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The Top 10 Gifts for Kids this Christmas from the Myer Giftorium

A unique first for retail in Australia, Myer Giftorium’s dedicated Christmas shopping department is a wonderful place for the whole family to visit this year. Each Giftorium features dedicated themed sections to make choosing a gift for each member of the family simple—from Miracle Mums, Dapper Dads and Glamour Grans, to Food Fanatics, Techno Freaks and even a Paws Corner for your four legged fur babies. On top of this, there are expert Gifticians to give you a helping hand if you just can’t decide, and specialist Producticians to demonstrate some amazing products. In-store events, outstanding service and an awesome festive atmosphere are all part of the Myer Brisbane City Giftorium experience that’s simply not to be missed!

These are our top picks for gifts for kids this Christmas, all of which can be found in Myer Giftorium stores, as well as in the Myer online store, and in selected other Myer stores –

Unique Mr Men artworks

Mr Men Personalised Art tops our list of awesome Christmas gifts for kids this year! Available only in the major Myer Giftoriums on the east coast of Australia (Brisbane city, Sydney city, and Melbourne city stores), you can select your favourite Mr Men or Little Miss character and have it customised and printed in one of two framed poster sizes.

It’s the perfect unique gift idea for Brisbane Kids (or mums and dads) of any age!

Bonds Christmas outfits

The Bonds limited edition range for babies, toddlers and bigger kids will look gorgeous in your Christmas photos this year. The sparkling tutus, funky socks, bodysuits and leggings for littlies, and singlets and underwear for bigger kids all feature limited prints and designs released especially for Christmas 2014. Maybe don’t make your bigger kids wear only their Bonds underwear for their Christmas photos, though we think it’s definitely funky enough to…

Priced from $10.95

Marvin’s Magic tricks

Marvin’s Magic products are available at all Myer Giftoriums this Christmas. With a big selection of magic tricks to choose from, the Lights From Anywhere Junior is our absolute favourite! If you’re in one of the larger Giftoriums, you may event see some Myer Magicians demonstrating these magical lights. $29.95

Creative kits

We just love the Seedling Make Your Own Snowglobe Kit. Other cute crafty kits in this range include Design Your Own Superhero Cape, The Dinosaur Who Lived Inside the Volcano, Junior Gardening, Design Your Own Yoyo, and Make Your Own Tutu Kits. Priced from $6.95

A Myer teddy tradition

An annual Myer tradition, this year’s ‘Archie’ is the 2014 Myer Christmas Bear. Not only super cute, $1 from every sale of this year’s Myer Christmas bear goes to The Salvation Army. $19.95

Keep the peace

Moki Kids Safe Volume Limited Headphones come in a rainbow of colours and protect developing ears from noise damage caused by loud music. They’re also great for parents who just might go insane if they have to listen to ‘Let It Go’ one more time!

Priced from $29.95

Fancy Disney costumes

Official costumes from The Disney Collection include Snow White, Ariel The Little Mermaid, Frozen’s Elsa and Anna, and many more of our favourite Disney princesses. Your Disney fans are guaranteed to go ga-ga over these beautiful costumes and will likely never want to take them off. Priced from $39.95

Healthy eating

The Mr Food Face, Ms Food Face and Dinner Do’s ceramic plates from Fred will have Brisbane Kids of all ages begging for their veggies! The high quality plate comes with a blank face for kids to create their own facial features with their meals as they are eating dinner. They won’t even notice that broccoli hair they’ve just eaten! $19.95

The ultimate family gift!

Designed with convenience in mind, a SodaStream Drinks Maker will keep the whole family cool this summer. Make your own fun soft drinks and keep a handle on the sugar levels with the huge range of flavours that contain up to two thirds less sugar than regular soft drinks. There’s also a range of flavours with no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners! Check out the demonstrations in store to try before you buy.

Machines priced from $119

Stocking Stuffers

Perfect for taking away on holidays, the Apples to Pears ‘In A Tin’ kits contain everything your Brisbane Kids need to entertain themselves for hours and are small enough to pack into the back seat. Select from Car Building, Flower Pressing, Sewing, Spiro Art, Dinosaur Model Challenge, Train Set or Finger Puppet Craft. $22.95

And if you STILL can’t decide, simply hop online to book a time to visit with a Giftician, which allows you to skip the queues and get some serious expert assistance in the gift selection process. Remember, you can order all your gifts online from Myer this year, with a huge selection available in their online store, and have them delivered to your door (FREE delivery for orders over $100). For a selection of products, you can even take advantage of the same day Elf Delivery Service, which delivers gifts within 2km of the Myer Brisbane store on the same day—perfect for last minute gift giving!

To find out more about the Myer Giftorium, including special Christmas events at your local Myer store, please visit www.

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Jean Myers Gift Gallery Scholarship Program

Applicants to the Jean Myers Gift Gallery Scholarship Program must be:

  • Dependent* children, age 25 and under, of full-time or part-time Medina Hospital employees who have a minimum of one year of employment with the company as of the application deadline date.
    *Dependent children are defined as natural and legally adopted children, grandchildren or stepchildren living in the employee’s household or primarily supported by the employee.


  • Volunteers who have completed at least 40 hours of service within the past 12 months at Medina Hospital and are in good standing.


  • High school seniors or graduates planning to enroll or students already enrolled in full-time undergraduate course of study at an accredited two- or four- year college, university, or  vocational-technical school.

Award information:

  • If selected as a recipient, the student will receive an award in the amount of $1,000.
  • Up to seven (7) scholarships will be awarded each year.
  • Provided there are qualified applications, at least four of the awards will be granted to applicants who have volunteered at Medina Hospital in the last 12 months, completed at least 40 hours of volunteer service and are in good standing. Recipients of these four awards do not have to be children of employees.
  • Awards are not renewable; however students may reapply to the program each year they meet eligibility requirements. Per IRS Rev. Proc. 76-47, the employment eligibility requirement does not apply to previous recipients.
  • Jean Myers Gift Gallery Scholarship recipients may receive an award a maximum of two (2) times. Recipients may receive only one (1) Medina Hospital Scholarship Award at a time.
  • Awards are for undergraduate study only.

Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of:

  • academic record
  • demonstrated leadership and participation in school and community activities
  • work experience
  • statement of goals and aspirations
  • unusual personal or family circumstances
  • an online recommendation

Financial need will not be considered.

Selection of recipients is made by Scholarship America. In no instance does any officer or associate of Medina Hospital Foundation play a part in the selection. All applicants agree to accept the decision as final.


Applicants will be notified in May. Not all applicants to the program will be selected as recipients.

Payment of Scholarships

Scholarship America processes scholarship payments on behalf of the Medina Hospital Foundation. Payments are made in one installment in early August.

As part of your application, you must upload the following documents:

  • A current, complete transcript of grades.
    Grade reports are not accepted. Unofficial or online transcripts must display student name, school name, grades and credit hours for each course and term in which each course was taken

One online recommendation form must be submitted on your behalf no later than March 19, 2021 3:00 pm.

Your application is not complete unless all required documents are submitted electronically.

What You Love More Than Presents, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Estimated reading time: 13 minutes


For ENFPs, the spark of a new idea or possibility is usually more exciting than a material gift. Talk to them about their passions and what inspires them and they’ll be thrilled to bits. Chances are if you throw in a few “what-ifs” and go along with their creative vision, you too can be inspired by their spontaneous brainstorm.

Some Ideas:

  • Plan a trip you want to take someday and look up pictures/lodging/adventures online
  • Get in the car and go on an impromptu road trip with no clear destination
  • Camp out in the backyard and ask each other thought-provoking questions
  • Read an inspiring book together by candlelight. Take breaks to discuss, draw pictures, or theorize
  • Think of an effective way you could improve the world whether that be making bags of essentials for the homeless, helping out at an animal shelter, or creating a bee and bird-friendly garden

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For ENTPs, the thrill of learning something new will usually trump getting something new. Most ENTPs have an insatiable curiosity and love to explore new ideas, concepts, possibilities, and theories. Find out what their latest fascination is, ask questions about it, and actively listen. This will be a treat they’ll appreciate much more than a new tie or Amazon gift card.

Some Ideas:

  • Go on Wikipedia or Youtube and find out random facts about people, places, or things
  • Make up riddles together and see who can stump the other person first
  • Solve a complex puzzle game together
  • Discuss something about society that drives you crazy and vent/argue about it together
  • Watch documentaries together on topics you know nothing about. Then discuss them afterwards
  • Take an unplanned road trip to somewhere you’ve never been. Just throw a bunch of stuff in the car and go (for better or worse)


For INFPs, a gesture that shows you “see” them or see something that matters to them means the most. INFPs don’t expect to be catered to or fussed over. Creating a mix-tape with songs that remind you of them, taking them on a drive to a location that holds some meaning, or giving money to a charity they care about – these are all things that make them feel “seen” or acknowledged. Any gift that inspires imagination is also valued. Make art out of fallen sticks and stones. Daydream together about all the places you want to go someday. The ideas are endless. Speaking of which…

Some Ideas:

  • Draw a portrait of them or a picture of something they love
  • Gather items from nature and make a collage together
  • Pick out a book you’ve never read (or a movie you’ve never watched), sit down together, and read/watch it
  • Go on long drive or walk and talk about each other’s passions and dreams
  • Binge-watch their favorite TV/movie series
  • Volunteer for a cause together

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Knowledge is more important than gifts to this personality type, though I’m sure most won’t complain about receiving presents. The best way to surprise an INTP is by exploring ideas, theories, or information together. If you’re able to relate it back to something they’re passionate about, they will be even more impressed.

Some Ideas:

  • Find a documentary on Netflix or YouTube and watch it together
  • Experiment or play with technology (for example, make a stop-motion Lego video together)
  • Take a trip to your local library and go on a “research date”
  • Join an online class together
  • Make something that honors one of their interests/hobbies. For example, if they love Star Trek and you can embroider, you could embroider a favorite quote on a pillow

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Experiences and authentic connection matter more to ENFJs than gifts ever will. In fact, according to this survey by Heidi Priebe, gifts were ranked last as their preferred love language. Instead, an ENFJ wants to have deep conversations with you. They want to hear your opinions on the world and how it works. They want to talk about their passions with you. If they can do this while taking a drive through a beautiful landscape or listening to their favorite songs, even better!

Some Ideas:

  • Have a very in-depth conversation about something they’re passionate about
  • Read poetry or listen to songs that are meaningful to you
  • Take a drive through your favorite neighborhood or hike through your favorite park
  • Watch their favorite movie and then deep-dive into why the characters and plotlines connected with them so much
  • Eat at a favorite restaurant and talk till it closes (there’s nothing better)
  • Volunteer for a cause together and do work that really matters


For the ENTJ, respect and meaningful connection matter more than gifts. In fact, they tend to feel awkward receiving presents, so it’s better focus on more intellectual gifts. Show an interest in their goals (and find a way to help out) or talk about their long-term pursuits or the interesting ideas they’ve had lately. Even better; work together at a shared dream or vision.

Some Ideas:

  • Pay attention to a need they’ve expressed. Are they struggling with back pain? Give them a massage. Do they hate mowing the lawn? Step in and do it for them when they don’t expect it.
  • Talk about your shared interests and goals over a delicious dinner.
  • Do something practical to help out!
  • Read a non-fiction book together and discuss how you can apply it to your lives
  • Actively listen when they’re discussing they’re thoughts


To INFJs, knowledge and understanding will always matter more than gifts. They hunger for something more than tangible items. These abstract future thinkers want to understand their place in the universe and unlock mysteries about the meaning of life itself. Being part of a beautiful and thought-provoking experience helps them to feel alive and inspired.

Some Ideas:

  • Get lost in a library for hours. Find books that mean something special to both of you, then curl up together somewhere quiet and read until the sun comes up
  • Take a trip somewhere with lots of history, and talk about what it might have been like to be alive during those time periods. Think about what the past means for the future.
  • Watch YouTube videos in order to learn something new together
  • Attend a lecture or take a class together
  • Watch a film that makes you think deeply about life and discuss it afterward
  • Volunteer for a meaningful cause together and work as a team to improve the world

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Overcoming a challenge and discovering a new insight about life itself is the most inspiring thing to an INTJ. Anything that sparks their imagination and simultaneously feeds their hunger for wisdom will get them excited. Sometimes, experiences that challenge them physically can open up insights into the intuitive world as well. Many INTJs have told me they enjoy recreational adventures like white water rafting, rock climbing, or hiking. During these physical pursuits, their mind comes alive with insights and thought-provoking ideas.

Some Ideas:

  • Go on a hike through your favorite wilderness area and don’t push for conversation the whole time
  • Take a bike tour around the city with the most beautiful views
  • Peruse a library together and grab some non-fiction books to read and analyze together. Then get coffee!
  • Challenge yourself intellectually by taking classes in subjects that interest you (take turns sharing new ideas)
  • Help them with a practical task so that they can have more time for their own interests

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For the ESFP, nothing can compare to the thrill of a new adventure or the excitement of freedom. If you want to give an ESFP a gift that will blow their mind, open up a new possibility in life or loosen the boundaries of what they think is possible. Take them somewhere they’ve never been, go out and do something that makes the world better. Spend time outside where there are no walls to feel caged in.

Some Ideas:

  • Plan a trip to meet friends in another city, then explore the area together and try new things
  • Make an escape plan for when life gets too routine or stressful. Tell them you’ll get up early one day in the week, pack a bag, and leave for the day. It can be anything you want it to be, so long as it’s spontaneous!
  • Explore a new city or country together
  • Get lost in nature somewhere beautiful and freeing
  • Offer to do the dishes or other household chores so they can do something fun
  • Listen to music while cooking delicious food together and dance in the kitchen whenever there are breaks!
  • Do something real to help people (or animals). Volunteer, find random acts of kindness to do, etc,


For the ESTP, excitement and discovery make them feel like life is worth living. When they are presented with new opportunities or physical challenges they can’t wait to try them out. They want to experience life as fully and immersively as possible. Life experiences that get them out of the house and challenge their tactical abilities will always be preferred over gifts.

Some Ideas:

  • Go skydiving, skiing, white-water rafting, or take on some other thrill-inducing challenge
  • Take a spontaneous road trip to the nearest big city just for the fun of it!
  • Go camping for a week in a challenging location and try to make it without modern conveniences
  • Try to build something that will make your lives easier in some way
  • Challenge each other to a video game marathon, complete with snacks, good food, and good drinks
  • If you’re a significant other, give them an hour-long massage and lots of cuddles afterward


Creative, meaningful experiences will always be more important to ISFPS than gifts. If you want to consider what they like, try to give them an experience that lets their artistic side take flight. Some ISFPs enjoy photography; so you could go somewhere meaningful to them (like a childhood neighborhood) and take photos with them. Others enjoy singing, dancing, painting, crafting, or just relaxing and watching something that inspires them. Doing something to honor their creative curiosity will mean a lot to them.

Some Ideas:

  • Plan a trip to somewhere beautiful and meaningful to take pictures
  • Go on a hike together, then paint nature scenes based on what you see
  • Take them blueberry picking, apple picking, mushroom hunting, etc. for the fun of it!
  • Acknowledge their values by contributing to them in some way. For example, if they care about the environment, grow a wildflower garden with them that will attract bees and butterflies. Or pick up trash at a local park or beach!
  • Take time to appreciate all the small details of life that you wouldn’t normally notice (e. g. find shapes in clouds, take a shower and revel in the heat, make shadow animals with your hands)
  • Find a way to honor their specific tastes. (For example, make them their favorite breakfast for dinner, watch their favorite movie with them, or grow a lavender plant at their house because you know they love the smell)

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ISTPs want to know how things work and to unlock mysteries that haven’t yet been revealed. Their minds are always working, studying, analyzing, wondering. On top of that, they love delectable experiences in the natural world. Tasting, smelling, and immersing their senses in the richess of life is something they all strive for.

Some Ideas:

  • Take them hiking and surprise them with a picnic on top of a hill
  • Give them a relaxing massage
  • Surprise them by cooking dinner or baking some delicious goodies
  • Learn a new skill with them (like scuba diving, chemistry, or woodworking), or teach them something new (like a dance)
  • Take a camping trip together in an out-of-the-way location. Immerse yourselves in the natural world and try to avoid modern-day conveniences.


For ESFJs, a sense that they are contributing to something greater than themselves is deeply meaningful. They also find joy in the little details of life that bring comfort and a sense of tradition. Being tapped into the timelessness of life and the beauty of generosity brings them pure joy.

Some Ideas:

  • Watch their favorite holiday movies with them in a marathon around the holidays. Prepare delicious snacks that they’ve always loved.
  • Work on a family tree together.
  • Volunteer with them for a cause that matters deeply to them.
  • Record yourself reading one of their favorite poems or books and gift it to them
  • Write a list of all your favorite memories with them and give it to them
  • Throw a party and invite all their favorite people to it and manage all the planning and details yourself so they can relax and just enjoy the people they love
  • Take all the videos on their iPhone and compile them into a “Memories of 2021 (or whatever year)” file that they can watch anytime they want to


ESTJs are hard workers who often go the extra mile to take care of practical needs. Their generous, sentimental side is often overlooked because so many people see them as “all about business” or getting things done. People who honor and actually see the underlying generosity, dependability and caring nature of the ESTJ are deeply appreciated. Loyalty, respect, and inner strength, and compassion matter more to ESTJs than gifts ever will.

Some Ideas:

  • Make them a cake that represents their work or interests (for example, if they’re into sports, you could make a team logo)
  • Help them with practical chores so that they can relax and do something carefree
  • Write them a thank you note where you list specific ways they’ve helped you in your life
  • Make something by hand that honors something specific about them. For example, if they’re always cold, knit them a blanket. Paint a portrait of a family member they loved and lost. Put together a collage of their favorite memories of the year.
  • Say “thank you” for their hard work and efforts


Acknowledgment and a sense of belonging and purpose matter more to ISFJs than gifts. These types spend a great deal of time helping others and paying attention to others’ needs. To feel appreciated and valued for their efforts is a blessing to them. Some examples of meaningful gifts might be:

  • A handwritten letter that includes specific things you appreciate about them
  • A playlist of songs that you’ve loved throughout your friendship together (or songs that remind you of them)
  • A photo album or scrapbook comprised of digital photos that you printed for them
  • A coupon book full of services you can offer them any time they ask. For example, “Full body massage,” “One hour of alone time while I watch the kids,” or “Grandma’s best chocolate chip cookies”
  • Some kind of symbolic, hand-made gift that acknowledges the loyalty you have for them.

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ISTJs love having all their responsibilities taken care of so that they can totally relax when they’re home. Having integrity and being dependable matter to them a great deal. These types don’t like a lot of attention, so sometimes gift-giving can feel awkward to them. That said, they appreciate the thought itself more than the gift alone. Being loyal, dependable, and considerate are things ISTJs value more than gifts.

Some Ideas:

  • Surprise them by picking up their favorite groceries and bringing them home for them after work
  • Meal-prep a week’s worth of lunches or dinners for them
  • Help around the house with daily chores so that they can enjoy their time at home
  • Print out your favorite family photos together and put them in a photo album for them to keep
  • Ask them about their hobbies or interests and actively listen and ask questions so that they can talk about what they love in detail

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What Are Your Thoughts?

What are some gestures and things that you love more than gifts? Let us know in your comments (and leave your type so other readers can find ideas!). \XFZ.Cqa$ta.Kr`E19_r%f`[email protected]%pqn)c+Lm_/DB’pnE”iHL3/(20c-q]CW?G-dk]YI$l8FlE$s&P4$Q`?O,cKn/*e\-1t”[email protected]$>F4’FJq[:)“H&&>&>&>&>>>&>&&&&>>&>&>>&>>&&&>>>>>&&>>>&&>>&>>&>>&&>>>>>&>&>&>&&>&&>>>&>&>>>>&>&&&&>>>>>>&>&&>&&>&&>>&>>&&>&&>>>>>>>&&&>&&&>>>&&&>>>&&&&&&&&>>>&&>>&>&&>>&>&&&&&&&&&&>>&&>>>&&&>&>&>&>>>>>&>>>&&&&>&>>&&>>>&&&&>>&&>&>&>&&>&&>>&>>>&&>&>&&&>&&>>>>&>&&&&&>>&>&>&>&&&>&



Fort Myers: Gifts From the Sea

“Patience, patience, patience is what the sea teaches,” wrote Anne Morrow Lindbergh in her timeless book, Gift from the Sea. From her cottage on Captiva Island in southwest Florida, the famous aviator’s wife reflected on the lessons nature teaches, lessons that go far beyond the sea’s edge. 

I read Gift From the Sea recently and was surprised to find that Ms. Lindbergh’s classic book, written in 1955, remains relevant in the 21st century, offering insight into the challenges of modern existence while encouraging us to tune in to life’s quieter moments and discover meaning in unexpected places.

Not long ago my son, Ross, and I decided to embrace the simpler pleasures of life on a trip to the same region that spawned Ms. Lindbergh’s book. We hoped to reconnect with nature and spend quality time in one of the world’s prettiest paradises. I wanted to show Ross the pleasure of finding shells on the beach, watching a sun set in a pastel sky, and listening for birdsong during a peaceful nature hike. Taking a cue from Anne Morrow Lindbergh, I hoped Ross would discover the merits of waiting patiently for the serendipitous things in life, instead of expecting instant gratification, a lesson even I needed to be reminded of.

The Fort Myers area is a Mecca for nature lovers with its barrier islands, nature preserves, wildlife, and tropical environment. But most visitors agree that the beaches are the main attraction: expansive white sandy shores upon which the gulf’s gentle waves lap, inviting you to swim in the warm turquoise waters or perhaps sail on the gulf’s calm surface. You can spend every waking moment reveling in the mysteries and pleasures of the area’s beaches, but Ross and I decided to dig a little deeper and discover what else the region had to offer. We found plenty and managed to enjoy delicious days relaxing on the beach as well.


Accommodation options in the area range from sleepy mom-and-pop motels to gleaming resorts. Ross and I stayed in a high-rise condominium complex called GullWing Resort in Fort Myers Beach. Our three-bedroom condo featured a gorgeous kitchen, luxurious bathrooms, and sweeping views of the Gulf from the living room and master bedroom. The best spot, however, was the balcony, especially at sunset.

To me, sunsets as much more than just the end of daytime. Sunsets are like a painting from God, a palette of colors that melt and sway as the sun sinks low, a prize for having lived each day to its fullest. They symbolize an ending that’s also a beginning. Sunsets are slightly sinister, too, presaging the darkness of night, linking the known present to the unknown future. Yet the next morning the sun rises up, heralding the hope of a new day and its limitless possibilities.

No wonder folks applaud the sunset on Mallory Square in Key West. In Fort Myers Beach, Ross and I didn’t see anyone clapping at sunset, but we did view a few souls who came to the water’s edge and stood in silent salute as the sun slipped noiselessly beneath the horizon. One evening we watched a family of dolphins swim by close to shore in the magical moments just after sunset when the sea and sky glowed with a silvery-green sheen. “Awesome,” Ross said, and I agreed. Watching sunsets on this vacation was a perfect way for Ross and me to be in the moment, observing nature’s beauty unfurling in slow motion before our eyes.


Another opportunity for slowing down and experiencing the moment is collecting shells on the beach, and the Fort Myers area is known for its shell hunting opportunities. Sanibel Island, in fact, is world renowned among shell collectors. Enthusiasts are known to wake up at three in the morning, don a miner’s hat complete with light beaming bright, and head for the shore to be the first to glimpse the tide’s newest bounty. The phrases “Sanibel stoop” and “Captiva crouch” suggest that shell fanciers in this region take their treasure hunting very seriously.

Among the gifts from the sea collectors may find scattered in the sand are these native specimens: Sunray Venus. Thorny Sea Star. Alphabet Cone. Horse Conch. Lettered Olive. Florida Fighting Conch. Pear Whelk. Apple Murex. Sand Dollar. Atlantic Giant Cockle. Lightning Whelk. Angel Wing. Common Nutmeg. Shark Eye. Lions-paw Scallop. True Tulip. Junonia. Ponderous Ark. Crown Conch. Common Slippersnail. Dark Cerith. Each shell is a work of art with a regal name belying its small size.

Ross and I dove into the story of shells in the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum on Sanibel Island. We learned about shell habitats and history; shells in architecture, geography, and religion; cowrie shells, which were used as money; carrier shells, fossil shells, and much more. A unique form of art was on display at the museum: Sailors’ Valentines, which are made from small shells dyed different colors. These gorgeous designs featured shells intricately arranged to resemble embroidered tapestries.

Although the museum was pleasurable, Ross and I preferred being outside on the beach looking for shells in their natural habitat. We found an amazing variety of shells strewn across Lovers’ Key, a state park south of Fort Myers Beach, where Ross and I spent one afternoon under a cloudless blue sky searching for shells beside the glittering gulf. Ross found a few Crown Conchs, gorgeous shells in shades of gold and brown, but each one was inhabited, so he reluctantly returned the shell and its owner to the sea, a gift made more precious by letting it free. In fact, Lee County, which encompasses the Fort Myers area, has an ordinance in place prohibiting live shelling, ensuring its fifty miles of coastline continue to provide shelling pleasure for generations to come.

While the majority of shell collectors search for the most beautiful shells on the beach, a friend of mine seeks a different treasure. She likes to find shells that have abnormalities or odd, even ugly shapes and designs, marred perhaps by centuries of being tossed about by waves on the shore or damaged by other means. These misshapen shells represent our own shortcomings, my friend said, reminding her that perfect beauty is ethereal and can change abruptly, like a golden sunset that vanishes into the black night. Now I too stay on the lookout for the homely shells and include them in my own collection.

On Lovers’ Key, Ross and I rented kayaks and set out on a search of a different kind. Accompanied by a park ranger, we kayaked among canals in this large nature preserve, hoping to spot a manatee or an alligator. Although both proved elusive, we were content to observe the shorebirds wading at the water’s edge and fish jumping out of the water almost in rhythm with our smooth paddling. Our peaceful sojourn yielded few thrills, but Ross seemed happy simply to glide along the water’s surface and chat with the ranger about the critters who swam, flew, and crawled throughout the preserve. 


Alligators were on hand, however, during our tram tour of Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, a 6400-acre tract on Sanibel Island that serves as home to nearly 300 species of birds, 45 types of reptiles and amphibians, and at least 32 mammals. We glimpsed a few gators, along with other wildlife, during a 90-minute tram tour offered by Tarpon Bay Explorers, which takes visitors along the five-mile scenic drive through the refuge. We decided later, however, that renting bikes or driving our own car would have enabled us to stop and enjoy the surroundings at our leisure.

Make sure you stop at the visitor’s center before exploring Ding Darling NWR. Kids will enjoy the scavenger hunt handout, which invites them to answer questions about indigenous plants and wildlife. Ross successfully completed his and received an honorary ranger pin. I picked up the bird identification brochure, and together Ross and I enjoyed spotting a few species, such as roseate spoonbill, white ibis, great blue heron, double-crested cormorant, and osprey.

On another tour north of Fort Myers, Ross and I finally got our up-close alligator encounter. We went on a 90-minute swamp tour with Babcock Wilderness Adventures through a Florida cypress swamp, pine flatlands, and the historic Crescent B ranch. While wildlife sightings were few, the trained naturalist aboard our swamp buggy, which was actually a modified school bus, introduced us to a baby gator, who seemed to smile at us as we touched his cool, leathery skin and oohed and aahed at his rows of sharp teeth. We also heard a large alligator thrashing around in the swamp as we walked along a boardwalk. Ross lingered a while hoping to see the gator, but I was happy to head back to the bus!

After our busy adventures, Ross and I always made sure we had time leftover for swimming in the pool at our condo or taking a stroll along the shore to look for shells. And when the time for sunset approached, my son and I would find a spot on the beach, spread out our towels, sit facing westward, feeling the sun warm our faces, and wait patiently for the inevitable moment when the sun disappeared under the horizon, signaling the end of another day well spent.

• Visitor information – or 800-237-6444. 

• GullWing Resort – or 888-627-5151. 

• Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum – or 888-679-6450.

• Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge – or 239-472-1100.

• Tarpon Bay Explorers – www. or 239-472-8900.

• Lovers Key State Park – or 239-314-0110.

• Babcock Wilderness Adventures – or 800-500-5583.

Papal Foundation receives $200K gift to establish Archbishop John J. Myers Fellowship in Canon Law – Jersey Catholic

NEWARK, NJ and PEORIA, IL – The Papal Foundation, whose mission is to serve the Holy Father and the Roman Catholic Church through faith, energy, and financial resources, received a $200,000 gift from Dan and Marianne Harrington to establish the Archbishop John J. Myers Fellowship in the area of Canon Law. The Fellowship honors the legacy of Archbishop Myers, who served as Bishop of Peoria, Ill. between 1990 and 2001, and as Archbishop of Newark, N.J. from 2001 to 2016. 

The Most Reverend John J. Myers, J.C.D., D.D., Archbishop Emeritus of Newark

“We are incredibly grateful to Dan and Marianne for their generosity to The Papal Foundation and for honoring Archbishop Myers’ legacy,” said David Savage, executive director of The Papal Foundation. “The Harringtons are a wonderful example of the impact Stewards of St. Peter have when they share their gifts to serve the needs of the Church and our Holy Father.”

The Harringtons’ friendship with Archbishop Myers dates back to 1972 when Archbishop Myers was a young priest and Dan’s CCD teacher at St. Matthew’s School in Champaign, Ill. The Harringtons’ generous gift will make it possible for one scholar each academic year, who will be selected from Vatican-approved applications, to study Canon Law at one of the Roman Pontifical Universities.  

Father Mark Neil Eronico

The inaugural Archbishop John J. Myers fellowship recipient is Father Mark Neil Eronico, from the Diocese of Talibon, Philippines. Eronico will study at the Gregorian for his Licentiate in Canon Law.

“Rev. Mark will surely exercise his gifts of intellect, discernment, discipline and pastoral solicitude to form future servants of the Church,” said The Most Reverend Patrick Daniel Y. Parcon, bishop of Talibon.

Eronico added: “I am very grateful to Dan and Marianne for providing this amazing opportunity to study in Rome. I will approach my studies each day in a manner that would make Archbishop Myers proud.”

“We are thrilled that Fr. Mark will continue his studies of Canon Law in the tradition of Archbishop Myer’s great contribution to the Church,” said Dan Harrington. “We are honored to keep Archbishop Myer’s legacy alive and help form faithful scholars of ecclesiastical law for years to come.”  

For more information about The Papal Foundation, its grants and scholarships, visit


Myer Gift Card Activation – Activate Myer Card

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  Myer Gift Card Activation

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There are many methods to activate your Myer Gift Card. In this post, we show you possible easy methods to activate your Myer Gift Card.

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Activate Myer Gift Card via online
  1. This is a simple method to activate your Myer Gift Card and you just have to do is read the steps and when you apply you will activate in a short time.
  2. In order to activate the first thing is user has to do is visit the official portal link.
  3. In order to activate your Myer Gift Card users have to reach the next page, and you have to log in to your account.
  4. After that enter your username and your password.
  5. After you finish your task you have to enter your personal details like your first name and last name and your full address and date of birth etc.
  6. Once you finish your work you have to enter your card details like your card number and your card CVV code and your card type.
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Activation Myer Gift Card By Phone Number
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Final Advice
  • If users can’t activate the Myer Gift Card then users can contact the Myer Gift CardCustomer Care number shown above.
  • Make sure you ever save your password and username on any merchant’s sites.
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Find Here


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FAQ’s For Myer

How do you activate a gift card?

You need to visit the official site to active your card. Fill in the information and lastly activate the card.

Do gift cards activate automatically?

Before using it the first time you need to activate it. After that, you don’t need to do any kind of activation process on future transactions.

90,000 Roger M. Mayer

Producer Executive producer Associate Producer

The Rambler The Rambler 2013, comedy, drama, horror, detective

-film. ru

– spectators


– spectators


– spectators


6.4 viewers


– spectators

6. 4IMDb

– spectators


Flow The Flow 2018 Documentary

– spectators


6.4 viewers


– spectators

7. 5IMDb

– spectators


6.4 viewers


The Rambler The Rambler 2013, comedy, drama, horror, detective

– spectators


– spectators

4. 1IMDb

– spectators


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6.4 viewers


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-film. ru

– spectators


– spectators


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86150 Augsburg

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90,000 Vacancies at Mayer Jay Group In 1996, the exhibition company “Mayer J Expo” was established. Four years later, holding “Mayer J Group” appeared on its basis, which currently unites six companies of various profiles.The holding is a “full cycle” exhibition agency, providing a full range of services for organizing and participating in exhibitions at various venues in Moscow.

The company “Mayer Jay Expo” remains the basis of the association , which organizes such exhibitions as:

  • Cosmoprof-ExpoBeauty – exhibition of perfumery and cosmetics,
  • ElectroTechnoExpo – exhibition of electrical engineering equipment and information technology measuring technology;
  • SHOWTEX – exhibition of modern show technologies;
  • Industry of children’s and school food – exhibition of baby food products;
  • Consumexpo Leto-Machef Moscow-Dom – an exhibition of household items, gifts and fashion accessories.

    And also:

  • of the International Forum on Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery IEF,
  • Copyright Conferences Copyright Russia,
  • International Forum of Nail Technologies NAILFO,
  • Media rating of selective perfumery LILU Awards,
  • National Show Awards business SHOWTEX AWARDS.
  • “Mayer J Expo” organizes collective participation of firms in international exhibitions held at the Expocentre on Krasnaya Presnya, VVTs, Central House of Artists, Crocus-Expo: “Chemistry”, “Svyaz-Expocomm”, “Consumexpo”, “Furniture”, “Prodexpo “,” Healthcare “,” Argoprodmash “and others.

    Confirmation of the high level of events held by Mayer J Expo is the “Brand of the Year / EFFIE 2003” award in the category “business services” awarded to the exhibition project ExpoBeauty.

    The complex of installation and construction works at the exhibitions is carried out by the companies “Expostroy” and “KraftEkspostroy” . Modern technologies and materials, their own production base and art workshops, as well as qualified personnel allow these companies to build large areas in the shortest possible time, while maintaining a high quality of work.

    Company “Motive Design Motor” carries out design and technical development of exclusive exhibition stands, window dressing and retail space, production of interior printing. More than once, exclusive exhibition stands created by the holding’s specialists have been recognized as the best in the exposition of various exhibitions.

    Holding Mayer J Group has developed its own regional commercial program in the format Business to Business to attract industrial and business structures from the regions of Russia with the greatest potential to exhibitions.The implementation of the program BUSINESS CLUB / Club b2b applies to all exhibition projects of the Mayer J Group holding.

    The activities of the holding “Mayer J Group” were repeatedly noted at the highest levels. Mayer Jay Group is a permanent member of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Moscow Guild of Exhibition and Fair Organizations. The main partner of the holding is ZAO Expocentre on Krasnaya Presnya, the most prestigious exhibition site in Moscow.Exhibition projects are supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Moscow International Foundation for Assistance to UNESCO and the Foundation for Assistance to Regional Development. International partners of the Mayer J Group holding have already become such international exhibition giants as:

  • Fiera Milano SpA and Fiera Milano International – organizers of the Macef exhibition, the largest Italian international exhibition of household goods;
  • IFI SRL – Iniziative Fieristiche Internazionali – (Italy) – organizer of Cosmoprof international exhibitions in Italy, Hong Kong, Brazil and the USA.IFI includes SoGeCos s.p.a, BolognaFiere, Unipro – Italian Association of Cosmetic Industries. – Exhibition of household items, gifts and fashion accessories;
  • Official website of the Austrian health center Verba Mayr

    Apparatus cosmetology

    Laser peeling FinePeel on the device Clear + Brilliant, 50 min Toki d’Arsonval, 1 area Whitening cocktail on the Skin Activ device: face, 30 min. Whitening cocktail on the Skin Activ device: face, neck and décolleté, 45 min. Rejuvenating cocktail with Skin Activ device: face, 30 min. Rejuvenating cocktail with Skin Activ device: face, neck and décolleté, 45 min.Ultrasonic peeling, 50 min. Needleless mesotherapy Curacen Essense (face, neck, décolleté) Post-procedure facial mask


    cryodestruction of one wart (vulgar), up to 0. 5 cm cryodestruction of one wart (vulgar), over 0.5 cm xanthelasma, up to 0.5 cm xanthelasma, over 0.5 cm one element of acne (pustule) papillomas, 1 piece atheroma, up to 1 cm papillomas, 10-20 pieces atheroma, over 1 cm papillomas, over 20 pieces hemangiomas Electrocoagulation of infiltrate (dissection) Electrocoagulation of infiltrate (dissection with chipping) punctate hemangioma Local anesthesia “Lidocaine”, 2 ml telangiectasia, 1 cm2 Introduction of the drug “Diprospan”, 1 ml pigmented nevus / fibropapilloma / dermatofibroma, up to d 0. 5 cm Post-procedure skin treatment in cosmetology, 15 min.pigmented nevus / fibropapilloma / dermatofibroma, d 0.5-1 cm one keratoma, up to 0.5 cm one keratoma, 0.5-1 cm one keratoma, over 1 cm

    Laser cosmetology on the Vbeam apparatus

    Laser removal of blood vessels (wine stains up to 10 cm 2 ) Laser removal of rosacea, chin Laser removal of blood vessels (wine stains up to 20 cm 2 ) Laser removal of rosacea, cheekbones Laser removal of pigment dyschromia up to 20 cm 2 Laser removal of blood vessels (wine stains up to 100 cm 2 ) Laser removal of rosacea, neck Laser removal of pigment dyschromia up to 100 cm 2 Laser removal of blood vessels: elimination of stretch marks redness Laser removal of rosacea, whiskey Laser pigment removal 1 cm 2 Laser vascular removal: face acne treatment Laser removal of rosacea, décolleté area Laser removal of hand pigment Laser vascular removal: acne treatment single Laser removal of rosacea, forehead Laser pigment removal from neck / décolleté Laser vascular removal: rosacea Psoriasis treatment, 1 session Laser rejuvenation, face Laser vascular removal: poikiloderma 10cm 2 Laser correction of scars, up to 3 cm Laser rejuvenation, hands Laser removal of blood vessels: poikiloderma 25 cm 2 Laser correction of scars, up to 7 cm Laser rejuvenation, neck Laser removal: punctate hemangioma from 1 to 3 (price for 1 piece) Laser correction of scars, stretch marks Laser rejuvenation, decollete Laser removal of blood vessels on the legs: up to 10 cm Laser correction of post-acne scars Laser rejuvenation, face and neck Laser removal of blood vessels on the legs: more than 10 and up to 30 cm Laser wart removal: plantar wart Laser removal of vessels in the nasal area Laser removal of blood vessels on the legs: more than 30 cm Laser wart removal: wart on the finger Laser removal: punctate hemangioma from 4 to 10 (price for 1 piece) Laser removal of blood vessels (wine stains up to 2 cm 2 ) Laser removal of rosacea, nose Laser removal of pigment dyschromia up to 2 cm 2 Laser removal: punctate hemangioma from 11 to 20 (price for 1 piece) Laser removal of blood vessels (wine stains up to 4 cm 2 ) Laser removal of rosacea, cheeks Laser removal: punctate hemangioma from 21 or more (price for 1 piece) Laser removal of blood vessels (wine stains up to 8 cm 2 ) Laser removal of rosacea, face Laser removal of pigment dyschromia up to 10 cm 2 Laser removal of pigment dyschromia up to 8 cm 2 Laser removal of pigment dyschromia up to 4 cm 2

    Contour plastic

    Facial contouring with Juvederm ultra-2: 0. 55 ml, classic needle, 50 min.Facial contouring with Juvederm ultra-3: 1.0 ml, classic needle, 50 min. Facial contouring with Juvederm ultra-4: 1.0 ml, classic needle, 50 min. Facial contouring with Juvederm Voluma / Volbella / Volift: 1 ml, classic needle, 50 min.Facial contouring with Surgiderm 30XP: 0.8 ml, 40 min. Facial contouring with Belotero Soft, 1.0 ml., 50 min. Facial contouring with Belotero Intense, 1.0 ml., 50 min. Facial contouring with Belotero Volume, 1. 0 ml., 50 min. Facial contouring with Teosyal RHA-2: 1.0 ml, 40 min. Facial contouring with Teosyal RHA-3: 1.0 ml, 40 min.Facial contouring with Teosyal RHA-4: 1.0 ml, 40 min. Cannula injection Facial contouring with Meso Radiesse, 1.5 ml., 60 min. Facial contouring with Belotero Balance, 1 ml

    Pedicure and manicure procedures

    Gehwol combined pedicure (female), 55 min. Preparation for the removal of stubble callus / plantar wart (2 pcs) Gehwol combined pedicure (male), 55 min. Preparation for the removal of stubble callus / plantar wart (3 pcs) Fast treatment for weak and peeling nails “nano RHINO” Kinetics, 10 min.Covering, Kinetics nail polish, 20 min. Relaxing massage and color by Christina Fitzgerald, from 20 min. St. Barth SPA: manicure, 50 min. Active collagen treatment Radical by Christina Fitzgerald, from 15 min. St. Barth SPA: pedicure, 70 min. Christina Fitzgerald Express Manicure, 30 min.Removing nail polish (hands), 15 min Long-lasting coating Beautix moon jacket, 30 min. Removing nail polish (legs), 15 min Long-term coating Beautix, 30 min. Classic manicure (female / male), 40 min. Removing permanent coating, 20 min. Hardware manicure (female / male), 50 min.Removing the nail polish (hands / feet), 15 min. Combined manicure (female / male), 50 min. Nail polishing with wax, 20 min.Gehwol classic pedicure (female), 60 min. Hand nail shape, 20 min. Gehwol classic pedicure (male), 60 min.Form of toenails, 30 min. Hardware pedicure Gehwol (female), 60 min. Hardware medical pedicure Hardware pedicure Gehwol (male), 60 min.Preparation for the removal of stubble callus / plantar wart (1 pc)


    Plasma injection into the scalp, 50 min.Electrotherapy in cosmetology, 15 min. Mesotherapy of the scalp, 50 min. Personal trichological cocktail.Restoration of the density of porous hair + smoothness and shine. Initial consultation with a trichologist, 50 min. Repeated consultation with a trichologist, 40 min. Phototrichogram, 40 min.Dermatological scalp peeling, Time to grow, 45 min Treatment of the scalp with microcurrents, 25 min. Cryomassage of the scalp, 15 min.

    Trichological care on cosmeceuticals Eliocap Top Level

    Phyto peeling and personal trichological cocktail for scalp Eliokap Anti-dandruff lotion Trichological treatment for scalp with hair loss Eliocap, 30 min Trichological scalp treatment for androgenetic hair loss Eliocap, 30 min Trichological scalp treatment for androgenetic hair loss accompanied by oily seborrhea Eliocap, 30 min Trichological treatment for the scalp with seborrhea accompanied by dandruff Eliocap, 30 min Trichological treatment for irritated and sensitive scalp Eliocap, 30 min Photo peeling and personal trichological cocktail for scalp, Eliocap Top Level, 90 min.Deep scalp detox, Eliocap Top Level, 90 min. “Energy of Life” – anti-aging for the scalp, Eliocap Top Level, 30 min. “Relax and comfort” – treatment for sensitive scalp, Eliocap Top Level, 30 min.Personal trichological cocktail for hair structure – reconstruction of the hair shaft matrix, Eliocap Top Level, 60 min. Phyto peeling and personal trichological cocktail for scalp Eliokap Lotion for oily skin Phyto peeling and personal trichological cocktail for scalp Eliokap Anti-hair loss lotion


    Hair tinting (direct pigment), short hair, Davines, 90 min.Davines Coloring-lightening medium hair. MASK Hair tinting (straight pigment), medium length hair, Davines, 90 min. Davines.Coloring-lightening of long hair. MASK Hair tinting (direct pigment), long hair, Davines, 90 min. Davines – Toning gray hair for men Creative coloring, short hair, Davines, 180 min.Davines. Multimedia dyeing for short hair Creative color, medium hair, Davines, 180 min. Davines.Medium hair multimedia coloring Creative coloring, long hair, Davines, 180 min. Davines. Long hair multimedia Men’s haircut.Decorating with a typewriter, 15 min. Davines. Coloring short hair “Straight pigment” Finest ” Davines. Beard styling Davines.Coloring medium hair “Straight pigment” Finest ” Women’s haircut with styling Davines. “Hair Styling” Davines.Coloring long hair “Straight pigment” Finest ” Women’s haircut without styling Davines. Dyeing short hair. VIEW Men’s haircut Davines.Coloring medium hair. VIEW Haircut for children up to 12 years old Davines. Long hair coloring. VIEW Edging Davines.Dyeing short hair. MASK Bangs edging Davines Coloring medium hair. MASK Casual styling Davines.Long hair coloring. MASK Complex styling Evening hairstyle Davines Coloring-lightening short hair.MASK


    Electrophoresis, 10 min. Electrotherapy, 15 min.Magnetic therapy session with Easy Quattro PRO Laser therapy Inhalation of drugs through a nebulizer, 15 min.UFO of the pharynx and nose, up to 3 min. Myoelectrostimulation, 15 min. Phoresis of medicinal substances (phonophoresis), 15 min.Session of hypo- and hyperoxytherapy (“Mountain air” procedure on the ReOXY apparatus), 20 min. Session of hypo- and hyperoxytherapy (“Mountain air” procedure on the ReOXY apparatus), 40 min. Session of normobaric oxygenation on the O2 ONE apparatus, 25 min.Session of normobaric oxygenation on the O2 ONE apparatus, 50 min. General cryotherapy (cryosauna) session, up to 3 minutes BIOPTRON phototherapy, up to 20 min.

    Individual training

    Individual training with an instructor according to the Peter Fischer system, 60 min.Individual training, 50 min. Nordic walking, individual, 50 min. Individual swimming lessons, 60 min.Individual training “Healthy back”, 50 min. Individual training “Aqua aerobics”, 50 min. Individual training “Pilates”, 50 min.Individual training “Stretching”, 50 min. Individual training “Strength training”, 50 min. Individual training “Functional training”, 50 min.Individual training “Myofascial release”, 50 min. Individual training “Breathing exercises”, 50 min. Individual training “Aqua aerobics”, 25 min.


    Follow-up consultation, 20 min.Initial consultation, 40 min. Consultation of the head of the pain treatment center of a neurologist with the preparation of a personal treatment plan, 50 min. Paravertebral block of the thoracic spine, 40 min.Paravertebral block of the lumbar spine, 40 min. Paravertebral blockade of the cervical-collar zone, 40 min. Neuroreflexopharmacopuncture (with Heel, Germany), 40 min Plasma therapy in neurology and orthopedics, 1 tube, 50 min.Plasma therapy in neurology and orthopedics, 2 tubes, 50 min. Plasma therapy in neurology and orthopedics, 3 tubes, 50 min. Plasma therapy in neurology and orthopedics, 4 tubes, 50 min.Kinesio taping of one area, 10 min.


    Emotional coaching session, 50 min.Emotional coaching session (online with the use of distance technologies), 60 min. Teaching the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy, up to 60 min. Teaching the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy (online using distance technologies), up to 60 min.A session of DPDG (desensitization by eye movement), up to 45 min. Deep kinesthetic relaxation session, 50 min. Psychotherapy session on dealing with traumatic events (loss of a loved one, illness of a loved one, divorce, threats, criminal prosecution, loss of sources of income) Psychotherapy session on dealing with panic attacks Psychotherapeutic session on working with stress factors (work in conditions of multitasking, high responsibility, systematic processing) Psychotherapy session on working with emotions (control of emotional reactions, excessive expression of anger, conflicts) A psychotherapeutic session on working with low mood (“nothing pleases, nothing makes sense”) A psychotherapy session on working with co-dependent behavior (unequal relationships, control or neglect on the part of the partner) Psychotherapeutic session on working with the need to make a decision (change of job, dismissal, divorce, relocation, sale / purchase) A psychotherapeutic session on working with a personal image (violation of the “self-image”, dissatisfaction with appearance, dissatisfaction with oneself) A psychotherapeutic session to correct eating disorders (impulsive overeating, “seizing” stress)


    Reflexology session.Corporate acupuncture, 75 min. Reflexology session. Auriculotherapy, 45 min. Acupuncture lifting, 30 min. Acupuncture lifting, 50 min.Reflexology session. Guasha massage, back, Reflexology session. Guasha massage, general Reflexology session.Applied Kinesiology Reflexology session. Emotional release Consultation with a reflexologist and a classic oriental reflexology session, 75 min A session of classic oriental reflexology, 50 min.Reflexology session. Corporate acupuncture, 45 min. Reflexology session. Correction of generic craniospinal dysfunction Consultation with a reflexologist, specialist in traditional oriental medicine

    Medical massages

    General aroma massage, 75 min.General relaxing (relaxation) massage, 50 min. General sports massage, 75 min. Reflexogenic head and neck massage according to Mayer, 25 min.Acupressure massage according to Mayer, 50 min. Reflexogenic foot massage according to Mayer, 25 min. Vacuum detox massage according to Mayer on the Matrix VM apparatus, 50 min.Lipomodelling water massage General massage, 75 min. Medical general massage with Monoi oil, 50 min General massage, 50 min.General massage with a deep study of the muscles of problem areas, 75 min. Massage SHVZ and scalp, 25 min. Foot massage, 25 min.Anti-cellulite massage, 50 min. Anti-cellulite massage, 75 min. Liposculpture modeling massage, 75 min.

    Hydroacoustic aromatic baths (using aromatic salts, extracts, essential oils)

    Thalgo “Arctic” bath, 25 min Thalgo Bath “Cleopatra Bath”, 25 min Thalgo Bath “Blue Lagoon”, 25 min Energy bath (with rosemary essential oil), 15 min Bischofite bath, 25 min.Coniferous concentrate bath, 25 min. Carbon dioxide bath, 20 min. Relaxing bath (with valerian oil), 25 min.Dermatological bath, 15 min. Energy bath, 25 min. Hydroacoustic bath with medicinal extract according to indications (lavender, chamomile, rosemary, etc.)), 25 min.

    Laboratory research

    Complex of laboratory research “Verba basic” Analysis of the microbiota of the small intestine (blood) Complex diagnostics of food intolerances (panel for 115 products), Verba Mayr Comprehensive diagnostics of food intolerances (panel of 192 tests): specific IgG4 to 203 foods Comprehensive blood test for the presence of essential and toxic trace elements in the blood (40 elements) Omega-3 index – the ratio of docosahexaenoic (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic (EPA) fatty acids in the blood: an assessment of the risk of cardiovascular disease and myocardial infarction assessment of oxidative stress (7 indicators): malonic dialdehyde, 8-OH-deoxyguanosine and antioxidants: coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, vitamin C, beta-carotene, glutathione – in the blood Telomere length measurement Advanced complex blood test for vitamins (fat-soluble, water-soluble) (13 pcs.) HPLC, HPLC-MS method! Determination of Coronavirus RNA (qualitative determination of coronaviruses like SARS-CoV, SARS-CoV-2, gene E and SARS-CoV-2, gene N), (the service is not provided on an outpatient basis) Determination of IgA antibodies to COVID-19 (EUROIMMUN AG), (the service is not provided on an outpatient basis) Determination of IgG antibodies to COVID-19 (EUROIMMUN AG), (the service is not provided on an outpatient basis)

    Instrumental diagnostics

    Hydrogen test for lactose intolerance, 2 h.Hydrogen test for impaired absorption of fructose, 2 h. Bioimpedance analysis of body composition using the InBody apparatus, 10 min. Ultrasound screening: abdominal organs, kidneys, thyroid gland, pelvic organs Ultrasound diagnostics of diastolic dysfunction, 15 min.Ultrasound of the abdominal organs (pancreas, liver, gallbladder, spleen) and kidneys Intestine ultrasound, 30 min. Ultrasound of the thyroid gland Echocardiography (EchoCG) Daily ECG monitoring by the Holter method (setting), 24 hours Sleep pulse oximetry (OSAS screening method), 10 min.

    Computed tomography (services are not provided on an outpatient basis)

    Computed tomography of the arteries of the lower extremities (femoral arteries and arteries of the lower leg) with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of the brain Computed tomography of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of the ankle (1 joint) Computed tomography of the aorta and arteries of the lower extremities with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of the brain with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of the abdominal cavity (liver, pancreas, spleen, gall bladder) Computed tomography of the ankle (2 joints) Computed tomography of the iliac and lower limb arteries with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of the orbits Computed tomography of the abdomen with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of the elbow joint (1 joint) Recording the results of CT examination on film Computed tomography of the temporal bones (middle and inner ear) Computed tomography of the urinary system (kidneys, ureters, bladder) for the diagnosis of urinary stones Computed tomography of the elbow joint (2 joints) CT scan.Intravenous contrast enhancement (excluding examination costs) Computed tomography of the Turkish saddle Computed tomography of the urinary system (kidneys, ureters, bladder) with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of the hand (1 limb) Computed tomography of the temporomandibular joint Computed tomography of the pelvic organs (bladder, prostate gland, uterus, ovaries) Computed tomography of the hand (2 limbs) Computed tomography of the paranasal sinuses Computed tomography of the pelvic organs with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of the foot (1 limb) Computed tomography of the facial skeleton Computed tomography of the cervical spine Computed tomography of the foot (2 limbs) Computed tomography of the soft tissues of the neck Computed tomography of the thoracic spine Computed tomography of the brain + angiography of cerebral vessels with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of soft tissues of the neck with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of the lumbosacral spine Computed tomography of cerebral vessels with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of soft tissues (chest wall, back, extremities) Computed tomography of the hip joints (2 joints) Computed tomography of the head neck + angiography of blood vessels with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of the larynx Computed tomography of the pelvic bones Computed tomography of neck vessels with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of the larynx with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of the shoulder joint (1 joint) Computed tomography of cerebral and neck vessels with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of the chest Computed tomography of the shoulder joint (2 joints) Computed tomography angiography of the thoracic aorta with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of the chest with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of the knee joint (1 joint) Computed tomography angiography of the abdominal aorta and iliac arteries with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography angiography of the thoracic, abdominal aorta and iliac arteries with bolus contrast enhancement Computed tomography of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space (liver, pancreas, spleen, gallbladder, kidneys, adrenal glands) Computed tomography of the knee joint (2 joints)

    HouseHold Expo-2021

    The exhibition is attended by 17,500 professional visitors per year, the geography of visits is 56 countries of the world (CIS – 14%, 6% – other countries) and 83 Russian regions (90%).Business executives and owners account for 41% of the total number of visitors, 38% of visitors are category managers and purchasing managers.

    The frequency of exhibitions – 2 times a year (trends and novelties of the fall / winter and spring / summer seasons are presented) is due to a request from suppliers and buyers and is associated with the need to update the assortment. More than 630 retail and wholesale chains attend HouseHold Expo every year. The priority is the search for new products and new suppliers.

    Among permanent buyers, Russia’s largest DIY, Household (household goods) and Garden (garden goods) retail chains (2018-2020): 220 Volts, Auchan Retail Russia, Baucenter, Billa (Billa), Familia , Family home, Fix Price, Globus, Hoff, Metro C&C, OBI,, Prisma, Selgros Cash & Carry, Spar, WestwingRussia, Williams et Oliver, , X5 RETAIL GROUP , Azbuka Vkusa, Alye Parusa, Orange, Bakhetle, Victoria, Eurodom, JSC “TD GUM”, O’Key, Detsky Mir, GIPERGLOBUS, , Karusel, Kangaroo Group / Kangaroo-Opt , Crocus Your home , Lenta, Leonardo, Leroy Merlin, LERUA MERLIN VOSTOK , Premium, Maxidom, Maria-Ra, The Matrix, Monetka, Trading House “Perekrestok” , Planet of Hobbies JSC, Retail chain “Coral”, Pyaterochka, Family (7th), Siberian Giant, STD Petrovich, Stockmann, Spetstorg, Spetztor Kesh TOMAT, Tashir Group, Utkonos, Trading network “Yabloko”, TS “SVETOFOR-Ural”, TS “Svetofor”, JSC “TSUM”, , Expedition, Essen (Wholesaler), Yuzhny Dvor, Brighter! and many others . Trade networks visiting the exhibition

    In addition to large federal chains, the exhibition is attended by regional chain, wholesale and retail companies, the share of regional visitors is 46% of the total number of Russian visitors. Over the past 3 years, the exhibition has been attended by more than 4,300 representatives of chains trading in all regions of Russia.

    Mayer’s greed ruined | Analysis of events in political life and society in Germany | DW

    No one is surprised when the chief of the city administration signs a multimillion-dollar contract with some company, and then becomes a member of its board.Lucrative positions in the governing bodies of state-owned firms – energy companies, banks and savings banks, public transport and utilities – are also earned by less-honored party officials at the end of their political careers, which usually also begin in utilities. This intertwining of political and commercial interests is not yet corruption, but its fertile soil.

    Salary and compensation

    CDU chairman Angela Merkel and party secretary general Lorenz Mayer

    Problems begin when a politician simultaneously receives a salary at the main place of work and in any commercial structure.The hero of the current scandal is the secretary general of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Laurenz Meyer. The second official in the hierarchy of the party was convicted of the fact that, leaving the energy concern RWE, he received compensation, but did not return them, again finding a job in the concern. At the same time, he already held the position of CDU Secretary General and thus received double salary – from the RWE and the CDU.

    From a legal point of view, the situation is ambiguous because the employee who received the compensation does not retain the workplace.After all, he is fired and is looking for a new job for himself. Or it goes away for a while, and his workplace is retained for him. But then he is not entitled to compensation. In addition, it is not clear what services RWE continued to pay for.

    No exception

    Compounding the scandal is the fact that Mayer is no exception to the rule. In early December this year, a similar scandal ended the party career of another CDU politician, Hermann-Josef Arentz. He, already being a deputy, received an annual salary at the same energy concern RWE, although he was no longer listed as one of its employees.

    In response to the publication in the Financial Times Deutschland about the existence of a list of 40 more names of politicians who allegedly received salaries from the concern, RWE said that apart from Mayer and Arentz, there are no more politicians of federal, state or European importance among RWE employees. According to RWE, the group employs at least 200 politicians on a German scale, most of whom are not paid for their work at the communal level.

    Wages without work

    There is nothing reprehensible in Germany that politicians keep their previous jobs.Representatives of a wide variety of social strata and professions sit in the Bundestag. But the income in this case should be made public – so that they are taken into account when determining the size of the deputy’s salary. This is the opinion, for example, of the Prime Minister of the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt and member of the CDU Presidium Wolfgang Böhmer.

    The fact that a politician sometimes receives a salary from his former employer for no apparent reason gives the case an unpleasant connotation.Bundestag Chairman Wolfgang Thierse notes in this regard that the deputies “do not need additional earnings at all.”

    A wobbly chair

    The CDU members fear that the scandal could negatively affect the party’s prospects during the next elections to the Bundestag, and, naturally, are trying to extinguish the discussion before Christmas. In order not to spoil the main family holiday of the year for potential voters.

    Party chairman Angela Merkel admitted Mayer’s mistake, but decided to keep him as secretary general.

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