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Fountain Pen Friendly Notebooks – A Big Roundup

If you’re looking for fountain pen friendly notebooks, the choices can be pretty overwhelming. I’m not just talking about options like lined versus grid paper. I’m talking about the sheer number of manufacturers who are making amazing notebooks these days. And it’s not just one per manufacturer! Some companies like Life have many different options available. How are you supposed to choose which one will work best for your needs?

I am a bit of a paper junkie, so I’ve accumulated quite a few notebooks in my time. I’ll be trying each one out and letting you know what I think about it. There will be some widely available notebooks in this list, but there will be a few others that might be a little more obscure or harder to find as well.

On this site you’ll find reviews for each notebook I’ve been able to get my hands on. This post will have a bit of general info about each notebook with a link to the full review. I’ll also share some thoughts on notebooks I haven’t posted a full review for yet. At the end of the article you can find a list of all of the notebooks I’ve reviewed so far, along with a link for where you can purchase it. Notebooks will be listed alphabetically. I hope you find this helpful in choosing your next fountain pen friendly notebook!

If you’re more interested in paper than the actual notebook details, you might want to check out my paper rating table that has specific information about each different paper I’ve tested.

Updated 10/12/2020: When I originally wrote this post I wasn’t sure I’d be able to write a blog post for every notebook I tested. It turns out that for the most part I was able to, so I’ve updated this to be a bigger roundup that points to the full review and fewer mini-reviews.

Note: For the purposes of this article, a notebook is either regular or spiral bound book of blank, lined or grid paper. This means no notepads with perforated sheets of paper or journals or planners with printed dates on each page.

To jump directly to a specific notebook, please click on any link below:
Apica CD15
Apica Premium C. D.
Baron Fig Vanguard
Berlin Notebook
Black n’ Red
Clairefontaine Basic
CVS Caliber
Fabriano EcoQua
Elia Note
Exceed Bullet Journal
Itoya Romeo
Kokuyo Campus
Kokuyo Century Edition
Kyokuto Expedient
Leuchtturm 1917
Life Noble Note
Life Schöpfer
Life Pistachio/Vermilion
Logical Prime
Maruman Cover Note
Maruman Mnemosyne
Midori MD Cotton
Midori MD
Minimalism Art
North of Rosemont
Pebble Stationery
Pen Chalet Endless Recorder
Profolio Oasis
SohoSpark Journal
Stálogy Notebook
Taroko Enigma
Tsubame Note
Wild Pages
Yoseka Notebook

Apica CD11/CD15

Pages: 68 (34 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 81.4gsm
Page Style: Lined
Size: A5, B5, A7, B7
Apica CD15 Notebook Review

Apica Premium C.D.

Pages: 192 (96 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 86. 5gsm
Page Style: Lined, Blank, Grid
Size: A4, A5, B5
Apica Premium C.D. Notebook Review

Baron Fig Vanguard

Pages: 72 (36 sheets)
Paper Weight: 90gsm
Binding: Stitch
Page Style: Lined (7mm), Dot (5mm), Blank
Size: 3 sizes – Pocket, Vanguard (slightly smaller than A5) and Plus
Baron Fig Vanguard Notebook Review

Berlin Notebook

Pages: 48 (24 sheets)
Binding: Staple
Paper Weight: 100gsm
Page Style: Blank
Size: A6
Berlin Notebook Review

Black n’ Red

Pages: 140 (70 sheets)
Binding: Spiral
Paper Weight: 90gsm (24lb)
Page Style: Lined
Size: 8. 25″x5.88″ (A5)
Black n’ Red Notebook Review

Clairefontaine Basic Notebook

Pages: 192 (96 sheets)
Binding: Glue
Paper Weight: 90gsm
Page Style: Lined – 8mm, Dot – 5mm
Size: A5, A4
Clairefontaine Basic Notebook Review

CVS Caliber Notebook

Pages: 200 (100 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: I don’t know, but if I had to guess I’d say around 70gsm
Page Style: Lined
Size: Approximately B5
CVS Caliber Composition Book Review

Fabriano EcoQua

Sheets: 38-80
Binding: Glue, Coil, Staple
Paper Weight: 85gsm
Page Style: Blank, Grid, Lined, Dot
Size: Many
Fabriano EcoQua Notebook Review

Elia Note Notebook

Pages: 496 (248 sheets)
Binding: Stitched (smyth-sewn)
Paper Weight: 52gsm
Page Style: Lined, Dot, Blank
Size: A5
Elia Note Notebook Review

Exceed Bullet Journal

Pages: 240 (120 sheets), not counting index pages
Binding: Stitched
Paper Weight: 100gsm
Page Style: Lined, Dot
Size: A5
Exceed Bullet Journal


Pages: 160 (80 sheets)
Binding: Spiral
Paper Weight: Unknown, but maybe around 80gsm?
Page Style: Lined
Size: A5, B5
Figurare Notebook Review


Pages: 64 (32 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 90gsm?
Page Style: Lined, Grid, Blank
Size: A5
Graphilo Notebook Review

Itoya Romeo

Pages: 140 (70 sheets)
Binding: Spiral
Paper Weight: 109. 2gsm
Page Style: Lined, Dot, Blank
Size: A4, A5, B5, B6
Itoya Romeo Notebook Review

Kokuyo Campus

Pages: 75 pages, 150 sheets (including contents page)
Binding: Glue
Paper Weight: 70gsm
Page Style: Lined
Size: A5, B5
Kokuyo Campus Notebook Review

Kokuyo Century Edition

Pages: 140 (70 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 100gsm
Page Style: Lined, Grid
Size: A5
Kokuyo Century Edition Notebook Review

Kyokuto Expedient

Pages: 160, 80 sheets
Binding: Spiral
Paper Weight: 81.4gsm
Page Style: Lined, Dot, Blank
Size: A5, B5
Kyokuto Expedient Notebook Review

Leuchtturm 1917

Pages: 242 (121 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 80gsm
Page Style: Lined, Dot, Blank
Size: A5, B5
Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook Review

Life Noble Note

Pages: 200 (100 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 84. 9gsm
Page Style: Lined, Blank, Grid
Size: A4, A5
Life Noble Notebook Review

Life Schöpfer

Pages: 40
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 82gsm
Page Style: Lined, Blank, Grid
Size: A5, B5

Life Schöpfer notebook – Basically a Life Noble notebook, but with fewer pages. The Life Schöpfer notebook is very similar to the Noble notebook, only with fewer pages. These notebooks will lay flat when opened, but you’ll need to use the notebook for a bit before it will stay open on its own. I have not experienced any feathering or bleeding and the paper has low to medium ghosting.

This paper is very smooth and is wonderful to write on. From what I can tell, it is the exact same paper that is used in the Noble notebooks. If you’re a fan of sheen, you’ll be a big fan of Life paper. While it doesn’t quite show as much sheen as Tomoe River, it shows more than most other papers on the market. It also shows a lot of shading for inks that shade. Similar to the Noble notebooks, the paper is only available in cream.

In my opinion, the Life Schöpfer notebooks are a good value. While the actual notebook price is significantly cheaper than a Noble notebook, the cost per sheet is much higher. Still, if you want a slim notebook with amazing paper, the Life Schöpfer would be a great choice.

Life Pistachio/Vermilion

Pages: 32
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 82gsm
Page Style: Lined, Grid
Size: A6, B6

Life Pistachio Notebook – A smaller notebook filled with amazing paper. These Life Pistachio or Vermilion notebooks are similar to the Noble and Schöpfer notebooks, only smaller, making them the perfect size for a pocket, planner or bag. These notebooks lay flat when opened, but you’ll need to use the notebook for a bit before it will stay open on its own. I have not experienced any feathering or bleeding and the paper has low to medium ghosting.

This paper is very smooth and is wonderful to write on. From what I can tell, it is the exact same paper that is used in the Noble notebooks. If you’re a fan of sheen, you’ll be a big fan of Life paper. While it doesn’t quite show as much sheen as Tomoe River, it shows more than most other papers on the market. It also shows a lot of shading for inks that shade. The paper colors that are available match the color in the descriptions. The Pistachio notebooks have light green lines and a very lightly green-tinted paper. The Vermilion notebooks have red lines and orange/cream-tinted paper.

In my opinion, the Life Pistachio and Vermilion notebooks are a good value, especially if you’re looking for a small notebook. If you want to try out Life paper without investing in a Noble notebook, these are a great place to start. The paper is of the highest quality and the notebook construction is simple, sturdy and useful.

Logical Prime

Pages: 80 (40 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: ~80gsm
Page Style: Lined, Grid, Dot
Size: A5, B5
Logical Prime Notebook Review

Maruman Cover Note

Pages: 172 (88 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 78gsm
Page Style: Lined
Size: A5, A6, B7

Maruman Cover Note – My daily use notebook for planning. The paper bleeds too much for use with fountain pens.

I started using this Maruman Cover Note notebook as my daily planner at the beginning of 2018. After writing in it almost every day for a few months, I have to say that I am disappointed in the quality of the paper when used with fountain pens. I initially had high hopes for it, as Maruman typically has good paper quality and the paper felt very smooth.

The notebook is well made and I think the stitch binding will stand up to a lot of use. The stitch binding also allows it to lay flat, which is always a good quality for a notebook to have. It has two ribbon page markers, which I have found to be useful when using this notebook as a planner. The paper is actually very nice to write on. It is very smooth, has dark grey lines and a nice ivory color. It has decent shading, but only shows a bit of sheen on the strongest sheening inks.

I don’t think that I have experienced any feathering with this notebook. It also has low to medium ghosting. The thing that really lets this notebook down is the amount the paper bleeds. With normal writing and a variety of nibs and inks, I would say that over 75% have bled through the page, making writing on the reverse side almost impossible. Of course, if you only want to write on one side of a page, this won’t really be an issue for you since I haven’t had any writing bleed through onto the following page.

While this notebook has some good things going for it, I would not recommend it to anyone who wants to write in it with fountain pens. Not only do most pens and inks bleed through the paper, but it also fails to show any sheen for most inks. There are definitely better fountain pen friendly notebook options out there. For full product details, check out the product page on the Maruman website.

Maruman Mnemosyne

Pages: 70-80 (35-40 sheets)
Binding: Spiral
Paper Weight: 80gsm
Page Style: Lined, Grid, Blank
Size: A4, A5, A6, B5, B6
Maruman Mnemosyne Notebook Review

Midori MD Cotton

Pages: 176 (88 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 68gsm?
Page Style: Blank, Lined or Grid
Size: A4, A5, A6
Midori MD Cotton Notebook Review

Midori MD

Pages: 176 (88 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 68gsm?
Page Style: Blank, Lined or Grid
Size: A4, A5, A6, B6
Midori MD Notebook Review

Minimalism Art

Pages: 192 pages (96 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 100gsm
Page Style: Blank, Lined, Dot or Grid
Size: A4, A5, B5, B6
Minimalism Art Notebook Review

North of Rosemont

Pages: 48 (24 sheets)
Binding: Staple
Paper Weight: 104gsm
Page Style: Dot (cross-style)
Size: 4″x5. 75″ (approximately A6)
North of Rosemont Notebook Review

Pebble Stationery

Pages: 120 (60 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 52gsm
Page Style: Dot
Size: A5
Pebble Stationery Notebook Review

Pen Chalet Endless Recorder

Pages: 160 (80 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 68gsm
Page Style: Dot, Blank
Size: A5
Pen Chalet Endless Recorder Notebook Review

Profolio Oasis

Pages: 160 (80 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 75gsm
Page Style: Custom Pattern
Size: A5, A6, B5
Profolio Oasis Notebook Review

SohoSpark Journal

Pages: 240 (120 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 80gsm
Page Style: Lined, Dot, Blank
Size: A5
SohoSpark Journal Review

Stálogy Notebook

Pages: 68 (34 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 81. 4gsm
Page Style: Lined
Size: B5
Stálogy Notebook Review

Taroko Enigma

Pages: 192
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 68gsm
Page Style: Blank or Dot
Size: A5, A6

Taroko Enigma – A great notebook filled with the amazing Tomoe River paper.

I use this notebook for my ink journal, in which I test all of the different inks I have. It is made by Taroko Design and uses Tomoe River paper, regarded by many to be the best paper for fountain pens. Its stitch binding allows it to lay flat, but I have found that over time the cover has started to curl a bit and doesn’t sit completely flat with the rest of the book when closed. I have not experienced any feathering or bleeding with this paper (other than bleeding with big ink splats). Since it is the heaver Tomoe River paper, it also only has medium ghosting.

Tomoe River is well known for showing off the different properties of ink and this notebook is no exception. The white paper color will not affect how ink looks. The amount of sheen that it shows is some of the highest you’ll find. It also shows a good amount of shading. These come at a price, though, as dry time is longer than with many other papers.

The Taroko Enigma notebook is a wonderful notebook for fountain pen lovers. The paper quality is amazing and the book is very well made. It even includes an insert that you can place behind the page you’re writing on to keep things smooth and your writing straight. If you want one of the best notebooks around, you can’t go wrong with an Enigma by Taroko Design. If you don’t want wait on an order from their Etsy shop to ship from Taiwan, other notebook options are available on Amazon.

Tsubame Note

Pages: 30, 60, 100
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 81.4gsm
Page Style: Lined, Blank, Graph
Size: A5, B5
Tsubame Note Notebook Review

Wild Pages

Pages: 96 (48 sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 80gsm?
Page Style: Blank
Size: Unique sizes, but close to B6 and B5
Wild Pages Notebook Review

Yoseka Notebook

Pages: 224 (112 Sheets)
Binding: Stitch
Paper Weight: 85gsm
Page Style: Blank
Size: A5
Yoseka Notebook Review

Interested in trying some of these papers before buying a notebook? Head over to my shop and pick up a paper sample pack.

Quick Reference Table
 Page Style
(Blank, Lined, Grid, Dot)
Binding Style
(Glue, Stitch, Coil, Staple)
Size Options

Apica CD15
LinedStitchA5, B5, A7, B7

Apica Premium C.D.
Blank, Lined, GridStitchA4, A5, B5

Baron Fig Vanguard
Lined, Dot, BlankStitchPocket, Vanguard (A5), Plus

Berlin Notebook

Black n’ Red Notebook

Clairefontaine Basic Notebook
Lined, DotGlueA4, A5

CVS Caliber Notebook

Fabriano Eco Qua
Blank, Lined, Grid, DotGlue, Staple, CoilMany

Elia Note
Lined, Dot, BlankStitchA5

Exceed Bullet Journal
Lined, DotStitchA5

Blank, Lined, GridStitchA5

Itoya Romeo
Blank, Lined, DotSpiralA4, A5, B5, B6

Kokuyo Campus
LinedGlueA5, B5

Kokuyo Century Edition
Lined, GridStitchA5

Kyokuto Expedient
Blank, Lined, DotSpiralA5, B5

Leuchtturm 1917
Blank, Lined, DotStitchA5, B5

Life Noble Note
Blank, Lined, GridStitchA4, A5

Life Schöpfer
Blank, Lined, GridStitchA5, B5

Life Pistachio/Vermilion
Lined, GridStitchA6, B6

Logical Prime
Lined, Grid, DotStitchA5, B5

Maruman Cover Note
LinedStitchA5, A6, B7

Maruman Mnemosyne
Blank, Lined, GridSpiralA4, A5, A6, B5, B6

Midori MD Cotton
Blank, Lined, GridStitchA4, A5, A6

Midori MD
Blank, Lined, GridStitchA4, A5, A6, B6

Minimalism Art
Blank, Lined, Dot, GridStitchA4, A5, B5, B6

North of Rosemont
Dot (Cross-style)StapleA6

Pebble Stationery

Pen Chalet Endless Recorder
Dot, BlankStitchA5

Profolio Oasis
Custom PatternStitchA5, A6, B5

Blank, Lined, DotStitchA5


Taroko Enigma
Blank, DotStitchA5

Tsubame Note
Blank, Lined, GraphStitchA5, B5

Wild Pages
BlankStitchB5, B6 (approx)

Yoseka Stationery

Top Ten Notebooks – The Well-Appointed Desk

There are hundreds of notebooks on the market and everyone has a preference on size and format but when people are just dipping their toe into the world of higher end stationery, there are really just a handful of products that get recommended over and over again. Partially, these are the products that are the most ubiquitous because they are available in the widest array of sizes and formats, solve a very specific problem or are the most exquisite.

This list is not in any particular order.

  1. Rhodia: From their signature orange staplebound notepads to their “webbie” hardcover notebooks, fountain pen enthusiasts and stationery aficionados alike praise the quality of the smooth paper in Rhodia’s line of products. It’s available in grid, lined, blank and even dot grid in a myriad of sizes that will baffle the mind. I recommend either a traditional letter/A4 size or half-letter/A5 sized top-bound legal pad for starters. They are reasonably priced and will not feel like something precious. I continue to use Rhodia for testing pens and ink here on The Well-Appointed Desk for consistency sake as we have been using it for the better part of a decade. ($2-$25.95 on JetPens)
  2. Leuchtturm1917: The Leuchtturm1917 has become known as the step-up from a Moleskine notebook and the favored notebook among the bullet journaling crowd. The paper quality is better than Moleskine but may not withstand all fountain pens. If you are using a variety of pens and looking for something just a bit better, than the Leuchtturm brand is a solid option and is available in as many colors, sizes and configurations as you could possibly need. ($12.95-$27.95 on JetPens)
  3. Baron Fig Confidant: The Baron Fig Confidant is a more polished notebook. Baron Fig, as a company, is smaller than Rhodia or Leuchtturm1917 so they have been adding options and products to their brand slowly but they are creating a uniquely modern, American aesthetic and voice to the stationery landscape. While the Confidant is only available in three sizes, seven colors and dot grid, lined or blank, there is probably a Confidant that will appeal to you. Baron Fig also offers their softcover cahier line called the Vanguard as well as guided journals for specific interests. (Available directly from Baron Fig or from your favorite online retailer)
  4. Field Notes: I can’t talk about notebooks without talking about the tiny (behemoth) elephant in the room and that would be Field Notes. Field Notes reshaped the way people purchased notebooks over the last decade. They made them more than just a place to write a list, a story or a phone number. They made them collectible, covetable and something people obsessed about. We can discuss at length whether the paper quality is worthy of fountain pens (mostly, its not) and how often people use the excessive quantity of Field Notes they purchase with the Editions Subscriptions (usually none of them because they might be worth something someday!) but the bottom line is that Field Notes revitalized the appeal of the tangible notebook and if that doesn’t make it worth considering these pocket notebooks, I don’t know what is. Okay fine. Field Notes has become the verbal shortcut for a size of notebook (3.5″x5.5″ size) when talking about any other notebook. “Well, it’s Field Notes-sized,” one pen enthusiast says to another when describing the latest notebook discovery. “Fits Field Notes and other similarly sized books” states an Etsy page offering custom leather notebook covers.
    So there, that’s the other reason I put Field Notes on this list. A whole industry of copycat notebooks have since cropped up (for better or worse) as well as products to support the Field Notes craze. (Subscriptions via Field Notes but past limited editions can be found at Wonder Fair)
  5. Traveler’s Notebook: The appeal of the Traveler’s Notebook (while originally released under the Midori brand and now under the The Traveler’s Company) spawned its own revolution and accompanying fanfare. This is as much about the notebook’s container, a simple piece of leather held closed with an elastic through a hole punched into the leather and the cords of elastic looped through to catch loose notebooks suspended inside, as it was about the actual paper notebooks inside. Thankfully, the original system released from Midori offered good quality paper that kept people using the notebooks long enough to catch the attention of the internet and social media. Once people realized they could either make their own covers or put their own notebooks inside covers, a whole new world was born.
    Traveler’s Company continues to release notebooks, calendar planners and special editions that keep the product and brand fresh but the whole concept of having one cover and just swapping out the notebook inside became the impetus for a new generation ready for more environmentally friendly options. (starter kits $41-46.50 on JetPens)
  6. Nanami Seven Seas/Tomoe River: For fountain pen fans, this is the big leagues. Tomoe River paper like being invited into the secret society with passwords and handshakes. This whisper-thin paper that buckles and has massive show through might be a mystery to a newbie until someone shows you that ink with all the sheen and then it’s like “Oh, I get it now! I see why you suffer with waffle-y see through paper because look at that color!!!! I feel like I’ve been seeing the world in shades of grey until now!” That said, it takes eons to dry when you dump buckets of ink onto the page or live in the soupy humidity of the South. Notebooks have massive page counts and are pricey.
    But this is next-level pen experience stuff. (available from Nanami Paper or Dromgoole’s)
  7. Midori MD Notebook: Midori MD is probably my personal favorite everyday writing paper and it’s probably the least discussed in the pen community. There are three grades of MD paper and I think they are all awesome. There is MD (smoothest), MD Light (second favorite and a rival to Tomoe River IMHO) and (my personal favorite, it’s toothy) MD Cotton. Midori MD has minimal branding, comes with a plain cream cardstock cover, and available in lined, grid or blank. ($9.25-$16.50 on JetPens)
  8. Stillman & Birn Epsilon Sketchbook: While many won’t agree that a sketchbook is a notebook, I couldn’t complete a list of my favorite/most recommended/best notebooks without including the Stillman & Birn Epsilon Sketchbook which I probably recommend at least once a week. If not the Alpha, then one of the Stillman & Birn sketchbooks. The hardest part for many in picking out a sketchbook and specifically picking out a Stillman & Birn sketchbook is working through their complex naming system.
      The Epsilon is the toothier of the two 150gsm sketchbook options. Even I have goofed on occasion and purchased the Alpha by mistake as it is described as being medium grain and cold press. It’s not quite as toothy as the Epsilon which I’ve discovered I like better. YMMV. That said, overall, I have not been disappointed by the overall quality of any of the S&B sketchbooks I’ve used. For day-to-day sketching I do not need the heavier 270gsm paper in their other sketchbooks. (available from JetPens and your local art supply stores)
  9. Musubi: I can’t talk about notebooks without talking about Musubi. What they are doing at Musubi Atelier is elevating bookmaking to the artform it deserves to be while also providing a lifeline to people in parts of the world who need work and providing them with a dignified means to feed their families. Musubi notebooks are aspirational notebooks worthy of wanting made with the most exquisite fabrics and bookbinding techniques, filled with unique papers and tucked into stunning cases that truly feel like a gift.
    I have treated myself to one and you deserve one at some point in your life too. (purchase directly from
  10. Col-o-ring: I know it appears self-serving to mention Col-o-ring here but when I look at the notebooks and paper products I use on a daily basis, the Col-o-ring, Col-o-dex  and Col-o-ring Oversize figure heavily into my rotation. I suppose I wouldn’t have made them if I wasn’t going to use them. While the Col-o-ring and Col-o-dex serve specific purposes of inventoring my ink collection, the Oversize is used for everything from comparing various inks to drawing and doodling to just writing notes and testing pens. When we originally made the Oversize, I wasn’t sure how much I would actually use it but it turns out it gets used as much or more than a lot of other notebooks in the house. Partially, it gets used because I’m so familiar with the paper so I know how pens and ink are going to behave but also because its a really convenient size. (available in our shop or through your favorite online retailer)


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10 Top Fountain Pen Friendly Notebooks – Milligram

Fountain pen friendly notebooks are highly sought-after at Milligram — when you have a pen you love writing with, you don’t want the experience ruined by unsuitable paper.

Not all paper is created equal

Most regular paper cannot handle fountain pen ink — you’ll find it will bleed through the page if the paper is overly absorbent or too thin; it may smear and/or feather, which occurs when the ink creeps out amongst the paper’s fibres. Find out more about the common problems found with non-fountain pen friendly paper on the blog here.

So the key is to find a quality, fountain pen friendly notebook to accompany your fountain pen, or your favourite writing instrument for an excellent writing experience.

We’ve put together our top ten fountain pen friendly notebooks and brands — in no particular order that you’ll find at Milligram.

Top 10 Fountain pen friendly notebooks

1. Delfonics Rollbahn

Almost all staff members at Milligram HQ are carrying or have carried a Delfonics Rollbahn notebook — it’s a perpetual staff favourite and very hard to find outside of Japan and Australia!

The off white/ivory grid ruled (5mm x 5mm) paper is not only fountain pen friendly but each page is perforated for clean removal. The robust, splash-proof cover and spiral binding makes this a great notebook for the office and taking school notes.

2. Rhodia Heritage

The entire Rhodia range is fountain pen friendly and extremely affordable, a perfect everyday notebook.

The Rhodia Heritage neo-retro notebooks are a tribute to the distinguished heritage of Rhodia. In true Rhodia style, the range boasts many high quality designs with ‘rough feel’ covers that each have their own personality, Clairefontaine fountain pen friendly, 90gsm ivory brushed vellum paper with a brand new orange ruling, numbered pages and the traditional sewn binding in orange making the Heritage range stand out from the rest.

3. Clairefontaine Essentials

The extensive range from French brand, Clairefontaine is all fountain pen friendly.

The Clairefontaine Essentials features their trademark high quality, white 90gsm paper, using wood sourced from self-managed sustainable forests. Their paper mill has its own water treatment plant and is self-sufficient for 80% of its electrical power.

4. Appointed

Hand-assembled at Appointed’s Washington D.C. headquarters, every design element has been carefully considered in this substantial 150 fountain pen friendly perforated pages notebook. The pages are made of smooth, recycled paper and renewable energy.

It features a beautiful, minimalist aesthetic, water-resistant durable bookcloth cover and is also available in various formats, making this a stylishly refined essential for any creative, designer or professional.

5. Tomoe River

The Tomoe River paper breaks all the rules — it’s highly sought after from fountain pen aficionados for its super-fine weight (52gsm!) and the exquisite and delicate quality of the paper.

Note quite a notebook, this reliable notepad includes 100 easily removable sheets of plain ivory paper that is acid-free and pH neutral coming from FSC-certified forests. It has an unusually high resistance to bleed-through and feathering and a must to add to your notebook collection, adding a special touch to your handwritten correspondence.

6. Life Stationery Margin

Established in Tokyo in 1946, Life Stationery is dedicated to producing a small and handmade range of stationery with superior paper quality and function — all the notebooks we have from Life Stationery at Milligram perform well with fountain pens. Read their story and see their smiling workers on the blog.

The Life Stationery Margin notebook contains 160 ruled white pages that are incredibly smooth and provides an excellent writing experience. It features four sections with a margin printed in faint red ink on the left-hand side of each page to assist you with your note-taking.

7. Fabriano Boutique EcoQua

The Fabriano Boutique EcoQua notebook is made of 100% FSC-certified recycled Bioprima ivory Italian milled paper, with 192 substantial pages that are chlorine- and acid-free. This range is not only environmentally friendly but super affordable too. In a range of colours, sizes and rulings, the EcoQua range is an ideal daily use notebook for fountain pen users.

8. Leuchtturm1917 Limited Edition Metallics

When a brand has been around for 100 years, you know they’re onto something right! Leuchtturm1917 is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year and to celebrate they released a limited collection of metallic notebooks: copper, gold and silver. 

This A5 size (14.5 x 21cm) notebook has 251 pages of ink proof, acid-free, 80gsm fountain pen friendly ivory paper that is available in various formats.

Leuchtturm1917 are all about the detail and have thoughtfully placed page numbers on each page, as well as a table of contents for easy referencing, making it perfect for bullet journalling.

9. Octaevo Marble Notes

A new brand to Milligram, Octaevo is inspired by the Mediterranean and offers stylish, fun and affordable notebooks that tell a story.

The Octaevo Marble Notes notebook features 80 ruled pages (100gsm) that are carefully assembled and hand-sewn with coloured thread in an artisans workshop in Barcelona. The inside cover reads:  “Mediterranean marble holds the secrets of centuries, lines the passage of time. Smooth and still, it waits for new stories and legends to be written on it.”

10. La Petite Papeterie Francaise

The whole design aesthetic from La Petite Papeterie Francaise is centered on beautiful, well-made, high-quality products that are manufactured in an environmentally- and socially-friendly manner.

Designed in collaboration with French designer, Anaïs Génot, this carefully considered Seyes ruled notepad with 40 sheets of 100gsm fountain pen friendly paper is comfortable to use. The 350gsm cover feels great to touch with grid-shaped debossing and is perfect for everyday or special use.

Shop fountain pen friendly notebooks at Milligram.

The Best Notebooks for Fountain Pens

When you want to use your fountain pen, it isn’t always as simple as grabbing the first paper you see to write on. Choosing a quality notebook that is specifically designed to handle your fountain pen is a must. In this article, we’ll walk you through making a good selection so you can have an optimal writing experience.

So you have just begun your journey with switching to fountain pens. You have already ordered or received your new pen, some ink, and a converter and can’t wait to start writing. But have you also ordered a notebook that will help you have the best writing experience with your shiny new pen? Whether you are a complete beginner to fountain pens or you already have a huge collection, this guide will be helpful for you.

Sadly, most typical printer paper isn’t suitable for handling the ink or nib that comes with your fountain pen. It can feather, smear, or bleed through the sheet. This type of paper isn’t as bright, is not as smooth, and just isn’t as nice for writing. That’s why we have put together this list of the best notebooks for fountain pens on the market today.

Comparison Table


2020 Breeze A5 Notebook with Tomoe River Paper

  • Pearl foil stamped new cover design
  • 183 numbered pages of Tomoe River 68gsm white paper
  • Soft cover thread bound journal
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160 Pages- Tomoe River Cream Midori

  • 160 pages TOMOE RIVER CREAM paper (52 gsm)
  • Made to order Traveler’s Notebooks Inserts
  • Available in 12 vibrant COLOURS
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Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Notebook

  • 249 numbered pages
  • Acid-free and ink proof paper
  • Stickers for labeling and archiving
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Rhodia Classic Ice Top Staplebound Notepad

  • Includes 80 pages
  • Measures 6 by 8. 25 inches
  • Paper is pH neutral and acid-free
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Apica Premium C.D. Notebook

  • 96 Sheets
  • Notebook – A5 – 7 mm Rule
  • Dimensions 5.8 x 0.4 x 4.1 inches
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Seven Seas Standard Tomoe River Journal

  • Sewn Binding
  • 480 pages, 240 sheets
  • Blank pages – no lines
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Clairefontaine Clothbound Notebook

  • Clothbound notebook
  • Grained paper cover
  • 99 sheets of lined white paper
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The Best Notebooks for Fountain Pens

  1. Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Notebook
  2. Rhodia Classic Ice Top Staplebound Notepad
  3. Apica Premium C.D. Notebook
  4. Seven Seas Standard Tomoe River Journal
  5. Clairefontaine Clothbound Notebook

Each of the notebooks on this list was chosen for its price, quality, and overall writing experience provided when paired with a fountain pen. Any of them would be a worthy selection but each has its own unique qualities, as you will soon learn.

Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Notebook

For those who are into staying very organized with work, school, or just life in general, the Leuchtturm 1917 is ideal. Its empty table of contents page and numbered pages in each book help you keep track of your place in the pad and your schedule. This is a new way to level up in your planning skills.

“The range of colours for these notebooks is really impressive and has to be a big selling point for Leuchtturm1917,” said Jenny at The Finer Point. “I have used a number of these notebooks over the years and each time I have bought a different colour.”

The journal comes with a sticker set for the spine and cover that will let you clearly archive and label the pages’ contents. The notepad consists of high-quality, 70-gsm pages that enable roller balls and fountain pens to be used with absolutely zero bleeding. The notebook also comes with two bookmarks for easily finding your place later. Note that although it may look like it from the photos online, you can’t tear all the pages out along a perforated line, only a few select pages.

The dot grid, numbering system, and quality of the journal’s paper is perfect for taking your organization to new heights. You are guaranteed to have an easier time with your schedule after this. The book itself is a great size for throwing into your bag easily and makes a perfect beginner’s dot grid journal.

The Leuchtturm 1917’s pages are off-white and have a light gray ruling. In other notebooks, the grid pattern can be too overbearing but with this one, it’s dark enough to be visible but light enough not to be off-putting.

The quality of the paper is great, as well. Test out various pencils and pens and you will find that the pages handle most with ease. This includes fountain pens, of course, along with ordinary pencils, colored brush pens, gel pens, and drawing pens. Note that with wetter inks or broader nibs, some show-through may occur but with finer nibs, there’s no issue at all. You will need to do some experimenting to find your ideal choice.

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**Also read our post on the best bullet journal pens here**.

Rhodia Classic Ice Top Staplebound Notepad

For a 6 by 8.25-inch notebook with grid paper, this Rhodia Classic Notepad is another suitable option for fountain pen lovers. When you use it with a high-quality pen, you will notice a huge difference in your writing experience, overall.

“Why is Rhodia so good? It provides the best writing performance for the price,” said Brad at The Pen Addict. “The paper is ridiculously smooth and will make even your worst pens feel and perform better. Yes, the right paper can actually make your pens write better.”

It works great with gel pens in addition to fountain pens and doesn’t require as much effort to write in as a cheaper notepad does.

This is the benefit of choosing high-quality paper and once you make the switch, you’ll never want to go back. You will get bold, crisp, and consistent lines each and every time. The paper isn’t too thin or too heavy and comes with subtle lines instead of ruling that is too wide or intrusive.

This notebook’s cover will easily fold into place, staying put instead of getting in your way when you write. Although the book is staple-bound, you won’t even notice that the staples are there. Overall, the quality, colors, and size of this notebook make it an enjoyable and refined piece of stationery to use in your office or home.

Keep in mind that if you prefer textured paper or are just used to cheaper paper, you might find the pages in this pad a bit too smooth. It has hardly any texture at all and your ink might smudge if not allowed enough time to dry.

The pages are just flexible enough, won’t cause bleeding, and the book itself is sturdy enough to remain intact even when you flip over the cover. If you’ve never used a notebook like this, it may require a small adjustment period.

As a bonus, the book comes with plenty of pages to write on. Not only is it the perfect companion with fountain pens, but it’s very aesthetically appealing and makes a great gift for that reason. Just touch the fine paper and you’ll instantly be able to tell that this is a high-quality journal.

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Apica Premium C.D. Notebook

Another classy and reliable option, the Apica Premium C.D. Notebook comes with 96 sheets of smooth paper and 7mm rule.

Once you feel the surface of this paper, you’ll be very excited to use your fountain pen on it. Not only is it perfect for a wide variety of nibs and ink types, but it also handles other types of pens easily.

“Once I cracked the notebook open and ran my finger across the paper I was shocked by how incredibly smooth it was,” said Office Supply Geek. ”I’ve felt the smooth paper in notebooks before, but the paper in this Apica Premium CD Notebook is in a league of its own when it comes to smoothness.”

Your pen will easily glide over this surface without any toothy feeling or friction. Some types of ink may require more time to dry than others, so make sure you take your time and do some testing with various kinds. But even wet ink won’t show through, bleed, or feather much at all.

Although other brands and products use the word “premium” pretty often, this Apica Premium notebook deserves to use it for this product as it really is among the best available. Quality materials and construction, along with great paper and a beautiful design, make this a top tier notepad for your fountain pens.

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Seven Seas Standard Tomoe River Journal

Those who love writing on cream-colored paper instead of bright white pages will love this next option. The Seven Seas Tomoe River Journal comes with 480 blank sheets of premium, 7mm-ruled paper.

“The construction of the book is top notch, utilizing thread binding typically seen on more expensive and mass-produced books,” said Ed Jelley. “The binding not only adds extra durability but allows the book to lay flat without damaging the spine. The corners are rounded off just slightly so they don’t get bent up and destroyed.”

The color of this paper is complimentary for most fountain pens on the market and is easy on your eyes. Users will be happy to know that the 7mm rule works well with different types of handwriting. Unlike some other notebooks, the ruling is proportionate to the notebook’s size and looks very balanced.

Closely looking at the line will reveal that they are composed of many closely packed, tiny dots instead of solid lines, giving the lines a fainter appearance. This unobtrusive ruling style allows your writing to stand out more. Most users will find that it’s hard not to love this notebook as the paper is a great size, comes with perfect ruling, and the pad itself has an all-around amazing construction.

When you order this notepad, it comes beautifully decorated and packaged, so keep that in mind if you have a fountain pen-loving friend in your life who needs a gift. For a notebook, it’s not cheap, but the quality makes it worth the extra money. In addition, it comes with a lot more pages than other competitor’s products.

The paper included inside is impossibly light and thin for how well it handles most fountain pen nibs. Note that since it’s thinner than others you may notice some ghosting but that feathering won’t be an issue.

Though the drying time for ink is longer than more textured papers, you will soon get accustomed to letting it dry as you write. You will also find blotter paper inside for those times that you’re in a hurry and need to jot something down and then immediately close the notepad. The paper is fun to write on and will be among the smoothest you’ve ever tried.

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Clairefontaine Clothbound Notebook

Are you into more classic styles rather than entirely modern options? For this 1951 collection of notepads, Clairefontaine has introduced its original covers again.

The Clairefontaine Clothbound Notebook has a front label and grained paper cover which lends it a vintage feel and look. The A5-sized pad comes with 96 pages of ruled, 90g, white paper and a satin finish for a smooth writing experience.

“The notebook is staple-bound, but quite thick and substantial, with a slightly squared-off spine,” said Notebook Stories. “It’s much sturdier than a Field Notes or Moleskine Cahier. And of course, as always, the Clairefontaine paper is  a pleasure to write on with pretty much any pen.”

Fountain pens themselves are a throwback to an older era, so those who enjoy using them, for this reason, will like the vintage design of this collection. It may even remind you of your school days and give you a touch of nostalgia. This journal is the perfect companion for your wide variety of fountain pens and inks.

The book is 5.75 by 8.25 inches in size, making it ideal for everyday journaling needs or taking quick notes. Made in France, this notebook comes with acid-free, pH neutral paper. It can be hard to find a journal suitable for fountain pens that doesn’t let ink bleed through the pages, but even with wetter fountain pens, this is up to the task.

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Four Reasons to Switch to Fountain Pens

Maybe you’re still undecided about whether you like fountain pens better than more traditional options, or just need more reasons to love your current fountain pen. For some users, the fountain pen-writing experience dates back to grade school, calling to mind smudged writing and ink-stained hands.

As the digital age has closed in, a trend of going back to traditional writing styles has come about. This has made handwriting more of a fun option than a necessary obligation or chore. For this reason, many have decided to revisit pen and ink. Here are some of the best reasons why:

  • As a Statement of your Lifestyle: Since fountain pens aren’t the traditional choice for writing instruments anymore these days, they are now considered fancy accessories. Pulling out one of these at your next meeting, instead of a disposable pen, will be sure to turn heads. With text and email becoming the main tools of communication, fountain pens are a statement of preference for the old-fashioned and a sign that you do things with care and precision. At work, it can show others that you truly care about what you do. Important business men use fountain pens, not Bic pens.
  • For an Expressive and Luxurious Writing Experience: Writing with a high-quality pen on great paper is one of the greatest pleasures of life, according to many. The ink will glide over paper effortlessly, requiring less pressure and creating beautiful strokes every time. In addition, you can get a better, more unique style of writing as you adjust your choice of pen angle, nib, and ink. When writing is a more enjoyable experience, you’ll find yourself looking forward to doing it more.
  • To get Years of Use and Reliability: Ballpoint pens are considered disposable and most of us can’t even manage to hold onto or keep track of them because they aren’t important to us. For most, ballpoint pens are thrown away again and again. A fountain pen, however, will last you for years if you take good care of it and may even get better over time.
  • It makes your Handwriting better: Fountain pens tend to make users write more clearly and slower. When you use high-quality equipment instead of disposable pens that break easily, it impacts your attitude toward what you write. When your instrument is something to be proud of, you will take more pride in what it produces, as well.

Fountain pens are from an older, simpler time. Slowing down and taking your time writing on actual paper with a nice pen is a tactile, relaxing process and the opposite of text and email. Get yourself some quality paper and when you dip your pen in ink and put it to the page, you will feel a real difference.

The Best Notebooks For Fountain Pens :Top 10 Picks For 2021

Sometimes, you just want a notebook that is a lot of fun to write in. Other times, you want to write fast with a fountain pen. There are lined, dot grids, blank, or just plain grid notebooks.

Any of those are going to work just fine. All of it comes down to the paper and your personal preference.

Writing in a fountain pen friendly notebook is a great way to practice mindfulness each day.  These days, it seems notebooks are the gift of choice.

The best notebooks for fountain pens can also be a great tool for self-improvement. Also, writing in a journal using a fountain pen is a great way to keep a record of your life and enjoy it while writing.

Top 9 Best Notebooks For Fountain Pen – Reviews 2021

A fountain pen needs a quality notebook to write on. Below are some good notebooks for fountain pens that you can use daily and show off the ink colors.

1. Leather Journal Writing Notebook From Moonster

If you love to journal and looking for a notebook with quality that will hold up for years to come, this leather journal writing notebook from Moonster is a perfect choice. The cover is made using 100% genuine hand-cut water buffalo leather.

It’s one of the best journals for fountain pens has a thick cover that feels soft and nice to the touch. You can really tell this fountain pen journal was handcrafted and made with a lot of love. You will really enjoy writing in it.

As for the paper quality, it’s really nice and thick. It’s an earth-friendly cotton paper, and the notebook comes with 120 sheets of these. It’s the ideal handcrafter gift that you can give to someone that loves to journal.

It also comes in a cotton presentation bag. Apart from journaling, there are so many things you can do with it. The thick cotton paper can be a great canvas to put artwork in it. You can also scrapbook and bullet journal in this notebook.

Highlighted Features:

  • Classic leather notebook with wrap around strap.
  • Thick, durable, and 100% genuine soft leather.
  • Eco-friendly cotton papers.
  • Beautiful Coptic leather binding.

2. Huhuhero Classic Ruled Notebook Journal

Up next, we have a faux leather notebook that is designed for pen-and-paper enthusiasts. This ruled notebook from Huhuhero looks and feels great and has thick, smooth pages. It’s a very nice quality notebook at an affordable price.

Whether you want to make to-do lists or jot down a few bullets, this versatile faux leather professional notebook will sure come in handy. The premium 120 GSM papers are ideal for a number of uses like drawing, sketching, and planning.

The black hardcover feels soft and smooth. It’s also super durable and can easily last for years to come. This thick notebook comes with a strong elastic closure band and a ribbon bookmark, as well as an expandable pocket. 

For a comfortable writing experience, this notepad lays flat 180°. The heavy bond papers can absorb ink from your fountain pen really well.

It also has a strong binding so that you can take it with you every day without having to worry about wear and tear.

Highlighted Features;

  • Durable faux leather black hardcover.
  • Smooth, ink-absorbing heavy-bond paper.
  • Ruled notebook can be laid flat 180°.
  • 64 sheets of thick-lined papers.

3. Nomad Crafts Co. Vintage Fountain Pen Journal

This leather journal from Nomad Crafts Co. looks like something that came from the world of Harry Potter.

It’s one of the best notebooks for fountain pen that looks handmade and old to give you that vintage vibe. You can use quill and ink to write in it without any ink bleeding.

This fountain pen journal comes with 120 sheets of handmade antique papers that look like something that was pulled from the museum of history. These cotton papers are also environmentally friendly since they are made mostly using reused fabrics.

This thick journal has a genuine leather cover that soft and supple. This cover is made using naturally tanned full-grain leather that feels comfortable in the hands and smells amazing. It’s one of those covers that ages well with time.

This vintage notebook has a leather wraparound that keeps the contents inside safe and secure. As for the binding, this is the real deal. The binding is hand-stitched to ensure the pages don’t fall off easily.

Highlighted Features;

  • Handmade antique cotton papers.
  • No bleed-through guaranteed.
  • Sturdy hand-stitched binding.
  • Full-grain, tanned leather cover, and wraparound.

4. Minimalism Art, Premium Notebooks for Fountain Pens

This premium hardcover notebook from Minimalism Art is all about simplicity. If you’re a bullet journaling beginner or looking for a dot journal to practice and get used to this method of writing, this is a good hardcover notebook to start with.

The 120gsm ivory papers are ink-proof and also have a pretty decent thickness to prevent bleeding. These numbered pages are also acid-free and environmentally friendly. This classic style thread-bound notebook lays completely flat.

If you are on a tight budget but still want a quality journal, this is the one. It has a gusseted pocket at the back and features two matching color ribbon bookmarks. This notepad also comes with an elastic strap.

At first glance, this one looks exactly the same as the Leuchtturm1917 notebook but with a more affordable price tag. The papers are thick and strong to prevent heavy ghosting and can easily withstand heavy writing erasing.

Highlighted Features;

  • A perfect alternative to more expensive dotted journals.
  • Ink-proof papers to prevent ghosting.
  • Soft and durable hardcover.
  • Smooth, thick, and strong paper for journaling.

5. BooQool Ruled Page Notebook/Journal

Looking for a journal for brainstorming ideas?

Or a diary for taking notes? The BooQool classic is one of the best notepads for fountain pens that are perfect for all uses. It comes with 128 pages of premium and thick lined papers that are thicker than regular notebook papers.

The ink-proof paper suits more pen inks and are designed to avoid ghosting and feathering. The paper has a nice color tone that is easy on the eyes. These high-quality papers are acid-free and can resist damage from air and light.

The cover of this journal has a nice texture finish made using faux leather. The exterior of this notebook feels soft and comfortable to hold. It has an expandable inner pocket, integrated bookmark, and comes with an elastic closure.

The outer cover also doubles as a convenient writing surface and also lays flat no matter what page you turn to. In short, it has just about all the features you can expect from a notebook to provide you with a high-quality writing experience.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made using high-quality materials for longevity.
  • The notebook stays flat and open.
  • Smooth and thick ink-proof papers.
  • Supple and fantastic looking cover.

6. British A5 Journal by Beechmore Books

The Beechmore notebook is brought into existence after combining careful craftsmanship and quality materials. Inside this journal, you will find 80 sheets of ivory cream papers that are ruled, crisp, and thicker than most other brands.

To store your key essentials like business cards, posted notes, and receipts, you will find an expandable, reinforced pocket in the back of the notebook. It has a 180-degree lay-flat binding thanks to the careful bookbinding process.

This allows for easy one-handed not taking on the go. Whether you are an avid procrastinator, a big thinker, or just want a space to grow your ideas, this luxury journal/notebook is the best fountain pen notebook to get creative and enjoy writing. 

The classic British style tactile cover is made from specially sourced vegan leather. It comes with a subtle bookmark ribbon and features a secure elastic closure to keep the pages safe and secure. This luxury notebook is sure to bring the best of your creativity.

Highlighted Features;

  • An ideal birthday/holiday gift for a writer.
  • Cover is made using vegan leather.
  • Papers are resistant to shading, ghosting, and ink-bleeding.
  • 120gsm ivory cream pages.

7. Vintage Artificial Leather Writing Journal By VALERY 

Up next, we have a very classy and high-quality notebook from VALERY with a faux leather cover.

If you are looking for the best notebook for fountain pen writing, go with this one. It’s clean, crisp, durable, and very well put together.

The design of this journal is very practical. The cover and the binding allow for one-handed writing.

The papers are fountain pen friendly, and you will be really pleased with the performance of the paper. You can also refill the pages.

Along with its great paper quality and perfect size, the cover feels as if it were made using real leather. Take a cup of coffee, a fountain pen and sit in a desk with this notebook and enjoy every detail that this journal has to offer.

The old, vintage look of the papers truly inspires you to pick up the pen and write whatever comes to your mind.

For both personal and professional use, you can use this leather journal for various occasions. It’s truly the perfect daily writing journal.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fountain pen friendly papers.
  • Easy to write with guided lines.
  • Faux leather cover and wraparound.
  • A built-in pen holder and two inside pockets.

8. Amazon Basics Classic Lined Notebook

If you do a lot of writing daily and want an alternative to pricey notebooks, this one from Amazon Basics is a great product for a reasonable price. It’s the best cheap notebook for fountain pens for daily use and made using durable material to keep in the notebook in one piece.

The pages aren’t very thick but can be used with gel pens and ink pens. It’s not completely ink-proof, so expect some bleed through. This is a basic notebook with basic features, and the price reflects the quality.

When using a fine sharpie tip, there will be some slight bleed. Otherwise, the pages are somewhat resistant to ghosting.

You can try using quality pens like Waterman fountain pen, Lamy Safari, etc., and the paper will hold up just fine.

It’s a bit on the heavy side, which makes this notebook perfect for notetaking, journaling, and writing.

I’ve seen mixed reviews about this one, but you get what you pay for, a cardboard cover, acid-free paper, elastic closure, and a bookmark. 

Highlighted Features:

  • A basic notebook with 240 archival-quality pages.
  • Hard cardboard cover and thread-bound.
  • It has an expandable inner pocket.
  • Ribbon bookmark and elastic band enclosure.

9. HUSTLE Co. Thick Ruled Fountain Pen Notebook

Rediscover the joy of writing with a classic yet contemporary designed notebook from HUSTLE Co. The Classic Pro notebook is super functional, featuring a stylish hardbound cover. It’s the perfect journal for personal use, work, and meetings.

These journals are designed to lay flat thanks to the unique 3-piece carefully constructed cover. You can open it wide and write without having to worry about the integrity of the binding. Writing in this notebook feels like a dream.

For durability, it features section-stitching that is carefully crafted to make this notebook last for years to come. The 120 GSM ink-resistant papers are perfect for fountain pen users and gel pen users.

This journal contains 160 fountain pen friendly papers that are resistant to ink bleeding and ghosting. It also has other features like an elastic strap, ribbon, inside pocket, and a built-in pen holder loop.

Highlighted Features;

  • A clever pen loop to always have a pen on hand.
  • Unique 3-piece cover to lay the notebook flat when opened.
  • 120 GSM bleeding and ghosting resistant papers.
  • Black faux leather hardcover notebook.

Notebook For Fountain Pen – Comparison Chart

1. Leather Journal Writing Notebook By Moonster

Huhuhero Notebook Journal

Leather Journal By NomadCraftsCo.

Minimalism Art Premium Hard Cover Notebook

. Ruled Notebook/Journal By BooQool

British A5 Journal by Beechmore Books

7. Vintage artificial leather writing journal

8. Amazon Basics Classic Lined Notebook

Thick Ruled Journal Notebook

Notebooks For Fountain Pen – Buying Guide

Fountain pen paper notebook comes in all different shapes and sizes. To guide you to the best journals for fountain pens, we will take a look at some of the key characteristics to narrow down your search.

1. Type Of Notebooks

The first thing to consider when it comes to buying a fountain pen friendly notebook is to look at the size. From standard notebook to pocket notebook, there are a bunch of them.

a. Standard Notebooks

These notepads are available in a wide range of paper types and sizes. As for their binding, standard notebooks generally feature stapled, glued, or stitched binding with a soft faux leather cover.

b. Refillable Notebooks

Some of them feature a refillable design with either replacement notebook inserts or loose-leaf filler paper. You can swap and add pages on the go. These notebooks have a high-quality cover with pen holders and pockets.

c. Ring Notebooks

These notebooks are tough and take up less space than standard or refillable notebooks. You can easily tear out pages and write in them without the support of a desk. These notebooks can be folded back to save space.

d. Elastic Closure Notebooks

There are more of a premium grade notebook that features heavy-duty binding, cover, and pages. The closure is more than just a style addon. As for its size, it’s smaller than a standard notepad and larger than a bullet journal.

e. Pocket Notebooks

The smallest type of notebook on the market with a semi-durable cover and staple binding. These are used frequently by users that want something to quickly jot down ideas or take notes on the go.

2. Paper 

When it comes to paper, you want something that is ink-proof. Some notebooks offer special papers that can be used to write using fountain pens. As for their color, most of them will have either ivory or cream-colored papers.

If you have the option to choose, go with ivory or cream color papers. They are easier on the eyes and do a great job of showing ink colors. Also, look for papers that are resistant to ghosting and fading. Follow this article to know about different types of paper.

3. GSM

GSM is the weight rating used to determine the weight of a paper. The standard is 120 GSM, which is considered as the ideal thickness for a paper suitable for fountain pen ink.

However, there are lighter papers out there that are between 80 to 90 GSM. It’s a matter of personal preference. If you feel like you are comfortable writing in a 120 GSM paper, then that’s the best notebook for you.

If you think the paper is too thick, you can go with thinner papers with lowers GSM.

4. Additional Features

What separates a good fountain pen friendly notebook from a regular notebook is the additional features that it comes with. It’s those little addons that make a notebook worth buying.

For example, having a built-in pen holder saves a lot of time when you want to sit down and quickly jot down any ideas that popped up in your head.

Also, you will notice that most of the journals have a pocket or two at the back to keep all the essentials.

Another neat feature that is a must-have is the bookmark. Having multiple bookmarks will allow you to quickly go to a specific section of the journal without having to flip through the entire notebook.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)
1. What are some of the most popular brands that make fountain pen friendly notebooks?

Some of the most popular brands are Rhodia, Moleskine, Leuchtturm 1917, Clairefontaine, and Apica. These are more of a premium brand and might not be suitable for beginners.

2. Can a fountain pen make my handwriting better?

It’s a debatable question, but a lot of fountain pen users recommend using one to improve handwriting.

This type of pen allows you to write slower and clearly while paying attention to every detail. So, with practice, there is a good chance that you will be able to improve your handwriting.

3. What does “ghosting” means?

Ghosting refers to the show-through resistance of a paper. When the paper is too thin, you will see the writing become visible on the opposite side of the paper. Thinner pages will have less show-through resistance.

4. Should I go for a smooth paper or a toothy paper?

This comes down to personal preference. Some people love to write on a paper that is super smooth, while some want a bit of resistance. If you want to write fast, go for a smooth paper.

Final Words

These are just some of the best notebooks for fountain pen that will work with almost any pen and ink combination and can also handle fountain pen ink really well.

However, you can go beyond and get even better ones. However, for someone that is starting out, this will be a better deal.

Now, If I had to pick any one of these, I will gladly go with the Nomad Crafts Co. vintage leather journal.

It has better-quality paper for fountain pen ink and also resistant to feathering and bleed-through.

Best Notebooks for Fountain Pens II – Nero’s Notes

Last year we published a top 8 of our notebooks for fountain pens.

As I have spent more time with the hobby, my tastes have developed a little. 

I tend towards double broad or stub nibs, and as a consequence, my script is pretty big. That partly explains why I burn through so many notebooks, and why I am using more medium-sized books than ever before. 

Before I go through my favourite notebooks for fountain pens, the usual disclaimers. There is no right answer.

Pens, nibs, inks and paper are very individual. Personal preference is a huge influencing factor in choosing your favourites. The good news is that discovering those favourites is a lot of fun.😁

What are the choices?


1. Backpocket. Designed in London by an Aussie, Justin Avery and manufactured in Brighton, Backpocket has a range of pocket notebooks, all with excellent 120 gsm paper. My favourite is SpaceX, and it handles any ink that I can throw at it.

2. Darkstar Collection. Another homegrown offering. Darkstar notebooks are smooth 100 gsm paper, with a distinctive cross grid. We have a unique custom design.

3. Silvine Original. Paper milled in Kendal, Lancashire, and books constructed in Yorkshire. These are as British as Fish ‘n’ Chips. Slightly odd sizes but with the added bonus of perforated pages. The paper is 90 gsm, and is lovely to write on.

La France

4. Calepino. 90 gsm. Made in France from recycled, certified paper. Lovely paper, lovely notebooks, a very cool company.

5. Clairefontaine. 90 gsm, brushed vellum. Smooooooooth. Extraordinary value for money. We have several lines, with more on the way.

6. Rhodia. By the same company as Clairefontaine. For many, this is the benchmark smooth vellum paper. In A6 and the awesome Goal Book.


7. Leuchtturm1917. 80gsm. Right on the edge of OK for me. If you lay down a lot of ink, then you will get show-through. Superbly designed notebooks though, and very fashionable now. Massive range, and of course, the Bullet Journal.

8. Off-Lines. 90 gsm, smooth paper in a range of small formats. The leather flips are classy, the material flips are quirky – but most importantly, the paper is awesome.

9. Berlin. 100 gsm. Wholly recycled. A little bigger than many pocket notebooks (which suits my script) and very well designed. These are functional, where functional is a compliment.


Specs are always hard to come by on Japanese paper. It’s just different. Grossly over-simplifying, Japanese paper tends to be thinner, lighter and have longer drying times. You might love it, you might hate it. You should definitely try it. 

10. MD

MD notebooks are from Midori; the people behind the Travelers Notebook. Their paper is thin, but beautiful. There is some show through on my larger nibs, but the paper is made for ink. Nice bit of bite to the paper too.

11. Life

85 GSM ish. There are several models, one of which has a cover in German. (Nope, I have no idea why either.) Naturally. Lovely to write in, but watch those drying times.

12. Hightide

A relative newcomer to the the Japanese supplier list. A little bit quirky. Excellent paper though.


13. Inky Fingers

By Matt Armstrong of Pen Habit. The ‘Currently Inked’ is a must-have for all fountain pen users. Cracking pocket notebooks. Made by an enthusiast for fellow-enthusiasts.

14. Nock

Brad Dowdy is The Pen Addict. Both his blog and podcast are superb. At Nock, they manufacture fantastic cases for your precious pens and top notch notebooks and notecards. An addict that makes addictive stuff!

15. Story Supply

Vito Grippi. First of all, what a cool name. Secondly, beautiful pocket books. And now A5, soon to be in stock here too.

16. Curnow – Tomoe River

These are our Tomoe offering. We had them assembled for us (as Pocket Notebooks) by Curnow Leather and Bookbinding in California. Tomoe River is divisive. Many consider it the best paper out there for fountain pens. It is incredibly thin and light, and takes ink beautifully. It also takes an age to dry and show-through is extensive.

17. Nomad

We got these notebooks because of their exciting design and covers. Imagine our delight when we discovered that the paper was incredible too.

For me, it is instructive that more and more makers are paying attention to paper quality. Fountain pens are on the march 😁




Fountain Pen Notebooks & Fountain Pen Journals – Goldspot Pens

Fountain Pen Notebooks & Fountain Pen Journals – Goldspot Pens

Rhodia Webnotebook Blank Paper in Black – 3.5 x 5.5




Clairefontaine Wirebound Basics Ruled Notebook in Red – 8.25 x 11.75



Rhodia Rhodiarama Webbies Blank Paper Notebook in Taupe – 3.5 x 5.5



Clairefontaine Wirebound Basics Ruled Notebook in Black – 8.25 x 11.75



Rhodia Rhodiarama Webbies Lined Paper Notebook in Orange – 5.5 x 8.25



Rhodia Rhodiarama Webbies Blank Paper Notebook in Turquoise – 5.5 x 8.25



Rhodia Rhodiarama Webbies Blank Paper Notebook in Black – 5.5 x 8.25



Rhodia Wirebound Lined Paper Notebook in Black – 8.25 x 11.75



Rhodia Rhodiarama Webbies Blank Paper Notebook in Chocolate – 3.5 x 5.5



Leuchtturm 1917 Hardcover Dot Grid Notebook in Orange – A5



Rhodia Staplebound Notebook with 3 Hole Punch in Black – 8.25 x 11.75



Rhodia Lined Paper Webnotebook in Black – 5.5 x 8.25





Lamy – pens, pencils, notepads … What’s next?

Everyone knows Lamy as the largest manufacturer of writing instruments, whose history will exceed 100 years in a decade.

Its slogan is Design. Made in Germany is known all over the world, and pens and pencils are recognizable and loved by people of completely different hobbies, interests and wealth – whether they are students, housewives, freelancers, businessmen, illustrators, designers and architects, movie stars and the big stage …

The best industrial designers (such as Gerd A.Müller, Wolfgang Fabian, Richard Sapper, Naoto Fukasawa and others), the most interesting creative personalities of our time become ambassadors of the brand, pens receive dozens of world design awards and are scattered in millions of copies a year around the world.

But what else has not been in Lamy’s assortment in its entire long history is notebooks that could be bought complete with your favorite pen. The appearance of such notebooks especially pleases fans of fountain pens: after all, who, if not them, know how difficult it is to choose paper for the ink they like.It is important that the pen glides on the paper, the ink does not bleed, and the notes do not appear on the back of the paper.

Of course, Lamy did the job flawlessly. Notepads have a stitched book cover. The paper is ideal for writing with Lamy ink pens: it is quite heavy (90 g / m2), ivory, pleasant light shade. When you turn over the written page, you can see on the reverse side that the previous page is full, but the written does not shine through, and even more so it does not “leak”, as happens with ink in other notebooks.

All Lamy notebooks have a specially designed warm gray ruler, which could be called “line-dotted”. You can both write and draw in it, and, undoubtedly, such a non-standard type of ruler can inspire interesting creative solutions.

Main features of LAMY notebooks:

– Notebooks are issued in two formats: A6 (pocket) and A5 (medium). Each contains 192 pages of ivory acid-free paper.

– 8 sheets at the end of each notebook – tear-off, thanks to micro-perforation, which is almost invisible at first glance.

– There is a fixing elastic band and a loop for the handle.

– Inside there are two bookmarks in contrasting colors. There is also a thick paper pocket on the back of the notebook.

One of the main features of Lamy notebooks is that they are designed in harmony with the main collections of Lamy Safari and Lamy Al-Star pens.

Notebooks are available in two color lines.

The first – in a flexible cover – comes in six colors to match the Lamy Safari range of pens: black, white, blue, brown, pink and green. The pen holder is made in the color of the cover, one of the tabs is the same color (the second is always neon yellow).

The second line is represented by silver hardcover notebooks with brushed effect. It matches very nicely with Lamy writing instruments in chrome or metallized bodies.

The cut of the notebooks, the holder and one of the bookmarks are painted in the Lamy Al-Star pen colors such as black, blue, purple and turquoise.

And the most important plus in this update is that you can safely choose a notebook under a Lamy pen, a pen under a notebook, or buy a notebook, pencils, pens, ink and cartridges at once with one gift set, no longer worrying about the compatibility of ink and paper.

90,000 Selecting a sketchbook.Part 2. – Painted with love

In the previous part of the article, we discussed the main foreign brands that produce good sketchbooks. But not by import alone …) Today we will talk about Russian manufacturers of notebooks for artists.

Maxgoodz – the most famous Russian sketchbooks

Sketchbooks with the fox logo on the cover can now be found in almost all art stores. Why are these notebooks so remarkable? And the fact that their creator – illustrator Max Pominenko – sews all his sketchbooks himself on a sewing machine! Now the assortment of this company includes 25 types of notebooks for a variety of techniques – for graphics, watercolors, markers, with black paper and craft, and even with several types of paper.But the most outstanding of them (judging by the rave reviews) is the sketchbook with double-sided waterproof paper for alcohol markers.

I recently got a green classic sketchbook for graphics from Maxgoodz, so I’ll tell you about my first impressions. The paper is just great! It is moderately smooth – suitable for a simple pencil, as well as for liners and pens. For pen graphics it is also excellent – the pen glides well, and if you don’t get too carried away with multi-layered shading, then it is quite possible to draw on both sides of the sheet, with a density of 120 g / sq.m is enough to keep the ink from leaking out onto the turnover. The paper is slightly yellowish. In general, I will say that so far I am very happy with this sketchbook. And such seemingly insignificant little things, like a sticker with a fox and a welcome letter from Max, enclosed in each sketchbook, as well as a handwritten serial number of a notebook on the last page – it really won my heart.

Falafel Books – bright design solutions

Another brand of handmade sketchbooks produced in Moscow.A distinctive feature of this company is collaboration with young illustrators to create unique prints for their covers. Indeed, all Falafel Books sketchbooks are bright and memorable.

The series includes sketchbooks with cream, watercolor, craft and black paper. There is an option both with a paperback cover and fastening on a paper clip, as well as a hardboard cover and fastening on a spring. So these sketchbooks have no problems with flat spread. And their prices are very affordable.

I have a bright red (almost communist) sketchbook of this brand.It is somewhat similar to Maxgoodz – the same firmware and paperback. But the paper is thinner here, it is more yellow and slightly rougher (saaaam little, this is not critical at all). And of course the rounded corners – I love them in any notebooks.

Etotsketchbook is a great choice for liners and pen graphics

Etot_sketchbook is also produced in Moscow. Sketchbooks are available in sizes A5, 15 by 15 cm and 20 by 20 cm. The density of paper in different notebooks varies from 120 g / m2 to 190 g / m2.m. The range of sketchbooks only in hardcover. They recently improved it significantly, and now the sketchbooks of this brand have a flat spread. Unfortunately, since last year, I have two notebooks with the old version of the binding, so I have to use clamps.

Of the obvious advantages – smooth, snow-white paper, quite thick. Liners and fountain pen glide like ice on it. I also noticed that 120gsm paper is slightly rougher than 160gsm paper.m. And a simple pencil picks up the tone better on thinner paper, so if you prefer to draw with pencils, it is better to take a sketchbook with paper with a density of 120 g / m2. But on thicker paper, you can already add light watercolor fills.

The cost of notebooks is above average. And I would also like to say separately that they are quite heavy, which is understandable based on the density of the paper and the large number of sheets in the sketchbook. Great for home use or drawing in places where you can sit down.)

foss paper – simple minimalistic sketchbooks

Another Moscow manufacturer of sketchbooks. These notebooks are truly a godsend for those who do not like to be distracted by spillikins and tinsel. Nothing extra. The product line includes sketchbooks with snow-white, cream, black and watercolor paper. There is a spring mount, and there is a glue spine – a flat 180 degree turn. Affordable price.

I took myself a blue notebook with snow-white smooth paper to replace the heavy etot_sketchbook, so that I could take it with me everywhere and draw freely while standing.And in general, he met the expectations. The paper is great for liners and fountain pens, although it’s best not to draw on both sides of the sheet – the drawing shines slightly through the back. What disappointed me a little was the flimsy glue spine. If you try to unfold a notebook 360 degrees, then the sheets begin to peel off. But in general, this is still not a spring assembly for you to do this with impunity.)


Top 10 Best Parker Pens

Fountain pens are rightfully recognized as the most prestigious Parker models.Today the company offers a huge variety of products, has many patents and copyright innovations.

Let’s take a look at the ten best Parker collections. It includes both novelties of recent years, as well as well-known models, deservedly considered the pinnacle of art in the field of stationery for many decades.

Top ten


Of course, the legendary Duofold model, which appeared on the market in 1921, begins our hit parade.The grace and impeccable style of this Parker pen has made it a cult following among collectors and connoisseurs.

Today the model is available in pen, ball and roller format and is presented in three special collections. One of the most expensive.


One of the most popular Parker pens, created in the best traditions of the brand, is the Jotter ballpoint model. It entered the market in 1954 in a variety of colors, materials and shapes.

Sophisticated design, light weight, signature engraving and balanced length of 13 cm. The universal solution, because you can use it with any Parker rod – they all fit this model perfectly. The cost will also please, this is a fairly budget option.

five% Especially for the readers of our blog, a 5% discount on the entire assortment of the store with the BLOG promo code


Dynamic, stylish body curve and stainless steel tip – everything is great in Urban.It is a versatile instrument that fits equally well in the right and left hand.

Pen, ball and roller options are available from this line. A wide range of colors will delight those who like to emphasize their individuality. Cost – in the middle price segment.


Another iconic Parker pen, introduced to the world in 1967. This is a true classic of the brand’s products – a thin waist, an exquisite practical clamp and perfect balancing. The thin nib of this budget model lends a special charm to any handwriting.

five% Especially for the readers of our blog, a 5% discount on the entire assortment of the store with the BLOG promo code


Progressive innovation and discreet design are closely intertwined in the premium Ingenuity model.

Smooth running on paper is the result of a well-thought-out ergonomic design: the nib of this pen is flexible and adapts precisely and harmoniously to the writing style of its owner. A flexible body and a well-tuned ink supply system that prevents drying out are the highlights of these products.


One of the youngest pens introduced by Parker to the public in 2004. The body of a budget product is decorated with stainless steel and chrome, designed in a laconic style with no frills.

The Vector line includes ballpoint, nib and rollerballs, the color palette is varied, as are the prices.


Feather, ball and roller accessories from the Sonnet collection are the epitome of quality, writing comfort and classic Parker elegance.

Refined gold finishes that frame black, metal and pink cases – this is the style of this line. This beauty costs differently, there are models in the middle price segment and more expensive.


One thing is enough to say about the Parker Galaxy pen – it’s a good old classic of the brand in a modern sense. Sophisticated curves, a signature finish and a permanent boom clip.

The model is similar to many classic Parker models, including the Jotter line.This is the very case when you can buy a real Parker at an incredibly low price.

five% Especially for the readers of our blog, a 5% discount on the entire assortment of the store with the BLOG promo code


The IM series handle clamp does not have a boom, its place is taken by a sleek narrow clip with a tapered tip and rings. Functionality and trendsetting are all about IM pens.


Glossy lacquered body, chrome accents and a sophisticated cap are the markers that are instantly recognizable as Parker Ambient pens.The twist mechanism and ease of writing make this pen an indispensable daily use pen. The cost is in the middle price range.

For exact prices, detailed descriptions of pens and information on availability in stock, check with our consultants.

The best notebook for graphics. Overview.

Graphic paper is essential. Suitable for watercolors are cotton and dense, withstand water and pigment. For pastels – textured color, emery zero gives an unexpected effect.Smooth paper is good for liner and nib. Especially the fountain pen feels paper, glides on it easily and beautifully.

I found the perfect pen for myself and took care of finding the perfect paper. I needed a notebook. For drawing and writing, for planning things, for taking notes, for travel sketches, for various needs. How can I do with one? I took a few to test and went over all with a fine EF fountain pen.

in the photo there was a pencil and a liner of a copy of 0.05 – they did not think it over.All illustrations for review in notebooks are made with PLATINUM Pen Century gold pen without pencil sketch. On a sheet of Goznak paper, the drawing was made with a 0.1 liner, a pencil and a copy are superfluous here, they did not participate in this experiment.

The following notebooks took part in the review:

  • Moleskine “Le Petit Prince” Series (70gsm acid-free paper)
  • Leuchtturm1917 (180 gsm white paper)
  • Peak Sketchbook (160 gsm cream paper)m)
  • Voodoo Books Krafty You (120 gsm ivory paper)
  • Clairefontaine Age Bag Notebook (90gsm white acid-free paper)
  • Ogami Professional (white stone paper REPAP 140 g / m2)

For testing, I chose a drawing by the wonderful artist Andrew White and made the same sketch in each notebook. So:

1. Moleskine

Moleskine was my first sketchbook, I won it in the Moleskine brand store on Pokrovka in the fall and managed to study it better than others.”Le Petit Prince” (Little Prince) – a special series, not intended for drawing, it has standard Moleskin paper, very high quality, the leaves are thin and slightly translucent, the paper weight is only 70g / sq., Moleskin also has drawing pads with thick paper. It is a pleasure to write and draw in moleskine.

The pen glides pleasantly on the paper, the ink does not spread, the only difference from a special drawing Moleskin notebook is that the pages are slightly translucent:

90 100 2.Leuchtturm1917

Letrum I have just drawing, in contrast to the yellowish moleskin, the paper is completely white, opaque, the density of sheets is 180 g / sq.m.

The paper in this album is looser and is best suited for a pencil; the pen does not fly over it easily and silently. In this album, it is comfortable to work with liners, but the pen can get clogged over time. Liner shaded the grass in the foreground:

I’ll put a liner here for figurativeness, as a sign that this paper is more suitable for a liner:

3.Peak Sketchbook

Peak – booklets with thick paper of a beautiful shade of the color of baked milk, paper weight 160 g / m2. They are made in St. Petersburg in batches to order, literally by hand – they are typed, cut, sewn. Hand-cut is reflected at the edge of the pages, the edges come across. There are no fillets. I was pleased with the cover made of unbleached gray cardboard 2.5 mm thick, such a notebook will not wrinkle in your pocket. For some reason, the cover of the Swiss mountain Matterhorn, such is the symbol of this Russian paper.

The paper is not at all for a pen. This notebook and the next one (No. 4, also made in Russia) are not suitable for a thin fountain pen. Liner – excellent, pencil – great, felt-tip pens are probably also good (you will have to try), but not a thin graceful pen, it will quickly clog. The pen walked along the paper, grunting and stumbling, with some effort. Pen paper is too loose. But the color is delicious:

next to moleskin, which is actually also tinted, not white:

And here I also put a sheet of Goznak paper, on it the same sketch, but made with a liner.Compare paper shades:

4. Voodoo Books Krafty You

Very similar to the previous version. Collect notebooks in Rostov-on-Don. Complete minimalism – the cover is made of kraft paper, the inner sheets of ivory have a density of 120 g / m2. position themselves as an environmentally friendly option, everything is natural.

just like # 3 – not fine pen paper. In these two types of notebooks, you can draw with several types of graphic tools, in the collections there are options with several colors of paper at the same time, which is good for some types of graphics, but the paper is too loose for a pen.

5. Clairefontaine Age Bag Notebook

This is the perfect pen paper, for fine nibs: white, smooth!

Japanese nib glides on French paper flawlessly. It does not cling anywhere, it goes smoothly and clearly. Acid-free paper has a density of 90 g / m2, paired with moleskin, which has a density of 70 g / m2. makes it clear that the best paper for pen graphics does not have to be heavy. But it must be smooth!

Klerfontaine’s albums of this series in Russia are presented only in A4 format.I usually use 2 times smaller ones, they are convenient to take with me. But for detailed rendering, a large one is useful. And it is more convenient to study in it. For comparison: green – A4 + letrum; blue – Clairefontaine A4:

It is not easy to buy them from us, they are brought in – they are immediately sold out. Olga Rubtsova, a wonderful graphic artist, recommended this album to me. You can buy such an album at There is a large selection of notebooks.

In a word, Clairfontaine fully satisfied my request.The drawing is clear, the paper is dazzling white. This is the most suitable option for a thin fountain pen, one “but” – a large format, it is not convenient to carry with you.

6. Ogami Professional

For dessert, we have an amazing piece – REPAP stone paper with a density of 140 g / sq.m. Ogami are the first notebooks made of stone paper. It is considered very environmentally friendly because not a single tree was damaged. But how is it stone paper?

Repap is 80% calcium carbonate (CaCO) and 20% non-toxic resins and polymers.Limestone is mined, processed, crushed to a fine powder, and then special resins and polymers are added to it. The production does not use harmful chemicals that are used to bleach wood paper.

The resulting paper has high strength, moisture-proof properties, it is white and extremely smooth. Perfect smoothness for the pen. This paper surprised me. Firstly, by my origin, I was glad for the saved trees, and secondly, by how the handle behaved on the surface of the stone leaf.The line seemed thicker to me than in other notebooks. The picture is brighter, more contrasting. Apparently “plastic” does not absorb ink at all, leaves it on the surface completely, and wood paper takes some of it into itself. An unusual option.

Ogami is an Italian brand, like Moleskine, and is also in the expensive price range. This is a very high quality product. In Ogami, I liked the covers. I chose turquoise for its beautiful color:

The leaves are slightly translucent.

I bought a curiosity for testing, it is very small, but it fits in a pocket:

Ogami in this photo is the topmost:

I have not finished my experiment with this notebook, I will write about it yet. I will try it differently before buying a larger format.

I feel the REPAP stone paper OGAMI fits a fine fountain pen just as beautifully as the Clairefontaine Age Bag, but with its own characteristics.These two notebooks share the primacy between themselves. In second place is the good old Moleskine.

The most budgetary of the three is Clairefontaine. In foreign stores, it can be found in the A5 format. Two Italians in Russia are presented in different formats. All three notebooks are of excellent quality. Nice to deal with them. Of course, there are a huge number of interesting notebooks for graphics, I tried some, but they were not included in this review. If there is time, I will supplement it.

I hope the information will be useful, I wish to make a good choice!

5 Best Writing Pens


25 (for the Orange Original ballpoint pen model)

Since the creation of its first ballpoint pen, the French company BIC has continued to improve in the production of stationery.BIC pens are known to everyone: they write well, do not flow, do not scratch the paper even with a strong tilt, so they are successfully used by left-handers and children who are just starting to write. The wide assortment includes both classic orange pens well-known to everyone, and pens with a transparent body with rubber inserts, ballpoint, gel and fountain pens, simple and automatic, regular and colored (including pens with 4 different colored rods), for writing and drawing – in a word, for every taste. By the way, in the caps of BIC pens there is always a hole made for a reason, but so that if accidentally swallowed, a person does not suffocate.

Main pluses:

  • writes at any angle;
  • does not flow;
  • suitable for left-handers;
  • does not scratch paper when writing;
  • is enough for a long time.


  • Classic models have a faint ink color.

9.eight / 10



Most of all I like the Round Stic Exach line: it gives a clear, bright and thin line, in contrast to the classic red Bick handle, it is comfortable and beautiful.

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