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Balloon Inflation Service + Balloon Gas Tank Hire – Spotlight

Spotlight offers a variety of products and services to assist with your Party preparation needs. Our balloon inflation service (available in most stores) has several options available to suit your needs.

With a range of over 30 solid colour, 100 printed latex balloons and more than 150 foil balloons to choose from, we are sure to have what you are looking for. Spotlight offers both latex and foil balloons with regular helium and hi-float options. Standard latex balloons last 7 to 10 hours and foil balloons tend to last for about a week depending on the environment. Hi Float increases the float time of latex balloons by creating a film within the latex balloon before Helium inflation extending the flight time up to 24 to 48 hours.


In Store Inflation

Our in store balloon inflation covers everything from single balloons to orders for large party venues.

We ask that large balloon orders (orders of 10 or more) are placed two weeks in advance to ensure that the store has enough helium and balloons to meet your requirements.

With all balloon orders, please contact your store in advance to make sure that they can accommodate your order, as some days (particularly Saturdays) book up quickly.

Plan your collection – about 50 inflated balloons fit in the back of a family sedan. For safety balloons should always be contained in a net or bag when travelling.

Our balloon bouquet service lets you combine your choice of balloons with some fun decorations for a unique and tailored decoration or gift idea.

Contact your local Balloon Inflation Station to find out which balloons they have in stock and to discuss how you would like them to be presented. Inflation options include: Air, Helium and Helium with Hi Float.


Inflation Pricing (Excluding Balloons)

Balloon Arrangement Price
1 – 4 Balloons $3
5 – 10 Balloons $4
10+ Balloons $6
Complex Bouquet Arrangement (e. g. Arch) $10
Bring Your Own Balloon (Per Balloon) $1


Bouquet Delivery Price

Express Delivery: Maximum of 2 Bouquets to the same delivery address.



Note: Delivery available in selected stores only.


Helium & Air Fill

Latex Balloons Price
12 – 30cm Latex $0.75
40 – 45cm Latex $4
60cm Latex $10
90cm Latex
Hi-Float $0.60
Confetti (Service fee) $1
Air Fill $0.20


Foil & Speciality Balloons Price
45cm Foil $2
Supershape Foil $7
Pre-Packaged Balloon Bouquet $10
Airwalker Foil $15
66cm Number Foil $6
80cm+ Number/Letter Foil $7
Orbz, Cubez, Clearz & Bubbles $6




Didn’t purchase your balloons at Spotlight?

No problem, we’re happy to inflate balloons not purchased from Spotlight, but we can’t guarantee their quality. An additional service fee applies to externally supplied balloon(s) which includes labour & ribbon. Note charges still apply to externally supplied balloons that pop during inflation. Alternatively, you can purchase a Balloon Time kit or balloon gas cylinder hire for inflation at home or the venue.


Additional Service Fee for Externally Supplied Balloons (per balloon)

“Own Balloon” fee (per balloon – excludes inflation) $1




‘Balloon Time’ Home Inflation Kits

Maximise the float time of your balloons with this easy-use kit.

Balloon Time kits are available in all stores and include a lightweight and easy to use balloon tank as well as a spool of ribbon. Two options are available the Balloon Time Standard Helium Balloon Kit, and the Balloon Time Jumbo Helium Balloon Kit. Simply bring this kit with you to your event location and inflate the balloons on site! Once the tank is empty it can be recycled by most local councils.

If you need more than 50 balloons inflated or have specific designs in mind (such as printed latex balloons with ‘Happy Birthday’ written on them), consider our balloon gas tank hire option.


Balloon Gas Tank Hire

Spotlight Balloon Inflation Stations also offers Balloon Gas Tank Hire. This means you can inflate the balloons at home or the party venue, rather than figuring out how to transport them from the store (especially if you need more than 50).

A deposit of $100 is required for tank hire. The deposit is refundable on return of the tank within the agreed time frame in an undamaged condition.

Contact your local Spotlight store today for all of your party balloon supply needs!


Balloon Gas Tank Hire Fee

CV Tank (Fills approx. 40 standard balloons) $45
D Tank(Fills approx. 100 standard balloons) $95



Tank rentals and purchases include balloon filler valve.

Tank purchases include initial high pressure helium fill and balloon filler valve

We can custom pressurize a helium bottle to your fit your needs. 

Selling, refilling and renting helium tanks in Las Vegas, NV.

Tanks filled to 1800+ psi

Monthly charge for long term helium tank rentals $64.95 per month + initial helium (payable monthly in advance)

Helium tanks rented come with a balloon valve. 

The number of balloon fills may vary depending on the user’s sizing technique.

Helium refill is the same price as a rental.

Helium services, refills and supplies are available in Las Vegas, NV only.

Balloons are not included with rental or purchase of helium tank.

We provide onsite filling services for your giant trade show inflatables at Las Vegas Conventions 7 days a week.

$250 security deposit hold are required on all tank rentals and is refundable, minus any damage to tank or valve

Sales tax required for helium rentals unless you provide tax exempt, tax except forms at time of rental.

Tank rental period is 1 to 3 days.  After that grace period daily rental is $3 per day.

Military discounts do not apply to helium tank rentals.

All helium tank rentals to be prepaid plus deposit

Monthly rentals of helium tanks are at $64. 95 per month, per cylinder, payable at the start of each new month.

Customer is responsible for the safe use of the helium cylinders.  We recommend protective eyeware while filling or operating the helium tanks.  Client further agrees to hold Mr. Balloon company harmless from any claims, legal action, damages, etc.

Latex balloons should be inflated same day.  Latex balloons last only 8-18 hours indoors. 

We are not responsible for renters balloon sizing and inflation techniques.

Renters are assumed to know about balloons, inflation, float times, balloons per tank, etc. 

We are not responsible for balloons with poor knowledge of balloons and inflation techniques.

Pleaae contact me if you you need a balloon charts and formulas.

Mylar balloons will last for a few days to a week.

We recommend using Hi Float balloon sealant on latex balloons if inflating the day before.

To determine tank size each cubic foot of helium will inflate 2 standard size latex or mylar balloons.

We recommend you view videos on YouTube to learn more about balloon inflation and Hi float.

Copyright 2021 Mr. Balloon Company reserves all rights.

Helium Tank Hire & Balloon Inflation

Balloons are a fantastic way to celebrate any occasion! They brighten up a party and create a fun, colourful atmosphere. At Discount Party World, we are the party experts and specialise in helium balloon inflation, as well as helium tank hire. We offer both latex and foil helium balloon options for delivery. Make sure your party is looking great with some professional helium balloons today. Whether it is for a 21st birthday or a child’s 1st birthday, balloons can liven up any space. Browse our pricing list below to find out more.

Pricing Options for Helium Balloons & Delivery Balloon Inflation Price List

50¢ for Air Inflation each balloon
$1 for each standard size Balloon Bag

$1.50 for each Jumbo size Balloon Bag
$1.00 for Hi-Float each balloon

Latex balloons Helium Pricing 

19-30cm $1.20 ea. 
31-40cm $2.99 ea. 
41-50cm $5.99 ea. 
60cm $19.99 ea. 
90cm $25.00 ea. 

Foil Balloon Helium Pricing
Foil Balloons 18” $2.99
19”-30” $5.99
31”-40” $7.99
41”-50” $9.99
51”-60” $11.99
Large Bubble balloons $7.99
Double Bubble$9.99 
Arrangements additional $ 0.50c/Balloon 


0.6m3 (Approx 50 Balloons) – $49.99        Refundable Deposit: $100

1.2m3 (Approx 100 Balloons) – $89. 99      Refundable Deposit: $125

1.7m3 (Approx 150 Balloons) – $114.99     Refundable Deposit: $125

3.5m3 (Approx 300 Balloons) – $185.99    Refundable Deposit: $150

8.7m3 (Approx 850 Balloons)- $359.99      Refundable Deposit: $250

Conditions Apply – Balloons and ribbons are not Included. Surcharge on BYO balloons inflation. Special arrangements quote at counter or email us. Delivery costs vary, call us for more details.

Questions about Our Helium Tank Hire and Balloon Delivery?

Do you have any queries about our helium tank hire, balloon inflation services or helium balloon delivery? Our friendly staff are happy to help with any additional information or advice you may need. Call us on (02) 9526 2950 to talk through what you need and we can help organise your helium balloons today!

We also provide delivery on a range of other products in addition to balloons, so browse through our site to find what you need. The possibilities are endless with our extensive range of party decorations, costumes, wigs, baking products and more. Looking for create a themed party? We have specific products available, from age birthday supplies to different themes including Spiderman, pirates, soccer and more!

At Discount Party World, we always aim to provide you with the best service. Your one stop party shop, know that when you come to us you can get everything you may need to put on a spectacular party, all in the one place.

Discount Helium of Dallas | Mesquite, TX 75150

Discount Helium of Dallas

Call: 972-279-0086

Fax: 972-279-0361


Welcome to Discount Helium

We’re committed to serving you.

If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. At Discount Helium of Dallas, we’ll give you the attention and personal service that you deserve.

Discount Helium of Dallas has been supplying industrial gas, helium and balloons to the Dallas/Fort Worth area and North Texas region since 1994. Let us put our expert experience and knowledge to work for you.

 BUY LOCAL.        Call 972-279-0086 today to set up your account.  

Quality and service that can’t be beat…

We offer the best value and service for helium, co2, nitrogen, beer gas, laser gas and more.

Our rates are competitive, with no hidden fees. 

We are a locally owned and managed business.  Our employees are friendly and will be there to help you every step of the way. 

 Discount Helium of Dallas ® 1331 E. Highway 80 Suite 7, Mesquite, TX 75150

Why buy from Discount Helium of Dallas?

                            →    Price stability

                            →    Guaranteed product supply

                            →    Cost effective lease program

​→    Get all your supplies in one easy delivery…helium, ribbon and balloons. 

            Saves freight costs too!

→    We can service any size account.  No account is too big or too small.  

          Some customers we have worked with either currently or in the past…

             Airgas Retail Solutions      

             Zephyr Solutions                             





→     Our helium is sourced from multiple suppliers to provide a reliable supply stream.

→     We have multiple tank sizes available to meet your unique needs and


→     Six Packs are available.

→    Telemetry manifolds available. 

Chuck E. Cheese’s

Harley Davidson


Tom Thumb


Buffalo Wild Wings

 for industrial gas & helium           for balloons & custom promotional products            

Wells Fargo


Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dallas Stars


Exxon Mobil

You can come in and use our

and fill all the balloons yourself.  

Pre ordered Filled Balloon Options: order at least on day in advance online and pick up on a specified day at our office filled & ready to go!

Need balloons filled, 

but don’t want to rent a tank?

Helium for Balloons | Helium Refills | Helium Supplier

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, DC, Delaware, New York


Looking for a reliable supply of Helium gas for balloons? Look no further than American Gas Products. AGP is a leading national supplier of Helium gas, Helium cylinders and tanks. We have three Helium wells and six fill plants in the United States, with several more in construction. We provide service to Philadelphia and surrounding states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Washington, DC, New York and Connecticut from our own fill plant in Philadelphia. Your Helium supply is GUARANTEED!



Get Helium Gas Refills at Stable Prices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We have a great value proposition for businesses who are looking to fill and refill their Helium gas cylinders and tanks:

  • Long term pricing stability
  • Independent Helium sourcing – guaranteed product supply
  • Efficient cost-effective cylinder rental program
  • No competing for product – we only sell to the balloon industry
  • A Helium gas supplier who is completely independent of the Bureau of Land Management

Your Trusted Local Helium Supplier

  • Flexible, reactive, rapid response to customer requests
  • Can do attitude
  • Personnel always available via cell phone
  • Emergency service contact available 24/7
  • Easy account set up
  • Convenient local and national delivery
  • Reduced cylinder rates
  • AGP Flex – State of the art electronic ordering and cylinder tracking system
  • AGP offers supply to multi location customers throughout the US. Ten or ten thousand locations, we have the technology and partnerships readily available to serve you.

Let AGP take care of your Helium supply! Get a quote today by calling 800-439-0100 or filling out the form on this page.

Sydney Helium Balloon Inflation Price List – Who Wants 2 Party Australia

Get balloons when you want them, without the hassle! First, choose your balloons and add them to your cart. Please also add your balloon weight to the order. It’s as simple as that! Pickup is available from Parramatta. We currently don’t offer a Balloon Delivery service.

Inflation Pricing (Excluding Balloons & Weights)

Latex Helium Inflation (per balloon)Price
12-30cm Latex$1.00
55-60cm Latex$10.00
75-90cm Latex$15.00
Optional Hi Float – additional fee on latex balloon prices$0.50
Balloon Bag$1.00
Foil Helium Inflation (per balloon)Price
45cm Foil$2.50
Bubble Balloons, Cubez, Orbz & Diamonds$6.00
86cm Number/Letter$7.00
Supershapes 30inch (76cm) or above$10.00
Foil Balloon Bouquet$10.00
Balloon Bag$1.00

Balloon Inflation FAQ

How long can I expect balloons to last?

Standard latex balloons can last between 7 to 10 hours. With Hi-Float sealant (for an additional $0.50 per balloon), helium-filled latex balloons have a float time of 2-3 days depending on the environment/temperature! When ordering latex balloons, you should always have them inflated on the day of the party. Foil balloons can remain afloat for several weeks and can be purchased a few days in advance of your event.

Is Hi-Float included in the cost of my order?

Hi-Float sealant is an additional $0.50 per balloon and can be applied to any helium-filled latex balloon you order.

How much notice do you need for larger orders?

If you have an order that requires inflation of more than 10 balloons, please place your order at least 1 week in advance to ensure that we have the adequate amount of helium on hand to complete your order. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

What exactly does the inflation cost include?

The helium inflation costs outlined above are only for the inflation of 1 balloon and ribbon. Balloon and weights are not included and will need to be purchased separately.

ShelBroCo Helium

ShelBroCo Helium

Be first at the finish line with

The ShelBroCo Helium Inflation System™

Bicycles get lighter, year by year. Steel gives way way to titanium, aluminum, carbon. But — has this progress reached its limit? No, by no means!

You think air is light? Think again. The air in your bicycle’s tires is compressed, mulitplying its weight as much as 800 percent. And it is Rotating Mass, which slows you twice as much as plain old moving-along mass! Worse, carbon dioxide from inflator cartridges weighs 152 percent as much as air. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, too!

Helium, on the other hand, weighs only 0.13 times as much as air!

Now, you can shed excess weight and avoid environmental impact, with the ShelBroCo Helium Inflation System. Subscribe to our service, and the ShelBroCo Helium Tank will delivered to your bicycle shop, team clubhouse or home workshop on a regular schedule, along with an ample supply of Shelbroco Helium Cartridges for on-road inflations.

No need for a clumsy pump or clunky compressor! the ShelBroCo Helium Tank is pre-pressurized! Each tank is good for dozens of inflations. For best results, use a new, uninflated inner tube, or purge before inflating.

(If running tubeless tires, inflate and then deflate to a low pressure several times before final inflation, to minimize the residue of heavy air in your tires. Have an extra tank on hand if you run tubeless!)

ShelBroCo Helium Road Service

So, you’re simply out of luck, because you exhausted your last ShelBroCo Helium Inflator Cartridge, miles from nowhere? No! Simply tap for help, with the ShelBroCo Helium Rescue App™ for iPhone or Android. With our Premium ShelBroCo Helium Road Service, you can even forget about the inflator cartridges (who doesn’t?), or a pump, spare inner tube, patch kit, tire levers or (yecch) getting your hands dirty. ShelBroCo will exchange your wheel for a new one, already fully inflated with helium. Delivery is by truck or HeliumCopter. By special arrangement with Amazon.com, delivery by drone will be available soon!


Helium is light but the ShelBroCo Helium Tank is heavy. If the ShelBroCo Helium Tank falls on you, we told you so.

If overinflated, a ShelBroCo Helium-inflated tire may rupture or lift off the rim, resulting in an explosive release of helium, temporary alteration in speech patterns, hearing damage, and splatter with sealant and talcum powder.

Prolonged inhalation of helium may result in hypoxia, loss of consciousness, brain damage and death! Oxygen, not helium, may be used to revive exhausted cyclists. In case of emergency, we recommend that you also keep a tank of ShelBroCo Oxygen and a breathing mask on hand.

ShelBroCo Helium Products

ShelBroCo Helium Tank $ 199.95

Available in your team colors!


ShelBroCo Oxygen, for emergency resuscitation (similar appearance) $ 199.95

Breathing mask $ 99.95

ShelBroCo Helium

Inflator Cartridges $ 159.95
Box of 10

ShelBroCo Helium

Cartridge Head $ 59.95


ShelBroCo Helium

Rescue App $ 999.95

…for your iPhone or Android. One-year subscription:

Direct from Sheldonbrown.com, or

at the Google Play Store, or

at the Apple Store


  • plus, each wheel exchange:
  • with delivery by truck: ($599.99)
  • with delivery by ShelBroCo HeliumCopter ($2599.99)
  • with delivery by drone, by arrangement with , when available (free)


All that helium — and I never thought of using it in tires!

Charles Goodyear

I could hardly have dreamed that my humble invention would have led to this astonishing development!

John B. Dunlop


Helium? Ja, das wäre gut, obwohl Wasserstoff noch leichter ist! (Helium? Yes, that would be good, though hydrogen is even lighter!)

Graf Ferdinand Adolf Heinrich August von Zeppelin


If you don’t understand the advantages of helium inflation, I suggest that you return to this forum once you have acquired at the very least a bachelor’s degree in physics or mechanical engineering.

Jobst Brandt


Je n’ai qu’à penser à tout ça pour planer ! (I get high just thinking about this!)


Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee!!!*

*Guaranteed for the life of the user, or two weeks, whichever comes first. Void where prohibited, prohibited where void, keep away from children and animals, use only with adequate ventilation. Note: Misuse of this product may lead to death or even serious injury!

Articles by Sheldon Brown and Others

Since April 1, 1995

  • Helicopter By Lacen – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=938690
  • Skywriter By NASA Callback Number 343, July 2008 (http://asrs.arc.nasa.gov/docs/cb/cb_343.pdf) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
  • Parachute: raw image by ESA, NASA or JPL from http://www.beugungsbild.de/huygens/povray/huygens_90km_a.jpg,
  • Bibendum by Michelin
  • Goodyear blimp by Goodyear
  • White blimp by U.S. Navy.


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Equipment for inflating balloons with helium

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In the electronic catalog of the Helium64 online store, the following components are presented:

  • nozzles for inflating balloons;
  • helium reducers;
  • nozzles with pressure gauges and valves;
  • adapters with for pumping Helium from a large cylinder to a small one
  • adapters for connecting a cylinder attachment to a cylinder with a small diameter seat nut.

All balloon inflation equipment is made of durable metal alloys, and the nozzles are made of high quality plastic. That is why the devices are distinguished by their reliability and long service life.

We are often asked the question: Why modern valve nozzles for balloons are needed to inflate balloons? Can you do without them?


The main features of a pressure reducer with a pressure valve allow you to save gas consumption by 20-30%, as well as reduce the time of filling the balls.
2. Ergonomic:
Suitable position of the pressure valve in relation to the fastening of the reducer to the cylinder.
3.Removable nozzle dispenser
The removable nozzle of the pressure valve allows filling balls of different types and sizes, eliminating mechanical damage.
4. Safe and for a long time
Thanks to special materials, the gearbox cover and design features of the case precisely exclude an arbitrary release of helium in emergency situations, and also guarantee stable performance under maximum loads, adverse weather and long-term operation.
5. Service life
The gas cylinder valve is designed for 2000 openings and closings. If you use a nozzle, you do not need to repair the valve.
6. Convenience
Using the nozzle, even a child will inflate the balloon. Without a nozzle, you need a man’s strength, or a special key, to tightly close and open the balloon valve.
We give a factory warranty on all products. Working with the Helium64 company is convenient and profitable.

Helium reducers for inflating balloons – 28 April 2016

General purpose reducers.Buy helium reducers in the Magic company. Use of reducers when inflating helium balloons. Reducers for special purposes.

Conventional latex balloons are often inflated directly from a helium balloon. To inflate foil balloons and figures, it is enough to install a simple adapter with a long nose, which has a special design, on the balloon. In this case, the gas supply from the cylinder is regulated by rotating the valve. If the valve on the cylinder is tight, then problems arise with the inflation of helium balloons.These difficulties are resolved by operating helium reducers. It is only necessary to install the reducer on the cylinder and open the valve on the cylinder, and you will no longer need to turn the valve. The reducer reduces the pressure of the gas coming from the cylinder; helium enters the balloon through the outlet pressure valve. There are many advantages to using a helium reducer: prevention of helium losses; inflation speed regulation; control of the remaining helium in the cylinder; the ability to work on any cylinders with any valve; safety valve for safety.

Conventional reducer models have a pressure spout that allows inflating both latex balloons and foil balloons. These reducers are used: to inflate special balloons; for inflating walking foil figures; when you need to quickly inflate a lot of balloons with helium; when inflating latex helium hearts.

Special reducers mixers are used to inflate large latex balloons with a mixture of air and helium. The CONWIN 81750 reducer, for example, allows balloons to be inflated only with helium and a helium-air mixture in a ratio of 60% to 40%.Inflation of balloons with a mixture of helium and air is practiced to conserve helium and reduce the cost of helium balloons. Latex balloons inflated with a helium-air mixture have reduced lift. Therefore, only balloons of twelve inches are inflated with the mixtures.

Reducers with a special pressure sensor are designed for automatic inflation of foil balloons and figures with helium. For example, a CONWIN 83050 reducer with an automatic nozzle, upon reaching a predetermined pressure inside the inflated foil, stops the gas injection by itself.This makes it possible not only to damage the balloons when inflating, but also to prevent inflating defects even when a person does not have experience in inflating foil balloons.

Reducers with flexible connection CONWIN 81650 allow balloons to be inflated with helium at a distance from the balloon. A set of tips that are installed on the hose allows you to inflate all types of helium balloons. The design of the CONWIN 81650 model reducer with nozzles is specially designed for retail helium balloons, as well as for masking the cylinder.

The Magic Firm offers reducers for balloons inflating with helium. We offer both universal and special-purpose gearboxes: http://sharlar.ru/shop/CID_25.html. Delivery of reducers for inflating balloons is carried out throughout Russia by a delivery service by postal service.

Company Magic
Address: Kazan, st. Vosstaniya, d. 101
Sites: http://sharlar.ru/ and http: //sharlar.rf
Tel./fax: +7 (843) 564-81-75, 564-81-76, 564-81 -77

90,000 How long do helium balloons fly and hold with and without Hi-Float treatment


Balloons with helium are amazing, beautiful and delicate “creatures”. It is a pleasure to receive them as a gift for both an adult and a kid. With them, you can easily embody the most creative ideas for the design of special events. Unfortunately, balloons cannot fly forever. But they are still capable of pleasing those around them with their lightness and unearthly beauty for quite a long time, if they have undergone the High Float treatment.

Why don’t balloons fly forever?

Most of the representatives of air products are latex products.If you go into the chemical component of this material, then it is an emulsion in an aqueous solution from natural or artificial rubber particles, “seasoned” with various emulsifiers and dyes. Due to such a complex composition, the material is endowed with high elasticity.

However, the structure of latex is still porous. When the helium balloons are inflated, the pores become larger, and without treatment, gas atoms begin to pass through. This feature also deprives the flying object of the opportunity to “live forever.”So how long does a gel balloon not deflate without any treatment? These are very modest numbers, and as a rule, you can admire the beauty of the flight from 12-16 hours to 3 days.

Processing of hi float balloons: A way to prolong the life of air products

There is a unique substance that can significantly extend the flying ability of a helium balloon. We are talking about a modern polymer liquid, which is used to process helium balloons – Hi-Float.

Processing of hi float balls – what is it? This is the application of plastic of a glue-like consistency to the inner surface of the product. When the substance dries up, the shell of the ball is covered with a film, which prevents the helium from “volatilizing” through the pores. This means that the flight time of the balloon, thanks to the “polymer shield”, increases significantly and can reach record numbers – up to 2.5 months. If we take the average values, then it is 6-7 weeks.

Processing of hi float balls can be done not only on the inner surface of products.For the production of round shapes, this action does not cause difficulties, but products of unusual shapes, for example, in the form of a heart or an animal, can be quite difficult to process with liquid plastic. Therefore, for some latex products, glue is applied to the outer shell, both before inflation and already filled with gas. In addition to strength, this procedure gives the balls additional brightness and freshness to their shades.

Liquid plastic is non-toxic, non-flammable, and if it gets on any surface, it can be easily removed with water.But for safety reasons, it is not recommended to inflate hi-float helium balloons if there are small children nearby.

How long do the helium foil balloons last?

Products made from milar foil, when properly used, stay in the air much longer than their “latex counterparts” – the period can be from one to four weeks. Is it appropriate for the extension of the period to carry out a similar treatment with High Float? This is useless,

since the foil surface has a denser structure of the material, and its pores are much smaller, which allows the gas to remain inside for a longer period.

What else affects the flight duration?

In order for the airy joy to last as long as possible, even without the High Float treatment, it is necessary to remember those circumstances that may interfere with a long flight.

1. Hit of direct sunlight on the outer shell of products;

2. Inflation of latex products to sizes exceeding the recommended ones;

3. Being in conditions where the air has high humidity;

4.Exposing inflatable products to sudden changes in temperature.

If you want to enjoy the flight of helium balloons for at least a few weeks, then you need to choose positions with hi float treatment. If your plans are to launch a beautiful bundle into the sky at the end of the holiday, then you can limit yourself to simple helium balloons. Look in the catalog of our online store – there you can choose the suitable models of balls, and after consulting with the manager – decide about the need to process them.

Catalog of equipment for inflating balloons at affordable prices

Equipment for balloons is in high demand among our customers. We sell pumps, helium cylinders and much more. The products are distinguished by high reliability and ease of use. Equipment for inflating balloons will allow you to quickly fill the product with gas at home, in the store or outdoors. We supply consumables and accessories at retail or wholesale.Equipment for the sale of balloons is inexpensive, very practical to maintain, and durable.

Functional equipment for inflating balloons

In our catalog you will find devices for helium balloons, the gas itself, cylinders for it and other tools. The variety of products allows you to choose exactly those accessories that are necessary for your business or personal use. The balloon inflating equipment is easy to use and has a long service life.Even a child can master it.

Inexpensive Balloon Selling Equipment

In addition to pumps for inflating balloons with helium, our company supplies many other useful goods. We are well aware of the specifics of the business of selling holiday products and share our experience with clients. Equipment for the sale of balloons will allow you to establish an efficient operation of a point of sale or store, which will positively affect the profitability of the enterprise and customer loyalty.We recommend that you carefully study our catalog and seek advice from the company’s managers. They will tell you which air balloon compressors deserve your attention, and what else should be purchased in order to equip a point of sale.

“Mega Holiday” – equipment for balloons with delivery

For several years now, our team has been selling goods for festive events: balloons and accessories for them. We value our reputation as a responsible supplier and recommend only the best products from manufacturers.Equipment for balloons can be ordered with delivery to any location in the country. We offer goods in retail and wholesale. Our compressors, pumps, helium, gas tanks, apparatus and other products from this section of the site are in demand on the market and are very convenient to use. We are ready to make a profitable discount for large clients. Call and clarify the terms of cooperation!

90,000 | balloons | balloon delivery | helium balloons | ordering balls | balloons for the holiday | all about balloons

General information about balloons inflated with helium.

A variety of latex balloons.

There are several main types of latex balloons – “pastel”, “metal”, “mother of pearl” and “crystal”. The pastel balls are matte, mostly in soothing shades. “Metal” and “mother of pearl” are distinguished by a shiny metallized surface. Balls “crystal” are transparent and the brightest, saturated colors. At the same time, it is pastel balloons that are the most durable – the fact is that metallized and crystal balloons stretch less than “pastel” ones, and their service life is one third shorter.On the other hand, the appearance of the balls is seriously influenced by the high temperature – in hot weather the transparent balls “crystal” gradually become cloudy, the “metal” becomes less shiny, while the “pastel” retains its original appearance best of all.

Flight time of helium balloons.

Due to its chemical composition, helium molecules seep through the walls of latex balloons rather quickly. As a result, a balloon inflated with helium deflates quickly enough – approximately 10-12 hours after inflation, the balloon can fall to the ground (if it is not processed by HiFloat).

The flight time depends on how much the balloon is inflated – the more helium it contains, the larger its size and, accordingly, the longer the flight time. The main part of the cost of a balloon is just the cost of helium, so many unscrupulous companies, attracting customers at a low price, inflate balloons of a much smaller size, as a result of which they look less impressive and fly for a much shorter period.

Balloon flight times are highly dependent on the quality of the latex – in this respect, balloons from Colombia have proven themselves best.Chinese-made balloons are cheaper, but they fly less and lose their attractive appearance faster.

It also significantly affects the flight time – humidity and air temperature, atmospheric pressure and static electricity. For example, in hot weather with significant humidity, the flight time of the balloon is approximately halved.

Treatment of balloons with HiFloat

Hi-Float is a special agent that prolongs the flight time of balloons with helium.It is an aqueous solution of a special non-toxic plastic and looks like glue. As it dries inside the latex balloon, HiFloat forms a protective layer – a film that helps trap the helium. This protective layer significantly prolongs the time during which the lifting force of latex balloons is maintained – instead of 10-12 hours, they last for several days, and in especially favorable conditions they can sag for a month! Our record is 3 months of balloon flight.

HiFloat is non-toxic and can be easily washed off with water if it comes into contact with the skin.

Using Hi-Float-treated balloons gives many advantages: you can decorate any celebration in advance (for example, prepare everything in the evening), by the end of the evening the balloons will not fall, you can take them with you or give them to guests. Flying under the ceiling, the balloons will remind of a memorable day for a long time.

The use of HiFloat has an important feature – the treatment takes effect only after the preparation inside the balls dries up. This usually takes about two hours.Immediately after inflation, while the HiFloat is not dry, the balloon is particularly fragile, the risk of the balloon bursting significantly increases (for example, due to exposure to sunlight, heat, or when the balloons are placed in a car). Leave an order for balloons in advance so that our aerodesigners will prepare them in advance, even if you plan to pick up your order by self-pickup!

Exposure to sunlight on balloons.

Balloons are very sensitive to sunlight. By placing balloons in direct sunlight, you can literally lose them within two to three hours.

In order for the balls to heat up less in the sun, it is better to use lighter colors – for example, blue instead of blue, pink instead of red, etc. In hot sunny weather, it is recommended to inflate the balloons not too much so that the balloon remains round or oval, but does not take the shape of a “light bulb”. This maintains the required wall thickness of the ball, and this, in turn, will allow it to withstand exposure to sunlight longer.

Effect of temperature on balloons.

Helium changes its volume significantly when the temperature changes. The question becomes especially relevant in winter – when you take the balls out of a warm room into frost, their size greatly decreases, they “shrink”. Then, when you bring them back into the heat, the ball returns to its original shape. It should be borne in mind that frequent temperature changes lead to rapid wear of the latex, as a result of which the ball is deflated. Avoid placing balloons with helium in places subject to frequent temperature changes: near air conditioners or heaters, when unevenly heated or cooled air flows onto the balloons, or at the entrance, when opening the doors leads to a sharp change in temperature.

During the cold season, during transportation of balloons inflated with helium, it is recommended to wait 5 minutes at the entrance when entering a warm room so that the temperature inside the balloons will equalize with room temperature and the sharp expansion of helium does not “burst” the balloon. The effect of expansion and contraction of helium is very noticeable when inflating foil balloons. A foil balloon filled with helium at room temperature, when taken out into cold air, immediately changes its shape and becomes as if deflated, but upon entering a warm room it “inflates” before our eyes and quickly takes on its former shape.

When a HiFloat-treated ball is brought out into the cold, it shrinks, and at this moment HiFloat becomes visible inside the ball, as a result of which the ball looks “crumpled” and does not look its best. When it enters a warm room, the ball takes on its previous shape and ideal appearance. However, if you plan to use the balls outdoors in winter, tell the manager when placing your order – most likely, you would be better off ordering balls without HiFloat processing.

Mechanical impact on balloons.

Balls burst on contact with sharp or hot objects or dusty or dirty surfaces. In the entrances of some houses in Yekaterinburg, a rough decorative wall covering is used, upon contact with which the balls instantly burst. Likewise, if you carry a bunch of balls through the bushes, only a small part of them will survive.

Hi-Float what is it and how to use

Hi-Float is a liquid plastic solution that dries inside a balloon to form a helium-retaining film.Thanks to Ultra HI-FLOAT, latex balloons can stay in the air up to 25 times longer!
Advantages of HI-FLOAT
1. Allows latex balloons to stay inflated up to 25 times longer.
2. Allows you to create compositions with extended service life.
3. Saves time and money.
4. Conquers with amazing non-deflating bouquets of balloons.
Time inflated
Latex balloon size Inflated with helium Inflated with helium with Hi-Float
9 “/ 23cm 0.5 days 0.5 – 1 week
11 “/ 28cm 1 day 1-4 weeks
16 “/ 41cm 1.5 days 3-7 weeks
30 “/ 90cm 3-5 days 6-20 weeks

How does HI-FLOAT work?
  • Hi-Float is a water-soluble polymer that forms a protective barrier inside the latex balloon, preventing helium from escaping.
  • Hi-Float is added to the balloon just before it is inflated.
  • It also extends the life of the air-filled balloons by helping them maintain their original size.
  • Hi-Float is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-oxidizing, non-irritating to skin, biodegradable. It is absolutely safe and does not harm the environment.

How to Use Hi-Float
For a container of 2.84 liters. attach the dip tube to the bottom of the element as shown in Fig.1. The end of the tube is pushed onto the nipple at the bottom of the pump.
For a container of 0.71 liters. the handset is not in use.
Place the pump in a container of fluid and tighten the threaded cap.

Run the pump until the Hi-Float flows out of the spout, placing a small container under the spout. For the first few pumpings, there will be no liquid.

The plastic bag supplied with the pump contains several restraining clips. These clamps are designed to limit the amount of Hi-Float solution coming out.Clamps are selected as shown in the table below.

Latex balloon size Clamp for Ultra Hi-Float
nine” Lilac
eleven” Orange
fourteen” Orange (two ranks)
16″ Gray

The “More is Better” rule does not work with Hi-Float.If you use too much of the product, the balloon will simply not rise into the air.
Slide the clamp onto the pump plunger as shown in fig. 1. Slide the clamp toward the top of the plug. When the ball is resized, the clamp can be removed and replaced with a new one.

Place the ball on the pump nozzle as deep as possible so that the Hi-Float solution enters the inside of the ball, away from the throat. The most important thing when using Hi-Float is to prevent the solution from getting into the neck of the balloon, where the solution can drip onto your hands, or into the helium nozzle.If the Hi-Float gets into your hands when you tie the balloon, it means that the solution is not getting deep enough into the balloon.

Press the pump plunger as far as it will go, as shown in fig. 2. This will hit the ball with the right amount of Hi-Float, ensuring the maximum flight duration. Make sure that after each movement, the pump returns to the end to its original position. If necessary, before inflating the next balloon, lift it by the cover.

It is much easier to inflate the Hi-Float when the balloon is in a warm room.

When the pump plunger is in the down position, remove the ball from the nozzle. While removing the balloon from the spout, pinch the neck to remove any remaining Hi-Float solution from the spout and prevent it from entering the neck of the balloon.

Gently rub the base of the balloon for two seconds to distribute the Hi-Float evenly over the inside of the balloon, as shown in fig. 3. At the same time, turn the ball with the neck up so that no liquid gets into it.

Now the balloon is ready to be inflated with helium!

Remember! Hi-Float is only used for handling latex balloons!
Watch the video on how to use Hi-Float.Watch carefully the actions of the hero of the video. Notice how he massages the ball to distribute the Hi-Float evenly over the inner walls. The duration of the balloon flight depends on this.

Reducers for decorators with balloons

Conventional latex balloons can be inflated directly from a helium balloon. In the case of foil balls and figures, it is possible to limit ourselves to a mechanical adapter with a long nose, which has a special design.In this case, the gas supply from the cylinder is regulated by rotating the valve. If the valve on the cylinder is tight, then problems arise with the inflation of helium balloons. These difficulties disappear if helium reducers are used when inflating helium balloons. It is only necessary to screw the reducer onto the cylinder and open the valve on the cylinder, and you will no longer need to turn the valve. The reducer reduces the helium pressure to a predetermined value; The gas is supplied to the inflated ball through the outlet pressure valve. The use of a helium reducer allows you to work professionally: regulation of the gas flow rate; measuring the pressure of helium in the cylinder; the ability to work on any cylinders with any valve; increased safety due to the operation of the safety valve; reduction of helium leakage from the cylinder.

General purpose gearboxes are equipped with a pressure valve that allows inflating both latex balloons and foil balloons. These reducers are used: for inflating walking foil figures; for inflating chloroprene balloons with helium; when it is necessary to inflate both latex and foil balloons in a row; when inflating latex helium hearts.

Special reducers mixers are designed to inflate large latex balloons with helium-air mixture.For example, the CONWIN 81750 reducer allows balloons to be inflated only with helium and helium-air mixture in a ratio of 60% to 40%. Inflation of balloons with a mixture of helium and air is used to save helium and reduce costs. Latex balloons inflated with a mixture of helium and air have reduced lift. Therefore, mixtures are used to inflate only large balloons with a diameter of 30 cm or more.

Special automatic gearboxes are designed for automatic inflation of foil balloons and figures with helium.The CONWIN 83050 reducer with a special nozzle, for example, when the set pressure inside the ball or figure is reached, automatically switches off the helium supply. This makes it possible not only to exclude the bursting of the balloons being inflated, but also to prevent the defect of inflation, even when a person does not have experience of inflating foil balloons.

Reducers with CONWIN 81650 hose allow inflating helium balloons at a distance from the balloon. A set of nozzles that can be installed on a flexible connection allows you to inflate all kinds of balloons with helium.The design of the CONWIN 81650 model reducer with nozzles is convenient for retail shops with helium balloons, as well as for hiding the balloon from strangers.

The Magician enterprise sells reducers for inflating balloons with helium.

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