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Reasons Why You Should Buy Genuine Epson Inks and Avoid Non-Genuine Inks

When you hear the word ‘counterfeit’, printer ink is not the first thing that comes to mind. However counterfeit inks are becoming increasingly popular (and problematic) these days. Counterfeit or non-genuine printer ink bottles are built to closely resemble those made by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) but are assembled poorly and use low quality ink formulation.

This brings down the cost and makes it attractive for consumers to buy them. Multiple physical stores, dealers and even online portals sell non-genuine EPSON inks. For consumers looking to save a buck or for the unsuspecting bargain shopper this can be a huge problem as there are many consequences associated with buying one.

Risks of using non-genuine Epson inks

Using non-genuine inks make the warranty void:
Perhaps the greatest risk of buying and using non-genuine ink is that, once used, the warranty of an Epson printer becomes void. Printer warranty covers a host of problems a user might encounter, and these are not limited to printer ink, so it’s not a wise risk to take.

2.    Non-genuine ink usage leads to printer damage:
Usage of non-genuine ink damages the print-head of a printer. Genuine Epson inks are specially formulated to be used with Epson printers. Non-genuine inks are generally manufactured using cheap and inferior materials. Further the poor quality of material used inside the counterfeit ink bottles can lead to leaks causing permanent staining and damage to the printer’s hardware.

3.    Non-genuine ink use result in low quality prints: 
There’s no getting away from low quality prints when using non-genuine ink bottles. Users complain of mediocre colour quality, splotches and streaks. Also, they empty quickly after purchase, as they are rarely fully filled during manufacture. 

Tips to identify Epson genuine ink

Spotting a duplicate can be quite difficult as there are many sophisticated manufacturers who work hard to replicate Epson’s standards of packaging. However, this doesn’t mean it is impossible.


1.    Uniqolabel app:
To identify a genuine product from Epson, go to the Google Play Store or App Store and download the Uniqolabel app. Complete your registration. Once this is done, the app will show the scan screen, where you can scan the QR code to know if an Epson ink bottle pack is genuine or not.

Epson packaging also has a Colour Shifting Label, to help users identify genuine Epson inks. This hologram shifts between bronze and green depending on the angle, to verify authenticity.
2.    Tell-tale pricing:
A significantly lower price of a printer ink bottles is also a clear giveaway of a counterfeit. Epson ink bottles at physical and online stores usually have a price of around the same amount. It is useful to also keep an eye out for trusted suppliers with good reviews to be sure of the legitimacy before purchase.

3.    Packing design and look of the bottles:
You will often spot some minor differences in packaging and the bottles themselves might be missing some elements. Another giveaway of a fake is usually poor print quality, as original ink bottle packs always maintain consistency in ink quality. Armed with this above knowledge, you would be able to protect yourself from the potential pitfalls that go with using non-genuine ink and use only original Epson ink.

Fighting the genuine fight

Epson is passionate about defending the business of its authorised dealers. To combat the counterfeit ink business and to protect the rights of the consumers, we conduct regular raids across the country. Operatives involved in filling, bottling, packaging and distributing counterfeit Epson ink, have been arrested by the police based on the information shared by the EPSON vigilance team.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if you suspect you are being sold fake printer ink.

Ink Cartridges for Epson Printers

Epson Thermal Sheet for SureColor R5070L, R5070PE Printers

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Epson Black Ink Cartridge for Epson Stylus 400, 800, 800+ and 1000 Printers

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Epson 312 Claria Photo HD Magenta Ink for XP-15000, XP-8500 – T312320S

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Epson 312 Claria Photo HD Yellow Ink for XP-15000, XP-8500 – T312420S

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Epson 312 Claria Photo HD Light Cyan Ink for XP-8500 – T312520S

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Epson 312 Claria Photo HD Light Magenta Ink for XP-8500 – T312620S

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Epson Replacement BorderFree Maintenance Tank for Pro 4900 and SC P5000 series printers – T619100

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Epson 664 Black Ink Bottle for Expression ET-2550, ET-2600, ET-2500, ET-4500, ET-2650 – T664120-S

Our Price: $12.99

Epson 664 Cyan Ink Bottle for Expression ET-2500, ET-2550, ET-2600, ET-2650, ET-3600 and WorkForce ET-4500, ET-4550, ET-16500 – T664220-S

Our Price: $12.99

Epson 664 Magenta Ink Bottle for Expression ET-2500, ET-2550, ET-2600, ET-2650, ET-3600, ET-4500, ET-4550 and WorkForce ET-16500 – T664320-S

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Epson 664 Yellow Ink Bottle for WorkForce ET-4500, ET-4550, ET-16500 and Expression ET-2500, ET-2550, ET-2600, ET-2650, ET3600 – T664420-S

Our Price: $12. 99

Epson 96 UltraChrome K3 Ink Photo Black for Stylus R2880 – T096120

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Epson 96 UltraChrome K3 Ink Cyan for Stylus R2880 – T096220

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Epson 96 UltraChrome K3 Ink Vivid Magenta for Stylus R2880 – T096320

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Epson 96 UltraChrome K3 Ink Yellow for Stylus R2880 – T096420

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Epson 96 UltraChrome K3 Ink Light Cyan for Stylus R2880 – T096520

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Epson 96 UltraChrome K3 Ink Vivid Light Magenta for Stylus R2880 – T096620

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Epson 96 UltraChrome K3 Ink Light Black for Stylus R2880 – T096720

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Epson 96 UltraChrome K3 Ink Matte Black for Stylus R2880 – T096820

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Epson 96 UltraChrome K3 Ink Light Light Black for Stylus R2880 – T096920

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Epson 87 UltraChrome Ink Photo Black for Stylus Photo R1900 – T087120

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Epson 87 UltraChrome Ink Cyan for Stylus Photo R1900 – T087220

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Epson 87 UltraChrome Ink Magenta for Stylus Photo R1900 – T087320

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Epson 87 UltraChrome Ink Yellow for Stylus Photo R1900 – T087420

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Epson 87 UltraChrome Ink Red for Stylus Photo R1900 – T087720

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Epson 87 UltraChrome Ink Matte Black for Stylus Photo R1900 – T087820

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Epson 202 Multi-pack 4-pack Black, yellow, cyan, magenta original ink cartridge

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Discount Epson Ink Cartridges | Buy Epson Ink Online

Discount Replacement Ink Cartridges for Epson Printers

Epson is a brand that’s synonymous with both home and business solutions. They formally started in 1975, originally dubbing their production “Son of EP (Electronic Printer)” – hence, Epson (E.P.-son). The company had early success with dot matrix printers, but it wasn’t until 1984 that they released their first commercial inkjet Epson printer.

The Epson WF 7710 All-in-One Printer is one of Epson’s popular business-driven devices. It features wireless or wired ethernet connection options as well as fast copy and print speeds. This printer uses remanufactured replacement Epson 252 ink cartridges. You can find this popular replacement and many more discount Epson ink cartridges at 1ink. com.

Another successful model for at-home use is the Epson XP 440 “Small-in-One” Printer. This popular printer offers convenient, space-saving print options for students and anyone else who needs high-quality photographs printed at home. For this device, you’ll need remanufactured replacement Epson T288 ink cartridges.

Whatever your professional or creative needs may be, there is a high-quality Epson printer to get the job done. From professional-grade photo printers to high-output multifunction printers (MFPs) for a fast-paced office, you’ll get consistent, high-caliber print work. And no matter what printer model you use at home or at the office, has the affordable, remanufactured Epson printer ink cartridges you need to power your most important projects. Try our compatible and remanufactured Epson ink and save significantly on your printing cost.

Does Epson Make Laser Printers?

While Epson continues to make new and innovative inkjet printers, they no longer make laser printers. Around the early 2000’s, Epson ceased production on laser printers and currently no longer supports the existing series. While focusing primarily on inkjet technology, Epson was able to expand and innovate existing series such as the Stylus and WorkForce printers. Rather than embracing their laser printer roots, they may have flipped the switch with their marketing tactics.

Epson claims that their inkjet printers are 60 percent cheaper than laser printers and offer the same monochromatic printing for less. Round out the savings with our discount replacement Epson printer ink, which is engineered to work flawlessly with your Epson printer.

Is Epson a Good Printer Brand?

While ‘good’ is obviously a subjective word, Espon as a printer brand has created a robust and reliable catalog of inkjet printers over their 30-plus years in business. They pride themselves on their Epson inkjet printers and have shown great knowledge in the field. In regards to brand competition, Epson is indeed a good printer brand as they have proven themselves to be a serious contender in the printer ink market.

Where to Buy Cheap Epson Printer Ink

While Epson printers boast a diverse range of colors and hues, the Epson ink cartridges needed to achieve this are usually pretty pricey. Most Epson printers need four to five individual color ink cartridges to keep the device operating. Original Epson ink products like the 252 ink cartridges can really set you back financially if you have to purchase them as a set. But there are alternatives that give you the same high-quality vivid Epson ink you would expect from the original but at marginal prices. has been the leader in producing premium remanufactured Epson ink cartridges that are sure to fit any budget. Thanks to our certified quality control officers monitoring our printing tests, we have achieved this goal. Our one-million repeat customers can testify to the exemplary quality found in our cheap Epson ink cartridges that truly make our stock the best deal on printer ink!

How to fix Epson printer not recognize refillable or CIS cartridges – BCH Technologies Customer Help Center

How to fix Epson printer not recognize refillable or CIS cartridges – BCH Technologies Customer Help Center

  1. BCH Technologies Customer Help Center

  2. Knowledge Base

  3. Tips and Solutions




Contact points

  • Make sure the cartridge chip is clean, free of ink smear and debris.
  • Make sure the printer’s contact pin is clean, free of ink smear and debris
  • Verify that the cartridge is seated in the printer securely.  Push it down hard until you hear a click.  Once it is inside, wiggle it with your finger back and forth.  If the cartridge seems to be loose, insert folded paper to the back and thus push the cartridge forward to have good contact with the printer.


Possible Causes:

  • If you installed cartridge with power off, then printer won’t know you changed the cartridge.  It will confuse the printer and thus cause cartridge error.  
  • Sometimes Epson printer won’t erase previous error code.  When it has a depleted OEM cartridge error, and a non-OEM cartridge warning come together, it causes the printer to display “cartridge not recognized”.

Things to try:



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use genuine Epson inks for your Epson printers – Manila Bulletin

As printing becomes more accessible, an increasing number of counterfeit inks are entering the market to provide consumers with cheaper options. While it might be tempting to cut costs by purchasing non-genuine inks, doing so entails serious risks and threats. 

For Epson printer users at home or in the office, managing printing requirements demands saving money while you can, but what is the true cost of buying into counterfeit inks? Here are some of the dangers of using non-genuine inks for your printer: 

  1. Possible printer damage

Non-genuine inks purchased from unauthorized sellers may cause leaks and clogging that may lead to printer damage. Using non-genuine inks may provide savings in the short run, but it can potentially be costly with the additional servicing required when the other components in your printer have been compromised.

  1. Warranty void

A home or office printer is an asset, and you want to make sure that you have the best protection for your investment. Deciding to go for counterfeit inks will automatically void your Epson printer warranty, and since counterfeit inks may potentially harm your printer, the money saved on the initial purchase of non-genuine inks simply isn’t worth the potential cost of having to replace damaged parts without warranty protection.

  1. Higher costs

Counterfeit inks are widely available, and consumers often choose to use them believing that they provide the same performance as genuine inks. This could be a costly mistake as non-genuine supplies could pose multiple risks as mentioned above and may affect both print quality and performance.

Maintaining your printer equipment in good working condition is the key to productivity. To get the most out of your Epson printer, we recommend using only Epson genuine inks to keep your machine at optimal performance. 

Epson’s genuine inks are produced following stringent quality control standards that guarantee the best performance of your printer, ink, and media. To ensure that you are purchasing an authentic Epson ink bottle, look for the Genuine Epson Color Shifting Label and Hologram Sticker on the packaging: 

If you suspect that the inks you have purchased are fake, go to this link on the Epson Philippines website to submit a report.  

Saving money at home or in the office is important but spending a bit more on genuine supplies is always worth it, rather than taking a chance with counterfeit supplies. To find an Epson Authorized Dealer near you, check our store listing on the website or browse Epson’s flagship store in Lazada. 





Epson 673 Ink Bottle Set for Ecotank Printers – Genuine Epson Original Ink

Description Item

An original Epson 673 ink bottle set for use in Epson 6 colour / channel Photographic Ecotank printers.

Contain 70ml per colour / bottle.

These are the genuine article.
Manufactured by Epson themselves to give outstanding results in the following Ecotank Printers;

  • Ecotank L800
  • Ecotank L805
  • Ecotank L810
  • Ecotank L850
  • Ecotank L1800

These inks can also be used in printers that use the Epson T0801-T0806 and T0791-T0796 series ink cartridges if they are retro fit with continuous ink system or use refillable ink cartridges.

  • Stylus Photo 1400
  • Stylus Photo 1500W
  • Stylus Photo R265
  • Stylus Photo R285
  • Stylus Photo R360
  • Stylus Photo P50
  • Stylus Photo PX650
  • Stylus Photo PX660
  • Stylus Photo PX700
  • Stylus Photo PX710
  • Stylus Photo PX720
  • Stylus Photo PX730
  • Stylus Photo PX800
  • Stylus Photo PX810
  • Stylus Photo PX820
  • Stylus Photo PX830
New bottle design.

The newly designed bottle is built for ease of use.
The funnel of the bottle fits perfectly into the printers filling vent.
As a result ink spills become a thing of the past.

Simply press the bottle into place and the ink will flow into the printer without further assistance.

Can I use these inks in other Epson printers?


These inks can be used in any 4 colour Epson printer that makes use of refillable ink cartridges or a continuous ink system.

Why Buy Epson?

This comes down to personal preference.

Original Epson 673 ink inks have been manufactured specifically for your printer model by the original manufacturer..
Though 3rd party inks work perfectly well in these machines Epson genuine inks offer the added security of warranty validation.

Should your printer ever need to be returned while under warranty Epson will honour the agreement without argument.

Buying Epson bottled ink will also save you money when compared to cartridges.

Are there any other advantages?

Buying ink in raw format is environmentally friendly.

By purchasing an ink bottle you can save up to 10 cartridges from going into landfill.
As a result your carbon footprint can be reduced 10 fold.

Difference in Epson ink 664 and 673 series


A bit of background. For those who do not follow the vicissitudes of the ink battles, it will probably be interesting to know that at least two upgrades of this ink have been carried out since Epson announced the release of its printing factories and, accordingly, ink in cans.

Currently, Epson’s bottled ink for the L800 printer has been brought to a sane state, and is the best offer on the market, unless of course you take into account their price tag.

In testing, we pointed out two major flaws, mediocre blacks and disgusting stabilization graphs on some types of compatible photo papers. So today these shortcomings have been eliminated, black from epson has become exactly black in any tests, and stabilization on cheap Chinese photographic papers is at least no worse than most common inks.

But unfortunately, a series for 4-color printers has completely dropped out of our field of vision. One of the tests, which claimed the extremely low lightfastness of the original ink from the printing factories, forced me to do a detailed analysis of the flights.But first things first.

Epson ink series 664 and series 673 series from one barrel.

No, it’s not like that. These are different inks, at least different in color. For example, we give a graph of printer linearization when using the 664 and 673 series on the Epson L1300 printer.

As you can see, the krafiks have a clear difference, nevertheless, print factories can be profiled with both 664 and 673 types of ink. Quite working solutions are obtained.

Ink with a different viscosity, designed for a different drop size, does not work on flow, etc.d.

Quite possibly, there are some differences, but with typical use, the ink worked perfectly in any combination on 3 printers, Epson l800, Epson l355, Epson l300. Showing excellent performance in both “fast” and “photo” print modes.

There are many such assumptions, but they are all from the realm of inventions and an absolute lack of understanding of the ink production technology.


But at the stage of lightfastness, the ink from 4 flower beds “blown away”.And not just “blown away”, but catastrophically lost the six-color series.

The following are examples of actual scanned A4 prints. The first scan – ink before fading, the second scan – after impacting the print printed with 673 series of epson ink, the third scan – after impacting the print printed with 664 series of epson ink. The images are clickable and can be viewed in high resolution. Test images were printed using an Epson L1300 printer.

Example # 1:

Example # 2:

Superfluous comments, the scanner negates the difference a little. According to the device, the difference is 2 times. For those interested in more detail, here’s a snippet of the pivot table in dE values.


That’s actually the whole secret, with a two-fold cost savings, we get a deterioration in lightfastness by the same 2 times. In fact, the original 664 series ink loses even to most alternative inks, significantly exceeding them in cost.

So, if you want to save money and use the 664 base colors in six-color printers, you should think carefully if such savings are necessary.

Owners of 4 color devices should also think about it, if you need archival preservation of prints, it is not worth using, though much more expensive, but also better quality ink of the 673 series. Of course this will require profiling costs. But at least the result justifies the use of the original ink.

Using the 664 series, in the light of the presented data, is generally not advisable.At 2-3 times the price of any alternative ink, it’s hard to find a compelling case for their use.

Best regards, team

Similar publications

l805 epson – quality budget photo printing

The printer has been on sale for more than a year, and the number of questions about its operation is only growing. On the Internet, we did not find sane tests, and were forced to abandon all current tasks and study in detail a generally banal upgrade of a popular printer.

Epson l800 conclusions after service

Almost four years ago, the DCTec test laboratory received an odious novelty – epson l800 printer with factory CISS from Epson

Epson l805 ink flow

Often novice users of Epson printing devices ask the question of how much ink a particular printer model consumes for a particular print format.

Epson M2120 monochrome printing factory catalog of original and non-original consumables, ink level reset and working off.

Epson M2120

Compact, monochrome MFP from Epson with built-in ink capacity. The device combines the functions of printing, scanning and copying, has the ability to connect to a local network via wireless Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct. Scanning is performed in color with a resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi, copying and printing in monochrome, with a resolution of 1440×720 dpi.

The device does not use cartridges, ink is refilled directly into the MFP in the built-in container, due to which the cost of printing is minimal even when using original Epson inks.According to the manufacturer, the starter set of ink supplied with the MFP is sufficient for printing for 3 years. This is an unlikely scenario that only occurs in the home use case. What can be said that the device is much more convenient and cheaper to use than its laser counterparts. For refueling, there is no need to take the cartridge to the workshop or call a master, there is no maintenance in the cartridges. Refueling takes place within a couple of minutes independently by the user.

Excellent print quality

Epson, as before, equips the device with pigment ink, which has an extremely positive effect on such indicators:

  • dry output from printer,
  • clear text and graphics quality,
  • bright text, not fear of moisture and a very long burnout time, comparable to the aging of paper.

Of course, Epson recommends original ink and in most cases the recommendation is correct. But we know for sure customers who, using non-original inks, with their print volumes, have already saved on a small car. Save wisely, for small volumes of printing – original ink, for large ones – the alternative is offered in the section, which is about 5-10 times cheaper than the original containers.

Cartridges for (laser) printers |

Hardly anyone can deny the fact that in a working environment we could hardly do without a printer – this device provides the ability to quickly and conveniently share information and print all the necessary documents. We also use this device at home, but here most often we print much less often, so the simpler capabilities of the printer are sufficient. Whenever a fast and efficient printing pace is needed and printer reliability is highly valued, we most often choose laser printers that excel in these very qualities.Each of us knows that the final successful result is made up of small details – this works both in personal life and in organizational technology, therefore, in an effort to ensure that the print quality is actually flawless, original cartridges for laser printers will be needed. These products will keep your printer running smoothly so you can use it for all the tasks you need. The prices for cartridges for laser printers are also encouraging, which provide the opportunity to purchase several products at the same time and, thus, in the future, do not worry about running out of powder in the cartridge, and all important work will have to wait a little – having taken care of these products in advance, you always be ready for unexpected situations.Laser printer cartridges are sold in the online store, so if you are looking for quality products certified in accordance with the highest standards, we invite you to see and choose what suits your printer model. A wide range of cartridges for Samsung laser printers and for other devices are presented – additional information about the product will help you find the most suitable solution that will meet all your needs and comprehensively ensure the uninterrupted operation of the printer, which will undoubtedly directly affect the efficiency of your work.In our online store, the price of cartridges for laser printers corresponds to the quality, so you can be sure that you are buying original products that will allow you to print the desired amount of information without any defects. I am glad that cartridges for laser printers can be purchased on the Internet – this is a fast and convenient way that will allow you to take care of all the details necessary for printing and other work, but at the same time, it will help to save an additional resource of time that you can use.

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