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How to Choose Winning Girls Pageant Dresses: A Complete Guide


Beauty pageants for kids are exciting events for both the kids and their parents. It is a great way to bring forth the talents of the children and boost their confidence. The girl gets her share of the limelight and learns many things such as skills of public appearance and socializing. It is an exciting and nerve-racking experience for parents to prepare their kids for the beauty pageant and to search for a winning dress.

Winning a beauty pageant is the dream of every child running for it, and the one who stands out in all the aspects of beauty, talent, knowledge, and outfit can influence the judges’ final decisions. There are different kinds of beauty pageants held for different age groups. However, junior beauty pageants are your little princess’s opportunity to have the experience she needs to be part of a bigger beauty competition in the future.

Not just your daughter should wear an attractive and beautiful dress for her pageant, but the dress you choose should be age-appropriate and match the guidelines established by the organizing body. Choosing a perfect and appropriate girls pageant dress can be a hard task, but do not worry; in this article, we have put together all the ideas and tips to remember when picking a pageant dress for your girl. We’ll also discuss the different age groups eligible for the competition and the different kinds of toddler and baby girl pageant dresses available and decide which to choose.

What is a Child Pageant, and When Did it Start?


Child beauty pageants are competitions held for kids under the age of 16. Willing kids should register themselves for the competition and participate in the competition’s different segments or categories to win the crown. Each contest may differ slightly in its segments. Still, the main segments that generally hold for any beauty pageant include talent, interview, casual wear, western wear, theme wear, traditional wear, or swimwear.

Although the modern concept of beauty pageants has changed over the, it is confined to girls, but boys also actively participate – it has over 100 years of history. Kids’ beauty pageants started back in 1920, and the Little Miss America pageant began in the 1960s in New Jersey and had competitors aged from 13-17. However, four years later, the same competition had over 35,000 participants, which led to the age division, giving birth to the modern child beauty pageant that we cherish today.

Child pageantry has become quite a popular concept now, and more parents support their kids into participating and winning such titles. These beauty contests not only prepare your child for a public appearance and boost confidence but also bring in the fair competition spirit and good fashion sense as a grown-up lady.

What is the Appropriate Age for a Beauty Pageant?

Pageants can be small and big, depending on the competition’s size; they can be local, state-level, or national. There are two types of pageants – natural and glitz.

Natural pageants focus more on the natural and internal beauty of the contestants. These competitions are more of a personal introduction, question round, and interview where the jury focuses on the participants’ confidence and communication skills.

Since girls under the age of 13 are not allowed to wear makeup, fake eyelashes, hair extensions, false nails, fake teeth, and spray tans are prohibited.

A glitz pageant is focused more on the external beauty than the inside, which allows the participants to wear heavy makeup, hair extensions, false eyelashes, fake teeth, colored contacts, spray tans and a beautiful girls pageant dress.

So what is the appropriate age for these beauty pageant competitions?

If you are interested in signing up your daughter in any beauty pageant competitions held in your city or state, it’s essential that you know the prescribed rules and guidelines required to complete so that you don’t waste money and time investing in the wrong dress for the competition.

Besides, the age groups are categorized as:

  • Baby Miss – aged 0-23 months
  • Toddler Miss – aged 2-3
  • Mini Miss – aged 4-5
  • Princess – aged 6-7
  • Little Miss – aged 8-9
  • Pre-teen – aged 10-12
  • Junior Teen – aged 12-15

The winners of these competitions earn fame and take their prizes in scholarships, bouquets, tiaras, sashes, toys, and trophies.

If your child hopes to join any of these beauty competitions, support her with the correct ideology. A child winning a beauty pageant finds herself with many opportunities in the glamor industry and can build a robust modeling career. Allow your child to be noticed and earn fame.

Now that you know the different kinds of beauty pageants and the appropriate age to join, the next thing you’ll need is to prepare her for the competition and find her a beautiful dress to win the competition. The next section of the article covers exactly that.

What Are Some of the Winning Pageant Dresses?

Girls’ pageant dresses are available in varied designs, prints, cuts, styles, and colors.

Let us discover some of the widely loved dress types that you’d love.

Girls Pageant Dresses


Beauty pageants require special dresses for each of the rounds. Based on the competition’s theme and the set rules, our little girl should be dressed up in evening gowns, dresses, theme wear, or swimwear. The beauty pageant dresses for girls should be unique and make your girl look confident. She should stand out from the rest, which is why choosing the best outfit is so important.

There are a lot of styles and designs that are just incredible.

Beaded sequined ruffled girls pageant dresses are an excellent pick and will make your little girl look like a princess. These tulle satin dresses have unique cuts and embellished bodices. Sleeveless and scoop neckline make the look more charming. The ruffled skirt detailing makes it like a fairy gown and a perfect thing for beauty pageants.

Find these pretty dresses in a wide range of colors such as pink, lilac, red, champagne, blue, rose gold, and other unique colors to choose from.

Available for ages 2-7 years old.

Some lacework on an evening dress will bind a splendid look. Elegant rhinestone lacework with tulle covering gives the gown a soft feel and look. The bodice is embellished with lace and rhinestones for a more decorative feel to the overall attire. You’ll find a vast color combination for these gorgeous dresses, such as pale pink, yellow, blue, blush, and more pretty colors.

If you want to keep it more jeweled with some heavy adornments, glitter girl pageant dresses are an ideal choice. These adorable pieces have an elegant detailing of glitter and bright rhinestone and bead adornment on the bodice. Heavy decoration is followed on the waistline and the skirt area below the waist. Your little one will love to go in circles and swirl on the ramp, looking gorgeous.

You can choose a dark-colored glittery dress such as red, navy, and burgundy or light-colored dresses such as ivory, gold, lavender, or blush.

Evening gowns are mostly available in sleeveless designs. But if you want to keep it sophistically stylish, choose one with a long sleeve or bell-shaped sleeves.

Besides evening gowns, ball gowns are yet another favorite and famous pageant dresses for girls. 

They look voluminous and full with elegant decoration on the fabric and are perfect for the ramp. Elaborate designs of lovely beads on the bodice make these dresses are trendy in pageants. Available both in long and short sleeves. However, the long sleeves and bell-shaped sleeves bring uniqueness to the overall look of the attire.

Embroidered and Organza White Pageant Dresses for Girls


White always looks great and is a subtle way to stand out. The beauty of a white embroidered tulle dress is matchless. It is simple, elegant, and will look great on your little girl. Irrespective of what hair or skin color your little princess sports, a white dress will add grace to her personality.

Another variant of a white pageant dress for girls is a ruffle skirt with beading details on the bodice. Find a gown that is floor-length to bring in fairytale-like detailing. You can either choose to go with sleeveless or pick one that has a sheer short sleeve. Some white dresses also come with decorated straps for a high-end look, if you want to add some glam to the look. The ruffled detailing from the waist to the floor-length gives fabulous.

Organza, a piece of sheer and lightweight fabric is used to bring in a more decorative detailing to the ball gown. A white organza dress for the pageant is a unique yet elegant match for a heart-winning presence on the stage. A white mesh dress will make a beautiful formal gown for your little one to try.

Let her captivate the judges and everyone with a gorgeous white lace applique dress. A beautiful floor-length dress with applique patterns on the bodice and the waistline makes it unique from the rest. Find a dress with a lace neckline, one of the most popular designs loved by beauty pageants. The bulky nature of the ball gowns always works the magic. It is traditional as well as stylish. A flattering trim of ruffled detail gives it a complete ramp-ready look.

If you please, you may add up a little glam to it with a long sleeve bolero or laced tulle capes that have a sheer finish.

White itself is beautiful as a color. Some additional glitz and glitters will make it gorgeous and impressive. Stunning white ball gowns with incredible glitter work all over the skirt, with rhinestones and sequined work on the bodice and waistline, make fabulous little girl pageant dresses. White cascade ruffled dresses are also a chic way to present oneself in a beauty pageant. Keep it simple and elegant with a square neckline and ruffled skirt below the waistline, while you can adorn the waistline with a brooch or a bow – whichever suits your taste.

Besides sleeveless and full sleeve white dresses, you’ll also find an exciting variety of off-shoulder white dresses. These dresses are adorable and have sequined features an elastic strap on the top. If tulle is something you like, find a tulle variant of the off-shoulder white dress.

Beautiful quarter sleeve lacework embellished white dress with V-neck is another addition to pageant dresses’ white variants. For more embellishment, find one with sequined work all over the gown. The bodice and back of the dress have lace designs. You can choose floor-length, or one with a long peacock tail – either way, your daughter will look like a princess.

These gorgeous white pageant dresses for girls are available for all age groups ranging from 2-15.

Red Pageant Dresses for Girls


Red is one of the hottest colors for pageant dresses. Not only red looks stunning but high-end too. From ruffled and tulle to sequined and satin, red dresses come with fabulous designs and unique cuts. A red full-length dress with elegant applique work on the bodice and waistline will make it pop up from the others on the stage. Explore a wide range of red pageant dresses for girls with tulle work, and stunning details of beads and glitters make it look beautiful.

The ruffled skirt finish of a red dress looks voluminous and bouncy when your daughter will walk down the stage. Intensify your little girls’ personality with a pretty ruffled red dress as this color matches all skin shades and has a lively spirit to itself.

Adding more glam to the pageant dress can never be a bad idea. So if you want to pep it up, choose one with lace applique trim. Lace is delicate and adds to the sophistication. The applique trims, starting from the waistline and going down to the floor, give volume to the dress. Find cuts in sleeveless and with sleeves.

Explore another variety of red with some floral sequined work all over the bodice up to the waistline. Find one that has spaghetti straps and some embroidery work around the waist.

Trendy tulle red floral dresses with glittery bodice and wired end on the skirt will make your child look so adorable. Discover sleeveless trends of this design with floral beaded lace applique and a tulle skirt. These dresses are also available in one-shoulder or off-shoulder variants. These are also some of the cheap little girl pageant dresses that you can get without breaking the bank.

Some other exciting styles of a red pageant dress include satin. You’ll love the soft and glossy nature of satin and the way it is designed to make a beautiful dress suitable for a beauty pageant. Choose one without a sleeve or one with a sleeve; either way, the dress will look stunning. The waist can have a rhinestone decoration. If you don’t want to go with a ball gown dress made of satin, sure you can choose one A-line red satin dress.

The red metallic lace tulle dress is again an excellent pick for a pageant dress. Gorgeous rhinestone and gold lace are a beautiful contrast to trying for your little girl’s stage presentation. These dresses are uniquely blended into modern touch with a traditional feel available in both sleeveless and off-shoulder. Discover elegant lacework done on the bodice.

Blue Pageant Dresses for Girls


The classic feel and elegant looks of a blue sleeveless tulle dress are worth the try. Tulle never goes out of trend, and when you mix the timelessness of tulle work on a blue dress, it just becomes more beautiful. Perfect for glitz and stage-ready, tulle works on the sleeveless dress adds that desired look you want from a pageant dress.

Get flattered by a wide selection of dress that has exquisite rhinestone embellishment on it. The detailing on the bodice is what makes it more beautiful. See if you get a dress with a cascading layer of tulle to bring in more fullness to the dress’s entire look and feel.

If you want to try out some A-line dresses, blue shades have many designs to offer. Straight dresses have their fervor, and with decorations, they are sure to steal the hearts of the jury. Bring on your child’s fashion taste on the stage with a straight blue dress adorned with applique features. You can choose one without a sleeve or decorated straps with the wrapped-up fabric below the neck area.

A wide range of necklines includes scoop, V-neck, halter, off-shoulder, square, and others. Based on the kind of jewelry your kid will wear in the competition, choose a neckline that suits them best. For sleeves, too, you have sleeveless, short sleeves, straps, and quarter sleeves to decide on.

Ruffled blue pageant dresses for girls are a new selection of dresses for the competition. The intent is to bring out your child’s fashion taste through the dress she wears, and the blue ruffled dress justifies the intent pretty much.

Several layers of soft ruffles hanging from the waistline to the floor-length will create a fairytale-like feeling. Choose from various embellishments such as beaded jewel, dazzling rhinestone, pearl work, organza, and several other exciting varieties to pick from.

Sequined blue rhinestone dresses have a traditional flavor – ones like a fairy tale feeling and a hint of modern designs. The entire dress has an elegant covering of glitter netball all over. The bodice includes a decorated detail of rhinestone, and the scoop neckline has a net effect covering the area.

Another version of an ideal blue pageant dresses for girls includes beaded sequined tapered ruffle edges. Ruffle skirts are soft both in look and feel. A pretty combination of rhinestone and sequin work on the bodice with satin and tulle detailing, these dresses are undoubtedly exotic. The dress’s tiered and ruffled effect is so unique that it makes an ideal fit for your little one’s pageant pick.

A bit of glitz and sparkle is what beauty pageants are about. Glow up your little girl’s look with a rhinestone and pearl work embellished blue dress. This dress will look exceptional with a halter neck design. Tule features an adorned covering over the entire dress for a lovely feel and perfect attire for any beauty competition. Besides beauty pageants, these pageant dresses for little girls can be worn for any special occasion, such as junior bridesmaid, flower girl, and other special family gatherings.

Bring in some sophistication on your daughter’s overall look with a blue crystal lace dress with adornment all over, especially on the bodice and waistline. Broad straps and square neckline is unique to this variety, making your kid stand out from the rest on the stage.

Royal blue is a rich hue of blue, and a dress colored in this shade is undoubtedly looks high-end. There are multiple rounds of presentations on the stage planned out for the pretty contestants. Any competition that needs the contestant to present in a beautiful gown or ball gowns, royal blue will bring the flavor for a splendid presentation on the podium.

Think of the dress idea of a fairy tale princess like Aurora. Discover uniquely awesome designs – slender waistline with sash and a brooch on the waist large ruffled under the area below the waistline. You may choose to keep the bodice plain, smocked detailing, or some dazzling rhinestone designs. Pick one with a short sleeve, without sleeve or strapped with a beautiful bolero; you’ll surely see the difference.

Chiffon dresses are also quite popular in a beauty pageant. A blue chiffon dress with rhinestone work on the bodice’s top with a flowing skirt has layered of ruffles and rhinestone dazzling on the bodice. If you want something sweet and simple yet trendy enough to stand competition, these dresses deserve a try-out.

Long Pageant Dresses for Girls


Long pageant dresses are the signature dresses for beauty pageant competitions. There are prescribed rules regarding the dress’s height from the floor, and make sure you go through the guidelines well before deciding on any clothing. As a simple rule, the hem should be high enough for the contestant to walk freely and without tripping. Since the shoes should not be visible when the contestant is standing still, you’ll know how high or low the dress should be.

There are a huge collection of long glitz dresses that are beautiful and elegant enough for the pageant mood. Luckily you won’t run out of beautiful ideas for long pageant dresses for girls.  Explore a wide selection of long dresses with lacework, glitters, beaded pearls, and applique work that looks so great on the stage. Other adornments such as sequins and ribbons are delicately beautiful and look so wonderful in the competition. Short sleeves and sleeveless are a regular pick for long pageant dresses. However, you can also go with a long sleeve or off-the-shoulder dress that looks so beautiful.

Another elegant long pageant dress style includes a rhinestone tulle satin dress. You can either choose a ball gown dress or an A-line dress: a Tulle skirt, an embellished bodice with lace and rhinestone beads. You can choose a sleeveless or a sheer long sleeve dress, whichever you think fits your need.

You’ll also find long straight cone-shaped dresses with rhinestone decorations all over the clothing. Halter neck brings in elegance and a blend of the trend – some dresses also come with lacework around the neckline. The square neckline also looks brilliant.

Available in a wide spectrum of colors, you may choose from white, red, blush, blue, navy, royal blue, pink, gold, silver, burgundy, and many more beautiful colors.

Short Pageant Dresses for Girls


If your little princess is participating in a day event, a short dress for the competition is ideal. Such dresses look cute and allow free movement. Usually preferred for a glitz pageant, however, with minimal extravagance or embellishment, a short dress can be worn for a natural pageant dress as well.

Short dresses that come with beautiful 3D flowers and glittery embellishment makes the short dresses ideal for a beauty pageant. You’d find a huge selection of them regarding the fabric, ranging from satin, organza, chiffon, crochet, and many others.

These short dresses are usually above the knee and can be extravagant and straightforward with heavy embellishments such as pearls, crystals, sequins, etc. Let your daughter sparkle with confidence and capture hearts with our collection of short pageant dresses for girls.  You can either choose from ruffled, lace tulle, or short tulle dresses.

Besides solids, there are also rich contrasted dresses with adorned bodices and solid skirts. Choose from a wide selection of colors such as black and gold, fuchsia, coral, blue and gold, red and gold, turquoise, royal blue, champagne, gold, burgundy, white and gold, purple, and other attractive colors to pick from.

Toddler and Baby Girl Pageant Dresses


Your baby angel is already set to steal hearts; dress her up for the stage with a perfect dress for the beauty pageant. Newborns and babies are anyways too cute to handle. Our cute baby dresses collection is a new selection of beautiful baby girls pageant dresses such as cupcakes, pageant dresses, cascade ruffle organza dresses, sheer ruffle dresses, or jeweled dress with a bolero.

Cupcake dresses are a hot favorite among parents and judges when dressing up a baby girl. Take advantage of our selection of adorable cupcake dresses with an organza skirt and spaghetti straps. Either go with a plain bodice or choose one with adornment. It is available in several colors such as coral, blue, white, aqua, pink, red, lavender, and more.

Are you looking for elegant toddler girl pageant dresses? For your toddler girl, pick a chic layered ruffle dress with a bolero. These dresses will look unique and beautiful on your child. You may also choose an organza dress that has a vertical ruffle with an adorned waistband that sparkles. If you are looking for an ideal, toddler girl pageant dress, this is it.

Tiffany Pageant Dresses for Girls

Tiffany dresses are a kind of clothing that is designed to fit any body type. You’ll find a vast array of sophisticated yet exquisite style that fits your little darling just like her skin. Whether you want to keep it exotic with a flowy chiffon dress or a long mermaid tail, or peacock tail trend, they all are perfect. Your pretty angel will dazzle with the tiffany pageant dresses for girls that are either embellished with sequins, pearls, velvet, and more. Choose from a wide range of cuts such as A-line, ball gown, straight flowy, or floor-length. It is available in colors such as white, pink, rose, lavender, gold, blue, turquoise, red, coral, and other pretty colors.

Before selecting any dress, make sure you read the guideline for the contest well. It is essential that your child likes the dress and feels comfortable – because she’ll be confident when she is comfortable. And confidence is the first step to winning any goal.

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Celebrity DressesCenter KeyholeCorsetHigh LowMulti-LayeredOpen BackPleatedPlus Sizes AvailableRuchedSlit

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AppliquesBeadingBowsCrystal BroochEmbroideredFeatherFlower(s)FringeLaceRuffleSashSequins




Ankle-LengthAsymmetricalChapel TrainCourt TrainFloor-LengthKnee LengthShort/MiniSweep TrainTea-LengthWatteau Train


Cowl NeckHalterHigh NeckJewel-NeckLow V-NeckOff-the-ShoulderOne-ShoulderPortraitScalloped NeckScoop NeckSheer NeckStraplessSweetheartV-neck


A-Line/PrincessEmpire WaistMermaidSlim Fit


1/2 Sleeves3/4 SleevesLong SleevesSheer Long SleevesShort SleevesSleeveless


Cap StrapsRegular StrapsSpaghetti StrapsStrapless

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BridalBridesmaidsCasual DressesCocktail DressesCommunionEveningFlower GirlGirls Pageant DressesHomecomingMother of the Bride/GroomProm DressesQuinceaneraRed CarpetSweet 16


Ball GownsBohoDress and JacketLace DressesLittle Black DressLittle White DressLong DressesModestPantsPrint DressesSexy and SleekSheer SexyShort DressesSkirtSuitTopsTutuTwo Piece


Celebrity DressesCenter KeyholeCorsetHigh LowMulti-LayeredOpen BackPleatedPlus Sizes AvailableRuchedSlit

Back Style

Covered ButtonCrossed StrapsLace UpLow openSheerZipper UpZipper Up at Side

Color Scheme



AppliquesBeadingBowsCrystal BroochEmbroideredFeatherFlower(s)FringeLaceRuffleSashSequins




Ankle-LengthAsymmetricalChapel TrainCourt TrainFloor-LengthKnee LengthShort/MiniSweep TrainTea-LengthWatteau Train


Cowl NeckHalterHigh NeckJewel-NeckLow V-NeckOff-the-ShoulderOne-ShoulderPortraitScalloped NeckScoop NeckSheer NeckStraplessSweetheartV-neck


A-Line/PrincessEmpire WaistMermaidSlim Fit


1/2 Sleeves3/4 SleevesLong SleevesSheer Long SleevesShort SleevesSleeveless


Cap StrapsRegular StrapsSpaghetti StrapsStrapless

Pageant Dresses for Girls | 2021 Beauty Pageant Ball Gowns

Stylish outfits, gorgeous gowns, stage lights, performances and modeling – there are so many reasons to fall in love with beauty pageants. There are numerous things to take into consideration when preparing for one of these glamorous contests. One thing that comes to mind immediately is getting a perfect dress. Pick a crown-worthy gown from our selection of pageant dresses for girls, from glamorous ball gowns for a Mini Miss to elegant long dresses for senior categories. Madame Bridal carries only the trendiest designs that are sure to make you look and feel like a true beauty queen

Beauty contests have a long and enduring history dating back almost one hundred years to the very first Little Miss America. The two types of competitions are very distinct in style. Natural beauty focus on the non-makeup beauty of the competitor with ensembles that are sweet and adorable, designed to highlight the fresh image of the competitors, dresses in more toned-down girls pageant dresses. For glitz contests girls dress up to the nines for shows in glamorous, embellished outfits, enhancing their natural beauty with the aid of artificial adornments such as flippers, hair extensions, fake tans and false eyelashes, and of course, big and bold pageant dresses. Designer gown retailer Madame Bridal offers a rich choice of dresses for girls online, catering for both natural and glitzy pageants.

Beauty show events cater to children of all ages, ranging from babies to teens under the age of sixteen. The majority of styles feature full-length gowns, but also include short cupcake dresses for little girls and two piece designs. Little princesses will really stand out on the stage in poofy sparkling dresses. These short designs are ideal for performance competitors, allowing more freedom of movement and no worries about tripping over a full-length hemline.

Dresses for tweens are very different from those for toddlers: you won’t see cupcakes in this category, as styles of choice are lavish ball gowns and elegant flowy numbers sewn from taffeta, tulle or chiffon. Junior pageant dresses for girls are voluminous and elaborate, with the accent on elegance as contestants are often judged by their evening gown among other things.

Designer gowns come in every color of the rainbow. From bright vibrant colors, pastels such as blush or turquoise, white dresses, gold and silver, red, blue, green, yellow, purple and pink dresses, to almost any shade in between, to elegant gowns in black.

Girls Pageant Dresses for All Divisions

Toddler dresses have adorable features, making the youngest competitors look strikingly cute. There are polka dot skirts and ruffled puff sleeves, short ruffled skirts with charmingly layered lettuce hemlines, and floral beaded appliques adding a three-dimensional element. These flower girl style dresses come both in vibrant colors, like hot pink, and pastels like lilac or light blue.

Juniors and Pre-Teens will love their first chance to wear a lavish ball gown, with a full skirt cascading from a beaded basque waistline. Cutout backs top lace-up corset features and bejeweled off-the-shoulder straps are complemented with spaghetti straps for additional support. Senior categories denote elegance, with girls pageant dresses that look like special occasion cocktail dresses. A variety of competitions allows for more freedom in picking a pageant dress, whether you favor a knee length homecoming style ensemble, or a classic navy blue long gown with sweep train.

Glitzy dresses feature intricate beading, latticework beading and scattered sequins, with beaded appliques lushly adorning impossibly full skirts. Every girl will feel like a princess for the day in a gloriously sparkling ball gown that takes ‘dress-up’ to a whole new level. These amazing styles are created in the finest fabrics. Young girls can rustle in taffeta or sweep graciously in satin, accentuate their innocence in lace or billow beautifully in chiffon.

If you are hooked on pageants there are mesmerizing dresses for every age group in a wealth of styles to suit your preferred competition. Let Madame Bridal tempt you with the Grand Supreme of gowns so your child will radiate happiness and pride as she performs.

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Celebrity DressesCenter KeyholeCorsetHigh LowMulti-LayeredOpen BackPleatedPlus Sizes AvailableRuchedSlit

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Covered ButtonCrossed StrapsLace UpLow openSheerZipper UpZipper Up at Side

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AppliquesBeadingBowsCrystal BroochEmbroideredFeatherFlower(s)FringeLaceRuffleSashSequins




Ankle-LengthAsymmetricalChapel TrainCourt TrainFloor-LengthKnee LengthShort/MiniSweep TrainTea-LengthWatteau Train


Cowl NeckHalterHigh NeckJewel-NeckLow V-NeckOff-the-ShoulderOne-ShoulderPortraitScalloped NeckScoop NeckSheer NeckStraplessSweetheartV-neck


A-Line/PrincessEmpire WaistMermaidSlim Fit


1/2 Sleeves3/4 SleevesLong SleevesSheer Long SleevesShort SleevesSleeveless


Cap StrapsRegular StrapsSpaghetti StrapsStrapless

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If after receiving your item, you find that you need it in a different size, please request a return for the item (via the same process as above). Then place a new order for the item in the correct size. Please contact us before you place the new order so we can check if it is available for you. This new method allows us to ship out your exchange item quickly!

***It’s important to remember that there are many different body shapes/types and alteration is done on most special occasion dresses for the perfect fit.***

To get the most accurate measurements, have someone measure you with a cloth measuring tape. Before you get started, wear something form-fitting to get the most accurate measurements. Also, don’t pull the measuring tape too tight around your body. You’ll want to give yourself some wiggle room so that you can breathe 🙂 To determine your size, follow these simple instructions:

A – Bust: Measure over the fullest part of the bust, usually above the nipple. Note: this is not your bra size!
B – Waist: Measure around the smallest part of your waist, about 1 to 2 inches above your belly button.
C – Hips: Measure the fullest part of your hips.

  • We recommend that when selecting a size, you base your decision first by your bust AND waist size, and lastly hips.
  • If you are between sizes, we suggest that you choose the larger size and have the dress tailored. For example: If your bust is a Medium and your waist is a Large, please select the Large and get the bust altered.
  • Please keep in mind that the dress may not be an exact fit. Therefore, alternations may be necessary and may be easily hemmed by a local tailor. A general rule of thumb is that a dress can be tailored 2 sizes down if necessary.

Glitterati Style Prom Dress Superstore l Largest collection of designer prom dresses in MA & NH


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Shiny dresses for girls (54 photos)


Children’s dress in sequins


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Fluffy gold dress for a girl catwalk


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Green dress with sequins puffy short


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Chic sparkly dress

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Elegant dresses for girls 2021 (67 photos): beautiful, for teens, lush

Nothing adorns little fashionistas like dresses.Elegant dresses for girls are an opportunity to feel like the heroine of your favorite fairy tale and to attract the enthusiastic glances of those around you. A prom in a kindergarten or school, a family celebration or a New Year’s party will not do without it. Choosing a dress for a girl will not be difficult if you take into account its features.


Children’s dress should combine comfort and quality. You should forget about tight corsets.It is better to stop your choice on a dress with a tight-fitting, but not dragging top. The skirt of the dress should be loose, not interfering with movement. The fabric can be used matte or with a delicate shine.

Low quality synthetics are not the best option for any children’s clothing. It is better to give preference to natural and mixed materials from among those that do not wrinkle much.It can be satin, silk, cotton, viscose, satin, velvet. Organza, tulle are suitable for decoration.

Beautiful styles and models

Children’s fashion in many respects repeats the tendencies of an adult. In the new season, dresses of the A-shaped silhouette are relevant. A large bow or flower at the waist, embroidery, appliques, a yoke, lace collars and cuffs can serve as a decoration.Dresses are decorated with beads, rhinestones and sequins. From adult fashion, children’s dresses borrowed fluffy layered skirts, flounces, ruffles and assembly.

Dress styles may differ in cut. Dresses with a high waist and a fitted cut are popular. Children often enjoy bright dresses in the style of the 50-60s, especially polka-dot dresses with contrasting ribbons and petticoats. Dresses can be made from lace knitting with your own hands.These dresses have a unique beautiful design and stand out among others.

The dress can be decorated with a cage, flowers, fantasy and children’s drawings. Inserts can be made of corrugated, transparent fabric or guipure. Brooches are often used in the shape of a flower or a figurine. Dresses can have long sleeves, ¾ sleeves, or lanterns. For dresses without sleeves, straps are a must-have element in younger and middle age.

Actual colors

White and pastel colors are preferred for young people.Bright colors can be used, especially for contrasting combinations. The most popular colors are milky, pink, blue, lilac, blue and turquoise. Dark colors look impressive with white.


The length of the dress can be any. It can be short dresses with a tutu skirt, comfortable midi lengths or trendy to the floor. The choice of length should, first of all, come from the age of the child.


Fabrics can be divided into several categories by texture:

Soft tissue

They allow you to create beautiful drapes and pleats. Suitable for all body types. These include silk, satin, crepe, crepe de Chine, chiffon.

Rigid fabrics

The fabric creates pronounced folds, angular shapes and is often used to create casual wear.They are best suited for lean builds. This category includes: denim, corduroy, brocade.

Transparent fabrics

These are the most suitable materials for trimming lush dresses with assemblies, inserts. They create beautiful drapery and pleats. This is crepe georgette, chiffon, marquise.

Shiny fabrics

Fantasy fabric texture that reflects light.Not suitable for plump figures, as they emphasize flaws. This category includes: silk, satin, crepe satin, brocade. This can also include fabrics with lurex, sequins, bugles, beads.

    Matte fabrics

    Fabrics that give slim lines to the figure. The category includes different types of crepe and cotton.

    How to choose

    For babies, it is preferable to purchase dresses with a high waist and a fitted bodice.The child should not get tangled up in the fabric, so short dresses will do.

    For girls between the ages of five and ten, you can choose between short or medium dresses that do not restrict movement.

    Girls from ten and more years can buy a dress to the floor. These children can feel confident in a dress with a train at family celebrations in large rooms.However, at school matinees, such a dress will be inappropriate. At this age, girls willingly wear fluffy dresses, dresses with a skirt – a balloon or dresses in the style of dandies with bright details.

    Older girls predominantly use fitted dresses. The styles of dresses can be different: from cocktail dresses to evening dresses. They can have a bustier bodice, one or two straps, V, U-shaped or asymmetrical neckline.Short and long guipure dresses, dresses with a wrap or deep neckline are in fashion. Dresses can be decorated with transparent inserts or drapery.

    For girls with a slightly plump figure, mid-length A-line dresses made of matte fabrics with sleeves are suitable.The sleeves of the dress can be replaced by a cape.

    The choice of the color of the dress, as in the adult wardrobe, is based on the external characteristics of the child. For very young girls with light hair and skin color, delicate colors are selected: milky, pink and blue. Brown will do as well.

    Red, purple, blue and black are suitable for brunettes.Red-haired girls can choose a dress of any color except brown and red. Brown-haired women need to give preference to brown, peach or yellow dress.

    Do not forget about the time of the event. If it is daytime, then dresses for any age should not contain a lot of glitter, rhinestones, bugles. It is better to give preference to dresses of medium length.

    Dance events also do not include floor-length dresses. If they are held in the evening, then you can safely allow your child to wear a sparkling short or medium-length dress. Long outfits are suitable for special occasions with the presentation of certificates and diplomas.

    Stylish looks

    Different age categories of children have their own characteristics not only in the choice of dresses, but also accessories and hairstyles.This is influenced by physiological characteristics and the degree of mobility. The choice of hairstyle still largely depends on the shape of the face, condition, structure and volume of hair.

    For thin hair, braids are not desirable, as they exert strong pressure on the roots. The beauty of wavy hair is emphasized by half-length hairstyles. For a wide type of face, rectangular or square, opulent hairstyles. A high forehead should be covered with a bang.

    For an elongated, narrow face, it is important to create volume at the temples.It can even be decorated with flowers. Lush hair can be gathered into braids.

    For babies

    For a stylish look for girls up to five years old, you can use beautiful hair accessories, a cape or children’s jewelry in the form of a bracelet, earrings. Gloves and a handbag at this age will not be needed yet. The most convenient hair accessory at this age is a headband with a flower or a bow.

    For girls of this age, any children’s prints look good. Dresses can be decorated with berries, flowers, polka dots and even a cage. Lace plain dresses will emphasize the tender age of the child. Knitted fishnet dresses are best for babies. They can be supplemented with booties to match girls under one year old and a hat with ties.

    For girls

    Girls from five to ten years old can already take a small handbag with them to the holiday and complement the image with other accessories: a hat, gloves, a cape. Hairstyles for young and middle-aged girls don’t have to be complicated.You can make braiding or curls by securing with a hair clip.

    Girls of this age prefer fluffy dresses, delicate colors and cute details in the form of a bow on a handbag, a flower on headbands or headbands. It is worth noting that the headband is more suitable for preschool children. Girls from seven years old are better off switching to more elegant hair accessories.


    Girls aged 10-12 still gravitate towards fluffy dresses.At this age, there is an interest in unusual accessories. It can be gloves with open fingers made of transparent fabrics decorated with a flower, a hat with a veil, or original jewelry.

    Children from 13 years old want to look more mature and pay attention to the cut of the dress. They can be attracted by an asymmetrical bodice or hem of a dress, open shoulders, waterfall dresses or Empire style dresses.

    Older girls are already making extensive use of adult dress styles, jewelry and accessories. The choice should be based on the type of figure and color type of appearance. At this age, one cannot do without a clutch, and jewelry must be selected in a metered fashion. It can be long earrings and a bracelet. Hairstyles can be complex, decorated with a diadem or flowers.

    From the age of 4-5 years, it is necessary to discuss the upcoming purchases with the child, especially if it is clothing for a special occasion.The child must learn to make informed choices with the help of the parents. This will allow you to develop taste and focus on important features and details of clothing and accessories.

    Beautiful and elegant dresses for girls in Novosibirsk

    Charming elegant dresses for girls of tender age are waiting for their owners. A children’s holiday, and possibly an adult celebration, will not be complete without smart women of fashion!

    All for an adult! Perfect quality.Stylish design, made according to the patterns of dresses of the fashionable line for girls. The noble composition of fabrics selected for children’s dresses includes satin, taffeta and lace.

    Variety of colors from delicate peach and turquoise for princesses to bright reds and yellows for stylish fashionistas. A variety of styles will transform your angel into a romantic princess or catwalk beauty! Stylish, fashionable and touching at the same time.

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    Price: 4 150 rub. RUR 905

    Price: 5 300 rub. RUR 3 710

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    Price: 3,990 rubles. RUR 2 793

    Price: 5 900 rub. 4 130 RUR

    Price: 7 900 rub.


    how to choose, fashionable styles, 310 photos

    All parents of growing up fashionistas are trying to turn their daughter into a real princess. You can find many options for cute dresses in the closet, but some, unfortunately, remain a thing for one exit. When shopping, pay attention to the functionality of the product, its willingness to change in a company with other wardrobe items. Designers create beautiful dresses for girls for every day, holidays.Carefully study the latest collections, take into account fashion trends, the wishes of a young lady and go shopping together for new clothes.

    Peculiarities of children’s clothing

    Children’s dresses for growing girls must necessarily combine attractiveness and comfort. Leave bulky, massive structures with a rigid corset. The child may look like a magic princess, but after five minutes complaints, whims will begin, that everything presses, interferes with movement.

    Discard tight skirts.The bottom should be light, free, without interfering with actively playing, running. Pay attention to the choice of fabric. Cheap synthetics should be left out. Choose natural, breathable fabrics, mixed materials are allowed. Artificial textures are used to create ball gowns.

    They keep the desired shape. The dress must be of high quality, so it will not harm the child. It is not worth saving. Choose materials that are virtually wrinkle-free. The image will retain its attractive appearance, despite the games and pranks.

    Beautiful styles and models

    The presented dresses for girls follow the trends of adult models. Designers try to add elegance, femininity, but at the same time, childish spontaneity remains in fashionable novelties. Parents should avoid completely copying adult products.

    Designed outfits are decorated with bows and flowers that adorn the waist. You can’t do without attractive frills, yokes, flounces. Formal collars and cuffs are used here to complement everyday outfits.Rhinestones, sequins, beads add shine to the created products.

    Princess dress

    Models of children’s dresses can turn a child into a book princess in an instant. Such products are chosen for celebrations, graduations at school, kindergarten. A tight bodice paired with a fluffy skirt is liked by young fashionistas, their mothers.

    To give the hem to the required shape, several layers of airy organza and tulle are used. Heavy rings and other inconvenient designs have long been abandoned, replacing everything with light layering.

    The upper part is made in different versions. A sleek bodice looks simple without decor, but its advantage is the ability to choose accessories for bows. Decorated with embroidery, appliqués, the top requires laconic details, otherwise the child will turn into an elegant Christmas tree.

    Sheath dress

    Sheath style dresses for girls look elegant and strictly classic. Many parents ignore it in vain, considering it an adult and boring for a child. This misconception is dispelled by designers, adding original design to a simple, understandable form.

    For elegance, the thing is complemented by draperies, additional folds. Another point is the selection of fabric. Choose a shimmery item for the occasion. The casual option requires restraint, matte materials.

    In this case, bright decor is also inappropriate. An unobtrusive print will be enough. There are no restrictions for girls in the choice of color. Choose bright, classic, pastel shades that suit your little one.

    New bow style

    Fashionable, light dresses, characterized by lowered shoulders and a voluminous skirt with a large bow in front or back, have long won the hearts of women.The designers decided to add the demanded style to the models for children, removing the pretentiousness and leaving the immediacy of the thing.

    The proposed novelty, of course, will not become a thing for every day, but with its help you can create interesting images for the holidays. For a harmonious set, be sure to pick up patent leather shoes, fishnet tights.

    Give up the abundance of bright accessories, it will ruin the overall impression.

    New bow style needs minimal accents to highlight its beauty.


    Attractive dresses for children, the shape of which is similar to a sundress, deservedly remains in demand. Models will easily decorate outfits for every day. The laconic style, the absence of unnecessary details provides a wide scope for the imagination of the child and mother. This item is combined with original blouses, shirts and T-shirts.

    Designed for warm and cold pores. It is very convenient. In winter, choose dense textures, do not bypass knitting.In the summer, something light, breathable will come in handy. The color scheme also differs depending on the occasion and the weather outside the window. For a holiday, choose something bright, original decorated. Products for every day are simpler, there are no prohibitions for bright colors, original, funny prints. For the cold season, outfits are more restrained, deep in shades.

    With a peplum

    Beautiful children’s outfits with a peplum – the embodiment of grace, attractiveness. Such dresses almost completely copy the outfits of adult fashionistas.Designers remove bold necklines and other elements that can harm the image of a child. The result is an elegant piece for a holiday and for every day.

    The advantage of the product is its versatility. It suits girls with different body types. Already at a young age, it should be explained to the child that the thing should fit perfectly and make the silhouette more attractive.

    If the child tends to be overweight, this is the right decision. The elongated basque will hide the tummy and thighs, as a result, the girl will be able to feel more confident.


    Dresses for fashionable girls try their best to please the tastes of women of fashion. Among the classic forms, one cannot fail to mention the trapezoid. A well-known thing will decorate not only an adult, but also a children’s wardrobe.

    Free bottom and tight shoulder line are the most comfortable for fidgets who prefer active games. In this case, the child will look neat. Look for sleeveless options for summer. In cold weather, buy a long-sleeved, thick fabric.

    Short models can be combined not only with tights, but also leggings, creating original combinations. Among the bright new products, choose a one-color or printed item.

    On an elastic band

    For a little beauty, you can purchase a convenient model, complemented by an elastic band. It is comfortable to wear. The little ones like it. The thing can be easily removed, put on. She does not restrict movement during games. Choose natural materials.

    Designers offer a wide tint palette, look at a non-staining product so that the appearance does not suffer from the appearing spots.Loose skirts, the presence of ruffles, flounces, frills add lightness. Thin straps do not cause inconvenience, discomfort, while the thing fits well, does not fall off.

    For summertime, add a panama hat, protecting the baby’s head from the sun. Light sandals, a small handbag will complete an attractive bow.

    Actual colors and prints

    Designers have used almost all the richness of color palettes, creating real masterpieces for little fashion fans.Light, festive images are performed in delicate pastel colors. Something discreet and non-marking is suitable for outfits for every day, this is relevant for real fidgets. The bright saturation of the hues did not remain in the shadows. Girls are allowed to choose whatever they want.

    Blue dress for a fashionable girl will be suitable for a holiday, for every day. The demand for color in the fashion world has increased in adult and children’s collections. Blue is in perfect harmony with white, black.

    There are variants where similar color combinations are used.Bright red, black, pink did not go unnoticed. Each of them creates a separate mood of the thing, of the whole image. Choose a color, taking into account the purpose of the thing, the color type of the child.

    Marine style

    Choosing outfits with a marine print is relevant for the warm season. The various variations, reminiscent of ageless vests, are popular with many, allowing you to create playful, flirty combinations.

    Stripes characteristic of colors can be located only at the top or on the skirt, their width and colors change.The combination of white and blue is in demand, like the black and white version, the combination of white and red.

    Plaid or stripe

    Plays and stripes have a good effect in dresses, the best prints allow you to create a festive or casual look for girls. The stripe, the cage remains the familiar color. The striped print changes the direction, width of the lines, they can intersect or remain parallel. The stylistic move easily helps to add harmony to the girl, visually make her taller.

    Favorite cage is in demand in children’s models on an equal basis with adults. There are a lot of color options, but the tartan is the leader among them.

    The combination of red and white will look simple and pleasant at the same time. The black and white range does not lag behind in popularity. Many models for every day have this color.

    Favorite polka dots

    A big plus can be considered the fact that polka dots have not gone out of fashion for a long time. When purchasing a thing, be sure that it will come in handy for your child more than once, while remaining fashionable.

    At the peak of popularity, small, large print. Each of the proposed options has charm, sets the overall tone of the bow.

    Peas come from retro style and are characterized by a red-white and black-and-white combination of colors. Loose, fitted styles, models with fluffy skirts – choose the perfect solution for your little one among the variety of products.


    Models of dresses for little girls, decorated with the characters of their favorite cartoons, are increasingly appearing in designers’ collections.The relevance of the anime theme has not passed by fashion.

    The offered novelties are not suitable for festive sets, they will complement everyday ensembles. Let the child choose a drawing on his own, then the thing will not sit idle on the shelf.


    Dresses for girls short and long are in demand in equal quantities. Floor-length models are preferred for festivities, so the child will feel the solemnity of the event. Products with short tutu skirts will cope with the task.They have lightness, a festive mood.

    For everyday wear, choose something in between.

    When shopping, focus on the child’s preference, age. This will allow you to make a suitable purchase.

    Textures and fabrics

    When creating children’s collections, couturiers work with a variety of materials. Some are relevant only for ball gowns, others are comfortable every day. Choose natural fabrics that provide comfort, from which lightweight dresses for girls are created.

    Do not chase cheap synthetics, which quickly lose their appearance, can cause skin allergies.


    Natural wool, like other soft materials, drapes easily. They are chosen for girls with different types of figures. Chiffon, silk dresses are suitable for warm pores.

    For winter, consider crepe de Chine, crepe. Velvet will also provide warmth and comfort.


    Children’s dresses fashionable with pleats are created from rigid fabrics.This is typical for items of everyday wear. The angularity of textures is not suitable for everyone, it creates additional volume, take this into account when choosing. A stylish dress can be made of denim, corduroy, brocade.


    Transparent fabrics burst into adult fashion, smoothly they migrated into dresses for babies. Their main purpose is to decorate ballroom dresses. It is easy to make inserts and assemblies from them. The fabric drapes well, keeps its shape. Designers work with crepe georgette, marquise.


    Children’s attractive, party dresses should be attractive. The shiny surface of the fabric, shimmering in the rays of light, copes with this. Overweight girls should refuse new products.

    Material with lurex, rich decor is also not suitable. Couturiers prefer to work with brocade, satin, silk, crepe satin.


    A dress made of matte material will be a wonderful evening dress. He is chosen, despite the shape, age.The fabric is universal, it slims, this is its advantage.

    Cotton and crepe varieties do the job well.

    Tips for parents on how to choose a dress for a girl

    At a holiday, a beauty should feel comfortable, so choose dresses with a high waist, girls like it. Try on the length carefully.

    A floor-length skirt often gets in the way, the child gets confused in it. Better to take something in between.

    Going to a magnificent celebration, look at the option with a train.It is not the most comfortable, it is not suitable for every occasion. Fashionistas like dresses with a skirt in the shape of a balloon, try on a stylish novelty. Complement the pastel outfit with bright details, and match the calm accents to the rich attire.

    Designers are carefully working on collections for growing fans. Femininity, a sense of style should be instilled by a mother, and with an abundance of stylish styles, this is much easier to do. Choose original options, consult with the baby, creating fashionable bows for her for the holidays and every day.

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    Children’s dresses for 1-3, 4-5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 years old, long, short

    Clothes and footwear for girls

    Any holiday for every girl begins with the choice of a beautiful outfit.Fortunately, today in stores and in the collections of famous designers there is a huge selection of festive dresses, so all little fashionistas will be able to choose the right model: long and short, versatile knitted and for a special occasion – with a train.



    A long festive dress cannot be called universal, but if your little lady dreams of just such a thing, you should not refuse her.It is perfect for a family celebration or graduation.

    The rich decor will add solemnity to the image: artificial flowers, bows, ribbons, beads and sequins. Simple monochrome dresses in the style of minimalism look spectacular, complemented by one large decor element – a huge bow or a rose.

    For a dress with short sleeves, you should choose a cape or a cropped jacket.If it’s warm outside and you don’t need to cover your shoulders, match your dress with fancy gloves or detachable lantern sleeves.


    If you are going to a holiday with dances and competitions, then a short dress for a girl will be just right. It will not interfere with her active time.



    Lush dresses are presented in A-shaped silhouette and models with a tutu skirt, balloon and American.

    The top layer of the skirt can be made of tulle, chiffon, velvet or satin. It can be decorated with ruffles, sequins, voluminous fabric roses.

    Remember, if you prefer a chic bottom, do not overload the top. The ideal dress length is just below the knee. A contrasting tape tied at the waist can be used as a decoration. Gloves and a small handbag matched to the dress will complement the look.


    Knitted dress never loses its relevance. For a holiday, choose an elegant model, complementing it with thick colored tights or leggings.

    Openwork tights and a beautiful knitted dress are an excellent set for celebrating the New Year, going to a matinee or to a children’s cafe.

    This dress can be decorated with flowers or frills, which are very popular this season. Openwork patterns or embroidery, which add an element of coquetry to the image, also look cute.


    Dress with polka dots is perfect for a little lady, while the style of the dress can be any. Dresses in retro style are especially relevant, on which polka dots look very appropriate.

    The color scheme can be classic black and white, but combinations of black and pink or yellow, white and green are also popular.

    Cropped A-line models made of satin or satin look beautiful.


    If you have a real aristocrat growing up, she should like a noble cage.

    Tweed sheath dress – perfect for an autumn holiday evening.

    An outfit with a white collar looks more elegant. The cell does not have to be strict classical, it can be multi-colored. A monochromatic leather insert looks beautiful.

    Dresses with a leopard print look interesting on little women of fashion. To remove a touch of vulgarity from it, choose a laconic model, for example, a shirt dress or a simple A-line dress. It would be ideal to complement it with black or beige shoes and accessories.

    Floral motifs also adorn girls’ elegant dresses.


    In the summer, there is no need to dress up a child in a voluminous dress with a bunch of ruffles, an elegant sundress will be enough.

    Floral prints and nautical stripes will look beautiful and natural. A large bow or small lace frills can be used as a decoration. For a bright and stylish look for your baby, choose red, blue or green.

    With loop

    A dress with a train looks luxurious, but requires some skill in wearing.Therefore, you need to buy it for older girls, it will not work for crumbs at all. But it instantly transforms any girl, making her a real princess.

    You can choose a short dress with a train that will look not so much majestic, but solemn, for sure. The skirt of this dress in front reaches a maximum to the middle of the knee, and at the back it turns into an elegant train.

    For full

    A-line dresses, knee-length and below, are suitable for full girls. A long dress will visually stretch the silhouette and hide the fullness.

    A high-waisted dress that will hide your existing tummy is a good choice.

    If your daughter has full arms, do not buy a dress with bare shoulders.It is better to give preference to voluminous lantern sleeves or wear a bolero with a sleeve on top ¾.

    The contrasting model looks beautiful: light or bright top and dark bottom. With black, for example, pink, yellow, red are ideally combined.


    The choice of summer dresses for the little princess will not leave anyone indifferent! The variety of styles and fabrics is amazing.In order not to be mistaken in the choice, give preference to a beautiful, but comfortable outfit, in which the baby will be comfortable.

    The maximum length of the dress should not be lower than the bones, if the girl is still small, it is better to choose a short model. Let it be lush and shiny, but only reach the knee. This will allow the baby to run and frolic without fear of stepping on the hem of the dress.


    Baby’s prom dress should be stylish and comfortable.Most models have an A-shaped silhouette, which consists of a fitted top and a flared bottom, so this dress can be worn even if the girl grows up.

    Natural fabrics are, of course, preferable in which the leather will breathe. But they can be skillfully combined with satin, beautiful organza or chiffon, lace.


    An evening dress with a fluffy skirt is suitable for any occasion.It can be short or midi in length. If you want something unusual, choose a model with an asymmetrical bottom or with a train.

    Pay attention to the finishing of the bodice line. If it is beautifully decorated or attracts attention with unusual sleeves, the absence of one strap and other accents, then the skirt should be simple and concise.

    An evening dress with flounces or a cascade skirt looks great on a child.And for older girls, it is better to choose a trapezoidal dress with straps, or with a high waistline.

    We take into account the age

    For girls 1-3 years old

    When choosing a dress for a baby, first of all consider her comfort and safety. Therefore, give up curvy and long models in which it will be uncomfortable for her to move.Also, it should be easy to put on and take off, because it can be difficult to dress up a little beauty, and even more so to undress.

    For girls 4-5 years old

    At this age, girls are already old enough to choose outfits on their own. The choice of models for this age is varied, but dresses that are too long should also be discarded.

    The main thing is that a festive dress should be beautiful, and the decor and style should be selected, taking into account the solemnity of the event and the type of figure.

    For girls 6-7 years old

    Usually at this age girls graduate from kindergarten, so their dress should correspond to the solemnity of the moment.

    You can already afford a large number of ruffles and a fluffy skirt, bright colors and a scattering of rhinestones. At the same time, the dress should remain beautiful and graceful, so as not to make the girl look like a cake with cream.

    For girls 8-9 years old

    At this age, the girl is no longer a baby, she is a little lady. Therefore, too fluffy skirts and bright finishes will be inappropriate. If you used to dress up your daughter in pink, gradually love for him should fade away.

    Give preference to classic silhouettes of a strict form without an abundance of decor and embellishments.As for the color scheme, calm monophonic models or dresses with a floral print will be appropriate.

    For girls 10-12 years old

    At this age, the girl is already quite independent, so there is no need to choose an outfit for her. She herself will choose a fashionable style for herself, which she can see in a magazine or on the pages of a popular site.

    In any case, it is time for her to abandon the abundance of ruffles and bright decor, preferring simple noble forms.Of course, it is equally important what fashion designers dictate to us.

    But it is worth explaining to your daughter that the models of dresses on the catwalks are not a guide to action, they are a work of art that was created as an inspiration for sewing simpler forms suitable for real life.


    White is the most solemn color, so a little girl can safely afford a white dress with a beautiful decor or floral print.All shades of white are also welcome – milky, pearl, ivory and others.

    Brunettes go very well with red, and blondes are more suitable for its shades – ruby ​​or coral.

    Pink dresses are often bought for babies, but this color is not suitable for girls who are prone to overweight, everyone else can not be limited by choosing shades from bright to pale pink.If your daughter has a bright appearance, she will be fine in raspberry or lilac.

    Yellow is an almost universal color, since it suits both blondes and brunettes, the main thing is to choose the right shade. It looks especially good on swarthy girls with brown eyes.

    As you can see, the choice of dresses for little girls is really diverse, so you can choose the model that you and your child like.The last tip – you shouldn’t choose a thing exactly in size, your daughter is growing, so a small stock will not hurt.

    90,000 Evening dresses for girls: styles, fabrics, accessories

    Even if your daughter loves jeans and does not like skirts, she is unlikely to remain indifferent if she is offered to buy an evening dress. The reason for which mothers and daughters choose children’s evening dresses can be different. These are various family celebrations, and holidays in children’s institutions, and visits to cultural events.

    And, of course, it is very important to buy a beautiful prom dress. Of course, this is not about completing high school. There are many more such holidays in the life of modern children. After all, it is now customary to celebrate graduation from kindergarten and from elementary school.

    What are the fashionable evening dresses for girls? If you look at photos from fashion shows, you might think that children’s fashion is copying an adult one. In fact, this is not entirely true, there are certain specificities that take into account the age of the children.


    It is better to choose beautiful evening dresses for girls together with your daughter, since the tastes of the younger and older generations do not always coincide. The stores offer a variety of elegant models. Let’s consider which of them are the most popular.

    Fit Princess

    This version of the evening dress resembles princess ball gowns and is very popular. There are few little girls who would not imagine themselves as Cinderella dancing at the ball.Well, parents have the opportunity to take on the functions of the Fairy Godmother and buy their daughter a beautiful and fluffy dress for the holiday.

    When choosing an outfit, pay attention not only to the beauty, but also to the comfort of the model. Little ones shouldn’t buy a dress with a tight corset. It is better to choose a dress with a tight, but loose bodice.

    During the fitting, ask your daughter to move – spin in place, sit down, bend over, etc. In this case, the dress should not slip, twist, crash into the body.

    The skirt of a dress of this type is usually fluffy. It can be a multi-layered version made of tulle (tutu skirt) or a sun-cut skirt with a fluffy petticoat.

    Skirt length can be selected at will. However, girls over 9-10 years old should buy long evening dresses with a floor-length skirt. The baby is unlikely to be able to confidently move in such an outfit, most likely, she will get tangled in a long skirt. Therefore, the maximum length for little girls is up to mid-calf.You can choose a model with an asymmetrical skirt that is shorter at the front than at the back.

    High-waisted dresses

    It is this style that is worth paying attention to when choosing evening dresses for little girls. These dresses are comfortable to wear, they are distinguished by a high waistline and a loose-fitting skirt. The main decoration is a contrasting or draped belt located along the cut line. The belt can be decorated with a flower or tied with a beautiful bow.

    Girls look very nice dresses in the style of “baby dollars” . These outfits also have a high waistline, but their skirt is short. Dresses can be decorated in the form of ruffles, bows, lace.

    A-line dresses

    This version of dresses is often chosen by girls over 9 years old, since many at this age already want to be like a mother, and not an elegant doll. The dress can have the simplest cut, but in this case it should be sewn from beautiful textured fabrics, for example, from jacquard or guipure on a cover.

    A-line loose dresses are a good choice for overweight girls. Only they should not wear dresses with bare shoulders, it is better to choose a model with sleeves that cover the upper part of the arm.


    On sale you can find children’s dresses made of artificial fabrics. Despite their attractive appearance, such models are best avoided. Synthetics do not allow air to pass through, so the baby will be uncomfortable in such an outfit.

    It is better to choose a dress made of satin, silk, velvet, taffeta and other materials in which artificial fibers are present as an additive.


    Children’s fancy dresses can have a variety of colors. But preference should still be given to pastel shades. Girls look great in pink, blue, light lilac, golden beige.

    You can also choose dresses in bright colors – blue, scarlet, emerald, deep purple.But dark tones in children’s clothes are best avoided. Although there are no rules without exceptions. But in any case, a dark evening dress should be complemented with bright accessories.

    If evening models for adults are sewn mainly from plain fabrics. Then, in children’s fashion, fabrics with a print are often used. Fabrics with polka dots or floral prints are especially popular.


    A variety of decor is used to decorate children’s evening dresses.It can be delicate embroidery or artificial flowers, bows or ribbons. An excellent decoration is a wide sash tied with a lush bow.

    Often draperies are used for evening models; they can decorate both a skirt and a bodice. In children’s models, ruffles, flounces, frills are often used.

    Glitter is appropriate in elegant dresses, therefore dresses are often decorated with rhinestones, sequins, embroidery with silver or gold threads.


    The dress itself can be very beautiful, but you will not be able to appear in all its splendor if you do not choose the right accessories for the outfit.

    Shoes for an evening dress are better to choose classic – with a stable heel 2-3 cm high and a membrane. These shoes are very comfortable, so the little fashionista will not get tired at the holiday. The color of the shoes is selected depending on the color of the toilet. You can wear white shoes for light dresses, black ones will also suit bright ones. Shoes can also have decor – artificial flowers, beads, rhinestones.

    Handbag can also be matched to the evening dress.Best of all, it is a miniature model in the form of a pouch that can be attached to the belt. This will allow the baby to free her hands.

    For a sleeveless dress, you can wear long gloves , or even better – mitts. A small hat with a veil or beautiful hair accessories – a diadem, tiara, a hairpin or a hoop will be a great addition to an evening dress.





    Party dresses for girls

    Elegant collection of ball gowns for girls from 5 to 12 years old in the Pink Boutique online store.The catalog contains designer dresses for the ball of different styles: floor-length, lush, with a train. Choose a children’s ball gown dress of your favorite color: blue, yellow, white, blue, pink; which is suitable for a solemn ball. Available in options and sizes!

    Pink Boutique online store offers a luxurious collection of dresses for girls, which are perfect for the first ball. Dressed in such an outfit, any girl can feel like the queen of the celebration.Gorgeous models with long skirts or romantic cocktail dresses – we have outfits for every taste!

    A large selection of concert dresses for girls will be relevant for those who are looking for a suitable outfit for a stage performance. Elegant fabrics adorned with shiny décor will look chic in spotlights.

    A special pride of the store is the lush dresses, each of which will make the girl a queen of the ball. The company “Prestige”, which produces clothes under the Trinity Bride brand, offers dresses of amazing beauty, decorated with frills, lace and beads.Plunge into the world of high style!

    The virtues of ball gowns for girls

    • A rich collection of dresses for girls includes outfits for stage performances and other special occasions. Long and short, elegant and evening, empire style or with asymmetrical hem – you will find any model in the collection.
    • The palette of fabrics demonstrates the most fashionable shades – snow-white, champagne, ecru, bright and sunny, delicate pastel, rich dark.
    • Products are decorated with luxurious elements of festive decoration: fringe, embroidery, 3D-decor, sequins, beads.
    • Clothes are made of soft quality materials with natural cotton lining. The fabrics do not cause irritation and allergic reactions.
    • The garment provides an excellent fit with its smart cut and well-finished seams. Corset models have adjustable lacing. Thanks to this, a dress for a girl will give her mistress confidence even in such a stressful situation as performing on stage in front of a huge number of spectators.

    To order your favorite outfit, you need to make a purchase through the “Basket” on the website or contact Pink Boutique managers by phone. Delivery is carried out to all regions of Russia. Self-pickup service is also available for residents of St. Petersburg and Moscow. The current promotions and prices can be found either on our website or on the Instagram page.


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