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Top 10 Singapore Souvenirs To Pick – Shopping In Singapore

Singapore Souvenirs are not too difficult to find. You can find them just about anywhere – outside any tourist attraction or in any shopping mall. The trick is to find interesting and unique souvenirs, so here is my list of souvenirs to pick on your next visit.

Shopping in Singapore – Best Singapore Souvenirs

Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm
Image Source:

The Tiger Balm is the Singapore version of our very own Amrutanjan. It is an analgesic used for external application, and commonly used for pain relief. The recipe is supposed to be secret, but of course, we know all the ingredients – active ingredients being menthol and camphor in petroleum jelly and paraffin base.

Now Tiger Brand is a BIG Singapore brand. Born in 1870, Tiger Balm is actually far older than the country itself. The classic range comes in Red and White Color, and there are many new products being rolled out.

Available in colorful packaging, you can find it proudly displayed in most souvenir shops in Singapore. Visit their website to read their detailed story.

Pain Balm as a souvenir! Is that not unique but at the same time a very symbolic gift. A gift that gives the vibes that you care, a gift to help you out of pain and a gift to ensure you are pain-free. That is what makes it a unique souvenir.

Kaya Jam

Kaya Jam

The Kaya Toast i.e. Kaya Jam and butter sandwiched between two toasted slices of bread are a staple breakfast that you can have on any street. Kaya Jam is nothing but coconut Jam. I am not sure how it gets the pale green colors, though. You can pick up small bottles of this jam as a perfect souvenir from Singapore. Every time you eat it, you would remember Singapore’s Kopitiams.

Kaya Truffles

You can also pick up Kaya Truffles at Changi Airport.

Durian based products

Durian Cake

I am not sure if you can carry a Durian with you without offending your fellow passengers and respective customs officers. However, you can carry the flavor of Durian in the form of:

  • Cookies Durian flavored
  • Durian flavored Coffee
  • Durian Sandwich Biscuits

I am not a Durian fan. I tried it during my first visit, but have felt no urge to try it since. They say you either love or you hate Durian. In case you love Durian, these are the good options to carry back home. It is also a good option for those who have never tasted Durian before.

TWG Tea Products

TWG Tea Products

Till I explored a TWG Tea store at T3 of Changi Airport while waiting to board my flight, I had no idea that tea can be made to look so fascinating. I would later learn that TWG was established in 1837 but they started these stores only in 2003. In fact, they are present worldwide. In Singapore, they have 9 stores of which 3 are at the three active terminals of Changi Airport.

You can pick up tea packaged very invitingly in various colorful boxes carrying innovative names like Weekend in Singapore Tea, Midnight Hour Tea, Love Me Tea, Tea party Tea, Maharaja Tea, Gentleman Tea and I can go on and on… All I can tell you is that you would have a tough time choosing the flavors to pick. I would probably pick up them on the basis of keepsake boxes they come in.

Tea cookies from TWG

The store also offers many other souvenirs – all centered on the theme of tea like:

  • Tea flavored cookies and they come in all bright colors.
  • The teacups in lovely designs.
  • Handcrafted Tea Pots some even with a layer of silver, gold or platinum on them.
  • Tea Jelly

Orchid Jewelry

Orchid Jewelry

The hybrid purple orchid – the national flower of Singapore is the most popular display at souvenir shops. A bright flower shining through the glass it is framed into – a cheerful little thing to buy.

However, this time, I discovered orchid frames jewelry at Discover Singapore Store at Changi Airport. There were earrings and pendants with small flowers shining through the glass molding. They came in various shapes and sizes – with a real flower inside them. I saw them in bright green, bright orange, mild purple and a mix of all of them.

Priced at around SGD 20 or so, I think they would make a lovely gift for the women you love, including yourself!

Miniature Merlion

Miniature Merlion

Merlion is the symbol of Singapore – half fish and half lion. You would, of course, visit the Merlion Park sometime during your visit. Miniature Merlion is one of the hot-selling souvenirs. You get it in various mediums and sizes.

Years back, when I first visited Singapore, I bought a toothpick holder with Merlion floating in it. However, today I would prefer something cast in crystal or metal that would look good on a display.

Peranakan Souvenirs – Things to buy in Singapore

Peranakan Prints

Remember the prints worn by Singapore Airline crew! That print comes from the Peranakan community. You can buy various souvenirs made from the fabric with that print – be it dresses, men’s shirts, bags or pouches. One look at these souvenirs and people know that it has come from Singapore. You can find them in most curio and souvenir shops.

Beaded Footwear

However, there is one Peranakan gift for which you would have to go to Arab street – a hand weaved beads slippers. I know you can find something similar in India as well, but these shoes carry the stamp of the Peranakan community. For those who love to collect shoes, this is one of the perfect souvenirs to pick.

Peranakan Porcelain

The colorful Peranakan crockery and cutlery are also nice to pick though you may have to pack them well for safe delivery.

You can also pick these souvenirs from Peranakan Museum Shop.

Sweets of Bengawan Solo Shops

Bengawan Solo Outlet

Buy the typical Chinese sweets from shops like Bengawan Solo. I had written in detail about sweets to carry as souvenirs in my Changi Airport Post.

Paper Cut Outs at China Town

Chinese paper cut designs

Paper cutting is one of the oldest folk art in China. Its origins can be traced back to ancient times and based on who you believe it can be anywhere from 3rd BCE to 6th CE. It is said that the designs pertain to ancestor worship. Entrances of homes and workplaces decorated with these paper-cut designs and are considered a sign of good luck and prosperity.

Auspicious designs in red paper intricately cut and folded can be found in many curio shops in China Town. If you think you can do it yourself try watching this DIY video

If you like Folk Art, I think this would make an excellent pick for Singapore Souvenirs.

Flavored Nuts from China Town

Chinatown in Singapore

You get all possible nuts right from humble peanuts to walnuts to almonds to pistachios flavored with different flavors. Now my limited language interface did not allow me to pick up the names of the flavors.

I picked up some black peanuts and a mix of all possible nuts. It was a good snack to carry back home.

Would you like to add to my list of Singapore Souvenirs!

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Iconic souvenirs of Singapore – Visit Singapore Official Site

Editor’s Note: We understand that even as travelling is on pause now and the world is staying home, the following article may inspire you to visit Singapore next when the situation has improved and travel is made possible again. You may consider ordering some of the souvenirs online where international shipping is available. Meanwhile, please stay safe. Singapore awaits your next visit.

Singapore is a teeming hotbed of locally designed and crafted products. Several emblems of our diverse, unique nation can be brought home by tourists, in the form of quirky and functional souvenirs. Nuanced labours of love crafted by Singapore’s growing artisanal community, these thoughtfully fashioned items are not only functional—they’re symbols of our many cultures and ethnicities.

Old school

Eu Yan Sang—herbal remedies

An iconic dispensary of traditional Chinese medicine, Eu Yan Sang stocks a plethora of herbal remedies, which have been proven effective against everything from common colds and flus, to high blood pressure and cardiovascular ailments.

Biscuit King—traditional sweets

As you explore Singapore’s eclectic neighbourhoods, pop into a mama shop (traditional sundries store) to buy some local candy. While children today crave trendy desserts and sweets, treats like ais gem (iced gem biscuits) and haw flakes (Chinese sweets made from the Chinese hawthorn) were integral parts of many Singaporeans’ childhoods.

If you’re finding it a bit difficult to hunt down this hidden treasure, you can drop by Biscuit King along Casuarina Road. This old school store is a trove of nostalgic snacks and retro candies.

Loof—nostalgic knicknacks

Toys from the pre-electronics era may not be on the wish lists of kids today, but you can still find some of these knickknacks by purchasing them at Loof, an acclaimed rooftop bar in the Civic District.

Prima Taste/Hais—local condiments and ingredients

Make your own version of traditional Singaporean dishes at home—go for instant pastes and powders by Prima Taste and Hais, both of which offer Halal-certified, ready-to-cook versions of laksa (spicy coconut milk-based noodle soup), Hainanese chicken rice and Cantonese soups, among others. These household brands are available at most supermarkets here.

Tiger Beer—the granddaddy of local brews

Don’t leave Singapore without having a can or pint of Tiger Beer, our home-grown brew that has found acclaim all around the world. Besides the usual light lager, the suds now come in two new variations: wheat beer and dark lager.

Tiger Balm—A local ointment to soothe discomfort

Soothe your aches and pains with Tiger Balm, a traditional ointment that can be found in most convenience stores and supermarkets. Locals have been dabbing the elixir on their sore joints and muscles for almost a century, and some even claim it helps with headaches and colds. Even if you don’t suffer from any of these ailments, Tiger Balm’s iconic hexagonal bottle—the design of which hasn’t changed much since it launched—makes for a great curio for your home.

New school

Archipelago Brewery—Craft brews in iconic beer bottles

Singlish got you stumped? Perhaps the new beers from Archipelago Brewery can help. The local microbrewery has launched a range of beers that bear cheeky, Singlish-inspired names such as Sibeh Ho Witbier (“sibeh ho” is Hokkien for “extremely good”) and Ki Siao Brown Ale (“ki siao” is Hokkien for “go insane”).

TWG—Tea for the discerning connoisseur

Tea-lovers, you’ll find your sanctuary at one of the tea salons of Singapore’s home-grown luxury tea brand, TWG. Pick up a beautiful tea tin containing your blend of choice—local versions of international strains include the Singapore Breakfast Tea and the Weekend in Singapore—or a box of exotic loose tea leaves.

Risis—Our national flower, immortalised in gold

If you’re a fan of our national flower, the Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim orchid, you can take home a bloom that will not wilt: a gold-plated one. Visit local goldsmith and jeweller Risis, and browse a collection of orchid-inspired jewellery.

Littered with Books/BooksActually—Literary gems from local authors

Leaf through books by local authors at boutique bookstores like Littered with Books or BooksActually. From poetry collections to short story compilations to bona fide novels, you’ll find that the Singaporean literary scene is brimming with talent. One book you have to check out is The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye by Sonny Liew. It’s a sprawling graphic novel—and winner of an Eisner Award—that presents a fictionalised account of our history.

Supermama/Scene Shang—Homeware for your abode

If you’d like to purchase some locally made crockery and furniture, head to Supermama and Scene Shang, located side by side in Kampong Gelam. Supermama, in particular, is famous for its gorgeously crafted porcelain plates, depicting architectural icons like the Merlion and cultural motifs.

Singapore Souvenirs: 10 Things to Buy in Singapore

Are you looking for Singapore Souvenirs? In Singapore, there are lots of fun and unique products to buy or bring home as gifts to friends and family.

Do you want to know what to buy in Singapore for your loved ones? Then continue reading below, because here’s a list of the top 10 things to buy in Singapore!

Unique & Local Kitchenware

If you’re looking for some nice locally made kitchenware or cute Singapore souvenirs, then I can recommend heading over to the design and crafts store “Supermama”. They sell unique, creative and meaningful things that make great Singapore souvenirs.

They have three different stores in Singapore, but I can recommend visiting the flagship store which is located on Beach Road.


Supermama Flagship Store
265 Beach Road
Singapore 199544
11am – 8pm Daily

Coconut Jam (Kaya)

The Singaporeans love to have their coconut jam on toast in the morning, so a jar of Kaya is the perfect gift if you want to buy a local product. This jam is made of coconut milk, sugar, eggs, and pandan leaves and is full of delicious flavors.

It’s not only used on toast for breakfast, but also as topping for desserts and cakes.

Kaya can be found in most supermarkets in Singapore, and is one of the most delicious Singapore souvenirs to buy in the city!

Photo: Shutterstock

Orchid Perfumes – One of the most popular Singapore Souvenirs!

Orchid is the national flower of Singapore, and in several shops, you’ll be able to find orchid-infused perfumes.

If you know someone who loves fresh flower scents, then this is a great souvenir to buy in Singapore. There are orchid perfumes for both men and women!

This is a souvenir you can have a long time and something that will remind you every other day of your trip to Singapore when you’re back home.

Traditional Music Instrument

If you know someone who loves music and instruments, then I can highly recommend buying a traditional instrument as a souvenir in Singapore. A Liuqin (Chinese four-stringed Chinese mandolin) is a nice gift to buy since it’s a portable size and easy to bring back home.

If you’re interested in buying a musical instrument, visit one of the music stores in Singapore and have a look. A recommendation is to visit Ranking Sports & Music or Music at Bras Basah Complex, which has a couple of local instruments in stock.

Singapore Souvenirs – Photo: Shutterstock

Local Beer

Want to taste and buy locally produced Singaporean beer? Then I can recommend you to check out the Archipelago Brewery. This microbrewery has a long interesting story and also offers delicious beers such as their Irish Ale, Summer IPA, the Bohemian Lager, the Belgian Wit, and their new Singapore Blonde Ale with crushed calamansi and pandan leaves.

A simple but delicious Singapore souvenir!

Singapore Sling Bottle

The national drink of Singapore, the Singapore Sling, is a must-buy souvenir if you love the world-famous drink.

It was created by the bartender Ngiam Tong Boon in the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel during 1930 and has today become one of the world most popular drinks.

In Singapore, you can buy bottled versions of the Singapore Sling, and is a great souvenir to bring back home and share with your friends and family!

Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel – Photo: Shutterstock

Orchid Jewelry

Do you want to know what to buy in Singapore for a woman? Then continue reading below!

Jewelry is a gift that’s always appreciated. I mean, who doesn’t like to get a beautiful necklace or a nice pair of earrings from someone you love. In Singapore, you can buy a unique souvenir, namely real orchids plated in 24K gold.

Other than jewelry you can buy things like card holders, brooches, and picture frames.

It truly is a unique and beautiful souvenir to buy in Singapore for someone who loves shiny things. And the fact that the orchid is the national flower of Singapore, makes this gift even more special and meaningful.

You can buy real orchid jewelry in RISIS stores at:

  • Gardens By The Bay
  • Takashimaya at Ngee Ann City Shopping Centre
  • Tangs Orchard
  • Tangs VivoCity
  • Changi Airport, Terminal 3
  • Suntec City Mall
  • National Orchid Garden at Singapore Botanic Gardens
  • The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Durian products

To bring a fresh durian back home isn’t something I would recommend you to do. And it’s something I don’t think you can do either since durian is not allowed to bring in to many places, including hotels, the metro, and airplanes in Singapore.

But what you can do is to buy durian products such as cookies, candies, and even durian flavored coffee.

Many people say that you either love or hate durian, so it can be fun to buy some durian products and bring back home to share with your friends and family. Will, they like it or not? It will sure be fun to find out!

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock

Local Snacks

If you have one of those friends that are hard to buy gifts for, and you’re thinking about what to buy in Singapore for them. Then I can recommend buying some local snacks, which is always a good souvenir to buy for someone who doesn’t need anything or simply are picky about things.

Food is something Singapore is famous for due to the different ethnicities. There are so many delicious snacks to try and bring back home to your loved ones.

The best about local snacks is that they’re delicious and cheap, which makes it possible for you to sample several snacks without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for Chinese snacks, go to Chinatown, For Malay snacks, visit Kampong Glam. And for Indian snacks, you can go shopping in Little India.

What to buy in Singapore for a tea lover? – TWG Tea

The famous tea brand TWG tea was established in Singapore in 1837, and in 2003 they put up their first stores in Singapore. Today they have 9 different stores, which three of them are at the terminals of Changi Airport.

There are so many different tea flavors to choose from such as; Midnight Hour Tea, Love me Tea, Tea Party Tea, Weekend in Singapore Tea, and many many more!

Even though you can buy TWG Tea in the most countries in the world, it’s something special buying it from the country it originated from.

TY Lim /

Online Souvenirs from Singapore – What to buy in Singapore from home?

If you’re looking for some Singapore Souvenirs, but you’re already back home. Then I can highly recommend to check out the forest factory where you can buy cute Singapore souvenirs with the Merlion.

These are a little bit more creative souvenirs featuring the famous Merlion, but cannot, unfortunately, be bought in Singapore, only online.

They have everything from cute stuffed animals, phone cases, keychains, postcards, and wooden coasters that are really cute!

So if you didn’t have time for souvenir shopping in Singapore or just not enough space in your suitcase – then these are some really nice souvenirs from Singapore.

Click here to shop

Good to know before buying souvenirs abroad:

Buying souvenirs is a lot of fun, but it can also be damaging to the local environment. So, with that in mind, don’t buy things in Singapore that you will not use or enjoy after the trip.

A lot of people are buying souvenirs in Singapore to bring home to their relatives and family in order to let them experience the culture, and that’s a great idea. Just make sure that the products you buy aren’t causing any ecological damage.

Buying handmade souvenirs can also help the local communities and show appreciation of their art and culture. Just make sure they’re made under responsible conditions.

Do you have any more questions about Singapore Souvenirs? Leave a comment below!

Best 10 Souvenirs You Should Definitely Get When You Visit Singapore

When on our travels, souvenirs serve an important role in encapsulating the memories of a great trip. They also allow us to bring a piece of our adventurers back home to share with friends and family. Not sure what would be a good souvenir to buy in Singapore? Fret not as our list of the 10 best souvenirs to buy in Singapore is here to help you with that difficult decision.

Photo credit: The Honeycombers

You can find good food all around Singapore. Why not bring a piece of our food culture back home with you? Bak Kwa is a salty and sweet barbecued dried meat product. The dish is incredibly popular in Singapore and is most often eating during Chinese New Year. Seen as a type of luxury food, the barbequed meat item became a popular dish during Chinese New Year as a way to welcome prosperity, doubling up as a great gift to friends and family. 

Being such a popular dish, there are numerous different Bak Kwa retailers located islandwide, making it an extremely convenient souvenir to purchase. If you’re unsure of which brand of Bak Kwa to purchase, large chains like Bee Cheng Hiang and Lim Chee Guan have multiple branches, making them the most accessible option. However, there are also many local brands like Bak Kwa Delivery that offer delicious bak kwa. Head over to their website and find the closest store to you.

Photo credit: Ya Kun

Kaya jam is a uniquely flavoured pandan popular spread in Singapore. Commonly eaten with toasted bread, kaya toast is a Singapore breakfast staple. If you would like a taste test before deciding to buy Kaya jam as a souvenir, visit Ya Kun to sample this delectable jam. Served with a side of soft-boiled eggs along with your choice of tea or coffee, this traditional breakfast will have you hooked and wanting more. 

You can purchase Kaya jam in many different supermarkets all over Singapore. If you enjoyed the Kaya from Ya Kun, they also have their specialty Kaya jam available for purchase. 

Photo credit: Coconuts

As you already know, Singapore is a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines. Our local hawker centres are filled with a wide variety of amazing local delicacies like chicken rice, laksa and chili crab to name a few. With brands like Prima Food and Dancing Chef, you will be able to bring these local food items back home in conveniently sized packets. They taste so authentic that many Singaporeans even bring along these instant food packets when they travel abroad for long durations. Take it from us, they are well made and taste like the real thing! An amazing tasting and one of the best souvenirs to buy in Singapore.

At our local supermarkets, you will find multiple brands selling a such a wide variety of instant local food items that will leave you spoiled for choice. 

4. Singapore Sling 

Photo credit: Punch Drink

The Singapore Sling is a unique alcoholic beverage created by Raffles Hotel’s Long Bar. It has grown to become well-known across the world. Crafted with gin, cherry brandy, pineapple juice and lime juice, this unique and aesthetic drink is a great souvenir for those who appreciate the taste of alcohol. 

To this day, Raffles Hotel Long Bar still serves the Singapore Sling. So, do go over there and give the original a taste! Interested? Bottled Singapore Slings are available at the Raffles Hotel shop or Changi Airport’s souvenir shops.

Photo credit: Klook

Irvins is a Singapore own brand, and has gained international attention and love from all over the world. They offer numerous salted egg flavoured goodies, and is one of the best souvenirs to get in Singapore. Famous for their salted egg fish skin snack, they also sell salted egg potato chips and cassava chips. Overall, Irvins is the one-stop-shop for all salted egg flavoured snacks in Singapore. Introduce your loved ones back home a unique snack beloved by many Singaporeans.

Irvins is even more accessible today as it is available to buy at 7-Eleven and Cold Storage supermarkets too. You can also refer to their website for their numerous branch locations found all over Singapore. 

Photo credit: HealthLine

Tiger Balm is a topical medication used to treat a wide array of conditions. It can be used to relieve muscle pain. To use, rub on the chest and under the nose to relieve a blocked nose. Upon application, the ointment produces a cooling sensation and has a calming scent.

Also coming in the form of patches and sprays, there is a wide variety of products available for your choosing. Found in local pharmacies and drug stores such as Guardian, Watsons, and Unity, you’ll easily be able to pick this up as a souvenir.

Photo credit: TWG Tea

TWG Tea is an international luxury tea brand that was established in Singapore. They were founded as a luxury concept that sells classic flavors of tea as well as unique ones that we guarantee you haven’t heard of before. Apart from teas, you will also be able to purchase beautiful and aesthetically pleasing tea accessories that range from tea containers to teacups. 

Check out the TWG Tea website in order to find the closest store to you. If you don’t have time to travel down to a specific TWG Tea store, fret not as a TWG Tea store is present in every single airport terminal, allowing you to pick up this great souvenir right before leaving Singapore!

8. Singapore Literature

Photo credit: A Guy’s Moleskine Notebook

We have recommended many food items. Here’s a great non-food related souvenir option if you’re looking for something that’s culturally significant yet fresh and exciting. With many rich and engaging books out there written in a Singapore context, a unique journey awaits you at our local bookstores.

With local bookstores like ‘Littered with Books’, ‘Woods in the Books’ and ‘BooksActually’, visiting these cosy stores are a treat in itself. If you’re interested in Singapore Literature as a souvenir, head down to one of these bookstores and begin your adventure.

Photo credit: Travel Triangle

Rounding out our list are Merlion products. With the head of a lion and the body of a fish, the Merlion is the official mascot of Singapore. With items like magnets, soft toys, biscuits, and chocolates, there are many choices of Merlion products available for you to choose from. 

You can find Merlian products in supermarkets all over Singapore. However, if you would like to visit dedicated souvenir areas with more options, head over to Chinatown or Mustafa Centre to find the best deals and greatest variety of these Merlion products. Overall, the perfect souvenir to round off our list of the best souvenirs to buy in Singapore.

10. Risis Orchid 

Photo credit: Risis

A hybrid orchid is the national flower of Singapore. Unfortunately, flowers wither and aren’t the best long-term souvenir. However, Risis has a solution for this. In 1976, a Singaporean scientist was able to encapsulate the natural orchid flower in gold, giving rise to the Risis brand. Now, you’ll be able to bring home a gold-covered orchid in all its beauty and splendour 

Coated in 24k gold, quality is assured when you’re purchasing a golden orchid from Risis. Head over to the Risis website to discover their extensive selection and purchase your golden orchid today. 

We understand that whether for yourself or your loved ones back home, souvenirs are a necessary part of any trip. With our list of the top 10 souvenirs to buy in Singapore, we knew that you will be able to pick out the perfect souvenir to encapsulate your memories of this trip. 

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What are the 10 best Singapore souvenirs and where to buy them from?

Singapore is a melting pot of many cultures. I decided to visit Singapore for its cultural diversity, amazing architecture, affordability and plethora of options for shopping that cater to every budget.

You just cannot go to Singapore and not shop! Here are some of the things that I noticed, tried and picked up while shopping there. Also, I’d tell you about the best places to shop in Singapore.

Merlion Statues and Products

My trip to Singapore (and yours) wouldn’t be complete without shopping for Merlion, the official mascot of Singapore. It is a mythical creature having the head of a lion and body of a fish. Singapore’s original name was ‘Singapura’ which means ‘city of the lions’.

The  fish part of the merlion represents the history of Singapore as a fishing village. It has also been widely used as a logo of the Singapore Tourism Board.

A huge variety of these statues in various sizes is available all over Singapore in small and big shops. Out of keychains, fridge magnets, coasters, statues, chocolates etc, I chose to buy a few miniature Merlions.

These cost around $2 to $20.

Orchid Perfumes

I am among those people who have a very strong sense of smell and connect with past memories best with smell. A perfume that I used mostly while on a trip, reminds me of that place every time I use it now. Orchid is also the national flower of Singapore.

If you are also one of those people who love flowery fragrances or who loves to boast of an amazing perfume collection, get some here.

These may cost you anywhere between $28 to $168 depending upon the quantity and can be bought from Isetan and Singapore Visitor Center at Orchard Road.

Postcards & Post Boxes

I have a strong penchant for old school stuff. I love postcards, letters, postage stamps and post boxes. Emails, text messages can never compete with the personal touch that handwritten postcards have.

Buy some picturesque ones and post those to your own address at home or to your friends all around the world.

You can get these at Peninsula Plaza, in museums and stationery shops around touristy places. I love to send and receive postcards and make it a point to send these often to the people who share this feeling.

Bengawan Solo Products

Discover the traditional flavour at Bengawan Solo Shop which was founded by an Indonesian lady.

She started working from her home kitchen and soon her homemade specialties became very popular. Cakes, rolls and cookies in traditional Indonasian flavours is a local favourite here. Pandan Chiffon Cake, Kueh Lapis, Banana cake, Walnut cake, Tiger Roll, Pandan Cheese Roll, Kueh Koya, Ondeh-Ondeh.

Think it and they have it all here. Famous as the national cake of Singapore, Pandan Cake is a favourite of young and old alike.

Don’t forget to try it.

The price for most of the products range between $2 and $80. 

Orchid Products

Due to the love for Orchid flowers, one gets to see it in many various forms all around. There are candles, jewelry, decorative pieces.

If you are obsessed with flowers, make it a point to visit Gardens Shop (stores located at Nassim Gate, National Orchid Garden and Tanglin Gate).

Colorful silk scarves with flowery prints, Coaster sets, mugs, handheld fans, bookmarks, keyrings, umbrellas, notebooks, Orchid Tea collection, Orchid cookies, there are a lot of things to look around and shop. Another thing that deserves to be mentioned here is Orchid jewelry.

These products catch the fancy of women travelling to Singapore. The dainty and exquisite designs in necklaces, rings, earrings etc are very popular among the tourists. 

Kaya Jam

Ever heard of jam made using coconut and eggs?

You’ll find it here in Singapore. Most of the locals in Singapore start their day with Kaya Jam toast. It is also used as a topping for desserts.

This is widely and easily available in the markets.

Price of a jar can be anywhere around $3 to $8.

Laksa Paste

Laksa Paste is used in preparing soups and curries. It is made up of lemongrass, dried chillies, spices, laksa leaves, shrimp paste etc. This can be bought at any departmental store, supermarket or Changi Airport Souvenir shops.

This would cost around $3 to $8.

Singapore Sling

Famous as the national drink of Singapore, Singapore Sling is a gin based cocktail that was invented by a bartender working in Raffles Hotel Singapore in the early 1900s.

Commonly, the ingredients used for its preparation are gin, cherry brandy, Benedictine, lemon juice and pineapple juice.

It is believed it was created as a drink that looked appealing to women.

You can try it at Long Bar in Raffles Hotel and at Jamie’s Italian.

This would set you back by $30 approx.

In order to take this Singaporean drink home with you, you can buy it at Raffles Hotel souvenir shop and Changi Airport souvenir shops.

Books by the local authors

Books provide an insight into a place’s culture.

Books always top my souvenirs’ list. I never miss a chance to visit some local bookstore and find something that would help me learn more about the place.

It can be a famous classic, travel guide, book by a famous local writer or a cookbook with local recipes and pictures. Bookstores like Littered with Books and Books Actually have a great collection of books by local authors. 

You own scent at SIFR aromatics

I would love to have a customised fragrance created for me exclusively. You can try this at SIFR Aromatics in Arab Street, Singapore. You need to book a personalised session for it first and also join in for Premium Perfume Workshops.

Custom Made Cheongsam for you

Wouldn’t it be awesome to flaunt some classic fashion dressed in your tailor-made Cheongsam?


Head towards Golden Scissors Cheongsam in People’s Park Complex. You can choose a fabric and print as per your liking and get the dress made for you within a week.

Charles & Keith

Homegrown brand Charles & Keith offers a wider range of products here than its outlets at places out of Singapore.

This brand has gained a lot of popularity among the locals and tourists for its great quality ‘affordable luxury’ products like bags, shoes and accessories. I’m always looking for places like this whenever I visit a new place.

When you can buy good quality at affordable prices, why look any further?

Best/Popular places for budget shopping in Singapore

Singapore is a paradise for shoppers.

You need not be filthy rich to shop here. Also you need not compromise on quality all the time to get things that fit your budget.

What you need is some good inside information about the best places to shop. Here are some of the best places in Singapore for some retail therapy.

Bugis Street

One of the best places in Singapore for budget shopping. With hundreds of shops offering fashion clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, watches etc, this is the place to head to if you are looking for shopping but tight on budget.

Some shops have fixed prices but on many others you can try your luck at bargaining.

Here you will also find Korean products and beauty services like nail art and tattoo art. Explore at least a few shops before buying something as there is no dearth of quantity and variety here. One thing to keep in mind is that this place gets very crowded.

I like to shop at places that have some open spaces and it’s easier to move around. So, I didn’t spend much time here.

Chinatown Street Market

Now this is the right place for people who get a sense of achievement in buying things at throwaway prices.

Also a good place to put your bargaining skills to use.

Consider it a place where you can get almost everything at one place.

Here I could see clothes, accessories, cosmetics, tea, herbal stuff, calligraphy paintings, decorative items, handicrafts, bags, scarves, shoes, mobile accessories, chocolates and all that you can probably think of.

I loved exploring the quirky, unique stuff that this place offers.

Haji Lane

If you are anything like me you’d love the experience of shopping in Haji Lane.

It’s not just about the shops or the stuff that you can buy here but the whole experience of this place.

Beautiful murals, boutiques, hip cafes and cool restaurants are what make this place popular among tourists. Eating and shopping both can be enjoyed equally at this aesthetically pleasing marketplace.

City Plaza

Choose this place to shop if you don’t like exploring crowded streets and want to have something good to eat in between your shopping spree. What I loved about this place is that at some shops here you can find pre-loved stuff at great prices. Just the right place for people who are inclined towards zero waste. Many people buy in bulk quantities as that means better prices!

Little India

This marketplace would make you experience a little India within Singapore. Colours, hustle-bustle, fragrance of spices and curries would capture your senses.

A mall here, Mustafa Centre, is open 24 hours so there is no issue about timing. Any time is a good time for shopping! It is a good place to buy all the knick-knacks like fridge magnets, chocolates, key chains, tea boxes etc. 

Lucky Plaza

For a person who feels cheated if unable to strike a bargain, this is the place to go. With hundreds of small shops, there are plenty of things that can be bought here. Exercise all the bargaining skills that you possess. If you are hunting for perfumes, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, phone accessories etc., this is the place you need to visit. 

Orchard Road

This place is a famous tourist attraction being an upscale shopping area of Singapore. This place is a shopper’s paradise with a huge number of high-end fashion stores. ION Orchard shopping mall boasts of high end brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Bottega Veneta. Don’t worry, there are more affordable options also like Topshop, Zara and H&M. Hermes flagship store is at Scotts Square. For the sports enthusiasts, you can find all your sports gear here in Pedder on Scotts in Scotts Square. Design Orchard is the perfect place if you are looking for souvenirs, apparels and accessories locally made in Singapore. Tanglin Mall seems like a perfect choice if travelling with family and kids. They have everything that one can expect from a good mall- everything under one roof. Stores offering beautiful homewares for a dream house and amazing stuff for kids and mothers.


IMM is Singapore’s largest outlet mall that houses over 90 brands like Adidas, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Reebok, Club21, Charles & Keith. A great deal is guaranteed here as some or other discount/sale is going on all around the year on these brands. Head to this mall if you love high street labels and don’t mind spending one month’s salary in one go!

Other things to buy in Singapore

Apparels, bags, shoes, phone accessories, decorative items, beauty products etc. , are the things that most of the travelers buy during their visit to Singapore as they are affordable and huge variety is available. I wanted to look for stuff beyond these obvious ones. Things that I found interesting and worth having a look at are- Vintage items, eco-friendly products, and local beauty and skincare products in Singapore. These may not always be cheap, but considering the value they add, I found them worth my money and time.

Vintage Items

A very interesting thing about shopping in Singapore is the easy availability of vintage items.

I love to have a look at such things that had been in a rage in the past. Usually the fashion from the older times comes around and why to shy away from experimenting different looks?

‘Exit’ and ‘Empire’ at Orchard Plaza, ‘Grammah’ at Haji Lane, ‘Loop Garms’ on Veerasamy Road are some of the places that deserve a visit for their unique vintage collection of clothing like t-shirts, tops, jackets, denims, sports jackets, skirts etc.  

The Fashion Pulpit, Deja Vu Vintage and Dustbunny Vintage are the places where one can find high street and designer stuff like dresses, gowns and accessories.

Local Beauty and Skincare Products

Keeping it all minimalistic and simple, a local brand ‘Sigi Skin’ has only three products under their brand. Their products are loaded with superfood ingredients that help in keeping skin supple and youthful.

Another brand that I found quite interesting is ‘Sen Natural’. Their lipsticks are considered edible. Well, not actually edible but they are free of any harmful ingredients so in case you do so by any chance, there’s nothing to worry about. Now this is a product that I would love to try!

‘Want Skincare’ is an ethical brand that champions sustainability. The products are handmade using botanical oils and minerals.

Eco friendly shopping in Singapore

For people who believe in eco friendly, sustainable fashion and want to support the local artisans, go for the brands like Matter, August Society, Ong Shunmugam. These brands are connected with their artisans, origin, and promote traditional techniques with a modern outlook.

‘August Society’ turns recyclable material into apparel through a sustainable production process. 

‘Eco.Le’ is a small store that advocates zero waste and plastic free lifestyle. I loved their personal care products. The best thing about buying such stuff is that you can shop as much as you want without guilt. 

I also came to know about an interesting place called ‘The Social Space’, located at Kreta Ayer Road. It is a socially conscious store that features a tea bar and cafe, and a nail salon. It also offers refillery of personal care and household products.

‘Amado Gudek’ creates sustainable jewelry using eco-friendly bioresin and eco-materials. Every piece created here is handmade which makes them all unique.

So, for your next trip to Singapore, skip the usual stuff you can find anywhere. Fill your luggage bags with souvenirs that really appeal to you and would remind of the amazing time you spent here.

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Find Last-Minute Souvenirs in Singapore Ι Accor

The stay at ibis Singapore on Bencoolen must have been a great one with its central location and comfortable rooms. As the time to leave for home draws close, you realise you’ve been so busy travelling around Singapore that you have yet to buy any souvenirs! Not to worry because Bencoolen Street is just a stone’s throw away from Bugis Street. A 5 minutes walk will get you to the buzzing street market selling everything from street fashion to touristy souvenirs. Here are 5 last-minute (yet thoughtful) souvenirs you can get there:

Quirky Singapore Magnets

Not everyone is into Country t-shirts, that is perfectly fine. Opt for these quirky, humorous magnets instead. Often sold at an average of 3 for S$5, you can have a good mix of magnets ranging from a Merlion (Singapore’s half lion, half fish mascot), famous attractions in Singapore and the “fine sign” magnets seen above. A great souvenir idea for friends who may be fined or caned and jailed in Singapore for not flushing or vandalism.

Iconic SIA Batik Print CC from Wikipedia

SIA Batik Prints

An iconic batik print worn by the air stewards and stewardesses of Singapore Airlines, these shirts and sarongs (wrap-around skirts) make for a uniquely Singapore gift. The same batik is now made into pouches, tote bags and even umbrellas if you find clothing sizes tricky. This would make a perfect present for anyone who loves bold prints and jewel tones.

Emoji Pillows CC 2.0 by Wicker Paradise

Emoji Cushions

Unlike the previous souvenirs, emoji cushions are not uniquely Singapore but they do make very thoughtful gifts. Choose from a wide range of our favourite keyboard emojis that reminds you of your loved ones or friends. These will definitely be well received from everyone from young to old as they are fun, quirky and likeable.

Pushcarts at Bugis CC 2.0 by Craig Stanfill

Pushcarts at Bugis Junction

Head across the road from Bugis Street to Bugis Junction once you have exhausted the entire street market and souvenir stores. On the first floor of Bugis Junction, rows of pushcarts selling scarves, bags, tiny t-shirts for toddlers and even customisable wooden signages make for a good mixture of gifts to get. While these are great alternatives to the traditional souvenirs at Bugis Street, do bear in mind the they are a little more pricey and less “uniquely Singapore”.

Ah Seng’s Toy Store

Bonus: Old School Singaporean Toys

If you have a little more time to spare for souvenir shopping, the Malay heritage area, Kampong Glam at Arab Street, is a 10-15 minutes walk from Hotel ibis Singapore on Bencoolen. Among the rows of shophouses is one called Ah Seng’s Toy Store that has a museum on the second floor.

The store sells little knick knacks, toys and games that are familiar to those growing up in Singapore – chaptehs (a shuttlecock made with colourful feathers attached to a rubber disk at the base), styrofoam planes and Bestman plastic bubbles are just a few examples. These would make good presents for children or anyone who is a child at heart. Some may even view these toys as old-school trinkets or hipster treasures.

Also, a S$2 token fee will allow you to a small and cozy toy museum on the second floor that promises a blast to the past with interactive stations from an old drink stall pushcart to an old school telephone booth.

With all these unique and quirky Singaporean souvenirs and gifts just around the corner, there is no need to panic to find the perfect memento, even at the last minute.

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8 souvenirs to take home from Singapore | Blog

Singapore, the most loved world tour destination is visited by over 18.5 million international tourists every year.  A major income of the country is a tourism and the beauty of the place is beyond words. It is a well-known fact that the city is the 5th most visited country in the world. Every vacationer who visits this place takes something exciting, “Souvenir” with them when they return to their hometown. The meaning of the French word Souvenir is a remembrance or memory. It can be a token, memento, or anything else that be collected as a remembrance of the trip. Every tourist collects souvenirs to give to their beloved ones or to keep with themselves.  Singapore is known for many beautiful souvenirs that remind us of the good days spent in the city. Here is a list of souvenirs that one can pick to gift to their beloved ones or themselves!

Take a look.

Kaya Jam

Kaya Jam is the most amazing souvenir in Singapore. This jam is made of coconut milk and eggs. This delicacy is a must to enjoy when in Singapore. This gift will be cherished among your family and friends. These jars can be taken from any of the Supermarkets in Singapore.

Merlion Souvenirs

The well-known souvenirs of Singapore are Merlion. It is a man-made creature; half lion and half mermaid. The lion head denotes the real name of this city, which is Singapura. The other half, mermaid represents the history of Singapore as a fishing village. You will get different souvenirs with this beautiful icon imprinted on keychains, t-shirts, ashtrays, refrigerator magnet, and more.


The national flower of Singapore is the Orchid. The aromatic perfumes made in Orchid are enchanting. They are the best souvenirs to gift your dear ones when returning from Singapore.


If your beloved one is a tea lover, then gift them with TWG Tea. It is a local tea brand that is renowned all over the world. The brand sells over 800 types of tea and each of them is amazing. You can pick a flavor of your choice to give to your loved one!

Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling is a refreshing drink made of gin, pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice, and cherry brandy. This cocktail can be made by anyone but buying it from where it originated is going to be terrific! This bottle as a gift will be celebrated grandly!

Tiger Balms

Tiger balm is a thoughtful souvenir to bring home. It is a well-known home remedy for pains and aches. This herbal ointment is highly effective. Singapore is known for tiger balms and that is going to be a perfect gift for anyone you love!

Pandan Cake

Pandan Cake is an iconic snack in Singapore. Celebrated as the national cake of Singapore, the best cakes are available at Bengawan Solo or Prima Deli. A foodie in your dear-ones is going to love this item!


Kebaya is a traditional Indonesian dress made of Chinese Silk. It is a wonderful gift as it reminds of the culture and tradition of the city. Kebaya will make a wonderful souvenir to cherish!

Salted Egg Fish Skin

Salted eggs, especially, the salted egg fish skin are a great snack of Singapore. On your return, you can buy them in large quantities and gift your dear ones. This authentic local dish is something special you can take with you to celebrate your homecoming!

A Singapore vacation is going to be a perfect holiday to cherish. The moments should be celebrated and memories should be created, you can take some beautiful items for remembrance too! For a hassle-free holiday in Singapore, check our World Tour Packages!

90,000 Smart Shopping in Singapore: Useful Tips for Tourists | Sasha Konovalova

Singapore is a country of the brightest contrasts. In the local quarters, you can taste national dishes of the three largest world cultures or dine in a luxury European restaurant. Here you can conclude the biggest deal or lose a fortune in a casino, buy the most modern electronics and admire the achievements of science, or indulge in contemplation and immerse yourself in Zen.

Of course, shopping in Singapore is also very contrasting.Many tourists come to this country for shopping. Indeed, here you can easily find the things of world fashion houses, in the next quarter buy an Arabian scarf, and during a break, have a snack with Chinese noodles with Indian spices. The souvenir hunt turns into an exciting excursion with pleasant gastronomic stops. We will try to tell you about this in as much detail as possible.

The national currency of the country is the Singapore dollar. Please note that you will not be able to change rubles in Singapore, so it is best to travel with US dollars or euros.And there is also an option to exchange rubles for Singapore dollars in Russia, so as not to lose on a double conversion. If you have not done so, in Singapore you should go to the bank or official exchangers Licensed Money Changer (they are at hotels, in many shopping centers, even in the metro). With credit cards, it is not easy here: for each operation you will be charged as much as 15% of the commission, Russian cards are rarely accepted.

There are tax-free services in Singapore, but the return rate is not very high – only 7%. To get VAT, you need to spend at least S $ 100 at a time, fill out a receipt at the Global Refund Tax Free Shopping counter, and then present it to customs along with your receipt.

So, what can you bring from Singapore?

Apparel & Accessories

The Big Sale in Singapore takes place only once a year. It starts at the end of May and ends at the beginning of August. During the Great Singapore Sale, most stores cut prices by 50 percent or more.

If you are planning a thorough shopping experience, head to CityLink Mall, Singapore’s underground shopping city. Here you can find almost everything: from the most democratic brands to designer collections.However, there are so many shopping centers in Singapore that it will not be difficult for you to find everything you need (and even more).

Luxury Brands

If you are in the mood for luxury shopping, the trendiest neighborhood in Singapore, Orchard Road, awaits you. Here, on a huge shopping street, there are many boutiques where you can buy things from famous designers. By the way, this area of ​​Singapore is also on sale, so at the beginning of summer you will have a chance to “shop” at very attractive prices.

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands shopping center should be mentioned separately. This is one of the most recognizable buildings in Singapore. The shopping area smoothly flows into the hotel of the same name, a food court with Michelin-starred restaurants and the already famous rooftop pool. Shopping in Marina Bay Sands is expensive: only boutiques are concentrated here.

Indian things

There is a quarter in Singapore called Little India, and if you want to buy things with the national flavor of this country, you should go there.They will still be a part of Singapore, as this culture is very much appreciated here. Pay attention to the saree as well as the beautiful gold jewelry. Buying them in Singapore is very profitable – the prices here are much lower than Russian ones. In a word, it makes sense to buy gifts for loved ones right here.

For shopping in this part of the city, it is worth stopping by the Mustafa shopping center – there are the lowest prices and a huge selection of goods.

Arabian things

Lovers of silk scarves, massive jewelry, as well as high-quality leather (bags, belts, wallets) should look into the Arab quarter of Singapore.Here you will find traditional shopping in oriental style – bright light fabrics, bakhoor scent in the air and lively trade.

Chinese things

Let’s discard stereotypes and recall the famous Chinese silk. It’s really worth bringing it from Singapore: it’s profitable, and the material is beautiful. For shopping, head to Chinatown. In addition, here you can buy traditional Chinese kimonos, cute dressing gowns made of light fabrics, high-quality cotton.

Malay things

Local markets and shopping centers in Singapore often have specialty shops or shops selling traditional batik items. You will recognize them by their beautiful prints on silk fabric. Buy a stole, blouse or bag using the batik technique – they look great, and you will wear the memory of your trip to Singapore for many years to come.


Do not bypass local jewelery stores.In Singapore, it is profitable to buy gold, as well as jewelry with precious stones. Since national cultures from different parts of the planet have mixed in this country, the choice of accessories here is simply amazing. European classics or oriental designs with massive stones? There is a choice for every taste.


Many tourists seek to bring home electronics from Singapore. The question of buying it should be approached very carefully so as not to miscalculate.

If you liked something, do not rush to buy it right away.Just in case, check the price of the same equipment in Russia (check it in online stores), convert it into dollars, and only then make a decision. Sometimes buying electronics in Singapore is not as profitable as it is commonly believed.

Also note that not all equipment will work correctly in Russia. So, for example, some TV models simply do not catch our frequencies. In a word, before buying something similar in Singapore, check with the seller for this point.

Why do people buy electronics so often in Singapore, if prices are not always attractive? The fact is that in this country all new items appear first.And if you want to buy the latest model of this or that gadget, you can easily do it in Singapore (and not for a fabulous sum), but in Russia you will have to stand in line and overpay a lot, since prices only decrease after some time.

Shopping in this category will be most profitable during the Big Sale, that is, in the first summer months. In search of electronics, stroll through major malls and chain retail stores.

Cosmetics and medicines

Many tourists want to bring medicines from Singapore.If you are one of them, keep in mind that you will need a prescription to buy many drugs. But dietary supplements and traditional Asian products can be exported freely.


Women will definitely find souvenirs of Singapore – just go shopping at local beauty shops. In this country, you can profitably buy goods from Asian brands and luxury European cosmetics.

From Asian cosmetics in Singapore it is worth buying products based on snail mucin, colloidal gold or swallow’s nests.It also makes sense to pay attention to popular brands that are already known in Russia – it is profitable to bring these cosmetics from Singapore.

Taking European brands is also worth it, but only during the sales season. Shopping will be especially successful during this time.

Cosmetics of any type should be found in shopping centers – there are specialized departments there. Some of them are also sold in supermarkets. If you are interested in shampoos, deodorants, fabric masks and other “popular” beauty products – you are there.

Herbal medicine

In Singapore, as in other Asian countries, herbal medicines are loved. We are talking about healing teas and popular supplements (capsules or noni juice, chlorella, spirulina, maca, etc.). All of these can be bought at small private pharmacies. These supplements are available without a prescription, but we would advise you to check with your doctor before taking them.

If you choose something as a gift, but do not know what kind of medicines and herbs you want to buy, ask the sellers.They can easily advise on remedies for specific ailments.


From medicine in Singapore, tourists often buy balms. The most popular of them is brindle. A good gift for loved ones can be a beautiful set in a gift box, which has long become one of the most popular items in Singapore duty-free.

Medicated Oil

Perhaps the most popular medicine from Singapore is Kwan Loong Medicated Oil. It is believed to be able to cure colds, as well as to help with motion sickness, headaches, and even heals sprains.In a word, this is such a miracle bottle for a dozen sores. In Singapore, you can buy it at pharmacies or souvenir shops, but the best option is to take a bottle of this medicine at the duty-free shop.


You can buy souvenirs in Singapore in numerous shops for tourists, in shopping centers or markets. If you like walking around the bazaars, do not forget to visit all three quarters representing different parts of the world.

If you did not have time to buy souvenirs in Singapore itself, do not worry – everything can be found in the shops of Changi Airport.It is rightfully considered one of the most comfortable in the world, and a large number of shops are concentrated here. Prices here are not worse than city ones, so feel free to plan shopping in Singapore’s Changi.

This place is so popular, and the prices here are so democratic that even the locals come here to relax with their whole families. It seems as if this is not an airport, but a real amusement park and shopping center!

So, what to buy from souvenirs?

Singapore bans

There are so many bans in Singapore that it involuntarily triggers a lot of jokes.For example, you cannot feed the birds here, walk naked in your own apartment, chew gum (by the way, for bringing gum into the country can be fined or even put in a cell for several months). In Singapore, you will be fined for spitting on the street, eating on public transport, or smoking. And also if you suddenly forget to flush the public toilet. And this is far from the end.

Of course, souvenir manufacturers offer tourists to buy something to remember these rules. In shops and markets in Singapore, you can buy mugs, caps, T-shirts and other goods with prohibition signs and an indication of the amount of the fine.These souvenirs are traditionally considered one of the best-selling, as there is nothing like this in any other country.

Arabic color

Do you like Arabic carpets? The good news is that you can buy them at a bargain price in the relevant area of ​​Singapore. The same applies to natural fabrics, hookahs, copper dishes and other standard oriental paraphernalia. Take a look at this area, stroll through the souvenir shops. During this shopping you will find gifts for loved ones at extremely attractive prices.

Silk accessories

A very popular souvenir from Singapore is a silk umbrella. Interested in a cheaper option? Then take a silk fan. It is difficult to say why tourists bring these things from Singapore so often, because they are not really needed in everyday life. Probably, it’s all about their beauty (after all, it’s a great gift) and an attractive price.


The symbol of Singapore is a creature with a lion’s head and a fish’s tail, which is called Merlion.You will find his figurines in almost every souvenir shop. Most often they repeat the outlines of the city’s main fountain. In addition, Merlion often adorns ceramic vases, typical tourist mugs or T-shirts, magnets and other souvenir paraphernalia.

Perhaps it is worth buying something like that as a souvenir, because except in Singapore, Merlion is nowhere so revered. This is the real part of the national culture of the country.

The range of prices here is quite large. For example, a small keychain will cost you S $ 2-3, and a copper pen holder $ 30-40.


The largest selection of ceramics in Singapore awaits you in the Arab Quarter – this is where the most profitable shopping is. Bring home nice plates, mugs, or fancy vases. They are inexpensive, and their quality is excellent.

Accessories with the image of Merlion are especially popular among tourists.

Golden Orchid

Perhaps this is the most unusual and most expensive souvenir from Singapore. Local craftsmen “chain” live orchids in gold – a very beautiful gift is obtained.They are decorated with necklaces, earrings and other women’s accessories, photo frames, business card holders, stationery stands and much more.

You can buy this outlandish flower in almost any part of Singapore in the boutiques of the RISIS company, as well as in the store at Changi Airport. Prices start at S $ 60 for a small accessory.


Singapore is a true treasure of Asia in this regard. It is here that the “hunters” for antiques will find the most interesting finds.Goods from a wide variety of countries in the region flock here, so you can bring home many unusual goods.

There are many antique shops in Singapore, so you can easily find where to spend your money on something unique. If you are confused – go to the Kwok gallery of the Far East shopping center (there is a very large selection).

Food & Beverage

There is a cult of food in Singapore. It is easy to find familiar European dishes in this country, but it is much more interesting to try something that reflects a mixture of cultures.Omelet with oysters, Chinese noodles with Indian spices, and Malay – with shellfish, sausage pancakes and much more: original, bright, aromatic. Be sure to drop by a cafe and grab ginger tea with condensed milk and whipped foam, have a bite to eat and go for a gastronomic shopping.

The markets in Singapore are home to the most extraordinary foods, from spices you’ve never seen before, to shark fins and swallow’s nests. There is a night market in Chinatown where you can buy inexpensive tasty gifts and good food.


Looking for a delicious souvenir in Singapore for a loved one? Buy a jar of TWG Silver Moon Tea. You can buy it in city malls (check out specialty stores) or Changi’s duty free shop. You will recognize it by its blue and silver box with the sea and the moon.

A set of TWG Grand Crus Prestige French Earl Gray tea bags can be a good gift from Singapore. This is a very popular premium tea made from French recipes.It can be bought in the same places as Silver Lunar.

You can also bring home loose Indian or Chinese tea from Singapore. We assume you have already guessed where to go after them – all the same national quarters.


Looking for a gift for children in Singapore? Buy a chocolate bar with Merlion on the packaging. This is a very popular Singaporean souvenir, and it is also incredibly delicious. Children and those with a sweet tooth will definitely like it.

If you are looking for a more expensive gift, pay attention to the Godiva chocolate set in a gift box.It depicts all the same Merlion, and all the candies inside are very interesting and unusual. The best way to buy these sweets is from Singapore airport.

Fancy Chips

Irvin’s Salted Egg Fish Skin Chips are one of the most popular gastronomic souvenirs in Singapore. They are made from fish skin and covered with a salted egg crust. It doesn’t sound very attractive, but in fact, many people like this product. It is worth buying such chips in Singapore, if only for a try.Look for them in supermarkets – they are trending now, so they are almost everywhere.

Crispy omelette

And again salted eggs in the form of snacks, only this time with durian. We advise you to buy Fragrance’s Durian Omelette Crisp packaging in Singapore – the most profitable way to do this is in Changi’s duty-free shop. Yes, the taste is not for everybody. But where else can you try a crispy, salty durian-flavored omelet? This is only here! It is better not to carry such a Singaporean souvenir as a gift for children, but it is definitely worth treating your friends.


Local cuisine traditionally uses a wide variety of spices. That is why the most popular gastronomic souvenir from Singapore is a set of jars with various spices. The choice here is simply huge: from traditional Indian curries to unusual Chinese blends with outlandish ingredients. It is most profitable to buy spices in Singapore at markets in popular neighborhoods (especially at the Chinatown night bazaar).

Tank Kva

This product resembles meat chips.Outwardly, it looks like jerky, but has a pronounced sweet-salty taste. You can buy a freshly cooked Bak Kwa in Singapore for testing (it is more profitable to do it in Chinatown), and then look into the supermarket, take a package of Fragrance Sliced ​​Tendon BBQ Pork Bak Kwa and bring it home as a gift to your loved ones. By the way, they are also in duty-free. And in Singapore, Bak Kwa is considered a traditional gift for the New Year – you can make such a present to your friends.

If you buy Buck Kwa by weight, be prepared to pay S $ 50 to S $ 70 per kilogram.


This is both a dish and a sauce. In almost every cafe in Singapore you can buy Kaya toast with an interesting impregnation of a special “jam”. Kaia – coconut jam with eggs and sugar. This unusual delicacy can be bought in supermarkets or in duty-free shops. It is most convenient to take a small glass jar. Come back home and have your friends a real Singaporean breakfast!

A jar of Kaya costs approximately S $ 8-10.


This is the name of the most popular alcoholic cocktail in Singapore.You can buy it at almost any bar. It consists of brandy, gin, lime, orange and pineapple juices. However, you can take a bottle of this cocktail home to extend your vacation memories or treat friends. The sling is sold in bottles ranging from 0.5 to 1 liter and prices range from about S $ 30 to S $ 80 (depending on volume). You can buy it in almost every souvenir shop, but the most profitable is in specialized “alcohol markets” or duty-free Changi.

We hope you find our shopping tips useful in Singapore.We wish you a pleasant and profitable shopping! Subscribe to our channel! ©

Marina Bay Sands Hotel 4.5 o. Singapore Singapore: reviews, descriptions, photos, booking

Lion City – Singapore. Today it is a country in which supermodern skyscrapers are intricately intertwined with small old houses; the largest hotels and modern entertainment complexes with ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples; small streets with luxurious supermarkets and green parks.One of the most amazing hotels in the world deservedly, named Marina Bay Sands, located just twenty minutes from Changi International Airport and three kilometers from Shenton Business Center Way

Three tall towers, at fifty five floors, proudly soaring into the sky, above the bay, crowned a three-deck gondola called “Heavenly Park”. The miracle ship is ready offer a wide variety of entertainment: for example, swimming in a hundred and fifty meters the pool, which is located at an altitude of two hundred meters above sea level and is a true engineering masterpiece.Swimming in it, you feel soaring in the sky. The sides of the pool are invisible, giving the impression that that the water has no boundaries and seems to fall from a height onto the city. Near there is a recreation area with a swimming pool, from where they can observe the city from a height bird’s eye view, amid the pleasant coolness of exotic plants and majestic palm trees landscaped garden. Lovers of gambling takes the most the most expensive casino in the world with five hundred gambling tables and more than one and a half thousand various “one-armed bandits”.There is something for real explorers too – in the form of a museum of modern science.

Serving tired and hungry guests – several restaurants, in particular, Waku Ghin and Guy Savoy, and bars with the most incredible dishes from eminent chefs, which are difficult try – and not appreciate it.

Two and a half thousand huge, luxurious and cozy rooms are ready to provide a comfortable rest after an exciting journey through the city or the hotel.The doors are wide open Club rooms, located on the highest floors, where residents are waiting exclusive service – free American breakfast, evening cocktail, throughout the day, soft drinks and access to the Marina Bay Sands Club.

Horizon numbers are presented in categories Deluxe, Premier and Grand, occupy the upper floors of the towers, and apartments Atrium. Having chosen a room on any of the floors, the tourist gets disposal of a huge room in which you can enjoy the view of the city at night or a beautiful bay through a floor-to-ceiling panoramic window.Coziness softly envelops in an easy chair in front of a huge wall-to-wall TV with satellite channels, especially after a warm bath. Bathrooms on their own mesmerizing in size and finish, and completing the impression of an abundance of toilet and bath accessories.

In a five-star hotel, all provided not only for entertainment, but also for the needs of business people who even on vacation, they cannot imagine a day without meetings and negotiations. Them the doors of two hundred and fifty conference rooms with all the necessary modern equipment – microphone, speakers, projector, DVD-player, screen and stereo system.Armchairs are equipped built-in headphones with translator.

Accustomed to daily sports activities await in the fitness center Banyan Tree professional trainers offering a choice of yoga classes, aerobics or pilates. How many emotions causes jogging on a treadmill in the background panoramas of the city, to the sound of your favorite music in headphones. And how nice it is after torture activities, experience real bliss in a steam room or just lying in a warm pool with a refreshing cocktail.

Not necessarily hungry climb high into the restaurant, for lovers of late breakfasts or early dinners, extravagant gourmet dishes are delivered to number within half an hour after the call.

But pleasure is not end with the territory of the hotel: for those wishing to get acquainted with sightseeing tours are organized. Singapore has a huge number of squares with cultural, entertainment and sports facilities (Telok Blanga Hill, Pearls Hill City and Tiong Bahru).For those who like to hunt, it is intended night safari, which takes place through the most interesting nooks and crannies of the nearest park and the adjacent forest. Attracts tourists and the island of Sentosa. From the big modern city they go to the quiet natural oasis. And in Chinatown, for just five dollars, they offer foot massage, all tired traveler

beauty of the world in every frame

Go to bar

Naz Arjuna, Bitters & Love Bartender Chef

At Bitters & Love we experiment a lot with local ingredients.And yes, for us these are the products of our neighbors, that is, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and even the Philippines. All bartenders who have achieved something have gone through Employees Only – an exemplary American speakeasy without a sign. Going here is a real experience: star bartenders tour the bar for only three months, then others come to replace them. But in Skinny’s Lounge (82, Boat Quay), bartenders from all over the city relax after work. Another good option is the Capital Bar, which has free admission and drinks on Thursdays for only S $ 15.Another bar is hidden inside – Queens. Ask Ash there – he makes crazy cocktails.

Meet with Peranakans

Claire Ariela Shen, Managing Director, Cooking Art Industries

Tens of thousands of men from China came to British Singapore to work. The most successful remained, but by law they were required to assimilate: learn English and marry the locals. As a result of such marriages, the Peranakan culture arose (peranakan means “local descendant of a foreigner”), it is also called Baba-Nyonya (baba – a respectful appeal to a man, nyonya – a woman who married a foreigner).And she is still alive – in addition to the Peranakan Museum (it is still under renovation) and the famous Peranakan houses, the city has a lot of interesting things on this topic. For example, in the Katong area there are shops that specialize in Peranakan food, art, embroidery and costumes – in families, wives were not supposed to work, so they had fun as they could.

The most famous place is Kim Choo Kueh Chang: they make rice dumplings, make traditional costumes, slippers and dishes, hold lectures and excursions.Singaporean brands like Eden + Elie use beadwork in their jewelry. And my Rainbow Lapis project specializes in Peranakan desserts: come and teach you how to make kue cakes – a favorite treat for Singaporean children.

Cooking Classes in Singapore | “Sputnik-Hermes”

Everyone already knows that Singapore is a multinational, modern metropolis, one of the most expensive countries in the world, the economic center of Asia and one of the most “advanced” cities in the world.
BUT! Singapore also has its own unique flavor.
You can understand what the national food of Singapore is and learn how to cook it by attending special classes for cooking local dishes. Believe me, you will not find such delicacies anywhere else. And upon arrival home, instead of presenting standard souvenirs to relatives and friends, you can “feed everyone with Singapore”. 

Classes are held in a specially equipped cultural center, about which they even wrote in the Lonely Planet magazine! The role of the teacher is not some famous chef, but the most ordinary housewife who will tell many stories from the Singaporean culinary life and reveal her kitchen secrets.You will have the opportunity to taste the local cuisine in a daily homemade way, just as it is prepared in Singaporean families.

In one session, you can master the preparation of 3 dishes in the following combinations:
1. Nasi Lemak + Prawn Sambal + Curry Puff
2. Chicken Satay with Home-made Peanut Sauce + Char Kway Teow + Kueh Dadar or Hoon Kueh
3. Laksa + Fried Spring Rolls + Kueh Dadar or Hoon Kueh
4. Chicken Curry + Roti Jala + Ang Ku Kueh or Hoon Kueh
five.Hainanese Chicken Rice with Home-made Chilli Sauce + Wonton Soup


Laksa (coconut milk seafood soup)
Wonton Soup (rich soup with homemade Chinese dumplings

Nasi Lemak (traditional Malay rice with various side dishes)
Chicken Curry
Fried Carrot Cake
Hainanese Chicken Rice with home made Chilli Sauce (Hainanese chicken rice with a special sauce)
Char Kway Teow (Secret Ingredient Fried Noodles)
Prawn Sambal (shrimp in traditional sauce)

Kueh Dadar (Malay Coconut Custard Pancakes)
Hoon Kueh (Peranakan Dessert Jelly)
Ang Ku Kueh (Chinese dessert jelly)
Roti Jala (Malay “leaky” pancakes)

Chicken Satay with homemade peanut sauce
Fried Spring Roll
Potato Curry Puff

Number of people Price per person USD
1 202
2 159
3 147
4-6 141
7-9 120
10-12 116

Number of people Price per person USD

1 220
2 177
3 165
4-6 159
7-9 136
10-12 131

The price includes:
Transfers hotel-culinary school-hotel
School teaching material and services
Classes are conducted in English

** There are options for conducting cooking classes on an individual basis
with a Russian guide, subject to a minimum number of participants
in a group – 4 people and more, for more information, please contact managers

one.Class starts at 9:30 and ends at 12:30 pm. Transfer from the hotel at 09:00.
2. The price is indicated for 1 person in US dollars, depending on the number of people.
3.Menus may change slightly under certain circumstances.
4. The minimum number of people for the class is 2, the maximum is 12.
5. Suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of whether you know how to cook or not (starting from the age of 7).
6. Cooking is done in pairs. Even if you arrived alone.Don’t worry, they will find a match for you.
7.When ordering this class less than 30 days before it, 100% prepayment is required. Reservations are confirmed upon receipt of full payment, subject to availability of seats in the class on the requested date.
8. Please check with tourists when booking for dietary restrictions and food allergies (if any).

“Traveling with a child. Back to the Future”, – Singapore-Sentosa, from 2 to 12 January 2017

1 day – 02.01.2017

Departure from Moscow (Domodedovo) to Singapore by regular Singapore Airlines flight at 14:20

Day 2 – 01/03/2017

Arrival in Singapore at 5:35 am. Meeting at the airport with a Russian-speaking attendant, transfer to the hotel on Sentosa Island and early check-in at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel, free time for rest. Lunch at the hotel.

14:00 Travel to the many-sided Singapore.

Singapore is a country where many distinctive cultures coexist perfectly.

To truly experience the cultural diversity of the island, be sure to visit the ethnic quarters of Singapore.

First we visit Little India – this place resembles a colorful bazaar selling fragrant spices, exquisite fabrics, fine jewelry and necklaces made of fresh flowers.Here you should definitely try at least one of the thousands of Indian curries, which can be washed down with Indian masala tea.

Next, we will see the central part of the city with business districts and the old colonial part. We will see the symbol of Singapore – with tatuyu Merlion – Sea Lion . Visit Botanical Garden – “lungs of the city” – the primeval forest is preserved only in this oldest park in Singapore.

And finally – Chinatown is one of the most picturesque parts of the city, which is famous for its unique architecture and striking temples.Pay attention to the red lanterns throughout the block – they protect the locals from evil spirits.

Here we will attend a calligraphy lesson.

18:00 – departure to the hotel. Free time.

3rd day – 01/04/2017

09:00 Tai Chi gymnastics lesson (~ 1 hour) – is an excellent, rather soft physical practice that does not require huge efforts from the practitioner and is available to almost everyone.There are three main components in Tai Chi: fighting technique, dance full of grace, and a health system.

Thanks to Tai Chi, the mind gets full contact with the body. Performing any movements, a person makes it not just with his body or hands, but also with his mind, completely concentrating on his sensations.

Free time by the pool and in the relax zone of the hotel

13:00 Travel around Sentosa Island – The name of the island translates as “an island of tranquility” or “peace and tranquility”.

We will visit:

Merlion Park – At the top of Sentosa Island there is a stone tower of Merlion with a height of 37 meters – it is a statue of a mysterious creature with a lion’s head and a mermaid’s tail. The Merlion is the main tourist attraction in Singapore. A huge monster, as legends say, once lived in the sea and guarded ancient Singapore: the eyes of Merlion, when danger approached, lit up with fire and incinerated enemies.

Inside the tower of the Merlion there are aquariums with fish, and chests with pirate treasures, below they show a small cartoon about the legend associated with the Merlion.At the very top of the Merlion, there is an observation deck, which offers a delightful panorama of Singapore and the best view of Sentosa Island.

Oceanarium – , which opened on Sentosa Island in 2012, is considered the largest in the world.

For marine life, an environment has been created that is as close to natural as possible: in the dark, among the wrecks of ancient ships, colorful fish and fish, majestic stingrays, huge groupers, tiger sharks swim.Here you can also see crabs (including giant Japanese spider crabs), sea stars, ferocious moray eels and a large number of different types of jellyfish.

Inside the Aquarium there is a full effect of presence: it seems that you are plunging into a bathyscaphe to the bottom of the ocean.

Downhill (Sentosa Luge & Skyride) Ascent by cable car up a steep mountain and descent from it on special boats without a motor.

17:30 – Barbecue dinner at the restaurant Pisco (for add.fee)

18:45 – after dinner, walk to Beach Station, where we will watch a colorful evening show Wings of Time

19:40 – 20:00 Laser Show The Wings of Time Show is the only regular night show in the world with a stage set right in the sea and a seating position on the beach. The plot of the show is quite simple: two friends go on a journey astride a mystical prehistoric bird named Shabaz.Shabaz knows how to move not only in space, but also in time. First, the friends find themselves in England in the 18th century, then they are alternately transported to China, to the Mayan Pyramids, to the underwater world and to the African savannah. The journey is shown on a huge screen made of water and light. All this is complemented by laser animation, fiery flashes and high-quality sound. The performance ends with a magnificent fireworks display. The spectacle is truly breathtaking!

Walk to the hotel. Free time

4th day – 05.01.2017

We will devote the whole day to visiting Universal Studios amusement park

The park operates on an “all inclusive” system, that is, you can ride any attractions an unlimited number of times throughout the day. The park is divided into seven thematic zones:

New York – the pavilion “Light! Camera! Motor!” – film set with special effects from Steven Spielberg.Here you can see how a movie is made. You will be shown a short scene: night, New York, a hurricane begins. And then everything collapses, explodes and burns. But it’s better to see it with your own eyes.

Hollywood – There are no attractions in this area, there are street shows as well as Monster Rock shows.

City of the Future – there are several attractions in this zone, two of which are the most “adrenaline” ones. First, the roller coaster (one roller coaster with a loop, and the other has a speed of 82.8 km / h). Secondly, “Transformers” – you rush in 3D glasses around the night city, and giant transformers are fighting around. The sensations are incredible.

Ancient Egypt – visit the Mummy ride here – you will ride the slides in the dark labyrinths of the Egyptian pyramids and face scarab beetles and the Mummy. There is also the Treasure Hunters attraction, where you will travel by car through the deserts of Ancient Egypt (this is for small children).

Lost World – in this zone there are 3 interesting attractions at once: Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure water slides, Canopy Flyer carousel and Water World (where a scene from the movie of the same name will play out in front of you.

In Far Away Kingdom you will meet Shrek, a donkey and other heroes of this cartoon, as well as a 4D cinema.

Attractions in Madagascar are designed primarily for small children: King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round and meeting cartoon characters while sailing on a boat

5 day – 06.01.2017

Free day on Sentosa Amusement Island

you can visit:

Butterfly & Insect Park The Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom on Sentosa Island is a lush tropical garden, home to over 1,500 butterflies of 50 species, as well as 3,000 interesting insects and dozens of exotic bird species.

The park consists of two interconnected large covered aviaries with a total area of ​​20 hectares.

In the first, among the lush greenery, under a high-stretched net, many tropical butterflies of various sizes and amazing colors flutter.

Parrots and other outlandish birds live in the second. It also leads to the entrance to the kingdom of insects, which looks like a huge cave, which is illuminated by dozens of fireflies. Here in the aquariums you can see a variety of insects: rhinoceros beetles, giant centipedes, scorpions, huge carnivorous spiders and many others.

In the park you can learn how to properly handle scorpions and other dangerous insects.

Madame Tussauds The wax museum opened in Singapore in October 2014. This is the seventh Madame Tussauds in Asia (the first was opened in Hong Kong in 2000). The museum displays more than 60 wax figures of celebrities: politicians, athletes, musicians. Sentosa Island Waterpark Adventure Cove has become the new long-awaited attraction of Singapore’s Flora and Fauna Park on Sentosa Island, on the territory of the Resort’s World Sentosa entertainment complex.

Thrill-seekers will surely appreciate the first hydromagnetic roller coaster in Southeast Asia – the “Flicker Current” Rocket. Like a beginner caught in a rebound wave, you will be thrown up and down at incredible speed, and twisted in sharp turns. Another attraction is the Blue Lagoon pool of artificial waves and a 620-meter winding river, revealing landscapes of tropical jungle, caves and surrounding aquariums.

Visitors to the park can also go snorkeling with the Rainbow Reef fish or feed the stingrays.Those who wish can swim with sharks or dolphins.

6th day – 01/07/2017

Breakfast at the hotel

12:00 – Departure from the hotel on Sentosa Island and transfer to Singapore, to the Shangri-La Hotel

Free time

14:00 Travel to the Singapore Zoo is an opportunity to have a great time in the open zoo, spread out in the tropical jungle.The animals that inhabit the zoo live in their natural habitat. Here you will meet the inhabitants of the jungle, take part in a “tropical breakfast” and see shows with the participation of wild animals. Your kids will love it for sure!

Singapore Zoo is a tropical zone, the volume of the forest (“Crystal Forest”) in which is about 20 thousand cubic meters. Many rare animals live here, many of which are listed in the Red Book.In total, more than 300 animal species live in the zoo, the total number of which exceeds 3000 specimens. All-day excursions host a variety of shows featuring Indian elephants, monkeys, sea lions, turtles and many other wild animals.

The zoo in Singapore is amazing in that there are no cages, enclosures, or corrals. Instead, natural barriers are organized here – ditches, ditches, etc. The animals live in their usual habitat, therefore they behave naturally and are not afraid of tourists.Orangutans are running overhead, sloths are resting. Dwarf antelopes roam the forest. The zoo is home to such rare species of animals as the Clouded Leopard, Komodo Monitor, Sloth Bear and many others.

The rainforest is filled with the sounds of birds and insects, waterfalls rustle nearby, and stunning tropical flowers grow. And despite the fact that the zoo is actually a natural habitat, it is absolutely safe here.

Singapore Zoo is one of the best in the world.This is an amazing place where the whole family should definitely go. You can move around the zoo both on foot and on a special electric locomotive. In many places there are houses where you can refresh yourself with drinks and, if it suddenly happens, wait out the rain.

It is located on 12 hectares between the zoo and the “Night Safari” and is intended to become the only such attraction in Asia.

We can say with confidence that here you can get acquainted with ten different ecosystems at once and sail along such famous rivers of the world as the Nile, Yangtze, Mississippi, Amazon.It is home to over 500 animals like anaconda, electric eel and sea cows, giant pandas and Japanese raccoon dogs.

The construction of the park took five years. The creators of “River Safari” meticulous about the details. The attraction is designed in such a way that visitors can see the life of local inhabitants not only on land, but also under water, as well as learn more about environmental protection. Naturally, there are also water activities in the park, including rafting in inflatable boats and boat trips.

19:30 Night Safari is an opportunity to observe more than a thousand nocturnal animals that frolic and feed in the dark. Hop on the tram and explore exotic safari destinations such as the foothills of the Himalayas and Africa.

Night Safari in Singapore is an amazing journey into the world of exotic life in the tropics. Plunge into the atmosphere of the mysterious life of wild animals and birds.We are sure that the night safari will be an unforgettable adventure for you. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the nature of Singapore, observe the life of nocturnal animals and get a lot of emotions.

21:30 – transfer to the hotel Free time

7 day – 01/08/2017


10:00 Mosaic workshop – We will learn how to work with glass mosaics and we will be able to make our first mosaic work, which will be an excellent gift or interior item.

12:30 – Free time for lunch

13:30 – Transfer to Singapore Botanic Garden and Orchid Garden Visit of the owner of the world’s largest collection of these magical plants. Over 2000 species and over 1000 hybrids of fabulously beautiful flowers can be seen in this garden! It seems that the legendary detective Nero Wolfe, the famous literary hero and lover of orchids, would have settled here, even if for this he had to pitch a tent there :-).True, black orchids in Singapore would not have been bred even for the sake of the famous detective. Experts believe that the true beauty of a plant lies in the play of halftones. A black flower would have lost the tenderness of an orchid.

In the Orchid Garden you can pamper yourself and your loved ones with a truly magical gift – an orchid in gold or silver. These exquisite gizmos are made by dipping an orchid flower into a solution with particles of precious metal. Under the influence of current, in the process of electrolyte, orchid petals are covered with the thinnest layer of metal, and a unique decoration is born.Large flowers turn into brooches, and small flowers turn into charming earrings. Also, as a souvenir of Singapore, you can bring an orchid sprout to grow a luxurious flower at home. Sprouts are sold in flasks with a solution specially packaged for transportation.

17:00 – free time in the park

17:30 – transfer to Robertson Quay, free time for dinner

19:30 Singapore River Cruise and Marina Bay Sands Rooftop Observation Deck – “Singapore Marina Bay Sands Skypark” is a new and unique resort in the city center with an impressive scale.The creators of the Marina Bay Sands hotel set out to completely change the face of Singapore with the construction of a striking structure. This new “wonder of the world” primarily includes a 55-storey hotel with three towers.

The grandiose building of the complex is crowned with the world’s largest cantilever observation deck called “SkyPark”, with a breathtaking view of Singapore. This terrace houses restaurants, a nightclub, and a 146-meter swimming pool (rooftop pool for hotel guests only).

In the evening we will admire the “Wonder Full” laser show. The idea of ​​the show is to show different stages of human life: birth, childhood and adulthood. All this is shown on a large screen made of water.

20:45 – Free time

21:15 – Transfer to the hotel

Day 8 – 01/09/2017


10:00 Master class on painting Art Jamming is a special technique from Hong Kong, which allows participants to show their creativity through drawing and get psychological relief.Under the guidance of a qualified teacher, you will be surprised to find that you can create real works of art that will become a worthy decoration for any interior.

12:00 – Free time for lunch

14:00 Excursion to the Singapore Science Center. This is a place where you can experimentally find out how a tornado is formed, where lightning comes from, how an echo occurs. Optical illusions, the structure of the atom, the birth of a new life, the nature of the occurrence of a tsunami – all this and much more are explained at the Science Center.All exhibits can be touched with hands, and some can even be sniffed :).

The Science Museum occupies several floors. If you consider and read the description for each exhibit, then you can easily spend the whole day in the halls of the museum. Various experiments are held here several times a day. For example, an experiment showing how a fire tornado is formed.

The center also houses an IMAX cinema with 248 seats (Omni-Theater). The cinema screen has the shape of a hemisphere made using NanoSeam technology – there are 32 cinemas in the world with a screen of this high quality.Popular science films about animal life are shown here. The feeling of watching a movie on a huge spherical screen is extraordinary – there is a full effect of presence.

17:30 – Transfer to Garden by the Bay. Dinner at the food court Satay by the Bay

In 2012, a garden with super-trees was opened on the shores of Marina Bay near the hotel of the same name. 18 giant trees with a height of 25 to 50 meters are made of steel and living plants.More than 160 thousand plants of 200 varieties grow on super-trees (including orchids, ferns, ivy, etc.).

The two largest trees are connected by the OCBC Skyway. From the height of the bridge, the trees look like huge dandelions, and the people on the bridge look like insects. “Flowers through the eyes of insects” – this is how you can call this amazing garden.

At night, the entire structure is illuminated. Everyday at 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm, the amazing Garden Rhapsody light show takes place here.

There are also two greenhouses with ellipsoidal roofs. Inside one of the greenhouses, called Cloud forest, the climate of the highlands is recreated. Mushrooms, ferns and other mountain plants grow here.

Flowers grow in the second greenhouse, Flower dome. The highlight of the Flower Dome is a large collection of desert roses and baobabs. If you don’t have enough time to visit both greenhouses, I recommend the Flower Dome first.

21:00 – transfer to the hotel

Day 9 – 10.01.2017

“Peranakan” or “baba-nyonya” – this is how the descendants from mixed marriages between Chinese immigrants and local women are called in Southeast Asia. Before visiting the Perenacan Museum, it’s hard to get it right in your head. After all, it would seem that mixed marriages are not uncommon even now, but this does not lead to the emergence of new nationalities. Why did people decide 400-600 years ago that the children of a Chinese and a Malay were a new nationality, the Peranakans?

And all because 400-600 years ago such mixed marriages led to the emergence of a truly unique culture.And not only culture, but also language (the Pere-Kans spoke the language “Baba-Malay”, a mix of Malay and Chinese). Baba-nyonya also invented their own unique cuisine, in particular, laxa – a dish that is considered one of the most delicious dishes in the world according to CNN Travel.

The museum has a large collection of furniture, clothes, dishes and other household items that will help you get a clear idea of ​​the baba-nyonya.

12:00 – transfer to a private house, lunch in a private house of a REAL SINGAPORE

Now 86% of Singaporeans live in apartments, but we have a unique opportunity to visit a private house, which is located near Orchad Road – the main street of Singapore.You will be treated to soft drinks and snacks, and the magician will entertain your children with tricks with balloons.

14:00 – transfer to the hotel Free time

Day 10 – 01/11/2017

Free day for shopping

Singapore is considered to be one of the most attractive shopping destinations. Many shopping centers amaze not only with their assortment, but also with their architecture.Shopping in Singapore is popular not only among tourists, but to a lesser extent also among locals. Therefore, all conditions for profitable purchases have been created here: promotions, discounts, Tax Free refunds. Shopping malls are packed with air conditioning, so they are not hot at all, and even a little cool. Here you can hide from the heat and have a snack in numerous cafes, restaurants, food courts, offering both European and local Asian cuisine. And then go shopping.

Shopping in Singapore caters to everyone’s taste.Clothing from well-known European, American and Asian brands can be purchased at shopping malls along the famous Orchard Road. At Center Point, you will find a huge range of home furnishings, furnishings and home furnishings. Jewelry is often bought at the FarEast Center. In addition, in Singapore you can profitably buy the latest novelties of the electronics market: laptops, smartphones, cameras, etc.

Bargaining is not common in Singapore. Perhaps in the markets in Chinatown, where you can buy cheap souvenirs as a gift.

22:30 – transfer to the airport

11 days – 01/12/2017

Departure to Moscow at 02:35

90,000 Sentosa – Recreation and Entertainment

The fabulous island of Sentosa offers endless possibilities for a delightful time. Of course, the most popular destination right now is the grand Universal Studios Singapore and the adjacent state-of-the-art casino, hotel, restaurant and entertainment complex Resorts World Sentosa .But to begin with, it would be a good idea to devote time to health and wellness. After a long flight, the best way to quickly recover and feel refreshed is to visit the spa. All good hotels in Singapore pride themselves on their spas, which offer quality treatments that will pamper the body and restore wellness. But our absolute favorite is the delightful Spa Botanica , which is ranked in the top 10 of the best spas in the world every year.

Botanica Spa

Botanica Spa is located in the paradise of Sentosa Island and is the only outdoor spa in Singapore.In order to be able to choose a convenient time of visit, we reserve the procedures on the website even before departure from Moscow. Spa Botanica offers special rejuvenating programs for travelers weary of long flights. These revitalizing treatments are sure to come again, such as the iconic Singapore flower ritual or the unforgettable Tropical glow. After a series of magnificent scrubs, massages, wraps, masks and again massages, you will feel not just totally rested, but a completely new person with silk skin and a strong back, which was suddenly relieved of the seemingly familiar pains.A restaurant with a dietary and at the same time incredibly tasty cuisine will enhance the fabulous pleasure of this establishment. And then you can take a nap in the fragrant garden to the sounds of a waterfall … Your body will be grateful for such care of it! The day in these heavenly groves flies by blissfully and imperceptibly. The Sentosa Bus 3 running in Sentosa will take you to Spa Botanica . The route and the stop can be found on the map, which is offered in different languages, at the stands for visitors to Sentosa Island or download this Sentosa Island map on our website.And if you are staying in the city, it will be more convenient to get to the Singapore taxi .

Fish Reflexology

Those who like to pay attention to their sensory experience should look into Rybkin Reflexology – a pretty place that is part of the world famous complex Underwater World Singapore (more about it below). The visit program includes a 20-minute reflexology treatment, a 20-minute foot massage and a 10-minute neck and shoulder massage.The fish will bite off the dead skin particles from your feet, making it smooth. Professional Chinese massage therapists, acting on important points on the feet, relieve them of fatigue and improve overall well-being. And as for us, computer people, massage of the neck and shoulders is useful, I think, there is no need to say. Cost – from 38 to 52 SGD. Opening hours – from 10-00 to 19-00 (last session at 18-15). It should be noted that Fish Reflexology is a very popular procedure in Singapore and is done in many spas.

Underwater World

The Underwater World of Singapore is a unique aquarium, showing its spectators 2500 marine inhabitants. It is considered the largest oceanarium in Asia and a special landmark in Sentosa. More than 30 million people have visited it since its opening. At the entrance to the “Underwater World” there is a swimming pool with amazing slopes. Not only is their silk back very nice to iron, but they also love it! Then we go down “under the water”.That is, under a giant reservoir, through the transparent bottom of which you can observe the most amazing sea creatures and plants. The transporter slowly drives along the tunnel into the depths of the sea to admire a shark, and a sawfish, and a sea dragon, and a moray eel and an incredible stingray. At the end of the tunnel, you can meet a charming, playful dugong. Thrill-seekers are offered a real dive into the underwater world (with scuba diving, of course) to feed the sharks. You need to sign up for this event in advance, as there are many who wish. Underwater World Singapore is open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (last visit 6:30 pm). The price of an adult ticket is 29.90 SGD. Children under 12 years old – 20.60 SGD. Children under 3 years old – free. You can get there by bus Sentosa Bus running along Sentosa to the Underwater World stop or by the beach tram to Siliso Point .

Dolphin Lagoon

After enjoying the underwater wonders through the gift shop, overcoming the temptation to buy unnecessary souvenirs on the marine theme (marketing is, after all, science 🙂), you can leave the icy underwater world into the warm tasty air and head to “ Dolphin Lagoon ”to admire the cheerful Pink Dolphins and Seals.The time of show programs, when dolphins and seals do different tricks, as well as photo sessions with them, is on the site. And you can also get an unforgettable experience of personal communication with these fantastic animals, having previously signed up for the program “Swimming with Dolphins”. The trainer will teach you how to communicate with them, how to find an approach to them, and even how to feed them. Making friends with a dolphin – what could be more wonderful! A visit to the Dolphin Lagoon is included in the Singapore Underwater World ticket. An hour swimming session with a dolphin costs 170 SGD and starts at 9-45.

Songs of the Sea

Continuing the marine theme, it is worth telling about the famous show “Songs of the Sea”, which delights children and is very popular with adults. The show continues the tradition of the “Singing Fountains”, the island’s legendary landmark, which had to be sacrificed to build Resorts World Sentosa . The show takes place on the seashore. Vivid special effects with fire, water, light, pyrotechnics, laser beams and music cannot leave any spectator indifferent.Tickets can be purchased before the show, for example, at the ticket office at Beach station , Sentosa Expres s terminal station, just around the corner from which the show takes place. Show Songs of the Sea is shown daily at 7:40 pm and 8:40 pm and additionally at 9:40 pm on Saturdays. The cost of the ticket depends on the location of the selected seat, as well as the season.

iFly Singapore

Just a stone’s throw from the Song of the Sea show, a completely new, dizzying attraction “I Fly” has opened.It is a kind of simulator capable of creating a feeling of free flight, like when jumping with a parachute. The unique technology creates a jet of air that can lift the human body and keep it floating in this air. On the iFly Singapore website, you can read safety requirements, see the range of prices and book your flight in advance. The attraction is open from 9-00 to 22-00. A flight for two costs 99 SGD. In unpopular times, discounts are possible, as well as for children from 7 to 12 years old.Located there, at Beach station , terminal station Sentosa Expres s.

You can also take a very pleasant walk around the attractions of Sentosa Island .

Chinatown in Singapore, Singapore – detailed information with photo

Video: China Town in Singapore


The boundaries of Singapore’s Chinatown were outlined as early as 1822, immediately after the first immigrants from South China appeared on the island, settling on the banks of the river (a well is preserved on modern Spring Street, from which they took water for drinking) .The life of the Chinese community at that time was hard work; in addition, for the sake of food, one had to break the law and “trade” with robberies and the maintenance of opium dens. Then Chinatown, as now, occupied a large area southwest of the Singapore River. Fujian merchants settled along today’s Telok Iyer and Amoy streets, fishermen from Chaoshan near Boat Key, and Cantonese merchants set up shops on Pagoda and Temple streets.

North Bridge Road and U Tong Saint Street

North Bridge Road and Yu Tong Sen Street (Eu Tong Sen Street) – the main arteries passing through the heart of Chinatown; lined with shopping arcades such as Peoples Park Complex (Peoples Park Complex; Park Road, 1) with trendy shops and old stalls, and Yue Hwa Emporium (Yue Hwa Emporium; Ei Tong Sen Street, 70; men.; 6538-42-22;; open: Sun-Fri 11.00-21.00, Sat 11.00-22.00) , which sells only Chinese goods – from silk to souvenirs. The latter can also be bought in the building of the former Great Southern Hotel, which someone called “the old grand dame of Chinatown.” Obliquely across Yue Hwa is Chinatown Point , overlooking Chinatown MRT station; good products of Chinese artists and artisans can be purchased here.

Pagoda Street and Chinatown Heritage Center

Chinatown Heritage Center; 48 Pagoda Street; men .: 6221-95-56;; open: daily 9.00-20.00; entrance fee ) , introducing the past of this area; Among the exhibits are recreated shacks of the first Chinese settlers.

Sri Mariamman Temple

Next door is the Shri Mariamman Temple (Shri Mariamman Temple; South Bridge Road, 244; open: daily 7.00-21.00) , built in 1827 and dedicated to the healer goddess Mariamman. It is the oldest and most important of Singapore’s Hindu temples. Pay attention to its gopuram tower, decorated with figures of Hindu deities, and inside – on the ceiling painting. In October – November, the temple hosts the Thimithi festival, during which the faithful walk on hot coals.

Streets of Chinatown

The best time to visit Chinatown is January and February, when the streets are lined with lanterns and bright red decorations to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and crowds flock to the bazaar.Chinatown Evening Market (open daily 11.00-23.00) consists of 200 stalls and stalls lined up along Pagoda, Trengganu and Sago Streets. Walk down Temple Street , past the many souvenir shops (liquorice, silk, tiger balm) – and exit at Trengganu Street, an open-air shopping mall; before, actors performed here and brothels stood here.

Terengganu Street crosses Smith Street , Chinatown Food Street (open daily 17.00-23.00) ; delectable local delicacies are sold on stalls here. Be sure to try char-qui-teo (fried rice noodles) and rojak (vegetable and fruit salad in sweet black sauce) .

Trengganu Street abuts Sago Street, another colorful corner; there are plenty of Chinese hospitals, rattan fans and candy shops. Between Sago Street and Sago Lane is the The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum; tel.: 6220-02-20;; open: daily 7.00-19.00) . It was opened in 2007 and is designed in a traditional Chinese style. Here you can see works of religious art and Buddhist texts, but the main property of the temple – and the subject of constant discussion – is the sacred tooth that belonged to the Buddha. It is brought into the world only twice a year: on the Wesak holiday and on the Chinese New Year.

Tanjong Pagar District

Turn right from Sago Lane and walk to the corner of Tan-jong-Pagar and Neil streets, where the majestic Jinriksha station is (Jinriksha) .Once upon a time, rickshaw coolies parked their two-wheeled carriages here. The station was built in 1903 in a classical style, the building is crowned with a dome. Jinrikshi were the main mode of transport in Singapore at the beginning of the 20th century, only in the 1940s. they were replaced by pedicabs. Rickshaws lived near the station, renting bunks in tiny Chinatown shacks.

Tanjong Pagar used to be a Malay fishing village. In the 1830s. plantations of nutmeg were laid out on the surrounding lands. The area became commercially prosperous, but by the 1960s.fell into disrepair and would certainly have been razed to the ground if not for the government’s conservation program. It soon became a model for how the legacy of old Singapore should be preserved and restored. Today, the Tanjong Pagar Conservation Area has over 190 meticulously restored pastel-colored shops with wooden shutters and high beamed ceilings. They stand along Neil Road, Murray Terrace, Craig Road, Duxton Hill Road and are busy with offices, restaurants and pubs.

Further down the Neil Road, past Creta Air Road, is the once famous Keong Saik Road (Keong Saik Road) , the red light district.Many former shops, beautiful Chinese Baroque buildings, have now been restored to house boutique hotels, such as Hotel 1929 (Keong Saik Road, 50; tel: 6347-19-29; ) , – a lot contributing to the popularity of the area. Holistic malls, bars and art galleries sit side by side with brothels and dirty coffee shops.

Singapore City Gallery

Opposite Jinriksha Station, across Maxwell Road, is the main local attraction – Maxwell Food Center , one of the oldest fast food outlets.At lunchtime, long queues are often lined up at the tables and tents.

Near the Food Center, across Kadayanallur Street, is the URA Center with Singapore City Gallery (Singapore City Gallery; Maxwell Road, 45; tel: 6321-83-21;; open: Mon-Sat 9.00-17.00) , the main exhibit of which is a huge model of the city. The two floors of the gallery house exhibitions, interactive displays, touch-screen terminals, as well as audiovisual programs that tell about Singapore of the present and future.

Kadayanallur Street goes uphill towards Ann Siang Road (Ann Siang Road) ; follow it to the chic boutique hotel The Scarlet (33 Erskine Road; tel .: 6511-33-33; . Go inside, admire the very original interior, see what is sold in shops and what is on display in galleries. Up the street there is another boutique hotel, The Club (28 Ann Siang Road) , housed in a 1900 building.

Club Street

Ann Xiang Road abuts Club Street (Club Street) .Once upon a time, trading companies were located here and street literates wrote letters under the dictation of illiterate Chinese. Now this area is filled with beautifully restored shops (there are also a few unrestored, very colorful ones) . Their architectural style is not entirely Chinese. The carved decorations and wickets (pint pagar) are of Malay origin, Georgian windows and Art Deco features come from Europe, and only the tiled roofs are purely Chinese.The area is now full of trendy bars and bistros; there are also two excellent Italian restaurants: Senso Restaurant and Wag (Club Street, 21; tel .: 6224-35-34; and Da Paolo (Club Street, 80; tel. .: 6224-70-81; .

Telok Ayer Street

Club Street goes uphill and then descends to Upper Cross Street, where Far East Square and China Square Central are located; during lunchtime, the local cafes and eateries are always filled with employees from the surrounding offices.It is worth walking around Far East Square: see interesting shops; admire the unusual gateway representing the five elements of the Chinese universe.

Telok Ayer Street departs from the east side of Far East Square ; walking along it, you will see several national monuments. The first to meet you is the Fuk Tak Chi Museum (Fuk Tak Chi Museum; 76 Telok Ayer Street; tel .: 6532-78-68; open: daily 10.00-22.00; admission is free) . Previously, in its place was the Phuc Tak Chi Temple, built in 1824.and dedicated to Tua Pek Kong, the Taoist god of wealth; the museum’s collection contains 200 artifacts, including a golden Chinese belt, a plaque-ka-abacus, and even a notice of the end of the lease term sent to one of the inhabitants of the area many years ago. Just down the street is Ying Fo Fui Kun (Ying Fo Fui Kun; Telok Ayer Street, 98; tel .: 6533-67-26; open: Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00, Sat 9.00-12.00; admission is free) . Built in 1822, this house was owned by the Hakka Chinese. Notice traditional Chinese architectural features such as carved beams and pillars.There are three shrines further away. The first on your way will be Nagore Durgha Shrine (Nagore Durgha Shrine; Telok Ayer Street, 140) , built in 1818 by Muslims from South India. In the 1990s. it was closed, and in 2008 it reopened, now as an Indian-Muslim cultural center.

Tian Hawk Keng Temple

Next to the sanctuary, there is a small Telok Iyer Green park with human-sized bronze sculptures depicting scenes from the past. A few steps away is the Tian Hock Keng Temple dedicated to Heavenly Bliss (Thian Hock Keng Temple; Telok Ayer Street, 158; tel.: 6423-46-16;; open: daily 7.30-17.30) ; this exquisite structure was erected in 1839-1842. the first Chinese settlers, dedicating it to their patroness Ma Chu Poh, the goddess of the sea. The granite columns of the temple were brought from China, the blue tiles from Holland, and the cast-iron railings from Scotland. Although the main altar is Taoist, the back room is dedicated to Guanyin, the Buddhist goddess of mercy. The last temple on Telok Ayer is Al-Abrar Mosque (Al-Abrar Mosque; Telok Ayer Street, 192; open: daily 11.30-21.00) , known as Indian (or Chuli; Chuli are Muslim Tamils ​​from South India) .

Painting & Design

Continue down the street, past the Chinese Methodist Church (it will be on the left) , and then through the park, you will come to the bright red building (Red Dot Traffic) , which occupies the very interesting Design Museum (Maxwell Road, 28 ; tel .: 6327-80-27;; open: Mon, Tue, Fri 11.00-18.00, Sat-Sun until 20.00; entrance fee) . Its German management regularly awards the prestigious Red dot (Red dot) for the most original design solution. The museum exhibits exhibits from all over the world. There is also the Art and Design Fair (MAAD – Market of Artists and Designers; open on the first weekend of the month 11.00-19.00) , which sells original works of young artists and designers.


When in Chinatown, be sure to try bacqua, a delicious grilled sweetmeat.Just follow the smell – and you will surely come to one of the shops where they sell this exquisite delicacy. The most popular among them are Urn Chee Guan (New Bridge Road, 203) and Bee Cheng Hiang (Pagoda Street, 69) .

Love Potions

Aphrodisiacs are a kind of obsession with Singaporeans. A huge selection of the best Chinese love potions – from reindeer penis wine to seahorse tonic – are on offer at Yu Yan Sang Medical Hall (Eu Yan Sang Medical Hall; South Bridge Road, 269, opposite Sri Mariamman Temple; Tel.: 6223-63-33; www.; open: Mon-Sat 8.30-18.00) . In addition, in the assortment of any drugstore in Chinatown there is ginseng and the “fertility line”: herbs that enhance sexuality, tonics and tinctures from deer antlers to raise libido to incredible heights.

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