Girly gifts for 4 year old: 25 Best Toys for 4-Year-Old Girls 2021


25 Best Toys for 4-Year-Old Girls 2021

Age 4 is a peak time for curiosity and social play, so it’s a good idea to be thoughtful about what toys you’re exposing kids to at this time. If you’re looking for the best toys and gifts for 4-year-old girls, make sure to look for toys that will help her build imaginative play, foster good social skills and introduce preschool concepts like practicing numbers, letters and shapes. Of course, the toys have to be fun first and foremost, otherwise kids won’t use them and all of those benefits would be lost.

To help find the best gifts for kids this holiday season, the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Little Lab has put new and favorite toys through their paces. Our experts spent months working with a panel of child testers and their parents to properly test safety, functionality and quality factors on a wide assortment of toys to see what works best for this age group. (You can see more at the 2020 Good Housekeeping Toy Awards.

) From STEM toys to family board games to interactive baby dolls and pets, these are the best toys and gifts for 4-year-old girls in 2021:

Scribble Scrubbie Peculiar Pets



She can explore her creativity with color, pretend to bathe animals and start all over again. Besides playing with these four adorable critters, these special Crayola markers easily wash off with water for recurring imaginative play. Ages 3+

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope

Educational Insights


This talking microscope, featuring the voice of Bindi Irwin, comes with 20 prepared slides and 5x images to help introduce preschoolers to animals, plants and household items. Switch to Fact Mode to learn about the items on a given slide or Quiz Mode to put their knowledge to the test. The microscope comes with two eyepieces, so there’s no squirming one eye to learn.

Ages 4+




Your 4-year-old child can explore sensory and nurturing play with these interactive Pomsies plush animals. Pomsies will let her know whether they’re hungry, sleepy or happy with their light-up eyes or special sounds. Bonus: They make cute accessories that she’ll never lose. “Wire in the tail wraps snugly so kids can wear them on a wrist or backpack without worry,” Lab experts noted during toy testing. Ages 3+

Educational Insights


She can create, squish, squash, and shape this play foam that never dries out. The no-stick formula lets her sculpt anywhere without making a mess. This particular play foam variety pack comes with eight colors, creating endless possibilities for little hands to try. Ages 3+ 

Colorama Board Game



Whether she plays by herself or a group of six, this board game helps her develop basic color and shape skills. She has to roll the die, which tell her to find the matching piece and place it on the game board. The game ends when each piece is placed accordingly and all colorful shapes are revealed. It’s the perfect game for 4-year-olds who might not be able to read just yet and are just starting to learn how to share or take turns. Ages 3+

Maya Baby Doll

Mealtime Magic amazon. com


This interactive baby doll is incredibly realistic and makes more than 70 sounds and reactions. When you feed her, she might ask for food or her bottle. Her plate comes with 10 different foods, and you can combine them with an interactive spoon and see if the combos are yucky or yummy. Ages 3+

Good Housekeeping 2020 Toy Award Winner

Petal Pets Skyrocket


Add some water to these pretty pots, and a new pet friend “blooms” out like a flower. Each one also comes with a charm bracelet that can double as a pet leash. After kids are done playing,

they can return the pet to the pot and bloom it all over again the next time they want to play. Ages 3+

Best New Surprise Collectible Toy

Tea Party Teacup Dolls Playset Itty Bitty Prettys amazon. com

Kids love sorting through the 25 collectible surprises in this toy. They all come with a tea-party twist, too: One comes in a dissolving tea bag, and another is hidden in a fizzing “sugar” cube. The teacup opens to become a playset for the rest of the surprises.

Ages 3+

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Cute STEM Toy

Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Educational Insights

Best Family Game

Rattlesnake Jake Goliath


This game requires kids to steel their nerves and work on their hand-eye coordination:

Player must snatch gold pieces from Rattlesnake Jake before he bites! In our testing, families found it funny when Jake strikes and everyone jumps. Ages 4+ 

Personalized Toy for 4-Year-Olds

Personalized Name Puzzle Fat Brain Toys


This fun letter puzzle set exposes your daughter to letters, encourages logic, fosters self-esteem and helps her spell her own name. Lab experts love that the block set

can be hung on the wall for display and taken down for playtime. Available block letters include teal, green, orange, purple, yellow, blue and red and all letters are covered with non-toxic paint. Ages 2+

Playstix Construction Toy

Popular Playthings

Kids can build houses, vehicles and whatever else they can imagine with these interlocking, grooved pieces. The 150 pieces are color-coded by length, so it’s easy to find the ones you need.

Ages 4+

FurReal Cubby, The Curious Bear



The Good Housekeeping Institute has tested a lot of animatronic toys this year, but this one stood out in terms of interactivity, sensor recognition and its ability to promote language and communication skills. Cubby will respond to your child’s voice in over 100 sound and motion combinations and makes sweet, playful expressions. Your 4-year-old girl can treat, feed and comb Cubby with the included 3-in-1 accessory. Ages 4+ 

The Original Doodle Bear

Now this is a classic that you might remember from your own childhood: The Doodle Bear. New and improved, she comes with three washable doodle markers and coordinates with the Doodle Bear Studio app to bring her doodles to life. On the app, your 4-year-old can customize the background with stickers or even more doodles which can be saved and shared with friends. The Doodle Bear is washable which makes for endless, repeated play. Ages 3+

Good Housekeeping 2020 Toy Award Winner

Rainbocorns Sweet Shake Surprise

When your little one unboxes the Sweet Shake Surprise, she’ll be able to discover a new Rainbowcorn character, plus 15 layers of sweet surprises, like Boo-Boo sprinkle corns and DIY slime mix, which comes with a recipe card that’s easy to follow with parental guidance. Rainbowcorns can even talk back to you, repeat what you say and sing. Ages 3+

Fuzzikins Cottontail Cottage Craft Pop-Up Book Playset



This cottage playset pops up for instant play and folds away neatly for easy storage once playtime is over. It comes with a cute bunny Fuzzykin family, four rooms, one garden, one plastic fence and washable felt tip pens and stickers to decorate the house. Ages 4+

Hairdorables Collectible Surprise Dolls



These colorful and full-of-life dolls are based on the Hairdorables series on Youtube. However, your child will never know which of the 12 iconic dolls she got until she unwraps her package. She can’t go wrong with any because each doll is stylish, posable and unique. Lab experts find that kids love to collect as many of these as they can! Ages 3+ 

Under $5 Stocking Stuffer for 4-Year-Olds

Scissor Skills Activity Pad Melissa & Doug


Slice-and-Bake Wooden Cookie Play Food Set

Melissa & Doug amazon. com

Cooking sets are great for pretend play, building fine motor skills and learning to count. This one is made of durable material so even the youngest hands can pretend to bake the sweetest desserts. The set includes 12 “sliceable” cookies, 12 toppings, one knife, one spatula, one cookie sheet and one kitchen mitt. Ages 3+

Creative STEM Toy

Little Genius Starter Kit

This Little Genius starter kit was designed with fun and learning in mind. Meant to be operated with a tablet, this start kit comes with games and activities where she’ll be prompted to construct shapes and letters with colorful, silicone game pieces. The set includes a base to support the tablet, sticks and rings, games pieces and more. Ages 3+

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B. Symphony Musical Toy Orchestra for Kids

B. toys by Battat


Count on this symphony orchestra toy to expose your 4-year-old girl to music. She can choose up to six toy instruments — including drums, piano, violin, sitar, tuba and guitar — and arrange them in the orchestra pit for a lively show. Each song is professionally recorded, whether it’s one of Beethoven’s classic symphonies or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. The set also teaches her to organize instruments by color and shape. Ages 3+

Get Well Doctor Activity Center

Melissa & Doug $248.49

$145.97 (41% off)

Have her explore the world of doctors and patient care with this multi-sided doctor’s office set. She can pretend to take blood pressure, measure weight and height, play with the eye chart and role play as doctor, receptionist or patient. This set is definitely more fun when played with two or more! Ages 3+

Marisol Doll

The Fresh Doll


Kids really respond to Marisol’s bright red hair and bold fashions. She comes from The Fresh Dolls line of dolls, which is known for dolls with realistic face sculpts, real hair textures and many points of articulation to make lots of poses. Ages 3+

Travel Helicopter



Your child can go on all the adventures she wants with this colorful helicopter, equipped with “controls” and a spinnable rotor. The roomy helicopter can accommodate two of her favorite dolls, which can be strapped in safely with bright yellow seatbelts. Lab experts found that during testing, kids just naturally gravitated towards this helicopter. Ages 3+

Classic Creative Brick Box Kit

For 4-year-olds, this large classic creative kit serves as a great starter set for little hands with big imaginations. The set comes with more than 790 pieces — including 33 different colored bricks, eight types of windows and doors, two green baseplates and six toy tires — so she can build anything she can think of. Unfinished creations and loose pieces can easily be stored away in the box until next play session. Ages 4+

Shanon Maglente Product and Reviews Editor Shanon worked as the former Products & Reviews editor for the Good Housekeeping Institute covering the best deals and products across home, appliances, health, beauty and parenting. Rachel Rothman, Good Housekeeping Institute Chief Technologist & Director of Engineering Rachel is the chief technologist and director of engineering at the Good Housekeeping Institute, where she oversees testing methodology, implementation and reporting for all labs.

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26 Best Gifts For 4-Year-Old Girls To Buy In 2021

Are you having trouble deciding the best gift for your four-year-old girl? Well, we have been there too.Itis because kids of thisage are developing their imagination and creativity.

Although we cannot predict which gift would work best for your kid, we surely can give you the best options. This MomJunction post sharessome of the best gifts that you could consider for a four-year-old girl.

26 Best Gifts For A 4-Year-Old Girl

1. VIAHART Brain Flakes

This kit consists of 500 interlocking discs. She canuse her imagination and make anything with these tiny, colorful discs.


  • Encourages kids to be creative and imaginative
  • Free of phthalate,lead, heavy metal, and BPA
  • Suitable for single or multi-player games
  • Helps improve coordination and dexterity in kids


  • A few buyers complained about the toy being too complicated for 4-year-olds
  • Pieces may seem hard to lock for kids


Play-Doh Modeling Compound

This set of 24 tubs of Play-Doh clay can keep your girl engaged for hours. The clays come in different colors so she can enjoy mixing colors and making something entirely new out of these.


  • Colorful non-toxic clay is safe for kids
  • Clay can be reused as many times as you want
  • Develops a sense of touch and strengthens hand muscles
  • Encourages kids to be creative


  • Some packages sold online are faulty and of bad quality

3. Ivy Step Toy Eggs For Toddlers

The Ivy Step Toy Eggs For Toddlers is an ideal preschool activity where kids show interest to learn numbers, recognize different colors and patterns. This egg activity improves the parent-child bond when played together. The toy is useful in encouraging logical thinking, improving hand-eye coordination, and developing spatial relation skills.


  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Convenient storage for the eggs
  • Helps to learn counting and matching


  • Looks like flimsy plastic


Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set

This toy set is a great way to teach your daughter to recognize different vegetables and fruits.


  • Set contains 25 foods of different colors in five food baskets
  • Helps develop color recognition
  • Helps build sorting skills
  • Free from BPA, latex, and lead, and contains no allergens


  • May have a strong chemical odor
  • Some online packages may come with missing items

5. VTech Leapfrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

Anything can tickle your child’s fancy, including an ice-cart. Your daughter can become an ice-cream seller as you queue up for your scoop.


  • Contains colorful ice-cream scoops and toppings
  • Helps sharpen memory and sequencing skills
  • Helps develop a love of food making
  • Audio teaches colors, flavors, and numbers
  • Portable cart helps develop gross motor skills


  • Audio quality may be poor
  • Cart may be unstable and could tip over easily


Barbie Chicken Farmer Doll & Playset

If your girl loves playing with dolls, get her this unconventional Barbie. This Barbie is an independent farm owner who takes care of her farm animals.


  • Career-theme Barbie encourages little girls to be ambitious
  • Comes with a shelf to place tiny chickens
  • Shelves contain tiny nests for little chicks


  • A few buyers found the doll to be of a substandard quality

7. National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book Of Why

Your pretty girl may not be able to read as yet, but she can surely enjoy looking at HD images and listening to interesting facts. This book is a great way to expand your girls’ knowledge.


  • The book contains games, recipes, and crafts
  • Compels kids to think hard about various topics
  • Interactive content prepares kids for school


  • Some buyers complained about the poor bookbinding


PixieCrush Pretend Play Makeup Kit

Colorful and sparkly makeup boxes easily attract kids. If your little diva is fond of your makeup kits, you can get her this pretends makeup kit so she can enjoy her private makeup sessions in front of the mirror.


  • Makeup kit comes in a cute pink polka dot handbag
  • Cool toy for role play
  • Free of lead, cadmium, and phthalates
  • Encourages creativity


  • Some buyers found the plastic boxes to be of poor quality in relation to the price of the toy

9. JaxoJoy Complete Kids Cooking and Baking Set

Your girl may be interested in cooking, but you cannot really allow her near the cooking station.Here is a cooking set that will make a great gift for your 4-year-old girl who wants to cook like her mamma.


  • Entire pink-colored set designed to suit little girls
  • Hat and apron are washable in the machine
  • The cookbook contains easy-to-make recipes
  • A good option for role play


  • Some buyers complained about the poor quality of cutleries
  • The actual products may be smaller than those shown in the image


Creabow Crafts Drawing Stencils and Colored Pencils Arts And Crafts Set

Your daughter may love drawing and would like to practice her drawing skills. This stencil set contains outlines of several commonly used images by 4-year-olds. Your girl can now easily create whatever she wants without getting frustrated.


  • Encourages kids to draw and be creative
  • Set is made of BPA-free material
  • Mesh bag holds the entire set in one place
  • A portable set is easy to use anywhere


  • Some outlines are too intricate
  • Pencils crayons are too soft and break off frequently

11. KidzlaneKids Doctor Kit

Which kid does not play doctor games? Young girls enjoy examining people with their tiny stethoscope and giving injections with their plastic injections.


  • Toy set contains 12 pieces of toy equipment used by doctors
  • A few instruments produce realistic sounds
  • Carrying case facilitates easy storage and transfer
  • Sturdy plastic instruments are easy to clean


  • Buyers seemed dissatisfied with the product quality


Tara Toy Disney Princess Necklace Activity

Does your girl love to wear your accessories? If yes, get her this necklace set. She can design as many as she wants.


  • Create multiple necklaces by mixing and matching different colorful beads
  • Comes in a plastic carry case for easy storage
  • Promotes creativity and a sense of pattern


  • The ends of the necklace disintegrate too easily
  • Can becomea choking hazard

13. Little Tikes Backyard Barbeque Grillin’ Goodies

Barbeque grilling can be a fun way to spend time with friends and family. If your daughter wants to recreate that every evening, she can do it with this pretend barbeque set.


  • 20-piece barbeque set is equipped with all the essentials for the perfect barbeque
  • Best played with a partner
  • Helps develop social skills


  • Some parents were disappointed with the hotdog pieces falling off the bun easily

14. Melissa & Doug Stamp-a-Scene Wooden Stamp Set

This fairy-themed wooden stamp set helps your girls create pictures or designs easily.


  • Set consists of several stamps, colored pencils, stamp pads, and a wooden storage tray
  • Stamps come with contoured wooden handles and high-quality rubber for an easy stamping experience
  • Helps improve hand-eye coordination
  • Encourages creative thinking in kids
  • Easy to clean and store


  • Ink pads tend to dry out too soon
  • Wooden box does not have a lid for safe storage

15. Little Treasures Matching Letter Game

This game is a great choice for improving your daughters’ memory. It is a great game to teach your girl animal and bird names.


  • Double-sided cards contain three and four-letter words with an image
  • Helps children learn to spell and read
  • A fun way to spend family time


  • Some playsets sold online can be defective

16. Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set

If your baby girl wants to cut vegetables, allow her to do so using the blunt wooden knife that comes in this toy set. This 17-piece play food set makes chopping a fun activity.


  • Comes with colorful artificial fruits and vegetables
  • The tiny wooden knife is designed for easy grip
  • Fruits and vegetables are stuck with Velcro to provide a chopping sound on cutting
  • Package contains a wooden crate that enables safe storage


  • Velcro pieces may not connect properly

17. Mud Kingdom Little Girls Birthday Clothes

A cute little pink polka dot skirt and a white t-shirt with the girl’s age written on it can make for a memorable birthday gift.


  • Made of cotton fabric for comfortable wear
  • Cute design for young girls
  • Washable in machine


  • A few buyers were unhappy with the quality of the fabric
  • The ribbon on the T-shirt tends to fray easily

18. SelieveWalkie Talkies For Kids

This walkie talkie set is designed to suit little girls who love spending time outdoors and going on group adventures.


  • Comes with a real-time monitoring system for parents to keep track of kids
  • Anti-interference function helps reduce noise and have a clear interaction
  • Ideal for use on an adventure trip or camping trip
  • It comes with an in-built flashlight that can help you see children in the dark
  • Designed specifically to fit tiny hands
  • Available in different colors


  • Consumes a lot of battery
  • Lacks durability

19. HOMOFY Dinosaur Toys

Girls who love racing cars might enjoy playing with this unique Jurassic Park-themed flexible car track set. The set also comes with miniature dinosaurs to give it a more authentic look.


  • Non-toxic tracks are flexible and can take different shapes
  • Battery operated cars run smoothly over tracks
  • Tiny dinosaurs help create stories and add more fun to the game


  1. Car consumes too much battery
  2. Car may not be strong enough to push and open the toy door to complete the race

20. ToyVelt Princess Dress Up & Play Shoe And Jewelry Boutique

Girls love being treated like a princess. And this set of beautiful shoes and jewelry can make her feel like one.


  • The toy set comes with a pair of shoes, bangles, earrings, and a tiara
  • The attractive set promotes imaginative play
  • Durable storage box holds all accessories neatly in place


  • The shoe may not be durable
  • Toys may contain harmful chemicals

21. Doctor Unicorn Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe Sleepwear

Little girls often want everything that their mommies have,and a bathrobe is no exception to that. So why not get her a pretty bathrobe of her own?


  • Made of premium polyester material, it is safe for sensitive skin
  • Has a smooth, soft texture
  • Available in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes.


  • Finding the right fit may be a problem.
  • The seams come apart easily

22. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids

Let your girl go out and get active. This pogo jumper will not only help develop her physical health but also make her love the outdoors.


  • Durable foam makes a squeaky sound with each jump
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Foam protects indoor flooring from scratches
  • Adjustable soft-grip handle
  • Helps improve balance, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor skills
  • Available in different colors


  • Loud squeaky sound can be annoying
  • Handles lack durability and come off easily

23. VTech Write & Learn Creative Center

Four-year-olds are new to the school and are excited to write, or rather scribble. Getting your daughter an easy-to-wipe creative board can help her spend time practicing writing and drawing.


  • Magnetic drawing board allows for mess-free doodling
  • Stencil toy guides kids through simple steps to draw
  • A unique way to let kids practice writing and drawing


  • Difficult to clean
  • Frequent technical glitches with the board and audio

24. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Easel

Let your tiny girl draw like an artist and improve her drawing skills.


  • Package includes a dry-erase board, a chalkboard, a locking paper-roll holder, a child-safe paper cutter, easy-clip grips, and large plastic trays
  • The wooden board helps practice writing numbers and letters of the alphabet
  • Folds flat and is easy to store
  • Adjustable height to suit the child’s preference
  • Helps promote creativity in kids


  • Some buyers found the assembling process to be tedious
  • The wooden board seems to be of a cheap quality

25. Disney Little Girls Assorted Characters Slicker and Umbrella Rainwear Set

Playing in the rain got a lot more exciting with this cool rainwear set. A bonus benefit is that it becomes easier to spot your daughter in the rain.


  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Attractive rain slicker and a matching umbrella
  • Umbrella is lightweight and made of durable polyester
  • Available in a variety of themes


  • Rain slicker may have a strong chemical odor
  • The jacket may be made of flimsy material

26. ShifuOrboot Augmented Reality Interactive Globe for Kids

Looking for a game that is entertaining as well as educational? Have a look at this unique app-based game. Your daughter has to hold the phone or tablet’s camera over the globe to capture the region. Once locked, the application provides all the information about that particular region through augmented reality models.


  • Can help generate interest in geography
  • Compatible Orboot application is free on Android and iOS devices
  • Helps build knowledge and linguistic and cognitive skills
  • Great game for family outings


  • Buyers complained about the application being rendered useless due to frequent technical glitches
  • The information on the app may not be entirely accurate

Choosing a gift for a 4-year-old girl is not easy. The gifts mentioned in the list are a combination of fun and educational, thus letting you pick the one that works the best for your daughter.

What did you gift last to your daughter? Share with us the experience by leaving a comment in the section below..

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Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 4-Year-Old Girls in 2021

If there is a 4-year-old girl in your life with a special occasion coming up, you may be wondering what to purchase for her. Navigating the endless options of gifts can be exhausting and even confusing. We’re here to help. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best gifts for 4-year-old girls, including the best toys, to give you some great options to choose from.

Best Gift and Toy Ideas for 4-Year-Old Girls

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2




Your little one will feel like an adult and have a blast with the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2. With this kid-friendly watch, kids can enjoy the following: learning time, playing games, taking videos and photos, editing photos with fun filters and stamps, and being active with the built-in pedometer and active challenges.

The screen is touch-screen and splash-proof. No WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities mean you don’t have to worry about content being at risk.

Things You Will Love

  • Splash-proof
  • Touchscreen
  • Content is secure (WiFi and Bluetooth)
  • Takes photos and videos
  • Active watch challenges


  • Could be issues with charging


If your child likes playing with your smartwatch or a smartphone, they’re going to love having their own kid-friendly VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2.

B. toys Pop Beads Set




Let her design her own jewelry or toys with this B. Toys Pop Bead Set. With 500 colorful beads, she can easily create jewelry for the whole family or work together with her besties. The beads easily pop together and come apart for endless designing fun. These are great fun for rainy days, parties, or just fun with friends.

Popping the beads together and pulling them apart helps develop hand strength and fine motor skills that are essential for academic success later in life.

This best gift for 4-year-old girls will help develop those skills without your princess even knowing. Having fun is learning and learning is fun when you have the right tools. Girls will love modeling their creations and will most likely include you in the fun.

Things You Will Love

  • Great for solo or cooperative play
  • Variety of colors and sizes of beads
  • Easy to pop together
  • Clear container to store beads
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Hand washable


  • Small parts
  • Lots of pieces


This best toy for 4-year-old girls will give little girls hours of quiet, hands-on play. Her creativity will be inspired by the large variety of colors and sizes she can use to make rings, bracelets, necklaces, or any random shape she desires.

Your little model will parade around with her new jewelry collection and may adorn others around her with her fancy creations. Who knows? You may just inspire her to become the next famous jewelry maker or designer.

Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper (Pink)

Bouncing comes naturally to kids. When they’re excited,  upset, or simply when playing. My First Foam Pogo Jumper will help her bounce out all of her energy. It features soft foam handles that she can easily grip onto and a stretchy bungee spring that adjusts to her height. The built-in squeaker makes a noise on each bounce to add to the fun.

The Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and will keep her moving and shaking for hours. It helps teach balance and coordination in one of the most fun ways possible. Learning to balance has been shown to improve a child’s ability to learn, focus, and pay attention later in life. And what better way to practice than bouncing around the house or yard?

Things You Will Love

  • Gets girls active
  • Teaches balance and coordination
  • Easy to learn
  • Won’t scratch floors
  • Holds up to 250 pounds
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Good for older siblings as well


  • Handles may come off
  • Squeaker wears out


Bouncy girls have more fun. Okay, maybe not, but she is sure to love this pogo jumper whether indoors or out. This best toy is great for indoor rainy day exercise and helps girls develop vital balance and coordination skills. The fun squeaker option makes a noise, which will make your girl giggle each time it squeaks.

This best gift for 4-year-old girls is durable and holds a lot of weight so she can share it with other friends and siblings of a variety of ages.

Newest Night Light Star Light Rotating Projector

Light up the night sky in your little girl’s room. Newest Night Light Star Projector is great for use in your girl’s room, playroom, backyard, camping, or for any time you need a little fun and light.

The projector covers the walls and ceiling with stars in a combination of four colors. The auto-shutoff timer makes this great for use as a nightlight that turns off after a specified time or can be set to stay on the whole night.

Any little girl’s face will light up as the stars illuminate the dark anywhere she desires. With two power sources, batteries, and a DC power supply, the light show can be used outdoors or indoors to provide just the right amount of light for any type of enjoyment.

Four buttons control each aspect of the projector, light, color, rotation, and timer. With so many ways to use it, she can have a different light show every day!

Things You Will Love

  • Two sources of power
  • Variety of lighting options
  • Timer
  • Decorative even when not turned on
  • Can be used as night light


  • Does not come with a wall plug (just a USB)
  • Motor may make sound


This great projector will add a little magic and inspire a girl’s imagination with the lovely night sky appearing anywhere she wants it. It works great as an all-night night light, or as one that shuts off after a specified time.

The colors will further add to the magic and mystery and your girl is sure to love using this decorative light nightly. She may even request dark rooms during the day so she can use it more often. It’s especially great during camping trips, as well.

Fox Print Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow in The Dark Stars




Family camping trips will encourage your little girl to spend more time outdoors, even if they are an evening sojourn into the backyard. You can give your four-year-old her very own tent with the Fox Print Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow in the Dark Stars.

This pink play tent is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play. With a fold-down door and a peep-through window, it creates a fun adventure, encouraging imaginative play.

Parents will love this option because it is easy to put up and take down, and it is easy to keep clean with some mild soap. You can move the tent from inside to outside with the convenient carrying case, so your little one can create her own fun wherever she is.

Things You Will Love

  • Pink play tent for indoor or outdoor play
  • Creates a fun outdoor adventure for backyard or camping fun
  • Decorated with glow-in-the-dark stars and hearts
  • Easy-to-clean material with mild soap and a slightly damp towel
  • Easy assembly: cool pop-up feature allows set up in seconds
  • Fold-down door and peep-through window for role play and pretend play
  • Comes with own zipper bag for easy travel

Some Considerations

  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Doesn’t hold up to outdoors


The Fox Print Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow in the Dark Stars is a cute indoor/outdoor tent that will enhance your child’s sense of wonder and imagination.

This best gift for 4-year-old girls can become her own space indoors, or it can be her own sleeping tent in the great outdoors. It is travel-friendly, so you can include it on your next camping trip. Although it holds up better indoors, we still think it is a win.

There is enough space in this tent for your little one to share her space with a sibling or a friend, or just to have her own palace.

See our list of the best kids tents here.

The Best Birthday Ever (Disney Frozen)

If your girl is a Frozen fan or a girl who loves stories, your girl is sure to love this book. Little Golden Books are a timeless favorite and still feature the gold binding that sets them apart. The short story in The Best Birthday Ever (Disney Frozen) about Anna’s birthday is just right for a quick story anytime.

Reading to young kids helps them absorb knowledge, widen their imaginations, develop language skills, learn reading skills like turning pages and reading left to right, and increases concentration. Finding a book with characters they love makes all of that easier and more fun.

Your little girl can join Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf on the quest to give Anna the best birthday ever. This book is sure to entertain and engage her attention as she follows the challenges the characters face. The story is abbreviated to ensure it holds the attention of young listeners with lots of colorful pictures to increase her understanding of the story.

Things You Will Love

  • Reading is a great bonding activity
  • Well-known characters
  • Colorful pictures
  • Fun adventure
  • Short story


  • Pages are thin and easily ripped


You really can’t go wrong with a book. Books are timeless, engaging, and vital to childhood development. Children who are read to regularly score higher in school and have better language skills. Give her the gift of reading and she will always have a way to entertain herself as she gets older.

The pictures enable girls to “read” the story to you by remembering the events and using the picture clues, which increases her independence and confidence.

Help the girl in your life grow her library and her love of reading with this sweet story of friendship featuring her favorite Frozen characters.

Toyvelt Princess Dress Up & Play Shoe and Jewelry Boutique

Now that they can easily change their clothes, four-year-old girls love to change and dress up at every opportunity. Let her wear theToyvelt Princess Dress Up & Play Shoes that look like the ones princesses wear and store them in her very own storage container. As she adorns herself with jewelry, she’ll feel like the Belle of the ball.

You can’t go wrong with shoes for a little girl, especially when they come with their own shoe storage box. This set comes with four pairs of shoes, three bracelets, three rings and two pairs of clip-on earrings, all in a convenient storage box. Little girls will love taking the shoes out and trying them all on.

When playtime is over, simply have her put the shoes in their compartments, and cleanup is done!

Things You Will Love

  • Four pairs of shoes play
  • Variety of jewelry
  • Storage box
  • 100% Money-back guarantee


  • Plastic can break easily
  • No specific place to store jewelry


Dress up is a vital play element that allows girls to use their imaginations, gain confidence, grow vocabulary skills, and emulate others. It may seem like play but it is so much more. This set includes multiple pairs of shoes and jewelry so she can play dress-up with friends, siblings, or even mommy and daddy.

Little girls love shoes and will have fun trying on the shoes in this set and strutting around like the princess she is. The jewelry will further enhance her self-confidence and provide endless picture-taking opportunities that last forever.

Girls will be girls, let her be the one with the cutest dress-up toys for 4-year-old girls.

Magna-Tiles 32-Piece Clear Colors Set

Creating three-dimensional shapes is a skill that will benefit a child’s development for years to come. The Magna-Tiles 32-Piece Clear Colors Sethelp develop STEM skills that develop spatial skills, problem-solving, and creativity. Colorful pieces easily magnetize together to make two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.

This set includes pink and shapes that are sure to delight little girls along with other bright and translucent colors in orange, green, red, and blue. She can also learn about different shapes including equilateral, right, and isosceles.

Your girl can take this set anywhere she wants. It is a great toy for solo play or cooperative play with friends and family. Girls can replicate the shape of common items in her life, or use her imagination to create things that don’t yet exist.

Creativity may even help her develop a desire to invent new things that will one day be useful in our daily lives. It’s never too early to encourage her strengths and innovation.

Things You Will Love

  • Allows for creativity
  • Colorful pieces
  • Develops spatial skills
  • 32-piece set
  • STEM toy


  • Smaller set
  • Magnets not always strong enough for massive creations


This 32-piece set will give your girl hours of enjoyment building whatever she can imagine. It allows for play alone or with friends and will encourage creativity. It is a great toy to take when traveling in the car or to grandpa’s house.

With the included tiles,  your girl to practice spatial reasoning and building her imagination. It is great practice with shapes and developing three-dimensional shapes.

STEM toys for 4-year-old girls like these are great to increase girls’ exposure to STEM activities and stimulate their thinking.


Binoculars allow kids to explore more of the world around them. They can look farther into a forest to see animals or birds that often fly away when eager little feet approach. Give your girl the gift of being able to see things she normally might miss. An eagle high in a tree, a squirrel across the street scurrying up a tree, or her grandparents waving from across the lake.

She will be amazed at the things she can see and how they look different through the binoculars. These Binoculars are high-quality, not cheap toys.

Kids and nature go together hand-in-hand and handing a little girl a pair of quality binoculars is an invitation to explore. Unlike the electronic devices that keep them sedentary, binoculars draw kids to explore and discover more and more; in their neighborhood, at the park, out camping, or simply on a nature walk. The joy she exhibits while discovering new things will inspire a love of nature and exploration.

These binoculars are a great toy for 4-year-old girls that will last for a long time, however, ensure they are adjusted properly to avoid frustrations. Even ordinary things become extraordinary when she can see the smaller details. She’ll want to take these colorful, durable binoculars everywhere so she can explore everywhere she goes.

Things You Will Love

  • Allows girls to explore their surroundings
  • Non-slip grip
  • Many colors available
  • Sturdy for rough use
  • Rubber eye protection


  • Could be difficult for children to focus


These binoculars will make your little girl want to look at everything around her. She will love being able to see plants and animals that usually run away. Seeing the world through a different set of eyes will inspire her to get out and find out more about nature.

The rubber coating is safe on the eyes, protects against drops, and makes it easy for little hands to grip. Choose her favorite color and she’ll be ready for any expedition.

Here are many more binocular ideas.

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the World

If your little girl is constantly asking, What’s that?, then you have an inquisitive four-year-old. Encourage her mind to find the answers to all of her questions with the National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the World.

This child-friendly reference book has a wealth of bite-sized information on the world’s animals, climate, geography, people, and languages. Filled with bright, colorful photographs and ideas for fun activities, your little girl will learn everything she wants to know. You can enjoy this book with your little one, or you can leave her to explore the world on her own.

The National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the World is a great starter reference book for the child who needs to know everything!

Things You Will Love:

  • A child’s reference book written by an industry leader
  • Includes bite-sized content that won’t overwhelm your little one
  • Introduces information on all of the world’s continents, animals, geography, people, and languages
  • Filled with beautiful photographs
  • Includes ideas for fun activities to help your little girl learn and understand the world

Some Considerations

  • Written for small children; your four-year-old will soon outgrow it
  • Mostly pictures
  • Not much content


We love the National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the World for little girls who have a curious mind. With lots of pictures, this is a visual book of the globe with short tidbits of information sure to hold your four-year-old’s attention and interest.

The content will enhance her knowledge and vocabulary as she learns about different places. Although she will soon outgrow it, we think it is a great way to introduce her to nonfiction books.

Need more book ideas for 4-year-olds? Take a look at our ultimate list here.

Dreamworks Trolls Non-Toxic Nail Polish Set




Trolls Non-Toxic Nail Polish is so fun for kids of all ages and easily peels off for new colors anytime. The captivating colors will delight little girls and they will love painting the nails of anyone in the vicinity, including mommy, sisters, brothers, and even daddy. It allows girls to practice their nail design skills in an easy, non-permanent way.

The nail polish is non-toxic and water-based, so it is safe for all ages. Many little girls love having their nails painted, some on a daily basis, and this set will give nearly endless hours of fun. After a day, or two, the polish will easily wash or peel off, and then she’ll be ready for a completely new nail design for her little hands.

Additionally, she’ll love painting the fingernails of the whole family, and messes are easily cleaned up with soap and water. The set comes with 18 vibrant colors to give your girl plenty of choices for pretty nails for the entire family.

Things You Will Love

  • 18 color choices, some with glitter
  • Non-toxic
  • Comes off easily
  • Dries fast


  • Should be used with supervision
  • Lots of little bottles to keep track off
  • Peels off when washing hands


Girls who love having their nails painted, or who love painting the nails of family and friends, will feel like they’ve hit the jackpot. With so many colors to choose from and the easy-peel polish, she can paint her nails every day if she wants.

Painted nails make girls feel special and pretty and she will love the variety of options with this set. So let your little artist loose with this large set of nail polishes.

Luwint LED Colorful Flashing Gloves

Luwint LED Colorful Flashing Gloves are great for nighttime fun. Perfect for indoor or outdoor activities, little girls will have warm hands and glowing fingers for hours. These are great for playing tag in the dark, concerts, festivals, or vacations.

This best toy for 4-year-old girls will keep your child easily in view no matter where you are. With seven colors and six different light options, your little girl can choose the pattern she loves the best.

The batteries are replaceable so the gloves can last a long time, through one or more seasons of use. These gloves are made of a soft cotton material that keeps warmth inside the gloves. Give her the power to light up the night like she lights up your life with this fun product.

Things You Will Love

  • Replaceable batteries
  • Made of cotton
  • Variety of color and light modes
  • Control located inside gloves


  • Can’t be washed
  • Maybe too large


Having lights at the tips of her fingers, literally, will make any nighttime activity more fun. From vacations to festivals she is sure to get compliments on her unique gloves that light up the night.

This comes with extra batteries, which will likely be necessary fairly quickly as she uses them as often as she can. Let her touch the night and light it up with this best gift for 4-year-old girls.

Litti Pritti Pretend Makeup For Girls Set




Girls love to wear makeup, just like mommy, an older sister, and all the other women in her life. The Litti Pritti Makeup Set is the perfect compromise. The soft brushes make her feel like she is actually applying makeup, while parents don’t have to worry about her using actual makeup.

This best toy for 4-year-old girls is the perfect compromise for any little girl who wants the freedom to put on as much makeup as she wants without mess or skin irritation

Let your sweet 4-year-old use this makeup set to her heart’s content. She can apply it to herself, her toys, her friends, and her siblings without actually altering their appearance. The lipstick feels rubbery like it is actually being applied. With her own foundation, blush, and eyeshadow, she can be grown up without all the mess.

The soft brushes are just like the ones the women in her life use and will feel soft on her sensitive skin. The adorable leather cosmetic bag looks exactly like the ones mommy uses and will safely contain all the products until her next beauty makeover.

Things You Will Love

  • Real animal hair brushes are soft
  • Makeup looks real
  • Authentic cosmetic bag
  • Great for imaginative play



Roleplay is a vital part of growing up. It helps develop empathy, helps girls handle real-life situations, and become someone other than who they are.

This makeup set will let her pretend to make herself into someone else, likely the women who are most important in her life. She can take control by applying it herself with the authentic makeup brushes and explore what it feels like to be all grown up.

Parents will love that there is no mess or cleanup necessary. This is a good gift for 4-year-old girls that love makeup.

JR.WHITE Mermaid Tail Blanket

What could be more fun than growing a mermaid tail? Wearing a crocheted mermaid tail while relaxing, of course. JR.WHITE Mermaid Tail Blankets can be used when watching TV, movies, relaxing, or as a fun sleeping bag at any time.

She will look like a little mermaid with her little feet tucked into this warm blanket. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, you can choose the one that best matches your little girl’s personality.

If your girl wants to feel cozy, she can slip into this mermaid tail and stay toasty warm and cuddly. The open bottom allows for airflow to keep her from getting overheated.

A great prop for imaginative play, photos, or just to keep her warm, she will find many ways to use this fun and trendy child-sized blanket. It can even be used on car trips to keep her warm on long drives.

Things You Will Love

  • Lots of vibrant colors
  • Slit in the back so she can’t get stuck
  • Soft yarn material
  • Can be used as a sleeping bag
  • Machine washable


  • Not for use while standing
  • May have a chemical smell


Mermaids are very popular and she will look adorable in this mermaid tail blanket. It will keep her warm and toasty any time of the year. She can take it on sleepovers, wear it to bed while watching TV, or while riding in the car to stay warm anywhere she goes.

This blanket is sure to delight her every time she uses it. For mermaid lovers or even just girly girls, this is a good gift for 4-year-old girls that will stand the test of time.

Skyrocket Blume Doll

Your little girl will be extra surprised when she receives the Skyrocket Blume Doll as a birthday or Christmas gift! Each container contains one of 22 Blume dolls; it’s not until you add water and watch your doll “grow” that you find out which Blume Doll you received!

In addition to being surprised with a Blume Doll, your girl will be surprised by all the little things inside! Each kit features over ten surprises including a mini friend, sticker sheet, and fashion accessories for dressing up the Blume Doll.

Things You Will Love:

  • Surprise Blume Doll (which one will she get?)
  • Surprise accessories inside
  • Collect all 22!
  • Good price

Some Considerations:


This gift creates excitement because no one knows which Blume Doll is inside! If your little one likes to collect things, this is a fun and inexpensive toy to collect.

LYLKD Little Girls Layered Rainbow Tutu Skirts with Unicorn Horn Headband

Girls are like unicorns and rainbows, bright, colorful, and unique. Let her show off these qualities with this sweet rainbow tutu and unicorn headband. LYLKD Rainbow Tutu Skirt and Unicorn Headband Set is perfect for any occasion, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, or any time.

Watch her twirl around to make the tutu billow out as she shows off her fabulous unicorn horn. She will be the prettiest girl at any party.

These come in a variety of color combinations, so you can choose one that fits your little girl. There are also some that come with a birthday sash to celebrate her special day.

Be wary, though, she may want to wear this every day and may resist surrendering it, even for quick hand washing and line dry. The headband is covered in soft material to keep it comfortably on her head and comes with a matching hair bow for added dazzle.

Things You Will Love

  • Variety of colors
  • Vibrant colors
  • Soft headband
  • Good quality materials


  • Skirt is short, so clothes must be worn under
  • Must be hand washed


Watch your girl twist and twirl like a magical unicorn in this fun set. It is made of good quality materials so is comfortable to wear and will last. The rainbow of colors is sure to complement her personality and make her feel like a princess.

Give her this best gift for 4-year-old girls to bring a huge smile to her face and let her know how special she is to you.

KOKODI LCD Writing Tablet




This KOKODI LCD Writing Tablet is great for kids who love to doodle or draw and is even better for parents who don’t want thousands of sheets of paper to litter the house with drawings.

With a thin stylus, your child can doodle or practice their handwriting with this LCD Writing Tablet. It also would be great for practicing academics such as math equations. When her creation is finished, click on the button and the tablet is wiped clean and ready for more drawings.

What better way to pass the time during long waits at doctor offices, car rides, or any time she needs to stay occupied? The portability of this allows you to easily carry it anywhere and will inspire her creativity as she draws whatever comes to mind. The included battery is good for 6 months before needing to be replaced.

Choose from a Blue, Orange, Pink, or Yellow Writing Tablet. Your little artist will enjoy this best toy for 4-year-olds again and again.

Things You Will Love

  • Wipes clean with one button
  • Stylus can be attached
  • Color drawings
  • Inspires artistic abilities
  • Portable and mess-free


  • Will have to replace the battery
  • Could lose stylus easily if not attached


Any item that can increase a girl’s creativity is a win for everyone around. The LCD Writing Tablet is great for practicing numbers, letters, her name, or just to scribble or draw anything she can imagine. It is a great way to keep her occupied and quiet in many situations.

Parents will love the educational value and portability of this unit, as well as having the pen attached to avoid loss. Little girls can use this to put their most imaginative creations down without wasting paper.

Jewelkeeper Girl’s Musical Jewelry Storage Box




Little girls are collectors of beautiful treasures, including jewelry, and need a safe place to store these special items. The Jewelkeeper Girl’s Musical Jewelry Storage Box is a wonderful place to tuck little treasures away.

The spinning unicorn dances to “The Unicorn Tune” and will mesmerize little girls time and again. By winding the key on the back, the unicorn will dance each time she opens the jewelry box. The soft, pink interior will protect fragile keepsakes and keep them nearby.

The music box comes in a lovely gift box and features one large area to store jewelry and an oval mirror to admire herself. Every little girl needs a special place to store her tiny treasures so they don’t get lost or broken and this musical jewelry box fits the bill. This will bring back fond memories for mothers when they had their first musical jewelry box, as well.

Things You Will Love

  • Dancing unicorn
  • No batteries required
  • Whimsical design
  • Plays “The Unicorn Tune”


  • No organized storage spots or containers within


This beautiful, whimsical musical jewelry box is perfect for a girl’s first jewelry box. Little girls are sure to fall in love quickly with this lovely box gift for 4-year-old girls, especially if they love unicorns! It is sure to be a favorite place for her smallest keepsakes.

Stencil Drawing Kit for Kids

Stenciling and drawing are great ways for your four-year-old to enhance their fine motor skills and encourage their creativity. The Stencil Drawing Kit for Kids includes stencil boards, drawing sheets, sticker sheets, colored pencils, scissors, a sharpener, and a carrying case to keep everything together.

The stencil boards each have different themes, such as numbers, letters, flowers, animals, and other shapes, so your little one can make her own works of art. With so many boards, your four-year-old can share with her siblings and friends. After she stencils her drawings, she can color in the lines. This will sharpen her focus and stimulate her brain activity.

Things You Will Love

  • High-quality 100 piece stencil board set with various themes
  • Right size for any surface; great for travel
  • Includes colored pencils, drawing sheets, sticker sheets, and more
  • Comes with its own carrying case
  • Includes over 260 shapes that introduce young children to drawing letters, flowers, numbers, shapes, and animals

Some Considerations

  • Stencils are thin and flimsy


The Stencil Drawing Kit for Kids includes everything you need to allow your little one to become the artist you know she wants to be. With so many options for stenciling and drawing, she can draw whatever she likes. The best toy set will allow her to be more social with her siblings and friends.

Stencil sets make great gifts for younger children because they have the double benefit of providing structure and artistic expression.

Play-Doh Sparkle Compound Collection

Let your little girl express her creativity and glam with the Play-Doh Sparkle Compound Collection. This sparkly Play-Doh set comes with 6 fun colors of Play-Doh that, you guessed it, sparkles! What little girl doesn’t want to create her own masterpieces that sparkle? Also included are two Play-Doh cutters for cutting out a butterfly or heart.

Things You Will Love

  • Encourages creative play
  • 6 different (and sparkly!) colors
  • Includes 2 cutters (one butterfly and one heart)
  • Incredibly low price


  • Containers are smaller than normal-sized Play-Doh containers


Play-Doh is something that kids love over and over again (as long as it doesn’t dry out). Your 4-year-old will love seeing a familiar favorite with a sparkly and girly twist!

KidKraft Amelia Dollhouse




What 4-year-old girl doesn’t love a dollhouse? With the KidKraft Amelia Dollhouse, your little girl will be able to enjoy three levels of play including four rooms and a balcony! Thirteen pieces of furniture are included and dolls can navigate their house with the fun gliding elevator.

This dollhouse is designed with a very classic and chic style with lots of pink, black, and white colors. Dolls that are 12″ or smaller can easily be played with inside this almost 4-foot tall house. The Amelia Dollhouse weighs about 30 pounds so it is a sturdy piece that should sit well on any floor without moving around.

Parents love how easy this dollhouse is to assemble and that it’s sturdy and tall. A perfect dollhouse gift for a 4-year-old girl!

Things You Will Love

  • Almost 4-feet tall
  • Sturdy
  • Includes 13 furniture pieces
  • Classic and chic design
  • Four rooms plus a balcony
  • Gliding elevator


  • About 30 pounds
  • Good for dolls no taller than 12″


This is a popular three-story dollhouse among parents and is said to be better than other more expensive dollhouses.

Delta Children Chair Desk With Storage Bin

Give her a place to do all her favorite activities with this Delta Children’s Disney Chair Desk. Whether she is drawing, coloring, eating, or playing this desk is just her size and will give her a dedicated place to sit comfortably.

The fabric bin underneath is great for storing coloring and activity books, art supplies, Legos, blocks, or any other toys or activities. At snack time, she can fix up her spot, just the way she likes to eat.

The desk comes with an attached chair, a fabric storage bin for underneath, and a removable cup holder for crayons, pencils, or markers. Designed with her favorite characters, you can choose from Minnie Mouse, Frozen, or Disney Princess, among other designs.

Little girls often find many things that are too big or too small, but this chair desk is just her size and made with sturdy materials that will last for years to come. The designs are scratch-resistant to protect against damage and are colorful and fun. Give her the best gift that fits just right with this combo set.

Things You Will Love

  • Several designs to choose from
  • Scratch-resistant top
  • Child-sized for ages 3-6
  • Bin to keep clutter contained
  • Cup holder for supplies
  • Made of recycled wood


  • Can be difficult to assemble


Girls can be very particular about having their own space, and this desk is a perfect solution to that. It features all her favorite colors and princesses and can become her own little command center for playing or eating and everything in between. It’s a great gift for picky girls!

Gifts for Similar Ages

How We Selected the Best Gifts

When your little girl reaches four years old, she starts coming into her personality, with a natural curiosity about the world. She will also be hitting certain physical, emotional, social, and cognitive milestones that will play a role in her future development.

As we selected the best gifts for 4-year-old girls for this list, we chose toys and other items that would encourage their growth as they reach their milestones.

Toys that Promote Physical Development

Four-year-old girls will have grasped the crucial fine motor skills that they learn during their toddler years, and they are extremely active. They run, jump, walk, and skip while incorporating hand-eye coordination such as learning a skill like riding a bike, jumping rope, or catching a ball.

Finding gifts that encourage outdoor play is important during this stage of life because it will avoid setting the stage for a sedentary lifestyle. With all of your four-year-old’s excess energy, you’ll want to give them some toys or gifts that will encourage them to play outside!

Toys That Promote Creativity and Imagination

Four-year-olds will continue to engage in pretend play during their toddler years, but their imaginative play will become more sophisticated.

As they develop socially and emotionally, your child will create their own world of make-believe, in which they mimic what they see every day. This helps them make sense of the world around them as they learn socially acceptable behaviors.

Toys that support this role play such as dress-up costumes, make-up, and other accessories are always great gift ideas.

Children at this age will also express themselves creatively. They will draw pictures of their favorite animals, people, and scenes to show the world as they understand it. Art supplies are always best gifts for four-year-olds who love to draw and create. Items that are nontoxic and non-staining are best for your little one who might mark off the page.

Toys That Promote Playing with Other Children

Your four-year-old will begin to show more interest in playing with others than she ever has before. Toys that she can share with siblings, friends, and classmates will encourage her social development.

Gifts such as building blocks, playsets, and games promote playtime with others while fostering skills such as cooperation and sharing.

Toys That Promote Intelligence and Knowledge

At this age, your little one will develop her own likes and interests, and she will start to tell you about them. Her language and communication skills are improving, so she will want to know more about the world around her. Interactive toys to increase her knowledge and vocabulary make great gifts, and books are always a classic gift.

When looking for a toy or a book, an item that tells a story, provides information, or includes learning or memory games are great options. Learning tablets, storybooks, and reference books are toys that will enhance your four-year-old’s communication and knowledge.

FAQs about Gifts for 4-Year-Old Girls

I’m buying a gift for a four-year-old child I don’t know that well. What would be the best choice?

If you are purchasing a gift for the child of a friend, family member, or close acquaintance, ask her parents what she likes to do. Try to be as specific as you can with your questions.

Most parents are so grateful that you would want to buy their child a gift that when you ask an open-ended question (What does she like?), they are more likely to give you a generic answer. Try asking, Does she like to read? or Does she like to ride a bike?

These types of closed-ended questions (or, yes-or-no questions) will give you answers that will help you choose a great gift.

How do I know a certain toy is safe for my four-year-old?

Every toy manufacturer is required by law to label age ranges on their items. While this can give you a better idea of which toys would be better for a four-year-old, most children’s’ toys that are appropriate for your little one will fall under the larger age range of 4-8 years old. This can make gift shopping confusing.

When selecting the best toy for 4-year-old girls, check the age ranges first. If you are still concerned about whether or not the item would be a good fit for your child, look at the features and characteristics of the toy.

You know your child: do they describe something that your little one would like to play with or enjoy? Or does it seem like it would be above or below their level? Always use your instinct when choosing the best gift for 4-year-old girls. If you don’t think your child will like it, she probably won’t.

Toy manufacturers are also required to list any safety features and common allergens present in their merchandise. Companies will list such features as nontoxic, latex-free, BPA-free, etc.

These are all ideal characteristics in choosing the safest gift for your four-year-old.

How do I entertain my 4-year-old at home?

  • Read her a story.
  • Play a game with him.
  • Play some music and dance together.
  • Take him/her for a walk and see what you can find.
  • Teach her how to do a somersault or to skip.
  • Play restaurant or store or as a veterinarian
  • Have her work on a puzzle

What are the best toys for 4-year-olds?

Four-year-old children are rapidly developing in every aspect. Their toys, therefore, should encourage and facilitate their healthy development. Look for:

  • Creative and building toys (e.g. age-appropriate art supplies; construction sets, blocks, links, or pop beads)
  • Toys that encourage active play (e.g. age appropriate tricycle, bicycle, scooter, swing, or another riding toy; pogo stick; mini trampoline)
  • Board/boxed/card games
  • Toys that encourage exploration of and learning about their world (e.g. age-appropriate science books, magnifying glass, binoculars, magnets, etc.)
  • Toys that encourage imagination (fiction/fantasy books; dress-up clothes; puppet, doll or stuffed animal; play tent or house; play microphone, toy kitchen/tools/utensils/mower/car/truck, etc.)

Toys and Gifts Wrap Up

Buying gifts and toys for little girls can be challenging, but hopefully, this list takes some of the guesswork out of it.

If you choose the best gift for 4-year-old girls from this list, you are sure to get a great gift for the little girl in your life. Children love getting gifts and just the fact that you took the time to pick one out and give it to her will certainly bring a smile to her face.

Listen to your heart. If a gift or toy stands out and you just can’t stop thinking about it, get it for her. There may be a reason you have chosen that gift. Perhaps it reminds you of when you were a child, or just sticks in your head as the perfect gift for her.

No matter what, she will feel special and important when she opens the special gift you’ve chosen, just for her.

The 20 Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls

Children who are reaching their fourth birthday are gaining independence, preparing for a learning environment, and starting school. Toys are a great way to encourage a four-year-old to begin mastering new skills, from using their imagination and getting creative to practicing practical skills like handwriting and lace tying. The following 15 are the best toys for 4 year old girls! Yes, these toys are great for boys as well, but our little testers were all little girls. Here were their favorites that mom and dad loved too.

These toys are also great for teaching teamwork, playing with others, and gaining their own independence with independent play and learning. They highlight how toys can help your little one learn important skills. They focus on everything from imagination, creativity, learning, teamwork, and independence.

The Best Imaginative Toys for 4-Year-Old Girls 

1: Kidcraft Meadow Lane Playhouse

There are two important kinds of a playhouse in the world of little girls. As for something to go in the backyard, the KidKraft Meadow Lane Market Playhouse is one of the cutest I have ever seen! You will get years of use out of this thing. Moms and dads love KidKraft because they are very well built and will last for years.

There is also the option to go with something like this princess castle pop-up tent for inside. The princess tent is a great companion to playing dress-up. It is also a unique way to create an independent play space in a shared room.

2: Fun Food Truck 

For the 4-year-old foodie in your life, check out the Fun Food Truck by Fisher-Price! This plastic food truck gives any 4-year-old girl the chance to cook, serve, and run her own food truck right in her playroom or bedroom. My kids absolutely love serving me up food from their play kitchens!


If there is one toy that gets used over and over and over by toddlers, it’s a play kitchen. All of our boys and girls have loved playing kitchen in the house.

Serving us fake pizza, apples, or even coffee. Toddlers simply love this toy and will use it for a few years without fail. This KidKraft model is definitely one of the better models out there and is simply adorable (I mean check out the kitchen backsplash) Check Current Prices Here!

4: Trunk Dress Up Kit

Most little kids love to play dress up and it’s actually a great way to get their imagination rolling! You can find old clothes hidden up in your closet or look for a costume set or check out this trunk set that comes with 4 different costumes! There is a dancer, witch, superhero, and unicorn, so your 4-year-old has some options and can use her imagination.

Creative Toys for Little Girls

5: Jewelry Making Set

All building toys are a great way for a 4-year-old to get creative and work on hand-eye coordination. While you probably usually think of things like blocks, I bet you haven’t considering jewelry making! With this jewelry-making set your sweet girl can use plastic beads and string to make headbands, necklaces, and bracelets with a range of textured and decorative beads.

The kit comes with its own carrying case to keep all the pieces together. I love how simple it is, which allows your little one to be more independent! 

6: LEGO Bricks – LEGO Disney Anna and Elsa’s Storybook Adventures

You can’t go wrong with LEGOs, right? These classic building blocks (and their newer exciting sets!) have long been the go-to when looking for a toy that encourages imagination. They help your little one to get creative and build whatever they can think up.

This Classic LEGO Bricks kit comes with ten thousand pieces, all stored in a large LEGO brick box, and in a rainbow of colors. One thing is for sure, they won’t be running out of ideas of things to create any time soon!

If you are a Disney Lover, this Anna and Elsa set is simply too cute and fun for your 4-year-old girl.

It comes with all the classic characters; Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Christoph.

7: Nextx Art Easel
Perfect for the
Creative 4 Year Old Girl (Great Learning tool too)

Another way 4-year-old girls can get creative is by drawing, painting, and using art supplies to create. This double-sided art easel has a chalkboard side and a magnetic dry erase side for drawing. The legs of the easel are adjustable, allowing you to tailor the height to your child’s needs.

This easel is super easy to assemble (that’s a win for moms) and you will find your sweet 4 year old playing on this easel for months if not years.

Learning Toys for 4 Year Old Girls

8: Leap Frog MyOwn Laptop

Children are often fascinated by what they see adults doing and using, such as when a parent is on the computer. The MyOwn Laptop by Leapfrog gives 4-year-old girls their own version of a computer with built-in learning games. It can help children learn letters, play games, listen to music, and draft their own messages. It is a great way to encourage positive time spent on technology!


Melissa & Doug See & Spell Wooden Educational Toy

Puzzles are the absolute best way to teach problem-solving skills. You can introduce puzzles at an early age and move up from wooden board puzzles to these educational floor puzzles. This Melissa & Doug set teaches younger children how to solve puzzles with larger pieces while also teaching basic spelling.

10: Buckle Busy Board

Going to preschool and kindergarten is a big change for little kids! As this stage quickly approaches for your 4-year-old, they need to learn hands-on skills like tying shoes, zipping zippers, and managing snaps.

The Buckle Busy Board provides a flat surface for children to practice their skills all in one place. Plus, practicing on a flat surface is a great way to get the basics down! 


Toy to Build Teamwork Skills for Your 4 Year Old Girl

11: Board Games

Board games are a fun and interactive way to teach any kiddo about teamwork, competition, and also patience. They will have to wait their turn to play and watch everyone else play. The Ladybug Game is the perfect opportunity to teach children about bugs and have a fun game night or an afternoon playing together. You could also go with a classic like Candy Land. 


Pink, purple, and butterflies? Yes, I will take it! This perfect watch is a perfect present for a 4 year old girl. Plus, it is more than just an accessory to match their cute little pink dresses, it will help them learn to tell and keep track of time. Click here to check the current prices!

13: Magnetic blocks

My littlest is completely obsessed with magnetic blocks and magnetic tiles. While this can be an independent play toy, this is also a great opportunity to help your child learn to work with you to build something together. The tiles come in a variety of colors and stick together to build flat designs and three-dimensional structures. They make it really easy to build creative, unique towers, houses, cars, and more!

Toys for Your Independent 4 Year Old Girl

14: Independent reading

By now your 4-year-old is familiar with picture books and being read to, but the next step is learning how to read independently. First, this LeapFrop 100 Words Book helps your child navigate letters, words, and stories with the help of the electronic book. Second and best of all, having something that can talk your child through the pages will increase their confidence when approaching a book on their own.

15: MatchIt Spelling Flashcards

Many 4-year-olds are eager to learn how to spell and read and are looking for ways to learn on their own. These MatchIt Spelling Flashcards use the basics of puzzle pieces to help guide your child to spelling and sight words. These cards are self-correcting in that the puzzles only fit one way, ensuring your child will find the correct answer every time they play.


Playsets encourage imagination and self-play, and I love that this treehouse is perfect for little girls and boys. Plus, it looks like the treehouse of my dreams! It is wooden and handpainted making for a beautiful addition to your playroom. Keep in mind the cute little animal set is sold separately. Click here for pricing!

17: Love & Mini Piano Toy

Age 4 is a great time for children to be making music and learning an instrument. Musical toys are also a good way to see if your child is interested in this skill, and this toy keyboard looks like a grand piano complete with a microphone. Any 4-year-old girl can spend time independently pressing the keys and making her own music with this toy before you invest in piano lessons.

Turning 4 years old opens up a whole new world of children’s toys! This age brings more independence, curiosity, and communication! All of the toys above are great options for a 4-year-old girl, whether she’s interested in princesses and drawing or STEM and outdoor activities.

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Pin for Later: Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls

88 Fun (And Cool) Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Girls

Great gifts for 4 year old girls run the gamut from fun and adventurous to creative and playful. Whether she loves baby dolls, playhouses, building sets, or dress-up, there is something here to spark every little princess/mermaid/astronaut/explorer/girl’s imagination. From playing doctor to being a medieval knight, you will find it all here.

Little Passports Early Explorers Subscription Box

Every month, pre-schoolers can receive a collection of learning resources which are designed to help them learn about the world in a fun and exciting way, including a letter from their new pen pals.

Prices vary

Four Ever Wild Shirt

She’ll love to wear this casual but chic tee on her birthday; with ‘Four Ever Wild’ on the front, it’s a fun play on words that will make everybody smile.


Kid’s Magic Bath Fizzies

Bath bombs add fizzy fun to bath time, but these ones are even more special, because they each contain a brilliant toy animal from the world of farms, safaris, or the ocean.


Allbirds Smallbirds Wool Runners

Merino wool is light as a feather and fully breathable, which means these runners are ideal for 4 year old girls who are always on the go and want to stay comfortable.


Plugocount Math Game

Plugo Count uses numbers and arithmetic to solve the challenges which take the form of stories, in this augmented reality gaming kit which uses your child’s device to bring it to life.


Four-ever Young Shirt

Passers-by will be in no doubt as to how old your little girl is when she’s wearing this cool top which comes in a choice of colors, with optional personalization on the back.


Peaceable Kingdom Dinosaur Escape

There are no losers in this game, only winners who must all work together to help save the dinosaurs to escape from the volcano which is just about to blow.


Disney Pixar Toy Story Rex Figure

Rex will become her new favorite as he can be posed in a myriad of ways to enrich your child’s role playing and recreation of her favorite scenes in Toy Story 4.


Hackin’ Packin’ Alpaca Game

It’s a race against time with Mac the alpaca! Can they load him up before time runs out, or will Mac get impatient and spit water at the one who’s being too slow?


Little Dentist Set

Teach her that dentists aren’t so scary with a set of dental toys which mimic the real thing, and allow her to play at being a tooth doctor while learning all about dental hygiene.


ThinkFun Zingo

Children learn through play, as ably demonstrated by ZIngo, the kids’ bingo game which teaches them simple counting and addition, as well as word recognition as some of the numbers are in letter form.



Sulwe is a stunningly touching story in which one little girl tries to be like everybody else, until she realizes that she’s unique and beautiful exactly as she is.


Play-Doh Variety 6 Pack

No longer just a squishy, stretchy slime, now Playdoh comes in a variety of exciting textures that crackle and pop, ooze, and even take on the feel of a super soft cloud.


Ginny Goblin Cannot Have a Monster for a Pet

Young readers will laugh out loud at the adventures of Ginny Goblin as she makes her way through a menagerie of animals to find her perfect pet, with plenty of silliness along the way.



All kids love monkeying around, and now they can do it with friends when they play Orangutwang, the game in which players load their goods into the monkey’s arms before he goes POP!


Glowing Bath Time Buddies

Light up bath time for your 4 year old girl with her very own Bath Time Buddy, the little figure with bendable arms and legs which literally glows in the water.


Kiwi Co Koala Crate

With at least 2 great activities in each box, the Koala Crate will give her the materials she will need to create exciting projects, along with a fun magazine and parent guide.

Prices vary

Scary Bingo

Bingo is a guaranteed hit with kids, but Scary Bingo adds a kid-friendly creepiness to the game, as it uses monsters, creatures, and creepy crawlies instead of the usual numbers.


The Pout-Pout Fish

The Pout Pout Fish is a fun rhyming book which tells the story of a sad looking fish whose friends just want to see him with a smile on his face.


Cutetitos Mystery Stuffed Animals

Utterly adorable, these Cutetitos are sweet cuddly animals which arrive wrapped in a soft tortilla blanket and come with a collector’s card which tells their new owner all about them.


Lady Legends Alphabet Book

Instead of ‘ball’, in this book B stands for Beyonce, and every other letter is represented by another strong and influential woman to inspire the girls of tomorrow, today.


Bob Books Set 1: Beginning Readers

The perfect companion to learning to read, this little box set will help pre-schoolers master the art by introducing only 4 letters in the first story, before gradually adding more letters and sounds.

Prices Vary

Orboot Interactive Globe

This app based teaching aid will take kids on a journey around the world, using augmented reality to bring each part of the included globe to life with animals, weather, cultures and more.


Personalized M Is for Me Book

This ABC book does more than just teach the alphabet, as each letter represents a positive trait to inspire a healthy attitude, with one letter reserved for their very own name.


Kids Bombas Socks

In a variety of themes, colors, and occasions, Bombas socks will liven up every outfit, from a smart ‘Sunday best’ to the prettiest party dress, and they’re super cheerful and bright, too.

Prices vary

Don’t Break the Ice Game

Concentration and forward thinking will be needed when she plays Don’t Break the Ice, the game in which players must knock out blocks of ice without letting Phillip the penguin fall.


TINKERTOY Super Building Set

There are 200 pieces in this TinkerToy set, which means the building opportunities are endless. With 30 building ideas to get her started, there’s no end to what she can build.


This Girl is Officially 4 Year Old Shirt

She’ll give this t-shirt the thumbs up because it lets the world know that she’s 4 years old, and as it comes in a brilliant white, it’ll go with absolutely anything.


Level 4 Unclocked Shirt

Think of age in terms of levels and not years, and suddenly every birthday seems even cooler! This t-shirt makes a fun gift for 4 year olds who’ve reached this magical milestone.


Meerkat Bowling

Made from sustainable, non-toxic wood, these five sweet and colorful meerkats take the place of ordinary pins for a game of bowling she will play over and over again.


VTech Myla The Magical Unicorn

The magic brush included in this enchanting set will add beautiful light-up colors to Myla the unicorn’s horn, eyes, and wings, while the microphone encourages her to sing a duet with your child.


Peaceable Kingdom Hoot Owl Hoot

Instead of competing, children must play together to help all the owls to get back home before the sun comes up, in this game which encourages sharing, cooperation, and healthy self-esteem.


Mahabi Kids Slippers

Keep her feet nice and warm with Mahabis slippers. Made from the softest felt, these indoor shoes come in both summer and classic versions and feature collapsible heels for ease of wearing.

Prices vary

Color Your Own Super Hero Cape

Every superhero needs a cape, and this one is super awesome as it comes ready printed and waiting to be colored in in her own unique style, before she slips it on.


Solar System Sidewalk Chalk

These sidewalk chalks are incredible. Made to represent 9 planets, each one changes color as it’s used to reflect the planet’s crust, core, and layers, with $2 from each sale going to charity.


Un-four-gettable Shirt

Little girls can never have too many tees, and this one will be perfect for her 4th birthday as it features a fun play on words about her age, in gorgeously bright colors.



Translucent and colorful, these 100 Magna Tiles come in the shape of squares and equilateral, isosceles, and right angle triangles, and stick together with magnets so her designs never fall apart.


Personalized I Can Change the World Book

Empowering and positive, this sweet book will encourage little girls to make the world a better place by simply spreading a little kindness, and will be personalized with her own first name.


You Are Not Small Boxed Set

Sharing valuable life lessons in an age appropriate and very sweet way, this boxset of books explores differences, sharing, friendships, and fear, arming her with the tools to navigate these sometimes difficult hurdles.


Personalized Monster Town Adventure Book

This beautiful book makes a gorgeous gift for 4 year olds because they appear as the main character (complete with hair color and skin tone), as they learn to process a myriad of emotions.


Boggle Junior

Players as young as 3 can join in with Junior Boggle as they match the letters to the picture or word cards, which encourages memory, matching, spelling, and word recognition skills.


Really Rad Robots

She’ll be able to send messages or, even more excitingly, listen in to other people’s ‘secret’ conversations with Mibro Gold, the rad robot who comes with 50+ functions and sound effects.


4th Birthday Shirt

126,230,400 seconds is a lot of time to be spent being awesome, but that’s what this 4th birthday t-shirt says, along with the equivalent in years, months, days, and hours too.


Kid’s Classic Drum Set

This gift for 4 year olds will take some beating – literally! Made from rubber wood, this drum set includes two drums, a cymbal, two drumsticks, and a cool-sounding Spanish guiro.


How to Catch a Unicorn

Rhyming books are always popular, and this one is filled with beautiful colored illustrations as young readers are taken on a magical journey to catch a mythical unicorn.


LOL Surprise Winter Disco Bigger Surprise

This L.O.L. gift will keep her going for some time as it includes a whopping SIXTY-plus surprises, including an exclusive family as seen on Amazon Prime’s Winter Disco Movie.


Personalized Storybook Pillow Adventure

Give your young one a precious, personalized gift they will love forever. This “storybook” pillow is designed to look like the front and back covers of a children’s book. You can personalize the main character’s gender, skin tone, and hair color, plus personalized text to make it extra special.


Personalized Constellation Growth Chart

This clever growth chart will mark your child’s height as they rocket skyward toward the stars. This canvas keepsake features a navy blue sky with an array of creative constellations and comes with out-of-this-world options like personalizing with your child’s name, and the text “love you more than all the stars.”


Parker The Interactive Bear Patient

“Parker” isn’t just any old teddy bear. He is the perfectly adorable patient that will allow your child to learn about science, problem-solving, and empathy. Use the app to activate augmented reality where real world images viewed through your device’s camera are combined with charming illustrations. He comes with lots of adorable accessories.


Little Patient

Unzip this clever doll to find six removable, plush organs: lungs, heart, intestines, liver, spleen, and kidneys. It comes with a guide book that teaches what each organ does as your child rearranges them back inside. It also features a graphic skeleton print underneath the organs so that kids can learn all about bones, too.


Princess Duvet And Pillowcase Set

If you need suggestions for epic gifts for 4 year old girls who just happen to be princesses, you need to get this absolutely magical duvet and pillowcase set. Once her highness is tucked in at night, her comforter turns into a dazzling, royal ball gown, while her head rests softly on her pillowcase crown.


Schwinn Girls’ Petunia Bike

This sweet girl’s bike is named “Petunia” and is the perfect first-bike for those just learning to ride. It features training wheels and a push handle for parents that can be removed as the child grows in skills. It also has festive details like handle bar streamers, a storage bag, bell, and water bottle.


Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Luke

This little fellow is named “Snackin’ Luke” because he loves snacks. This Baby Alive doll comes with a bowl and airplane-shaped spoon, plus two containers of pretend baby food with a mold to create a variety of snacks. Luke is wearing an adorable outfit and comes with a diaper because he really “poops” after eating!


Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

This waterpark play table is the perfect antidote to a lazy summer afternoon. Send the kids out to play with fun water features like a Ferris wheel, spiral tube, and funnel. It also comes with a cup and five cute characters that squirt water. Kids can have a ton of splashy fun with this toy.


My Little Pony Rainbow Princess Twilight Sparkle Figure

This is the ultimate gift for a “My Little Pony” fan. Rainbow Princess Twilight Sparkle is a riot of beautiful colors from her shiny rainbow cape to her festive wings, and her colorful locks to her mismatched shoes. She comes wearing a crown and has a comb and barrette for hair styling.


American Girl WellieWishers Ashlyn Doll

WellieWishers is the American Girl doll sized for younger girls. This is “Ashlyn”, and she is a princess-in-training just like your little girl. She comes wearing a beautiful pink and gold dress with a tulle skirt, matching pink and gold “Wellies”, and a jeweled crown. Your girl will love this doll for years to come.


Aurora World Morgana Mermaid Plush

Great gifts for 4 year old girls have to include mermaids, and this 18” mermaid plush doll is sure to become your girl’s favorite toy. This fantastical creature comes wearing a sea green top with jewel and a sparkly multi-colored tail. Her long dark hair is made from black yarn with bright blue accents.

Prices Vary

Smart Gear Pony Cycle White Unicorn Ride On

As a parent, you can fulfill your child’s wish for a pony with something that is a little easier to care for – this cute ride-on pony is kid powered and works indoors or out for all day fun. Best of all, this horse doesn’t need hay or a barn to be your child’s best friend.


VTech Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard

This Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard has four learning activities and over 30 playful melodies and sounds. It comes with three detachable stencils that pair with learning recognition technology, which teaches letters, numbers, writing skills, and health topics. This is a perfect gift for Doc McStuffins’ fans.


Little Tikes Trampoline

Now your little kangaroo can bounce, bounce, bounce all day long on this 3’ Little Tikes trampoline. Made for indoor use only, this jumper has a safety handle bar for support and rubber stoppers on the feet to protect floors. Let your little hopper burn off all that excess energy with this fun toy.


Intex Dinoland Play Center

Less scary and a whole lot more fun than Jurassic Park, this blow-up water play center features friendly dinosaurs that won’t eat you. Zip down the water slide beneath the Brontosaurus water spray, play ring toss with the Pterodactyl or basketball with T-Rex who is conveniently holding the goal for you.


My Little Pony Necklace Activity Set

Whether her favorite is Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, or Twilight Sparkle, she will love this beaded necklace kit with five My Little Pony charms. Mix and match the colorful beads for different looks as the necklaces can be restrung over and over again. She might even want to give these to her friends as gifts.


Melissa & Doug Dress-Up Tiaras

A princess can never have too many crowns and with this delightful Melissa and Doug dress-up tiara set, you can make sure that your little royal highness always has suitable head gear for the occasion. It’s nice to have several available for playdates and these would make fantastic party favors for a princess-themed birthday party!


Mermaid Duvet And Pillowcase Set

Your little mermaid will be enchanted with this bedding. She will drift off on the waves of a gentle sleep nestled under the duvet which features a sparkling bodice and shimmery tail, as her head rests on her pillow crown. There is no need to count sheep when you can count seahorses instead.


Little Mommy Goodnight Snuggles Baby Doll

This sweet baby is just waiting for your little mommy to tuck her in and read a bedtime story. With her colorful onesie, this little snuggle-bunny is all ready to sleep holding her precious giraffe. Your girl will also appreciate having the blanket, bottle, and pacifier as she takes care of all her baby’s needs.


Barbie Baby Doctor Playset

Calling Dr. Barbie for a Code Pink. Stat. Your young physician will love taking care of these two tiny patients with all of her medical equipment. No pediatrician’s office would be complete without a stethoscope, chart, baby bottles, blankets, and a baby care station. And all doctors should have such stylish scrubs and crisp white shoes.


Girls Cherries Retro Apron

This charming child’s apron recalls the stylish dresses of the 1950’s. With the cheerful cherry print, full skirt, and clever details like a pretty neckline and two-toned pockets, this sweet apron is sure to be a big hit with your little baker. Get ready for your little one to bake up some tasty treats.

Price varies

Mermaid Print Set

Delight your little mermaid with this beautiful three-print set that comes as a digital download. This gives you the opportunity to customize the display with any frames you like. Each mermaid sports a different pose and hair color as they appear to be swimming playfully under the sea.


LEGO DUPLO Disney Sofia the First Magical Carriage

Does your little one love Sofia the First? Then she will love this LEGO DUPLO building toy with a Sophia figurine, horse and carriage, squirrel, revolving tree, and additional accessories. This series is designed with bigger bricks for smaller hands. It includes 30 pieces and is recommended for ages 2-5.


Little Kids Shimmer & Shine Bubble Machine

“Go play outside” means a new level of fun with this bubble blowing machine. It comes with 4 oz of bubble solution and blows tons of bubbles. Easy-to-use, you will have a bubble-bursting good time right out of the box. Be sure to stock up on more bubble mix. You’re going to need it.

Prices Vary

Folkmanis Small Peacock Hand Puppet

One of the most beautiful birds on earth is now a gorgeous hand puppet. This delightful creature is made of high quality materials that simulates the beautiful tail feathers and other features of a real peacock. Your little puppeteer will love strutting their stuff with this fun toy.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Make-a-Cake Mixer Set

The perfect gift for 4 year old girls, this delightful wooden hand-crank mixer set comes with a “sliceable” egg and pat of butter, a cake pan, a box of pretend cake mix, a cake, knife, and recipe card. The crank actually spins the bowl and the dial turns to the setting you need.


Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Shimmer & Shine Microphone

Give your little fan of the Nickelodeon characters, Shimmer and Shine, this ice-blue and teal microphone that plays songs from the show. The top lights up and flashes to the music for the ultimate sing-along and dance party. Your little one will have hours of playtime fun with this toy.

Prices Vary

Personalized My Alphabet Pillow

This pillow makes a beautiful birthday gift or even a personalized baby shower gift. This cozy cushion is designed with classic illustrations to resemble a building block that features the letter and an object of your child’s name. On the back side you can add a sweet message or birth details for a unique announcement.


Musical Pat Bells

This inventive set of eight bells is the perfect first instrument for any child. The patented “tap” system means that a gentle push on top is all that is needed to create a beautiful sustained tone. It comes with music cards that contain color-coded instructions that match the bells for creative learning.


Disney Moana’s Magical Seashell Necklace

Your little Moana will go wild over her beautiful shell necklace that lights up with a pale green glow. This lovely piece of jewelry would make a great gift paired with a Moana dress-up costume or a DVD of the movie. It would also make the perfect take-home favor for a themed birthday party.


Shimmer and Shine Wish Come True Shine Purse Set

Fans of the Nickelodeon show, Shimmer and Shine, will be enchanted by the magic of this purse designed to look like their pet tiger, Nahal. It comes with a genie bottle necklace, a mirror, and bejeweled bracelet cuffs. The sculpted clutch has a cute pearl handle that makes it the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Prices Vary

Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack

Be ready for a rockin’ good time at your child’s next birthday party with this fabulous face painting kit. Face painting lends itself to so many party themes: animals, fairies, princesses, superheroes, you name it and you can face paint it. It comes with a face-painting guide to get you started.


Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk

Nothing says “great gifts for 4 year old girls” like a dress-up trunk full of princess costumes. With pieces to dress up as Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, and Aurora, your royal highness and her friends will have fun all day long. The decorated cardboard trunk does double duty as storage.


Fisher-Price Shimmer & Shine Float & Sing Palace Friends

Fans of the show Shimmer and Shine will be enthralled by the magic of this playset. Place one of the figures on the couch and press the gem to see them magically “float” in the air. Press another jewel to hear phrases and songs. The set comes with figures of their pet monkey and tiger.


5 Diy Gifts That Will Make Your Little Girl Smile

Diy Flower Letter Decor

Check out this tutorial for making unique, personalized floral wall décor using your child’s name. Cut out Styrofoam blocks in large letters that spell your little one’s name, then decorate with flowers and ribbon for a sweet way to decorate their room. This would also be a lovely gift idea for a friend.

Diy Hopscotch Mat

Looking for some inexpensive indoor DIY games? Follow this tutorial for making simple games on canvas using felt. Whether you choose Tic Tac Toe, Hopscotch, Bullseye, or all three, your kids will leave you alone for hours. You only need a few simple items – and a hot glue gun – to create hours of fun.

Diy Cupcake Play Dough Kit

Have a fun afternoon with your kids by making these DIY play-dough cupcakes — choose from vanilla, almond or chocolate scented “dough” and a variety of fun decorations.

How to Build a Dollhouse

Give your little one a gift she will truly love with a dollhouse you made yourself. All the more special because you built it, you can follow this tutorial for the basic instructions and some creative embellishments, but also feel free to improvise with items you have on hand to decorate one-of-a-kind interiors.

Diy Doctors Play Kit

Create a DIY doctor’s kit that your child will love. Use this guide to jump start your imagination on how to make this idea your own. From cotton balls and band aids to medicine bottles and syringes (no needles), your tiny physician will enjoy hours of imaginative play.

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Best Toy and Gift Ideas for 4 Year-Olds Girls 2021: Anything Four Them

At the age of 4 years, most kids begin spending their days at school or daycare. Around this time, you can expect your little girl to want to be very busy as she learns and explores the world around her. Aside from walking, talking, and making friends, you will notice your girl can manage to do a lot more on her own. She will dress up, enjoy organizing her own areas, and be able to choose and do her own chores.

Choosing the Best Toys and Gifts for 4-Year-Old Girls

It’s a great time to be a kid! With so many fun toys just a few clicks away, parents are able to provide their kids with more kinds of new toys than ever before. Your little girl should be no exception. Whether it is for Christmas, their birthday, or any other occasion, giving your daughter a new toy that grabs her attention is a great way to expand her interests and set her up for future success. Here are some kinds of toys we think every 4-year-old girl should have.

Musical Toys

At four years, kids can make leaps and bounds in their musical skills overnight. Encouraging exploration of sound and music will not only lay the groundwork for future musical ability, but it also offers a host of benefits to their development. Our favorite musical toy for 4-year old girls is the Piano Toy Keyboard for Kids.

Creative Toys

For kids of all ages, toys that allow them to execute their own unique vision help them develop their creative skills, self-confidence, and eye for detail. Our top overall pick is Gili Pop Beads a toy that encourages creativity by letting girls design their own jewelry using interchangeable, snap-on pieces.


In 2021, it’s cool to be smart. STEM toys encourage kids to learn more about the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Our top STEM pick for 4-year-old-girls is the Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope.

Toys play a huge role in shaping the personality and character of your child. It is through play that your girl develops physically, mentally, and becomes more creative through imagination. To give her support that will help her fine and gross motor skills to develop, we’ve reviewed 30 top best safe, fun, educational toys and gift ideas for 4-year-old girls.

Top 30 Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 4-Year-Old Girls 2021

1. Best Overall Gift: Gili Pop Beads

Why we like it: A great educational tool that is also interactive and creative, Gili Pop Beads help develop excellent motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and makes an ideal choice gift for your little princess.

Editor’s Rating:

Your little girl loves her mom’s jewelry box, and now she has the perfect opportunity to own one of her own. This snap-lock fashion kit features 500 pieces beads in 12 different colors, 15 exclusive shapes, sizes and designs, and a pink storage box suitable for kids aged 4 to 8 years. There’s no need for strings as this product features an easy snap-design that sparks creative play to help her make tons of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more—though kids much younger than four might struggle to put them together.

This high-quality set develops your little one’s excellent motor skills, eye-hand coordination, creativity, and imagination an excellent educational toy. The product comes with a portable easy-to-use container for mobility.

  • Provides endless varieties that your kid can make
  • High quality
  • Offers creative activity for both child and parent
  • Safe with non-toxic plastic
  • Beads are hard to snap together for younger ages

2. Best Premium Gift: Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse

Why we like it: This dollhouse is an innovative product that inspires open-ended thinking that helps your child build confidence and character. The Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse offers a fun way to play with brothers, sisters, and friends.

Editor’s Rating:

The dollhouse is a perfect gift suitable for your 4-year old girl, preschoolers, and families with multiple children. This small model house features 15 pieces of furniture, a garage, and a working elevator that ignites the imagination and wonder in your girl.

The fresh gender-neutral colors of this toy make it an excellent option for both boys and girls. The exterior features a natural-wood frame and exiting décor that’s both appealing and modern for today’s kid. The game features a wooden toy car and four poseable dolls. The playset is also easy to share with multiple children from the front, side, or top for unlimited pretend play. It might take a while to put together, and it isn’t cheap, but any little girl will love it.

  • Perfect birthday and Christmas gift
  • Great for igniting the imagination
  • Open sides for easy access for more than two children
  • Takes time to assemble
  • It’s a bit pricey

3. Best Budget Gift: Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids

Why we like it: Watch your little girl’s balance improve with this product. The Flybar is also designed to help your child’s hands, arms and feet coordinate smoothly, a vital developmental skill.

Editor’s Rating:

The Flybar is the perfect gift for your little girl that will keep her busy hopping all day long. The high-quality foam is sturdy, safe, and durable and can hold up to 250lbs keeping her healthy and active – a great way to exercise. The pogo jumper features a permanent foam base, a stretchy “spring”, and a soft, comfortable foam grip handle that helps develop your child’s hand-eye coordination, balance, and strength.

The product is best for both outdoor and indoor use and has an inbuilt squeaker sound that helps to make the number of hops—though it’s not exactly easy on the ears. Perfect for both kids and adults.

  • Great kid exerciser
  • A versatile product for taller children
  • Durable even with hard use
  • The squeaky sound can be annoying to some

4. FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent

Why we like it: This colorful pop-up foldable tent enhances both creativity and imagination. The FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent is a great way to have fun and adventure for both outdoor and indoor activities.

Editor’s Rating:

This Princess Castle Play Tent is perfect for girls between 2 and 8 years old. Your little girl will enjoy her new secret hiding place with colorfully decorated hearts and glow-in-the-dark-stars. The play tent features sturdy shock-corded fiberglass poles for quick and easy assembly.

The foldable toy house features a fold-down door and a peep-through window for hiding and piping, a great way to have fun and adventure. This cute little tent is both lightweight and portable and features a compact carry zipper bag for easy storage—although refolding the tent isn’t quite as easy as setting it up. The play tent also features a kid-friendly design that’s easy to clean with a damp cloth and soap.

  • The netted windows give airflow
  • Light and portable for travel
  • Big enough to accommodate two kids

5. Spelly Straws Reusable Drinking Straws for Kids

Why we like it: The Spelly straw set is innovatively designed to offer a fun learning experience. It’s also made from food-grade BPA-free plastic that’s dishwasher safe.

Editor’s Rating:

Teach your 4-year-old girl new words and how to spell with Spelly Straws! A great way to have fun and learn, the straws feature 44 interchangeable letters and 4 bases that can create up to 300,000 words making it the best gift or party favor for your little girl, toddlers, and teenagers.

The fun colored straws feature safe BPA free plastic that is very sturdy and easy to clean in a dishwasher. Be careful not to stink them together too tightly, though, or you might not be able to pull them apart.

The set comes in assorted colors that can be used for drinking smoothies and thick drinks that offers excitement, fun, and personalized cocktail and birthday parties.

  • Super easy to clean
  • Perfect for themed parties and events
  • Very sturdy
  • Awesome gift idea
  • Not easy to pry apart when pushed together too hard

6. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

Why we like it: The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 stimulates learning that helps your little girl improve time consciousness and capture important life moments that matter most to your developing child.

Editor’s Rating:

Help your little girl learn to process information and make sense of their world with Vtech Kidizoom smartwatch a suitable gift for your young year girl. The product features 55 customizable digital and analog clock faces that will help your girl to tell time.

The two built-in cameras will allow your child to take videos and selfies while the micro USB cable helps to upload them. The included monster detector game with a motion sensor fosters ongoing play challenges for a boosted reality gaming experience.

All these features come in a pretty big package, though, so it might not be too comfortable for some smaller 4-year-olds.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Splash-proof
  • Connects to your computer for downloads and uploads
  • Fun photo and video effects
  • Can be rather large for a 4-year old

7. ThinkFun Zingo Bingo

Why we like it: Let your child learn and have fun with Zingo’s image and word recognition-based game. The set also allows her to practice concentration and improve language skills.

Editor’s Rating:

ThinkFun Zingo Bingo creates a perfect environment for your preschooler to develop language and other critical skills such as reading in a fast-paced, exciting game. The set features 78 printed images with words, one zinger, seven double-sized Zingo cards, and two levels of play for entertaining pre-reading toy suitable for 4-year-olds and above—which is everything you need, but some reviews say pieces are missing in certain orders.

Zingo features high-quality components with clear and easy to understand instructions and a parent’s guide that will enable your little one to open the box and play immediately for improved critical thinking skills.

  • Encourages kids to learn and read
  • Fun for the entire family
  • Durable double-sided cardboard bingo cards
  • Autism-friendly
  • Quality control could be improved for smaller kids

8. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope

Why we like it: GeoSafari Jr. gets girls interested in science and nature, teaching your little girl the basics of using a microscope.

Editor’s Rating:

The GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope from Educational Insights is a fun way for girls to explore nature up close. The Microscope comes with 20 prepared slides and 60 colorful photos with details about the slides. Girls will love looking at the slides, which feature things like bugs, hair, minerals, plants, and more. Bindi Irwin’s voice teaches children about each slide as they’re loaded into the microscope with 100 various facts.

Some children may have difficulty loading the slides into the scope and may be frustrated that it only works with the prepared slides. GeoSafari is a great beginning tool to get girls interested in science and exploring nature.

  • Includes 20 prepared slides
  • Bindi Irwin’s voice teaches over 100 animal and nature facts
  • 60 added pictures to go along with the slides
  • Difficult to place the slides in
  • Only works with included slides

9. FurReal Cubby

Why we like it: Cubby is an interactive teddy bear that brings imagination to life. Girls can have meaningful interactions with him, and he even hugs back.

Editor’s Rating:

Cubby the Curious Bear is an interactive plush bear that is more than just a regular stuffed toy. Cubby’s entire face, his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose, all move, along with his neck and arms. Cubby is set to move when children interact with him by touch, buttons in his paws, being spoken to, or even by blowing air into his face.

Cubby feels like a real friend to kids but only makes non-verbal sounds back, so kids can make up their own adventures with him using their imaginations. Cubby comes with a treat, bottle, and comb girls can use to interact with him.

Some girls may be disappointed that he isn’t soft enough to be a cuddle toy, and he doesn’t have a lot of interactions for the expense.

  • Interactive
  • Moves his face and arms independently
  • Comes with a bottle, comb, and treat
  • Not soft for cuddling
  • Expensive

10. Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

Why we like it: The Insect Lore Butterfly Garden is a complete kit, including 5 live caterpillars, of everything your daughter needs to safely watch and grow a caterpillar into a butterfly. Girls love watching caterpillars grow, and releasing their butterflies back into nature is satisfying.

Editor’s Rating:

Watching the life cycle of a butterfly up close is a fun way for little girls to learn about nature and growth. This set comes with a cup of 5 live caterpillars and a pop-up mesh habitat for them to grow and cocoon in. After about 3 weeks the caterpillars will mature and be transformed into butterflies. Once butterflies, girls can release them back into the wild.

The kit comes with 2 station logs for the caterpillars to chrysalis and a flower-shaped butterfly feeder. Girls will love being able to watch their caterpillars in the mesh habitat and then be able to release the butterflies themselves into a garden, or even a park.

Some girls may be disappointed if not all the caterpillars survive their transformation, and families will need to wait for appropriate temperatures in their area, between 55-85°F, to be able to order them as caterpillars do not survive shipping in extreme heat or cold.

  • Watch caterpillars transform into butterflies
  • Comes with 5 live caterpillars
  • Includes a habitat, station logs, and butterfly feeder
  • Caterpillars may perish
  • Must wait for appropriate temperatures to order

11. The Original PlasmaCar

Why we like it: PlasmaCar is a unique riding toy that propels itself without batteries. Girls love being able to ride and steer the car.

Editor’s Rating:

PlasmaCar is a fun and engaging way for girls to develop their motor skills around the house, all while feeding her need for adventure. PlasmaCar is different than other riding toys because after a simple push it continues almost by itself through friction and gravity and can reach speeds up to 6 MPH. Children just make small turns or adjustments to the steering wheel which keeps it propelling forward, no batteries needed.

It is most suitable for girls 3 years old and up, it can even support up to 220 lbs, so older siblings can ride it too. The safety seat keeps kids comfortable and secure and is low to the ground so there’s no risk of falling off. The wheels of PlasmaCar are rigid and don’t glide as easily, but can be upgraded, and because it requires a smooth surface it’s not always the best riding toy for using outside.

  • Self-propelling without batteries
  • Supports up to 220 lbs
  • Unique riding toy
  • Only works on smooth, flat surfaces
  • Wheels are lacking without upgrades

12. Suncity Girl Toys Gifts Kids Camera Digital

Why we like it: Kids love capturing the world around them, Suncity Kids Camera allows them to take their own photos and videos with 32GB of memory.

Editor’s Rating:

A great gift for your budding photographer, Suncity’s Kids Camera is a digital camera made to be used by kids. The Suncity Camera is a digital camera with 32GB of memory and can take photos and videos. Girls will love being able to capture moments on their own and it’s easy for them to operate looking through the viewfinder or 2-inch screen.

It’s a USB chargeable device, so it won’t waste batteries and can last up to 2-3 hours on a full charge. Kids will especially love being able to personalize their pictures with 6 filters and 15 frames. While it does include a lanyard, it does not come with a case, so girls need to be careful.

Older girls may be disappointed in the quality of the photos compared to adult cameras, so it’s best for children 3-8 years old.

  • 32GB of memory
  • Takes pictures and records videos
  • USB chargeable
  • Includes a lanyard
  • Does not include a case
  • Photo quality is lacking

13. GirlZone: Arts and Crafts Fruit Scented Markers and Pencil Case

Why we like it: The GirlZone Arts and Crafts Fruit Scented Markers are a unique way to color and decorate and will keep girls creating for hours.

Editor’s Rating:

This set includes 38 colorful markers in a variety of sizes, slim, medium, and jumbo. Each marker is scented with one of 7 different scents: apple, blueberry, candy, lemon, orange, strawberry, and watermelon. The markers come with a cute carrying case that makes them easy to take along and put away.

While the markers have a lot of variety with the size, scent, and color, they aren’t the best quality, and some girls may be disappointed that each one doesn’t have its own unique scent. GirlZone Fruit Scented Markers make a unique gift and girls will love crafting and coloring with them.

  • 38 markers in 3 different sizes: slim, medium, and jumbo
  • Scented
  • Includes a carrying case
  • Only 7 scents, so scents are repeated
  • Not the best quality marker

14. Selieve Toys Walkie Talkies

Why we like it: Walkie Talkies are a fun way for girls to communicate back and forth with each other or keep in touch with their parents. Selieve Walkie Talkies come with a built-in flashlight, making them perfect for camping or slumber parties.

Editor’s Rating:

Walkie Talkies are old-school fun that girls love to play with and take on adventures around the house or outside. Selieve Walkie Talkies come with a built-in flashlight, perfect for camping or late nights. Girls love being able to communicate with their friends or parents in this unique way, and Selieve Walkie Talkies range up to 3 miles in an open range, and 1 mile in dense areas.

With 22 different transmitting channels and 99 encryption codes, Selieve Walkie Talkies provide extra security so conversations remain private. Girls can even switch between two modes of use, push to talk, and voice activation.

Selieve only comes in sets of 2, so for use with larger groups parents will need to buy extra sets for maximum fun. They can also run through batteries quickly when in constant use or not properly stored.

  • Built-in flashlight
  • 2 modes of transmission: push-to-talk and voice activation
  • 22 channels
  • Only 2 walkie talkies in a set
  • Needs a lot of batteries

15. Candy Land

Why we like it: The game is carefully designed with non-readers in mind, and helps your little girl use their creativity while developing their imagination.

Editor’s Rating:

If you’re planning a party for your little princesses, the Candy Land will make a perfect gift that allows room for 2-4 players. The board game features 4 movers and 44 cards that’ll guide the child along the rainbow path to places of adventure such as the peppermint forest, the chunky chocolate mountains, licorice lagoon and more. It’s not identical to the classic version, and some prefer the original’s simplicity, but it’s the same game you know and love

The colorful road is full of surprises with a fun illustration that helps the child through the adventurous journey suitable for children aged between 36 months to 6 years. The enticing sugarcoated images with occasional pitfalls and molasses swamp creates an imaginary magical road that will offer her a great venture to the castle.

  • A classic magical game
  • Initiates family game
  • Reinforces color knowledge
  • Helps the new learner develop strategy and logic skills
  • Some feel the new version is too busy

16. K’NEX LINCOLN LOGS – 111 All-Wood Pieces, 100th Anniversary Tin

Why we like it: This educational toy helps your child to develop cognitive skills and enhances their creativity-inspiring the young mind to be creative and imaginative.

Editor’s Rating:

The 111 all-wood construction set will help your little missy cooperate with others, become self-reliant and form new friendships. The logs are designed with high-quality maple wood, with hollows that help connect with each other. The pieces include a roof, a roof façade, walls, chimney, front pouch, fences and more.

The set comes in a colorful, beautiful stained bright brown design made with precision and careful attention to detail. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite as well-designed on the inside, and all the extra space might damage its contents. The manual offers three design ideas of a tall tower, two small houses, and a large cabin that helps your child to quickly and creatively build.

America’s national toy, loved by four generations, is easy and quick to clean up and stores perfectly in this set’s collectible tin to keep living spaces tidy and organized.

  • Wonderful classic toy
  • Good quality
  • Excellent toy for creativity
  • The case is a bit too big

17. Fat Brain Toys Teeter Popper

Why we like it: The Fat Brain Toys Teeter Popper Works out muscles for children above 3 years. It’s especially good for autistic kids, with no special skills needed to operate it.

Editor’s Rating:

The Teeter Popper will help to build-up your little girl’s core strength, stability, leg strength, balance, coordination, and gross-motor skills. This unique instrument for play features a sturdy plastic body that can hold up to 110lbs and durable silicone suction cups that provide hours of gaming.

The handles that are on each end of this product give stability for a secure and active play of your child. Your little girl can choose to sit on it, rock it, roll it, spin it, or stand on it and have lots of fun. Do keep in mind that it’s not the quietest toy when being used, however.

  • Helps to work muscles in children especially those with autism
  • Great fun for active kids
  • Helps improve stability
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • The noise from the rocking can be a bit annoying to some

18. LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

Why we like it: Uses open-ended materials that have an abundant capacity to help your child develop problem-solving skills, constructive recreation, and the ability to connect through inquisitive play.

Editor’s Rating:

LEGO bricks promote constructive play and provide an early learning environment for your little girl. The Classic Medium Creative Brick Box contains 484 pieces with 35 different colors suitable for girls and boys aged 4 years and above. The collection of bricks includes 18 tires, wheels, rims, windows, eyes, and more that will help her to create buildings, vehicles, and more.

The construction set features a wide range of constructions with model pictures of a blue train, a tiger, flowers, and a windmill with a green baseplate and window frame. Unfortunately, the instructions included in the kit are lacking, so you and your little one will need to figure out how to build them on your own.

  • Lots of figures, endless construction
  • Durable
  • Fresh and fun to play with
  • Contains a brick separator – no need to use your teeth
  • All sets don’t have instructions

19. GirlZone: Paint Your Own Unicorn Money Box

Why we like it: The Paint Your Own Unicorn Money Box has everything girls need to paint and decorate a money bank. The Unicorn is more unique than an average money bank, and girls will be satisfied with their creations.

Editor’s Rating:

Keeping and storing money and change is now a creative activity with GirlZone’s Paint Your Own Unicorn Money Box. Girls will be able to paint a Unicorn shaped mini bank and love being able to store their change in something they decorated themselves. The kit comes with the unicorn bank, 2 sets of paints, one regular and one metallic, 3 paintbrushes, and decorative flourishes like glitter, sequins, and gemstones. Girls love this all-inclusive set, and the variety of decorations will keep them occupied.

The Unicorn Money Box is delicate, so it needs to be handled carefully, and it is small, so it won’t hold a lot of change.

  • Includes 3 paintbrushes, paints, and decorations
  • Satisfying completed project
  • Bank size is small
  • Delicate and can break easily

20. Melissa & Doug Stamp-a-Scene Stamp Set

Why we like it: The Melissa & Doug Stamp-a-Scene Stamp Set is a complete arts and craft activity that stimulates imagination and storytelling.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a themed stamp set with everything that your little daughter needs to create and color in-depth picture scenes suitable for girls aged 4 to 10 years. The set features twenty stamps, five colored pencils, two durable color stamp pads (blue and green washable ink) and a wooden storage platter.

As she begins to work with colored pencils to create an exciting imaginary storyline, the monkeys, snakes, birds, and bugs galore will spark her imagination in a color-in scene jungle. There isn’t a lot of room to work with, though, so she’ll need to keep her creations less than life-size.

  • Sturdy wooden box
  • The stamps are thick wood perfect for little hands
  • Pleasant gift for your little girl
  • Superior quality product

21. Tara Toy Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set

Why we like it: Girls will love making a necklace with charms of their favorite Disney princess. This set has everything they need to make 5 necklaces and comes in a cute organizer.

Editor’s Rating:

The Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set is a complete kit of everything your daughter needs to make up to 5 necklaces, complete with a charm of her favorite Disney princess. The set includes 150 beads, 5 rubber necklace strings, and a silicone charm of Ariel, Tiana, Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White. The beads come in colors and shapes to coordinate with each princess or girls can mix and match to make their own creations. This kit comes in a handy organizer for simple storage.

Younger girls may need help stringing the beads onto the thread, and beads can fall off if not properly secured.

  • Makes 5 complete necklaces
  • Creative party activity
  • Comes in an organizer
  • Younger girls may have trouble stringing the beads on their own
  • Beads can fall off the string

22. FunzBo Snap Pop Beads

Why we like it: Snap Pop Beads give young girls the opportunity to make their own jewelry without needing to use thread or string, and after they’re worn can be taken apart to become a new accessory.

Editor’s Rating:

FunzBo Snap Pop Beads are a creative way for younger girls to bead and create jewelry and accessories all on their own, without the need for string, thread, or clasps. FunzBo is a set of 520 beads, and the base for 4 headbands, 8 bracelets, and 10 rings. Each bead is snapped into place on the accessory bases for girls to make their own pieces. Girls can even snap the beads into themselves without a base to create necklaces or leis.

Once she is done wearing her creation, she can disassemble it and make a new accessory. Younger girls may have difficulty snapping the pieces into place, so it’s best for girls 4 and up, and larger pieces like necklaces can fall apart more easily. FunzBo includes a small carrying case so the beads can be stored when not in use.

  • Reusable
  • No need for string, or thread
  • Makes bracelets, headbands, rings and more
  • Requires strength to snap the beads together
  • Larger pieces can fall apart

23. Motion Water Drawing Mat with 3 Magic Pens

Why we like it: No more mess on the floor, carpets, and clothes of the young artist. The Motion Water Drawing Mat is reusable and lots of fun.

Editor’s Rating:

Designed for complete safety with no ink spillage and no mess for the little one’s dress suitable for 1 month to 4-year-old children. Your child will spend hours drawing colorful images with the magic pen that’s featured in the doodle for limitless creativity. The product notably features four base colors on the drawing area turning her imagination into colorful creativity.

Soaking the tip of the magical pen in the water for 5-10 minutes will give her hours of drawing and doodle. The water painting mat is available in super large sizes that can accommodate two extra kids to join in the fun for better bonding with siblings or friends.

You only get three pens with the set, but extras are easy to find and affordable.

  • Completely mess-free
  • The little tutorials on the side help the young artist can be copied
  • Easy to use
  • Wonderful huge mat

24. Piano Toy Keyboard for Kids

Why we like it: The Piano Toy Keyboard for Kids trains the child to listen, sing, memorize and develop motor skills. A lovely multifunctional and educational musical instrument for early musical cognition.

Editor’s Rating:

Develop her musical talent as early as 3 years with this piano toy with 24 keys, a microphone, and volume control that allow you and the little one to engage in a musical gala. The toy features a rod that supports and adjusts the height of the piano lid.

The battery-powered piano is powered using 4 AA batteries that train her listening ability, making it the perfect gift for your little girl. The toy comes in a colorful carton box, a connecting cable for MP3, and an instruction manual best for cultivating her singing ability.

Do keep in mind that this is a musical instrument, and as such your little girl will ideally to put a bit of time and effort into learning it—although it’s still fun to mess around with otherwise, even if you might not like the noise.

  • Refines motor skills
  • Quality musical toy
  • Affordable

25. GirlZone Gifts for Girls 30 Piece Gel Pens Set

Why we like it: This age-appropriate product with an excellent tip rollerball point is a great tool that will help her sketch, draw, and color.

Editor’s Rating:

The principal benefit of arts and crafts for the young artist is the promotion of executive functioning and improve her coordination. This 30 piece gel pen drawing set features fun, bright dazzling colors and from metallic, neon, pastels to glitters with the right size for small hands for smooth gliding on paper suitable for children aged 3 to 15 years.

The gel pens are safe to use, but there are some reports of the pens leaking and making a mess—good thing there’s a colorful, funky sturdy case for organized storage so you don’t have to worry about her making a mess.

  • Good quality
  • The glitter pens are perfect for coloring books
  • Pretty packaging
  • Great price

26. Wooden Classic Marble Run

Why we like it: Innovatively designed to foster your child’s thinking through object manipulation, this marble run also helps your girl explore her sense of coordination and improve the concepts of symmetry, sequence, and perfects organizational skills.

Editor’s Rating:

Suitable for kids aged 3 years and above, the set features 60 wooden pieces, 10 glass marbles, and a builders manual that the little hands explore the basic principles of art, engineering, and architecture. The product features polished New Zealand pine wood and marbles that move through the slanted maze with holes and channels, creating excitement and adventure for your little one.

The kit’s assembly instructions are well-written and detailed enough to follow, but it’s still fairly complex and your little one will probably need a helping hand.

  • Encourages problem-solving
  • Good quality
  • Durable
  • Enhances coordination and organization skills
  • Not easy to assemble for some

27. Kapla Blocks Octocolor 100 Piece Set

Why we like it: Kapla Blocks provide open-ended play. This set helps kids be more creative and imaginative for old-fashioned fun.

Editor’s Rating:

The wooden construction toy is suitable for your 3-year-old and above girl. The set features identically-sized blocks made of pine and are perfect for making various creations. The 100 blocks set in 8 different colors are held in place by gravity and balance and don’t need any glue, screw or clips, allowing for easy assembly.

The product is simple to use and becomes complex with experience and helps your child to build, create, and experiment by exploring her imagination. The blocks are laser cut from hardwood pine for aesthetic appeal and functionality—but as a trade-off, they don’t feel quite as nice as plastic blocks.

  • Great quality
  • Durable
  • Provides experimental learning space
  • Offer different creations

28. Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Role Play Costume Set

Why we like it: This fire chief role play costume set inspires your little one’s imagination helping them to know how to interact with the community.

Editor’s Rating:

This dress-up and pretend play product sets the stage for your little hero to jump into action to protect the community when the sirens go off. This role play set includes a bright red firefighter jacket, a helmet, a fire extinguisher, and a badge suitable for 3 years old and above. The costume features inner front flaps, built-in utility belt, trimmed yellow highlights, reflective silver materials with self-stick seals and a name tag for personalizing.

Other exciting accessories that will stir your little one’s imagination include a bullhorn that makes a realistic siren, an adjustable fire chief helmet and two straps on the utility belt sides for securing the fire extinguisher and bullhorn helping her to look the part.

Keep the sizing in mind: it’s one-size-fits-most for 3-6 years old, but all kids grow at different

  • Machine washable and easy to clean
  • Great quality
  • Wonderful play costume
  • Durable
  • Might not fit bigger kids

29. Fisher-Price DoodlePro, Clip-on Pink

Why we like it: The Fisher-Price DoodlePro provides fun and entertainment to your young one. The product will also help your child to build significant cognitive and academic skills.

Editor’s Rating:

The Fisher-Price DoodlePro will help your 4-year old girl develop future reading and writing skills. This toy features a magnetic screen saver pen that will make sure it does not get lost, and your little one can attach this product to her backpack and continue learning wherever she goes.

The sleek and slim clip is sized right for on-the-go with an easy-slide eraser that magically clears the screen and helps keep your little girl drawing over and over again—although it actually takes more swipes than you’d think to get the screen completely clear.

  • Pretty durable
  • Awesome travel toy
  • Easy to pack
  • Easy to use, comfortable to hold for little hands
  • It may take about five swipes to erase images completely

30. Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

Why we like it: The sack doubles as a cushion and storage bag for your little one’s toys. It helps keep your home more organized.

Editor’s Rating:

The Beanbag chair is a great way to keep your child’s toys in a more organized manner. The long zipper on the bag allows her to retrieve a favorite toy quickly and easily store away. The bag features kid-friendly cotton canvas fabric offering a perfect solution for all stuffed animals, towels, pillows and old blankets. The cotton fabric is printed with a pink or blue background with white clouds and can be used as a chair when fully stuffed.

The storage bag has double-stitched seams that can hold up to 50 small toys, sheets and pillows for strength even for most robust play. But, the size and durability mean that it’s not easy to move around.

  • Amazing storage for stuffed toys
  • High quality
  • Can be used as a cushion
  • Can be cumbersome to move around when fully stuffed

Finding a Gift She Will Remember Forever

This comprehensive list consists of toys that experts agree to offer a huge benefit to your four-year-old girl. Most importantly, your little girl is likely to have fun playing with any of the above toys, developing beloved memories and skills that will follow them throughout their entire lives.

All the toys we’ve compiled here will have a positive developmental impact on your child while she enjoys herself and explores the world.

Girl, Boy, and Gender Neutral Gift Guide

I’m super excited to share with you the best gift ideas for the 4-year-old in your life. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, Christmas, or just because, here is my gift guide to get you started!

Every age and stage of childhood is fun for different reasons and every parent has their favorite ages!

I LOVE the age of three and four! It’s a fun age of childhood in general, but also super fun to buy for at the holidays.

When kids first turn three they are finally able to play with “big kid toys” that have potential choking hazards for younger kids and by the age of four they are truly enjoying those items and have developed their favorites.

It’s an age where they have developed further in their gross motor, fine motor, hand eye coordination and other developmental milestones and skills.

It’s also an age where favorite characters develop. As you can tell from my gift guides my family is big on Disney so most of the themed items are Disney or Pixar in some way.

I know many kids at this age love Paw Patrol and Superheroes and Thomas – just know your kid and what they’d like best!

I like to build on toys with my kids as they get older and add onto collections and purchase things that are compatible with toys they already own. So with that said, let’s dive in to the best 4-year-old gift ideas!

Also, be sure to read my three year old gift guide, two year old gift guide and one year old gift guide!

Have older siblings you’re also shopping for? Be sure to check out my five year old gift guide, six year old gift guide, seven year old gift guide and eight year old gift guide too!

Disclaimer: post contains affiliate links

4-Year-Old Gift Ideas – The Best Toys for 4 Year Old

This is a gift guide for both four year old girls and four year old boys.

I have four children but currently have three kids who are older than age four. 

I have spent time going through all my old blog posts for each age and seeing what toys they received as gifts, which they loved best, and which have been continually enjoyed as they’ve gotten older (and passed down to siblings!).

Gift Ideas for Four Year Old Girl or Boy

Having so many kids though I truly do try to find gender neutral items whenever I can and I especially love toys and games that encourage my kids to play together. 

That sibling bond is so important and I really find at around age 4 they are able to play solo with siblings, work out any issues they arise on their own, and know playing etiquette like taking turns etc!

While all toys can be enjoyed by both girls and boys, I like to split the list up into categories too based on what my own children enjoyed most.

Tree Swing

I bought this on an impulse and am so glad I did! 

We have a backyard playground set and this swing hooks into the same spot as a regular swing but it provides so much more fun to our kids. 

Great as a solo gift from 4 and up or makes a great “for the family” present too!

It also easily fits 2 kids on it with no problems and mine love taking turns pushing each other!

Check price for a tree swing here!

Melissa & Doug Puppet Set 

This is a great age to introduce puppets as kids love to role play. 

At four my kids start loving “putting on shows” and productions and having puppets to use for storytelling makes it even more fun!

Check price for a Melissa & Doug Puppet Set here!

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 

If your child has enjoyed playing with Duplo Legos then they can be graduated to the real deal Lego sets at age 4. 

Be sure to always check the age suggestions when buying LEGOS…it’s not as much about a safety thing as it is about a frustration one. 

Older age range sets are MUCH more difficult with MANY more pieces. 

This classic box is a great starter into the world of LEGO.

Check price for a LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box here!

2-Person Dome Tent

My kids love sleepovers and when they turn 4 I feel like they are able to handle having a sibling sleepover. 

We have a small tent and it’s been great to add fun to sleepover nights! 

They love to pretend to go camping and it’s also great for a backyard campout or a play tent living room movie night too!

Check price for a 2-Person Dome Tent here!

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

Family game time is one of our favs and this game is SO adorable and perfect for the preschooler age where they can’t read yet but still want to participate in games and master those color skills while using fine motor skills too!

Gotta love educational toys and board games 🙂

Check price for the The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game here!

Hungry Hungry Hippos

A classic we all remember from childhood and another great game for a non-reader. 

It’s also very fast moving which is great for younger kids who need to get in the bed 🙂

Check price for Hungry Hungry Hippos here!

Peaceable Kingdom Hoot Owl Hoot

Of the games I’ve mentioned in this post, this is my favorite to play with my kids!

I LOVE that it’s cooperative – which means players work together and “win” or “lose” as a team. 

No reading needed, but still super fun. Even the 10 year old loves playing it and I truly enjoy it too!

Check price for Peaceable Kingdom Hoot Owl Hoot here!

LeapFrog LeapStart Interactive Learning System

Four is an age of rapid learning and a stage where kids enjoy completing tasks and being recognized for jobs well done. 

Separate books can be purchased for this set and it’s VERY easy to use for preschoolers and FUN. 

A much better alternative to a screen but still entertaining and perfect for car trips, rainy days or times when older siblings may be using screens and your 4 year old wants to “be a big kid too!”

Check price for a LeapFrog LeapStart Interactive Learning System here!

Singing Machine Karaoke System with LED Disco Lights

Kids love to perform and singing is a BIG way my crew love to do that!

It’s tricky to find karaoke machines that still have cds and I prefer a cd than using my phone or a tablet for the kids to have music to sing along to. 

This one can also use bluetooth so there are options! You can also purchase additional microphones.

Check price for a Singing Machine Karaoke System with LED Disco Lights here!

The Big Picture Story Bible 

This is my favorite Bible geared towards kids. The stories are easy to follow along with and the illustrations are adorable. 

Our copy came with a CD version as well and my kids have listened to the entire thing on their karaoke machine!

Check price for The Big Picture Story Bible here!

Preschool Scooter 

While I love to encourage kids to get outside with outdoor toys, I tend to be very anti-scooters because I know so many kids who have broken bones from riding them (well from falling off while riding). 

But this scooter is GREAT because it has a wider foot area and is the perfect size and also high quality. 

Super fun themes and accessories and my kids even ride it around in the grass in our backyard! I love this scooter so much that I wrote an entire blog post about why I think it’s the best scooter for kids age 2 and up! 🙂

Check price for a Preschool Scooter here!

Mickey Mouse Tri Fold Wallet Blue

At age four I start having my kids pitch in around the house in the form of doing chores in exchange for earning allowance money each week.

Even four year olds can begin having chore charts and four is a great age to gift a child their first wallet and each of my older children have this same style of wallet (in different styles like the little princess for the girls and even Star Wars for my older son) and it’s perfect for their spending money!

Check price for a Mickey Mouse Tri Fold Wallet Blue here!

Jumbo Floor Puzzles

By age four the toddler puzzles they loved at age 2 and even 3 are now “babyish.” 

A great first “big kid” puzzle is a large floor puzzle. 

The bigger pieces make it easier for the child to navigate and to see how to best fit them together.

Check price for Jumbo Floor Puzzles here!

Bath Robe

Around this age is really when we start to teach our children about modesty and a great gift is a nice bathrobe!

Perfect to throw on after bathtime when making that mad dash for the bedroom to get pjs 🙂 Children of all ages love the soft material and the fun pattern options and a bath robe is also a very thoughtful gift to give on a special occasion to a kid who may seem to already have everything!

Check price for a Bath Robe here!

Play-Doh Fun Factory Deluxe Set

 love the independence that starts to come at this age and that I can trust my four year old to handle play-doh without it being a nightmare 😉 

This is my favorite play-doh set! It has tons of cutting options and will keep the kids entertained until dinnertime!

Check price for a Play-Doh Fun Factory Deluxe Set here!

Best Gifts for Four Year Old Boy

These are specific items that my son loved at the age of four and that I know many boys around this age enjoy!

Bruder Garbage Truck

I know this is pricey. But the Bruder brand is WORTH it. It will be passed down to grandkids someday!

They make such great quality trucks for boys. I did tons of research and purchased the firetruck for my son. 

I know most boys at this age LOVE trucks and I plan to get the garbage truck version for my second son when he’s four! It really works too!

Check price for a Bruder Garbage Truck here!

Dress 2 Play Pretend Costume with Accessories

My son took a little longer than my daughters to enjoy playing dress up (but he’s still dressing up at age 10!). 

At age 4 he started to really enjoy pretending to be different characters and pretend play and things and a dress up set with accessories makes a great gift!

Check price for a Dress 2 Play Pretend Costume with Accessories here!

LEGO Duplo Construction Set

As far as LEGO sets go, I like to keep the age range right at my child’s age to avoid any frustration (as mentioned earlier). 

I have just classic LEGO and DUPLO sets with a variety of block options but this is a great age to start being able to handle instructions for putting together specific sets. 

Keep it simple for the beginner and DUPLO offers larger piece sets to keep the process FUN!

Check price for a LEGO Duplo Construction Set here!

KidKraft Ramp Racing Set

The big gift my son wanted from Santa when he turned four was a “car garage” and this is what Santa brought him! 

He STILL (yes 6 years later!) plays with this on a regular basis! 

It’s held up great and is fun to put the cars up the elevator and then put his race car down the ramps!

Check price for a KidKraft Ramp Racing Set here!

Hot Wheels Cars Pack 

Speaking of toy cars…if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or quick gift for a birthday party for a four year old boy…a pack of hot wheels cars is ALWAYS a WINNER!

A boy can never have too many toy cars and they are great to stick in a quiet bag for church or take when running errands too! They make all kinds of varieties of the cars but I couldn’t resist this adorable Toy Story one!

Check price for a Hot Wheels Cars Pack here!

Wooden Train Track Sets 

Wooden train sets make a GREAT gift that can be added onto easily and is enjoyed for many, many years. 

I like to add onto the basic train set with fun pieces like this police station and the cute signs and features

Check price for Wooden Train Track Sets here!

Brio Farm Train

A wooden train set makes an excellent gift at this age. I personally store our wooden train set in storage tubs in our garage and pull them out for rainy day activities or at other times when I need the kids to play nicely, quietly and for a long span of uninterrupted time. ALL of my kids LOVE the wooden trains!

Check price for a Brio Farm Train here!

Fisher-Price Imaginext Dragon

As I’ve mentioned, I like sets of toys that allow for expansion and Imaginext sets are wonderful for this!

This dragon is a great addition to an Imaginext set (mentioned in my 3 year old gift guide!) but also stands along as a wow present too!

Check price for a Fisher-Price Imaginext Dragon here!

Best Gifts for Four Year Old Girl

My girls have both always been pretty girly and they really got started around this age!

It’s so fun and so easy to buy for little girls because there are so many inexpensive options for them. 

I feel like my gift budget mostly goes towards my boys as their stuff is just so much more expensive!

Disney Deluxe Petite Doll Gift Set 

Disney makes TONS of these petite dolls and they are a great size for this age. 

I love them because they are so easy to store and they are a great item to take on trips (or to Disney while waiting in lines!). 

And having individual pieces is great to share with siblings and play together. The horses are SUPER cute too!

Check price for a Disney Deluxe Petite Doll Gift Set here!

Frozen Musical Jewelry Box 

Storage and organization are both big joys at the age of four and my girls love having a jewelry box to store all of their jewelry and other knickknacks.

Check price for a Frozen Musical Jewelry Box here!

Bead KidsSet for Jewelry Making

Making necklaces is a great way to practice patience, hand-eye coordination, colors, and patterns for young children and is also a great way to keep them nice and busy for a long time too (truly endless hours of fun) 😉 

Plus it’s a great way to teach your child about giving to others as they can make necklaces of all different colors for friends and family!

Check price for a Bead KidsSet for Jewelry Making here!

Color N Style Purse

Purses are super fun for four year old girls (more organizing and carrying around ALL THE THINGS!)

This set is really cute and we actually have several of them. It gives the girls a chance to design their own purses using bright colors!

Check price for a Color N Style Purse here!

Princess Dress Up and Play Shoe and Jewelry Boutique 

Dress up clothes continue to be a big deal at this age for little girls and adding accessories to their collection will only make them want to be dressed up more often!

Playing dress-up is such a fun way to let the girls be their favorite Disney princess in their fancy dress and play make believe that they are living in their dream princess castle.

Check price for a Princess Dress Up and Play Shoe and Jewelry Boutique here!

Disney Princess Deluxe Figure Play Set 

These are my absolute favorite toy sets. I love them because they can stand up! 

We bring these with us to Disney World as they fit easily in a gallon size bag and are perfect for long line waits or rides in the car. 

I know often people are drawn to larger toys but I like this little one a lot!

We have the boy sets too (Star Wars etc) and keep them all in a big basket in our living room and they are played with regularly.

Check price for a Disney Princess Deluxe Figure Play Set here!

Lip Smacker Disney Princess

I am anti-real makeup for little kids but am totally okay with them having “lipstick” to wear at home only. 

Lip Smackers is a PERFECT “lipstick” for young girls. It’s fun, it’s often flavored (even like ice cream!), and it is “the real deal” without being actual lipstick. 

Perfect to put in their stockings or as a last minute birthday party gift. This is also the perfect princess gift because it can fit in their little hands and represent their favorite Disney character without breaking the bank.

Check price for a Lip Smacker Disney Princess here!

Calico Critters Luxury Townhome Gift Set

If you have a young girl animal lover then she will LOVE Calico Critters! The little animal families are so cute for imaginative play and I love that this house allows us to store everything inside of it.

It folds up nicely to fit in the closet when it’s not being played with which makes it an excellent “wow” birthday gift or Christmas present too.

Check price for a Calico Critters Luxury Townhome Gift Set here!

Tea Set Basket

When writing this post I went through all my blog posts from each child when they turned four and celebrated Christmas as a four year old.

BOTH of my girls received a “real” tea set at this age!

And ironically they both were playing with those sets this very week (and they are now almost 8 and 5). Not only is this a great choice for a girl who loves baby dolls but my daughters even just love to play with the little set on their own.

This set is super cute with the basket and the dainty cups. Just be sure to set up a hard rule at the start that tea parties can only be in the kitchen…ask me how I know 😉

Check price for a Tea Set Basket here!

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

These technically say for ages 5 and up but my youngest daughter was four when she started to collect them.

Both of my girls have the regular Hatchimals and don’t enjoy them NEARLY as much as they enjoy these little ones in the smaller sets. They are OBSESSED with these and I literally buy them a new set every holiday!

I skipped buying them on one holiday and my youngest cried because “all she wanted was Hatchimals” According to my girls you can never have too many!

It’s also great that the case it comes with can be used to store the little ones once they hatch!

Be warned that the eggshell pieces can get everywhere as they hatch so stick to the kitchen. This is a gift that all 4-year-old girls will truly love.

Check price for Hatchimals CollEGGtibles here!

Want an easy way to shop the items in this list? Check out my Amazon List Here! And simply click the items to add to your cart – shopping DONE!

Check out my other gift guides here:

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90,000 What to give a child for the New Year

Yes, baby products are expensive. But let’s be honest: a bright roomy basket for toys is not a gift for a child, but for a mother who is tired of chaos in the nursery. Even a fun puzzle is not always a kid’s dream. Parents want their son to develop, and he is only five, he needs to run around the apartment with a toy pistol and yell “Tra-ta-ta!”

All children are different. Depending on the prevailing nervous processes, they, like adults, are divided into sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric and melancholic.

Sanguine – funny talkers with an awl in one place. Easily engage in any activity and quickly switch to something else. Phlegmatic people, on the other hand, are slow, they approach everything with feeling, with sense, with consistency. They can spend hours doing the same thing and not get tired. Choleric people are mobile, they love to play pranks, and they prefer to do it with friends. Excitement and competitiveness – that’s what they need. They are clearly not on the way with melancholic people, because they are sensitive and vulnerable. If they lose, they will burst into tears, and the noise and noise tires them too quickly.Melancholic people enjoy activities that are calm and creative.

From 1 to 4 years

At this time, perception is actively developing, speech and visual-active thinking are formed. The child comprehends the world through objects. They give the baby the first idea of ​​shape, size, color, taste and other properties.

After the crisis of three years, the game, which is still subject-manipulative, becomes the leading type of activity. The kid usually plays alone, trying on different roles.

Play tent

There is a huge selection of play tents in stores.There are ordinary ones, similar to tourist ones.

Available in the form of a yurt or wigwam.

And there are tents combined with a pipe and a pool for balls. This model will appeal to agile children.

Play tent is a gift that will suit both boys and girls of any temperament. Calm children will retire there with their favorite toys, and fidgets constantly climb in and out, open and close the tent, play hide and seek.

What to buy

Interactive pet

They look exactly like real ones: they bark, meow, react to touch, walk, and sometimes even eat and use the toilet.Only such dogs do not need to be walked, and cats do not rage in the spring.

You can choose a model a la plush toy or as close as possible to a live pet. The latter are more realistic, but not suitable for allergy sufferers.

And such a dog can be walked on a leash.

If your little one is interested in unusual pets, present him with a bird with a cage, a mouse or a turtle.

Such a gift will not only be fun for the child, because with the help of interactive pets, girls and boys learn to take care of animals.

What to buy

Musical gifts

If a child has an interest in music from an early age, he will be happy to find a children’s guitar or synthesizer under the tree. The smallest can get a xylophone.

But if the child is not very musical, he will quickly get bored with such gifts. Another thing is a carpet singing and blinking with different lights.

If you want – dance on it, if you want – create melodies with your hands. Suitable for both sexes and group games.

What to buy

Finger paints

If the melancholic and phlegmatic can still be sat down for drawing with ordinary paints or felt-tip pens, then choleric and sanguine people get bored too quickly.Unless, of course, we are not talking about paints with which you can fool around.

Finger paints develop fine motor skills and imagination, stimulate the creativity of kids.

The main requirement for them is environmental friendliness. It is also good to have an easel, a tip album and other accessories for a young artist in the set.

In addition to finger painting, you can try other unusual drawing techniques: on a wet sheet, with splashes or stamps, and so on.

What to buy

Toy kitchen

After three years, the child is actively trying on various social roles: mom, dad, doctor, hairdresser, cook and so on.Gifts for role-playing games do not have to be differentiated by gender: when choosing a set, it is better to pay attention to the child’s hobbies and start from this.

A genuine delight can be caused by toys on a culinary theme: colorful sets of dishes and food, so that a child can cook like an adult.

As a gift, you can also consider sets of kitchen utensils.

You can also buy a whole kitchen module with a stove, oven, dishes and other utensils.It is more expensive, but it looks very impressive.

What to Buy

Tool Set

In addition to gifts on the culinary theme, tool sets are worth considering. Surely the child will enjoy screwing, nailing and sawing. It can be just a set of plastic keys, files and the like, or a set with a case or drawer (everything is grown-up).

The composition of the sets is varied. Somewhere only screwdrivers and pliers, and somewhere even a chainsaw and a helmet. There are also game modules that simulate a carpentry workshop.

Fans of the Montessori system will love the wooden tools that help develop the child’s cognitive abilities.

Bright and large sets of tools will definitely attract the attention of children, and there are plenty to choose from.

What to buy

From 5 to 9 years old

For preschoolers, games are already more difficult and varied, rules and competition appear in them. Sports games and fantasy games are added to subject and plot-based role-playing games. Construction is becoming more and more interesting for children.

At the age of seven, the child is experiencing a crisis again. He goes to school, learns that he, like adults, has responsibilities. Learning interferes with play activities. At the same time, memory is actively developing, thinking becomes visual-figurative, and then verbal-logical.

In addition, during this period, gender differentiation among children increases: they evaluate their actions in accordance with gender and learn to communicate with children of their own and the opposite sex.

But despite this, you should not divide gifts into purely girlish and boyish. When choosing, it is better to build on the hobbies and favorite activities of the child than on the floor. After all, many girls will be interested in playing with radios, and some boys will not give up dolls.

Magnetic easel or learning board

Many parents buy or make busy boards for toddlers. Then they are replaced by magnetic and slate easels, where the child at first just draws, and later learns the alphabet and counting.

If you already have an easel, you can donate a separate teaching board with the alphabet or numbers.

And if there is no such thing in the family yet, it will be a great gift for boys and girls over five years old.

What to buy

Collection of favorite characters

By the age of 4–5, children begin to thoughtfully watch cartoons, read magazines and books themselves or with the help of adults. Gradually, favorite characters appear, interest in collecting wakes up.

As we used to collect badges and toys from chocolate eggs, so modern children collect figures of their favorite characters.They just have their own idols.

For example, many are crazy about minions, smeshariki and fixies.

Others collect Winx Club fairies and My Little Pony ponies.

Kids love LEGO Bionicles, Ninjago and Star Wars characters and car models.

It is important to know your child in order to present a character that is really interesting to him.

What to buy


“They gave the child a constructor, and he opened the box and ran away,” parents often complain.The reason is that they did not take into account the temperament of their child.

It will be interesting for the diligent phlegmatic person to deal with a wooden construction set and build a fabulous house, and a creative melancholic kid will surely like cardboard 3D puzzles.

For mobile sanguine and choleric people, a designer will suit, with whom you do not need to sit at the table. For example, with a set of fluffy sticky balls, you can literally model on the go.

You can find a wide variety of constructors that will interest both girls and boys.

What to buy

Board game

Board games are a great pastime for the whole family. But they should also be selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the child. The age on the box is just one landmark. Remember also the character and hobbies of the baby.

Children who like math problems and logic tasks can be presented with a wooden tetris or tangram puzzle for the New Year. The essence of the latter is to add the figures indicated on the cards.You can play alone, and if you have several sets, you can compete against the clock.

Children with a sparkle need more gambling board games: from the classic kicker to action games with a playing field and cubes, where you need to outrun rivals and gain points. Also, boys and girls can be carried away by Jenga and various mnemonic games.

We should also mention the popular challenge games: Pie Face, Bad Dog, Spitting Camel and others. The attitude of psychologists, teachers and parents towards them is ambiguous.On the one hand, it is fun, but on the other hand, the educational and developmental components tend to zero. Write in the comments how you feel about challenge games.

If you are choosing a New Year’s gift not for your child, ask the parents if they approve of such games.

What to buy

Railway or auto track

There is a huge selection of railways and auto tracks on the market. The most popular are the realistic remote controlled railways.

This is a classic of the genre. Who in childhood has not dreamed of a railway and a cool garage for cars? Both a calm child and a fidget will be delighted with such a gift.

What to buy

Radio-controlled toys

By the way, about toys with remote controls. Radio-controlled helicopters, mini-quadcopters, tanks, trucks – all this will surely appeal to children of younger and even older school age.

Eyes scatter? Can’t choose? Then just buy a cute flying minion.

What to buy

Toy walkie-talkies

At this age, children often play war games, pretend to be police officers or firefighters. Many people usually have a lot of machine guns, pistols and other weapons. But the walkie-talkies by which you can talk with your allies will be new to some guys.

Here is, for example, a classic model with a communication range of up to 3 km.

And here is a walkie-talkie clock.

What to buy

Barbie and princess dolls

Barbie dolls appeared in 1959, and for almost 60 years now children all over the world have been dressing up and combing these beauties.The original Barbies are quite expensive, especially when bundled with Ken, a house, and other extras.

But now there are many variations for every taste. In addition, dolls in the images of Disney princesses are popular: Anna and Elsa from “Frozen”, Cinderella, Rapunzel and others.

If the child already has such dolls, take a closer look at the accessories: furniture, clothes, jewelry, dishes and so on.

What to buy

Jewelry making kit

Many children of this age have an interest in needlework.Therefore, kits for creativity are a great gift for senior preschoolers and junior high school students.

There are many options. There are sets with beads and fishing lines to create bracelets and beads.

There are sets for weaving bracelets from elastic bands.

What to buy

From 10 to 15 years

This period is characterized by the transition from childhood to an independent and responsible adult life. Breaking is sometimes painful. Children feel that they are growing up and want to be treated accordingly.

Teenagers have their first serious hobbies: favorite band, favorite football player, favorite writer, favorite sport.

Sports equipment

If the child plays sports, choosing a gift is easy. A football player will be happy with a new ball or boots, a runner – with a fitness bracelet, and so on. If funds permit, donate a gyro scooter. It’s fashionable now.

If you are only striving to introduce your child to sports, donate winter equipment – skis, skates, snowboard, so that you can immediately try it out without waiting for summer.As a fun hooliganism, you can supplement the gift with a snowball machine and arrange family snow battles.

What to buy

Research and cosmetic kits

Nowadays, many sixth and seventh graders are actively interested in science. You can safely give such children a microscope, a telescope, a starry sky projector, kits for chemical and physical experiments.

With the onset of puberty, adolescents pay more and more attention to their appearance. In this regard, you can donate perfume or personal care products.In addition, the stores have interesting kits for creating your own fragrances, homemade soap or bath bombs. Just be attentive to the quality of the products: adolescents have delicate and capricious skin.

What to Buy

Game Console

PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X will make almost any teenager happy.

If you already have a game console and you do not plan to update it, take a closer look at the accessories. You can donate a joystick, steering wheel or virtual reality glasses.

VR-helmets are generally a separate category of gifts that you should pay attention to. Relevant and will delight a teenager following the development of technology.

What to buy


Teens listen to music and podcasts often and a lot. Nowadays, wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular. This article by Lifehacker will help you make the right choice.

Not only convenience and quality are important to the Centennial, but also design. Therefore, take a closer look at the bright and stylish headphones.

What to buy


Whether we like it or not, in the youth subculture, what kind of phone you have matters. The minimum set of features is a good camera and access to social networks.

Decent models can be found in Asian brands Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei, Lenovo. The choice of a specific one depends on the budget that you set aside for New Year’s gifts.

What to buy

Choosing a New Year’s gift for a child is not as difficult as it seems.Write in the comments which idea inspired you the most.

Pay attention! All prices are valid at the time of publication of the collection. Stores can update the cost of goods throughout the day.

UPD. We updated the material in December 2020: we added new products and updated prices.

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Gifts for a girl for 4 years

At first glance, it seems that there is no simpler and more enjoyable activity than deciding what to give a 4-year-old girl for her birthday, because nowadays store shelves are literally bursting with a variety of children’s products.Apparently, it is for this reason that modern children are very sophisticated creatures, and in fact it turns out to be very difficult to choose from the abundance of TOP-100 offers for a girl for 4 years – a really original, interesting and useful thing for a child.

Do not despair! SuperHelper is ready to help you decide what to give a girl for 4 years, because we know for sure that only good gifts will make a child really happy on such an important day – on his birthday.

At 4 years old, children are actively involved in the process of socialization. By this age, they all speak well, communicate easily with peers and adults, and play together. Psychologists assure that the development of communication skills is facilitated by activities and toys that require joint activities. From this position, very useful gifts for a four-year-old girl can be:
· Children’s set of a hairdresser;
· Toy “Cash register”;
· Various board games.

When deciding what to give a child, it should be borne in mind that girls are more assiduous than boys , so colorfully illustrated books, puzzles, drawing kits, chosen as a gift, will suit them more.

Kids usually love to sing. Therefore, a music book with karaoke and a microphone can become a wonderful gift for a four-year-old girl; this multifunctional gift will not only keep the child occupied for a long time, but will also contribute to the development of his musical ear and sense of rhythm.

One of the most popular toys for girls of all ages is a doll. Super Helper is in no hurry to offer you to buy a new doll (usually, by the age of four, a girl already has a pet that she won’t want to part with for a new toy), it will be much better if you present the girl with any additional “doll” accessories on her birthday :
· Special furniture or a whole house for a doll;
· Clothes and bedding;
· Toy dishes.

Girls at 4 years old actively copy and adopt their mother’s behavior. They want to have the same things as adults, and perform the same operations with their help. Give your child such an opportunity, give toys that imitate “adult” things! It can be not only children’s cosmetics and bijouterie, but also various interior items and household appliances. For example, very useful and interesting toys for a little housewife will be:
· Vacuum cleaner or cleaning kit;
· Washer;
· Blender or cooking set with a mixer.

On you can find a lot of options for children’s gifts for every taste and budget. But do not forget that a gift to a child is not just a transfer of any thing, first of all, it is a demonstration of your love for the baby. Therefore, give gifts from the heart, do it with pleasure, take care of childhood and try to arrange a holiday for your children every day!

TOP – 150 best gift ideas for a girl 4 years old can be viewed here.

90,000 Gifts for March 8 girl

List of ideas on what gifts can please the most on March 8 at 6 years old:

  • Household toys. At this age, girls are interested in learning about motherhood; for this, strollers, baby dolls, animals with children, sets for the kitchen, cleaning, eating and the like are suitable.
  • Games that develop imagination and creativity. Kits for drawing, embroidery, books with appliques, alphabet, dominoes, etc.etc.
  • Constructors, even if the child already has them, may have their own characteristics. These can be electronic and magnetic constructors, toys in which the baby creates her own robot herself. You may also like solar-powered games that you have to collect yourself.
  • Anti-stress toys – jump rope, ball, darts and others.
  • Board and educational games that will continue the formation of logic, mathematical abilities, will help to learn concentration and attention.
  • Sports sets for swimming, roller skating and cycling.

What will a 7-year-old girl be happy about

The list contains some ideas to help her choose a gift for her for Women’s Day:

  • Gifts for the development of a schoolgirl: board games for the development of reactions, backgammon, chess, educational films, encyclopedias, a globe, clothes for school, a table and a chair for home lessons.
  • If a girl is fond of music, then it can be musical instruments or accessories for them as a gift.If some kind of sport, then belonging to this sport: equipment, uniforms, etc.
  • Various educational and developmental puzzles and cubes, logic games, constructors.
  • Always a great gift for girls – this is a big doll house and the dolls themselves.
  • Gifts associated with the baby’s active hobbies – bicycle, roller skates, segway, twister, jump rope.

What gift does a girl dream about at 8 years old

Age-appropriate gift options for girls:

  • No princess will refuse a beautiful new dress or jewelry set, as well as a box in which to store them.
  • Girls at this age enjoy playing with mothers and daughters, with dolls, so it is always appropriate to give a doll, a house for her, household kits, strollers, etc.
  • To develop intelligence and dexterity in a child, you should pay attention to such gifts as puzzles, mosaics, board games.
  • You can also please your little one with school supplies. But it should be such accessories as a long-awaited pencil case with your favorite character, or an unusual pen that everyone is talking about.
  • For the development of creativity, kits for needlework, sculpture, drawing, modeling are perfect.
  • At this age, many children have telephones, so all kinds of accessories for their decoration will be appreciated.
  • If the little one has specific hobbies in sports or dancing, she will always be glad to have a new uniform, backpack or bag, equipment for this sport.

Congratulations on March 8 for girls 9-13 years old

At this age, girls are already independent and can be capricious.To make the right choice, you need to take into account the character, interests and dreams of the princess herself. And the list contains directions of ideas for congratulations:

  • Age-appropriate games and toys.
  • Fashion accessories and jewelry for girls, the clothes she dreams of.
  • Educational board games, games for imagination, gestures and facial expressions.
  • Girls of this age dream about their cosmetics. The main criterion is its naturalness.
  • Sets for hobbies and creativity.
  • Electronic gadgets (phones, tablets, computers) and accessories (headphones, keyboards, speakers, covers, stickers, etc.)

What gift ideas are better for rejecting

To make good gifts for girls on March 8, you should not give banalities and not the most interesting presents:

  • Sweet and food. On this day, there will be more than enough treats, so why make a gift that will immediately fade against the general background.
  • Better save romantic symbolism for Valentine’s Day. Although the girl is very young, the manifestation of pure, immaculate love is not alien to her.
  • Forget about personal hygiene items – the little princess is unlikely to appreciate them. So far, for her, these are just shower products.
  • Discard study-related options. The holiday should be beautiful in itself, and not remind of school everyday life. Suddenly, this is not the most pleasant pastime for the baby.So spoil the eighth of March with a reminder about school duties is not worth it.

Following these tips, when choosing a gift from the huge range of you will give the best holiday to a little princess!

What to give a girl for 4 years developing. Accessories and jewelry for the little lady

Birthday is a magical holiday for every child! This is the day when dreams come true, wishes come true, a joyful atmosphere reigns around and children’s laughter is heard everywhere! But the most important attributes of this day are gifts, and it is very important that they become for the hero of the occasion not only a pleasant surprise, but also useful and interesting finds.So, what can you give a child for his birthday, and even more so for a girl for 4 years.


Choosing the right one

Before plunging into the choice of a gift, it would be nice to talk to the parents of the young lady. Perhaps the baby needs some clothes, or she has long dreamed of some kind of toy. Either way, Mom or Dad can point you in the right area to find a gift. If parents provide complete freedom of choice, you will have to work hard to choose from a variety of children’s products exactly what will ignite a spark of delight in the eyes of the birthday girl.


If you want the baby to preserve the memory of her fourth birthday for the rest of her life, you can take a closer look at various jewelry: miniature earrings, an original pin, a delicate chain, a cute pendant in the form of a letter – the choice is great. The only thing that should be taken into account before purchasing is the attitude of the girl’s parents to such things: perhaps they are categorically against piercing the ears or do not accept any jewelry for the child at all.


Undoubtedly, any child will be incredibly happy with a cute puppy or kitten, funny hamster or guinea pig, talkative parrot or silent fish. In addition, such gifts are useful in that they foster a sense of responsibility in the baby, organize it and teach him to care for those who depend on him.

But we should not forget that such a gift belongs to the “risk group”. Firstly, the child may be allergic to wool, and secondly, the parents may react negatively to the new “family member”.

And since (as practice shows) gradually taking care of him will fall exactly on the parents’ shoulders, such gifts must be negotiated with them in advance.

“Necessary” gifts “

Sometimes, when choosing a gift, you want to stop your choice not on another doll or teddy bear, but to buy an item that would not only be pleasant for the girl, but would also be useful to her in everyday life. This category of gifts includes:

In order not to be mistaken with the size, please specify the baby’s height, foot length, bed size.Before choosing clothes, it would be nice to find out about the preferences of a young lady: what colors she prefers, what fairy tales and cartoons she likes.

This will simplify your task and help you in choosing not only a blouse of the desired shade, but also bed linen with the image of Disney princesses. You should not buy “adult” things: let the towels be with a cute childish pattern, and the night light will hide the magic “starry sky”. As for baby shampoos, shower gels, various moisturizers – choose products from only proven brands that do not cause allergies and do not contain harmful ingredients.


In this area, the choice is simply huge, and you can’t do without help here:

Therefore, inquire in advance about the birthday girl’s preferences, and then choosing the desired gift for her will not be difficult.

Children’s transport

Children’s transport can be an excellent option:

Such a gift will not only be a pleasant surprise for the baby, but will also teach her to lead an active lifestyle, which will undoubtedly be useful to her in the future.


Everyone knows that a book is the best gift.

Select high-quality editions with beautiful illustrations and interesting content. Be sure to choose those that are suitable for the baby’s age.

You can opt for books teaching reading, drawing, English, mathematics and counting, with various logic tasks. There are whole series of such books, and they certainly will not go unnoticed by the birthday girl.

Sets for creativity

These gifts are suitable for diligent girls with a creative nature:

In addition, an easel for drawing or a magnetic board can be an excellent gift.

Gift for the whole family

An excellent gift option can be tickets for the whole family (handed, of course, to the birthday girl) to the circus, theater, cinema, zoo or dolphinarium, a hike which will be an excellent end to the holiday!

There are plenty of ideas for gifts for the four-year anniversary of the little princess.The main thing is to come to the choice with a soul and show a little ingenuity in the design. You can attach many balloons to a gift, pack it in several boxes one by one, or arrange a quest for a gift. A little imagination – and the fourth birthday will become a truly fabulous and magical day for the baby!

Everybody loves gifts, especially girls. There are a lot of reasons to please a child with a gift: Birthday, New Year, name day. But you can pamper a girl with a gift without a reason, the main thing is to choose it correctly.What to give a 4-year-old girl so as not to make a mistake with the choice? The modern assortment of toys and all kinds of accessories is so great that it’s time to get confused. We offer you some tips as a “life buoy” in the sea of ​​gifts.

The best gift at 4 years old is a toy!

Girls love toys, this is an axiom, so why give up the perfect gift that has been tested for generations? Choose a toy for a girl according to her age and interests – you will definitely not go wrong.What kind of toys do girls like at 4 years old?

  • Dolls, does the girl have many dolls? Remember the first rule of childhood – there are never too many dolls! Choose dolls for the baby from the series that the girl is fond of. Today’s princesses do not live like barbies, so be sure to check with your parents, believe me there is a huge difference between a doll with lilac hair in a ball gown and a doll with pink hair, even if you don’t think so.
  • A dollhouse and related items are always appropriate in a girl’s treasury.They allow you to diversify the games with dolls, to attract girlfriends or sisters to them.
  • Bobbleheads who know how to cry, eat, sleep, etc. This is almost a real kid who will not only captivate the girl with the game, but also teach responsibility and care.
  • Mosaics from which you can collect pictures, drawings, shapes, etc. This is an exciting fun that develops fine motor skills and perseverance in the baby. The child will be truly enthralled, and the parents will be sincerely grateful for a few hours of silence.
  • Coloring is great fun for girls, especially since modern coloring with all kinds of “live pictures” can captivate even adults.
  • Doctor’s recruitment – does a girl dream of becoming a doctor? Great, give her the doctor’s kit, this is an exciting game for which there is always a “partner”. You can treat mom and dad, grandmother or grandfather, in extreme cases – a cat or a dog.
  • Dance rug is a very funny and entertaining game for girls of almost any age.If the baby loves to move and dance, she will definitely like the rug. At the same time, mom will be able to move for her own pleasure, having arranged a home disco for a couple with her daughter.

A gift for girls must be beautiful! Whatever you choose, wrap your gift in a beautiful box or paper with a bow, a gift bag. Babies love everything beautiful and therefore will appreciate your efforts.

For little women

Even at the age of four, the girl feels like a woman and wants to be beautiful, loves to do her hair, adores all kinds of cosmetics, jewelry, with pleasure “drags” her mother’s bags and heels.So give your child your own treasures, and mom’s cosmetic bag will be more whole and the girl will be happy! What to give little women?

  • Cosmetic sets – Is the baby watching the mother’s “marathon” with envy? So even if the girl will have her own cosmetics, it is specially made for children, completely safe and differs in subtle, pleasant shades and “tasty” smells.
  • Hair clip sets wasps, girls adore combing and combing, so they will definitely like the sets of bright hairpins, bows and hoops and will soon decorate not only the baby, but also the grandmother, grandfather, even the dad will have the daughter’s “hairdressing talent”.
  • Children’s jewelry , every girl’s dream is to have her own treasure trove of necklaces, rings and bracelets. This will protect her mother’s box and make the girl’s life brighter. And most importantly, like a real woman, a girl does not have a lot of jewelry, so feel free to give the tenth ring and the eighth bracelet, there will be no less joy than from the first.
  • Crayons for painting on skin and hair is great fun for a girl. Such fun will allow the baby to dye her hair “like a mother”, to do makeup to everyone and herself, while not harming her skin at all.
  • Ropes, baby dumbbells, baby hula hob . Mom is engaged in fitness to be beautiful, now the girl has her own training wealth, and she can keep her mom company, imitating the “aunts from the screen.” It is not only fun, but also beneficial for the child.
  • Beauty sets for little women of fashion . They usually include a mirror and combs so that the baby can always look perfect;
  • Children’s handbags , every lady dreams of being like a mother and going for a walk, putting treasures in her personal purse.So why not give your child such an opportunity?

Don’t buy clothes for a girl if you don’t know them very well. At 4 years old, the baby has her own taste, and if you don’t guess with the colors, size or style, the child will flatly refuse to put on a gift. It will be unpleasant for you, for the girl’s parents, and for the child himself.

Gifts for creativity

Creativity opens up the world to us and helps us appreciate its riches. The first sprouts of all kinds of hobbies and hobbies are laid precisely in childhood, so gifts for creativity are very appropriate, especially for girls.Now there is such a variety of all kinds of creative fun that every girl of four years old can find a gift to her taste. For example, you can choose the following options:

  • Drawing set. It can be a rug for drawing with water, an easel and paints, a huge set of markers and pencils;
  • Needlework kits , for girls 4 years old, they should be simple. For example, creating bracelets from elastic bands, stringing beads on a string, etc.e. Handmade jewelry will become a real value for a girl;
  • Modeling dough is the fun of future chefs or sculptors. Depending on the set, from the “dough” you can create wonderful cakes or any other figurines;
  • Paper craft kits . Simple origami figures are already available to babies at this age. This is an interesting hobby that will also save my father’s documents and mother’s passport from the “creative impulses” of an inquisitive mind;
  • Crayons and clay for asphalt. You can develop your imagination not only at home (on the walls), but also on a walk. A set of bright crayons and plasticine for asphalt will allow you to create realistic figures, almost 3D, which will captivate the child seriously and for a long time;
  • Pictures of sand and sequins is real magic. You need to pour sand and glitter onto a special stencil, and then just blow off the excess and you get a great picture;
  • Body Art Set , now both dad and mom and grandfather will wear tattoos and sequins! It’s okay, the paints are easily washed off and give a lot of pleasure to children.

When choosing toys and sets for creativity, be sure to pay attention not to age restrictions, so that the fun is suitable for the child, is safe and interesting for him. A toy that the baby will not be able to play for a few more years is clearly a bad gift!

TOP-10 gifts for a girl of four years old:

  1. Doll;
  2. House for a doll;
  3. Painting;
  4. Dance mat;
  5. A set of cosmetics for children;
  6. Children’s handbag;
  7. Drawing kit;
  8. Pictures from sand and sequins;
  9. Mosaic;
  10. Doctor’s set.

Gifts for little women are gifts specifically for women, so they should definitely be done and done often, even for no reason! After all, that’s why the little ones were born to pamper, adore and love them, and the best way for a child to express love is a nice gift! Choose what will interest the girl and enjoy the joyful sparkles in the children’s eyes.

What to give a 4-year-old girl? Are you going to the long-awaited name day and in a hurry exploring the shelves of children’s stores?

Or does your own little one have another birthday just around the corner, and she seems to have everything? Let’s together choose a gift for a girl for 4 years.

In pursuit of the secret

What to give a 4-year-old girl to make her happy? We’ll have to get into the soul of the baby and look for innermost dreams in it.

Young fashionista will enjoy fancy dress , handbag , backpack and “like mom’s” minibuses. The future singer will spend the whole evening at a children’s synthesizer, a microphone on a stand or drums.

Household Mademoiselle prefers toy kitchen and a set of branded household utensils.And a caring nature will carry around interactive dolls everywhere , who asks for food and wets diapers.

Faster, higher, stronger

It’s not just guys that need to be encouraged to be physically active. Girls riding skateboards and training kites are hard to find. But beautiful two-wheeled pink bike , decorated with ribbons and butterflies, will be received with a bang.

If the baby is just starting to master this vehicle, buy something with 12-inch wheels.It is easiest to learn to ride on it. Castors and Stylish Protectors (knee pads, painted helmet) will work too.

Miss “Master Lomaster”

Assorted construction sets are not only possible, but also should be given to girls for 4 years. Many people bypass Lego and similar brands, looking for a truly “female gift”, but in vain.

Thematic sets (with a zoo, princess or mermaid castle, circus) allows babies not only to develop logic, imagination, thinking and fine motor skills, but also to master role-playing games for new characters.And creation is not alien to them.

Puppet Boom

With dolls, the question is always open. There are girls who, already at 3-4 years old, cannot stand pink dresses and toy dolls. But with excitement they control the railway and the car on the remote control, roll the cart of the veterinarian and stand behind the cash register.

Others, even up to 10 years old, value beautiful dolls, style their hair and sew outfits with their own hands. Therefore, only her parents will help to choose this kind of gift for a girl for 4 years.Ask them themselves: they will either prompt or dissuade.

Blind from what was

Developing sets for children’s fingers will flatter not only the baby, but also her parents. Especially popular are plasticine kits like “Cake Factory”, “Ice Cream Factory” or “Hairdresser’s Set”.

On plastic units, you can create unique inedible masterpiece desserts, worthy of a place in the Tretyakov Gallery, and the plasticine hair on a toy head can be cut and decorated in every way.

Draw while young

If the boys build and collect more, then the weaker sex tends to decorate the space around.

Encourage the birthday girl’s artistic ability – give a 4-year-old girl an easel Magnetic Whiteboard Special Art Projector Sand Painting Kit or a pack of body art markers .

It is absolutely safe to paint your own and other people’s faces with the last ones – the holiday will immediately become more fun!

Passion for the Monsters

As we have already said in the article “What to give a boy for 4 years”, at this age in children manifests a manic passion for collecting everything and everyone.

They can choose one series (for example, Zoobles or Littlest Pet Shop) and adore it for several years, or change their bearings and collect several items at once, cooling down and becoming infected again. Among the children’s manias are also seen: interactive animals My little Pony, ZuZu hamsters and things with Hello Kitty symbols.

Some of the girls at this age are fans of the Sylvanian Families – the seeds of animals that populate the toy house with lighting .A lot of related products have been released under this brand – shops, mini-houses, strollers, carts, furniture sets.

As soon as you get into the jet and give a girl for 4 years, say, the fifth Winx doll in her collection, and the road to a young heart is open to you. The main thing is not to make a mistake – to buy exactly the one that does not exist, and to make sure that the child’s passion for this series has not disappeared.

If you are strapped for money, you can donate not the dolls themselves for the fourth year, but accessories to them – clothes, furniture, handbags, shoes.

What are the motives of young collectors? To be the coolest, to have the most. I still remember the tears of my niece, who felt extremely unhappy: her classmate had as many as 20 toy heroines of the Monster School, and she had only five.

Own money

There is another way to amuse the girl’s pride. Present a four-year-old girl with a crispy note wrapped in a fancy wallet .

Let her own her finances.Don’t be sad or argue if instead of a pair of new shoes she buys a tenth interactive hamster or a pink velvet coffin for a monster doll.

Soon a 4-year-old princess is celebrating her birthday – it’s time to pick up a gift for her. When thinking about what to give a girl for 4 years, it is best to take into account the characteristics of the age category, level of development and existing hobbies.

At 4 years old girls tend to develop a sense of style, lay the real foundations in order to become a lady.Often, dressed up dolls are sitting next to the girl, developing a maternal feeling in a small representative of the fair sex. The child ceases to show childish hysteria, capriciousness, because girls are characterized by femininity and tenderness. These developmental aspects lead to an interesting range of gift options: outfits, shoes, hair ornaments.

An interesting present will contribute to the establishment of important character traits.

The girl has a well-formed character, certain traits of behavior, a tendency to express creative and tender needs.The further development of the growing lady takes place on the basis of copying the behavior of her sister and mother, the experience of developing games.

Games for the whole family

This kind of pastime allows you to discover new feelings. Little princesses often lack parental attention, so a present for a family game will be appreciated.

The gameplay must develop the following skills:

  1. Logical thinking;
  2. Savvy;
  3. Fine motor skills;
  4. Fantasy, creativity.

The play form allows the baby to understand how to interact with adults. So, what to give a 4-year-old girl:

  • Light hand-made sets for creative pastime, developing useful skills of a girl, the future mistress of the house;
  • Children’s lotto;
  • Tactical multiplayer games;
  • Simple puzzles that are useful games;
  • Tasks for attentiveness and speed of action.

The above presents are a worthy option for little women.

Sports equipment

How to choose a gift for a girl for 4 years if she loves an active lifestyle? A good option is modern sports equipment. When choosing a present for a girl, it is advisable to take care of the presence of an incentive for active and sports activities.

If the baby is engaged in the sports section, the gift can be useful and practical. Taking into account the peculiarities of the girl’s life will allow you to make the right choice.

Sports equipment for a young lady should be fun.Options for instilling a love of sports in active birthday girls:

  • Special sports shoes;
  • Rollers or skates;
  • Ogosport game set, in demand during the warm season;
  • Fitball, Hulahoop;
  • Dance rugs associated not only with usefulness, but also with creative, playful entertainment;
  • Ring toss;
  • Bicycle or scooter.

Useful learning games

Interested in what is interesting and useful to choose, it is advisable to give preference to special educational “assistants”.

  • Set “Mathematics from the cradle” will improve your knowledge of mathematics.
  • “English from the cradle” is a decent option for girls learning a foreign language.
  • Encyclopedias. Many publishing houses publish general and thematic educational books.
  • Gameplay can be helpful. In this case, training kits with cards are suitable for a four-year-old girl.
  • Children’s computers are a modern gift. Special gadgets allow you to learn the names of pictures, memorize letters of the alphabet and numbers, develop visual and auditory perception.

Children develop more actively thanks to modern educational games, as proven by scientists. Presentations can help you discover complex horizons in the world around you: reading, adding and subtracting numbers.

Intellectual and creative toys

What to give an interesting 4 year old girl? A worthy option is intellectual and creative toys. Before buying a present, it is recommended to study all the available offers. The main task is to choose a thing that can win and keep the baby’s interest.At the same time, intellectual benefit must be guaranteed. The following options are recommended:

  • Puzzles;
  • Constructors;
  • Mosaic;
  • Sets for role-playing games;
  • Creative sets: a box with paints, hand-made bags, a set of “drawing” with laces on a special surface.

These presentations allow you to discover different facets of the creative world.

Original variants

What original gift for a 4 year old girl to choose? The variety of offers is surprising!

  • Multi drawing projector.Such a present includes discs with images for projection, a special album, multicolored felt-tip pens. The project “transfers” to a sheet of paper the contours of the picture for their tracing. According to this scheme, you need to color the picture. If desired, the drawings are supplemented and assembled.
  • Organizer for jewelry. In many situations, little ladies have their first jewelry at the age of 4. To store earrings-clips, bracelets, rings, you need an organizer made in the form of a doll or a dress. The gift will be appreciated by a true fashionista.
  • For their daughter, many parents choose fashion dolls, which are a classic present. Recently, Steffi’s doll with children, Baby Bori dolls, has been popular.
  • If you have enough money for an expensive gift for a 4-year-old girl for her birthday, you can give a ponyckl – an original surprise. The ponycycle is a wheelchair horse capable of moving after pressing the stirrup. The girl will feel like a rider. If desired, the pony can be looked after like a small horse.

A creative and valuable gift for a child – a fairy tale dedicated to the birthday girl.Vivid stories, complemented by poetry, are often written to order. The baby can become the heroine of the story. It is advisable to take into account the character of the daughter in order for the plot to correspond to it.

  • Many parents note that their daughter strives for housekeeping. In this case, a toy cart from a supermarket is a good present. With this toy, you can go to the kitchen and take the necessary products to your nursery on your own. Let four years of age open up new possibilities for housekeeping.
  • A 4 year old creative daughter is recommended to choose interactive modern toys: music boxes with programmed poems and songs, children’s mobile phone, talking dolls.
  • An interesting option is to make your fourth birthday a guide to the world of active life. To do this, it is recommended to donate a large inflatable pool in which the girl can swim. It is advisable to give the pool if the family has a personal summer cottage, since in this case the gift will be useful and will become a place for frequent water games.
  • The little princess can be presented with a luminous pillow that is safe to use. At the same time, the pillow will set the lady up for a night’s rest.

As you know, deep, healthy sleep is important for girls. When choosing a useful present, a backlit safe pillow will be an interesting option.

  • Useful and original gifts for girls include another option – hand gum called smart plasticine. Hand gum develops creativity and fine motor skills.This type of gift is associated with a game, but at the same time it turns out to be useful.
  • What to give a 4-year-old child if he loves attention and singing different songs? Of course, karaoke! Perhaps the gentle and mysterious voice of the princess can be developed, allowing the girl to become a star?

Studying the existing options and understanding the character traits of the little lady, you can understand what to give your daughter for 4 years. The gift should be useful, interesting, so taking into account the personal interests of the baby, her skills and aspirations will make it possible to make the right choice.

Any girl at 4 years old has a formed personality. She can be a gentle princess or a hurricane in a skirt, mom’s assistant or dad’s thug. And nevertheless, the approaching birthday, causes a storm of excitement and anticipation of gifts. Parents have an equally important task in organizing the holiday. A gift for 4 years for a girl should bring her genuine emotions, joy and faith in a miracle. Therefore, preparation must be done in advance.

First of all, when choosing a gift for a child, you need to take into account his age and level of development.Usually at 4 years old babies already have hobbies. Someone likes to draw, someone plays with dolls. Some like to dress up as fairy princesses, while others play “war” with the boys in the yard.

It is imperative to keep up with the times. Last year’s cartoon, toys that the other girls have already abandoned, or a black-and-white computer game will clearly not be an original gift for a 4-year-old girl.

A four-year-old girl already understands her sexual difference from boys. She wants to be like her mother, to like herself and others, to be special, to be a princess.Given these features, you can choose the best gift.

Gift Overview

The answer to the question – what to give a girl for 4 years – depends on the hobbies and interests of the child. Consider some interesting options.

Sports equipment

Many girls at this age are already engaged in some kind of sports section. If this is dancing – a gift that can be presented to a 4-year-old girl, there can be various costumes for performances, a stylish, branded tracksuit.Children who do gymnastics will not remain indifferent at the sight of a bright, shiny competition leotard, especially if the performance is on the nose.

Books and educational games

At this age, every child knows that after kindergarten he will have to go to school. For many children, this arouses interest, a craving for the unknown. Just at this time, one should begin to instill in the child a love for books, for learning. Great Encyclopedia for Girls is a great gift idea. Reading such a book with her mother, the daughter will, first of all, learn something new, and secondly, learn to love books.

For young dreamers, fairy tales about princesses, about wizards and miracles are suitable.

Considering that at this age the character and individual differences are formed in girls, the baby can be surprised with a book, the main character of which will be called the same as her.

And, of course, a primer! Bright, original, colorful. It is impossible to tear yourself away from this.

A huge variety of educational games also makes it possible to choose a useful birthday present for a birthday girl 4 years old.All kinds of kits for a young chemist and physicist instill an interest in science. Lotto with English words – love of languages. Puzzles develop logical thinking, constructors – abstract.

Creative kits

All kinds of sets for making jewelry from beads and beads will definitely be an excellent birthday present for a 4-year-old girl. She herself, with her own hands, will be able to weave a bracelet, necklace or crown of her dreams. One in which she will feel like a real queen.

Fashion lovers who want to be stylish and different from everyone else can present wardrobe items that need to be colored. These can be sets with a T-shirt, handbag or sneakers. The kit always includes instructions for painting, multi-colored paints and a brush.

Children’s cosmetics

Among the variety of gift ideas for the girl, cosmetics are not the last place. Just imagine how the baby will be delighted with colored eyeshadows, bright lipstick and shiny blush! Festive makeup is the best gift for a 4 year old girl.And for golden curls, a fragrant shampoo and spray for easy combing is good.

Fashionable interactive doll

What four-year-old girl doesn’t imagine herself as a mommy? Doesn’t play mother and daughter with girlfriends? Everybody represents and everybody plays. A gift that a 4-year-old girl will definitely like for her birthday is a doll. It can be either a small baby doll or a large one that looks like a baby.

Very believable dolls have been developed these days. They know how to drink from a bottle, eat from a spoon, go to the pot, cry real tears and call mom.They can be bathed, changed, swaddled. If you wish, you can buy accessories for them: a bath, a car seat, a carrier and even a shower stall. Such a gift for a 4 year old girl will teach her to be responsible, take care of her toy daughter, and even, perhaps, prepare her for the appearance of a brother or sister.

Examples of such dolls are:

  • Baby Born is the most popular choice;
  • Reborn baby dolls;
  • Baby Annabel;
  • Steffi’s doll;
  • Doll Mia et al.

Interior items in the nursery

A new bedroom will be an unexpected gift for my daughter for 4 years. In order not to spoil the surprise, the child can be sent to his grandmother for a week before the holiday. In the meantime, make repairs in my daughter’s room, install new furniture, make the bed with bright linen, paint the walls in your favorite color. A must-have attribute will be festive helium balloons with a big shiny number four. Thus, the fourth birthday will definitely remain in her memory.

Modern technologies

Every girl will be delighted with a new tablet, set-top box or smart watch. And the latter are also a good helper for parents.

Budget gifts

In this case, there are options too. DIY gifts are always highly prized. The main thing is to do them with love. And handmade things are a sign of individuality.

Knitted things look beautiful on babies. It can be a dress, a sundress, a cardigan, a set of a hat and a snood, a cape and even a swimsuit.Those who know how to sew can conquer the birthday girl with a chic dress on the floor, in which she will happily flaunt at the holiday.

A mother can give her daughter a handmade birthday cake for 4 years. Big, beautiful, decorated with your favorite cartoon characters.

What gift should not be given to a child?

Of course, if you give a girl a pet, she will certainly be delighted, but not the fact that her parents will be delighted. Therefore, it is better to coordinate such a surprise with them in advance.

A gift not in age will not cause delight. The games she played last year, educational toys for toddlers, are too primitive books.

It is unlikely that the child will enjoy the presented bill. It is better to put them in gifts for 4 years, which will evoke emotions in the girl.

Four years is a conscious age when a child already understands what a birthday is. It is important to arrange this holiday just for her, to gather friends, to attract an animator with contests, to decorate the room in a certain theme.Balloons, caps and colored dishes for children are integral attributes of the holiday. A 4-year-old girl will remember such a birthday present for a long time!

Useful Video Gift Ideas for Girls 4 Years


What to give a girl for the New Year ❄ Ideas from Mama Tanya ❄ BUDINOK IGRASHOK

New Year for girls: what little princesses are waiting for

Spoiler # 1: the article uses the words “magic” and “fabulous” many times .

Spoiler # 2: At the end of the review, you will find a bonus in the form of a gift list.

What to give a girl for the New Year

December is already in full swing and there is less and less time to prepare for the long-awaited and magical (I warned) holiday. Choosing a gift for the New Year is akin to a quest:

  • collect tips,
  • analyze assortment and reviews,
  • go to the store,
  • take a chance and wait for the result.

The older the daughter and the more children in the family, the higher the level of difficulty.

As a mother of a little princess and an experienced fairy godmother, I collected options on the topic: “New Year’s gift for a girl.” For inspiration, so to speak.

Gifts for babies up to 18 months

  • Soft toy. It’s hard to imagine childhood and New Year’s without a teddy bear or puppy. Although today’s little princesses want to give more magical unicorns.
  • Finger paints. First, they are easier to clean than felt-tip pens. Secondly, creative inclinations will not reveal themselves.
  • It is logical to give the princess a fairytale castle . The Cubika instance is made of environmentally friendly materials, develops fine motor skills and imagination.
  • The Djeco bricks pyramid is an example of our favorite game in our house. It has successfully passed more than one strength test. So I can safely recommend it.
  • Robocar Polly – the perfect mix of vehicles and girly themes: inertial cars and Transformers with cute faces.

What to look for: absence of small fragments, composition.

Price range: from 100 UAH for paints; UAH 300 – for a typewriter; a plush animal, cubes and a castle – about UAH 500 for each.

Christmas tree toys for girls from 2 to 6 years old

  • L.O.L. Surprise. Each girl in the New Year is waiting for her cherished ball on the tree in this form. Alternatively, check out the collectible balls from Zuru – 5 Surprise.
  • A girl is a small woman who would love to get a set of cosmetics to be “like a mother”. I chose a present for my daughter for the New Year, based on this principle.
  • Hasbro’s Lost Kitties collectible toy is designed according to the already familiar principle: funny kittens are hidden inside the surprise box. Again, you might think. But girls also like this fact.
  • Board game for children with a sense of humor Plunger. During the game, you need to clean the toilet bowl with a plunger, watch the unusual surprise flying out of the drain and laugh a lot.For more conservative princesses, I recommend giving the Smart Games “Snow White” logic puzzle game or the fun Granna candy folding puzzle “Sweet Time”.
  • Peppa Pig’s toy house in the New Year will delight Peppa Pig fans and place your girl’s favorite characters.

Points to look out for: Age restrictions for surprise toys and board games.

Price range: from 130 UAH for surprises depending on the brand; 400-800 – for table entertainment and household appliances; house – a little more than 900 hryvnia.

Gift for a girl from 7 to 10 years old

  • Entertaining chemistry awaits in the Poopsie set for creating slimes (in common people – “slime”). And with the help of ball plasticine, your daughter will feel like a fantastic sculptor.
  • Fashionista Barbie in a fairy dress or the enchanting heroine of the Enchantimals. Such a win-win option, because the formula: “New Year’s + girl + doll from Mattel” works great.
  • Office. In the 90s, every girl dreamed of a diary with Leonardo DiCaprio.We just didn’t know about unicorn notebooks, double-sided glitter markers or coloring backpacks.
  • Lego Friends will fit into any parenting concept and are always a pleasure to give. This set with a pastry shop is suitable for a girl who dreams of her own cafe, loves to play with a toy kitchen and help her mother around the house.
  • Interactive Fingerlings figurine pretends to be your daughter’s pet, because it knows how to communicate, knows many tricks and reacts to touch.It is worth paying attention to the interactive Hatchimals animals. First you buy an egg, and then a little animal hatches out of it. She requires care and attention, like a real pet. The kids love the Hatchimals.

What to look for: focus on hobbies.

Price range: to 300 UAH per backpack; about 400 – for Kits for creativity and Enchantimals; Barbie will be slightly more expensive – up to 600; Lego and an interactive friend will cost 800 hryvnia each.

New Year’s gifts for teenage girls 10-14 years old

  • Original Accessories for girls Upixel with a special silicone insert, on which it is easy to create patterns from pixels.
  • The Plastkon outdoor sled allows you to go downhill and ride on a flat snow-covered road.
  • The Lego Architecture line is suitable for the advanced building fan and avid traveler as the collection features world attractions.
  • The trend is to give anti-stress toys – squishies. Bright and “tasty” design, an opportunity to show individuality and a useful warm-up for your hands.
  • An original gift for a girl for the New Year – a set for 3d creativity 3doodler, with the help of which volumetric models of houses, animals and everything that imagination is capable of creating is created.

What to look for: it is better to agree on a purchase.

Price range: from 300 UAH for accessories and squishies; designer – from 900; fashionable sleds and a handle will cost 1,500 and 2,000 hryvnia, respectively.

Gifts for girls 15 and older

The digital generation requires giving appropriate gifts for the New Year: smart watches, headphones or other gadgets like a drone or a vlog camera.

  • Give impressions . A certificate for a quest room, for example, where you can have fun and exciting time.
  • Board games for a girl like Alias. The choice in this category is huge and diverse.
  • Tickets for the concert of your favorite band .You probably know your daughter’s idols, whose tracks sound in her playlist, and who she would like to listen to live.
  • Travel . Many travel companies in Ukraine specialize in tours for schoolchildren and students, making itineraries according to their interests and budget: excursion (Kiev), tourist trip or a weekend in Europe.

What to look for: feel free to consult with your daughters, granddaughters and nieces, because they understand modern trends better than adults.

Price range: from 400 UAH for Alias ​​and quest room.

Perfect gift pledge

  1. Packaging . I know that many do not bother. But I love giving a beautifully wrapped gift, creating an atmosphere of wonder.
  2. Remember how the Kid in the cartoon about Carlson was upset that he was not given a dog? I do not urge you to follow the lead of children’s fantasies, but when choosing a gift for the New Year, I advise you to be guided more than by the interests of the child , rather than personal opinion.And if this is the 15th lol, but so desirable, then contrary to logic, so be it.
  3. Be a wizard, Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Befana or Saint Nicholas for a girl. Christmas Eve and New Years are magical times when everything seems possible. It’s time for miracles and fairy tales . Someday they will find out that Santa’s beard is not real, that dad came in a suit, and parents give gifts, but for now … let them believe.
90,000 TOP-35 best gifts for a son of 5-6 years old for his birthday from parents

Most young boys aged 5-6 are curious fidgets and mischievous.They are still children, so birthday gifts should be appropriate. Although they are quite independent individuals, their main occupation is still playing. And when choosing a present for them, it is recommended to be guided by their age predilections.

How to choose a gift for your son

Boys aged 5-6 are active and already independent. They have their own tastes and interests. Choose a useful and interesting gift for your son that can captivate the birthday boy. When looking for a gift, parents are advised to consider the following points:

  1. At the age of 5-6, most children start preparing for school, therefore, attributes for study (books, office supplies, etc.) can be chosen as a presentation.etc.).
  2. Be sure to consider his hobbies and interests.
  3. At this age, a child’s character is actively formed, so games that need to be played by a large company will be useful for him.
  4. Sports equipment and active games are necessary for the child’s physical health, and will also be interesting for him and will allow him to throw out the accumulated energy.
  5. At the age of 5-6, children develop intellectual and creative abilities, so as a gift you can choose sets for creativity, educational or story games.

Most Popular Gifts

Boys aged 5-6 are still young children, so toys are considered the best gift for them. Among the huge store assortment, you can find birthday presentations for every taste and wishes of the birthday person. Boys enjoy toy vehicles the most:

  • Railway . Choose sets with a large number of wagons. And the ability to control the train using the control panel will make your son feel like a real train driver.
  • Radio-controlled car – loved by boys of all ages. It is recommended to purchase batteries immediately with the toy.
  • Large machine . It is convenient to carry other toys in it or to play on the playground (for example, in the sandbox).
  • Truck – it is better to choose with a movable body.
  • Hoisting crane.
  • Special machinery – taxi, bus, garbage truck, dump truck, tractor, etc.

  • Toy special services – ambulance, fire service, police.
  • Race tracks – can be of different configurations. These toys are very popular with boys. Lately, many kids like flexible tracks made up of many small elements. Its distinctive feature is flexibility, thanks to which you can change the shape of the track.
  • Parking lots and garages . Choose models with the largest number of levels, slopes and slides.Also, the kit can be supplemented with small cars.
  • Boat, cutter or ship.

☝ Since 5-6 years old is already quite a conscious age, it is recommended to buy more realistic models that look like real vehicles.

In addition to cars, trains and airplanes, boys also love to play with other toys. If your son already has a whole fleet of vehicles, then you should come up with another gift for DR. Here are some ideas:

  • Heroes of popular cartoons .It can be one big toy or a whole set of your favorite superheroes.
  • Robot . Since your son is no longer quite a toddler, choose a more modern model. For example, an interactive robot that can drive, walk, and talk.
  • Water weapon. A 5-6-year-old boy can be presented not with a simple pistol, but with a cool water blaster that shoots several streams at the same time.

  • Transformers is a popular toy among boys.It is a robot that transforms into a vehicle and back.
  • Play tent – ideal for kids to play. Each child should have his own secluded corner in which he hides from adults. Such a tent will give the child a place of privacy.

The plastic house is another toy that is useful for children’s games and secret places. But it takes up a lot of space, so it is better to purchase such a gift if you have a spacious dwelling or dacha (country house).The main advantage of the plastic house is its reliability. It can be played even in the rain. Since the gift is for a boy, choose the appropriate color and design. You should not give the boy a pink house with girly primobas. Better please your son with a “refuge” in the form of a knight’s fortress, a modern cottage or a special service building (police station, fire department, etc.). With such a house, he can feel like a real hero.


On store shelves you can find a wide variety of constructors designed for children of all ages.They are a set of elements from which you can collect all kinds of figures and designs. These toys help children develop imagination and fine motor skills.

A 5-6-year-old boy can be presented with the following types of construction sets:

  • With wooden blocks . You can build a house or a fortress from it.
  • Cardboard set . This constructor must not only be assembled, but also painted after that. Most often, an animal or structure is assembled from parts.

  • Lego is one of the most popular types of construction sets. It is produced in various series, from which you can collect all kinds of characters, vehicles or buildings. By collecting Lego sets, you can create an entire city.
  • Magformers – a magnetic construction set, from which you can assemble a house, vehicles, an airplane, a rocket or a tower.

Practical gifts

Choosing gifts for the 5-6th birthday of your son, you can buy a useful, but no less interesting present for him.We are talking about things that are useful in everyday life, but intended specifically for children.

  • Camera for children . This is not a simple toy, but a children’s model of this equipment. It is even capable of taking photographs, just like a real adult camera. There are also products with additional functions, including photo processing. Made of durable and waterproof plastic that can withstand shocks and drops.
  • projector, on which you can watch colorful children’s films and stories.
  • Children’s wall or desk clock . Choose a large watch face with well-defined numerals. In this case, the watch case must be made in a childish style. For example, in the form of a car, tank, animal, etc.

Gifts for recreation and active games

In childhood, physical health and development is of great importance. And since not all children are ready to actively go in for sports at the age of 5-6, then outdoor games can be used for this purpose.The child will be interested in such activities, which are not only interesting, but also beneficial to health.

  • Rollers . Since at this age it is still difficult for a boy to ride on adult-type rollers, it is better to choose for him a children’s model with two rows of wheels. They are more stable and safer. There are also retractable casters that are adjustable to fit the child’s foot.
  • The scooter is an interesting and useful sports attribute that is useful for improving balance and coordination, as well as strengthening the vestibular system.

  • Two-wheeled bicycle . For a child 5-6 years old, it is recommended to choose models with a wheel diameter of 16 to 20 inches. Also pay attention to the type of brake. For children, it is better to purchase a bicycle with a foot brake, as it contributes to a smooth stop.
  • Tennis or Badminton . These games can be played anywhere and even in some rooms. With their help, dexterity, coordination and patience are developed.
  • Ring toss – a game for developing the eye, accuracy and accuracy of the throw.
  • Kite is a toy for the warm season. Will make any outdoor recreation or walk fun and unforgettable.
  • An inflatable ring or armbands are essential accessories for a boy who wants to learn to swim. Thanks to them, your child will be able to stay on the water, learning swimming skills.
  • Large inflatable ball for both play and exercise. It helps develop balance, flexibility and posture.It is safe and even small children can work with it.
  • Snow scooter – suitable for winter birthday people. Children love to ride it. It is comfortable and glides well.

  • Ledyanki – an attribute for skiing from snow slides. They slip well and do not get wet, which allows you to keep the outerwear intact. Lightweight and equipped with a special handle, so the child can hold it himself.
  • Children’s snowboard – designed for children over 4 years old.Differs in compactness and bright colors.
  • Skis , specially designed for children of this age category. They should be small, lightweight and comfortable, and also have secure fittings.
  • Cheesecake (tubing) – an attribute for downhill skiing. In recent years, people of all ages have fallen in love with it. For the child, you should choose the appropriate size so that it does not turn out to be too large.
  • Snowblaster – will make children’s winter fun unforgettable.The construction itself sculpts snow balls and throws them, thanks to which the child does not need to freeze his hands.

Book is the best gift

Book editions have always been considered one of the best and most popular birthday gifts. And with the right choice, your son will also be happy to receive such a present. But you must remember the main rule of choosing children’s gifts. You choose a surprise for the child, not for yourself, so always focus on his interests.You shouldn’t buy your son a boring scientific encyclopedia, even if you dream that he will become a successful scientist.

All books should be written in a simple language that the child can understand, and also be equipped with numerous bright pictures.

  • Books on favorite cartoons and children’s films are always interesting for children. With the help of such books, you can instill in your child an interest in reading.
  • Fairy Tales . For a gift, choose a large collection of fairy tales from different authors, filled with colorful illustrations.
  • Books in audio format are recordings often narrated in different voices. Audiobooks develop the imagination and teach children to concentrate on someone else’s speech.
  • Educational books , intended for preschool preparation. These books include publications that help a child learn numbers and letters. The most famous of them is the ABC.

Board games can also be chosen for the general mental development of the child. They develop logic, ingenuity and imagination.For children of this age category, adventure games will be interesting in which it is necessary to achieve the final goal by tossing the dice and moving the pieces. There are many such games, including ones based on famous fairy tales and cartoons.

Presentations for a creative child

Each child has their own interests and hobbies. By the age of 5-6, your son may start to get involved in some kind of creativity, and this will be a great idea in choosing a birthday present.But even if he does not have special preferences in the creative field, such a present will be useful for the development of children’s imagination and skills.

  • 3D Pen is a modern accessory for creating 3D shapes and lettering. It is recommended to buy a set of special multi-colored rods for creating drawings complete with a pen.
  • Burnout kit . Many boys are interested in burning drawings and inscriptions on wood. There are even special kits for kids.Such a hobby will teach the child patience and concentration on one thing.
  • Easel and large drawing set , including various types and shades of pencils and paints, a sketchbook, etc.
  • Potter’s wheel – for a child who likes to sculpt. This hobby develops fine motor skills and children’s imagination.
  • DIY birdhouse kit . It already includes all the necessary details, but disassembled.By making a bird house, your son will learn to love and respect pets, as well as to manual labor.
  • Fancy Drawing Tablets . For example, using water or light. These creative attributes are unusual and will definitely captivate any child.

What to give a child when everything is there

If your son already has whole deposits of all kinds of toys, books, coloring pages and sports accessories, then the search for a suitable gift is significantly difficult. It is no longer possible to surprise him with a new typewriter or robot, since such presents are likely to lie in a mountain in the children’s room.

But still, there are options for surprises for little birthday people, whom they will always be glad to see. It’s about visiting entertainment venues. It can be a game center, amusement park, cinema, zoo, circus, planetarium, water park, oceanarium or dolphinarium. Choose what your son likes best. Perhaps he wanted to visit something for a long time, but until now there was no opportunity.

Not Recommended Present

When buying a gift for a little son, you should not make the following mistakes:

  • Always consider the child’s wishes, , even if they differ from yours.If you all childhood dreamed of a typewriter with a radio control, this does not mean that your son wants to get the same one.
  • Do not choose gifts that are difficult for a 5-6 year old child . This is especially true for books, mind games and sports equipment. The gift should be appropriate for the child’s mental development and age. You should not torture your son with complicated games, in the hope that he will become a great scientist, mathematician or any other specialist. Also, you should not give your child sports attributes that are not interesting to him, even if you dream of a professional sports career for him.
  • Do not give gifts “for growth” and “for the future” . This is not only about clothes, but also about other complex things. Any child will want to immediately try what was presented to him, and he will be disappointed if it is impossible to do this.
  • The high value of is not always an indicator of a good gift.

TOP-35 best gifts

  1. Railway.
  2. Radio-controlled car.
  3. Radio-controlled helicopter.
  4. Simple machines, special equipment and special services.
  5. Race track.
  6. Multilevel parking.
  7. Constructor.
  8. Robot.
  9. Transformers.
  10. Set of toy tools.
  11. Camera for children.
  12. Digital radio.
  13. Water weapons.
  14. Toy weapons (pistol, sword, shield, bow and arrow, etc.).
  15. Toy characters of your favorite cartoon characters.
  16. Cheesecake, ice cakes or snow scooter.
  17. Bicycle.
  18. Scooter.
  19. Rollers or skates.
  20. Kite, flying saucer or boomerang.
  21. Play tent or house.
  22. Trampoline with guardrail or inflatable.
  23. Sports and games complex.
  24. Sets for creativity.
  25. Children’s easel.
  26. Book.
  27. Board game.
  28. Mini football or hockey.
  29. 3D pen.
  30. Innovative drawing sets.
  31. Children’s telescope or microscope.
  32. Tickets to the play center, circus or zoo.
  33. Children’s watch.
  34. Toy traffic light.
  35. Beautiful backpack with a bright print (cartoon or comic characters).

At completion

A birthday present for a 5-6 year old son should be interesting and safe. At this age, children have a lot of hobbies. For them, both mental and physical development are important. But they are still small children, so adult gifts will be irrelevant and even dangerous for them.Most often, a child of this age is given something from toys or sports equipment. But for a more calm and diligent boy, books and intellectual games are suitable.

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90,000 TOP-50 gifts for beloved daughter 3-4 years old for Birthday + photo

Help the girl to reveal all the inclinations of talents – at this age this is the main motivation of the child and the important mission of the parents.You will be rewarded much later when her abilities become apparent. The daughter will definitely remember her first skates, colored plasticine or a dress in which she agreed to sing for the guests.

Turning time. A happy childhood, almost not knowing the refusal to buy and not knowing their price. The easier it is to prepare surprises, because the little beauty is waiting for surprise, fun, loves everything new and beautiful – and this is not always a big expense. Our list includes everything that 3-4-year-old ladies admire.👧🏼

TOP-50 best gifts

Girl’s dressing table – these are sold in specialized stores for growing heirs and impress with decorativeness. Typically girly colors of safe plastic, a real large mirror in a frame, shelves and drawers. Everything is like mom’s, to put yourself in order.

Jewelry for little princesses – bright headbands, hairpins, elastic bands and hair bows, beads and bracelets – look more interesting in the headset, almost like an adult.You can already look at the tiniest gold earrings for these name days – only such ones look organic and will not stretch the skin. And just there will be a reason to wear it.

Cosmetics and accessories for bath procedures – safe creams, shampoos, foams or water bombs with strawberry scent: everything from professional manufacturers of baby products. By the age of 3, children are aware of themselves as individuals and strive to have “their” things and household items.

Fashionable handbag is an indispensable attribute of a modern beauty.Online markets offer the maximum assortment: tiny items are decorated with appliqués, straps and clasps. Bright in color, combined with different clothes. In addition, you can buy fun keychain toys.

Magic outfit – a new dress and gorgeous shoes will never be superfluous. Taste and dressing skills are brought up from childhood. Young ladies love fluffy princesses, ruffles and ribbons. Receiving a new item of a girl’s wardrobe in stock, the birthday girl dreams of going to visit and make a splash.

Box – both small items for storing jewelry and decorative, but roomy boxes for toys and other things are equally suitable for this position. In any case, this is a piece of furniture, it must fit into the style of the room and be safe for the child.

Play Tent is a highly sought-after indoor focus for fun co-op scenarios. It can be a stylized house with windows and doors or a compact castle for a young princess.Choose the height of the gift a little to grow, so that the daughter’s guests can stand and sit inside the room.

Bouquet with soft toys – choose as an independent present or complementary to the main gift. Usually these are tiny bears, dogs, kittens or cartoon characters. To get such a cute army is already an event in itself, and after all, whole fairy tales are invented with it! They are proud of the collection and show them to their girlfriends.

Sets for creativity – adore the skillful hands of your inventors.Colored paper for appliqués, prefabricated models for coloring, modeling clay, stencils to learn to cut with scissors and many other useful ideas. You can’t do without adult help, so stock up on time and an apron.

Markers, pencils – a budget, but a win-win option, because the multicolored box looks bright anyway. To avoid the mundane, choose unusual things: an assortment of fifty shades, innovative slate textures, which give unusual properties to drawings – neon light, glitter or a manifesting effect.

Soft plasticine in thematic sets – the girls’ favorite fun. In addition to colored briquettes of plastic material, each such set includes game fragments. So the plot is clearer, and the stucco molding advances faster. After completing the work that needs to be done together, you get new homemade toys that you no longer want to break.

Coloring books, albums with easel – a pack of contour drawings based on the plots of your favorite fairy tales and cartoons, convenient sets of thick paper for children’s watercolors: a real wealth of a draftsman.Try decorating your stack of supplies using wrapping paper and small ribbon toys.

The Kinetic Sand Collection is a relatively new invention that children will be delighted with. Something in between ordinary sand and plasticine – it is multi-colored, hypoallergenic, easy to mold and does not crumble, plastic. Castles, animal figurines and even cakes are made from the material.

Mosaics – colorful, thematic, multifunctional wonderfully awaken imagination and are suitable for joint activities with parents.The assortment is huge – from landscape to wall panels. Basically, these are kits that are easy to disassemble in order to come up with your own plot or copy a sample.

Finger and regular paints – all children love to experiment with the palette. Those who have not very strict parents remember the vivid sensations of drawing with their fingertips for the rest of their lives. No skill is required, just a sense of color and beauty. Watercolors and gouache – choose rich colors and easy to use.

Danspad – this is also the name of a new entertainment gadget, a musical mat. It works from a set-top box, and connects to a TV, computer. The set includes a disc with melodies, games, dance songs – to the rhythms of the birthday girl and her friends, she moves along the arrows on the carpet like a keyboard. Develops coordination and improves mood.

The toy piano is a useful replica for a test of strength. This is an almost complete imitation of a real instrument – you can play not only chords on it, but also simple melodies.The thing is very popular among 3-4-year-old girls: in addition to direct use, the object is used in games in the “house”, they teach perseverance dolls and bears, and at the same time themselves.

Children’s tablet or computer – a simplified version of the original: not quite a toy, but also differs from an adult gadget in price and functionality. It’s great to use at the beginning of acquaintance with virtual technologies, as well as to teach you the simplest mathematics or English lessons.

Musical and talking toys – especially useful for shy girls who lack communication a little.In tender childhood, kids take toy, cartoon characters seriously. The interactivity of Luntik or Masha, familiar from the TV series, makes it possible to build whole dialogues with them, which the daughter will then tell to dad and mom about.

Bath robe and funny slippers – home and, at the same time, elegant set. In one color scheme, from cotton velor or terry, with a hood in the shape of an eared animal – this will impress a little lady. The bathrobe is so cozy and warm after bathing that the child quickly falls asleep, and the clothes are associated with happiness.

Rain set is a non-trivial but frequent gift. It is preferred by not quite matured parents who remember how great it is if it is allowed to rush through the puddles. Sometimes you can make fun of girls too! And the birthday girl, brought up in strictness, will like the stylish combination of the new raincoat with a printed umbrella and boots.

A figurine or a bouquet of balloons is a voluminous, impressive gift. Of course, it is impractical, one-off, frivolous.But when you see with what delight the birthday girl meets the surprise, all doubts will be forgotten. When, if not now, to decide on miracles? Ideas for the plot will be suggested by your favorite daughters fairy-tale heroes or beasts dear to your heart.

Teremok of elves or gnomes – an entourage for ordinary games of well-read young ladies who admire the world of magic. The fact that parents can find a real home for an elf somewhere strengthens the belief in the omnipotence of dad and mom. And a little more – into the reality of the existence of tiny sorcerers.

Toy pet and its accessories – the little daughter will not be able to take good care of a real puppy yet, but she will practice on the electronic one. Just like a living one, a dog can bark, ask, walk, wag its tail and even change the expression of its eyes. Or so it only seems to your impressionable birthday girl. This is a good way to instill caring and sociability.

Books for self-reading – the first were fairy tales and rhymes that you read aloud and together.If you managed to instill a taste for reading, the illustrated book will be accepted with joy. The more pictures, the better – at this age, the baby loves when you can see in the picture exactly how Cinderella and her crystal shoe looked.

Kitchen furniture and a set of dishes – the time has come when the main task of the baby is to copy the mother’s behavior. The girl adores her and dreams of repeating in everything: and the kitchen personifies the place where the parent celebrates the sacred. The daughter will learn to clean up, set the table and wash the plates after dinner.

Dollhouse is the dream of any growing up beauty. This is a whole world in which the inhabitants of the nursery communicate with each other, make friends, quarrel, invite guests and go to bed. It’s so great that you can manage this whole toy army, keep the house clean and teach the dolls not to throw things around. Everyone is like a mom.

A set of furniture for a dollhouse or for a large doll – miniature armchairs and sofas are sold as a separate option for ready-made houses.Often this is another object of dreams of the birthday girl, when she already has an apartment for Barbie. Bigger toys need their own cribs too – at least a couple for the most expensive characters.

Swedish wall or sports corner – the choice depends on the size of the room and the age. You should not take a universal product for growth – requests for different movements change over time, and the appearance is lost. Rings for girls are unlikely to be useful, but a ladder, rungs, a low rope are what you need.

Collectible heroes of cartoons and comics – for many generations of kids this is a must have, and you can’t argue. Smeshariki, Fixiki, Masha, the Bear and their companions, Robocar, Smurfs, Luntik with friends – kids really get attached to these characters, but someone is especially distinguished. Replenish your collection, rejoice together.

Role-playing sets in height – a notion in full accordance with the rules of pedagogy, appeared in stores not so long ago.Usually this is a compact workplace for playing various professional roles. Girls prefer to try at the place of the store cashier and nanny, in the kitchen, while cleaning or doing a big wash.

Sets by profession – are intended for the same purposes: they give the baby the opportunity to get used to the image of a hairdresser, doctor, waitress, teacher, salesman. The set includes uniforms, tools and all the typical attributes: a phonendoscope and syringes from a doctor, scissors and brushes from a hairstyle master, a pointer and crayons for a teacher.Relatives and guests will have to act as patients.

Karaoke – an assortment of children’s songs, couplets from fairy tales and cartoons are usually attached to adult systems. As an option – buy a special microphone, discs with recordings and tapes of song texts. It is believed that such singing develops communication, relieves fears of public speaking and even serves as prevention of acute respiratory infections. Check for yourself how fair the estimates are, but overall fun is guaranteed.

Musical instruments – By the age of 3-4, if the daughter is gifted with hearing, this is already manifested.To develop abilities, they first buy toy copies – pipes, drums, bells, accordions. If you notice a strong interest in reproduction, you should consider purchasing a synthesizer or your first real piano.

Children’s watch – a beautiful piece for delicate hands. Since a 3 and 4-year-old young lady is usually restless, she does not need expensive copies – this time will come. Many brands produce an assortment for this age: with a sturdy dial, silicone or fabric straps.Decor and catchy colors won’t be overkill at this time.

Figure skates or roller skates – can be considered both as an amateur and as a sports option. There are inclinations – take the baby to the section, no – it is suitable for going out with parents on joint physical education walks. There is no point in taking safety shoes a couple of sizes larger – they will become unusable much earlier than the next birthday.

Balls – products of different sizes are needed for indoor and outdoor games, and there is an excellent reason to collect several balls in one basket at once.Don’t give up on large fitness balls – they are decorative and will come in handy. Also – for ping-pong, rolling on the floor, football with dad, for water activities and, as a cherry on a cake, glowing or ringing.

Travel suitcase – suitable for those who like to travel with their parents. Remember that children at this age have a habit of “appropriating” everything – “mine” is a priority for them. Its girly colored case holds the most expensive toys, removable sandals, a pair of flight jackets and a gadget with a stock of cartoons.

Constructors – There is a decent selection of universal sets and specially designed for girls in stores. Just like boys, daughters love to build cities from cubes, collect chambers for their princesses and magic castles. The assortment includes both lego collections and new items from domestic manufacturers.

Children’s skis – miniature, but made according to all the rules: these can be found in sports multi-brand departments. Lightweight plastic will not last long, but budget.Solid alloy products are also lightweight, easy to use and completely safe. The equipment looks like a gift and fascinates with sports.

Transformers – many girls are happy to make robots from collectible sets. Some companies have expanded the line of heroes to include those that are more understandable for girls. Sometimes they need to be ordered in advance. The lesson develops fine motor skills and teaches to achieve results.

Swing is one of the favorite gift options.If there is a suitable place for scope in an apartment or in a country house, the present will take the attention of the young lady and her girlfriends for a long time. The most common option is considered to be a collapsible rope-block model. It is attached to crossbars or openings, includes restraints for the safety of the rider.

Home Puppet Theater – Purchased for girls keen on acting. If a daughter loves to dress up, act out scenes, copy female characters from television and movie fairy tales, she will like the opportunity to come up with her own performance.She herself will not cope with all the play dolls, parents and grandparents will be involved, and the guests will become spectators.

Backpack – girly, small, functional, your fashionista will like it. In addition, immediately pick up pendants with cartoon characters for it, key rings with beads – for your personal style. A gift can become an occasion for a birthday catwalk, where the hero of the occasion will demonstrate outfits complete with a new backpack.

Bobbleheads and dolls is a bestseller for all girls.More about dolls in the heading below. Baby dolls copying newborns confidently occupy the 2nd place in the rating. Interactive ones are especially popular because they awaken the maternal instinct – the baby takes care of the doll and does it seriously.

Items for baby doll care – in this section playpens and tiny cribs, almost real strollers for walking with a baby. Such devotion is normal, psychologists say. The child simply plays one of the most important functions, and does it intuitively, following only his mother’s example and advice.

Toy household appliances – intended for the same imitations of children’s activities of adults. It is in the game that the baby learns a new role for herself, and then she will really help her mother. Don’t hesitate to give a pretend vacuum cleaner and kettle, a board and iron for ironing, a tub to bathe dolls and other toys.

Trampoline – will make a splash among her daughter’s peers and, of course, her own. After all, this is one sheer pampering that you can afford if the house is spacious or there is a garden.Their products are suitable for different ages – they are designed for a certain height and weight of children. The smallest are placed in a small nursery.

Board games – the competitive interest is just beginning, and tasting victory is so exciting – kids catch it quickly. Parents and grandparents need to train the princess to handle cubes and chips, follow routes and build a game. Topics by age – adventure, hiking, sports starts.

Bicycle or scooter – teach to value speed, mobilize attentiveness and coordination. Fears that the vehicle will provoke injury and collisions are not always justified. Supervision and agreements easily solve these problems. And falls are useful to learn how to rise as if nothing had happened.

Basic Instinct and Love for Dolls

This is the most important topic for girls 3-4 years old. By this age, the baby, like all children, realizes herself as an independent person and understands her gender.In playing with dolls, all the key female skills are rehearsed – caring, gentleness and patience, as well as the desire to be beautiful.

That’s why girls should have different dolls. They like to comb some, feed others, and dress up others. The most graceful ones are demonstratively taken with them for a walk. Sorceresses are seated in a prominent place in the room and pay special attention to them.

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