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What To Write In A Love Card

It is known and it is written: relationships are always better when you can find the words to tell someone how you feel because you know how meaningful it is to the person you love.  To help you put your best foot forward, we’ve rounded up some pointers from the experts to help you find what to write in a love card or in a Valentine’s Day love letter when you need the right words to express affection.

If you’ve already found a perfect card, grab a pen and get ready to go beyond just signing your name. Ideally, you’ll want to add a more personal love card message inside; one that comes straight from your heart; one that’s specifically about your recipient. It’ll be so much more meaningful, and you’ll see it on their face as soon as they read your personal message. Think of it as your personal love letter for him or for her — the spouse you couldn’t live without, the new flame that makes your heart race, the love letter for your girlfriend or boyfriend that says the things you’ve been keeping in your heart.

Let’s start with some simple, sweet things you can write in a card on Valentine’s Day or in a Valentine’s Day love letter.


  • You fill my life with sweetness and love.
  • Everything I do, I can only imagine doing with you.
  • Love you to infinity, My Sweet Valentine.
  • I’m the luckiest person in the world to have found the most wonderful person in the world. Lots of Love on Valentine’s Day and forever.  XO
  • The reality of our life together is better than how I could have ever imagined it.
  • This Valentine’s Day I’m truly grateful for you — I’m so happy we found each other!
  • You’re the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me.
  • This has all happened in such a blurry beautiful haze, and now I can’t imagine my life without you.
  • My love, my friend, my one and only — that’s you!  XO
  • Always and forever — be my valentine.
  • I love you with all my heart, body, mind and soul — because you complete every one of them.


  • I think about you all day long — and all night, too.
  • Thank you for making my heart feel light and my life feel bright!
  • You started in my dreams and now, lucky for me, you’re here in my life!
  • I can be doing anything and just like that — BOOM! I think of you! How do you do that?
  • Only the sweetest wishes will do for my one and only YOU.
  • Just hope you know much I appreciate and love you so much.
  • What matters most to me is YOU — hope you feel that way, too!
  • We’re such a great team — that’s why we have such a great life!
  • Loving you is so easy because you’re so amazing.
  • If I had to start over and choose someone to share my life with — I’d choose you every time.
  • Every day the way I feel about you gets stronger; and every day it makes me even happier.
  • All I want is you, always.

Still need help coming up with a more romantic card saying to include in your love card? Try thinking in more detail about the type of relationship you’re in and how they make you feel.


Now, what to write in a love message for him — your one and only guy who makes you feel happy and loved. Themes like appreciation and compliments are sure bets — and we know this because they were reviewed and approved by the guys. Feel free to put them into your own words to let your man know exactly how you feel.

  • I see all the little things you do, and I appreciate them more than you know.
  • Every time you [make my morning coffee] or [buy my favorite doughnut], I know what you’re really saying is, “I love you.” And I love you, too.
  • It’s not the things you say, but the things you do that mean the most to me. Thank you for being so absolutely wonderful!
  • You’re such a great dad, and all you do for the kids is responsible for so much of their awesomeness.
  • You’re one great guy and an incredible dad. 100% truth.
  • You’re so super sexy! There’s no one — and I mean no one — who comes even close to you.
  • You’re kind, handsome, smart and sexy. Basically, I hit the jackpot.
  • I respect you so much — for all you do with no expectation of recognition or reward, I love you.
  • I know I don’t say it nearly enough, but you’re my hero — in every way.
  • I’m so happy being with you. In fact, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.
  • It’s so easy for me to remember all the reasons I wanted to be with you.
  • I’ll always love you forever.


You’ve found an amazing girl, a lovely lady, wonderful wife (or a combination of all three), and now you want to give her the perfect card with a love message from you.   And you’re pretty sure you know what you want to say (because you’re a really thoughtful person), but you still wouldn’t mind a few clues as to what a woman really wants to hear. Well, you can NEVER give too many compliments, and a girl can never get too much respect, love or gratitude. And if you see her doing the life thing with grace and beauty, tell her! Feel free to personalize — then add it to your card and wait for her beautiful smile to appear.

  • You’re more beautiful now than ever.
  • I keep finding new ways that you’re beautiful in and out — and I’m lucky because I get to be with you.
  • I probably don’t say it enough, but I really do notice — and appreciate — all the little things you do.
  • You’re going to be the greatest mom in the whole wide world. Because you’re you.
  • I’m so proud to call you the mother of our [child/children]. They’re who they are because of you!
  • I never stop being amazed by how much you do every day. You’re really an amazing woman that no other woman could ever hold a candle to.
  • You light up the room when you walk in, do you know that?
  • I swear you have superpowers. If not, it’s just how naturally amazing you are.
  • You’re perfect for me.
  • I think everything about you is perfect in every way, and I wouldn’t change a single thing about you.
  • I’m so lucky you’re my best friend…and the greatest love of my life.
  • There’s no one I’d rather be with than you.
  • Smart, sexy awesome to be around, and fun — I’m pretty sure I won the biggest lottery of all times when I met you!

See? That wasn’t so hard, was it? The trick is to come up with a love message for her that says exactly what’s in your heart in the sincerest of ways and in your own words. Trust us — you will make her so happy because you took the time to say what she means to you.


  • You do things with grace, you say things with love, and you see things with perspective. You’re perfect to me — don’t ever change a thing.
  • My world has changed for the better since I met you.
  • All the impressive, awesome things you do remind me how lucky I am to be with you.
  • I want to be with you all the time, because of the amazing woman you are.
  • You’re such a wonderful person who deserves every good thing you work so hard for.
  • Everywhere we go, you’re always the most beautiful person in the room.
  • How can someone be such a perfect combination of cool, beautiful, fun and awesome?
  • You’re my one and only, my best friend, my forever girl.
  • When I’m with you, my days feel brighter.
  • Thanks for being you — you bring out the best in me.
  • Somehow you always know the perfect things to say and the perfect way to be.
  • We were meant for each other.
  • Everything we do is better when I’m with you.


  • Thank you for making me happy, year after year
  • Each day, you make it so easy for me to remember exactly why I said, “I do.”
  • Only with a man like you can I be the complete woman I’d like to be.
  • Being in your arms is the happiest place I’d like to be.
  • You’re the man! And you’re MY man.
  • You make me feel proud, you make me feel strong, you make me feel happy, you make me feel loved.
  • The commitment we have for each other is the foundation of so much of the happiness in my life.
  • You’re the hottest, cutest, smartest, sweetest, sexiest guy I’ve ever known — I’m beyond so lucky that you’re mine.
  • There is no other person on this planet I’d rather spend my entire life with.
  • No relationship is perfect, but what we share is about as close as anyone could ever be.
  • My hero, my friend, my husband — my life.  


  • My friend, my love, my partner, my wife — I’m better because I have you in my life.
  • Thank you for making me happy, year after year.
  • To know the right person is here by my side is truly a blessing. I love and appreciate you so much.
  • I love going through this life together with you.
  • I’d marry you all over again — that’s how much I love you.
  • You are one beautiful, amazing hot mama — thanks for every single thing you bring to our family.
  • What the heck did I do to deserve such a beautiful light in my life?
  • You make everyone around you happy to be with you — no wonder I always feel so lucky.
  • We’ve had so many amazing years, and I know it’s only going to keep getting better.
  • When you walk into a room, you have no idea how proud it makes me that you’re always going to come home with me. Now and forever.
  • Together is better in all we do — so happy to spend my forever with you.
  • You still know how to make a whole room light up as soon as you walk in it.
  • You’re sweet and amazing in every way, and you still surprise me every day.
  • My Wife — just two simple words that explain all the happiness I feel in my life.
  • In this crazy life, there’s no one I’d rather experience the ups, downs, or in-betweens with.


  • Every blossom in this bouquet is another reason you are loved.
  • A beautiful person should get to enjoy beautiful things as often as they can.
  • Wanted to give you something that makes you smile — because you deserve to smile all the time.
  • The world’s a more beautiful place because of you.
  • For the love of my life — enjoy something that’s as lovely as you.
  • Hope these flowers bring as much joy to you as you do to everyone around you.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue. Hope you know I’m so grateful for you.
  • Sending hugs, kisses, and smiles to someone who’s beautiful inside and out.
  • Hope today you feel special, loved, and appreciated for all you do.
  • Celebrating the incredible person you are.
  • For you — because you’ve made my dreams bloom into reality.

Whether you use them as written, or as inspiration for your own words, we hope these love letter messages for everyone in your life will help you find the perfect way to say, “I love you.”


In addition to writing/editing for American Greetings, Jill Jankowski is also a content editor, greeting card writer, blogger, leadership and life coach, producer, world traveler and standup paddleboard business owner. She loves her dogs more than anything in the world.


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What to write in an I love you card

  1. When we’re near and when we’re apart, you will be the only one who holds the keys to my heart. I love you!
  2. Some things may be better left unsaid, but telling you how much I adore and care for you everyday is not one of them. I love you more than words could ever express.
  3. Some people have said that you only fall in love once, but I know it’s not true. I’ve been falling in love with you every single day since we first met. I love you.
  4. Sweetheart when I look at you, I know forever isn’t far away. I cherish, adore, and treasure you. I’m absolutely head over heels in love with you.
  5. Like nothing else in this world could – you make everyday brighter, more beautiful, and worth living to the fullest. I love you.
  6. Sweetheart, you’re my one and only. I love the way you leave me breathless! Life is never a dull moment with you by my side!
  7. My life has gotten so much better ever since I met you. You truly enrich it in a way I never thought possible. I love you with all my heart!
  8. I never believed that love could exist, until I met you. Now, I know what it’s like to love someone so much that it feels overwhelming. May our hearts be overwhelmed forever. I love you.
  9. We met by chance. We became friends by choice. But we couldn’t help falling in love with each other. You are the sun in my day, the moon and stars in my night, and the beating in my heart. I love you.
  10. I love the way you make me smile. I love getting to spend all the time in the world with somebody as lovely and special as you, and most of all, I love YOU!
  11. My heart explodes for the all the love I have for you. It truly can’t contain it and sometimes all I wish I could do is to climb on a mountain top and shout it to the whole wide world. But then I think of how embarrassed you would be, so I decided to simply write it in this card: I LOVE YOU!
  12. To my everything: whenever I’m with you, I know that there’s nowhere else I’d rather be, or anyone I’d rather be with. I love you, and nobody could ever take your place.
  13. My love and devotion for you will never fail, and it will continue to grow for as long as I live. I love you!
  14. The most brilliant sunrise could never compare to the beauty I see when I look at you. You make everyday brighter, happier, and longer when I am with you. I love you.
  15. The first time I saw you, I knew you were something special. My love for you never stops growing, and I hope it never stops. I love you so much, sweetheart.
  16. It took a lifetime to meet you, but only one moment to know that my heart would belong to you forever. You’re everything in my life that is worth having. I love you.
  17. I was lost and you found me. I was scared and you reassured me. I was lonely and you kept me company. Now, I’m happy and it is thanks to you. I’m full of life because my life is you. My heart is beating again because it is so madly in love with you! I love you baby!
  18. Sending all my love to the person who makes me smile more than anyone else in the world. Thanks for making my life so special. I love you!
  19. I cannot begin to express just how much you mean to me, however, I can continue to show you my love and affection for the rest of my life. I love you.
  20. Life with you is like living in a romantic movie! You truly make me feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world! I love you so much!
  21. Roses are red, violets are blue – No one else could love you as much as I do. I love you!
  22. Your smile, your touch, your kiss – when I think of all the things I might have missed if I hadn’t met you. You are the reason the stars come out at night, the reason my days are so bright, and the reason my life has light. I love you.
  23. You’re everything to me: my heart, my joy, my love. You’re the most special person in my life, and I honestly don’t know what I would do without you. I love you.
  24. Isn’t it funny how we say “I love you” so easily these days? However, only when you meet the right person we can finally understand what these three little words truly mean. I love you baby!
  25. I just wanted to let you know how much I love you. I’m so happy and blessed to have met somebody as amazing and special as you are.
  26. I love you. Te amo. Je t’aime. I could write it in all the languages of this world, even the most remote ones. However, the meaning is still the same. I love you always!
  27. Do you even remember how life was before we fell in love? I truly can’t because my life without you now seems so trivial and unworthy that I often ask myself how could I ever live without you. Fortunately, we will always be together! I love you!
  28. Every lock has a matching key, and somehow you ended up with the key to my heart! We’re a perfect fit, and there’s no doubt in my mind that we were made for each other.
  29. You showed me how easy it is to love somebody for who they truly are. I’ve never had to hide behind a mask with you. You saw my true colors and loved them. Thank you for being so precious. I love you!
  30. The world can be a harsh place without somebody special at your side. Thank you for being that someone and making me happier than I’ve ever been. I love you.
  31. I cherish you more than I could ever show, and I wanted to make sure you know just how much I truly care – I love you more than words could ever express.
  32. We started as friends close as could be, but now you mean so much more to me. I never imagined that right from the start, that you would be the one who holds my heart. I love you!
  33. The greatest gift in my life is being able to put a smile on your face every single day. I love you.
  34. May our love be like a drop of rain in the ocean, never ending. I swear to love, cherish, and honor you for the rest of all eternity. I love you.
  35. To the one I adore above all others. My love, care, and devotion to you will never fade. I love you So Much!
  36. LOVE. Four simple letters. Yet, they have so much power and meaning that all the other words must be jealous of it. Just like all the other people in the whole world must be jealous that I have you in my life. I love you!
  37. Sweetie, you’ve changed my life in more ways than I can count. You’ve found a place in my heart for the rest of my life. I love you more than anything.
  38. Do you know how many love songs are out there? In so many different languages. I wanted to choose one for you, but decided that the best way to truly express how I feel is by writing it in this card: I love you always!
  39. My love for you is like a rose, only its color will never fade and its petals will never wilt or fall. I love you.
  40. I’ve had many gifts in my life, but you’re the best and the one I hold most dear. I love you more and more each day.
  41. Every moment with you is one to cherish, and whenever we’re apart, I long to have you with me even more. I love you, sweetheart—no matter what.
  42. YOU plus ME equals US. And US in my world is the best way to live! I love you from the bottom of my heart!
  43. In the time we’ve been together, I’ve learned so much. I can’t wait to spend the rest of forever learning everything else. I love you.
  44. The Lord has blessed me from above with a special person like you in my life. I thank Him every day because I have found you and you have made my life so much better. I love you!
  45. Every day that we’re together, I love you more and more. Even when I close my eyes, I see your face, and even when you’re gone, I feel you in my heart. I love you will all my heart.
  46. L is for… ah, who am I kidding? I have never been good with words. Fortunately, there are three that I know how to use and I use them well because I am with you: I love you!
  47. I love you with all my heart and soul baby. You have made me the happiest person in the whole wide world! You truly are the love of my life.
  48. I really wanted to quote a famous poet who, in a much better way than I ever could, properly describes what love is. However, I thought that you should hear it directly from me. I love you!
  49. The world is my garden and you are the most beautiful flower that it contains. I adore and cherish you above anything else in this world. My love and devotion for you will never die or fade away. I love you more than anything else.
  50. My love and devotion for you will never fade, they will only grow stronger as the days go by. I love you.
  51. Just as the sun will always rise on a new day, the tides will always return, and the earth continues to turn – so too will my love for you always burn. I love you.
  52. You are my forever. There is nobody else out there who could truly understand me, who could relate to me so perfectly. We were meant to be. I love you baby!
  53. I love you for who you are and for who I am when I am with you. I love you.
  54. Each look, each touch, every kiss, and every cuddle with you is magic. You’re the spark that has ignited my entire life. I love you.
  55. For centuries, the best poets and writers have tried to describe with words this incredible feeling that is love. Although they have come close to define it, it is so precious and so unique that it is true when they say that the best way to express is to simply whisper, I love you!
  56. Before you came into my life, I didn’t know just how deeply and completely I could love somebody, but thanks to you, I know. I love you.
  57. Here’s a great big ‘I love you’ to the most important person in my life. You’re the cherry on top of my sundae! I hope you find this card as sweet as I find you!
  58. Dearest love of my life, I’m forever thankful for every moment we’re together. You light up my life and make me the happiest person in the world. I love you.
  59. I love you more than words can express, my one and only! I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me, and all the happiness you’ve brought to my life.
  60. My dearest: I love you so much. Not only that, but I love the person that you’ve helped me to become. I can’t wait for our amazing future.
  61. I’ve thought about what to write in this card for so long. How do you find the right words that truly describe how I feel for you? I think the best and only way is I LOVE YOU!
  62. I wanted to show you how much I hold you dear. I was going to give you a rose, but it would soon fade. I thought to give you chocolates, but they would soon disappear. So I am giving you all my love because it will continue to grow and will last forever. I love you.
  63. When I first met you, I didn’t know you’d take me on such an amazing adventure. I know now that you’re the best decision I’ve ever made, and it makes me proud to say that I love you.
  64. I cannot begin to express how much I love and care for you. You are everything that makes my life worth living. I love you.
  65. To my lover and best friend, you are truly a godsend. You have brought happiness and light to the dark shadow that was once my life. I will love you forever and ever, always.
  66. Looking back, I know that every moment we’ve spent together has been complete perfection. You are everything to me, and I love you.
  67. Every day, I feel like I fall in love with you all over again. Nobody’s ever made me feel so whole, and I can’t wait to feel like this for the rest of our lives.
  68. I thank God every day for bringing you into my life. He really must have spent a little more time on you. You’re heaven sent, and I love you more than anything.
  69. You, my dear, have changed my life in ways I can’t describe. I need you to know how much I love you for being a part of it. You’re more than I ever could’ve hoped for.
  70. You are my dearest friend and the one true love of my life. May my love for you forever outshine the sun, moon, and starts above. I love you.
  71. If you think how powerful love truly is, it makes you wonder if we are indeed destined for something bigger than this. Love can break barriers, love can survive death, love can change the world. I love you and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  72. If I loved you for all eternity, it would still not be long enough. I love you more than words can express.
  73. I love everything about you from the way you laugh to the way you made me fall in love with you. Thank you for being the best thing that ever happened to me.
  74. I will never get tired of hearing your sweet voice telling me you love me. And I will never get tired of whispering in your ear that you are my life and I love you all the time.
  75. To my love: I can honestly say that we’re made for each other. Life would simply be incomplete without you at my side.
  76. Always is a long time. But when it comes to loving you, always is not long enough. I love you and I will love you for the rest of time!
  77. Life makes the world go around, but your love is what makes it worth living. I love you more than anything!
  78. I love you! Three words that can change your whole life. They might be simple but they are the most precious ones. Just like you. I love you baby!
  79. I wanted to take this moment to let you know just how much I love you. You’ve made my dreams come true, and I treasure you for being the sweet, thoughtful, and amazing person you are.
  80. We might have our differences, but out of all the things we have in common, too, we share the most important thing—a true and profound love for one another!
  81. I may not be the best with words, but I wanted to show you how important you are to me. I love you, and I’m so glad that you’re mine.
  82. I have stared at this black card for a while before finally realizing how to properly express how I feel about you: I LOVE YOU. Simple as that!
  83. I love you because you make me happy. I love you because you accept me for who I am. I love you because you care about me. Not sure if you got the message… I love you!
  84. I’ve found heaven – when I make you smile, when I hold you near, and most of all when I whisper “I love you” in your ear. I love you more than anything.
  85. Have you heard? There is this person who is truly and madly in love with you! Of wait, that’s me! I love you baby! Always and forever!
  86. If I only had one wish, I would wish for time to stand still so that I could hold you in my arms forever. I will love you long after the sun, moon, stars, and earth have all faded away. I love you.
  87. “I loved you once. I loved you twice. I love you more than beans and rice.” See, even when I express my love for you I make you laugh! Do you know why? Because I LOVE to see you smile! I love you baby!
  88. As I write this, I can truthfully say that I’ve managed to find the kindest, most thoughtful person in the universe. Thank for being the amazing person I’ve fallen so deeply in love with.
  89. Do you remember when we first met? My heart was beating so fast because I couldn’t believe that somebody like you would ever want to be with somebody like me. How about now, you might wonder? Well, it still beats just as fast. I love you!
  90. All I want to do is be with you. All I think about is you. All I want to listen to is your voice. I think these are clear signs that I am madly in love with you! XOXO
  91. They say time heals. I don’t think that’s true. True love heals. My heart had been broken and you have made it all better with your kindness and sweetness. I love you always!
  92. To the sunshine of my life: every day is bright with you. I love you more than you’ll ever know. This is the honest truth. You mean more to me than anyone else. Thank you for letting me love you.
  93. One day, you came into my life and changed it forever. Now, all I can do is tell you that my heart has always been and will always be yours. I love you!
  94. I would give up anything in this life, just so I could be with you. I would climb the highest mountains, just so I could reach you. I would write a thousand poems just to express the most innocent and genuine feeling: I love you!
  95. It’s funny how quickly you’ve become the single most important person in my life. I never seem to stop thinking about you, so I just wanted to let you know how much I love you.
  96. I never thought that I would find someone who completes me, who makes my life worth living, who would mean more to me than anything else ever could – but here you are. I love you.
  97. To my sweetheart – You’re the best thing that I’ve ever found in my life. I love you more than anything in this world.
  98. There are very few things in this world that make me feel that God exists. One of them is you. With your love and compassion you show me every day that you must be an angel sent from above. And I am the lucky one who has your heart. I love you!
  99. I love you more than words could ever express, feelings could ever show, or thoughts could begin to imagine. You’re the reason my heart beats and my life is worth living. I love you!
  100. A lot of people talk about feeling lucky, but I know I am because I’m in love with my best friend. Nobody else compares to you, and I love you more than I can express.
  101. The day we met is easily the best day of my life. I couldn’t forget it if I tried. Without you, my heart would be useless. I love you so much.
  102. There’s a sense of comfort and happiness that I only get from you. I can barely go a day without thinking about you. You’re truly the center of my world.
  103. Roses are red, violets are blue… yes, I know it sounds cliche and childish, but all I want to say is that I truly love you!
  104. If I had a penny for every time that you crossed my thoughts, I would be the richest person in the world. May you always continue to run rampant through my mind and heart. I love you.
  105. There’s a saying that ‘true love stories never end’. Now that I have you, I know it’s true because there’s no end in sight for us! I love you so much!
  106. To the one who possesses my heart, body, and soul. I love you more than I could ever even begin to show. I love you!
  107. I thought I knew what love was, but I really didn’t have a clue until you showed me. I couldn’t be more thankful for that. I love you more and more each day.
  108. Would you believe me if I told you that I love you? Well, you better because you have stolen my heart and I never want it back! I love you always!
  109. There are three things in life I could never live without: You,… oops, did I say three? I meant only one! I love you and only you!
  110. You are the most adorable, special and lovable person I’ve ever met. Which is why it was so easy for me to fall in love with you. I love you baby!
  111. I never considered myself the lucky one, but ever since you came into my life, our love makes me feel luckier and happier than anyone in the world. I love you!
  112. I smile because you smile. I’m happy because you make me happy. I love you because you are so special and precious that my heart couldn’t help itself but fall deeply in love with you.
  113. Baby, you have no idea what you’ve done to my life. You’ve turned it inside out and upside down. And I’ll be forever thankful! I love you always and forever!
  114. I could write ‘I love you’ countless ways, but none would be enough to express how deeply I feel for you. You fell into my life so easily that ‘I’ became ‘we,’ and I can honestly say I’ve changed for the better. I love you.
  115. You amaze me every day. You have given my life a whole new meaning and I don’t know how I managed to survive without you. I love you!
  116. There are no words that can truly express how I feel about you. I have tried to write down all the adjectives I could think of that I would associated with you and yes, stubborn was there! Anyway, since the list was too long to write it in a card, I decided to simply say: I LOVE YOU!
  117. Your smile, your touch, your laughter – these are the things that I live for. My love for you will outlast everything else in this world. I love you.
  118. You are my sunshine. You are joy. You are my only one. How can I translate into words what my heart is telling me?! I’m not sure, but I am surely going to try every single day of our life! I love you!

Greeting Cards & Stationery | Papyrus

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It’s easy to browse and buy Papyrus greeting cards online, so you can plan your correspondence and celebrations from the comfort of home.

Enduring love: how greetings cards are surviving the smartphone era | Valentine’s Day

For Rachel Hare, it all started with dental surgery and Bugsy Malone. When she was four years old, the greetings card designer had to go into hospital for an operation, and – because in those days parents weren’t allowed to stay overnight – sobbed as she watched her family walk away. “But they left this massive Bugsy Malone card on my bed – I’ve still got it in a box,” Hare says. “It gives me goosebumps remembering that.”

In 1994, Hare founded her luxury card company Belly Button and today her designs are sold in John Lewis and Selfridges, among other independent shops. In 25 years of card-designing, she has seen a lot of change. That “pink/blue boy/girl thing” for newborns? On its way out. Valentines are less popular than ever, although the rude variety are reportedly on the rise, while thanks to modern masculinity, Father’s Day has boomed. A couple of years ago prosecco was a common motif; now, it is all about gin.

“I look at fashion, but combine that with general greetings-card rules – so balloons and presents will always sell,” Hare explains. Every year, she “reinvents the balloons” with a new colour palette, but sometimes she thinks: “Oh my God, how am I gonna redesign another present?” A glance at her stock reveals a keen eye for trends – a figure on one card wears a jumpsuit similar to the one popularised by the hit comedy Fleabag; elsewhere, mason jars hang from trees and Scandi chairs are tucked under desks. In a brutal popularity contest, llamas and sausage dogs appear neck-and-neck.

Yet it is not just the design of greetings cards that has changed over the past 25 years. Last December, the 52-year-old card retailer Clintons had to be bought out of administration, with 334 stores saved. A month later, Card Factory shares plunged by a quarter after disappointing Christmas sales. In the US, business is no brighter – towards the end of January, the card shop Papyrus filed for bankruptcy. Experts theorise that sales are declining due to the death of the high street, the rise of social media and environmental concerns. Newer retailers also claim that offerings by giants such as Hallmark have become tired and stale. Is it time to send our Deepest Sympathies, or can cards Get Well Soon?

A range of Belly Button greetings cards. Photograph: Belly Button

Now that younger people can text their mates and tend to live in temporary rented accommodation, it would make sense for them to send fewer cards. Except that they don’t, says Amanda Fergusson, the CEO of the 100-year-old Greeting Card Association. According to the GCA’s 2019 market report, the British public spent £1.7bn on cards in 2018, with generation Z (18- to 24-year-olds) buying more cards than any other age group.

While the total value of single-card sales declined by 1.6% between 2017 and 2018 (with both the price of cards and the volume sold decreasing), there were unexpected booms, such as an 11% rise in Easter sales. Len Smith, who has been in the industry for 35 years and sells religious cards to Canterbury Cathedral and York Minster, among others, says “overtly Christian imagery” and Bible verses have fallen out of favour, and Easter cards now feature “freshness, new life and vibrant bright colours” that appeal to everyone.

“The British send more cards per capita than any other nation,” says Fergusson (who has held on to her first ever Valentine’s card, featuring a Snoopy design, for decades). I meet her at Spring Fair, an industry trade show in Birmingham where business seems to be booming – row after row of sellers showcase cards to potential retailers and brokers. There is an almost impossible amount of variety, from black cards featuring rude stick men (“You hear stories of 80-year-old ladies buying them to impress their grandkids,” says their creator Dominique Miranda) to quaint illustrations with stuck-on miniature wooden plant pots (plastic embellishments are now unpopular because of environmental concerns, explains the designer Laura Sherratt). How can it be that as stores struggle with high-street footfall, and the fate of Clintons seems sealed, so many new designs flood the market? Why are young people buying so many cards, and how did we become a nation of envelope-lickers in the first place?

Reputedly the first Christmas card, designed by Horsley in 1843, commissioned by Sir Henry Cole. Photograph: Chronicle/Alamy Stock Photo

Malcolm Warrington holds some of the answers in his bookcase. Since the 1970s, the 72-year-old from Ruislip has collected nearly 8,000 Victorian greeting cards. He explains that the first commercial Christmas card was commissioned in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole, who sought an easier way to spread seasonal cheer than the letters that were customary at the time. Throughout the 19th century, chromolithography – the process of colour printing using stones – usurped hand-colouring and made mass-production easier. “The printing is fabulous, it’s a really rich colour, the illustrations are done expertly,” Warrington says.

Warrington’s collection paints a vivid picture of greetings history. Many of his Victorian Christmas cards aren’t religious, nor do they seem festive at first glance. Animals in suits are a popular motif – in one card, a frog and a stag beetle dance to an insect playing a tambourine; in another, a monkey in a fez holding a painter’s palette wishes “A Merry Christmas To You”. The less said about the card where four rats dine on the cooked carcass of a cat, the better.

There are also designs for occasions we no longer celebrate with cards, including New Year’s Day and April Fools’ Day. In one new year’s card from the 1880s, cherubs dressed as jockeys ride on the backs of bats and declare: “We come to wish you all a bright new year.” Although it hardly seems possible, some illustrations have even more obscure meanings – one card features a clown riding on the back of another clown, captioned: “Whoa Mare! You’ve earned your little bit of Corn!” Still, with a few stylistic changes, some wouldn’t seem out of place today – an 1890s card of a pug riding a bicycle is strikingly similar to a card available on Etsy for £4.80 today.

Time for a redesign … the traditional card. Photograph: Dpa Picture Alliance/Alamy Stock Photo

For its 100th anniversary, the GCA curated an exhibition that offers an insight into card history. A flick through its exhibition booklet shows dramatic changes throughout the decades – in the 1920s, embossed edges were still popular, while the 30s made way for cartoon humour. Embellishments such as feathers and ribbons became mainstream during the war, while rude cards emerged in the 60s. Still, cute animals and angelic children reigned supreme until the 80s and 90s paved the way for naughty poems (RIP Nutty Tart) and captioned cartoons. Today, puns, foiled lettering and swearwords seem to be popular.

At its simplest, the story seems to be one of a move from sentimentality to comedy. Aisling Crosland, the head of design at Scribbler, which has 40 stores across the UK, says a lot of the team’s ideas “come from someone saying something stupid and someone else saying: ‘Wait … is that a card?’” Crosland says supermarkets she has worked for in the past were more restrictive about cards having a specific sender and recipient in mind, whereas at Scribbler, random puns, innuendos and meme-like designs abound (Crosland’s most popular card is a riff on Theresa May’s “strong and stable” slogan).

Crosland both illustrates cards and writes captions – something that wasn’t always common practice. Barbara J Laing is a verse writer from the Wirral who, between 2000 and 2007, wrote poems for the company that became Card Factory. She would write 30 verses for Mother’s Day alone and was initially paid £150 a poem before being put on a retainer. “It’s the first four lines that sell the card,” she says.

Laing talks me through the rules of card writing – “No matter how beautiful the poem is, it has to apply to the man in the street.” She says she quickly learned to make her poems more “generic”, explaining that she once had to remove a line about beaches from a Mother’s Day poem “because not everybody’s been to the beach on holiday”. She also wrote a keepsake card – a modern rendition of the religious poem Footprints in the Sand, in which God carries man in times of suffering. “I said if you put this on a card and put it in the shops it will sell millions,” she says – it is still available in Card Factory today.

Yet despite Laing’s successful rhymes, poetry cards have undeniably fallen out of favour. Many, if not most, of the cards I see at Spring Fair are text-light and blank inside. Does this mean we are less sentimental, or has the way we express sentiment changed?

A Victorian Valentine’s card. Photograph: Science History Images/Alamy Stock Photo

“The real growth we’re seeing is among people sending a message to cheer someone up,” says Fergusson, explaining that there has been a huge rise in “No occasion” cards. She believes millennials and gen Z are buying these cards because they are more powerful than social media messages. Hare calls her new range “contemporary sentiments” – one card says, “Just be your beautiful self”, while another reads: “Proud of you.” In 2019, the online retailer Moonpig launched a collection with the Samaritans – personalised cards were emblazoned with messages such as: “Matthew, I’m not sure how to help but if you need me, I’m here.” Fergusson says there has been a recent rise in “man-to-man” sending, but GCA research suggests 85% of cards are bought by women.

The industry has also been buoyed by something else that can cynically be called a trend – feminism. Artist Lucy Creed, the founder of Poet and Painter cards, says its bestseller is a striped card that simply says: “A woman’s place is where she says it is.” Cath Tate, who has been designing political cards since the 80s, says her most popular card reads: “Women don’t grow old. They just become more important.” Her daughter Rosie says: “Mum’s business started off really small and we’re now a successful commercial business because those subjects are now mainstream.” (Progress isn’t always linear – another designer hints at struggling to convince card company executives to update their cards with LGBT-friendly designs.)

Lest it seem that we are all organically becoming lovely people who pay £3 to cheer up our depressed mates, it is important not to underestimate the influence of the GCA. For the last six years, the organisation has run “Thinking of You” week every September – an initiative to get people to “generating positive feelings” by (surprise, surprise) sending more cards. The GCA may have a warm exterior, but they’re definitely not Blank Inside. The organisation has many hardline historical success stories: during the second world war, they overturned a ban on greeting cards that was implemented to conserve paper, forcing the government to declare that greeting cards were “essential to the war effort” on the grounds of morale. Later, the association prevented the Royal Mail from charging the public extra to send square cards that had previously caused trouble in sorting machines worldwide (many machines are designed to find the long edge of an envelope in order to scan the address).

Despite the internet, 94% of cards are still purchased in brick-and-mortar shops. “There are not as many cards being bought, so what you’ve got to try to do is raise the average spend,” says Paul Taylor, the managing director of Cardzone, which has 130 stores across the country. Glitter is on its way out for environmental reasons, but foil finishes can help put up the price (provided the foil doesn’t cover more than 30% of a card’s surface area, it can be recycled).

Rachel Hare of Belly Button. Photograph: Belly Button

Yet things still aren’t easy for traditional retailers – at the start of the year, Taylor had to reprimand his own siblings for not sending his daughter a birthday card (they left messages on social media instead). “I sent a note out saying: ‘Do you not realise we make our living from selling cards?’… It’s a bit sad that I had to do that,” he says. “People will spend £3 on a coffee but they won’t spend £3 on a card for a loved one.” Fergusson adds that while traditional retailers might be struggling to pay their rent, more and more “destination” shops such as garden centres and spas are stocking cards as an extra. There, they sell for higher prices because of the luxury association.

Another way to get people spending is to tout the sustainability credentials of your cards – the envelopes for Hare’s new range are made from recycled coffee cups. Increasingly, greeting cards are sold “naked”, ie without a plastic film, to combat environmental concerns. For some companies, this is another opportunity for innovation – Paul Woodmansterne, the CEO of Woodmansterne cards, explains that last year the company developed a “smart seal” sticker to keep envelopes and cards together in lieu of plastic. Woodmansterne also makes money as a broker – it has a warehouse of cards from smaller publishers across the UK that it delivers to major national retailers. This means a greater variety of cards make it into shops without retailers having to deal with 30 or 40 publishers at a time.

Woodmansterne denies that the internet is killing cards. He says digital printing has allowed smaller publishers to break through (previously, lithographic printing meant new designers would have to commit to printing 1,000 of any one design). He also notes that there has been a distinct rise in hand-giving as millennials move from address to address. “We’ve been doing cards since 1987 and we’ve grown in our sales every year,” he says. He argues that the biggest companies – such as Hallmark and UK Greetings (a name you’ll often find on the back of cards in WH Smith) – are struggling because they’re not as innovative as the new, smaller publishers.

I leave Spring Fair with 21 cards, 10 of which are plastic-wrapped, but no two the same. There are Trump jokes, insects telling me to “bee kind”, glittery balloons, Mr Men characters, and yes, a couple of near-identical sausage dogs. Of course there is still room for the classics, too – Daniel Prince, the managing director of the UK’s biggest publisher of licensed cards, Danilo, says although people are paying on average 10p less a card, Thomas the Tank Engine, Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig cards are nowhere near falling out of favour. Bugsy Malone may be long gone, but Prince confidently says that Minions are “evergreen”. He hands me a Minion card addressed to “Grandson” – hopefully, by the time I have the opportunity to use it, cards won’t be relics of the past.

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90,000 Beautiful pictures Happy Birthday Love (65 cards)

Girls named Lyuba are distinguished by their beautiful appearance. They are always full of optimism and determination. Love has good mental abilities, which helps her in her work. We present you beautiful pictures of birthday greetings Love, which you can see here.

Cool postcard for the celebration.

Lyuba, happy birthday!

Be lucky in everything.

Bouquet of red roses.

The most joyful moments.

Happy birthday, Love.

Beautiful balloons.

Box of delicious chocolates.

Picture for Lyuba.

White flower.

Wonderful plant petals.

We wish you creative success.

Love and the sea of ​​happiness.

Life will prepare gifts for your birthday.

Love, happy birthday.

Always healthy, loved.

Multi-colored postcard to Lyuba.

Happiness to you and fulfillment of all desires.

Chocolate bars.

Happy birthday! Dear Love!

Metal candlesticks.

Drawing of a funny cat.

Happy birthday, dear Lyuba.

Cool kittens in the picture.

Let happiness knock on your door.

A dog on a postcard for Lyuba.

Evening city in lights.

Happy birthday, Love.

Red box with a gift

A palace on the top of a mountain.

Congratulations for dear Lyuba.

Beautiful tulips in the picture.

A hot day in a metropolis.

Doggie congratulates the birthday girl.

Picture happy birthday, Love.

Endless spaces in the photo.

Lighthouse on a rocky shore

A fox walks in the wild.

Love, happy birthday.

A beautiful dome in the distance.

Cool place for evening walks.

Blue sky over blue water.

Congratulations to Love.

Twilight came to a hot country.

The ship is at the pier.

Waves and sandy shore.

Night turned into day.

Love, happy birthday.

Long axle for cars.

Picture of Lube with beautiful houses.

Star-shaped candle.

Stone jungle.

Love, happy birthday.

Palm trees by the sea.

Fantastic countryside.

Passenger plane high in the sky.

Balls float in the air.

Postcard happy birthday, Lyuba.

Gold bow.

A small town with a low-rise building.

Happy holiday to you, Love.

Crystal clear sea.

The lion cub congratulates Love on his birthday.

Small heart on the board.

Happy birthday, Lyuba.

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Orthodox greeting cards faith hope love.Faith, Hope, Love: greeting cards

The Day of Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia is not only a church holiday for Orthodox Christians, but also a name day. On this day, it is customary to congratulate the women namesakes of the saints, as well as all daughters and mothers. Among the congratulations, beautiful pictures and postcards with the Day of Faith, Hope and Love with kind inscriptions, poems, and wishes are especially popular. This is a universal way to show attention and please dear people. Below you will find a selection of the best pictures and postcards, including animated gifs (gifs), perfect for this holiday.

Beautiful pictures with the Day of Faith, Hope, Lyubov and their mother Sophia with congratulations – the best options

If you are looking for the perfect congratulations on the Day of Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia, then you will definitely like the beautiful pictures from the next selection. The postcard options below are bright and cute. And kind words and wishes in the pictures will certainly cheer up your addressee. Therefore, be sure to use the options for beautiful pictures from the following selection for congratulations on the Day of Faith, Hope and Love.

A selection of beautiful pictures for the Day of Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia with congratulations

Orthodox cards with the Day of Faith, Hope and Love with church inscriptions – the best selection

Since the Day of Faith, Hope and Love is a church holiday, Orthodox postcards with inscriptions are also popular on this day. With the help of such thematic pictures, you can congratulate all believing Christians. They are also suitable for showing attention to women namesakes of the holy great martyrs.Examples of Orthodox postcards with church inscriptions can be found below.

The best selection of Orthodox postcards with church inscriptions for the Day of Faith, Hope and Love

Cards and pictures with the Day of Faith, Hope and Love with inscriptions – gif images and animation

The most original version of congratulations on the Day of Faith, Hope and Lyubov – cards and pictures with animation (gif images). They can be completely different: decorated with beautiful images or in an Orthodox theme.Such animation cards are suitable for congratulating relatives, friends and loved ones. Examples of pictures with animation for the Day of Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia can be found below.

Pictures and cards with animation and inscriptions for the Day of Faith, Hope and Love in GIF format

The Orthodox holiday of the Saints of Hope, Faith, Sophia and Love is celebrated in Russia on September 30. His story is sad. Back in the days of the Roman Empire, mother Sophia lived with her three daughters, whom she loved very much.They did not hide their faith in Christ. On a denunciation, the emperor ordered them to be delivered to Rome. They tried to force them to abandon their views, and then the young maidens were subjected to terrible painful torture and terrible tests. But despite all the suffering, none of the daughters denied the Lord. The church canonized them among the holy martyrs, and on this day they congratulate all the fair sex who bear their names.

For the holiday on the Fresh-Cards website, you can select and download for free beautiful postcards and photo pictures of congratulations on the Day of Faith, Hope and Love with wishes in verse and prose, for believing Christians.The greeting cards presented in the catalog are easy to send by e-mail, congratulate your mom, your girlfriend, your best friend, your own aunt, work colleague, sister or niece in popular social networks or by phone via Viber.

Traditionally, each of the three virtues, which were named after the holy sisters Faith, Hope and Love, has its own special symbol. For faith it is a cross, for hope it is an anchor, and for love it is a heart. They can be seen in particular on some vintage postcards for the holiday of September 30th.

As long as a person is alive, he should never lose hope.

(Seneca Lucius Anney)

Hope is always better than despair.

(Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

Nadezhda is the best doctor ever known.

(Alexandre Dumas)

Before faith, all the achievements of reason fade.

(Aurelius Augustine)

It is better to believe than not to believe, because with faith everything becomes possible.

(Albert Einstein)

When the soul is intoxicated with the joy of hope and the joy of God, the body does not feel sorrow, although it is weak.

(Venerable Isaac the Syrian)

Without faith, hope and love, you cannot destroy the bad in yourself, you cannot establish anything good in yourself.

(Venerable Maximus the Confessor)

Hope is hope in labors, the door of love; it kills despair, it is the guarantee of future blessings.

(John Climacus)

Hope is the treasury of the human mind, it contains all kinds of reserves for our life.

(St. Gregory of Nyssa)

The Apostle Paul’s Hymn of Love

If I speak with the tongues of men and angels, and have no love, then I am a ringing brass or a sounding cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy, and I know all the secrets, and I have all knowledge and all faith, so that I can move mountains, but I do not have love, then I am nothing.And if I distribute all my possessions and give my body to be burned, but I have no love, there is no benefit to me. Love is longsuffering, merciful, love does not envy, love is not exalted, is not proud, does not rage, does not seek its own, does not get irritated, does not think of evil, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices in the truth; Love never fails, although prophecies will cease, and tongues will cease, and knowledge will be abolished. For we know in part, and we prophesy in part; when the perfect comes, then that which is partly will cease.When I was a baby, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; but when he became a husband, he left the baby. Now we see, as it were through a dim glass, fortuitously, then face to face; now I know in part, and then I will know, just as I am known. And now these three abide: faith, hope, love; but love is the greatest of them.

In this category cards Faith, Hope, Love
presents the best and most beautiful included in the “top” for the use of animations and pictures related directly to this topic.Some of the animations are the author’s works of our service and first of all appear on “”. All GIF pictures, congratulations, animations Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov you can download to your computer, phone or send to your friend, girlfriend, colleague and family by “email” or on pages, personal messages, on social networks my world, VKontakte, classmates . toll free
without registration, as well as receive codes for embedding postcards on a website, forum or your own without registration download send greeting cards animation of hyphas of pictures with inscriptions verses congratulations 2020 Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov

Postcards Day of the holy martyrs Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia. Greeting cards Faith, Hope, Love. Today, September 30, the Orthodox Church celebrates the Day of the saints – the great martyrs Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia. The Holy Martyrs Vera, Hope and Love were born in Italy. Their mother, Saint Sophia, was a pious Christian widow.Calling her daughters the names of three Christian virtues, Sophia brought them up in love for the Lord Jesus Christ and tried to teach them to show in life those Christian virtues whose names they bore.

Recently we published information about the most important holiday of Faith, Hope and Love and their mother Sophia. It is logical that Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov, Sofia celebrate the name day on this day, so we publish congratulations for them in honor of Angel Day on September 30, 2019.


Every year on September 30, according to a new style, Orthodox Christians celebrate the Day of Remembrance of the Holy Martyrs Faith, Hope, Lyubov and their mother Sophia.The Church honors the memory of these martyrs for the fact that they proved their faithfulness to Christ and faith by their righteous lifestyle. In general, the Day of Faith, Hope and Love is dedicated to strengthening the strength of mind and courage, which even a lack of bodily strength cannot break.

Therefore, they are revered as saints, and also accept congratulations from women who bear their names. On this day, they will definitely not be deprived of attention. Thanks to the glory of the progenitors, because on this day the most touching lines will be dedicated to them: poems and wishes.We have selected the most beautiful and funniest of them.

May you always help
Hope, Faith and Love,
Protect from evil and troubles,
Giving you joy again and again!

Let Faith strengthen your heart,
Hope will illuminate your soul,
Well, Love will not let you burn yourself
And will thank you with happiness!

Three names. Beautiful, simple.
Words that help people live.
Sophia once named children,
We must thank her!

For giving Faith to people.
And that everyone always lives with Nadezhda.
And if there is Love, then there will be happiness!
And let it come to every house!

To all Verunka and Nadyunka,
To Lyubam, Dormouse-laughter
We want to be in openwork,
With money and a figure,
With worthy men
And in torn stockings.
With the most prestigious work,
Surrounded by care,
And with hair, with make-up,
Annually to travel,
To fashionable outfits
And not a bit of resentment.
So that you are wise forever
And flawlessly beautiful,
To believe in yourself,
All hoping and loving.

On the day of Faith, Hope, Love
And their mother Sophia
May all dreams come true
And happiness will come from now on.

Faith will help to wait,
Forgive and have patience,
Hope will not let you get bored
And will not lead you into oblivion.

Love will illuminate the whole world
And it will pour into the heart with music,
Sofia will give an answer to everything
And it will turn into wisdom.

You in your life bear the name of a holy virgin,
One of the trinity of holy sisters.
She endured terrible torments,
But she stood her ground with firmness.

Be proud of the name that you were given,
And do not deny your words.
Let them help you in life
All three: Hope, Faith and Love

Happy Day of Faith, Hope, Love,
Let the nightingales hum in your soul,
Let the lights burn with happiness in your eyes,
And people, good only, say!

And on this bright, wonderful, beautiful day,
Let your gaze be luxurious, bright and clear,
Gives all people around: kindness,
Tenderness, smiles and beauty!

You yourself, just, well, a miracle of nature,
Never know the bad weather in your soul,
No tears, no sorrows, no other problem,
Give happiness to all the people of the universe!

Let the angels from you
Ward off bad weather.
Good health,
Friends, smiles, happiness!
Let them bring joy again,
Angelic holiness
Faith, Hope, Sophia, Love –
They are unbiased.
To swim in the sea of ​​kindness,
To know the whole joy of life,
Smiling at everyone, shine!

Congratulations on this bright day,
We will remind you of faith again,
Let’s light candles in our souls with fire
Good, hope and love –
We all live for love,
And we keep faith in our hearts.
In the hope for the best, we go,
We sincerely dream of a bright one,
To Saint Sophia and the three sisters
Pay speeches of prayer,
Learn and grow from them.

Happy birthday card Lyubov Vasilievna

omit.You are beautiful Love,
And where you are, flowers always,
, Your hands are not
everywhere, and bright.

Be happy always
in spirit,
Also, if you are needed, warmth to all of us

Our dear Love, ,
Never fall
people can live
And where

Be brave, always dream.
No gift was given without love. , be happy!
Friends will be faithful. Without love, not This feeling, like the light of a stream.
Life will be cool

souls! Stay the same Let your friends help,

keeps the ocean just tender,
Lyubov Vasilievna, congratulations from all
family, How important and

And in my heart Let all plans
Become best friends! Let
be strong with your warmth, charm everyone.
you longing, with rubles

strong, How much is in the name
Love … The sound of your name does not suit your face
Well, and dollars
Let men love

bathed always you.Let it!
Never be upset, fur coats,
Incomparable Love.
So that in love

Life will be fun
success will come,
Give values ​​and beautiful,
this sincere send,

surrounds, Let
love you,
Be always like that
And our congratulations Let success be

congratulate you, Let men
blessings and beauty … sadness,
We want you

in our soul. Let them worry your And wish you all anger and all, With forever youth

in happiness congratulate
Not to face
You are worthy of praise
for such a year, Passion, passion and faith

Love, let us
do not get angry, Lyuba, Lyubochka, Lyubasha,
Be all away!
you will. Do not be sad and

Will pull you like a magnet.
and more beautiful,
Throw out all the insults Let rejoice more often
to you again,

your happiness
No more tender than you
came true,
a gift for you,

Let joy come I wish,
Lyuba, Lyubochka, Lyubasha, So that your dreams
Let happiness become. I wish you to love,
I congratulate you, Lyubasha,

happiness and hope.
And a man filled with love, beautiful and colorful! Stay so cheerful, blooming and charming
Love accompanies. Let it not be around
one, From congratulations of words,
And let us put your time and dreams
, And in the early morning
in life Nothing for love
Wake up quickly, rejoice at the day you recognize

Girl Love, Lyubushka, beauty, To the question “Why do you love me?”
We played
I said “I love “, Birth,
I am good to you. Symbol of earthly beauty.
believe, as before. Let it bring you
And kindness, and ardor, and fun. Your life will be for many years,
create. About our Lyubonka
Let your head spin, Year,

Faith goes to sleep in it
Your name is with you – Love,
For each of them I answered you “NO!”

Love remained. “Only me.” Fun.
Today is the day
And let love bypassed Trouble.
kindness, Always love and

Lyubasha, your name is like a bird, this word :
live happiness, faith, hope and, of course, love! Let every moment And let you
In your soul Today about Love.
Congratulations to Lyubasha. We will stop this

and crying, With you she
unnecessary words. Lyubochka, Lyuba, Lyubasha
to the gentle soft sea,
Not to rhyme roads, results,

In response I heard With you and
sounds, Fate to keep you,
You are tenderness and have fun,

really. Love! How many hearts in
will always be Amid congratulations of words,
And we will try to spring, words,
Day is coming today,

I know love is you.She laughs with you
gives, Don’t need her
Happy Birthday, Lyuba!
And while kissing

Today surprises are prepared
When will you forget?
Into Love, Angry shouted “I will kill!”
girl! Dear Lyubochka, let the light go out in your

, We will talk,
And these good ones go back,
Lyubochka, Lyuba, Lyubasha, gets up.
And strength to you

Postcard Happy Birthday Lyubov Vasilievna

will not add Cards and pictures soon

Happy holiday, I invite you to have fun. , You answered “You”, So that there was always 90,000 Happy birthday card Lyubov Vasilievna

words, It was, Lyuba, always you.

Joy to you, victory,

May all come true


And these good I wish that happy
All problems are nothing.Blood,
, From congratulations words,
dreams, all troubles,
Let feelings worry
, Let your head spin,
Let them get closer Do not scare let

Postcard Happy Birthday Lyubov Vasilievna

sites: Congratulations to Lyubasha.
Let your desires come true,
Find happiness for you.
Day comes today,
I wish.I wish
Be the creator of it, of course.

lower it.
From the heart to you
And today I

about fate, My hands are not
And let us time
with yourself
understand. And do not think

in spirit,
year, Be in harmony
You can without difficulty forever,
Never fall We will stop this

Congratulations, dear, You are sympathetic, calm, And be brave today, always dream. On satin skin. Lyuba, Lyubonka, Love, kindness.Lyuba, a holiday to you, Embody your desires, So that goosebumps run your soul, You give everyone by more beautiful,
Only darkness passes

Let friends help,
will be,
will grow stronger
You are in the world

there will be light, family,
May love be insane Health let it always be
I hasten to congratulate you Let it be in the window
Let it be strong

That there is no happier.
Lyuba, dear Lyubasha, be loved,
For you to feel,

Let adversity win over amazing moments.
And love and Let men love
Joyful dawns, and warmth,
there will be a lot of them Smile for many years,

Incomparable Love. I wish bright days,
Let the joy surround the day be special, and let it be in
And of course will smile
beautiful, my sun is clear

Of course, be always happy.
happiness. May everyone be yours and Love,
Be always like this Accept congratulations,
Be dazzlingly beautiful, you have peace, harmony, peace of mind and

blood will wake up with him.
You, beautiful Love! Extremely comfortable. Love, dear, on your day, I want to wish
wake up, Let only

excite Lyuba, Lyubushka, Love, Congratulations loudly, again and again,
people, next to whom
For window suddenly in happiness
away! you success.
Lyubasha, you are an incredible, positive, refined nature. Where you are, there comes happiness. You are so bright, light and multifaceted again.
Passion, excitement and faith Throw away all offenses And in love
in the eyes. And dawn in the morning
Love accompanies. Come true,

work Let them always burn
Knows this undoubtedly for many years,
So that your dreams
Let him accompany you in the Lights of enthusiasm, Lyuba,

love, And let you be a wonderful Love,
Ringing laughter is heard,
in your hands, He who loves and
Amid congratulations of words, everywhere,

excitement sparkles, Know that everything in
the universe is extinguished the light,
Also be necessary Let in the eyes of
spirit, What will be compared in

Let people not live around
Incomparable Love.
Never fall

to yours, create
I do not wish without love,
For big dreams. With this name
In your soul

Maybe peace,
I have a place for your heart for happiness

And we will try to spring, Without love

Let it be in
In the depths of our eyes We we will say,
keeps tenderness,

Let Feelings excite All your desires,
can be one,
How important and Let desires come true,
I wish incarnation

Drown after all just About our Lubonka
your warmth, your house.
Incomparable Love.
Well, not a girl Today about Love.

How many in the name
Let desires be glorious,
Steeper than stars from And you give him
Let it be fate I wish that life is

on the planet, Adults need you
you always bathed. And wish everyone
a gift for you, And where
And in the heart

surrounds , Do not be angry,
Be happy always Life will be cool
Never be upset, everyone,
Adored, desired

Hold on.
Your hymn on an eyebrow
Your happiness I am good to You
A symbol of earthly beauty, constant

a reason for sincere
your main feature to have fun,
really. Love! How many friends are ready to love in

Love is the same, Lyubasha, Lyuba,
A smile of the sun, joy, love, mood,
and relatives.
Like a flexible reed ,

And so that everyone has enough
you are so strong
Compliant, strong-willed, comes to yours,
You are better than all

Someone is waiting for you, watching through the windows.To congratulate in love
Let happiness become
the gift was given
enchant everyone.Let success

Do not be sad and Our dear Love will be embodied, success will come, You worthy of giving praise, As for a string it will be

Just raise it boldly
And let love
The trouble bypassed.kindness,
will come true: health will be excellent, happiness will be eternal, and the sympathy of others the holiday will be an excellent

unearthly name – Love. This word has become
I wish you only Really lives on
Always passes by! Help,
And makes you kinder.

on the path of life! Blue sky,
May it be more joyful

You are for loved ones Lyuba.

will be rare,
May you keep happiness You are charming, calm,
What’s with the name is loud again:
Someone misses you,

send this sincere one, Love, let us let you
And where you are, flowers always bloom. fate this Love … The sound of your name
sadness, to you again,

Let all plans
Lyuba, Lyubochka, Lyubasha to you,

And this love itself, Lyuba,
Let the glorious name conceal,
sounds, Fate, to keep you,
You are tenderness and written on postcards

and warmth.So let this
Parents called you happiness and hope
And a man filled with love
And let all longing-sorrow always come to

Love creates madness
And let you be lucky Good luck to you and
next year,
Happy Birthday, Lyuba!

Stay a bright muse Our bunny will be
Let not a smile To live, collecting good luck
on the ship. Love is beautiful, as well as a feeling,
And I will say I Even speaks directly:

And you will be our congratulations.
and bright.
This feeling, like the light of a stream.Let it!
let anger and Joy come to you

From your heart
you longing,

You are for the feeling
Incomparable Love
All men at once

Let the name of the hymn Protect your feelings,
And I know that love is you,
Spoken aloud or
kindness and affection, hope for reciprocity

Believe as before Let it bring you
And kindness, and ardor, and fun.Love so that mutually
With a light halo,
is more important?

the life of the biggest,
once and for all
May you please Cards and pictures
– picture.

Hollywood to the whole world,
the path is built,
Bringing to dreams
Incomparable Love! And children,

Your name hints, blessings and beauty …
Let you rejoice more often
you, warmth to all of yours is just the ocean
Life will be cheerful

Not to face you, let
! Not to face
We want you By all means in life
I wish to be

all my life, You are a beauty, enchantress,
Will attract you like a magnet.I wish,
I wish you to love,
I congratulate you, Lyubasha,

wishes. Let most of the
character. You give people
Love always and Lyubasha, your name is like a bird,
to this word: Be happy, Lyubasha,

Lyuba: That there is only 90,000 Happy birthday greetings – beautiful compilation

Happy Birthday!

Knocks Birthday at the window – knock knock!
Let the joyful beat echo his heart!
Let the dream fall into the hands of a star!
Let kindness always surround!
Let the energy beat with a powerful key,
Health will slay all diseases with a sword,
Let the dream rise to the very skies
And they are waiting for salutes of miracles on your birthday!

Happy birthday, I congratulate you
And I want to wish you with all my heart,
Regardless of any quarantine,
Better to celebrate it before!
So that good toasts sounded,
So that conversations flow like a river,
So that everyone forgot about business
And bathed in goodness and love!
Inspired by this love
Let your dream fly into the sky!
Strength to you and, of course, health,
Not a microbe on the way!

I hasten to congratulate you with a modest line,
I wish you great love in your heart,
I wish you kindness and warmth on the way –
And the way to go easily and with a smile!
So that successes run after you,
So that bright people surround you,
To seek wealth, honor, respect!
Health and happiness to you! Happy Birthday!

Let life surprise you with an unexpected surprise
Fill the heart with optimism,
Make dreams and dreams come true!
Happy birthday to you,
May it always accompany you,
Good luck to all worthy goals,
And may they slow down the course of the year!

I hasten to wish you a happy birthday!
And I want to wish you,
So that any achievements,
As before, were on the shoulder!
I wish you endless love,
As in a romantic movie!
Good health, of course,
It won’t hurt!
I wish you to live always in abundance!
As many bright days as possible!
And the happiest and smoothest
I wish you life paths!

Happy Birthday! I want to wish love – hot as the sun; happiness – endless, like the Universe; and, of course, good health.May any wish you make today come true as soon as possible, and all your plans come true exactly the way you want it. More congratulations in prose

May you not be sad on your birthday,
Only the year has increased and there is nothing to regret,
You will keep all your bright feelings,
And remember them always in the future!
Let luck follow you,
I wish your dreams come true,
Let there be a fairy tale with miracles in life!
Good luck, prosperity, kindness!

Happy birthday,
I wish you joy, goodness,
Bright plans for embodiment,
Love, warmth.
Days of happy and prosperity,
The most joyful minutes,
Let worries and sorrows,
Forever leave you!

Let the days fly past, passing by,
They will fall into the piggy bank of experience.
No need to regret and be sad about them,
But only with gratitude to let them go.
And on my birthday I want to wish
It is rich and happy to live and live,
Offenses, not to know, not to know,
To catch great happiness in your palms.

Happy Birthday! Let it start with warmth!
Let the words of the heart be remembered!
Let the smiles of friends keep warm,
So that the stream of fun washed away the sadness from your soul!
So that joy poured into the glass with wine,
So that fate is generous, and life is good,
So that diseases and troubles disappear, so that away,
Every day, so that you get high, get high every night!
Every moment to spend in love and kindness,
Get younger, healthier and bloom every day!
So that happiness hurries to your doorstep!
So that your dreams come true and God bless you!

Happy birthday to you!
We wish you the best!
Love, prosperity, happiness and luck,
Prosperity, and only that,
What the heart dreams of relentlessly,
And what you want to accomplish so much,
The long-awaited holiday has come today,
To make all your hopes come true!

Let not only on your birthday
There will be joy, laughter, flowers!
May you live with pleasure,
May your dreams come true.
Good and light feelings
Let them charm like spring.
And the soul, warmed with warmth,
Will be full of joy!

A wonderful day! What a pity that once a year …
But let it pass just incomparably,
And the wishes that I will say now,
Let everything come true easily and carefree:
Great happiness for a whole long century,
Good health, in all matters luck,
And let the sun shine in the eyes,
Let everything fulfill the holiday – Birthday!

Happy birthday!
This is your personal holiday.
I wish you inspiration,
Bright stars above your head!
May fortune love you,
Happiness, joy – forever.
And always remember the main thing:
You are a wonderful person!

I wish you on your birthday
Health, happiness and warmth,
For luck to smile,
And life was wonderful.
In a family of love and understanding,
To rest your soul at home.
May wishes come true,
Love is beautiful and big.
Let the generous fate give
More bright, bright days,
And all dreams and expectations
In reality will embody sooner!

Let what dreams come true,
Let the soul fly like a bird,
Let it breathe freely and joyfully,
Let God hear the prayer,
Let faith fly like a banner,
Let the heart never grow old,
Years to spite all – is getting younger,
Let it love and hope!
Let your life be colorfully written,
Let the melody of happiness be heard,
To make all the changes for the better.
Health, love! Happy Birthday!

A New Year is coming for you,
Your New Year is your birthday.
So let me congratulate now,
Forces to wish and luck,
So that these dates do not bring bitterness –
The joy of an instant smile:
All the achievements and colors of the earth
Waiting for you for sure!
Don’t get tired of going through life!
May you be, as before,
On this wonderful and long journey
Faith, love and hope!

Let the house be full of happiness,
And life is full of light!
They fly to you from all sides
Wonderful words!
And may at the festive table
All dreams come true,
When in reality with magic
Suddenly you will turn them!

Congratulations on your birthday
And we want to tell you about everything we wish at this fabulous hour
How we want to please you.
We will fill you with love, as in a fairy tale
Having frightened her with kindness.
Let’s sweeten it with bright paint,
That brings peace and quiet.
And, like a cherry, put on top
We are good luck, warmth and comfort.
Let adversity in fate not disturb you
And forget-me-nots bloom in your soul!

Sincerely, with all my heart I congratulate you on your birthday! First of all, I wish you good health – without it, everything else is nonsense! Always strive for great success! Mutual love and great happiness! Let the bad weather go around! Peace in the family and on earth! Prosperity! Let life give only positive emotions!

Congratulations in your own words

Life goes on, runs and rushes.
But there is no need to be sad.
Let relatives always look
Look tenderly, will be near.
And you don’t need to be a poet,
To understand something very simple:
If life is warmed by warmth,
Then it is worth something.
It doesn’t happen otherwise.
Otherwise we don’t know how:
We get richer, giving,
And we become stronger.
Let care and love
Breathe every moment.
Happiness, joy, health
And success! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday
And I wish you with all my heart,
Endless luck,
Great bright joy.
To live warmly, comfortably,
Under a lucky star.
Among those who are only dear,
Whom do you love with all your soul!

They say that everyone has their own path,
Do not leave it and do not turn.
They say that fate cannot be changed.
Once born – you just need to live.
But I want to wish you
Boldly create your own happiness!
To pave the way by yourself,
And to walk confidently along them.
To meet those who will be happy with you
Anyone can walk along the road.
Let the stars keep you from troubles,
And the light does not go out in your soul!

Happy Birthday! Let everything work out,
Let the road be cloudless,
And the reserves of heat do not end,
So that there is a little bit of everything:
Successful days, success and ups,
And health, and vitality,
So that all the time you want something,
And so that everything must be!

May never be a heavy burden
Years will not fall on your shoulders.
Let the mood be good
Always reigns and heals the soul.
Low clouds will rush past,
And they will always be around
Loved ones, relatives, loved ones.
What else do you need to be happy?
Some more inspiration,
Kindness, warmth and magic.
And let not only on your birthday
Pleasant words sound.

Birthday is a big holiday!
And today we are sending congratulations:
We wish all of you happiness with our souls
And all plans in life – accomplishment!
Let there be many friends around,
A lot of joy, light, luck,
And the support of loved ones,
Will turn into inspiration for you!

What can I wish you today?
First, good health!
More money – that’s two,
To get into your wallet just barely!
And thirdly, sincere love!
Live easily and joyfully!
Let the mood be bright
On a wonderful holiday – on your birthday!

Let the notes of warm joy
Give a birthday,
And remain festive
For a long time the mood.
Let desires come true,
And let joy remain,
And many, many suns
Let it meet in life.

Happy birthday
And I sincerely wish you
A lot of happiness, kindness and luck,
And fewer vicissitudes in fate.
To achieve the set goals,
And to the dream of a long way to overcome!
To be successful and knowledgeable in business,
Do not regret your decisions!

Everyone has moments in life,
When we are not happy with funny jokes,
When obsessive stress pesters
And interest dies out in our favorite affairs …
But in our life it happens,
That fun prevails everywhere,
What is so much energy – even heaps,
That everything is on the shoulder, just a shoulder!
On your birthday, I want to wish you
You and shine, and shine, and glow!
So that there is joy in the soul and that happiness is always!
And the sadness of a minute is just a passing … sometimes…

Let this day begin for you
With moments of caress and warmth,
And let luck touch you,
With the flapping of a blue wing.
To make your birthday happy,
Give good and joy,
Let it pass in the circle of loved ones,
Give energy and strength!

Let the birthday be the start
For the most daring undertakings,
Health, joy, excitement
And the fulfillment of desires!
Confidence in the day to come,
Prosperity, happiness and warmth,
Love, kindness, prosperity,
So that life be wonderful!

Let the sun shine every day,
Let every hour be bright.
And may luck smile,
And not once, but many times.
Let the evil winds blow somewhere,
And all the roads are covered with snow,
And at home the eyes are waiting for relatives,
Peace, care and warmth.
Let there be joy and health,
And let the happy laughter ring.
And he looks at you with love
The angel that keeps you.

What to wish for your birthday?
Of course, happiness and love!
Good luck bright moments
You can easily catch on the fly!
Let everything be in order at home,
Relatives love dearly.
Live financially well,
Don’t worry about anything.
Let inspiration, like a flame,
Always burn in your soul.
For the fulfillment of desires
The limit is not exhausted!

Balloon airy mood,
Soars straight to heaven,
Today is a holiday – birthday,
Native smiles shine everywhere,
And congratulations to the soul:
Live as many years as possible,
May good happiness over you
The sun always shines!

I want to congratulate you on your birthday
And wish you happiness!
Let only the best moments
Always meet in fate!
Let life flow with a fairy tale,
Let your friends be faithful.
Sparkles with the spring sun,
Your bright smile!

Holiday Birthday rang the bell,
Congratulations rushed immediately!
You will be able to resist this onslaught,
Charm and a smile to charm the whole world!
You step into the future today from “that foot”,
Save the holiday atmosphere in your heart,
So that the soul, like the sun, gives light to everyone,
To say to happiness on your holiday: – Hello!

A bouquet of air balloons for you,
And millions of kind words,
Everything that is so necessary for happiness:
Let there be joy and love,
Strong, big health,
Attention of relatives and friends,
And all the best,
In your wonderful birthday, birthday!

Let life be rich in love
And dreams will come true!
This date is not sunset time,
But dawn is for your beauty!
Congratulations on your birthday
And as usual, only from the heart,
We wish you a lot of happiness in your family
And victorious heights in your career!

Happy birthday, congratulations
And I wish you from the bottom of my heart,
To make plans come true
And cherished dreams.
I wish that in life
There were many bright days,
Prosperity, optimism,
Faithful, loyal friends!

A clear, joyful, happy life
We hasten to wish you heartily!
And you do not need to subtract the numbers from the date of the festive, beautiful
Your age is a bouquet of flowers,
What an experience that was thwarted on the way!
We are health, joy, longevity
We wish you to weave into that bouquet!

Happy birthday,
Wish you a bright holiday.
For pleasure
And favorite gifts!
I wish you a lot of happiness,
Mountains of money and success,
It is always great to rest,
Fresh strength, avalanches of laughter!
I wish, as if in a song,
Everyday life would pour like a waterfall,
Loyal friends, so that together
It was joyful, comfortable!

This is not a problem at all,
That they fly like the arrow of the year –
This is – and it was,
Well, it will always be like this!
So, the conclusion is – you need to live,
Do not cry and do not grieve,
And with warmth and grace
Surround the whole space!
You need to appreciate every day,
After all, the thread of life is thin …
And dreams and chances cannot be
Let it go and drop it!
Call for happiness,
Take the world – and surprise!
Birthday in full,
Live very brightly!

Happy birthday,
May dreams come true,
And the time of luck will come,
Positive, kindness!
Let the house be a full cup,
In it, love and peace live,
Let it be your joy,
Laughter, care and comfort!

Let life bring miracles, like a magician,
Each step brings you closer to your dream,
So that only positive waits for a solid ahead
And your heart, like a watch, beat in your chest!
Let the sun draw its tender ray,
For luck, fate will pick up the key,
Let the goodness give both dawn and sunrise,
And so that on your birthday you can open the code for happiness!

They say that the years
Fly away without a trace …
Only this is all – not true,
So to speak, rubbish!
Because every year
Life experience gives
And gives strength to some,
And to others – on the contrary!
I want to wish you,
So that everything is within your reach,
So that you do not go to forever
Neither the pharmacy nor the doctor!
To sing and dance,
To pick stars from the sky,
To enjoy life
And never grieve!
May your years
Be generously watered like water!
Happy Birthday!
In general – happiness forever!

The year has passed – and birthday
You celebrate again.
As if in vivid dreams,
May your dreams come true!
Let them love you without falsity
And they are waiting for your smiles.
Do not be sad, because it will be further
Many joyful minutes!
From the bottom of my heart I wish you
Beautiful stars in the sky!
In short, congratulations!
Be on horseback all the time!

All the best for you today,
Gifts are the best and best words,
On the date of birth, it cannot be otherwise,
Let the Sun and the Earth congratulate,
And of course, I congratulate,
All the best to you, and most importantly – kindness,
Let a cherished dream come true,
May there be happiness and love in full!

Happy birthday!
This is the best day ever.
Let only luck bring
Life a new step!
Let everything work out in everyday life,
Life shines like a diamond,
Let luck smile
Every moment and every hour!

Happy birthday
And I wish you warmly:
Optimism and luck,
All kinds of benefits more.
As if in a fairy tale, let all your wishes come true.
The heart will be filled with joy.
Peace, happiness and love!

On a drop, on a crumb
You are already an adult.
The past years are passing away,
Like childhood dreams.
Now for birthdays
Catch the light of youth
With spring streams
Hope and love!

Happy birthday!
Happiness, joy in the soul!
COVID let the mood
Doesn’t affect at all!
Let, as before, gather together
At the table your friends,
Let poems and toasts flow –
For love and for you!
I wish you all good luck,
New goals and victories,
A pure sky without an edge
And healthy long years!

I wish you laughter on your birthday
In the circle of colleagues, friends, relatives,
A quiet feast, without running,
But with a lot of groovy games!
Let the smile always paint the face,
And things are moving uphill.
So that the Golden Fish is in the net
Got you, gave you everything!
I wish you health and happiness,
Success and love all my life.
So that the joy, prolonging the years,
Was a fellow traveler on the way!

We sincerely want to congratulate you
Happy birthday to your, glorious day!
May good luck always shine on you,
Like the sun in the blue sky!
Happiness in the family, success in work,
Bright achievements in fate!
And may your years last forever –
For everyone’s joy (including yourself!)

I congratulate, loving,
Sincerely, sincerely!
Happy birthday to you,
Happy new rebirth!
Do not count the dates of your life,
Looking into the distance with a smile,
Boldly walk in your destiny,
As if on a parade!
Only happiness let you
Every day meets,
Your blue bird
Flies high!

What to wish for your birthday?
Mutual love and prosperity,
Do not know losses and sorrows,
The road in life is only smooth!
To reach the greatest peaks,
Not noticing the years of running,
Do not deceive, do not sin,
Become strong, wise, almighty!

The clock cannot be stopped,
Slowing down the flow of time.
But still there is no need to be sad
About the fleeting moments.
After all, every day is like a white sheet,
And we are artists in part.
And if you are pure in soul,
You will draw happiness on it!
Let there be a lot ahead
Discoveries, joyful emotions!
And let on the path of life
Everything that you dream about succeeds!

On a wonderful birthday
We hasten to wish you
Hope and aspirations
Make it a reality!
Good luck and luck,
Smiles and warmth,
So that life, like an adventure,
Was saturated!

Let me hug you tightly,
On this wonderful Day of the year,
Everyone probably congratulated you,
Now I will say the words:
With all my heart and soul,
Great happiness and love,
And wave your hand at sadness,
After all, the best is still ahead!

Get lost today in congratulations,
And you can drown in gifts,
After all, today is a birthday,
And even if you want to feel sad,
I will say one thing – you have no right,
And let a smile shine on your face,
And the main thing is to say of course it is necessary: ​​
Live happily, long on earth!

Birthday! Year in the piggy bank …
Life, God forbid, love you ardently,
And fall in love, like seventeen,
And gain health!
So that you are not afraid of obstacles,
And go forward, laugh,
Win and conquer,
Do not hit your face in the dirt!
Let Providence guide you!
Only good to you! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations from us
On your birthday,
We are with friendly passion
From our hearts we bear!
So that there were assets
For a beautiful life!
So that it was for happiness
Absolutely everything!
Let the sun shine!
And fervently plays
Let the flame of desires
In hot blood!
Health, good luck!
One hundredfold return
From good deeds
And feelings of love!

Happy birthday!
Let him be the best!
The most generous for fun,
The most fabulous, lucky!
May fortune on a happy day
Embrace it,
So that you pass by quickly
All adversity and bad weather!
To be prosperous, understanding,
I wish you joy in the family,
All is beautiful and prosperity,
Happiness and love without an edge!

Without any introduction,
Without any ceremony,
I wish you on your birthday
Love, kindness, harmony.
Let the disease not torment,
Let the viruses disappear,
So that the “pluses” come to visit – a cloud
And so that the “minuses” pass by!
Let the heart glow,
Let it be believed and loved!
Everything that the soul desires,
Let it come true!

You have a holiday today,
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!
I wish your happiness to be,
Huge, immense and great!
There are more joyful moments in life,
And there are only sincere people nearby,
Pleasant words, smiles, compliments,
Reliable, loyal, loyal friends!

Years run and in their stream
We sometimes do not notice,
That once a year with love lines
are dedicated to us with all their hearts!
And again the birthday comes,
It doesn’t matter at what time.
Let a miracle come into your life,
The sparkle of happy eyes does not fade away!

We wish you on your birthday
Magical, youthful beauty,
And so that wonderful moments
Suddenly, a garden bloomed in your soul!
May good luck be lit by a beacon
There are all the lights inside all the happiness!
And he does not spare his life for surrender:
Hope, Faith and Love!

Let the superfluous – be erased,
Unnecessary – go away,
Let the sun caress you,
Let luck await!
May Birthday be
The most beautiful of days!
Let a miracle await you in life
And let happiness await you in it!

Let delight reign in your soul,
Let the dream soar between the stars,
Let your charm and charm
Conquer the whole planet!
So as not to calm the enthusiasm,
To not blame fate,
To embrace the immense world with your heart on your birthday

We wish you this birthday
(As, however, on any of the days)
You are in a festive mood,
Warmth from relatives and friends,
So that sorrows pass by,
So that everything happened, succeeded,
So that what is always dreamed,
Now it has come true for sure!

Of course there are a lot of days a year,
But we will not forget this day,
Today the sun has become brighter,
And I want to drink wine,
For your good health,
For your personal birthday!
And congratulations with love,
Let them flow like a river today!

Life flies at full speed,
Here in the archive and again “plus a year”,
Let this “plus” not crush
Soul, like a heavy burden.
And let it be the other way around –
He will remove all worries,
Let him dispel all adversity,
So that years will be in the joy of life!
So that problems, troubles – in the negative,
In the negative so that the disease and the virus …
Well, in the plus – success, luck,
Happy birthday!

We sincerely congratulate you,
On this date, dear,
And no one will let anyone tell lies,
Only once a year is such a day,
It’s your birthday today,
And wishes for you,
All plans in a moment of implementation,
And happiness hundreds of times more!

Let them storm you tonight
Wishes one hundred thousand five hundred!
Clear goals, direct paths
Towards the conquest of new heights!
Desires must be formed together
And set direction to fate!
Let all the best in life happen!
Happy Birthday! Happiness to you!

Birthday is coming –
This is a reason for fun!
Let the perky laugh sound!
Let success come to you,
And health and wealth!
Let your dreams come true,
As if in a fairy tale, like in a movie!
Everything that has been dreamed for a long time,
Let it happen soon!
Move forward boldly,
Without losing your inspiration!
In a word, happy birthday!

We wish everything that is needed in life,
How can she please:
Love, health, happiness, friendship.
Wealth, joy in full.
We sincerely congratulate you
And helm the warmth of our hearts,
We wish you good luck for many years,
May all troubles come to an end!

Happy Birthday!
And of course – to you!
After all, it’s not too late to admit,
That I always love you!
Let health only grow stronger,
Good multiplies …
Happy who does not notice,
How many things have passed there!

Eternal leaf fall
Years fly by,
Everyone is in a hurry somewhere
A flock of cranes …
But you don’t need to be sad
Every birthday:
Life will still whirl you with a spring stream!
In addition to falling leaves,
There are winter and summer,
There will be sunsets,
There will be sunrises!

Happy birthday
We congratulate you!
And a degree drink
We’ll put it on the table!
Festively dressed,
We wait and languish:
Happiness, longevity
We strive to wish!
Let the money multiply
In your pocket!
Let everything in life turn out
Cool, like in a novel!

Worrying that there is nothing to be cunning,
And not finding the right words,
We congratulate you on your birthday
From the bottom of my heart now you.
May everything beautiful in the world
You will meet on your way:
Love, luck, fresh wind,
So that luckily it is fun to go!

There are different celebrations,
Hundreds of bright days,
But such a holiday
No relatives to be found!
YOUR birthday,
Not all over the world –
Here are congratulations
Only for YOU are mine!
So that sheer joy,
So that dreams fly!
Others with envy
Opened their mouths!

We congratulate you on your birthday!
We wish you all the best in your life!
Happiness, success, fun, health!
Let the house be filled with light and love!
The fastest career in the world,
To this career – money without measure!
Honors, glory, love and good luck,
A yacht, a car and a dacha to boot!

Happy Birthday! Let your path be long, joyful.
Let luck not forget
Be sure to drop in,
Crane or tit –
Everyone knows this better.
Let the good happen
And last for many days

Carried away by the event,
We will speak in rhyme, in time.
British scientists
This discovered the fact:
The more birthdays,
The longer we live.
And so, congratulations
We are bringing ours to the house.
Having come in large numbers for the holiday
Almost in the morning,
We wish you all success,
And all the best!

Once a year, as it should be,
“Let them run” will be sung for you,
And the faces will sparkle with goodness,
At the table, all the relatives “will land”!
There will be a birthday cake, sweets
And a couple of intoxicating drops in a glass,
Congratulations and “many years”,
If only you had it for joy!
If only you were healthy and cheerful,
So that your nose never hangs,
So that luck – in all directions!
Be happy always! Happy Birthday!

Pearl dew and a whirlwind of comets,
Fair winds, planetary parades!
Today the whole world sends greetings,
And on your birthday, accept this one too:
Let the sounds become music for you,
And the Guardian Angel will descend from heaven,
Happy lanes in your life
Will find and give a happy flight!

And we have prepared a poem for you,
And in every line there is sincerity, kindness.
May all desires that were not fulfilled
Rather come true for this celebration,
After all, a birthday is always a special day,
There is a piece of a fairy tale in it, magic,
Founded for happiness, joy and miracles,
We wish you all the best, Total!

Congratulations on your birthday
And we wish you, our hero,
Jolly mood:
Straight of this – even if you fall, even if you stop.
On this noisy day
Remember: you are highly respected!
We will celebrate culturally, but violently,
And not only will we drink for free…

Today is your personal holiday!
You do it well!
I wish the sun to shine overhead by all means!
Let the wagon get presents!
One hundred points – the mood!
And life will merge into one bottle
Love, health and luck!

Life is like chess … Move … Another move …
Move – and now another year will be lived!
Although, alas, it is not easy to play with life,
But it is still far from the outcome …
So play, dear, do not rush,
For joy and heart!
Twice, alas, this life cannot be lived,
So be able to cherish every day!
Go on the road with honor,
Be always the first, always ahead!

Only kind words,
In the holiday verse,
And there are a lot of wishes,
And they are all for you,
In honor of your birthday from the heart,
Health and money,
More, of course, love,
At a price of one hundred carats!

Although they say that
Birthday is a sad holiday,
And someone wants to get around it,
Do not know different memories,
But stations are needed on the way.
Look back without regret,
Look forward with hope,
May every birthday in life
Only bring joy!
Your dawns will still rise
And a new day will come again,
And there will be new victories,
And peace, and happiness, and love!

Love and happiness on your birthday
We hasten to wish you cordially,
Every moment today
It should be a pleasant surprise!
Harmony and prosperity,
Strength and health for years!
Mutual understanding in the family
And let joy always reign!

May rain come into your life more often
From pure, bright happiness!
And they sink ships like in the sea
From bad weather, bad weather!
Let the heart sing from dawn to dawn,
About peace, love and passion,
That whirlwind takes you away from the earth
And divides life with someone into parts!

Happy birthday to you
I am from the purest heart!
I wish you unlimited happiness,
And let the doors open to the dream!
May good luck never leave you!
Let the Universe hear desires,
Solving any problems,
Helping to take off even higher!
May victories await you,
And let there be plenty of health!
May you be warm all the time
And the hugs of your family, and smiles!

90,000 Postcard about love.The most unusual 3d love card.

A postcard about love is available to everyone.

Hello, dear readers of the blog Rustam Zakirov is in touch and I have another article for you, the topic of which is an unusual 3d postcard about love. As usual, our postcard will be radically different from ordinary 3d postcards. Indeed, in our postcard, the effect of volume will be achieved not due to cut-out colored paper and cardboard, but due to a special 3d image.Thanks to this, the postcard will look as realistic as possible.

Such a 3d postcard is intended especially for a photo. In photographs, such a postcard is difficult to distinguish from real objects. An ignorant person may not even understand that this is a photo of a 3d postcard, and not a real-life object.

How easy and simple it is to make any 3d postcards.

You yourself can easily create such voluminous postcards. The choice of a possible image for such 3d postcards is not limited by anything.

In this case, I just took a picture from the Internet, here it is.

And then, using a special universal form for translation into 3d, in a couple of minutes I converted it into 3d format. Everything is very easy and simple.

If you also want to create such voluminous postcards, on any topics that interest you, GET A UNIVERSAL FORM FOR TRANSLATION IN 3D. And we are moving on to our postcard.

3d postcard – heart.

In order for you to have the same postcard, you need to do the following.I give you a ready-made postcard, already translated into 3d format, here it is.

You need to save it to your computer (USB flash drive or laptop). To do this, right-click on the picture and select the Save Picture As section. Then you need to print this picture on a color printer and preferably on photo paper. You can do this anywhere that provides photo printing services.

The service is very common and is also not expensive.You choose the format of the sheet yourself. I have printed on A4 size. After we have printed our postcard, fold it in half. Make sure that the fold line does not fall into the image. That’s all our postcard is ready, let’s see how it looks in the photo.

How to take pictures correctly.

We take pictures in such a way that the image of our postcard is as similar as possible to the original (picture from the Internet). Regular postcards are not photographed, but yours will definitely be photographed and posted on the Internet.Most importantly, do not forget to warn that this is a special postcard and that it needs to be photographed. It’s best to just show how she looks in the photo.

Postcard about love. The most unusual 3d love card. Instead of a thousand words

Our inside of the postcard is ready. Just grab it and paste it into a regular store postcard. You can cut the 3d postcard in half and paste only the part with the image, and the second half with the congratulatory text.

In this way you can get the most memorable and unusual postcard about love. Such 3d postcards can be made on an industrial scale using the SPECIAL UNIVERSAL FORM FOR TRANSLATION TO 3d. Go for it!

If you liked the article or have any questions, please do the following (it will help a lot):

  1. Leave a comment. Just write whether you liked the postcard about love or not, write what kind of 3d postcard you would like to see in the following articles.Let me remind you that the author of the best commentary will receive a valuable and very useful prize.
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And good luck to you, bye …

Best regards, Rustam Zakirov.


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