Halloween makeup for beginners: 15 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks That Even Beginners Can Pull Off


15 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks That Even Beginners Can Pull Off

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to throw together the perfect costume at the last minute. Thankfully, it’s YouTube to the rescue to help you pull it off. There are tons of makeup tutorials for beginners, and odds are you already have everything you need in your makeup bag. If you’re looking for a way to look the part in no time, these tutorials have you covered.

The spooky holiday might be all about finding the perfect outfit, but you can’t complete any Halloween look without the right makeup. But it’s possible to create the an on-point look using all the techniques and makeup items that you use during your everyday routine.

At first glance, people will think you spent hours on your makeup. In reality, these looks are super simple. In fact, most of them don’t even require step by step directions.

If you have eyeliner, a few eyeshadow palettes, and a few minutes to spare, you can easily pull off these 15 looks.

1. Ursula

You won’t believe how easy it is to transform into Ursula for the night. The look requires basically no shadow blending and only three eyeshadows. If you can grasp the basic concept of contouring, this tutorial is for you.

2. Beetlejuice

At first glance, this tutorial looks a bit daunting. Watch it one time, and you’ll see what I mean. The look is all about being imperfect. You don’t have to use the correct brush strokes or exact colors. This look is what you make it.

3. Autumn Witch

This tutorial uses a lot of different shades, but you can easily recreate this look with whatever you have at home. Plus, the two eyes don’t need to match, so you can go as crazy with it as you’d like. Just pop on a witch hat and you’re good to go.

4. Vampire Meets Demon Meets Devil

If you’re not exactly sure what you want to be for Halloween, this tutorial is for you. All you need is your normal daily makeup and some red glitter and you have either a vampire, devil, or demon — whichever matches your outfit.

5. Creepy Doll

A black smoky eye is intimidating, right? Well, not in this tutorial. All you need are two colors to nail the perfect doll look. Add in a doll-looking dress, and you can be any level of creepy that you’d like.

6. Classic Pop Art

There’s no easier way to look like you spent hours in front of the mirror than with a pop art tutorial. All you need are some bright colors and black liner. The best part is that you can wear any outfit that you’d like and still look the part.

7. Lisa Frank Snow Leopard

This tutorial was actually the first time this makeup artist tried her hand at leopard print. If she can do it on the first try, so can you. All you need are some colored shadow or cream shadow, and you’ve got yourself a Halloween costume that everyone will think you spent hours on.

8. Alien Makeup

Going from everyday to a glam alien is as simple as some purple eyeshadow. If you can draw circles, you can nail this look.

9. Glam Pennywise

It wouldn’t be Halloween 207 without a Pennywise tutorial. This tutorial will give you a full clown transformation without having to sacrifice your inner glam.

10. Colorful Skull

There are tons of different skull tutorials out there, but this one is perfect for last minute. The bright colors paired with the simplicity is a recipe for Halloween success.

11. Spider Eyes

Last minute makeup-lovers, this one is for you. You don’t need any extras, just black shadow and some black and white liner.

12. Half & Half

What easier way to get ready for the holiday than only having to worry about half of your makeup? Just do half your face as normal and the other half as a demon — however that may look to you.

13. Neon Skill

This might look complicated, but once you get the technique you’ll be on a roll. You could easily do this to your entire face, but half looks just as incredible.

14. Mermaid Skull

Looks super intricate, right? All you need are a few different colors of shadows and a pair of fishnet tights. After that, it’s just a matter of some white liner.

15. Fallen Angel

Messy looks are perfect for last minute. The more you wing it, the better this look gets. A little black shadow goes a long way.

Whether you have three hours or one to get ready for Halloween, you can still nail your look.

Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials 2020


We’d much rather spend $40 on a new eyeshadow palette than on a one-off Halloween costume. After all, finding the perfect Halloween costume can cost you money—and take a lot of time. But some of the best Halloween costumes for 2020 rely on eyeshadow, lipstick, and brushes you probably already have in your beauty collection (or you’re more than happy to splurge on, if you don’t). With the help of our favorite YouTubers, these 21 tutorials show off just how easy it is to transform into a unique—but chic—Halloween costume with some creativity, the right lip color, and a lot of eyeshadow.

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1 The Catwoman’s Meow

Why just be a cat, when you can be Catwoman? Drawing such a large shape on your face with eyeshadow or liner might be nerve-wracking, but follow along with Jackie Aina and you’ll be purr-fect in a flash.



Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean NYX Professional Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean

3 ’90s Grunge

Gather up your favorite flannel, band T-shirt, and matte lipstick. This super simple grunge look is recognizable enough for Halloween—but you’ll learn tricks you can use all year round.

5 Spin a Web

One part classic smoky eye, two parts gothic glam. This spider queen makeup tutorial sets you up for a classically spooky Halloween look.



Underground Couture Variation Ten-Color Expert Eye Palette

7 “When the Party’s Over”

Billie Eilish’s breakout music video inspired a slew of hair and makeup looks. But it’s her “When the Party’s Over” music video that inspired one of the best Halloween makeup tutorials of the year. You won’t have to actually cry inky tears, but you can mimic her ghostly look.



The Black Orb Enigmatic Eyeliner

9 Feeling Euphoric

The glitter-doused makeup on Euphoria is high-wattage with low effort—perfect for last-minute Halloween look.



Face and Body Glitter

11 Carve a Pumpkin

Take a classic jack-o-lantern palette one step further with a waxy, melted twist.



Chocolate Orange Mini Eyeshadow Palette

13 Fairy Lights

Tinkerbell is played out in 2020. For a more unique fairy look, blend pastel shadows for a bright, mystical vibe.



Pastel Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Lilac Obsessions

15 Neon to the Bone

A skull shadow tutorial that’s so colorful, it’ll all but glow in the dark.



Trendy in Tokyo – 16 Color Shadow Palette

17 The Upside Down

Take your favorite bold, gorgeous eye makeup look—and flip it and reverse it. Instead of doing both eyes like you normally would, trace one of your eyes upside down (creating an eyebrow on your cheek, etc.). Pair it with your favorite outfit in a similar hue for a cute and creepy look.



Mothership V Eyeshadow Palette – Bronze Seduction

19 Skeleton Chic

Beauty gurus James Charles and Kylie Jenner teamed up to create a super-glam take on a skeleton makeup look.



The Purple Palette Kyshadow

21 Flower Power

Not all Halloween looks have to be spooky or scary—some are just drop-dead gorgeous. Try this floral hairstyle and pretty pink makeup look for a flirty take on the holiday.



Curl Renew Spray

23 Drugstore Duchess

You don’t need a royal bank account to get Meghan Markle’s wedding day makeup look. Here, a tutorial on recreating the glowy, peachy look using all drugstore makeup. Finding a replica of her stunning Givenchy dress, however, will be more of a challenge.



Melting Pout Matte Liquid Lipstick

25 Going Wonka

You’ll never look at violet eyeshadow the same way again after spending an hour painting your nose the exact shade from Willy Wonka.



Carnival Black Magic Color Palette

27 Purple Skull

A spooky but still beautiful Halloween makeup look that doesn’t take hours or require any special ingredients—just your typical brushes and eyeshadows.



Mr. Right 5-Piece Eye Shadow Brush Set

29 Kim Possible

Grab a black turtleneck and your makeup bag—because that’s all you need to bring a Kim Possible costume to life.



Hoola Matte Bronzer

31 God is a Woman

Youtube makeup sensation James Charles walks you through exactly how to recreate Ariana Grande’s makeup look from her “God is a Woman” music video.



Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette in Frivoluxe

33 Wakanda Forever

Why buy a Black Panther mask when you can create a super-glam iteration using makeup you already own?



The Nubian II Eyeshadow Palette

35 Supermodel Glow

If you and your best friend are planning on being Gigi and Bella, try your hand at this Bella Hadid-inspired supermodel makeup tutorial.



InstaBake Aqua Glass Foundation

37 Baddie Marie Antoinette

Fenty Beauty’s resident makeup artist Priscilla Ono breaks down how to use all Fenty products to create a metallic take on Marie Antoinette makeup.



Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick

39 Fear Factor

If you like your Halloween dark and scary, watch this terrifying witch doctor makeup tutorial from Desi Perkins.



Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick in So Noir Cool

41 Riverdale Glam

It’s all about shades of red in this Cheryl Blossom-inspired beauty tutorial. Pair it with a long, red wig—or if you’re a natural redhead, even better.



SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

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Top 10 Easy YouTube Halloween Tutorials

Every year, the gang at Cosmetify leave prepping for Halloween until the last minute, and every year we end up as the same non-scary, half-arsed vampire (and by vampire, I mean we literally just do our ‘going out’ makeup and dot a little fake blood onto our neck – yeah, that vampire).

But this year, things are going to change. This year, we’ve actually done our research and have found some of the best Halloween tutorials for us lazy guys and girls. So if you’re struggling for inspiration, simply scroll through these super easy Halloween makeup tutorials to get you feeling a little more Halloween-y. Oh, and we’ve even included some hero products along the way to help you really nail the look – you’re welcome. If you’re ready to browse our spookily awesome edit of Halloween makeup products, then go ahead, but if you’re needing so inspo, read on!

1. Scary Clown

Pretty much everyone is scared of clowns, making this look an easy winner. Copy Hayley Bui’s look by befriending some scary contact lenses and that all-important gel eyeliner.

Kent Twelve Angled Eyeliner Brush

You’re going to want a super precise brush to nail those sharp and detailed lines. This small, angled brush gives you the expert control and precision you need for an easy application.

Sold out

2. Maleficent

Disney villains will never go out of fashion, just ask Miranda Hedman and her easy-to-create look.

3. Mystic Mermaid

Okay, mermaids aren’t the scariest thing in the world, but it’s the effort that counts!

5. Glam Halloween Skull

Super scary, but also super sexy. This one is for those of us who want to make an effort but still look pretty rockin’ underneath all that makeup.

6. Gothic Vampire

This attainable look has taught us one valuable lesson: liquid lipstick is a MUCH better alternative to fake blood. Take Rhiannon Claire’s top tip on board for long-lasting bloody results.

Lime Crime Plushies Lipstick

This blood red liquid lipstick makes the perfect tool for that fake blood look that lasts all. night. long. If a dark vampy lip is your jam, take a look at our edit of the best Halloween lipsticks to create the ultimate vampy look.

Sold out

7. Cute Deer

If you’re looking for something that is more ‘cute’ than scary for Halloween, Sinead Cady has provided just that.

8. Scarecrow

We’ve never seen orange hues like this look so damn good.

9. Violet Beauregarde from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Bonus point to you if you can pull this one off! YouTuber Ellie Addis has caught the attention of several beauty websites with her renowned and innovative Halloween tutorial. Steal the look here for endless compliments on the 31st of October.

10. Princess Jasmine

We’ve had a Disney villain, so it’s only right that we feature a true princess. Follow your childhood dreams of becoming a Disney princess with Maryam Maquillage’s princess Jasmine YouTube tutorial.

We hope you’re feeling a little more inspired than before with these truly terrifying and somewhat, well, cutesy Halloween makeup tutorials. Remember, get your blending brushes at the ready to slay your way towards the perfect Halloween look. If you’re still needing some inspiration, head to our Top 10 Halloween Makeup Looks post and if you’re ready to complete the look with nails, head over to our scary Halloween Nails Looks.

50 DIY Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Looking for some ways to make an statement on Halloween? Good makeup is the key to almost all of the best Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen. If you have a special party to attend or just want to get more likes than anyone else, then you absolutely need to check out this awesome list of DIY Halloween makeup ideas. With ideas for pretty and romantic to creepy and scary, you are sure to find the perfect compliment to your costume here. These cool makeup ideas actually can be all you need for an awesome costume. We found some neat last minute makeup ideas, too, for those in a hurry because they forgot Halloween was just around the corner. You don’t need to be an expert to get amazing results with your Halloween makeup, either. Simply follow these step by step photo tutorials and you will get what you see in the pictures. We just love this holiday and can’t wait. Once you see these fun ideas for Halloween makeup, you will be excited, too! Make a super impression with one of our 50 favorites. A simple click will give you step by step tutorials to show you how to create these amazing Halloween faces. Most of these Halloween ideas use makeup you already have so they are super inexpensive as well.

Once you choose your Halloween makeup, take a look at our fun list of last-minute DIY Halloween costumes, homemade costumes for couples and DIY Halloween party decor ideas. Whether you are going to a big Halloween party or throwing one yourself, be sure to whip up some goodies to share. We have some super lists of Halloween cookie recipes and Halloween party snack ideas to get you in the spirit of one of our favorite holidays.

1. Harlequin Doll Halloween Makeup


I love harlequin costumes at Halloween, but most people white out the whole face and I wanted something a bit more glamorous because I was on a Halloween date, so it was important to have my eyes, lips, and cheeks very pronounced. I used all my old makeup so the project was free. Liquid eyeliner really made a huge difference here, it was super easy and looked very alluring. Pink lips and pink cheeks really brought the whole look together. My date and I are still together and he stills asks if I can do the makeup again for him, he’s such a character. 😉 If you are looking for a pretty Halloween makeup idea for your big date or party, look no further than this DIY harlequin doll makeup tutorial.

2. Pretty Ghost Halloween Makeup


A glam zombie is big on spooky and big on glamour all at once. This is simple to apply, but you will need a white foundation, such as Ben Nye or Chanel. The rest is easy with purple eyeshadow around the eye area and lots of powder to the entire face. I added a wig that really set this in look motion, I was the belle of the apocalypse. If you want one of the easiest but coolest Halloween makeup looks, this easy ghost makeup idea is for you.

3. Half Zombie Scary Halloween Makeup Idea


I really wanted to scare the pants off of somebody for Halloween and decided Zombie was the way to go. I still wanted to be alluring so I decided to go half and half. The clothes were so simple to put together, I bought a long dress from the thrift store and ripped it into long pieces so it really looked like swaggy fringe on the dancefloor. This FX makeup was super easy and the liquid latex looked phenomenal. I did the monster mash all night! If you need a scary idea for your halloween makeup for guys or girls, this may be your winning idea here. I think it is one of the easiest, best Halloween makeup ideas around, personally.

4. Owl Makeup


I got a pair of wings from a local costume shop and needed the right Halloween makeup to set this little dream of mine into motion. I found this Owl makeup on Pinterest and got some feathers and greasepaint from Michael’s craft store. I used false eyelash glue to glue down the feathers and followed the easy step by step instructions in the link. I wore a corset under my wings and decorated myself with some leather jewelry. This turned out to be a very cute look overall, sexy but not in a vampy over the top way, a good choice for all.

5. Easy Cat Halloween Makeup


My nickname is Cheetah at work because I’m always running around at a rapid pace. So I thought what better way to really prove my inner cheetah than to dress up as one for our annual Halloween party. I found this tutorial that made it so easy, I was able to use all makeup I already had. I just wore a simple black leotard and some cheetah accessories from the local costume shop. I managed to find a pack of accessories for $15.00, that included ears and a tail. My name is now in the cheetah hall of fame forever. If you want a cute Halloween makeup idea, this adroable cat just may be your thing. Cut and easy cat Halloween makeup can be yours in less than an hour.

6. Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup


I love the sugar skull look and I found this Maybelline tutorial that made reproducing this look so easy. You don’t need special Halloween makeup products, either. You just need liquid eyeliner, black lipstick, and your favorite color of eyeshadow will do nicely. The fabulous thing about this makeup is that the face is the costume, you may juxtapose any clothing type with this show-stopping Halloween makeup and it will not detract from the central idea. This easy Halloween makeup look is pretty and sexy, and you don’t have to be an expert at makeup to pull it off. Make 2018 the best Halloween ever with this cool makeup for your costume idea.

7. Angel of Death Look


Sclera contact lenses are so spooky! If you’ve ever been accused of being an alien and want to give them a run for their money, this is the look for you, just slap those glossy black eyes in and they are in the driver’s seat. Put some white base makeup on and draw some cracks and you are the spookiest gal at the shindig! Piercings optional. 😉 If you are in the market for one of the creepiest, scary halloween makeup ideas for girls or guys, try this face with your costume.

8. The Porcelain Doll Makeup


The porcelain doll makeup is really a cute costume starter, it’s young and fun. Halloween will be a blast in this makeup idea and it’s so easy to do practically anywhere. Again this is a superb makeup idea where the makeup kind of is the costume and doesn’t dictate a specific outfit. I wore black pants, a black shirt, and some flats. I stayed really warm that chilly Autumn night and could walk all over the neighborhood to do some trick or treating. If you are searching for the best Halloween makeup ideas for girls, pretty ones, here is a good pick.

9. Cute Fox Halloween Makeup


Oh, so foxy is what they will all be saying this Halloween when you show up in this cute makeup. The fox is an excellent costume for many reasons, it’s so darn cute being the main reason and it’s super easy. I used my own makeup except for the white greasepaint, I got from Michael’s craft store. The costume itself can be a leotard or something plain with a fox tail and ear pack from the local costume shop or go full on furry if you dare. For easy Halloween makeup that gets noticed, try out this tutorial that shows you how to do fox makeup. Get or make a fox costume, or for a last minute costume idea, cute out some paper ears and glue them on a headband. Instant Halloween outfit for free!

10. Black and White Grayscale Makeup


The greyscale makeup is one Halloween idea that will leave all the partygoers shaking in their boots and it’s really easy. I did buy the Ben Nye clown white base because it has such a flawless look, but I used my own black and grey eyeshadow for this show-stopping special effects look. It reminded me of nostalgic old black and white films, yet it was very eerie for my Halloween endgame and also very glamorous when I paired it with a Victorian style black beaded dress. So spooky, I scared everyone last year when I walked into the party sporting this Halloween makeup idea.

11. Ghostly Glamour Tutorial


I love the vintage look of just about everything, just pop your head into my living room and you will suspect this is true. If you look in my closet, you may feel you’ve been transported back to 1940 or 1950. In a previous life, I really think I may have been a movie star, too, so it is no surprise I fell in love with this cool makeup tutorial as soon as I saw it. Also, I immediately began planning the outfit to go with it. Color or black and white, pearls or a high collar. So many decisions you will have to make. This makeup tutorial is really easy to do, but looks great, requires no professional Halloween makeup kit or anything fancy. The dark eyeshadow is spooky but yet accentuates anyone’s eyes in a most lovely fashion. Contrast the pale, white foundation with a dark red lipstick and you will be the prettiest dead girl or guy at the Halloween party 2018.

12. Pop Art Cartoon Makeup


Warhol’s got nothing on you when you become a living pop art cartoon for Halloween. Another simple, quick and easy idea for Halloween makeup, you don’t need to buy anything special to get this cool Halloween look. Black eyeliner and lipstick will help you achieve this fun face. Add a cute vintage dress and you will quickly be in business. Take a few pop art friends along to the party for some super fun Instagram shots.

13. Deer – Easy Halloween Makeup Idea


Last year, I scoured Pinterest for the best makeup ideas, and with hundreds to choose from, I finally decided to try out this deer. I wanted something a little different for Halloween makeup, and was not wanting to go as a doll or zombie like all my friends. This face-flattering makeup idea was my favorite, and when I tried it out at home and it only took 15 minutes, I knew this was my Halloween makeup for the big night. No special makeup kits for Halloween is required. You should have all the products and supplies you need at home to be able to easily create this look by yourself.

15. Totally Doable Glam Skeleton Halloween Makeup


16. Lace Mask Halloween Makeup



The Bat Mask



19. Lichtenstein Inspired Halloween Makeup


20. Mermaid Makeup


21. Zombie Bride


22. Frozen Elsa Makeup


23. Quick Stitched Mouth Halloween Makeup


24. Weeping Nun Makeup


25. Garden Goddess


26. Gamora of Guardians of the Galaxy Makeup


27. Spider Queen


28. Zombie Face


29. Ventriloquist Doll Halloween Makeup


30. Wonder Woman’s Headpiece for Halloween Using Only Makeup


31. Black Widow Makeup


32. Pennywise Makeup


33. Queen of Hearts Makeup


34. Tribute to Glitter



Ziggy Stardust


36. Easy Scarecrow Makeup


37. Comic Book Girl


38. Lion Makeup Transformation


39. Half Sugar Skull Makeup


40. Burned Flesh


41. Jigsaw Makeup


42. Doll Inspired Halloween Makeup


43. Jeweled Eyes


44. Creative Bat Eye Makeup


45. Zombie Bite Makeup


46. Masquerade Mask


47. Cat Halloween Makeup


48. Tiger Halloween Makeup


49. Baby Doll Lip


50. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Makeup


7 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks To Try This Season That Will Win Best Dressed

Doing intricate makeup for Halloween can feel a lot like third-period art class. Oftentimes, you go into it with a detailed vision in your head, and in the end, the results don’t resemble what you were initially envisioning in the slightest. Been there? If so, consider leaning on some easy Halloween makeup ideas this year. With a little guidance, these simple looks can be put together in a pinch.

This month allows you to get creative with your beauty, regardless of your skillset. Even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, you’ll be able to tackle some of the Halloween makeup ideas below. From a fallen angel to chic Hollywood glam, prepare to arrive at your party with the best makeup look (and have everyone clamoring to know how you did it). Even better news: Most of the beauty products required for these costumes ideas are probably sitting around your room right now (think: red lipstick, black eyeshadow, false eyelashes).

Below, get ready to have a ball this Halloween with these seven makeup looks that range in skill from beginner to amateur makeup artist territory. Pro tip: Keep makeup wipes within reach just in case you need to take a second stab at it (no shame!).

We only include products that have been independently selected by TZR’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

The Joker

Jokers fan, this one is for you: This year, dress up as your favorite DC character. Makeup-wise, the makeup is fairly simple. Most importantly, you’ll need green and purple eyeshadows. For the green, take a shadow brush and apply the product to your brows. Then, take the purple pigment and tap it onto your lids. Finish off with a striking red lip and you’re set. Bonus points for strong black liner and mascara.

Fallen Angel

Whether you’re going for an ethereal angel or an edgier version, the makeup look should be the definition of glamourous. For a fallen angel costume (like the one above), take a shadow stick, like Laura Mercier’s iteration, and apply the color all around the eyes making a thick cat-eye finish. Don’t hold back here — the more dramatic, the better. Next up, layer your blush until you get a bold finish that screams angelic. And for your pout, swipe on a gloss for a sultry spin. Pair it all with a feathered headband and *boom*, you’re ready to head out the door.


Steady hands are a must here, but if you have an ultra-fine tip liquid liner, you’re halfway there already. For this type of look, the essential products are different colored eyeliners. You can go with as many hues as you wish, but ideally, two is a good starting point. You can draw the webs on your eyes or cheeks — it’s up to you — drawing the larger lines first and then connecting them with a shallow “U” shape. Complete the makeup with lots of blush and a bold lip.


If you don’t have a ton of products at your disposal, that’s OK. An easy solution: Dress as a daffodil. As shown above, all you really need is KVD’s Super Pomade Vegan Eyeliner, Shadow & Brow Pigment in yellow — which as the name implies, can be used on the eyes, brows, and really anywhere on the face. For this look, don’t worry about being precise. In fact, the messier you are with the product, the better. Take the look to the next level by dying your hair yellow (with semi-permanent color, of course).

Classic Hollywood Glam

For those looking for an elegant makeup look this year, you can’t go wrong with classic Hollywood glamour (think: Marilyn Monroe). Essentially, you’ll apply most of your products like you would on a normal day. For instance, fill in your brows, put on foundation, and slightly sculpt your face with blush and bronzer. But instead of mascara, throw on a pair of false lashes. As for your lipstick, go with a deep red. If you’re comfortable with a cut crease shadow, try out a deep maroon for an extra dramatic dose of glam.


Odds are, you’ve dressed as a last-minute cat in the past. This Halloween, switch things up and go as a tiger. For your makeup, you’ll need a palette with orange shades included. After using these shadows on your lids, next, go in with a liquid liner. Sure, it might be scary to put a liner anywhere other than your eyes, but a good makeup remover will do the trick after your night is over. Use this liquid liner on your nose and then down to your lips. (For more help, watch the full video above.)


This skeleton look isn’t for beginners. But, if you feel up for a challenge, give it a try! (Maybe consider a backup plan just in case.) Follow the designs above with a black liquid liner, and then go over them with black crystals. Then, finish off with a black matte lipstick and a touch of glitter. Don’t forget to snap a picture, because you’ll definitely want to share this one with your Instagram followers.

Watch These Spooky Halloween Makeup Tutorials

It should come as no surprise that Halloween will look a bit different this year, but one normal morsel you can count on is that Party City is probably fresh out of cat ears by now. If you’ve left your costume to the last minute, do not fret.

Pretending we aren’t ourselves, even for just a few fleeting hours, can be an essential form of escapism, especially in a year like this. For one night, as we visit drive-through haunted attractions, trick-or-treat from a social distance or cozy up at home with a horror flick, maybe our faces can tell a different story than the one already unfolding.

So while these looks might work best for cosmetics connoisseurs, go ahead and try your hand at a full beat (that means a flawless face of makeup, for those of you who don’t spend hours on beauty YouTube), eat a bunch of Reese’s and howl at the moon tonight. It just might help you feel better.

How to Become a Ghost

At minimum, you’ll need: light foundation and eye shadow.

Why cut holes in perfectly good bedsheets when you can haunt people’s dreams by just contouring in a lighter shade? Here, @gabxxrielle shows us how to create a look that can be achieved, and even simplified, with a pale foundation and some black, red and white eye shadow.

How to Look Spooky

At minimum, you’ll need: A contour stick or palette and black eyeliner.

For those who feel like the year 2020 has been terrifying enough and want a look that’s only subtly spooky, @sonjdradeluxe can help. Not only does this creator toe the line between scary and stunning application — she also shares educational and technical tidbits about everyday makeup application. The look below is for expert makeup users, so if you are just starting out, take some contouring tips from her but be wary with the rest. A cat-eye this sharp is hard to achieve.

How to Channel Your Inner ‘Euphoria’ Teen

At minimum, you’ll need: glitter, lash glue and a hot glue gun.

Feeling emotionally unstable? There’s no better way to channel that energy than through the characters of “Euphoria.” The creator @cutcreaser effortlessly fuses shimmer and sadness in this look. Her makeup isn’t meant to be clean and precise, so it’s great for beginners.

How to Go Full Vampire

At minimum, you’ll need: red eye shadow and red lipstick.

Although this look is not an explicit nod to the “Twilight” series, anything vampire-related invites comparisons to Edward Cullen and his sparkling, bloodthirsty family. This tutorial from the influencer @strashme uses drugstore products that are easily accessible and affordable but does involve a bit of technical skill and patience.

This Easy Skull Makeup Tutorial Is So Simple, A Numskull Could Do It — EXCLUSIVE

Deciding on a Halloween costume is hard freaking work, because your options are literally endless. With so many alternatives at your disposal, it’s easy to push deciding on a Halloween costume off until the last minute. Then, you’re left scrambling until you end up just deciding to slip a garbage bag over your head and be trash for Halloween (true story). If this sounds like you, know that I feel you on the most personal, spiritual level I’ve ever felt anything. Also know that I come bearing this easy skeleton makeup tutorial for Halloween as a solution to our procrastination.

If you’re staring down at a Halloween party invite without any idea what to wear, all you need to do is grab some black clothes and some Halloween makeup inspiration. Between saving you from the headache and expense that costume shopping can be as well as letting you become one of the most iconic Halloween creatures of all time, it’ll take you less than 30 minutes to complete this skull makeup. Jack Skellington better watch his back.

I was lucky enough to sit down with KVD Vegan Beauty Artistry Collective Makeup Artist Steffanie Strazzere, who showed me how to do the easiest skull makeup tutorial I think I’ve ever come across. Even better, pretty much everything Strazzere used was, at one time, available in one big bundle — the Skeleton Queen Halloween Bundle. Sadly, the bundle is no longer in stock, but you can still purchase pretty much everything, from the super light base color to the liner needed for fine lines and details, on the KVD Vegan Beauty website individually. Lucky for me, Strazzere put all these products to the test to show me a skeleton makeup look I could do in my sleep if I tried hard enough.

Step 1: Start with a super light foundation all over as a base.

Courtesy of Theresa Massony

Starting with a clean base, Strazzere applied KVD Vegan Beauty’s Lock It Foundation in shade 41 Light ($37, KVD Vegan Beauty) all over my face with a foundation brush. While the shade isn’t exactly white, it’s light enough to fit the bill for a skeleton costume look without being so stark that you have to layer it a million times to get just the right look.

Of course, because this is the brand’s cult-favorite Lock It formula designed to last for up to 24 hours without the need for touchups, Strazzere said I didn’t need to worry about this look going anywhere for a while — even the products atop the foundation. “Anything that you put on top of [the foundation] is also 24-hour wear, so this is a bulletproof makeup,” she says. “You could eat, you could drink, you could cry — you’re still gonna be a skeleton at the end of the night.” Since Halloween nights can get a bit rowdy, you’ll love knowing that this look won’t budge an inch.

Step 2: Shade the eye, nose, and just under your cheekbones with gray.

Courtesy of Theresa Massony

The thing about getting a look to go on evenly, look fierce, and stay like that for a while is that you always, always, always need to layer. Therefore, Strazzere started the layering process by reaching for the Shade + Light Crème Contour Palette Refillable Pan in “Grayscale,” which has sadly been discontinued. But, the brand’s Refillable Pan in “Taupe” ($16, KVD Vegan Beauty) will get you the same look. While you might want to hop right in with a black shadow or eyeliner, starting with a gray or cool-toned brown shade allows you to have a guide for where you want the dark black to go while really adding to the hollow, spooky vibe. This way, you won’t dive in, realize you’ve made a mistake, and be stuck with a huge black smudge somewhere.

Obviously, when you think of a skull, the main pieces you have to hit are the hollow parts like the eye sockets, the nose, and just under the cheekbones. Strazzere packed Grayscale in those areas with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, all around where the black shade would eventually be.

Step 3: Layer super pigmented black eyeshadow on top of the gray in your eye area and on your nose.

Courtesy of Theresa Massony

Here’s where you can finally see the look coming together. Strazzere used the black shade “Rubber” from the Fetish eyeshadow palette — but you can use the Super Pomade Vegan Eyeliner, Shadow & Brow Pigment in Black ($21, KVD Vegan Beauty) — and packed in the pigment with an eyeshadow brush over the gray eyeshadow around my eyes and on my nose, layering it until the pigment was opaque enough to give the effect of a hollowed out area. Due to its strong color, you don’t need much to get the hollowed out effect.

When it comes to the nose, rather than just drawing a triangle out of eyeshadow, Strazzere got fancy. She extended the two upper sides of the black shade up the sides of my nose, leaving just a small sliver of skin in the middle. This gave the appearance of a real, hollowed nose socket.

Step 4: Connect the cheekbone shading to the mouth area and draw lines along your lips in grey to outline teeth.

Courtesy of Theresa Massony

Next, Strazzere began to construct the mouth area of the skeleton makeup look using gray as a base once again. Using a small eyeshadow brush, she connected the gray area on my cheekbones to a more defined line on each of the outer corners of my mouth. She also drew gray lines up and down atop my lips to create the appearance of teeth on a skeleton.

Step 5: Trace over teeth lines with black eyeliner, smudge black eyeshadow along your inner lips, and refine other details.

Courtesy of Theresa Massony

Of course, the delight is always in the details. Using KVD Vegan Beauty’s Tattoo Liner ($22, KVD Vegan Beauty), Strazzere drew over the gray teeth lines, creating a thinner black line toward the ends of the teeth lines and making it thicker as she moved to the center of my lips.

“When you’re doing the mouth and the nose, [don’t] try to do it in one big swoop. I like to use the Dagger Tattoo liner and almost sketch it out first. Then, once you have the exact placement, go back and do your hard lines. That way, it still looks delicate and you still have thin lines,” Strazzere says. “With this guy, because it has that little tapered end, it makes it so easy. So instead of going and trying to do one big line … if you do all these little tiny ones, it makes it so much easier to go back over.” Not needing to do perfect lines may just make this the best makeup tutorial ever.

She then packed black shadow on the inner parts of my lips to make the overall look creepier. It worked. I looked like I was six feet under for years.

Courtesy of Theresa Massony

Using the black eyeliner once again, Strazzere added some tinier detail lines around the nose socket and near my eyebrows. She also filled in my bottom waterline with black pigment (as if my face wasn’t creepy enough at that point). Given how easy it is to poke yourself in the eye, you can also use a softer tip eyeliner like KVD’s Cake Pencil Eyeliner ($20, KVD). Just like that, the whole look was done in well under 30 minutes, which is shorter than I’ve spent even brainstorming about what my costume should be.

Finally, she spritzed a bit of the Lock-It Makeup Setting Mist ($29, KVD Vegan Beauty) all over my face, essentially to make sure no part of my new skeleton persona could leave me this day. “It has cucumber extract in it and it hydrates your skin through the makeup, so you’ll never look cakey,” she says. “It gives your skin the moisture it needs and then helps the foundation to look more like skin.”

Step 6: Scare the hell out of everyone.

Courtesy of Theresa Massony

Naturally, for the rest of the day, I proceeded to walk around my office and scare the living sh*t out of all of my co-workers more easily than ever. Seriously, I just had to take one look at my boss and she fell right out of her seat. The best part, though, was that everyone was supremely impressed with this overall look — and I could tell them that they could do it themselves and they could do it fast.

Since this look is made with non-smudge, long-lasting makeup, you’re going to need to break out some serious makeup removers to get it off at the end of the night. La Roche Posay’s Cleansing Water ($16, Amazon) will de-spookify your face so you don’t have to worry about covering your pillows with black eyeshadow. This super hydrating formula ensures that your skin will feel bright and alive even if it doesn’t look it.

All too often, you think a Halloween skeleton makeup tutorial is easy only to find that you don’t have the time, the tools, or the patience necessary to recreate all the extravagant skull looks out there, with their super harsh lines, detailed teeth, and intricate cracks. However, a pared down tutorial like this one from Strazzere proved that you don’t need five hours, every special effects makeup product in the world, or even a super duper steady hand to make a stellar look. @ all Halloween procrastinators like me out there who aren’t professional makeup artists, trust me when I say this easy peasy tutorial has us written all over it.

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90,000 Halloween makeup for girls ★ step by step PHOTOS and VIDEOS ★

Every girl dreams of being a beauty, but not on Halloween. The worse the appearance, the better! This is the motto of this holiday. And you can’t do without scary Halloween makeup. In this article, we tried to collect the most interesting ideas, as well as detailed instructions on how to “embellish” yourself on this holiday.

Step-by-step instructions for creating Halloween makeup

You don’t have to be a make-up artist to do original makeup on Helloween.Detailed master classes and step-by-step photos will help you create an exciting look. We also need shadows, cosmetic pencils, you can use water-based children’s makeup.

Another essential element of scary makeup is blood. Don’t try to replace it with lipstick, which looks unnatural and ruins the whole look instantly.

What Halloween Blood Can Be Made Of:

  1. From sugar syrup dyed with food colors.
  2. From tinted jelly, cooked on starch.
  3. From a gelatin solution with dyes.

Regardless of the recipe, the mixture must not be too liquid. In addition to red, you can add a few drops of blue, so the color will be much more believable. And black paint will help make pieces of caked blood.

How to Make Halloween Zombie Makeup

Zombie is one of the simplest Halloween makeup options that can be easily done at home.It suits both girls and guys equally well.

Zombie Makeup Step by Step:

  1. Zombies are characterized by pale skin, so you need to start with it. Apply a light foundation, blend with a sponge.
  2. Cover the face with a thin layer of powder. Also in a light shade.
  3. Take light brown shadows and paint bags under the eyes with a brush, shade the hollows.
  4. With the same shadows we cover the upper eyelid and the area above it to the very eyebrow.
  5. Drawing bruises. For this you need dark gray or brown eyeshadows. We blend them under the eyes. Paying special attention to the inner corner.
  6. Similarly, draw with dark shadows the upper part of the eye to the very eyebrow.
  7. Using a brush and light gray shadows, make a “blush”.
  8. Cover lips with foundation.
  9. Apply some lipstick, but without affecting the contours of the lips. It is necessary to create the effect of a carelessly stained mouth with blood.
  10. Apply fresh blood with a brush.Put a little caked mass on top.

Halloween makeup is ready! The photo shows an example of what should happen. But you can always experiment. For example, add drops of blood, scars and other interesting elements 🙂

Makeup with cartoon inserts for Helloween

Interesting and very beautiful makeup for girls for Halloween, which is made in a comic style. Before performing, you need to carefully prepare the skin of not only the face, but also the neck, décolleté.We even out the tone with a dense medium of a light shade, then apply a layer of powder.

Makeup steps:

  1. Draw the eyebrows with a black liner and draw the eyes.
  2. We outline an oval, draw the line of the nose and sinuses.
  3. Cover the lips with red lipstick. Draw in black on the left side. You can use the same liner. Draw white highlights on the lower lip on the left side.
  4. Using white paint, paint pea light stripes on the face and body.
  5. We paint tears with blue paint. For clarity, outline it thinly with a black liner.
  6. To add mystery to the look, we use self-adhesive rhinestones. We arrange for each pea.

As you can see, such a charming and unusual Halloween makeup is not difficult to make with your own hands. If you try a little and follow the instructions, then everything will definitely work out!

How to Make Halloween Witch Makeup

This Halloween witch makeover is made in lilac and pink to give it a touch of flavor.Similarly, it can be done using red, blue, green paints.

How to make a Halloween witch makeup in stages:

  1. Take the pink eyeshadow and paint over the movable eyelid.
  2. Apply over the entire surface, up to the eyebrows.
  3. Apply black shades over the pink shades. We also paint the area under the eyes. Shade slightly.
  4. Wet the brush in lilac paint and spray on the painted areas.
  5. We tint the movable eyelid with purple paint.
  6. Prepare eyelashes, straighten with a brush.
  7. We glue the upper and lower eyelashes.

Makeup ready! It turned out to be an ugly, but very charming witch. And she is already ready to celebrate the holiday!

Scary Halloween Makeup

Of course, this drawing can hardly be called make-up. This is a real make-up, so it is better to use the appropriate paint.

Halloween makeup step-by-step:

  1. You will need a white base for the tone. Make-up paint can be used.
  2. Cover the face evenly with tone.
  3. Draw the eyebrows with a pencil.
  4. With black paint (brown or graphite can be used), paint over the area around the eyes from all sides, depicting a circle.
  5. Draw the nose using the same paint, and draw two arrows on top.
  6. Let’s start drawing the mouth.With a pencil, we continue the smile line until such time as the size of the mouth is needed.
  7. Draw lips from teeth along the entire line, cover with black paint.
  8. To give the skull a relief, we make a semblance of eyebrows one centimeter higher than our own. Shade well.
  9. Powder the forehead.
  10. Start drawing a crack on the side of the skull.
  11. We make several thin branches in the form of a twig.
  12. Draw a skeleton around the neck. To do this, take a brush and dark paint, preferably gray.
  13. Draw the lines. Imitating vertebrae.

Done! To give the image a special tragedy and fear, it is enough just to put on a dark cloak with a hood and get a braid.

Halloween Scars

Scar is an excellent face decoration for a holiday. It can be used alone or in addition to other makeup. Moreover, they are done very simply.

How to make scars on Helloween:

  1. Draw the line of the future scar.We do this with a pink pencil.
  2. For a scar, you will need viscous collodion glue. It is sold in dressing rooms as well as pharmacies.
  3. Mix the collodion well. Remove the excess from the brush.
  4. Gently apply over the previously drawn line.
  5. Correct the shape with the help of foundation.

The scar is ready! It turned out to be embossed and looks very natural.

Halloween makeup ideas (20 photos)

In fact, there are a lot of interesting ideas for the Halloween transformation.And to choose the right option, you just need to turn on a little imagination and see our photos!

Dolls: creepy and adorable

Doll makeup is one of the most popular holiday ideas. Still, not all girls are eager to transform into witches and prefer the image of creepy beauties.

Ordinary cosmetics consisting of bright lipsticks and a few pencils are enough to create these cute looks. But if the cute image is not impressive. Then you can make up a creepy doll for Halloween.Scars, blood and red eyes are exactly what you need. But, of course, do not forget about themed clothes with hairstyles.

Vampires and vampires

Vampires are one of the most frequent guests of the holiday. What could be more beautiful than meeting a charming blood drinker tonight? Halloween vampire makeup can be done in both female and male looks. The main thing is fair skin, expressive eyes and lips.

By the way, you can use regular smokey makeup.Add a few drops of blood and white fangs if desired. But the image will not be complete without the appropriate attire. Retro style is perfect.

Children’s vampire makeup looks no less interesting for a theme party. It turns out that bloodsuckers can be incredibly cute and even slightly glamorous. The child will be delighted with the transformation, like those around him.


Halloween cat makeup is a great way to dilute the crowd of evil spirits from vampires and witches.A cute and fluffy animal is sure to amaze with its attractiveness.

To create a festive look, it is enough to make an expressive make up with arrows, use bright lipstick and draw a mustache. And if you want to look even more like a fluffy charm, then you can use special lenses with elongated pupils.

In this video you can see what a charming kitty beauty blogger Irene Vlady has become. The make-up is created from improvised products and mineral cosmetics.

Skeletons at the festival of evil spirits

What can be a holiday without skulls and bones? Halloween skeleton makeup is considered one of the most difficult and requires certain skills.

To portray shadows, voluminous bones and believable teeth will have to try. And first of all, take care of the ideal tone. But nothing is impossible!

Video bloggers are also preparing for a merry Halloween. And MakeUpKaty has already come up with an extraordinary skeleton makeup and shared the technique for creating it.

Halloween is the day to try on a creepy look and still look cute. Interesting images will add charm to the holiday, make it mystical and unforgettable.

90,000 Halloween makeup: how to make it at home

Celebrating Halloween in Ukraine is becoming more and more popular every year. This is a great opportunity to try on a scary beautiful image! But coming up with an image and a costume is not enough to embody the desired image.It is important to make a beautiful make-up that sets the mood for the whole image, makes the image complete and more realistic. Victoria Bessarab told how to make makeup at home, what looks are the most popular now, and also shared the secrets of professional makeup. Make yourself comfortable, it will be very interesting!

Which Halloween looks are the most popular now, and which are fading into the background? And is there a certain fashion for images?

Whenever a make-up movie comes out on the eve of Halloween, everyone always carries that look to Halloween.Therefore, I am sure that the images of the heroes of the films will be popular at all parties. Now I’m talking about the image of the Joker and Harley Quinn from “Suicide Squad”. Also, the image of Batman and Superman from the film of the same name will now be popular. In second place, in my opinion, the image will be popular, where half of the face is beautiful, and half is not very 🙂 And of course, skulls will never go out of fashion, because they are primarily associated with Halloween.

Halloween is not a holiday with us, but more of a reason to have fun and show cool makeup and cool costume

These three most popular looks are constantly changing places: some become more popular, and some less.

Homemade make-up fades into the background. Now everyone is trying to paint the makeup beautifully and carefully approach the creation of the image and makeup for Halloween.

When the holiday just came to Ukraine, everyone tried to do make-up on their own. And if earlier it was cotton wool, blood and everything was smeared, now make-up artists are attracted to creating images.

Also, not everyone is doing horrible makeup now. Of course, you can make yourself a Terminator, draw deep scars, but guys like it more, in my opinion.Now if a scar is painted, then it is some kind of beautiful and more artistic.

How to make up yourself for Halloween, so that it is stylish and without dirt on your face?

Well, firstly, you can safely open Youtube, select the make you are interested in and follow it step by step. There are also step by step pictures and photo instructions. But if you do not have the skills, you need to try to do the same make-up many times long before Halloween, so that you already have your hand full for the holiday itself.Then everything will work out. But naturally, I advise everyone to use professional or children’s makeup – it’s cheaper. The latter are sold in art stores. They behave normally on the skin and do not cause any allergies in the way they are intended for children.

Sometimes people paint on their faces with ordinary watercolors – this is very dangerous for the skin. If you do not want to bother or completely ruin your skin, use a special make-up or face painting. And don’t use glue (PVA) on your face.

How to apply makeup?

With a regular brush or sponge.Brushes, in principle, can be bought at an art store: they are much cheaper than professional makeup brushes. They look a little bit different, but the makeup doesn’t need any super brushes. A synthetic brush, which is sold in art stores, is sufficient.

What should this brush look like?

It is similar to a foundation brush but flatter. To make a good and high-quality makeup, you need at least three brushes of different sizes.Brushes should be rounded. A flat brush will leave streaks on the face.

How do you make yourself scars or the effect of sewn-up skin?

For the effect of sewn-on leather, you need to use a special silicone or latex.

There is a two-component silicone (sold in specialty makeup stores). It consists of two jars, which must be mixed with each other, and then from the resulting mixture to form a scar on the skin. Then, when the silicone hardens on the skin, you can take an ordinary needle and thread and sew up this scar from above, creating the appearance of sewn up skin.

To make a burn at home, you can take an ordinary thin bag – transparent or best with a pink one – stretch it, cut it off, and stick this stretch on your face.

In order not to burn your skin, glue it with eyelash glue or special sandarac glue. And on top of it, paint the makeup. This trick gives the impression that you have a burn on your face and as if your skin is parted.

On Halloween, girls are in demand for lipsticks of all kinds of bright colors – blue, green, black, etc.Where can you buy them and is it possible to independently obtain the desired shade by mixing lipsticks of different colors, for example?

Can. I once needed purple lipstick and mixed blue eyeliner and pink lipstick on my lips and got the color I wanted. This I mean that you can buy just cosmetic colored pencils and decorate with them. If you need your makeup to last all day, go for waterproof ones. You can also overlap the color of the lipstick with shadows to get a different one (for example, blue pearlescent shadows on purple lipstick).

NYX, Atelier, Make Up For Ever, M.A.C., LimeCrime have a lot of lipsticks of unusual colors, Cailyn has very beautiful lipsticks. There are a lot of firms and American cosmetics are famous for their quality. It is hypoallergenic and very pigmented: what color you see in a jar, this is how it will be in life.

After Pat McGrath launched the shiny lip kit, it became a super trend. And you also applied this trend on the main character – a vampire in the show “Dim tamnichikh ushpodite”.

Actually, the story with the lips in glitter turned out to be very funny, because in fact, before Pat McGrath released the set for creating glitter lips , , I had already thought about the image. And then I thought, “Damn, why didn’t I patent this?” But naturally I consider her a very cool make-up artist and always focus on her.

Just as glitter is in vogue now, lip sequins will be one hundred percent trending on Halloween. I think seventy percent of girls will use glitter in their looks.

In order to make your own glitter makeup, you do not need to buy cosmetic glitter (they are very expensive). In hardware stores, dry spangles are sold for decoration. They are absolutely no different from professional sequins.

You can also use glitter for nails, but you need to check if there are any small grains that add to the volume of the nails. It is necessary to ensure that the grinding is only made of sparkles.

How to apply glitter and how to make it last for the whole party?

First apply lip liner, then regular oily lipstick in the same color as the glitter (for example, blue glitter – blue lipstick) or oily children’s makeup. Pick up glitter with the flat part of a synthetic brush and apply to lips. Then you pick it up again, and on the lips.

You can use your finger, but you shouldn’t dip the same finger in glitter. After the first application of the glitter to the lips, you will have a greasy base on your finger, and the next time you apply it with this finger, you will matte the glitter on your lips.

Therefore, you need to apply glitter with different fingers. Also, do not apply glitter on the inner surface of the lips, closer to the mucous membrane. In this place, there will be enough lipstick, otherwise you will just fill up on these glitters for the evening. If the glitter is stuck to the skin, remove it with an eyebrow comb (looks like a mascara brush).

Where else can you use glitter?

Now you can everywhere 🙂 You can cover the entire neck with sparkles, and make your face matte. You can make your eyebrows with sparkles.Glitter can be glued on the eyebrows.

On the eyes it is possible for the entire eyelid, under the eyelid. At one of the specialized exhibitions in the States, I even saw men whose beards were completely covered with sparkles.

Tell us about the image of Vicky Maremukha, who you turned into Maleficent. Is it difficult to repeat such beauty yourself?

In fact, it is not difficult. I made Vika smokey ice, and then I took eyeliner and painted wreaths with it.And if these veins are powdered with a whitish powder, the effect will really be as if the veins are visible through the skin. I also did ombre lips, going from black to red.

Are there any rules or possible taboos regarding Halloween makeup? For example, if this is an image of a vampire, then the face must be matte?

I think everything is possible on Halloween! You cannot limit yourself here. Who said that you can’t use a highlighter or you can’t do a matte face? Well, firstly, I love highlighters and I love when the face is lively and shiny 🙂 But no one canceled the dullness, so if you come with a matte skull, why not? A shiny skull is even better! I love sparkles, I love highlighters, I love when something shimmers, it always looks more lively.But again, we have a lifeless holiday, so there can be matte faces, and shiny skulls, and whatever your heart desires.

Halloween is a holiday for which everything is possible! Except for daytime and nude makeup, of course. He has nothing to do with Halloween.

On Halloween, can you focus on the eyes and lips at the same time?

Yes. Halloween is the moment to break the one-accent rule. Here you can go beyond just one thing.

What can you add to your regular evening makeup to turn it into Halloween makeup?

You can add a drop of blood to drain from the corner of your mouth. You can insert colored unusual lenses – for example, white. And that’s it, you are already ready for Halloween!

How to make blood from improvised means?

Blood can be made by mixing glycerin and red pigment. But if you don’t have red pigment, you can use red eyeshadow.You can not mix anything at all and just paint the blood with any red lipstick using a brush. If you want it to shine, you can add glycerin on top. You can even draw with tomato juice. The blood will look very nice with red sparkles.

If for an image you need to change your eyebrow shape (for example, make an evil expression on your face), how can you mask them in order to draw the desired shape from above?

In general, there is a special eyebrow putty.But if you don’t have one, you can cover your eyebrows with soap. Take a bar of dry soap and rub it well on your eyebrows until you feel as if the hairs are not felt when you touch it. If you have thick eyebrows, comb them first to smooth them down.

How do I make the effect as if I have no half of my ear or the skin is hanging down? Can I do this myself?

If you are not involved with makeup, it will be difficult for you to do this. In general, in fact, you can make pendant skin with latex.I used to use PVA glue. But if you are already applying PVA glue to your skin, then be sure to apply foundation first so that you do not have any allergies. You apply the glue with a sponge, wait for it to dry (you can dry it with a hairdryer), then dust it and so on several times, as if you are layering it. Then you just peel it off and it peels off, creating the appearance of hanging skin.

And if I want to reincarnate as a zombie, how do I make dead, bluish-brown skin?

You can use violet-bluish shadows or just take a powder brush and completely cover your entire face with these shadows.

If there are no shadows, you can use lipstick, bold or children’s makeup: choose several colors, mix them together and achieve the desired effect.

Eyelashes must be present in the images, or somewhere they may not be? Can they be inked or do you need to use overhead?

It depends on what image, of course. For example, if you make a skull on the floor of your face, it will look more spectacular if you glue false eyelashes on the beautiful part of the face, and do not paint on the terrible part at all.Then the impression will be created that one eye is large and the other is small. If you’ve painted a beautiful skull all over your face, you can use feather fake eyelashes. It will look very cool!

It all depends on what effect you want to achieve.

How to wash off makeup? What tools will cope with this?

If you use oily makeup, then you need to wash off with oily-based products – best with oils, but you can also use a two-phase remedy.Even Johnson’s baby oil will work: apply it to the areas to be washed off and wipe with a dry cloth. If it is face painting, then it is washed off with micellar water or any makeup remover. If this is some kind of special make-up, then only special means are needed. Sometimes they are alcohol-based. Eyebrows rubbed with soap, as well as sparkles, are also better to wash off in two stages, but they need to be washed off locally, and not rubbed over the entire face.

Materials on the topic:

90,000 30+ photo and video instructions for make-up

The most mystical holiday of the year is just around the corner, which means it’s time to choose your Halloween makeup.Want to create a look that has a wow effect? Ahead – more than 30 cool options for every taste!

What day other than Halloween can you afford the creepiest look and the most stunning make-up? If you are going to a costume party, planning a themed photo shoot, or just want to surprise your friends on Instagram, you should think about your costume and makeup now.

When choosing a look for Halloween, you should take into account not only the place where you will spend the holiday, but also your personal preferences (you should be comfortable in your new look).On this day, some people love to cosplay scary characters from horror movies, and some just want to join in the fun without wearing a bloody mask and hellish costume. The most popular Halloween images are corpse brides, creepy clowns, nuns, monsters, villains, pumpkins, mystical creatures, scary skeletons and, of course, movie heroes of different genres.

This year, characters from Game of Thrones (Jon Snow, Daenerys, Cersei, King of the Night), fantasy (Spider-Man, Venom, Captain Marvel, The Avengers, Maleficent, “Aladdin” and many others), cartoons (“The Addams Family”, “Frozen”, “The Lion King”), as well as horror films (“The Curse of Annabelle”, “We”, “It”, “The Curse of the Nun”, “They “Etc.).

If you are used to preparing complex looks for this holiday, try the makeup in the style of the clown Pennywise from “It”, Venom or King of the Night from “Game of Thrones”. Less complicated versions are Arthur Fleck from “Joker”, Annabelle doll, Nun, more feminine ones – Daenerys, Cersei, Princess Jasmine, Captain Marvel, etc.

But in fact, the choice of images is limitless.Just do the Halloween 2019 makeup you like, considering your desired goal – to scare, surprise, or just have fun. Below we have collected fifty brilliant ideas with photo and video instructions that are worth repeating this year. Choose your option and enjoy the upcoming holiday!

90,000 Halloween makeup: tips for beginners

All English-speaking countries, and with the advent of the era of globalism and some other countries, on the eve of All Saints Day on October 31, celebrate Halloween.


The editorial board of St. Petersburg.ru decided that it would celebrate Halloween. In addition, tomorrow St. Petersburg is waiting for the closing of the season for all the walking dead and zombie hunters. Zombie Walk, this time in the city center, on Dumskaya Street. To prepare for a zombie fest and a festive party, we invited a professional make-up artist and make-up artist Dariala Nuzhnova. Anna Nosik, editor-in-chief of St. Petersburg.ru, tested on herself what it is like to wear professional zombie make-up.

Anna Nosik is still a normal person

Daryala used paints and makeup materials purchased from a specialized store. You can buy them too, but simple makeup can be applied with the help of improvised means – read the professional’s tips below.

To begin with, Daryala prepared Anya’s face for makeup. All that was required was to take off my makeup. So the make-up will last longer, and “lie” better. Now you can start creating.

Advice: it is best to make up according to the prepared sketch

The make-up artist painted a very natural bruise under Anya’s eye with the help of make-up paint.

Tip: You can replace the special paint with ordinary burgundy and purple eyeshadows, for more naturalness, you can apply a little petroleum jelly over the eyeshadows.

To make scars, Dariala applied a special liquid to Anya’s face to form keloid scars, it looks like liquid latex and tightens the skin, creating a scar effect.

Anti-advice: A similar effect can be achieved using transparent Moment glue, but in no case should you do this – you will not be able to wash it.

To create a voluminous scar, Daryala used humose – a material similar to plasticine and artificial leather at the same time. Humose is stuck on the face so that the edges are smoothed as much as possible, then the effect of torn skin will be created. To consolidate the effect, the make-up artist applied special glue to the artificial wound.Then the area of ​​the wound is covered with a light flesh tone.

Tip: On the Internet, you can find a recipe for replacing humose with gelatin and food coloring.

To make a fleshy bloody wound, Dariala filled it with ordinary cotton wool and moistened it with artificial blood.

Tip: You can make fake blood yourself from beetroot juice or strawberry syrup. Here are the recipes:

Boil the beets in water, add starch to the resulting liquid until it thickens.If the blood you have created is not red or scarlet enough, you can correct the situation by adding food coloring to it at the tip of a knife.

Strawberry Syrup
Just use the thick strawberry syrup found in the bakery section of any supermarket. Add some cornstarch if needed. If you don’t have strawberry syrup, you can take chocolate and mix it with dry red Easter egg paint.

The make-up artist painted the area of ​​the laceration with the same colors as the bruise.To “freshen up” the scars, she applied thin strips of artificial blood.

Tip: To simulate blood, you can also use lipstick or lip liners in dark red shades. Remember, the colder the shade, the more natural the blood, so avoid carrot and scarlet flowers.

Then pitch correction. Dariala applied light flesh make-up all over her face, carefully framing artificial wounds and bruises.

Tip: everything is simple here – use cosmetic foundation.

And the final touch – even more blood!

Makeup ready. It remains to put on a suit and choose a place where to spend a terrible evening-night.

Zombies in the editorial office of St. Petersburg.ru

Before the holiday you need to do a little more work


So, in short, what we know about the overseas holiday.

Halloween in Russia

Not so long ago, the holiday gained popularity in Russia.Usually, children are introduced to the customs of the holiday at school in English lessons. And the young people arrange costume masquerades and contests for the best image, the best Jack’s Lamp, and the like. Every year, clubs in Russian cities announce Halloween night as the craziest and most terrifying night of the year, and organize a real celebration of monsters.

But the attitude in Russia to this holiday is ambiguous. For example, this year in the Kuban it was forbidden to hold a holiday in schools. According to scientists from both the Yekaterinodar and Kuban dioceses, this has a detrimental effect on the psyche of children, and can cause mental disorder and enuresis.

“Today there is an attack on traditional culture and morality. Values, ideals, moral guidelines are being replaced by alien destructive principles of life,” the diocese’s press service reports. It is emphasized that in its modern form, Halloween is an openly satanic holiday and poses a great danger to the fragile child’s psyche. “Celebrating” Halloween “clearly contradicts the cultural values ​​of the peoples of Russia, according to a letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Krasnodar Territory dated 24.10.2012 “, – the diocese concludes.

The opinion of Russian Twitter users about Halloween:

@Shawerma_Tony I always celebrate Halloween, I don’t know why they don’t celebrate it in Russia -_-
@boomiq_onelove Well, as if Halloween is a kind of masquerade It’s just that in Russia, Halloween is “Let’s get drunk, but in costumes.”
@Tanya_Eclipse I want #Halloween soon !!! it is fashionable to be in a Fidel suit or #PussyRiot

Daryala Nuzhnova and models

vk.com / nuzhnovadarya


Photo: Anastasia Palchik, vk.com/nuzhnovadarya

Make up for Halloween yourself

Two years ago, a fairy tale for children and adults was released – “Maleficent” “starring the inimitable Angelina Jolie. The film became the highest-grossing in most countries of the world, and the vivid image of Maleficent is deeply rooted in the minds of young and not very young viewers. After all, it’s not a secret for anyone that the tape with Angelina’s participation attracts the audience, first of all, thanks to the actress’s unsurpassed play and, of course, her bright external data.

Angelina Jolie and the image of Maleficent

The image of Angelina Jolie in “Maleficent” was worked on by the personal makeup artist of the actress Tony G and the makeup artists based on the film Rick Baker and Arjen Tuyten. Thanks to them, a magical transformation into this winged sorceress took place.

The actress is the idol of millions, and it is not surprising that many people wanted to try on her on-screen image of the Maleficent. Such sorceresses began to appear at costume parties, as well as walking along the roads during Halloween.

Rick Baker himself faced some problems while working on the image. He originally planned to make a copy of Disney’s Snow White, but plans changed when Angie was cast. Her striking appearance had to play a role in the image. Makeup artists painted the main character in several versions – with horns and pointed ears. But Jolie also wanted to change the shape of her cheekbones, to make them more pronounced.

This is how this very effective element of Maleficent’s appearance appeared.It took three hours to transform Angelina into an evil fairy.

Features of Maleficent’s appearance

For a memorable look, silicone pads were used on the cheekbones, nose, ears, as well as sharp teeth. At first, they experimented with forehead and chin prostheses, but later abandoned this venture, since they did not want to completely copy the cartoon image. For the same reason, Maleficent’s skin is not as pale as on the posters, and not as green as that of a cartoon character.

Maleficent, whose makeup had many nuances, was different from the originally planned image. A matte skin tone was achieved thanks to the Select Cover concealer from Mac, which is one tone paler than the actress’s natural skin tone. It was applied with a damp sponge, no blush was used in the makeup at all.

Cosmetics that made a bright image

Since the overhead parts of the face were attached with glue, Jolie was threatened with skin irritation, because its daily use plus a thick layer of makeup severely clogged the pores of the skin.To reduce makeup damage and prevent side effects, Angelina’s face was smeared with Kiehl’s Blue Astringent herbal lotion before applying makeup. This is all that make-up artists could do, because otherwise the dentures would not stay on the face. All makeup was removed with a mixture of coconut and argan oils, which soothed, nourished and moisturized the skin. It took make-up artists about an hour to remove makeup.

Eyes of the Enchantress

During the filming, Jolie wore contact lenses that were designed by professional Christina Patterson.Their highlight was that, thanks to a special prism, the natural colors that were present in the actress’s iris were enhanced. The colors of the eyeshadow and eyeliner were also matched and reminiscent of the color of spilled oil in a puddle.

This is how Maleficent had makeup. The photo below clearly demonstrates it.


We also worked a lot on the lips. Many lipsticks have been tried. As a result, experts opted for Pro Longwear Lipglass from MAC, in the shade “Ansurium”.It is noteworthy that later it began to be included in the Maleficent collection from this trade brand. The lipstick has a real bright red hue. In the process of working on the film, about three tubes of the product were used.

Nails and Horns

What is a villain without long frightening nails? That’s right, very dubious. Maleficent’s nails are bone-colored on the outside and red on the inside. This double-sided manicure became popular in 2012 thanks to the singer Adele.

Maleficent’s horns were made specially to order. They were lightweight and attached with magnets, which made it easy to put on and take off the accessory. This was especially convenient at the beginning of the film, when the horns grew directly from Jolie’s hair. Further, it became even easier, since the horns were attached to a leather helmet on the head.

Outfits for the witch

Masters such as Anna Bee Sheppard and Rob Goodwin put their hands on the wardrobe of the evil witch. They were inspired by the exotic and somewhat brutal appearance of the heroine, and created outfits to match the character.In Maleficent’s costumes, a certain angularity can be traced, in many of them large shoulders were provided, and collars were often included in the outfits.

Interesting fact: the film was a dizzying success, so soon after the premiere stylist and make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury presented a new line of Filmstar Bronze & Glow cosmetics, which was used to create the image of Maleficent. At that time, the line included two shades of shadow for contouring the face. This modest set cost $ 23, but it sold out with a bang.Subsequently, other brands took up the idea and expanded the list of names. Such a revolution was provided by the film “Maleficent”! The make-up, like that of the main character, can be done without any problems by purchasing the desired set.

How to turn yourself into Maleficent at home

So, your image is Maleficent. Appropriate make-up is quite simple. It is enough just to learn how to contour the face.

How to make Maleficent’s makeup? So that all your efforts are not in vain, prepare the miracle horns in advance.Otherwise, the image will not be complete, and many will not understand your ingenious idea.

Below is described how to make up “Maleficent”, step by step.

  1. Cleanse your face with Clean & Clear Cleanser or another cleanser. Clean your face thoroughly, paying special attention to the T-zone. After the skin is dry, apply Garnier Sacura White Creme moisturizer. You can use any other moisturizing cream that suits you. Wait until the cream is absorbed and the skin becomes velvety and smooth.
  2. Follow with Prep + prime Skin Base. Your everyday base, which you are used to, will do as well. The base will help cosmetics to lie more evenly and ensure the durability of the make-up for several hours.
  3. Then apply Studio Fix Fluid using a brush or sponge. Don’t forget the chin and neck.
  4. Sculpting Powder is used to create the legendary cheekbones, it is convenient to shade it with a wide brush (numbered 163).The nose is also corrected with a brush and powder. Of course, there will be some difference, since the film used fake cheekbones. But with professional contouring, the face will acquire the necessary angular features.
  5. Fix all makeup with Natural Beauty Ppowder. To further highlight the cheekbones, you can use the Nylon eye shadow as a highlighter. By darkening the cheekbones and lightening the cheeks, you will make your cheekbones look like the cheekbones of Maleficent.
  6. Apply Prep + Prime Eye Base.It is recommended to use eyeshadows from the collection “Maleficent-make-up” – Ground Brown and Carbon. Arm yourself with a palette with gray, brown, black and white shadows. In the inner corner of the eye, blend the gray shadows up to the eyebrow line. Apply Vex shadow on the movable eyelid. Vanilla and Goldmine will act as a highlighter under the eyebrows. Brows also need to be painted with a pencil or Coquette shadows.
  7. The “Maleficent-Makeup” collection has beautiful false eyelashes. We will use them for a successful image.However, if you are the owner of long and fluffy eyelashes, you can do without fake eyelashes.
  8. Prep + Prime Lip primer. We outline the contour with a red pencil, as a base for the lips we use Anthurium lipstick and gloss, which was actually used in Angelina Jolie’s makeup. You can use other lipsticks of bright red color, while going beyond the contours of the lips.

Now there should be no questions about how to do Maleficent’s makeup with your own hands.And you will do it without any problem.

Maleficent’s cheekbones

The most important thing when applying makeup is to highlight the cheekbones correctly. Angelina Jolie has a thin face with fairly pronounced cheekbones, and the patch plates only enhanced the effect. But not all people have the same type of face, and sometimes you need to work out a hand to learn how to make such cheekbones. The rest is easy to do. As for the lenses, then, most likely, you will not achieve an exact resemblance to the eyes of the sorceress (after all, the lenses only enhanced the original color of Jolie’s eyes), so there is little point in using them.

Now you, a charming Maleficent, can safely do such makeup for Halloween. Maleficent (the photo below clearly demonstrates the transformation) will be provided with attention!

How to make famous horns yourself

Of course, the image of Maleficent would not be complete without the presence of horns. If you try very hard, you may be able to find them on sale. But it will be much more interesting and faster to make them yourself. This is not at all as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

So, to create the horns of the dark sorceress, we need a roll of foil, glue, black duct tape, black dermantine (optional).

We make a hat out of foil, trying it on on our head. Next, we twist a piece of foil into a tube, giving it the shape of horns with bends in the right places. We glue the horns to the base, and in the case of the economy option, we wrap the entire structure with black electrical tape. Alternatively, you can cover the foil structure with a leather substitute. The second option is more laborious, but it looks more spectacular, plus the horns will not be too light, which will prevent the threat of being blown away by the wind.

Manicure is best done as in the film – double-sided with a red-colored inner side. Then you will achieve maximum resemblance to the main character of the film and will definitely become number one at the holiday!

Complete all this with a bright, warlike outfit with angular shapes that accentuate the elegant female forms, decorate your neck with a daring collar or pendant – and you are ready to party!

scary masks, costumes for guys and girls. How to make a pumpkin for Halloween, what to make blood from, how to decorate a room, a house?

Halloween costume for a girl with her own hands

Jack’s lamp, this is also the name of a pumpkin for Halloween.According to legend, Jack was a cunning Irishman. He was able to trick the devil several times by luring him into a trap. In exchange for his release, the devil promised Jack not to take his soul to hell. Jack lived carefree until he died. He was not accepted into paradise, since there is no place for sinners there. He did not go to hell either, the devil kept his promise. Since then, the soul of the cunning Jack wanders the world, illuminating its path with a candle stub in a pumpkin.
Jack’s Lantern

Making a pumpkin lantern is easy:

  1. Take a round pumpkin.Cut off the base at the tail, do not throw it away
  2. Remove all the flesh from the fruit
  3. Cut a scary face with a sharp small knife
  4. Make a hollow for a candle inside the pumpkin
  5. Put a candle inside, light it
  6. Then cover the pumpkin with the lid that you cut in the very early

Halloween pumpkin

Halloween pumpkin

Original Halloween pumpkin

Even in a scary way, girls want to remain beautiful and feminine.The most popular Halloween costumes for girls are witch, cat, devil costumes. You don’t have to buy a suit, you can make it yourself. The main thing is to think over the image well to the smallest detail, to make the appropriate makeup.

Halloween doll costume

Halloween costume for a girl

Halloween clown image for a girl

Gothic image for a Halloween girl

In addition to the devil, girls can also dress in other creepy images.After all, beauty on this day is far from the first place. Every woman can make her dream come true and transform into the heroine of her favorite horror movie for several hours.

To create an image, you need to prepare basic products, which include shadows, lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, mascara. From additional funds it is worth choosing cream pigments, professional make-up, glitter.

Important! You may need bandages, threads (to simulate sewn-up mouths or wounds), lenses with frightening pupils, false vampire fangs.

The range of terrifying heroes, the appearance of which you can try on yourself, is large, so there is plenty to choose from:

  1. Dead Bride. The heroine will suit unnaturally pale skin, sunken cheekbones, blood streaks. To enhance the effect, you should choose an appropriate outfit, which can be an old wedding dress and veil.

A dead bride must have fair skin

  1. Damn. A make-up dash is easy to create at home. You need bright cosmetics and an additional detail in the form of horns on the rim.The costume is chosen at will.

For the make-up of a devil, the necessary bright cosmetics

  1. The make-up of the devil will be appropriate. It can be seductive or intimidating. There are bright eyes, red and black lipstick, fiery elements. You can do whatever imagination is capable of.

Devil’s makeup can be seductive

  1. Fallen angel. A durable but attractive look will appeal to many girls. Such a make-up should be bright and aggressive.It is recommended to use a large amount of black, diluted with gold, silver or other shades.
  2. Mummy. To create a costume, you will need several packs of bandages. They wrap the whole figure with them. The suit must be made not too tight so that you can move freely in it.
  3. Catwoman. Appropriate makeup and black suit are required. Do not forget about the ears, which will complement the makeup.
  4. One of the most popular looks is the witch.The mystical personality has long been a symbol of evil otherworldly forces. The makeup should have a greenish or black shade, you can choose purple shades. If desired, draw a large mole on the nose.

Witch – the most popular Halloween image

Beautiful and simple children’s Halloween costumes. They are bought in stores or made on their own. Most often, there are costumes of your favorite cartoon characters, comic book characters, and kings. Girls prefer princess outfit, boys – devils.

Vampire is a feminine interpretation of Dracula, so the outfit should be elegant and provocative. Reds, blacks, purples and blue tones for the dress (required) are perfect. It’s great if the outfit is with a corset.

A gothic collar, guipure gloves, a gloomy hat and black stockings will give a special sophistication to the image. Ladies, don’t forget the high heels.

Make-up and fangs are made according to the principle of Dracula-man, which we wrote about earlier. But over the hair will need to be conjured.This is carelessly gathered hair, disheveled in places, because vampires sleep head down like bats.

Costumes of demons, mummies and scarecrows are also very popular on Halloween. It is not uncommon for parties on October 31 to meet not very scary characters: angels, red caps and even scrambled eggs!

Harley Quinn image

Super villain Harley Quinn also made it to the top characters for Halloween. Option exclusively for blondes. For makeup, use pink and blue eyeshadow, with a black pencil draw a spicy heart and a tattoo on the face.For lips, choose rich, vibrant shades of red.

What to expect from this freak? Anything! Seriously, this psycho, I’m sorry, psychiatrist, is ready for anything for the Joker. It’s hard to believe that such a cute creature can be like that with … sorry, cruel and merciless.

It’s easy to transform into this crazy gymnast-psychiatrist. Video instruction is attached. Following the success of Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn will be undeniably one of the most sought-after Halloween looks this year.

Devil step-by-step makeup

The image of a demon is suitable for men. You can buy a ready-made suit in advance. But if you haven’t taken care of this, it won’t be difficult to make the costume yourself. It is enough to buy a scary mask and a black hoodie. If you add blood, it will be completely believable.

Demon costume

Demon mask

Demon image

Devil costume

The devil costume is suitable for brave girls. For those who are alien to fears, prejudices.Horns, trident and red are required attributes. Red symbolizes blood, hellfire.

Devil costume

Halloween devil

Devil image

Bright demon makeup for Halloween for girls is a great opportunity to create a blood-curdling image. Depending on the character of the character, it will vary: seductive, intimidating, sassy.

To make the devil’s seductive Halloween makeup, you should prepare everything you need: eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, foundation and more.

Phased Halloween demon makeup for girls consists of the following steps:

  1. First you need to prepare your skin: cleanse it, apply a moisturizer and base. After that, a tonal foundation and a corrector are applied, which masks skin imperfections. A light corrector is applied to the area under the eyes, after which the face is powdered. For the last step, it is recommended to use loose powder.

The tone for the face should be not just pale, but deadly pale.If even the lightest shade of foundation does not allow you to do your plans, you can use talcum powder.

  1. The next step is to shape and color the eyebrows. Brunettes are recommended to use black, blondes – dark brown. If you wish, you can change the natural shape of your eyebrows. For example, give them a stronger bend or lengthen the length.
  2. Creation of eye make-up. To do this, draw arrows with black eyeliner or pencil on the lower and upper eyelids.The lines should be neat but wide enough. The inner part of the eyelid is drawn especially carefully. On the upper eyelid, two lines are drawn, which should be at a short distance from each other. You can’t do without eyeliner, regardless of the image. It is necessary in order to make the eyes more expressive, which should not be lost against the background of general makeup. The distance between the lines of the eyeliner is painted over with red shadows. The lower eyelid is emphasized with the same shade. This should be done with a beveled edge brush.Light shadows are applied to the skin under the eyebrow. The shade can be golden or pearl. Glitter will not interfere.
  3. The last thing to do with eye make-up is to paint eyelashes. In addition to mascara, they use false eyelashes, which are glued in bunches to the upper and lower eyelids.
  4. Apply black or bright red lipstick on the lips. You can use a beetroot or plum shade. Lip makeup is done mainly in black tones. The surface can be dark burgundy, but a black outline is required. It does not hurt to apply cosmetics using the gradient technique, using dark and gloomy shades of glitter and lipstick.

The demon’s makeup is complemented by a matching costume.

Make eyes and lips black

Frightening demonic makeup is less common than seductive. Such a make-up is more difficult to do, so it is worth practicing first. To create it, it is necessary to prepare not only the usual cosmetics, but also theatrical makeup. If this is not possible, face painting will come to the rescue, which then can be easily washed off with water.

Easy to apply.It is diluted with water, blotted with a hard sponge and, squeezing out the water, draw all the necessary details with it. Small curls and lines are drawn with a brush, applying all strokes with confident movements.

When using face painting, take into account the following tips:

  • The consistency of the paints should be thick, not dripping from the brush;
  • Apply light pressure to the brush for thick lines;
  • Fine lines and details are drawn with the tip of the brush.

Halloween devil makeup isn’t complete without horns.They can be made or purchased from a silicone store.

Applying the devil’s makeup consists of several stages:

  1. Applying moisturizer (when using face painting), baby cream (when using theatrical version) on the face and neck. Makeup should be red.
  2. Draw the eyebrows with black pencil. From the inside of the eyebrows, two lines are drawn down the wings of the nose. Gray shadows are applied over the line and carefully shaded.
  3. Instead of blush, black shadows are applied to the cheekbones.
  4. Before our eyes, they draw arrows with black eyeliner. At this point, the Halloween makeup looks pretty intimidating.
  5. Lips are painted with black or red lipstick.

To complete the make-up for the devil girl, the horns should be attached.

Make-up of the devil is complemented with a costume and attributes: spear, trident

Sinister imp on Halloween makeup or demon makeup – there are a lot of options. Each girl chooses the one that will suit her taste:

  1. Demon from the underworld, similar to a skeleton.In this case, make-up is given special attention. Eyes and lips are highlighted with black color (lipstick and shadows). For the best effect, lenses are used to make the eyes black.
  2. Vampire seductress. The vampire is also a demon. Creation is the embodiment of evil forces. The topic has been exciting the minds of young people for a long time. In addition to bright black and red eyes and lips, false fangs are used, without which the character will be incomplete.
  3. The devil is also a demon. The image can be seductive, cute, or angry.
  4. Another visitor from the other world is a ghost. The look should use white and light gray shades. Draw circles under the eyes, bleeding from the eyes, cuts on the neck, arm or face.
  5. Bride of Frankenstein is a worthy image. White skin without the slightest sign of blush, sleekly styled hair, black eyes – all this is the best way to bring the idea to life, just as the mad doctor once did in the novel.

Instead of doing Halloween devil makeup, you can use masks that depict a demon.Short or branched horns, intimidating elements will create the best new look. The demon does not have to be scary, it can be tempting, seductive, beautiful. It all depends on what kind of makeup the girl does.

When creating make-up at home, do not be afraid that your eyes will turn out too bright. They should be like that. The arrows can be made in a variety of ways: even, long, wide, with curls in different directions, cobwebs, in several rows, in different colors.

Scary lenses are chosen for make-up

Scratches can be painted with theatrical make-up

At the end of the make-up, horns are attached

The image of a witch

With one glance, she has the power to execute or have mercy. Under cover of night, she soars skyward on a broomstick. She knows the secrets of all people. But if someone finds out her secret, she will be at the stake.

From the point of view of implementation, this is perhaps the simplest image. All you need is black clothes, black eyeshadow and dark lipstick.

For a witch, you can use the whole range of shades. A dark, ripped dress to the floor is the simplest outfit. Dark shadows around the eyes with bright, black lips will make this look more expressive.

The effect of leaked mascara, as in the next photo, is another scary version of the “decoration” of a witch.

Pay attention, it is better to make the skin color pale, contrasting to the lips and eyes.

Halloween pumpkin: how to make it yourself?

Witches are different: old, with flabby skin and a terrible wart on their face, or very attractive young girls.The choice is yours. We offer our ideas for Halloween costumes. Moreover, we accompany each described Halloween costume with a photo for clarity!

  • Witch. Option 1: scary. Long dark clothes: a skirt, a jacket, torn stockings or tights and slippers (ballet flats) are the basis of the costume. The more things you have, the more real the image will become. If you can’t find old clothes to wear, make your own in dark fabric. From one patch we create a skirt, the second will become a shirt.

The image will be incomplete without hair and makeup.Style your hair casually. For long hair, try curling and combing it. For a short haircut, styling on wet hair with foam is perfect: apply the product and simply dry your hair so that “everything sticks out”. If all else fails, buy a wig!

With make-up, everything is also extremely simple: give preference to black and marsh-green shadows, dark lipstick on the lips and black eyebrows. As for the wart, it is better to buy it or stick something “nasty” on your face yourself.Draw this flaw is not worth it – it will look implausible. Or you can just make a witch mask for Halloween with your own hands.

A cap with huge brim completes the image of the terrible witch. To make it at home, use black paper, cardboard, scissors, glue and cloth. Cut a cone out of cardboard and glue it. Now we make the fields. Remember: the diameter of the circle is the size of your head. Make “pyramids” on the inside of the circle to connect the cone and the fields later.

It remains only to glue over our hat with a cloth.And voila, the cap is ready. You can decorate our masterpiece with organza, fringe or feathers.

  • Witch. Option 2: Glamorous: This is a seductive witch costume, so clothes should show your figure and be rich in black, blue or red. A corset or belt at the waist and shoes with stunning heels will add extravagance to the image. Don’t forget the stockings!

When planning your makeup and hair, remember that this time you have to grab the eyes of the guests. A cap on the head and a bright manicure will remind you of the witch’s evil disposition.

The witch will not do without her transport. How to make a broom for Halloween? From the material at hand: an ordinary broom, cardboard and wire. For the most authentic look, you need a shaft: wrap a broom around it and hide the connection point under a cardboard hood. You can hang a cobweb or spiders on a ready-made broom. Decorate it with ribbons or braid.

  • Preparation for All Saints Day begins early. Shops offer a huge assortment of holiday paraphernalia: pumpkins, greeting cards, costumes, masks.
  • The mask is one of the main attributes of Halloween. The scary mask plays a key role in creating a terrifying image.
  • The fantasy of mask manufacturers is terrifying. What kind of masks do not exist! And how realistic they seem! Indeed, any evil spirits will take you for their own in such a mask.

Scary Halloween Mask

Dead Man Mask

Pumpkin Mask with Big Teeth

But there are other options that you can implement at home.For example:

  1. Beetroot blood. Grate the beets on a fine grater. Put the resulting mass in a saucepan and cover with water. Bring to a boil, then cool slightly. Add a little sugar, vinegar and vodka.
  2. Blood from flour paste. Dissolve the flour with water to make a paste. Add red food coloring to the paste. The blood will come out with clots and mucus. You can give more horror if you eat a little of such blood, because there is nothing harmful in it: flour and water.
  3. Building color with vegetable oil. If you mix the red building color with vegetable oil, then the blood will remain “fresh” throughout the evening.

Jack’s Lantern

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin

Zombies are the walking dead. Their main instinct is to eat. It is not hard to guess what characteristics a zombie costume should have on Halloween:

  • Bluish complexion
  • Bloody face
  • Dilapidated clothes

Zombie on Halloween

Zombie girls

Zombie costume

in our world, but has access to the other world.She has magical powers, knows how to conjure and communicate with otherworldly evil spirits.

Witch’s image

Witch’s costume

The main attribute of a witch is her broom. On a broomstick, a witch can fly around the world. The witch’s clothing is dark, as is her soul.

The image of a witch

Sugar skull

Fashionista and beauty Katrin is a star at the carnival in honor of the Day of the Dead. Just touch it, it will crumble like sugar. Because she herself has been dead a long time ago.

In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd. Celebrate with a noisy carnival. Among the girls, the images of Catherine (a kind of glamorous girl), the Bride and Lady of the holiday – Santa Muerte (the goddess of death) are popular. For their implementation, make-up called “sugar skull”.

Since the image is very bright, and the carnival almost coincides in numbers with Halloween, Katrina can often be found at parties on the eve of All Saints’ Day. This is what makeup for her is offered by the famous beauty blogger Elena Krygina.

This image chills the heart, causes tremors in the body. We don’t want anyone to meet this character in a dark alley. Divide the face into 2 parts, depict one of which in black and white, and on the second, do the usual makeup. Around the eye, eyelid, half of the nose, the area near the ear, tint with black shadows, highlight with the color of the jaw.

Santa Muerta or the goddess of death is a bright, expressive image for Halloween. To recreate them, it is important for the makeup artist to work hard.Rhinestones, openwork ornaments and patterns are a great addition to your makeup. Don’t forget about the colors in your hair!

DIY vampire costume

Going to a holiday in this look, you run the risk of not being the only Dracula and a vampire at the party. However, each has its own interpretation. And don’t forget: DIY Halloween costumes don’t repeat themselves.

White shirt, vest and trousers – base. Vampires are usually elegant creatures, which is why they look the part.Without a long cloak, you will never become a real Count Dracula! To make a cloak, take pieces of red and black fabric and sew: the red patch should be on the inside, the black one on the outside. Then we collect the fabric in the neck area and attach the strings.

What is a vampire without fangs? They can be bought in special stores, or they can be made … from a plastic fork. To do this, break off the lower part and leave only the side teeth. Attach them to the upper gum – and the fangs are ready.


Hundreds of books and dozens of films have been written about this character.Many people are seriously afraid of the zombie apocalypse. Indeed, what could be worse than a revived, half-decayed corpse?

See how it turns out to be simple to create this image.

No Halloween party is complete without zombies. Cold eyes, pale skin, bruises are not a difficult task even for a novice makeup artist. For a professional, make-up can be complicated by adding a fragment of the jaw, torn skin.

When is Halloween?

Halloween has been celebrated for many years.This holiday goes back centuries. Traditionally, Ireland is considered the birthplace of this holiday.

History of the holiday

  • The ancient tribes of the Celts believed that there are only 2 seasons – winter and summer. Summer ended on October 31, and winter came to replace it on November 1. Summer and winter were identified with the light and dark side.
  • Thus, the light side was replaced by the dark one. And on the night of November 1, the curtain between the human world and the other world was lifted.All evil spirits made their way to the ground.
  • To protect themselves and their homes from spirits, people disguised themselves as evil spirits. The lights were extinguished in the houses, leaving only a pumpkin lantern with a scary face carved.
  • At night, people went out and celebrated Halloween by the fire. They also celebrated because this day was considered the day of the end of the harvest and the last day of the outgoing year.


With the advent of Christianity, pagan traditions began to become obsolete. However, after a while, Halloween began to be celebrated again in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia.

Bride of Frankenstein

Make-up of the image of a dead bride is impossible without a cold (possibly blue), perfectly even skin tone and darkened eyes. Lips sewn with black threads look original and harmonious.

Is it possible to “sew” a woman from fragments of dead bodies? Nothing is impossible for Dr. Frankenstein. The image of the Bride of Frankenstein originates from the horror film of the same name in 1935. Cinema classics.

Here’s how to recreate this image.

Another video instruction.

Sit in the tower and comb your hair while waiting for the prince – boredom. Mortal boredom. Take it and hang yourself on your own scythe. The prince will be surprised.


A fun and scary Halloween holiday is a great excuse to design costumes, dress up, fool around and go to a family friendly party. Just don’t forget about children’s costumes for this holiday. Today we have made a selection of outfits for babies.

Why not “put on” the main symbol of this holiday on the child. A do-it-yourself pumpkin costume is perhaps the cutest version of vestments on the last day of October. We need an orange blouse and black fabric to create the face. Cut out the eyes and smirk from it and sew it all onto the jacket, the bottom of which is secured with an elastic band in advance. Place more outfits under the clothes – this time for volume. The final touch is a small green beanie. It is easily made from cardboard and rubber.

Broken doll

For make-up you need false eyelashes, foundation, cream to obtain a porcelain, perfectly even skin tone.Don’t forget to add a couple of light colored bows to your hair.

Draw tear-stained bloody eyes or a dark spot on the cheek, like a broken piece of plastic, they will give the image of peppercorns, individuality.

Poor, poor girl. She was abandoned, no one needs her. She is gathering dust in the corner of a dark attic, her beautiful porcelain face is cracked, her eyes have lost their luster. But on Halloween, she can take revenge on those who betrayed her.

For this look you will definitely need false eyelashes and cute bows.


These ladies love to go out at night. But it’s better not to meet with them. After all, their bloody kiss is deadly. By the way, if you decide to go to a party in the guise of a ghoul, stay away from aspen stakes. So, just in case.

No Halloween is complete without vampires and werewolves. If you want to be a sexy vampire for the evening, arm yourself with a red cosmetic pencil and fangs.

And here is a more hardcore version.

For this make-up you will need red paint imitating blood and carnival lenses.

35 photos with Halloween makeup ideas for girls

1. Primers for the face, eyes and lips, as well as a make-up fixing spray – everything that prolongs the durability.

2. Eyeshadow palettes of “unusual” shades – bright in all colors of the rainbow, shiny shimmery, black …

3. The same non-standard lipsticks.

4. Bright eyeliners

3. Loose pigments and glitters – very cool at NYX.

4. Highlighters.

5. A set of professional synthetic makeup brushes.

6. Water-based face painting paints.

7. Professional makeup based on vegetable oils – in the form of a palette or pencils.

8. False eyelashes and glue for them.

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