Heart of darkness ink: BUY Noodlers Ink 4.5 Oz Heart Of Darkness W/Pen

A love for fountain pens, inks, and handwriting

For my first black ink I wanted an extremely dark shade of black so after much research I decided to go with Noodler’s Heart of Darkness or HOD as it is also known. Though there are darker blacks, Heart of Darkness is black enough for me and considering it is a generally well-behaved ink, I consider it a keeper. And it better well be, because I got the big 4.5oz bottle.

The 4.5oz bottle costs $19 and comes with a Platinum Preppy F nib fountain pen, converted to an eyedropper. The price per milliliter comes to $0.14 which is pretty good considering the free pen. Some people discredit the Preppy, claiming it is a cheap and worthless pen. Personally I like it because it is easy to fill up with ink, being an eyedropper, and the capacity is huge. It is also a wet and smooth writer. Its only flaw is that the F nib is not fine enough for how wet this pen writes.

One disadvantage of the 4.5oz bottles from Noodler’s, and one that I didn’t consider before I bought it, is that it’s very hard to fill a non-eyedropper pen from it. I filled my Lamy AL-Star with the piston converter and it was difficult because of the very narrow diameter of the bottle neck.

Being a very black ink, Heart of Darkness is also extremely saturated. Interestingly enough, the Preppy lays a line that’s as dark as a black hole but as you can see from the q-tip swabs, when applied to a larger surface, it looks lighter. There’s no shading to speak of and that’s how I like it. If it had any shading I wouldn’t consider it a deep black.

I’m not a big paper buff so I tend to use cheap paper. As a result, this ink tends to bleed through significantly, to the extent that the reverse side sometimes becomes unusable. On very cheap paper there’s also some feathering but not nearly enough to cause major issues. Now of course, with the Preppy which tends to write very wet, if I don’t lift the nib quickly from the paper, the ink will feather a lot more.

HOD flows very nicely through the Preppy. On the paper I usually use it dries up very quickly, within a couple of seconds.

So far, this is the most water resistant ink I possess and in fact it is classified as “bulletproof”, meaning that is is resistant to a whole plethora of chemicals that forgers might use to alter documents. This also means that it is totally waterproof. You can see from the sample that I’ve submerged it under running water for over a minute and nary an atom of this ink has been dislodged from the paper. The paper will dissolve under water long before the ink. If you want to write archival stuff, this is an excellent ink for it.

Noodler’s Heart of Darkness may not be the best black ink out there but it’s good enough for my needs. A good, bulletproof black ink should be in any fountain pen lover’s arsenal. My bottle will last me a while and when it’s over I might go with the same ink.

Here are two samples written on photocopier paper and a Staples journal with off-white paper, respectively.

Review: Noodler’s Heart of Darkness Bulletproof Black Fountain Pen Ink

I’ve always been fascinated with fountain pens. I mean, it takes skill to write with one, so there is an air of seriousness and intent surrounding them. After all, technicalities aside, you don’t tweet with a fountain pen.

Also, the pen itself is an engineering marvel — an aestetically pleasing outer shell enclosing a carefully designed system to enhance a controlled leak of the contained ink via capillary action through the nib. I mean, really, when they wrote “the pen is mightier than the sword”, I don’t think they were referring to the cheap plastic pen attached to a chain at the post office.

The other main ingredient to the system is the ink. The ink is what leaves a mark on the paper — an expression of the writer’s intent, creativity, and expression. It is what conveys the words to the reader. And leaving writers aside for a moment, I’ll note that an octopus risks his life on the quality of his ink. So the choice of ink is not a trivial decision.

Though I’ll leave fountain pens for another discussion, regarding inks, I must say I’ve really been happy with the Noodler’s Heart of Darkness Black Fountain Pen Ink ink.

In case it isn’t obvious from the Joseph Conrad allusion, this ink is really black. Blackhole kind of black. It is also, well, bulletproof, in that it is meant to stick around on the paper for a long time. No worries about your snail mail address washing away when your letter drops into a puddle on route.

This package offered by Amazon includes a free fountain pen with the bottle of ink. The bottle of ink itself has a built-in dropper for ease in refills. The free fountain pen is probably not the best fountain pen around, but I have really enjoyed it and use it almost daily — this is the pen I carry around with me in my bag. I don’t have to worry about it getting stolen or broken, and so carry it with me wherever I go. As a result, it actually gets used more than some of my other pens. And so far, it always writes when I want it to write, so I really can’t complain.

But the main attraction here is the ink. If you are confident in what you want to say, and want the security of knowing it won’t be lost or distorted, then choose Noodler’s Heart of Darkness Black.

Noodler’s Heart of Darkness Black Fountain Pen Ink, available from Amazon

Ink Reveiw: Heart of Darkness by Noodler’s

Heart of Darkness
Noodler’s Ink 

   After the review of Noodler’s Black ink I have been in search of a good water resisting ink for sketching with washes. I wanted to test another black from Noodler’s inks with similar “bulletproof” qualities for cleaning/staining as I was rather shocked by the result of my preivious experience with Noodler’s Black. Heart of Darkness turned out to be a better ink to this regard.

     The shade of black is dark and takes on an almost charred or burnt character. The ink doesn’t shade when writing but shows signs of it when applied in light amounts. The ink flows nicely and dries rather quickly which surprised me on an ink resistant paper like Clairefontaine. There was ghosting and slight feathering on Hilroy papers. Like the Noodler’s Black; I experienced nib creep regularly. Once dried on the page the ink is waterproof, so much
so that the paper would dissolve before the ink would. If this is a
quality you are looking for in an ink it definitely delivers. On the test plate it left a
residue that I found a chore to remove. A water flush alone will NOT remove this residue, you need to physically wipe or
scrub it off to remove all traces of the ink. When removing from
the tester; neither a soap or ammonia scrub would not remove the ink
from the roughest (sanded with 100 grit) section. In this case I needed
to re-sand the tester to fully remove all remnants of this ink. For me,
this is an issue for pens or nib assemblies that cannot be
broken down for cleaning and naturally limited the number of pens I felt
comfortable using the
ink in.

   Heart of Darkness from Noodler’s ink is a great performer with very durable qualities. Nib creep doesn’t bother me about this ink, it is the
cleaning of it. I only use this Black in the pens that can be easily
disassembled and scrub cleaned because a flush alone will not remove the
residue it leaves behind. The waterproof quality of this ink is not
enough for me to recommend it based on how hard it is to clean, my search continues to find a better option for those looking
for a good waterproof ink.

H.O.D. on Hilroy Paper
H.O.D. on Clairefontaine Paper

Ink diagrams prepared using:
1.  Speedball C-4 nib in dip pen
2.  Esterbrook #0 nib in dip pen

Overjoyed | Buy NOODLER’S Eternal Ink 133ml Heart of Darkness

Overjoyed | Buy NOODLER’S Eternal Ink 133ml Heart of Darkness | FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE






“Noodler’s Ink” has the lowest cost per volume in stores that carry it and it’s 100% made in the USA from cap to glass to ink. The ink with the catfish on the label symbolizes a southern sport that attempts to equalize the struggle between man and animal in the quest for a sense of fair play — and thus a fair price.

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9781517571092: Heart of Darkness: Includes MLA Style Citations for Scholarly Secondary Sources, Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Critical Essays (Squid Ink Classics) – AbeBooks

This Squid Ink Classic edition of Heart of Darkness includes the full text of the work plus MLA style citations for scholarly secondary sources, peer-reviewed journal articles and critical essays for when your teacher requires extra resources in MLA format for your research paper.

“synopsis” may belong to another edition of this title.

From the Publisher:

Founded in 1906 by J.M. Dent, the Everyman Library has always tried to make the best books ever written available to the greatest number of people at the lowest possible price. Unique editorial features that help Everyman Paperback Classics stand out from the crowd include: a leading scholar or literary critic’s introduction to the text, a biography of the author, a chronology of her or his life and times, a historical selection of criticism, and a concise plot summary. All books published since 1993 have also been completely restyled: all type has been reset, to offer a clarity and ease of reading unique among editions of the classics; a vibrant, full-color cover design now complements these great texts with beautiful contemporary works of art. But the best feature must be Everyman’s uniquely low price. Each Everyman title offers these extensive materials at a price that competes with the most inexpensive editions on the market-but Everyman Paperbacks have durable binding, quality paper, and the highest editorial and scholarly standards.

From the Author:

For generations an exclusively white community of literary critics treated a variety of thematic and stylistic issues (often with great subtlety and insight) while ignoring “Heart of Darkness” as a commentary on imperialism and racism. My edition does both.

“About this title” may belong to another edition of this title.

Glow Squid – Minecraft Wiki

This article is about the mob found in Minecraft. For the mob in Minecraft Earth, see MCE:Glow Squid.

The glow squid is an aquatic passive mob found in dark underwater areas, typically in ocean depths, ravines and underground lakes; glow squid are varieties of squid, with an aqua luminescent texture. They were ported to vanilla Minecraft from Minecraft Earth.


In Java Edition, schools of 2 to 4 glow squid spawn underwater below sea level, at y=63 (y=30‌[upcoming: JE 1. 18]), in total darkness and where there is a block with base_stone_overworld tag (i.e. stone, deepslate, andesite, diorite, granite, or tuff) less than five blocks below the spawning space.

In Bedrock Edition, glow squid spawn anywhere in water underground in schools of 2 to 4 (below a solid roof categorized as cave spawn, while squids are surface spawns) anywhere layers zero to 63 on the y-axis (below Y=30‌[upcoming: BE 1.18]. Glow squid have a 5% chance of spawning as babies.

The spawning conditions for glow squid are the same as for axolotl, although more glow squid (2–4) than axolotls (1) are created in a given spawn event. When both happen to spawn in a confined space, the glow squid are unlikely to survive because axolotls attack them.‌[until BE 1.18.0 & JE 1.18]


  • 1 to 3 glow ink sacs. The maximum amount is increased by one per level of Looting, for a maximum of 1 to 6 with Looting III.
  • 1–3 experience points when killed by a player or tamed wolf.
  • As with all other baby animals, killing a baby glow squid from Bedrock Edition yields no items or experience.


The turquoise ink cloud produced by a glow squid.

Glow squid wander around aimlessly in three dimensions as long as they are in the water, opening and closing their tentacles, which gives them the appearance of pushing themselves leisurely forward.

Glow squid suffocate when out of water, dying after 15 seconds (300 game ticks). While on land, they remain stationary until they suffocate. They can take fall damage and burn like any other land mob, but they cannot drown. When out of the water, glow squid are resistant to knockback.

Glow squid are passive toward the player. They are not attracted to light and do not deliberately interact with the player. Glow squid sometimes beach themselves and suffocate on the banks of rivers and occasionally on ocean beaches. These behaviors are shared with traditional squid.

Glow squid appear to glow, but do not produce light. They stop glowing for 5 seconds (100 game ticks) when harmed.

Glow squid cannot swim in lava, even if inflicted with Fire Resistance. They simply pass through the lava and behave as if on land.

Unlike land-based mobs, glow squid can swim against a current and not get pushed by it.‌‌[Java Edition only]

Guardians and elder guardians attack glow squid in the same manner as they attack a player or regular squid. Axolotls also attack glow squid.

Because glow squid are aquatic mobs they are affected by the Impaling enchantment.‌[Java Edition only][until JE Combat Tests]

Glow squid constantly produce crystalline particles around them. When attacked, they emit a cloud of turquoise ink particles and swim away. The particles and the ink remain remain visible when the glow squid has the Invisibility status effect.

If the player is in spectator mode or is far away from glow squid (often when they are in unloaded chunks), they remain stationary. When attacked in this state, glow squid cannot flee.

Although glow squid have a baby variant in Bedrock Edition, there is currently no way to breed adult glow squid.


Data values[]


Java Edition:

Bedrock Edition:

Name Resource location Numeric ID Translation key
Glow Squid glow_squid 129 entity.glow_squid.name

Entity data[]

Glow squids have entity data associated with them that contains various properties.

Java Edition:

  • Entity data
    •  DarkTicksRemaining: Countdown of ticks remaining until the glow squid starts glowing. Not glowing while positive, glowing when countdown reaches zero.

Bedrock Edition:

See Bedrock Edition level format/Entity format.



Issues relating to “Glow Squid” are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.




  • Three axolotls attacking a glow squid underwater.

  • A deep lukewarm ocean with glow squids clearly visible.

In other media[]

  • A screenshot of the mob vote 2020 featuring the glow squid.

  • Glow squid won the Mob Vote 2020.

  • Animation of glow squid winning in mob vote 2020.

  • A glow squid in promotional artwork for the first Caves & Cliffs update (1.17 game version).

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Shadow and Bone | Netflix Official Site


A Searing Burst of Light


Unwilling to be separated from Mal, Alina hatches a plan to join him on a perilous expedition through the Fold. Kaz chases a lead on a lucrative job.

2. We’re All Someone’s Monster


Alina’s actions against the Volcra bring her to the attention of General Kirigan. Kaz runs into trouble while looking for safe passage across the Fold.

3. The Making at the Heart of the World


Ensconced in the lap of luxury among the Grisha, Alina begins her training. The Crows — Kaz, Inej and Jesper — prepare for their risky journey.

4. Otkazat’sya


As Kirigan takes Alina into his confidence, Mal volunteers for a dangerous tracking mission, and the Crows plot a heist to get into the Little Palace.


Show Me Who You Are


Alina’s bond with Kirigan grows as royal guests gather for her unveiling. Mal carries news about the stag. Kaz’s scheme hinges on a hidden door.

6. The Heart is an Arrow


Furious over the Sun Summoner, Kirigan hunts for information. Alina receives a helping hand when she needs it most. Nina warms to a Grisha hunter.

7. The Unsea


The fate of the stag leaves Alina in an impossible position with Kirigan, whose connection to the Fold — and the power behind it — falls into place.

8. No Mourners


In the depths of the Fold, Kirigan demonstrates the scope of Alina’s powers, while the Crows cross paths with a stowaway amid a do-or-die undertaking.

Heart of Darkness on the BeauFort scale: fragramator – LiveJournal

Coeur De Noir BeauFort London

Coeur De Noir BeauFort London is a leather fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance, Coeur De Noir was launched in 2015. Top notes: Rum, Ginger and Ink; heart notes: leather and vanilla; base notes: cedar, tobacco and birch.

Leather scent. The third fragrance from the Beaufort line. On the one hand, it may seem the most calm or something… (if it is applicable at all to the fragrances of this brand) from the line, but on the other hand it is so dark that the definition of “calm” is incorrect.
Heart of Darkness – a novel by the English writer Joseph Conrad (formed the basis for the adaptations of the film of the same name and the film “Apocalypse Now” by Francis Coppola.)

Psychodiagnostic test?
But to be honest, to connect the gloomy, aggressive nature of a human being, to answer the question of how madness grips a person when he is removed to the primitive jungle and how justified is the immorality and cruelty of human nature.Contrast all this with romanticism? ??? … I didn’t really succeed.
If we are talking about the very moment of writing the novel, what about the atmosphere in which the writer was? And that is why ink, paper, leather and rum accompany the process? Then everything fits into the idea of ​​what the scent is all about. Nuuu … that is, without going into deep psycho-emotional lamentations.

In general, it is what I have listed that you will hear. Leather, ink, rum, tobacco and a massive wooden table that has absorbed the scents of time.
This fragrance is really different in mood from the other two.
I got a strong feeling that if the Battle of Trafalgar and the East Indies is action and drive, then the Heart of Darkness is a halt, a respite to describe what is happening.

I didn’t hear any vanilla tones or halftones. No flirting with the reader (more precisely, the listener) – the narrative is without embellishment. However, I cannot say that this is rude and dirty.

In a word, I have an ambiguous attitude to this fragrance.If we discard the verbal body kits, then this is such a leather, pirate scent. If you listen to the narrative, then romantic facets and ideas are very clearly defined.

Probably useless to describe it. You just need to try it carefully. But I must say right away that you will not find a single little ruffle or a bow here. Therefore, lovers of these can safely pass by. 90,018 90,000 Joseph Conrad – biography, books, reviews, quotes

Joseph Conrad – English writer.Pole by birth, he was recognized as a classic of English literature.

Jozef Kozhenyovsky was born in the village of Terekhovo in the family of a Polish nobleman, poet Apollo Kozhenyovsky, who was a relative of the famous Kaidanniki. In 1861 Apollo Kozheniewski was exiled to Vologda for his participation in the Polish liberation movement. His wife, Evelina Kozhenevskaya (Bobrovskaya), followed her husband with her four-year-old son.

In 1865, due to the illness of his wife, Apollo Kozhenevsky achieved a transfer to Chernigov.After moving in the same year, Józef’s mother died of consumption. Father and son moved first to Lviv, then to Krakow, where in 1869 Apollo Kozheniewski …

Joseph Conrad – English writer. Pole by birth, he was recognized as a classic of English literature.

Jozef Kozhenyovsky was born in the village of Terekhovo in the family of a Polish nobleman, poet Apollo Kozhenyovsky, who was a relative of the famous Kaidanniki. In 1861 Apollo Kozheniewski was exiled to Vologda for his participation in the Polish liberation movement.His wife, Evelina Kozhenevskaya (Bobrovskaya), followed her husband with her four-year-old son.

In 1865, due to the illness of his wife, Apollo Kozhenevsky achieved a transfer to Chernigov. After moving in the same year, Józef’s mother died of consumption. Father and son moved first to Lviv, then to Krakow, where in 1869 Apollo Kozheniewski died, leaving 11-year-old Jozef an orphan. The boy was adopted into the family of Tadeusz Bobrowski, a maternal uncle.

Influenced by English and French adventure novels, Jozef wanted to become a sailor.In 1874, 17-year-old Jozef, with the consent of Bobrovsky, left for Marseille. In 1875 – 1877 he sailed on various ships, including smuggling weapons for supporters of Don Carlos’s enthronement to the Spanish throne.

In the early 1880s, Konrad moved to England. On various ships, he was a sailor, second mate, in 1884 he passed the exam for the rank of first mate, and in 1886 he received a captain’s certificate. In the same year he received British citizenship, officially changing his name to Joseph Conrad, and wrote the first story “Black Navigator”.

In 1890, as captain of the steamer Rua de Belge, he sailed along the Congo River. During this trip, he fell ill with malaria and rheumatism, which forever undermined his health. African impressions would later form the basis of the story Heart of Darkness.

In 1893, writer John Galsworthy boarded his ship Torrance in the port of Adelaide, and Konrad gave him the manuscript of his first novel, Olmeyer’s Whim, to read.

In January 1894, Konrad returned to London, determined to end his naval service.Conrad’s literary debut took place in 1895, when Olmeyer’s Whim was published. It was followed by the novels The Exile (1896), The Negro with Narcissus (1897), Lord Jim (1900), the story Heart of Darkness (1902), the novel Nostromo (1904) and other works.

Konrad’s popularity grew. In 1914, at the invitation of the Polish writer Juzuf Retinger, he came to Poland, from where he had difficulty getting out after the outbreak of the First World War. Preparing to write a novel about Napoleon, The Expectation, in 1921, Konrad traveled to Corsica; in 1923 he visited the USA.In 1924, Konrad refused the knighthood offered to him.

Konrad was married to Jesse George and had sons Boris and John. Throughout his life, Konrad continued his friendship with Galsworthy, which began aboard the Torrance. In addition, he struck up friendships with critic Edward Garnett, writers Ford Maddox Ford, Henry James, HG Wells, philosopher Bertrand Russell.

Joseph Conrad died on August 3, 1924 of a heart attack at his home in Bishopsbourne.

Read and viewed in January 2012

Read and watched in January 2012 [# ]

detective Michel Klimin, M.D.

1. Osama ibn Munkyz – Book of edification. “Eastern Literature Publishing House”, 1958 +
2. Tadao Sato – Cinema of Japan. “Rainbow”, 1988
3. Priapov’s book. “Summer Garden” 2003 +
4. S.O. Khan-Magomedov – Moses Ginzburg.”Architecture-S”, 2007
5. Joseph Conrad – Heart of Darkness and Other Stories. “Alphabet-classic”, 2007
Heart of Darkness +
Freya of Seven Islands
6. DA Prigov – Live in Moscow. “UFO”, 2009 +
7. Hans Gunther On both sides of the utopia. Contexts of A. Platonov’s creativity. New Literary Review, 2012 +

1. Le cochon danseur (1907) +
2. Princess Nicotine (1909) +
3. Twilight of the Woman’s Soul (Eugene Bauer) [1913] +
4.The Tong Man (William Worthington) [1919] +
5. Episodes in the Life of a Gin Bottle (Bela von Block, 1925)
6. Geheimnisse einer Seele (Georg Wilhelm Pabst) [1926 ] +
7. Misery and Fortune of Woman [Frauennot – Frauenglück] Serguei Eisenstein (?)
8.Chiyari Fuji (Uchida Tomu) [1955] +
9. My passport is a Colt / Koruto wa ore no pasupoto / A colt is my passport (Takashi Nomura) [1967] +
10.Blind Womam’s Curse (Teruo Ishii) [1970]
11. Les lèvres rouges / Daughters of Darkness (Harry Kümel) [1971] +
12. Aguirre, der zorn Gottes (Werner Herzog) [1972] –
13. Apocalypse Now (Francis Ford Coppola) [1979] +
After reading Konrad, the film is much better.
14. Blade Runner (Ridley Scott) [1982]
15.The Fourth Man / De Vierde Man / The Fourth Man (Paul Verhoeven) [1983] +
16. The Road to Wellville (Alan Parker) [1994]
17. Pulp Fiction (Quentin Tarantino) [1994] +
18. Super 8 / Super 8 (JJ Abrams) [2011] –
It couldn’t be worse.


And how do you like “Daughters of Darkness”? I see a plus, but I want details.

I still can’t write you a word of gratitude. Thank you for this movie. I looked with pleasure. I still had such a Sunday, when you lie under a blanket all day and watch a movie. I’m thinking about going to Ostend.

Ie without going into structuralism or any similar heresy, it’s just nice to enjoy the visual. The dominance of the red, the expensive hotel, the lesbian anticipation of blood. When the scene with the shiny dress began, I generally had a feeling of irrationality.

So it seemed to me that I was right on a holiday 🙂

(Deleted comment)

The book is not bad, but with drawbacks. In general, as it is written there, this is not at all the history of cinema, but the 6th volume of the 5-volume history of Japanese cinema. Dedicated not to the story itself, but to the artistic component. This is where my dislike arises. The way he analyzes films, you can hang yourself, about all these meanings of life and death, completely in the spirit of people from film search who watch “intellectual cinema”.In places it is very banal and stupid.
But if you have not read anything about Japanese cinema before, then the book is quite useful for its visibility.

I generally love Herzog, but this movie is frankly bad. It seems like a good Kinski, a good idea, even cute shitting monkeys, but neither from the point of view of individual scenes, nor as a whole, the film does not realize even a fraction of what was conceived. It turns out to be some kind of circus, with a bored Kinski. I also don’t like “Dwarfs start small,” that is. Of course, revolution as a dwarf is funny, but listening to this mouse squeak was absolutely unbearable.

There is no pure light and darkness. The war we live in. Tales of the Time of Troubles

There is no pure light and darkness

May 15 is the birthday of the main Russian prose writer of the 20th century for me personally – Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov.

Once again: for me personally.

Someone is much closer to Nabokov, someone Platonov, and someone – generally Sholokhov. This is fine.

I am now and will speak exclusively about my own.

About personal …

The life of a good writer is a metaphor in itself. Because the task of literature – for any literature – is extremely simple: “to teach, while entertaining.”

Sorry, I didn’t say that. This is Carlo Goldoni. And I just agree with him.

And whatever they weave, as sometimes it seems to me, people who take on art about prophecies, missions and other super-tasks – the task of literature was then and remains the same now.

Teaching, entertaining – an already very difficult profession.Try it, handle it.

If you leave metaphysics (although how can you leave it when it comes to Bulgakov), then the first Bulgakov lesson for me suddenly became the Days of the Turbins I saw at the Moscow Art Theater and was begged after that from a friend at the boarding school, a professor’s son, and swallowed overnight under pillow “White Guard”.

It was she who, at that particular moment of time, a correct Komsomol member and a young Soviet athlete, unexpectedly made me think that life, it turns out, can be much more complicated than taught in school textbooks.And that behind the “whites” there may also be some kind of truth, which is not very clear to me then.

No, the “White Guard” did not at all make me any dissident or, even worse, anti-Soviet, it is not about this and it is not written for this – it is no coincidence that I have already quoted here the quote “to teach while entertaining.”

She simply taught me that everything is not so simple, that there is no “pure Light and Darkness” in this world, as I later literally happened to read in another novel by the Master, that one must learn to feel and distinguish other colors and halftones.

Well, and then, as stated in the famous railway announcement with the schedule of electric trains – everywhere: “Theatrical Novel”, “Run”, “The Life of Monsieur de Moliere”, “Heart of a Dog”, “Notes on the Cuffs”, “The Master and Margarita “.

Absolutely Stalinist Batum. This, by the way, was also a colossal lesson in its time: the relationship is tense, secret and personal between the Master and the Leader. And a good inoculation of free-thinking in times of perestroika bacchanalia. On the same, incidentally, the very topic – “not so simple.”

And the point is not only in the “final piece of paper” from “Heart of a Dog” and not in the personal design by Joseph Vissarionovich of the disgraced playwright being driven from everywhere to work at the Moscow Art Theater, not in their nighttime telephone conversations.

Not at all.

I remember how amazed I was when I learned that it was Stalin who was one of the main prototypes of the character who declared himself: “I am evil, designed to punish an even greater evil” – Woland from the last, dying and obviously uncensored version of “The Master and Margarita “.

And one of the main prototypes of the Master Bulgakov, naturally, considered himself.

And this is not to mention such “trifles” as the fact that it was the great Russian writer, Kievite Mikhail Bulgakov, with all his work, and first of all the “White Guard” dearly loved by me so far, convincingly proved that my beloved Kiev was, is and will always remain an exclusively Russian city.

For me personally, this is a very important knowledge.

And this is also very important.

Bulgakov wrote about the Master: “He did not deserve Light, he deserved Peace”.

But, in spite of this, today I will still pray for him, although, to be honest, I myself am a rather bad Christian.

I don’t know why, but I think it will be right: Mikhail Afanasyevich wrote too much about dangerous things, joked too much on terrible topics, played and flirted with too terrible forces.

And too important left a mark in our minds with you, in the minds of the entire Russian, and not only the Russian people.But Russian, of course, predominantly.

Simply because it was in this language that Mikhail Afanasyevich thought and wrote.

This text is an introductory fragment.

Continuation for liters

90,000 In the Dark. King without a crown

Chapter 1.The ink is long dry

Sixth Century of the Dark Ages

Radiant Lands, Dark Mile Village

– Mister …

Camille Card shifted the ax to his right hand and straightened up. Taking a step to the nearest thick log, on which lay his shirt, he took it in his hands and turned to the intruders. Wiping the sweat from his strong neck, he looked around the arrivals with an attentive gaze of almond-shaped violet-blue eyes.

A few meters from him, shifting from foot to foot, stood a tall, dumpy warrior in a dark road cloak. A manly, swarthy, weathered face, hard, short-cropped dark hair, a crooked nose, well-defined lips, a strong-willed chin and a prickly gaze, black as the coming night, eyes – almost beautiful.

– What do you want, Mr. Ver? – Kamil asked the commander of the guard of the Kard fortress, which stood in a vast bulk not far from the village.

– The master requires you to come to him, – they answered him.

– Does the master require nothing more? – ironically squinted the interlocutor of the head of the guard, causing several restrained chuckles among the people who accompanied Vera.

The guard turned sharply and poked at his subordinates, who immediately fell silent. After a significant pause, their leader turned back to Camille.

– I beg you, do not force to lead you to the fortress by force.

– Yes? Really? – arched that sable eyebrow, expressively throwing from hand to hand a heavy cleaver with a long ax, with the help of which he had dealt with the wood before.

This gesture took the guards a couple more steps away, leaving Mr. Ware alone. However, this did not bother him, since the commander of the guards continued, as if nothing had happened, as if not noticing the movements of the interlocutor.

– Mister …

“I’m not your master,” Camille cut him off, and then with a swing drove the ax into one of the logs. Pulling a thick woolen shirt over his head, he headed for the house.

“Please, sir,” Ver repeated insistently when the young man was one step away from the threshold.“You know that Vladyka will not accept a refusal. He ordered …

“Tell the lord,” Camille interrupted him again, turning around, “that not everyone blindly obeys his will. I will not go anywhere at night looking, now it is dangerous even during the day. I will not leave my mother, – and indicated to the guards at the gate that it had remained open all this time.

After the door was closed, they had no choice but to follow the advice of the owner. If you could call it advice …

Camille Card was famous for his tough temper and strong character, so arguing with him was not only useless, but also dangerous.That is why Ver chose to return to the fortress, despite the fact that there were six more people behind him. At the moment, Vladyka’s discontent is the lesser of evils. If he had acted differently, everything could have ended with broken noses and arms, if not worse, and the way back was still ahead. Unfortunately, Camille was right. The world existed in a dashing time. Now, as darkness fell, danger lurked behind every shadow. The world of Blue Twilight, immersed in the eternal night, did not indulge its inhabitants with serenity.

– He’s out of sorts, – stated the commander of the guard.- Let’s come back at a more favorable moment.

– What will the lord say? – one of his companions gave a voice, when all went out on the road.

– It will be easier to explain with denrom than with him, – Ver nodded towards the house. “After all, our senior master is not in a position to fight right now, and only the guards can punish me, right?

The guards who stood around him at those moments nodded, accompanied by sour grins. There was a grain of truth in the words of their leader, since except for Lord Vera, no one commanded them.As for the orders of the lord of the Radiant Lands, Denra Arsenio de Carda, they could boldly disobey him. This was contrary to discipline, but it was the only true in the event that Vladyka decides to suddenly punish the chief of his guards for returning empty-handed.

A rustle on the side of the road distracted the guards from the conversation. There, behind a rather dense undergrowth of young trees, there was a fuss and puffing. With new sounds that broke the silence of the approaching deep blue twilight, a distinct smell of damp earth, mold and rotten meat hung in the air.

“We have guests,” said one of the guards, drawing his sword.

“Yes,” Ver nodded, following his example. – Not too careful …

– Damn it! – the same guard swore.

– Close up! – commanded the commander. – Cover each other’s backs. The young master is right, ”he added a little more quietly. – You shouldn’t wander at night, even if you are well armed.

The noise died down, frozen in a ringing, oppressive silence. Now all that was left was to wait for the night hunter to get tired of playing on his nerves and come out of his hiding place.The black shadow was not long in coming and rushed to Ver, almost knocking him down. With a hiss of pain, the chief of the guard looked at his forearm, where a deep, ragged abrasion bloomed like a blood-scarlet petal – a mark from claws or fangs. Gritting his teeth, the guard held his sword in front of him, lowering the wide, flat blade on his bent arm at the elbow. The club of darkness again threw itself at his feet, striving to break the formation in order to get inside the dense circle that people had formed.

Coeur De Noir, BeauFort – Fragrances – Perfume


TanyaA (EDP – 2100r for 10ml)

nicknames (EDP – 2000r for 10ml)


Grade: 4.3333333333333


Grade: 4.6666666666667

Niche store Bloom Perfumery London is constantly adding new, interesting and worthy creative perfume houses to its assortment, and it is a great honor to be in its windows.The store’s latest acquisition is the debut collection of the British brand Beaufort of three fragrances named Coeur de Noir, East India and 1805, created by the perfumer Crabtree.

The magic of distant wanderings of distant ancestors sounds in the fragrance Beaufort Coeur de Noir. The perfumer used his grandfather’s pen drawings of luxury yachts, his father’s library of marine fiction, and his own tattoos as inspirations. The perfume is dominated by accords of black ink, joined by the smell of lost and found documents and the dry tones of leather-bound folios.
All men in their family dreamed of the sea and wanderings, and for each of them they remained only a dream, but what a dream! And if you add the scent of ink and the aromatic notes of old tomes to the composition, you get exactly the scent that the brand offers you. The top accord gives an interesting combination of a subtle scent of ink with velvety-spicy ginger and sweet-alcoholic rum notes. In the heart of the composition, the smell of paper is in harmony with the scent of leather and the delicate spice of vanilla. And the sound of the perfume is completed by a soft aftertaste of bitter accents of birch tar and the pine-creamy smell of a mighty cedar in the smoky-spicy haze of tobacco.

Top notes: ginger, ink, rum.
Middle notes: leather, paper, vanilla.
Base notes: birch tar, cedar, tobacco.

Sergey Borisov:
The third fragrance of the collection, called Coeur De Noir Eau De Parfum, is sweet and pleasant compared to its black brothers – it is lighter and more transparent in color. It contains the art of drawing nautical charts, inflated sailing sails and turbulent waters in engravings. A zealous nose-owner, who has decided to try out the British fumes and fumes, should start acquaintance with him.Yet he is softer and lighter and sweeter and fluffier, not as suffocating as his brothers. In it, the papery iris mood coexists with drunken rum and tobacco, and smooth shiny vanilla and suede, moist to the touch, perfectly coexist with cistus and tar. It can even be crossed with spicy woody colognes – and the offspring will be viable.
Leo Crabtree took his grandfather’s drawings of grandiose yachts, his father’s library of books on sailing and his own tattoos as a source of inspiration (remember, tattoos in perfumery are a new upward trend!).Library vanilla, leather covers and paper rustle – but I immediately remembered vintage perfumes from the Kolnisch Juchten family (Regence Parfums and Jean Marie Farina).
Coeur De Noir is a fragrance for the neogoths who fell in love with the magic of black just last week and do not want to get used to milk chocolate and delicate matte powder. Its blackness is pleasant, like the sweet blue-eyed face of a black kitten: someone will spit, but many more people still want to stroke it.

from Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison: Beaufort London scent – Coeur de Noir by Leo Crabtree (130 € incl.VAT for 50ml EDP bottle). The perfumer’s name is not officially mentioned. Coeur de Noir is a delightful, dark, inky, leathery composition that immediately evoked associations with Encre Noir Lalique (although Encre Noir feels fresh and bright, while Coeur de Noir is distinguished by great depth and richness). I was surprised that there is no vetiver in the composition. I immediately fell in love with him, his sound also reminded me of the composition Tiziana Terenzi Laudano Nero with its dark, earthy chords (I talked about it here).
Coeur de Noir has an impressive longevity and a pronounced trail; every few hours it changes, showing us its new facet. I like dark scents if there is a certain amount of sweetness in them. Fortunately, Coeur de Noir contains notes of rum, vanilla and labdanum, as well as a shade of birch tar, which excludes excessive dryness or bitterness.

“A dark heart beats gently in obscure dusty rooms …”

His grandfather’s luxury yacht drawings, his father’s seascape books, and his own tattoos and travel experiences were the inspiration for Leo Crabtree.
Black ink and spicy West Indian rum dominate here; lost and found texts; the familiar dry scent of leather-bound books is in harmony with the mysterious hot notes of pipe tobacco. All this surrounds the dark heart of the fragrance, composed of notes of birch resin and labdanum.

Elena Prokofeva:
Coeur De Noir BeauFort London smells of ink even stronger than El Mono de la Tinta Fueguia 1833. Fresh ink and dried ink. Old letters that I had to keep in my hands in the archives (by all means wearing special white gloves).
The heart of the fragrance is drunken vanilla, tart ink, spicy tobacco, sweet and mild. But it is framed on one side by the strong smell of rough leather, smoked and tarred wood. Perhaps even burning wood. Smoke and fire.
And on the other hand – the fresh breath of the sea: salty, iodine, cold water.
The contrast of very cold water and very hot smoke, the smell of leather make Coeur De Noir brutal, but he has the heart of a dreamer and an intellectual.
This is the smell of a logbook from a ship that has experienced unprecedented adventures.
This is what the diary of a romantic traveling on an old sailing ship might smell like.
This is how books about sea adventures and inspiring discoveries can smell …
Coeur De Noir BeauFort London not only smells like books to me, but also sounds like music: of course, Vangelis “1492: Conquest of Paradise”.

God of Slaughter / Vol 1 / Chapter 943. Connect two places!

An hour later, pure energy dissipated from the Body of God and Shi Yan’s spiritual altar.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka To’s eyes brightened.The bloody marks on their glabellas flickered with crimson halos as they quietly absorbed the energy received from Shi Yan.

Energy from Shi Yan’s acupuncture points strengthened their Ancient Qi Essence Tree, and its spiritual energy fed their spiritual altars, helping them to better understand the Concepts.

Soon Fei Lan, Leona and Ka To were full of spirit. A strange red halo of abundant Blood Chi shimmered on their faces.

Shi Yan became a source of energy. The pure energy that emanated from his flesh, blood and bones, together with the mysterious energy from the black hole, gathered in his spiritual altar, tempering him.Just as when he trained his body, this energy made his spiritual altar stronger.

Usually the spiritual altar was like an illusion, a shadow in the water. People could see him, but they could not touch him.

However, after he tempered his spiritual altar many times, it became real matter. It looks like it was made from a combination of metal, jade and stone. The corners of the spiritual altar looked sharp and delicate like a jewel. People felt that they could feel it by touching their fingers.

Shi Yan really felt his spiritual altar quietly changing after he benefited from the miraculous mysterious energy.

This change was gradual. It couldn’t be finished right away, so he hasn’t seen any significant changes yet. However, Shi Yan understood that after each tempering, his spiritual altar became more and more magical.

The Ancient Qi Essence Tree was still in bloom. It was crystal clear, like a precious stone, within which the Power of God was moving!

Each branch was filled with immense pure energy that was the source of his strength, the basis of his existence and the motivation that made him stronger.

At that moment, every branch of his Ancient Qi Essence Tree was filled with energy. Unless he makes another breakthrough to expand his Ancient Chi Essence Tree, he will have no more space to store energy.

The energy accumulated in his body has reached its limit.

Smiling, Shi Yan opened his eyes. For a while, he silently checked his condition and did not feel overwhelmed.

He was only one step away from the Second Heaven of the Realm of the Primordial God.If he once again comprehends his Concepts, he can easily break through.

He needed an opportunity.

Fei Lan and Ka To were still processing energy. They sat, and energy revolved around them.

However, something else was happening to Leona …

Looking closely, he discovered a strange dark light that began to surround the Body of God Leona. Soon after, Leona’s body began to look like black ink, turning into a blob of darkness.

This kind of darkness was not from her Domain of God.

She appeared right on her skin and expanded. At that moment, Leona was darkness, as her body could absorb all the light.

Shi Yan frowned, quietly watching. His eyebrow twitched as if he understood something.

Fei Lan suddenly opened her eyes, she was delighted and hissed:

– She’s about to break through!

Shi Yan was shocked, he jumped up and said:

– This is really fast!

– When we were in the City of Heavenly Judgment, its breakthrough was not yet complete.Her achievements in understanding the sphere were profound, but she did not accumulate enough energy. That is why she only reached the Third Heaven of the Realm of the Primordial God, but not the new realm.

Fei Lan took a deep breath. She looked at him with her clouded eyes and said seriously:

– The Heart of Darkness, which she received from you, harbors a wonderful area of ​​intentions, which is the essence of the Concept of Darkness. As long as the Heart of Darkness is in her body, her understanding of the sphere will be deeper.In other words, her understanding of the sphere was enough, and that is why her use of the Power of Darkness became more graceful and magnificent.

At that moment, Ka To also woke up. He looked at Leona with admiration:

– Sphere of the Ethereal God! I crave her too!

Shi Yan thoughtfully approached Leone. After that, he asked Fei Lan:

– How long does it take to break into the Ethereal God Realm?

– This can happen quickly, or it can take about one or two months.It depends on her. We cannot tell the exact time. Fei Lan became harsh because she knew it was not good. – We are now in the Field of Broken Stars. Breaking through here is not a good idea. The Ghost Mark man can return with his friends. If this happens, it will be a big problem for us!

Ka To figured that out too. His face changed:

– Then what should we do?

– If I understand correctly, Na Xin and Cartier should be in the Realm of the Primordial God.- Shi Yan suddenly had an idea and smiled. – Then this problem is easy to solve.

Under the gaze of the others, Shi Yan stroked his ring. Smoke appeared, as if he was trying to pull the whole world out of this ring.

In the midst of this smoke flew a formation made of Void Fantasy Crystals and dozens of auxiliary materials, refined by an expert using Spatial Concepts. This formation can connect directly with the Mother’s formation.

Shiny Child formation slowly landed in front of Shi Yan under the control of his power.

* Boom! Boom! Boom! *

Divine crystals shot out of the ring with vibrations of energy, striking exactly every concave spot on the corners of the Child formation.

After he finished inlaying tens of thousands of divine crystals, beams of beautiful light appeared in the Child formation from the Sky-Connecting Mother and Child Formation. Each of them was like spatial doors to an unknown space, standing one after another, under the guidance of spatial energy and divine crystals as a source of energy.

Divine Crystals have begun to release their energy.

Shi Yan concentrated while sitting inside the Child formation, releasing spatial energy. Thin spatial cracks appeared around it.

* Sss! Sss! Sss! *

These spatial cracks appeared to be repaired, seeping into the formation like a swimming school of fish. They accumulated on every spatial door.

* Bam! *

Light streamed through the Child formation, exciting the entire space.A brilliant, dazzling ring of light appeared in the center of the formation.

The moment the ring of light blossomed, Shi Yan disappeared. His aura also disappeared.

The beautiful Child formation now had a flickering light as the spatial energy fluctuated. A light door gradually formed. Through this door they saw many shadows, and they were all what they knew on the Star of the Old Orchid.

They saw Ka Fu, Long Zhu, and Na Xin waiting at the other end, as if they knew something was about to happen.

– Let Leona da-tsze in, – Shi Yan’s voice came from behind the light door. – Ask her to restrain her energy when crossing the door. Or I’m afraid this door won’t hold.

Fei Lan reacted by placing her fingertip on her temple. A subtle stream of spiritual energy flew out, falling into Leona’s Spiritual Sea.

Leona did not notice any changes in the outside world. Hearing Fei Lan’s call, she woke up. Leona shuddered and opened her eyes.

She realized what was going on. Fei Lan didn’t need to be explained.The aura of her power of darkness receded. She transformed into a beam of dark light flying through the light door of the Child formation.


The center of the ancient city, the Star of the Old Orchid.

The Mother Formation stood on a newly erected stone platform. At that moment, there were magical spatial ripples and magnificent light in it.

Long Zhu, Na Xin, and others guarded the Mother formation. Their faces were serious when they waited.

The light flashed. Shi Yan appeared on the Mother Formation.

Smiling, he felt satisfaction looking at Cartier, Long Zhu, and Na Xin:

– This formation is really great. We can move freely between the stars of life. With this formation, I can return in an instant, wherever I am.

As soon as he said this, Cartier, Na Xin, Long Zhu, and Yun Hao were delighted.

* Scc! *

Leona appeared behind him with a dark aura. After she landed on the Mother formation, she nodded to Shi Yan and then disappeared.She found an estate that had not decayed in tens of thousands of years and sat down quietly.

– After I break through, you must return me to the Field of Broken Stars, – Leona’s spiritual thought appeared in Shi Yan’s head after she left.

Shi Yan smiled, nodded and then turned to Na Xin:

– How are you? Has anything serious happened to the Old Orchid Star lately?

– Everything is fine, – sincerely smiled at Xin. – All children are happy. The cultivation materials we brought home from the City of Broken Stars can accelerate their cultivation.They can thicken the Bodies of God in the near future. Yi Zhen Gu is recovering. He’ll be fine in two months at most. We bought him good pellets that will increase his recovery rate.

They did not enter the Field of Broken Stars. After purchasing many cultivation materials, they took the Mother formation and returned it to the Old Orchid Star.

The Giant Tribe had a big harvest this time. They brought home a significant amount of cultivation materials that made the entire tribe happy.They finally found hope in their lives.

Cartier used Shi Yan’s divine crystals to purchase many cultivation materials, pellets, Concept scriptures, and suitable training yards for the warriors of the lower realms. He also explained the amazing yet strange features of the Agate Star Realm to the warriors from the Continent of Grace and the Furious Flame Star Realm.

– Where are you guys? Still in the City of Broken Stars? After Na Xin calmed down, he could not contain his curiosity.

– In the Field of Broken Stars. We want to investigate for a while. ”Shi Yan did not tell them the details. He just smiled and said, “Predecessor, please help me take care of my family and friends here. As for those I saved, please hide them away. Let no one know about them.

Na Xin nodded:

– Don’t worry. I know what to do.

– Okay, then I’ll go. Send someone to look after this Mother formation for me.- Shi Yan asked for Long Zhu and then disappeared through the light door. Shortly thereafter, the light on the Mother formation disappeared. Everything became normal again.


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