergency number,
    Knows everything about the tenants, the lady with the “peppercorn”.
    I’ll call you back in the evening.
    I love you, I kiss you mom!

    He walked to the car, thoughts like clouds:
    “How’s mine there? Have I ever asked?
    Are you healthy? Is it better or worse for her there?
    Was not interested. I just lived.
    I remembered only the haircut under the “square”!
    And how she wandered around the hospitals with me!
    He still keeps his crafts in the table!
    How buns were crumbled to wild birds!
    How she gave me a bicycle,
    I was the coolest in our yard!
    And there has never been a better mother!
    And how she rushed in January,
    When Mishkina’s mother called!
    Then he broke his collarbone on the mountain,
    She was just beating with fear!
    She gave all her time to me!
    We went with her to a cafe around the corner!
    She is like the sun and spring,
    The house was saturated with coziness, happiness!
    She loved me every day …
    And eternal colds . .. she’s near,
    My personal doctor, amulet of hearts!
    And she doesn’t need anything for herself!
    The closest person to me! ”
    And fingers reached for the phone …
    – Hey! Mom, don’t be scared, it’s okay.
    A ton of questions has accumulated for you,
    Which, I hope, is not fatal for you.
    How are you there? Did you get a cat?
    And how is your health there, dear?
    You still like to approach the window
    Watching strangers’ children?
    Who do you cook “fabulous” goulash for?
    Are the birds fed buns?
    Does a pencil hang at the door,
    With which you mark dates and pages?
    I missed you! I will come to you soon!
    I’m taking you to a cafe around the corner …
    She was expecting such a conversation!
    She dreamed about him day after day!
    She told everything, even described.
    All wounds have subsided. The cracks are gone.
    She … shone like never before!
    This is what the happiest women look like!

    One day you will take them in your hands
    And fall in love . .. and this is forever!
    For the sake of a child, turn the world upside down!
    Today … tomorrow … and in years!

    Read “# MAMA. Amusing notes from the life of a modern mother. Book-diary” – Popova-Yakovleva Evgeniya – Page 1

    Evgenia Popova-Yakovleva

    # MAMA.Funny notes from the life of a modern mother. Diary book

    © Popova-Yakovleva E., text, photo 2019

    © Cover design, JSC “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Publishing House, 2019

    The design used illustrations and photographs: shutterstock and from the author’s personal archive.

    * * *

    “The column by Evgenia Popova“ Mamamania ”is actually the same age as the HELLO.RU website: it has been published since its launch and up to the present day for more than five years. HELLO! Magazine website growing, developing – Evgenia’s blog is also changing, the drama of which is becoming brighter and more intricate.If earlier the main heroine of the story was Christina, the daughter of Eugenia, today, along with her, her son Alex has become a full-fledged figure in the author’s observations, who has grown noticeably during this time and, it seems, is about to mature. Evgenia touches on the issues of growing up, first discoveries, upbringing, parent-child relations in a very light and informal way, which invariably evokes sympathy and a kind smile – perhaps this is the reason for the success of this long-lived blog. ”

    SEVA IMATOVICH, editor-in-chief of HELLO! Russia

    “Like Evgenia, I just recently realized the joy of being a parent.This great happiness, together with a colossal responsibility, came to me after forty years. When my children begin to speak, reason and show character, I am surprised and proud to find my features in them. I am glad that Zhenya came up with such a cunning parental move, recording all the moments of her daughter’s life in her blog and at the same time sharing them with readers. ”


    “Zhenya Popova, with her inherent charm and good sense of humor, becomes your friend while you read this book, and shares her thoughts on how to be happy with your children! How to have fun together, play and travel! I know this like no one else, because more than once I drove off with Zhenya and with the children to hell! ”


    “Sincerity is the main condition of any creativity. Zhenya is witty, intelligent and sincere, so she brilliantly managed to do what she planned: to turn relationships into a touching romance, everyday life – into an exciting adventure, life – into high art ” I was able to, already as an adult girl, that is, after three decades of searching for myself and self-improvement.

    A small miracle appeared in our family 10 years ago, on my name day and almost on the eve of Christmas.The birth took place in the warm city of Marbella on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, overlooking yachts, sunrises and sunsets. Christmas did its job and the girl was named Christina. Kristina – as she is written in a Russian passport, Cristina – in Spanish documents, Christina – will be written later in an English school. There is a clear connection to Christmas in every spelling.

    A child with an angelic heart and a Capricorn character made serious changes in our family life. Now all plans for shopping, vacation, travel, and just going to visit friends are built around the girl’s schedule and often depend on her mood.

    In this book I will share with you my experience of how to enjoy the process of achieving a result, as well as the little secrets of raising beautiful girls and boys – and all this on my own example and the unique examples of my friends. Paying attention to health, education and individual development, we will not pass by children’s fashion, children’s friendship and love. And most importantly, together we will find ways to remain a young and beautiful, loving wife, to combine a career and at the same time remain a supermom.

    Do you record your kids’ catchwords? Keep going! Invaluable literature. If you have only thought, but have not yet started, start now.

    And hold the pearls from my Christmas girl for inspiration:

    – Christina, walk straight so that your back is straight and not stomping. You’re a girl. What prince would like a girl stomping like a horse?

    – Mom, I don’t need any prince! I need my own horse!

    Write down the brightest expressions of yours here




    Feast of Disobedience

    Feast of Disobedience – this is exactly the birthday we decided to give Christine this year instead of the Monster Feast she ordered earlier. No, no, not out of harm or fear. Last year, nothing prevented us from throwing a pirate party for the girl. And in this, all Kristina’s friends left for different countries and directions, and neither in Moscow, nor in Marbella, in Christina’s homeland, there was no one to arrange a holiday with.

    We did not think for long and immediately after the New Year we packed up and left for the Canary Islands, to a hotel with animation, a zoo and five swimming pools. I, I confess, hoped that Christina would find friends and we would have time to figure out something festive with balloons, a children’s choir with Happy Birthday to You and blowing out the candles on the cake.But, having checked into the hotel, my daughter put on the mask of “Miss Non-Communication”. So the children of the hotel lived their active life, Christina – ours, the pool and restaurant.

    I got tired of such a rest in a few days: one eye is in the book, the other is looking after the child. “Put on your sleeves!” “Get out of the water!” “Get out of the sun!” “Come out of the shadows!” “Don’t drink the pool water!” “Where are your glasses?” “Don’t urinate the dress!” “Where did you get the candy again?” These and other endless concerns and prohibitions wore me out and the child, and we both needed a holiday.

    On January 5, on the eve of Cristina’s birthday, the largest children’s carnival Reyes Magos is held throughout Spain – a celebration of the magic kings who descend from the high mountains once a year and distribute sweets to children. Local Spanish administrations prepare for it all year long, and special sweet pies with surprises appear in stores shortly before the holiday.

    We owe this carnival our first family tradition – in the evening we all go together to a restaurant with an open terrace and watch the procession of fairy-tale heroes growing into a five-story building.The procession ends with those same three magic kings, throwing sweets to the children.

    Last year in Marbella we harvested almost a kilogram. Experience is the son of difficult mistakes. Children from Marbella and Madrid come to the parade with umbrellas, packets and bags, substituting them open for sweets falling from the sky.

    In our village of Tenerife, everything was much more modest, but ten sweets flew to us. And Balthazar himself held Christina’s hand. Every year the procession is replenished with new characters from cartoons and movies, and if four years ago our child was happy with Bambi and the Lion King, this year the most applause went to Peppa Pig and her parents.

    The birthday has begun. We solemnly announced this to our daughter before going to bed and once again reminded her in the morning, giving her Claudine Wolfe, a monster doll. I will tell you about the history of the gift later, but now the doll marked the beginning of the Festival of Disobedience.

    We expected a lot from this day. I was afraid that my daughter would want to eat only chips and chupa-chups, would climb into the sea in clothes and sprinkle everyone with sand. But we had no idea what happened. The official do-whatever-you-want day announcement backfired.All day Christina was affectionate, kind, extremely obedient and cost only one ice cream for the whole day.

    Bad Mama – Hello! I am Angela, I am 28, I have a daughter -.


    Axis, I knew the science to support the fact that the nobility about the psychological problem may not carry any cries, besides that, yes, yes, yes, because of pratsyuvati. But our self-confidence, the vision of the mighty I call not about those who thought of themselves about themselves. Spoiler alert: those who have seen their own mind.

    Infectious I am reading the superstitious book “Tilo pam’yataє everything”, de the author of the lykar-psychiatr should bring in even more detail, how our vision, our close contact with reality and our self.

    in those with PTSD and quiet, in whom there are no psychological traumas. Vaughn showed that the areas of the brain, which are believed to be completely understood, for ours I want and all those that let us see the powerful self in the center of the head and walk along the lines of the form of erokez.Tі, hto maє PTSD showed that tsі areas of the brain in the zagala are not activated, navіdmіnu see those who have no injuries. I will show you how the brain got stuck in traumatic events and just a blockage, whether it was possible to “see” the reality, more for a new one it lost its trauma.
    In fact, people do not see themselves alive.
    Tse will explain even more complex problems of everyday people, we are with you, I don’t know what I want, I don’t know what I want, I don’t know, what stench, I smell about love for myself, but I’m not on the auto-heavy mode of my brain: to die.
    Not that it’s the winn’s, the lack of motivation, the lingering ass, stupid … but simply that the brain’s brain caused a trauma.

    The phrase “after birth, physical sensations determine our attitude to ourselves and to our surroundings” gave me goose bumps. So the stench vimikayut life and vasno vіdchuttya tsemu svіtі.

    I will guess myself before therapy .. I lived in my head. That’s it, but my mind was overwhelmed by the power – it just didn’t reach me, because I trained my brain with rocks and didn’t react to the price.
    I remember that Rita became my life at once with therapy. Rita – aytishnitsa and і veducha, ale, I will need to rob people of Thai massage. (Just cosmic lyudina). I didn’t understand that, I knew the man, as I turned my contact with my mind. The therapy brought out the trauma and gave fears to escape, Rita – brought the perception of reality through this contact. In her, at the massage, I cry, curmudgeon, moan. In fact, I won’t be afraid of being embarrassed. Navigate the position to me;)

    Once I have to create an internal compass in less time, since I didn’t want to think about it and now.

    Reading the book in me, all my suggestions about those who see you and your self, and your self, and your self have been confirmed. yourself, mabut, you will no longer be in a new McDonald’s and lie on the couches of all victories …

    “Mom, I’m going to Moscow!” Our fellow countryman Alexander Senyuta appeared in the popular program “Hello Andrey!”

    And he got to this podium of celebrities on the initiative of the Muscovites themselves. The film crew discovered a video of the talented performer on YouTube. The guy received an invitation from the editor of “Privet” to take part in the program, and they promised to pay for travel and accommodation at the expense of the receiving party.

    It is impossible to refuse such an offer, but all the way to Moscow Sasha was tormented by the excitement of uncertainty: “Where am I going?” However, despite the fact that the stage jitters visit the guy even before concerts of a regional scale, in a Moscow film studio he suddenly felt free.He says that the liberation was facilitated by a benevolent creative atmosphere, where courage and improvisation reigned.

    On the pre-shooting day, we rehearsed his number with our tenor, showed him where to enter the frame, where to look, how to move. The very filming of the program went on in a continuous stream for three hours without interruption. Then, behind the scenes, the participants of the action talked and took pictures with each other and with Andrey Malakhov.

    The next day, the famous guy from Drogichin, who woke up, walked around Moscow with his mother, who went to support her son, and in the evening they boarded the train to Minsk.

    Alexander Senyuta is not an accidental person in the vocal world. He is currently completing his studies at the Minsk College of Arts with a degree in Folk Art and Choral Music. At one time, the boy was introduced to the song genre by his father Nikolai Ivanovich, a professional accordion player and singing teacher. At first, the child really liked the process of home recordings with a microphone, then it was interesting to participate in various club activities, solo or singing along with the choir.

    The vocal genre captivated the young man seriously, so he entered the capital college without any problems. True, the soul was more inclined towards the pop department, but by the time Sasha entered it, it was closed. Years of study brought the student a precise voice, artistry, victory in the “Voices of the Motherland” competition, first place in the “Asaloda” ensemble at the “Young Talents of Belarus” festival, as well as a scholarship from the “Support for Talented Youth” program.

    According to the results of the distribution, the graduate Alexander Senyuta was sent to the Vileika House of Culture. The young specialist is interested in the future work of the choir director.Of course, the successful start of the soloist’s path will continue and improve.

    By the way, in the pop world a promising talent has its own stellar “prototype”. When the author of these lines noticed that Sasha is very similar to the famous artist Alexei Vorobyov, he replied: “Yes, I know, many people tell me this!”

    Book: “Three cats. Friendly kittens »My favorite fairy tales read online for free

    Once Dad and Mom decided to take Korzhik, Caramel and Kompot out of town for a picnic. And for a picnic you need to take the essentials!
    Early in the morning, Dad loaded his fishing rod and guitar into the car, and then started preparing the car for the trip. Meanwhile, Mom and the kittens were packing for the picnic.
    “I’ll make Easter cakes at the picnic,” said Caramel and put a bucket and molds in the trunk of my father’s car.
    – And I will read books in the fresh air, – said Compote, putting a weighty stack of books in the car.
    – And I’ll just run! – Korzhik exclaimed and began to gallop merrily around the yard.
    And then the kittens saw Mom carrying a huge basket of picnic food to the car. What was not there!
    – Wow, how many delicious things! – Compote admired.
    “Of course, what a picnic without a delicious lunch,” Mom said.
    She knew the kittens would have a great appetite in the fresh air!
    – The main thing is not to forget anything, – Dad reminded everyone, and then counted the kittens just in case: – Cookie, Caramel, Compote.
    The whole family was assembled. Dad put the lunch basket on the roof of the car, slammed the trunk and announced:
    – We’re leaving!
    – Hooray! – Korzhik, Caramel and Kompot shouted in unison and jumped into the car, where Dad and Mom were already sitting.
    The car started to move, and the kittens sang a funny song. Everyone was so carried away by the trip that they did not even notice how a basket of tasty treats caught on a branch
    wood! The car drove along the forest path, and the lunch prepared by Mom remained on the tree not far from the house …
    Meanwhile Korzhik, Caramel and Kompot, along with Dad and Mom, sang their song in chorus:
    – But we are carrying a picnic Milk with almonds,
    And salad, and barbecue – For a picnic, for a picnic.
    Finally Dad honked his horn and stopped the car on a pretty forest edge next to a small pond.
    – Oh, what a beauty! – Dad exclaimed, getting out of the car and looking around. – Let’s start our picnic soon! -and suddenly he stopped: – Oh, where is our basket of food?
    And they all looked at the roof of the car, where the lunch basket should have been.
    “It seems that someone left her at home,” Mom said displeased and looked reproachfully at Dad. – Or lost it on the way.
    The kittens looked very upset.
    “Well, what about lunch,” whimpered the hungry Compote.
    – Let’s fly home by plane! – Korzhik suggested a solution. – Let’s put together a new basket and be back quickly.
    – But, Korzhik, planes do not land among the trees, – Mom stopped the kitten’s fantasy.
    “Then you can just order a pizza,” thought the smart Caramel.
    “Caramel, the pizza delivery guy can’t find us in the woods without an exact address,” Mom explained. “But I’m sure our Dad will definitely come up with something,” she said.
    Mom gave Dad a fishing rod – you can use it to catch a fish in a pond and cook a delicious lunch! Dad thought about it.
    – Yes! He exclaimed. – You know what? We will get our own food! The Pope announced decisively.
    – So the picnic will take place! – Caramel was delighted.
    Korzhik and Kompot were also amused, and everyone got down to business.
    While Mom and Caramel were gathering brushwood to light the fire, Dad, Cookie and Kompot were fishing. They sat on the shore of the pond and looked at the float of my father’s fishing rod, but the fish was not caught in any way …
    – Well, where, well, where is she? – Korzhik was impatiently saying, tugging at the Pope’s tail.
    – In fishing, the main thing is patience, – Dad explained competently to the kittens.
    But it turned out that there is no fish in the forest pond. First, the algae, then the snag, and then the huge frog fell on my dad’s bait. But there was not a single fish, not even a tiny one!
    Dad, Korzhik and Kompot became sad and, dejected, returned to the clearing, where Mom and Caramel were already waiting for them.
    “Caramel and I collected brushwood,” Mom said.
    – And we didn’t catch anything, – Korzhik spread with his paws.
    – We will remain hungry … – held out Compote.
    “And if you look for some food in the forest,” Mom suggested.
    – Exactly! – Caramel exclaimed. -Dad will light a fire for us, and we will pick up mushrooms.
    – Hooray! Follow me! – Korzhik was delighted and ran into the forest first.

    Caramel hurried after her brother, and Compote remembered about his books, which he took with him to the picnic.
    “Mushrooms are delicious,” Compote said thoughtfully.
    So, Korzhik and Caramel began to pick mushrooms in the forest, and Compote opened a thick guide to the mushroom picker.He checked with a book which mushrooms were edible and which were not. Some of the kittens’ findings had to be left in the forest, because you can’t eat fly agarics!
    And yet Korzhik, Caramel and Mama have collected a whole bucket of boletus, boletus and other delicious mushrooms.
    – That’s how many mushrooms, – said Cookie, handing the Pope a full bucket.
    – Let’s fry them sooner, – Compote urged everyone. After all, he was already seriously hungry!
    It remains only to light a fire and cook dinner on it. Dad began to slap his pockets, trying to find matches.But where are they …
    – And the matches remained in the basket with food, – in the end, Dad recalled. Again, everyone was very upset.
    “But we can’t eat raw mushrooms,” Mom said in confusion.
    And then Compote came up with a way out of a difficult situation!
    – You can get fire, as was done in ancient times, – said the clever kitten and took a twig of brushwood. – By friction!
    – Well done, Compote! – Mom praised the 90,074 eldest son.
    And so the Pope began to make fire. He folded up the firewood and began to twist one of the twigs quickly, quickly, so that sparks appeared from friction.
    Gradually the brushwood began to smoke.
    Daddy blew on the branches with all his might to get the fire going, but it was not so easy. Poor Dad even coughed from the acrid smoke.
    – Let’s help the Pope to blow, – Caramel suggested to her brothers.
    Cookie, Compote and Caramel began to blow on the steaming brushwood together with the Pope, and, finally, the fire really flared up! Now it was possible to cook dinner on the fire.
    – Burning, burning! – Korzhik jumped happily.
    “Now we can start our picnic,” announced the pleased Dad.
    Kittens together with Mom cooked fried mushrooms on the fire and spread a picnic tablecloth on the grass. Everyone sat around and Daddy started playing guitar. In chorus they sang their song:
    – But a picnic, on a picnic – Who is a fish and a mushroom picker,
    Who is not used to being bored – But a picnic, but a picnic!
    Dad played the guitar so wonderfully that the kittens and Mom applauded him. Dad was happy!
    “The mushrooms are almost ready, and we still have dessert,” Mom said unexpectedly and laid out a sweet treat on the tablecloth.- Blueberries, lingonberries and raspberries!
    It turns out that Mom managed to pick berries in the forest.
    – Great! – Korzhik, Caramel and Compote exclaimed in unison.
    Despite everything, the picnic still took place, and everyone was happy. The kittens, along with Dad and Mom, were sitting by the fire, eating fried mushrooms and fresh berries, and were happy that everything ended so well. The picnic was wonderful!
    Jam in the basement

    One day Dad brought a big delicious cupcake from work.
    – At our confectionery factory they made a new cupcake – with a chocolate filling, – said Dad and put the fragrant pastries on the table in a big beautiful box.
    Mom and kittens crowded around the dinner table.
    – Wow! – Korzhik, Caramel and Compote exclaimed with admiration.
    “What a lovely cupcake,” Mom said approvingly. – Now we will have a family tea party!
    The cupcake was really delicious – with chocolate and heart-shaped decorations made of colored glaze.
    Mom took a cupcake and took it to the kitchen to cut into portions. The kittens ran after Mom.
    – Mom, mom, let’s help you! – Korzhik, Caramel and Kompot shouted in eager rivalry.
    – Please, – Caramelka asked Mom.
    The kittens so wanted to do something themselves and help Mom!
    “Well, okay,” Mom agreed, although she knew that she could easily cope without the help of the kids. “You can bring raspberry jam for tea,” she suggested.
    – Hurray! – Korzhik, Caramel and Kompot were delighted. Finally, they were assigned the real case.
    “The jam is in the basement,” Mom explained.
    – In the basement … – kittens were stunned. They did not expect Mom to give them such an assignment.After all, they were usually not allowed to go down to the basement!
    Cookie, Caramel and Kompot ran into the hallway, lifted the door in the floor and saw a dark staircase that led down to the basement. There Mom kept various supplies: jars of jam, homemade canned food and other useful things.
    The kittens did not dare to step down into the darkness, and Compote even closed his eyes in fear!
    – Well, why did you get up? Forward! – Boldly commanded Korzhik and was the first to go down the unlit steps.
    No sooner had Caramel and Kompot followed their brother, when there was a crash below, then it was heard how Korzhik sighed, hitting something in the darkness, and, finally, a light came on on the stairs. It was Korzhik who managed to find the switch in the basement.
    Caramel and Compote went down to the basement, and Korzhik was already looking around there.
    – Wow! How many interesting things! – Cookie cookie ran along the long rows of shelving, which just was not.
    On the shelves were jars neatly arranged by Mom with her preparations for the winter – jams, pickles and other goodies. And at the top lay a variety of household utensils, suitcases, boxes of shoes and Dad’s favorite fishing rod …
    The curious Cookie could not pass by such an abundance of interesting things, and he began to examine the supplies, and then open the cans and try everything.
    – Oh, how salty! – the cookie crunch was crunched with lightly salted cucumber, but then put it back in the jar. – Ugh! And this one is sharp! – the kitten tried canned garlic. – We need to eat something! – Cookie hastened to open the next can. 90,074 there were hot peppers in this jar!
    Korzhik did not pay attention to the labels that Mom pasted on each can. He wanted to try everything as soon as possible.
    Compote and Caramelka silently watched their brother and did not know how to stop him.
    Korzhik pulled a red pepper out of the jar and stuffed it whole into his mouth.But the pungency of such a pepper would be enough for many, many servings of food! A fire broke out in poor Cookie’s mouth!
    – Oh-oh-oh! How it burns! Korzhik shouted, widening his eyes and opening his mouth wide.
    He frantically flapped his paws, like wings, trying to cool his burning mouth with pepper.
    In the end, the kitten felt better, he closed the jar of pepper and said sadly:
    – That’s it, I don’t want to try anything else.
    “We don’t need to try everything,” Compote said seriously.
    – Yes! Mom said to bring raspberry jam, – Caramelka supported her brother.
    – But how to find him here … – Korzhik was confused.
    Indeed, there were a huge number of cans in the basement, and the kittens had no idea where to look for the necessary jam.
    – We will find it from the pictures on the banks, – Compote realized. He wiped off the dust
    label on one of the jars and identified: -This is a cherry. And this is a carrot, – Compote studied the next picture.
    Meanwhile, the restless Korzhik began to ride around the basement – either on skis that he found on the shelves, then on a suitcase with wheels.
    Caramel and Compote could not keep up with their brother! The next minute Korzhik climbed onto the ladder and examined a sticker on some jar through a magnifying glass.
    – Hey! And what’s that? – he asked.
    – It’s cabbage! – Caramel exclaimed.
    Compote and Caramel continued to move along the shelves, looking at the stickers on the cans.
    – And this … – Compote pointed to the next can.
    – No, no, no! This is definitely not it! – Korzhik was ahead of his brother. He immediately recognized the pepper jar he had recently opened.
    – Of course, not that, – agreed Compote. -This is a hot pepper, – he determined from the picture.
    – Here! There she is! – Suddenly exclaimed Caramel, seeing the label on which was drawn a raspberry.But this picture was lying on the floor – it peeled off from one of the cans and fell …
    – Yes, it’s raspberries, – confirmed Compote.
    – Found! Found! – Korzhik jumped around happily.
    – But where is the bank itself? – Caramelka said in confusion.
    – We need to look for a jar with a torn sticker, – Kompot guessed.
    And the kittens started looking for the right jar.
    Caramel took a sticker with raspberries painted on it and walked along the rack with jams and pickles, trying to determine where the picture came from.
    And finally, a jar of raspberry jam was found! And the bank was not small!
    – Wow! – Korzhik was delighted.
    – How much jam! – said the hungry Compote.
    – It remains to take it to Mom … – Caramel said thoughtfully, examining the huge can.
    The bank was very difficult. The kittens tried to lift it all together, but they could not bear such a load.
    – Maybe put it on its side and roll it? – Compote offered.
    The kittens did just that. They put the can on the floor and pushed it towards the stairs.The can tumbled across the stone floor with a crash and hit the steps with all its might. The impact shook the shelves around, and the glass jars rattled on them.
    – Didn’t crash? – Caramel was worried.
    – No! Now we need to lift it up the steps, – commanded Korzhik.
    This was the most difficult task!
    The kittens looked up in confusion, at the steps of the steep staircase.
    – Wow … – Compote said thoughtfully.
    Compote and Korzhik pulled their strength together
    and raised the can to the first step.
    – Hurray! We are great! Almost raised! – ahead of the events, Korzhik shouted joyfully.
    But as soon as the kittens let her go for a moment, the can jumped back to the floor and rolled into the far corner of the basement. She hit the closet with acceleration and almost broke again.
    – Well, now it’s all over again, – Korzhik said almost crying with frustration.
    – Maybe we’ll just eat some jam here? – Compote again suggested a solution. He immediately dreamed and imagined
    how delicious it would be – more likely to refresh yourself with fragrant sweet jam … – And then we go up to the living room and drink some tea, – the hungry kitten continued to fantasize.
    – But, Compote, what about Mom and Dad? – Caramelka stopped her brother. – They want jam too!
    – Then we will bring our table here, – Cookie submitted a new idea. – And we’ll have a tea party right in the basement.
    – Come on! – picked up Compote. – I really want a cupcake with jam.
    And the kittens decided to do so. They ran upstairs and began to move the dining table from the living room towards the stairs leading to the basement. The Pope, who was reading the newspaper, did not even notice anything! And the kittens wanted to do everything themselves so much that they did not call him for help.
    Korzhik, Caramel and Kompot dragged the table to the door to the basement and tried to push it onto the stairs. But it turned out that the table was too big.
    “The table won’t fit into the basement,” Korzhik said sadly.
    – This means that we will be left without jam for the cake, – Compote was even more upset and whimpered.
    – I know what to do! – the resourceful Caramel saved the situation. – She took an empty vase from the table and explained to the brothers: – We will put the jam in this vase, and we will return the table to its place.
    Korzhik, Caramel and Kompot did just that.They filled a vase with raspberry jam, brought it into the living room and set it on the table.
    In the meantime, Mom was cutting a cake and making tea. She entered the living room, carrying the main treat, and saw the table set for tea.
    – Cookie, Caramel, Compote, it’s great that you yourself found the jam in the basement and thought of putting it in this vase, – praised the kittens’ Mom.
    – Yes, the jam in this bowl will look great next to our cupcake! – picked up the Pope, entering the room.
    – Great! – Korzhik, Caramel and Kompot shouted in unison.
    They jumped for joy, anticipating the long-awaited tea party.
    Finally, the whole family gathered around the set table, Mom poured tea into beautiful cups and put a piece of wonderful chocolate cake for everyone.
    Everyone drank tea together and praised daddy’s cupcake and mom’s jam. Tea drinking was a success!
    Cinema Masterpiece
    Once Korzhik, Caramel and Kompot decided to make a film. The kittens decided to ask the Pope how this is done. Dad had been working in his room since early morning – he was coming up with a recipe for a new cake – and now he dozed off with a cookbook in his hands.Suddenly kittens ran into the room and woke him up.
    – Dad, we want to make a movie, but we don’t know how, – Korzhik began.
    – Ah! You need a screenwriter, director and cameraman, ”Papa replied.
    – Who are they? – asked the kittens.
    – The screenwriter comes up with what the actors will do, – explained the Pope. – The director tells 90,074 actors how to play them. And the cameraman shoots everything on camera.
    – I’ll be a screenwriter! – the first cried Caramel and grabbed a blank sheet of paper to get to work.
    – And I will be a director, – he chose a suitable occupation for himself Korzhik and rolled a horn out of paper, which is usually used by experienced directors.
    – And I am a cameraman … – Compote said thoughtfully. – But I don’t have a movie camera! – the kitten was confused. He didn’t know where to get a camera for filming.
    – It doesn’t matter! – Dad came up with a way out: – You can just shoot on the phone.
    Meanwhile, Mom was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner.
    – Mom! – at the same time the voices of Korzhik, Karamelka and Kompot were heard.The kittens ran into the kitchen together to share their news with Mom: – We will shoot a film!
    – Can I get your phone? – Compote asked. – I need a camera.
    “You can,” Mom answered. “Just don’t lose it,” she warned Compote and handed him her phone.
    – Hurray! – the kittens shouted in unison. They were very happy – now they could shoot a movie!
    Cookie, Caramel and Kompot heard the doorbell and ran into the hallway to meet their friends. Actors came to the shooting – Nudik, Gonya and Sweet.Nudik dressed up in a clown costume, Gonya dressed up as a space alien, and Sweetheart put on her best dress to look like a real princess.
    – Hello! – the guests waved their paws.
    Director Korzhik displeasedly examined the invited actors.
    – What are these costumes! – he was indignant. -We’ll have a movie about pirates!
    “Then I’ll be a beautiful pirate princess,” Sweet said dreamily.
    – And I am an alien, – explained Gonya, – and I will do so!
    The kitten raised his toy pistol and showed how he would shoot.
    “And I always wanted to play a clown,” Nudik said sadly.
    “Well, I don’t even know…” Korzhik shrugged his shoulders.
    “The pirates must have a ship,” Caramel suggested the idea.
    Now it was necessary to create the scenery for the shooting of the film. What to make a pirate ship from?
    The mop and blanket turned out to be very similar to the mast and the sail. The kittens set them up on the couch and it turned into a pirate ship!
    The actors took their places on the deck – everything was ready for shooting. Director Korzhik climbed onto a chair.
    – Is the operator ready? Motor! Let’s start! – Korzhik commanded.
    Compote turned on the camera on my mother’s phone and pointed it at the pirate ship. Princess Sweetheart, Nudik the clown and the space alien Gonya were a little confused – they did not know how to play their roles.
    – Do something, otherwise it will be a boring movie! – the strict director Korzhik got angry again.
    “We’ll make it roll,” Gonya suggested, “as if the ship was caught in a storm. – And the kittens began to gallop on the sofa-ship, rocking it.
    Even the calm Nudik joined the fun:
    – I can jump, I’m a clown! – he was delighted.
    Gonya, Sweet and Nudik jumped more and more, the pirate ship was shaking, the cameraman Kompot filmed everything on camera, and Korzhik watched the filming from his director’s chair. Suddenly …
    The swing on the “ship” was so strong that the mast fell on the actors, the kittens lost their balance, and the sail from the blanket covered them from above. On the couch, there was a “pile of small” kittens and decaying scenery, laughter rang out from under the blanket, and the shooting had to be stopped.
    – Stop! Well, what is it ?! – exclaimed
    “Our ship sank,” explained Gonya with a laugh, getting out from under the blanket and firing from his toy pistol.
    – What do we have according to the script? – Asked
    Korzhik at Caramel.
    “Pirates on the high seas, and a whale with them,” she replied.
    – And who will play the whale? .. – the director Korzhik wondered.
    I had to figure out how to shoot the film further.
    Kittens decided to continue filming a movie about pirates on the street.Korzhik asked the Pope to play the role of a whale.
    Dad wrapped himself in a blanket and said:
    – Bul-bul-bul, I’m a huge whale!
    All the kittens were delighted – so Dad looked like a real whale. The pirate kittens began to run, and Daddy-whale – to catch up with them:
    – Boole! Boole! Boole! – Dad shouted, and everyone was very cheerful.
    Operator Kompot only managed to shoot, the movie turned out wonderful!
    “And I want to sing a beautiful song,” Sweet suggested unexpectedly.
    Compote pointed the camera of the phone at Sweet, and she got ready to sing.Suddenly a pleasant melody began to play.
    It turned out that Granny called my mother’s phone. The call was so wrong! Therefore, the operator Kompot decided not to stop filming:
    – Hello, granny, this is not Mom, this is Kompot. We are making a film, – he quickly explained and ended the conversation without listening to what Granny wanted to say.
    Compote again directed the camera of the phone to Sweet, and she sang:
    – A Christmas tree was born in the forest,
    It grew in the forest.
    In winter and summer, slender …
    Sweet’s wonderful singing stopped, because a noisy company of kittens flew right into the actress and the cameraman, who were running away from Dad, disguised as a whale.Compote and Honey had no choice but to join the general fun. Finally, the chase ended, all the kittens got entangled somewhere in the bushes, and the first from there appeared the director Korzhik and the cameraman Kompot.
    – Compote, did you take that off? – Asked the breathless Cookie.
    – I lost my mother’s phone, – he answered sadly.
    – Bul-bul … – said the Pope, getting out of the bushes. – Mom will probably be upset.
    – Our film is also there! Let’s look for it! – Korzhik commanded, and everyone rushed in search of mom’s phone.
    But finding the phone in the bushes was not easy at all. Confused kittens and Daddy crawled out of the bushes – the phone was nowhere to be found!
    – What will I tell Mom now, – Compote whimpered.
    – I know what to do! – as always, Caramel was quickly found.
    She went to Dad and asked:
    – Dad, give me your phone!
    Dad handed the phone to the smart Caramel and she dialed Mom’s number. The kittens immediately heard a familiar melody – it was their mother’s phone ringing. He was lying in the thick grass, right in front of the kittens.Compote parted the green leaves – my mother’s phone was found!
    – Hurray! All the kittens exclaimed in unison.
    And in the evening of the same day, the premiere took place. The kittens sat on the couch awaiting the film screening. On the chairs in front of the TV sat the parents of Goni, Sweet and Nudik, invited to watch the new film.
    “What if they don’t like our film,” the director Korzhik worried.
    Dad turned on the TV and connected Mom’s phone to it. The movie has begun! The audience watched a funny film about the adventures of pirate kittens, laughed and applauded.When the movie
    ended, all the moms and dads turned
    towards the film crew.
    – Bravo! Bravo! – the parents shouted with delight to Korzhik, Karamelka, Kompot and their friends – Lapochka, Gona and Nudik.
    – Minute attention! – Mom suddenly said. “Today’s film wins the Best Film of the Year nomination,” she solemnly announced, and she spread the red carpet on the floor — exactly the same as at real film festivals.
    – Great! – Korzhik, Karamelka and Kompot were delighted and jumped on the red carpet.
    – Creators are asking to go on stage and receive an award! – continued the ceremony Pope
    and handed the kittens a huge birthday cake. The cake was decorated with a cat figurine – this was the prize for the winners of the film festival.
    The film crew walked the red carpet to the sound of clicking cameras and enthusiastic exclamations from the audience. Everything was like at a real film festival. Dad gave the kittens a cake, and they were very happy at that moment!
    This is how Korzhik, Karamelka and Kompot shot a real film masterpiece, because everyone, without exception, liked it.

    100+ ideas how to keep your child on quarantine / vacation | Games for children and kindergarten, preschool child development, crafts and coloring

    100+ ideas how to keep your child busy at home

    Ksyusha and Sima have been at home for 2 weeks now, not at school. Fortunately, girls have long learned to amuse themselves, and at home there are always many different materials for creativity, board games, mosaics and other fairly simple inexpensive, but fascinating things for the leisure of younger schoolgirls.

    Observing them, I can draw a conclusion about what can captivate children and keep them occupied for a while. So I will write on the basis of my own observations + add ideas that I still have in stock in case “Mom, we are bored …”

    1. Thermomosaic (Hama Beads) . These small plastic beads can “neutralize” children sometimes even for an hour. You can’t manage it in a couple of minutes, and if a child has perseverance and a desire to get a result, then this meditative activity can captivate him for a long time.The biggest plus of hama beads is the variety of products that can be created with their help. For example, some ideas: cup coasters, earrings, bracelets, key chains, bookmarks, pendants, pendants, home mobiles, magnets and just beautiful pictures)))

    2. Read comics or books , in which the text is presented in the form of various blocks, inscriptions, notes, etc. Mine are happy to read a series of books about Lotta and her disasters.I don’t know if they are in Russian. There is a whole collection of similar books in MYTH. The peculiarity of such a presentation of the text is that children do not even notice how they are drawn in and begin to read avidly. It becomes boring for children to sit at home for a long time and here is the time for a fascinating reading.

    3. Draw comics . When you read comics, over time, there is a desire to draw your own. You don’t have to draw a comic book from scratch on a blank sheet of paper; you can, for example, print templates to create comics.Download here with large cells, here with smaller ones and here clouds and gurgles for words and thoughts. Taken from the Picklebums blog (by the way, there are many other templates you can download there).

    4. Weave bracelets from: elastic bands (Loom Bands), floss, yarn, ribbons, Scooby doo tubes, paracord, laces or beads. Who likes it more))

    5. Create books with your own hands. This activity has already become a habit for us thanks to the school.Children are often given a home project “to create a book on a topic”. We have even accumulated a small collection. A very exciting and long-lasting task. Of course, a child will not complete such a task 100% on his own the first time, but with your help the result will be simply stunning! Topics can be varied, however, as well as techniques for creating and methods of assembling a book.

    6. Create posters. For any subject. In any technique. About myself, about animals, about space …

    7. Create collages. Almost the same as with posters, but more fun! They can be created from: colored paper, cardboard, textured paper, magazines, newspapers, unwanted books, scraps, ribbons, buttons and other materials. In this case, the main thing is imagination!

    I am also sharing my recent life hack. Sima was given the project “Create the ABC of Nature” at school. For each letter it was necessary to find objects, animals or natural phenomena. An idea came to my mind: to show children how to make collages in the Instagram Layout program.It’s incredibly easy! I filled them with letters of the alphabet on a white background and reminded me how to search for pictures in Google and save them to the gallery. In a few hours, the Ukrainian alphabet of 33 letters was ready. So digital collages are fun too!

    8. Shoot and edit video. The easiest way to edit video is on a tablet. There are a lot of editing applications now. From standard system editors to programs with ready-made templates. For starters, you can try creating videos from pictures in Quik, for example.It is not difficult, but there will be a lot of joy.

    9. Weave. It’s easy and – attention! – it is not necessary to have a machine. My beauties are very fond of weaving in its various forms: from classical weaving with threads to paper and patchwork.

    And here is the result we got with the girls. They especially enjoyed working with felting wool.

    10. Coloring antistress coloring pages. I have written about coloring many times already: a selection of beautiful anti-stress coloring books, a poster coloring for Easter, coloring mandalas for children and adults.

    11. Paint clothes and shoes. To do this, you need to have something to paint (white cotton T-shirts and T-shirts are ideal) and what to paint (felt-tip pens or fabric paints that do not wash off during washing). Here are some plot ideas. For example, “everything about me” or “imitation of Modrian’s work”. In general, you understand how wide the choice of the plot can be))

    12. Sculpt from lipaki (airy plasticine) .This is our favorite type of plasticine with children. Mine – because it does not stick to carpets and does not stain surfaces, and children love it for its softness, pliability, bright colors and dryness of the figures.

    13. Come up with a YouTube challenge with children . This is our know-how with the children)) In general, we prescribed a list of topics with them, all the topics were suggested by the children. I only wrote down and completed the pictures. It was about 2 years ago, when they still didn’t really know how to write, so I wrote instead of them.And the task was to find videos on each of these topics on YouTube. 1 day – 1 topic. There is new knowledge, and the ability to search for information, and an element of entertainment, because all the same, in YouTube they found mainly thematic blogs or science pop.

    14. Cooking treats . This is generally a recipe for all troubles. And the children are good, and they don’t really need to invent anything. Open the cookbook and go! Cookies, muffins, pies, pizzas, dumplings, breads, pasta, salads, and a host of other foods can be cooked together.This article contains several simple recipes for delicious dishes that you can easily cook with your children.

    happy family in the kitchen. mother and children preparing the dough, bake cookies

    15. Do yoga, gymnastics, Pilates. Here is a selection of different video tutorials for yoga classes with children. By the way, this activity is not only for physical development, but also for strengthening the mental connection.

    16. Making slimes . Here and here you can watch master classes from our Ksyusha and Sima, which tell you how to make slimes. Do not judge strictly, they filmed such a video for the first time and in their free time from school, that is, in the evening. The girls and I make slimes from: borax (sodium tetraborate), PVA glue and transparent stationery glue, hair balm and hand cream. They almost always make great slimes.

    17. Play I Spy. In the pictures you need to find the specified number of different items.There are even whole books with such pictures for attentiveness. Here there are more ideas for games to develop attention, and this link is my author’s pictures-finds.

    18. Create lepbooks . These are, one might say, interactive posters. You can find ready-made templates on the Internet, or create your own unique lepbook. How to do this is described in this master class.

    19. Sculpt a human body from dough or plasticine. Download ready-made sculpting templates or take from this blog.Alternatively, collect a skeleton from pasta.

    20. DIY modeling dough . This link is the best recipe in my years of practice. Younger schoolchildren are quite capable of making such a dough on their own. And then decorate it with everything that you have enough imagination for. Black dough and colored dough with glitter are very cool.

    21. Create origami . A particularly cool idea is origami bookmarks.

    22. Collect puzzles . They may not be quite in vogue now, but they can still be bought easily even in the nearest supermarket. Important: 1) buy high-quality puzzles that do not delaminate during assembly, 2) take into account the age of the child and his capabilities, do not buy too complex puzzles, as a result you will collect them, and the child will be bored and uninteresting (for their children 7 and 8 for years I have been taking puzzles for 150-250 pieces maximum, and those that are still difficult for them to assemble for 250 on their own, I help them), 3) Choose pictures with a large number of different objects, colors and details (for example, cartoon characters, a farm with a large number of different animals).According to my observations, the best puzzles are made by 3 companies: Castorland, Trefl and Ravensburger.

    23. Collect diamond embroidery . Recently I learned about this type of needlework. Ready-made kits are sold, much like drawing by numbers, only easier.

    24. Color the pictures by numbers . Younger schoolchildren can quite cope with painting a picture with acrylic by numbers absolutely independently, which we, parents, only benefit from.

    25. Maintain a personal diary , songbook, idea journal, etc. You can even create a notebook for this with your own hands. Glue stickers there, create collages and much more.

    26. Build a halabuda , a tent, a house and other minks, huts and wigwams.

    27. Plant plants . We have already transplanted a stone rose and zamioculcas in a week. We want to plant grass and edible greens, as well as gladioli.

    28. Boil soap, make a bath bomb . Yes, soap is created mostly not from scrap materials, but, you must agree, it is also an option if you order materials via the Internet. But for bombs, you can find ingredients at home:

    • 4 tbsp soda
    • 2 tbsp citric acid
    • 2 tbsp fine sea salt
    • 1-2 tbsp vegetable oil (better than olive or grape seed, but you can also sunflower)
    • a few drops of essential oil, if available on the household
    • a couple of drops of food coloring diluted in water or half a teaspoon of cocoa powder.

    29. Create postcards from any material in any technique: from pencil drawing to collages and pop-ups.

    30. Play board games . Here is an overview of board games that can and should be played with children. Home board collection is a real salvation!

    31. Knit on fingers . And also knitting and crocheting. My girls haven’t tried it yet, and I mastered the basics of crocheting at the age of 7.So it’s quite an option. Of course, provided that mom or grandmother can teach.

    32. Arrange a cinema or theater evening . If you have already reviewed a lot of everything, you can organize an evening of cinema in English and revise what you have already watched in Russian. If you have already been to theaters with children, you can try to include video recordings of performances. For a couple of days now, my children and I have been watching open recordings from the Metropolitan Opera. Surprisingly, they are still coming in, watching with pleasure and discussing the plot, costumes, scenery with us.

    33. Create photo album . And the more children’s creativity and self-expression in it, the more valuable it will turn out! Let there be stickers, magazine clippings, postcards and inscriptions, hearts, flowers and other decor;)

    34. Make a light table or box and draw on it, play, translate pictures. For this, a transparent storage box is suitable, as well as a garland, ideally if it is LED and battery-powered.

    35. Sew something simple : a toy, a pillow, a string bag, a garland of scraps. Choose the simplest possible shapes: square, circle with paws, triangle with ears. And pay attention to the size of the product: it should not be large, but also not small. To fit in your hands and not long to sew.

    36. Create sensor boxes . There is a large selection of ideas at the link. Life hack: older children can make such boxes on their own, decorate them, fill them, build a game.You just need to give all the necessary materials and a large capacity.

    37. Build cities from boxes , jars, bottles, cardboard, paper, plasticine, corks, constructor, etc.

    38. Putting things in order in the dollhouse , decorate, decorate.

    39. Launch soap bubbles from the balcony .

    40. Draw a self-portrait or a portrait of someone from the family .

    41. Making pasta or popcorn beads .

    42. Create something interesting with papier-mâché . Good old papier-mâché. Well this is a job for several hours, if not days! And what can you not make of it!

    43. Place the dominoes in such a way that when they fall, they cling to each other . This activity, by the way, is included in many STEM programs as developing logic and constructive thinking.

    44. Build Sharogon . In our kindergarten we have a special construction set-sharogon. A very sticky thing! But you can come up with a sharogon from improvised items.

    45. Create your own board game . It is not difficult, but joy will be oh-ho!

    46. Role-play : school, zoo, daughters and mothers, veterinary clinic, fairy forest.

    47. Decorate the room with garlands , flowers, words, posters.

    48. Tasting with eyes closed . This is a cool activity that develops mindfulness to our sensations, perception of our body, understanding the difference in tastes, and it’s just fun.

    49. Make a toy / house / maze for a pet .

    50. Create a time capsule. You can hide photographs, pictures, objects, letters, answers to questions, etc. in it. You can hide it in the attic, in the closet or far away in the closet.Do not forget to indicate the date when the capsule was opened, the day you will remember this intense time spent together.

    51. Come up with a shadow theater . You can use as characters: your own hands, printouts from the Internet or author’s figures. For staging, you can take any fairy tale, story, or come up with your own. The stage and curtains can serve as a regular sheet or box, or a cardboard frame with a stretched fabric that will serve as a screen.And yes! Do not forget about the backlight, which will create the shadow of the characters.

    52. Perform simple experiments . Many children’s experiments do not need any complex components or tools, the main thing is to set a goal, read the instructions and get ready. The same soda with vinegar or foam with dye can become exciting entertainment for a child, especially if the soda and vinegar will represent a volcanic eruption, and the foam for shaving with food coloring is a rain cloud.

    53. Throw a disco or a family pajama party.

    54. Coming up stories . You can do this just out of your head, or you can use bricks for storytelling or cards, for example.

    55. Conduct a home photo session . It is not at all necessary to create special images, decorations and select costumes for a home photo session. It is quite possible to get by with pajamas and common things for the house.For example, in these photos, the children at home on the bed in pajamas, over which they threw a poncho, play with a Christmas tree garland, a hairbrush and a book.

    56. Clean up and put things in order . Sort toys from McDonald’s and Kinders, sort out materials for creativity, fold books in some meaningful order (by color, size or themes), disassemble Lego figures, so that later you can again fold something interesting out of them, plant soft toys, go through doll clothes, etc.d.

    57. Create sand jars . For them, you can also use what is almost always at home: salt, cereals, spices. I described how to dye cereals in this publication.

    58. Paint something .

    59. Weave macrame or make toys out of threads, such as this horse.

    60. Create pom-poms . And then some pom-poms;)

    61. Embroider . For those who are younger, you can use a plastic yarn needle and paper lacing such as these. For younger students, you can come up with the first projects with a real needle, but at the same time it is better to take a blunt and not the thinnest needle, but a fabric – a canvas with visible holes.

    62. Create a dance, learn someone else’s, for example, from TikTok or YouTube, or arrange a dance battle (Just Dance). There are many dance videos on YouTube that need to be repeated.Whoever repeats the best will win the battle. We are now turning on Just Dance instead of morning exercises.

    63. Create your own code / shirf or write down a secret message using Egyptian hieroglyphs, for example.

    64. Learn the capitals of the countries of the world and play the quiz .

    65. Play crocodile . To make the task of coming up with words easier, you can use cards with words and pull them out, for example, from a hat.

    66. Arrange karaoke .

    67. Copy great artists . Again in different techniques and different materials. And in order to facilitate the task, you can use coloring pages with world masterpieces.

    68. Solve crosswords .

    69. Draw in cells (as a blank – pages from a notebook in a box) or by numbers (printouts from the Internet).

    70. Play non-standard musical instruments, or make instruments with your own hands.

    71. Arrange a puppet theater .

    72. Pour plaster figures, and then paint them. On the Internet, you can buy ready-made kits and ready-made figures for coloring, as well as plaster cast for author’s projects.

    73. Making geeks out of toilet rolls .

    74. Create stamps with your own hands .

    75. Draw and decorate a large track for cars / animals / dolls, etc. Kraft paper (or unnecessary paper wallpaper) and masking tape are best suited for this.

    76. Draw a full-length portrait of yourself .

    77. Arrange an obstacle course at home. Such exercises perfectly develop gross motor skills, help to waste the energy accumulated during the day, improve coordination of movements, speed of perception and logic.

    78. Play with color palette . Open a palette of shades on your tablet or phone, choose one and find an object of this shade at home. Then choose the next shade and continue the game.

    79. Build an unusual tower .

    80. Draw a series of characters that have something in common. Kawaii drawings are great for this.

    81. Make a reeled doll .

    82. Weave paper tube baskets .

    83. Design unusual costumes . Toilet paper, corrugated cardboard, candy wrappers, newspapers and garbage bags to help you;)

    84. Cut and color mega shapes / pictures from corrugated board.

    85. Use a ruler or a measuring tape to measure home furniture , objects, toys, pets, etc.d.

    86. Make a wish list , you can supplement it with pictures. You can also create to-do lists, shopping lists, cartoons and movies that you want to watch, etc. Agree that such a skill will not be superfluous for a child.

    87. Play Twister or Mini Twister.

    88. Build a house of cards . Also, by the way, STEM activity.

    89. Build a Dream Catcher .

    90. Make a calm bottle . Shake it, and then watch the glitter slowly sink to the bottom. To create a bottle, you will need: a bottle / jar, clear stationery glue, food coloring and glitter.

    91. Make a galactic jar or jar with desire . My children and I made these on Simin’s last birthday. The children really liked it. At first, the children made wishes, then they chose colors to fill their jars, and then they closed the wish in a jar and wore it as a pendant.

    92. Read books to each other .

    93. To sculpt plates, pendants, figurines, etc. from clay .

    94. Fill candles with wax or paraffin, and also with wax crayons.

    95. Learn: Draw on YouTube lessons, art through books and videos about artists, English for applications. Learn something new about our planet from encyclopedias, courses, programs and films.Here is a selection of educational channels that are suitable for preschoolers and younger students.

    96. Solve logic puzzles and puzzles, play logic games .

    97. Master new programs / applications. For example, Google Planet, Google Slides and Google Docs, Louvre HD and Paper. Such knowledge will not be superfluous and will also be useful in school life. Also an interesting application is the Color Inspiration Tool. Through the camera, it analyzes the colors and gives out the shade number and its name.Plus there is an opportunity to save the color you like.

    98. Create crafts with hot gun . It turns out that you can draw with glue from this gun, creating voluminous ornaments, which then freeze. Or make stamps and rollers for creativity. And it can also decorate almost anything. This is where you can roam!

    99. Write letters to grandparents, relatives and friends, decorate them with drawings, stickers, etc.And it doesn’t even have to be sent by mail, because you can just take a picture of the letter and send it via the Internet. Believe me, this letter will not lose the warmth contained in it at all.

    100. Hug, fool around, laugh, joke , massage each other, braid, do manicure and show your love in every possible way!

    If you liked our huge collection of ideas, share it with your friends on social networks. Perhaps they will also need our ideas on how to organize children’s and joint leisure time during quarantine and vacations;)

    To always get fresh ideas for games and activities with children, feel free to subscribe to the news of the blog “Grow Smart!”

    We wish your families health, good mood and inexhaustible love!

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