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Adorn yourself in exceptional gothic Jewelry curated from the best brands. Step out in style with our unique gothic Jewelry for men and women and leave the crowd admiring your bold style. With pendants and neckpieces such as gothic chokers, you’ll be making a dramatic statement without much effort.

You will also find a wide selection of Jewelry in our catalog, such as skull earrings, necklaces, and even designer pieces from renowned Betsey Johnson, known for her outlandish and edgy designs. Skull jewelry is a terrific way to get a break from the usual accessories and add a little bit of rebelliousness to any wardrobe. 

Accessorizing has never been easier with these cutting-edge pieces. We have watches for men, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that all call to the darker side of your personality. It is no secret that men prefer to accessorize their outfits. It allows them to express themselves without having to go overboard.

Some of the most popular styles of men’s Jewelry will pull from pirate fashion or a hardcore rock and roll style. Each piece is easy to mix and match with an edgy printed t-shirt, jeans, bondage pants, or an edgy black leather jacket. No matter how you cut it, the dark symbolism has been an attractive design for male fashion.

Goth jewelry for women is also increasing in trendiness with an alternative twist to it. The pieces can be cute and unassuming or edgy and dark. Gothic Jewelry for women varies from skulls with bows and flowers or with vampire fangs. If you are a fan of Victorian gothic Jewelry or you want to rock your clothes with unique pieces, your options are endless when you shop at RebelsMarket. 

No matter your style, there will be a fantastic piece that will help you showcase who you as you blend these intricately crafted pieces with your women’s gothic clothing. From tops to tees, dresses to corsets, you can style your attires with our gothic girl jewelry.  

Gothic jewelry to purchase

Necklaces; Going for a prom or a high-class evening event? A gothic necklace is the perfect finishing touch you need to complement your gothic dress. Depending on the type of neckline that your cloth comes in, these necklaces will fit tightly around your neck and flaunt your neckline. Your irresistible gold necklace will set you aside, giving you a wicked look that will run the night. 

Rings; Add some unique pieces of kickass gothic rings to your collection. While rings occupy a small area of your body, they have the potential of diverting the attention of the entire outfit to your fingers. Rock vampire, bat, skull, pentagram rings, and so much more that you can find in our collection.  

Earrings; Earrings go a long way in complementing one’s looks. Whether you are looking for stud, hoop, bangle, or dangling earrings, you can find a unique pair that matches your style at affordable prices on RebelsMarket. If you have been searching for dark Jewelry, then our collection of rings should be your next stop. Shop for black gothic earrings that come in unique materials such as silver, stainless steel, and gothic gold earrings. 

Bracelets; Are you a fan of bracelets? Well, you need to have a look at our wicked collection of gothic hand jewelry that will set you aside from your peers. Our gothic bracelets are not only unique but are irresistible must-have pieces. Skull bracelets, for instance, are a great choice to accessorize your outfits. Too often, our wrists are left bare when they are just screaming for a little decoration. You can find watch bracelets with deadly symbolism. Find double strap, chain, and bondage bracelets that will go well with your men’s gothic clothing.

Pendants; If you want to call attention to your neck, nothing does the job better than a pendant. Our pendants come in different shapes; heart stones, solitaires, cross-stone, and three stone pendants. Choose the gothic pendant that best describes you, whether you prefer one made of silver, platinum, or gold.

And that’s not all! Complete your look by accessorizing with gothic ear cuffs, body jewelry, and watches. Watches add a touch of elegance to outfits. Watches with skulls, razors, skeletons, roses, and unique bands never go unnoticed. Browse our collection of dark gothic accessories to accentuate your looks. Hair clips, bags, brooches, sunglasses, beanies, and masks have a place in fashion trends.

Add the final touches to your look with our large selection of gothic crystal Jewelry. RebelsMarket offers a wide variety of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more pieces from the best gothic brands worldwide. Browse through the medieval style jewelry, armor rings, lace chokers, and slave bracelets- and find the next addition to your collection. We are proud to carry a great selection of chokers, rosaries, and dragon jewelry from alternative brands.

Shop at RebelsMarket for cheap gothic Jewelry and necklaces for guys and girls. Give your clothes a fresh new look with our accessories for sale at affordable prices. Shop today and get 10% OFF your first order. Worldwide shipping available!

Men’s & Women’s Gothic Jewelry

Gothic jewelry has been popular throughout the centuries and it is in vogue today. Many people mistakenly believe that the Gothic style in jewelry is something completely new, something that appeared recently. In fact, jewelry in the Gothic style appeared in the Middle Ages. So what is the essence of the Gothic style and what exactly can be called Gothic ornaments?

Features of Gothic jewelry

The range of Gothic style jewelry includes massive gothic rings in the form of skulls, animal heads, fangs; large heavy necklaces with crosses; earrings and bracelets decorated with spikes, swords and much more. Most of these ornaments emphasize the brutality and cruelty of its owner, but along with that, there are also jewelry pieces that have a romantic nature.

Most often, gothic jewelry is made of white gold, silver, and platinum, that is, so-called white metals. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the light tint of these precious metals favorably emphasizes the darkness and heaviness of black stones encrusted in Gothic jewelry. Often, in conjunction with silver and gold jewelers use onyx gemstone as well as some other precious stones and crystals to add brightness to the embellishment. Besides onyx, you can often see rubies and emeralds in gothic jewelry. Just like in the Middle Ages, both pieces and gems are often massive and even provocative.

The main styles in gothic jewelry

It is worth mentioning that there are several styles of Gothic jewelry, which sometimes contradict each other. Victorian goth, Romantic, Renaissance, Antiquity – these styles have a lot in common and they resemble the medieval jewelry the most. The products made in these styles are beautiful, eye-catching, elegant, feminine, and feature refined ornaments. Most often such jewelry is created by hand with the use of white pearls as well as lace patterns. Ornaments in this style are common for women and they reveal a romantic side of their owner.

Androgyne Goth ornaments are typical representatives of Gothic style jewelry. These items are suitable for both men and women (unisex). The assortment of androgyne gothic jewelry includes massive pendants, collars made of chains and thorns; bandages, large rings, etc. Each piece of jewelry is complemented with “classic” Gothic symbols.

Fetish Goth is represented by pieces with fetish bias: collars, handcuffs, bandages, and chains. Most often such jewelry is made of inexpensive precious metals (silver), non-precious metals, and synthetic materials. In this style, it is customary to use traditional black or vice versa bright, eye-catching jewelry.

There is a myth that fetish is solely associated with sex. If you look in a dictionary, fetish means witchcraft. The first products made in fetish style had nothing to do with sex at all. These items symbolized certain attributes of supernatural forces and other worlds and their purpose was to show a person’s belonging to a certain religious cult.

Vampire Goth. This style has a clear focus and is associated with the dark side of life, death, and the afterlife. Most often jewelry of this type is created of silver and features images of cobwebs, bats, and other attributes of vampire existence.

Gothic Vampire Jewelry for Halloween

Gothic vampire jewelry is so hot and especially for Halloween as well as an everyday dark style. If you love fiction, movies or TV Shows such as Angel, Blade, Buffy, Twilight and also The Vampire Diaries then getting this type of dark yet chic style is a real must.

Wear these dark and alluring Gothic pieces of jewelry as costume accessories along with a really eye-catching Halloween outfit. It will help to ensure that you really stand out this year for all the right reasons.

There’s a lot of intricately styled vampire costume jewelry accessories on this page and mostly necklaces which make a real statement. Just scroll down and take a look. Quick, before the fangs sink in.

Note: This post contains affiliate links for which I may be compensated.

Image Credit: Original image shared by RondellMelling on Pixabay with a CC License

Vampires have a real sense of style. They are really entirely different to other undead creatures like Zombies which always look like they’re dirty and dressed in rags.

True vamps love to look smart, sexy and super sophisticated. If you really want to wear Gothic vampire jewelry which reflects your love of all things dark and edgy, you need some super stylish bling which is featured here on this page.

Gothic Vampire Jewelry: Coffins, Caskets and Tombstones

Get this Coffin Locket Necklace which Opens Up from Amazon. com

UK Readers get a Coffin Necklace from

If these creepy Vampire creatures actually existed, I don’t think they would need to sleep in coffins. However, Vampires, and especially Dracula, have often been portrayed in movies and fiction as sleeping in these types of caskets.

This jewelry is often based around things which involve the dead as well as the living undead. Coffins, caskets and tombstones make for great Gothic wearable pieces anyway and are very stylish too.

I like this pendant vampire coffin necklace above which really does open up. Many of this type are held closed with the use of a little magnet inside.

Not all of these types of coffin lockets do open up since some are merely decorative only, so be aware of that one. You’ll find some more great ideas below that are perfect for glamorous Halloween costume accessories.

Vampire Jewelry: Blood, Bottle, Vial and Phial Designs

Get this Gothic Vial Pendant Necklace from Amazon. com

UK Readers get a Vial Necklace from

This vial above is made from pewter with a glass vial and a working cork stopper so you can add your choice of element inside.

You could choose to add red colored sand if you did not want to add in a liquid. Be aware that some bottle necklaces and charms are merely decorative and not functional. In other words, they don’t all open up so you can put things inside.

​This is my personal favorite style of Vampire wearable items: the Gothic vial necklace. I love the idea of having a bottle charm on a necklace that actually opens so that you can store something in there.

You can store dyed red water in it if you want it to look like fake blood. Personally I’d rather put some pretty scent or perfume in but that’s just me.

You can use some red food dye in with water just to get the look of blood in the vial without actually obtaining it. That sounds like a win-win situation to me but I’m not an actual creature of the night.

Buy this Dragon’s Blood Vial Necklace from LittleGemGirl on Etsy

These are fascinating necklaces and other trinkets which you might expect to get many comments on. I think if you’re looking for show-stopper to wear along with a cool costume for cosplay or other occasions then this is it.

Dark and Delicious Gothic Vampire Jewelry Designs: Choker Necklaces and More

Buy this Nail Ring Set from ArmaMedusa on Etsy

This style of jewelry is something that any true Vamp would be proud to wear after dark: Sharp Teeth or Fangs, Coffins, Tombstones, Bats and Bottles or Vials of Fake Blood.

This selection is anything that appeals and makes for a truly Gothic and stunning collection of vamp necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and more. All these items would make amazing and devilishly stylish accessories for you to wear.

There are actually bats which do feed just on blood and these are known as Vampire Bats. Like the popular fictional version, these bats have front teeth which are designed for cutting flesh and drawing blood.

Two of the three species of these bats feed on birds and the last blood-only feeding species, which is the Common Vampire Bat, prefers the blood of mammals and that includes human blood.

Buy these Vampire Bat Earrings from

UK Readers get some Vampire Bat Earrings from

These bats share much in common with creatures of the night. In some fiction and movies, they can actually transform into bats so these flying mammals have become somewhat symbolic with the humanoid Vampire counterpart.

In any case, Gothic vampire bat jewelry make fun wearable items for Halloween. The cute looking pair of dangle earrings with these creatures hanging upside down would make a great accessory to wear for October 31st.

Did you know that you can actually get cosmetic dentistry to get real fanged teeth? Perhaps you don’t want to go that far, I mean people aren’t exactly going to want to get too friendly with you when they see them. So fanged jewelry is a great, and rather more sensible, compromise for the average female.

Vampire Fangs Necklace Jewelry: Bite Me!

Get this Vampire Fangs Necklace in Hot Pink from

UK Readers get a Vampire Fangs Necklace from

​Bite Me Fangs Necklace: this style of Vampire jewelry wouldn’t be complete without some truly terrifying teeth or fangs. With humans it’s normally all about the eyes but with these particular creatures of the night it’s very much about the fangs.

According to Wikipedia, fangs are a relatively modern invention which came about in fiction during the 19th century. I really like the look of this necklace which is in lead-free alloy with a hot pink lips detail. There are also other designs which are cool including bite me necklaces too.

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Halloween Costume Jewelry: Necklaces, Earrings, Rings

Complete Your Look with Halloween Jewelry: Earrings, Necklaces & More

Give your Halloween costume a boost with realistic costume jewelry, a selection featuring rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other pieces that range from timeless glamour to frightfully festive.  

Want to look like a rock star or a ’40s film siren? Perhaps you just need some Halloween earrings for a subtle holiday look? Whether you need specific jewelry items to pull off your Cleopatra costume or just want to spice up your outfit with a touch of spook, you can find what you need in our extensive Halloween costume jewelry collection. 

Halloween-themed Earrings: If you want to show off your love of the season all October, our many Halloween earrings will do the trick. From bats to pumpkins to tombstones, witches’ hats, spiders or sugar skulls, you can add a touch of spook or ghoulish whimsy to your everyday outfits. 

Halloween Earrings: Some costumes call for specific earrings to pull off the look. Pirates and fortune tellers of any gender need large gold hoops, a 1960s hippie needs some rainbow peace sign earrings, and a goth look requires spikes or daggers. We carry costume earrings for both pierced and non-pierced ears to fit every ear. 

Costume Jewelry Necklaces and Chokers: Sometimes the right necklace, choker or collar makes the outfit or ramps up the sexy look, if that’s what you’re going for. Whether you’re portraying a specific character this Halloween and need a signature piece such as Harley Quinn’s or Winifred Sanderson’s authentic chokers, or you’re just looking to add some flair to your devil, cat, or vampire costume, we have necklaces and chokers to flatter every outfit. 

Halloween Jewelry Sets: When you’re looking to accessorize your costume, finding a complete jewelry set makes it even easier. We’ve matched necklaces and bracelets with rings and earrings to coordinate your costume jewelry from head to toe. 

Party City stocks thousands of items of Halloween jewelry all year round to meet your every costume or holiday need. From rings for men costuming as a pirate or a noble, to bracelets for kids dressing up as flappers or rock stars, to necklaces for women that make them a starlet or a queen, if you’re looking for it, we probably have it! Check out our collection and choose the right costume jewelry piece for you.

Skeleton Jewelry,Halloween Jewelry,Halloween Costume Jewelry,Gothic Jewelry,Skeleton Pendant,MermaidPendant,Skeleton Earrings,Silver Jewelry Jewelry Sets Jewelry bgc.

Skeleton Jewelry,Halloween Jewelry,Halloween Costume Jewelry,Gothic Jewelry,Skeleton Pendant,MermaidPendant,Skeleton Earrings,Silver Jewelry Jewelry Sets Jewelry

Skeleton Jewelry,Halloween Jewelry,Halloween Costume Jewelry,Gothic Jewelry,Skeleton Pendant,MermaidPendant,Skeleton Earrings,Silver Jewelry,Jewelry,Halloween Costume Jewelry,Gothic Jewelry,Skeleton Pendant,MermaidPendant,Skeleton Earrings,Silver Jewelry Skeleton Jewelry,Halloween, This Large Silver Mermaid Skeleton has moveable parts, A Unique piece of Jewelry It is hung from an 18 Black,Halloween will be here soon, Get your costume ready now, This Halloween Skeleton Jewelry set will shine through the ghoolish day, It can be worn to work and to the Halloween party too,free distribution,Leisure Shopping,Authentic Guaranteed,Shop Now,All products guaranteed 100% authentic licensed. Jewelry,Gothic Jewelry,Skeleton Pendant,MermaidPendant,Skeleton Earrings,Silver Jewelry Skeleton Jewelry,Halloween Jewelry,Halloween Costume bgc.

Skeleton Jewelry,Halloween Jewelry,Halloween Costume Jewelry,Gothic Jewelry,Skeleton Pendant,MermaidPendant,Skeleton Earrings,Silver Jewelry


Seda BGC is a MULTIPLE-USE HOTEL authorized to accept both quarantine and non-quarantine guests, strictly adhering to health and safety requirements and compliant with standards for physical separation between the two guest categories.

As a Multiple-Use Hotel, we accept bookings from:
• Individuals who opt or are required to undergo mandatory Quarantine, such as close contacts, repatriated OFWs, Returning Overseas Filipinos, Foreign Nationals allowed entry into the Philippines, and other individuals required to undergo quarantine
• Health and emergency frontline services personnel who need easy access to their place of work
• Long Staying Guests
• Returning Residents
• Other Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APOR) who require accommodations pursuant to their official function or duty
• Business Guests
• Participants in Essential Meetings and Social Events, as defined and regulated by the Department of Tourism and Department of Health

Leisure bookings are not allowed during this time.

Requirements for Quarantine Guests (Not Vaccinated):
• Incoming travelers must quarantine for 14 days – staying in the hotel for 10 days, with the remainder to be completed under home quarantine in their respective local government units of destination.
• RT-PCR testing shall be conducted on the 7th day (Day 1 being the day of arrival). Result will be released on Day 9, and check-out, on Day 10.

Note: Individuals who have been fully-vaccinated in the Philippines are only required to stay 7 days.

Available amenities/services:
• Misto Café (6:00 am – 8:00 pm daily)
• Straight Up rooftop restaurant (4:00 pm – 12:00 am daily)
• Food-to-Go (6:00 am – 10:00 pm daily)
• In-room dining (in-house guests)

For further inquiries, please call our Front Desk team at +6379458888.

Travel Advisory: Operations FAQ

Skeleton JewelryHalloween JewelryHalloween Costume. Halloween will be here soon! Get your costume ready now! This Halloween Skeleton Jewelry set will shine through the ghoolish day. It can be worn to work and to the Halloween party too! This Large Silver Mermaid Skeleton has moveable parts. A Unique piece of Jewelry It is hung from an 18 Black. Halloween will be here soon! Get your costume ready now!。This Halloween Skeleton Jewelry set will shine through the ghoolish day. It can be worn to work and to the Halloween party too!。This Large Silver Mermaid Skeleton has moveable parts. A Unique piece of Jewelry。 It is hung from an 18″ Black Suede cord with a clasp closure.。Small Hanging Skeleton earrings are added for more fun.。The large Mermaid Skeleton measures .75″ wide” x 2.50″ Long” and the earring skeletons about 1″ x 1/8″wide.。Come back again as I will list new Halloween Jewelry soon.。Message me if you have any questions.。

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    Skeleton Jewelry,Halloween Jewelry,Halloween Costume Jewelry,Gothic Jewelry,Skeleton Pendant,MermaidPendant,Skeleton Earrings,Silver Jewelry

    Buy Magyar Agar Dog Heart Paws Pattern Men-Women Adult Ankle Socks and other Casual Socks at. TOYOTA Genuine 67918-16030-B0 Door Scuff Plate: Automotive, Better airtightness and durability since reinforcement are made for all seams, Start with these fun and decorative Duvet Cover Sets, Skeleton Jewelry,Halloween Jewelry,Halloween Costume Jewelry,Gothic Jewelry,Skeleton Pendant,MermaidPendant,Skeleton Earrings,Silver Jewelry, Washing Suggestion: Wash in cold water and hang dry. Date first listed on : November 13. 335′ Width (Pack of 10): Industrial & Scientific, Specification: Cable length: (50 inches). Skeleton Jewelry,Halloween Jewelry,Halloween Costume Jewelry,Gothic Jewelry,Skeleton Pendant,MermaidPendant,Skeleton Earrings,Silver Jewelry. Material: Made of high quality metal. The words “ Learn to pause or nothing worthwhile will catch up” has been stamped on a piece of muslin and attached to the design, *Unfortunately we DO NOT print invitations and only supply the digital files. Want to place one of your favorite light-hearted pictures of one of your sea/ocean memory in a frame or a picture of your beloved fish, Skeleton Jewelry,Halloween Jewelry,Halloween Costume Jewelry,Gothic Jewelry,Skeleton Pendant,MermaidPendant,Skeleton Earrings,Silver Jewelry, or add a note when you place an order. use a string to mark where you would like your necklace to fit and measure this against a ruler, Each skull is slipcast from a mold I made myself, customers are responsible for any and/or all customs fees, Skeleton Jewelry,Halloween Jewelry,Halloween Costume Jewelry,Gothic Jewelry,Skeleton Pendant,MermaidPendant,Skeleton Earrings,Silver Jewelry. will be a great addition to our table decor”. our commitment is to deliver a great product to you at a great value, Match with other engagement party, We sell to large DIY contractors, Skeleton Jewelry,Halloween Jewelry,Halloween Costume Jewelry,Gothic Jewelry,Skeleton Pendant,MermaidPendant,Skeleton Earrings,Silver Jewelry.

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Seda BGC enjoys a prime location in Metro Manila’s Bonifacio Global City, the Philippines’ newest financial district and home to headquarters of multinational corporations and prestigious real estate developments. This flagship property under the Seda brand is the epitome of its “urban lifestyle hotel” concept, where style, technology, and function offer total comfort and convenience in the most exciting destinations.

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Skeleton Jewelry,Halloween Jewelry,Halloween Costume Jewelry,Gothic Jewelry,Skeleton Pendant,MermaidPendant,Skeleton Earrings,Silver Jewelry

Double Stone Ring Apatite-Aquamarine Gemstone Adjustable Ring Cuff Stone Ring Statement Stone Ring Custom Ring Multi-Stone Ring, Minimalist jewellery Layering necklace Long necklace Gift for her Long pendant Geometric necklace Women’s jewelry White bib necklace. 9ct Solid Yellow Gold Aqua Jade Beads with Ball Hoop Ring BCR Nose Piercing Ring Jewellery. Twighlight Sparkle kandi cuff. Rose black and Emerald rhinestones 4.0mm Sale!!Tennis Rhinestone anklet sapphire, SALE Oversize Long NecklaceMulti Color NecklaceGenuine Leather NecklaceExtravagant Studded NecklacePlus Size PendantLarge Leather Acces. Puppy and Kitten. Green Aventurine and Moonstone Textured Silver Pendant Necklace. Boho 3 piece Denim Blue rose gold Agate Druzy quartz crystal rhinestone angel wing butterfly charm tassel stretch beaded bracelet stack set, Rose Quarts Ball Ring. Key larvikite protection pendant key jewel. Beaded Jewelry, Premium Glitter Resin Pendant Necklace. women’s fashion jewel earrings,red burgundy stainless steel silver metal necklace boho crystal pearl flower pendant,cabochon Adornment.

Skeleton Jewelry,Halloween Jewelry,Halloween Costume Jewelry,Gothic Jewelry,Skeleton Pendant,MermaidPendant,Skeleton Earrings,Silver Jewelry

This Large Silver Mermaid Skeleton has moveable parts, A Unique piece of Jewelry It is hung from an 18 Black,Halloween will be here soon, Get your costume ready now, This Halloween Skeleton Jewelry set will shine through the ghoolish day, It can be worn to work and to the Halloween party too,free distribution,Leisure Shopping,Authentic Guaranteed,Shop Now,All products guaranteed 100% authentic licensed.

Gothic & Biker costume jewelry

There is a costume store, American Costumes in Las Vegas that changed the way event planners and customers shop for showgirl costumes, Las Vegas costumes and Elvis Costumes. As a Las Vegas business, American Costumes has their fingers on the pulse of glitz and glamour only Las Vegas can produce.

Memorable Events Begin with Themes and Costumes. Today’s weddings and parties are not the same old, same old of yesteryear. These events are based on a finely tuned type of dramatic and theatrical staging to make them the most memorable. With American Costumes, it’s easy to bring the bright lights and excitement of Las Vegas to your next big event. The beauty of this is that shopping for the Las Vegas look is as simple as visiting and enjoying a great opportunity to create your own Las Vegas drama for your next affair.


Halloween Costumes Las Vegas for 2020 Easy Peasy

Best Halloween Costumes Las Vegas – For your Halloween costume needs let American Costumes make your experience “EASY PEASY.” The store is laid out in six long columns with all the Halloween costumes ordered into themes and alphabetical. So if it’s Snow White it’s in “Major Characters” and then alphabetical, under “S” ..We can take you right away to all the Snow White Costumes. In addition to that, we also list by timeline and Major themes. You will be able to see and touch all the Halloween costumes and as we have found out, every costume in our store can be a Halloween Costume.
Looking for Halloween Costumes in Las Vegas? – So many time people come in during the mad last minute rush of Halloween and tell us they don’t know what they want. Well we also have pictures of all the Halloween costumes above or near the costumes themselves. Each Halloween costume has the size on it and our lovely staff will guide you into an effortless decision for that party or event that has to be just so!

Casino Night at the Club

Event planners for various organizations often scratch their heads wondering how to turn a blah Casino Night at their local civic club or organization into something truly sensational. Why not make the next Casino Night a smash hit with Las Vegas costumes and a few showgirl costumes? Then, for the highlight of the evening, set up an intermission program that includes an Elvis impersonator in one of American Costumes Elvis costumes. Charity organizations benefit most from Las Vegas costumes because a Las Vegas Night charity benefit is bound to raise funds higher than average.


Weddings, Anniversaries and Birthdays with a Las Vegas Theme

Wedding planners strive to make wedding arrangements that the bride and groom will remember all their lives. Costumes in the Las Vegas style are a perfect way to make a wedding reception into the wedding of the year. Celebrating an anniversary with a big party is fun. To make it more exciting, plan a floor show with costumed showgirls dressed in sequins, satins and feather. It doesn’t get much glitzier than this. Unless, of course, the anniversary couple are part of the Las Vegas anniversary “show.” Choose a color scheme and then coordinate costume colors to set the scene. Turn a rental room into a Las Vegas Casino with just a few well chosen decorations and a short theatrical program. 

The “Las Vegas” Birthday Party of the Year

Choose several costumes from American Costumes special stage performer collection. Create the “Birthday Party of the Year” by including several stage performer costumes like Cher, Mae West, Liberace, Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles or Prince. It is fairly simple to put together a stage performer program that will have birthday party guests believing they are really watching a Las Vegas show in Vegas.

Corporate Events Go Las Vegas

Corporate events don’t have to be all business. When the day’s business programs and exhibits are done and all of the business cards have been exchanged, treat corporate guests and employees to Las Vegas style entertainment. Book a large party room with capacity for the number of guests, employees and patrons attending the conference or business program. Ask the party room manager to allow space for a floor show. Some facilities also provide decorations and assist with incorporating the Las Vegas theme. Some facilities also offer the Elvis impersonators and showgirls in the cost of the rental. All that remains is for the corporate event planner to contact for the specific number of costumes required for the entertainment for the evening. 

When in Las Vegas, Visit American Costumes
For the next trip to Las Vegas, make a point of visiting American Costumes, the top source for Las Vegas style costumes. Check out the complete line of showgirl costumes and Elvis costumes. American Costumes is conveniently located in the heart of Las Vegas. Call ahead at (702) 671-0116. Make your visit to American Costumes part of your Las Vegas itinerary. Most Las Vegas tourists make a point of stopping in at the American Costumes store to spend a fun day looking at the huge collections of costumes that are available. There are men’s and women’s costumes like vintage, western, Early American, movie characters and even mythological styles. There are plenty of accessories and props available to complete a costume ensemble.


A Successful Holiday Party with American Costumes
Plan a successful holiday party with a Las Vegas costume theme or one of the many holiday costumes in the American Costumes collection. For a little Las Vegas glitz, choose Patriotic costumes for your showgirls for your next Fourth of July holiday party. All costumes are durable and of the highest quality. For the next Mardi Gras party, visit and order several of the costumes in traditional Mardi Gras colors. No matter which holiday you plan parties for, there’s an American Costume to fit the occasion. Visit today for costume shopping fun.

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Zombie Cosplay Party Supplies 13 Pieces Halloween Vampire Teeth Fangs Vampire Choker Earrings Bracelets Gothic Costume Jewelry for Victorian Vampire Halloween Party Women Jewellery

13 Pieces Halloween Vampire Teeth Fangs Vampire Choker Earrings Bracelets Gothic Costume Jewelry for Victorian Vampire Halloween Party, Zombie Cosplay Party Supplies: Jewellery. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more. Buy 13 Pieces Halloween Vampire Teeth Fangs Vampire Choker Earrings Bracelets Gothic Costume Jewelry for Victorian Vampire Halloween Party, Zombie Cosplay Party Supplies at Fashion.. Package includes: you will get 3 pieces of retro lace chokers, 3 pairs of retro earrings, 3 pieces of bracelets with rings and 4 pairs of vampire teeth fangs in 4 sizes (with teeth adhesive pellets), a great Halloween party combination to meet your needs for cosplay party 。 4 Sizes of vampire teeth: these vampire teeth are in four optional sizes, 13 mm, 15 mm, 17 mm, 19 mm, they are off white, close to human’s teeth; Vampire fangs are made of quality resin, non-toxic, tasteless and safe to use 。 Material: our vampire jewelry set is made of lace, beads and alloy, soft and skin-friendly, giving you a comfortable wearing experience; Different jewelry set can match with different costumes and make you look attractive, catch more people’s eyes and let you have a different cosplay experience 。 How to use vampire teeth: firstly, soak the adhesive pellets in warm water (above 70 degree Celsius), making the color of adhesive pellets change from white to transparent; Secondly, roll the adhesive pellets into fangs and put them on vampire teeth; Finally, dry your true teeth and wait for the temperature of adhesive pellet that drop to the appropriate temperature before wearing 。 Applicable occasions: great for Halloween costume party, vampire cosplay party, vampire ball, gothic party, fancy dress party, carnival, school plays, family parties and theatrical productions, bringing joy to others and leaving good memories 。 Product details Package Dimensions : 12 x 10 x cm; 181 Grams 。 Date First Available : 2 Sept. 2020 。 Manufacturer : Hicarer 。 ASIN : B08H8BVZWK 。 Item model number : Hicarer-Vampire Choker-01 。 。13 Pieces Halloween vampire teeth fangs vampire choker earrings bracelets gothic costume jewelry for Victorian vampire Halloween party, zombie cosplay party supplies 。 。4 Sizes of vampire teeth: 。These vampire teeth are in four optional sizes, 13 mm, 1 mm, 17 mm, 19 mm, they are off white, close to human’s teeth. 。Vampire fangs are made of quality resin, non-toxic, tasteless and safe to use. 。 。Material: 。Our vampire jewelry set is made of lace, beads and alloy, soft and skin-friendly, giving you a comfortable wearing experience. 。 。Different styles: 。Different jewelry set can match with different costumes and make you look attractive, catch more people’s eyes and let you have a different cosplay experience. 。 。How to use vampire teeth: 。Firstly, soak the adhesive pellets in warm water (above 70 degree Celsius), making the color of adhesive pellets change from white to transparent. 。Secondly, roll the adhesive pellets into fangs and put them on vampire teeth. 。Finally, dry your true teeth and wait for the temperature of adhesive pellet that drop to the appropriate temperature before wearing. 。 。Applicable occasions: 。Great for Halloween costume party, vampire cosplay party, vampire ball, gothic party, fancy dress party, carnival, school plays, family parties and theatrical productions, bringing joy to others and leaving good memories. 。 。Package includes: 。3 x Retro lace chokers 。3 Pairs of retro earrings 。3 x Retro bracelets with rings 。4 Pairs of vampire teeth fangs 。 。Warm notice: 。Please allow a little error on the size due to manual measurement. 。Small parts are included, please keep away from kids under 3 years old. 。 。 。

Zombie Cosplay Party Supplies 13 Pieces Halloween Vampire Teeth Fangs Vampire Choker Earrings Bracelets Gothic Costume Jewelry for Victorian Vampire Halloween Party

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Gothic Jewelry – Jewelery and Bijouterie

Every person has ever met beautiful lace jewelry in the Gothic style. But what is Gothic when this style was born and what specific features allow us to distinguish Gothic jewelry made in this style from other jewelry?

The term “goth” or “gothic” has several meanings: Germanic peoples at the beginning of the Christian era, barbarians, or adherents of a particular style of music and fashion.Gothic rock is an alternative subgenre that emerged after punk in the 1970s. Religious motifs, especially Celtic crosses, are popular Gothic motifs. Joy Division and Banshee are pioneers in gothic music. Gothic rock is characterized by darkness, introspection and romanticism – accordingly, the design of gothic jewelry depends on this worldview.

The Gothic subculture is sometimes confused with the emo subculture, but it came much later. Typical Gothic fashion: pale skin, contoured eyes, dark clothing, black hair and nail polish, and red or dark lips.The colors that the Goths often choose are deep red, electric blue, purple and dark green. Lace and velvet are popular fabrics when it comes to goth clothing.

Jewelry in the Gothic style

The Gothic style is not only death and darkness, it is also progressive romanticism, especially in the 18th century art and literary movement focused on strong emotions, it includes the poetry of William Wordsworth, Byron and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The fiction is classified as “Gothic” novels: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Dracula by Bram Stoker.It is a fusion of horror and romanticism.

Such pieces can be a source of inspiration for the Gothic style, which combines medieval romance and horror, using motifs such as bats, skulls and roses. In fact, rose motifs can often be seen in Gothic jewelry, be it carved gemstones, enamel or metals. They can be black or red. It is this kind of literature that influences Gothic jewelry as well.

Gothic fashion

Silver filigree designs are popular in gothic fashion jewelry.Filigree is a complex metal structure and jewelry that is made by twisting gold or silver wire and soldering it into lace.

Filigree jewelry was created over 2000 years, it became popular in Europe during the era of romanticism; during the emergence of the “Gothic novel”. Filigree jewelry exists in forms such as earrings, rings, and necklaces where the center stone is surrounded by delicate metalwork.

Gothic Chokers

Chokers such as those worn by Queen Victoria are some of the most popular Gothic style pieces of jewelry.Chokers can be made of metal or just a ribbon with a brooch. The popular Victorian style is a necklace with a stone in the center (as in the first photo and in the picture here). Mother of pearl and agate are often used to carve cameos. In addition, obsidian and ruby-zoisite are interesting and unique gem varieties.

Cameos can be worn as brooches or necklace pendants. Chokers can be made more durable and attractive by clasping the ends. Since the necklace should be loose, the wearer’s neck should be measured.For those who do not like cameos, opal, rutile quartz can be an interesting interpretation of the style.

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Contemporary gothic style decorations.Jewelry Trends

  • Gothic style in foreign jewelry
  • Gothic in Russian jewelry

Gothic style in foreign jewelry

The Gothic style is one of the most demanded and popular styles used in the XX and XXI centuries. Elements of Gothic architecture, first migrated into jewelry of the 13th-15th centuries, then borrowed by a subcultural phenomenon of the 70s of the 20th century. The fashion for individual elements or direct references to decorations of the Gothic style of the Middle Ages continues to this day.

The modern Gothic style has significantly changed the artistic techniques and elements characteristic of medieval Gothic. Massiveness and openwork, love for colored inserts and large cabochons remained in the jewelry, however, the symbolism was greatly simplified. The cross lost its symbolism, gaining a secular meaning, love themes became kitsch and deliberate, the religious meaning of medieval Gothic gave way to a secular perception of life and death, playfully using black, an abundance of skulls and massive chains.Thus, modern Gothic is more of a stylization characteristic of the subcultural phenomenon of our time. Currently, we have not just stylization of medieval Gothic, but stylization for stylization, which may lead to a complete or almost complete loss of the medieval tendency.

Tiffany & Co

In 2009 Tiffany & Co creates one of the most famous key pendants. The pendants were created based on real utilitarian keys used for their intended purpose.Made of yellow, white gold, platinum or silver in the form of four-leaves, rosettes, heraldic lilies, which outwardly resemble the frame of Gothic stained-glass windows or whole window motifs with colored inserts.

Keys Tiffany

Silver round brooch with turquoise. Western Europe. The beginning of the XIV century.

Metal brooch. Europe. XIII century

Christian Dior

Christian Dior with Victoire de Castellane have been creating joint collections of jewelry since 1999, albeit in a highly stylized, but related to the Gothic style.One of the most recognizable elements used in Dior pendants, rings and bracelets are round geometric Rose de Vents rosettes made of various metals with inserts of turquoise, pink opal, mother of pearl and other opaque stones. The pendants also resemble a colored Gothic stained glass window with metal encircling elements, or, in proportion to the combination of metal and colored inserts, the enamel elements characteristic of the Gothic.

In addition, Dior actively uses Gothic symbols.So the earrings are decorated with monograms with the end in the form of crowns depicting heraldic lilies, the ring can have hidden designs, like reliquary crosses, gems with the image of a quatrefoil and skulls are carved on aquamarines.

Christian Dior La Rose des Vents

Stained glass window-rose Cathedral of Orleans

Earrings “Cachette beryl vert”

Earrings “Volupte aigue-marine”

Ring “Cachette rubellite”

Stephen Webster

More and more often, motives of Gothic art can be found in the jewelry of the British brand Stephen Webster .Massive decorations are covered with stones, but more often with the dominance of one or more massive stones of the same color. In addition, Stephen Webster borrows the Gothic fashion for phalanx rings. His ring is always shocking, noticeably, the local use of color and the openwork design refers to the Gothic stained-glass windows, and the ornaments to the royal crowns.

In one of his necklaces, Stephen Webster directly stylizes the rosette of the Gothic window, more commonly referred to as the “Gothic rose”. A rose is a round rosette, dissected by a figured binding into symmetrical lobes-petals.The design used by Stephen Webster is light, delicate, but the petal ornament is more dynamic, however, as in the classic rosette, it tends to the center of the circle. The use of colorless stones in the pendant refers precisely to monochrome “roses” without the use of colored stained-glass windows.

In addition, Webster uses the motifs of the Gothic temple design elements also on the earrings. The earrings with the frame system resemble ribs, called “sails” in the Middle Ages.

Phalanx ring Stephen Webster

Stephen Webster Earrings

Stephen Webster Necklace

Gothic in Russian jewelry art

Geometry, colored enamels, motifs of quatrefoils and heraldic lilies are also found in Russian designers.

Liza Belotserkovskaya

The brand Liza Belotserkovskaya is a striking representative of Russian jewelers working in the Gothic style. Openwork earrings with colored stones, pendants in the shape of stars with central large gems, geometric rings with colored cabochons – all this undoubtedly refers to the art of the Middle Ages and the traditions of the Gothic.

One of the most popular artistic elements of Liza Belotserkovskaya jewelry is a star.As the fundamental axes of the Gothic temple, eight or four-pointed, in brooches, on earrings or rings, openwork or decorated with a scattering of diamonds, the star is always the central element of any design and reflects the design of the lancet cross vault.

Jewelry Liza Belotserkovskaya

Jewelry Liza Belotserkovskaya

Phalanx ring Liza Belotserkovskaya

The Gothic style or its stylization turned out to be very popular among the designers of the XX-XXI centuries.In their collections Alexander McQueen, Lydia Courteille, Magerit , regularly refer to massive colored stones, openwork, rosettes and architectural elements of a Gothic temple.

Christian Dior # liza Belotserkovskaya # Stephen Webster # tiffany & Co # Gothic # crown # cross # ornament # enamel #

Similar Materials

90,000 Gothic Clothing – 108 Clear Photo Examples 2021

Clothing in the Gothic style causes a mixed reaction, from complete rejection to genuine interest and admiration.Dark personalities with an impenetrable expression of a deathly pale face, like aliens from an otherworldly or parallel world, attract the eye, make them turn around cautiously or with the thought “damn beautiful, but it won’t suit me.” They are goths. Whether it is necessary to belong to their subculture in order to dress in a similar style is a moot point. Now let’s try, without changing our worldview, to join the shocking Gothic fashion and add an extravagant touch to the everyday look or for special occasions.

In this Article:

Let’s briefly go over history from the Middle Ages to the present day and start studying photos, choosing clothes and creating an image of a charming Gothic woman, or change our attitude towards this culture to a more loyal one. After all, its representatives are ordinary people, thus expressing their individuality.

The history of the emergence of Gothic fashion

Gloomy customs reigned in Europe in the XII-XV centuries. It was an eerie and at the same time romantic time from the point of view of a modern person.The omnipotence of the Catholic Church, the merciless fires of the Inquisition, burning witches, noble knights, ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of beautiful ladies.

It was in this era that a majestic, bewitching cold inaccessibility style was born, called Gothic, that is, barbaric, denying the classical canons of beauty, proportions and harmony. At first, the direction of architecture, and then clothing, with pronounced sharp angles, symbolized the striving upward, towards God, the denial of the earthly importance of being.

The new style was most widespread in France. The clothes of Parisian fashionistas were pretentious and peculiar:

  • pointed hats and pointed shoes;
  • corsetted thin silhouettes;
  • endless loops;
  • 90,050 scalloped, jagged sleeves and hemlines;

    90,050 an abundance of bright ornaments and floral motifs.

Tailoring from a simple craft turned into an art, all the cutting techniques known to this day were invented.

And then the world stepped into the Renaissance, and the Gothic faded into oblivion. An attempt to get out of oblivion in the late 18th and early 19th centuries was short-lived and unsuccessful. In the 70s of the XX century, Gothic revived again, replacing the dying punk culture, which failed to establish itself in its slogan “Live fast – die young”.

Everything was more or less clear with life, and almost everyone could cope. But the theme of death, the afterlife, eternal mourning fell in love with the gloomy romantics.Black became their favorite color, and cemeteries became places for walking and gathering. The new Gothic style finally took shape by the 80s, and in the 2000s it took to the catwalks.

Modern Ready-to-Wear: Characteristics, Distinguishing Features

The Middle Ages left their mark on the appearance of melancholic fatalists. But they adopted only a narrow, laced waist, otherwise the fashion trends of that time have little in common with the appearance of modern Goths.

These grotesque personalities rather took on the role of victims of the Inquisition, which appeared in our world with a reminder of eternal sorrow, mourning, and the frailty of life. But believe me, deep down, none of them are going to die, and the exquisite beauty of death is a way to present yourself to the world and be noticed.

If you want to accurately identify the representatives of this subculture in the crowd or try on clothes in the Gothic style, remember the main features:

  • predominance of black with contrasting accents – white, red;
  • dark saturated colors are allowed – violet, burgundy, green, blue;
  • clear silhouettes, straight flying lines;
  • overt extravagance with overtones for adults;
  • Vintage or ultramodern dresses with a complex cut;
  • voluminous skirts, mini or maxi length;
  • frill, lace, mesh, lacing;
  • corsets and harnesses, mainly over clothing;
  • loose black blouses, T-shirts, shirts, turtlenecks;

  • Eccentric umbrellas, veiled hats, long gloves;
  • Massive white metal jewelry;
  • An expressive contrast between dark hair and a completely white face;
  • Deliberately sloppy aggressive makeup in black and blood-red tones.

Fabrics preferred:

  • velvet;
  • atlas;
  • silk;
  • 90,050 leather;

    90,050 vinyl;

    90,050 brocade;

    90,050 taffeta;

    90,050 lace;

  • organza.

A fair amount of aristocracy is present among the Goths, both in women’s style and in men’s clothing. Long black coats and raincoats, a top hat, on special occasions – a tailcoat, well, what is not a London dandy. But still, the image of a modern Gotess deserves more attention.

Variants of self-expression in clothes from ready

An interesting discovery for girls can be the image of a Gothic Lolita. This style is one of the types of Japanese street fashion. It does not contain any hints of vulgarity and vulgarity, but on the contrary looks quite elegant and casual. Special features:

  • black color actively diluted with blue, blue, red details;
  • Quite a lot of white – stockings, gloves, petticoats;
  • Formal dresses with bodices and puffy skirts;
  • Flirty peeking shirt collars and lace pantaloons;
  • elegant knee length;
  • Gothic-themed prints;
  • Graceful hats with ribbons, coffin bags;
  • Shoes with massive heels or very high (up to 20 cm) platform;
  • dark makeup can be replaced with makeup with an emphasis on the eyes;
  • hair – black curls or straight auburn, purple or red strands in black hair are possible.

The result is a completely charming, feminine look. But the gothic style of clothing is very diverse. There are other directions as well.

  • Cyber ​​- the dark range is generously complemented by acid shades, hairstyles – mohawks, dreadlocks, makeup in neon tones.
  • Jay – imitation of the heroes of Japanese anime, but with strict adherence to the Gothic rules – dark clothes and contrasting makeup.
  • Medieval – the most romantic branch of the Goth subculture: indispensable corsets, Victorian dresses, long gloves, lace, hats.
  • Vampiric is the most popular style. The emphasis is on the obligatory presence of a deep red color, symbolizing blood and flawless whiteness of the skin.
  • Corporate – allows you to follow the dress code in a work environment. Usually – this is a strict black suit with a snow-white shirt and some jewelry in the appropriate style.

As you can see, putting together a modern Gothic outfit to suit any setting is not difficult.But that’s not all. It is important to maintain the harmony of the image as a whole, that is, to become a goth or a hotess from head to toe.

Shoes and accessories

Gotessa legs will meet all the requirements if you put on:

  • high combat boots;
  • boots on a massive platform;
  • shoes or sandals with wide and rather high heels;
  • for special occasions – aggressive hairpin.

Instead of bags – large black backpacks or elegant travel bags.Headdress – a hat, preferably with a veil or ribbons. Glasses are usually round and can be decorated with thorns. An original accessory – a collar made of latex, leather or metal. Thorns on it are also welcome. Another trick is a lace or velvet umbrella for sun protection.

Jewelry – only made of silver, white gold or platinum is allowed, but yellow metal is completely unacceptable. These are rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings in the form of Celtic crosses, figures of dragons, bats, and cats.From precious stones, diamond, sapphire, pearls are welcome, from semi-precious stones – all with a cold and black color.

Gothic hairstyles and makeup

Classic hairstyle Goth style – straight black hair. It’s a good idea to make them look slightly dirty. For a romantic look, curls and lush hairstyles are acceptable. Many Gothic women prefer to dye their hair a thick red or ash color.

Gothic makeup is a thick layer of white makeup on the face, no blush at all, black eyeliner, eyeliner or eye shadow, dark or blood-red matte lipstick.The nails are painted with black varnish. Top class if the manicure and makeup are done a little carelessly.

Who will suit the extravagant look

Gothic clothing is actually quite versatile. You can even arrange a non-traditional wedding. The Gothic bride will amaze the guests and will remain in the memory for a long time. In ordinary life, this will work:

90,028 90,050 shocking and young girls;

  • for the original photo shoot;
  • for a friendly party or Halloween;
  • 90,050 for lovers of black who began to consider it boring;

    90,050 for those wishing to radically change their image, but lost in thought.

    It is not necessary to change the entire wardrobe at once. Start small and gradually create your look, or limit yourself to one or two sets.

    Bright representatives of the style

    The most shocking famous Gotess is Lady Gaga. It is almost impossible to outshine and surpass it. But the American Taylor Momsen can be a worthy rival. This singer even goes to the red carpet in a gothic image. What can we say about stage costumes and ordinary life.The Olsen sisters also gravitate towards this direction of fashion to some extent.

    If you are delighted with these personalities, then there is someone to look up to.

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