Hairstyles with my face free: 8 Free apps for the best hairstyle beauty makeovers


8 Free apps for the best hairstyle beauty makeovers

It’s never too late to change your hairstyle. The last 20 years, I have had long red hair, a bleach short hair, and long blond locks. Finally, the last 10 years I’m back to being a brunette and switched my bob to a short cut short a year ago and I love it.

These days you don’t have to stress when changing your hair style, you can have an extreme hairstyle makeover without moving from your home, you only need a smartphone and these cool apps below. It’s fun and will definitely guide you when it will be time to go to your favourite hair salon. Have fun.

8 Free Apps For Hairstyle Beauty Makeovers

1. ModiFace – Free – Apple – Android

Modiface is the most popular digital makeover app that lets you try out different looks.

Try a brand new hair colour virtually in just seconds with the Hair Colour application! All you have to do is take your own photo, use our automatic hair detection to outline your hair and then apply different hair colours to see what shade is right for you.

2. Beautylish – Free – Apple – Android

Beautylish is like Pinterest just for beauty products and trends.

Discover the newest beauty looks and trends, learn essential makeup tips, and shop for amazing products on the Beautylish app!

3. Perfect365 – Free – Apple – Android

Perfect365 is one-tap makeover. The best digital makeup and personal styling app. Look like a model in your selfies! No. 1 Photo and Video app in 67 countries, with 55 million users and counting!

4. Hairstyle Magic Mirror – Free – Apple – Android

Magic Mirror Change your look, allows you to experiment with many new and fascinating hairstyles and lots of different colour variations. Take a picture to your friends or your girl and have fun to change their look.

5. Hair Cast – Free – Apple

Hair Cast gives you hairstyle advice based on the weather in your area.

The secret to a good hair day is here! Hair Alert gives you customised hairstyling tips based on the local weather. Say goodbye to bad hair days with Hair Alert!

For hair inspiration, you can also check our Pinterest Hair board.

6. Beautify – Free – Hair – Apple

Colouriser, Pimple eraser and eye colouriser.

Ever wonder what you’d look like with colourful hair and eye? Your pictures don’t look so good because of the pesky pimples, moles, scars or rough skin? Try Beautify so your pictures will look the best!

7. Hair MakeOver – Free – Apple

New hairstyle and haircut in a minute.

With Hair MakeOver you can try on many different kind of hair styles and hair cuts in less than a minute. Choose a picture, select hairstyle, easily match face with hair and you’re done! Real hairstyles of all kind!

8. Hairstyle Lite – Free – Apple

Try on virtual hairstyles for men and women.

Looking for a new hairstyle? Just not sure what will suit you? Upload your picture – try on a new hairstyle, see if suits you? Plus 15 free hairstyles in various lengths to try on and option to buy style packages with more than 600 hairstyles in total.

Voila, you have plenty of choice with those cool apps, if you know more hairstyle and makeover apps, please share in the below comment area.

Free apps for hairstyle beauty makeovers

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How to Check Which Hairstyle Suits My Face Online

Wondering how to check which hairstyle suits my face online led me to 5 awesome free apps. Learn how to play around with different hairstyles that suit your face shape with these user favorite hairstyle try-on apps.

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How to Check Which Hairstyle Suits Your Face Online

Image: ViDI Studio/Shutterstock

Switching up your hairstyle takes guts. Making big changes of any kind to your hair can be a little scary when you’re not sure how it’s going to look on you.

If you’ve ever ended up with a hairstyle, cut, or color that you loved in theory but absolutely hated on you, you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes the pretty styles we like in photos just don’t look right on us.

Maybe the cut doesn’t suit our face shape, the color is wrong for our skin tone, or it’s just all-around unflattering. Most of the time, we’re going in blind. We don’t know how our new look is going to turn out until it’s too late.

But no more! I’m currently in the same boat.

I’ve suffered hairstyle regret enough times to stop and think before hopping into the stylist’s chair. I’m ready to try something different with my hair and wanted to know how to check which hairstyle suits my face online first.

So I did some research to find out which apps are the best. Years ago, I can remember using a clunky website to try on new hairstyles. The virtual hair try-on options didn’t look realistic at all.

So while it was fun to mess around with, it didn’t help me visualize how a new color or cut would actually look on me. When I searched for apps to check which hairstyle suits my face, I made sure to look for high-quality apps that show realistic results.

I want to know what I can actually expect my new ‘do to look like, and I’m sure you do, too.  So let’s look at the best apps that let you try on different hairstyles. Your new look awaits!

5 Free Apps That Let You Try On New Hairstyles

Go ahead and get ready to download one or all of these hairstyle try-on apps. You’re going to love being able to “preview” your ideas for haircuts, styles, and colors!

Plus, who doesn’t want to check and see how they’d look with a radically different ‘do?

Go crazy – try platinum blonde, a pixie cut, mohawk, wild and vibrant colors, or super-long locks. There’s no hairstyle regret when you try it on an app.

1. Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

  • 4.0-star rating with 2K reviews

You probably know you should choose a hairstyle based on your face shape, but are you 100% sure what your face shape is? 

You might be surprised to find out you’re more of an oval than round, or lean more toward heart-shaped than oblong. You can find out what your face shape is with this app by taking or uploading a photo.

Then, it shows you haircuts and styles that will flatter your specific face shape. You can change the hair color and edit the hairstyle to fit your face. Perfect. It’s only available to download for iOS right now. 

2. Perfect365

  • 4.8-star rating with 136K reviews

Perfect365 is clearly a user favorite with excellent reviews (and a lot of them!). This app is not solely dedicated to hairstyles and colors, but it does offer that functionality in addition to makeup and beauty edits. 

You upload your photos, tap on hairstyles and colors, and experiment with a few different looks. This app lets you try on a range of popular hairstyles in different lengths.

Plus, it automatically outlines your hair (but you can change the outline) to show you how you’d look with a different hair color. Take advantage of their other makeover options to get new makeup and look ideas! It’s available to download for iOS and Android. 


Hair Color Changer

  • 4.0-star rating with 5.2K reviews

If you’re thinking about trying a new color instead of a haircut, there’s a great app for that. Hair Color Changer is about as basic as it gets, but it’s rated well by users because it does the job.

You can upload a photo of you to the app, outline your hair with an easy touch selector tool, and start playing around with different hair colors.

I loved that I could choose from not just natural colors (and I was able to color match my unique shade of chestnutty copper!) but also a wide range of fun, vivid colors.

You can change the opacity of the color to make it more or less intense, erase any color mistakes, and change the brush size to do detailed color. It’s available to download free on iOS and Android.

4. Perfect Hairstyle – Women & Men

  • 4.1-star rating with 9.6K reviews

Download this app to access more than 420 total hairstyles in short, medium, and long lengths. We love that they include styles for women and men!

After you upload your photo, you’ll be able to drag and drop your chosen hairstyle onto your head to see how it’ll look on you. You get 30+ hairstyles for free and can access hundreds more through in-app purchases.

Change the color to suit your skin tone, experiment with different lengths, try styles with or without bangs, and even choose to widen or lengthen any hairstyle to better fit your face. 

This app has tons of positive reviews and lots of hairstyle options to choose from. If you want to see what you’d look like blonde, or how you’d look with a pixie cut, it more than does the job. It’s only available for iOS. 

5. Hairstyle Try On

  • 4.1-star rating with 4.8K reviews

This is a great app to try on different hairstyles and see how they’ll look on you. If you stick with the free version, you’ll be able to pick from 36 different hairstyles and 50 different hair colors.

But if you purchase the style packages, you can access 800+ additional hairstyles. There’s all the expected functionality with this try-on app.

You upload your photo, play around with different style options, and save or share your favorites. You can even move the hair around to get a better sense of how it’ll look.

Change the part, flip the style to the left or right, and easily change colors and cuts. Overall, it’s a great app to try on some different hairstyles before you take the leap IRL. It’s available for iOS and Android.

Getting the Best Results With Hairstyle Try-on Apps

Once you download an app to try on new hairstyles, most are pretty self-explanatory about what steps to take to create your hairstyle makeover. But there are a few tweaks and tricks you can use to get the best possible results from these apps. 

These tips can help you get the most accurate results so you’ll have a better idea of how a given hairstyle or color is actually going to look on you.  

Take a Good Photo First

We’re all guilty of opening our camera roll and choosing the most recent full-face pic we’ve got for apps like this, but that’s only cheating you out of good results.

Instead, take a few minutes to capture a good photo before using a hairstyle try-on app. You need to ensure you’re taking the photo in natural, bright (but not blinding) light. The photo should be of your full face.

Be sure your photo doesn’t cut off any part of your head – you’ll want to be able to see how the new hairstyle looks on your entire head. For photos like these, a smile isn’t important and can actually skew your face shape a bit.

So relax your face without smiling and try to capture that neutral face for the best results. Take it a step further and plug in that ring light for an angelic glow that will look amazing next to your hairstyle. 

Consider Dropping a Few Bucks on In-App Purchases

I know, I know – it sucks to spend money on extras within a free app. But for something as important as your hair, trust me. It’s worth spending a few bucks on an in-app purchase!

Most of these apps offer the most basic hairstyle and color options for free. But they charge extra for the most popular looks (and the ones you’re probably considering getting done). 

For the apps that offer in-app purchases to access additional hairstyles, cuts, and color options, you might want to take advantage. If you don’t see a style similar to what you’re considering in the free section, you might need to drop $2-$5 to get access to more options.

And in the scheme of things, spending less than $10 to make sure you don’t end up with a cut or color you hate is well worth it. 

Learn Which Hairstyles Suit Your Face

Very few apps will actually recommend a hairstyle for your face shape (but Hairstyles for Your Face Shape, linked above, does!), so you need to learn which styles are the most flattering on you. 

This way, even apps that basically show you a library of different hairstyles can be more useful for you. You’ll be able to swipe through and choose styles that you know will suit you. Even better, you’ll be able to cruise right on past those that don’t.

I really go into detail about choosing a hairstyle that suits your face properly in this guide: What Haircut Should I Get? Styles for All Face Shapes

I hope my journey of learning how to check which hairstyle suits my face online has been helpful for you! Now you know five different free apps you can use to try on different hairstyles. 

Some of these apps offer suggestions based on your face shape, and others come with bonus makeup and beauty makeover features. Some just let you browse and try on hundreds of hairstyles until you find the perfect one. 

In any case, being able to see how you’d look with a particular color or style makes any kind of hair change less scary. Go ahead and start getting excited about your new look – you’re going to look great!

The Best Change-Your-Hair-Color Apps of 2021

Dyeing your hair is a way of life for many, but deciding to change your hair color can also be intimidating. Mobile app stores are full of options to play with hair and makeup, but some of these apps are buggy, filled with advertisements, and offer limited functionality. We researched the best hair color apps to find the best ones to help you visualize your future look.

What We Like

  • Place color where you want.

  • Select hair areas to edit.

  • Realistic results.

  • Share your new hair color via text or social media.

  • Easy to use with a variety of colors.

If you want to try out a unique hairstyle, Hair Color Dye lets you choose from a huge variety of varied and vibrant hair colors. Upload a photo and swap out your overall hair color, or paint only certain areas by hand. For example, add a stripe of neon blue to your bangs, or see how you’d look with red tips.

This app gets great marks for ease of use, color variety, and easy-to-follow instructions. This iOS-only app is free, but some colors cost an additional 99 cents through an in-app purchase.

Download For:

What We Like

  • Augmented reality applies color automatically.

  • References actual hair dyes to take to a stylist.

  • Try out makeup and facial enhancements.

  • Fun selfie filters for social media.

YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie Cam is more than a hair color-changing app. Calling itself a virtual makeover app and beauty camera, YouCam uses augmented reality to overlay various hair colors and try out new hairstyles.

Smart facial detection applies makeup looks in real-time or on photos and selfies. Retouching tools smooth out your skin, whiten teeth, add a smile, or adjust facial shape and features. More than 200 special effects turn your selfies into a #mood!

The app is free, but you’ll need to upgrade to a paid version to take advantage of the advanced features.

Download For:

What We Like

  • Choose from tons of color palates.

  • 3D technology shows a new color in motion.

  • Directs you to a L’Oreal professional salon.

  • Offers tips, tricks, and trends.

L’Oreal’s Style My Hair is a free, flexible, and accurate hair color-change app. It has options that range from natural blondes and browns to more avant-garde pinks and purples.

With 3D technology, see how your new hair color looks as you move around, flip your hair, and run your hands through your tresses. If you like a look, share it with friends and get their opinion. When you’re ready to commit to a color, the app directs you to a nearby L’Oreal professional to make it happen.

Download For:

What We Like

  • Try out makeup as well as hair color.

  • Hundreds of hairstyles and hair color transformations.

  • Dual screen compares two looks.

  • Buy a whole look with a few clicks.

  • One-click makeovers overlay an entire look.

The Mary Kay Virtual Makeover app handles hair color and hairstyle transformations as well as eye makeup, accessories, lip color, and more. One-click makeovers let you try out an entire seasonal, trendy, or special occasion look, such as a bridal makeover.

The makeup aspect of this app is specific, helping you determine the right products from foundation and concealer to blush and lipstick. If you like a look, buy all the products with a few clicks.

This app is free, fun, and social, even letting you put your newly made-over self on the cover of The Look to share with friends over social media.

Download For:

What We Like

  • Instantly recognizes your hairline.

  • See yourself in real time, with movement.

  • Colors load quickly.

ModiFace’s Hair Color app is purely for hair color experimentation. Upload a picture of yourself or try on hair colors in real time, watching how the color moves with you and flows with your hair. The app instantly finds your hairline without you having to outline the shape, so it’s easy to use.

This app concentrates on an overall hair color look, so if you’re looking to experiment with colored bangs, tips, or highlights, it’s not the right app for you.

Hair Color is a free app with a $1.99 Premium version that unlocks more hair colors.

Download For:

What We Like

  • Focuses on Black women’s hair.

  • Try on hair colors, styles, and cuts.

  • Adjust color, brightness, and saturation.

  • All styles are professionally edited.

The Black Hair for Women iOS app is designed to cater specifically to colors, styles, and cuts for Black women’s hair. Upload your photo and easily try on various styles and cuts in an array of colors, from natural tones to vibrant, fun hues. Upload your photo, try out new looks, and save or share with friends.

Black Hair for Women is free, but upgrading for $2.99 eliminates ads. Spend 99 cents for add-on packs with additional short and braided hairstyles.

Download For:

What We Like

  • Try on unique, trendy hair colors.

  • Experiment with color in real time.

  • Try on color in videos as well as photos.

  • Realistic results.

Fabby Look is a fun, fast-loading, realistic hair color app, even if its color choices are centered around unrealistic colors. If you’d like to see how you’d look with blue, purple, pink, magenta, platinum, and other fun colors, this is the app for you. Check out your new hair color in a photo you upload, in real time, or in a video, and share your fabulous new look with friends on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

This app is free and gets extra points for ease of use and fast results.

Download For:

What We Like

  • Huge array of hairstyles and color variations.

  • Easy-to-use interface.

  • Hairstyles for men and women.

  • Create your own color.

  • Hairstyle library is continually updated.

What We Don’t Like

  • If your face shape isn’t oval, it’s hard to fit the hairstyles properly.

  • Need the paid version to use all styles and colors.

Hairstyle Magic Mirror comes in a free version (Lite) as well as a $4.49 Premium version that unlocks additional hairstyles, colors, and other features. This app lets you choose a male or female character to use, or take a photo and upload your picture to style. Traditionally masculine and feminine hairstyles let anyone try out any style that appeals to them, along with an array of colors.

The facial-detection feature works much better on the paid version, allowing you to improve the final result by dragging the hairs’ anchor points.

Download For:

What We Like

  • Originally developed for hairstylists.

  • Compare favorite styles and colors side by side.

  • High-resolution imaging.

  • Premium features for hairdressers.

  • Get feedback from the Hair Zapp community.

Hair Zapp offers more than 500 hairstyle and color combinations in its free version, with hundreds more if you upgrade to the $4.49 Premium version. Compare favorite looks side by side and consult the Hair Zapp community for advice.

The styles and colors are unique, and the app’s community forum is a fun feature that differentiates this app from others. If you’re a hairdresser, upgrade for stylist-specific features, including client-management tools.

Download For:

What We Like

  • Hairstyles and colors for women and men.

  • Change the color or style of beards and mustaches.

  • Supports multiple social media platform sharing.

  • Cut a hairstyle by touching the photo.

  • Accessories add to the final look.

Hair Style Changer is a free, basic app for trying out hair colors and styles. It also offers men’s and boy’s hairstyles and colors and allows for visualizing new beard and mustache colors.

Download For:

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10 Apps to Try Different Hairstyles and Colors on Android & iPhone

Life is too short to have boring hair. Especially, when a good hair day can fill you up with enough confidence that you can fight anybody and everybody. Hairstyles are the first thing to change when a girl’s life is about to turn over.

And, why wouldn’t they be? After all, her hair has always helped her define herself. Different hairstyles have marked different phases of her life.

Who can forget those sweet pigtails in primary, and those ponies in middle school? After this, many of us tried coloring our hair in shades of red and blue to prove the world we that we can be rebels and when maturity stuck over we switched those no-nonsense buns. And, how could we forget that perfectly straight long hair that we prefer for social events? New Hairstyle = New You.

Our hairstyle changes the way we look, helps us freshen up our face but most importantly allow us to set an incredible first impression without actually doing anything.

But sometimes we all get scared of trying that sexy hairstyle that looks so good on actresses, while some of us start having second thoughts about shortening our hair. Worry no more; developers have come up with a fantastic idea to help us try different hairstyles without getting under the scissors. You can try curls and frizzes or the pixie-cut. Plus, you can color these selected hairstyles in any color you can think of – from basics like black, brown and blonde to bizarre like blue, orange and green.  But best of all you get to see which hairstyle suits you better and thus prevent yourself from making stupid mistakes.

Saw a great haircut, let’s check it out? Or thought you’ll look pretty in pink. Let’s try that shade. Who’s going to stop us?

After all, it’s our hair girls. How can we not be sure?

So given below is the list of excellent apps that may help you look even more awesome 😉

#1 Celebrity Hairstyle Salon

Easily, the most downloaded hair styling app on the google play store this one surely has a large user base. ModiFace has a number of apps to provide people with amazing styling options owing to its image processing algorithms. And, this app is a perfect example of it. They have got experience and research to back them up. Plus, it’s easy to trust a brand with so many satisfied customers than trying on a new one.

You not only get a lot of hairstyles to choose from, but you may also experiment with a number of colors. The smooth color- selector wheel surely helps in providing a clean interface.

Meticulously divided into categories, they provide a user with a lot of options. Ranging from wavy and straight to curly and blonde, you think of a hairstyle they have it. Also, the Adjustment feature helps people gain a realistic look.

You can also add other accessories further to improve your photos, like jewelry and sunglasses. Considering all these functions, the app doesn’t feel cluttered at all. The developers have tried their level best to keep the User Interface beautiful and classy.

The app is specially designed to fulfill all your needs.

PRICE: Free with in-app purchases
OS: Android
User Rating: 3.6

#2 Hair Color Changer Ultimate

This one allows changing the color of your hair without having to worry about any damages. It has a predefined collection of primary colors like red, blonde and brown.

But, what makes this app a good choice is its custom color feature that allows the user to see their hair in any color they want. Yes, you read it right, now you can dye your hair pink and purple and even rainbow. All you need to do is install this app.

And, the best feature is the ‘Color Adjustment’ tool that allows you to change the intensity and brightness of hair color to better improve the light and dark areas of the hair. Thus, providing a great manifestation of how your real look would look like.

Yes, the hair color may get on face sometimes, and it may seem like paint, but it’s worth it. Tricky to use at first but you’ll get a hang of it.

And all the Photoshop guys out there yes this one is just an enhancement of the brush tool with the perfect combination of brightness and color features. Comfortable and lightweight – a must have on your phone.

OS: Android
User Rating: 3.9

#3 Hairstyle – fun and fashion

Another app with a large user base, this one also allows you to try different hairstyles but with unusual colors. This is more of a fun app but can still prove beneficial in coming up with ideas for your next salon meeting.

You could try hairstyles you liked but were super afraid to know if they’ll suit your face or not. Or maybe just throw away every single styling tip out of the window and get weird. Check out yourself in a green Mohawk or orange curls. Who knows you are real enough to pass as a Weasley- all you need to do is dye your hair? You never know what will suit you unless and until you have tried it out.

You could always send photos of you to your friends and relatives to further judge which look suits you best. Trust me; the more people approve of it, the lesser chance you’ll have to seem like an idiot.

Though the ads can be a little annoying. If you don’t mind them enough then this app is worth giving a try.

OS: Android
User Rating: 3.4

#4 Hair Salon: Color Changer

This app may have fewer downloads than others, but it is one the most awesome apps out there. Yes, you do have fewer hairstyles options to choose from, but they do cover the most basic ones. The app provides a nice interface to set the hair according to the face shape.

You’ll not get those patches that let your hair peek from here and there because of excellent resizing and rotation features of the provided hairstyles. No guys you don’t have to move your face around to fit in the hole, but you get to fit the hair around your face. Excellent idea considering, all the apps using the face moving feature don’t appear as real as possible.

No unnecessary ads further make this app a good decision. Surely this one has a lot potential. All it needs is some more hairstyle options and hair-color options. Thus, making this app as good as others with millions of downloads. Hope, the developers update it soon with more features.

OS: Android
User Rating: 4.0

#5 Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

This one is a full-blown makeover app, letting you experiment with different combinations. Mixing and matching a number of hairstyles with a number of hair colors to get the desired look.

The app is a one-click stop for all things trendy and fashionable.  You will get makeover tips on the go without worrying about their authenticity. Making it easy for you to decide which look you want at the salon.

Plus, it recommends a number of beauty products, so that you can easily achieve ‘the look.’ What is does is make a shopping list of items you may require to achieve the selected hairstyle. Not only this, but it also recommends the cheapest place online to get it from. Yay!

The app is a perfect solution for your special occasions and your personalized fashion Guru. Especially during Wedding Ceremony when you’re too busy to do anything and still want to look the best.

OS: Android
User Rating: 3.9

#6 Hair color booth

This one is just a simple hair coloring app that allows you color your hair streak by streak to get a more real and fantastic look.

Also, it opens up doors to experiment with different shades together making it easy for you to decide which color to use, where and how much.

You can mix up green and blonde or maybe red or black and still look awesome. No need to look up for color match illustrations when you can easily customize your look the way you want, at the click of your fingers.

So try out stupid hair colors or maybe check out how your friends would look like in bizarre shades. Then share the result on Facebook and Instagram and have fun with your friends.

PRICE: Free (Premium Rs 190)
User Rating: 4.0

#7 Hair Saloon

With over 40+ hairstyles to choose from this one allows us to check out our look before visiting your hairdresser. Thus, helping you save a lot of money and maybe sometimes unnecessary embarrassment. If you ever feel the look doesn’t suit you, just send the said look to your mom. She’ll tell you the truth no matter how bitter it is.

It offers you probably all the feature of the previous apps though on an iPhone. This is a great alternative to Celebrity Hairstyle Salon though a little expensive. You get all the features and more at just a nominal cost. So, don’t think twice before purchasing this one if you frequently try on different hairstyles. Maybe, it’ll save you a trip or two to your hairdresser.

And do remember, Android apps are free but remember they are always loaded with advertisements. And most often you have to pay hefty amounts in order to enjoy your apps without those annoying advertisements.

PRICE:  Rs 120
User Rating: 4.0

#8 InStyle Hairstyle try-on

This one suggests you a hairstyle by mixing your face with that of a celebrity whose shape matches yours. Thus, allowing you to get inspired from celebrity kind of makeovers in a matter of few clicks.

The database gets frequently updated, thus making it easier for you to decide what’s fresh and trendy. Thus, helping you improve your chances of looking fabulous with minimal work.

The app provides you with over 500+ options to choose from with a number of recommendations from InStyle Editors to help you make an informed choice.

Just try on different styles, decide on one and show your stylist that to give him a better idea of what you want.

The personalized recommendations, Low Maintenance Work Hair, and Wedding Hair categories make it a much more fun and informative app.

Surely, one of the best hairstyling applications in the market.

Price: Free (Few in-app purchases)
User Rating: 4.0

#9 Hairstyle Makeover Premium

This one has hairstyles to suit the needs of both men and women. Plus, many other features to help you decide which look will suit you the best.

The UI and activities are so designed to provide you with the smooth and fast switching of hairstyles. Thus, making it easy for you to try different hairstyles in the matter of few minutes. A quick solution, especially when your hair stylist appointment is approaching and you have no idea of what to try next.

Plus, the adjusting features allow you make the hair style fit your face and thus making the picture as real as possible. You can rotate and resize the hair according to your needs and stop your real hair from showing underneath it.

And, the special filters like blur, color tint, etc. surely helps improve the “real look.” And features like beards, mustaches; removal of facial hair makes it easier to see if the hairstyle matches our other looks. This app is a must have if you are a fashion fanatic.

PRICE: Rs 300
User Rating: 4.0

#10 80’s Hair

80’s was a fun time so how can you stay away from trying those timeless hairstyles when all you have to do is swipe and save. Especially when you want to see how your parents looked like in that time. Just click their photos and apply some of these beauties to them. Voila!

It’s fun and entertaining. You want to see if Beatles style matched your face the best or was it, Madonna? The app is a solution to all that. Not only this, you can quickly add some funny accessories to achieve the whole diva look. It may not be helpful, but will surely give your friend and family bouts of laughter.

PRICE: Rs 120
User Rating: 4.0

The Mobile Application industry has been going strong since the launch of the first ever smartphone. And, developers are coming up with ideas to meet each and every one of our demands. You think you want an app for something, google it and hey someone has already done this for you. All you need to do is to click on that Install button, accept some permissions and hey you’re ready to use it.

So, it seems kind of obvious to see so many apps that may allow us to easily decide which hair styles matches seamlessly with our face type without visiting the hair salon. They are fun and entertaining while being informative and our personal styling gurus at the same time.

Yes, most of them are free, but other does require emptying out your pockets. But, trust me they are worth it. Especially, when you can easily avoid watching annoying advertisements every few minutes by paying a nominal fee.

But, again it is a matter of choice. So try some of the above to achieve an awesome hairstyle for you or just download it to have fun with your friends and family.

I surely sabotaged some of my friends’ photos while writing this article 😉

Top 22 Best Hairstyle Apps For Android And iOS

All human wants change their hair style for different occasion. If you are searching for some apps to change your hairstyle whether it is for party or meeting you are at right post. In this post you can easily get top 22 most popular hairstyle apps for android and iOS device. You can easily apply different hairstyles on your photo taken from gallery or selfie.

These apps helps to change your personality and dressing sense. You can easily get different hair color and hair styles and also haircuts ideas using these hairstyle app. These apps are for all users even you have long hair, short hair, pony tail or others you can easily apply different styles on your hair.

Sometimes hairstyles change your look and make you out of the crowd. Different hairstyle, haircuts and hair color suits on different face cuts. If you are facing this type of problem and not get the solution which hairstyle suits on your face then you are at right post. In this post you can get some amazing apps which allows you to get the different hairstyle according to your face cuts. These apps are for both man and woman to use on their smartphone to apply different hair styles.

  • Cute Girls Hairstyles

    Cute Girls Hairstyle is a good hairstyle change app for android and iOS users. In this app you can easily get the fishtail braids, french braids, waterfall braids, twists or other with a little edge. It has good interface and easy to use virtual hairstyles free app.

    You can also get top best tips and top 10 most-recent video tutorials from cute girls hairstyles app. It allows you to share, tweet, comment on any of the edit video. It is free for all users and also have a premium plan of this app. If you go for its premium plan you can access some other and special features of this app on your device.

    Download Form PlayStore Download From iTunes

  • Hairstyle Magic

    Magic mirror is another free popular hairstyle app which allows you to experiment with your hair. You can change your hairstyle with lots of different styles and colors and get review of it online.

    It has simple and clean user interface you can easily use this app on your android or iOS device. There are lots of free colors listed in this app to apply on your hair and also allows you to create custom color for your hair.

    Download Form PlayStore Download From iTunes

  • Hair Salon

    Hair salon is a new and crazy app to change your hairstyle. It has six cool live characters with amazing expressions. It has some better and amazing tools as grab the scissors and comb and start making your master piece. Use these tools to trim hair in trending and classic style.

    It is a creative family game play app with some good and amazing features. You can easily give new look to your selected character. One of the best feature of this app is to share your edited character with your friends and family via social networks.

    Download Form PlayStore Download From iTunes

  • Celebrity Beard Salon

    Celebrity Beard Salon is another fun app for beard, shaving, and trimming with some different celebrities on your android and iOS device. In this app you can also get the top trending styles of the shaving and beard.

    You can easily use this app to know to get ready for your occasion and easy get ready in less time period. With the help of this app you can get to know to to shave quickly and smoothly to look cool and smart.

    Download Form PlayStore Download From iTunes

  • Celebrity Hair Stylist

    Celebrity hair stylist is one of the best hairstyle apps where you can get list of hairstyle of the super stars and celebrity. In this app you can easily search the top hairstyles of any of your favorite celebrities come on the red carpet. You can try new colors, change shapes and set newest fashion trends for the season.

    It is easy to use app for all girls. It has 3 different characters to makeover as Kylie, Alison, and Becky. You can easily use any of them for your hair style. It has millions of color option to change your hairstyle and hair color.

    Download Form PlayStore

  • Hair Color

    Hair color is another hairstyle apps for fine hair. It let you to try brand new virtual hair color in few minutes. You can use your own or any of your friends photo to change their hair color. It has good collection of colors. You an easily apply any of them on your hair.

    One of the best feature of this app is to get option to draw or erase hair region of the photo. It has different pre-defined hair colors along with different shades of blonde, red, and brown. It has also an option to share your result with your friends and family.

    Download From iTunes

  • Hair Color Booth

    Hair color booth let you to apply and get your look after apply different color on your hair. You can easily find out what you had look like with pink hair or a few blue streaks.

    It allows you to take your own photo or your friend photo from gallery or using camera. You can easily choose different hair color on your photo. After complete your hair makeover you can easily share it with your friend via social networks as Facebook, twitter, google+ and others.

    Download From iTunes

  • Style My Hair

    Style My Hair is another popular hairstyle apps for android and iOS users developed by L’Oreal. It allows you to easily change your hairstyle after applying different operation of your hair. You can easily change your hair color, cut and style on this app.

    One of the best feature of this barber shop app is to allows you to get step by step tutorial to edit your hairstyle. Get your best hair look at your home without having any hairstyle knowledge or without going any salon. Along with hairstyle it also allows you to makeover on your face for free.

    Download Form PlayStore Download From iTunes

  • Change hairstyle

    Change hairstyle is a different and popular hairstyle apps which has listed all of the makeup or cosmetic products. You can easily use any of them and to change your hairstyle and makeup. All of these products are free for all users so that you can easily try them.

    It is easy to use app you have to simply pick a photo from your gallery or take a selfie from your selfie camera and use it on the app. There are different and unique hairstyles available to use on your image and change your hairstyle for free.

    Download Form PlayStore Download From iTunes

  • Fabby Look

    Fabby Look is another popular and free hair color changer app for android and iOS users which allows you to change your hair color easily for free. It has listed more than 10 trendy hairstyles as pink, platinum, purple, magenta, blue and others. You can easily use any of them according to your interest and change your hairstyles.

    One of the best and unique feature of this hairstyle app is to allows you to try live hair change. You can easily change hair color in real time and get the best hair color which suits to you. It also allows you to save your edited image and also share with your friends and family via Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks.

    Download Form PlayStore Download From iTunes

  • Mary Kay Makeup Muse

    Mary Kay Makeup Muse is a one of the best app which allows you to makeup for free. It has endless combination of different makeup option. You can easily use lip color, hairstyle, hair color, eye makeup accessories and more for makeup.

    You have to simply choose your photo from your gallery or click photo from your camera and apply different makeup option on photo. It also allows you to create cartoon face of your or your friends using this app. Choose unlimited hairstyles and hair colors from the app and change hairstyle for free.

    Download Form PlayStore Download From iTunes

  • Crazy Hair Salon

    Crazy hair salon is a fun hairstyle apps for android and iOS user which allows you to easily change hairstyles on your smartphone. It allows you to apply different operation as color, curl, straight, cut and other to change your hairstyle on your smartphone and make it stranger.

    It is a popular hairstyle app where you can easily use different hair color, hairstyle as curly or straight according to your interest. You can also adjust length of your hair by cut with professional scissors or add hair to make it long according to yourself.

    Download Form PlayStore Download From iTunes

  • Smarty

    Smarty is another amazing app for makeup and hairstyle apps. In this app you can easily use different makeup or cosmetic products for free on your face. It offers you realistic cosmetics, hairstyles, and accessories to try-on. You can use photo from your gallery or take photo from your camera. It is man editor app & background changer app to change your hairstyle on your android device. One of the best feature of this app is as listed more than 70 different celebrity hairstyles you can also try it. Try men’s hair style or man hairstyles before going to salon for haircuts and hair do.

    Download Form PlayStore

  • Hairstyle Makeover

    Hairstyle Makeover is one of the most popular and better app for hairstyle apps for android and iOS users. You can easily match hairstyle to your face and use it on your hair. It is easy to use app for all male and female users.

    You can easily choose any of your favorite hairstyle from this app and adjust its size to your face lines. It has good collection of hairstyles as long, short, ombre hair, curly, straight and others. You can use any of them according to your interest.

    Download From iTunes

  • Hair Zapp

    Hair Zapp is a popular virtual hairstyle apps which allows you to make a virtual hairstyle on your smartphone for free. It is free and easy to use app which has listed unique hairstyles to apply on your hair. You can easily choose your favorite hairstyle and apply them on your hair to change your hairstyle.

    It provides real result with high resolution so that you can easily use different styles on your hair for free. One of the best feature of this app is to allows you to compare your favorite hairstyles side by side.

    Download Form PlayStore Download From iTunes

  • Hair Style Changer by Rohit Iyer

    It is a new but popular hairstyle app for android and iOS user which has different hairstyle techniques to change your hairstyle on your smartphone. This app developed for both man and woman so that you can easily change your hairstyle in few seconds for free.

    It is easy to use with an amazing user interface you have to simply choose your photo fro gallery or click a photo using your camera app and edit photo using this app. Easily change the hair color and hairstyle using this app.

    Download From iTunes

  • Best Hairstyles step by step

    Best Hairstyles step by step an another popular app which let you new hairstyle online. It has more than 1000 photo collection of free hairstyle for woman. You can easily get any of your interested style for your hair.

    One of the best feature of this app is to provide picture tutorials in the app. This beauty hairstyle app also allows you to save style to favorite and see it anytime and anywhere offline on your device. The catalog contains many tutorials: beams, braids, cascades, etc.

    Download Form PlayStore Download From iTunes

  • Beautylish

    Beautylish is newest and popular beauty app developed by Beautylish, Inc. It allows you to get new and unique beauty products according to the trends and use them on your photo. You can easily learn makeup tips for free using this app. There are thousands of makeup products are available on this app. You can easily use any of them according to your use for be a beauty.

    It has listed unique hairstyles, braids, nail designs, beauty tips with video so that you can easily get step by step process to use this app and use different makeup products. There are also an forum option where you can ask any question related to the app and beauty.

    Download From iTunes

  • African Woman Hairstyle

    African Woman Hairstyle is another popular and better hairstyle apps developed for android. It allows you to change your hairstyle virtually in few seconds. You don’t have any knowledge about salon or beautician. Simply take your photo on this app and apply the different hairstyles on your photo for free.

    It has a list of different range from short to long haircuts to edit hairstyle and make new look in less time. One of the bets feature of this app is to easily adapt to your face, occasion, personality and texture of hair and provide best suitable hairstyle for you.

    Download Form PlayStore

  • Beardify

    Beardify is fully fun app which allows you to easily edit beard of your photo. It is an a cartoon picture apps which let you to easily make cartoon face of your or your friends on your smartphone. There are a lots of realistic beard styles on this app. You can easily choose any of them and edit your photo using this hairstyle app. It is free and easy to use app where you can easily get how you look after full beard, Goatee, Mutton Chops and others. One of the best feature of this app is to allows you to record your selfie video while edit your picture.

    Download From iTunes

  • Hair Style Changer

    Hair style changer app allows you to change your hairstyle with different and unique hairstyle on your smartphone. It is a popular makeover app which allows you to easily change your hair color, style with unique hair color and style for free. The app have more than 50 different and unique hairstyles for girls and boys. You can easily choose any of them to change your hairstyle.

    Along with hairstyle change it also provide you to makeup items as sunglasses, beard and Mustache for Man. Girls can also get unique makeup items according to their interest and use them on their photo.

    Download Form PlayStore Download From iTunes

  • Hairstyle Magic Mirror

    Hairstyle magic mirror is a lite hairstyle apps for android and iOS users which allows you to easily edit your hairstyle on your smartphone. It is popular hairstyle app developed by Touch Multimedia which change your look easily for free. You don’t have knowledge of any beautician course or others to use this app. It is easily to use and free app for all android and iOS users. There are lots of hairstyles available for both men and women. You can easily choose any of them according to yourself and your face style.

    Download Form PlayStore Download From iTunes

  • Best Womens Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

    Have you ever gone into a hair salon with a photo of your favorite celebrity and asked for their exact haircut, only to leave the salon wondering why those bangs that looked so beautiful on Gigi Hadid or that long bob Kendall rocks don’t give your own face that supermodel vibe?

    It’s not just because Gigi and Kendall have the world’s best glam squads available at their beck and call, it’s likely also because the hairstyle you chose just don’t suit your face shape. Although confidence is all you need to wear a new cut proudly, there’s nothing wrong with consulting your face shape and angles to ensure that you choose the best hairstyle suited for your unique facial features. We’re here to help you figure out the best hairstyles for your face shape, so you can rock runway-worthy ‘dos every day even without your own personal glam squad.

    At this point, you may be asking, ‘what is my face shape?’ The most common mistake most people make when trying to determine their face shape is thinking that their faces are simply round. If we asked you to draw a picture of your face, the head shape will likely be either round or oval, but there’s so much more to it than that. When determining your face shape, you should be looking at your hairline, width and length of your face, and jawline.

    The easiest way to know what face shape you have is to pull your hair back, take an eyeliner or lip pencil, look in the mirror, and trace the outline of your face. Your face shape should fall within one of the following categories: long face, oval face, square face, round face, heart-shaped face, and diamond-shaped face, 

    A face shape is considered oval if the length is longer than the width, and the jawline is only slightly narrower than the hairline, which is gently rounded. An oval face shape has no prominent points or angles. Some celebrities you may recognize with an oval face include Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid. If you have an oval face shape, you’re in luck! This face shape is considered to be the most versatile for hairstyles, as it is well-balanced and evenly proportioned, so feel free to experiment.

    Best hairstyles for oval faces

    When choosing the right hairstyle for your oval face, the main goal is to avoid elongating your face. If you’re looking to go shorter, try a blunt bob with face-framing pieces that clears the shoulder. Otherwise, choose a shoulder-length cut with subtle layers to add volume and keep your hair from falling flat. If you’re looking to keep your hair long, a simple part change can make all the difference. Try side-swept bangs, which look great on oval faces to frame your face and achieve a balancing effect without having to cut your hair. If you’re reluctant to cut your bangs, give clip-in bangs a go as a test run before making the chop!


    @kimkardashian’s slicked back half-up hairstyle goes perfectly with her oval face shape, achieved with 220g Mocha Brown Luxy Hair extensions.

    High-fashion, slicked-back looks and updos are also ideal to create on oval shaped faces, as you do not need to overcompensate a certain side or think too hard about softening certain features. Have short hair but want to try out a sleek high ponytail? Clipping in a few wefts of hair extensions will make all the difference. Remember, the best hairstyles for oval faces are styles that keep your hair away from your face, exposing your balanced features. If you’re wearing your hair down, be sure to have either one or both sides of your hair tucked behind your ear showing off your cheekbones. 

    Hairstyles to avoid for oval faces

    When styling an oval face shape, try to keep the face as clear as possible. Steer away from heavy bangs, as this could make your face appear shorter, and avoid hairstyles that are one length, as this could make your face appear longer. 

    Just like a heart that you would draw out, a heart-shaped face is wider at the hairline and temples and tapers to a small, narrow chin, that is slightly pointed. Your forehead may be a prominent feature, and if you have a heart-shaped face, you likely also have killer cheekbones. Think Tyra Banks, Kourtney Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon, who all have typical heart-shaped faces.

    Best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces

    When choosing a hairstyle for your heart-shaped face, you can either choose to accentuate your tapered face shape, or to balance it out by making the bottom half of your face appear wider. If you choose to accentuate your face’s heart shape, pull your hair up into a high top knot, or slicked-back high ponytail. Otherwise, opt for a lob that just clears the shoulder to add wideness around your jawline. If you would like to keep your hair longer, try a deep side part with loose waves that break at the collarbone to draw attention away from the forehead.

    @daniellellombard’s layers break at the collarbone, giving her heart-shaped face more width at the jawline. This look is achieved using 220g Ombre Blonde Luxy Hair extensions

    With heart-shaped face shapes, shoulder length hair tends to look best, as this adds volume around the bottom of your face, creating the illusion of a wider jawline. 

    Hairstyles to avoid for heart-shaped faces

    A “true” heart-shaped face has a widow’s peak hairline. If you have one, try and avoid forcing a middle part. Chances are, one side of your hair will part as you would like it to and one side will have a mind of its own. Instead, part your hair slightly off center to whichever side your hair naturally falls over the widow’s peak. Also, skip out on short bangs as these could make your chin look even narrower.

    Square-shaped faces are wide, and the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are almost the same width. The strong jawline is a prominent feature of square-shaped faces, like on Hailey Baldwin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Wilde. 

    Best hairstyles for square-shaped faces

    When choosing a hairstyle for a square-shaped face, you can either choose to accentuate the squareness of your face or soften your strong jawline. If you’d like to enhance your face shape, go for some blunt bangs or a short bob to really show off that strong jawline. If you aren’t quite brave enough to make the chop, give clip-in bangs a try before opting for the real thing. If you’d like to de-enhance the squareness, try some soft, wispy bangs falling to the side to create diagonal lines and soften the lines on your face, or wear your hair straight and long with layers that start a few inches from the end to draw the eyes down and add length to your face. If you’re brave enough to try bangs, go for shorter, subtler bangs that hit the cheekbone to highlight them.


    @sofiajamora’s square face is softened with loose waves and long layers, achieved with 220g Ombre Blonde Luxy Hair extensions

    Hairstyles to avoid for square-shaped faces

    Avoid overly thick bangs or blunt hairstyles, as this could accentuate the angles on your face even more. Also, any severe, slicked back looks should also be avoided, if you are trying to soften your face shape. Curls could also widen your face, so opt to wear your hair in either loose waves or straight. 

    Round shaped faces are the same in width and length, with no prominent angles or corners. Round faces are usually “baby-faces,” which means you look younger and can opt for more youthful hairstyles. Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Kirsten Dunst, and Ginnifer Goodwin, will be your hair-spiration here. 

    Best hairstyles for round faces

    When styling a round face, your main goal is to elongate the face and make it appear more oval. A quick trick to doing this is to always leave a little piece of hair untucked on one side of your face. This will visually shorten the width of your face and tricks the eye into thinking your face is narrower.

    Short hair is particularly flattering on round faces, if parted and styled the right way, so go ahead and make the chop to that trendy lob. Try a deep side part to also create more angles to a round face, or pull your hair up into a high pony to elongate the face. If you’re feeling especially daring, a short pixie cut with volume at the top looks fabulous on round face shapes, as it adds texture and angles, without looking harsh. 

    @thejuliaoh_ wears her 220g Jet Black Luxy Hair extensions long and straight to balance out her round face shape

    Hairstyles to avoid for round faces

    A common mistake for round-faced women is to hide their face behind lots of hair,  which actually ends up accentuating the wide face. Instead, go for medium length hair with long, face-framing bangs, and keep the texture smooth and sleek. Avoid soft, wispy bangs, as this can further accentuate the softness of your features. Instead, opt for side swept bangs or bold bangs. 

    The easiest way to describe a long face shape is that it’s an oval face shape…just longer—the length of the face noticeably longer than the width of the face. Think Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, and Hilary Swank.

    Best hairstyles for long faces

    The main goal for long face shapes is to make your face appear wider than it is to balance out the longer length, so curls are an excellent option for you. Why do you think Carrie Bradshaw always looked so fabulous? In addition to her drool-worthy closet filled with clothes by couture designers, she let her natural curls run loose and wild, opening up her face shape.

    Flat-iron waves are a great way to achieve loose curls and waves for a widening effect. You want the widest part of your waves to hit around the area of your cheekbone, to create the illusion of a wider face, so start curling the hair closer to the root to achieve this. A good salon-style blowout is also a quick, simple way to achieve more volume and width. Whatever hairstyle you go for, remember your looking for width rather than length. 

    Flat iron wave inspo by @lilliyakay, wearing Seamless Chocolate Brown Luxy Hair extensions

    Hairstyles to avoid for long faces

    Keeping with the “wider not longer” rule, avoid hair that is too far past mid-length, as this lengthens the face. Also, avoid one-length hair or super sleek looks which can also make your face look longer.

    You likely have a diamond face shape if your forehead and jawline are the same width and the widest part of your face is at your cheekbones with a narrow chin. Think of your face like the actual gem, narrowing at the top and bottom. Halle Berry, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ciara all have famously diamond face shapes.

    Best hairstyles for diamond faces

    Diamond face shapes are coveted because they are symmetrical and balanced, so your main objective is to accentuate your elegant face shape, rather than balance anything out. Opt for long, side-swept bangs to highlight your cheekbones with long layers, or go short with a textured lob. As well, try out a sleek middle part with your hair tucked behind your ears or a sleek high ponytail to show off your bone structure. 

    Side-swept bangs are a YES if you have a diamond-shaped face. @michaelainnis wears Seamless Blonde Balayage Luxy Hair extensions to achieve this look

    Hairstyles to avoid for diamond faces

    With diamond faces, it’s not so much what to do as what not to do. Diamond face shapes can pull off pretty much any hairstyle, however, there are a few styles to avoid. Because your face narrows at the chin, avoid heavy, rounded bangs, which shorten the face, making it look smaller than it is. On that note, try to avoid straight-across bangs as well, as these accentuate the widest part of your face, making your chin appear even narrower. 

    Your face shape is an important step when choosing the right hairstyle for you—one that many people skip. By determining your face shape and looking at celebrities with the same face for hair inspiration, you can be sure that your inspo photo will translate well onto you.

    What face shape do you have? Do you have any go-to hairstyles or tricks? Comment below and let us know. 


    5 Best Short Haircuts for Your Face Shape

    Fun fact: you don’t need to go through a traumatic breakup to chop off your hair. Another important fact: you do, however, need to make sure that if you make a dramatic update to your look, you pick the best cut for your face shape. As hair stylist Antoinette Hill explains, “You want to find a haircut that compliments your face shape. Although personality and style can really pull a look together, not all cuts are created equal. Certain haircuts aren’t flattering for all.”

    Hill says that while short hairstyles have always been timeless and chic, they are trending in salons this season because of their fashion-forward and edgy appeal. Here’s what to relay to your stylist if you’re looking to switch up your look.

    1. If Your Face Is Heart-Shaped: Wispy, Layered Cut

    Does your face have curves? Heart-shaped faces are lucky to have cheekbones that stand out and a chin that leans to the slender side. However, Hill notes that in order to harmonize your prominent features, it’s essential to use your hair to minimize the width of your pronounced forehead. “The side-sweep is the perfect haircut for women with a heart-shaped face since heavy bangs create balance to the face,” she explains.

    Pro Styling Tip: You now have fringe, or ahem, bangs! If you let them air-dry, you might end up with small strands heading in each and every direction, so Hill says to pull out your hair dryer instead. On a low-heat setting, dry your bangs in the direction you want them to go, while slightly running your fingers through the ends, so they don’t hang in your face. She also adds that a flat iron is a better pick than a curling iron for this look, since you don’t want tight curls, but instead, whimsical, soft waves.

    To create soft waves, try: Harry Josh® Pro Tools Ceramic Styling Iron 1.25 Inch

    2. If Your Face Is Oval-Shaped: Angular Bob

    Many celebrities like Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston have an oval-shaped face, giving them a plethora of hairstyle choices to pick from. Because an oval-shaped face is softer, cuts can be more dramatic, according to Hill. The only key factor to remember is the size of your chin: since it’s on the smaller side, your hairstyle should be angled and layered to balance out your look. An angular bob is your best bet, Hill says, since subtle layers around your face maintain the softness of your face, while the cut itself will add dimension.

    Pro Styling Tip: Throw out your rectangular brush if you’re going for a bob look. Hill says it’s better to use a rounder brush to create shine and body for your new cut. To tame any rebellious strands of hair, she suggests using a drop of your favorite hair oil.

    To amp up shine, try: R+Co TINSEL Smoothing Oil

    3. If Your Face Is Square-Shaped: Shoulder-Length Cut

    With a square-shaped face, you’re probably acutely aware of your side profile. Because both your forehead and your jaw are prominent, you might hear others comment on your striking appearance that’s often considered bold and beautiful. Hill explains that a cut with more length on the side works best for your specific reflection because hair that falls past the jawline camouflages your square structure. This might make your look softer and even more romantic.

    Pro Styling Tip: This is the kind of look that allows you to be playful—from warm beach waves on Monday to a pencil-straight look on Tuesday. Hill suggests trying a variety of styles to see which one looks best on selfies.

    For those effortless beach waves, our editors love: The Beachwaver Co. Beachwaver® Pro 

    4. If Your Face Is Round-Shaped: Pixie Cut

    Congrats! Your face is the ideal geometric style for the infamous pixie cut. “Because the pixie is all about short sides and a voluminous top, this look helps to visually elongate the face,” Hill explains. If the thought of going super-short is scary, remember that a shorter style is actually more flattering. As Hill says, “Chin-length bobs are a no-no for this face shape as they further highlight the round shape.”

    Pro Styling Tip: Want to add some edge to your look? Hill says to use a dab of wax and toss your hair, making your individual strands more prominent and chic.

    For long-lasting hold, we love using Sachajuan Hair Wax

    5. If Your Face Is Long-Shaped: Side-Parted Curly Lob

    Not sure what a “lob” is? It’s pretty simple, according to Hill: it’s just a longer bob. (Get it?) This appropriately named hairstyle is best for a longer face. If the wordsmithing isn’t enough to encourage you to try this look out, consider the way a “lob” will shorten the appearance of your forehead. By curling the layers of your lob, you also add volume to the sides of your face, making your overall look more balanced.

    Pro Styling Tip: When styling your lob, Hill says curls are a must, because sleek, straight lines will only make your face look even longer. And a center-part will do the same thing, so keeping it side-swept is your best bet.

    For that textured curl, use a sea-salt spray like Enchanted Island Salt Spray from Rahua

    90,000 what hairstyles are suitable for an oval face to look amazing!

    Features of an oval-shaped female face

    The geometry of the oval face is very perfect, it’s not for nothing that this type is called the standard in the world of beautiful and flawless female images. The main characteristic of the oval is a moderately elongated face, which is slightly longer than wide. The oval face is characterized by the absence of any contrasting elements (overly prominent cheekbones or too high forehead) – all proportions are maximally balanced and harmonious with each other.

    The undoubted advantage of women with this type of face is complete freedom in choosing haircuts, since this particular shape is called perfect in terms of proportionality. Therefore, we can say that girls with such a face shape are lucky, since almost all hairstyles and haircuts suit them.
    In order to successfully choose a haircut, it is imperative to take into account your face lindens, but for oval-shaped faces, haircuts of various lengths are perfect, as well as execution techniques – asymmetric or symmetrical, torn or cascading.In addition, haircuts will look great, both with bangs and without. For this face shape, a low or high hairstyle with a parting is wonderful. The only thing to consider is that curls collected in a bun can add a couple of years to women of respectable age.

    Determination of face shape

    It is very easy to find out if the face matches the ideal parameters. If the length of the oval is about one and a half times greater than the width, then the shape is correct.You can also experiment in front of a mirror. Having removed the hair back, circle the outlines of the face with a pencil, the result should be an oval shape. The forehead is slightly wider than the lower jaw, the cheekbones are pronounced, the face gradually tapers from the temporal cavities to the chin – these are also the main characteristics of ideal proportions.

    Not always the oval shape of the face is a lottery ticket that allows you not to take into account other elements of your appearance. Close-set eyes, a long nose, a prominent chin, irregular eyebrows, protruding ears, high, short stature – all these aspects require attention and correction.Young ladies with the correct face shape can use significantly more haircuts, hairstyles, techniques, but still it is worth starting from natural features.

    What difficulties arise in the selection of hairstyles, haircuts:

    • A high and wide forehead can be adjusted with bangs, choosing a straight, oblique, asymmetrical or arch, it is not recommended to comb the curls back, focusing as much as possible;
    • women with large expressive features should not create huge lush hairstyles, as well as using the thinning technique, the haircut should look natural, soft waves will be an excellent solution;
    • 90,024 ladies with curvaceous shapes are suitable for elongated haircuts, visually giving a slim silhouette, for graceful, athletic girls to give softness, femininity, attractiveness, soft waves of flowing curls will help;

    • ultra-short boyish haircuts can be afforded by petite girls, androgenic options are not recommended for girls above average height;
    • when choosing a haircut, you need to take into account the structure of the hair, for thin straight lines it is better to stay at an average length, as well as a stepped technique, owners of curly thick curls can create hairstyles at any length, avoiding only graphic forms.

    Which hairstyles are categorically NOT suitable for an oval face

    Since this type of appearance is considered ideal, its owners do not particularly suffer from a large number of prohibitions and restrictions. But nevertheless, with all the permissible range of hairstyles and haircuts, you need to understand which hairstyles are suitable for an oval face, and which, for example, unnecessarily lengthen it.

    African American dreadlocks are an absolute prohibition.

    These felt curls perfectly lengthen the look of chubby Africans.But pretty ladies with oval faces are turned into owners of elongated horse faces.

    The same rule applies to straight long strands.

    They also visually lengthen the face. The best alternative to them is soft curls or strands cut in a cascade.

    You should also be careful with a ponytail tied very high and tight at the top of the head, or with hairstyles that contain a high pile at the top.

    They look great on chubby ladies.But the oval faces again acquire excessive elongation.

    What haircuts and hairstyles are suitable

    Oval is practically the reference face shape. There are a lot of different haircuts and styling that will favorably emphasize the dignity of the owner of an oval-type face.

    It should be noted that long straight strands visually stretch the face – this is contraindicated in this shape.

    Two basic principles in haircuts for an oval face – the presence of bangs and adding volume by curling or styling.

    Most preferred:

    • bob;
    • 90,024 squares;

    • session;
    • cascade;
    • 90,024 pixies;

    • haircuts with bangs.

    Fashionable haircuts for oval face type

    When choosing a haircut that would be the perfect complement to an oval-shaped face, several nuances should be taken into account:

    1. Girls with a low forehead are more suitable for haircuts with fluffy bangs that go beyond the eyebrow line.
    2. For beauties who have a rather high forehead, it is better to prefer haircuts with short bangs.
    3. To make a long nose visually smaller, it makes sense to make a fluffy low bangs and increase the volume on the crown.
    4. Haircuts without bangs are more suitable for people with a small nose.
    5. Happy owners of faces with aristocratic features should try on ultra-short haircuts.

    Short haircuts for oval face 2021

    Short haircut for an oval face? Why not.The presented length is perfect for both young ladies and older ladies who want to make their style unforgettable. In addition, there are many varieties of short haircuts.

    The most popular among them are bob, pixie, garcon and page. Regardless of which option you choose, remember that you can always complement your haircut with spectacular bangs or coloring that will make your look even more attractive and fresh. But choosing a bang, like coloring, is worth it, relying on your type.If you find it difficult to decide on your own which option is best for you, contact a professional who will make you a fatal beauty.

    Pixie is one of the most popular haircuts preferred by women with an oval face. Why? It’s just that she not only focuses on the beauty of the lips and the expression of the eyes, but also helps to create a gentle romantic image that is so hard not to fall in love with.
    If you are one hundred percent confident in yourself and absolutely do not worry about the fact that your forehead is too high and your nose is too big, for example, then such a haircut will be the best and most successful choice for you.And everything would be fine, but it is worth emphasizing that since you have decided on such a haircut, then be prepared that you will have to devote a lot of time to your hair. Yes, the pixie belongs to the category of ultra-short haircuts, but there are a lot of troubles with it, namely:

    • about once a month you will need to repeat the haircut, because when the hair grows back a little, the look is completely lost;
    • styling, styling and styling again! This haircut doesn’t look good without proper styling. If you want to make a pixie haircut, you will have to wash your hair daily, and spend a lot of time near the mirror, doing styling;
    • will have to take better care of your makeup, because the haircut opens up the face very much, and all attention will be focused on the skin and make-up.

    A short ladder is also considered one of the most suitable haircuts for girls with an oval face shape. In general, a ladder haircut can be done on hair of absolutely any length, but each time it will look different.
    It is desirable that a girl who has a desire to have her hair cut with a ladder has naturally thin and straight hair. The fact is that a ladder on thick hair will look like a kind of mess. You can even run to the mirror every few minutes and tidy up your hair, but it has not been, and will not be.

    The situation will repeat if the hair is curly. You can straighten your hair and correct your hairstyle an infinite number of times, only now, there will be no sense in this. Individual strands will still be tucked in the way they want. And, of course, the haircut will lose its appearance completely.
    There is no short haircut for an oval face that would look more elegant and graceful than the good old bob. Today, there are a huge variety of varieties of this haircut, but one of the most popular remains the classic square (hair is cut evenly, as if along a line).
    Square will add visual volume to your hair. It will help them look fuller and thicker. Owners of thin and thin hair need not worry, because this haircut will help them understand that hair of any type can look beautiful and healthy if you choose the right haircut.

    Dark shades of hair give expressive features to the facial features, therefore the appearance of brunettes is considered brighter and more spectacular.


    This haircut model has been known for a very long time, to be more precise, more than 100 years.She’s in trend again this season. Very good haircut for women of fashion with short and unruly hair. With a garcon haircut, you can experiment with transformations from a glamorous lady to a daring beauty. It is unnecessary to graduate the garcon for short strands, the peculiarity of this model is that the back of the head and bangs are milled here. The cheerfulness of the strands, the lack of clarity give its mistress a fresh and stylish image.

    Haircuts for medium hair for an oval face

    Medium length haircuts, both for oval and for any other face shape, are the most versatile, since the investment of time and money is less than for long hair, while maintaining a feminine length.

    In addition, the average length of hair to the shoulders or slightly below allows you to hide all the flaws in the shape of the face and emphasize the advantages.

    A good haircut option for an oval face for medium hair will be “square”.

    This hairstyle is always in trend and has many variations. For thick hair, it is best to choose a graduated bob. It is great for young ladies with large noses, distracting from the natural deficiency of thick and rich hair.

    “Square” can be different – long and short, tousled and smooth.With this hairstyle, you can look like a vamp woman or a graceful aristocrat. Choose …

    Women’s fantasies know no boundaries. For girls who love brightness and outrageousness, a “bob-square” with colored strands is suitable.

    And some ladies after 40 should say goodbye to long hair. The second photo is much better. Is not it?

    This is one of the haircuts that does not require frequent corrections. In the photo below, the grown “bean” four months after the work of the master.


    Looks great “bob-square” with curly hair. Haircuts for medium hair for an oval face hide the excessive elongation of the cheekbones with the help of additional curls.

    If you prefer haircuts without styling, then follow the example of our stars. A little carelessness and naturalness do not prevent Emily Blunt from remaining an attractive and sexy actress.


    For girls with fine hair structure, a multi-level haircut is an excellent choice.Thin strands are always lacking in volume, and a multi-level haircut gives additional volume to the hair. There are many techniques for multi-level haircuts. When choosing one of them, you need to keep in mind that you do not need to thin out on thin hair. Asymmetric options look fashionable.

    Haircuts for long hair for an oval face

    Long hair is always very beautiful, but only if it looks neat and well-groomed. Long haircuts on an oval face require more time for daily care and more frequent visits to the master.

    Each of us wants to be the queen of the holiday at the evening celebration. What haircut to make on an oval face before the long-awaited holiday?

    Roll the curls in large curls. Give them extra volume. Secure the result with styling product.

    Before the wedding, you don’t always want to loose your hair. Very often they interfere with the bride. With such a neat and simple hairstyle, every girl will look like a fabulous nymph.

    Smooth combed version also suits oval face shape.

    Curly hair looks very neat when gathered. Choosing such a hairstyle, you will focus on a graceful neck and jewelry.

    The most common haircut for long hair for an oval face is a cascade. It gives the curls additional volume and relief.


    If you have thick hair, opt for a ladder cut. Its peculiarity is that the hair is cut short from the jawline (or below).But the overall length remains the same. This is a good option for those who do not dare to immediately drastically cut their hair.

    For an oval face shape, voluminous hairstyles are very suitable, which are achieved by a little pile or twisting the strands.

    Straight hair

    Long straight hair looks harmonious with an oval face.

    This bright beauty prefers small and thin curls. Such styling adds volume to the external image.

    I hope, after reading this article and seeing the photos, you understand which hairstyles are suitable for an oval face. Try, experiment, bring bright colors into your life.

    Women with an oval face are incredibly lucky – they suit more hairstyles and haircuts than ladies with a round, square, diamond or other oval. Of course, a lot depends on the correctness of the traits. Therefore, before deciding on a radical step of changing your image, consult with an experienced stylist.

    Bangs for oval face

    Bangs help to correct the image and save its owner about any flaws in appearance, for example, she can cope with a high forehead and hide it a little.

    Haircut on an oval face with bangs, it does not matter for long or short hair, can be very diverse. The main thing is that the bangs complement and adorn its owner, and not spoil or “forgive” him. To do this, you need to choose the right bangs, combined with external data and styling.

    So straight bangs are well suited for a bob cut, especially in combination with straight hair. Such bangs can be used to make the face smaller, then its length should be approximately to the eyebrows.

    If the face is a little full, then bangs made in an oblique design can already make it.

    For short hairstyles like Pixie, asymmetrical layered bangs work well.

    In order to soften the transition from hair to bangs, it can be made torn, geometric, the difference between these two types is that in geometric, the edges are smoother, or you can cut the bangs in a semicircle in the form of an arch.

    And of course, haircuts with bangs for an oval face are not suitable for all, for example, too long and massive bangs will cover most of the face, this is not good, since an oval-shaped face can be open since it has no flaws. Overly graded tips will give the lady a casual and slightly old-fashioned look.

    For curly hair, thin and straight bangs will be unacceptable, it is better to make it on one side.

    Despite the fact that the oval face is not very elongated, he nevertheless should not create a large pile on the bangs, this can harm the appearance.

    Fashionable holiday hairstyles for oval face type

    Since simplicity and naturalness are the main trends of recent seasons, it is quite logical that festive hairstyles should be rather laconic. One of the options for such a hairstyle for an evening out can be a ponytail with a pile. To perform such styling, it is enough to use the following algorithm:

    1. Part the hair at the crown and comb through it.
    2. Gather the head of hair into a tight, high ponytail.
    3. Carefully lift the fleece and comb the hairs that come out of it with a dense comb.
    4. Carefully separate a thin section from the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the hairstyle.
    5. If you wish, you can twist the tail at the ends.

    Haircut for an oval face. How to hide cheekbones

    Pronounced cheekbones are the dream of many modern girls.However, too prominent and massive cheekbones do not look too feminine, which makes it necessary to soften the oval face in some way.

    1. – Overly prominent cheekbones can be covered with strands falling on them and elongated bangs.
    2. – Pronounced cheekbones will help to brighten up a hairstyle that extends upward from the ears. Also, to solve this problem, a haircut with oblique bangs or asymmetric lines is suitable.
    3. – It is necessary to abandon hairstyles that repeat the shape of an oval face, completely revealing it.Slicked back hair and straight parting are also taboo.
    4. – It is recommended to use a hair length that is able to completely hide prominent cheekbones. All its elements should be concentrated in front of the lower part of the face. Such a haircut can be supplemented with correctly selected bangs, but the hairstyle can cope with its functions without additional help.
    5. – Another option is to make a short oblique half-part. He will create a kind of asymmetry in the hairstyle.Such a detail will actively distract the attention of others from the main disadvantage of an oval face with protruding cheekbones. If you have proportionally correct face shapes, you should emphasize them. Feel free to experiment with styling methods:
      • If you want to refine the bob, try pin-up curls, this is a good solution for those who like to go to parties.
      • If you straighten curls with an iron, try to focus on your cheekbones, especially if they are bright.This will add charm, attractiveness and sexuality to the image.
      • If you do layered haircuts, forget about styling altogether.
      • Carelessness in styling on asymmetric haircuts will look very impressive and picturesque.
      • High, straight and sleek ponytail – will accentuate facial features, but will only suit those with the correct proportions of the face.
      • For an oval type of face, the proportional length of the hair is the shoulder line or slightly below.

    Men’s hairstyles for oval face

    Representatives of the strong half of humanity with an oval type of face also wear lucky ones who will suit a large number of hairstyles.When choosing them, you should pay attention to:

    • Facial features. The flaws in the look can be corrected with the help of hairstyle elements. For example, hide large ears under medium-length hair. The long temples are balanced by the cheekbones.
    • Mustache and beard. The hairstyle should fit harmoniously into the overall look.
    • Age and type of activity of a man. A bright mohawk on the head is hardly suitable for business people.

    The length of the hairstyle can be any. The main rule, as with regard to styling for lovely ladies, is to avoid excessive lengthening of the face or its roundness.To do this, avoid straight long strands and massive rounded bangs.

    Also learn the secrets of how to choose the right hairstyle for a hat in the cold season.

    For men with an oval face, best suited:

    • Boxing or semi-boxing. Here you can play with asymmetry, long hair on the crown, bangs.
    • Canadian. Hair on the temples, back of the head and crown is cut short, and on the forehead and parietal region, their length is longer.
    • British. Haircut for medium length hair.It features long bangs and a shaved head.
    • Square. Here, variations are possible on the theme of the length of the strands and their volume.
    • Bob. It differs from the female in a smaller volume of the crown.

    There are many hairstyles for the oval face type. The main thing is to choose the one that will create your unique, harmonious style and emphasize your individuality.

    Star Examples

    Show celebrities with an oval face shape who would have chosen a swift badly? The perfect oval gives limitless possibilities for experiments that will certainly be successful.

    Jessica Alba has a pretty appearance, thanks to the correct features and perfect face shape, she can use any styling.

    Jennifer Lopez has been shining on stage for a decade. The images of the star change, the singer does not have to use volume, and with smooth loose strands she looks stunning.

    Beyoncé is luxurious with various bob variations, the parted part emphasizes the correct proportions of the face.

    Megan Fox, it is enough to perform a simple styling and all the paparazzi’s eyes will be directed exclusively at her.

    Monica Bellucci is a great example of how to look feminine and attractive at 50. Classic hairstyles emphasize chiseled facial features, perfect oval lines.

    Charlize Theron is one of the few Hollywood stars who can go for ultra-short haircuts.

    Irina Shayk’s looks do not distract her eyes from her flawless face; the model uses simple hairstyles both in everyday life and for important ceremonies.

    Candice Swanepoel has a fairly high forehead.But the supermodel does not use bangs, but emphasizes the natural features with symmetrical styling with a vertical parting.

    Useful and practical advice from hair styling experts:

    • How to style your hair with nail polish;
    • brushing styling technology;
    • how to properly and quickly style your hair with a hairdryer yourself;
    • beautiful hairstyles with gathered hair at different lengths;
    • how to make hair voluminous;
    • how to make at home styling with the effect of wet hair.

    Sources of

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    90,000 Hairstyles by face type – How to choose a hairstyle?

    Fashionable hairstyles! All about hairstyles and styling is the creative process of creating a new hairstyle by cutting, styling, curling or coloring the hair.

    The entire creative process of hairstyle modeling takes place under the influence of what he saw and experienced, after a careful study of hairstyle fashion. The idea of ​​creating a particular hairstyle arises from the acquisition of the necessary creative material. The idea is gradually being embodied in an artistic image.

    Fashionable hairstyles

    There are many factors to consider when modeling. It is imperative to discuss with the client the shape of the future haircut or hairstyles and haircuts , the style, how the client will style this haircut in everyday life.In addition, you need to pay attention to the appearance, the original length, and the quality of the hair. If the hairstyle is chosen correctly, then with its help you can hide many imperfections in a person’s appearance and the shape of the head. The main advantage of correctly selected hairstyles and haircuts is to emphasize the individual’s individuality.

    Choosing a hairstyle is a very difficult and responsible matter, since with its help you can work wonders: hide flaws, emphasize advantages, create your own image and style.A hairstyle is hair styled and styled in a specific way, curled or trimmed. Choosing a hairstyle and haircut requires certain knowledge, imagination, taste and skills. The selection of hairstyles should be carried out taking into account the individual characteristics of a particular person: head structure, hair structure and color, physique, age, style, image, occupation.

    We offer you some recommendations that will help you in choosing a hairstyle and haircut.

    Fashionable hairstyles, the choice of hairstyle depends on the characteristics of the physique, the figure of the person.

    hairstyles and haircuts

    Tall and large women should refuse hairstyles that optically lengthen the figure: high hairstyles, smoothly combed or long hair, loose over the shoulders. Voluminous hairstyles in which the length of the hair reaches the earlobe is ideal.

    Small and full women are recommended to wear light curls, curls, wavy hair.Hairstyles that visually lengthen the figure are suitable: bunches, knots, shells.

    A long regular or graduated “square” is ideal for small and thin women. Experts recommend that such women wear voluminous hairstyles from semi-long hair and refuse short haircuts.

    There are several basic types of faces: oval, round, square, rectangular, oblong, triangular, trapezoidal, each of which requires a specific hairstyle.

    hairstyles and haircuts

    The oval face is distinguished by almost ideal proportions, so in this case there are no problems with choosing a hairstyle: almost all known haircuts and hairstyles are suitable for people with this face shape.The total length of the hair can be anything from very short to long. Short hairstyles with long, short or asymmetrical bangs are suitable, hairstyles made of long hair are suitable, combing them or loosening them over the shoulders. Bangs to the brow line are ideal. Hair is curled in different ways.

    hairstyles and haircuts

    The round face is distinguished by the presence of wide, prominent cheekbones, soft lines, and a high bridge of the nose. Such a face can be as close as possible to the ideal shape, optically narrowing it with a hairstyle and haircut.Hairstyles with vertical lines are suitable for this purpose. It is best to stay at medium hair length (20-25 cm). It is advised to wear high hairstyles with straight or asymmetrical bangs. The bangs with “teeth” will look spectacular, especially if the hair of the outer strands is slightly longer than the central ones. The ears are left open or slightly covered with hair. For people with this type of face, hairstyles made from semi-long curly hair are ideal. It is necessary to exclude hairstyles from slicked back smooth hair, hairstyles of a round shape, as well as hairstyles and haircuts with an open forehead, since they optically round the face and emphasize the flaws.

    Square face

    The square face has a wide lower jaw and a wide, high forehead. In order to soften the angular, rough lines of such a face, they choose hairstyles from wavy hair with asymmetrical elements: a side parting and bangs. It is advised to leave your ears half open. You should not wear hairstyles and haircuts with thick long bangs, slicked back hair.

    Rectangular face

    The rectangular face is characterized by a high forehead and a long chin.Thick, long, straight or asymmetrical bangs and curly hair are recommended. Hairstyles and haircuts from long, straight hair with vertical lines, which can significantly lengthen the face, are not recommended.

    The oblong face is characterized by approximately the same width of the forehead and chin. The forehead is high, the chin is slightly extended. People with this type of face should avoid hairstyles that optically lengthen the face. Hairstyles from long smooth hair or, conversely, very short hair are also not recommended.In this case, they wear lush, voluminous hairstyles with long straight or semi-straight bangs reaching the eyebrow line, since an open forehead will only emphasize the shape of the face and visually lengthen it. If the face is very narrow, do hairstyles and haircuts with curls or curls on the sides, since soft curls optically round the face. A short haircut with increased volume on the temples and closed ears is also suitable.

    The triangular face is characterized by the presence of a wide high forehead, prominent cheekbones, a small, slightly protruding chin.People with this type of face are not advised to wear hairstyles and haircuts with smoothly combed hair on the sides; they should focus on haircuts from short and semi-long hair.

    The trapezoidal face is wide, with large cheekbones, slightly tapering at the top. A fluffy upper part of the head, a deep side parting, a thick beard or stubble are recommended. It is not recommended for this type of face to have a high side parting, a very small volume of the hairstyle, no tanks, high-shaven side parts.

    A small face with a high forehead and a pointed nose can be corrected by choosing a short haircut with bangs that cover the forehead.The ears are half open. You should not wear hairstyles and haircuts with an open forehead and closed ears, this will optically reduce the face.

    A large face with large features and a snub nose can be optically modified by covering the ears with hair. Hairstyles with soft curls are perfect.

    A thick, short neck can be hidden by choosing hairstyles with an open neck: the hair is lifted up, knots, bunches and shells are made. Haircuts with profiled hair at the back of the head are suitable.

    A thin long neck is masked by a voluminous hairdo of straight or curled hair.Hairstyles made of semi-long hair are ideal.

    A thin short neck is covered with light soft curls or hair loose on the shoulders.

    Flat face. Such a face should be open, and the main volume of the hairstyle should be located at the back of the head. The transition from face to hairstyle should be very smooth, it seems to continue the line of the face. Overhanging and protruding details of the hairstyle, which will only emphasize its flat shape, are not recommended.

    Small facial features.The hairstyle for such a face should be like an extension of the face and consist of small lush details. It is better that the length of the hair in the hairstyle does not cover the earlobes. Voluminous details of the hairstyle that create a contrast between the face and hair are not recommended.

    Large facial features. The hairstyle should be loose, semi-adherent and not heavy. The hairline of the face should be open, but you can close part of the forehead. A small hairstyle that emphasizes large facial features is not recommended, but a hairstyle that is too large will also look bad.

    Wide cheekbones. To cover the cheekbones, the hair should not be too short. The greatest width of the hairstyle is at the lower part of the face. The side parting gives the hairstyle some asymmetry, distracting attention from the stingy. A hairstyle with hair smoothly combed away from the face is not recommended, which will greatly emphasize the protruding cheekbones; a straight parting, which creates symmetry and visually makes the cheekbones even more prominent; it is undesirable to use horizontal lines and too small details in a hairstyle.

    Low forehead. The volume and main details of the hairstyle are located on the crown and on the forehead, which helps to hide the flaw. The main element of the hairstyle is a short bang, which hides the line of the beginning of hair growth on the forehead, and hair that has some volume above the bangs should be a continuation of the bangs line. This creates the appearance of a more prominent forehead. A hairstyle without bangs with slicked back hair is not recommended, in which no other details of the hairstyle will be able to mask the flaw.

    High forehead. The main camouflage element here is long and thick bangs that cover the entire forehead, the rest of the face should be open to distract attention from the high forehead, covered with bangs. High hair and the absence of bangs are not recommended, which will only emphasize an undesirable detail of appearance.

    Narrow forehead. The bangs will also help to hide the flaw, which will cover part of the forehead. The hairstyle is recommended short, but rather lush, with the required volume at the level of the temples, and the strands should cover the forehead on both sides, thereby masking the borders of the forehead.It’s good if the strands are not the same, this will give the hairstyle asymmetry. Parting is possible. It is not recommended to strongly open the face, slicked back hair, and also wear a hairstyle in which the lower part is wider than the upper one. This form of hairstyle will visually narrow the forehead more.

    Protruding ears. In this case, any hairstyle should completely cover the ears. But if the hair is short and it is impossible to close the ears, you should use the volume of the hairstyle created by the hair on the sides of the head, and it should be such that the ears do not protrude beyond the contour of the hairstyle.Smoothly combed hair from the face is not recommended.

    Faults in the shape of the head. The head may have some flaws in full face or in profile: a sloping back of the head, a flattened parietal zone, etc. Analyzing the shape of the head, it is necessary to model the hairstyle so that it “completes” the shape of the head to an oval with the volume of hair in the appropriate place.

    Coarse hair does not require special care, people with such hair can choose a hairstyle with any hair length.

    Thin, soft hair is trimmed, since hairstyles from long, loose hair optically thin the hair.Hairstyles from semi-long and short hair, with strands curled towards the face, are suitable. Experts advise to make a perm from the hair roots, it will give the necessary volume, make them more rigid. Hairstyles with long bangs are also suitable.

    For oily hair, it is recommended to do hairstyles from short and semi-long hair. If the hair is very oily, do a perm, which dries the hair and reduces the secretion of sebum.

    In order to increase the volume of thinning hair, hairstyles are made from curled hair.Short haircuts and perm are suitable.

    Long hair is cut regularly (every 1.5-2 months) by 1 cm, this procedure helps to remove brittle, split hair and give the hairstyle a neat look,

    Semi-long hair is also recommended to be trimmed regularly. However, if such hair is very split, it is necessary to trim it with a ladder, removing all damaged ends.

    Short hair requires regular cutting and styling.

    It is especially important to choose the right fashionable hairstyles for curly hair, as they need special care.It is better to entrust the cutting of naturally wavy and curly hair to a specialist, since it is very difficult to do it yourself: it is difficult to correctly determine the length of the hair when cutting. Straighten curly hair if desired. Long-term hair straightening is done only in hairdressing salons, using special equipment for this. At home, you can straighten your hair for a while with a hair dryer. For people with this type of hair, short hairstyles with bangs that should be as long as the eyebrow line are suitable.

    Middle-aged and elderly women should opt for short haircuts, as they rejuvenate. Semi-long hair makes a woman look older.

    Young girls can choose hairstyles with any hair length

    The chosen hairstyle must necessarily correspond to the type of professional activity.

    So, for example, women who work in the medical field should eliminate hairstyles from long, loose hair. Even the most extravagant hairstyles are suitable for women dealing with hospitality and tourism.Working in the ministry, government and academia requires strict hairstyles.

    With a wide variety of hairstyles, three main types can be distinguished:

    – Reverse hairstyles. The hair is combed from the forehead to the back of the head. Such hairstyles are performed on long and short hair;

    – Acentral (falling) type. Hair directed from the crown of the head to the edge of the hairline. Hairstyles are made from different hair lengths, and this is the versatility of this type of hairstyle;

    – Front hairstyles.The hair is directed forward.

    The composition of a hairstyle is the arrangement of the constituent parts, which are a combination of the following parameters: volume, silhouette, proportions.

    There are two types of composition: volumetric and planar. The purpose of the composition is to create functionally and technologically perfect hairstyles, to give them beauty and harmony.

    The hairstyle is the volumetric perception of the hairstyle. The hairstyle includes certain properties. An important one is the geometric shape of the hairstyle (ball, cube).It is determined by changes in the volumetric shape of the hairstyle in height, width, depth.

    The volume of the hairstyle is determined by the size of the head. It includes individual elements and details, which themselves have a variety of outlines.

    The elements of the hairstyle, taken together, form the overall volume of the model and express the emotional properties of its form. The volume of the hairstyle can be more or less increased, depending on the requirements of the existing fashion trend.

    When modeling hairstyles, the ratio of the volume of the hairstyle to the figure, shape of the head, neck and face plays an important role.

    The volume of the hairstyle reflects the fit with her fashion. The volumes of hairstyles ranged from small to highly enlarged, from light to heavy, from compact to vague. From the point of view of convenience and beauty, extremes in expressing the volume of hairstyles were not always justified. But the volumes of hairstyles have always reflected the main fashion trends of their time.

    There is no dictate of any form at present.

    The silhouette of the hairstyle appears at the border between the volumetric shape of the hairstyle and the space when the model is perceived in full face and profile.

    Silhouette is a planar visual perception of volumetric forms of a hairstyle, clearly limited by contours.

    To characterize various models, compare and evaluate them, use the concept of “silhouette hairstyle”.

    It can be approximated in shape to a square, triangle, circle or other geometric shapes.

    The silhouette forms change and develop, giving rise to new modifications.

    The choice of a silhouette hairstyle is determined by the individual characteristics of the appearance, the purpose of the model and the direction of fashion development.

    Hairstyle lines. The surface and contours of the hairstyle are composed of numerous lines. They play an important role in the composition of the model.

    Various elements and details of the hairstyle create varied lines. For example, a straight line in the parting, contour, fringing of the bangs or the bottom of the back of the head creates an impression of rigor and clarity in the hairstyle.

    And vice versa, such elements of hairstyles as curls, waves, curls, create broken lines in the hairstyle and give it lightness, softness, coquetry.

    The nature of the lines within the silhouette of the model, their directionality contribute to the expressiveness of the composition.

    Hair color. An important element in the composition of a hairstyle is color. It has various effects on our senses. Colors in hairstyles are perceived by us as warm or cold, voluminous or flat, dense or airy, protruding or receding. Hair color has a great influence on the change in the amount of hair mass in a hairstyle. So, light hair visually enlarges and lightens it, dark hair reduces and makes it heavier.

    Color has always been a reflection of the degree of fashion of the hairstyle. Together with the texture of the hair, it serves as a means of revealing the merits of the shape and volume of the hairstyle, emphasizes the expressiveness of individual sections or elements. Contemporary fashion is marked by the search for new unconventional color combinations.

    Along with one-color coloring, multi-color types of coloring are used in modeling, which add a fashionable touch to the image of a modern person.

    Harmony of color in hairstyles can be related or contrasting.

    A related harmony consists in a combination of tones similar in color, but different in saturation: dark and light blond, chestnut and golden, blond and pink blond.

    The most common kindred harmony is found when modeling strict, classic forms of hairstyles.

    Contrasting harmony of hair color reflects particularly fashionable, avant-garde hairstyles. It consists in a combination of several saturated and contrasting tones: black and burgundy, dark blond, yellow blond and black.Hair dyed with one solid color creates a one-color harmony in the hairstyle composition.

    Rhythm also plays an important role in the compositional construction of the shape of the hairstyle.

    Rhythm – regular alternation of individual hairstyle elements or intervals between them.

    Rhythm influences the visual perception of volumetric forms of hairstyles.

    The presence of rhythm leads to the achievement of varying degrees of dynamism of the form.

    Any break in the effortless movement of rhythmically repeating lines creates a sense of static.This disturbs the harmony of the hairstyle.

    Proportions in a hairstyle is the ratio of sizes, volume, lines, individual details and parts of a hairstyle to each other, as well as to the figure of a person.

    When modeling, it is necessary to observe the principles of proportion. It is important to take into account the ratio of the size of the head (with the hairstyle) to the size of the human body for all types of figures and silhouettes of clothes.

    The head (with hair) should fit into the human figure 7.5 times.

    It is also important to observe the ratio of the size of the hairstyle to the silhouette of the clothes.

    The style of clothing, its constructive and decorative lines are always reflected in the corresponding details, elements, silhouettes of hairstyles, which are figurative language that distinguishes one era from another.

    Symmetry is an important means of achieving unity and artistic expressiveness in the composition of the hairstyle.

    In a hairstyle, identical elements are scattered symmetrically, equally located in relation to any point or axis. The presence of symmetry in the composition of hairstyles creates an impression of poise.

    To give dynamism to the hairstyle models, asymmetry is used, which can be incorporated both in the cutting or coloring technology, and when modeling the volumetric shape of the hairstyle.

    Asymmetry in hairstyles has a number of advantages: it introduces novelty and non-traditional solutions to the model, adds elegance and helps to subtly hide many defects in the structure of the head and face.

    The main condition for the integrity of an asymmetric hairstyle is its compositional balance.

    Contrast also plays an important role in the composition of hairstyles.

    Contrast is called opposition, the struggle of different solutions in the form of a hairstyle. This opposition is expressed in varying degrees of volumetricness of individual elements and sections of the hairstyle, in color, in shape.

    Contrasting solutions are used to give models a special fashion, sharpness and dynamism.

    Skillful use of the principles of symmetry, asymmetry and contrast in the process of modeling hairstyles allows you to create models that are diverse in style.

    The compositionally organized form of the hairstyle must have its main part, the compositional center. This is the place where all the elements or parts of the model are connected, the accent, the dominant in the whole composition.

    Any element or part of a hairstyle, a decorative bun, a bang, or a decorating element can be a compositional center. In complex models of hairstyles, there may be several compositional centers interconnected with each other.

    Coordination of the compositional center and the rest of the composition of the hairstyle is achieved by means of unity and connection of all elements of the model on the basis of a number of conditions for the proportionality of the parts of the hairstyle with each other, proportions, plasticity, rhythmic connections, color scheme, organic introduction of decor.With the help of these means, harmony and expressiveness of the composition of the entire hairstyle model are achieved.

    So, the hairdresser-fashion designer should go to the creation of logically meaningful forms of hairstyles through a deep study of the foundations of composition and the principles of modeling hairstyles, which will contribute to the creation of aesthetically and constructively valuable models.

    In the modeling of hairstyles, there is a constant development and modification of the basic basic silhouette forms: “square”, “oval”, “triangle”, which have been in fashion for a long time.

    These changes are expressed in the formation of new variants of hairstyle silhouettes, that is, their modifications.

    Each period of fashion development lasting two or three years gives rise to new modifications of the main forms of hairstyles, which are of particular interest to specialists and the avant-garde part of consumers.

    Hair styling is done using styling. Any haircut when changing the direction of the strands during the styling process will have different hairstyles.The direction of hair growth and the desire to visually correct facial imperfections or head shape will play an important role in choosing the direction of the strands in the hairstyle.

    This is the simultaneous drying and shaping of hair.

    Air styling works very well for short hair as it can be easily grabbed with the brush and positioned.

    Styling with a hairdryer can only be airy when the hair is washed with shampoo.

    If this is not done, the fat near the roots will not give the opportunity to lift, “put” the hair from the roots, they will not receive volume and the styling will turn out to be short-lived.

    After washing, the hair must be treated with a conditioner balm, otherwise it is

    will build up static electricity and scatter when laid. In addition, the protective layer formed on the hair after the balm protects it from drying out when exposed to high temperatures.

    To make the hair easier to style, it should be moistened with a fixing agent – foam, liquid gel, styling lotion. In this case, you should evenly distribute the product through the hair, paying special attention to the roots – if they are not saturated with the fixative, the semi-cleaning styling is less voluminous.

    Use a hair dryer to pull back curly or frizzy hair, making it straight.

    During styling, the jet of hot air should always be directed tangentially to the head (so as not to burn the skin) and from the roots to the ends of the hair (so as not to damage the cuticle, the scales of which lie in the direction from the roots to the ends). This will leave your hair smooth and shine.

    Do not hold the hair dryer in one direction for a long time.

    Thick, healthy hair can be styled with a fairly hot stream of air, but with thin and soft hair, it is better to use cool air, since these hairs are very sensitive to high temperatures.At the same time, styling will take, of course, much more time, but it will not damage your hair.

    As a result of styling, the hair roots should rise, that is, the hair should, as it were, move away from the head. A so-called “frame” brush is used to lift the hair roots.

    She puts her hair in a perpendicular position, and in this position it should be dried and cooled.

    If the roots of the hair remain underdried, the hairstyle will lose volume very soon.

    Those details of the hairstyle that should not have volume are processed as follows: with short teeth of the brush we press against the head, and the warm air is directed along the hair growth in passing.

    It is very important to hold the comb correctly, you also have to learn how to hold the hairdryer in your right or in your left hand.

    And one more important point. Remember: a professional will never style a client while standing in front of his face. During styling, the hairdresser should stand behind the client.

    Practice brushing. When you fill your hand, use the same movements to style on your fingers.

    The hairstyle turns out to be natural, with soft contours, it is very convenient to break the hair into strands, simply separating them with your fingers or curling the ends of the hair with your fingertips.


    Installation with a hair dryer and a double-sided brush.

    Raising the hair at the roots, first comb the hair along the growth with a gentle movement, turning the brush so that only a part of the teeth remains in the hair. The next movement is in the opposite direction, and the teeth that just touched the head rise up, while they lift the hair that they touched. The hair dryer is directed at the roots casually. You can alternate this movement with directing air through the holes in the brush.

    This is a fluff of a strand of hair across its entire width and thickness. Having separated a strand of hair about 1 cm wide, it is pulled perpendicular to the head, at a distance of 5-6 cm from the root, a comb is inserted into it with teeth from itself and the comb is moved to the roots.

    When the feeling of inhibition, the movements of the comb stop, it is taken out of the hair and inserted into the strand a few centimeters higher. Thus, each time it will stop higher and higher.

    Combing can be done with varying degrees of intensity, but the fluff should always be stronger at the roots than at the ends, which should remain flexible.

    Be very careful when combing damaged hair. In order not to destroy the scaly layer even more, you can comb only the healthy part of the hair at the root.


    Hair can be brushed all over the head or in selected areas. You should not often use bouffant on very fine hair. Brushing regularly can cause the hair to split and lose shine.

    When typing, a strand of hair is not held perpendicular to the head, but more flat, and in the direction in which this strand should lie in the hairstyle.

    In this case, the comb does not capture the entire thickness of the strand, but only part of it, and from the side that will be the inner one in the hairstyle.

    After combing and typing, the hair is combed with a special brush with bristles of different lengths.

    Long bristles smooth the surface of the hair, while short bristles prevent them from deepening and damaging the brushed base.

    Styling products are better perceived by the hair if applied to the hair before styling.

    It is not necessary to treat wet hair with a hairdryer and a brush – before styling, you must definitely dry your head with a towel. Styling on wet hair takes too long and ruins the hair, resulting in splits and tangles.

    The hair dryer must be kept at least 15 cm from the head, otherwise the heat will damage the hair. After blow-drying, the hair should be properly cooled and checked if it is really dry. Warm hair often only feels dry.

    Moisturizing and nourishing with a gloss spray or keratin spray helps to get rid of static electricity.However, you can smooth your hair with plain water.

    To give your hair a silky shine for at least one evening, you can use cucumber, almond or chamomile oils, which are applied directly to the brush. They will help and style your hair.

    Sterling wax

    Designed to highlight individual strands to create a smooth hairstyle.

    How to use: Apply to the strands with your fingers, rubbing in and shape.


    With the help of gel wax you can create any fancy hairstyle: model waves, accentuate strands and bangs, form flat and side sections, emphasize li-kons, lines and much more.

    Advantage: Thanks to a special formulation, the gel-wax is water-soluble and therefore perfectly spreads over the hair and is easily washed off with water.

    How to use: Rub the gel-wax on the palms, then in a circular motion evenly massage it into the hair. Use a hairbrush to give the hair the desired shape and “sculpt” its individual elements with your fingers.


    Designed for a special effect of “wet hair”, to highlight individual strands or the outline of the hairstyle.

    How to use: Apply the gel with palms to damp hair and distribute evenly over the entire length. Style your hair using a brush or comb. The gel can also be used on dry hair: apply the gel with your fingers to individual strands and shape them.

    Cold styling lends itself well to hair that is elastic and soft, as well as with an oval or elliptical cross-sectional shape.

    Hair that is coarse and bouncy is more difficult to cold style, and the hairstyle lasts much less time.

    Gel Spray

    Gel spray is excellent for modeling hair with fingers on short and curly hair.

    Securely fixes the hairstyle, makes the hair manageable and gives it a lively, lush structure. Ideal for shaping and freshening curls. The aerosol dispenser ensures accurate and clean dispensing of the gel.

    Advantage: Thanks to spray application, it is ideal for styling curls.

    Use: Style the washed hair into an almost finished hairstyle.Apply the gel spray to the hair roots, lift them up on your fingers and fix with a hairdryer. Spray the bangs and strands with gel and give them the desired shape.

    Gel fixer

    Gel fixer is suitable for fine hair and short haircuts and styling with your fingers on dry woods. Strongly fixes the hair and gives the hairstyle an elegant, thin profile.

    Easily and precisely applies and spreads over wet or dry hair.

    Advantage: With the fixing gel, the hairstyle acquires a large volume, and the hair becomes bouncy and elastic.

    Usage: Dry your hair with a hairdryer. Rub the gel on your palms, apply first to the hair roots, and then evenly distribute with a comb along the entire length of the hair.

    Wrap the hair on the crown on large curlers and dry with a hairdryer. Give the curls a shape, highlight the styling of the sides and bangs with wax.

    Stalin cream

    Stalin-cream is indispensable for obtaining an infinite variety of shapes, optimal for any sterling technique: for styling with your fingers, a hairdryer or a comb.

    Depending on the quantity, it provides any degree of hold – from natural to super stylish. It takes care of the hair already during styling and makes it possible to quickly refresh the hairstyle with fingers soaked in water.

    Advantage: Stalin Cream is ideal for quick variations on dry hair.

    Styling foam

    Designed for styling hair with a hairdryer and for drying hair naturally.

    Creative Styling Foam and Soft Lines can be used for all styling styles.Provides a free hold, lush volume and a delightful shine. The degree of fixation is easily changed depending on the amount of foam applied.

    Advantage: Foam contains substances that protect the hair and at the same time make it easier to comb.

    Usage: Shake the bottle well before use. Holding the bottle with the dispenser down, squeeze the required amount of foam onto the comb and distribute evenly over the entire length of the hair, which has been slightly dried with a towel.With the same brush, shape the hair and fix it with a hairdryer. Design and fix individual curls with gel-wax.


    Ultra strong creative sterling varnish, for styling and fixing all hairstyles that require a super stylish and extremely secure hold.

    Benefit: Adds extra fluffiness to hair when applied to the hair roots. The varnish is sprayed from a distance of 30 cm: apply to slightly damp hair, give the strands the desired shape and dry.If an even stronger hold is required, you can reapply the varnish while drying your hair. You can apply a varnish of your choice to damp hair.

    Using your fingertips, evenly apply a small amount of hairspray to the hair, then fix the hair with a comb and hairdryer. To accentuate individual strands, spray hairspray on the hair and style the strands with your fingers.

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    Evening hairstyles with braiding for long hair

    Evening hairstyles with braids for long hair: UGC

    For a solemn and luxurious look, choose hairstyles with braids. They look very beautiful and, importantly, they complement the look in an advantageous way.Find out what is the best to choose evening hairstyles with braiding for long hair and how to do them.

    Let’s show you the best five ideas on how to make evening hairstyles for long hair:

    Circular hair braiding

    To make such a hairstyle, perform braiding with braids from the side strands. To do this, you will need to create volume at the roots, for example, using a small corrugation.

    Photo: UGC

    Then follow the instructions:

    • Divide your hair into a side part.
    • Start braiding right from the parting line – to do this, separate the wide curl from above.
    • Divide a lock of hair in two and curl each of them to the face, and then wrap one around the other in the direction from the face.
    • Before wrapping the strands again, grab a loose strand and pull together, rolling the hair towards your face. Turn the two main strands away from your face.
    • Continue working as described until you reach the back of the head.From this point, twist the tourniquet without additional strands. Fasten the end of your hair with an elastic band.
    • Braid the same braid on the other side of the parting and also stop when you get to the back of the head and curl the loose hair.
    • Loose the links in the weave, going from parting to the back of the head on each side.
    • In the resulting cavity between the strands, hide the loose bundles – the right one in weaving on the left side and vice versa.
    • If the hair is very long, then make a bun out of loose bundles.
    • For beautiful hairstyles, decorate them with decorative hairpins with pearls or flowers. In addition, they will help to better fix the hairstyle.

    Photo: UGC

    Hairstyle with weaving “Crown”

    This hairstyle is based on a ponytail, the ends of which, together with free strands, are hidden in braids. This is the best option to make beautiful evening hairstyles.

    Use rhinestone hairpins for decoration. Bulky jewelry will not work, since the weaving itself looks quite complicated.

    Photo: UGC

    Before doing your hairstyle, comb through your hair thoroughly and spray with a moisturizing antistatic agent: hair should not become electrified. Read the step-by-step description:

    • Separate the top and bottom of the hair, parting them in a circle. Gather the top in a high ponytail. Style your hair neatly so that there are no “roosters”.
    • Select a third part from the volume of the tail, and throw the rest of the hair forward and secure so that it does not interfere.
    • Divide the selected array into six strands.Take the right strand in your hand. At the same time, from the lower free layer near the face, select a strand that will be twice as thick as the strand from the tail, and break it in two.
    • Start braiding with these three strands. The first to go is the strand that ends up in your right hand.
    • Work in a circular weave, picking up the strands from both sides – from the tail and from the free edge of the face.
    • When finished braiding, hide the loose end in your hair.

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    Volume bun made from braids

    There are two options – a bun on the back of the head or on the side.If you do it on the side, then divide the hair into a side parting and comb at the roots on the side opposite to the bun so that the hairstyle looks more harmonious.

    Photo: UGC

    Consider how to make a bun on the back of the head:

    • Comb all your hair back and break it into 5-6 parts.
    • Braid from each strand. Start each weave with a French braid for a more voluminous hairstyle.
    • As you braid all your braids into your long hair, grab the ends with transparent elastic bands.
    • Collect everything in a large volume bundle. If the braids are heavy, then collect them first in a loose ponytail. Secure your hair with hairpins.

    Side braids

    This is the simplest and most solemn hairstyle with braids. Braids can be different – braided according to the fishtail technique looks better. Decorate the strands with pearls, flowers.

    Photo: UGC

    Learn how to style:

    • Brush your hair and sprinkle with moisturizer.
    • Flip everything on its side, smooth hair with your hands.
    • Separate a wide array of hair on top and split it into three sections.
    • Start braiding using the reverse weave technique, curling the outer strands down under the middle strands.
    • When you make the next link, pick up a new strand.
    • When finished braiding, pull back all the strands, starting with the parting, so that the braid is loose. Fasten the end of the braid with an elastic band.

    Side braiding and braids

    This is a rather complicated braid and braid hairstyle that will require some experience.

    Photo: UGC

    But you can cope. So:

    • Part your hair with a center part.
    • Pin up one half of the hair, and divide the second from the parting into two parts – upper and lower. Secure the bottom layer of hair as well, as you will be working with the top one.
    • First, on one side of the parting, twist the Greek harness around the head, then repeat on the other side. It is more convenient to use a bandage, then pass the tourniquets through it.
    • At the end, pull the ends of the bundles together in the center and secure with the invisible ones.
    • Connect the bottom layer of hair and toss everything to the side.
    • Separate one third of the hairs from the hair from those that are closer. Divide them into four strands.
    • Perform weaving as follows: cross the center strands together, bring the one on the right behind them, and throw it over the left center strand from above. Next, pull the left side strand over the bottom and throw it over the right center strand.
    • Continue to weave, adding loose strands from the solid wood.To prevent hair from clinging or electrifying, spray it as you go.
    • Fasten the ends of the braid and twist as desired.

    Weave using any technique you know. The main thing in these hairstyles is not how complex they are, but how they look and whether they suit you in style. Decorate evening hairstyles with suitable decor: flowers, rhinestones, pearls.

    Do not forget that some carelessness is in fashion, so do not braid the braids tightly, pull out the strands to add volume to the hairstyle.Be irresistible!

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    Original article:

    90,000 50 best hairstyles for square faces rounding corners

    Some girls and women know what their face shape is, while others are not sure.Before you start hairstyles for square faces, make sure your face shape is square. Take a full-face photo of yourself without smiling. Print out a photo and draw lines to outline the contours of your face. Square-faced girls find that their faces are about the same length as their widths. In addition, such persons have obvious cheekbones and angles of the jaw.

    So if you have a really square face, you’re in luck! Women with square faces are very photogenic even in old age.A flattering hairstyle can emphasize their natural charm.

    A sculpted chin and protruding cheekbones are characteristic features of a square face that often become the object of our admiration, because the most gorgeous Hollywood beauties (Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, Sandra Bullock and many others) have square faces. However, girls with a square face often need to correct a strong jawline with a flattering hairstyle, because in fact, the width and length of the face shape are almost equal.And this is a deviation from ideal proportions. Stylists recommend using face locks and asymmetries to soften the angular outlines of square faces.

    Tips on hairstyling for square faces

    When working on styling, pay particular attention to the volume at the roots. This will correct the proportions and make your face look longer. Use soft waves and round the transitions between textures to achieve the illusion of an oval face.

    When choosing between coloristic techniques, consider dyeing individual strands or use an ombre.Avoid sharp boundaries between shades. Softness and smoothness are what you need to achieve.

    The choice of haircuts for a square face is also quite wide. You can try a long haircut or an extra long page haircut. Layered haircuts with multiple layers are the perfect solution.

    Beautiful celebrities with square faces are many, and with the right approach, this face shape looks just amazing. The most gorgeous square-faced Hollywood actresses use flattering hairstyles and strive to look great in every situation.

    Suitable hairstyles for a square face

    The width of a square face practically does not prevail over its length, the chin line is strong and angular. The solutions here are related to the lengthening and veiling of the corners. You don’t need to duplicate what you see in the pictures below. You can of course if you want, but you stand to gain more if you understand how lines, length, and texture work on your face. So, here are some ideas to help you figure out all the details on this matter.

    – Avoid straight bangs and hairstyles that mimic the shape of your face. Distinct graduated layers are what flatters you. Choose a side bang that distracts from a wide forehead and reduces the sharpness of facial features. Avoid thick, blunt bangs. Because of them, the lower part of the face seems even heavier than it really is.

    – Side parting, like any asymmetry, is a plus. Give preference to off-center parting, slightly offset from the center line.

    – A square face can be easily narrowed and lengthened with straight curls to the shoulders or longer curls along the cheeks.They will strategically close the corners of the jaw.

    – You can easily benefit from a soft, feminine hairstyle that frames your face in waves and curls. Beach waves, tousled strands or shiny bouncy curls? Choose any style, but rather alternate them in variety.

    – Hairstyles with some volume on top will lengthen your face, but don’t pull all the hair back. Leave long side bangs or a few curls on one side.

    – Avoid excessive volume on the sides at the level of the cheekbones and jaw, as this will widen your face.

    – Short haircuts are usually unflattering for square faces as they literally expose your squareness. At the same time, each face is individual, and some faces are more square than others. Here we can only talk about general recommendations. So let’s take a closer look at the gallery.

    # 1: Messy Blonde with Medium Coats

    Instagram / @anhcotran

    When it comes to getting the right haircut, a square face is the easiest to work with. You are not trying to hide or add anything, but instead display your superior bone structure.This intermittent, biting lobule softens a strong chin and exposes high cheekbones.

    # 2: Bob with an uneven chin length and side bangs


    There are a lot of good hairstyles that complement square faces. If you want something shorter, choose an asymmetrical tousled bob. Replacing the side bangs will accentuate your face and go well with your glasses.

    # 3: Naughty Medium Layered Hairstyle

    Instagram / @LABORATORIE

    Square face haircuts can still be fun and flirty, no matter if you’re in your 20s or over 50.Styling loose, tousled waves in a long bob can really spice up a hairdo. The cut is the perfect amount of funk; With fiery red highlights and erratic waves mixed throughout, you’ll look elegant yet casual all day long.

    # 4: Fashion Shaggy Dirty Forehead

    Instagram / @JAKEBMARTIN

    The 1970s was a time of interesting fashion, and the only thing they did right during this decade was a shaggy hairstyle. The multi-layered long bob gives your hair its natural size and shape so you don’t have to style in the morning.

    # 5: Longer wavy changeable hairstyle

    Instagram / @KCCARHART

    Long hair gives you more options to play with. If you have naturally wavy hair, part your hair down the middle and let the details framing your face act as a curtain covering the corners of your wide forehead. Longer, messy waves now soften the crisp jawline of a square face.

    # 6: Chic & Formal

    Instagram / @ alexandrovaolya

    This beautiful austere style showcases a square jaw and full lips.Strong, classic facial features work best with hair that is slicked back loosely, away from the face. “Free” is the key word in this case. Some softness of a square face is exactly what you need for a feminine look.

    # 7: Short Asymmetric Messy Pixie Bob

    Instagram / @ RYABCHIK.MOSCOW

    With a square face and shorter hair, don’t shy away from a pixie cut. With asymmetry and proper layering, a shorter crop can look beautiful on those with a square jawline, while highlighted layers make the cutout even more dynamic.Add highlights to highlight the waves and different layers of the hair.

    # 8: Medium layered hairstyle with center parting

    Instagram / @SALSALHAIR

    Sometimes the simpler the better, and you can’t go wrong with a medium-length hairstyle without mess with a middle parting. The cut is easy to style – just add very loose waves that frame your square face beautifully. Don’t have wavy hair? There is nothing to worry about because the hairstyle looks great in straight styling too.

    # 9: Medium Wavy Haircut With Straight Bangs

    Instagram / @KEARYBLADEL

    Blunt-cut front fringe is a slippery slope for square faces, but if you really enjoy it, there is a way to handle it. Pair straight bangs with a cropped mid-length cut with casual waves that soften the jawline. It is important that the rest of the hair remains light to contrast with the bangs.

    # 10: Asian Sharp Bob Off-Center

    Instagram / @SALSALHAIR

    Short hairstyles for square faces can also look elegant and professional.To do this, use a minimum of layers and jagged ends. Part your hair slightly down the center to avoid a rather harsh look, and you’re done!

    # 11: Forehead with curtain-like bangs

    Instagram / @ TIMM.MORRISON

    For fine hair, it is important to choose a haircut that gives the hair volume and at the same time has vertical lines that lengthen the wider face. With straight hair like this, side bangs on both sides look pretty, especially when paired with a long bob cut.Add light highlights to make the hair a little more shiny.

    # 12: Urban Pixie

    Instagram / @ TIMM.MORRISON

    If you don’t like all those waves and curls and prefer a very short length, your short haircut can certainly be edgy, modern and chic. The top is covered in a lighter shade, the sides and back are tightly trimmed – definitely a bold statement!

    # 13: Intermittent to bust for thick hair

    Instagram / @BRENDAKAMT

    Choppy style is it-girl style right now, so choose your own version of this trendy bust cut hairstyle.Those with thicker hair will really love this tub because it accommodates uneven and messy layers that help control any unwanted volume.

    # 14: Tiny Pixie Haircut

    Instagram / @nikkimcafee

    Short hairstyles for square faces should be complemented with trendy colors. When you go short, you can also breathe new life into fine hair. It will take no more than 5-10 minutes to create such an image. Use a heat protectant before blow drying, which also provides medium hold.Then blow dry hair forward and use your fingers to create a smooth texture.

    # 15: Medium choppy style with side parting

    Instagram / @JESSEWYATT

    Hairstyles for square faces can be parted in the middle or on the side, so luckily it all depends on your preference. If you prefer the side parting style, thin the layers and choose uneven ends that add some texture.

    # 16: Medium hair with loose highlights with face framing

    Instagram / @JEANPIERRESOSA

    If you have a square face and don’t want short hair, try a medium length haircut with long layers.Merge the layers with the framing of the face to really draw attention to your beautiful face!

    # 17: Long textured haircut with bangs for eyebrow removal

    Instagram / @ RYABCHIK.MOSCOW

    Choosing long, straight hair with cropped bangs in the front creates a beautiful, sleek style that accentuates a square face. Since the jawline is well defined, you can let the bangs grow out a bit so that it glides over your brows and draws attention to your eyes and cheekbones.Add texture to your haircut in thin layers and enjoy your new hairstyle!

    # 18: Wavy Tousled Hair to Bust


    Finding the right bangs for a square face is much easier than for other face shapes. If you are a fan of side bangs, make sure it blends smoothly into the rest of your hair. You can do this by texturing your layers. Maintain bust length to make the most of bangs and graduated layers.

    # 19: Long flowing haircut in layers

    Instagram / @ MICHAELJAMES.HAIR

    Long face framing layers really help add movement to a haircut, and with straight hair you get a style that requires minimal styling. However, be careful not to overdo it with the number of layers. Keeping it simple is essential.

    # 20: Girlish Body Waves

    Instagram / @head__mistress

    Suitable square face hairstyles for long hair are layered and loose waves. This style is also attractive because of the caramel brown highlights that reveal ruddy cheeks and create an overall youthful and lively look.

    # 21: Long Finely Cut Pastel Pink Hairstyle

    Instagram / @NATALIAKOP

    Thin, abundant layers help those with fine hair get movement and texture. Choose jagged ends to create a sharper style. Also, don’t be afraid to play with the color of the hair ends and make the most of pink and light purple highlights.

    # 22: Medium Sharp Wavy Haircut

    Instagram / @ANDYJAMESPAINTS

    When choosing the best haircut for a square face, consider the natural texture of your hair.A mid-length crop with loose waves is a great choice for any woman with thick hair that can be difficult to manage. Consider a light balayage that complements your new haircut and makes thick hair lighter.

    # 23: Thin forehead with root lift


    The right haircut can completely change the natural volume of your hair. Try a light haircut and get a great haircut on the go. Tease roots for extra lift and a cute messy touch.

    # 24: Ash Blonde “Shaggy Wavy Forehead”

    Instagram / @bmonroesalondowntown

    If you like the shaggy look, try uneven layers that can be laid in waves for an interesting shape that complements your face. Want to change your color? Try an ash blonde and accentuate the new shade with delicate pastel pink highlights.

    # 25: Changeable Messy Forehead with

    Center Partition
    Instagram / @ARGEINSTAGRAM

    Medium to short hair for a square face works very well when it is a long torn haircut.The shaggy layering of the cut will create additional volume, as well as the parting in the middle. Layers covering the sides of the face make it look slimmer.

    # 26: Long strands with side bangs

    Instagram / @janine_ker_hair

    Square face hairstyles are most successful when they include several well-defined layers. If you like long hair, just add side bangs that interrupt your haircut beautifully. This will give the hair elasticity and lightness.

    # 27: Medium Loose Curls

    Instagram / @meganlouiseunderwood

    This medium ice blonde hairstyle is stunning with its color and texture.Side bangs and short layers in the front emphasize the cheekbones in the best way. To style your hair, divide your hair into four sections to make it easier to curl. Turn away from your face. After curling, be sure to shake your hair for a more natural look.

    # 28: Front Messy Fishtail

    Instagram / @daphnenarcy

    Women with fine hair will love this cute and simple look. Perfect for every day, a messy fishtail braid is a quick and fun DIY hairstyle option.Use a texturizing spray to give your hair a smooth texture and finish by lightly tying the braid at the end to keep it secure.

    # 29: Romantic Side Braid

    Instagram / @vivianmakeupartist

    The square face is the cheekbones. Pulling her hair to one side in a romantic loose French braid is no big deal for any girl with long hair, but this face shape makes the style even more stunning. There’s no way to go wrong with flowing cascading curls and swirling impromptu bangs.

    # 30: everyday glamor

    Instagram / @alexandrovaolya

    Haircuts for a square face don’t have to include bangs, but they often do. Straight and long hair is small in size, but side bangs make a difference by adding attractiveness. Half up and half down is a great style option to create some lift and volume to balance the lower face.

    # 31: Elegant luxury

    Helga Esteb /

    Jessica Chastain chose an elegant side view to accentuate her luxurious brass mane. If you want to steal her look, you need to do a side parting, comb the hair at the roots, shape the loose curls with a curling iron and comb them to the side. Secure the mane to the back of your head with a hair clip and apply hairspray to keep it together and in place. Great look for a romantic date or a party!

    # 32: The embodiment of tenderness from the girl “legally blonde”

    Jaguar PS /

    Her light, voluminous curls and smooth side bangs create a clean, natural look. This hairstyle can be recreated with styling foam and ironing. Blow dry your hair using some styling foam previously applied to damp hair and shape random loose curls all over your mane – easy yet impressive and very trendy in 2020!

    # 33: Cute Braided Beanie

    Instagram / @alliedoeshair

    Shorter hairstyles for square faces should include wide side bangs and many layers.Regardless of whether you have thick hair, you can imitate it with this curly bob. Just tease the roots and curl your mid-bar strands towards the ends. For a special accent, add a braid that hides under the layers.

    # 34: Short Bob

    cinemafestival /

    Short bob cuts with front locks reaching to the corners of the jaw make a square face even more angular. But a bob with elongated details framing the face, like Keira Knightley, has a completely opposite effect.This hairstyle beautifully lengthens the face, masking its corners.

    # 35: Short haircut for thick hair

    Instagram / @markgarrisonsalon

    Short hair is fine if you have a square jawline, but you don’t want your haircut to go stupidly right at the corners of your chin. If you soften the edges with texture, you can wear comfortable short hair and look great.

    # 36: Sexy Blonde Forehead

    Instagram / @ argelis.arroyo

    Haircuts for square faces are suitable for any length, but now this haircut is the absolute favorite.The adorable cut can hide your eyes and show your smile. This look may be the same for different faces, but it actually works best for a square-shaped face.

    No. 37: “Bee’s Nest”

    Everett Collection /

    Hairstyle is the perfect solution for a special occasion. Angelina Jolie does a messy hairstyle with sloppy face framing stripes that hide the contours of her pretty (but square) face.

    # 38: Short & Ultra Straight

    Everett Collection /

    Short pixie hairstyles with long bangs look so cool on girls with square faces. Alternatively, you can try both straight and wavy pixies with fancy bangs. Keira Knightley’s straight short hair looks amazing thanks to the stylish finishes and gorgeous bronze grout.

    # 39: Marilyn Monroe Style

    Featureflash /

    Classics are always popular. Neatly styled blonde curls with a beautiful raised edge at the roots make for a wonderful setting for a square face.Hairstyle a la Marilyn Monroe is incredible for Jessica Simpson!

    # 40: Asymmetrical Bob

    A horizontal bang with a blunt cut can also accentuate the strong jawline of a square face. But Olivia Wilde successfully escaped this trap. Olivia opted for soft side bangs that draw attention to her eyes and take away from the lower part of her face. This beautiful lingerie is pretty easy to style: blow-dry your hair at the roots. Straighten bangs while blow drying with a round brush and define the ends with a curling iron.

    # 44: Long side locks

    Instagram / @jaraxjan

    Asymmetrical hairstyles are always stunning. On the one hand, comb your hair to expose your beautiful cheekbones. On the other hand, let the waves slide along the side of your face. This hairstyle also works well with highlights or ombre hair.

    # 45: Shiny Cascade Locks

    Featureflash /

    Angelina Jolie’s bronze is beyond praise. Here we are dealing with a dizzying voluminous hairstyle with a sun effect in the strands.Make sure you moisturize your hair with oils or liquid crystals to achieve that enviable smoothness and shine. Soft waves are created with a curling iron or iron. Create random locks to enhance the 3D effect and enjoy your gorgeous looks!

    # 46 Short Bob

    The A-line silhouette of this gorgeous short bob visually shortens the width of Kira’s square face and masks in her jaw corners. In general, her face looks like a beautiful oval.

    https: /

    Layering, ripped edges and chestnut accents take away from a heavy chin and leave a very subtle impression of a laid-back, feminine look that’s easy on a square face.

    # 48: Red bob with rounded edges

    By rounding the edges and choosing an attractive warm shade to match your eye color, you can hide a square face. But the decisive point here is the correct length – well below the chin.

    # 49 Lovely blonde curls tousled and matted

    These lovely blonde curls are tousled and matted for a trendy shaggy headboard. The asymmetry, bang curtain effect and fantastic texture soothe us from the face shape.

    # 50 Hairstyle “Shaggy”

    Shaggy medium length hairstyle is also a gift for women with a square face shape. And this stunning, breathtaking glare and ceiling lights will make the rectangle almost invisible.

    As you can see, when it comes to a square face, your goal is to soften strong lines with the right hairstyles and accessories. If you can visually lengthen your face and round your jawline, we think you will look amazing.

    Explore Further: Damaged Hair: 9 Tips to Cope and Help You with Damaged Hair

    90,000 Haircuts and hairstyles for a diamond-shaped face (photo)

    Reading time 4 min. Views 42.9k. Published Updated

    The rhombus is one of the most complex and beautiful face shapes. It attracts glances, arouses interest, makes the image noticeable. The rhombus is owned by Halle Berry, Chloe Moritz, Ashley Greene, Cher, Madonna and Kate Hudson. They already know exactly what haircuts for a diamond-shaped face will be able to hide the flaws in appearance and emphasize its advantages. Let’s take an example from them!

    Features of the diamond-shaped face

    The diamond-shaped face is distinguished by high and rather wide cheekbones, a pointed chin and a rather narrow forehead.At the same time, the hair line remains semicircular. The diamond-shaped face is very often called “diamond” and “brilliant”. The main task of the ladies with a face of this shape is to narrow the cheekbones as much as possible and slightly expand the forehead. This will bring the “diamond” closer to the ideal “oval”.

    What exactly cannot be done?

    Check out this photo – it will show you exactly what you can’t do for a diamond face!

    Not suitable for a diamond face:

    • Haircuts that open the neck and chin area;
    • Hairstyles with volume in the cheekbones – they will further expand the central part of the face;
    • Parting straight – increases the length of the face and focuses on a narrow chin;
    • Short haircuts without bangs;
    • High hairstyles;
    • Styles with smoothly combed hair;
    • Very voluminous on top, especially if you don’t wear bangs.

    Correct haircuts for a diamond shape

    Which hairstyle will suit a diamond shape? We offer you an overview of the best options!

    Haircuts for long hair

    Lush curls that cover the cheeks and fall over the shoulders look simply luxurious and perfectly fit the diamond-shaped face. But remember, you shouldn’t grow long hair to tuck it behind your ears – this will only draw attention to the shortcomings. As for the parting, it should be side or diagonal.Hairstyles with volume at the chin or top of the ears are also good. They will make the narrow forehead and chin slightly wider.

    Another good choice would be a cascade and a ladder. If your hair is straight, do a side parting. If you want a central one, you need to wind the strands.

    Haircuts for medium hair

    Medium hairstyles for a diamond face can hardly do without traditional models:

    • Square – smooth, graduated or asymmetrical, with a mandatory angle.It is better to stretch hair with an iron, giving it volume in the upper part of the head. However, you can make waves – they are also relevant;
    • Elongated bob – the raised nape of the haircut will reveal the swan’s neck, and the elongated front strands falling over the cheekbones will hide all the flaws in appearance;
    • Haircuts for curly strands will give odds to any option and perfectly emphasize all the advantages of the face.

    Haircuts for short hair

    For girls with short hair and fine hair, a fluffy straight bang with elongated edges is ideal.However, any voluminous bangs look good on such a face. The main thing is not to make them smooth and too flat.

    Another option for short hair is styling with volume on top (pixie or garcon). It is very simple to make it – just apply a little styling mousse to your hair and lift it up with a brush, making a casual effect. Also, a rhombus can decorate a classic bob-bob with bangs to the chin.

    This video presents an interesting hairstyle for a diamond-shaped face oval:

    Hairstyles for a diamond face

    The diamond shape is demanding for styling.Perfect for you:

    • Ponytail – place it on the back of the head and lift the root zone with the thin tip of the comb;
    • Bundle – low or medium, but not at the crown. Be sure to release a few thin curls around your face. This stylish styling goes well with bangs;
    • Braid – asymmetrical, with a twist, loose weaving and large curls near the face.

    This is interesting! Do you want to change your hair color or haircut, but are afraid that the experiment will not be successful? Free program for the selection of hairstyles.You just need to upload your photo!

    Makeup for a diamond-shaped face

    Not only a good haircut for a diamond-shaped face, but also the correct make-up will help to correct the shape. Its main purpose is to enlarge the lower jaw, reduce the cheekbones and give the face an oval shape. To get the job done, follow these tips:

    • Dark foundation or powder – the outer side of the cheekbones. Move the brush from the center of the cheekbone to the upper tip of the ear – this will visually narrow the middle zone of the face;
    • Light powder or foundation – chin and forehead;
    • Blush – Apply with a soft line towards the middle of the ear.Choose soft pastel colors;
    • Blend the boundaries between powder, blush and foundation very carefully;
    • Accentuate the lips and eyes to divert attention from imperfections. If your lips are thin, use a light lipstick – it will make them plump;
    • Pay special attention to creating the shape of the eyebrows – stop at a soft arched line with a slight break. But straight eyebrows are categorically contraindicated – they will make the cheekbones even wider.

    See also: Secrets to help you choose the right haircut for your face type, figure and age.

    Haircuts for women over 40 with a round face type

    Should a woman limit herself in choosing a hairstyle with age? Just the opposite! Now in the world of hairdressing fashion, complete freedom reigns.
    But the rules for different face shapes have not been canceled. For example, in a short haircut for a round face, the hair should cover the ears. It looks more proportional when the bangs fall asymmetrically to the side. In the color palette, shades of blonde, chestnut, highlighting and, of course, native gray hair will be successful.

    Haircut for a round face gets along well with the natural gray color of the hair. The classic bob, which gently curls on the jawline, refines massive contours and visually stretches the face. Careless bangs smooth out the excessive severity of this haircut.


    The original bangs magically affect the full cheeks of women with a round face. The haircut itself is done in a simple technique: short, clear and tasteful.But a subtle touch from the side transforms the usual look into something sophisticated. It is with him that a kind of ragged “sketch” begins, which can hardly be called a bang. Together with the side strands, it forms an asymmetric letter “A”, balancing all the shortcomings.


    This voluminous haircut gives a round shape in a good light. Its distinctive feature is chaotic stepping, which is subject to the hands of only an experienced master.You will need a certain amount of hair density and a styling product. There are shorter and thinner strands near the back of the head, and long curls on top, especially near the ears and in place of the bangs. The owner of such a lush version should apply a little styling mousse on her fingers and tousle her hair well. But the bangs will first have to be laid on one side with a hair dryer, and then also beat with your hands.


    Nice and cheerful haircut for stylish women who are friends with highlights.It is against this background that the extravagant “hedgehog” begins to play with a clear texture. Haircut – tiered, not very short, with smooth transitions. Its highlight lies in the protruding strands where the side bangs come out from. One part of them forms the bangs itself, and the other sticks out effectively in different directions. Together, this is shaped like a flower. On the sides, the hair almost completely covers the ears, which draws out the round shape of the face.


    Sometimes you want to throw off the burden of past years and breathe in the air of change.A new haircut is what you need. Together with the extra length of hair, a woman loses a couple of years and gains an open look and an attractive facial expression. This pixie cut has enough volume around the ears to hide excessive roundness in the cheeks. From above, the hair is carelessly tousled, and a short semblance of bangs playfully sticks out, emphasizing the eyes.


    She always comes to the rescue in unusual cases when it is necessary to correct the unsightly features of her appearance.The haircut creates an ambiguous effect – a smoothed look is combined with a small volume – and looks good on hair with gray hair. True, the length of the strands is not very different. It’s just that on one side, the hair is gathered behind the ear, and on the other, a deep oblique bangs rules the parade, which smoothly passes into the bulk.


    Probably the most successful haircut for a round face. It is suitable for women with the correct facial features. And it is not at all necessary to try to hide the gray hair.After all, the natural platinum color blends harmoniously into the short layers of this cascade. There is an intriguing vortex where the side bangs should start, which has released a few thin strands to frame the forehead.


    Pixie in combination with the A-shaped silhouette in the forehead delicately sets off the circular shapes. The strands have a torn structure at the ends and puff slightly at the crown. Side curls and short bangs form a triangle, which affects the ratio of proportions.


    The feminine version of the popular haircut wins the hearts of older women. After all, he is picky about leaving, comfortable and at the same time deserves admiring looks. Symmetrical lines charm with their simplicity, while side parting and thin bangs complete the overall look. Since the length of the haircut has stopped between the ears and the chin, the round face looks advantageous and proportional.


    This haircut for a round face may seem defiant, but some ladies are happy to choose it.Thanks to the small mohawk, all attention is focused on the top of the head. Hairdressers leave a section above the forehead with longer strands for experimenting. A woman can lay it up, as in the photo, ruffle it, fluff it up or comb it like a bang. It all depends on the mood.

    90,000 Types of hairstyles for girls for medium hair. Beautiful, light and simple hairstyles for medium hair for every day

    Hello, beauties.Summer is in full swing, it’s time to find out what fashionable hairstyles for medium hair can decorate your head.

    Trends for the season

    More and more girls prefer medium hair length. Why? Long hair is difficult to grow, and short hair is not for everyone.

    Let’s start with the bangs. The most fashionable will be an elongated bang, combed into an asymmetrical parting, turning into a hairstyle. This styling is very suitable for girls with a low forehead.

    A girl with bangs that covers her forehead with a thick veil looks very impressive.

    If you like Hollywood chic, then choose a semicircular bangs.

    Thick bangs combed on one side look very nice.

    Trend 2017 – a diamond-shaped hair cut, which is called the “fox’s tail”. If you have an elongated bob haircut, then the cut can be made straight or diagonally, or you can thin the ends.

    The cascade and ladder are still in vogue.The balayage technique will help to reveal the beauty of the cascade, and a light ombre will help the ladder.

    Careless curls will add lightness and girlish charm to the image.

    Long bob haircut in a new way.

    Another trend that wins the hearts of girls is a very short haircut of the temple.

    The charming page is back in fashion, allowing you to create stylish looks.Such a haircut does not tolerate negligence. She goes to girls with an oval face. This hairstyle can be done by women in their 40s and 50s. If you wear a black sheath dress, you will look younger and more effective.

    Today, attention is paid to coloring the strands.

    If you have thin hair, then feel free to choose layered haircuts with trendy boho bangs that suit absolutely everyone. It has uneven edges, and the middle is cut shorter than the edges.

    Haircuts with bangs in boho style.

    The beauty of 2017 fashion is that the lines between haircuts by age have been erased. A woman in her 50s can choose any look.

    Contouring – an effective combination of dark and light shades on the strands will help to give your look a special charm. This color will help add volume to your hair. Coloring looks especially beautiful on cascading haircuts and styling in the form of cute curls.

    Contouring on dark strands.

    Let’s go to the holiday!

    Looking at these models, you might think that they were disheveled by the breeze. But this is a special styling for a grunge party. Now it is fashionable to leave long strands of different lengths on the face.

    Festive options based on a step or layered haircut are obtained after curling in the form of careless waves. Asymmetrical styling based on an elongated bob is an excellent choice for the evening.

    Beautiful curled strands can be gathered back using hairpins.

    Evening options can be made in the form of an elegant bun:

    • Pull your hair into a high ponytail, put on an elastic band.
    • Fix part of the tail to the base of the head.
    • Wrap the tail in the opposite direction (to the back of the head), sprinkle with varnish.
    • Twist the tail into a volumetric bundle, secure with hairpins.
    • Stretch the bundle with your hands to the sides, secure the edges with invisible ones.

    Models without bangs look especially impressive.

    Wedding hairstyle parade

    For a wedding, you need to make a hairstyle that would last throughout the entire celebration. The direction is towards naturalness. But the naturalness this year is diluted with glamor and chic. Styling should be lavishly decorated with flowers, ribbons, tiaras, beads.

    The style of the 40s is in fashion:

    • Large waves.
    • Massive hairpins.
    • Bunches decorated with rare, exquisite accessories.
    • Braids that add tenderness and charm to the bride.
    • Curls are an indispensable decoration for the bride.

    Retro style never goes out of style.

    Greek style.

    Everyday look

    A woman should always have a beautiful hairstyle. For adult women, you can make a French roller, a babette or a shell for every day.Braids in different versions or soft curls are suitable for girls.

    In this form, you will look neat and well-groomed all day long. Try to do it at home using a special roller.

    Hairstyles for medium hair by face type

    For an oval face, a cascade and a square would be an excellent option.

    A round face will become more elongated if you choose graduated haircuts and curls.

    And also a high hairstyle, open forehead.

    Asymmetrical bob with volume at the crown.

    A square face will soften a hairstyle with strands below the chin line, without volume at the edges of the cheeks.

    Side bangs, asymmetrical curls and parting will do.

    Curls are suitable for a rectangular face.

    Lush bangs will distract the eye.

    An elongated face will not seem elongated if you pick up a voluminous graduated square or lush curls up to the shoulders.

    A wide face will hide a hairstyle with volume in the temple area and waves up to the shoulders.

    Asymmetrical square.

    Thin face will be hidden by lush curls.

    And volumetric square.

    The elongated face will look beautiful if you make a voluminous styling. It can be a graduated bob without a center part.

    • profiled bangs.
    • side parting.
    • small volume at the crown.
    • multi-layered haircuts.
    • asymmetry.
    • cute negligence.

    Types of women’s hairstyles for medium hair

    More and more women choose a voluminous model – a hat. It is good because the volume remains at the roots.


    • cascade, when the volume from the crown goes to long strands.
    • “on a leg”, with shortened hair at the back.
    • “with bangs”.
    • The ladder and bob are still relevant.

    Sesson is back in fashion. Most importantly, this styling is suitable for almost all girls and women of all ages.

    The trend of the season is simplicity and charm, look at the photo, how attractive simple styling looks.

    Dear girls, choose the style of your choice, but always be feminine and charming.

    Average hairdressers call hair, the length of which is from 15 to 25 centimeters, that is, when the ends are somewhere between the chin and shoulders.

    1. Elegant shell

    Such a laconic, modest image is created in five minutes. Ideal for work or study.

    First option. Make a ponytail at the back of your head and pull the elastic down a little. Tuck the tail in from the side as shown in the video. Secure the shell with hairpins.

    Second option. Make two tails: one at the top of the head and one at the back of the head. Tuck the lower tail inward upward, and the upper tail inwardly downward. Then lift the lower, smaller shell to the upper one and secure everything with pins.

    2. A rim of bundles

    Part the hair at the temples. Twist them into tight bundles and secure them with invisible ones at the back of the head. The remaining hair can be left straight, curled, or pulled back into a low ponytail.

    3. Braids plus curls

    Braids are a type of braids. It is important to make braids from the side, creating the effect of a shaved temple. On the second side, do fleece or, as in this case, light curling. The result is a vibrant punk look.

    Make an asymmetrical parting, separate the temporal zone and weave two or three French braids there.Secure them with silicone rubber bands. Remaining hair or curling iron. Break the curls with your fingers and fix with varnish.

    4. Iroquois from a spikelet

    Dragon hairstyles do not go out of fashion either. You can make yourself a mohawk using weaving. This hairstyle is suitable for both straight and curly hair.

    Part the frontal-parietal hair and braid with a tight spikelet. It is important to start braiding straight from the forehead. Fix the tip with an elastic band. The remaining hair can be left loose or pulled into a high ponytail.

    You can weave two dragons, separating them with a parting and releasing a few loose strands.

    5. Mohawk from rubber bands

    A mohawk option for those who can’t weave braids and who like fully pulled hair. It looks very stylish and, depending on the outfit, is suitable for completely different occasions.

    You will need clamps and lots of silicone rubber bands. Part the hair at the parietal front. Make the first tail at the very forehead, fix with an elastic band.Behind it, make a second tail, grabbing a small strand from the right and left temporal zones.

    Divide the first ponytail in two, place the second in between and lock it temporarily. Then make a third ponytail, also grabbing the strands on the sides. Pass the second tail into the third.

    Continue to the back of the head. Fix the tip with an elastic band, and slightly pull the strands in the resulting braid.

    6. Volumetric braid

    In the same technique, you can make a volumetric braid.Unlike conventional weaving, length is not needed: it will turn out spectacularly, even if you have an elongated or asymmetrical bob.

    Create root volume at the back of the head. Separate one strand of strands on both sides and gather them in a ponytail at the back of the head. Take another strand on the left and right and reconnect them into the tail so that it is under the first. Divide the bottom ponytail in half and thread the top ponytail through it. Repeat to the end of the head.

    7. Volume beam

    A hairstyle that combines simplicity and elegance.Can be done on a fairly short square.

    Curl your hair convenient for you. Part the hair at the crown and temples. Divide the curls at the back of the head into two parts. Fix the upper temporarily with a clip, and comb the lower one.

    Attach the donut and cover it with the top of the hair at the back of the head, fix. Separate a few strands at the temples and attach them to the donut.

    Do the same with the hair from the crown. At the end, pick up the bottom strands of the donut.

    8.Three tails

    A casual hairstyle that can be easily transformed into a festive hairstyle when decorated with artificial flowers or a decorative comb.

    Brush the crown and gather the top of the hair into a ponytail. Secure with a transparent rubber band. Make the next tail on the back of the head. Turn it out. For greater reliability, secure with a hairpin.

    Comb both tails and make a third at the very bottom of the nape to expose the neck.

    9. “Waterfall”

    This weave with free flowing strands creates a very delicate romantic look.The braid waterfall can be run around the entire head, like a rim, or only on the sides.

    Take three thin strands from the face and cross them first, as in a regular braid. Then release the bottom strand and replace it with a new one. This strand will go up. Continue to weave new strands in this way until the waterfall reaches the length you want.

    10. Boho hairstyle

    This hairstyle has it all: a French twist, a Russian braid and Hollywood curls.

    Make voluminous.Gather the hair at the back of the head and twist it, or simply lift it up, securing it with a beautiful hairpin.

    On the sides, weave in a three-strand braid. Pull strands out of each and secure at the back of the head. Do not remove the curls from the face.

    11. Hairstyle in the Greek style

    Curl the ends of the hair, comb at the back of the head and cover the fleece with strands from the top of the head. Fix it with invisible ones.

    Take one strand from the left and right temporal zones and pin them with hairpins to the fleece.Also collect, lay beautifully in the center of the back of the head and fix the lower strands. You should get something like a volumetric beam.

    Twist the strands remaining on the face into loose bundles, take them back and fix.

    Medium hair length can set some limits in the choice of hairstyle, as some of them can only be realized on long hair. However, with shoulder-length hair, you can afford many beautiful and interesting options that will not give away their real length.

    The relevance of high hairstyles increases especially in the summer season, when you want to collect your hair and remove it from your face.

    In addition, the dress code for formal occasions prefers elegantly gathered hair. If you are looking for new ideas for everyday or evening hairstyles for medium length hair, here you will find both. Take a couple of minutes for us, and we, in turn, will prove that we have collected the best images for you.

    Best Hairstyles for Medium Hair

    Which hairstyle is best for medium lengths? Of course it depends on the case.However, you can, after collecting basic information, create a kind of summary on this issue. In a nutshell, there are: bun, “simple” and “French” knots, braided hairstyles and tucked-in hairstyles. Let’s consider each image in detail:

    1. A bun is probably the easiest hairstyle you can do yourself. If the hair is thin, it is possible that the size of the bun will be small due to the lack of the required volume. Do not be discouraged, combing your hair can add a noticeable volume to your hair, which will noticeably increase the size of the bun.
    2. Knots. Modern knots are loose and sloppy enough. Pull up the hair at the roots to create some volume around the face and tie a low or high “tousled” knot. After that, you can create loops in the hairstyle, pulling out random strands. Do not be afraid to spoil the image: deliberate slovenliness is a trend of modern fashion.
    3. Braids. Today, a rare everyday hairstyle does without such an element. Whether it’s a wide braid around the head or a tight, thin braid on one side of the bun, braids are very welcome to complement the modern look.
    4. Multi-piece hairstyles. Sometimes you want to complicate the image, and the most unusual of them are created through a combination of elements: bends and curls, a braid and a bundle, a braid and a knot and many others.

    You can also create your own and unique style, drawing inspiration from the ideas we have prepared for you in this selection.

    No. 1. Hairstyle with tousled bangs

    Despite the fact that tousled bangs are often part of shaggy-style hairstyles, they can successfully dilute an elegant pin-up.It’s important to blend it into the rest of the low bun by including the strands that frame the face.

    No. 2. “Lush” blond

    Thin hair, due to its narrower width, can make the hairstyle incredibly flat. In some cases, especially typical for owners of light hair. To fix this, you can create extra volume with a high fleece.

    No. 3. Fancy bun for medium length

    If you have chosen a sloppy style, some bright accents will help to add originality to the image.Especially this hairstyle looks interesting when caramel and coffee strands are combined together.

    No. 4. Ballerina Hairstyle

    Strongly tied ballerina bun – the image of little girls. Modernize it: lower it to the back of the head, add a few subtle waves. A donut can be used to add volume to fine hair.

    No. 5. Low-key loose hairstyle

    Medium length hair does not always have to be gathered in a sleek and graceful hairstyle, as for formal events; everyday styling is ideal for him.Try outfits that do not require a lot of time and professional skills in order to have time to enjoy the new day longer and spend less time getting ready.

    No. 6. Cinnamon Roll (Cinnabon)

    Choosing a hairstyle for a wedding guest is not an easy task: you want to look effective, but, at the same time, do not divert the guests’ attention from the image of the bride. Curled curls look discreet enough for such an occasion and will suit any dress code – just refuse additional hair accessories.

    No. 7. Loose Curls

    Fans of Jane Austen’s novels, as “Pride and Prejudice”, “Sense and Sensitivity” will not remain indifferent to these hairstyles. You can dilute a fairly formal look with notes of romance by adding flowers or hairpins.

    No. 8. Low bun with braids

    One of the winning accents for creating volume is the braided details. You can use braids to create a shape that frames your face, for a loose bundle, or for other complex ideas.If you are looking for a prom look – this stylish hairstyle will make you pay all attention.

    No. 9. “Rosette on the side”

    Sometimes details play a major role. At first glance, it may seem that this is just a lateral bunch, but take a closer look and you will see a blossoming bud. This image can be suitable “for a feast and in the world”, and will allow you to go to a romantic evening immediately after the end of the working day.

    No. 10.Wavy Pin-Up for Medium Hair

    Medium length hair can appear short in low tufts, due to the small amount of hair from the neck to the ends. Gathering curled strands into a loose, low hairstyle eliminates the need for adding missing volume.

    No. 11. Elegant Bundles & Hairpieces

    Minimalism is an important fashion trend, and it can be safely applied in the beauty industry. These simple yet elegant hairstyles can be perfect for a sophisticated evening dress or a cashmere sweater with a midi skirt.

    No. 12. Chic Medium Beam

    Not enough time? Just spin and run.

    Ideal for medium length hair, this lightweight bun gives you volume that simply cannot be achieved with a tightened bun. For a more formal event, you can use soft twisted strands in your hair.

    No. 13. Daring Weave

    A quick and easy way to create an original hairstyle for medium hair – braiding.They not only add visual accents, but also add some texture to the hairstyle. Try playing with braids of different sizes to create a Mohawk (Mohawk) hairstyle.

    No. 14. Flawless Curled French Bun

    French bun is one of the most popular hairstyles: in addition to looking sleek and stylish, it is also easy to perform. All you need is five minutes of free time and a few pins! The advantage of this styling is its versatility: the bundle is suitable for any event.

    No. 15. Fishtail braid wreath

    Let me present to your attention a stunning version of braided hairstyles based on fishtail braids. With its unusual texture and cute weave, this hairstyle looks both incredibly perfect and quite casual.

    No. 16. Messy Textured Hairstyles

    Despite the fact that the French bun is perfect and gorgeous and is already classified as a classic hairstyle, it can add a few extra years to the image of a young girl.You can add modern and fashionable accents by framing your face with random strands knocked out of the assembly.

    No. 17. Curled Honey Blonde

    Easy styling for medium lengths created with just curled strands of hair held in place. Try and experiment until you get one that suits your taste. To keep this intricate structure in place, be sure to fix it with the required amount of varnish.

    No. 18. Low hairstyle with fine wavy curls

    While sloppiness and disorder are trendsetters today, in some circumstances they are still unacceptable.

    If texture is what you want to achieve in a sleek hairstyle, fine wavy curls are your way to achieve this without adding extra volume. To complement the look, you can weave several small braids.

    No. 19. Inverted Oblique Bundle

    Perhaps it will be very difficult to weave the braid from the bottom up, but remember that the efforts spent on every centimeter of weaving will reward you in an original, unique way. Attach a small flower to the bunch for a complementary touch.

    No. 20. Cute Messy Bun

    Why not try tousled knots and beads instead of the standard and boring bundle? By creating small details in the Mohawk style (mohawk), you can go for a single whole hairstyle of intertwined knots.

    Depending on the occasion: formal evening or casual look, you can style your hair in a suitable shape.

    # 21. Loose messy styling

    The hair and makeup of the models were the bright accents of the Dolce & Gabbana show.In addition to creating incredible costumes and dresses for the catwalks, they select exquisite looks. Messy styling, a dark romantic lipstick shade and gold-plated accessories are perfect for your next formal event.

    No. 22. Contemporary French roller

    Despite the previous look, traditional hairstyles have their advantage, especially if you are a successful modern woman who is obliged to do a hundred things on her working day. The best choice in this case is a light roller, which can be made in less than 10 minutes.

    # 23. Low air styling with added accessories

    To create the illusion of long hair, a low hairstyle with wide curls is a great move. This cute simple styling can get extraordinary when you add embellishments.

    No. 24. High Volume Hairstyle

    If a low bun is not your look, try a high volume styling. As the hair is pulled back, the hairstyle gains texture and volume from the back. Cute hair accessories will complement your look.

    No. 25. Random Weave Medium Length

    Girls with straight hair, this idea is just for you!

    Hide the curlers away and try to implement this option better. The hairstyle can be easily done on your own: leave a few strands around your face, braid one large braid on either side, and then use pins to collect the remaining hair, release a few loops and, voila, the hairstyle is ready!

    No. 26.French twist with accessories

    Medium length hair is perfect for this hairstyle. Collect your hair from the back and twist it to the side by rolling it into a roll. Tie a twist on the side of the curl and add embellishment. If your front strands are short, leave them around your face for a more relaxed look.

    No. 27. Collected Hair

    Collected Hair – A sophisticated hairstyle suitable for any occasion and suitable for all hair types.

    For medium hair, it is also easy to make! Gather your hair and wrap it loosely. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it doesn’t require perfect styling to achieve the desired effect.

    No. 28. Bundle with spikelets

    Another version of the beam, but more airy and sophisticated. Created from curled hair, aligning the ends of the strands on both sides at the base of the bun. You can complement the look with a hairpin or brooch.

    # 29. Wavy Back Bundle

    A great example of how to work with cascading hair. After styling your hair in wavy strands, pull it all back, and arrange the remaining strands in a messy style. The hairstyle is ready!

    No. 30. Neat Low Hairstyle

    If you like neatly styled hair with the addition of individual zest – do not pass by this option!

    This idea works great for medium length hair because all it takes is to curl the hair in the back at neck level.An interesting addition to the finished styling can be shiny hairpins or hairpins.

    No. 31. French braid and bottom bun

    Braid a French braid from the center of the head and, overlapping it at the back of the head with the side strands, pull the remaining hair into a bun. This look is great for longer hair that doesn’t stick out of the braids. For medium hair, it is also suitable: just tighten a tighter bun.

    # 32. Classic low hairstyle

    This option will suit everyone without exception: regardless of fashion and face shape.

    Gather hair at the crown of your head for extra lift, and leave a few long strands in front for added accent. If creating a romantic look is not your goal at the moment, it is better to refrain from additional accessories.

    No. 33. Curled hairstyle

    Why resort to boring looks when you can easily create a real masterpiece on your head?
    A hairstyle with lots of twists and twisted strands is a great idea for medium lengths.For such a spectacular creation, you don’t even need extra decorations.

    No. 34. Sloppy Low Beam

    This option is suitable for both a semi-formal event and for everyday styling! Such a bun will favorably emphasize several shades of your hair, be it just glare or. Experiment and develop this idea in any way you want.

    No. 35. High curled hairstyle with headband

    This medium-length hairstyle is done in three steps, but it looks flawlessly neat and formal! Step 1: Gather your hair in the back and twist it into a curled roll (its appearance may look different depending on the length of the hair).Step 2: Separate a few strands and leave around the face. Step 3: put on the headband!

    No. 36. Simple and elegant chignon

    How chic is this styling ?! The bun is very graceful and looks beautiful on medium hair length.

    A classic hairstyle with the addition of elements of a modern concept of mess and carelessness is perfect for a formal event and will be the perfect complement to any evening dress.

    No. 37. Double Twist Hairstyle

    If you feel more natural with your hair loose, this is the best option.The hairstyle is perfect for medium lengths: wide curls and curled strands on each side are a simple and cute solution.

    No. 38. Retro chignon with shiny jewelry

    This idea is a great choice for any retro themed party in the ’20s that are growing in popularity these days.

    Add a sparkling headband or other accessory and you are sure to become the queen of the evening.

    No. 39. Curled Hairstyle

    Let this cute idea, which looks simple, but at the same time especially inspire you to try to create it.Ditch the classic bun and translate the loose ends of the strands into a more complex design. A small decorative hairpin or hairpin will add even more charm to your look.

    No. 40. Large Swirl Chignon

    Pull your hair into a low ponytail and curl it into a large bun. Draw one strand on top and add a small accessory. This option is perfect for straight shoulder length hair.

    No. 41. Floral Twist Hairstyle

    How great is this styling? Write in the comments.

    With carelessly braided strands on each side, this look seems to be saturated with femininity and tenderness, and flowers are perfectly combined with a double twist. At the end, be sure to fix the hairstyle with varnish for long-term preservation of volume.

    No. 42. Low beam a la “Natural”

    Low neat bun is the official hairstyle for medium length natural hair. After adding some volume to your hair, pull it back together, then create thin braids or curls along the hairline and pull them together in a bun.The lace insert will be in perfect harmony with your bridesmaid dress.

    No. 43. Braids with braids

    When your big and significant day comes, old and not original styling ideas do not fit in any way. Try this fantastic idea: the hairstyle draws the association of a delicate bouquet with ribbons.

    # 44. Caramel-coffee Pin-Up

    Let the coloring of your hair be the main highlight of your hairstyle. Without the bright and visible contrast between and the dark brown base, this look would not be so unusual.This proves once again that professional coloring is a solution that allows you to experiment more extensively with new hairstyles and looks.

    No. 45. Low hairstyle with jewelry

    One of the easiest hairstyles to master is a low bun. Despite its apparent simplicity, it can look very impressive. To add charm to your hairstyle, collect it with a stylish accessory.

    No. 46. Light Wavy Hairstyle

    Braids and colored strands are not the only ways to add uniqueness and originality to styling for medium length hair.

    Curled curls can also be part of intricate hairstyles.

    Any creation with wavy hair: from curled and low to casual and airy buns will not leave anyone indifferent.

    # 47. Braided hairstyle

    These hairstyles with loose hair have incorporated the best. On the one hand, the hair frames the face, emphasizing its expressiveness while maintaining its length. On the other hand, braids and curled strands enhance the uniqueness of the base look.

    The hairstyle is perfect for both a date and a first time out.

    # 48. Smooth Straight Bun Hairstyle

    The image of “romantic negligence” is beautiful, but not always appropriate.

    Smooth hairstyle instead of complex styling can be combined with a smart or lace dress in order to avoid excessive pretentiousness of the image. In addition, the bundle is tight enough to withstand a night of dancing and fun.

    # 49. Vintage Pin-Up Wave Hairstyle

    Waves are an incredibly versatile element: they are perfect for creating hairstyles for medium hair.

    Smoothly descending waves perfectly fit into the styling in the retro style of Old Hollywood, and more intricately curled ones look modern and futuristic.

    # 50. Majestic voluminous hairstyle

    Medium length hair is ideal for creating hairstyles for a formal event, as it provides an opportunity to both emphasize and soften facial features and, at the same time, allow you to well fix the style of styling. To create extra height and volume, you can initially brush your hair.

    # 51. Stowed Weave

    No, this is not an assembled bun … but this styling is perfect for the owner of medium length hair who wants to combine the shape of a bun and extra volume in her hair. A similar look can be created by tightly attaching the curled strands at the back of the head.

    To add a touch of fantasy, complete your hairstyle with a cute accessory.

    # 52. Bulky Platinum Blonde

    Accent your bridal look with gorgeous platinum blonde hair tied to the side. Add extra volume with bouffant.

    This option is perfect for owners of thin hair.

    # 53. Side bunch of curled strands with weaving elements

    Turn a formal bun into something softer with braided inserts.

    Tuck the curled strands into curls and gather them in a bun – the usual look of the classic hairstyle will immediately update. This option will look great on long and medium length hair.

    No. 54. Careless Waves with Pearl Floral Crown

    Light and carefree curls look doubly spectacular when paired with a pearl headband.

    This idea can replace a bridal veil or add sophistication to a casual look to match the level of a formal event.

    # 55. Low curled bun with silver accessories

    Unusual curls are a great way to highlight the main accents. Instead of a tight bun, choose a large, low knot. In it, the hair is firmly fixed, and, at the same time, such a styling is not devoid of originality. Finish off with some silver jewelry.

    No. 56. Ponytail with Brilliant Crest

    Collect the curls at the back of your head, not too low, but not too high – while creating additional volume and a kind of ponytail.Leave a couple of loose, short strands on the sides, framing the face to add freedom and ease of perception to the image. A small comb will decorate your hairdo for a prom or school ball.

    # 57. Wavy bun “Gibson” with pearls

    Perfect wedding look
    : In it, a bun of curled curls is successfully combined with a delicate decoration. Pearls are large enough to attract attention, but small enough to be the center of the whole look.Perfect for owners of long and medium hair.

    # 58. Twisted Low Roller Hairstyle

    Minute of Philosophy
    . As Feris Büller said: “Life is known to be too short.” It seems that there are so many interesting things around, there is always something new to try. Think about all these things: barbecues, fireworks, skiing, late nights on the couch with friends over a bottle of beer.

    For any of these moments, gather your hair in this way – very easy to repeat and looks great.

    # 59. Back and tight twist

    Just two movements: twist and secure – that’s all you need to do this amazing classic hairstyle yourself at home. Curl your hair as if you are going to make a bun, but at the end just wrap it up and secure.

    No. 60. Hairstyle with a sloppy roller and dyeing

    And again we return to disorder and negligence.

    To create such a hairstyle, you should forget about caution and accuracy, otherwise the whole image will be lost.All you need to do is twist and collect the strands on each side of the face, then randomly fasten the remaining strands. The less neatness in the image, the better!

    Short summary

    That’s all! You were presented with all kinds of hairstyles for medium hair length. As you can see, medium length hair provides a variety of options and ideas to suit today’s fashion trends. Some of them you can bring to life on your own, while others will be helped by your master: just select the picture you like and be ready to try on yourself a new stunning image …

    Thank you and good luck!

    Creating a beautiful and stylish hairstyle requires certain skills and time from a woman.However, it often happens that time is running out, but you need to look one hundred percent, as they say. Are there any that any girl can do? Undoubtedly! Today we are going to talk about what quick hairstyles can be recreated on medium length hair. A little patience, a minimum of skills, a couple of tries – and you are guaranteed a fresh, stylish look.

    Goddess of Olympus (Greek hairstyles for medium hair)

    You can start with austere and majestic, but at the same time feminine and stylish Greek images.Such hairstyles are also very good in that all the selected hair does not become self-willed at the most inappropriate moments. In such images, all female nature is collected, identified with the dazzling beauty and essence of the Olympic goddesses – domineering and strong, but at the same time loving and gentle. That is why such hairstyles are very popular among modern women of fashion, because they are also a kind of mistress – many men’s hearts obey their beauty and femininity. It is no coincidence that the Greek images are so often chosen for themselves by beautiful brides.

    The undoubted advantage of such hairstyles is the simplicity of their execution. On medium hair, Greek hairstyles with headbands, ribbons or elastic bands look best. You can decorate your works with flowers, rhinestones, hairpins, green twigs and any other accessories suitable for the occasion.

    How to make a quick greek hairstyle for medium hair using ribbons: step by step instructions

    1. Prepare a bandage, for which you can take a couple of wide black ribbons and twist them clockwise with tourniquets.

    2. Take both ribbons and begin to weave them together, but this time counterclockwise. Thus, the flagella adhere to each other and form a woven base for the future dressing.

    3. The ends of the flagella must be tied in order to obtain a bandage of the required length.

    4. Now you need to prepare the hair itself. To do this, they need to be washed, dried and curled from the middle with tongs or curlers. The resulting curls must be fixed with varnish, and then put on your head with a Greek headband of your own making.

    5. We design the hairstyle itself. Separate the first strand and twist it with a loose flagella. Now wrap it around the bandage several times.

    6. Repeat the process with all loose strands, alternately wrapping them around the ribbons, leaving only the ends free.

    7. When finished with strands, correct the resulting hairstyle and then collect loose hair in one bun.

    8. Clip this bun over the top of the headband knot to hide it under the hairdo.This should be done with thin black hairpins.

    9, 10 Final result.

    As you can see, everyone can create a fast and beautiful hairstyle in the Greek style. However, the described method is not the only one. There are other options that can take longer or less time to create. The easiest way is to simply put on a bandage over the previously wound (or your curly) curls. Other options can be seen in the photo.

    Greek Hairstyles Step by Step Photos

    Greek hairstyles: photo

    Once again fashion proves that everything new is just a well forgotten old.This can explain such an unprecedented popularity of retro style, in particular and. Luxurious and bold retro hairstyles look great on medium length hair. In addition, these hairstyles are ideal for both evening and casual wear. I am also glad that such images are created quite easily and simply. Every fashionista can cope with them.

    Now let’s look at an option for a hairstyle that you can do yourself in just ten minutes. By choosing the appropriate dress, you can be a real beauty queen at a stylized party.

    1.2 We do the bouffant all over the hair.

    3. 4 We collect the strands in a high ponytail and then lift it up.

    5. 6 Grasping the end of the tail, we begin to twist the hair to our face. As a result, the roller should come out.

    7.8 We twist all the hair to the end and then we fix the roller using invisible ones. They need to be pinned inside the roller on both sides.

    9. 10 Spread the roller from the sides, secure it with the invisible ones.

    12. In order to make the hairstyle even more believable, you can use a small tiara.

    13. If you have a large bang, you can make a curl on it, and decorate your hair with flowers. This option is perfect for warm summer or spring days.

    14. Alternatively, you can tie a scarf around your head. In this case, the hairstyle can be combined with jeans and a T-shirt.

    In addition, you can create a quick and stylish retro hairstyle with a regular ponytail and fleece.As a result, you should get the image of the 60s in the style of Brigitte Bardot.

    1. Brush the crown of the head to create extra volume and shape.

    2. Spread the hairspray through the hair for greater hold.

    3. It’s time to make a low ponytail. To do this, you need to collect all the hair at the bottom, namely on the back of the head. It is not necessary to tighten the tail too much, because we need to leave as much volume as possible on the crown of the head.

    4.Let us remind you once again that the ponytail must be loose. If the elastic is too tight, you can loose your hair a little.

    5. Smooth the shape of the hair with the comb-brush. Your goal is to achieve a more round shape.

    6-7 Hide the used elastic under the hair. To do this, take a small strand from the bottom of the tail and twist it around the elastic. Secure the end of the strand with an invisible one.

    8. The hairstyle is ready! The final result can be sealed with varnish.

    You can also create a stylish retro hairstyle with a simple headband. To do this, you can twist or comb the strands a little and simply put an elastic band, a bandage or a ribbon with flowers on your head over your hair.

    Fast Retro Hairstyles Medium Hair: Step by Step Photos

    Retro hairstyles for medium hair: photo

    Other quick and original hairstyles for medium hair (bows, buns, babets, braids)

    Medium hair is perfect for all kinds of original and beautiful hairstyles that won’t take you long to create.Hair of this length allows you to depict on it all kinds of weaving, bunches, shells, babets, bows, tails, bouffants, rollers and much more. Some of the simplest and most elegant options are suggested below.

    Inverted tail tuft

    Perfect hairstyle in every way. Fast, beautiful, elegant and versatile. Such a bundle can be worn both for your favorite work and for holiday evenings, only in this case it will need to be decorated with additional accessories.

    1. Make a short ponytail and secure it with a thin, tight elastic band. Use your thumb and forefinger to separate the ponytail as shown in the photo.

    2. Pull the tail through the hole from top to bottom.

    3. The result should be similar to what is shown in the photograph. If your hair is not too thick, then the ponytail can be turned out several times.

    4. Now wrap the end of the ponytail several times and tuck it over the elastic.Remember that this hairstyle should come out neat. If something sticks out somewhere, then it is better to dissolve and redo it.

    6. Stylish hairstyle is ready. If necessary, it can be decorated with flowers, for example.

    This hairstyle can be left in the form in which it was in step number 3. In this case, you will get an original inverted ponytail, which can also be decorated with any suitable decorative elements.

    Bundle based on a donut or regular tail

    A very simple and quick hairstyle that a woman will not spend more than five minutes to create.Such a bundle is perfect for daily wear. This hairstyle has two options.

    Option one:

    1. Comb your hair and collect all hair in a ponytail in the very place where the future bun will be located.

    2. Take the prepared donut and thread all the strands of the ponytail into it up to about half.

    3-4-5 Try to twist the bagel, gradually winding all the hair around it. This should be done until you reach the base of the tail.

    If necessary, the hairstyle can be fixed with varnish.

    Option two:

    1. As in the previous case, build a high tail on your head.

    2. In this case, the sock or donut should be located at the base of the tail, so the hair must be passed through it completely.

    3. Carefully and evenly distribute the hair over the donut. This must be done so that the bagel is completely hidden under the hair.

    4. Take a thin elastic band and secure your hair in this position. Leave the risers intact.

    5. Divide the remaining loose strands into two parts and make pigtails out of them. With the resulting pigtails, we wrap the bundle around the circumference and fix them with hairpins.

    6. If there is a need or desire, the bunch can be decorated with decorative elements.

    Seashell hairstyle

    Another option for a simple and fashionable hairstyle that can be easily done on medium length hair.

    1. Before you start to style your hair, it is very important to use a texturizing spray that will help make your hair manageable and soft.

    2. Now comb the hair at the crown.

    3. The hair to the left of the parting also needs to be combed.

    4. Then comb the hair to the right of the parting.

    5. Take all the hair in one hand, and with the other start combing them in the middle and then closer to the ends.You don’t need to do it overly carefully. The element of light negligence will only benefit the hairstyle.

    6. The ends of the hair must be collected with a thin elastic band. You need to collect them a little from the side, so that in the end the shell turns out directly in the center of the head.

    7. Take the Chinese chopsticks and place them on either side of the chosen gum, then squeeze them.

    8. Roll the hair into a shell. Do not worry if the shell comes out of an irregular shape the first time.After a few tries, you will learn how to do it right.

    9. With one hand, try to hold the shell, fixing it with sticks, while with the other hand, pin the hair with invisible hair. Make sure that you do not hit the chopsticks with the invisible ones, otherwise it will be difficult to remove them.

    10. If the hairstyle, in your opinion, is fixed well, then you can carefully remove the sticks. Secure the result with varnish.

    Below are other step-by-step options for quick and beautiful hairstyles for medium hair.

    Beautiful and Fast Hairstyles: Step by Step Photos

    Beautiful and quick hairstyles for medium hair: photo

    Now you know how to create a quick and trendy hairstyle on your medium length hair.There are a lot of options here. Try it, experiment and enjoy the result!

    Modern girls often experiment with hair and try to keep up with fashion. Therefore, now hairstyles for medium hair
    have become especially relevant, because with the help of them you can stand out and emphasize your individuality.

    Average hair length is considered the most common and comfortable; for this length, you can choose many different interesting and relevant hairstyles.What is considered medium-length hair? As we know everything in the world is relative, someone thinks that long hair should be below the waist, others say that long hair should reach the shoulder blades. Therefore, it is impossible to define a clear border of medium length hair. Hair is most often called medium when it reaches the shoulders but does not fall below the middle of the back.
    In any case, in this article, everyone will choose a suitable hairstyle for themselves 🙂

    Hairstyle for medium hair bun

    Owners of medium length hair can afford different ones, they can be located on the crown or on the back of the head, you can also collect hair in a bun on the side.The “character” of the bundle depends on the occasion for which you are doing it, for example, a loose, slightly tousled bundle is suitable for every day, a smooth bundle is best done at the exit, as this is the most elegant kind of bundle. A slightly sloppy bun with curly hair can be done even for a holiday.

    Volume bun for medium hair

    Step 1.
    Comb through your hair and wind it up to the middle with a curling iron. This is necessary to make the beam look more voluminous.
    Step 2 and 3. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure with a thin elastic band. Before threading your hair in the elastic for the last time, do not pull it all the way, leave a small loop of hair and a free end.
    Step 4.
    Spread the tab from one end to the other.
    Step 5 and 6.
    Twist the free end of the hair into a loose bundle and wind it around the bun.
    Step 7 and 8.
    Secure with bobby pins or hairpins and secure with hairspray.

    Bundle with donut or sock

    Such a bundle is suitable for every day, and 5 minutes is enough to make it.

    1 way

    Step 1.
    Comb your hair and make a ponytail in the place where the future bun will be located.
    Step 2.
    Take a “donut” and thread your hair about halfway through it.
    Step 3.
    Begin to twist the “donut” by winding your hair around it until you reach the base of the ponytail.
    Step 4. If necessary, fix the hairstyle with varnish.

    2 way

    Step 1.
    As in the first case, make a high ponytail and secure with an elastic band.
    Step 2.
    In this method, the donut or sock should be at the base of the ponytail, so pull your hair all the way through it.
    Step 3.
    Spread the hair evenly over the donut so that it is not visible.
    Step 4.
    Use a thin elastic band to secure the hair in this position, leaving loose hair.
    Step 5.
    Divide the remaining hair into equal parts and weave pigtails from them, then wrap the bundle around and secure with hairpins.
    Step 6.
    If desired, decorate the hairstyle with accessories.

    Elegant bun with braids

    Step 1.
    Divide your hair into 3 sections, the side sections near the face should be smaller than the main section.
    Step 2.
    Secure the bulk of your hair with an elastic band.
    Step 3 and 4.
    Comb the resulting tail and make a bun out of it.
    Step 5-8.
    Now let’s do the side strands. Of these, braids should be braided towards the bundle.It is best to braid back French braids and loosen them up a bit.
    Step 9-13.
    We cross the resulting braids over the bundle and wrap them around it. We fasten with hairpins and our hairstyle is ready!

    See our separate article.

    Bun with curly hair

    Step 1-2.
    Roll your hair into a fine curling iron and separate the curls with your hands to create lush curls.
    Step 3.
    Make a messy ponytail at the back of your head.The elastic should be thin and inconspicuous.
    Step 4.
    Form a tousled bun out of the hair and secure with hairpins.
    Step 5-6.
    Comb the remaining hair back and leave a couple of strands on the face.

    Hairstyles for medium hair with curls

    For medium hair, you can make a wide variety of curls. Small curls will make your hairstyle playful and light, while large curls will add romance to your look. For a special occasion, you can choose Hollywood curls on one side, such a hairstyle will definitely attract the eyes of others.

    Hollywood waves – hairstyle for medium hair

    Hollywood Waves Hairstyle Video Lesson

    Cheerful curls with flagella

    Divide slightly damp hair into several equal parts. The smaller the strands, the finer the curls and vice versa. If you want to make more voluminous curls, you can divide your hair into 2-3 equal parts. Now take a strand and start twisting it into a bundle, then twist the strand into a small bun. It is best to do this hairstyle at night, as the hair needs to dry out.And in the morning, you will straighten your curls and get a gorgeous hairstyle for the whole day.

    Curls with flagella – video

    Hairstyles for medium hair with braids

    Not only owners of long hair can afford original braids, but also girls with medium length hair.

    Spit waterfall – DIY hairstyle for medium hair

    Step 1.
    Curl your hair for large curls.
    Step 2.
    Separate a small section of hair from the side where the “waterfall” will begin and divide into 3 sections.
    Step 3.
    Start weaving your French braid. To get exactly the waterfall braid, and not just a French braid, you need to do the following: when we grab the top strand and make the weaving element, then we need to let it down and leave it like that, this will be the “trickle of the waterfall”, and to continue weaving we take a new strand under the scythe. Read more in the article “how to weave a waterfall braid”.
    Step 4.
    Continue braiding this way until you reach the opposite side and then secure the braid.

    Video lesson weaving braids “waterfall”

    Simple hairstyle with braids for medium hair

    Step 1.
    Part off a small section of the hair from the face and braid it into a regular braid or spikelet. Do the same on the other side.
    Step 2.
    Now we throw one braid from right to left, and the other, on the contrary, should get a kind of framing of the remaining hair. Secure the ends of the braids with hairpins and hide under the opposite braid. This hairstyle will take no more than 5 minutes.

    Back braid with bundle

    Step 1.
    Part off the side of the hair and braid the French braid in reverse. Secure the end of the braid with an elastic band.
    Step 2.
    Gather the rest of the hair in the ponytail at the bottom of the head.
    Step 3.
    Use a donut or sock to create a volumetric bun.
    Step 4.
    Now wrap our braid around the bundle and secure it with invisibility.

    Voluminous braid with loose hair

    The hairstyle is very simple and does not require neatness, a slight negligence, on the contrary, will give the hairstyle lightness.This hairstyle is suitable for voluminous and thick hair.

    We begin to weave a French braid from one edge of the forehead, moving in the opposite direction to the back of the head. We grab the strands from the forehead itself so that there is no loose hair left. At the same time, do not tighten the braid, it should be free. The braid can be braided to a certain point on the back of the head and secured with a hairpin, leaving the tail of the braid free or braiding the braid to the end.

    A basket of braids for medium hair

    Step 1. Divide the hair into 5 parts, while at the top the hair must be divided into 2 parts, and at the bottom by 3.
    Step 2-4.
    We fix the upper strands and do not touch it yet, but weave a regular braid from each part from below.
    Step 5.
    We form a basket of three braids and fix it with invisible ones. Braids can be twisted, superimposed on each other, the main thing is to get a beautiful weave of braids.
    Step 6-9.
    Now we will deal with the upper strands, of which it is also necessary to braid the braids, they should be looser.It is necessary to weave towards the back of the head. We also decorate the hairstyle with the finished braid. We do the same manipulations with the second upper strand.

    We strengthen the finished hairstyle with invisible ones, if you wish, you can add the hairstyle with accessories or flowers.

    Hairstyles with fleece for medium hair

    In everyday life, we do not often do the bouffant, many believe that such an element of the hairstyle is outdated and is only suitable for retro hairstyles, but there are a lot of brushed hairstyles that look gentle, elegant and feminine, the main thing is to know when to stop.

    Simple combed hairstyle in 5 minutes

    Separate a medium-thick strand at the back of the head, twist it into a bundle and make a bun out of it, this will be the basis of our bouffant.

    Now take a strand closer to your forehead and comb it. It should completely cover the bundle. Lay it back and comb a little over the top.

    Select the strands at the temples and secure them at the back under the fleece using invisible hairpins. Sprinkle varnish on your finished hairstyle and go for a walk.

    Fleece with braid rim

    Backbrush as high as possible and secure the hair at the back.Divide the remaining hair into two equal parts and weave not too tight braids.

    We throw one pigtail to the other side and fix it behind the ear. We do the same with the second pigtail. Decorate your hair with a flower if desired.

    Elegant brushed hairstyle

    It will take a lot of time to create such a hairstyle, but the result is worth it. This hairstyle can be done for a prom or other celebration.

    Step 1.
    Divide the hair into two sections at the nape of the neck.Secure the upper part with a hair clip for a while so that it does not interfere. And from the bottom, make a tail.
    Step 2.
    Comb the top of the ponytail and sprinkle with varnish.
    Step 3.
    Twist your hair around the fleece for an even bun.
    Step 4.
    Wrap a small strand around the bunch to hold it tight.
    Step 5.
    From the top of the hair, separate another small section and braid from it.
    Step 6.
    Now comb through the hair that remains on top and style it neatly to a bun.
    Step 7.
    Pull the braid out and tuck it around your head, tuck the tip under the top of your hair.
    Step 8.
    Twist the rest of the hair into a bundle and wrap it around the bun, secure with invisibility.
    Step 9.
    Secure the hairstyle with hairspray.

    Brushed ponytail

    The hairstyle is quite simple, but it looks impressive, it can be done like the previous brushed hairstyles. You can see the step-by-step instructions in the photo.

    Hairstyles for medium hair with a bandage

    These hairstyles are also called in the Greek style.The headband hairstyle suits almost everyone and is ideal for medium length hair. Its popularity reaches its peak in the summer, when it is already hot to walk with loose hair, but you want to look beautiful.

    To complete this hairstyle, it is enough to take the headband, put it on the head over the hair, and then twist the hair around the headband.

    We offer several photo lessons of similar hairstyles:

    Hair with bandage video

    Hairstyles for medium hair in retro style

    Retro hairstyles can spice up your look, but these hairstyles are unlikely to work for every day.Typically, this retro hairstyle is perfect for a theme party or as an addition to an evening look.
    Graceful hairstyle on the way out
    We twist the flagella

    Framing the hairstyle with braids

    French braid

    Now you can make hairstyles for medium hair with your own hands
    ! A little experience and imagination, and over time, any hairstyle will submit to your skillful hands!


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