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If you are under 13 you may not participate unless your parent and/or legal guardian Accepts this Release.

On behalf of all ticketed members of your party, you have voluntarily elected to participate in a virtual reality experience and related activities (the “Experience”) provided by, or on behalf of, Entertainment Merchandise NY, Inc. a New York Corporation and its related and affiliated entities and divisions (collectively “WB”) with support from Dreamscape Immersive, Inc., a Delaware corporation and (WB and Dreamscape collectively shall be referred to as the “Companies”). As a condition to such participation, or the participation of any minor between the ages of ten (10) and thirteen (13) under your legal custody, supervision or control (the “Minor), if applicable, you are required to accept this Liability Release and Indemnification Agreement (this “

Release”).   You and all members of your ticketed party, including  Minors, if applicable, are sometimes referred to hereinafter individually as “Participant” and collectively as “Participants.”

In consideration for the Participants’ participation in the Experience, and as a condition to such participation, by clicking Accept below, on behalf of yourself and any other person or entity claiming through the Participant, including, but not limited to, your spouse, and you and your spouse’s respective heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, you hereby voluntarily:

    1. Acknowledge that participation in the Experience and certain activities in which Participants will engage are potentially dangerous and involve serious risks, including, but not limited to, illness, nausea, motion sickness, serious injury, death and/or property
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    3. Acknowledge that due to safety reasons, participation in the Experience may not be appropriate for pregnant women and persons suffering from epilepsy, heart conditions, hearing or visual impairments and other disabilities.
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    6. Acknowledge and assume full responsibility (financial or otherwise) for any and all risks arising out of or in any way relating to the Participants’ involvement in the Experience, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable, and whether caused by the negligence (including gross negligence) of the Companies or any of their owners, officers, directors, employees, affiliates, partners, representatives, agents, contractors, licensors or landlords, or the officers, directors, employees, representatives, agents or assigns of any of the foregoing (collectively, the “Releasees”), whether or not such risks are specifically identified or referenced in this Release.
    7. Assume full responsibility for the Participants’ adherence to the safety guidelines.
    8. Acknowledge that there may be claims, risks or facts relating to the Experience of which you are not currently aware. You intend to grant the Releasees a full and final release of all claims, whether known or unknown. 
    9. RELEASE, DISCHARGE, WAIVE AND RELINQUISH ANY AND ALL ACTIONS OR CAUSES OF ACTION AGAINST THE COMPANIES, INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE, GROSS NEGLIGENCE AND STRICT LIABILITY, FOR PERSONAL INJURY (PHYSICAL OR PSYCHOLOGICAL), PROPERTY DAMAGE OR WRONGFUL DEATH OCCURRING TO THE PARTICIPANTS ARISING OUT OF OR RELATING TO ANY INVOLVEMENT IN THE EXPERIENCE or any activities incidental thereto, wherever or however the same may occur and for whatever period such activities may continue, including, but not limited to, actions or causes of action arising out of or in any way relating to activities in which you participate during the Experience, actions or causes of action arising out of or in any way relating to the failure of others to follow the safety guidelines of the Experience and actions or causes of action arising out of or in any way relating to activities to which you are exposed during the Experience which you independently attempt to replicate after your participation in the Experience.
    10. You understand that the Participants may be photographed, videoed or recorded (the “Recordings”) during the Experience and you hereby grant WB and its affiliates permission to use the Recordings, including the Participants’ likeness, in their sole discretion for research, promotional and marketing purposes in any and all media, now known or hereafter devised, without compensation.
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      1. U. S. Residents: To the fullest extent permissible by law, with the exception of disputes pertaining to Companies’ intellectual property rights and certain statutory claims that, pursuant to applicable law, are not arbitrable, any dispute of any kind between you and the Companies arising under this Release shall be resolved through final and binding arbitration pursuant to the JAMS Streamlined Arbitration Rules and Procedures on an individual basis only and with no entitlement to class relief, unless otherwise prohibited by law. The arbitrator shall be a retired judge or justice of any New York state or federal court and shall follow New York substantive law in adjudicating the dispute, except that this Section 13(a) shall be construed as a “written agreement to arbitrate” pursuant to the Federal Arbitration Act (“
          You and the Companies agree that we intend that this Section 14(a) satisfies the “writing” requirement of the FAA.  The hearing shall be conducted in the country that encompasses the billing address you have provided to the Companies.  For any claim in which you seek U.S. $10,000.00 or less, you shall have the choice as to whether the hearing is conducted in person, by telephone, or instead the arbitrator may decide the dispute without a hearing.  AGREEMENT TO THESE TERMS CONSTITUTES AN AGREEMENT TO PURSUE YOUR CLAIM ONLY ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS AND A WAIVER OF THE ABILITY TO PURSUE YOUR CLAIM IN A CLASS ACTION.
    15. If any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect.

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You acknowledge that you understand the risks associated with participating in the Experience and have had the opportunity to personally discuss with a representative of WB the potential risks and dangers incidental to participating in the Experience.

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Harry Potter and the division of rights – distribution of license for harry potter merchandise

Image source: https://in.mashable.com/culture/5332/on-her-birthday-jk-rowling-reveals-that-only-the-og-harry-potter-canon-matters

This article is written by Sucharita Ghosh who is pursuing a Certificate Course in Intellectual Property Law and Prosecution from LawSikho.

Whenever we hear about the magic world, the first name that comes into our mind is Harry Potter. Written by the world’s most successful fantasy novelist J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter is not just a book or film series, it became a dream world for millions of kids and teens all across the world. Almost all Potterheads at some point in time have dreamt about receiving a Hogwarts letter and stepping into the wizarding world through platform no. 9 ¾ with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. 

Harry Potter fever has been sweeping the planet with amazing books and movies since it came into existence. Even after a decade of releasing its last and final film, this wildly popular adventure of the eponymous boy wizard is continuing to win thousands of hearts.  Millions of young potter heads around the world live and breathe this record-breaking series of harry potter.

Originally published by Bloomsbury, these fantasy novels chronicle the lives of a young wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley and their adventure at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The series consists of eight fantasy films, beginning with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001) and culminating with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 (2011).

Beginning her journey of writing Harry Potter at a café in Edinburgh, Rowling reached the peak of success after releasing her first harry potter novel. Since the release of the first novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, on 26 June 1997, the books have found a wide range of audiences from kids to teens to adults and gained immense popularity, positive reviews, and commercial success among all classes of readers worldwide. It’s often considered the cornerstones of modern young adult literature. 

The original seven books were adapted into an eight-part film series by Warner Bros. Pictures, which is the third highest-grossing film series of all time. The value of this story of wizard land, the Harry Potter franchise was estimated at more than $25 billion, making Harry Potter one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time.

Not sure if any Potterhead kids have ever received the ticket to Hogwarts or not, but Rowling and Warner Bros. have surely reached into the magical world after skyrocketing sales of Harry Potter books, movies, and merchandise. The popularity of the Harry Potter series has translated into substantial financial success for Rowling, her publishers, and other Harry Potter-related license holders. This success has made Rowling the first and thus far only billionaire author.  It has created huge revenues from license and rights holders through commercial exploitation of various intellectual property rights. As per internet sources, the books have sold more than 500 million copies worldwide, making them the best-selling book series in history, and have been translated into eighty varied languages. The total revenue from the book sales is estimated to be around $7.7 billion. The first novel in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, has sold in excess of 120 million copies, making it one of the bestselling books in history. This massive success of the books and films has allowed the Harry Potter franchise to expand with numerous derivative works, merchandising shops, games, studio tours, and what not! The films have led to the licensing of more than 400 additional Harry Potter products. 

Like any other original literary, artistic, or cinematographic work, the creation of Harry Potter is also accompanied by several valuable IP rights. Author J. K. Rowling and Warner Bros., have protected the intellectual assets relating to Harry Potter vigilantly since the very inception. The fate of young Harry, with whom countless children have grown up since his first appearance decades ago, had always been kept a tightly guarded secret by author J.K. Rowling and her publishers Bloomsbury. Later, Rowling sold the filming rights of her books to Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. who is currently the owner of all IP rights relating to harry potter movies whereas J K Rowling still has exclusive rights over Harry Potter stories and characters.  

The right holder of IP assets acquired from Harry Potter films, Warner Bros has always been vigilant about their IP rights. They had filed their first trademark application for Harry Potter in 1998. They also own several trademarks of this series including the movie names, characters, themes, and other well-known elements. Everything relating to the Harry Potter series is well protected with multiple trademarks by Warner Brothers Entertainment. In fact, it’s difficult to find something related to Harry Potter that isn’t trademarked, from the names of the books and movies to house names, even the term ‘Muggle’ is also trademarked.

Back in 2016, NBCUniversal acquired television and digital rights to the Harry Potter films for the time period of 2018 to 2025. This deal of 250 million dollars includes exclusive airing rights of all wizarding world movies. They also got the right to create theme parks based on which they have already established two wizarding worlds of harry potter themed parks.

Apart from selling books and movies, another most popular way of attracting the audience and earning commercial benefit is merchandising. Product merchandising has evolved as the biggest means of generating profit from movies and series once it is released and becomes popular among the young crowd. Merchandising has gained optimum popularity nowadays. Every big banner movie, especially kids’ movies, is accompanied by prolific merchandising. Nowadays, the biggest business interest behind any Warner Bros, Disney, or DC movie are product merchandising. 

Naturally this huge success of the books and series encouraged the Harry Potter franchise to launch various merchandise for potter heads. The harry potter fans are gifted with various amazing products from the wizard worlds such as labeled T-shirts, Time turner, snitch, deathly hallows jewelry, resurrection stone, elder wand, Horcrux, Slytherin’s locket, Hufflepuff’s cup, a lost diadem of Ravenclaw, tom riddle’s diary and so many stuff!

One of the most popular forms of product merchandising in fictional movies is character merchandising. Character merchandising is the smartest method of commercial exploitation of the IP rights through generating a huge profit by selling a wide range of goods and services inspired by well-known characters, be it fictional or real. There are various kinds of character merchandising such as personality merchandising, fictional or cartoon character merchandising, and image merchandising.  One of the biggest examples of such merchandising includes Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe. In many situations, a dual reputation for individuals is created whereby the same person develops a reputation of his own as well as carries the reputation of the character portrayed by him, like till now Danial Radcliff is more popular as Harry Potter than his real name.  

Basically merchandising is a marketing tool, which targets the customers by making merchandisable products by way of adopting a character’s name, image, voice, features, etc., through various modes of depictions and presentations. It is a profitable manipulation of a renowned personality using their name and fame. Characters in character merchandising are usually taken from various products of a literary work, artistic work, or cinematographic work. 

License holders of Harry Potter merchandise

Since the beginning, multiple companies had paid significant sums to be officially associated with the Harry Potter world. Warner Bros have selected multiple key official merchandising sellers in various different sectors to turn their merchandising dream into reality. Companies like W H Smith, Hewlett Packard Lego, etc have all spent a huge amount of money to acquire the right to become ‘official’ merchandisers. They have distributed harry potter merchandise rights in around 400 different products among its licensees who all are various well-reputed brands all across the world. Such as- 

  • Hasbro Inc. got a license for selling harry potter themed electronic toys, trading cards, and candy. They are the licensed distributor of Harry Potter sweets such as Cockroach Clusters, Chocolate Frogs, and Fizzing Whizbees.  
  • Mattel got the official right to make Harry Potter action figures, games, and puzzles. 
  • Electronic Arts got the license to manufacture Harry Potter computer and video games; 
  • Coca-Cola secured rights in the marketing of the film together with its products. 

In India, there are several license holders who can sell official merchandise of Harry Potter-like Hamleys India, Bigsmall.in, Hottopic India, Marks & Spencer, Souled store, redwolf, etc.

The shelf-life of Harry Potter is record-breaking, till now it has wide popularity. Warner Brothers are still generating billions and billions of dollars from this hugely successful movie merchandise.

How are merchandise rights distributed?

Any successful literary, cinematographic, or artistic creation generates huge profit from the commercial exploitation of its various intellectual property assets. Therefore, from the very beginning, it is necessary for the right owners to take all the necessary measures to protect their intellectual property, so that they can exploit its commercial benefit to the maximum possible extent later when the merchandise hits the market. After producing successful movies the media houses select the list of official merchandising products to be produced and hand over the licensees to design, supply, and sell them. Once the types of merchandise have been selected, then prospective design agencies, licensees, and marketing consultants can be identified. The brand owners tend to bind their licensees to strict contracts, allowing maximum return for the license of its rights. The licensees also tend to keep royalty payments and risks to a minimum.

This commercial exploitation or adaptation of the registered character through merchandising can be done either by way of an assignment agreement or a licensing agreement or a merchandise distribution agreement. Therefore to commercially pierce the market by way of merchandised goods or services it is imperative to give rights through licensing or assignments to the authorized third parties to use the characters in merchandised products or services.

Two primary essential clauses of such agreement are merchandising clause and trademark licensing clause along with other expressed terms and conditions, authorizing the third party to indulge in using their characters or one or several traits of the characters upon their products and thus promoting the character. The following kinds of agreements can be made to authorize a third party to sell official merchandise.

Trademark licensing agreement

To license a third party is to create merchandise firstly the film owners should protect their movie characters through various copyright and trademark by graphically representing its different entities such as design, sound, dialogue, name, etc. Here it is pertinent to mention that a trademark can only be protected when it can be graphically represented.  Such graphically represented characters of a movie can be protected as trademarks, apart from being protected as fictional characters under the copyright law. Once the owners registered the desired trademarks, they can promote their character, they can license such marks through a licensing agreement, and enable the registered user to reap the commercial benefits. A registered user is the licensee of the trademark who is authorized to deal with the trademark exclusively or non-exclusively as decided upon in the trademark license agreement.

Even though there is no direct provision for Trademark Licensing under the Indian Trademarks Act, Section 48 and 49 of the Act deals with ‘Registered User’. As per Section 48 of the act, any person except the registered owner or proprietor of a trademark may be registered as a registered user for any or all the goods or services in relation to the registered trademark. 

Section 49 of the Trademarks Act allows the trademark owner to give authority to different parties involved in different activities through separate licensing agreements after giving notice to the other registered proprietors. For example, Marks and Spencer can make harry potter character printed garments whereas Yellow chimes can make Harry Potter-themed jewelry and showpieces. The trademark licensing agreements can either be exclusive or non-exclusive.

The distributors usually enter into a merchandise distribution agreement with the suppliers before producing and selling any official merchandise of any movies or series. Selling those products without proper paperwork and valid authorization attracts various criminal prosecutions. Therefore it is necessary to obtain all legal permission before selling any movie merchandise. 

A merchandising agreement shall be in writing, duly authenticated, and should contain the exclusivity status explaining the degree of control by the proprietor over the permitted use offered to the licensee, definition of the subject matter of the agreement, description of the features relating to the character to be merchandised, Goods and services in which it is to be inculcated, territorial limitation and scope of the agreement, nature of work, a period of permitted use and confidentiality clause.

A merchandise distribution agreement, sometimes also called a distributor agreement, where the supplier is the owner company who supplies or sells the goods to the distributor. Under these agreements, the supplier and the distributor expressly state their expectations regarding the sale and distribution of the goods, as well as the general behavior and limits of the relationship between them. In a distribution agreement, some important details regarding this distribution need to be mentioned. Such as a description of the goods sold, how and when the distributor is expected to pay, details of the trademark licensing, whether the agreement is exclusive or not, geographical territory covered by the agreement, circumstances under which the contract may be terminated, and what the penalties are for early termination, etc. Detail of the trademark licensing has to be expressed property in any merchandise distribution agreement.

Film merchandising is a major promotional tool used to heighten the fate of a film at the box office. The concept of movie merchandising has proved to be a successful hook for film producers, making healthy contributions to a film’s revenue streams and sometimes generating even more than the box-office collections themselves. 

Amidst the promotional aspect there lies the threat of counterfeit products which can cause huge loss to the IP owners. Counterfeit goods are those goods that include a registered trademark, typically a famous mark, and are made or sold by a party who doesn’t have the right to use the mark.  

In the era of the internet, it became a more severe threat as every now and then pirated products can be spotted on various e-commerce sites. Unplanned and non-strategic merchandising can cause serious adverse effects on a brand and it can depreciate the goodwill of a brand if the quality is not controlled properly. Moreover, selling such knock-off products is a serious offense in the eye of law which can lead to criminal prosecution. In India Sections 102 and 103 of the Trademarks Act, enumerate the penalty and punishment for selling a counterfeit product which states selling any products that falsely use any trademark or apply it to goods and services, without the consent of the owner or proprietor invites punishment of imprisonment which may extend to three years, and a fine which may extend to 2 lakhs rupees. Likewise every country US, UK has its different penalties and punishment against such unauthorized sale of pirated merchandise products.

Even after taking all such legal measures to protect their intellectual properties and acquire commercial benefit out of it, counterfeiting pirated products create substantial challenges to the right owners. Therefore the producers not only need to protect their IP rights vigilantly from the very beginning but they should enforce their rights and take timely action against infringers to smooth the running of their merchandising business. Rowling and Warner Bros could earn this huge amount of profit and created history by efficiently protecting and monitoring their IP assets and channelized their merchandising rights artfully for commercial exploitation. This story of Harry Potter is not just a children’s story, it is also the biggest example of the magical transformative powers of creativity and intellectual property J.K. Rowling’s creative talents have made her one of the wealthiest women in the world. Yet it was through the international system of IP rights that she was able to plug that creativity into the global publishing and entertainment networks which propelled her from poverty to plenty.  

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What to Buy at Diagon Alley

Jason Cochran By Jason Cochran

Universal Orlando’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter—Diagon Alley is hailed as a triumph of immersive theme park design, but it’s also a triumph in ancillary souvenir sales. Here, Harry Potter is as insidious as Voldemort when it comes to diabolically coming up with ways to separate visitors from their money. Even after parting with more than $100 to get into Universal Studios, the enticements for spending aren’t remotely finished. Nearly everything there is to do and taste there comes with a price tag, and it’s extraordinarily easy to get swept along in the merchandising mesmerization. Some of the best bespoke purchasing potential includes these Potterized twists.

Jason Cochran Butterbeer

Let’s start with the original blockbuster Harry Potter food souvenir: Butterbeer. It tastes like a butterscotch Life Saver and comes in either frozen or liquid. Then you choose whether you want to pay extra for a souvenir mug. Pretty much everyone who comes to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter orders at least one serving. You can only get it there or at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour where the movies were shot, outside of London. That’s it. By the way, this non-alcoholic treat tastes insanely sweet, but it was tested by an independent lab and it contains no more sugar than a can of Coke. It does, however have 200 calories and 46 grams of carbs per cup.

Jason Cochran Magic wands

At Ollivanders, groups are admitted to a wand showroom where the wizened clerk selects a child and asks them to try out various wands until one of them works proper magic. At the end of that, a second clerk takes that successful wand in hand and leads the child to the main floor where they are inclined to purchase it. These standard Famous Witches and Wizards Replical Wands look exactly like the ones used by the movies’ biggest characters. 

Jason Cochran Interactive wands

The second kind of wand for sale has a special tip that interacts with hidden tricks located all over The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Wherever you find a medallion embedded in the ground, stand on it, emulate the gesture traced on it, and something in your surroundings will come alive, whether is flushing a toilet, animating a suit of armor, or making a fountain squirt. For the park’s first summer, interactive wands cost $50, though the price has been upped a bit since then.

Jason Cochran Gringotts Money Exchange

A supercilious animatronic goblin oversees this money exchange, where visitors are encouraged to trade in their “muggle money” for Gringotts Bank Rune Credit that can be spent in the park or, Universal hopes, be taken home as a souvenir. Tens and twenties only, please. How about $20 worth of fun paper?

Jason Cochran Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour

It’s pretty difficult to resist funky flavors such as Chocolate Chilli (it has a kick), Earl Gray and Lavender, and Clotted Cream. You could go through the line ten times and still not try every bespoke flavor.

Jason Cochran Butterbeer soft serve ice cream

This stuff may be more addictive than Butterbeer by the cup. It’s very much like a creamy butterscotch embedded with streaks of caramel. In the Florida heat, it doesn’t seem excessive to eat three.

Jason Cochran The Hopping Pot

The Hopping Pot, in Carkitt Market, is devoted to beverages. Sip sweet concoctions by the cup: Otter’s Fizzy Orange Juice, Tongue Tying Lemon Squash, Peachtree Fizzing Tea, and the tried-and-true Pumpkin Juice (a Christmasy apple juice).

Jason Cochran Beers sold only in The Wizarding World

The Fountain of Fair Fortune is a handsome Victorian-style pub, all etched glass and wood, that serves not only a few real-world British beers but also three that are brewed especially for the Harry Potter lands: Dragon Scale (a chocolately stout), Wizards Brew (a light lager), and Hog’s Head (a hoppy ale).

Jason Cochran Fishy Green Ale

The breakout beverage at Diagon Alley is Fishy Green Ale, which isn’t actually fishy-tasting or even alcoholic—it’s a creamy mint-cinnamon. It is, however, served with a fat straw through which you suck the giant “popping blueberry fish eggs” that splatter blueberry syrup in your mouth. They’re actually boba, but it’s fun.

Jason Cochran Security photos on Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts

To make sure everyone has their photo taken for potential purchase, having your picture taken is worked into the plotline of the marquee ride, which starts out as a route visit to Gringotts Bank. Your family is pulled aside during the queue for “identification.” At the end of this technologically groundbreaking ride, you exit through the imitation vault where those photos are turned into 8-by-10 glossies, lanyards, and other souvenirs.

Jason Cochran Eternelle’s Elixir of Refreshment

Mix your choice of $4 “elxirs” (Draught of Peace, Fire Protection Potion, etc.) with $4 “Gillywater” (water) and something magical happens (Universal just made $8 on sugar water).

Jason Cochran Shutterbutton’s

Via a green screen, put your family in the middle of 3–4 minute DVD ($70), like a moving postcard exploring the Potter universe. It’s a Potterized version of the old Wild West costume souvenir photo.

Jason Cochran Stuffed animals at Magical Menagerie

Here, you can buy versions of Hermione’s half-Kneazle cat Crookshanks, your very own Pygmy Puff (in the toy shop, each “adoption” is announced with the gong of a large bell), or these adorable ferret puppets.

Jason Cochran Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes

Diagon Alley’s toy store also sells some expensive sweets. You can buy the candy Ron would eat to get out of school: Puking Pastilles, Fainting Fancies, Fever Fudge, and Nosebleed Nougat. All four can be bundled together in a folding box known as The Skiving Snackbox.

Jason Cochran Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions

What primary-color jumpsuits are to Trekkies, Hogwarts robes are to Potterheads. Here, at this Diagon Alley shop, they pay well over $100 for a facsimile. 

Jason Cochran Borgin and Burkes

Some of the few souvenirs that were not expressly created for the Wizarding World can be found here, in this occult-leaning shop in the darkness of Knockturn Alley. The (fake) human skulls come in clear, black, and natural. (History lesson: The “Burkes” in the store’s name likely comes from Burke and Hare, two notorious nineteenth-century serial killers who sold their victims to doctors for dissection in J.K. Rowling’s hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland.)

Jason Cochran The Hogwarts Express

Perhaps the most brilliant upsell at Diagon Alley is the fact that it splits The Wizarding World of Harry Potter between two separate theme parks. If you want to visit both, you have to purchase two park tickets. You can do that at the train station beside each Wizarding World; those blue kiosks among the “prams” (strollers) are where you hand over your plastic to buy them. The upside is the train is technologically marvelous, giving the impression of traveling through the countryside even though there’s not a single window into the real world. You also get to travel through this pitch-perfect re-creation of London.

Jason Cochran Eel pie

At last—something that isn’t for sale! It’s a frivolous take on a meal you can actually order in the real London, but at Diagon Alley, it’s just one more whimsical piece of set dressing in a richly detailed theme park streetscape of store and stalls that wants everyone to keep on spending. If you were to purchase one of everything mentioned in this slideshow, you’d have laid out more than $600 in addition to park admission and parking. You may not believe in magic, but Universal’s shareholders do.

The Harry Potter New York Store Is Worth the Hype. Here’s What to See, Do, and Buy

Calling all Potterheads!

Another chapter in the Wizarding World has begun with Harry Potter New York. Home to the biggest selection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast merchandise found under one roof, this three-story space in Manhattan’s Flatiron District is the world’s only official Harry Potter flagship store.

But don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a retail space. This is more than 21,000 square feet of space that’s also an interactive experience that showcases 15 themed rooms, two of which are exclusive-to-New York virtual reality (VR) experiences. In “Chaos At Hogwarts,” guests become Hogwarts students and join Dobby on adventures throughout the wizarding school, casting spells when needed; and in “Wizards Take Flight,” guests “hop” on a broom and join Hagrid on a few high-flying adventures, including an encounter with a few Death Eaters. 

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INSIDER TIPTickets for the VR experiences must be purchased in advance through the website and guarantee entry to the store (which means no need to deal with the virtual queue).

Other themed-areas range from a confectionary modeled after Honeydukes (with the largest chocolate frog we’ve ever seen) to House of MinaLima, a magical space full of books, posters, and stationary just like you see in the beloved movies (MinaLima is the brilliant design duo that delivered the graphic props for the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies).

Harry Potter New York/Warner Bros.

There’s a room dedicated to New York-exclusive merch as well as a room called Things That Must Be Named, where you can get all sorts of things personalized from Quidditch jerseys and journals to wands. Speaking of wands, you can gaze upon actual wands used in the movies (those of Bellatrix, Queenie, Newt, Ron, and Draco to name a few) in the Wand Shop. The shop also features an interactive wand table that invites visitors to test out those famous wands, plus there are more than 50 wands that you can buy, some of which were inspired by Wizarding World characters, locations, and props like the Golden Snitch wand, an exclusive Harry Potter New York item.

INSIDER TIPThere are more than 1000 movie props (including some authentic items featured in the movies like Harry’s Firebolt, a Death Eater mask, and Ravenclaw’s Diadem) scattered about the store.

There are photo ops galore, including the Floo Powder-activated fireplace (it’s the store’s elevator!), the London phone box that may or may not transport you to the Ministry of Magic, and the opportunity to experience what’s it like to be in Hagrid’s boots. There’s even a scavenger hunt throughout the store. Find all of the “Enchanted Keys” and unlock the puzzle, and you might just get a prize. The keys also unlock exclusive behind-the-scenes information and videos on the Harry Potter Fan Club app that add to the experience.

Harry Potter New York/Warner Bros.

INSIDER TIPDownload the Harry Potter Fan Club app before your visit to help you gather the “Enchanted Keys” and make sure you pick up the Explore the Store map which will help you locate the harder-to-find keys. It’s also a cool souvenir.

And then there’s the Butterbeer Bar whose menu includes draft Butterbeer that’s served in a souvenir tankard, Butterbeer ice cream, and bottled Butterbeer that’s flown in from the U.K., along with a few baked goods we’ll let you discover. Believe us when we tell you that drinking Butterbeer straight from the tap is an experience you don’t want to miss. There’s also an exclusive New York label for bottled Butterbeer that was designed by MinaLima. Grab one while you can!

INSIDER TIPPlan to spend an hour or so in the store to get the full experience, and add on 30 minutes for each VR experience. 

Harry Potter New York/Warner Bros.

So how do you get to experience all of this Wizarding World Wonder? To visit the store, guests must join a virtual queue that starts each morning at 7 a.m. by scanning the QR code displayed outside the store, which sits between 5th Ave. and Broadway on 22nd St.; the store’s social media handles alert guests when the queue is full. You will then be given an entry time slot; go early because time slots do fill up quickly. Separate tickets are needed for the VR experiences ($34 per ride) and must be purchased ahead of time online. BUT, entry to the store is included in your VR experience ticket so if you don’t feel like queuing, this might be your golden snitch. 

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The Trio’s Reuniting, Albus/Scorpius Becomes Canon?, and our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The Trio’s Reuniting, Albus/Scorpius Becomes Canon?, and our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

On this week’s episode, major news hits the fandom! We discuss the upcoming reunion of cast and crew from Harry Potter to celebrate the first film’s 20th anniversary. In addition, the new, shorter version of Cursed Child is reportedly a lot more heavy on an Albus/Scorpius relationship! And finally we bring you our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide! Join Andrew, Eric, Laura and Micah as they reveal what awesome fan-crafted finds they’ve discovered this year.

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint will all take part in a 20th Anniversary Special for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone’s release
Even actors from later films, such as Gary Oldman and Mark Williams, will be joining in as well as SS/COS director Chris Columbus
There have been no reports of J.K. Rowling in attendance. The hosts weigh in on what involvement she’ll have, if any.
A Cursed Child fan has passionately revealed that the new, shorter version of Cursed Child on Broadway has a lot more direct references to Albus and Scorpius being interested in one another, and fewer references to girls like Rose and Polly Chapman!
The hosts guess at why the play would make changes now, and for only half of its current productions.
Main Discussion: Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide episode is here! Each host has two recommendations of fan-made items to check out.
From Andrew’s list: A custom Hogwarts acceptance letter and a really awesome personalized lenticular Chocolate Frog card!
Eric just loves the super-crafty, miniature Book Nooks that can be found on Etsy, as well as Etsy seller Clever Badger designs, who make many hand-crafted gifts for book lovers.
Additionally, MuggleNet’s 2022 fandom calendar is donating part of its proceeds to Fandom Forward (formerly the HP Alliance)
Micah has found Wine Goblets from Ravenclaw house and themed soy candles from Frostbeart Studio!
And Laura has found a way to get The Grim in your teacup every day, as well as these neat custom Apple Watch bands

In addition to their fan-made recommendations, the hosts discuss where to go for vintage Harry Potter merchandise (eBay!)
We also ask: if money weren’t an object, which piece of official Harry Potter merchandise would we buy?
Lastly, what newly-released official merchandise are we eyeing at the end of this year?
Quizzitch: What 14th Century witch enjoyed being burnt at the stake so many times that she did so at least 47 times under different guises?
This week’s episode is brought to you by Beam (Visit BeamOrganics.com/mugglecast for 40% off the first 3 months of any Beam sunscription, plus a free mug and frother — OR 20% off any one time purchase) and BetterHelp (get 10% off your first month at BetterHelp.com/mugglecast)

Potted Potter – The Unauthorised Harry Experience – A Parody by Dan and Jeff

With all the Harry Potter books and movies done, and no new material to pore over, where can a devoted Muggle get a fix? You could fly to Florida, to the Universal Studios Orlando theme park. Or over to Britain, where tours of the films’ sets, at Leavesden Studios outside London, have begun. Online, there’s always J. K. Rowling’s Pottermore Web site.

Or you could make your way to the Little Shubert Theater, where the gloriously goofy “Potted Potter” is being staged. Billed as “the unauthorized Harry experience,” this parody makes the perfect claim for the Twitter age: all seven books — roughly 4,000 pages — in 70 minutes.

Potted Potter is the antic creation of Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner, better known in Britain as Dan and Jeff, onetime presenters on CBBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation’s children’s network. In the best two-man comedy tradition, Jeff, the shorter one, is the straight man, the expert on all things Harry; Dan, the taller one, is the one who’s faking it, confusing the series with The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Using bad wigs and Silly String on a set so cheap it might have been furnished by Craigslist, Mr. Clarkson and Mr. Turner do indeed tell an abbreviated, ridiculous version of the Boy Who Lived. Mr. Turner plays Harry, though when he wears those signature glasses, he looks more like that pinball wizard, Elton John. Mr. Clarkson, channeling a caffeinated Robin Williams, plays everyone else, including, among others, Ron and Hermione; Draco Malfoy; Snape; the Weasleys; Sirius Black; Mad-Eye Moody; Dumbledore; and, of course, He Who Must Not Be Named.

Dobby, the house elf, makes an appearance, as does Nagini, Voldemort’s snake; Death Eaters and — crucial to Mr. Clarkson, at least — the dragon from Book 4. A highlight is the game Quidditch played with audience participation. And a very golden Snitch.

Potted Potter grew from a five-minute street sketch recapping the first five books that the two created in 2005 to entertain Potter fans lined up for the release of the sixth, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. When they expanded it with runs in the West End in London and in Toronto, they no doubt took some cues from the popular Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged) by the Reduced Shakespeare Company.

The flavor is Monty Python meets vaudeville, ragged and thrown together in a spirit similar to fan-created homages like Potter Puppet Pals and A Very Potter Musical. You don’t need to know all the plot twists and nuances of Hogwarts to enjoy the in-jokes, though clearly most of the delighted crowd does. (On the off chance you’re in the middle of the series, be warned: spoilers lurk throughout, though the original does not include a disco ball.)

Besides, if you miss something, another laugh will be along shortly. Clearly Mr. Clarkson and Mr. Turner attended Professor Flitwick’s charms class, because the duo casts the perfect spell over the audience: Reductio ad absurdum.

The New York Times

Inside Biggest ‘Harry Potter’ Store in the World + Review

  • The world’s largest “Harry Potter” store is in NYC, and I got an early look inside the shop.
  • The three-floor store is filled with unique merchandise, themed decor, and actual movie props.
  • There’s also a confectionery and Butterbeer Bar full of treats inspired by the fantasy series. 
LoadingSomething is loading.

The world’s largest “Harry Potter” store opens in New York City this week, and the magical emporium is so much more than a place to buy merchandise.

After being delayed amid the coronavirus pandemic, the three-floor store based on the fantasy series by controversial author J.K. Rowling officially opens on Thursday.

I had a chance to visit the shop before its grand opening, and it was like stepping into a combination of a store, a museum, and the Wizarding World itself. 

Read on to see what it’s like exploring the massive and magical store.

Right when I walked in, I was greeted by a familiar face

Fawkes is hanging right by the entrance. Erin Ajello for Insider

I entered the store at the corner of 5th Avenue and 22nd Street, which opened straight into the New York-exclusive merch section.

The first thing I saw was Fawkes, Professor Dumbledore’s Phoenix, suspended over the central table full of shirts, mugs, and hats.

A store employee wearing a black mask with “Harry Potter New York” printed in gold immediately greeted me and gave a brief explanation of where to find the different sections of the store.

The mask, which all the employees were wearing, was also available for purchase as one of the store’s exclusive products.

After getting my bearings, I ventured farther into the shop. 

I made my way to the section dedicated to the four Hogwarts Houses

There’s decor around the merchandise displays. Erin Ajello for Insider

The room next to the New York section was full of items sorted by the four Hogwarts Houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.

Each area featured framed images of students from their corresponding houses, such as Draco Malfoy in Slytherin and Newt Scamander in Hufflepuff. The sections also displayed items related to the houses, like Luna Lovegood’s lion headpiece in the Gryffindor area.

There are products for each Hogwarts House. Erin Ajello for Insider

The entire ceiling was decorated with silhouettes of quidditch players, and the floor had a brilliant blue-and-gold design.

I’d only been there for three minutes and there was already so much to take in. 

I downloaded the store’s app so I could play an interactive game around the store

Shoppers can play an interactive game around the store. Erin Ajello for Insider

As I made my way through the first few sections, I learned you could use the store’s app to find Enchanted Keys.

Display cases filled with actual movie props could be found throughout the store, and each one is marked with a symbol consisting of a key with wings. 

Shoppers can download the Harry Potter Fan Club app and scan those symbols around the store to unlock more information about the prop and reveal a secret letter.

There are real props from the movies in the store. Erin Ajello for Insider

After collecting nine letters and discovering the secret word, you can go to a cashier to claim a mysterious prize.

I was impressed that the store set up an entire game for its shoppers, so I eagerly downloaded the app. 

Shoppers can scan the items for more information. Erin Ajello for Insider

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to scan enough props to reveal the code, but I enjoyed using the app to unlock information about each object.

When I scanned the props, “fact files” popped up with behind-the-scenes trivia, information about the item’s role in the series, and a poll.

For Harry’s golden snitch, the poll asked which quidditch position I would want to play, and the added information explained how its digital effects were created in the movies. 

It was amazing to explore around the store and find displays of real movie props like the golden egg from “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and the Elder Wand.

Moving into the wand section felt like stepping right into Ollivanders

The store offers multiple varieties of wands. Erin Ajello for Insider

Next, I wandered into the wand section, which was packed floor to ceiling with boxes of wands.

It felt like I’d been transported into Ollivanders on Diagon Alley.

The wands of all the main characters were available for purchase as well as 14 different limited-edition Hogwarts-themed wands.

I was disappointed that each Hogwarts House had three different themed wands except for Ravenclaw, which only had two. As someone who identifies as a Ravenclaw and already felt pretty underrepresented in the books, this was a bit of a blow.

The section also offered a New York-exclusive wand called the Golden Snitch and a $160 Dumbledore’s Army Wand Collection featuring Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Neville, and Luna’s wands.

The wand section opened up into the interactive dueling experience where visitors can stand in front of an orb and duel with the wands of famous “Harry Potter” characters.

I happened to walk up while a staff member was explaining the area, and after watching two friends duel each other, I got to try it out.

When I grabbed the wand nearest to me, Ron Weasley’s face appeared on the orb, along with information about his wand.

For the actual duel, two people grab onto wands and watch their spells fly across the orb.

I lost my duel, but I was comforted by the prospects of drinking some Butterbeer soon, so I moved on from the area. 

The center of the store featured a huge spiral staircase

The staircase looks kind of like the entrance to Dumbledore’s office in the films. Erin Ajello for Insider

After I left the wand area, I got my first good view of the spiral staircase at the center of the store.

It featured a huge Griffin perched on a stone column, similar to the entrance to Dumbledore’s office in the films. 

The column itself had quotes inscribed into it, including Dumbledore’s line from “Goblet of Fire,” “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”

At this point, I’d been in the store for around 20 minutes and only seen a few sections, so I ventured downstairs to the cellar, excited for what was to come.

I bee-lined for the book section, which was filled with ‘flying’ hardbacks 

The book section is highly decorated. Erin Ajello for Insider

When I walked downstairs, the book section immediately caught my attention. 

The area had an archway made of books surrounded by brick walls, and it felt like a small London book shop.

An employee told me that the bricks were designed to match the ones in London’s King’s Cross Station, and as soon as he said that, I realized that’s why it reminded me of English city.

When I walked into the book area, I couldn’t decide what to look at first.

Copies of the “Harry Potter” books are attached to the ceiling. Erin Ajello for Insider

There were “flying” copies of the “Harry Potter” books suspended overhead, actual artwork from the books on the brick walls, and quotes from the series scattered around the area. 

Tom Riddle’s diary is in the section. Erin Ajello for Insider

The Tom Riddle’s diary prop with the basilisk fang sticking out of it was even on display in the book section.

It was like a dream library for fans of the books, and it made me want to start rereading them for the fourth time.

I somehow managed to pull myself away and check out the rest of the store — though I did return later to buy two books.

The next section was dedicated to the Dark Arts, complete with a hissing Nagini

The snake wraps around the whole area. Erin Ajello for Insider

A massive version of Nagini hung above the next area, officially marking the Dark Arts section of the store.

An employee told me that Nagini can make hissing sounds and speak to guests in Parseltongue, but she didn’t make any noises while I was there.

The area still had plenty of things to look at without that, such as the two styles of Death Eater masks used in the films, Marvolo Gaunt’s ring, and mirrors with the Deathly Hallows symbol.

Visitors can get personalized merchandise that makes them feel like part of the Wizarding World

Shoppers can get some of their merchandise personalized. Erin Ajello for Insider

Next to the Dark Arts section was the personalization area, appropriately labeled “Things That Must Be Named.”

The area featured wizard robes, quidditch jerseys, and Hogwarts trunks that can all be personalized with shoppers’ names.

Some of the wands can also be inscribed in this section. 

The store sells personalized Hogwarts letters. Erin Ajello for Insider

Fans who are still waiting for their Hogwarts letter to arrive by owl can even buy personalized, handwritten ones in the store.

There are also massive trunk gift sets sold with candy, house-specific clothing, Hogwarts letters, and more inside.

You could spend a few galleons on the products in the jewelry section

The jewelry comes in a range of prices. Erin Ajello for Insider

The next section was full of jewelry that ranged from single- to triple-digit prices.

The store has necklaces that look like Time-Turners. Erin Ajello for Insider

There were necklaces and earrings featuring a golden snitch and the Deathly Hallows, as well as others that looked like Time-Turners.

There’s a line of Luna Lovegood-themed makeup. Erin Ajello for Insider

The area also offered “Harry Potter” makeup, with items like the Deathly Hallows brush set and Luna Lovegood’s mirror and purse.

Later in the summer, shoppers will have the chance to ‘fly’ like the characters from the series

The experience opens in July. Erin Ajello for Insider

Just past the jewelry counter was the “Wizards Take Flight” attraction, an interactive flight experience that’s set to open in mid-July.

I was slightly disappointed that I wasn’t able to try the attraction, but I still got to see Harry’s broom in front of it.

The last section in the cellar was dedicated to the films’ graphic designers

MinaLima refers to the movies’ graphic designers. Erin Ajello for Insider

I saved what looked like the most interesting part of the cellar floor for last: the House of MinaLima.

I wasn’t sure what the name of the section meant at first, but both a plaque and an employee explained that MinaLima refers to Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, the graphic-design duo who created many of the props for the “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts” films.

They even have their own real-life House of MinaLima gallery in London. 

This section’s red walls and carnival-style lights were the brightest and most eye-catching exterior in the entire shop.

The entrance itself had illustrations covering every inch, including massive wanted posters for Harry Potter and Sirius Black.

Being surrounded by the creations of people who brought such a beloved series to life was amazing, and the sheer number of things to look at in the room overwhelmed me.

The floor is decorated like the Marauder’s Map. Erin Ajello for Insider

The entire floor was covered with the Marauder’s Map, and the walls were covered in the Black family tree.

The walls are decorated like the Black family tree. Erin Ajello for Insider

I really liked how the wallpaper looked and couldn’t resist walking around and reading names until I found some of the well-known relatives like Bellatrix Lestrange and Draco Malfoy.

The fireplace looks like the Dursleys’ from the first movie. Erin Ajello for Insider

It’s hard to pick a favorite part of the room given how many incredible details were around me, but seeing the Dursleys’ fireplace overflowing with Hogwarts letters was very cool. 

If I came back when the shop was crowded, I’d plan on going to this section first because it was the most unique part of the entire store. It was almost like a museum full of “Harry Potter” art.

Shoppers can travel through the Floo Network in the store’s elevator

The store’s elevators mimics the Floo Network. Erin Ajello for Insider

Before I headed back upstairs, an employee asked me if I’d seen the elevator yet, which had a fire design on its doors surrounded by the green Ministry of Magic tiles to mimic the Floo Network from the series

They encouraged me to use it on my way upstairs, and my curiosity was piqued enough for me to step inside.

The inside looks like the movies’ special effects. Erin Ajello for Insider

I was stunned to see that the entire interior of the elevator was painted black with green lights and flames, imitating the look of the Floo Powder effect from the movies.

All of the details make it feel real. Erin Ajello for Insider

The elevator door on the upper floor was decorated like another fireplace, so it really felt like I’d taken a trip through the Floo Network. 

The Forbidden Forest section was full of magical creatures

Hagrid guards the Forbidden Forest section. Erin Ajello for Insider

When I got back upstairs, I headed to the Forbidden Forest area, which featured a Hagrid cut-out at the entrance. 

Shoppers can measure how tall they are against the friendly half-giant, and they can even compare shoe sizes. 

The area is full of magical creatures from the series. Erin Ajello for Insider

The rest of the section was marked by several large trees and plenty of recognizable creatures from the “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts” series.

There were even plush toys of Hedwig, Fawkes, and Aragog.

As I was looking around the area, I suddenly heard a loud engine sound, which an employee explained was the Weasley’s flying car that goes off every 15 minutes. 

Pickett the Bowtruckle is inside the tree. Erin Ajello for Insider

I also peered into the glasses on the Whomping Willow to find Pickett the Bowtruckle from the “Fantastic Beasts” movies. 

There’s a decor section for anyone who wants to take a bit of the magic back home

There’s a whole wall of home decor. Erin Ajello for Insider

Some of the bedding and vanity-table options in the store’s home-decor section looked cool, but I couldn’t see myself paying the steep prices for them.

I could, however, see this area being popular for fans decorating a dorm room or new bedroom.

After spinning the Time-Turner clock a few times without any magical results, I made my way to the next section. 

The confectionery looked just as sweet as Honeydukes

The confectionery is bright and colorful. Erin Ajello for Insider

The sweets-filled confectionery was the most whimsical-looking section, with bright green-and-white walls and a classic checkered floor.

I was immediately drawn to the Butterbeer wall and was glad to see that fans could buy the drink in packs to bring home.

It sells Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. Erin Ajello for Insider

The area also included sweets from the series, like Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans and chocolate frogs.

There are also chocolate frogs for sale. Erin Ajello for Insider

The chocolate-frog selection also featured a large frog overlooking the rows of sweets that apparently ribbits intermittently.

I ventured into the Butterbeer Bar for a sweet treat

The Butterbeer Bar is located inside the store. Erin Ajello for Insider

After seeing so many sweets and rows of Butterbeer, I had to visit the Butterbeer Bar to satisfy my sudden craving for a sugary snack.

There are a few food and drink options on the menu. Erin Ajello for Insider

The refreshments area was just as charming as the rest of the shop, with a full wall of Butterbeer bottles on display, “floating” menu boards, and pipes that appear to be pumping the drink throughout the room.

The Butterbeer label featured on the barrels stacked along the wall and on the cup itself was also designed by MinaLima.

The Hedwig cupcake is covered in too much fondant. Erin Ajello for Insider

I’d already visited the bar a few weeks ago, so I knew I loved the Butterbeer, but I was excited to try more of the treats. 

Unfortunately, the Butterbeer ice cream wasn’t available yet, so I paired my drink with a Hedwig cupcake instead.

The vanilla cake featured a fondant Hedwig holding a fondant Hogwarts letter. The decorations were cute, but they weren’t particularly appealing to eat. 

The cake itself was good, but it’s not something I’d order again.

The Butterbeer, however, was sweet and refreshing, and I know I’ll keep coming back for it. 

“Harry Potter” fans who want to try the delicious drink but don’t have time to go into the store can also order from the take-out Butterbeer Bar window outside.

I looked through a final section of merchandise before heading out

There’s a whole wall of Luna-themed merchandise. Erin Ajello for Insider

After I finished my Butterbeer and cupcake, I realized there was another section of merchandise I hadn’t explored yet.

I couldn’t believe there was still more to look at, but I was glad I didn’t miss out on seeing Luna Lovegood’s section before I left.

Her Spectrespecs were featured on wristlets, shirts, and larger bags next to some recognizable Luna quotes.

Fans can also buy things decorated like the series’ famous map. Erin Ajello for Insider

There was also a section full of Marauder’s Map-inspired merchandise. 

Choosing what to buy wasn’t easy, but I settled on a few of my favorite items

Even the store’s tissue paper is full of small details and symbols from the series. Erin Ajello for Insider

I spent my last 20 minutes or so in the store trying to decide what to buy before landing on two books, the New York exclusive mask, and a few bottles of Butterbeer.

A cashier told me that only 20% of the store’s products are featured on the website, which is surprising given that the online store has over 900 items. But I guess the massive selection makes sense for the world’s largest “Harry Potter” store

There are different Daily Prophet articles on the bags. Erin Ajello for Insider

The bag my purchases were placed in had a Daily Prophet article about Dumbledore printed on one side, and different-size bags featured different articles.

The other side of the bag displayed the store’s name and New York address.

I already can’t wait to go back to the store once it’s open to the public

I was able to check out every section currently open and take my time exploring, but there was still plenty more to see.

I know I’ll definitely be going back when the rest of the store is finished, especially since I already want to revisit the MinaLima area and buy more Butterbeer.

The store ended up having way more to experience than just shopping. It truly felt like part of the Wizarding World had been transported into New York City.

The hero of her novel – Money – Kommersant

Toy Wrestling
The first license to use the image in other products was issued in the United States in the mid-50s by the creators of the then popular comic strip “The Yellow Child”. After that, images of comic book heroes began to be replicated in books and cartoons. Examples of successful merchandising include Batman, The Simpsons, The Teletubbies, and nearly every Disney character.Videotapes, books, comics, toys and other goods depicting their favorite characters are bought by both adults and children.
A real boom in this industry happened in the late 70s, after the release in 1977 of George Lucas’s feature film “Star Wars. Episode IV. A New Hope”. The studio 20th Century Fox gave money for the shooting of this picture only after the director refused a fee of $ 500 thousand, leaving himself only the right to dispose of the symbols of the film.The heroes of the tape have become cult. Sales of merchandise with the symbols of the first three “Star Wars” brought in more than $ 4.5 billion, the same brought the last film. In addition, Pepsi Corp. and TriCon (a chain of eateries) paid $ 2 billion for licenses for the right to use characters; $ 2 billion from Lucas’ ILM studio brought computer games based on Star Wars. In 1999, two weeks before the premiere of Lucas’ new film, Star Wars fans stood in line for 15 hours at the stores of Hasbro, which for $ 100 million acquired the exclusive right to trade in “star” souvenirs, these products became the most bought.
In the early 1990s, The Simpsons became the most popular animated series in the United States. When the cartoon was first released, only 12 licenses were sold for the right to use images of its characters. In 1990, 20th Century Fox sold more than 100 licenses (approximately $ 750 million), and in the first five years of the show’s airing, 1,100 licenses. About 600 items with Simpsons images have gone on sale. Disney’s The Lion King, released in 1994, has surpassed many feature films in popularity.The sale of licenses alone brought in about $ 2 billion.
In 1997, the Teletubbies, the heroes of the BBC children’s project of the same name, became a hit in UK toy stores. Successful merchandising brought the BBC $ 32.5 million in the first year. During this time, goods under the famous TV show “Sesame Street” brought in only $ 14 million, since licenses for the use of images of heroes began to be sold only in 1997. In 120 countries, the BBC has sold over 300 licenses for the commercial use of TV characters for $ 470 million.By 2002, worldwide sales of Teletubbies goods brought in about $ 1.43 billion. The expected revenue this year is up to $ 2 billion.
Out of competition since 1997, Pokemon toys. The volume of their sales in the world is currently estimated at $ 6 billion.
Not only cartoon and movie characters become toys. Licenses to release toys are taken by fast food chains, television programs, and sports teams. In the United States, they even make money on toys depicting professional wrestlers. For example, the WCW company is only engaged in the production of figures of famous wrestlers, comics and video games with them.

Harry Potter Holidays
They are trying to make money on Harry Potter in other ways. For example, the Russian company “Collection of Adventures” offers a game program developed by it for children of 7-11 years old. The game will take place during the spring school holidays in Crimea, in Sudak.
Alexey Maryin, Director of the direction of plot-dynamic games at the “Collection of Adventures” company: To develop a game, I had to read all four of Rowling’s currently available books, the last one in English.But we do not have the task of “playing the book”; based on the Potter story, we came up with our own. In our story, a school of wizards turns to children for help, which is in trouble, and we must save it, disenchant the castle, and so on. The unusual Crimean landscape with mountains, steppes and the Genoese fortress are the best suited for fairy-tale games.
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why there is segregation in the modern world – RT in Russian

70 years ago, a policy of apartheid began to be pursued in South Africa at the state level. Millions of people were officially denied basic human rights and locked up on reservations. And although in 1994 the power in the country changed to a democratic one and the fighter against apartheid Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa, the consequences of the events of the 20th century still significantly affect the state.About the history of the criminal regime and segregation in the modern world – in the material RT.

The beginning of the implementation of the policy of apartheid at the state level in the Republic of South Africa (at that time – the Union of South Africa) is considered the parliamentary elections on May 26, 1948, which was won by the National Party, which made segregation one of the key moments of the election campaign. In fact, apartheid has its roots in the distant past.

British and Boers

In 1652, an employee of the Dutch East India Company, Jan van Riebeck, founded a fort on the South African Cape of Good Hope, which later became a point of supplying water and food for ships sailing from Europe to Asia.The settlement was named Kapstad (the modern name is Cape Town). The colonists immediately began clashes with the local population: the Dutch seized land and slaves, and the indigenous people of South Africa stole their livestock.

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Due to the fact that the climatic conditions in the region resembled those of Europe, the new colony attracted the attention of immigrants not only from Holland, but also from Germany, Austria, Scandinavia and France (from the latter in the 17th century Protestant Huguenots fled en masse). Calvinism (a direction of Protestantism) became the basis of the religious consciousness of the settlers. White settlers in South Africa began to call themselves Boers, which means “peasants”.

The colonists expelled the indigenous population from the areas adjacent to the Cape of Good Hope, and after the bankruptcy of the East India Company, at the end of the 18th century, they formed two independent republics – Swellendam and Graf Reinert.However, they did not last long. The former Dutch colony was occupied by the British, who at that time began to massively penetrate the region. Napoleon Bonaparte tried to return South Africa to the Dutch, but following the results of the Congress of Vienna in 1815, the Cape of Good Hope with the adjacent territories was ceded to Great Britain.

The British imposed high taxes on the Boers, forced them to obey the black colonial police, and eliminated slavery in South Africa, which was the basis of agricultural production.All the performances of the Boers were brutally suppressed by the British.

In the middle of the 19th century, more than 150 thousand descendants of the first colonists of South Africa left the British colonies and moved north, where they seized the lands from the indigenous population, on which they founded two new republics – the Transvaal and the Orange Free State. The inequality of the white and black population was officially enshrined in their legislation.

  • Boers against the background of Spion Kop hill, 1900
  • © Wikipedia

Soon, rich mineral deposits were discovered on the territory of the young republics, which led to another round of the Anglo-Boer confrontation.For some time, the South African states fought off Great Britain with the support of Germany, but in 1899 the Anglo-Boer War began, during which machine guns, armored trains, crumbly structure, khaki uniforms and concentration camps began to be used on a large scale for the first time in the world (in them the British kept families Boers and black people disloyal to Britain). In 1902, the war ended with a British victory. All South Africa was under the rule of official London. In 1910, all colonies captured by the British were united into a dominion called the Union of South Africa.

The road to apartheid

“The apartheid system did not emerge overnight in 1948. It took shape throughout the existence of the dominion, and even before its creation, expressed in the introduction of the practice of segregation, racism and discrimination, “said Alexandra Arkhangelskaya, a researcher at the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Candidate of Historical Sciences, in an interview with RT. 90,042 90,028 Although fair-skinned South Africans made up a minority of the region’s population, 93% of voters were.Black Africans, descendants of mixed marriages and migrants from Asia, had the right to vote only on a high property qualification, and even then not everywhere. The division of constituencies gave certain advantages to the inhabitants of rural regions inhabited by conservative Boers.

  • South African politician Ian Smuts (1870-1950)
  • © Hulton-Deutsch Collection / CORBIS / Corbis via Getty Images

In 1917, the deputy head of government and future South African prime minister Jan Christian Smuts publicly used the term “apartheid” (“separation”, or “separation”) for the first time.

Soon after the formation of the dominion, the most conservative representatives of the Boer elite formed the National Party, which opposes interracial marriage and supports the Afrikaans language, which was spoken by the descendants of the Dutch-German settlers, as well as for the withdrawal of the South American Empire from the British Empire.

Despite the fact that between the two world wars, politicians who were considered relatively moderate were in power in South Africa, in the 1920s, “immoral” relations between light-skinned and indigenous African populations were officially banned, as well as the free movement of Africans across the “white” districts.

In the 1930s, the moderate South African Party formally merged with the National Party. All power in South Africa was in the hands of a single political force. This did not appeal to the most radical right-wing conservatives, led by ex-Interior Minister Daniel Malan, who officially announced the formation of a separate “Reconstituted National Party”.

Before the outbreak of World War II, pro-Hitler sentiments prevailed among the Boer conservatives. After the outbreak of hostilities, when the pro-government coalition in parliament with a slight preponderance passed the decision to abandon a separate peace with the Third Reich and declared support for Britain, the coalition collapsed and the “moderate” nationalists made peace with Malan.

  • Prime Minister of South Africa Daniel François Malan with his wife
  • AFP

YUAS officially entered the Anti-Hitler coalition and participated in the war against the Germans and Italians in the African theater of operations. However, among the local light-skinned population, anti-British and anti-Soviet sentiments were growing.

In 1947, on the eve of the next parliamentary elections, the National Party announced a course towards the establishment of apartheid and a radical struggle against communism.Later, the party clarified that they were going to resettle the entire black population to closed reservations.

On May 26, 1948, Malan’s National Party won the elections and formed a coalition with the Afrikaner Party to form a government that established the apartheid regime.

“The popularity of right-wing politicians and apartheid ideas in South Africa was influenced by the decolonization process that began after World War II. The white minority in South Africa was afraid of losing power, “said Andrei Urnov, chief researcher at the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Historical Sciences, RT.

Segregation and the Bantustans

To develop the theory and practice of apartheid, a special South African Bureau for the Study of Race Relations was established shortly after the South African elections.

On his initiative, the parliament adopted a decision on the complete prohibition of marriages between “whites” and “non-whites”, which implied not only the rejection of interracial marriages in the South African Republic, but also the invalidation of such marriages concluded abroad.

Thousands of people were brought to legal responsibility under the new laws.

In addition, an act on the “registration” of South African residents was passed, dividing people into three categories: Europeans, blacks and colored (residents of the Union of non-European descent, at the same time, non-native Africans). Racial identity was recorded in a new type of identity card and certified with an indelible seal.

“The rights of different groups were different from each other. The most severe discrimination was suffered by the black residents of South Africa. The rights of Indians and immigrants from Southeast Asia were broader, but a number of restrictions were also in effect against them, ”Alexandra Arkhangelskaya emphasized.

  • Children live in slums, South Africa, 1952
  • © Afro American Newspapers / Gado / Getty Images

In the early 1950s, a number of reservations were created on the territory of the country, named after a group of Bantu peoples – Bantustans. Although blacks made up about 80% of the South African population, only 13% of the state’s territory was allocated for their residence.Moreover, the territory with the most infertile and least habitable land.

Demolition of the industrialized slum for black workers begins. 90,042 90,100 90,028 More than 3 million people were forcibly resettled in the ghetto as part of this campaign.

White and black children were educated separately. Moreover, everything that contradicted nationalist views was excluded from the program. The textbooks promoted the “hierarchy of races”, there were insulting statements about entire peoples based on ethnic stereotypes.Education officials said bluntly that their goal was to hammer into the heads of little Africans that equality with whites was impossible for them.

Medicine was also separate. While the most comfortable conditions were created for the treatment of South American residents of European origin, in a number of ghettos there were no hospitals in principle.

  • © Bettmann / Getty Images

Segregation was introduced in transport, catering, cinemas, and religious buildings.

After the declaration of the apartheid regime, the Communist Party was completely banned. Militant anti-communism was promoted in all spheres of life.

In 1961, South Africa left the Commonwealth of Nations and transformed into the Republic of South Africa. Bantustan leaders of South Africa decided to declare formally independent. “The South African authorities began to create fictitious authorities on the reservations,” noted Andrei Urnov. This was done in order to finally deprive Africans of civil rights.Although the world community did not recognize the “independence” of the Bantustans, in South Africa they tried to treat their residents formally as foreigners, denying them free access to the “territory for whites.”

“What is happening under apartheid has become a world precedent due to the fact that racist and segregated manifestations were the officially proclaimed policy of the state,” stressed Alexandra Arkhangelskaya.

“Gradually, economic problems began to arise in the country.Segregation could not lead to welfare and prosperity, ”the expert noted.

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“South Africa was part of the Western world under apartheid.Some sanctions were introduced against the republic, but at the same time, Western countries spared its authorities and did not allow anyone to undermine the regime itself, fearing the strengthening of the African National Congress (ANC) and the South African communists, “said Andrei Urnov.

According to the expert, Africans have long tried to fight for their rights peacefully. They were strongly influenced by the ideas of Gandhi and, opposing any discrimination, demanded not advantages, but official equality. But in the end, unable to withstand the mass beatings and shootings of peaceful demonstrations, the black population took up arms and launched a partisan struggle.

“In the 1980s, the ANC gained strength. And soon the collapse of the socialist camp began, and Western countries ceased to fear the potential growth of Soviet influence in South Africa, because of which the right in South Africa began to lose loyalty from foreign states. A split occurred in the nationalist movement, and representatives of its moderate part realized that the apartheid regime was doomed. Fortunately, they had the courage to transfer power in the country in a bloodless way, ”said Andrei Urnov.

Discriminatory measures have been formally canceled. In 1990, one of the leaders of the ANC, Nelson Mandela, who had been imprisoned since 1964, was released. In the 1994 general election, the African National Congress won a landslide victory.

  • Nelson Mandela with his wife Vinnie after being released from prison
  • globallookpress.com
  • © Aftonbladet / ZUMAPRESS.com

“Apartheid is a thing of the past, but its effects are felt to this day. This also applies to socio-economic moments, when many people still have not received access to normal infrastructure, and psychological – among those who remember discrimination, there are people who still feel the desire to take revenge, ”said Alexandra Arkhangelskaya.

“On a global scale”

“Today, racial apartheid in its usual form is in the past, but there are phenomena in the world that can be characterized as economic apartheid,” economic sciences Vladimir Vasiliev.

According to the expert, this new form of apartheid exists in two variations: within society and on a global scale. “In many countries of the world, we can observe a sharp polarization of society. The rich live in what I call “golden cages,” and the poor live in what I call a ghetto. In the United States, for example, inequality is off the charts. And, contrary to myths, it does not have a clear racial link, it is of a socio-economic nature. White can also be poor. So, socio-economic segregation has reached such a level in many countries that the rich may not physically contact the poor at all.They live in closed areas and move in closed cars from the helipad to the airport in order to fly somewhere on a special flight. In one country, in one geographic zone, people seem to live on different planets, “Vasiliev explained.

  • Homeless New York
  • © Robert Nickelsberg / Getty Images

According to him, at the global level, global segregation exists between Western countries and third world countries.“People in them do not just differ in terms of income. The societies of the rich countries simply do not understand those who live in the poor. They are like different dimensions, ”the expert explained. According to Vasiliev, this situation was formed as a result of the neoliberal economic policy.

“I would like, of course, to believe that apartheid can be forgotten forever after the election of Mandela as President of South Africa. But, unfortunately, discrimination in the world over the past decades has not decreased, but rather the opposite.There is global inequality, and talk about the “golden billion” is not going on in an empty place. In addition, in pursuit of their political goals, the authorities of some powerful states are flirting with openly ultra-right regimes, including in the post-Soviet space, and this is in many ways reminiscent of the connivance that existed in relation to the apartheid regime in South Africa. And when today someone can leave millions of people without water and electricity with impunity or block their free movement, who knows if we will get new apartheids tomorrow? ” – asks the academician of the Academy of Political Sciences of the Russian Federation, head of the department of the PRUE.G.V. Plekhanov Andrey Koshkin.

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Stationery Creepy Scrawlers

Creepy Scrawlers Stationery

Location Information


Diagon Alley, London, England [Source] Creepy Scrawlers Stationers is a stationery store, including feathers, on Diagon Alley in London, England.The word “FEATHERS” was painted on the building with a porcupine as a store sign under the word. [1]

The establishment was sandwiched between Madame Malkin’s Robots for All Occasions and the Krakens. [2]

Behind the Scenes

  • The store’s name was an Easter egg for Creepy Scrawlers Ltd., a company of illustrator Jim Kay. [3]


  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Picture Edition (First appearance)

Notes and References

  1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Picture Edition (see p.This image)
  2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Picture Edition (see this video)
  3. ↑ About the company – creepy scrawlers ltd. – “Creepy Scrawlers Ltd. is the creative home of Jim Kay and Louise Clark. We founded the company to embrace all our creative endeavors, from illustration to embroidery and from hat to fabric design. ”
Diagon Alley, North Side

Apothecary The bats! The bats! The bats! … Bierce Bottled Belcher Bernie Balls Fireworks Blinkhorn’s workshop Boogermongers Brigg Brooms Bufo in kolcotar Creepy Scrawlers Stationers Medicines and Drugs Ribbed Culpepper in Eeylops Owl Emporium scourge & hyde fur Florean Fortescue ice cream Blossom and Blots Gaberlunzie GARMENTS Gramercy’s grandmothers in bombastic gramophones Gringotts Wizarding Bank Harpy Bazaar Herbert’s sorbets Janus Galloglass Krakens The Leaky Cauldron (1 Diagon Alley) Madame Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions · Magic Lantern Magic Menagerie Mandrake Mufflers Mark Minucius Myomancer Mourning & Starr Gunsmiths Mr. Milvus Grisdale, Kite Maker Mr Trismus, Mouthwizard Mulligrubs Materia Medica Nell Bells Nollikins for Scrolls & Skins Noltie before Botanical Novelty Oldknowe Books Pettichaps Potage to Cauldron Shop Praedico Predico Quality Quidditch Supplies Bridal Fashion of the Shrew & Scold in · S.Starling Tangle & Feathers Wigmakers and Perruquiers Three Sheets Tut Nuts a twinkle in telescopes Vietch in Leeches What larks! Songbird Specialists · Wiseacre Magic Gear

Notable residents, shopkeepers and employees

Blinkhorn Kryvolap (formerly) Eeylops Owl Emporium worker Eeylops Owl Emporium Male Employee Florean Fortescue (deceased) Blossom and Blotts Manager Hedwig (formerly, deceased) Madame Malkin Madame Potage Magical Menagerie Traveling Salesman Magical Menagerie Saleswoman Mark Minucius Here · Shimmer Employee of Wiseacre’s Wizarding Equipment


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