Gas oven singapore: Compare & Buy Gas Stoves in Singapore June, 2021


Compare & Buy Gas Stoves in Singapore June, 2021

The Advantages of Using Gas Stoves Over Electric Cooktops

A kitchen is not complete without a stove which allows its users to prepare their everyday meals. There is a varied selection of stove models available for Singaporeans today, with the common ones being the gas stove and the electric stove. While gas stoves are widely used by most households in Singapore, but many modern homes and young adults are opting for electric stoves instead.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to these two cooktops, depending on what they are looking for while cooking. Gas stoves offer several advantages in comparison to the electric ranges which will be further discussed below.

Faster Heating Speed

One of the biggest benefits brought by gas cooktops is that they heat faster compared to their electric counterparts. Gas stovetops light up immediately with a constant flame when you turn on the flame, hence giving you instantaneous heat. Electric stoves, on the other hand, require some time to warm up to a certain temperature.

Moreover, gas stoves allow you to control the heat level with precision as you can adjust it visually, which is essential in preventing your food from overcooking. Besides providing instantaneous heat, gas cooktops also cool down quickly when you turn the fire off, which is an added safety advantage. This also allows the food to stay in the optimal temperature range without overheating.

More Accurate Temperature Control

Gas cooktops have an unrivalled advantage over electric stoves when it comes to temperature control. Although electric stoves are perfectly capable of cooking food well, they lack the temperature control offered by gas stoves which can be a problem when cooking food with precision and care is required. Temperature changes are immediate on gas stoves, which enable you to judge the temperature of the food being cooked better.

Better Versatility

Another advantage that the gas stove has over an electric cooktop is its versatility in terms of the cookware that you can use on them. You can use any type of cookware on a gas range without worrying about damaging the burners. However, you are unable to use cookware made of cast-iron on smooth-top electric stoves, thus limiting your cooking options.

Moreover, electric cooktops require the cookware to have a level and even bottom surface to provide even heating; using cookware with warped and uneven bottoms on electric stoves will cause the heat to be distributed less uniformly. In terms of cooking methods, the gas stove provides more flexibility when charring or wok stir-frying is involved while the induction cooker stove is less capable of producing a certain seared taste to your food.

More Cost-Efficient

Another perk that is offered by gas cooktops is that they generally cost lesser to operate compared to the electric ranges. Gas ranges usually operate on either propane or natural gas as their fuel source, which is relatively inexpensive in the long run as opposed to electricity.

Where to buy gas stoves in Singapore?

Besides your nearest home appliance store, you can find gas stoves or hobs on e-marketplaces like Amazon, Lazada, Qoo10, and Shopee. These sites are also the go-to destinations for a wide array of electronic, household, and kitchen products.

Which Gas Stove Brand is the Best?

While there is a multitude of well-known gas stove brands in Singapore, here we have narrowed down some of the best ones for your household based on your needs or preferences:

Gas Stove Singapore

Suitable For

Electrolux EGT7526CK

Best for cooking

Cornell CGS-P1102SSD Table Top Gas Stove

Best for saving fuel cost

Turbo T9640WSSV Free Standing Cooker w/ Gas Oven

Best for baking

Brandt TG1431B Single-burner Gas Stove

Best for outdoor or rented properties

Elba EHS948S Built-in Gas Hob (4 Burners)

Best for large families

Aerogaz AZ-382F Tempered Glass Hob (3 Burners)

Best modern design

Rinnai RH-S319-PBR-T (2 Burners)

Best stove with hood

Bosch PBD7251SG Stainless Steel Gas Hob

Best for canning

Oven Singapore Buying Guide + Best Ovens to Buy in Singapore 2021

One of the key household appliances in your kitchen other than your fridge would be your oven. Before buying my own oven, I thought, how difficult could it be to choose an oven? An oven is just an oven, isn’t it? Well, yes and no. Today’s modern ovens come with a variety of cooking functions, designs, and features. You will want to choose the right oven to fit your cooking needs and lifestyle habits. Some even opt for air fryers nowadays. Our ultimate oven Singapore buying guide will help you to buy the right oven for your home and show you which are the best ovens in Singapore to buy in 2021. If you do not have time to go through the entire guide, make sure you at least cover sections 1 and 2. 

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This article is part of our Home Buying Guides series.

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This article was updated on 19 January 2021. 

2021 Oven Singapore Buying Guide + Best Oven in Singapore

Table of contents: 
  • Best Ovens in Singapore
  • Oven Buying Guide
    • Types of ovens
      • Gas
      • Electric (convection/conduction) 
      • Self-cleaning oven
      • Microwave
      • Toaster oven
    • Do you want it Built-in, Countertop or Freestanding?
    • Combo Option (Hob, Hood, Oven) 
    • How to buy an oven for your home?
    • FAQ about Ovens
      • Which are the best brands for an oven? 
      • Where to buy an oven? 
      • Do I have to clean my oven?
      • How often should I clean my oven?
  • Financing your home purchase
Editor’s Note

If you do not have space for a convection oven in your home, or you do not want to go to the trouble of hacking your countertop space for a built-in oven, you can consider buying an air fryer! It functions similar to a convection oven (circulates hot air to cook your food), but its compact size makes cooking faster and more versatile, especially for a smaller household. An air fryer also heats up faster, and you can easily open the basket to check on the cooking status without worry. Nowadays, the latest Air fryers models are very sizeable, like the Ninja Deluxe XL Air Fryer AF160. It has a 5.1-litre capacity that allows you to roast an entire 1.4kg of chicken inside!

The worry about some air fryers is that they don’t get hot enough compared to a convection oven, but the Ninja Deluxe XL Air Fryer AF160 goes up to 240°C (which is very close to my oven that goes up to a maximum temperature of 250°C). Being compact, it cooks your food up to 50% faster than fan ovens, allowing you to save precious time and serve up dinner faster. It also has a MaxCrisp function that gives you very effective browning, so your end result is crispy, delicious food with up to 75% less fat compared to traditional frying methods. It’s well-reviewed on both Shopee and Lazada, with ratings at 4.9/5 and 5/5 respectively. If you are keen on the Ninja Deluxe XL Air Fryer AF160, we got a special discount from Ninja Kitchen just for you! Check it out below!

Use the code weddingvow160 on Ninja Kitchen’s website for a $150 discount off the usual price of $399.
At $249, that’s cheaper than both Shopee and Lazada!

Best Ovens in Singapore

To summarise, these are the best ovens in Singapore. More details are shared for each model below. 

  1. Best air fryer: Ninja Deluxe XL Air Fryer AF160
    • Use promo code weddingvow160 for a $150 discount
  2. Sleek and versatile sensor touch control built-in oven: EF BO AE 1370 A 73L Built-in Oven
  3. Best built-in convection oven: Electrolux 72L Pyrolytic Cleaning Built-In Oven EOC5400AOX
  4. Best countertop convection oven: Kenwood MOM880BS 32L Electric Convection Oven
  5. Best freestanding oven: La Germania RIS95C61LBX Free Standing Oven (with Stovetop)
  6. Best self-cleaning oven: ELBA 53L EBO9810S Built-in Multifunction Oven
  7. Best steam oven: Bosch Series 8 HSG636ES1 60CM Built-in Oven with Steam Function
  8. Best microwave oven: LG MH6565DIS 25L Smart Inverter Microwave Oven with Neochef technology (check out this article on our Best Microwave Ovens in Singapore)
  9. Best toaster oven: Kenwood MO280 White Oven Toaster  (check out this article on our Best Toaster Ovens in Singapore)
  10. If I’m on a budget: Electrolux EOB2400AOX-SS 72L Built-in Oven
  11. Best combo option: Mayer 2 Burner Gas Hob, Hood & Oven bundle
Disclosure: Our aim is to help you buy the best oven for your home. Some of the links included in this article are affiliate links. They come at no extra cost to you, but if you purchase through our site, we get a small commission or bonus which keeps our site running and allow us to continue creating free content for you. That being said, we only recommend vendors that we trust to use for ourselves. Thank you for your support! For more info on our disclosure policy, click here.

Oven Buying Guide

Types of Ovens in Singapore

Gas oven 

Gas ovens, as its name suggests, uses gas as the power source, creating the heat for the oven. While it heats up more quickly compared to electric ovens, it is not a common choice for inside flats/apartments for safety reasons. Getting a gas line fitted for the oven will be an added cost. 

You will find the gas option more commonly for free-standing cookers, like the Elba EGC836WH Free Standing Cooker with 37L Gas Oven. Free-standing cookers are very useful if you are setting up an outdoor kitchen. 

Electric oven (Convection and Conduction) 

Electric Ovens are the most popular option for homes. They are fairly cheap, easy to run, clean and suitable for a huge variety of home cooking needs. Electric ovens produce more even heat, making it great for baking. For electric ovens, you can choose between a conduction or convection oven. The difference is how they heat up the air. Convention ovens are better because they come with a fan installed at the back that helps to distribute the heat, allowing for more efficient and even cooking. 

Conduction Oven 

A conduction oven is sometimes called a “conventional” or “fan” oven. A conduction oven heats from the bottom up. 

Convection oven

A convection oven is a more popular choice as it circulates heat with a fan at the back. The fan is designed to make the temperature in the oven more even. It also aims to cook food at a lower temperature, which makes cooking more efficient and saves you energy and money. You can choose a built-in, countertop or freestanding oven (this comes with the gas stovetop).

Self-cleaning oven

It is important to clean your oven. For busy people that do not put oven-cleaning as a high priority, this extra feature is a god-send. There are two types of self-cleaning ovens, pyrolytic and catalytic. 

Pyrolytic ovens will heat up to a very high temperature to burn off the food stains, reducing it to ash. You will only have to clean up the ash out of the bottom tray. Catalytic overs are lined with chemicals that will absorb food spills before they can become burned on. That said, you still have to give your self-cleaning oven a wipe down from time to time. It makes it easier to clean but you will still have to do regular maintenance, just not as often as a regular oven. The last thing you want is for your oven to become like this:

Recommended self-cleaning oven in Singapore: ELBA 53L EBO9810S Built-in Multifunction Oven with Catalytic Self Cleaning 

Elba is owned by Fisher & Paykel and hails from Italy. This stainless steel built-in oven comes with 8 cooking functions and a 53 litres capacity. With catalytic self-cleaning panels and easy to clean enamel coating, it is easy to maintain. 

For other brands and capacities, consider these: 

Steam Oven

If you have a special interest in healthy cooking, a steam oven might be the choice for you. Steam ovens have a reservoir which you have to fill up with water for the oven to work. The heat from the oven turns the water into steam. 


  • Food cooked in steam retains more moisture compared to food cooked in a convection oven. This means you do not need extra oil. 
  •  It is said that it also retains more vitamins and minerals than boiled food.
  • Risk of overcooking is reduced 
  • Bread, bagels, pastries can be proofed, baked, and crisped
  • Meats defrost gently and evenly, hot spots are eliminated 
  • You can use a steam oven to prepare an entire set meal at once


  • A disadvantage though, is that a steam oven does not brown foods the way a convection oven can.  
  • More expensive than a conventional convection oven (either that or smaller capacity) 
Recommended Steam Oven in Singapore: Bosch Series 8 HSG636ES1 60CM Built-in Oven with Steam Function 

Bosch, a German brand is well known for its reliable and stylish appliances with cutting edge technology. This is the latest Series 8 Built-in Oven that gives you the best of both worlds in one appliance. 

  • The steam baking function adds steam so that foods turn out crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, and best of all, healthy. You can prepare a full set meal with all 3 levels at once. 
  • The convection function is optimised with PerfectBake and PerfectRoast to gives you perfect results automatically. 
  • 4D hot air allows you achieve even distribution on all levels. 
  • DishAssist: automatically sets the optimal type of heat, temperature and time for various dishes
  • TFT touchscreen control: Easy-to-use and intuitive control ring with full text and images
  • LED lighting: Illuminates your food allowing you to see inside with minimum energy consumption 
  • Sleek and stylish design elevates any kitchen aesthetic
  • If you prefer a smaller version, check out Bosch CDG634BS1 45cm Built-in Steam Oven 

Check out how Celebrity Chef Anthony uses the Bosch steam oven to cook his Salmon Risotto: 

Why buy this microwave: 

  • Faster cooking times: Reduce cooking time for any dish with up to 1200W* of power
  • 4 in 1 Various cooking methods: Yoghurt maker, fryer, warmer and microwave in 1
  • NeoChef technology allows the oven to adapt to incoming power levels so you can even use it in areas with low voltage 
  • Tasty grilling function that allows you to roast your dishes into a lovely dark brown
  • 99.99% Antibacterial EasyClean interior makes cleaning simple and convenient. A few wipes is all it needs.
  • Compact size with bigger capacity. For an even bigger capacity, there is a 39 Litre model here.  

LG is one of the best brands for appliances, but if you would like other brands, these are good options too: 

Toaster Oven

Toasters are lightweight ovens that you use to toast your bread or reheat your soggy pizza. 

Though not an alternative to a full oven, it is useful for small tasks. 

Recommended Toaster Oven in Singapore: Kenwood MO280 White Oven Toaster

Many know Kenwood for their sleek kitchen machines. This well-known British kitchen appliances maker is owned by the De’Longhi Group. I like the fact that they have a retro twist to their modern designs, and that their appliances are backed by functionality. This Kenwood Oven Toaster comes with a 10L capacity for you to grill and toast. With the auto shut off function, you do not have to worry about leaving it on. If you would like a bread toaster, check out Kenwood TTP210 4 Slice Bread Toaster.  

For other brands, consider these:

Built-in, Countertop, or Freestanding Oven? 

Built-in Ovens

A built-in oven merges with fitted cabinets. They are very space-saving and looks beautiful in any kitchen. The downside is that they are harder to install or move. 

Recommended built-in oven in Singapore:
EF BO AE 1370 A 73L Built-in Oven

Sleek and versatile sensor touch control built-in oven

Exquisitely designed for modern homes, the EF BO AE 1370 A 73L Built-in Oven features a mix of both contemporary Italian art and the latest technology in home appliances. Sporting a full black body with a black stainless steel strip and mirror glass and coupled with full sensor touch control, this will fit in seamlessly in a beautiful contemporary kitchen. 

Incredible versatility

With 13 incredible functions including half grill, full grill, fan assist grill, convection, delicate cooking, fan bake, pizza cooking, bake cooking, multi-cooking, defrost, warm dish, energy saving bake, and fermentation at 40°C, this is one of the most versatile ovens in Singapore. What’s great is that its fermentation function allows you to make yoghurt, and sour dough at home without buying any fermentation jars. The EF oven is also equipped with a 3D heater fan for even heating.

Moreover, the EF BO AE 1370 A oven has an A-10% Class in Energy Efficiency and features a triple glazed glass door, a soft close door system and an auto safety switch off for added safety. It also offers 5 shelf positions with easy detachable side racks. 

This oven comes with accessories such as a rotisserie, grill tray, deep tray and a baking tray. Its maximum temperature is 260°C, and the product dimensions are W594 x D569 x H594mm. Furthermore, it also has a large cavity volume at 73 litres to accommodate all your cooking needs.

Why buy this:
  • Sleek black design for a modern, contemporary kitchen
  • Full sensor touch control
  • 13 functions for different cooking styles
  • 73L capacity
  • 2-year warranty
CASA promo code:

Electrolux 72L Pyrolytic Cleaning Built-In Oven EOC5400AOX

With a philosophy of Thoughtful Design stemming from the Scandinavian design tradition, Electrolux seeks to produce functional yet visually attractive products, enhancing the user experience while reducing adverse environmental impact. Its 72L Pyrolytic Cleaning Built-In Oven is one of the perfect examples of the company’s mission and vision. Featuring a unique Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning function, the oven safely burns all the food scraps left inside to ashes at high temperatures, making cleaning much easier. With safety in mind, this Electrolux oven is specially designed with a 3-layer door so that you can cook with a peace of mind.

What’s great about the Electrolux 72L Built-In Cleaning Oven is its UltraFan Plus Technology. This technology efficiently distributes heat evenly regardless of where you place your food in the oven, helping to avoid burnt food or unevenly cooked meals. Furthermore, its sleek and contemporary design makes it a good addition for any modern kitchen. 

Why buy this:

  • UltraFan Plus technology for even distribution of heat
  • Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning function for easy cleaning
  • Unique 3-layer door to prevent any scalding
Bosch HBF114BR0K Built-In Oven with 7 Heating Modes  

Bosch is a German brand well known for it’s reliable and stylish appliances. This 66 Litres built-in oven with 3D hot air can help you achieve perfect baking and roasting results on up to 3 levels simultaneously. 

Why buy this built-in oven: 

  • Uses 3D hot air for even distribution to ensure well-cooked food without having to flip your meal
  • GranitEnamel: A very easy to clean interior thanks to smooth surfaces and no sharp edges
  • Has 7 heating modes for different cooking needs
  • Sleek design with rotary control dials, round knobs, and a straight bar handle will look great in any modern kitchen 
  • Wide temperature range of 50 to 275 degrees Celsius
  • You can also match this with the Bosch BEL554MS0K Built-in Microwave Oven 25L the comes grilling function and a 2-year warranty

For other brands, check out: 

Countertop ovens

Countertop ovens are easy to buy, install and replace. But they take up countertop space in your kitchen and do not offer the seamless appearance of built-in ovens.  

Recommended countertop oven in Singapore: Kenwood MOM880BS 32L Electric Convection Oven 

This healthy electric oven from Kenwood has a unique retro look. Made of stainless steel and powered with 1800W, it includes a grill rotisserie and convection functions. For a more modern look, check out Delonghi SfornatuttoMAXI 32L Electric Oven EO32852 or the Cuisinart Convection Oven TCO-600HK. 

Other brands that you can consider: 

Freestanding ovens

These are a complete unit and come with the stovetop combined on top of the oven. These are great for smaller homes or outdoor kitchens. 

Recommended freestanding oven in Singapore: La Germania RIS95C61LBX Free Standing Oven (with Stovetop) 

Why buy this oven: 

Here are models from other brands that you can consider 

Combo Option (Hob, Hood, Oven) 

If you are furnishing your new kitchen, I would suggest getting a 3-in-1 combo option that includes the hob, hood and oven. You would need the stove hob and hood, hence getting a combo is a value for money option. You also get a seamless look. I have found you the best deals on Lazada. 

This is Mayer 2 Burner Gas Hob, Hood & oven bundle $1,190. Mayer is a local brand #supportlocal. 

Here are other good deals on Lazada: 

Bosch Gas Burner Bundle

Alternatively, if you wish to pick your own oven, you can just get a stove and hood bundle. Check out this Bosch Gas burner bundle, and this Bosch induction burner bundle. If you are on a budget, check out Electrolux Hob & Hood bundle that is below $1,000. 

How to buy an oven for your home

It is key to buy an oven that fits your lifestyle and needs. Here are things to consider when buying an oven for your home. 

1. What type of oven do you need? 

If you are looking for a heavy-duty oven – the type that can roast your turkey for Christmas, and bake beautiful red velvet cupcakes for Valentine’s Day, you will need to get a convection oven. If you are a light user and don’t plan to roast, you can consider getting a microwave with added functions. If you have very limited space in your kitchen and want something that is quick and hassle-free, consider an air fryer. 

2. Are you furnishing your new kitchen? 

For my own kitchen, I have a built-in convection oven (for grilling, roasting, and baking), a microwave (for reheating food) and a toaster oven (for bread). I also use the Ninja Deluxe XL Air Fryer very often. Most kitchens would have this set up. 

3. Do you want it built-in or counter-top? 

For beautiful kitchen aesthetics and space-saving, have your oven built-in to your cabinets or kitchen countertop. If you want something portable, you can opt for a countertop version. If you are on a tight budget, you can get countertop ovens for cheaper. Countertop ovens though come in a smaller capacity. For an outdoor kitchen, you can consider a freestanding oven that comes with the stovetop.  

4. What capacity do you need? 

The bigger the capacity, the more food you can cook in the oven. But it will also take up more energy each time you switch it on. Get a capacity that fits your household needs. 

5. What cooking functions do you want? 

Most convection ovens have 6 – 9 cooking modes that include heating, baking, grilling, and roasting. 

6. What features do you need? 

Do you want a self-cleaning function? If so look for catalytic or pyrolytic ovens. Some ovens have smart functions, or touch screen functions. Electrolux lately launched a steam oven with a built-in camera to monitor your food. 

So ultimately, which oven should I get? 

The type of oven you need largely depends on your cooking needs. For my own kitchen, I bought a built-in convection oven, a microwave oven and a toaster, each for its own usage. I believe most kitchens have this setup. It is important to note that microwave or toaster is not directly replaceable with a convection oven.  

FAQ about Ovens

Q: Which are the best brands for an oven? 

You won’t go wrong buying from well-known brands like Bosch (from Germany) and Kenwood (countertop models), LG and Samsung (both from South Korea) are very good brands too but their built-ins are probably available only B2B. 

For cheaper alternatives, you can opt for Electrolux (Sweden), Cornell (USA), Mayer (Singapore) or Elba ( Italy). EF and Techno are brands that I would try.

Other brands you will see include Otimmo (by EuropAce), Whirlpool (from the USA), Hafele (Europe), Turbo (from Italy since 1974). 

Q: Where to buy an oven in Singapore? 

You used to only be able to buy an oven from physical stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee is my go-to for shopping electronics. If you prefer to see the oven in-person, you can always pop by to any of the consumer electronics stores like Best Denki, Courts, Harvey Norman and Gain City near you to check it out before purchasing online.  

Q: Do I have to clean my oven? 

You have to remove the grease and grime otherwise it might affect the air circulation in your oven. This will affect the cooking. Also, food residue left in your oven can breed germs and bugs, which in turn contaminate your food. 

Q: How often should I clean my oven? 

You should clean your oven monthly, and wipe down the oven door at least once a week. At with many appliances, the longer you leave it unclean, the harder it is to get it back into good condition. 

Financing your home purchase

If you would like to take up a loan for your home purchases, consider a personal loan, as renovation loans do not give you the cash upfront. You can find the best personal loan suitable for you on Singsaver. 

We hope that our Oven Singapore buying guide will help you to buy the right oven in Singapore for your home. Do also read our other buying guides below too. 

Please share this with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be publishing soon!


11 Best Gas Stoves in Singapore From S$44 (2021)

Are you moving to a new home and looking for the perfect stove for your kitchen? Contrary to popular belief, choosing a gas stove in Singapore is more than just going to the store and picking out something that fits your space. Depending on your cooking needs, there are lots more to consider:

Should you opt for a gas stove or an electric stove? How many burners are necessary? And more importantly, what features should you look out for? 

Here, we’ll be discussing some of the best gas stoves in Singapore and why having a gas stove beats having an electric stove!

Advantages of a gas stove over an electric stove

What’s the difference between a gas stove and an electric stove? And does it really affect your cooking?

With gas stoves, you’ll see that the “good traditional flame” can do wonders to your cooking, especially if you want to nail delicious local dishes! As electric stoves cook more slowly, they are not ideal for cooking recipes that require a large flame.


Over the years, technology for kitchen appliances have advanced speedily. Gas stoves in Singapore now have more safety features, are better designed and are less prone to fire accidents than before. Additionally, they also have better cooktop control, which allows you to control temperatures precisely. 

Many gas stoves these days are also durable and cookware friendly. With these new and improved features, gas stoves make better appliances than electric stoves when it comes to cooking. They’re built to last and designed to ensure you can achieve the best results with your cooking.

10 best gas stoves in Singapore


Coleman Portable Butane Stove with Carrying Case
Price: $136.57
View on Lazada
View on Amazon
  • Insta-start ignition for matchless lighting; 7,650 total BTUs of cooking power
  • Fits up to a 10-inch pan
  • Lasts up to 1. 25 hours on high on one 8.8 ounces butane gas cylinder (sold separately)
  • Adjustable burner gives precise temperature control, and a large base offers stability for easy stirring
  • The durable porcelain-coated grate is easy to clean, and the aluminum burner is rustproof for years of use
  • Carry case included

Designed for simple meals, this portable gas stove is perfect for outdoor trips. It has an instant-start ignition feature so you don’t need to bring matches with you to light it up. Additionally, its adjustable burner allows you to control temperatures so your food won’t overcook easily.

  • Portable
  • Instant-start ignition feature
  • Easy to clean
  • Need to have extra gas canisters on hand
Who it’s suitable for
  • Those into camping
  • Those who like having hotpot meals at home
  • Buyers looking to keep a backup stove


2500 CROWN Table-top Gas Cooker
Price: $145
View on Lazada
  • Stainless Steel Finishing
  • Four-Ring Double Burner with Automatic Ignition
  • Whole Copper Burner
  • Enamelled wok and pan support
  • Equipped with a fire safety device
  • 690mm (Width) x 360mm (Depth) x 140mm (Height)

Tabletop gas cookers are great for family gatherings when you want to prepare a hot pot for your loved ones. This CROWN Tabletop gas cooker is perhaps the more high-end option with a stainless steel finishing and a double burner. It’s pretty sizeable, has fire safety features and even has an enamelled wok and pan support. If you often have the family over for hotpot, this would definitely be a good investment.

  • Simple to use
  • Gas cut-off safety feature
  • Easy to clean
Who it’s suitable for
  • Those with a smaller household
  • Those who don’t do much cooking


Aerogaz (PUB Gas) AZ-262F 30cm Tempered Glass Hob
Price: $239
View on Lazada
View on Qoo10
  • 30cm tempered glass hob
  • 2 burners
  • Cast iron pan support
  • Battery operated ignition
  • Flame failure device
  • Actual dimension: W300XD510mm
  • Cut out size: W266XD478mm

With a clean look and modern design, the Aerogaz stove is great for those who are looking for an appliance that’s chic and simple.

Featuring 2 burners of different sizes, this gas stove in Singapore gives you a little more flexibility than some of the fuss-free stoves we’ve featured. It also comes with cast iron pan support and a flame failure device — definitely a quality product that’s designed to last.

  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Fuss-free cleaning 
  • Sleek and modern design
Who it’s suitable for
  • Those with a smaller household
  • Those who don’t do much cooking


EF 78CM Stainless Steel Gas Hob
Price: $299
View on Lazada
View on Harvey Norman
  • 2 Burners
  • LPG / PUB Gas
  • 2 x 3.4kw
  • Cast iron pan support with safety devices
  • Battery Ignition
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Flexible Cut Out Size
  • Product Dimension: W780 x D450 x H60 mm
  • Cut Out Dimension: W660-750mm x D360-430mm

This EF stove is simple and fuss free. It’s for those of us who just want to cook simple meals without all the frills. Made of stainless steel, cleaning up is also hassle-free. All you need to do is give it a thorough wipe down and it looks as good as new!

  • Flame failure safety feature
  • Fuss-free cleaning 
  • Sleek and modern design
Who it’s suitable for
  • Those with a smaller household
  • Those who don’t do much cooking


GAS ONE GS-2000 Dual Fuel Double Portable Propane Gas Twin Stove Burner
Price: $302 
View on Desert Cart
  • Dual fuel
  • Auto Ignition
  • Heat output – up to 16, 000 BTU 
  • Heat Resistant Knob
  • Safety features

It’s always a good idea to get a portable stove with a stainless steel body because this makes cleaning up so much easier. Like the CROWN table top gas cooker, this portable gas stove in Singapore has built-in safety features; it has a built-in cartridge ejection system and the gas flow cut off mechanism.

That’s pretty high-tech for a portable gas stove! If you’re looking for a portable stove you want to use in the long run, you should definitely consider investing in this model.

  • Portable
  • Safe to use
  • Designed to prevent gas leaks
  • Quite wide
  • May take up a larger space
  • Need to have extra gas canisters on hand
Who it’s suitable for


TURBO INCANTO T762SSV 76cm 2 Burners
Price: $368
View on Lazada
View on Shopee
  • 4.75kW double ring wok burner affixed with an inner ring control device
  • Rapid burner affixed with an inner ring control device
  • Copper alloy burners with safety valve
  • Cast iron pot stand
  • Built-in battery operated ignition system
  • Alloy laser coating control knobs
  • Dimensions: W760 x D450 x H60mm
  • Cut-out: W650 x D350mm (R120mm)

Similar to the EF stainless steel stove, The Turbo Incanto stove is an easy-to-use stove for anyone who is looking for a quality, functional stove. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly simple design of this stove though. Featuring cast iron pot stands, and alloy laser coated control knobs, this stove is built to last.

  • Easy to use
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Fuss-free cleaning
  • Gas cut-off safety feature
Who it’s suitable for
  • Those with a smaller household
  • Those who don’t do much cooking 


ELBA EHS 948 S Built-in Gas Hob
Price: $679
View on Lazada
View on Shopee
View on Qoo10
  • 1 Triple Ring Burner, 1 Hot Plate,2 Semi-rapid Burners, 1 Auxiliary Burner
  • Electric Ignition
  • Safety Devices for all Burners
  • Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Dimension : W860 x h40 x D500 mm
  • Built-in-Dimension : W840 x D480 mm

The ELBA EHS 948 S stove is also another option for those who are looking for a more dynamic option. It features 1 Triple Ring Burner, 1 Hot Plate, 2 Semi-rapid Burners and 1 Auxiliary Burner, which is perfect for those who love to try cooking a range of different kinds of foods. Each burner has a safety device too!

  • Multiple burners
  • Flame failure safety feature
  • Plenty of space to cook and simmer dishes
  • Control knobs may be difficult to access for left handers
  • Clean up may be more tedious
Who it’s suitable for
  • Those who cook several dishes at one go
  • Those cooking for a large household
  • Those who prefer control knobs on the right


Samsung 36″ Gas Cooktop with 22K BTU Dual Power Burner in Stainless Steel
Price: $1,249
View on Samsung
  • 5 burners
  • 22K BTU true dual  power burner
  • Blue LED illuminated knobs 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • Bluetooth connected
  • 22 1/3″ W x 54 1/2″ H x 36″ D
  • Cast iron griddle 

Looking for a quality, high-end stove? This Samsung Gas Cooktop could be just what your kitchen needs. It’s not just any ordinary gas stove — it has Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity. This means you can control your stove’s temperature and settings even when you’re not physically in the kitchen. Pretty neat, huh?

  • Multiple burners 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to monitor cooktop anywhere
  • Blue illuminated knobs to indicate use
  • Clean up may be more of a hassle
Who it’s suitable for
  • Those who cook several dishes at one go
  • Those cooking for a large household


Price: $1,238
View on Lazada
View on Bosch
  • 1 gas burner
  • Domino – Can be combined with other Bosch hobs
  • Front centre wok burner maximum power: up to 4.9 KW (depending on gas type)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D mm) : 87 x 306 x 527
  • Required niche size for installation (HxWxD mm) : 87 x 270-270 x 490-500
  • Electrical connection rating: 0. 8 W
  • Gas connection rating: 4,900 W
  • Length of mains cable: 150 cm

Hate cleaning gas hobs? We know how much of a chore that is. If you can identify with that, you’ll be pleased to know that the Serie |8 Domino gas hob is designed to make cleaning simple and hassle free. Its smooth pan supports are dishwasher proof so you can just chuck it into your dishwasher instead of spending time scrubbing and cleaning away!

Another great feature about this gas stove in Singapore is the wide range of control you have over temperatures. From gentle simmering to high heat, you can cook a wide range of recipes with this stove.

  • Fuss-free cleaning
  • Dishwasher-proof pan supports
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Simple to use
  • Can only cook one dish at a time
Who it’s suitable for
  • Those with a smaller household
  • Those who don’t do much cooking


EF GCAE9650ASS 90cm Standing Cooker (5-Burner Gas Hob & 105L 8-Functions Oven)
Price: $1,999
View on Lazada
View on Harvey Norman
  • 1 triple ring burner – 3.5kW
  • 1 fish burner – 2.5kW
  • 2 semi-rapid burners – 1.75kW
  • 1 auxiliary burner – 1.0kW
  • Oven capacity: 105L
  • 8 functions
  • Electronic control digital clock with automatic cut-off timer
  • Cavity cooling system, double oven lights and double circulation fans
  • Easy clean removable inner glass door and double glazed glass door
  • Slide-out storage compartment
  • Includes 2 grilling racks and 1 baking tray

Do you use the oven often for your daily meal preps? Perhaps it would make more sense to get the EF Free Standing Cooker. With an oven capacity of 105L, you can bake large portions of food for the family. The free-standing cooker also comes with 5 burners, 2 of which are semi-rapid burners. If you’re looking for an all-in-one cooker, this is a great option to consider. 

  • Comes with an oven
  • Multifunctional
  • Fuss-free cleaning
  • Precise temperature control
  • Gas cut-off safety feature
  • Extra storage space
  • Needs a significantly large, dedicated space in the kitchen
Who it’s suitable for
  • Those looking for a one-stop solution for cooking and baking
  • Families with a large household
  • Those who cook and bake a lot

Best places to buy a gas stove in Singapore

When it comes to buying gas stoves in Singapore, there are many stores you can visit but not all of them can promise the best prices or the best range of products. 

Here, we’ve listed some of the best places where you can get a quality gas stove in Singapore.


City Gas

City Gas offers a wide range of gas stoves. Whether you’re looking for a high-end gas stove or one that’s simple and functional, you’ll find just what you need. Featuring different models of gas stoves from 7 different brands, you’ll get to take your pick.

2. Courts

With so many stores in Singapore, you would’ve definitely visited Courts at least once. There, you’ll find a wide range of home appliances and gas stoves to choose from. The great thing about Courts is that you can shop for other necessities for your home too, while you’re there.


Gain City

If you’re looking for affordable home appliances, you’ll definitely need to check out Gain City. Quality gas stoves are generally more pricey. However, with regular discounts and promotions, you can save when you spend with Gain City.


Hoe Kee

Having been in the business since 1941, Hoe Kee is an established retailer in Singapore where you can find high-quality home appliances. Here, you’ll find luxury kitchen appliances like kitchen sinks, faucets and gas stoves — great for those who want to create a space designed to meet their specific cooking needs.


SG Appliances 

SG Appliances is also another great store to browse for discounted gas stoves in Singapore. On the website, you’ll see that almost every model featured is on discount. If you’re looking for a no-frills and functional gas stove, you’ll definitely have to check out their website.

In Singapore, you can find a wide variety of gas stoves. But not every model in the market is the right fit for your cooking needs. Besides comparing prices, you should also compare stoves based on their material, quality, size, as well as how high-tech their features are. Since gas stoves will likely last you a good number of years, you should invest in one that you can fully make use of!

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The 5 Best Cooker Hobs in Singapore [2021]

Are you still using an old and tarnished cooker hob that’s about to break down any minute? Well, maybe now’s the right to start looking for a new cooker hob that can make your life in the kitchen a whole lot easier.

If that’s what you’re after, then you’ve definitely come to the right place! We combed through the entire island in search of the best cooker hobs in Singapore that can elevate meal preparations to a different level of convenience.

Before we reveal our picks though, we’re written a handy guide about the different types of cooker hobs and how to pick the right one that suits your needs in the kitchen.

Types of Cooker Hobs

Before we reveal the factors to consider when looking for the best cooker hobs in Singapore, it’d make more sense to go into detail about its different types first.

The three most common types of cooker hobs are gas hobs, induction hobs, and ceramic hobs.  Here’s our brief explanation of each type, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Gas hobs

Gas hobs remain the most popular type of cooker hob because they’re easy to use and almost everyone is familiar with how they work. They also tend to be the first choice for a lot of professional chefs, which says a lot about their convenience.

When a gas hob is turned on, a flame lights the gas flowing through burners on the cooktop, creating a fire to cook with. It can either be used with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or piped gas.

What makes a gas hob a great option is that it’s easy to use, can create powerful heat in an instant, and can be used with any type of cookware. On the other hand, it can be quite a hassle to clean.

Induction hobs

An induction hob, on the other hand, uses electromagnetism to produce heat inside the cooking pan. It heats the pan directly, rather than creating energy that heats up the cooking surface.

In a way, an induction hob turns cooking pans into cookers, which then cooks food faster and more efficient without using a lot of energy. It typically comes with touch-sensitive buttons and different heat programmes for more calculated cooking.

Similar to gas hobs, induction hobs are extremely quick to heat up, on top of being energy efficient. One downside is that you can’t use it with aluminium or copper pans, as it’s only compatible with cast iron and steel cookware.

Ceramic hobs

Technically, some gas and induction hobs can be considered as ceramic hobs as well. However, most of the time, when a cooker hob is advertised as a “ceramic hob,” it will be electric and can work in various ways.

In a way, ceramic hobs are similar to induction hobs, but the main difference is that the former uses an element underneath the cooker’s surface for heating up and transferring the heat to the cooking pan.

Ceramic hobs are unbeatable in terms of aesthetics, so if you’re looking for an elegant and modern addition to your kitchen, then better get your hands on them. Though, expect the price to be higher than the other types.

How to Pick the Best Cooker Hobs in Singapore

Aside from the type of cooker hob, other factors you need to consider are size, heat control, number of burners, ease of cleaning, and cookware compatibility.

Keeping these factors in mind will make it easier for anyone to find the right cooker hob that suits their needs in the kitchen, so allow us to elaborate on each point below.

1. Size

There’s no standard size for cooker hobs, but most types use the same design which is two/four burners on a rectangular panel measuring 60cm wide and 50cm deep.

Cooker hobs have two sets of dimensions: the actual dimensions and the dimensions needed for the cut out in which the hob will be placed. Generally, the cut out dimensions are a few centimetres shorter than the actual dimensions.

We can’t stress it enough to double-check the dimensions before taking home a cooker hob, especially if you’re replacing the one you have at home.

2. Heat control

Heat control can be the key to a perfectly cooked dish. You can never go wrong with a cooker hob that comes with a wide range of heat control.

Gas hobs are capable of good heat distribution which can be adjusted through the knob. Meanwhile, induction hobs usually come with heating programmes that make it possible to boil a litre of water in as fast as five minutes.

Ceramic hobs get overshadowed when it comes to heat control because electrically-heated coil elements take time to heat up.

3. Number of burners

A one-ring or two-ring burner would be ideal for those who have limited kitchen space and only need to cook for themselves alone. It wouldn’t be practical to go for a four-ringed cooker hob unless one regularly cooks meals for a large group of people.

However, if you’re looking for a cooker hob that makes it possible to cook multiple meals at once, then going for a four-ring or five-ring hob would be practical.

4. Cookware compatibility

While gas hobs are compatible with almost any type of cookware, induction and ceramic hobs require specific types of cookware in order to work efficiently.

Since induction hobs have electromagnets, the most ideal cookware for them would be steel, enamelled steel and cast iron. Ceramic hobs, on the other hand, work best only with cookware with flat bases.

If you don’t have a wide range of cookware, going for either a ceramic hob or an induction hob becomes an expensive option.

5. Ease of cleaning

After hours of meal preparation, you’re going to be left with the mess that you created, most of which will be found on the cooker hob. Ceramic and induction hobs have smooth and flat surfaces, so there wouldn’t be any trouble while cleaning them.

By contrast, gas hobs would require more effort because there are uneven and protruding parts, such as the drip plates, burners, and pan stands.

The Best Cooker Hobs in Singapore

Anyway, now that you know more about cooker hobs in Singapore than before, it’s time to move on to our picks!

Check them out below to see which one can keep up with your daily needs in the kitchen!

1.   Turbo Incanto T702SSV
TYPEGas hob
SIZE70 x 50 x 6cm

There’s no doubt that cooker hobs cost a lot of money, but luckily, there are cost-efficient options like the Turbo Incanto T702SSV. It’s a two-burner gas hob made out of premium stainless steel, so there’s no doubt about its durability.

It doesn’t come with a lot of special features since it’s a budget-friendly cooker hob, but it gets the job done just as well. It comes with a double burner affixed with an inner ring control device, on top of a cast-iron pot stand.

Another thing we like about the Turbo Incanto T702SSV is the copper alloy burners with a safety valve that minimises the chances of an accident happening. It’s quite rare for cheap cooker hobs to have safety features, so it’s definitely a special one.

As with all gas hobs, it needs to be connected to a gas line or pipe in order to work, so there’s no need to worry about seeing an increase in your electricity bill.

When it comes to post-meal preparation clean-up, Turbo Incanto T702SSV doesn’t require as much effort as other gas hops. It features a large and smooth surface that can be wiped clean with a wet microfiber cloth.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Budget-friendly
  • Made out of quality stainless steel
  • Ignition system is battery operated

2.   Aerogaz Vitro-Ceramic Hob AZ-7348VC
TYPECeramic hob
SIZE71 x 42 x 7.5cm

The Aerogaz AZ-7348VC is a powerful ceramic hob that boasts a maximum power of 2800W, making it a perfect option for those who do a lot of bulk home cooking. It does require more energy though, so there may be a spike in your electricity bill.

It features a full-black and sleek crystal glass top that can complement any type of kitchen interior and won’t be hard to clean as well. It has a durable metal housing as well which gives it a more contemporary look.

The Aerogaz AZ-7348VC comes with four digital displays where users can easily turn it on, adjust the heat, and monitor the residual heat for safety. We like that it’s not complicated to control, unlike most induction hobs.

Speaking of safety, the Aerogaz AZ-7348VC is designed with a child-lock function that prevents the unsupervised use of children. It’s why we’ve decided to call it one of the best cooker hobs in Singapore.

  • Safety features
  • High-power cooker hob
  • Easy to control and clean

3.   Grunn Dual Induction Ceramic Cooker Hob GDIC-2900
TYPEInduction-ceramic hob
SIZE73.5 x 43.5cm

In terms of extra features, we believe that the Grunn Dual Induction Ceramic Cooker takes the top spot. For one, it can function either as a built-in or table-top cooker hob, so there’s no need to hire a handyman to set it up for you.

The Grunn Dual Induction Ceramic Cooker is one of the few hybrid cooker hobs that allows both induction and infrared cooking, making it possible to use all sorts of cooking strategies.

It’s designed with an EGO heater that evens out the heat distribution which can shorten cooking time. It’s a feature that would come in handy if you’re cooking for a group of people and don’t have enough time.

One reason it’s been called one of the top cooker hobs in Singapore is that it works well with all types and sizes of cookware because of the double infrared heating rings. You don’t have to purchase other cookware in order to use it to its full capacity.

What’s more, the Grunn Dual Induction Ceramic Cooker comes with an eight adjustable temperature setting that gives users total control over the heat. It has front display buttons, but it comes with side controls as well.

It’s the only cooker hob in our list made from authentic German Schott CERAN® glass, so it’s resistant to scratches and temperatures of up to 850 degree Celsius.

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Heat resistance of up to 850 degree Celsius
  • Installed with side controls
  • Suitable for all kinds of cookware
  • 1-year on-site warranty

4.   Tecno T788GI
TYPEGas-induction hob
SIZE67 x 37cm

The Tecno T788GI is a heavy-duty hybrid cooker hob that combines gas and induction cooking. It’s the ideal cooker hob for all types of meal preparation, from serious ones like cooking for a group of people down to basic ones like boiling water.

It’s built with a high-power Italian Defendi gas burner and an induction burner with a maximum heating power of 2000W. It uses the latest smart constant heating platform that delivers consistent heating results, even on minimum heat.

Its induction burner is equipped with sensor touch controls, nine power level settings, and timer for up to 240 minutes.

The Tecno T788GI can accommodate all types of sizes of cookware too, including 2 XXL-sized woks. Its burners are large and versatile enough to handle pans of all materials and sizes.

In terms of built, the Tecno T788GI doesn’t fall short. It’s made from high-end ceramic glass that’s both easy to clean and heat resistant.

On top of that, it features cool-touch knobs that reduce heat absorption from the burners to prevent users from getting burned.

  • Multiple safety features
  • Suitable for all kinds of cookware
  • With 9 power level settings
  • Heat resistant
  • Difficult to install (professional services recommended)
  • Expensive

5.   Bosch Induction Hob PPI82560MS
TYPEInduction hob
SIZE78 x 45 x 6cm

If you’re willing to spend close to a thousand dollars for a high-end cooker hob, then we recommend checking out the Bosch PPI82560MS. It’s an expensive option, but it pays off with its impressive and advanced features.

The Bosch PPI82560M is an induction hob with a maximum power of 3100W, making it the most powerful option on our list. It’s built with an improved PowerBoost function that adds more power and speeds up the cooking process.

As a result, it can now boil two litres of water almost thrice as fast as all the other types and hybrids. Some users even mentioned that it cut their meal preparation time in almost half!

The Bosch PPI82560M only comes with two cooking zones, just like all the other options in our list. What makes it unique is that each zone has nine-stage power settings that make it possible to cook two meals at the same time in different heat levels.

More than that, each cooking zone automatically shuts off when cooking is done to prevent injuries and limit energy consumption. Users can even monitor the remaining temperature through the residual heat indicator.

  • Contemporary design
  • Powerful burners
  • Automatic shut off feature
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Expensive
  • Complicated controls

6.   EF Dual Flame Control Glass Gas Hob EFH 9733 WT VGB
NO. OF BURNERS3 Brass Burners
SIZEW860 x D510 x H80mm

The EFH 9733 WT VGB is a gas hob made of tempered glass — sturdy, stylish, and suited for modern homes.

It comes with 2 wok burners and 1 smaller, semi-rapid burner. They may be few in number, but the functions of these burners more than make up for it.

The burners come with dual flame controls, with the outer ring suited for frying and the inner ring suited for simmering. As a plus, this model also features ergonomically designed knobs and intuitive indicators that make it easy to control the flame.

Finally, you won’t need to worry about the igniter degrading too quickly since it’s battery powered and can be resupplied quickly. With frequent cleaning and maintenance, this hob can serve you for many years of cooking — may it be for yourself or for more people.

  • Dual Flame Control
  • Triple Rings Burners
  • Power flame (max. 5.0kw) for ‘wok hei’ flavourful cooking
  • Flame Failure Safety Devices
  • Fully Sealed Burner Base
  • Cast Iron Pan Supports with Integrated Wok Stand
  • Battery Ignition

FAQS about Cooker Hobs in Singapore What’s the difference between a gas stove and a gas hob?

Traditional gas stoves come with a freestanding body type while gas hobs, which are more contemporary, are usually built-in.

In terms of functions, gas stoves are limited to basic ones, while gas hobs come with different features that make cooking a whole lot easier, including heat control and safety valves.

What happens when you use a non-induction pan on an induction hob?

Glass pans and other non-induction pans don’t work on induction cooktops, so nothing will happen. Neither the pan nor the cooktop will heat up because they aren’t magnetic, so they aren’t affected by the alternating magnetic field in the induction burner.

Do ceramic hobs scratch easily?

While a ceramic hob is usually made with durable glass, it’s not scratch-resistant glass, so it’s susceptible to scratches if not taken care of properly. It requires a lot of care and cleaning in order to remain functional and intact for the years to come.

You can take care of your ceramic hob by using a soft cloth when cleaning and lifting the pan over after using because sliding will lead to permanent damage. Try to keep it from making contact with other kitchen equipment as well.

And with that, we conclude our list of the best cooker hobs in Singapore. If you’ve used any of these cooktops in the past, share with us how it improved your cooking skills!

If you know other cooker hobs worth checking out, tell us their names so we can check if they’re worthy of being part of our list.

By the way, if you’re looking for cooker hoods as well, we recommend taking a look at our list of the best cooker hoods in Singapore. Most of these cooker hoods blend well with all types of kitchen interiors!

2021’s Best Stoves in Singapore

A reliable hob or cooktop burner is one of the most important things to have in your kitchen, especially if you’ll always get busy whipping up delicious meals for your family and friends. So, how do you choose the right one for you among dozens of brands and hundreds of models available on the market?

Fortunately, we’ve covered the best brands and their top-rated stoves for you, both electric and gas hobs. Because part of purchasing a stove is also preferential in terms of the brand products’ reliability and quality, so we took to scour through forums and internet reviews in order bring you this list of stoves/hobs. 

You can skip past the FAQ below if you already know the difference between gas stoves and electric stoves (induction hobs). If you don’t, we do recommend giving it a quick read, or head to our short guide after our list of recommendations.

Gas vs Electricity – what’s the difference?

Gas stoves offer instant, constant flame that you can adjust visually without having to wonder if the stove is on or not. Generally, the flame produced by natural gas is also able to cook food more quickly and evenly as the flames spread themselves along the bottom sides of the pan. 

Also, gas stoves are easier to achieve higher flames, which is perfectly suitable for most Asian cooking; you get to have that “wok-hei”, charcoal taste for certain foods.

However, a major drawback with gas stoves is safety-issue. You’ll be cooking with an open flame, and there’s no way to lower energy consumption, unlike electricity. Moreover, cleaning is not as easy due to the many external parts that come with a gas hob. Gas stoves are also prone to fire accidents and gas leaks if safety use is not practised.  

Meanwhile, electric stoves are much safer to operate. They come in a variety of sleek, glass cooktop designs which contributes to enhancing the overall kitchen décor. Not only is the glass top easy to clean, but their flat surface also provides the most stable work surface for pots and pans. 

A downside to electric stoves it that they do tend to cook food more slowly compared to gas stoves. Since this type of stove runs on electricity, it also means that operating it is much more expensive than a gas stove in the long run. 

Moreover, not all cookware will be useable on them. Electric stoves have a coil inside that acts as an electrical conductor to produce heat. The said-heat will then heat up the metal pot or pan. In order for that to work, the metal must be magnetic, such as cast-iron or stainless-steel. Their base also needs to be flat due to the physical nature of electric stoves.

Here are the best stove brands and their top-selling cooker hobs:


This Japanese brand was established in 1920 and has grown to be a popular kitchen appliance name among locals thanks to its reputation for creating durable and long-lasting products at wallet-friendly prices. Rinnai is commonly praised for producing high-temperature flames in their gas stoves even when it’s at the lowest. 

Several of their stoves are equipped with their “inner flame” design, made to prevent loss of fire from surrounding winds. You won’t need to worry about leaving the windows open while simmering on low. The design also ensures that your pots and pans are heated evenly from the middle, which contributes to lower energy consumption.

add_circle Tornado inner flame is isolated and protected from surrounding winds.

add_circle Minimal cleaning and maintenance as no burner head and burner ring to wash.

add_circle Inner Flame reduces energy as it heats cookware from the middle with less heat loss.

add_circle Touch Control responds to human touch, giving intuitive yet effortless control of flame

The Rinnai 2 Burner Inner Flame Hob simply wins its place on our list due to its simplicity, innovation, and price.

While gas hobs are generally not the best choice for efficient energy consumption, the RB2CG is geared to prove us wrong with its Original Combustion Technology – the Inner Burner. The design ensures heat-efficiency and almost instant heat. Your fires will also never be threatened by surrounding winds nor will you fumble to achieve high heat.

Featuring a high quality and durable Schott Ceran glass-ceramic surface, you can trust that the RB2CG won’t crack easily as it is able to handle abrupt temperature shocks of up to 700 degrees Celsius. Aside from that, this unit also does not come with a burner head and burner ring, which means cleaning up is a total breeze! This is especially good news since cooking Asian food can get a little greasy and messy. 

Overall, you get a lot of value with the Rinnai 2 Burner Inner Flame Hob. It is very well built and, as a bonus, cleaning it is a cinch. With lots of instant heat and a stress-free user experience, this gas hob will certainly help you juggle multiple dishes on-the-go like a dream. 

thumb_up_alt Good buy (0) thumb_down_alt Bad buy (0)


Brandt is yet another well-known kitchen appliance manufacturer. Originating from France, locals love their induction hobs which commonly features a sleek profile that’s reasonably priced and is easy to clean. Their induction cookers are also commonly simple and easy to use, which is a great option for beginners.

add_circle Large pot/pan size

add_circle Overheating protection, residual heat indicators

add_circle Anti-overflow system and automatic-stop system

Boasting 10 safety features, the Brandt BPI6314B features a user-friendly interface, making it a great choice for first-timers who want to give electric stoves a try.

Some of those safety features include overheating protection, child lock, automatic-stop, pan detection and small object detection to prevent accidental burns. And because of those, this is an ideal choice for a kitchen owned by a family with young kids, the elderly, or those with mobility issues. 

For an induction cooker, the BPI6341B is no slouch in power either with a maximum output of 3,600W – more powerful than most and is definitely capable enough to handle any dish you fancy! 

The Brandt Induction Hob also features a sleek and shiny glass frame that is very easy to clean – all you need to do is just wipe the entire surface down after you’re done cooking and you’re set. The easy-to-maintain design and fuss-free operation makes this a perfect relief for busy Singaporeans.

thumb_up_alt Good buy (0) thumb_down_alt Bad buy (0)

add_circle horiZonetech to let you use cookware of all shapes and sizes

add_circle Lets you programme your desired cooking duration and heating power

add_circle Overheating protection and residual heat indicators

add_circle Anti-overflow system and automatic stop system

Those with experience using induction hobs know that their cooking is oftentimes limited by the size of the pan that the hob can accommodate. Fortunately, Brandt wants to empower users to push the limits of their culinary creativity with their zoneless cooking concept.

Whether you prefer rectangular or oval dishes, the BPI6449X induction hob features horiZonetech to let you whip up a delicious meal with any shape and size of cookware. 

Furthermore, the hob’s effortless touch-sensitive controls allow for precise heating levels with an additional boost function to achieve the maximum cooking power straight away. The French hob also has cooking memorization technology that lets you programme your desired cooking duration and power level, so you can cook more dishes at once without worries.

Similar to the BPI6314B Induction Hob, this one comes with 10 safety points to ensure your kitchen remains safe for you and your family. Additionally, this hob also features a more compact layout compared to other similar products, making it a great fit for those with a smaller kitchen countertop. 

thumb_up_alt Good buy (0) thumb_down_alt Bad buy (0)


Bosch is a luxury kitchen appliance brand from Germany that has a strong reputation for being one of the most reliable brands across the industry. Yet, their prices are generally well-received by many, being reasonably priced for the quality they get. The company often gets a thumbs-up from its customers for its good warranty and after-sales services.

add_circle TouchSelect lets you regulate desired cooking zone easily with QuickStart and ReStart functions.

add_circle PowerBoost function adds extra power to speed up cooking process.

add_circle Stove will only start when it detects a pot on the hob.

remove_circle May be noisy to operate

This Bosch 60cm Serie 4 Induction Hob comes with 3 cooking zones, 17-stage power settings and programmable timer function for each zone. The flexibility offered by the induction hob also means that you can pair it with almost any sized pots and pans you desire. 

The greatest highlight of the PID631BB1E is its unique PowerBoost feature that gives you extra power whenever you need it to speed up the cooking process. Bosch claims that you can boil 2 litres of water three times faster with their hob compared to using a conventional glass-ceramic hob. 

Aside from the performance, the Bosch 60cm Serie 4 Induction Hob is favoured by many for its large and spacious design. At 59cm x 52cm, this induction hob is a good overall hob size to fit any kitchen with ease.

thumb_up_alt Good buy (0) thumb_down_alt Bad buy (0)


Fujioh is a premium Japanese kitchen appliance brand that delivers high quality and long-lasting products albeit with a slightly higher price tag. They are usually commended for their hoods, with locals facing hardly any issues with oiliness thanks to the reliably strong suction powers on their hoods Nevertheless, their gas stoves are also reliably serving many Singaporean households since 1993.

add_circle Good after sales service

add_circle Rust-resistant Venturi and safety valve for better life span

add_circle Toughened glass makes cleaning a breeze

remove_circle More expensive than others

The FH-GS5530 burner gas hob features 2 full-sized burners with a smaller burner in the center to fit a smaller pot. This compact design means that the glass hob takes up only a little more space than a typical 2-burner design while offering you the flexibility of an additional gas stove for the times you need it. 

Working with up to 4.0kW gas input, the burner gas hob provides all-round heat to the entire pan for better heat distribution, so everything cooks at the same speed. Aside from that, the knob controls on the glass are also beautifully designed to allow seamless one-hand operation. 

Featuring a sleek and smooth glass top, the Fujioh 3 Burner Hob makes for very easy cleanup. This glass hob achieves good ratings from its customers as it is able to perfectly handle multiple greasy Asian dishes without taking up too much space on your kitchen. 

To note, if you’d like to pair the burner with a good hood, some of the merchants listed here come with the FR-FS1890 slimline hood. It is made of metal that’s easy to clean and has an 83% oil capturing ratio.

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This is an Italian brand specializing in kitchen appliances and is well known among locals for their powerful suction hoods that can suck up every hint of charcoal smell. However, their expertise is not limited to suction power, but their knowledge in cookers are pretty impressive as proven by their gas burner hob series.

add_circle Durable and long-lasting stainless steel construction

The exclusive Triple Crown burner by Ariston has been engineered to deliver maximum power for fast and even cooking by ensuring there is optimum heat distribution under the pot. Delivering up to 4.1kW of cooking power, this gas burner lets you enjoy higher heats to achieve the perfect “wok hei” flavour you find in hawker food. 

Unlike the other cooker hobs that offer glass surface, the Ariston 3-Burner Gas Hob features a stainless-steel construction, making it a very resilient and low-maintenance option. It even comes with stove grates that let you rest your cookware on without risking them tilting and spilling all over. 

All in all, if you want a powerful gas stove with stronger heat, the Ariston PCN732T/D2/IX/A would make an excellent choice for your kitchen.

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If you’re in the market for a new appliance, it is likely that you’ve heard of Electrolux. Founded in 1919, this Swedish manufacturer is now one of the most commonly available brands in local households as they’re known for producing reliable and efficient appliances.  

Electrolux induction hobs carry a pretty good reputation, but some customers have mentioned that they have to conduct yearly maintenance to ensure everything is still working well. Nevertheless, their simplicity and ease-of-usage are what keeps customers coming in.

add_circle Powerful performance to let you boil 1 litre of water in just 3 minutes.

add_circle Cool touch and safety control eliminates accidental burning or hot cooking environment.

add_circle low energy consumption

add_circle Easy to clean

The Electrolux EHI7260BA Induction Hob comes packed with tons of top functions at a relatively affordable price and very stylish design. This convenient built-in hob has everything you need for a safe, yet quick, cook. 

Hate waiting for water to boil in the pan? With 3.2kW of power, this 70cm Built-In Induction Hob delivers optimum power and performance to quickly boil 1 litre of water in just 3 minutes. Now that’s great for last-minute pasta dishes and searing steaks. 

The induction job also features a slide and touch controls for seamless navigation while the completely flat ceramic glass base means cleaning will always be super easy. Since the surface around the zone always stays cool, you can also quickly wipe up any spills immediately without burning your hand.

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Turbo Italia is famous for their reliable hobs, hoods, and ovens, making them the ideal choice for many kitchen needs or for those who want to get a kitchen set of the same brand. 

Reflecting their passion for quality cookware for everyone, the company even offers hobs and hoods in a wide range of sizes to complement all types of décor. A plus point is that their glass cooktops are known to withstand heat as high as 250 Deg. C.

Locals have advised to get them in sets or during sale season for the best value, but buying them standalone is satisfying enough for many.

add_circle Easy to clean design

add_circle Tough glass material for longer durability

add_circle built-in battery operated ignition

remove_circle Glass hob surface may be hot

remove_circle Cleaning hot glass hob with damp cloth may cause glass to crack easily

If you love the sleek, modern look of a glass surface burner hob yet worry about glass breakage and shatter, then you may just want to give the Turbo T883GV-BK a closer look. 

This built-in glass hob features a durable Schott Glass construction that can withstand temperature shocks of up to 250 degrees Celsius. That means you get to cook at ease without having to worry about cracks from too much heat. 

Many frequently recommend Turbo’s 3-burner hobs for their availability in space and even heating. This rings true for Turbo T883GV-BK, offering 3 gas burners with two of them positioned slightly further away from the left one to make space for larger pots and pans. 

Other than that, the burner delivers 4.3kW of power and is even affixed with an inner ring control device to ensure your meals cook faster and more consistently. 

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Tecno cooker hobs and hoods became a hit amongst households in Singapore since its establishment in 1977. The brand has been sworn by several locals including chefs that Turbo’s burners are high in precision as well as provide stable performance. Their built quality is also top-notch, offering several stainless-steel varieties instead of plain metal or fragile glass.

add_circle Tough construction for durability

add_circle Cool touch Bakelite knobs eliminates accidental burning

add_circle Wide design allows cooking with large woks

Thanks to the smart design of the Turbo SR98SV hob, it has never been easier to use all of the burners at the same time. Not only are they well-spaced, but the hob features heavy-duty cast-iron supports with an enamel coating to ensure the pots and pans remain firmly in place.  

On top of that, all burners come with Variable Valve System (VVS) Control that gives you full flexibility and control of the flame to help you create perfect meals for your family. The Techno SR985V hob even features a stainless-steel exterior that is not only easy to clean but also built to last. 

All in all, the Techno SR985V 3 Burner Stainless Steel Hob is the ultimate cooker hob designed to fulfil all your cooking needs for many years.

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How to Choose the Best Stove for You

There are three main reasons why you want to buy a stove. One, you’re moving into a new house or apartment and need a new cooker. Two, your old one is no longer working. And three, you just want to update. Whether you have one of those reasons or have a completely different one, this quick guide will help you choose the best one for you.

Electric, Gas, or Both

The first thing you want to consider is the fuel source. There are gas, electric, and combination stoves available in the market.

If you live in a condominium or in an apartment and have difficulty bringing a gas tank in your place, it’s best to just stick with electricity. The only downside with that is that you can’t cook anything when there’s a power outage, and it may be a bit more costly – unless it’s an induction cooker.

There are some that provide the best of both worlds. However, they’re more expensive and a bit more difficult to setup.

Ready-to-Use or Installation Types

Most gas stoves are countertops and require no installation whatsoever. However, there are some available that needs a bit of handy work before you can enjoy using it.

The ones that need installation are substantially more robust. However, they’re huge and require some help. It’s ideal to have this type of stove or cooking range only if it is for a permanent residency. If not, stick to countertops as it saves you time and money.

Colour and Design
Induction hobs are generally picked for their ease of use and sleek design

Although not essential, the last thing you need to consider is aesthetics. Since stoves are visible in any kitchen, it’s best to choose a style that fits your home. Most stoves come in black, white, or metallic. The ideal colour that suits any kitchen is either black or white. Although metallic looks great, it only works well when most of your appliances are metallic, too.


Stoves are a fundamental part of the kitchen. Without them, a kitchen would just be a room where you can store and mix food. Remember that you don’t need the biggest or most expensive piece to enjoy cooking; you only need one that works, suits your needs, and won’t let you down.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

8 Kitchen Tips To Choose Cooker Hoods, Hobs & Ovens For Beginners

Choosing cooker hoods, hobs & ovens for your kitchen

The kitchen is a sacred space where culinary magic happens. And just like how magicians need solid tools to pull off a trick, you’d need high-quality appliances to pull off mouthwatering dishes. Enter the trinity of cooker hoods, hobs and ovens, which are a mainstay of any HDB or private property. From cooking your food to removing smelly odours, these fixtures are crucial elements in the kitchen as they’re likely to last for more than a couple of years. 

We know it’s not always the easiest task to discern what exactly you should get, due to the mind-boggling variety in the market and the jargon-filled specs of different models. So, aspiring cooks, here’s the lowdown to help you on your way to Masterchef glory.

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1. Know your preferred cooking style when choosing hob types

There are 3 main types of hobs – gas, radiant and induction.

Your ah-ma probably used a traditional gas hob, which has handheld control knobs and is still popular among many households. Radiant and induction hobs are the newer kids on the block, and both use electricity instead of an open flame.

A fine difference: radiant hobs use heat from electricity beneath the glass while induction uses magnetism – similar to that of your primary school science experiments. 

To decide which sort is up your alley, look at the dishes you’re likely to whip up. A fan of fried rice with flavourful wok hei? Gas hobs are your friend. Need quick food prep because you always want food pronto? Fast-heating induction hobs will get the job done. 

2. Consider ease of cleaning, safety and electrical consumption

Induction hobs are easier to clean and safer, followed by radiant and gas hobs in that order. Cost-wise, though, it’s the other way around. 

Even if you’re a fan of induction due to its oh-so-sleek aesthetic, it may not always be an option. If you stay in an HDB, your total max electrical load is usually around 40AMP. Any more, and you’re likely to get power trips. 

FYI, 3-burner induction hobs can easily hit 32AMP at full use, so either opt for gas, scale down to fewer burners like these or make sure other appliances like aircons aren’t in use at the same time.

3. Look at your cookware 

There’s a saying “Tools maketh the man”, so… does cookware maketh the chef? Well, what kind of pots and pans you have not only determines your Masterchef level but also what sort of hob is most compatible.

For instance, your mum’s fave Corningware or claypot rice pot does not match well with induction hobs. Simply because these pieces do not contain iron, and hence can’t kickstart the magnet-based heating mechanism.

If you’re wondering whether your IKEA pots and pans make the cut, look out for this three-coil sign! Ideally, they should also have a flat base for even heating.

Pro tip: Use a magnet to test if it’s induction-friendly! If it sticks, it fits.

Check out our article on multi-purpose kitchenware in Singapore for more.

Cooker hoods

4. Consider your kitchen’s size and layout 

There’s a magic formula when it comes to choosing cooker hoods, we kid you not.

Measure your kitchen’s size (length x width in M³) and multiply it by ten to get your extraction rate. This refers to how fast your cooker hood is able to suck away those nasty smells – get one above 400M³ for decent air suction or opt for over 600M³  for extra power. 

Also, consider your kitchen layout. If you have an island (classy, we approve), go for a standalone hood that is directly above your island counter. If your cooking space is beside the wall, opt for wall-side chimney hoods or slimline ones where the motor area can be hidden away in cabinets for max aesthetic appeal. 

Pro tip: Make sure your hood is just the right distance from the cooking area! Too high and it’s less efficient in removing smells, too low and it’s unsafe. The magic numbers are around 55CM for induction and 65CM for gas. 

5. Match the intensity of your cooking sessions to suction power

Similar to how you choose hobs, look at the type and frequency of your cooking when it comes to picking the right cooker hoods. 

Deep frying, charring and other oilier forms of cooking require powerful suction so that you don’t smell as if you’ve stepped out of a BBQ gathering 24/7. A chimney hood usually fits the bill. 

If you’re the sort that regularly dabaos food from nearby instead, a slimline hood will suffice to handle light cooking – and some can even be retracted to save space.

6. Opt for removable filters for easy cleaning

Confession: I hate cleaning. In fact, my household chore philosophy is less is more, quite literally. If you feel the same way, make cleaning your cooker hoods a painless exercise by going for one with a removable grease filter. 

Added bonus if this filter is dishwasher-safe, meaning you needn’t scrub all that grime out by hand. 

Pro tip: If you cook often, try to wash your filters 1-2 times a month!


7. Know what the oven will mainly be used for

Ovens these days are no longer the one-trick pony of our grandparents’ era. Instead, many models in the market can double up as a microwave, steamer and even food reheater.

The healthy-eating #fitspos among us should look out for additional steaming features, while busy office-workers will find reheating and microwave functions a godsend.

 Look at the crazy amount of features this oven has – some even have up to 16 heating methods!

We especially dig this function where you can grill within a small area of the oven, thus saving on electricity bills if all you want to do is cook 2 chicken drumsticks instead of whipping up a whole pan. There is also the full-width grill function in the market so you can toggle effortlessly if you have more food.

8. Assess the number of people you’re likely to serve

Generally, a young couple who just moved into a BTO doesn’t need as big an oven as a multi-generational family who loves huge roasts for special occasions. 

With 1 or 2 pax, you can easily get away with oven capacities of around 45L, while larger families should at least go for above 60L to cook more dishes at a time. 

P.S. If you’re opting for a built-in oven, make sure they can fit within your carpentry!

Score Bosch cooker hoods, hobs and ovens 

Armed with these tips above, you’re probably all psyched up to outfit your cooking space with shiny new appliances. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to get your cooker hoods, hobs and ovens, check out Bosch which offers high-quality ones which will last your kitchen for years to come. 

Find out more about Bosch home appliances 


This post was brought to you by Bosch.
Photography by Clement Sim. Last updated by Josiah Neo on 28th December 2020.

11 Best Ovens In Singapore 2021

Imagine buying the best electric oven in Singapore 2021! And not using it enough! A shame since ovens can cost a lot.

So if you don’t want your new oven to be a physical reminder of money down the drain:

Pick one that really suits your cooking style and kitchen! We have top models to recommend below. As well as a nifty guide on how to choose an oven that will match your needs!

Types Of Oven

Firstly, which type of oven are you getting?

If you don’t have a clue on where to start, here’s a quick guide:

1. Gas Ovens

Not that common in Singapore. But they do exist – usually as a stove/ oven combination (range unit). These ovens heat up faster than electric ones, saving you money in the long run.

They’re also not as drying. So food comes out juicier on the inside than from an electric oven!

2. Steam Oven

If retaining moisture is the priority:

Steam ovens will do the same job as a microwave oven! They’re expensive but ideal for steaming a large quantity of food.

The high density of steam cooks food fast, sealing in all the nutrients and taste too! Without losing moisture!


You can use metal cookware inside!

PS: It is possible to get an electric oven with a steam function.

3. Electric Oven

Electric ovens can be multifunctional if they have both of the following functions:

3.1. Conduction/ Conventional Oven

In the very basic models, heat starts from bottom up from an electric element.

There are other models with a top and bottom heating element too. Just the thing if you want to brown your food!

3.2. Convection Oven (Fan operated)

If you like to bake multiple trays at once:

Convection ovens are more efficient in terms of energy usage. Because the heat distribution is even. Thanks to a fan at the back!

Roasting meat is faster with one of these ovens!

What’s even faster, is an air fryer!

4. Toaster Oven

The best toaster ovens in Singapore are still cheaper than their larger electric counterparts:

Toaster ovens are very practical for many households where the cooking is mainly done on the stove. Rather than in an oven.

You can use them for the occasional cake and grilled meat! Even just to make pastries crispy again!

5. Microwave Oven

These are their own type of oven (See oven vs microwave if you want to know more). Even if they technically use electricity too.

Food cooks usingelectromagnetic waves that vibrate food particles, causing them to heat up very fast! Too fast for any browning. Thus, roasting doesn’t work with a microwave oven.

Some newer ovens have both microwave and convection modes!

11 Best Oven Singapore 2021

  • Best Countertop Oven (Budget) – Mistral 32L Electric Oven MO32RCL
  • Best Countertop Oven  (Value) – Tefal OF464E
  • Best Countertop Oven  (For The Baking Enthusiast) – Rowenta Gourmet Pro 38L Electronic Oven OC7878
  • Best Built In Oven under S$1,000 (Huge Capacity, Self Cleaning) – Ariston FA3834HIXAAUS or Electrolux 72L Built-In Oven EOB2400AOX
  • Best Built In Oven (Quality & After Service) – Bosch 60CM Built-In Oven HBF114BR0K

Best Countertop Oven

These tabletop ovens range from S$90 to S$250:

1. Cornell 36L Electric Convection Oven CEO-E3621SL

Sometimes, you can get this oven (with stainless steel heating elements) for under S$100! It’s easy to use for baking or roasting!

We like the straightforward dials! And the fact that the thermostat can go right up to 250C!

One user observed that the heat distribution is skewed to one side of the oven.

But its capacity and functions leave a lot of users satisfied! Users have made cakes, scones, bread, baked fish, chicken wings, and pizza successfully with this oven!

Good enough if you only bake or roast your food once in a while. Though if you have kids running amok, best to get an oven that is better insulated!

Tip: Put a mat underneath this oven so it does not damage your countertop with excess heat


  • Tray has a convenient handle so that you don’t burn yourself!
  • Heats up fast
  • Easy to use
  • Has 60-minute timer


  • Can feel the heat from this oven (i.e. not well insulated)
  • Type: Convection Electric Oven
  • Capacity: 36 L
  • Dimensions: 41.5 × 57.9 × 42 cm
  • Power: 2,100 W
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~$150
2. Cornell 40L Digital Electric Oven CEOP40LD

Although it’s more expensive that the previous 36L Cornell model:

The Cornell 40L Digital Electric Oven CEOP40LD comes with a larger cooking capacity, more functions (9 presets including rotisserie, fermentation & convection) and accessories!

Using it is straightforward, and it’s large enough to roast a whole chicken in – as one user did!

Its digital interface lets you control the temperature accurately! Rather than “guessing” with a dial as is common with other countertop ovens! Something users appreciate about this model!

The Cornell 40L Digital Electric Oven CEOP40LD has better heat insulation than the cheaper and slightly smaller Cornell 36L Electric Convection Oven CEO-E3621SL!

But still does not hold up to better quality ovens!


  • Long timer (up to 120 minutes)
  • Separate temperature controls for the top and bottom elements
  • Double-glass door
  • Easy to clean (non-stick insulating interior)
  • Wide temperature range (60-230°C)
  • Compact – doesn’t take up much space on the counter
  • Pre-heating is quick


  • Expensive for a toaster oven
  • Manual is not helpful
  • Uneven heat distribution
  • Power cable is a bit short
  • Build quality is not perfect (some minor scratches, thin coatings, signs of rusting)
  • Type: Convection Electric Oven
  • Capacity: 40 L
  • Dimensions: 40.56 × 51.4 × 36.5 cm
  • Power: 1,650-1,950 W
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~$259
3. EuropAce 30L Double Glass Stainless Steel Electric Oven – EEO 5301T

Classy with a cool-touch door and stainless steel exterior:

The EuropAce 30L Double Glass Stainless Steel Electric Oven – EEO 5301T bakes evenly too (up to 250°C)! Bread comes out evenly toasted as one user shared.

Together with its accessories (e.g. 2 wire racks, a drip pan, rotisserie spit and handle), you will have adequate interior flexibility!

We like that it has legs to raise the oven up from the counter top. To avoid heat damage on your counter!

However, this is a pretty small convection oven so you probably can’t roast a whole chicken nicely! It’s fine for baking a small batch of cookies and the like!


  • Simple to use
  • 60-minute timer
  • Multifunctional
  • Looks beautiful


  • Relatively small cooking capacity
  • Temperature may be higher than what is indicated
  • Type: Convection Electric Oven
  • Capacity: 30 L
  • Dimensions: 48.7 × 40.8 x 34.1 cm
  • Power: 1,500 W
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~$168
4. Mistral 32L Electric Oven MO32RCL

With that remarkable price, this is one of the best electric ovens you can get in Singapore! With stainless steel heating elements!

If you know what you are doing, it should not take you very long to figure out the workings of this oven! There is a manual but it doesn’t say much. As such, one user recommended it for experienced bakers!

The temperature range of the Mistral 32L Electric Oven MO32RCL is acceptable. Between 100-250°C. But if you want an oven that does more than 60 minutes, consider another model (like the Tefal OF464E)!

Most users find it great value for the low price point! Aside from a few minor dents during delivery!


  • Value for money
  • 60-minute timer
  • Decent quality
  • Looks nice
  • Interior light is bright enough to see inside the oven


  • Manual is not helpful for beginners
  • Power cable is a bit short
  • Type: Convection Electric Oven
  • Capacity: 32 L
  • Dimensions: L51.5 × W37.2 x h42.6 cm
  • Power: 1,500 W
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~$89
5. Tefal 33L Oven Optimo Turnspit OF464E

Tefal 33L Oven Optimo Turnspit OF464E has an array of features to boast:

Several cooking modes (convection, bain marie, rotisserie, conventional, grill, bakery, defrost, etc), an adjustable thermostat (100°C to 240°C) and a 120-min timer that shuts off automatically.

Apparently, the 19L version of the Tefal 33L Oven Optimo Turnspit OF464E had a wider range of opening angles than the 33L version! This one can only open fully or close completely.

Crusty breads are a given with this oven! Just note that a roasting spit is not included with this oven!

For a small quality oven that is versatile and safe (and easy on the eyes), we would go with the Tefal 33L Oven Optimo Turnspit OF464E as our top countertop oven for value!


  • Double glass door
  • Excellent quality
  • Beautiful design
  • Accessories include a reversible tray, grid, and drip pan
  • Terrific oven for baking bread with a crust
  • Long time and temperature range
  • Type: Convection Electric Oven
  • Capacity: 33 L
  • Dimensions: L51.5 × D31.4 x h38 cm
  • Power: 1,600 W
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: ~$239
6. Rommelsbacher 30L Baking Oven & Rotisserie Grill BG 1550

Despite a smaller cooking capacity:

You’ll still be able to fit dishes and pans with 29m diameter into the Rommelsbacher 30L Baking Oven & Rotisserie Grill BG 1550!

There are 7 heating modes you can select from too. You can even select just the upper or lower heating element! The minute dial goes up to 120 minutes!

According to reviews on Amazon, it’s particularly great for baking bread or pizza! However, one user noted that if you use any of the functions that involve the rotisserie insert, you can’t manually control it!

Our personal opinion on the BG 1550 is that there are ovens of equal or better feature s and performance at a much lower price!

Note: Product is made in China but follows German standards


  • Sturdy build of steel
  • Double glazed glass door
  • 120-minute timer
  • Wide temperature range (80 °C to 230 °C)
  • Non-stick interior (easy cleaning)
  • Overheating protection
  • Comes with a rotisserie set and handle, enameled roasting/baking tray with handle, chromed grill grid
  • 4 heating elements and all of stainless steel
  • Type: Convection Electric Oven
  • Capacity: 30 L
  • Dimensions: L48.5 × D39.5 x h44 cm
  • Power: 1,550 W
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: ~$359
7. Rowenta Gourmet Pro 38L Electronic Oven OC7878

Made in France:

Rowenta’s Gourmet Pro 38L Electronic Oven OC7878 is admittedly way over budget but is still one of the best convection ovens in Singapore!

It combines the best of both worlds – it’s smaller than a built-in oven but you can still bake like a pro with it! This has the longest duration (timer) among all the countertop ovens in this list!

By the way, if you have the older OC7868 and want to change to the OC7878, the specifications and appearance are very similar!

However compared to the OC7878, the OC7891 incorporates a steamer function!

In general, users feel the price of the OC7878 is worth the quality, features and overall design. One user mentioned that the oven can last long (10 years+) too.

Note: It has no dedicated pre-heat button. Just pick a mode. Then wait for the thermometer to blink when the correct temperature is reached.


  • Stable temperature
  • A breeze to clean (non-stick interior)
  • Timer for 480 minutes
  • Max temperature is 240°C
  • Double glass door
  • Recipe book, reversible shelves, and drip pan are included
  • Has both manual/ auto mode
  • Even heat distribution (you can make macarons!)


  • Print on buttons eventually fade
  • Sides get hot
  • Expensive
  • More features than most people need (22 automatic menus!)
  • Type: Convection Electric Oven
  • Capacity: 38 L
  • Dimensions: –
  • Power: 1,800 W
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: ~$799

Best Built-In Oven Singapore

Expect to fork out at least S$600 for a wall oven!

8. Ariston 60CM 71L Built-In Oven FA3834HIXAAUS

The self cleaning Ariston 60CM 71L Built-In Oven, FA3834HIXAAUS has a generous interior. You can do a lot with the 11 functions, baking tray and 2 grills that come with it!

Use it for baking pizza and bread! Grilling meats and more!

Most users are in favor of this Ariston oven for its capacity and price. Compared to higher priced ovens like the Bosch HBF114BR0K Built In Oven (~S$800, 66L).

Or the even the Brandt Built In Oven BXE5532X (~S$900, 73L).

It’s affordable for an imported oven (with self cleaning) made in Italy! But Ariston’s after-sales service record (at least in Australia) is sketchy.


  • Double-glass door
  • Good price for a self-cleaning multifunctional oven
  • Installation is typically included in the price


  • Spare parts will not be cheap (this product originates from Europe)
  • Type: Built-in Oven
  • Capacity: 71 L
  • Dimensions: L59.5 × D56.9 x H59.5 cm
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: ~$629
9. Ariston 60CM 73L Built-In Oven FI7891SPIXAAUS

The Ariston 60CM 73L Built-In Oven FI7891SPIXAAUS is in the A+ Energy Efficiency Class! It has intuitive touch control and even convectional heating (Multiflow Technology)!

Telescopic tracks make it easier to slide trays in and out of the oven. There’s also a soft-closing 4-layer glass door to contain all the heat too!

Interestingly, this oven has a built-in meat probe!

But unless you really want a built-in oven that self-cleans and has a huge capacity, we think it’s safer to go with a better known brand in Singapore. So that you can get repairs quickly done if needed!


  • Many accessories come with it – turnspit, grill pan, 2 trays, 2 grids, etc
  • User friendly
  • Versatile (18 functions including 2 for cleaning)
  • Self-cleaning (pyrolytic)
  • Exterior does not attract fingerprints
  • Type: Built-in Oven
  • Capacity: 73 L
  • Dimensions: L59.5 × D56.9 x H59.5 cm
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Price: ~$2,599
10. Bosch 60CM Built-In Oven HBF114BR0K

If you don’t mind missing out on some special functions, this is one of the best built-in ovens in Singapore:

Bosch 60CM Built-In Oven HBF114BR0K has 7 heating functions. One of which is a dedicated pizza mode.

It may bother some people that the digital display is just for the timer. While the modes and temperature dials are on either side of the display. But some users do prefer these physical knobs instead!

More reviews say that this oven keeps the heat in, and it works quietly.

It’s pricey but it meets the quality standards that customers have come to know Bosch for! And the service is reliable! At this price though, you would think that it has self cleaning but it does not!


  • Child proof lock
  • Fast heating
  • The maximum temperature that this oven goes to is a whopping 275°C.
  • Quiet
  • Manual is clear and easy to understand
  • Energy efficiency rating is A
  • Interior is smooth and tarnish-resistant for easy cleaning


  • No self-cleaning capability
  • Small capacity for the price
  • Type: Built-in Oven
  • Capacity: 66 L
  • Dimensions: L59.5 × D54.8 x H59.5 cm
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: ~$1,299
11. Electrolux 72L Built-In Oven EOB2400AOX

Sleek looking with huge cooking capacity:

With the Electrolux 72L Built-In Oven EOB2400AOX, you can fit multiple trays (3 shelves) at one go. Saving you time and money!

Grilled meats still come out juicy and tender!

It looks pleasing in the kitchen and is easy to clean, which is great since it does not have a self cleaning feature!

The Electrolux EOB2400AOX is slightly cheaper with bigger capacity than the Ariston 60CM 71L Built-In Oven FA3834HIXAAUS. But the short warranty (depending where you get it from) leaves room for doubts.

If yours is noisy, you should call the service number. Because most users say this oven runs fairly quiet!


  • Enamel interior is easy to wipe down
  • Easy operation
  • Quiet
  • Quick to heat up
  • Equally good at even baking or roasting
  • Reliable follow up service
  • Even heat distribution
  • You can bake 3 trays at once


  • Short warranty
  • Not self-cleaning
  • Timer can be fiddly to adjust
  • Doesn’t come with a 3-pin plug
  • Type: Built-in Oven
  • Capacity: 72 L
  • Dimensions: L59.4 × D56.8 x H59.4 cm
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: ~$645

Tips On How To Choose An Oven

We already touched on the types of oven functions earlier.

However, let’s look at these factors more closely:

1. Usage (Cooking capacity)

Be honest with yourself. How often do you really plan to bake, grill or roast?

And if you do, will it be one or two trays?

If you’re going to bake large quantities frequently, double ovens do exist!

For aspiring chefs, look for a convection oven with a third element that is close to the fan!

Cooking capacity for ovens is measured in liters, L.

2. Size

How much room do you have in your kitchen for an oven?

If your kitchen is already built up, you need to measure the allotted space carefully. And choose an oven based on those dimensions.

Built-in ovens require some allowance space around them for adequate ventilation too. In addition to their cavity dimensions.

3. Budget/ Versatility

As you would expect, multifunctional ovens cost more. So think twice if you’re really going to use all the cooking/ baking/ roasting/ grilling functions that come with one!

4. Safety

Doors with multiple layers of glass can hold heat better. And are cool to touch from the outside.

5. Self Cleaning

Some high end ovens come with this:

This function may use extreme temperature (~ 500°C) to turn any food residue into ash. That you can wipe off easily afterwards.

The exact term for this is pyrolytic cleaning.


If you bake or grill very often but in small quantities, the best electric oven in Singapore 2021 is a counter top oven, like the value-for-money model by Tefal, OF464E!

Avid bakers will find other recommendations at the top of this post!

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Competent Singapore Gas Stove with Multiple Recorders

Browse the huge Singapore Gas Stove directory on They use a variety of gaseous fuels. gas stove singapore use electronic or battery ignition. They are functional and an attractive addition to the kitchen.

gas stove singapore There are several recording devices on They are used in everyday life and restaurants.They are made of stainless materials such as stainless steel or glass. They are made of cast iron with an enamel finish, which makes them durable. They are thick and shaped to fit correctly on the panel. The hotplates have different speeds, such as fast and half-speed, to control the cooking speed. They are equipped with a fire protection device that extinguishes the flame in the event of a gas interruption. The cooking zones are made of ceramic material to ensure even cooking.

Throw a party or get things done faster with these products. gas stove singapore have several burners for cooking different dishes at the same time. They are suitable for a variety of kitchen utensils, including enamel, iron pan, etc. These items have brass caps for efficient heat transfer. The design of the products allows economical use of fuel. They are benchtop or wall mounted and easy to install and maintain.In addition, they use less energy, so running costs remain low. Products are manufactured for several thousand fires for long-term use. They can be adequately cleaned by peeling. Products keep users safe.

Get profitable gas stove Singapore offers on The listed suppliers sell excellent products with exceptional service. Customizable and reliable shipping options.Submit your offer now and ensure the best value for money.

RESULTS OF CHUVASHTORGTEKHNIKA JSC. Abat official website, combi ovens, serving lines, stoves, cabinets, boilers, pans …

Food & Hotel Asia-201 8 , Singapore – one of the largest in Asia and the Asia-Pacific region is an exhibition for all world manufacturers of equipment for the restaurant business.This year, at the Abat stand, the following products of the Abat trademark were demonstrated to guests and participants of the event during 4 exhibition days (April 24-27) at Suntec Singapore :

– boiler combi steamers PKA-10-1 / 1PP2 and PKA-10-1 / 1PM2-01;
– ventilation umbrellas ZVV-800
– shock freezer SHOK-10-1 / 1AEF
– convection ovens KEP-10P, KEP-10 on racking cabinets ShRT-12;
– mini-combi steamer PKA-6-1 / 2P;
– cooking pot KPEM-100-OMP;
– high-temperature cooking kettle KPEM-60-OMR-V;
– cooking pot KPEM-160-OM2 with a drain valve;
– gas boiler KPGM-60-OMR;
– gas boiler KPGM-160 / 9T;
– potato cleaning machines MKK-300-01 and MKK-500-01;
– gas tilting pan GSK-90-0.67-120;
– device for contact processing GAKO-90P;
– gas stove PGK-47N-01;
– gas grill GK-40N;
– gas lava grill GLK-40N;
– gas boiler GVK-40.1H ;
– gas deep fryer GFK-40.1N;
– gas bain-marie GMK-40N.

And we are pleased to remind you of our partner in Asia:
NO. 49, JALAN 12 / 118B, DESA TUN RAZAK,
[email protected]
tel: 03-91738200, 91736722, 91732866

Taking this opportunity, we would like to remind you that we offer to the attention of our dealers a wide range of products for exhibiting in exhibition halls – in this regard, please contact the marketing department of Chuvashtorgtechnika JSC.We are always happy to answer your questions!

Chemists figured out how to quickly “freeze” natural gas for safe storage and transportation

Scientists in Singapore have invented a way to easily convert natural gas into a convenient and safe solid state. As such, it can be transported in conventional freezers at atmospheric pressure.

The achievement is described in a scientific article published in the journal Energy & Environmental Science.

Today’s world is hard to imagine without natural gas. It is used not only by gas stoves and gas boilers in homes, but also by entire power plants. More and more vehicles are emerging using this most environmentally friendly of all fossil fuels.

But the transportation of natural gas remains a big problem. For technical, economic, and sometimes political reasons, a gas pipeline cannot be laid everywhere. Therefore, a number of countries import liquefied gas in gas tankers.

However, liquefaction of natural gas is expensive, as it requires a temperature of around -160 ° C.

In addition, both methods of transporting natural gas are potentially unsafe. Damage to a gas line or LPG container may result in a leak that could result in an explosion or poisoning.

A promising method for storing and transporting natural gas is converting it into gas hydrates. In this case, the fuel molecules seem to be trapped in ordinary water molecules.As a result, the gaseous substance turns into a solid. In this form, natural gas is absolutely safe and can be stored at temperatures slightly below zero and atmospheric pressure.

However, the technology of converting natural gas into gas hydrates is also not without its drawbacks. Now dangerous poisonous additives are used for this. In addition, the very process of hydrate formation is rather slow.

A solution to this problem was proposed by scientists from Singapore.Note that 95% of the electricity in this small Asian state is generated by burning imported gas, so such studies are very relevant for Singapore.

Researchers have developed their own additive system for the formation of gas hydrates. New additives have low toxicity. In addition, they provide gas hardening in just 15 minutes (this is almost 2.5 times the previous speed record).

Scientists have verified that the resulting hydrates remain stable at atmospheric pressure and -5 ° C.In other words, it can be stored in the freezer of even a household refrigerator. The technology for transporting goods at such a temperature has also been debugged for a long time, because the world consumes a huge amount of frozen products.

The authors also note that a kilogram of natural gas in solid form has almost 90 times less volume than in a normal state. So storing and transporting “gas ice” can be very beneficial.

The developers have already set up a pilot production of a new product with a capacity of one hundred kilograms per day.When the technology is fine-tuned, it could change the natural gas market.

By the way, earlier Vesti.Ru talked about the method of burning natural gas without emissions into the atmosphere. We also wrote about a way to burn oil products in an environmentally friendly manner.

Tours to Singapore. Tips from


As the portal for travelers writes, there are many amazing places in the world that cannot be described in a few words, and one of them is the city-state of Singapore.Where else can the Little India quarter and the Chinese Chinatown, the Orchid Garden and the Singing Fountains, ancient temples and the high-speed metro, the Butterfly Park and a huge oceanarium with an 80-meter underwater tunnel coexist?

Singapore resembles an oasis of civilization in the middle of the tropics, in the architecture of which the tiled roofs of one-story houses and mirrored skyscrapers perfectly coexist.

Tours to Singapore are booked by a variety of categories of tourists, including business people and shopping lovers. For shopping in Singapore, you don’t even have to leave the building of Changi Airport – the largest airport in Southeast Asia, which looks more like a shopping and cultural and entertainment center with endless shops, restaurants, computer rooms, jacuzzis and greenhouses.

When choosing tours to Singapore and planning your vacation, do not forget to make one of the most beautiful zoos in the world with the rarest animals, the Bukit Tima Reserve, the Bird and Reptile Park in Jurong and the Tropical Aquarium as a must-see. Going on vacation to Singapore, you must definitely visit Sentosa Island, connected to Singapore by a bridge and a funicular.

Enjoy a day on this island with a visit to the Vulcanoland amusement park, the Spice Garden, a virtual reality cinema and the Terracotta Warriors Museum.If you are tired of walking, then you can settle down on the magnificent beaches with white sand, which is specially brought here from the islands of Oceania. Sandy beaches stretch for 3.5 kilometers, and on weekdays they are almost deserted, so nothing prevents tourists from enjoying not only educational, but also passive beach holidays in Singapore. It is better to book tours to Singapore during the summer season, and although the air temperature during the year does not drop below +26 C, it often rains here in autumn and spring.

Singapore brings together not only Chinese, Indian and Arab cultures, but also past, present and future.After visiting the skyscraper street of Orchad Road, with its first-class hotels, restaurants and nightclubs, you can find yourself in the Chinese district with old architecture or in the colorful Indian quarter. Singapore is considered one of the safest places for tourists, and if you speak English, you can safely book tours to Singapore, as most of the country’s residents speak and understand English.

Going on vacation to Singapore, it is better not to take cigarettes and chewing gum with you, as in public places you will have to pay a serious fine for your “unseemly” habits.All Singaporeans are obsessed with cleanliness, with ongoing campaigns to keep streets and public spaces in perfect order. If you observe and respect local traditions, you can stock up on a whole kaleidoscope of impressions of your vacation in Singapore, because not every country can boast of such a variety of ethnic, cultural and natural resources.

Professional and industrial gas stoves for the kitchen of cafes and restaurants

The stove is a necessary functional element of any catering enterprise (diner, canteen, restaurant).Industrial models differ from household models in greater power, since they are used more intensively, as well as in the presence of additional functions.

Why are industrial gas stoves so popular today

Many consumers opt for gas options. In a modern design, professional models have a number of advantages, thanks to which consumers prefer them:

  • In some cases, it is more efficient to heat products on such equipment than on electric ones.By adjusting the gas flow, you can instantly change the intensity of the flame.

  • Connection can be made to both bottled gas and main gas.

  • Modern options are safe during operation. Each device is equipped with an auto-ignition and gas control system.

How to make the right choice:

The models available on the pages of our online store can be classified according to a number of characteristics:

  1. According to the principle of installation and dimensions – floor and table.

  2. According to the number of burners:

  • two-burner – convenient and compact household appliances for small catering establishments;

  • 4-burner gas stove has 4 burners, made of cast iron, can be either tabletop or on a stand;

  • 6 burners – a powerful enough model that allows you to cook several dishes at the same time, many models are equipped with a removable tray.

  1. Optionally available – with oven or with heated grill surface,

  2. According to the materials used for the manufacture of the case – stainless steel , , there are also models with an enamel coating.

To select and buy the equipment that will best meet your needs, analyze the following characteristics:

  • safety in use;

  • compliance with the interior style of the kitchen;

  • ergonomics of the model;

  • technological characteristics;

  • functional features;

  • easy maintenance.

You can familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics and features, choose the best model for yourself on the pages of our online store. In a wide assortment, you will certainly find the one that will satisfy all your needs!

Portable and stable gas stove with piezo ignition for trekking TREK 500 FORCLAZ


This plate complies with the EN 521 standard. This plate can only be used with Decathlon – Forclaz butane / propane cylinders, 100 g, 230 g and 450 g.Decathlon cylinders comply with EN 417 and are compatible with Trek 500 Light and Trek 500 Remote Decathlon – Forclaz boards. Read the instructions and precautions given in the instructions that came with the cooker.

Installing the stove and connecting the gas cylinder

Install the gas cylinder only in a ventilated place, preferably outdoors, away from people and flammable materials, avoid the presence of flames, heat sources, sparks.Make sure the gas hob is completely closed and that the O-ring is present and in good condition. Make sure the cylinder is on a stable, horizontal surface. Don’t shake it.

Installing the stove and connecting the gas cylinder (continued)

Install the device and screw in the cylinder by hand, turning it clockwise until it stops, so as not to damage the threads. When dismantling the cylinder, follow the same rules. It is dangerous to use any other type of slabs other than those of the Decathlon – Forclaz brand.
If, when connecting the cylinder to the stove, there is a small “puff” (gas leak) for less than 2 seconds, this is normal.

Dimensions and weight

Plate weight: 170 g
Cover weight: 15 g
Dimensions: Ø 18 x h. 11 cm. Sizes folded: l. 11 x h. 11 cm.

Weight, volume and size may vary slightly due to manufacturing tolerances.

Ease of use

Tripod stand for pots, perfect for Forclaz Trek 500 stainless steel cookware (Ø 13.5 cm).
Flexible metal hose 31 cm long for remote cartridge installation and easy ignition.
Installation: Place the plate on a flat, free surface. Screw the hose end onto the cartridge and position it away from the stove. Open the flow control valve, turn on the piezo ignition (several times, if necessary). Your stove is on.

Heating time

Internal testing yields values ​​that reflect actual conditions of use.In fact, we are testing our cookers with a Trek 500 stainless steel cookware filled with 1 liter of water.
Result: Heating time for boiling 1 liter of water: 3 minutes 23 seconds.
Actual power: 2500 watts. Actual consumption: 181 g / h.
The results and performance of different slabs should be analyzed in comparable ways (under similar conditions and parameters).

Heating time (continued)

Hot plate heating time is a regulated process that must be subject to certification in the EU, but it does not necessarily reflect the actual conditions of use.
Parameters of EN521 standard (degree of heating):
Propane gas at 3 bar pressure, without cylinder.
Results: 4.1 kW / 292.5 g / h

Performance and consumption

The characteristics and performance of the stove are influenced by many parameters: atmospheric pressure, wind and humidity, etc., therefore, the boiling point, heating time and the number of heated liters per cylinder may vary. We strongly recommend that you use a wind shield to optimize your gas consumption.Thus, the performance of the cooker is estimated depending on the ratio of the consumed gas and the heating rate.

Eco concept

We care about the environment, therefore, in the development and production of the product, we used an eco-concept, in particular, we refused to treat surfaces that have no functions other than aesthetic. Thus, we have given up painting and anodizing all parts (legs and support of the pan, outlet pipe, gas flow adjustment, etc.).of this slab, while guaranteeing its performance, performance and durability.

Eco-concept (continued)

These actions help limit the environmental impact of your product.

Singapore Islands Yacht Tour + The Song of the Sea Show

Treat yourself to a unique new sailing excursion in the coastal waters of Singapore!

The territory of Singapore consists of a main island and 63 small islets that surround it.

South of Singapore there are two small picturesque islands: Lazarus Island and Sister Island. Despite the fact that the islands are small, the choice of activities is huge! Soft sand, azure waters, tropical nature and seclusion – all this awaits you during the walk and on the yacht.

Here you can swim, sunbathe, swim with masks and fins and even go diving (recommended only for experienced divers).

If you love boat trips, wind, freedom, sun and sea, sailing on a yacht and prefer to spend your vacation in a special way, then our yacht excursion with a Russian captain, who will lay the route through the most beautiful corners of Singapore waters, will suit you in the best way!

Yachting excursion to the islands of Singapore + Show “Song of the Sea”

The excursion will end with a laser show near Sentosa Island – you can watch it directly from the yacht.A laser show is projected onto water screens, asalutes soaring upward along with shocks of fire and jets of water are indescribable delight. This is a must-see. The show starts at 19.40.

Singapore – Singapore Islands Yacht Tour + The Song of the Sea Show

Cost: US $ 3,800 per excursion per group.

Maximum number of people: 16.

The price includes:

  • Transfer hotel – pier – hotel.
  • Accompaniment of a Russian guide-interpreter.
  • Russian captain.
  • Catamaran / yacht.
  • Stewardess or stewart services.
  • Snorkeling equipment.

Yacht excursion to the islands of Singapore + Show “Song of the Sea”

The price does not include:

At the request of the customer, it is possible to order ready-made food on board. You can order food and cook separately. The cook is paid additionally. Price: $ 300 Singapore per day.You can cook it yourself. The catamaran has all the dishes, cutlery, gas stove, grill and stove.

Yacht excursion to the islands of Singapore + Show “Song of the Sea”


From 12 days to 20.00. Pick up time at the hotel at 11.00.

It is recommended to take with you:

  • Sunscreen.
  • T-shirts with long sleeves and bucket hats.

Yacht excursion to the islands of Singapore + Show “Song of the Sea”

Description of the catamaran / yacht

Oceanic catamaran, French construction, 2006.

Length – 15 meters. The range is unlimited.

Maximum speed: on motors – 12 knots per hour, on sails – up to 20 knots per hour, depending on the wind.

Sailing excursion to the islands of Singapore + Show “Song of the Sea”

Sailing excursion to the islands of Singapore + Show “Song of the Sea”

Sailing excursion to the islands of Singapore + Show “Song of the Sea” 9000 Queen Cabins:

  • size 1 DBL , shower and toilet in the cabin.

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