Hang rails for filing cabinets: Filing Cabinet Replacement Rails, Side to Side Filing Replacement Rail


The Complete Guide to Filing Cabinets

Is your office paperwork getting a little overwhelming? Use our guide to filing cabinets before you decide what to buy to ensure that you get the best possible solution for your space.


Lateral files feature wide but shallow drawers that are ideal for high capacity filing. Due to their shallow drawer extension, lateral files are great for walkways and areas that require a lot of filing in a tight space. Most Lateral files are 32″-36″ wide, making them wide enough to hold both legal- and letter-size documents, which can be arranged in either a side-by-side or front-to-back configuration. Lateral files can have as few as two and as many as seven drawers, with most two drawer units being low profile enough to fit underneath a work surface. Vertical files have narrow but deep drawers, usually measuring 15″-20″ wide. While lateral files are ideal for high capacity, long term use, vertical files typically hold fewer documents and are great for everyday use at a personal workspace. Vertical files take up minimal wall space, but the deep drawers require more clearance to open than shallow lateral files do.
Mobile files
are filing cabinets on wheels. This type of filing cabinet is almost always a vertical file, and most options have only one or two drawers in order to fit underneath work surfaces, though larger mobile files do exist. Many mobile filing cabinets include a fifth wheel on the bottom drawer for added stability, and casters are often lockable to keep the cabinet in place when stationary. Side tab files display file folders in a vertical position rather than in a horizontal position. Commonly used in medical record keeping, side tab files make information easily accessible by allowing users to locate the name on a folder tab at a quick glance. Side tab files come without doors, with swinging doors and with tambour doors.
Tambour door files
are side tab files with doors that fold back into the storage unit. This efficient door style is ideal when filing is needed in tight spaces that may not have clearance for large swinging doors. Rotary files are designed to provide maximum storage space while taking up very little floor space. This type of cabinet is double-faced, meaning the unit can be rotated to reveal a column of files on either side. Rotary file cabinets are made with as few as two and as many as eight shelves that are typically housed in a side tab file configuration.
Card files
are designed to house cards of a specific size, including 3”x5” and 4”x6” size index cards, usually in a front-to-back configuration. Flat files have short, wide drawers that are specifically designed to house large blueprints and artwork. Storing art and blueprints in this manner keeps them flat, which is often preferred to having to roll up large schematics and documents. Storage islands are a combination of any type of filing cabinet and/or storage cabinet with a counter height work surface. Storage islands are ideal for use between employee workstations and not only make great storage solutions, but excellent touch points for collaboration and casual meetings as well.


Metal file cabinets
are typically made of galvanized steel and are the most durable option. This type of file is commonly used for high capacity filing in accounting areas and other places in the office where records are kept for extended periods of time. Although not considered the most traditionally attractive, metal filing cabinets do come in a wide range of colors which you can match to your office. Fireproof filing cabinets are made with specially formulated insulation that is tested to withstand fire damage for long periods of time. Not only will these cabinets protect documents from fire damage, but they are also designed to prevent water damage caused by office sprinkler systems.
Laminate furniture
can be made to look like real wood, but is actually made from some form of particle board with or without a wood grain print. Laminate filing cabinets are an affordable alternative to real wood and veneer options, giving the look of real wood without the high cost. Wood veneer is made of a thin layer of real wood that is bonded over a thicker layer of pressboard. This provides a more high-end look than laminate, but at a lower cost than solid wood furniture. Solid wood
is very high quality, but comes with a high price tag and can be tricky to clean and maintain. Filing cabinets do come in solid wood varieties, but it is uncommon in an office setting.

Storage Capabilities

Letter size documents can be accommodated by nearly all types of filing cabinets. A letter size document is the size of a standard 8-1/2” x 11” piece of computer paper.


Legal size documents can be accommodated by many but not all filing cabinets, so be sure to read the product description if you need a unit that can accommodate this type of paperwork. Legal size documents measure 8-1/2” x 14”.


Side-by-side filing is also called left-to-right filing and refers to filing folders that are organized in a row from left to right. This is the most common way to file letter-size hanging folders in a lateral file and legal-size folders in a vertical file.


Front-to-back filing is the opposite of side-by-side and refers to filing folders that are organized in a column from front to back. This is the most common way to file letter-size hanging folders in a vertical file and legal-size hanging folders in a lateral file.


Side tab folders are folders used with side tab and rotary filing cabinets. These basic folders include side tabs that can be outfitted with labels for easy access to documents at a glance.

Hanging folders are specifically designed for use with most lateral and vertical files. This type of folder has metal or plastic hooks on each end that is hung from the rail in your filing cabinet.


Tip: Most lateral and vertical filing cabinets do not have sturdy enough bottom panels to accommodate paperwork being stacked in the drawer as they would be in a storage cabinet. If you have a lateral or vertical filing cabinet, be sure to only use hanging file folders hung from the drawer rails.


Safety Features

Fireproof cabinets are designed for the safety of your documents and valuables. Sensitive and highly important paperwork should always be kept in a fireproof filing cabinet, and valuable materials should be kept in a fireproof safe.


Anti-tip mechanisms are built into many lateral files and tall vertical files for the safety of the user. If multiple drawers full of paperwork on a tall filing cabinet are open at the same time, the unit is likely to fall over, which can lead to very serious injuries. An anti-tip mechanism allows only one drawer to be opened at a time, thus drastically reducing the chance of an accident.


Counterbalance weights are often added to taller filing cabinets as an additional safety precaution. These weights are typically made of concrete, lead or another heavy material and are built into the bottom of a cabinet to further reduce tipping and to add stability.


Locking mechanisms are available on some filing cabinets, but not all, so be sure to read the product description if a locking mechanism is something you need. Be sure to also take note of what type of locking system the filing cabinet is equipped with. A central locking system will lock every drawer in the cabinet with a single lock. Some filing cabinets, however, only come with the capability to lock one drawer.



Hutches with doors are ideal for concealing items such as personal belongings and large files that won’t fit in your filing cabinet drawers.


Open hutches resemble a bookshelf and work as a display area for books and décor.


Note: Only purchase a hutch for your filing cabinet if there is a hutch designed to be used with that specific filing cabinet. Not all hutches can be used with all filing cabinets.


Need help finding filing that works? Call our furniture experts at (800) 558-1010 or shop our full selection of filing cabinets.

HON Single Front-to-Back Hanging File Rail

Desk accessories from HON let you surround yourself with productivity. Our broad collection includes simple sliding keyboard trays, sophisticated articulating keyboard platforms, one- and two-screen monitor arms, convenient center drawers, and task lights. Together, they help you align your wrists for comfortable typing, optimize your viewing angle for back and neck comfort, and keep needed supplies at hand. As your need for support changes during a tech-intensive day, you can modify the elements around you, so you can stay productive and refreshed. Moreover, these add-on components help free your work surface from clutter. You may buy them as accessories, but you’ll come to appreciate them as necessities. This four front-to-back hangrails let you put more letter-sized file folders in a 30″W drawer and more folders in a 36″W drawer.

  • Increases letter-sized filing capacity in 30″W and 42″W lateral drawers drawer by allowing front-to-back filing
  • Converts 36″W file cabinets to accommodate legal files in front-to-back format
  • Rails mount over standard hangrails to hold hanging folders in front-to-back format
  • Increased capacity: HON accessories lets you add and subtract space as you need- with these 4 hanging file rails you can add two drawers for extra filing
  • Lateral files: This hangrail pack provides two rows of letter or legal size front-to-back filing in HON 30″ and 36″ wide lateral file cabinets
  • Single Cross Rails: Racks span between 15.25″ wide rails – the rails mount over standard hangrails to hold hanging folders in an easy to sort, front-to-back format
  • Customize: Whatever your office needs for that day, week or month, you can easily adapt your work space and stay organized with these extra HON rails
  • Hon accessories: You can always expect nothing from the best from HON- high quality product at an extremely affordable price makes these hangrails the perfect addition to your office or home filing system

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File Drawers

Standard File Drawers

The most common and versatile system for hanging file folders is to cut a slot for the rails and hang them from the sides or fronts and backs of the drawer as shown below. For Standard configurations (rails run front to back), the dimension we use is 12 1/4″ to the outside of the rails for Letter files and 15 1/4″ for Legal files. (refer to drawing below)

Standard Letter and Legal shown above. (Min width for Letter: 14″, Legal: 17″)

Lateral, Letter and Legal shown above with ‘L’ bar for stability. (bars towards front) min depth for letter: 14 5/16 for 5/8″ thick, min depth for legal 17 1/4 for 5/8″ thick.

File Drawer Options

  • File rail is 1/8″ X 1″ for spans up to 22″, and 1/2″ X 1″ L for spans over 22″
  • All Lateral Files should use “L” file rail which is less likely to bend under load
  • We can provide anodized aluminum rails cut to size by lineal foot
  • Standard height for file drawers is 10 1/8″ — 10 1/4″

More File Drawer Options

  • Embedded black fiber-track rails can be used in tight spaces. They are glued into a groove during assembly.
  • Minimum inside drawer height for this detail is 9 1/8″ since the rails are above the drawer side.
  • Letter size file Drawers must be exactly 12 15/16″ for 1/2″ thick and 13 3/16″ for 5/8″ thickness solid wood. Baltic birch file drawers should be exactly 12 7/8″ for 9-ply and 13 1/8″ for 11 ply since the material is thinner.
  • Legal size file Drawers must be 15 15/16” for 1/2” thick and 16 3/16” for 5/8” thickness.

The actual drawer side is rabbeted to hang the files. The same dimensions as embedded black fiber rails above are used with this detail. Hard Maple is recommended. Minimum inside drawer height for this detail is 9 1/2”.

For 1/2″ thick drawer sides with standard configuration, width is 13 1/8″ for letter, or 16 1/8″ for legal. Not recommended for lateral applications because the rail may interfere with the front. Clip on rails require no special machining, and can easily be added after the drawer is assembled. Minimum inside drawer height for this detail is 9 1/8″.


If your application calls for file drawers less than 10 1/8″ tall, custom heights can be produced to meet the space requirements. Drawers can be made with 9 5/8″ height with flush 1/4″ bottoms or 9 3/4″ height with 3/8″ bottoms. The bottoms are then stapled into the rabbet.

  • More options available includes drop-in file racks or CompX Timberline file systems.
  • Most hanging files require at least 9 3/8″ between the top of the file rail and the inside of the bottom.
  • A drawer with standard aluminum rails let into the sides, using a 3/8″ thick bottom recessed 1/2″ up from the bottom edge with 9 1/2″ clear from the top of the file rail to the inside of the bottom, would have to be 10 1/4″ high.
  • At least 1″ of clearance is recommended between the top of the file rail and the top of the drawer front to allow clearance for the file tabs.

Office 2 per order for File Cabinets File Rails Knoll Compatible Lateral File Bars Office Furniture

Office 2 per order for File Cabinets File Rails Knoll Compatible Lateral File Bars Office Furniture
  • Home
  • Business & Industrial
  • Office
  • Office Furniture
  • Filing Cabinets
  • 2 per order for File Cabinets File Rails Knoll Compatible Lateral File Bars

per order for File Cabinets File Rails Knoll Compatible Lateral File Bars 2, hanging rails) in Knoll f ile cabinets, We manufacture these in 3 sizes to accommodate different sized Knoll file cabinets DETAILS: These file bars are used for hanging file folders in a lateral file cabinet,USE: Replace lost or old file bars (file rails,shipping them globally,Online Exclusive,Free shipping Delivery,members get free shipping every day. Compatible Lateral File Bars 2 per order for File Cabinets File Rails Knoll, 2 per order for File Cabinets File Rails Knoll Compatible Lateral File Bars.

file bars for file cabinet: : file rails for file cabinet: Model: : File Bars. Knoll Compatible Lateral File Bars. Brand: : Unbranded, File Rails, Type: : File Cabinet Parts: Material: : Galvanized Steel. See the seller’s listing for full details. hanging rails, Room: : Furniture Parts: Product Line: : File Cabinet Replacement Parts. Compatible Model: : Knoll File Cabinet: Compatible Brand: : Knoll. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, where packaging is applicable, USE: Replace lost or old file bars. 2 per order, We manufacture these in 3 sizes to accommodate different sized Knoll file cabinets DETAILS: These file bars are used for hanging file folders in a lateral file cabinet, unopened, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. unless the item was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, Item Length: : Varies based on type chosen: Country/Region of Manufacture: : United States. unused, File Rails, undamaged item in its original packaging, MPN: : Does Not Apply: Number of Items: : 2. See all condition definitions : Department: : Office. Condition:: New: A brand-new, in Knoll f ile cabinets, file rails, Color: : Galvanized Steel: Modified Item: : No. for File Cabinets.

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2 per order for File Cabinets File Rails Knoll Compatible Lateral File Bars

2 per order for File Cabinets File Rails Knoll Compatible Lateral File Bars

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2 per order for File Cabinets File Rails Knoll Compatible Lateral File Bars

cdctelecom.com hanging rails) in Knoll f ile cabinets, We manufacture these in 3 sizes to accommodate different sized Knoll file cabinets DETAILS: These file bars are used for hanging file folders in a lateral file cabinet,USE: Replace lost or old file bars (file rails,shipping them globally,Online Exclusive,Free shipping Delivery,members get free shipping every day.

File Rails & Clips – Cabinet File Drawer Accessories

Blum TANDEM Universal Bracket

Drawer bracket kit for mounting Blum runners to the underside of a counter surface (pencil drawer) floor of a cabinet (roll-out tray). Set includes 4 brackets with 8 M4 x 1/4″ flat ….

Price $7.56

File Drawer System

Features front and back frames that fasten to the drawer box for complete stability and a versatile T-Rod that creates divided storage for both legal and letter size folders. Designed ….

Price $19.27

File Frame System

Easily supports twice the fully loaded weight of paper. Weight is supported by the top of the drawer, not screws. Withstands 50,000 back and forth cycles without paint wear or other ….

Price $14.26

Hanging File Brackets

Mounts to any file drawer. Holds 1/2″ file bars. Made of strong 16 gauge steel. Easy to install – no cutting, no grooves.

Price $0.98

METABOX Universal Drilling Guide Set

For manually boring all the holes necessary to build a METABOX drawer. Can be used with drawer front, back and bottom. Locates all fixing points. Set includes: 5mm & 10mm stop collars ….

Price $95.55

SERVO-DRIVE Bottom Bracket

The drive units can attach to these brackets for various cabinet applications. Comes with 31-1/2″ universal cable and installation screws.

Price $20.18

SERVO-DRIVE Locking Device with Integrated Bumper

Integrated 1/8″ distance bumper for use with inset and/or overlay applications. Comes with adjustable stop with 5/32″ depth range for consistently accurate stops and perfectly aligned ….

Price $7.04

Handrail for stairs chrome plated

Chrome handrail for stairs

Chrome handrail is an inexpensive alternative to stainless steel handrails. They are suitable for installation inside a building and look beautiful. One of the indisputable advantages of chrome-plated handrails for stairs is high wear resistance and aesthetic appearance. They are not susceptible to corrosion, do not collapse under the influence of negative environmental factors, they are not afraid of temperature extremes.

The company “Ramp.su” is engaged in the manufacture and installation of chrome railings for stairs in Moscow and the region. We have our own production facilities and carefully control each stage of production, so we can vouch for the excellent quality of products. You can buy chrome-plated handrails from us with a guarantee for a period of 18 months.

Advantages of chrome stair handrails

  • Versatile design.
  • Reliability and durability.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Affordable price.

Chromium tube creates a mirror finish. A clear, simple-shaped fence is firmly attached to the wall, which makes it possible to use such handrails for stairs in various rooms: on staircases, in cottages, on steps leading to basements.

Thanks to chrome, the guardrails are reliably protected from corrosion. They are not susceptible to rust, shock and other mechanical damage.And because the surface is smooth and durable, it doesn’t require much maintenance. The company “Ramps.su” offers favorable prices for stair railings. Since you purchase structures directly from the manufacturer, for all their democratic cost, you do not risk quality at all.

Differences between chrome-plated railings for stairs

It is not an easy task to distinguish one type of metal product from another with an unprofessional eye. However, the chromium layer will gradually wear off. To prevent rusting, we recommend installing such fences inside buildings rather than outside.For outdoor structures, it is better to choose steel that does not wear out.

Request a call back and invite a specialist of our company for a preliminary inspection and measurements by phone. +7 (495) 664-33-38! At the disposal of “Ramps.su” is not only its own production, but also the transport service. We will deliver and install metal structures free of charge in Moscow and the Moscow region. However, residents of other regions can also buy products.

See also

We will advise on creating an accessible environment

Among the sparkling railings

Every staircase, if it has more than three steps, needs a guardrail.In addition to ensuring safety, handrails play a huge role in the perception of the entire staircase. They complete the design, making it complete and harmonious. In the modern construction market, there is a wide range of railings for every taste and budget. The demand for timeless classics – noble wood, forged elements – is not decreasing. But these materials are more suitable for a private house. But for public buildings, there is no better option than chrome stair railings.

5 advantages of chrome-plated handrails

These modern products have a lot of excellent features, we will mention five of the most significant:

  1. They are certainly very beautiful and elegant.Possessing a soft sheen, thin, graceful chrome-plated railings fill the room with air and a certain futuristic aura.
  2. Nice to touch. They are perfectly smooth. By running your hand over them, you do not run the risk of catching on any notch, which can happen when in contact with a wooden handrail made by a not very skillful craftsman.
  3. Chrome plated handrails are ideal for outdoor stairs. The special treatment makes them immune to cold, rain and heat.In addition, even in the pool, these products do not lose their excellent properties. They are not afraid of corrosion.
  4. The price of chrome-plated products is quite affordable, which, coupled with performance characteristics, makes handrails made of such metal extremely desirable elements of stairs.
  5. Stair railings from chrome-plated elements are assembled as a constructor, without the use of welding. One part is inserted into another and secured with screws. A non-professional can also assemble the structure.

New classics and Hi-Tech

Various household and office items made of chrome-plated materials fit best with the style that has become a new classic – hi-tech.It was not for nothing that we mentioned office things, because in modern offices it is high-tech that dominates, giving the room an exquisite laconicism, reaching minimalism and monochrome.


Experts say that in a room decorated in hi-tech, it is best to work and employees feel their importance more strongly.

In residential buildings, the design of which is close to this style, the railings and handrails of the stairs are made of chrome-plated metals. And tempered glass will sound advantageously in a harmonious duet with chrome, as in the photo above.

We invite you to be convinced of the validity of our praises of sparkling staircase rails by watching a short video about staircases framed by chrome-plated metal railings. Do you like hi-tech style too? Write to us.

  • Author: Evgeniya
  • Print

Strong and beautiful stainless steel handrails for stairs

You can make a ladder safe and practical with beautiful handrails.

Handrails are used as an additional element.Railing design plays an important role. And the handrails are made for their finishing. This element serves not only as part of the staircase decor, but also performs an important function. When going up or down stairs, a person holds on to them so as not to fall. All parts of the handrail are made, including handrails according to the sketch and drawing. Stainless metal has all the necessary properties and is the optimal material for the manufacture of handrails.

Sturdy stainless steel stair handrails

Metal handrails are installed on the supporting element – balusters.They can be installed on one or both sides of the flight of stairs. Some handrail models are wall-mounted.

Different metals are used for the manufacture of handrails.

Handrails can be:

  • Aluminum;
  • Iron;
  • Cast iron;
  • Steel.

Stainless metals are used as materials. They are durable, resistant to environmental corrosion and mechanical damage.

It is easy to scratch a wooden handrail accidentally, even if it is lacquered. And metal is practically impossible.

Chrome-plated handrails for high strength. They are usually installed as an accessory for outdoor stairs. But such an element is still used for stairs located in public places: shops, office buildings, cafes. They serve as additional insurance.

Chrome-plated handrails are able to reflect the environment as they have a semi-mirror finish.

Chrome-plated railings can be prefabricated.

Handrails can consist of the following elements:

  • Elbows;
  • Connectors;
  • Hinges;
  • Handrail turns;
  • Racks;
  • Cups;
  • Additional wall mountings.

All these elements must be tightly and well connected so that the design of the handrail is suitable for use. The quality of the additional elements that are used to attach the handrails is important.The safety of people depends on the fastenings of the handrails.

Handrails for stairs: forged models

Some handrails are made by forging metal. They can have a beautiful appearance and original design. By using the Roman style (curls with a tight ending), you can make the railings visually light.

Forged metal handrails can be decorated with:

  • Natural motives;
  • Ornament;
  • Smooth and free lines.

When heated, the metal becomes ductile. Therefore, any shape can be made from it. Forged graceful handrails will perfectly fit into the classic interior – baroque or empire style.

Handrails can be complex or simple. Models of complex design are decorated with various curls, which are located at the ends of the handrails. With the help of this handrail, you can “revive” the stair railings. Decorative elements are able to create a special rhythm and the staircase will look original, stylish and beautiful.

The simple design of the handrails is suitable for an interior that is made in a restrained color scheme and does not have unnecessary decorative elements. They look simple yet stylish.

Forged handrails can have volumetric-spatial elements in their structure. These elements are repeated in a specific order, so a dry rhythm is created. Metal handrails can have a subtle bend, smooth shapes. These elements are made in restrained colors, which are suitable for any classic staircase, if it has a railing in the form of a railing.The front staircases are often decorated with such elements. They symbolize the status of the building and its commitment to a particular style.

Handrails can be decorated with geometric shapes and ornaments. Such designs look modern, fashionable and stylish.

Steel handrail for stairs: material advantages

Stainless steel handrails are available in different designs depending on the design. This material is excellent for handrails and other handrail designs.Such handrails are used more often for outdoor stairs.

Stainless steel has many advantages over other materials:

  • Does not lend itself to corrosive changes;
  • High strength;
  • Has a presentable appearance and long service life.

Stainless handrails are not expensive. They are versatile and are used in public buildings.

Steel is an unpretentious material, therefore such handrails are easy and simple to clean from dirt.The stainless steel handrail can withstand heavy loads, temperature drops, humidity.

How to choose handrails for stainless steel stairs yourself (video)

Handrails perform an important function. Models made of stainless metals are an advantageous solution for the decor and functionality of the stairs. Their design can be absolutely anything. Therefore, handrails can decorate the interior of the apartment and give the staircase a complete look. Original forged handrails are created in different styles.Currently, you have the opportunity to order these forged elements for your future stairs of any shape, design and color.

How practical are chrome railings for staircases in private households?

Whatever the building, but the staircase in it, one way or another, is present. This can be an attic option in a private house, a high porch in a large building, or a staircase in a country house, office or any other room.

But, one way or another, any multi-level structure is equipped with handrails, which we first look for with our own eyes for the convenience of lifting.

Chrome-plated staircases in an elite house

Nowadays you can often find chrome-plated stair rails, which is not surprising. After all, the times when this part fulfilled only its functional purpose have long been in the past. They were replaced by aesthetics, beauty, style and design of any room, which makes one think about the design of street staircases and the interior.

In any administrative or residential building you can find stainless steel railings with wooden or glass inserts, with original additions in the form of decor and even painting, and all of them, in addition to strength, have a number of advantages:

  • Chrome handrails for stairs differ from wooden or others its durability and strength.This coating is resistant to any whims of nature and does not change its appearance from frequent contact with hands.
  • Such fences can be used anywhere – in office premises, in apartments with several levels, in kindergartens, in country houses, saunas, swimming pools and any entertainment complex.
  • If you wish, you can buy railings of any shape or make them to order, and even the price that is available to almost everyone should not scare away such luxury, since any high-quality handrails are simply necessary for stairs, and if they are also made in a colorful design , then this is good news.

And no matter what kind of staircase you have in your house or office – spiral, stone or wooden, chrome plating of some details for it will only add a colorful look and elegance, and the interior of any room will look a little different than before the alteration.

How chrome plating works

Balcony railing

Any chrome tube or handrail looks simply gorgeous and pleasing to the eye. The details of the handrails and fences, rubbed to a charming shine, give the staircase a simply enchanting appearance and make it the main detail of any interior.So how do the craftsmen achieve this and where is the instruction for applying chrome to any part you like?

In practice, there are mainly two methods of chromium plating:

  • Diffusion method – the smallest particles of chromium are applied to the surface.
  • Electrolyte method – chromium deposition by electrolyte.

Pay attention! After applying chrome plating, any surface becomes much harder and additionally receives protection from corrosion.

Application process

The technology has the following structure:

  • thorough cleaning of all parts from excess dirt and dust;
  • preparation of the entire process;
  • Immersion of parts in a container with an electrolyte solution;
  • connection to the electrical network;
  • Holding the parts in the solution to the desired state.

Advice! If you decide to carry out the chrome plating process with your own hands, then it is imperative to follow all safety precautions, since this process is quite dangerous for inexperienced craftsmen and can cause harm to health.

Differences between chrome and stainless steel

Chrome in the decor

Many people, oddly enough, do not see any particular external difference between stainless steel and chrome plating. So what’s the difference here?

Stainless steel railings

The chrome-plated stair rail shines very brightly and has a pleasant mirror finish. But, looking at it from the other side, the physical qualities of chrome are in many ways inferior to steel handrails and railings.

Most often, all kinds of alloys and black steel and any coating, especially on stair railings, are chrome-plated over time from frequent contact with human hands.Sadly, it is no longer possible to restore this layer and you have to change it completely, or remove the part and give it to specialists for restoration.

Steel coating is not afraid of shock or temperature extremes and will last for many years, but it costs much more than chrome and therefore is used much less often. Mainly in large institutions, office buildings, theaters and stadiums.

Note: chrome, although not durable, is much cheaper and can be replaced with a new one at any time.Steel handrails are installed for centuries and it is simply not profitable to use this product at home from a financial point of view and from the point of view of decor, which is difficult to change.

How to put it all together?

Chrome-plated stairs are always not only pleasant, but of high quality and beautiful. How is the assembly of all structural parts together? Balusters made of steel or metal are assembled quite simply and even a beginner can do such a process. They are not welded, like some other metal products, and are easily attached to each other.

All individual parts of the railings are inserted into one another and securely connected with special screws and rivets. For naked joints, there are rings that decorate the entire model, and at the same time hide unnecessary elements of the staircase from the general view.

Stairs in the interior

Any railing with chrome finish can be easily exchanged for a new one without being a professional. The photo shows that chrome is in perfect harmony with the furnishings of the apartment and complements some of the interior elements with its brilliance.(see also the article Interior of a hallway with a staircase – ideas and rules)

If you wish, you can easily change the entire style in your home by ordering or buying new handrails or railings that play an important role in the decor of any room. article you will find additional information on this topic.


Structures of chrome-plated railings and fences can be installed anywhere – indoors or outdoors. They differ from wood and plastic in high wear resistance.

It is thanks to these technical characteristics that they can often be found in crowded places – at the airport, in a shopping center, at a train station or in a bank. This coating does not undergo any corrosion, and is completely neutral to weather conditions such as rain, snow, frost or bright sun.

Self-propelled electric trolley, SK20, load 2000 kg., Battery 200 Ah, with handrails and operator platform

Trolley specifications

Main characteristics








Center of gravity



Total weight



Travel speed

km / h


Overcome tilt angle with / without load



Motor power for moving / lifting


one.5 / 0.8


Overall length (with platform)


1860 (2260)

Overall width



Overall height



Height of the lowered forks



Height of the raised forks



Fork width



Fork size (h / w / d)



Turning radius



Aisle width with pallet (AST)




Wheel material


Number of wheels


1 + 2/4

Roller size



Drive wheel size



Support wheel size










Battery charger


9.0005 Write a review 9.0006 90,000 Conditions for disabled people and persons with disabilities

Provision of access to the building of the educational organization for the disabled and people with disabilities.

The design features of the building of the Kindergarten No. 50 MDOU do not provide for lifts, devices for securing wheelchairs, indoor handrails, toilet / shower facilities, beds and mattresses for specialized purposes, other devices that provide access for disabled people and persons with disabilities ( HVD) in an educational organization.

Access to administration offices, methodological and medical rooms, toilet is provided through the provision of an accompanying person.

The territory of the Kindergarten No. 50 is asphalted or has a hard surface. Group rooms provide free access to games and toys. The institution is staffed with qualified personnel who carry out correctional and developmental activities: 3 teachers – speech therapist, educational psychologist, 4 teachers – defectologist, 2 music leaders, physical education instructor, medical worker.

When organizing educational, playing activities for people with disabilities, there is correction equipment: fitballs of different sizes, massage balls, stuffed balls, massage paths, children’s exercise equipment, soft sports modules, soft mats, trampolines, dry pool, volume snake, relaxation equipment …The preschool educational institution organized interaction with specialists of the PMPK service, provided psychological and pedagogical support for pupils of all categories.

Nutritional conditions for pupils of students, including disabled people and persons with disabilities.

The institution organized balanced meals in accordance with an approximate 10-day menu approved by the Department of Education of the Mayor’s Office of Yaroslavl.

Nutrition for children is carried out in accordance with the current Sanitary and Epidemiological Rules and Standards of SP 2.4.3648-20, approved Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation 09/28/2020

Creation of a separate menu for people with disabilities and people with disabilities is not carried out.

Conditions for protecting the health of pupils, including disabled people and people with disabilities.

Planning and implementation of work on the health protection of pupils is carried out in two directions: pedagogical and medical.

Medical care for children at the preschool educational institution is carried out by a pediatrician who works in kindergarten on Tuesdays and Fridays and monitors the health of children, gives referrals to doctors of narrow specialties, as well as for vaccinations.

The medical unit consists of a medical office, an isolation ward, a treatment room.

The medical office is equipped with all the necessary equipment that meets the sanitary and hygienic requirements: “Health” device, “Dissonik” inhaler, “Sollux” lamp, “Bionic” massager, dynamometer, medical scales; there is a sufficient amount of medicines for first aid, and children are examined here. To improve the health of children, they use bactericidal irradiators for air purification, an aerofitionizer.

In an educational institution with the aim of protecting the health of pupils, the following activities are carried out:

· Carrying out preventive examinations;

· measures to ensure adaptation in an educational institution;

· implementation of systematic medical control over the physical development of pupils and the level of their morbidity;

· ensuring control over the sanitary and hygienic state of the educational institution;

· control over the physical, hygienic education of children, hardening measures;

· monitoring the implementation of sanitary norms and rules.

The condition and maintenance of the territory, building, premises meets the requirements of the current sanitary and epidemiological rules (Resolution of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation of 09/28/2020 N 28 “On the approval of SP 2.4.3648-20). Each group has a separate walking area.

The Institution has a sports hall, a sports ground, with the necessary equipment for organizing physical education classes. With the pupils, educational activities in physical culture are organized directly 3 times a week.The objectives and content of educational activities for the physical development of children are included in the Educational program of the Institution.

According to SP 2.4.3648-20 under development:

  • children’s day regimen in preschool educational institutions, with the obligatory consideration of the age of the children. The mode necessarily reflects the time of meals, walks, daytime sleep.
  • a schedule of classes is drawn up for each group of children. During the summer holidays, excursions and entertainment are held. Health promotion is carried out through improving the physical development of children in physical education classes.

The kindergarten conducts: morning exercises, active and sedentary games, gymnastics after sleep, hygiene procedures.

A walk is an obligatory element of the child’s day regimen in a preschool educational institution. On a walk, there is an opportunity for physical activity for children, the types of games vary depending on the season.

Access to information systems and information and telecommunication networks, including those adapted for use by people with disabilities and persons with disabilities.

Pupils of the Kindergarten No. 50 MDOU do not have access to information systems and information and telecommunication networks, there is no specially equipped computer room.

Electronic educational resources, to which students are provided access, including those adapted for use by people with disabilities and persons with disabilities – not provided.

The official website of the institution has a version of the website for the visually impaired

Availability of special technical training aids for collective and individual use for people with disabilities and people with disabilities.

In our kindergarten there are technical teaching aids for collective and individual use for pupils, including disabled people and people with disabilities (speech impairment, impaired musculoskeletal system):

Offices of speech therapists contain:

– materials and games on topics

– mirror with lamp of additional equipment

– set of probes for setting sounds

– breathing simulators, toys for the development of correct speech breathing

– files for automation and differentiation of sounds

– speech therapy albums for examination

– subject and plot pictures on lexical topics

– board-printed didactic games

– algorithms, schemes, mnemonic tables

– methodical, didactic, reference and fiction literature.

Offices of teachers-defectologists contain:

– materials and games on topics

– subject and plot pictures on lexical topics

– board-printed didactic games

– algorithms, schemes, mnemonic tables

– methodical, didactic, reference and fiction

Solntsevskaya line: spjasshka – LiveJournal

A lot of photo reports about the opening of new stations have already flashed and gone into the depths of the tape, it’s time to post here an overview of the architecture of new stations.And there is something to watch! Seven stations are not one or even three. And in terms of the variety of quality of architectural solutions, they far surpass all recently opened areas: perhaps this is the distinctive feature of the second stage of the Soltsevskaya line.

By tradition, the post does not contain anything except the personal opinion of the author, with which you are free to disagree (and even argue in the comments).

1. Location and master plan

A string of stations stretched from Ramenki to the distant castle, overnight covering an impressive space, whose residents had previously traveled by train or by bus to the Sokolnicheskaya line.The routing of this section of the line and the location of stations in general are surprisingly reasonable for recent years.

01. Glass sides of the escalator on Michurinsky prospect

The line is relatively straight, goes along Borovskoye highway, almost without turning anywhere. And the extension to Rasskazovka (previously they wanted to be limited to Solntsev alone) openly hints at the metro to Vnukovo airport – this requires only two runs. In general, only one thing spoils the favorable impression: the line leads virtually nowhere, running into Victory Park, where 90% of passengers cross the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line (guess what is going on in the carriage to Kievskaya).

At the same time, according to fresh news, the construction of the central section is postponed indefinitely. These are the pies.

02. Extremely non-ergonomic arrangement of everything in the lobby of Michurinsky prospect. In general, the lobbies after their luxurious counterparts on the Minsk-Ramenki section look somehow sad.

2. Construction

The construction of the stations, as far as I know, went without significant difficulties, although not without incident.Unfortunately, previously unnecessary forums for no one except insiders have become extremely public, crowds of journalists and just outsiders graze on them: funny stories “from the fields” are published much less.

The most famous accident occurred on the connecting line to the Solntsevo depot – a shield broke on the way to the surface. I had to go through the tunnel to meet him (it seems that the second shield broke at the same time, but I don’t remember) and arrange an impromptu dismantling. Actually, this tunnel has not yet been completed and the trains travel along the same track, just like in the Severnoye depot.

03. Famous doors with handrails on top. This door is prevented from opening not only by the handrails, but also by the ventilation box – it will be more difficult to remove it!

Let me remind you that the best way to learn the history of the construction of the station is by reading this topic from cover to cover.

The doors behind the handrails also became famous all over Instagram after the opening. They photographed all one, but there were exactly five of them. The handrails turned out to be removable, but there are some doubts that this was how it was designed.In general, there are many stocks and imperfections in the passenger area, but they are almost all small.

3. Architecture

04. A tricky passage on Michurinsky Prospekt: ​​half under the passage, half under the lobby, and another small piece (where the door is) – for servicing the farms.

Well, we come to the most important thing. Further, we will consider all the stations separately, since the architectural solutions differ strikingly – there is no question of any ensemble.

To begin with, it is worth explaining that the site was not designed immediately, but grew gradually. Michurinsky Prospect and Ozernaya were designed together with the Minskaya – Ramenki section, then the line grew by Rasskazovka on the very outskirts of the district. Therefore, the style, quality of architectural solutions and layout of the stations vary greatly.

05. Almost the entire Michurinsky Avenue

The Michurinsky Prospect station opens our hit parade. It was created simultaneously with the Minskaya – Ramenki section in Borzenkov’s workshop, and therefore is intended to form a single ensemble with them.This is indicated by orange patterns with botanical motives, beveled columns inside, and the like.

At the same time, the space-planning solution at the station is fundamentally different and much more interesting than the previous ones! And this is the only station where decoration patterns are used for their intended purpose – as a backdrop for stunning multidimensional compositions unfolding in front of passengers in space. Unfortunately, such patterns are too boring for the dominant element in the decoration.

06.By the way, this station has the most comfortable benches of all.

I will not write about how the station is specifically arranged – the architect himself, Leonid Borzenkov, did it best for me. Everything was done quite well and thought out, even the seemingly ridiculous lobby on the other side of the bridge (because of which the bridge itself was divided lengthwise into “metro” and “non-metro” parts) is due to the fact that a transfer to TPK will pass through this bridge.

The next station, Ozernaya, is the most boring of all that opened.She would have received much more attention if she was part of the Minsk-Ramenki section, and so she drowned in her gray-greenness against the backdrop of such fascinating things as Michurinsky Prospekt, for example.

07. The station is lower than Ramenki and Lomonosovsky prospect

Water lilies on the columns, nice but darkish marsh-green in the lobby, standard “Pyaterochka” sheds over the passages – we’ve already seen this somewhere (everywhere). The dreary picture is complemented by the lobbies, which are designed much worse than on the same Ramenki.No outlet!

08. Gray transitions, green melancholy

The next station, located beyond the Moscow Ring Road, is Govorovo. Apparently, the source of inspiration for her was the Stromynka bureau MAP Architects: the same black and white scale, the same lighting technique. The lamps really look very impressive, but only from afar, where the tubes merge into a light glowing cobweb. Close up, alas, the drawing of the lamps is far from so magical.

By the way, pay attention to the benches: they are disgusting.It’s just a board (possibly chipboard) with rounded edges wrapped in an elastic band, like on cheap changing tables. It’s terrible to sit on it, and to watch it too.

09. Govorovo

The font is also too pretentious and not quite readable. But this is not the main disadvantage of the station. And the fact is that to get out you need to overcome 90 steps. 90, Karl! This is, for a minute, 11.3 meters (or even higher). It seems that I have not seen anywhere else at all. The exits from the station themselves do not look hospitable either, more resembling transformer substations than the gates of an underground palace.

10. Exit from the station and steps to the service premises

Against this background, the incorrect division of the lobbies, where the attempt to select the central axis has failed due to the configuration of the entrances and exits, does not look like such a big drawback. Since they enter and leave the station from the side, and the lobby itself is quite short, almost no one looks along the central axis, being all the time in the side aisles, which, moreover, are much wider than the middle one.

eleven.You can see a clear selection of the central span, but we are almost always in the lateral and perpendicular to the axis, which makes the selection meaningless.

Let’s move on to the main expectation of this section: Solntsevo station. This is the first “competitive” station of the Moscow metro – a symbol of the beginning of a new era. More details about the new and old eras are written here. To simplify greatly, we can say that earlier they tried to make each station of the highest quality, which in the end gave a lot of projects of fairly ordinary quality, but now all attention is paid to competitive stations, which are excellent, and Kotelniki and Khovrins grow up around.

12. Checkout hall Solntsevo and moronic arrangement of machines

Solntsevo is the first of these open stations. As it should be for image projects, the budget for finishing was not reduced by one iota, and the project itself was implemented exactly, without deviations, which is extremely rare in our time. It turned out quite well: a perfectly white station, as if glowing from the inside; white stumps on the platform, white windows on the ceiling …

One can reproach the central hall with a certain impersonality – this desire arises as soon as a huge yellow spot becomes noticeable at the checkout counters.With all due respect to the purism of architects, it brightens up the space in its appearance. In general, it is interesting to observe how a much better-quality architectural object is created from the same materials and almost by the same means as at the other stations.

13. Transition in the station lobby

This is especially noticeable behind the turnstile line: just look at the panel joining, especially on the stairs, lighting, details … The difference is obvious, although it would seem that the techniques are the same.

The trend of shifting accents from the central hall to the checkout counters and lobbies has fully manifested itself here: from yellow accents at checkouts to stunning “houses” at the exits from underground. The importance of space is clearly growing from the bottom up, and the restrained whiteness of the leaky ceiling from below ends with sheaves of real daylight pouring from holes in the sloping roof of the “barn”

14. Inside the exit

The next station is as disgusting as the previous one.In the photographs, Borovskoye Shosse did not seem so miserable to me: I even thought that I would rather like it. But no! The station proved to be a remarkable example of architects’ lack of taste.

The first thing that greets passengers is the Gost Common Italic font! Congratulations on that. Typing the name of the station in the typeface for the specifications is not a good idea. Moreover, the font itself is disgusting.

15. What a shame

As we look up at the ceiling, we can see a vivid example of architecture that hasn’t been improved by pouring money into it.It may seem to you that this is better, say, “Technopark”, but it is not so: in terms of the architectural image, the station is located somewhere on the level of Kotelnikov. Or rather, the cottage of the new Russians at the beginning of the 2000s. Yes, you guessed it – there are cars on the ceiling!

In general, excessive literalism in architecture is extremely harmful. Some postmodern projects have used it defiantly, but the days when this was appropriate are long gone. Now it is bad business to make columns in the form of banknotes near the bank building, to design a yellow substation in the form of lightning, or to sculpt cars on the ceiling of a station called Borovskoye Shosse.

16. Cars

Why is that? The point is that architecture is not a fine art. No wonder it is called “music frozen in stone”. Music, although it is capable of evoking associations with some extraneous sounds, should not copy them exactly. The same is with architecture: it should evoke sensory associations on an abstract level. For example, a bank should express calmness and reliability (not bills), etc.

A small respite at the station is given only by an escalator slope, over which a black ceiling hangs low – a rather steep sensation, much more accurately conveying the expressway than m and nk and


Complementing the whole effect of the station is that it is here that the ticket offices are the worst planned: look where the ticket machines have been installed!

18. For some reason they are right in the middle of the hall. At the age of five, I used to paint a chair in the middle of the room, when the furniture was rearranged.

The next station – Novoperedelkino – was the biggest expectation and at the same time the biggest disappointment. The second of the “competitive” stations, it was also made in exact accordance with the original project – and alas, it turned out to be too light!

In general, in the first round, a project was presented with columns smoothly opening upwards (these remained only in the lobby).But after consulting the metro, they had to be replaced with much less attractive designs. Unfortunately, on the renders, the station was enveloped in a pleasant twilight, approximately like in Zhulebino, and here the central hall is flooded with the brightest hospital light.

19. Bright light negates all the advantages of the station

Perhaps the miscalculation lies in the choice of finishing material: they should have been not polished panels, but still painted black. Then, subject to the standards for lighting, the station would seem darker than the Volga itself.

Against the background of a miscalculation with lighting, the squalid perforated structures for sitting and standing are hardly noticed: and they are really squalid. They added them, apparently, at the last moment and it turned out very badly: they spoil the proportions of the columns, and in themselves they look like a collective farm.

20. The station lobbies, however, did not disappoint =)

A completely different feeling – in the lobbies! Everything there remained in exact accordance with the version of the project from the first round. Huge columns that open upwards stand and shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow in a pleasant semi-darkness.Perhaps the lobbies of Novoperedelkino are the best piece of architecture along the entire line.

Novoperedelkin is followed by the final station of a huge newly opened area – Rasskazovka. This station is similar in its literalism to Borovskoe highway, but it is distinguished by one feature – interactivity. So, with a dexterous movement of the hand, just shit became postmodern, and unequivocal condemnation was replaced by double feelings.

21. How to scan upper codes?

The station is designed as a library.Columns are a type of filing cabinet. On each of the cells there is a plate with a QR code from which you can download one of the books for free. People walk, scan codes and generally enjoy life.

This architectural technique raises many questions. The architecture of the stations is designed for at least 150 years. How will these tablets be perceived in 15 years? Will they not become as anachronistic as CDs are now? Will the software part of the architecture work at all? Such a combination of eternal architecture with the momentary PR of Deptrans gives a lot, a lot of food for difficult philosophical reasoning.

22. A lot of letters

That is why the architecture of Rasskazovka is not shit (unlike Borovskoye highway).

So, we have seven stations, which are united with each other only by extreme dissimilarity. There is one very boring station here, one just awful station, a station that makes you think without wanting to, two beautiful, but not very well-run stations, and so on – everything is very different and therefore interesting.

It seems like the next one should open the Kozhukhovskaya line.See you at new discoveries!

90,000 Material and technical support and equipment of the educational process


Electronic medical scales



Height meter RM-1



Tonometer with age cuffs









Measuring tape

on request


Hand dynamometer DK-50






Medical thermometer

on request


Otorinoscope with funnel set



Metal or disposable spatula

on request





Bactericidal air irradiator, including portable



Disposable syringe with needles (set of 100 pcs.)

per ml


for 2 ml


for 5 ml


per 10 ml



Kidney-shaped tray



Roth apparatus with Sivtsev-Orlova table



Medical gloves

on request





Set of air ducts for artificial respiration “mouth-to-mouth”



Ambu ventilator (Ambu bag)



Medical heating pad



Ice bladder



Hemostatic rubber tourniquet






Traumatological placement, including:

1 set

pneumatic tires (children and adults)

vacuum mattress

gusset plate

clavicle retainer

Shants collar (2 sizes)

hemostatic tourniquet


sterile bandage

sterile napkins

gel cooling and warming pack


adhesive plaster 2 cm – 1 pc., 5 cm – 1 pc.


Dressing material: bandages, sterile bandages, sterile napkins, sterile cotton wool, adhesive plaster, antiseptics for treating wounds

on request


Thermal container for transportation of medical immunobiological preparations



Soap dispensers, paper towels, hand sanitizer

on request


Ethyl alcohol

0.5 ml per injection


Alcohol napkins made of soft material for treatment of the injection field

on request



on request


Bucket with pedal lid



Container for disinfectants

on request


Container – a puncture-proof container with a lid for disinfection of used syringes, swabs, used vaccines

on request


Working table









Medical screen



Medical cabinet for storing medicines



Cabinet for storing medical records



Medical table



Tool table



Manipulation table



Table lamp



Bix large



Bix small















Medical gown







on request


A set of equipment for visual promotion of a healthy lifestyle

by the number of classrooms

Card index of walks for the senior group. Autumn.

Walk 15

Rowan observation

Target : continue to introduce children to mountain ash.


Different birds have flown away, And the mountain ash is celebrating autumn,

Their sonorous retelling has ceased, Wearing red beads.

O. Vysotskaya

What does a mountain ash look like? Where does it grow? What animals love rowan berries? What birds peck rowan berries and when? What does mountain ash give to people?

Like a beautiful maiden, she threw a shawl over her shoulders, embroidered with various golden-red leaves, put on a necklace of scarlet berries.It grows in forests, parks and gardens. If a bear finds a mountain ash in the forest, studded with bunches of berries, it will deftly tilt the flexible tree and enjoy its fruits with pleasure. Forest giants-moose, reaching to the very top of the tree, eat fruits and branches with appetite. The berries that have fallen to the ground are picked up by field mice, hedgehogs, chipmunks and squirrels. In the pre-winter November

days, flocks of bullfinches and waxwings arrive. They stick around the mountain ash and peck at its juicy sweet berries. Jam and jam are made from rowan berries, and rowan honey is fragrant and healthy.Rowan has good wood – heavy, resilient and durable. They make dishes from it, handles for axes and hammers, and beautiful baskets are weaved from flexible branches.


Collecting leaves of aspen, mountain ash, willow for herbarium – to learn to accurately collect and distinguish the leaves of different trees.

Outdoor games

“Kite and hen”, “Who is next?” – to teach to run, holding each other, to listen to the signal of the teacher.

“Trap in a circle” – exercise in rhythmic walking, in running with dodging and in catching.

Individual work

To teach jumps on one (right, left) leg.

Drawing on the asphalt with crayons “Autumn forest” – to teach how to convey the silhouettes of various plants.

Games at the request of children with portable material.

Walk 16


Objectives: Expand ideas about migratory birds, about changing the life of birds in the fall when the cold comes; to educate love and care for birds.

Observation progress

The waters of the fast stream rustled,

Birds fly away to warm lands.

Birds gather in flocks, fly low above the ground. This means that soon they will fly away to warmer regions. The swallows will be the first to do this, since with the onset of cold weather insects disappear, which they catch on the fly. The last to fly away are ducks, geese, and cranes, as the reservoirs begin to freeze and they cannot find food in the water.

The teacher asks the children to complete the sentence:

  • The sparrow is small, but the crane… (large).

  • Gray duck and swan … (white).


Hanging and filling feeders – discuss why it is important to feed the birds in the fall; tell how to choose a place for a feeder, organize the hanging and filling of feeders.

Outdoor games

“Cycle”, “Cold – hot” – to achieve the correct technique in the previously mastered types of walking.

“Tram” – to teach children to move in pairs, to coordinate their movements with the actions of other players.

Individual work

Movement development – to improve walking technique (walking with a side step).

Games at the request of children with portable material.

Walk 17

Observing moss

Targets: Teach children to distinguish moss from shrub; to acquaint children with the diversity of forest flora, their connection with the world; to form in children a consciously correct attitude towards plants.


Moss is not a grass, rather, a lichen, moss has no trace of roots, stems and leaves … Is it a secret that moss is not quite a plant?

Invite the children to divide into subgroups and find places where moss grows on the site, exchange information with friends. Lead children to the conclusion that mosses love wet, shady places, are unpretentious, and can exist in conditions that are difficult for other plants (for example, on stones).

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