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Goyard Bag Prices

There is no designer brand like Goyard that kept their prices, colors and information about new releases hidden. Their website contains limited information and occasionally they will inform us about the upcoming collection but that’s where the rope stops. On this page, we do our best to gather as much Goyard bag prices as possible, we try to include the prices of US dollars, euro, GBP (UK), Singapore dollars, Japanese Yen, Australia dollars, Hong Kong dollars, Canadian dollars, but it’s not always that easy. If you find more information, do put them in the comment section, so we can keep this page fresh.

Goyard is famous for personalizing your accessories and in almost all of their handbags you can choose to put names, stripes, numbers or initials on it. These are all hand painted.

The famous 3D chevron print is hand painted as well and is embellished in the majority of their handbags. But what makes the house really popular is the revolutionary Goyardine Canvas that’s crafted on the classic Saint Louise Tote Bag. While it was introduced in 18’s, the production of this material has been discontinued after World War 2. It has been reintroduced when Jean Micheal Signoles took over the company in 1998. The original color of the Goyardine Canvas was black, but Jean expanded the color options. In the Goyard Saint Louis Bag review, we will talk more about this material.

Goyard classified their prices in two categories – the Classic Colors and the Special Colors. The Classic Colors consists of black and black with trim. All other colors are categorized in the Special Colors. Since September 2014, the color red has also moved to the category of Special Colors.

Now that you’re well informed about the basic information, let’s head on to the details, shall we?

Goyard Saint Louis Bag Prices

Meet the Saint Louis Tote – the holygrail of Goyard. It’s one of the well-known handbag in fashion and has been loved by many fashionista’s around the globe. It’s the perfect bag for the busy woman, world-travellers and anyone looking for a timeless tote that weight as light as feather. And not only that, the bag is functional as well.

Established in 1853, the brand Goyard is one of the oldest Parisian trunk makers and it’s a true traditional family business. Throughout the years, the company has been passed from father to son, from generation to generation. As per today, the house is known as the queen of all Monograms as the brand is just one year older than Louis Vuitton.

The Goyard Saint Louis Tote is their signature Bag and is embellished with Goyardine Canvas. The Goyardine was invented by Edmond in 1892, it’s inspired by the history of his family and is truly a revolutionary material as it looks like real leather from appearance. But it’s actually made from natural coated cloth, mixed with cotton, hemp and lining. The material also contributes to the success of the Goyard Saint Louis Bag, because it’s durable, impeccable yet soft and waterproof. The manufacture technique for processing and creating the Goyardine Canvas has remained secret within the family.

Styles Latest Prices
Goyard Saint Louis PM Bag in Classic Colors $1200 USD, €970 euro (835 eur in Paris), £780 GBP, ¥158000 Yen
Goyard Saint Louis PM Bag in Special Colors $1560 USD, €1085 euro, £1050 GBP, $2090 SGD, around ¥200000 Yen
Goyard Saint Louis GM Bag in Classic Colors $1490 USD, est.€1125 euro, £905 GBP, $1840 SGD, $9950 HKD
Goyard Saint Louis GM Bag in Special Colors $1795 USD, €1350 euro, £1140 GBP, $2400 SGD
Goyard Saint Louis PM Bag 19′ x 11′ x 6′ inches
Goyard Saint Louis GM Bag 23′ x 13′ x 7′ inches

Goyard Anjou Reversible Tote Prices

The next bag that has been warmly received by the fashion industry is the Goyard Anjou Bag. With a design very similar to the Goyard Saint Louis Tote, it carries the same attractiveness and charisma. The ‘reversible version’ named the Goyard Anjou Reversible Tote is a new design released in the early 2016. This bag is called reversible because it can be reversed from the inside and change the bag with Goyardine Canvas Print to a solid color handbag.

Basically the Goyard Anjou Reversible Bag is two bags in one. You can change it depending on your mood or circumstances to fit to your outfit. While it comes in variations of gorgeous colors, the bag features several new additions that you will love. First it comes with an internal pouch and secondly it’s supported with a chic luggage tag. For those who love personalization, you can add your own initials on the bag.

The ‘Reversible’ option is truly the evidence that Goyard can innovate. The Anjou Reversible Bag is mixed of classic and modern style at the same time. The Goyardine Canvas Print is creates a vintage look while the solid color gives the impression of a modern bag. The Luggage Tag is not reversible, so it remains covered in the Goyardine Print. However, the luggage tag does add a little spiciness on the appearance.

Please note: the Goyard Residence Luggage Tag is not included. The price is $330 USD for the classic color (black) and $425 USD for the Special Colors. (prices as per 2015)

Styles Latest Prices
Goyard Anjou Reversible TPM Bag in Special Colors €1795 euro
Goyard Anjou Reversible PM Bag in Classic Colors $2450 USD, €1650 euro
Goyard Anjou Reversible PM Bag in Special Colors $2700 USD, €2145 euro
Goyard Anjou Reversible GM Bag in Classic Colors $2450 USD, €1950 euro
Goyard Anjou Reversible GM Bag in Special Colors $3180 USD, €2535 euro
Goyard Anjou Reversible TPM Tote (mini) 11′ x 8′ x 4. 25′ inches
Goyard Anjou Reversible PM Tote 19′ x 11′ x 6′ inches
Goyard Anjou Reversible GM Tote 23′ x 13′ x 7′ inches

Goyard Belvedere Bag

Styles Latest Prices
Goyard Belvedere PM Bag in Classic Colors €1405 euro
Goyard Belvedere PM Bag in Special Colors €1825 euro (old price, 2018), €1990 euro (new price as per 2019)
Goyard Belvedere MM Bag in Classic Colors €1575 euro
Goyard Belvedere PM Bag 8.5′ x 6.75′ x 2.5′ (L x H x D) inches
Goyard Belvedere MM Bag 11′ x 9′ x 3′ (L x H x D) inches

Goyard Saigon Bag Prices

Styles Latest Prices (July 2017)
Goyard Saigon PM Bag $4770 USD
Goyard Saigon PM Bag 11′ x 4. 5′ x 8′ (L x W x H) inches
Goyard Saigon MM Bag 14′ x 10′ x 7′ (L x H x D) inches

Goyard Jeanne Bag Prices

Styles Latest Prices (July 2017)
Goyard Jeanne MM Bag in Classic Colors $2120 USD
Goyard Jeanne PM Bag 11′ x 7′ x 3′ (L x H x D) inches
Goyard Jeanne MM Bag 14′ x 9′ x 4′ (L x H x D) inches
Goyard Jeanne GM Bag 16′ x 5′ x 11′ (L x H x D) inches

Goyard Sainte Marie Clutch Prices

Styles Latest Prices (July 2017)
Goyard Sainte Marie Clutch in Classic Colors $1030 USD, £710 GBP
Goyard Sainte Marie Clutch in Special Colors $1380 USD, £925 GBP
Goyard Sainte Marie Clutch 11. 8′ x 6.2′ inches (W x H)

Goyard Artois Bag Prices

Styles Latest Prices
Goyard Artois PM Bag in Classic Colors $1725 USD
Goyard Artois PM Bag in Special Colors $2245 USD, €1465 euro
Goyard Artois MM Bag in Classic Colors $2035 USD, €1325 euro, £1235 GBP
Goyard Artois MM Bag in Special Colors $2625 USD, €1725 euro (with €207 VAT back)
Goyard Artois PM Bag 12′ x 5.25′ x 9.5′ (L x W x H) inches
Goyard Artois MM Bag 14.5′ x 6.25′ x 11′ (L x H x D) inches

Goyard Voltaire Bag Prices

Styles Latest Prices
Goyard Voltaire Bag in Classic Colors $2300 USD, €1135 euro, £1025 GBP
Goyard Voltaire Bag in Special Colors €1430 euro
Goyard Voltaire Bag 18′ x 14′ x 5′ (L x H x D) inches

Goyard Croisiere Bag Prices

Styles Latest Prices (July 2017)
Goyard Croisiere Bag in Classic Colors $2470 USD
Goyard Croisiere 35 Bag 13′ x 7′ x 7′ (L x H x D) inches
Goyard Croisiere 45 Bag 19′ x 9′ x 9′ (L x H x D) inches
Goyard Croisiere 60 Bag 25′ x 12′ x 13′ (L x H x D) inches

Goyard Sac Hardy Pet Bag Prices

Styles Latest Prices (July 2017)
Goyard Sac Hardy Pet PM Bag in Classic Colors $2160 USD
Goyard Sac Hardy Pet PM Bag in Special Colors €1910 euro
Goyard Sac Hardy Pet GM Bag in Classic Colors €1700 Euro
Goyard Sac Hardy Pet Bag 16′ x 11′ x 6. 5′ (L x H x D) inches

Goyard Bellachase Bag Prices

Styles Latest Prices (July 2017)
Goyard Bellachase PM Bag $1750 USD, €1320 euro (jul 2018 price)
Goyard Bellachase GM Bag in Classic Colors €1735 euro
Goyard Bellachase GM Bag in Special Colors €2260 euro
Goyard Bellachase PM Bag 14′ x 10′ x 5.75′ (L x H x D) inches
Goyard Bellachase GM Bag 22′ x 12′ x 7′ (L x H x D) inches

Goyard Monte Carlo Clutch Prices

Styles Latest Prices (July 2017)
Goyard Monte Carlo Clutch €2080 euro
Goyard Monte Carlo Clutch 12′ x 7′ x 1′ (L x H x D) inches

Goyard Grand Blue Bag Prices

Styles Latest Prices (July 2017)
Goyard Grand Blue Bag in Special Colors $2700 USD
Goyard Grand Blue Bag 15′ x 12′ x 3′ (L x H x D) inches

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 Um I usually agree with you on trends etc. but all of the bags shown here (except perhaps the loewe and valentino) have been around for at least a couple of years. Looking at them in a group like this does not a trend make.

Social media has taken over our lives; everyone is connected at all times on multiple platforms. I am still an Instagram girl at heart, though I love updating our accounts @purseblog and @pursesandpaws. Our community on PurseForum has grown drastically over the last 10 years, and while everyone is sharing their latest and greatest purchases on tPF, they are also sharing on social media. What better way to combine the two than by launching @purseforum on Instagram, exclusively featuring the bags of our lovely community?

Is Hermes possibly doing the unthinkable,goyard messenger bag, and trying out leather tanning and manufacturing in China? If they are fighting fixing this problem, it may be the case, sadly. Rich Chinese from China are most likely the ones driving the demand for new bags in recent years, so perhaps they are attempting to move production of parts of the bag to the far less quality conscious Chinese, themselves? Especially if they seem to be resisting the issue. If this is the case, I believe the brand should be boycotted until they shape up and return the brand to the quality it once was with French manufacturing, including all leather and hardware production. They need to be taught that they can not cheapen a product, yet keep raising the price. The only way companies learn is if customers show them what they want. we ultimately have the power to drive markets, always remember that. Write letters, demand perfection. Demand that tbey fix the problem. Question the manufacturing. Make them answer.

My point of mentioning Valentino is that despite its trendiest/tackiness or however it has been received, it has staying power. I hated the bag until last summer when I changed my mind. But whether EVERYONE is in agreement with a bag that s hot or NO ONE is wearing the bag, bag lovers wear what strikes her fancy. Not because many are in agreement. I don t see the fascination with several labels but my opinion doesn t dictate whether the bag is valuable or cheap.

The whale and turtle are cute and nice conversation pieces. What I love most is the black briefcase as it s a modern take on an old school classic. The other ones are too feminine. My husband thinks that they look like handbags.

Ok, now i m dying to get my hands on one. They re pretty in photos even better in person and brings so much class to an outfit. Instant fashion points for its owner. le sigh to be able to afford one (fb)

I agree with you about shoulder bags. I ve been looking for a new bag and my favorites have all been shoulder bags. And yes,goyard trunk, the Lanvin bag is the perfect size. I would love to have it in the special brocade fabric! I never buy a bag without trying it in real life, but I m tempted to just go for it and pre-order.

Kate Beckinsale never leaves home without pinpoint perfect hair and make-up. Here she is JFK, looking immaculate, per usual, and carrying a washed sheepskin leather Givenchy Pandora. Please tone it down, Kate, you\’re setting the bar far too high for the rest of us.

I have a Speedy 25 that I only used for a year that I plan to pass on to my daughter. She s only 2 now but she admires it whenever we re in my closet. It really depends on the child and while she may be ready to carry the bag when she s 9, I was traumatized when someone stole my Swatch watch at that age so I will wait until she s old enough to appreciate the value and know how to protect herself from others wanting to take advantage of her.

Maison Goyard New York | Flagship Store, Upper East Side

Category:  Flagship Store
Neighborhood:  Upper East Side
Address:  20 East 63rd Street

New York, 10065
Tel:  212 813 0005
Website:  www.goyard.com
Email:  [email protected]
Owner:  Jean-Michel Signoles
Architects/ Interior Design/ Artwork:  David Thomas

          Mathieu Matgot, Braqueni, Jacques Adnet

          Gilbert Poillerat
Spaces:  First Floor:  Handbag Selection, Courtyard

          Second Floor:  Cabinet of Curiosities, Accessories

          Vintage Trunk Library, Drawing Room

Maison Goyard

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The 2020 Goyard Tote Price Guide

Over the last couple of years, bags from Goyard have skyrocketed in popularity.  Goyard is a French brand that has long been considered a holy-grail for luxury totes. Today, we see Goyard totes all over the Instagram, worn by our favorite influencers and fashion bloggers. What’s particularly interesting about Goyard is that unlike other luxury fashion houses, they don’t engage much with social media. Yet, the interest around the brand is growing. Surprising? Not really, as we all very well know that secrecy is a part of the appeal.

It’s a rather difficult task to find the current Goyard bag prices online. They don’t get listed on brand’s website. Not even to mention that Goyard does not do online sales. So, if you cannot shop in boutique, the only way for you to get your hands on their bags would be through resellers. In this blog post I would like to focus on discussing the three popular Goyard totes – the Saint Louis, Anjou and Artois – their current retail prices, as well as how you can get your hands on one.

Disclaimer: prices in this blog post are listed for information purposes only.  Actual prices in boutiques may vary.

Goyard Saint Louis Tote


The bag from Goyard that we see most frequently on social media is their Saint Louis Tote. The bag comes in two sizes: PM and GM. GM being the larger size. The Saint Louis Tote is made of classic Goyardine canvas. The bag comes with a petite, attached pochette. It has an open top, which provides an easy access. However, the bag itself is relatively slouchy. Sounds similar to a Neverfull, right!? Many consider the Goyard Saint Louis Tote in GM size a better alternative to a Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM. You do have a larger color choice with the Saint Louis Tote. When it comes to personalization, Goyard also gives more freedom to choose how much/little you want to get done.

Goyard Saint Louis Tote Prices 2020

Price ($) Classic Colors

Price ($) Special Colors

Goyard Saint Louis PM



Goyard Saint Louis GM



Goyard Anjou Tote

Another very popular tote bag model from Goyard is Anjou. Unlike the Saint Louis Tote that is fully made of canvas, the Anjou Tote is also made of leather. The leather is on the interior side of the bag. However, one significant advantage of the Goyard Anjou Tote is that the bag is reversible, meaning that the leather interior can become the exterior. So, technically, with the Anjou Tote you get two bags at once. In addition, the Anjou is more structured than the Saint Louis. The bag also features slightly thicker straps.

Goyard Anjou Tote Prices 2020

Price ($) Classic Colors

Price ($) Special Colors

Goyard Anjou PM



Goyard Anjou GM



Goyard Artois Tote

The Goyard Artois Tote, just like the Saint Louis Tote, is made of the classic Goyardine canvas. However, the Artois Tote has much more structure to it. The bag features leather corners that hold its shape even when the tote is empty. Another positive thing about the Artois Tote, is that is has a zipper closure, unlike other Goyard bags discussed in this blog post. Furthermore, the bag features longer straps and comes with an interior pocket that would securely hold all of your most important essentials.

Goyard Artois Tote Prices 2020

Price ($) Classic Colors

Price ($) Special Colors

Goyard Artois PM



Goyard Artois MM



Where to buy Goyard online?

As I’ve mentioned in the beginning of this blog post, Goyard does not do online sales. However, thanks to the retailers on the secondary market, we are still able to buy Goyard without having to visit their boutiques. Among such retailers are Fashionphile, theRealReal and Rebag. With them you can shop both new and pre-loved Goyard items with a 100% Authenticity Warranty, or your money back.

Explore a collection of Goyard items currently for sale on Fashionphile

Shop Goyard on theRealReal

Check out a selection of Goyard items for sale on Rebag


Goyardluxury shopping

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Goyard Watch Box. Where Hand-Painted Personalization Makes a Difference. — WATCH COLLECTING LIFESTYLE

While there are many wonderful European maisons to choose from, one of our favorite for the past three or four years has been Maison Goyard. Maison Goyard originally started as the House of Martin in 1792 by Pierre-Fraçois Martin specialized in box-making, trunk-making and packing. Originally the brand was known as a specialist in box-making, trunk-making and packing. Pierre-Fraçois Martin was the guardian of a young woman named Pauline whom he arranged to marry his employee, Louis-Henry Morel. As her dowry for her wedding, Pierre-Fraçois Martin gave his business to Morel. In 1834, the House of Martin moved its store from 4, rue Neuve des Capucines to 347, rue Saint-Honoré. Even though the postal address changed to 233, rue Saint-Honoré in 1856 on account of a new street numbering system, its location has remained the same ever since.

Eleven years later in 1845, Morel hired a young 17-year old boy named François Goyard. Under the tutelage of Martin and Morel, young Goyard learned the craft of trunk making. After Morel’s sudden death in 1852, François Goyard took over the company. The canvas used to make all Goyard good is called the Goyardine canvas. When Edmond Goyard created the Goyardine canvas in 1892, he was inspired by his family history: the piled up dot pattern clearly hints at logs driven by his ancestors, and, although its appearance is similar to leather, the Goyardine is made with the same natural coated cloth mixing linen and cotton that the Compagnons de Rivières used for their garments. At once hard-wearing, soft and waterproof, the Goyardine proved a true technical revolution at a time when other trunk-makers were using plain linen cloth. Like all family secrets, the exact manufacturing process of the Goyardine remains strictly confidential. Though it was originally hand-painted, the current process requires a ground-color application, followed by three successive layers of etching colors that create its trademark slightly raised pattern. Moreover, the Goyardine increases in beauty with age.

All the Different Colors of Goyard Bags

The Goyard brand, initially founded as a family-owned business, has been well known throughout Europe for its custom-made trunks and hand-painted Chevron patterns. Goyard now offers 4 distinct product lines available in different sizes and colors: handbags, travel goods, special orders (custom made leather goods) and even pet accessories.

In 2002, over 100 years after the Goyard brand was established, Goyard handbags introduced 12 new colors on top of the Classic Black Chevron color. When ordering a Goyard, you now have your choice of the picking from the “Classic Colors” or the “Special Colors.  

There are two classic color options for Goyard handbags. One classic option is the black chevron printed canvas with black leather trim surrounding the bag and handles whereas the other classic color option is the same black canvas with a brown leather trim and handles. These handbags are great if you’re searching for an everyday tote that will match any season and style.

The special colors were introduced in 2002 and include white, grey, red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, navy, and burgundy. With so many Goyard color options to choose from, everyone is bound to fall in love with one.

A grey St. Louis is another great, neutral tote that can be worn throughout any season with any look.

The all white Goyard St. Louis is a great bag that will match any summer outfit and let you travel light this season thanks to the  airy feel that the Goyard canvas gives you.

A red St. Louis is the ultimate choice if you’re looking to add a pop of color to your outfit and stand out in the crowd, especially during the holiday season.

Make your days brighter with the yellow Goyardine canvas that is sure to make a statement. This colored Goyard St. Louis is seen on the shoulders of many celebs including Kourtney Kardashian.

The green Goyard chevron canvas is one that you can dress up or dress down depending on the look you are going for. This tote is one that is highly sought after because of its limited availability and rich, emerald green color.

This blue Goyard tote is a must-have if you are looking for a handbag that will add a touch of chic to your life all while maintaining a classic, sophisticated style.

If you are looking for a Goyard that is a bit more subtle but still adds color to your everyday looks, go with the Navy St. Louis.

The bright orange chevron is a top pick for many actresses and musicians such as Kerry Washington (AKA Olivia Pope) and even Kanye West. This bright colored St. Louis is a chic tote that would be a perfect fit for your closet.

The burgundy colored Goyardine is one of the most sought after colors in the Goyard family and  would be a great Autumn handbag choice. Grab yours before it’s too late!

Another Goyard color option is Pink, which was a one-off special color released many years ago. You won’t find them  at Goyard anymore. Fortunately, it is available for buyers and sellers on StockX.

With hundreds of Goyard options on StockX, we want to help you find the color and tote that speaks to you. From choosing a Goyard that suits your taste and lifestyle, to deciding on a special color and personalization, you can rest easy knowing that your Goyard choice will be the perfect bag for you and your style.

Read about all the different types of Goyard totes here.


90,000 Lady checked in: Goyard – a brand with a 225-year history

You’ve probably heard the name Goyard, but you’re not sure what brand it is. Unsurprisingly, a French luggage brand with over 220 years of history prefers to invest in quality over marketing. Nevertheless, today the company is experiencing a renaissance, and among its fans are the first persons of politics, the aristocracy and, of course, the stars.

This is what fashion analysts explain the increased interest of large holdings such as LVMH and Kering in the manufacture, which, despite the absence of advertising in gloss and activity in social networks, bypasses such significant market players as Prada and Louis Vuitton.

Talk about the interest of François-Henri Pinault has been heard for several years, however, it seems that the current owner of the brand, Jean-Michel Signol, who bought it in 1998 and “revived” production, is in no hurry to part with his main asset. The entrepreneur, formerly a dedicated fan of Goyard and a collector of the brand’s products, has managed to breathe new life into it, reviving the company when it seems to be forgotten. Having modernized the design with the help of bright colors, stickers and the possibility of personalization, Signol, nevertheless, did not dare to encroach on the sacred, retaining the basis: the classic shapes of bags and luggage, a recognizable print, as well as the special fabric from which the products are made – “goyardin”. special soft canvas with moisture resistant properties.

The history of Goyard dates back to 1792. It was then that Pierre-François Martin opened Dom Martin, a company producing packaging and boxes that were used to transport goods. The enterprising Frenchman could pack anything – as his advertising campaign says, the company provided transportation and storage services for “fragile furniture and various items – flowers, dresses, hats.” In addition, Dom produced trunks, hangers and luggage, which, according to the archives, were popular because they combined quality and “fair price”.Soon, the “House of Martin” became famous in the circles of the aristocracy, and a few decades later, the flagship workshop opened on the main shopping artery of Paris – rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré. By the way, despite the fact that the numbering of houses has changed and now the boutique is listed under a different number, its location has remained unchanged since 1834.

Mira Doom Nikki Hilton
Kanye West Gwyneth Paltrow
Jada Pinkett Smith Hilary Duff
Kate Moss Madonna



Pierre-François Martin was the trustee of young Pauline and, arranging her marriage with one of his employees, Louis-Henri Morel, gave the business as a dowry.Soon he hired 17-year-old François Goyard, who was trained by Martin and Morel, and after the sudden death of the latter, he headed the company. It was with him that a new, already legendary head of the House began. Under the leadership of Goyard – first his father, a little later his son – the brand continued to grow rapidly, and its clients included international nobility, representatives of royal families, American millionaires and celebrities. Among the fans of Goyard were Pablo Picasso, Este Lauder and Coco Chanel, Romy Schneider, Sarah Bernhardt, Edith Piaf, Cristobal Balenciaga … They say that the princes Romanovs and Rockefellers preferred the luggage and accessories of the brand.Today, the list of famous Goyard buyers includes Madonna, Kanye West, Dita Von Teese, Diane Kruger and two dozen other stars of varying sizes and degrees of recognition.

Despite the lack of advertising and marketing activities, be it accounts on social networks (on the brand’s Instagram, launched a year ago, there are only 78 publications) or online sales, a line is often lined up at the flagship boutique on Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in which they stand with equal patience and aristocratic elderly Parisians with pugs huddling at their feet, and young Asian fashion bloggers, for whom buying an iconic accessory is an opportunity to join history, and at the same time demonstrate fashionable sophistication: despite the outward resemblance, connoisseurs value Goyard almost higher than Louis Vuitton, the store which is located opposite.Buyers are not confused by either the conservatism of the products or their price – from 1,500 to 37,000 euros (for a bag made of crocodile skin), not to mention the luggage, the cost of which can reach several tens of thousands of euros. So, one of the most expensive Goyard bags, stylized in the 19th century, will cost an avid collector $ 52,000, and this is not the limit.

How to pronounce brand names correctly | Mediabitch

We, PR people, are ashamed sometimes not to know how to pronounce the names of leading brands correctly – after all, we often learn from their cases.Not to mention the fact that we ourselves often become consumers of things of famous brands. Once again, after listening to the people around me and watching the release of the program “America’s Next Top Model”, which featured the incomprehensible “christian lacroe” and “hermes”, we decided to prepare this post.

If you have a desire to argue, please, not here. We checked each entry, so if you didn’t hear with your own ears how Christian Lacroix said that his surname is pronounced “Lacroich”, then please don’t argue.We researched a dozen sites of people who do not crawl out of fashion shows and checked the correct pronunciation. We did not include those in which there were discrepancies.

Since there is a big problem with the accent icon in the editor, we will highlight the accent with a capital letter. Let’s make a reservation right away that sometimes several pronunciation options and different pronunciation options are possible in different countries. We will take those that are considered correct in Russia.

Alexander McQueen – [Alexander McQueen]

Giorgio Armani – [Giorgio Armani] / [Giorgio Armani]

Balmain – [balman].Here, please, pay attention: the brand is French, so the combination ai reads like “a”. Some especially advanced ones read, of course, “balmaine”, but you are not one of them, right?

Bulgari – [Bulgari]

Burberry – [Burberry]. Whoever says anything. don’t believe me? Listen.

Byblos – [byblos]

Cacharel – [KasharEl]

Carolina Herrera – [Carolina Herrera]

Cartier – [cartier]

Céline – [Selin]

Chanel – [Chanel].Well, you should know this as Our Father.

Chloé – [CloE]

Christian Dior – [Christian Dior]. Another Our Father.

Christian Louboutin – [Christian Louboutin]. Listen to

Christian Lacroix – [christian lacroix]

Clarins – [klarAns]

Dior Homme – [diOr Ohm]. By the way, a note. Homme means “masculine, man” and is always and everywhere read as [Om]. Femme means “feminine, woman,” and is always and everywhere read as [fam].Accordingly, the names of perfumes “for him” – pour homme – will be read [pur Om], and “for her” – pour femme [pur fam].

Dolce & Gabbana – [Dolce End Gabbana] / [Dolcengabana] / [Dolcegabana]

Dsquared – [diskuairt]. There is also a lot of controversy about this name, but it is pronounced that way.


Emilio Pucci – [Emilio Pucci]

Escada – [escada]

Estée Lauder – [Estée Lauder].There is also an interesting story here. The name appears to be French, although the brand is American. Therefore, in such an abnormal eclecticism, such a hybrid as [estE Loder] has turned out. Listen.

Ermenegildo Zegna – [Ermenegildo Zegna]. But this is a must-know for all men.

Etro – [etro]

Hermès. A very interesting story is happening with this brand. All over the world, including Russia, ordinary people pronounce the brand name as “HerMes”. But it’s not right. French inhabitants, whose land, in fact, gave birth to this brand, read the name of the brand as “Herme”.And they do it right from the point of view of French phonetics – the first letter is mute, the stress is on the last syllable, the last letter is not readable. But French people forget that proper names are exceptions to any rule. The founder of the brand was named Thierry Hermès, so the only correct pronunciation of the brand is [hermes], with not a slight accent, but an aspiration on the first syllable. You can listen here.

Hublot – [Yublo]

Guy Laroche – [gi larOsh]

Gianfranco Ferré – [genfranco ferré]

Givenchy – [Givenchy].The founding father of the brand was called Hubert de Givenchy [YubER de Givenchy]

John Galliano – [john galliano]

Jean-Paul Gaultier – [Jean-Paul Gaultier]

Jimmy Choo – [JIMY CHU]

Gucci – [Gucci]

Guess – [HU]. Vowel – something between “E” and “E”

Jimmy Choo – [JIMY CHU]

Lacoste – [varnish]

Karl Lagerfeld – [Karl Lagerfeld]. And tell these clever Anglomaniacs that Lagerfeld is German.

Levi Strauss – [left strauss].Listen.

Loewe – [loewe]. Listen.

Louis Vuitton – [LOUIS VUITON] / [LOUIS VUITON] / [LOUIS VUITON] – in all three cases “n” is pronounced in the nose

LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) – [el veh em ash], [louI vuiton moët Hennessy]. Listen here and here.

Stella McCartney – [Stella McCartney]

Mandarina Duck – [mandarina dak]

Max Mara – [max mara]

Miu Miu – [miu miu]

Moschino – [Moschino]. The designer’s name is Franco Moschino

Nina Ricci – [Nina Ricci]

Paul Smith – [Paul Smith]

Pierre Cardin – [Pierre Cardin].This is the ideal. Often in Russia they also say “kardEn”. The main thing is not to “cardin”.

Prada – [Prada]. Designer – Miuccia Prada [miUcha prada]

Ralph Lauren – [Ralph Lauren] – again a French-American linguistic setup.

Robert Piguet – [RobEr PigE]

Salvatore Ferragamo – [salvatore ferragamo]

Seiko – [seiko]

Sergio Rossi – [Sergio Rossi]

Sonia Rykiel – [Sonia Rykiel]

Shiseido – [shiseido]

Tommy Hilfiger – [Tommy hilfIge (r)].English, so the last letter is soft read

Tissot – [yew]

Ulysse Nardin – [ulis nardan]. “U” is more like “Yu”. Listen.

Van Cleef & Arpels – [van Cleef & Arpels]

Versace – [versAce]

Viktor & Rolf – [victor & Rolf]

Wyler Genève – [Wyler Genève]

Yohji Yamamoto – [YOji yamamoto]

Yves Saint Laurent – [Yves Saint Laurent]

Zuhair Murad – [Zuhair Murad]

Naturally, I did not cover all the brands here, but at least those that are on everyone’s lips.You can thank in the comments. If you take something to your website or blog, do not forget to throw a direct active link to me.

Especially advanced in the affairs of fashion brands, but not particularly advanced in matters of phonetics, we advise you to watch-listen-read this post by fashion blogger Brian Boy – there he mentions many brands that we did not talk about here.

That’s all, perhaps. Pronounce your favorite brands correctly!

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90,000 Moreau. Reincarnation of an old French brand

Paris-Chance always remains objective in its assessments and selects for you only the very best of what France is rich in.

We start the New Year with a big reportage about a new one – about a fashion brand that creates the best accessories for true connoisseurs.

And as always, the new is the well-forgotten old …

House “Moreau”, a few months ago opened its boutique in Paris at 4, rue Miromesnil 8arr.Paris is a direct reincarnation of an old French company that has existed in Paris since the mid-19th century.

The main activities of Moreau “senior” were the production of high quality travel luggage, packaging and delivery, which was then designated as the specialization of “emballeur-expediteur”. Along with Louis Vuitton , Moynat, Goyard and some other companies, Moreau was actually a prototype of today’s DHL or FedEX.

In January 2012 “Moreau-Paris” got a second life under the leadership of creative director Fyodor Georges Savchenko, our compatriot, by the way.

Paris Chance managed to meet with Fedor, which is almost unbelievable, since the master works for several fashion brands and is torn between Paris and Qatar. The maestro told us about Moreau the most valuable and exclusive information, one might say, “first hand”, which neither fashion publications nor the public know about yet.

Fedor, tell us about yourself. How did it all begin? How was your path that led you to Moreau . How did you get to Paris? After all, it was difficult to get out of the post-Soviet space and “catch on” in Europe …

The Moreau leadership is a natural continuation of my career. I come from Ukraine, and, while still a student at the Kiev Academy of Light Industry, I participated in international design competitions.Having won the Smirnoff competition in Hong Kong, I got the opportunity to choose where I would like to continue my studies – Paris or London. I chose France because, for all my love for the British, it is in France that the same attention is paid to quality and aesthetics, which is very important for design.

So in 2001 I already moved to Paris and started studying at Studio Berçot. Of course, in the beginning it was very difficult. My family helped a lot, and after graduating in 2002 I got the position of personal assistant to Stephane Rolland – head of the fashion house Jean Louis Scherrer “, where I worked until 2005.Further more. In 2005 I became the designer of the fashion house Goyard – an old French house of leather goods and accessories that has existed since the end of the 18th century. At the end of 2011 I started freelance with several well-known and old brands Robert Clergerie and later “Le Tanneur” . This coincided with the founding of the house “Rovnoff” and the appointment of me to the position of art director of the revived Moreau brand, which I started in 2012 literally from scratch.

Why did “ Rovnoff ” bet on the revival of an old brand that disappeared over a hundred years ago, one of the many houses that disappeared from the French commercial scene before or after WWI?

The recently founded House Rovnoff has set itself the goal of preserving, reproducing and celebrating what is called “ savoire faire francais (French craftsmanship) . Rovnoff’s philosophy is to create authentic, real, one might even say, “honest” things from the best materials, according to old traditions and rules, by the hands of French workers and French manufacturers. That is why Rovnoff turns to historic brands, to the French heritage of past centuries. The interest in Moreau is not accidental, because this company has a glorious history, experience, style and knowledge.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, the Moreau store was located at 283, rue Saint-Honoré, that is, in the very center of the capital, near the famous rue Royale, which testifies to the importance of the company, its position in the market and the level of customers.For example, one of the many famous clients of Moreau was the famous French politician and founder of the automobile company “Automobiles Bellanger Frères” – Robert Belanger. Moreau-Paris suitcases were found in Fort Bregancon, the summer residence of the President of France, as well as in the legacy of the Parisian and Roman aristocracy – all of them were Moreau clients.

We had archival records, historical data and finds, we continue to study history, research the authentic Moreau, bit by bit collecting information in the archives and evidence from the heirs of the company’s clients, thus reviving many historical facts about the brand, appearance and traditions wonderful artisans of France in the 19th century.

The first line of leather goods and accessories from the “new” Moreau with the word “Moreau-Paris” came out in January 2012 and, of course, was inspired by the history of the brand. So, one of the first models was named “Bregançon”, in honor of the very Fort Bregançon – the summer residence of the French Government in the south of the country.

How is the revived Moreau positioned? What is its concept? How does Moreau differ from other brands in the world de luxe ?

What is created under the Moreau name is an exclusive, “niche” product.Most of the well-known luxury brands are not competitors to us. We just have different goals, different philosophy. Our goal is to preserve ancient crafts, French traditions and quality. The production facilities we work with are all located in France and have been doing their job for generations. And believe me, there are literally a few factories operating at the level necessary to create Moreau products in this country.

Any Moreau product is created at all stages almost by hand and entirely in France.Metal cutters, a special hand punch for leather, linen threads and a lot of work and love are used for sewing and sewing.

House “Moreau” uses exclusively non-synthetic, natural, that is, noble, materials – French cow leather with Moro print, shevre leather, Torillon leather, exotic types of leather (crocodile, alligator). Our leather suppliers are the very best in France, and they supply their materials to the main French luxury brands.

The leather is subjected to complex processing, strengthened from the inside, covered with a tinting agent, which provides it with unique softness and elasticity, protection from cracks and a noble “patina” over time.

Moreau uses blue chevre leather as lining for their bags. The same color called “blue royal”, which is also considered the color of the French Kings, was chosen for the decoration of the Moreau-Paris boutique.

Bags made of exotic leather are distinguished by a huge technical complexity of creation: depending on the dimensions of the product, the leather is carefully and scrupulously selected according to the color and size of the scales.

The quality of the leather used for the production of products of the Moreau –Paris brand is such that, aging, the products become more beautiful and even softer, and the skin becomes more elastic; the products are covered with a “patina” and add a certain authentic charm that traditional French luggage possessed. Every Moreau product is also defined by very simple shapes, simple designs, which, along with complex and long-lasting leather processing, are the key to perfection.

With its exceptional attitude to the quality of leather, accessories, sewing and other details, and thus also an exceptional attitude towards the customer, Moreau declares: Moreau is a name that will last for a long time.”

How do you feel around other luxury brands? What is your reaction if you are compared?

Of course, such a comparison is only for the benefit of the brand. I would be more upset by a comparison with some mass-market brand … The historic Moreau print was borrowed by all of us from the old wicker luggage basketov (suitcases made of wicker rattan).The Diligence bag model is inspired by the historical shape and unusual closure system of the traditional valise and luggage called the malle Diligence. Moreau models are very simple, one might say traditional. Each Moreau model has its own logic of creation, corresponding to its functions, purpose and characteristics of the leather from which it is made, and, most importantly, historical implications.

But the quality subtext is really different. For example, the historic Moreau rattan weave pattern is printed on leather in a traditional manner, similar to engraving, but over the leather.Moreau does not abandon its philosophy even for such a technically complex and expensive finish.

But the most important thing is that we do not have a goal – to be like someone. We have a completely different philosophy: to be one of the few houses that make unique products from real leather without the use of synthetic materials, either inside or outside. It just takes time for Moreau and Moreau items to take their place in the mind.

What is the marketing strategy Moreau ? How do you plan to achieve recognition? Do you do promotions?

You are unlikely to find an advertisement for “Moreau-Paris” anywhere. Bags and other Moreau products will never be donated to “stars” of show business or television for advertising purposes, we do not think to hang billboards around the city or buy advertising space in expensive fashion publications.The company prefers to invest in quality over advertising. Moreau is a kind of closed club for those who are looking for real eternal things and strive for something absolutely perfect. Membership in such a club is not distributed through glamorous fashion publications and constant high-profile PR campaigns.

We wanted to open a boutique in Paris and we did it. That’s all we need. Clients find us themselves, they know what they are looking for.

Who are your customers and connoisseurs? For whom is Moreau created? Is it a man or a woman?

The brand’s philosophy says that Moreau –Paris products should accompany their owner, be useful to him and be passed on to the future generation as French traditions.And it is equally worth it, whether it be a man or a woman.

Moreau is an ultra-luxury product for the perfectionist; for people who choose real quality and real values,

Our clients are mainly connoisseurs from France, Spain, Japan, Switzerland, USA, Russia, who know what a unique high-quality item is, passed from grandfather to grandson. A client from the post-Soviet space is a rarity. Our fashionistas, raised in Soviet deficit, still prefer logos and brands that are easily recognizable by the masses.Well, maybe this is for the best, you, who became the owner of a Moreau thing, will be unanimously “respected” for a different view of the world, originality and courage.

Fedor, what does it mean to be a designer? What is your role in creating collections? What are you responsible for as a creative director?

It would seem that the designer should only come up with a model and draw what he wants, this is his role. But the process of creating a collection does not stop with sketches.This is only a tenth of the process. The sketches are preceded by reflections on the concept of the collection, on the trends of this season, and then the embodiment of ideas on paper. After the sketches, technical drawings follow, the development and creation of a prototype of the model (the bag is made in materials similar to leather, thus the appearance and patterns are refined). Next, we select the material, and after that we correct the resulting model and discuss options for streamlining the production process.

I, as the art director of the House, am responsible for all stages of the process, from idea to production, on me, one might say, everything.But at the same time, creating a collection is about working with a team and in a team.

You work in parallel for other well-known brands. How do you manage it – to create different things without repeating yourself?

Each of the brands has its own history, concept and development line. Starting to work for one brand, I completely enter its “space” and forget about others.

By the way, Fedor, what do you think about the development of French luxury and the participation of foreign investments in the French fashion business?

France is a country with a long history, rich traditions and culture.But not all French people fully appreciate what they have or had before. In addition, now in France there are not the most loyal conditions for business, and even more so for luxury. Anyway, have you ever thought that Parisian luxury lives only thanks to tourists, tourists (just Russians, Chinese, Indians, Arabs) buy in luxury boutiques, but local French people buy at sales and closed sales.

Thus, foreign capital appears on the French economic scene: China, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar.These are rich countries that, with their investments, actually preserve ancient crafts and traditions, support French culture in international markets.

Rovnoff and Moreau are doing their little bit in this process.

This is certainly a very positive development …

Today, thanks to the partnership agreements of Paris-Chance and Moreau-Paris, you can touch the best traditions of French culture. Paris-Chance will introduce you to this unique brand and help you become a member of the Moreau “closed club”, part of that select group of people who are above brands and show, value simplicity in design, hidden luxury and perfection.You can become a Moreau customer, and your personalized bag or other product will be created according to your order. The lead time is about three months or more, the approach to each order is very personalized, the best specialists are engaged in it, working manually and only with the best materials, which also take time to manufacture. The resulting product will become not only your faithful companion for many years, but also a family treasure, a relic that will be inherited by your descendants.

Julia Orlenko specially for Paris-Chance


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