Glow in the dark stars spotlight: Specialty Glitter Glow-in-the-Dark Stars by Recollections™

New Product Spotlight: Glow-in-the-Dark “Star Crossed” Cyclocross Frames by Seven – Cyclocross Magazine

Seattle’s Cascade Bicycle Studio has teamed up with Seven Cycles to offer both steel and titanium ‘cross frames with a limited edition, glow-in-the-dark paint scheme to celebrate the Seattle’s pioneering night race and ‘cross party, Star Crossed. The frames are being offered with an impressive 2-week delivery time, which means if you act quickly, you could even be riding your new glowing steed at this year’s Star Crossed.

Zac Daab, owner of Cascade Bicycle Studio and founder of the Hup United club (featured in Issue 2), came up with the idea of creating a ‘cross bike specific to his market and region. Daab thought the Star Crossed event, being the “queen” ‘cross event of Seattle, was the ideal race to inspire these specially-painted frames.

Glow in the dark paint? Will it last? Daab says the special paint, if cared for appropriately, can keep its glowing properties for several years.

But the paint and reduced prices may not be the biggest selling points; it’s the 2-week delivery time that may be the biggest draw, according to Daab. “Typically, if you order a custom ‘cross frame during the season, it’s likely you won’t see it until the following year,” he explains. “With this Limited Edition project, the customer can expect to receive their Limited Edition frame in 2 weeks.”

Exclusive features to the Seven Cycles Star Crossed frames:

  • Three Limited Edition paint schemes with three glow-in-the-dark paint colors.
  • Fabricated by Seven Cycles’ Priority OneTM fabrication team. (Seven’s most experienced machinist, welder, final machinist, and painter)
  • Seven Cycles First Priority ProductionTM lead-time: fully custom bicycle in 2 weeks.

Limited Edition pricing:

  • Tsunami steel frame: $1995 (singlespeed format at no charge)
  • Mudhoney titanium frame: $2795 (singlespeed format at no charge)
  • Tsunami Steel Ultegra complete bike: $3750
    *Pricing reflects a cost savings of $990 (steel) and $1340 (titanium) for LimitedEdition paint scheme and First Priority Production accelerated delivery.

Order Process:

  • Only through Cascade Bicycle Studio
  • Order by Friday, September 5th for delivery by Star Crossed on September 20th.
  • Orders placed after September 5th will be delivered in 2 weeks.
  • Limited Edition pricing available through October 10th.

While we have not yet seen or tested one these frames, we hope it’s just a start of cycling companies and bikes shops working together to create customized bicycles that celebrate each region’s unique ‘cross culture.

For more info:

New Product Spotlight is an ongoing feature on cyclocross-relevant products, some tested, some not. To submit your product for consideration, contact us.

Provider Spotlight: Delaware State University Early Childhood Laboratory School

Family Engagement: Creating a Village Through Outreach Opportunities

August 2020

Like other early childhood education programs, the Delaware State University (DSU) Early Childhood Lab School, was closed during the initial period of the state quarantine. Dannaé Sewell, Lab School director and her team responded with an alternative learning experience that included a full slate of engagement opportunities. “Creating this experience for our students and families has truly taken a team effort,” said Sewell. “We could not be prouder of our DSU Laboratory educators.”

Their outreach involved many options even including technology, such as daily Zoom calls for circle time, singing, dancing, yoga, cooking, and virtual field trips.

Families were involved in a variety of ways. They were sent weekly lesson plans, resources to explore developmentally appropriate activities, highlights from the week, and a preview of the following week’s plan.

“It was especially important that we stay connected as a village, the same as when we were attending our center daily. ” said Sewell. “However, we wanted to equally balance the American Academy of Pediatrics health and safety tips regarding screen time with our new normal. The reality is the children and families are often just happy to see their teachers’ faces while in the safety of their homes.

To this end, the Lab School team didn’t hesitate to get out from behind their screens and visit their students in several appropriate, socially distant ways.

The entire team drove to every graduating prekindergartener’s home. Wishing them congratulations while delivering boxes of sunshine and yard signs. These children and their families, who would have otherwise experienced a preschool gradation, were so elated. The staff even made special barbeque kits including hand mittens, BBQ sauce and brush along with a craft and apron donated by Home Depot for Father’s Day and dropped it off in mailboxes. To honor Mom’s, they held a virtual tea with prizes as well.

One of the center’s most significant accomplishments during quarantine was conducting their science fair virtually. This event was the center’s first annual science fair, and everyone was excited to participate. Instead of rescheduling, the staff went ahead with it by engaging families. The Lab School asked families to prepare three to five-minute presentations.

“Our educators also created videos demonstrating just how much science rocks! All in all, our Science week, ending in our Science fair, was a total blast!” said Sewell. The videos included fun and engaging topics like “Magic Milk,” “Air Pressure, Anyone?” and “How to Make Jell-O Glow in the Dark?”

“Our educators created interactive experiences to ensure that parents know we are there to support them and their child fully,” said Sewell. “Again, we are a village.”

Spotlight #065: Nancy Lam | Subsign

Guest: Nancy Lam.

We love Nancy’s perspective on art and creating content. Make sure to follow here through the links at the end of the interview.

Nancy: Hello! I am Nancy, a girl born and raised in the sunny suburbs of Los Angeles, California. I spend most of my days documenting my experiences with a camera, creating designs in the gaming industry, traveling from place to place, getting paint stuck in my hair, and petting my cats.

Subsign: What was your childhood like? Do you think your experiences from childhood have influenced your present creative endeavors?

Nancy: I was a very lonely and sad child. Although most of my childhood was upsetting, I clung onto fleeting memories that brought me warmth, like brushing my teeth in the garden with my mum on Sunday mornings and seeing broken green glass bottles reflect light on my shoes as I bounced alongside my brother to school. I found solace in our insignificance within an ever-expanding universe, which helped me reason that the sadness didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things if I could forever live in these moments of beauty.

Looking back, my mind’s tendency to focus on these dream-like, nostalgic memories definitely plays a role in the work I create today. I can’t usually remember how something looks, but I always remember how something feels.

Subsign: What did you want to be as a grown up?

Nancy: When I was younger, I wanted to be president of the United States. Or a journalist. Or a scientist! Anything that would allow me to make an impact in a huge way. I know — it was a very nebulous, vague notion. I think I was just hoping to find my voice in a world that was so loud.

Subsign: How does your workstation look like?

Nancy: I’ve spent the last few years working on the road and sometimes in my Los Angeles apartment where the furniture doesn’t stay still for more than a month. My workstation changes very often. However, in general, I gravitate towards small spaces, being close to the floor, plants, and sunlight. Here’s a picture of my current favorite place to work:

My bedroom for the next 5 months in Berkeley, California.

Subsign: Do you have a work style? How would you describe it?

Nancy: I fully embrace accidentalism and try to work as messily as possible to take out the fear of messing up. 

My favorite canvases to work on top of being filled with unintentional stains, scratches, and smudges.

My favorite cameras to capture with have a patina of dust, dirt, and salt from all the places I’ve ever been.

Subsign: Can you share with us how your creative process works?

Nancy: Because I spend most of my day doing methodical digital design work for clients, my artwork tends to be a lot more free-flowing and much less planned. In paintings, all of my marks are visible, from the very first pencil lines to the last brush stroke;

I love the idea of seeing the transparency of the process within the work itself. In photographs, I follow the sunlight and watch how it falls onto differences surfaces or sink through objects. Sometimes, when I can’t fall asleep at night, I experiment with double exposures to witness solid things dissolving into each other.

Subsign: What is your favorite work you have done so far?

Nancy: My favorite work is never objectively what I would consider my best work. The work that holds a sweet place in my heart is my photographic collection of a trip I took to New Zealand back in Spring of 2016. I fell in love with the country and Matthew in those 10 days.

Subsign: Who do you follow for inspiration?

Nancy: I try not to follow *too* many artists working in the same medium as me because I am extremely susceptible to comparing myself to others. I often look to movies, poetry, art history, yogic philosophies, the people around me, and nature. 

With that said, I’ve been following Sofia Coppola, Lina Scheynius, and Hui Liu for years and cannot seem to get enough of their work. I also hang a lot of Gustav Klimt prints on my walls.

Subsign: What advice would you give to someone starting out in the creative field of work?

Nancy: Go out of your way to seek inspiration, because it won’t always just come to you.
Create a lot, because it’s the best way to understand what you love in your work and how to improve. Continually share, because the vulnerability will help you grow and connect with others.

Finally, learn how to handle failure.

Subsign: If you would have a superpower, what would it be?

Nancy: Teleportation would probably functionally add more to my life, but all I really want to do is fly.

Subsign: Can you recommend for our readers a book, a song, and a movie?

Nancy: A Book: The History of Love
A Song: “World On Fire” by Louis The Child and Ashe
A Movie: I watched “Moonrise Kingdom” for the first time last week and fell in love with it.

Subsign: If you could throw any kind of party, what would it be like and what would it be for?

Nancy: A party to celebrate just for the sake of celebrating. We’d have flowers hanging from the ceilings, vines running along the walls, and colorful balloons everywhere.

Then, at night — glow in the dark stars and planets. There would be dancing and pastries and confetti and paint and everyone would glow.

Subsign: What famous people would you invite to the party and why?

Nancy: That’s a hard question! There are so many people I’d love to invite just to selfishly meet and have the opportunity to talk to. Off the top of my head, I’d love to have Donald Glover because he’s a fantastic dancer with an inspired mind, Florence Welch because I’m pretty sure flowers bloom wherever her feet touch the ground, and Amma the Hugging Saint.

Thank you, Nancy, for being a part of it!

If you know an artist that should be in the spotlight, contact us at [email protected] .

For more of Nancy’s work, you can follow her on the links: Nancy’s Youtube, Nancy’s Instagram, Nancy’s Portfolio


Scientists have discovered a trio of new bioluminescent, glow in the dark sharks

One never knows what strange and wondrous creatures lurk far down in the Deep Blue Sea, and biologists in New Zealand who recently discovered three new species of glow-in-the-dark sharks can surely attest to that fact.

These self-illuminating shark specimens were accidentally gathered by Belgian and New Zealand researchers as the bycatch of a 2020 fisheries assessment survey conducted for the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries.  

Here, off the Chatham rise just adjacent to the east coast of New Zealand, scientists witnessed the unusual luminescence of the kitefin shark, the blackbelly lanternshark, and the southern lanternshark for the first time ever.

In a new research paper published in the online journal Frontiers in Marine Science, the international team of biologists led by Professor Jerome Mallefet of the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium details how these deepwater sharks’ glow-in-the-dark skills were officially observed and documented. 

The shimmering sharks reside far down in the sea’s “twilight zone,” from approximately 650 feet to 3,200 feet below the ocean where the sun’s beams vanish and no photosynthesis can occur.

“Bioluminescence has often been seen as a spectacular yet uncommon event at sea but considering the vastness of the deep sea and the occurrence of luminous organisms in this zone, it is now more and more obvious that producing light at depth must play an important role structuring the biggest ecosystem on our planet,” the researchers noted in the paper.

Able to grow to a length of nearly six feet, the kitefin shark (D. licha) is now cataloged as the largest-known luminous vertebrate and is normally at home cruising around 980 feet under the ocean where it hunts smaller sharks, assorted ground fish, crustaceans, and cephalopods.

The phenomenon of bioluminescence can be broken down and categorized as the generation of visible light by a living organism, and is a fairly common spectacle seen in a variety of marine creatures, especially those that dwell in the inky darkness of super deep waters where no light can penetrate.

This organic glow occurs through an internal chemical reaction where the species’ luciferin molecules react with oxygen to produce light. The eerie emission has been noted in a variety of aquatic animals like squids and jellyfish, but never in any species of shark on Earth.

After their capture, each shark specimen was kept alive in a cold seawater tank in a dark cold room, where each fish was sexed, measured, weighed, and photographed in dim daylight and in darker conditions using Sony α7SII camera.

Mallefet and his researchers, in conjunction with the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) in Wellington, New Zealand, believe that these sharks produce their faint blue glow to camouflage themselves and not be backlit from brighter light originating from the surface. 

Another theory is that the predators employ the self-illumination as a means to scan the ocean floor for their food sources. 

“A special emphasis is placed on the luminescence of D. licha, the largest known luminous vertebrate,” they stated in the study. “This first experimental study of three luminous shark species from New Zealand provides an insight into the diversity of shark bioluminescence and highlights the need for more research to help understand these unusual deep-sea inhabitants: the glowing sharks.”

Create a Glow-in-the-Dark Constellation with Dictation or Writing Tray

We’ve had so much fun with glow-in-the-dark activities during our star and constellation unit that I had to add one more. We already had the glow-in-the-dark stars from other activities, so it was very easy to prepare a tray with activities to create a glow-in-the-dark constellation along with dictation or writing activities.

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links (at no cost to you).

Materials Used for Our Create a Glow-in-the-Dark Constellation Activity with Dictation or Writing Tray

  • Constellation dictation or writing pages (part of the Montessori-Inspired Constellation Pack – subscriber freebie you’ll get plus access to my subscriber library if you sign up for my weekly newsletter) For today’s activity, I’m sharing the page that says: “Create a constellation with stars. What is your constellation called? Tell about your constellation.” The second page on the tray says: “What do you know about constellations?” I typically would do that on another day unless a child really wanted to do both in one day.
  • Multicraft tray
  • glow-in-the-dark stars in the smallest size plus the adhesive that comes in the pack (or use plain star stickers if you don’t want glow-in-the–dark constellations)
  • pencil or pen
  • pencil sharpener for practical life activity if you use a regular pencil

Creating a Glow-in-the-Dark Constellation

Create a Constellation + Writing or Dictation Tray

My 4½-year-old granddaughter, Zoey, wanted to make a constellation butterfly but found it difficult to just place the stars on the page in the shape of a butterfly. So I had her draw a butterfly wing on a metal inset page. Then I showed her how to fold the paper over for a symmetrical butterfly. After cutting out the butterfly, Zoey placed in on the page and put the stars around the outside. Then she peeled off each sticker and put the stars in their place to make a butterfly shape. She was very excited after placing the last star!

Glow-in-the-Dark Constellation Fun

Glow-in-the-Dark Constellation Butterfly from Create a Constellation Activity

Of course, we went into our bathroom without windows. We used a bright flashlight to shine on the stars. Then we turned out the lights for some glow-in-the-dark fun!

After our glow-in-the-dark activity, Zoey dictated her answer to the questions on the page, and I wrote her answers on the page. (Note: I have preschoolers dictate their answers to a creative writing activity like this. I don’t want to interfere with the creativity involved by focusing on letter formation or sounding out words. When children are very comfortable with writing activities, I’ll have them write everything on their own.)

The printable says: “Create a constellation with stars. What is your constellation called? Tell about your constellation.”

Here’s Zoey’s story:

Constellation Butterfly

It’s like some sea creatures in the water that are very pretty. It’s like a beautiful under-the-sea creature but in the sky. It’s very nice.”

I love it!

More Astronomy Activities and Resources

The Ultimate Montessori-Inspired Star and Constellation Unit


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Real-Life STEM: The Chemistry Behind Glow in the Dark

One of the great pleasures I had growing up as a kid who loved space was buying those sticky glow in the dark stars and watching them radiate their soft green glow as I fell asleep wondering about the chemistry behind glow in the dark objects. But what really makes them glow?

The glow in the dark chemical compound is made up of different phosphors. There are thousands of chemicals that are phosphors and what’s special about them is the way they give off light after being energized in some form.

There are three primary types of phosphors: phosphorescence, which is what you’re usually seeing when something glows in the dark; chemiluminescence; and radioluminescence.

Those stars that I’d fall asleep to were phosphorescent.

They give off light after they absorb light radiation, giving it off that stored energy as light later on. They give off a glow because it retains the energy it receives and gives it off slowly, at a lower intensity than it was absorbed.

This is a similar process to fluorescence, but fluorescence has a quick reaction and gives off the energy it stored as light almost immediately.

You’ve probably noticed that there are many kinds of phosphorescent items. Some are very bright and maybe only shine for a brief time. The best were, like those stars on my ceiling, ones that gave off enough light to be a little bright, but didn’t burn too brightly so that they could continue to radiate light for a longer period of time.

Continuing to move through the chemistry of glow in the dark items, that second group, chemiluminescent items, glow because of a chemical reaction.

Here, think of a glow stick. In their simplest form, chemiluminescent items glow because two chemicals are interacting which give off energy as a byproduct of the reaction that happens when the chemicals mix. In the case of chemiluminescence, the energy byproduct is light.

That’s why with a chemiluminescent item like a glow stick, you’ve probably noticed that there’s liquid inside.

What’s actually happening inside your glow stick is that there’s a liquid inside the plastic and then a thinly cased vial of a different chemical inside the liquid. When you bend the glow stick to “turn it on,” you’re actually breaking the vial so that the chemicals mix and have a reaction.

The byproduct of that reaction is the heatless glow emitted.

In addition, to the two chemicals that react inside the glow stick, there’s a fluorescent dye that gives the glow its color.

With a chemiluminescent glow, there’s no heat, but heat can effect the glow. As you have maybe seen, when you put the glow stick in the freezer, it lasts longer. The slowing down of the molecules slows down the chemical reaction, making it last longer with a less intense glow.

The opposite would happen if you heated up the glow stick. The molecules will speed up and that speeds up the chemical reaction, making the glow stick glow more intensely. Accordingly, the glow will last a shorter amount of time.

Chemiluminescence can happen naturally as well. In such instances — like fireflies — it is called bioluminescence. That’s a subset of chemiluminescence with its own intricacies. You see it frequently in marine environments and with fungi. But fireflies are an excellent example of this process.

Continuing to look at the chemistry behind glow in the dark, the last category is the least common. Radioluminescent items combine phosphor and a radioactive element such as radium, tritium or the man-made promethium. (There are others, but those are the most common.)

You’ll see this occasionally on the hands of a watch, for instance, or on other industrial equipment where instruments may need to be used in the dark. Because a radioactive chemical is involved, the glow of a radioluminescent object doesn’t slow fade and stop giving off light energy like a phosphorescent object.

There you have it, the chemistry behind glow in the dark, explained. Next time you look at your watch or see glow in the dark stars at a museum gift shop, you can appreciate the science of glow in the dark.

Like that dig through the chemistry behind glow in the dark? Check out more articles in the series, like the chemistry behind chocolate or the chemistry of hair color.

Ingredients Spotlight | St.Tropez UK

At St.Tropez we fuse premium tanning active with high performance natural skin-caring ingredients to support your skin’s health & create your most natural glow yet.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is essential for maintaing your skin’s moisture, plumpness and smooth texture. These levels naturally decline with age, so using products with Hyaluronic Acid help to combat this. We use a skin care grade of high & low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid in our products for optimum benefits. This targets deep rehydration, resulting in a more even and longer-lasting tan, while skin appears more youthful.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is found naturally in many citrus fruits and offers multiple benefits for the skin. Vitamin C isn’t produced naturally by the body so it has to be obtained by other sources. Known as the world’s richest source of Vitamin C, the Kadaku Plum is the natural ingredient in our products that helps re-texturise and improve tone for brighter skin, along with a more radiant and even tan, that lasts.

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Vitamin D Boosters

Vitamin D is important for overall skin health, helping the skin appear healthier. Our products help Vitamin D stimulation with a natural sugar based active. It supplements the body’s Vitamin D levels by increasing the number of Vitamin D receptors in the skin, and therefore compensating for the lack of production in the skin which commonly caused by our modern lifestyles.

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Hibiscus Flower Extract

Known for its antioxidant properties that helps protect against the effects of pollution and environmental aggressors. Hibsicus Extract ensures you have a multi-tasking tanning product that helps you tackle modern life.

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Tanning Agent

We use a unique blend of high quality DiHydroxyAcetone (DHA) that is 100% natural, clean and vegan-friendly. Our DHA is a bi-product of Sugar Beet (created from the vegetable’s waste) in the Champagne region. We sustainably source using biotechnology (a fermentation process, meaning no chemicals and a low energy process is required to extract the tanning active) and process the raw materials in the same area to minimalize the environmental impact. Our tanning active tailors to your individual skin tone, meaning you will always result in a natural-looking glow, so you can glow with confidence all year round.

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Vitamin E

Known for its antioxidant and moisturising benefits by strengthening the skin barrier function, Vitamin E also supports with the protection against UV radiation and free radicals. Resulting in healtheir skin, allowing your tan to develop evenly and last longer. *We always recommend wearing an SPF when using our products.

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Aloe Vera

This soothing super ingredient has a high water content and helps to leave the skin ultra-hydrated & calm.

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Peach Flower

Known for its antioxidant properties that helps protect against the effects of pollution and environmental aggressors. Peach Flower Extract ensures you have a multi-tasking tanning product that helps you tackle modern life.

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Green Mandarin Water

Known for its soothing properties it instantly refreshes and revives your skin, while promoting an energized and uplifting mood to carry you into your new glow.

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Avocado Oil

Rich in vitamins D, A and E, Avocado Oil helps to nourish, moisturise and protect your skin. Resulting in a more even and long lasting tan.

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90,000 “Hair in the dark glows”: albinos have revealed the secrets of their lives

Nature has prepared many trials for them. Almost all albinos have poor eyesight, involuntary eye movement – nystagmus, and sensitivity to light – photophobia. They also have a significantly increased risk of developing skin cancer.

Due to their unusual appearance, they invariably find themselves in the spotlight. They turn around, poke their fingers in their direction, and are often awarded with unflattering epithets.

“Artem, you can just White”

Artem Tanaev – originally from Borovichi, Novgorod Region, has lived and worked in St. Petersburg for the last ten years.

– I have complete albinism. The fact that I was not like everyone else became clear already in the hospital. Mom was immediately told that I have an unusual hair color, an unusual skin color. And at first the doctors thought I was blind. And only a few months later it was possible to understand that I just have poor eyesight.

As a child, Artyom went to a regular kindergarten, and went to a specialized school where visually impaired and blind children studied.

– We studied and lived at the boarding school. Nobody teased or bullied me there. We were all on equal terms there. But just in case, I had a good blow from childhood … After the first grade, I went to the camp. Because of my appearance, they began to call me Angel. When I got to the camp after the 5th grade, I became already Snowball. And as a teenager, my friends began to call me White. Even now, when I introduce myself when we meet, I say: “Artem, you can just be White.” Many people forget their names, but the nickname White is remembered well.

In the ophthalmologist’s table, Artem sees only the first three lines. A book can be read if he brings it to his very nose.

– I also have photophobia, painful sensitivity of the eyes to light. In the bright sun, my eyes begin to ache and water, I squint strongly. I always have dark sunglasses with me.

Artem Tanaev. Photo: Social networks

I also have nystagmus – when the eyeballs make rapid involuntary oscillatory movements in a vertical and horizontal position, up to several hundred times a minute.I have no pupil fixation. It seems to a person that I am looking in different directions, but in fact I can look him directly in the eyes …

Artem says that he has learned to live with all this, he is already used to everything. As well as the fact that you can not sunbathe. In albinos, the skin is completely devoid of melanin, which helps protect it from ultraviolet radiation.

– We burn out very quickly. I learned a lesson as a child. Once, as a kindergartener, I ran all day in the heat in some shorts – the burn was such that my whole back was covered with blisters.Two months had to be treated …

Over time, I learned to control myself – now I know clearly how long I can be in the sun. And, of course, I cannot deny myself the pleasure of going to the sea; however, all the time you have to smear with sunscreen, and with a high degree of protection. And spend most of the time under a canopy.

From childhood, parents and teachers instilled in Artyom: “Do not dwell on the fact that you are unusual, you are the same as everyone else. You have exactly the same opportunities. “In the 8th grade, he decided to become a medic and clearly went to his goal. Lodged to study and became a student of the Second Medical College in St. Petersburg, where he began to study as a massage therapist.

– There was not enough money in my student years, I had to spin. After studying, I went to earn money, did massage, worked as a loader at night … Sometimes I went to the subway – and I was often stopped to check the documents of the police.

The eyes of albinos are already red: the iris is poorly colored with pigment, it transmits the rays of the sun, and those, reflecting from the retina, which is permeated with blood vessels, create a reddish tint.And after a sleepless night, the eyes became even redder … Then there were just a lot of drug addicts. He showed me my passport, registration, certificate of disability – and they let me go. Now I practically do not come across this.

Artem has been working as a massage therapist for the sixth year at the Research Center of Pulmonology in St. Petersburg. If one of the patients starts talking about his unusual appearance, Artyom explains that he is an albino.

– If a person has any questions, I calmly answer them.It doesn’t annoy me. I used to notice heightened attention from people. Passers-by turned around and pointed fingers at me. Someone in the subway could stand and stare. And then I began to abstract from all this, now I simply do not notice curious glances.

Strangers often come up to Artyom on the street asking to be photographed with him.

– If a person approaches with a positive, then why not? We take pictures, wish each other good luck, disperse. Often we correspond later, become friends.

Artyom is very friendly, easily gets along with people. He often appears in the stands when his favorite team, Zenit, plays, for which he has been rooting since the age of seven. Among the fans, he is his own – when he appears at the stadium, he hears: “White has come! There will be luck. ” The guy keeps himself so simple and uninhibited that his friends forget about his illness. And when he steps sometimes at a yellow traffic light, they catch him with the words: “Are you blind, or what? ..” He jokes: “Estimate, yes!”

– I work in the rehabilitation department – we have a lot of people with disabilities, spinal disabilities, wheelchair users. We often make fun of ourselves and each other. I remember once walking to work, at the entrance I met a guy in a wheelchair, he said: “I waved, waved my hand about three hundred meters away, how could you not see?” I parry: “It would be better if I got up quickly and walked over myself!” We both laugh …

Thanks to his expressive and unusual appearance, the guy began to appear in clips for stars. But first, a girl-photographer took it off for her thesis.

– She chose the theme of albinos, her work then won the city competition.I was noticed by the guys from the Little Big group – I starred in their video, where Putin and Obama doubles sort out the relationship in the ring. We are sitting with a girl, watching the action on a tablet, while the song about the Third World War is playing. My partner is blonde, but she is not an albino. Then there was the shooting in the video of the group IOWA (“Iowa”). And in 2017, I starred in the video for Manizha, where the song “Sometimes” sounded . ..

Artyom’s flaxen hair is the envy of many girls.

– Girls often come up to me and ask if I am wearing makeup or not.When they hear that this is my natural hair color, they exclaim: “I wish I had such!” I laugh it off, say: “Let’s change.”

Artem takes compliments to his address philosophically. Most people don’t know what problems albinos have. They do not realize that their element is twilight and twilight.

– In daylight, I constantly squint, in the dark I feel more comfortable: I don’t have to strain my eyes. For example, at night I rarely turn on the light at home. I know what is where, I am well oriented.Many albinos – “owls”, night owls, work actively in the evening and go to bed late.

“They asked:” What are you, a vampire? ”

Natia Makaridze was born in Georgia, where it would seem that a girl with milky-white hair, eyebrows and eyelashes should look like a white crow.

– Due to the fact that the Georgian businessman, ex-Prime Minister of Georgia Bidzina Ivanishvili has both albino sons, they are well aware of the peculiarities of these people in Georgia, says Natia. – And my mother in the hospital was immediately told that I was an albino and that I had vision problems.

This disorder is genetic in nature. There are no scientifically proven treatments for albinism; you can only somehow maintain the function of the eyes so that vision does not deteriorate. When I was three years old, my family and I moved to Moscow to undergo a full examination and to be near the clinic named after Svyatoslav Fedorov.

Natia studied at a school for visually impaired children, where there were also albinos.In textbooks, the text was typed in large print, the school had its own ophthalmologist.

She first encountered bullying at a summer camp. Children who came to rest from different schools constantly bullied her, paid attention to her red eyes. They approached and asked: “What are you, a vampire? ..”

In the family, Natia’s appearance was perceived positively. The girl was born before Christmas, her parents took her birth as a gift from God. Natia’s family is a believer.

The girl says that as a child she was interested to know how fast her eyeballs move to the right and left without stopping.She could not see it in the mirror. And she asked her friends to show her the pace with which they move with their fingers. And then she was sincerely surprised: “That’s it, isn’t it? ..”

– Often, when starting a conversation about visual acuity, they ask me: what is my disadvantage? For albinos, everything is considered differently. I have one eye 0.05, the other 0.04. About 10% of vision out of 100. Glasses do not completely correct vision – they only slightly sharpen the image. In the ophthalmologist’s table, I see only the first line: SB.And then albinos, having their eyesight checked, are planted closer to the table than other people.

Natia says that in addition to her unusual appearance, she was very fat, weighed 100 kilograms and suffered a lot because of this.

Her life changed at the age of 15, when the girl became interested in anime, Japanese animation.

– I saw a lot of characters there that looked just like me. Were with white hair, white eyebrows, red eyes. I joined the anime community – I was amazed at how kind, open, positive people there are.Started attending anime meetings. The guys admired my appearance, they said: “Oh, I also want such hair, such eyes …” For the first time I realized that such an appearance as mine can be a plus. My attitude towards myself has changed. My dream was to do some kind of cosplay, take part in a costume game, portray a character. But at that time I had no money for a suit.

A year later, Natia developed another hobby, she began to voice Asian television series – dramas.Both Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Indian films.

– It all started when I couldn’t watch anime because I didn’t see the subtitles. I started looking for people who are engaged in dubbing. I watched training videos, mastered sound processing and video editing programs. Gradually, like-minded people were found – now we have our own group. Scoring helped me develop my voice, put diction …

At the same time, Natia learned that some albino guys are engaged in the modeling business.I thought how great it would be to take part in the photo session. I decided to lose weight – I lost 50 kilograms in 2.5 years. When she weighed less than 60, she began to go to various photo sessions. Thanks to this experience, her self-esteem improved greatly.

– I was carried away by student life. After school, I first entered the Faculty of Law, realized that it was not mine – I liked history and teaching more. And the next year I applied to the Moscow Pedagogical University.By that time, I already had a disability.

Natia confesses that she has to do everything through great overcoming. Eyes get tired, you need to rest every ten minutes. But she never stops dreaming of a teaching career.

– At the university, I did an internship at my home school. I like working with visually impaired children. I understand their problems. She taught history for three months. We managed to get used to each other with the children. I really wanted to teach there after graduation.But there is no vacancy there yet.

The girl admits that she has become more loyal to curious glances. She says that she began to put herself in the shoes of people who look at her with surprise. The understanding came that they were just interested. If she saw something incredible, she would also want to see everything.

But sometimes the reaction to the unusual appearance of Natia is unpredictable.

– Once a woman called me on the street and asked what I dyed my hair. Hearing that this is my native color, I started screaming all over the street that I was a liar, and I was burning my hair with kerosene…

On another occasion, Muslim women appeared on the platform next to me on the subway. A commotion began among them, they began to whisper, point a finger at me – in the end they ran away. Taking me, apparently, for an evil spirit. It was very unpleasant.

But still, as the girl says, there are more positive stories in her life. She hears compliments, they approach her, they say how beautiful she is, how interesting she is. Someone asks to touch her hair. And next to the passengers in the metro, it happens, they write notes, where they note: “You are a miracle!”, “What a cute you are!”..

But when everyone rushes to the beach in the summer and puts on open clothes, Natia, like all albinos, hides from the sun. Even the scalp has to be smeared with sunscreen, as the girl says, because it instantly burns. The burning sensation is as if she was scorched by fire.

Natia is supported in every possible way by her husband. She met her chosen one when she was working on dubbing Asian TV series. He is a web designer. While the couple does not think about children. But in the future we would like to have them.There is a risk that the child will inherit albinism from the mother, but it is small. Experts say that even if both parents are albinos, the chance that the baby will also have a “colorless gene” is only 25%.

Michael. Photo: Social networks

“We have a shaman studying here”

Mikhail is mistaken for a Finn, a German, a Belarusian. In fact, he is a Turkmen. He has porcelain white skin, snow white hair and eyelashes.He was also affected by a genetic disease associated with a violation of pigment metabolism in the body. He is a complete albino.

“When I was born, my parents were told that I was blind,” says Mikhail. – When I was several months old, my mother began to drive away the fly, and I blinked. She understood what I was seeing. What happiness it was for everyone!

Mikhail says that he grew up in Turkmenistan. His mother is a teacher, she always loved books, read a lot. And I knew that there were people like albinos. She was always interested in seeing one of them live. And then her albino son is born …

According to the stories of his relatives, Mikhail knew that they had an albino in their family on the paternal side, who lived a couple of centuries ago.

As a child, the boy had to experience a lot.

– I went to a regular kindergarten. There were no correctional groups at that time. In summer in Turkmenistan, the air temperature rises to +60 degrees. We were taken out for walks in the kindergarten twice a day – I remember how my arms and legs hurt from burns.For me, they could not single out a separate teacher, they could not leave one in the group either. And dad began to take me to work with him. He worked as a crane operator. I sat with him in the cockpit …

The whole family was preparing Mikhail for elementary school. Grandfather taught not to give oneself offense, to fight back. Father showed self-defense techniques.

– At first they tried to tease me. Knowing that I can’t see well, they hid my portfolio. But, having received a couple of cuffs, they left me behind. Once the head teacher came to our lesson.He was on an internship in Africa, he knew that albinos are considered sorcerers there. Seeing me, with white hair, eyelashes and eyebrows, he remarked: “Oh, we even have a shaman studying here!” And that became my nickname. They began to call me Shaman …

In hot Turkmenistan, Mikhail had to wear a long-sleeved shirt with a raised collar, a cap and sunglasses.

– Sometimes, going with friends to swim or go fishing, I forgot about the sun, and then suffered from burns for three days.

Mikhail is used to being in the spotlight all the time. He came to the wedding, and in Turkmenistan about 500 people gather for the celebration, and all eyes immediately turned to a white-skinned guy with white hair.

The guy tries not to notice the gazes, but he still cannot accept many prohibitions.

Mikhail liked technology since childhood: tractors, trucks, cars, motorcycles. He knew all the brands of cars. His brothers were taught to drive, and Misha was not shown how to squeeze the clutch.They wanted to protect him. The guy’s left eye was minus 2.5, his right eye was minus 11. He watched others drive the car and learned to drive himself. But at the same time, he realized that he would never get a driver’s license.

After leaving school, it was necessary to determine the profession. Mikhail’s mother wanted her son to work indoors, not outdoors. At the family council, it was decided that he would go to study in St. Petersburg.

– Dad, when he served in the army, often visited this city, talked a lot about the Northern capital.He believed that this city would be very suitable for me in terms of climate. And he also said that there were very good, sincere people. Many of my friends went to study in Kharkov, Ukraine. And I went to St. Petersburg.

At the university I had to devote a lot of time to study, and I also had to earn extra money.

– We rented an apartment with friends on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. I made friends with many of the neighbors on the porch. One of them took me with him when he delivered bottles of drinking water to clients. I worked for him as a loader, received cash.He also restored furniture, helped grandmothers in the house, changed locks and sockets …

Many people find Mikhail, like other albinos, very attractive, but the guy is in a hurry to assure: “We have more minuses.”

When I ask about fans, Michael says:

– At home we all have dark hair, with black eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes. There I had no fans. Many, on the contrary, were afraid to approach me, considering me to be at least strange. What can not be said about St. Petersburg.Here the girls often come up to me themselves, asking to be photographed with me. I have many acquaintances and friends among the fair sex.

Mikhail says that when he is in clubs, he begins to dance with friends, but then only girls remain near him.

– Ultraviolet lights are used in nightclubs. My hair shines from them. I can be seen from afar in the dark. It attracts girls. Guys are jealous, it happens that it almost comes to fights.I have to calm the “hot heads”, talk heart to heart, talk about myself … I have not yet found my soul mate. My studies and part-time work take a lot of time.

Mikhail recently starred in a short film, in the summer the film crew will be filming nature. And then the film should be released.

No matter how attractive St. Petersburg may be, Mikhail says that, most likely, he will not stay there to live and work.

– I plan to return home after school.I am the youngest in the family, I will live with my parents. Now is the age of electronics and computers. I want to do diagnostics of foreign cars. I will most likely work for myself, so that if my eyes get tired, I will have a little rest …

All our interlocutors say that albinism has made them stronger. Despite the difficulties, they try to live a fulfilling life. And with one voice they say: “It’s good that we weren’t born in Africa.” Albinos, as you know, are killed there in a number of countries, believing that their organs and body parts have healing powers.Healers and sorcerers use them in their potions. There is a real hunt for albinos. They often go missing. In Tanzania, for example, in order to save albinos from death, the government is building special refuge villages for them …

90,000 Platypuses glow green in the dark – Capital C

The Australian platypus is the strangest mammal on earth. It has a beak on its face, venomous spurs on its legs, lays eggs, detects electric fields and hunts using electroreception.It’s hard to think of what else to add to the exotic list. Recently, however, American scientists have discovered another feature: platypuses glow in the dark. The research results are published in the journal “Mammalia”.

Photo: Social networks

There are many examples of bioluminescence and biofluorescence in the animal world, just remember insects or deep-sea fish, explains the magazine “Naked Science”. However, only two such species were known in the mammalian class – the American marsupial possum Didelphid and the flying squirrel Glaucomys.Both are nocturnal like platypuses. So the biologist Paola Enich of Northland College and her colleagues decided to test their biofluorescence.

Last year, the same group discovered the ability to glow in flying squirrels, says Popular Mechanics magazine. The find occurred by accident during a night survey of lichens. Field observations were later confirmed by stuffed flying squirrels kept in the museum.

In search of a clue to the platypus, scientists turned to specimens from the Field Museum of Natural History and the University of Nebraska Museum – stuffed animals of two males and one female.In daylight, their fur looks brown, but when exposed to ultraviolet light, it emits a blue-green glow.

By absorbing UV photons with wavelengths from 200 to 400 nanometers, platypuses re-emit them in the visible range at a length of 500-600 nanometers. This optical process creates fluorescence regardless of gender. Most likely, this ability is the result of adaptation to a nocturnal lifestyle. This allows the platypuses to notice each other and actively interact in low light conditions.

Researchers are confident that the observed fluorescence is not exclusively a feature of museum specimens. ” It applies to all platypuses, but this remains to be verified.

Opossums (marsupials) and squirrels (placentals), along with humans, belong to the subclass of animals. (theria). And the platypuses – to the “first beasts” (prototheria), which separated from our common ancestors about 150 million years ago. Scientists pay special attention to this fact, because now there are examples of animals with biofluorescence from all subclasses and infraclasses of mammals, albeit one at a time.

90,000 SIYAI: The trend is hair that glows in the dark!

If you like to experiment with your appearance, are not afraid of changes and dream of surprising others with something out of the ordinary – glowing hair dyes are created just for you. This unusual trend has already won the love of many girls around the world, and no wonder – rainbow strands that shine in the dark are undoubtedly the best way to be the center of attention at a party!

The first neon hair dyes were released by the world famous American brand Manic Panic.It was the creators of MP who at one time introduced the fashion for multi-colored strands (well, admit it, you had such, right?), And continue to fantasize and open up new possibilities for fashionistas to turn hair into unique masterpieces.

Today, neon paints have already appeared in the lines of many beauty brands, and are actively winning the love of female fans all over the world. Applying such a dye to your hair is as simple as everyone else, the main thing is not to stain everything around, as otherwise you risk turning your own bathroom into a spaceship cabin.

How to give your hair the desired volume

This, of course, is quite original, but being asleep can be pretty scary.

When neon dyes first appeared, many began to argue that they were extremely harmful and dangerous to hair and health in general. However, the manufacturers quickly dispelled all doubts:

“They were star-tested, not animal-tested,” reads a joking inscription on the Manic Panic website.

In general, this beauty novelty, in our opinion, is great! With shiny hair, you will definitely not be left without attention at the party, and indeed – in the dark you will be a star in the literal sense of the word!

Makeup for the brave: a shiny lip kit from the world’s most famous makeup artist

To add even more “space”, braid your hair in fine braids or twist it into a tight bun at the back of your head – these hairstyles will perfectly highlight your striking look.

Top-7 Moscow streets with striking design solutions

From large swings to “gallows” lanterns

Yesterday these were ordinary streets, similar to hundreds of others, but today they have turned into designer pedestrian zones. We will tell you which Moscow streets will surprise you with their architectural solutions and stylish layouts.

1. Liberty Street: “gallows” lanterns

Unusual urban lighting appeared in the Northern Tushino.The pedestrian alley along Svoboda Street looks like an endless corridor of light. All thanks to the unusual L-shaped LED lights. The urban trend towards minimalism and the pedestrian zone, executed in cold shades, attract young people here, as well as lovers of jogging in the fresh air.

2. Uglichskaya street: luminous arches

Those who admire urban geometry and clear, precise forms – here.This section of Uglichskaya Street was named “Lianozovsky Promenade”, but the residents of the district call it “the local Arbat”. The peculiarity of the new zone is the unusual high arches that glow in the dark. Young people love to be photographed here for Instagram, as well as swing in the summer with a glass of cold coffee on a large swing.

3. Forest street: “standing” benches

Even the shops speak of the business atmosphere of Lesnaya Street.There is no time to sit romantically here, so the benches are made in the “I stand, but my legs are resting” format. They are located at new public transport stops on high Viennese-style platforms. The architectural solution is harmoniously complemented by giant design lamps, which, by the way, were awarded the 2018 Lightning design awards (Street Lighting).

4. Osenny Boulevard: rotating benches

After improvement in 2019under the program “My District” along the boulevard in Krylatskoye it has become convenient to walk and ride a bicycle along dedicated paths. But the main feature of the boulevard is the unique spinning benches where both children and adults can frolic. If you are embarrassed to do this in broad daylight, come late at night – for the safety of the townspeople, the boulevard was fenced and new lighting was made.

5. Novy Arbat: big swing

Maxim Stulov / Vedomosti

The coolest swing, of course, is on Novy Arbat.You seem to be in the center of a noisy capital, and there are green bushes all around, sheltering from road dust, and cozy floor lamps with LED lighting. Sway as if in the country, surrounded by legendary book houses and art objects. When you get tired, you can relax on a 150-meter bench.

6. Cannon Street: laconic geometry

Sami C Follow /

One of the old streets in the center of Moscow is located between Neglinnaya Street and Lubyanskaya Square.Walking along it, you can feel the intimacy and comfort of European cities. Laconic forms and a series of white architectural balls, ideally laid out along the street, will allow you to structure your thoughts and relax in the chaos of the metropolis.

7. Voznesensky Lane: the style of the old capital

Here you can take a walk in Moscow, which has preserved its historical appearance. In many ways, the stylistics has not been lost thanks to the historical lanterns, recreated according to the drawings of the Moscow Lights Museum.Although there are also new architectural trends: anti-parking barriers in the form of spheres, modern benches and a designer wooden curvilinear bench at the intersection with Eliseevsky Lane.

Since April 2019, the My District program has been launched in Moscow, the ultimate goal of which is to create in every district of the capital a comfortable environment for living, resting and working not far from home.

90,000 Scientists: Glow-in-the-dark plants can replace streetlights

Biologists from a small company operating in San Francisco, USA, have succeeded in creating unusual genetically modified organisms – plants that glow in the dark. To do this, the genes of fireflies and marine plankton, which are responsible for the emission of aurora, were implanted into the DNA molecules of flowers.

As a result of a scientific experiment, American biologists have created plants that emit light in the dark. In order to have funds to mass produce firefly plants and study them, scientists began to raise money using the Internet.

A few months ago, when the required amount (more than $ 400 thousand) had accumulated, experts asked interested investors what they would like to spend the collected funds on – to launch plants on sale or to continue research and work to make the emitted light become more vivid.The respondents voted unanimously for the second option.

To create bioluminescent specimens, scientists artificially crossed plants of the cabbage family (Arabidopsis) with the marine bacterium Vibrio fischeri.

The process was long and laborious. Bioengineers lined up many DNA sequences that contained embedded glow genes. The results of the work were sent to Cambrian Genomics, which is engaged in laser printing of chains of individual fragments of synthetic DNA.

The resulting molecule was introduced into the leaves by the pathogenic bacterium Agrobacterium tumefaciens, which was neutralized for the experiment and did not harm the plant. Scientists have observed how quickly the modified DNA takes root and how much light it can emit.

Engineers have tried hundreds of combinations to get the best results possible.

It is planned that plants containing altered DNA will give a new generation – seeds that will sprout and will also radiate a glow in the dark.

In addition, the first batch of genetically modified firefly seeds available for sale is expected to be quite large.

All this causes concern of ecologists and ardent opponents of GMOs. The concept of DNA alteration remains one of the most controversial issues in modern science. Many people are still of the opinion that genetically modified foods pose a threat to health and even human life.

With the help of the Kickstarter Internet resource, environmentalists began to raise funds in order to close the laboratory for the cultivation of suspicious plants.However, for several months this campaign did not collect even $ 2 thousand.

Nevertheless, biologists are positively disposed. According to scientists, subject to large-scale refinement, their invention – luminous plants – can become an alternative source of energy and be used, for example, to illuminate apartments and streets at night.

Arch of balls “Stars of Bohemia” – Planet of balls

” Thank you very much, I want to print here to the “Planet of balloons” team)) For my daughter’s birthday, I ordered glowing balloons – 15 balloons.With delivery. Day to day. They brought it in time, as promised. There was a downpour on the street – I kept thinking how they would bring these balloons to me from the car into the staircase in the rain – they would get wet . .. But even this was thought out by the guys – the balloons were in a huge bag. Magic balls – they glow very beautifully in the dark – the child is happy! I highly recommend it, you will not regret ordering balls from the Planet of Balls »

Ellina Moscow


” Many thanks to Roman and Alexei for the festive decoration of the hall (they celebrated their 50th anniversary).Roman first went to the site for a visual inspection and recommended a more spectacular decoration of the hall. I would like to note that Roman went out two times, because at the last moment we changed one hall for another. Everything was done on time and with high quality. Thank you for the beauty you create. ”

Karina Moscow

” Thank you very much! Today they made out a hall for us, for the last bell at school. Thoughtful color design and fast, high-quality design are the professionalism of the company. ”

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Elena Moscow

Not always where…

” Learn from other people’s mistakes! A month before my birthday I called and discussed my order in Frozen style. A week before the event, I called again and was pleasantly surprised by the service – the employees went to the venue, everyone looked and adjusted the order – the area the hall turned out to be small, they suggested to REDUCE the order. As a result, we changed the original idea. BUT !!! It turned out that my husband bought everything in a nearby store (prices are lower, but pick-up). One thing, it was not so easy to deliver 25 helium balloons and Elsa’s walking balloon! Some parts were lost on the way (although my husband was carrying everything in the car).Elsa did not have special weights (which is why she constantly fell), and snowflakes flew off in front of her. , but it turned out that everyone just kicked him (since, I repeat, Elsa was reclining all the time). Do not chase the price! “

Irina Moscow

Thank you for the holiday…

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Super balls

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Why We Love Celebrities: An Anthropologist’s Answer

Why are we so obsessed with celebrities? Because of the evolutionary characteristics of your brain, says anthropologist Jamie Tegrani.

I like aphorisms.

One of my favorites is from Mark Twain: “Sorry for the long letter – I didn’t have time for the short one.”

I often apologize this way to friends and colleagues for my philosophizing. This is a precise and subtle observation. It would seem purely Twain.

But it doesn’t belong to Twain. I was recently told that the real author of the quote is the lesser-known French thinker Blaise Pascal. I checked – indeed, Pascal used these words in a letter to his colleague back in 1657.

And it turns out that I was wrong not only about this quote.

I think many have heard Einstein’s brilliant aphorism: “It’s crazy to do the same thing over and over again, but each time to wait for a different result. ” This is perhaps the most famous phrase of the great physicist after “E = mc²”.

But there is no evidence that he pronounced it. These words were first published in the 1981 brochure Drug Addicts Anonymous, nearly 25 years after Einstein’s death.

And there are many similar examples.

Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin and Martin Luther King did not say, probably, half of what is attributed to them. After all, quotes sound more weighty when they are put into the mouths of witty and wise men.

This is normal. Ascribing smart thoughts to great people is just an example of a broader trend: to put celebrities on a pedestal.

Signs to the photo,

Albert Einstein and Mark Twain did not say the phrases attributed to them.

Glory is a powerful cultural magnet.As hypersocial beings, we derive most of our knowledge and skills by copying others, rather than through trial and error.

And at the same time – we pay more attention to the behavior of famous people than ordinary members of the community.

It turns out that various phenomena have a better chance of success if they are associated with someone famous – even if by mistake? Perhaps the speaker is as important as the meaning of what is said?

Another example of how “cultural magnets” work: we often copy the traits of famous people that are not directly related to their success, for example clothes, hairstyles, speech.

This is why companies use stars to advertise. Celebrities are always in sight, and if they wear your jeans or watch, the public will notice.

But it’s not just about getting as many people as possible to see your products. From a picture on television or in the newspaper, you will not know what kind of panties Beckham is wearing or what perfume Beyoncé wears.

Stars advertise such products because business people know that fame actively influences our perception of values. Celebrities make products not only visible, but also desirable.

But why? It is believed that the culture of celebrities arose relatively recently, that it is the product of a media and atomized society.

This phenomenon is really modern, but it is based on deep human instincts – instincts that played a key role in the emergence of our culture and allowed our species to successfully evolve.

It’s about prestige. It is a form of social status based on respect and admiration from members of the community.It is of great interest to anthropologists, as it is a unique characteristic of our species. In addition, this phenomenon is universal, that is, one that exists in every human community.

In other primates, social hierarchies are based primarily on dominance. It differs from prestige in that it is based on fear and violence.

Ordinary members of the community obey the dominant animals, because to stand in their way is to challenge their status, which they will defend by force.Many human hierarchies are also dominated.

But in addition, we also have a system of prestige, which is supported voluntarily. The status of prestige is assigned to persons for their achievements in a certain area, and is not established by force.

Pidpis to photo,

Social hierarchies of other primates are based mainly on dominance

Where did this phenomenon come from? The theory that sounds most convincing is that it is one of a number of devices with the help of which we got the opportunity to learn.At some point, our ancestors began to notice and reward and learn from subjects with exceptional skills.

Thanks to this, individual discoveries (for example, knowledge about the medicinal properties of herbs or the optimal design of weapons) were able to spread throughout the population, as well as be inherited. Each subsequent generation used and improved the wisdom of their ancestors.

Therefore, in general, the propensity to imitate talent is useful. But sometimes it makes us copy unimportant and sometimes harmful traits.

Why? Because this ability of ours is very general: we adopt role models in general, and not specific knowledge or skills. That is why this tool is so flexible and powerful: the traits that make a person successful are different in different circumstances, so it makes sense to copy someone who excelled in something at a certain time and in a certain place.

Therefore, we adopt the entire behavioral complex of famous people, in particular those traits that have nothing to do with their success.

For example, men can observe that a real hunter, making stone arrowheads, speaks some kind of spell. And they will accept this ritual along with its technique of stone processing.

In my opinion, this is what explains our interest in what they dress in, what they ride or where they shop.

Pidpis to photo,

In ancient societies it was considered prestigious, for example, hunting skill

In the past, insignificant traits that we took from leaders were compensated by useful ones.Therefore, in the long term, it was an effective and adaptive strategy.

But does it remain so in our time? I’m not sure.

The modern world is very different from the one in which our brains evolved, and I believe that the initially beneficial tendency to imitate leaders has degenerated into an unhealthy obsession with celebrities who receive significantly more attention than they deserve.

Let’s make an analogy with food. Our ancestors developed a love for sweet and fat because it stimulated them to produce ripe fruits and meats that are rich in nutrients.But in the modern world with its mass production of confectionery and intensive agriculture, this feature of ours only leads to an epidemic of obesity and related diseases.

Media is unhealthy brain food: fast, convenient, but not healthy. We absorb the image of wealth and success because they satisfy our desire for prestige. But are today’s celebrities really worthy of emulation?

By asking this question, I do not mean the scandalous antics of drunk actors or football players.No, I’m interested in a general problem: what is the purpose of the modern phenomenon of celebrities?

In ancient societies, the list of role models was clearly marked: master hunters or gatherers, good parents, perhaps experts in ritual.

But in our society, with its complex class system, division of labor and mixture of cultures, the criteria for success are much more varied and less transparent. Many celebrities have excelled in areas that we’re unlikely to ever try our hand at, such as professional sports or music.

But we still imitate them, because our brains are programmed to associate prestige with adaptive behavior. And since fame is the main sign of prestige, the more attention the stars receive, the more they are attracted.

No wonder that fame has ceased to have a practical purpose. In the modern world, it is not so important what you became famous for, fame is an end in itself.

And although celebrities are now wildly popular – more than ever in human history, we often hear that they should not be imitated.

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