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The right women’s golf outfit can effortlessly provide you with the boost of confidence you need to elevate your game from fun to competitive. With the latest styles and performance fabrics, our assortment will quickly become the foundation of your golf wardrobe. Our fabrics are great at keeping you warm on cold mornings, and are perfect for layering. Good quality golf clothing that layers for cooler weather and sheds for warmer days can be hard to come by, especially with the dress code. With Jofit’s selection of women’s golf clothing, you’ll always be playing by the rules (even if you break some while you’re playing – don’t worry, we won’t tell the LPGA, promise!)

Golf Clothes for Women, BY Women

While men’s golf clothes are heavily restricted – collared shirts and long cotton pants – women’s golf clothes are more flexible: collarless shirts, modest sleeveless shirts, skirts, pleated shorts, and more! Designed to fit every body, our women’s golf clothing is extremely comfortable, ultra-stretchable, and performance-focused.

With our signature silhouettes, we have perfected a formula that caters to all shapes and sizes while incorporating fun, flirty, chic, and sophisticated elements to all of our Women’s Golf Collections. Our motto is “look good, play better” so enhance your game by feeling uber-chic on and off the course. Unsure of your size? Our fit guide will direct you to the best fit for your body!

Course to Clubhouse Golf Clothes

Whether you’re playing 9 holes or having lunch in the Clubhouse, be sure to look the part in our curated Golf Collections. By launching a new women’s golf collection every 2 months, we constantly offer a fresh approach to your wardrobe. Each collection incorporates golf polos, tanks, skorts, and shorts in vibrant colors, bold prints, and classic styles to help you stand out on (or off) the course.

Top 100 Party Themes –

Gather your ‘amigos’ for a fiesta they’ll never forget! Keep the margaritas and tequila flowing, pass out the sombreros, ponchos and guacamole but don’t forget the pinata or everyone will go loco!

This is possibly THE most popular party theme for little girls! Choose one Disney Princess like Ariel with her dinglehoppers, Cinderella with her glass slippers, Anna and Elsa with Olaf the Snowman and Sven the reindeer or perhaps a general princess theme! Princes and princesses, princesses and dragons, the options are endless.

..and sparkly!

Argh me hearties! While this is a more traditional kid’s birthday party theme, it can be great for adult parties as well – and there are some fantastic pirate party decorations available! So batten down the hatches, there’s party a’ brewin’.

Bright colours, glittering gold and glowing lanterns will transform an ordinary room into a Bollywood extravaganza. Tissue paper pom poms, paper confetti and brightly coloured tissue paper flowers make the ideal table and party decorations. Use body paint or glittery face paint to recreate ‘henna’ tattoos that will wash off after the party.

Black and White parties can be one of the easiest themes to decorate. Play with patterns make up for the lack of other colours – stripes, chevrons and polka dots will help create depth to the colour scheme. Alternatively, choose one colour to ‘splash’ about as an accent.


 80’s party, Neon, Glow or Graffiti Party:

All are variations of the awesome 80s party theme. Try mixing zebra print with bright neon colours or simply mix black with fluoro colours and then turn on the black lights for a totally radical party.

What a hoot! Great for baby showers or little girls birthdays, owls, pretty colours and blossoms mix in well with this cute theme… whooo wouldn’t love it?!

This theme is both elegant and simple. Great for adult birthdays, engagements or weddings, you can create stunning effects with minimal effort.

Black, yellow and white are the ideal colours for this theme. Have some fun with the patterns for the decorations here – polka dots, black and white gingham as well as yellow and white stripes all combine to create a buzzing good party. Serve honeycomb, honey jumbles, black and yellow coloured jelly beans… and honey sandwiches of course!

Fresh fruit and veggies, wide open spaces (or your backyard), red gingham. .. and don’t forget farm animals like pigs, horses, cows, goats and chickens. Decorate with all of their favourite animals cutouts, cow print balloons, red gingham table covers and some hay and you’ll have a farmin’ good party on your hands!

Make sure you know your onions when you celebrate the Roaring 20’s. Pass out the cigars, feather boas and tiaras for a bash they’ll never forget!

Abracadabra! Black top hats, magician wands, playing cards and white rabbits are a must for any magic party. Invite a magician to wow your guests with his or her skills and don’t forget to hand your guests their magic kits as they try out tricks for themselves.

Chill out with a fabulous flower filled 60s party. Flowers and peace signs are a must for a totally turbulent time dude!

Bop till you drop! The 50s was all about great music, poodle skirts, Grease (of course!) and soda shops.

Recreate the good ol’ times with vinyl records, soda shop type food served in hotdogs in trays, and root beer floats for a trip down Memory Lane!

Start your engines for the fastest party in town! Serve refreshments in the pit stop with pretzel ‘dipsticks’, chocolate doughnut ‘spare tyres’, and ‘stop sign’ brownies (use smarties for the coloured lights). Make sure there are plenty of racing activities for the speedsters!

I must-ache you a question – why are moustaches so popular?! I don’t know but there are some fabulous opportunities for celebrating any occasion including any males’ birthday, a little boys’ first birthday, a boys’ baby shower or even Movember! Moustaches on straws, paper moustache garlands and balloons make it so easy to decorate – make sure to hand out fake moustaches for some hilarious photo opportunities with your guests!


Why wait until Halloween to scare your guests silly? Throw a horror themed party that will scare the socks off your friends! Serve themed food like jelly worms, vampire gingerbread men, bloody brain cocktails, witches finger cookies, and red velvet ‘devil’ cakes for a truly horrifying celebration.

(Check out our Pinterest page for some fabulous Halloween party ideas!)

Set up a cardboard box tower, add some green pig balloons, and have your guests slingshot angry birds (painted balls to look like angry birds) across the room… they’ll love it!

Roll up, roll up for the greatest circus party on earth! Think candy apples, red and white stripes, lemonade stands, games of ring toss, clown noses, fairy floss, and face painting. The circus is in town and everyone is running away to join!

Set up mini tents with fairy lights and glow sticks for your guests to slumber the night away. Collect white pillowcases, fabric paint, and fabric pens as party favours for the girls to take home and decorate.

Leave your six-shooters with the bartender – the rodeo is in town and you’re invited! Throw some wooden-look plastic tablecloths over the tables, pass around the bandannas and cowboy hats, serve up some cactus cupcakes and sheriff badge cookies, and have your rodeo ridin’ guests pan for gold for a rootin’ tootin’ good time.  

It’s game time! Set the table with a green grass table cover, soccer ball plates and napkins…throw a few soccer ball whistles on the table for the most fun to be had before halftime! Fill a soccer ball pinata with goodies and have the guests kick the ball around until it breaks.

Gather the troops for a camouflage party they’ll struggle to find! Shades of green, brown, and cream are perfect colour choices for decorations. Serve cake pops as bombs, sherbert straws as gunpowder, and liquorice strings as rescue ropes. Supply your SWAT team with nerf guns… and then get out of the way!

This is the sweetest party theme ever! Set your guests up to decorate their own cupcakes, deck out the area with cupcake wrapper garlands, cupcake themed tableware, and polka dot decorations complemented by pretty stripes. Oh and one of those gorgeous giant cupcake cakes is a must!

This whimsical theme is ideal for little ones who are growing up, up, up so fast! Set up a photo booth area with a basket to sit in and a blue sky, a few clouds, and balloons tied above. For table decorations, place a balloon on a stick into a basket, tie ribbons around the ‘hot air balloon’ to secure it and fill with favours or stuffed toys.

Holy Smokes Batman – did you say party?! This theme is great for kids of all ages from 6-60! Encourage your guests to dress as their favourite superhero or better yet have them dress as a made up superhero – The Incredible Prism, The Luna Mistress or even something silly like The Super Incredible Spoon Man! There are superhero name generators online to help you with ideas and decorating will be a breeze. Decorate the lair with licenced party decorations from Batman, Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk – find old comic books to create fantastic bunting flags and create “Bam!” and “Kapow!” signs for a fantastic photo booth.

Set up an arena where your guests can have car crushing sessions using remote control monster trucks. Use monster truck toys with brown paint on their wheels and drive them all over a white table cover to create custom-made tablecloths for the little crushers to sit at while they eat.

Choose a Dr Seuss book or use them all to create a wacky party theme for your next event. Make Truffula trees with pool noodles and tissue paper pom poms, serve Goose Juice and Moose Juice, hop on popcorn, cheese trees and noodles for poodles…and green eggs with ham, naturally!

This theme speaks for itself and is one of the most popular party ideas around. Try a Vintage Luau or an After Dark Beach Party.

This theme is great for anybody with a sweet tooth! Attach a ‘tail’ to either end of paper fans for giant sized wrapper candies, paint a swirl onto the back of coloured plates, wrap them in cellophane, and attach them to a striped stick for lollipops, wrap cellophane around filled latex balloons to resemble candy, or spray paint wadding and put them onto a stick for giant sized fairy floss that is sure to amaze your guests!  A candy table is a must and there are some fantastic single coloured lollies now available along with jars and scoops for a fantastic custom-filled loot bag for your guests.

Cover the front door with a yellow table cover and stick on yellow plates so that it resembles a large piece of lego. Use lego bricks to build containers for the cutlery and napkins. Serve brownies or cookies with smarties to resemble edible lego pieces.

Let your creative side out with this theme! Have your guests wear a crazy hat, serve tea in random teacups and cut shapes into cucumber sandwiches. Place signs with “This Way” and “Down the Rabbit Hole” labels for a quirky party like no other!

Use a cardboard box spray painted white with black cardboard circles stuck on the sides to look like giant dice. Use playing cards with holes punched in the corners to string up as a party garland, serve poker chip cookies with dollar bill napkins.

Use bead necklaces, feathers, and masks to create a fabulous table centrepiece. Use the traditional pink, green, purple, and gold for your colour theme. .. or choose your own unique colour combination.

Your little ones and their ‘crewmates’ will dig this theme when they arrive at the party site! Ask them to report to the site manager before donning their hard hats and tool belts. Can we party? Yes, we can! And so will they with fun decoration and themed food like ‘measuring tapes’ (bubblegum tape), ‘wrecking balls’ (cheese and bacon balls) and ‘tyres (chocolate covered doughnuts).

Alice has come to Wonderland! Use a crazy mix of top hats, teacups, feathers and rabbit ears for your centrepieces and decorations. For an adult spin on this theme, host a mad hatter cocktail party – serve cocktails in teacups and cucumber sandwiches on fine dining plates.

Who doesn’t love fire-breathing dragons?! Think How to Train Your Dragon, Princesses and Dragons, Puff the Magic Dragon, and Medieval Dragons.

Lots of tulle and ribbons for this party theme. Serve toadstool cupcakes, morning dew drinks, and fairy floss. Ensure every little fairy enjoys herself when decorating their own wands to take home. A must? Glitter… lots and lots of glitter!

Use different sized painted styrofoam balls and string them together as a party garland, draw alien eyes on green balloons to hang around the party area, and use black plastic table covers with cardboard stars to create an out of this world party zone.

This whimsical theme is just perfect for a little girl’s party… or a big girl’s get together! Make fluffy clouds with paper mache and wadding, use crepe paper streamers to create a rainbow of colour, set the bubble machine up, and serve multi-coloured fruit with cupcakes for a truly colourful party.

Hand out safari helmets and binoculars to keep them on the lookout for treasures that can be found in the jungle. Use green crepe paper streamers along with brown and cream coloured table covers to create a jungle atmosphere. Wind toy snakes around poles and place small plastic jungle animals along the table, around the food, and in take-home party bags.

Black and red polka dots are a must for this theme with a splash of green to brighten it all up. Present your guests with a set of ladybug head-boppers to wear and a pair of cute ladybug wings.

Find old books to make party bunting, table place cards, and centrepieces. Serve ‘bookworms’ (gummy worms), packets of Nerds, apple slices, and worm cookies. Present your guests with a pair of nerd glasses and bow tie for the ‘ultimate’ geeky book party.

Serve canapes and cocktails for this adults-only party. Find unique ways to serve the cocktails – in mason jars, baby food jars, teacups or make up large quantities of cocktails and create a self-serve bar with punch ladles. Go one step further and set up a cocktail tasting station for those who like to try a bit of everything.

Set up a long trestle table to look like a bed with many mattresses using different layers of fabric, use green tissue paper pom poms and lanterns, serve sweet pea cupcakes and if the season is right, tie bundles of sweet pea flowers together in a jar for the table centrepieces.

Super for kids young and old, you can get really creative with this theme! Serve drinks with moustache straws, jaffas as red-hot fireballs, chocolate gold coins to collect, and yellow star candy pops give you ‘star power’. There are plenty of free printable images available online – who could go past Mario and Luigi’s hats as favours?!

Serve white chocolate covered pretzels as dinosaur bones, large M & M’s as dinosaur eggs, and Maltesers as dinosaur droppings. Cut triangles from cardboard and stick to balloons for decorations along with orange, yellow and green paper fans.

Serve sports ball cake pops, shaped cookies, popcorn in red and white striped popcorn boxes, pretzels, chips in small chip cups, and hot dogs in trays.  A recently found creative serving suggestion known as ‘Walking Tacos’ involves small bags of corn chips with a spork – give it a try! Guests fill their bags at the taco bar of taco fillings and are then able to eat their treat wherever they are.

Have your guests dress as one of the sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride. Choose colours that symbolise these sins and decorate different areas to suit the different sins. Set up smaller tables of food to suit each of these different sins – serve chocolate coins (greed), giant lollipops (gluttony), and hot salsa with chips (wrath).

Find different ways to serve drinks like little shot glasses and mason jars. Serve soft pretzels, a variety of cheeses, mini burger sliders. chips… maybe even a beer cheese fondue! An excellent party theme for adult males.

An easy theme to decorate with the large variety of international decorations and foods available. Turn this into a travel-inspired theme and have your guests bring a plate of food from a country they would like to go to or have been to.

Not just for St Patrick’s Day, this theme is an obvious one to decorate. All you need is green, white, and orange

This has become a very popular theme for adults and children alike. Zebra, leopard and giraffe printed plates, napkins and lanterns set the scene easily, perhaps with a splash of green for that jungle feel.

Either separate or together, Mickey and Minnie are the cutest mice around! Hand out black ears and white gloves to your guests (Minnie ears with a bow, naturally) for a mouse-tacular party!

Need I say more?! Purple, gold and chocolate brown are ideal colours for this party theme. Chocolate fondue is also a must. Use dessert shell moulds to create edible chocolate bowls and serve a variety of desserts and snacks. .. it will look like a scene straight out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

This theme allows for ultimate freedom and creativity. Choosing shades of pink and layering them with a splash of white or cream, this theme will quickly become a favourite amongst the girls. 

An easy one to decorate as there are so many fabulous movies both new and old. 

Roll out the red carpet for the main event of the year. Red, black, silver, and gold are the colours of choice for a Hollywood party. Best of all, your guests will dress to impress for the big night! Paint mannequins gold to reflect Oscar statues, hang gold tinsel chandeliers from the ceiling, provide your guests with VIP badges and keep the cocktails coming on entry for a night they’ll never forget!

Serve green cookies with massive eyes, green chocolate coated marshmallows with teeth, and little green jelly cups with googly eyes attached.  

Great for Christmas time, Christmas in July or any winter month, this cool theme has become very popular due to the Disney movie ‘Frozen’. Shades of blue, white, and silver are obvious colour choices along with lots of glitter! Serve blue jelly cubes for ‘Kristoff’s ice cubes’, bottles of water for ‘Melted Olaf’ (because some people are worth melting for!), pretzel sticks as ‘Sven’s antlers’, and white chocolate strawberries as ‘Anna’s frozen hearts’. It will be ‘snow’ much fun!

For the more creative host or hostess, red, black, and green are crucial colour combinations for this theme. Add a splash of sky blue to help break up the colours. Serve up cherry shaped cookies, glazed cherry cupcakes, cherry shaped sandwiches, and burn cherry blossom candles for a cherry flavoured atmosphere.

Dainty hats, feather boas, gloves, lace doilies, teacups, and saucers help to create a pretty, whimsical tea party theme.  Set the scene outside with flowers and party bunting for a wonderful garden tea party complete with cucumber sandwiches.

Serve coloured jelly in small flat ‘petri’ dishes and don’t forget to add a worm or two! Gumballs in test tubes become ‘atoms’, using a chocolate mould serve chocolate ‘brains’ (eew!), or how about a green coloured white chocolate fountain aka ‘Nuclear Slime’?! The Internet is a great place to find tonnes of kid-friendly science experiments to keep the little mad scientists occupied for hours!

Use the birthday persons’ first initial to set the theme of the party. Have your guests dress up in anything starting with that letter and find anything you can to decorate the party area that begins with that letter.

Use pink, black, white, stripes, polka dots, and damask patterns with a splash of silver for a glamorously chic barbie party.

Poodles in Paris, ooh la la! Make sure to pass around the berets, french moustaches, and macarons.

Anything shiny and sparkly, silver or gold is ideal for this theme. Tinsel curtains and chandeliers make great decorations along with sequin fabric table covers and glitter… lots and lots of glitter!

Have your friends dress in clothes from a thrift shop for a party of laughter and fun. Have a competition to see who can wear the most outrageous outfit… or how about who can wear the most thrift shop clothes at one time? Look for some odd finds from the Salvation Army (or look around your house!) to recreate a thrift shop scene for your next party!

Use music note cutouts, instruments, and records to decorate this party theme. Find musical note paper and cut it into strips to make a musical paper chain.

An easy theme to decorate with mini toy planes, blue sky backdrops, and fluffy white clouds which can be made from balloons or pillow stuffing.

Perfect for young girls and easily made glam for the ladies. Serve red candy apples, ‘poison apple’ drinks, and mirror shaped cookies. For a grown-up party, use snow ‘white’ and gold table decorations, serve ‘poison’ green cocktails.

Get the Midas touch with a glittering gold party. You can even buy edible gold spray paint for cupcakes and cakes for the ultimate sweet treat!

Put the ‘art’ in party with the most creative and colourful theme around. Provide canvases for the guests to create masterpieces, place an undecorated cupcake onto a clean painters palette and fill the paint sections with all sorts of cupcake decorating supplies.

Stick to the colours of the Rubik’s cube when decorating this fun party theme. Have your guests arrive in brightly coloured clothing: yellow, red, orange, white, blue, and green! During the party, they can to swap clothing with other guests until they’re only wearing one colour. .. the first one to do this wins!

Ahoy there! A nautical theme party is just the thing to help all those landlubbers get their sea legs back. Red, blue, and white are the ideal colours along with stripes and anchors to decorate. Don’t forget to hand out sailor hats for your guests to wear.

Got a rumbly in your tummy?! Then this is just the theme for you! Add some bumblebee party decorations to the venue and serve honey themed food – honey jumbles, ‘hunny’ baked ham, honey mustard chicken… or how about Piglets in blankets?!

A little harder to decorate but the idea of this theme is to have your guests come wearing… you’ve got it, anything but clothes! Some guests may choose to wear a garbage bag, others – who knows?

This cute theme is perfect for the little lady in your life. Pink, green, black, and white are perfect colours for decorations with a splash of red. Serve watermelon slices and watermelon shaped lollies as well as red, black, and green jelly beans.

Red gingham table covers and portable food will help make this party theme a hit. Think mini burger sliders, little salad boxes, sliced veggies, and picnic basket shaped cookies.

Anything related to good food and cooking will make this party a hit! Hang tealights inside whisks for a unique lighting decoration and don the aprons… a feast is about to be prepared!

An easily decorated party theme, Dora is so popular that there are tonnes of great party decorations ready to go!

Decorate with purple and yellow for this party theme. Use yellow crepe paper for the guests to play the tangled game – the first team to get themselves tangled in yellow ‘hair’ wins!

Great for little car enthusiasts. Have your guests design their cars from cardboard boxes and ply them with drive-in tickets and snacks to watch a movie.

The mystery unfolds as your guests find more clues. A great adult themed party, there are some fantastic murder mystery kits available online if you don’t have the time to DIY.

Obviously, this one is reserved for sweet 16th birthday parties – a creative twist on the traditional theme.

Bust out the popcorn and bean bags for this party. Host a movie marathon of your favourite movies.

The most famous wizard of all time, let your magic loose with a Harry Potter themed party. Use LED tealights, fishing line and some rolled up white paper to create floating candles, have your guests make their own wands, serve every flavour jelly beans and butterbeer… and maybe have a game or two of Quidditch.

Have your guests dress as their favourite childhood cartoon character but with a twist. Ideas include Aggressive Ariel, Depressed Bugs Bunny, Crazy Cinderella… name tags are a must!

So many ways to decorate this popular girls’ theme.

Time for some ‘reel’ fun for all those fishing enthusiasts! Use pretzels, thin red liquorice strips and gummy fish or worms to create some tasty fishing rods, serve peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches, blue sea jelly and play fishing games like ‘go fish’.

Have your guests dress incognito – the best costume wins! Decorate the area with spy paraphernalia like magnifying glasses, fake moustaches, ‘bombs’ and red laser beams (red thread taped across the walls).

It’s time to par-tee! Blue, green and white are ideal colours for a golf party. Serve Iced ‘tee’, ‘par’-faits, chip shots and golf club sandwiches. A game of putt-putt will be in order.

Have your guests build their own robot with cardboard boxes, slinkies and pipe cleaners. For an edible version, make your own robot using marshmallows and small pretzel sticks.

Peacock feathers are so beautiful – so why not create a party theme around them?! Choose brilliant blues, pretty purples and gorgeous greens with a sparkling splash of gold for a beautifully elegant party theme.

Have your guests design their own shields with stickers, textas and scraps of paper before they head into battle or set up a jousting station with pool noodles and stick horses.

Pretty florals, spots and stripes along with tissue paper pom poms, flowers, paper fans, lanterns and lacey doilies all combine beautifully for a cute shabby chic party theme.

Nearly every little boy loves trains so a train themed party is a definite whistleblower! Use black electrical tape to mark out a track so your guests know where to go and don’t forget to hand out train driver caps to all your guests. Get creative at the ‘Refuelling Station’ – serve chocolate rocks as ‘gravel’, chocolate covered marshmallows on sticks as ‘Coal Pops’, and their sandwiches out using a train shaped cookie cutter.

This is a theme of party plates and cups available from Shindigs and is perfect for the male in your life. Designed to look like an aged bottle of spirits the ages range from 40-60 as well as a generic Happy Birthday range.

Robin’s egg blue, black and white are the must-have colours for this theme. Great for Kitchen teas and girls-who-love-bling birthdays. Decorate with silver glitter, ‘diamantes’ and ‘pearls’, incorporate Audrey Hepburn images and her iconic black glasses for the ultimate glam party.

The most magical party theme of all! Decorate the room with glitter, rainbow crepe paper streamers and a unicorn pinata to make all your dreams come true.

Hamilton’s Sydney production costumes are woven with hidden meanings and metaphors

To bring the production to life, Tazewell worked with a local team of wig-makers and cobblers, under the watchful eyes of his New York right-hand, Angela Kahler, and Sydney-based Jude Loxley. As well as geographical distance and lockdowns, the team faced several challenges, including a global shortage of elastic – a lot of which has been sucked up by face-mask production.

Rest assured come opening night, there will be no pants falling down or seams snapping on the set; Tazewell has spent the past three weeks tweaking fit and function so every performer, some of whom play multiple roles, can easily get in and out of costume, and perform the rigorous dance moves required in the show.

From left: Elandrah Eramiha (Peggy Schuyler), Akina Edmonds (Angelica) and Chloé Zuel (Eliza) in rehearsals for the Sydney production. Credit:Getty

“It’s having the cast understand how to wear the clothing, it’s ladies wearing 18th-century silhouettes with trains and needing to appear as if this is clothing they would wear every day … like wearing [modern-day] jeans and T-shirts and sneakers,” he says.

Still, Tazewell says Hamilton differs from other period pieces, such as the Netflix hit series Bridgerton, in that the costumes are about creating a general reflection of how people dressed in the late 1700s and “[merging] that with a modern sensibility”, as opposed to pinpoint accuracy. One such example is the use of kangaroo leather in the footwear, a detail that’s unique to the Australian production.

“The design is about setting up the silhouette of the period, which the audience is able to acknowledge … and then [they’re] able to see beyond that,” he says.

So where does fashion enter the fray? Does it influence a costume designer, even one working on a piece set in a particular era, about real people?

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda insisted on green – to represent money – for one of the main character’s costumes.Credit:AP

Definitely, says Tazewell, listing Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood among the contemporary designers whose runway imagery helped him to re-imagine the 18th-century silhouette to ensure it “wasn’t a textbook version”.

“I love the use of clothing to tell stories,” he says. “I am there as a support but integral to how the story is told. With fashion [design], it’s very directly about what people are wearing and wanting to buy today, and trend, and how you create a snowball of trend. And that wasn’t as interesting for me.”

90,000 Fashionable Sportswear for Tennis & Golf 2021: Photos & Videos | Vogue Ukraine

While team sports became less popular during the pandemic, other sports such as tennis and golf have gained new following. Unsurprisingly, luxury brands and retailers are increasingly releasing collections inspired by a tennis or golf aesthetic that can be worn both on and off the court.

The history of the relationship between haute couture, golf and tennis goes back a long way.Lacoste was founded back in the 1930s by French star athlete Rene Lacoste and has grown into a luxury brand over the years. Ralph Lauren is the Official Partner of tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon, the US Open and Australian Open, and the Professional Golfers Association. However, a new wave of brands such as Casablanca, Alex Eagle Sporting Club and Manors are also starting to release sports-inspired collections without focusing on the technical characteristics of the apparel.

Princess Diana and Steffi Graf at the Racquet Club Vanderbilt in London, 1988

Major online retailer Net-a-Porter responds to the growing interest in outdoor and specialized sports. “Our tennis positions have been in great demand among clients over the past few years,” says Senior Fashion Editor Libby Page. “Traditional white garments and combination tops and skirts from brands such as L’Etoile Sport, Nike and Tory Sport are especially in demand.”

In the meantime, Mr Porter, under its own brand Mr P, has presented a golf collection for young players and those who dislike the sport but follow the trend towards preppy style, thus signaling a change in youth attitudes towards these sports. “It doesn’t have to be all-technical lycra or functional clothing – it’s about pure elegance,” says Mr Porter’s style director, Oli Arnold. Mr P’s customers are between the ages of 25 and 55, he says, who will wear the collection in different ways, from time to time and off the field, as golf apparel in general has had an aesthetic impact on menswear.


The acclaimed luxury brand Casablanca is largely inspired by tennis. According to founder Sharaf Tazher, the label was launched in 2018 and since then has 250 outlets worldwide, including Mr Porter, MatchesFashion and Browns. The brand was the winner of the LVMH Prize in 2020 and launched womenswear this January. “I grew up with a mix of luxury and sportswear,” says Tajer. – Tennis has always fascinated me. It’s a super elegant sport. ” In addition to tennis, the brand is turning to other once-elite sports, from skiing to Formula 1, giving the collection a range of sports motifs to play with in terms of design.

Gen Z popularity

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) reported that its membership increased 22% in 2020 to 22 million Americans. Gen Z role models like tennis players Naomi Osaka (23) and Corey Gauff (17) inspire young audiences. Osaka has been the cover star of American Vogue and will co-chair the Met Gala this year. Gauff is the face of the latest Casablanca / New Balance collaboration.

In terms of golf, according to the National Golf Foundation of America, three million Americans first took up the sport in 2020, with a large percentage of them young. When it comes to golf, the role model for youth is millennial heartthrob Niall Horan, who became famous in One Direction. They launched a golf consulting company for young players. Another musician, rapper Macklemore, launched the Bogey Boys golf apparel line.Manors is a new brand whose concept and aesthetics are also inspired by golf. It has filled a gap in the fashion market for this sport for Gen Z. It is also important to mention that Manors, Mr P and other brands are altering workwear details to keep up with fashion trends, from slightly elongated collars to more oversized chinos.

Mr P Golf Collection

The role of sports and fitness spaces

Stylist and designer Alex Eagle founded the Alex Eagle Sports Club in 2020.This is a physical club in London’s Soho, which also features the Eagle clothing line. At her club, tennis aesthetics are combined with a variety of sports and leisure activities. “I always try to make luxury affordable. I want the sport, which used to seem like something you can only dream of, also become more open to different people, ”she says. Before the club opened, 80% of her clients were women over 30, according to Alex. Now the male-to-female ratio is approaching 50/50, and the new lines are attracting both teens and older shoppers alike.

Sharaf Tazher also has ambitions to someday create a physical sports club and for Casablanca clients with the aim of building a community brand: “I like to think that one day our clients will be able to gather in the real world – at the local tennis club.”

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The Russian stage of the BMW Golf Cup International 2008 golf tournament has ended – DRIVE

On September 13, 2008, the Russian stage of the BMW Golf Cup International 2008 took place.This largest amateur tournament has been held in Russia for the 6th time. This year, the organizers – BMW Group Russia, with the support of Vontobel Bank, chose the course of the closed golf club Pestovo as the venue.

During the whole day, the best amateur golfers from Russia competed among themselves for the right to reach the final of one of the most prestigious international amateur golf championships, which will be held in Buenos Aires in December 2008. And in the evening of the same day, the tournament participants and invited guests gathered at a gala reception in the Famous club, where the results of the competition were announced.

The winners in three categories got the right to a five-day trip to the finals: Maxim Ermakov won the 1st place in the 0-12 handicap group among men, Karl Loor won in the 13-28 handicap group, and Alevtina Levina became the best golfer. All three will go to represent Russia at the next stage of the tournament in Argentina.

As stated by Mr. Christian Kremer, President of BMW Group Russia: “We are pleased to note that such competitions, which have become traditional for BMW Group Russia in recent years, serve to popularize golf in Russia.Since the first tournament, many golf clubs have opened across the country, our players are making progress in international competitions, and we intend to continue investing in the development of this sport in Russia. ”

In addition, prizes were drawn in the nominations “The most stylish suit for playing golf (male and female)” – they were received by Leonid Spiridonov and Alevtina Levina, the prize for “Longest strike” among men went to Alexey Safronov, among women the best was Maria Vishnyakova.And Natalya Ryzhkova won in the category “Closest hit to the hole”. All winners received valuable gifts from Montegrappa from the hands of Miss Russia 2007, a representative of our country at the prestigious international competition Miss World 2008 Ksenia Sukhinova.

The culmination of the evening at the Famous club was the performance of the British band, winner of the British Music Awards 2006 – SUPAFLY INC! The band performed such dance hits as “Let’s Get Down”, “Moving Too Fast” and many others.

Help about the tournament

BMW Golf Cup International, which first gathered amateur athletes in 1987, has been presented in Russia since 2002. Every year it gathers more than 100,000 fans in 50 countries of the world. Over the 6-year history of the Russian stage of the BMW Golf Cup International, it has gained popularity among the Russian audience as one of the most prestigious golf tournaments among amateurs. Russian athletes have managed to achieve significant results at the international level.Thus, the winner of the Russian stage of the 2006 tournament, Artem Nesterov, took 4th place in the final competitions held at the prestigious Fancourt club in South Africa. Similar tournaments under the auspices of BMW are held every year in many countries of the world, such as Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Japan, etc.

Whitsunday, Australia

Australia is the most beach country in the world. The number of beach areas in this state is several thousand with a length of hundreds of kilometers.Rest in the resorts of Australia for tourists here promises to be unforgettable, because on the beaches remote from the city, you will find the desired privacy.

The most popular among vacationers is the island zone of Australia. A group of 74 islets has formed off the coast of Queensland – the Whitsunday Islands region. Some of them have been cultivated by local businessmen.

Scuba diving and surfboard training is conducted on the islands.Almost every island has a national park. But most of all tourists are interested in clear and warm water, golden sands and coral reefs.

Holidays on the islands

The Whitsunday Islands receive up to half a million tourists annually. Tourists are offered to relax in the beach recreation area of ​​the hotels, but there is an alternative option. Go with an excursion group to Whitehaven Beach. There you can not only visit the national park, but also see the underwater reefs in a mask and diving suit, and then enjoy an amazing lunch in the coastal cafeteria.

The most extreme entertainment will be spending the night on the beach in your own tent.

The archipelago of islands is located off the coast of Queensland, but it is impossible to reach them by land. Boat transport is popular, although there are buses from the local airport to Airlie Beach. Reefs are a problem for water transport.

In the old days, these islands were not used for tourist purposes, as there was little information about them. The local natives used the islands as a resource base.They felled wood and stockpiled wood. True, now only Cook’s records and the old dam at Whitsunday Island testify to these facts.

Where to stay for a vacation in the archipelago

Tourists are advised to stay on the inhabited islands of Australia, where favorable conditions were specially created:

  • Hamilton Island. This island has the largest number of 4-star hotels, restaurants, diving clubs and modern shops. Here you can buy housing and open a bank account
  • Island Dent.This practically deserted islet is located west of Hamilton. Owner Bob Outley designed golf course
  • Whitsunday Island. The largest of the islands in the archipelago. Its length is 4.5 km. The beach with shining white sand is sheltered from the wind, so the water is always immaculately clear
  • Hook Island. The second largest island in the archipelago. A distinctive feature of Hook Island is the presence of an underwater observatory.
  • Daedrim Island is designed for families with young children.Its peculiarity is amusement parks and the only hotel.

Toowoomba Flower Festival – Australia through my eyes

Toowoomba is located 130 kilometers from the city of Brisbane. Once a year, in mid-September, there is a flower festival. This is a very colorful event, extremely popular with the people of Queensland. I adore gardens and flowers and would advise everyone who also loves them to visit this festival.


The city of Toowoomba is located in a fertile valley, among the mountains, and there is a thriving vegetable growing.There are many farms around the city and they supply all of Queensland with potatoes and other vegetables. The town itself is small, but I really liked it, it is very neat, and there are many flower beds.

Thousands of tourists come there in mid-September and hotels for this period are booked at least a month in advance.

The view from Toowoomba to the surrounding mountains

The festival involves many activities, but we visited only two – the most important – the flower parade and the competition for the best blooming garden.

Flower parade.

Probably, all public organizations of the city and all interested citizens who want to decorate their car with flowers or somehow colorfully represent their association in a different way participate in the flower parade.

Some cars decorated with flowers are just a work of art

Most of the cars are very intricately decorated with artificial flowers, but there were some that were decorated with real flowers too. For example, this car, in the shape of a swan, represents the local council and it was decorated with fresh flowers.

As I watched this parade, I thought about how many interests Australians have other than work. What they just do not do in their free time, while uniting in interest groups. Here is the golf association.

Golf Association – Flower Parade

Or a huge number of Falung Gong followers (an offshoot of Buddhism, I think), a group of roller skaters.

Toowoomba- flower parade

There were also several ethnic organizations – the Thai people had very beautiful costumes, and the Vietnamese had a colorful dragon.

Vietnamese Ethnic Association

The parade went on for an hour and a half, and every three minutes there was a new car, and I even lost count of how many participants there were in this parade. All cars are decorated with flowers in different ways, very bright and colorful. So much imagination is needed to decorate this way, this is something. But since this festival has already been held 62 times, I think gradually year after year, they are gaining experience in decorating the parade.

Church car

Having watched the parade once, the second time I might not have gone 130 kilometers to look at it.

Garden competition

But another event – a garden competition and the opportunity to see the winners, made a strong impression on me and wanted to come again and again, and not for one day.

Spring in Toowoomba – everything is buried in flowers

This year we came for one day, and it took us two and a half hours each way. It definitely makes sense to book a motel room and it is best to do it three months before the festival, because there are no vacant hotels during the festival.

Bench in the garden

The easiest way to find out when the next festival will be is by typing in Google – festival of flowers Toowoomba 2012. In September 2012 it will be September 21-30.

Blooming Garden

Any resident of Toowoomba who is ready to show his garden to the public can participate in this competition. The competition has several categories – small garden, medium garden and large garden. Large this means a plot of more than 10 acres. It may well be several hectares.

Beds with flowers

Due to lack of time, I saw only four gardens – winners in the small and medium garden section.

As usual, I was deeply impressed by the ease with which the inhabitants of the city open their gardens and houses for viewing by those who wish. Thousands of people visit these gardens. There are crowds walking around and in order to photograph at least something, I had to guess the moment so that the minimum number of people was in the frame. Sometimes you just don’t get crowded.

Beds with flowers – and red azalea

I did not find the addresses of these gardens on the Internet. The addresses of the participants and winners are published in the local newspaper – The Chronicle.We bought this newspaper from the tourist information center – Toowoomba Visitor Information Center, 86 James Street (Warrego Highway).

It is generally better to start your visit to Toowoomba from this place. In addition to the map with the addresses of the gardens, there you can get absolutely free maps of the city, the schedule of various festival events, etc. The festival is well organized. Again, many years of experience make a difference.

Visiting the gardens, by the way, is also free.

Cherry blossoms

Well, the gardens themselves are of course of indescribable beauty.

September in Queensland is in full swing with azaleas and cherries everywhere. The festival was organized at this time for a reason. I photographed flower beds – the whole city is decorated with such bright flower beds.

Beds with flowers – the whole city is decorated with them

We also managed to stop by the observation deck in Toowoomba. Picnic Point Park. 164 Tourist Road Toowoomba, Queensland 4350

View of the valleys from the Picnic Point Park

Very beautiful views from the mountain to the valley and a very picturesque waterfall.On the occasion of the festival, there was an orchestra and some other events. We didn’t have enough time for them.

Waterfall. Picnic Point Lookout Park

Brindabella Gardens

Brindabella Gardens

Just before our departure, we drove into a beautiful garden on the outskirts of the city. I read about him on the Internet when I was looking for roses. The fact is that Brisbane has a very beautiful rose park – I wrote about it – Brisbane Parks – New Farm. I walked there more than once and I really liked one variety of roses – Toowoomba rose – always beautiful, always in bloom.I looked on the Internet where I can buy it and read about this garden. This is a garden for all kinds of special events, weddings, etc. In addition, they have a small rose nursery and grow and sell rose seedlings themselves. I love roses, I have a couple of dozen varieties in my garden and I really wanted to visit them and buy this variety.

The garden is unusually beautiful, if you are in Toowoomba, I highly recommend visiting. Their website is Brindabella Country Gardens. Unfortunately, when we were there, the roses had not bloomed yet, it is much cooler in the mountains than in Brisbane.It would be interesting to go there in October and look at the roses. But on the other hand, cherries and azaleas bloom there in September – incredibly beautiful.

Brindabella Garden – Azaleas in Bloom

They advertise their roses as specially bred for the hot Queensland climate, roses with no black spots on their leaves. I bought 4 varieties from them. And one of them – Brindabella bouquet – is really very resistant to diseases of roses. Beautiful bush of white roses.

Their address is Brindabella Country Gardens, New England Highway, Mt Kynoch QLD 4350, (07) 4696 8440

Brindabella Garden – Cherry Blossom

Here’s a good website on what to see in Toowoomba, because I’ve only seen a very small part.What to see in the city of Toowoomba.

There are a lot of photos in this article, if you click on any of them – the photo opens in an enlarged version.




22 November 2019 – The Genesis Premium Brand will become the Official Automotive Partner of the President’s Cup Golf Tournament at the prestigious Royal Melbourne Golf Club in Melbourne, Australia from 9-15 December 2019.

Throughout the week of the tournament, Genesis will host daily side events for golf fans and visitors to the guest area, giving them the unique opportunity to experience the competition from the inside. In addition, 27 Genesis vehicles will be handed over to the tournament organizers for the transfer of players and guests.

Genesis Brand Ambassador, former U.S. professional player PGA TOUR Paul Gow will also take part in what promises to be one of Australia’s most prestigious sporting events this season.

David Lederer, Director of Genesis Motors Australia: “Genesis is proud to partner with the President’s Cup in Melbourne. Here, in one of the most famous sporting events, the best players from all over the world compete. Genesis has been cooperating with the organizers of the President’s Cup since 2015, and we are very pleased that now our partnership with the world of golf continues in different parts of the world. Australia is one of the most important markets for Genesis and we look forward to December to be part of this great sporting event. “

Matt Kamienski, Executive Director of the President’s Cup: “When choosing partners, we are guided by the extent to which a particular brand expresses the status and character of the President’s Cup. And we really appreciate how Genesis fits harmoniously into the concept of our tournament. All players and fans can see for themselves that Genesis is successfully achieving its main goal – to surround its customers and guests with luxury in every sense of the word. ”

Cooperation between Genesis and the President’s Cup began in 2015, when the tournament was held in South Korean Incheon.Since then, Genesis’s relationship with the game has grown significantly and now also includes the U.S. Los Angeles-based PGA TOUR Genesis Invitational, Korean PGA Tour Genesis Championship and three years of partnership with the Australian Open from 2016 to 2018.

The President’s Cup will be held from 9 to 15 December 2019 at The Royal Melbourne Golf Club. Australia is hosting this tournament for the third time – before that it was held in 2011, when the USA team became the winner.For the first time, the President’s Cup was played in Melbourne back in 1998. Then the main prize was won by the united International team.

For more information on the President’s Cup, please visit:

Australia: The Deadly Continent

Every Australian animal wants to kill you. Well, not necessarily you – any person will suit these creatures. The statement, no doubt, loud, but true. This continent is only considered civilized.In fact, there is about the same civilization here as on the desert plains of Central Africa. In the same Africa, the traveler risks dying in the mouth of a completely understandable lion. Or a rhino, or a spear that a Maasai warrior throws at him out of boredom. All this is a well-known, unpleasant, but still not the most frightening death.

Australia has a lot to stake. Here, the unlucky tourist is met not by tigers and rhinos, but by giant deadly birds, giant (this definition can be safely added to almost all creatures living here) snakes, crabs that look like the fiends of hell, and spiders that look like aliens from the planet of horror.Sharks and deadly insects? Still would! In general, if you are all planning a trip to the antipodes, we advise you to look at our selection and think again. No photoshop. A solid truth that frightens any reasonable person to gray hair.

Real shot from local television, SkyNews. The shark swam into the pool adjacent to the golf course. The film crew was there not by chance: the day before, the same shark had a great bite by a player who accidentally dropped the ball into the water.

Of course, it’s very interesting to see who wins. But not enough to risk your life for it!

A standard warning posted on a fairly common city beach. Especially for those bathers without fear and reproach, who are not only knee-deep in the sea, but also their own life.

Nothing interesting, the dog caught a shark. And eats. And looks at the photographer. Maybe this is his last photo?

This is not a log. This is a crocodile, peacefully swimming in the coastal waters for its business.We don’t even want to think what kind of things this creature can have on a city beach full of children.

This crocodile is less fortunate. He was eaten by a snake. Crocodile! Still thinking about traveling to Australia?

Yes, buffaloes can attack a car here. And, most likely, they will not miss the chance.

Hello, cassowary. For reference: cassowaries are vile, vindictive birds that run faster than a cheetah. With a paw, the cassowary is able to rip the stomach of a person. A theory confirmed by sad practice.

This pile contains several pieces of granite, three spider eggs, and two jellyfish. A mindfulness test – whoever does not guess, risks losing his hand.

Who eats whom is completely incomprehensible. Or is it just interspecies sex? A-ah-ah!

Difficult choice – to take off this creature or immediately chop off the leg. Mantis mutant: return of the villain. Indeed, there are far more hospitable places in the world than this distant continent!

The signature in the original source states that this crocodile is called “Satan.”I wonder why.

Another photo, in which it is completely unclear who caught whom and is now eating. It is still unclear why the photographer has not yet fled in panic. From this place. From this country. From this continent.

Set sail or leave them to hell? Today, guys, we paddle to land. Unless, of course, no one has eaten the oars yet.

An entry from the author’s blog reads: “Two hours. It took me exactly two hours to have dinner in good company – it took these creatures two hours to make me walk home on foot. “In general, if you are already going to Australia, then choose your parking wisely. Suddenly it will help.

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90,000 Japanese Holidays – Travel Information (Japan)

Japan has 14 public holidays, each with a day off.In addition to them, there are many more holidays: some of them came to the culture of the country quite recently, others are already several thousand years old.

By the way, it is not customary in Japan to congratulate on the holidays. The reason for congratulations can only be personal merit or success (graduation from school, for example) or the birth of a child. For all “personal” holidays, it is customary to give gifts. Surprises are also presented on the last day of the outgoing year and in the summer on the Bon holiday.

It is forbidden to open gifts in the presence of the donor, this can inadvertently offend him.In addition, gifts cannot be refused.

List of Japanese holidays. Public holidays are marked in green.


January 1 – New Year’s Day

New Years (Ganjitsu) is one of the magnificent celebrations of the year. As a rule, it is celebrated from December 30 to January 3. On New Year’s Eve, it is customary to hold the hatsu-mode prayer (prayer for happiness). It is customary to go to bed only on the night of January 2 to 3. Hatsu-yume (translated as “the first dream of the year”) is considered a prophetic fortune-telling about good luck for the whole coming year.The best dreams of the night are Mount Fuji or wealth.

From 2 to 3 January, the Ekiden marathon relay is held, the most important event in the sports life of the country.

On January 7, it is customary to serve rice porridge with “7 spring herbs”. Porridge, according to popular belief, will fill the body with strength for a year.

Throughout January, the Japanese worship the Seven Gods of Fortune.

Second Monday in January – Coming of Age Day


February 3-4 – Setsubun holiday (analogous to our Old New Year).On the night of February 4, children scatter beans throughout the rooms of the house, casting spells that should scare away the oni demons. Upon completion of the ceremony, each child should eat beans according to their age (7 years = 7 beans).

February 4-5 – Chinese New Year , the holiday of the Beginning of Spring.

February 11 – State Foundation Day

February 14 – Valentine’s Day . Unlike most countries in Japan, couples do not exchange “valentines” on Valentine’s Day.Gifts, chocolate, are given only by women to men.


March 3 – Puppet Festival, a celebration for little girls . At home, the Japanese hold small exhibitions of dolls dressed in Heian period outfits. It is believed that if you do not have time to remove the dolls at the end of the holiday, your daughters will not be able to get married for a long time.

March 14 – White Day . On this day, men are obliged to thank women for the gift for February 14 with white chocolate.

March 20-21 – Day of the vernal equinox .The Japanese visit the graves of their ancestors. In the south of Japan, sakura begins to bloom on this day.


On April 8th, Buddha’s birthday is celebrated and the Flower Festival is celebrated. With a special flower tea-amatya, which has magical powers, they write charms and water the statues of Buddha. This is a tribute to the legend that immediately after the birth of the Buddha, nine heavenly dragons watered the baby’s head with water. The abundance of flowers at the festival symbolizes the Lumbini garden, where the Enlightened One was born.

April 29 – Showa Day , a public holiday for love of nature, Greenery Day.


Late April – early May in Japan is called “Golden Week”. This is a series of public holidays: May Day, May 3 – Constitution Day, May 4, although it does not have its own holiday, is considered a public holiday, so as not to interrupt the week of celebrations, Children’s Day is celebrated on May 5 (there used to be holidays only for boys).

May 3 – Constitution Day

May 4

May 5 – Children’s Day


Third Sunday in June – Fathers Day


On July 1, the climbing season on MountFuji

On July 7, Tanabata (Festival of the Stars) is celebrated. . According to legend, on this night the stars of the Shepherd and the Spinner, separated by the Milky Way, met. The Japanese make wishes at night by writing them down on narrow cuts of paper and then tying them to a bamboo stalk.

Third Monday in July – Sea Day . On this day, schoolchildren go on summer holidays


August 15 – Day of Remembrance for the victims of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On this day in 1945, Japan surrendered.

In the middle of August, days are held on the occasion of the holiday of Bon – the Day of the ancestors. . For the spirits of ancestors who visit their old homes, welcome bonfires are lit, which are replaced by farewell fires at the end of the holiday. It is customary to give gifts during the Bon festival in Japan.


September 1 is the beginning of the typhoon season. If the crop is not harvested by this day, it can easily die.

September 1 also celebrates Disaster Disaster Day in honor of the Great Kanto Earthquake (1923 BC).), as a result of which 140 thousand people died, and Tokyo was completely destroyed.

Third Monday in September – Honoring the Elders Day

September 14-15 – Official Full Moon Watching Day

Around September 23 – Autumnal Equinox Day , just like on the spring equinox holiday, the Japanese visit the graves of their ancestors.


October 1 declared Poor Donation Day

Second Monday in October – Physical Education Day


November 3 – Culture Day

November 15 – Traditional Siti-go-san Festival : All three-year-old Japanese children, as well as 5-year-old boys and 7-year-old girls, should visit Shinto shrines and pray for longevity.This is an ancient tradition that previously had a different performance:

  • At the age of three, children no longer had their heads shaved;
  • 90,073 boys at the age of 5 wore hakama trousers for the first time;
  • 7-year-old girls at this age tied an obi belt for the first time.

Children on this day must be dressed in national costumes. After praying in the temple, parents are obliged to buy chitose ame candy for their children – a candy of longevity. It is usually sold along with a bag with a picture of a stork and a turtle, ancient symbols of long life.

November 23 – Labor Thanksgiving Day


December 23 – Emperor’s birthday . This is a big public holiday.

From 25 to 28 December in Japan they are engaged in the traditional production of rice balls-mochi (a delicacy for the New Year).

On December 31st, the Omisoka ceremony takes place – the ceremony of cleansing the house of . Long Toshi-koshi noodles should be on the table on New Year’s Eve.”Passing from this year to that year”): life will then be as long as this noodles. In Buddhist temples, 108 bells are struck immediately at midnight, in order to leave 108 passions in the past year and allow people to achieve Enlightenment by renouncing them.

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