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Spotlight is a privately owned and operated Australian family business. Our business has grown from two brothers helping their parents run a dress fabric stall at Queen Victoria market during the 1970s, to stores throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, employing more than 6,700 team members.

Much like our physical business, our Spotlight Facebook Page is a close knit online family. It’s a way to keep our customers in the loop about all of our current news, catalogues, events, projects and so much more! We encourage creativity and support in all forms and are open to your ideas, feedback and even an insight into what you are making with our products!
However, as this is a public and shared environment there are terms of use that are in place to ensure that we are able to keep our page friendly for all ages, respectful and inclusive.
The Spotlight Facebook Page is run in accordance to our Privacy policy which can be found at https://goo. gl/u6nZMA.
All users must abide by both Facebook’s and Spotlight’s Terms of Use. Based on the above terms and policies it is of the expectation that users will not post any material that fits into the following categories:
• Defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others.

• Publish, post, distribute or disseminate any defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent, misleading or unlawful material or information.

• Upload or attach files that contain software or other material protected by intellectual property laws (or by rights of privacy of publicity) unless you own or control the rights thereto or have received all necessary consents.

• Upload or attach files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of another’s computer.

• Take ownership or credit assets from anything posted by Spotlight and/or other users to the page.

• Falsify the origin or source of software or other material contained in a file that is uploaded.
Spotlight reserves the right to remove any comments that violate these rules and to block any repeat offenders.
If you have any query, or feedback about an experience or a product please don’t hesitate to contact us by either private message, our Customer Care number 1300 305 405, or by filling out our enquiry form located here:

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New Amazon Store Spotlight Sponsored Brands Ad Format

Published July 24, 2020



Earlier this month, Sponsored Brands Amazon Store Spotlight campaigns became available for all Amazon advertisers in the U.S. ROI Revolution has had access to this ad format in beta, and had the chance to try it out in client accounts. Here’s some pros and cons our Marketplaces Team found from using the ad type.

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What Is an Amazon Store Spotlight?

The Store Spotlight version of Sponsored Brands is a new creative format that highlights a brand’s Amazon Store. Usually, a Sponsored Brands campaign features a logo, headline, and up to three products. Rather than products, this new Sponsored Brands format showcases Store sub-pages.

Sponsored Brands has long been a great way to drive shoppers to an Amazon Store – the one place on Amazon free of competitors. Now, there’s an ad format that can help Stores get more visibility and awareness.

When setting up a Store Spotlight campaign, Amazon will automatically pull three Store sub-pages into the creative. These sub-pages can be changed, as well as the image that features them. Like the classic Sponsored Brands layout, these campaigns have customizable headlines and logos as well.

What Is a Store Spotlight Good For?

The ROI Marketplaces Team has found success using this campaign format with several different strategies. This format is great for a top-of-funnel approach, so it’s a good way to target competitors.

The Store sub-page selection gives the shopper a good idea of a brand’s catalog without the need to click around. It also lets the shopper click to the exact sub-page they want to browse, making for a more streamlined experience.

The multi-page creative is especially helpful for apparel brands. With this creative, shoppers can be shown the Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s Store sub-pages for more general search terms like “shoes” or “pants. ” This helps the shopper find what they’re looking for without needing to conduct a second search like “men’s shoes” or “women’s pants.”

The Store Spotlight creative is also great for leveraging complimentary products. Collections that go together well or are frequently bought together can be shown all in one Sponsored Brands placement. Because this ad type links to the Store, the shopper can continue to browse the collections easily once on the Store, rather than use the back button and move from one product detail page to another.

Extra Considerations

There are certainly great use cases for the Store Spotlight creative, but there are some extra considerations to take, as well.

Because this ad type targets top-of-funnel shoppers, there is room for wasted spend and high ACoS. This is especially true for campaigns targeting more general keywords, like “shoes” or “pants.” These “head term” keywords often present opportunity for excess spend, so targeting them in a dedicated campaign can exacerbate that.

In the general keyword example, there can be a fine line between just “general enough” and “too general.” In the apparel example, it might be tempting to target keywords like “clothing” and “summer styles,” then show several Store sub-pages for different types of apparel. This could be too broad, however, and lead to wasted spend.

Higher spend with lower return leads to a high ACoS, so any brand that has strict ACoS requirements may want to exercise caution with this ad type.

Edits to the Store Spotlight

As of right now, the Amazon Store Spotlight creative is not editable after launch. In April of this year, Amazon added a new “edit creative” button to Sponsored Brands campaigns, saving advertisers the trouble of pausing and re-launching an established Sponsored Brands campaign due to a small change. This new creative does not have this option, however. If a brand frequently changes Store sub-pages, the Store Spotlight creative may be more work than it’s worth.

Evolution of Sponsored Brands

It’s exciting to see Amazon rolling out more Sponsored Brands features and formats. Sponsored Brands is a great way to break the noise on Amazon and show your brand’s personality. There’s likely more to come, so continue to check the ROI Revolution blog for more!

In the meantime, you can find more recent Amazon news from our blog below:

‘Feast’ Director To Make Innovative Google Spotlight Stories

We’re always wondering what’s next for the movies. Since film’s inception as a storytelling form we’ve seen the addition of sound, color, bigger screens, third and fourth dimensions, and more. Now we’re at a point where the physical theater has become the major constraint. Some filmmakers are looking smaller for the next big thing.

Google has begun making short films called Spotlight Stories. These are movies you experience in 360 degrees on your smartphone using an app. Not only has Justin Lin made a movie for the series, Google has just signed Aardman Animations, as well as Patrick Osborne, the Oscar-winning director of Disney’s short film Feast. His movie will be called Pearl

. You can read more about it, and Google Spotlight Stories, below.

Pearl will “take place entirely in a car, and will use a musical format to explore the theme of ‘gifts we inherit from our parents, both tangible and intangible,'” according to Cartoon Brew. Here’s some concept art.

The Aardman-produced project is called Special Delivery. It’ll be directed by Tim Ruffle and is “set in an inner-city housing project, a janitor discovers an intruder on Christmas Eve and chases him around the buildings. Viewers will have the option of following the janitor, the intruder, or peep into the homes of building dwellers.

So basically, it sounds like the Spotlight Stories are mini-Oculus Rift adventures where viewers and choose to watch or multiple aspects at the same time. That’s a whole new way to think about storytelling. Currently, the Spotlight Stores app is only available on Android but an iOS version is on the way.

There are a few others movies in production too, and a few available now. Plus Rachid El Guerrab, the project lead for Google Spotlight Stories in their Advanced Technology and Projects department, revealed Google has created a Story Development Kit so other filmmakers can attempt to make movies in this format:

With the Story Development Kit, an animator can build a story using familiar tools (e.g. Autodesk’s Maya) and set up an interactive story in an intuitive way. A lot of work is going into our new ‘film language,’ and how we introduce creators to thinking in 3D, in 360 degrees, with a free camera, and with viewer­based pacing. The SDK also offers various tools to help storyboarding, music and sound design, publishing, testing on phones, etc.

What do you think about Spotlight Stories? Are you excited to have talent like Osborne on board?

What Is Snapchat Spotlight? Here’s What You Need to Know

  • Snapchat’s Spotlight feature is a TikTok-like component for promoting viral videos from the Snapchat community. 
  • Anyone can submit videos to Spotlight from the top of the “Send To” page. 
  • Here’s everything you need to know about Spotlight on Snapchat, including tips for getting your snaps accepted.
  • Visit Insider’s Tech Reference library for more stories.
LoadingSomething is loading.

One way to know when a new social media platform is popular is when you see established social media apps mimicking what makes the new one successful. That’s the case with Snapchat’s Spotlight.

What to know about Snapchat’s Spotlight feature

The Spotlight feature on Snapchat is a dedicated tab in the Snapchat app (the last tab on the right) for promoting short viral videos from the Snapchat community, much like TikTok. 

But unlike TikTok, your Spotlight video won’t have a comments section, and other users won’t be able to see your display name unless you are 18 and older and have a public profile.  

How to submit a snap to Spotlight
  1. In the Snapchat app, tap the Camera tab to get ready to make a snap.
  2. Tap and hold the record icon to create your video snap. Release the button when you’re done recording and then add any edits or effects as you normally would.
  3. Tap “Send To” at the bottom right of the screen. 
  4. Tap “Spotlight” at the top of the page. You might need to agree to Spotlight terms by tapping “Okay. ” 

    To submit the snap to Spotlight, use the button at the top of the screen. Dave Johnson/Insider

  5. Snapchat recommends adding a topic to the snap. Tap “#AddTopic” to set your topic. 
  6. At the bottom of the page, tap “Send.”

    Find the Send option at the bottom of your Snapchat screen.

    Dave Johnson/Insider

How to check the status of your Snapchat Spotlight submission
    1. Tap your profile avatar at the top left of the Snapchat screen. 
    2. If it’s not already expanded, tap “Spotlight & Snap Map” so you can see your list of Spotlight snaps.

      You can check on the status of your Spotlight submission from the Spotlight & Snap Map in options. Dave Johnson/Insider

    3. You should see the current status of your submission — if it has been accepted to Spotlight, it will say “Live.

Quick tip: Not every submission makes it to the Spotlight page; your Snap will be reviewed by a moderator before the snap potentially appears on Spotlight. 

How to save or delete a Spotlight snap
  1. Tap your profile avatar at the top left of the Snapchat screen.
  2. If it’s not already expanded, tap “Spotlight & Snap Map” so you can see your list of Spotlight snaps. 
  3. Tap and hold the snap you are interested in. 
  4. In the pop-up menu, choose the option you want — tap “Delete Snap,” “Save Snap,” or “Send Snap.” 

    You can save or delete any Spotlight snap from settings. Dave Johnson/Insider

Tips for getting a snap onto Spotlight

Before you submit a snap to Spotlight, you should take care to make a good submission so it’s more likely to be accepted and published. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Dave Johnson

Freelance Writer

Google is shutting down Spotlight Stories, its immersive film studio

Google has announced that it’s shutting down Spotlight Stories, its in-house film studio focused on producing 360-degree videos for phones. “Google Spotlight Stories is shutting its doors after over six years of making stories and putting them on phones, on screens, in VR, and anywhere else we could get away with it,” reads a statement given to Variety by Google.

It’s been a busy six years for the studio, which has released 13 films over its relatively short life. These have included tie ins with The Simpsons and the Wes Anderson film Isle of Dogs, as well as original films such as Help (from Fast and the Furious director Justin Lin), Aardman Animation’s Special Delivery, and Pearl — which was nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 2017 Academy Awards.

“We are proud of the work the team has done over the years”

Google declined to say why it’s shuttering the studio, but in a statement given to The Verge said it was proud of the work done by the team over the studio’s lifetime.

“Since its inception, Spotlight Stories strove to re-imagine VR storytelling. From ambitious shorts like Son of Jaguar, Sonaria and Back to The Moon to critical acclaim for Pearl (Emmy winner and first-ever VR film nominated for an Oscar) the Spotlight Stories team left a lasting impact on immersive storytelling. We are proud of the work the team has done over the years.”

Variety reports that the studio’s permanent employees are expected to be offered other roles within Google.

Spotlight Stories originally began as a team within Motorola producing 360-videos exclusive to the manufacturer’s Android phones, but became part of Google after the company’s $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola in 2011. In 2015, the studio’s films became more widely available after its app came to non-Motorola Android devices, iOS, and YouTube’s 360-degree film platform.

Masters deal creates Australia’s largest large-format landlord

Rich-lister Zac Fried, who parts owns the Anaconda and Spotlight stores, is in the consortium.Credit:Wayne Taylor

“It’s as close to turnkey as you can get,” they said. “That’s what won them the day.”

The consortium expects to have first centres refitted and open between April and June next year.

The Masters stores are estimated to cover about 700,000 square metres combined.

The wind-up of Masters, foreshadowed for months, will see a fire sale of all the store’s hardware stock and thousands of workers losing their jobs, although the new owners expect to create a similar number of jobs in the new retail centres.

The flood of empty space has concerned some industry watchers.

Morry Fraid, who part owns the Anaconda and Spotlight stores, is also in the consortium.

“While it is still early days, this is a negative read-through for large-format retail given the potential for new competing supply to come online,” Macquarie Bank said in a research note.

Others welcomed the deal. “It’s great news for the industry,” said Philippa Kelly, chief executive of the Large Format Retail Association, which represents an industry with a turnover of $66 billion a year that employs 425,000 people.

“There has been a shortage of supply of new space in the last few years,” she said.

CBRE’s head of large format retail Chris Parry said his firm investigated the Masters portfolio and found significant demand for new space among the nation’s largest retailers.

“We were quite surprised at how much demand there was,” he said.

Home Consortium said it was already negotiating with retailers including Anaconda, JB Hi-FI, Super Amart, BBQs Galore, Woolworths Supermarkets and Dan Murphy’s to take over some of the 61 freehold properties.

The deal to offload Masters is still subject to approval from Woolworths’ US-based joint-venture partner Lowe’s.

It covers 40 trading freehold stores, 21 development sites and 21 Masters leasehold sites which the consortium plans to repurpose into multi‐tenant large-format centres.

Woolworths said it will acquire three Masters freehold sites and take assignment of 12 leases to facilitate the deal.

Rival hardware giant Bunnings was quick to jump on plum locations, confirming it planned to take over 15 Masters sites.

“Eleven of the 15 locations will be replacement stores and provide us with a great opportunity to improve our offer in these areas,” Bunnings CEO John Gillam said.

The process of re-letting and subdividing stores could take up to five months, he estimates.

Bunnings’ deal with Home Consortium will see it lease six freehold sites, two development sites and seven of Masters leaseholds.

The two freehold development sites Bunnings intends to lease will require normal development approvals before it can build and open its warehouses.

The other leg of Woolworths’ Masters divestment, a deal to sell its Home Hardware chain to Mitre 10’s owner Metcash for $165 million, will create a new 1800-store competitor to Bunnings.

90,000 OPEC meeting is in the spotlight of traders – Andrey Vernikov

MOSCOW, 4 October – PRIME. Rising prices for raw materials make our market attractive, especially since it is not overvalued from a fundamental point of view in relation to developed markets.

Today, the price of Gazprom shares has broken a record in rubles and is likely to remain at high levels in the next six months. According to OPEC forecasts, gas prices will be high at least until the end of the 1st quarter of 2022.Since the beginning of August, Gazprom quotes have been in the “bull zone” on the daily chart and strong support is in the range of 340-342. Theoretically, it is possible to reverse the play to a fall when this level is broken down, but from a practical point of view, this should not be done. Gazprom’s business is growing, for the “short” it is better to look for shares of companies whose business is stagnating. The so-called “energy revolution” and a series of hasty decisions to curtail traditional energy sources have led to an imbalance in the oil and gas markets, and this will last for a long time.The situation is described in the novel The Golden Calf (episode at the film studio) – “We don’t need scripts for shooting a silent movie, because” There is no longer a silent movie “, and scripts for a sound film are also not needed because” There is no talk movie yet. ” Life at the studio stopped. Dirty energy is bad and we refuse it, but the technologies in alternative energy are still raw. They reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but cannot completely replace traditional energy. The era of gas will last until at least 2040.

Today’s OPEC meeting was also very important for the market. The media, citing anonymous sources, reported that the cartel is highly likely to extend the existing agreement to cut production by about 400,000 barrels per day, and this fact encouraged the oil bulls.

Uncertainty remains related to the future situation with COVID-19. The Spanish flu at the turn of the century lasted two years and ended abruptly in 2020. There is also uncertainty associated with the effectiveness of new drugs.True, the other day the pharmaceutical company Merck announced the creation of drugs that reduce the risk of hospitalization or death from COVID-19 by about 50%. In Russia, the drug MIR-19 has been created, which prevents the most severe forms of the disease. The more such drugs are created, the less chances that different countries will impose restrictions on the movement of their citizens, which will have a beneficial effect on the demand for oil.

Hi-tech NASDAQ Composite last week bounced up from August lows.At the same time, now is not the time for a new large-scale rise in the quotations of American stocks. The market has concerns about the ongoing Evergrande crisis. The tension on the USA-CHINA line is growing. The White House said it did not rule out the introduction of additional tariffs for goods from China and rebuked China for not fulfilling its obligations under the agreement at the first stage. Also for the market are very important Friday September data on the US labor market. Labor and inflation data are the main markers on the basis of which the Fed may announce in November that it will cut back on its bond purchases.

Focusing on the Internet of Things

IoT devices are gradually becoming popular holiday gifts. This shows how much the process of manufacturing and storing food has changed, because the network connection is becoming a standard feature of those devices in which it was not previously used.

Your refrigerator, which sends you a text message about running out of milk, is now an IoT device. And also a thermostat that sends temperature data to the phone – it is also an IoT device.Basically, any home appliance other than a computer, smartphone or tablet that can connect to the network is considered an IoT device.

Securing IoT devices has become a serious problem. While progress is being made in this regard, some vulnerabilities remain. Barracuda Labs recently demonstrated this with a security camera, which is also an IoT device, showing how credentials are compromised using web and mobile applications in order to compromise IoT devices.

IoT Device Credential Compromise: Dedicated Threat

Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications of certain IoT devices to obtain credentials, which they can then use to watch videos, configure, receive or delete notifications, delete saved video clips from the cloud, and read account information. Attackers can also use these credentials to load their own firmware into a device in order to modify its functionality in order to attack other devices on the network.

Technical Details

To illustrate this threat, Barracuda Labs conducted a survey of the connected security camera and identified the following vulnerabilities in the camera web application and the mobile app ecosystem:

  • The mobile app ignores the server certificate expiration date.
  • The presence of cross-site scripting (XSS) in a web application;
  • 90,031 crawling files on the cloud server;
  • control of the device update link by the user;
  • missing device update signature;
  • The device is ignoring the server certificate expiration date.

Demonstrated how these vulnerabilities can be used to obtain credential information and allow an IoT device to be compromised without a direct connection to the device itself.

Retrieving credentials from mobile application

If an attacker can intercept the traffic of a mobile application using a compromised or hostile network, then he can easily find out the user’s password. This is how it works:

90,050 90,031 victims connect to the compromised / hostile network using their mobile phone;
  • the connected camera application will try to connect to the vendor’s servers using the https protocol;
  • hostile / compromised network redirects the connection to the attacker’s server, which will use its own ssl certificate and proxy connection to communicate with the vendor’s server;
  • the attacker’s server now contains an unsalted md5 hash of the user’s password;
  • An attacker could also change the communication between the provider’s server and the application.
  • Retrieving credentials from a web application

    This type of attack is based on the function of sharing access to the connected camera. To share the device, the recipient must have a valid account from the IoT provider, and the sender needs to know the username that the recipient is using. This is usually an email address.

    1. The attacker inserts an XSS exploit into a device name and then shares that device with the victim.
    2. After the victim logs into his account using the web application, an XSS exploit is launched on the victim, which will transfer the access token to the attacker (it is stored as a variable in the web application).
    3. An attacker can use an access token to gain access to the victim’s account and all of its registered devices.

    Through this study, the Barracuda Labs team was able to compromise an IoT device (connected camera) without any direct connection to the device itself.The presence of such vulnerabilities makes life easier for attackers. There is no need to scan on Shodan to find vulnerable devices. Instead, the attack will be carried out against the infrastructure of the supplier. This is a threat that can affect other types of IoT devices, regardless of their function, as it uses the way the device interacts with the cloud.

    At the end of the day, bugs are not related to products, but to processes, skills, and developer awareness.As access and control of access for IoT devices moved to the cloud, vulnerabilities have also changed, making possible the types of attacks discovered by the Barracuda Labs team.

    Lessons for IoT Manufacturers

    Vendors building IoT solutions must secure all aspects of the applications used to run these devices. IoT devices are sensors distributed in homes, schools and offices and are potential entry points for attackers.Each client’s network is access to the server core and other clients.

    Web Application Firewall, one of the most important security measures that IoT providers need to install, is designed to protect servers from HTTP traffic at layer 7. Manufacturers also need to strengthen their defense against network layer attacks and phishing.

    How to protect yourself as a consumer?

    When buying an IoT device, consumers need to think about security as well as convenience and price. Here are some tips:

    • Check the manufacturer of the device.Not all IoT device companies are concerned with software security. Most of them are companies engaged in the production of connected physical devices, or startups trying to get their developments to market as quickly as possible. Both of them often do not pay due attention to the protection of software.
    • Please try to find out about the existing vulnerabilities in other devices from the same vendor. If one device has a vulnerability, it is likely that others with similar functionality will also have the same vulnerabilities.A manufacturer with a history of creating secure devices is likely to create secure devices in the future.
    • Evaluate the response to the discovery of vulnerabilities in the past. When a vendor responds to people reporting vulnerabilities and quickly remediates them by updating their firmware, it signals a serious approach to the security of their products.

    Unfortunately, the amount of information available on the security status of IoT devices is strikingly small.Ideally, we need to create a world in which all IoT products can be assessed for security, just like cars. Before buying, consumers should have complete information about any IoT device and the degree of its security.

    Barracuda IoT Security Solutions

    Barracuda offers the SC2 security connector and the F183R firewall to protect IoT devices on the network. They protect all user devices, applications and data – no matter what the protected infrastructure looks like, providing secure and reliable connections between multiple nodes in the local network and the cloud infrastructure.

    Barracuda Networks is a renowned manufacturer of email and Internet security solutions. In addition, the company is actively involved in the organization of IM security systems, server load management and archiving.

    Barracuda Networks solutions are used by over 50,000 corporate customers worldwide. The main products of the company are Barracuda Spam Firewall, Barracuda Web Filter and Barracuda IM Firewall.

    90,000 articles, valuations, analytics of the global financial market, currency quotes and real-time stock quotes on

    Main exchange quotes

    MICEX Index

    4 223.85



    PTC Index

    1 840.11




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    S&P 500

    4 357.20




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    90,000 The situation in Venezuela was in the spotlight at the Summit of the Americas that ended in Peru – International Panorama

    LIMA, 15 April./ TASS /. The Summit of the Americas – a traditional forum with the participation of heads of state and government of the Western Hemisphere – ended on Saturday in Lima. Summing up the results of the meeting, Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra said he was pleased with its result.

    “We are extremely satisfied with the results of the summit. There are 35 states in [North and South] America, 34 of them received an invitation to the meeting, and in the end 33 participated. It is difficult to imagine a greater success than this. Moreover, out of 33 participating countries more than half were represented by the president or prime minister, “the head of state said at a press conference.

    “Thus, we are talking about the support of the states of America for Peruvian democracy,” added Wizcarra.

    This year, the main topic of the forum was announced as “Democratic government in its fight against corruption.” Following the meeting, its participants signed a joint document dedicated to the fight against this problem. It was named “The Lima Commitment” and included 57 clauses that describe anti-corruption measures.

    In addition, a number of countries participating in the summit adopted a declaration criticizing the actions of the Venezuelan executive branch.This document was signed by representatives of Argentina, the Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Lucia and the United States. The authors of the declaration, in particular, stressed that the presidential elections to be held in Venezuela in May will be deprived of legitimacy and credibility if all political forces of this South American country cannot participate in them, as well as a fair and transparent electoral process is not ensured. …

    Criticism of Caracas and Cuba’s Intercession

    The topic of Venezuela was touched upon in one way or another in the speeches of almost all the participants in the summit. Argentinean President Mauricio Macri said he did not recognize the results of the May presidential elections in Venezuela. His position was supported by the Chilean leader Sebastian Piñera, who also sharply criticized Caracas. According to Piñera, elections in Venezuela should not be recognized by “any democratic country.”

    Even harsher remarks were made by US Vice President Michael Pence. He noted that the United States will not stop until democracy is restored in Venezuela. Pence also said that “every free nation” is obliged to take tough measures to isolate “the regime of [the president of this South American country, Nicholas] Maduro.” “The US will not stand and watch Venezuela collapse,” the US vice president promised.

    In turn, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez stood up for Maduro at the plenary meeting of the summit.The foreign minister of the island state again asked for the floor specifically in order to express support for the President of Venezuela. “It is not at all democratic to attack Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Moros, who is not present here and cannot answer,” Rodriguez said. “I reject references of an offensive nature that relate to Cuba and Venezuela,” added the head of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

    Strike Syria

    Although the situation in Syria was not formally on the agenda of the Summit of the Americas, a missile strike on this country on Saturday morning forced many forum participants to comment on what had happened.Brazilian President Michel Temer said, in particular, that the UN Security Council must act more firmly and faster in such situations. “It seems to me that this is of fundamental importance for world peace,” the head of state said during a briefing for a small group of journalists.

    The President of Brazil did not directly answer the question of whether he supports or condemns a missile strike on Syria. “We will investigate [this issue],” Temer said. He also noted that the fact of striking without the sanction of the UN Security Council forced Brazil to make “some remarks.”According to the head of state, other participants in the international forum “made the same remarks,” noting that an “international solution” is needed in the situation around Syria.

    “The remarks that we have been making since yesterday are related to the fact that you need to solve this through the application of international law, you cannot act only with the help of force. In my opinion, negotiations, the diplomatic path and persuasion are fundamental for this”, – added Temer. At the same time, the Brazilian leader said that reports of the use of chemical weapons in Syria require investigation.

    Absent persons

    Summits of the Americas are meetings of heads of state and government of the Western Hemisphere, which are held every few years under the auspices of the Organization of American States, which unites 35 countries. This year’s summit took place in Lima on April 13-14. In early March, the White House reported that US President Donald Trump intends to take part in the forum. Moreover, the visit of the American leader to Peru was supposed to be his first trip to the region in this status.

    However, last Tuesday, the White House announced that US President Donald Trump would skip the Summit of the Americas, including because he needed to coordinate actions on Syria.Instead, Vice President Michael Pence led the delegation. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro did not attend the forum either: in mid-February, the Peruvian Foreign Ministry announced that it was withdrawing the invitation previously sent to him.

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