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Witch’s Heart Jewelry and Other Antique Heart Jewels

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The heart symbol originated during the Medieval period (5th – 15th centuries) and initially represented spiritual love and devotion. (Read more about the origin of the heart symbol.) It wasn’t long before the heart came to symbolize various kinds of love. During the 16th and17th centuries, the heart symbol was born into the popular lexicon to signify romantic, secular, and familial love in addition to its original spiritual associations.

Around this time, the heart symbol found its way into jewelry. Rock crystal hearts were a popular Stuart jewel initially created to honor Charles I (1600-1649). Over the course of the next century, Georgian sentimental jewelry was born, and these heart-shaped lockets were used as tokens of affection. Many of these lockets contained a lock of hair from a loved one. If a crystal locket was left empty, it signified truth and purity. A crown sitting atop a locket symbolized loyalty.


Bow Heart Locket, c1700


Antique 18K Gold Stuart Crystal Mourning Heart-Shaped Urn & Hair Locket, c 1700

Mourning Crystal “Georgian” Heart, c1700

The open-style Georgian brooch was almost always made with garnets and associated with love and affection. These pieces were typically small and worn as lace pins (i.e. used to hold a piece of lace or fichu in place). During the 17th and 18th centuries, the heart symbol was usually depicted with a shallow center cleft (a contrast from the deeper center cleft common to the contemporary version of heart symbol).

A variation on the Georgian open heart brooch was the witch’s heart. In these pieces, the tail of the heart twist to one direction (usually the right). This style gained popularity in Scotland in the 17th century and was named “Luckenbooth” after the closed booths in Edinburgh where they were sold. Witch’s hearts were initially worn to protect loved ones from evil spirits. Tiny witch’s hearts were pinned to baby’s blankets to ward off dark forces.


15K Rose Gold Georgian Garnet & Gold Witch’s Heart, c1750

By the 18th century, the witch’s heart took on a new meaning. Lovers gifted each other with witch’s hearts as love token to symbolize that they’d been “bewitched” with love. There were typically made with garnets and often crowned (a symbol of loyalty). Double-hearted witch’s hearts symbolized serious commitment, like betrothal or marriage.


Vintage Scottish Sterling Silver Iona Entwined Hearts Luckenbooth Brooch, c17th C


Photos: Art of Mourning, C. J. Antiques, The Three Grace, Rubylane

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Heart-Shaped Royal Jewels

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Happy Valentine’s Day, magpies! Let’s celebrate by having a look at some of the sweetest heart-shaped jewels in royal ladies’ collections…

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images
The Duchess of Cornwall wore this beautiful necklace with a heart-shaped amethyst pendant for the premiere of Skyfall in October 2012; the necklace was Queen Alexandra’s wedding gift to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon in 1923. (More on the necklace here!)
Mark Renders/Getty Images

Queen Mathilde of the Belgians has an impressive earring collection, including these dazzling heart-shaped statement earrings, worn here for a gala dinner in Brussels in May 2012

Guido Ohlenbostel-Pool/Getty Images
Chris Jackson/Getty Images
Benedikte’s elder sister, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, wears the classic Baden Palmette Tiara, which you can read more about here. The tiara’s palmette designs come together to form romantic diamond hearts, which is probably why Margrethe often wears it for royal weddings
Bethany Clarke/Getty Images
The most important of all heart-shaped royal jewels has to be the magnificent Cullinan V Brooch, which features a diamond with a slight heart-shape in its center. (Learn all about the Cullinans here!)

Want even more Valentine jewels?


540 Red Heart Jewels Stomp Pad Accessories

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Paul Flato: Jewels with a Heart and Humor

Paul Flato’s most famous piece is the heart brooch, created for Millicent Rogers, heiress of Standard Oil and fashion icon of the 1930s and 1940s. Together they came up with a lot of fancy jewelry, but this was one of her favorites.

Photo of a Flato ruby ​​heart © Christie’s

Brooch made of rubies, sapphires and colored diamonds in the South American milagros style (protective amulet). The adornment bears the motto “Verbum Carro”, meaning “The Word of My Love”.Rogers carried the brooch close to her heart.

Rogers is an interesting character, heiress of a huge fortune

After moving to Taos because of her health, Millicent Rogers became famous for popularizing turquoise and silver jewelry that corresponded to her southwestern style. At the Millicent Rogers Museum, you can find nearly 1000 pieces of jewelry created by Native American peoples.

Rogers is an interesting character, heiress of a huge fortune.She lived a short, but bright life, and her fortitude, femininity and sophistication have left an indelible mark on the history of haute couture. She had affairs with Clark Gable and Defense Secretary Roald Dahl. She became a muse for several designers of her time, appearing in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Millicent Rogers wearing starfish bracelets and brooches (Photo by Richard Rutledge for Vogue, 1945)

Flato was not the only designer Rogers wore.But Flato had a reputation for putting humor into his jewelry, even the most sophisticated ones, and that was fine with Rogers. She loved being the center of attention, but she never took herself too seriously. She liked to stand out in the crowd and preferred to be involved in the design of her jewelry herself and have a little fun in the process.

Paul Flato’s Screw Cufflinks

Flato was the right person for this. One day, not finding the cufflinks, he showed up at a party with bolts screwed into the sleeves.When everyone started asking about them, he designed cufflinks with this design and launched a trend in men’s jewelry.

Aquamarine and Ruby Buckle Necklace

His Aquamarine and Ruby Buckle Necklace was another Flato design that transformed an ordinary piece into whimsical luxury.

He also created an amazing series of feather brooches. With gemstones embedded in realistically curled prongs, they are works of art and exquisite craftsmanship.You can see Flato’s influence on Joel Arthur Rosenthal, who would later take on the role of a bespoke jeweler for celebrities and socialites. Flato has definitely captured Millicent Rogers’ (ruby) heart.

  • Feather earring from JAR
  • Brooch from Prla Flato
Feather earring from JAR (left) and Paul Flato brooch, circa 1940, in 18k gold, platinum and diamonds

“I like what it is not a tiny, restrained heart, but a bold, plump – for everyone to see, says Vanessa Krohn, custodian of the Christie’s jewelry archive.- This is truly an iconic piece of jewelry of the 20th century. Millicent Rogers knew her way to great jewelry, didn’t she? She had such incredible taste. ”

Source of information material and illustrations https://thejewelryloupe.com/paul-flato-jewels-with-heart-and-humor/


How to choose a ring for an offer

A marriage proposal can take place in a solemn or everyday atmosphere, but its main element must be present in any case.It’s about the ring. Let’s take a look at how to choose an engagement ring in order for the proposal to take place according to all the canons.

The Engagement: The Origin of the Wedding Tradition

An engagement is considered an official statement by a couple in love that they have decided to get married. After that, the girl becomes the bride, and the boy becomes the groom.

The Egyptians, who considered the circle a symbol of eternity, began to give rings for engagement. In ancient Russia, the engagement was called mating, or conspiracy.The word comes from the verb “to engage”, which means “to agree, to agree.” The ceremony was considered no less significant event than the wedding itself: it was during the conspiracy that important issues related to the dowry, as well as the life of the future family, were resolved.

The engagement ritual has taken root well in Christianity. So, Pope Nicholas I issued a decree that every groom must give the bride a golden ring as a sign of the seriousness of his intentions. Many peoples had a tradition of giving the groom a wedding shirt made by the bride.


There are many signs associated with engagement rings.

  • It is believed that the ring must be new. You should not give antique jewelry or family jewelry – you can transfer other people’s family problems to yourself. However, if the union of grandparents was strong and happy, such a ring will bring good luck.
  • Do not allow anyone other than the bride to try on the engagement jewelry.An outsider can “steal” part of family happiness.
  • The future groom should choose the ring – this confirms his readiness for a serious step. But you can do it together as a sign that all decisions in the family will be made jointly.
  • If you hold your engagement ring under the rays of the rising sun, your family life will be happy and long.

How to make an offer

Only lovers can decide how their engagement will go.Traditionally, the groom presents the bride with a ring and flowers. You can make an offer in a cozy home environment or come up with something extraordinary. The scenario of an important day should be thought out in advance in order to take into account all the nuances.

After the engagement, the young people inform their parents about their decision, celebrate the event in a close family circle, or arrange a magnificent celebration. Sometimes the bride and groom exchange gifts, accept congratulations from close relatives and friends.

On which finger is the engagement ring worn

Traditionally, rings are worn on the ring finger of the left or right hand.The ancient Egyptian sages believed that it is directly connected with the heart – the “vein of love” passes through it. According to wedding etiquette, on the day of the ceremony, the engagement ring should be changed over the middle finger and worn on the same hand as the engagement ring. There is another version, which says that the engagement jewelry must be put on the ring finger of the other hand, thereby looping the flows of love energy.

Are engagement rings given to men?

Engagement jewelry can be worn not only by women, but also by men.Men’s engagement rings are available in gold, platinum or silver. They differ from women’s ones in a more laconic design and a minimal amount of decor. Today, paired rings made in the same style are very popular.

Features of the selection of the engagement ring


This is perhaps the key point. If she agrees, the girl will wear the engagement ring all the time, so she should be comfortable in the jewelry – it should not fall off her finger or sit tightly on it, squeezing the blood supply.

In this In the article we told how to choose a ring for a girl by size. Recall the easiest way: go to a jewelry store with one of the jewelry that your beloved wears on her ring (this is important!) Finger. The hand does not matter, although the fingers of the left and right hands are slightly different in girth.

The consultant will use a ring gauge to accurately determine the size of the jewelry.

Design and Material

It is equally important which ring to choose for the proposal.Here you need to build on the girl’s tastes: observe what jewelry she prefers – classic or unusual, laconic or catchy, with or without stones. This will help you decide on the design of the ring. As a fallback, offer to walk through the jewelry department together and see what your significant other is paying attention to.

As for the base material, the engagement ring must be made of noble metals, of course. Preferably gold or platinum.In the first case, the higher the sample, the better: it is worth considering models of at least 585 samples. The color of the precious metal, again, depends on the girl’s preferences. By the way, today two-color gold models are in trend.

In the classic version, the gem is supposed to be in the engagement ring. But their number, type and color are left to the discretion of the one who is going to propose. It doesn’t have to be a colorless solitaire diamond. A gold ring with a sapphire or ruby ​​is perfect for this role.So, Prince Charles gave Lady Diana a sapphire ring for engagement, the new owner of which is Kate Middleton.


The price of jewelry is made up of several factors:

  • type and fineness of noble metal;
  • insert type;
  • characteristics of the stone.

It is not only the carat of the stone that matters, but also its color and clarity. Plus, the weight of the product itself is important. Of course, the higher the standard, the larger and higher the order of the insert, the more expensive the decoration.

The MYUZ catalog contains dozens of models of engagement rings, among which you can choose the very one!

90,000 12 Most Stunning Movie Decorations – Popcorn

Collar of Angelina Jolie

“Tourist”. In this film, the heroine Angelina Jolie wears genuine antique jewelry. This diamond collar was reworked from an antique tiara by the famous jewelry designer Robert Prokop and formed the basis of Angelina Jolie’s first jewelry collection Style of Jolie.Traditionally, Angelina will transfer funds from the sale of her jewelry collection to charity. The preliminary price of such a collar is $ 1,100,000.

Great Gatsby Tiara

Tiffany & Co partnered with costume designer Catherine Martin to create a Blue Book collection for the heroines of The Great Gatsby, which includes pieces inspired by the 1920s.All jewelry used in the painting is made of gold and platinum with the addition of precious stones and pearls. The most expensive piece used on The Great Gatsby is the $ 335,000 Savoy White and Yellow Diamond Tiara.

Cleopatra’s watch

At Cleopatra, Bvlgari jewelery set off Elizabeth Taylor’s searing Mediterranean shapes.Since then, the actress has fallen in love with the Roman house – the prize for the picture was $ 1 million (a record fee for those times), a Bvlgari ring with a diamond, donated by her fiance Richard Burton, a snake-shaped bracelet watch and a mirror. The watch became the most expensive souvenir that Elizabeth took from filming – $ 500,000.

Holly Golightly’s necklace

Among all the jewelery splendor in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, there is one masterpiece most famous and noteworthy.In the film, on the neck of Audrey Hepburn, you can see a necklace in which many strands of pearls are intertwined, on top of which is a rose with a large diamond in the center. This diamond bears the name of the Tiffany company and is its permanent mascot. Today, this necklace flaunts under the name “Rhapsody” and is estimated at approximately $ 3,500,000.

Princely necklace from Monaco

For the Princess of Monaco ribbon, Cartier has reproduced classic Grace Kelly jewelry from the 1950s.The collection contains replicas of the original Cartier jewelry that belonged to the Princess of Monaco. It is a 1955 three-strand diamond necklace and a ruby ​​tiara. According to various sources, the cost of the necklace varies from $ 400,000 to $ 600,000.

Sharon Stone’s autumn necklace

Especially for the famous shot in the movie “Casino”, the Bvlgari jewelry house has created a whole collection of jewelry, in fact, in which the heroine Sharon Stone bathes.The centerpiece of the collection was a spectacular necklace from the Four Seasons – Autumn series, which was later bought by an actress in love with him for $ 750,000.

Best Friends of Marilyn Monroe

One of the most famous intrusions of jewelry can be considered the song of Marilyn Monroe from the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” Marilyn was charming in a pink dress and necklace, the main part of which was the famous Indian Moon of Baroda diamond, taken from a completely different piece of jewelry that belonged to the royal family.Unfortunately, after the film, the trace of the magnificent necklace was lost, and a little later the diamond surfaced at one of the auctions separately. The remaining pieces of the decoration were never found. The cost of the remaining diamond is $ 1,000,000.

Anna Karenina’s beads

Keira Knightley has been wearing jewelry exclusively from Chanel for several years now, so it’s not surprising that when she was invited to the film “Anna Karenina”, she personally called the jewelers and asked for permission to wear their products for the film.Jewelers were generous and especially for filming released a collection of Chanel Haute Joaillerie, which included multi-layered necklaces of diamonds and pearls, earrings and brooches. The most expensive item in the collection is the $ 2,000,000 Camelia Poudre necklace.

Heart of the Ocean

According to the plot of the painting “Titanic”, the sapphire in the shape of a heart that adorns the famous necklace “Heart of the Ocean” was previously part of the crown of Louis XVI.In fact, the product created by the Asprey & Garrad jewelry house is made of white gold and inlaid with cubic zirconia. Its cost is only 10 thousand dollars, which is a rather modest amount for a project like the Titanic. Inspired by the success of the film, jewelers from Asprey & Garrad created an exact replica of the necklace, adorned with a 170 carat sapphire and 65 diamonds of 30 carats each. The jewel was sold at a charity auction for $ 2,200,000.

Yellow Diamond Kate Hudson

Among the jewelry, the Isadora necklace takes pride of place, which was created especially for the main character of the film “How to Lose a Boy in 10 Days”, played by Kate Hudson, the famous jeweler Harry Winston.The center of the decoration is a huge yellow sapphire weighing 50 carats. The cost of the diamond necklace was more than $ 5,000,000.

Becky’s Ruby Pendant

For the filming of Vanity Fair, the decorations were provided by the house of Chanel. Even the jewelry collection itself was named after one of the main characters of the Vanity Fair – “Becky Sharp”.Chanel ruby ​​and diamond sets sparkle on Reese Witherspoon. And the most unforgettable decoration of the film is a pendant consisting of diamonds and Burmese rubies. This chic necklace is a replica of the very first diamond jewelry created by the great Mademoiselle Chanel in 1932. It costs $ 120,000.

Necklace from Moulin Rouge

Initially, a necklace decorated with Swarovski crystals was made for the heroine Nicole Kidman in the movie “Moulin Rouge”.But the capricious star refused to put on the “glass” and threatened to quit shooting if she was not immediately served with real diamonds. Scratching the bottom of the barrel, the film’s producers turned to jeweler Stefano Canturi. He did not waste time on trifles, inlaid the item with 1308 diamonds with a total weight of 13,014 carats (2.5 kg), and as a result, the producers had to remind every five minutes: “Nicole, this is for rent!”, And the cost of the necklace was $ 10,000,000. He was brought to the shooting under guard for only two hours a day.

Found a mistake? Select the fragment and press Ctrl + Enter.

10 most expensive and famous jewelry in cinema ⋆ 💎 Sparkling stories from PRECIOSA-SHOP.RU

Who among women does not dream of diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones framed with gold of the highest standard? It is not for nothing that the jewelry business is flourishing, and on the eve of March 8, women especially often freeze in front of the windows and figure out how to hint to their gentleman about a precious gift.In films, everything happens much more romantic: on the screen, men present their ladies with necklaces and pendants worth several hundred thousand dollars, and this is not the limit. What jewels from films of different eras do you remember? We decided to recall the real masterpieces that were created especially for the heroines of our collection, and each of these jewelry has its own unique story.

Necklace with a yellow stone for $ 5,000,000

Kate Hudson

For the heroine Kate Hudson in the comedy “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” they made a simple and laconic, at first glance, necklace.A thick chain of white flowers is not the only advantage of this jewelry. The 80-carat yellow sapphire “Isadora” turned out to be a large redroarry Winston, an American manufacturer of luxury jewelry and wristwatches.

$ 3,500,000 Tiffany Pearl Necklace

Audrey Hepburn

Of course, we couldn’t ignore the romantic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, directed by Blake Edwards. Audrey Hepburn wore an iconic Givenchy black dress, in addition to which a necklace was created from several strands of pearls intertwined and decorated with a rose with a large one.This diamond was named “Tiffany”, and the necklace itself was given the name “Rhapsody”, and its value is estimated at about 3,500,000 dollars.

Pendant “Heart of the Ocean” for $ 2,200,000

Kate Winslet

In the film, Rose, the heroine of Kate Winslet, receives a pendant with a large indigo stone in the shape of a heart. Sapphire was called “Heart of the Ocean”, and according to legend, it was removed from the crown of King Louis XVI. In fact, the item created by the Asprey & Garrad jewelry house cost … $ 10,000! The thing is that it was made of white gold and cubic zirconia.But later, realizing the excitement around the film, Asprey & Garrad created an exact replica of the necklace, making it from 170 carat sapphire and 65 diamonds, and the cost of such a piece of jewelry reached $ 2,200,000.

Beads from Chanel for $ 2,000,000

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley has long been a fan of the Chanel fashion house, so when they started filming the adaptation of Anna Karenina, she suggested turning to this brand for making jewelry.Chanel jewelers have released the Haute Joaillerie collection specially for the shooting, which includes necklaces made of diamonds and pearls, earrings and brooches. But the most expensive thing turned out to be a necklace called Camelia Poudre, which cost $ 2,000,000. To create them, 700 diamonds with a total weight of 83 carats were used.

Ruby necklace for $ 1,350,000

Based on the plot of the movie “Pretty Woman”, Vivian receives from her rich gentleman a necklace consisting of 23 teardrop-shaped rubies, framed with diamonds.Vivian is warned that this expensive piece of jewelry is rented, but in reality it was made specially for the film by the French jewelry house Fred Joaillier.

Choker for Angelina Jolie for $ 1,100,000

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp

In The Tourist, where Angelina Jolie stars with Johnny Depp, the actress wears authentic vintage jewelry. Her diamond collar, which she wore with a black evening gown, was reworked from an antique tiara by jewelry designer Robert Prokop.Inspired by this creation, Jolie, together with Prokop, has created a whole collection of Style of Jolie jewelry.

$ 1,000 Art Nouveau necklace

Nicole Kidman

Hollywood beauty shone in a variety of jewelry, but one of the most memorable was the necklace from the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” The hot pink dress was complemented by bracelets and a necklace made up of many small diamonds, but in the center of which was the Indian Moon of Baroda, taken from a completely different piece of jewelry that belonged to the royal family.After the film, traces of this jewelry were lost, and later the stone surfaced on it from auctions separately from the necklace. The remaining pieces of the decoration have not been found. The cost of the necklace itself could not be determined, but the Moon of Baroda diamond was estimated at $ 1,000,000.

Sharon Stone’s Autumn Necklace for $ 750,000

Sharon Stone

For the movie “Casino” starring Sharon Stone, they created a whole collection of jewelry in which she literally bathes. The Bvlgari jewelry house tried to create something unique, but the main masterpiece of the collection was a necklace called “Four seasons – Autumn”.A luxurious necklace with carved leaves of tourmalines and amethysts so charmed Sharon Stone that after filming she bought it for $ 750,000.

Ruby pendant for $ 120,000

Reese Witherspoon

For the filming of the film “Vanity Fair” also tried the fashion house Chanel. The jewelry collection is named Becky Sharp after Reese Witherspoon’s character, Becky. The most memorable decoration of the film is a pendant made of diamonds and rubies. The necklace became a replica of the very first Coco Chanel jewelry in 1932.

Share your opinion, which of the presented jewelry do you like the most?

Jewelry of the highest standard – a gift from a generous heart

Colleagues, parents, beloved soulmate, manager will be delighted with jewelry as a gift. A wedding will not be complete without wedding rings, and christenings without a gold cross. In our jewelry salon we have jewelry for you too.

Crossing the threshold of the Diamond House, you find yourself in a theater where there is always a full house.Jewelry poetry never stops here, thanks to sensual jewelry made of gold, silver and platinum of various sizes and shapes, destined to become precious companions of connoisseurs of luxury.

Under the influence of creative passion, Russian jewelers give their products perfect shapes, making diamonds shine with divine light, and gems sparkle with rainbow colors. Each little thing is the embodiment of the rich imagination of artists who managed to capture the wisdom of nature, the philosophy of culture, and folk traditions in miniatures.

Wedding and wedding rings are not just symbols of family ties, but elegant jewelry made of interweaving gold of different shades interspersed with eternal diamonds, covered with delicate enamel and decorated with ornament of runes of happiness.

A woman will never refuse to replenish her box with a valuable new thing. The abundance of magnificent rings, incomparable bracelets, elegant earrings, fancy brooches, graceful pendants, necklaces and chains makes the choice akin to a magical ritual when, touching gold metal, you feel the exchange of the heat of natural energy.

In the men’s collection of rings, cufflinks and tie clips, strength is felt, and at the same time sophistication and charm. Simple, restrained lines emphasize business style, adding a touch of delicate self-confidence to the image. Sapphires, topazes and diamonds encased in white, red and yellow gold are ideal for creating an image.

Key rings made of precious metal with the image of a car brand are popular among drivers. And cute miniatures of elements of nature, covered with colored enamel, will decorate the keys to the apartment.

By creating graceful jewelry http://www.almaz-dom.ru/, goldsmiths allow the precious gifts of nature to speak. Their speech is sometimes florid, sometimes laconic, but always understandable and pleasant, and the image delights the eye and captivates with its majestic, incorruptible beauty.

Author: Lor Moore

Heart-shaped jewelry and its meaning in history

Money cannot buy love, but you can get, for example, a luxurious ring with a large diamond in the shape of a heart and a dozen more diamonds surrounded by.With Valentine’s Day approaching, emblems of love are becoming more relevant than ever and appear on postcards, in restaurant décor and in bouquets of flowers. What is the fate of the heart symbol in jewelry? Let’s get acquainted with the jewelry history of this romantic image, and at the same time make for ourselves a chic gift for February 14 with precious stones and in the shape of a heart.

The image of the heart in the form in which we are used to seeing it today appeared for the first time in the Middle Ages, and in the 15th and 16th centuries it became a popular detail in jewelry.It is noteworthy that in the history of jewelry there is no one universal symbol of the heart – there are many of them. For example, in the Victorian era, brooches, pendants and ornaments for hair used the image of the “witch’s heart”: the figurine of the heart was slightly elongated, and the sharp tip was made rounded. It was believed that this emblem protected from the evil eye, evil influence, as well as from love betrayal. Around the same era in Scotland, a metal heart with a crown in the form of a brooch served as a sign of strong love; it was presented instead of an engagement or wedding ring to brides.If you compare the two pieces of jewelry, the difference in cultural traditions immediately comes to the surface: the Victorian piece is richly adorned with precious stones, while the Scottish piece has a very austere design.

During the reign of Napoleon I in France, a type of sentimental decoration such as a heart-shaped medallion appears. The tiny accessory was made of gold with colored stones, and a message with the words “Love”, “Darling” or “Beloved” was kept inside. The decoration carried a triple symbolism, combining lyrical recognition, heart shape and precious stones, which signified seriousness of intentions.Absolutely every detail in a sentimental jewelry masterpiece in that era had its own meaning. Diamonds meant the strength of the union, rubies – passionate feelings, sapphires – loyalty and devotion, emeralds – the financial well-being of the couple. When the jewelry was made to order, the lovers themselves chose what stones to accompany the jewelry, and added even more strong symbolism, such as ribbons or bows, which tied the heart and signified unity. Sometimes the heart was deliberately divided into two parts in order to poetically depict the union of two hearts in one.

Jewelry increasingly tried to convey a declaration of love or tell the personal story of the donor. For example, in the 18th century, passionate feelings were directly expressed through the presence of flame in jewelry, and a century later, the image of a key and a lock will become the personification of loyalty in sentimental accessories. “The key to my heart is in your hands” – this is how gentlemen in love expressed their feelings through jewelry and accompanied the gift with engraving with the names of the couple. In the 19th century, jewelry – symbols of love is overgrown with even more semantic details: each flower and each stone chosen for the composition carried a certain message, personifying patience, recognition, expectation, innocence, the agony of passion, or a warm and almost friendly affection.The closer to modernity, the more individual the decoration becomes, and the cherished message that it carries to the addressee.

Vintage brooch

What words of love would you like to hear in the language of jewelry on the upcoming Valentine’s Day?

Ring with a central diamond in the shape of a heart

The symbol of the heart is a universal gift for expressing feelings. Let’s not be more original than many, many generations of lovers before us, and use the universal language of confessions – diamonds.

SL ring, rose gold, diamonds (order)

Topaz brooch in the shape of a heart

Carry the hearts given to you closer to your own heart. How? In the form of precious brooches on the lapel of the jacket and the collar of the dress.

Sokolov brooch, rose gold, topaz, cubic zirconia (order)

Bracelet with pendants

Lately we all miss the 1990s desperately. Going crazy for wide-shoulder blazers, tracksuits and baggy sweatshirts.And we also ring pendants on bracelets in the shape of hearts, as if sending a signal to the whole world that Cupid did not miss.

SL bracelet, rose gold, cubic zirconia (order)

Pendant with the inscription Love

Surprisingly, prints with hearts look too romantic, but jewelry does not. You want to give a T-shirt or scarf with a heart to your little sister, and leave a pendant with a heart and words of love for yourself as an everyday decoration.

Sokolov pendant, rose gold (order)

Earrings made of two types of gold with diamonds

Love as the strongest of feelings inspires us to crazy deeds, and jewelry designers – to true masterpieces of jewelry craftsmanship with complex execution.

Aldzena earrings, white and yellow gold, diamonds (order)

Heart pendant with black diamonds

Express your feelings the way your soul requires and create your personal melodrama according to your own script. Unusual in a romantic jewelry black color will add not only drama, but also individuality.

Pendant SL, white gold, diamonds (order)

Heart earrings with diamonds

In love, as in jewelry, it is important to express your intentions subtly and delicately.

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