Garden themed table setting: A Garden Party Table Setting, TablesScape


A Garden Party Table Setting, TablesScape

Welcome to the 36th Tablescape Thursday!

Let’s have a Garden Party out on the porch!


Come on over and have a seat…so glad you’re here.


Garfield says, “Life is short, eat dessert first.” I like the way he thinks! We’re having Oreo Dirt Cheesecake, complete with yummy worms.


I lit the candles in our little greenhouse. I know it’s not dark out yet, but nightfall is coming.


The greenhouse is covered in flowers for our garden party.


Garden gloves worked well for napkin rings.  The napkins are just tucked up under the little band on the outside of each glove. The gloves were only $1 a pair at Dollar Tree so that’s six napkin rings for $3. Can’t beat that deal!


Since the main colors in this tablescape are green and pink, I used both green and pink gloves.


The cabbage plates are Bordallo Pinheiro, made in Portugal and were from HomeGoods.

 The chargers come from a very exclusive, high-end china shoppe called The Home Depot. They are 12 inch, terra–cotta (clay) saucers, the type that typically go under large clay pots. The “fancy” dessert bowls came from the same place.


We’ll be dining by candlelight tonight.  Oh, how I love these summer evenings on the porch!  While we await nigthfall, let me show you how I made our dessert.


You’ll need these ingredients pictured below.  Actually, I used one more of the Jell-O Cheesecake and one less bag of Oreo cookies.


You’ll need six, new, 3 or 4-inch terra-cotta (clay) glazed flower pots, thoroughly washed. (I used 4-inch pots.) Even with glazed pots, line the inside of the pot with aluminum foil, just to be safe. Another option would be to use plastic cups inside, cutting them down to the right height for the pot.

You also need six flowers, either real or faux.  Gerbera daisies work really well. I opted for faux flowers and bought a big bunch for $1 at Dollar Tree. (Important: If you use real flowers, make sure they are pesticide-free.)


You’ll need three boxes of the cheesecake mix if you use 4-inch pots. I found the Jell-O brand at Publix. Of course, you could make your cheesecake from scratch, if you like. Prepare your cheesecake per the directions on the box.


While your cheesecake mix is mixing away, place a cookie in the bottom of each clay pot to cover the little hole, if you didn’t line the pots with aluminum foil or didn’t use a cup inside.  Note:  I do recommend using a cup inside or lining the pots with aluminum foil.  That’s probably safer and you won’t need the cookie to plug the hole.  Most recipes suggest using vanilla wafers to plug the hole but I used little shortbread cookies since I like those better.


Spoon your cheesecake mixture into each pot, stopping 1/2 inch from the top.


Now, the recipes I found said to use a plastic straw for this next part, but I found these cute little cereal straws and thought they would be more fun.  Plus, they are edible!


One cereal straw, cut in half, was the perfect height for the pot, so it only took 3 straws for all 6 pots.  Just press the straw down into the center of the cheesecake mixture. If you find one is a tad tall, just snip off the top a bit with your kitchen scissors.

Now, for the fun part!  I bought some gummy worms at Dollar Tree.  Take a worm and position him on your cheesecake, like he’s slithering right out of the pot.   So fun!


You’ll probably only need one bag of Oreos for this next part; that was all I used. I broke up the Oreos before putting them into my mini-Cuisinart.


I used my little Cuisinart to crush them, instead of my big one so it took 3 batches to get them all done.  If you use a full-size Cuisinart, you could probably crush the whole bag at once.


Ahhhhh, good rich dirt! Yum!


Sprinkle your “dirt” over the top of your pots. Then chill them in the frig until you are ready to serve.

At serving time, poke the little flower stem down into the cereal straw in the center of your cheesecake. Place a worm or two on the saucer of the pot for some added fun.


How about some magical night time pics. As I took these photos and looked at them later, I was amazed by the beautiful, deep blue of the sky!

Update: Later I realized I caught the “Blue Hour” in my photo.  Have you heard of the Blue Hour?  You can read all about it in this post: The Secret of the Blue Hour.


We’re dining by candlelight this evening.



An “above” view of our centerpiece…


Thanks for coming to the Garden Party!


Can’t wait to see all the tablescapes posted for this Tablescape Thursday!

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26 Gorgeous Tablescapes for Outdoor Entertaining

Sargeant Creative

From gardens parties to beachside cookouts, these colorful tables have all the trappings for the perfect end-of-summer party. Bid the season farewell in style with 26 of our favorite tablescapes.

View Gallery 26 Photos

1 of 26

Cozy Garden Party

This cozy garden party is perfect for the late dinner that turns into a late-night summer affair (complete with fireflies and potentially a bonfire). Stay comfy and warm by providing pillows and blankets for your guests. Complete the look with some of the last freshly cut flowers of the season.

Via Cottage In The Oaks

2 of 26

In-Season Fruit As Decor

Designed by Sitting In A Tree, this tablescape used vibrant shades of berry and tangerine and layered serape blankets for a sophisticated spin on a Mexican-inspired fiesta.

Via Inspired By This

3 of 26

A Touch Of The Tropics

What says summer more than tropical leaves and sea glass?

Via Ruffled Blog

4 of 26

Perfect Pottery

Traditional Delft pottery, paired with abundant white blooms, feels both fresh and utterly timeless.

Via Green Wedding Shoes

5 of 26

Playful Flower Arrangements

This summer wedding is all about the cheer — from the freshly picked wildflowers and playful striped straws, to the adorable marmalade jars and bright yellow accents.

Via Etsy Weddings

6 of 26

Candlelit Lanterns

Nestled into the garland table runner, candlelit lanterns set the mood and create instant atmosphere for this barn wedding.

Via Happy Wedd

7 of 26

Mix And Match

Family-style fixings, mixed and matched plates, and Turkish towels used as napkins keep this seaside clam bake laid back and fun.

Via Style Me Pretty Living

8 of 26

All About The Drama

Used as a dramatic centerpiece, this classic porcelain vase gives a sense of formality to the casual gingham tablecloth and mason jar glassware.

Via Grace Happens

9 of 26

Butcher Paper As A Table Cloth

A butcher paper table runner and mismatched vintage chairs make for an informal yet elegant design, without breaking the bank.

Via Style Me Pretty

10 of 26

Sophisticated English

Preserved boxwoods on tiered iron stands give this table, designed by PAPERISTA, a formal, English-inspired look.

Via Style Me Pretty

11 of 26

A Dark Fantasy

Tall black urns and glass cloches make for unique centerpieces and help draw the eye down the table.

Via Indeed Decor

12 of 26

Elements From Nature

Abundance is key to a P. Allen Smith’s tablescape, layered with moss, bowls of grapes and cakestands of different heights to create a dynamic look for his al fresco luncheon.

Via Ay Mag

13 of 26

All About Gingham

Gingham is the unofficial pattern of summer, adding a dose of color and playfulness to this neutral and minimalist tablescape.

Via Style At Home

14 of 26

Communal Seating

A long table adds instant drama, while a blue, white and pink palette never goes out of style.

Via Studio M

15 of 26

Romantic Draping

Acrylic Louis chairs provide an airy, modern edge to this country trestle table and romantic setting.

Via Oak & The Owl

16 of 26

Moroccan Vibes

Oversize lanterns and an olive branch garland give a laid-back, Moroccan feel to this poolside party.

Via Green Wedding Shoes

17 of 26

Subtly Beachy

This blue and white tablescape hints at a nautical theme without making it obvious or forced. Whitewashed shells dot the table runner, while the placecards are stamped with tiny anchors.

Via Burnetts Boards

18 of 26

Pillow Layering

For this bohemian backyard bash, designer Jessie Capstick layered rugs and pillows to create comfortable floor seating, allowing for a more intimate and relaxed dinner.

Via Inspired By This

19 of 26

Edible Flowers

Designer Morgan Childs took the flower crown craze one step further by garnishing this wedding cake with delicate blooms for a fresh and colorful dessert table.

Via Moana Events

20 of 26

A Chandlier Of Flowers

Sarah and Robin of GATHER Events used bountiful hanging blooms to lend a soft, romantic vibe to this lofty industrial space.

Via GATHER Events

21 of 26

Vintage Finds

Vintage plates and flatware add a unique, personal touch to this summer wedding.

Via Fête Nashville

22 of 26

Casual Seating

Antonia Christianson used wine bottle covers as a clever marker for table numbers, while a light linen table runner and washed wood chairs brighten up the dark table.

Via Antonia Christianson Events

24 of 26

An Unexpected Color Scheme

Who said dark hues are only reserved for winter and fall tablescapes? Event designer Ron Wendt used a rich brocade tablecloth and deep purple tones, with gold tableware from L’Objet as a luxe compliment to the painted pastoral backdrop.

Via Ron Wendt Design.

25 of 26

Decadent Dinnerware

Wood chargers and emerald goblets make for an garden party scheme that’s polished yet organic.

Via Two Fold LA

26 of 26

Jewel Tones

Spring’s burgeoning blooms were the inspiration for Svitlana Flom’s tablescape. Bernardaud’s “Le Jardin Indien” porcelain tableware acts as a canvas, while jewel tones like emerald reflect the light.

Via Art de Fête

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10 Garden-Themed Place Settings | HGTV

Garden at the Table

Beautiful place settings can be found in infinite varieties, but the most beautiful almost always include elements of nature. This gallery will give you ideas on incorporating flowers, fruit and more into your wedding reception place settings.

Balls of Flowers

Create interesting centerpieces by arranging flower domes on your table. Use shallow bowls, saucers and wide mugs as a base. Add a little water and arrange your first layer of flowers with the blooms just hanging over the edge and the stems in the center. Add the second layer, bringing them slightly inwards and letting them rest on the first. Continue building your flower dome until you can place the final flower in the top center hole.

Mossy Twigs

The most important aspect of beautiful decor is consistency. For this decor idea we used carnations, mossy twigs and white tulle in our place setting, centerpiece and chair decor to tie everything together. Mossy branches are uniquely beautiful when placed with a variety of flowers and can be found in many interesting shapes and colors.

Napkin Bouquet

Add miniature bouquets to each place setting by using your guest’s glass and napkin. Begin by creating a small bouquet of flowers and tying the stems together. Place the napkin in the glass by pushing the center of the napkin to the bottom of the glass, letting the edges fan out of the top. Nestle your tiny bouquet in the folds of the napkin and add the glass to your place setting.

Glasses of Flowers

For a stunning centerpiece, fill a variety of glass containers with flower blossoms. Use glass containers of various heights and shapes for interest. Cut the stems off the flowers right at the base of the blossom and fill the jars. For a yellow and blue color scheme we mixed blueberries in with the flowers. The shape and color of fruit often contrasts nicely with flowers and can help make your centerpiece really unique.

Cascading Flowers

Large cascades of flowers can be a bit time consuming, but they are stunning additions to your table decorations. If you don’t want to make one for every chair at your reception, consider making them for the wedding party or even just the bride and groom. Use floral wire to weave your flowers, fruit or whatever else you are using together in a triangular shape.

Floral Table Cloth

For a unique approach, try using a beautiful floral table cloth instead of real flowers for your place setting. Complement the woven flowers with interesting greenery and dried woodland elements. We accented this place setting with a few succulent clippings, ivy leaves, pinecones and a twisted root.

Pinecone Centerpiece

Create interesting centerpieces by combining contrasting elements such as ivy leaves and pinecones. Give your arrangement a feeling of controlled chaos by paying careful attention to the direction and placement of your different elements. Use carefully hidden hot glue or wire to hold all of your elements securely together.

Floral Dishes

If you want to keep your table cloth simple, try painting flowers on your dishes. Find ceramic paint in your local arts and crafts store and follow the directions to create food safe, permanent paintings on your plates, silverware and even glasses.

Simple Flowers

These flowers are simple to paint, even if you don’t have a lot of experience. Use a round, pointed brush to create thin lines of green for your stems, and then dab on your petals with a slightly larger brush. If you have a lot of painting to do, try throwing a painting party. You’ll have a blast and your helpers will treasure using the hand-painted dishes later.

5 Garden Party Table Settings with Floom

Everybody loves a dinner party but you know what’s better than a dinner party? A garden party. All the fun of a dinner party but in the well-tended outdoors and, if the BBC weather app hasn’t failed you, with lashings of sunshine and warm weather. And like most things in life, a little extra effort can take the enjoyment a lot further. That’s why we like to pull out all the stops with our table settings.

Our flower-delivering friends at Floom feel the same. So they asked a bunch of their florists to create floral table arrangements inspired by our most summer-garden-party-friendly table setting sets. Take inspiration, take the dining table outside, and take a seat.

Jungle Bloom
Our perennially popular Jungle Bloom print by fashion designer Matthew Williamson partners with this alluring cornflower display by Wabana. So get the table ready for a wild night out (at the back of the house) with colour-popping crockery and napkins to match your blooms and menus. To highlight the blues, you could also try this arrangement with our Midsummer suite.

Paradise Florals
Design by Nature have created an exotic display to complement our Paradise Florals menus from illustrator Emma Block. Let the flowers and menus do the talking and keep the table linens and china pared back in neutral greys, faded greens and finish with shimmery gold cutlery.

Blooming Peonies
Big, bold and pastel pink – Studio Smudge’s glorious arrangement of stunning peonies, sweet peas, irises and trailing passion flower tendrils alongside Emma Block’s gorgeous, watercolour menu design is a match made in dusky, summer-skied heaven.

Decorate the table with rich green foliage and earthy ceramics, grab a bottle of rosato, a bowl of olives and head for the Tuscan hills (in spirit at least) with this Italian-inspired print by Peggy & Kate. Just ignore the rattle of the Overground in the background.

Duchess Garden Mint
Matthew Williamson’s Duchess Garden Mint design and English Flower Arrangement’s equally vivid floral display make a perfect match for an exceedingly English garden party. This arrangement deserves a daring table setting, so be bold with colourful linens and accessories – we love these pink glasses!

Ready for your garden party? Pick some flowers up from Floom and flick through our collection of menus and place names.

Green and Gorgeous Garden-Inspired Table Settings

Whether you’re headed for the depths of winter, or just emerging into spring, there’s something inevitably appealing about a table setting that features natural ephemera. From the more obvious (flowers) to the more unusual (vegetables?), tablescapes that reflect the season are a celebration of the season.

But garden-centric arrangements plus dishware and napkins can be tough to pull off. Take inspiration from the tables below, which echo great table setting advice for any time of year. Either keep it simple and mix it up (leaving plenty of white space so unique details can be enjoyed), or go for broke but limit yourself to a chosen color scheme.

Romantic and Elegant

Flowers and plants can of course be very, very romantic. This table setting features fresh from the garden flowers as well as a creative light source fashioned from Christmas lights, bark and roots. The theme is echoed in the tall vases on the tables, which allow guests to see each other easily under the flowers (or over the short arrangements in the middle).

A rustic and romantic table

This gorgeous summer dinner table may be on the lawn, and seating may be pillows, but that doesn’t mean it’s not sophisticated. A simple layout with garden-plucked blooms makes this large dinner party both fancy and fun.

This elegant setup lends new meaning to the concept of ‘pool party’

Super Simple

Keep it simple at a weekend brunch with sweet spring blooms; here just pink cherry blossoms grace the table—a bright blue jar brings a touch more color to the table, and pink glasses complement the flowers. Off to the side, bright yellow daffodils draw the eye and bring a spot of sunny warmth while keeping the vignette from being overwhelmingly pink and blue.

A simple background means spring flowers stand out

This summer tablescape from Martha Stewart uses herbs you already have (or can enjoy later), along with brightly painted paper tablecloths. Simple, colorful, low-waste and fun for a summer’s lunch party.

A simple blue and white and green tablescape

Wildflowers & Natives

Proving that even wildflowers can be quietly elegant, this table setting by Athena Calderone utilized native flowers, herbs and greenery, as well as simple brown glass bottles for a farm-hosted gathering.

Look what’s growing around you and use it for table setting ideas

You absolutely don’t need a lot of money to create a gorgeous tablescape. Case in point: In the gloriously sunny spring-summer spread below, the humble dandelion is gathered into jam jars and paired with bowls of lemons, local white flowers with greenery left on, and a vintage lace tablecloth. Perfection for pennies.

Lemons and dandelions; both incredibly common, used here to lovely effect

Veggies Galore

Who says you have to use flowers to bring the outdoor vibe to your table setting? How about garden-fresh veggies in a panoply of colors and textures, as in this example below? Topped off with a take-home gift of jam, it’s a little different, and totally memorable.

Luscious tomatoes and seasonal greens make a lovely (and edible) centerpiece

Native wildflowers, lettuces and purple artichokes make this fruit-and-veggie combo table incredibly lush, visually interesting, and perfectly romantic for the couple it’s for (one half of the duo is a green thumb!).

Instead of extra chairs, a sofa provides seating on one side

If you are in a more autumnal state of affairs, of course harvest foods also make gorgeous centerpieces and decor as well, as in this pretty table set for dinner in a fall field.

55+ Best Summer Table Decoration Ideas and Designs for 2021

Summer time is fast approaching! School’s out; vacation time is in! BBQs, picnics, 4th of July parties and all sorts of summer fun events are starting to fill out our calendars. This time of year is full of bright colors in our garden beds, beach towels, and clothing – wonderful inspiration for all things decorative. So when you’re planning your summertime fun parties, you’ll have a host of ideas for ways to decorate your home and patio. Set the stage, or table in this case, for your parties by creating some whimsical, elegant, and fun summer table decorations.

55+ Elegant, Whimsical, and Fun Summer Table Decorations to Inspire You This Season

Summer table decorations are a great way to involve your kids too! With school out, you may have some crafty kids wondering what they can do. Have them help you in your next DIY project by making beautiful table centerpieces. You might even have many of the tools and materials already around your home – a cupboard full of vases, your own flowers to cut in the yard, perhaps even your own citrus and fruit trees! Pull out the ribbon and twine from your crafty bins and start planning your summer table decorations. Here are 55+ ideas to get you well on your way to celebrating summer!

1. Casual Rustic Outdoor Table Setup

Source: sanctuaryhomedecor. com

If you are interested in a more laidback summer style for your table decorations, consider this casual, rustic approach. This works well whether you have a classic wooden table indoors or outdoors. You can complement it with some nature-themed décor such as leaf placemats for the dishes and potted flowers for the centerpieces. Stick to light, gentle colors so that the setup won’t be overwhelming and instead remain simplistic and relaxing.

2. Beautiful Coastal Theme Table Décor


You can bring parts of the beach to your home using gentle coastal style décor. Using a mixture of white and light colors like bright blue provide some accent to the setup so that it stands out appropriately. You can add some colored vases for candles or bright flowers for that pop of color. Also, consider burlap for extra decorations such as on the napkin rings or the placemats to really take the beach, the coastal theme to heart.

3. Simple Vibrant Colored Summertime Tablescape

Source: aratariathome. com

For those of you in need of a quick table setup that you can throw together in minutes, then this straightforward summer décor may be ideal. Foods like lemons and oranges are classic summer items, so use them successfully in this décor by finding plates and napkins with images of the fruits on them. They’re vividly colored and instantly get attention. Throw in a tall vase with summer flowers inside to round everything out.

4. Farmhouse-Style Pink and Blue Summer Tablescape


You can stick to your home’s natural farmhouse theme with this rustic summertime table décor. Since this style is generally simple, you can gather up casual items like mason jars for the centerpieces and textured placemats. Stick to the pink and blue theme for fun accent colors such as using blue jars with pink flowers. Nothing too fancy is needed as simple white plates and some napkins can complete this table décor.

5. Warm and Colorful Flower-Themed Table Décor

Source: everydayliving. me

Nothing quite says “summer” like warm-toned flowers, so if you find a tablecloth with a bouquet of gorgeous summertime flowers, you can use that as a starting point to complete your table decorations. Try finding flowers similar to the ones on the tablecloth to use as a centerpiece. From there, you can lay down napkins that match some of the colors but consider sticking to burlap placemats for a simplistic touch.

6. Checkered Pattern and Flower Themed Decorations


These summer table ideas balance a slightly formal style with a hint of quirkiness. The black and white checkered patterned plates and serving dishes can give a bold look, working well alongside the brighter, summer colors and flowered centerpieces. If you want a bit more pop, you can always switch out standard glassware and serve guests and family in decorative glasses that feature summer theme art like butterflies.

7. Watermelon Centerpiece with Summer Flowers

Sometimes all it takes is a quality centerpiece to bring summer life to your dining table. Nothing is as unique as taking fruit and transforming it into a vase, and watermelon is the perfect food to use. It’s a classic and effective way to not let any part of the melon go to waste. Once it’s cut and cleaned out, simply place a mason jar inside to hold the flowers, but all anyone will see is the distinctive watermelon with gorgeous summer flowers growing out of it.

8. Perfect Coastal Mediterranean Summer Style


The Mediterranean is always a fun look, especially when you’re sticking to a summer theme. There’s a great balance of light and dark accents since this idea blends both the standard Mediterranean look alongside a coastal design. Various shades of blue are a good choice here, and you can create a good flow by adding some greenery for the centerpiece.

9. Easy Beach House Theme Table Design

If you have a large wooden table in need of some decorating, try out a beach style. It’s a wonderful way to take advantage of an oversized table, bringing more focus to the entire layout. You can start with a lightly colored tablecloth for accent, and from there, you may want to start working more on the beach theme by throwing in some decorative shells, starfish, and more. It can further help to use a combination of different shades of blue when it comes to the centerpieces, dishware, and napkins.

10. Sliced Lemon Floral Centerpiece Arrangement

Summer and lemonade go hand-in-hand with one another. You can put a spin on that with this incredible centerpiece. Adding a number of sliced lemons to a tall glass vase creates a fun, attention-grabbing aesthetic. From there, you can create a gorgeous floral arrangement using some of your favorite flowers. Try to go with some brightly colored ones that aren’t too big as to detract from the sliced lemon vase.

11. Relaxed Outdoor Summer Vibe Décor


There are times when you don’t want to spend too much on decorating your table, so instead, you can get some simple items and turn them into something incredible. Vibrant colors aren’t always needed. Instead, try your hand at various beige and brown tones. They can add some texture to your table while also creating a beach vibe. You can always throw in some napkins with lighter tones if you want a touch of color.

12. Simple Patriotic Flag Centerpiece Idea

Another straightforward and quick approach to decorating your table for the summer is by adding a patriotic touch. This can especially work well around holiday celebrations, but it may also add some life to your home all summer long. It’s one of the simplest feats too as all you need is a cool bowl and some tiny pots to hold the little flags. This is casual, yet successful.

13. Dip-Dyed Pink Faux Flower Vases

This is a simple project you can tackle at home in no time. Simply buy a few vases and drip some paint into them, rotating them until the color is as high as you want it. It’s an affordable way to transform your table décor using vivid pink tones. Once the vases are finished, all you need are some matching faux flowers. The faux plants work better in this case as it preserves the paint so you can use these vases long-term.

14. Bouquet Flower Arrangement with Sliced Lemon Vase


Are you in the mood to make some lemonade for those hot summer days? Instead of creating some to drink, fill up a nice glass jug with some sliced lemons to use as a vase for your flowers. Use a good amount of lemons to take advantage of their lively yellow color to accent your table. It contrasts well with your choice of flowers.

15. Watercolor Faux Flower Table Décor


Minimalistic meets summer with this gently colored table design. You can use some watercolor napkins for a soft touch, adding in some matching glassware. Also, although a flower centerpiece can always capture those summer vibes, you can add some smaller pieces for each place setting that serve as tiny twins for the main flower arrangement. The flowers inside should also stick to the color theme from the rest of the table.

16. Contemporary Rustic Coastal Blend Style


Blending styles is always a fun way to spruce up your home décor. This combination mixes a rustic coastal look with a touch of contemporary. Shades of white such as candles and candle holders look great on a brown wooden table, and they add a nice modern touch. A nice dark vase can align with that rural feel, while the use of colorful flowers that aren’t too bright or too dark brings in the coastal element.

17. Hydrangeas Watering Can Vase Décor


Hydrangeas are simply stunning, and they are a wonderful way to lighten up your home in the summertime. But why stop at using a common vase? You can put a unique twist on the usual centerpiece by just changing the container into a watering can. Consider a white watering can in this instance as it captures the feel of summer better by brightening up the room.

18. Red and White Mason Jar Centerpieces


If you need a different type of food but still want to keep that summer feel, then you can always work cherries into your décor. These brightly colored red treats add the necessary pop of color that will look good on any table. Also, this is a fun project to tackle as you can create the centerpieces yourself using faux cherries on painted mason jars. Just add in some flowers afterward, preferably some red ones mixed with other colors.

19. Floral Arrangement Mason Jar Rustic Décor

This mason jar floral arrangement is great for a farmhouse-style home in the summer. It utilizes painted mason jars well in a cool rural box that fits on any table. You have the option to add the floral arrangements or just purchase the four jars and box so that you can use your flowers of choice instead. Also, the box is designed using different stains upon request.

20. Lemon Shaped Glass Oil Lamp

It’s hard not to think of summer when you see lemons, and this beautiful lemon-shaped oil lamp is an interesting way to add it to your décor. This is a small piece, but handmade crafting allows it to make a powerful statement. What’s fun is that you can add some colorful oils inside to match your specific table décor.

21. Lemon and Bird Table Runner

A good choice in summer décor is using staples like lemons and nature. It’s even better if you can blend them together, and this cotton table runner does just that. This design perfectly meshes the two using slices of lemon on tree branches and birds flying or sitting nearby. If you’re worried about it fitting, the runner comes in three different sizes.

22. Personalized Handmade Sunflower Summer Centerpiece

This handmade project takes a half-gallon mason jar that can be hand-painted in a number of different colors. The personalization comes with selecting your flowers. You can use the ones pictured or you can request specific flowers to create a unique summer centerpiece. If you’re unsure, they give you ideas on the kind of plants they can send with the jar.

23. Cute Farmhouse Lemon Jar Décor

Lemons remain a perfect choice for summertime decorating, and these little gems may bring new life to your home. It comes in a set of two so that you can place them on a single table or use them in different areas around the home. In the short, white painted mason jars are cute lemon greenery trees so you can bring a taste of the summer outdoors to the inside of your home.

24. Olive-Themed Artwork Farmhouse Table Runner

The color of olives and the greenery they grow on can add a remarkable summertime style to your dining room table. This artwork is added well to this runner as it stretches across the entire piece without overwhelming it. It’s made of 100% natural linen too so not only does it look good, but it will feel good for a long time.

25. Ring Summer Floral Arrangement Centerpiece

This handcrafted work is a great twist on common centerpieces. Rather than standing straight up in a vase, this transforms the floral arrangement into a circular style that you can add around anything such as a candle. It uses different shades of pink and salmon flowers for accent, and along with the greenery, it creates a perfect summer sensation.

26. Classic Blue and White Tablescape

This gorgeous table kit uses blue and white tones in an effortless way to enhance your summer style. It comes with everything you need for your next outdoor party. You get the beautiful checkered blue and white tablecloth, napkins, placemats, and the matching goblets. All you need to do is add in some flowers if you wish to round the lookout.

27. Helichrysum and Grasses Table Decorations

This is a wonderful way to spruce up your table in time for the summer. You can order a single portion of the flowers or you can get the set of three. They come alone or you can opt to get the bottle containers with it. Those vases work well too as they’re simple but with a touch of rustic thanks to the natural twine bow tied on them.

28. Summery Citrus Bouquet Vases

Source: centrosdemesa30. com

29. Pretty in Pink Rose Bowl Summer Table Decorations


30. Simply Stunning Wine Bottle Table Decorations


31. Rustic Wood Box Flower Centerpiece

32. Tea Cup Candles Summer Table Decorations


33. Woodland Themed Sticks, Twine, and Posies Table Centerpiece

34. Whimsical Waffle Cone Flower Vase Table Decorations


35. Entwined and Lacey Wine Bottle Flower Vase Decoration


36. Antique Watering Can Flower Vase Table Decoration

37. Romantic Candlelit Beach in a Rose Bowl Table Decoration


38. Flower Ball Bouquet Summer Table Decorations

39. Country Garden Round Jute Placemat Table Decor


40. 3-Tiered Cup and Saucer with Flower Decorations

Source: masymasmanualidades.

41. Enchanted Garden Shabby Chic Birdcage Summer Table Decorations


42. Luau Themed Pretty Pineapples and Palms Table Decorations


43. Fun and Fruity Citrus Flower ‘Vases’ Summer Table Decor

44. Enchanting Peacock Inspired Table Decor with Succulents


45. Cheerful Meadow-Themed Table Decor with Wooden Stump Plates


46. Vintage Inspired Chalk Painted Mason Jar Vases in a Wood Box

47. Vibrant Colored Vases with a Hint of Gold Table Decorations

48. Simple and Elegant Apple Tea Candle Holders

49. Fun and Festive Watermelons and Macaroons Table Decor


50. Dainty Tiered Plate with Macaroons Table Decor

51. Garden Path Grassy Table Runner with Mini Flower Vases


Perfectly Poised Dahlia Flower Bowls with Sand

53. Tropical Island Themed Table Decor


54. Illuminated Fairy Pond Pails with Floating Flower Garden


55. Garden of Eden Pomegranate Foliage Table Decor

56. Tea Time Pot of Flowers Centerpiece


57. Woodland Inspired Miniature Vases and Domed Succulents Table Decor


58. Hurricane Vase Mini Rose Gardens

59. Beautiful Brunch Citrus Table Decor


60. Nostalgic Gold and Glittered Bottle Vases

61. Cottage by the Shore Inspired Hydrangeas and Seashells Decor


62. Delightfully Elegant Cherry Blossom Infused Flower Arrangements


63. Sweet Mini Flower Wreathed Candle Holders

64. Abundant Bouquets with Eucalyptus Table Decor


65. Milk Bottle Flower Vases in a Wood Box

66. Illumined Coral Garden Vases


67. Shabby Chic Inspired Pail Rose Vases

Easy Outdoor Summer Table Setting – Ideas & Tips

In this post I’m sharing easy outdoor summer table setting tips and ideas to help you mix and match for a beautiful and unique table.

It’s a safe bet to say that with summer at our doorsteps, many of us will be spending these warm months outdoors. Summer is a time for keeping things simple and uncomplicated, and in the words of George Gershwin “summertime, an’ the livin’ is easy”…as it should be to enjoy every minute of the day! Thanks to my friend Alicia of A Burst Of Beautiful for putting together a blog tablescape hop today.

My number one tip for setting a table is to always start with the flowers. Hurry, because in the late spring and early summer our favorite PEONIES are available and fleeting! When I think of an easy outdoor summer tablescape you’ll always find an abundance of fresh flowers that are generally accented with blue on the table.

Our outdoor garden space with the trestle table is my favorite place to dine whenever possible.


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Outdoor Summer Table Setting Tips

  • Flowers First – head to your local grocery store or order on-line if you can’t find what you want or live remotely. My flowers were provided by Petal Driven. Alternately you can use faux and there are some excellent choices these days! You’ll find some of my favorite fauxs in THIS POST.
  • Accent Advice – Now that you have your flowers you will have to decide on an accent color for your outdoor table centerpieces. I prefer a grouping that goes down the middle of the table and keep it low for conversation to flow freely.
  • Carry On – Take the color of your flower arrangements and/or summer flower containers into the place settings. I chose blue, which is always a safe bet for summer and you can mix all shades without it looking strange.

The blue flower pots are from several sources that I’ve collaborated with in the past…HomeGoods, At Home Stores and Kirklands. I will add some similar shopping sources at the bottom of this post, so scroll for those! The blue bowls were handthrown by your’s truly and I use my own pottery on a daily basis in our home. Read more about that HERE and shop for similar items below.

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While normally I’m not a huge proponent of paper or plastic, for outdoor living it can be mixed and matched to avoid breakage. The napkins are paper and the flatware and stemware are acrylic. Would you ever know that those wine glasses in this easy outdoor summer tablescape are plastic?! Definitely prevents issues, especially when the party starts to extend to the pool area.


If you use a tall vase, place this one at the end of your table so as not to block the view of guests.

And for outdoor table centerpieces that will last until (or after) dark…don’t forget the candles. There is always an ocean breeze where I live, so they need to be in a glass container. Mix and match and make sure that you have enough ambient light to give your outdoor summer table setting beautiful appeal. Remember (as always) there are no hard or fast rules, so be creative and think outside the box and just have fun. I hope that you feel inspired!

If you enjoy setting a summer table with a casual chic vibe, you’ll want to click over and see these posts too!



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90,000 Table setting in kindergarten. Etiquette.

“Table setting and meals in kindergarten”

“Table setting and food in kindergarten” Prepared by the senior educator: O.V. Pshenichnikova These guidelines for organizing the process of food and table setting in groups are recommended

More details

Use of cutlery

Using the cutlery First cutlery Sitting at the table, take a look around, notice how the table is set. There seems to be a lot of dishes and utensils, but each is in its place, each has its own

More details

Food culture in kindergarten

Food culture in kindergarten Food culture in kindergarten is a science necessary in modern life.Fast food, which looks attractive in an eternal time pressure, strives to displace

More details

Canteen duty in the middle group

Duty in the dining room in the middle group Purpose. Teach children to set the table correctly, educate children in responsibility to the team, caring, and also an understanding of the need for their work for

More details

Food culture in kindergarten.

Food culture in kindergarten. Food culture implies education. “Cultural education begins very early, when a child is very far from literacy, when he has just learned to see well,

More details

Consultation for educators

Consultation for educators Organization of baby food is directly related to dining etiquette and the solution of educational problems, the formation of a culture of behavior at the table in children, the education of cultural and hygienic

More details

Lesson 1.Topic: Basics of table etiquette

Lesson 1 Topic: Basics of table etiquette Etiquette is a set of historically established rules of human behavior in society Rules of table etiquette provide, in particular, the ability to behave

More details

Organization of meals for children in kindergarten.

Organization of meals for children in kindergarten. The most important condition is compliance with hygiene requirements.Tables should be washed with hot water and soap. The junior teacher is obliged to wash his hands thoroughly,

More details

Saint Petersburg 2017

State budgetary educational institution basic general education school 460 of the Pushkin district of St. Petersburg (department of preschool education) Consultation on the topic: “Organization

More details

“Table setting for breakfast”

Regional state educational institution “Novoposelyonovskaya boarding school for orphans and children left without parental care, with disabilities” Methodological development

More details

Dymarenko N.N., Trubitsyna L.A.

Short-term project “My author’s design of the dining table.” From the experience of MBDOU “Kindergarten 8”, Chernushka NN Dymarenko, LA Trubitsyna. “My author’s design of the dining table.” From work experience

More details


CLASS HOUR SCENARIO. TOPIC: ETIQUETTE AND WE. Rationale for choosing a topic: this topic allows you to implement the following areas: 1.broadening the general cultural horizons 2.solving problems of interpersonal communication

More details

Catering culture

The culture of catering Brief historical information. In Russia, the attitude towards table behavior has changed only since the time of Peter I. By his decree, the Russian Academy of Sciences created the book “Youth

More details


YOU COOK FOR YOURSELF AND FRIENDS Everyone can cook! In order to make his life more comfortable and convenient, a person must have an idea of ​​the domestic possibilities available to him, and also be able to

More details

Nutrition and education

Nutrition and education Child at the table.Summarizing the experience of kindergarten teachers over many years, there is a tendency for a radical change in the tastes and habits of modern parents. The diet of the modern

More details

in a preschool educational institution

Municipal preschool educational budgetary institution “Sertolovskiy DSKV 3” Methodical recommendations for organizing meals in a preschool educational institution in the younger group 1.Leading

More details

PROJECT “Eat to your health!”

Municipal budgetary preschool educational institution “Kindergarten 5”, Gus-Khrustalny PROJECT “Eat to your health!” 1 younger group Educators: Drozhzhinova V.L., Salnikova L.V. Topic: “Eat

More details

Rules of conduct for children at the table.

Rules of conduct for children at the table.Everyone has a few unpleasant moments in their memory when a neighbor’s teenager or a kid invited to a children’s party just ruined lunch with their behavior.

More details

Technological map of the training lesson

Technological map of the training lesson Topic of the training lesson: Table setting for breakfast. Lesson type: learning new material Class: 5 Teacher: Olga A. Kasatkina Students know, can: what

More details

Table setting.Anna Matrosova 2014

Table setting Anna Matrosova 2014 TABLE SERVICE According to the number of invitees, dummy plates are placed on the table, and snack bars are placed on them. Napkins folded in a triangle, cap or otherwise, put

More details

Table setting in kindergarten: learning the nuances

Children absorb information like a sponge. Therefore, it is very important to instill in them the correct manners from birth.Food culture is what is needed in modern society. Table setting in kindergarten is of great importance, because this is how order and basic dogmas are instilled in children that will be used in life in the future. We will talk about what educators and nannies in preschool institutions need to know in the article.

What is the purpose of setting the table?

Many parents wonder why the table setting algorithm in kindergarten was invented at all? Indeed, in younger groups, kids use a minimum of cutlery and crockery.But educators assure that this is a very important point. Thanks to the correct serving, the following issues are solved:

  1. Problems with eating. Very often from the child you can hear the phrase: “I do not want and I will not.” A beautifully served table awakens the appetite.

  2. Teaching the basic rules of table behavior. From an early age, a kid should know which side the spoon and fork are on.

  3. Discipline. Starting from the second junior group, educators involve children in setting the table.Attendants are appointed who are responsible for arranging dishes, appliances, napkins, and so on.

Proper table setting in kindergarten is very important. After all, kids need to learn to live in society and follow the basic rules.

Setting the table in the preschool institution correctly

Table setting patterns in the kindergarten are determined for each specific preschool institution. Basically, educators adhere to the classic rules. Based on them, the fork should be on the left, the knife on the right, but the tablespoon should lie parallel to the table.

For breakfast, meals are served only when the children sit down at the table. This is done so that the food does not have time to cool down. In the center is a saucer with bread, butter, napkins. Many caregivers decorate tables with flowers. But this must be done with caution so as not to cause an allergic reaction in babies.

For dinner, glasses with compote are placed on the table in advance. All the rest of the food is brought in portions on plates. In the younger groups, only deep dishes are used, in the older ones – shallow plates.

Table setting in kindergarten, the photo of which is presented below, should be carried out by educators according to general rules. It is also advisable for parents to know about them so that children and at home use the same rules and dogmas.

Tips and tricks for educators

In order for children to take an active part in setting the table, educators are advised to arrange daily shifts among the children. To do this, they set up a special corner in which they write a schedule for helping the nanny.It is very original to put on aprons or other decals on the attendants.

Educators need to be loyal to the kids, even if something is not working out for them. Do not shout or scold at them. They are still small, so they cannot do everything right. Only gentle treatment and explanation will instill in them the desire to be the best and do everything right.

Serving devices develops fine motor skills, the baby begins to understand the concepts of “right” and “left”. In older groups, educators allow children to set the table on their own.

Small nuances

Table setting in kindergarten is a rather responsible and exciting process. It is important for children that the dishes are bright and original. It is a very big mistake for educators to buy plates with different patterns for children. Because of this, conflicts and quarrels between babies often flare up. It is better for everyone to have the same, even despite the fact that psychologists insist that already in preschool, the child should understand that he is a separate person.

Another important rule is the presence of napkins on the table.They can be multi-colored, depicting flowers, animals, fairy-tale characters. This will only increase children’s interest in food.

Table setting in kindergarten is a mandatory procedure that must be performed every day. It is very important that dishes and utensils are displayed according to the same rules. If the classic European style is chosen, the fork should be on the left and the knife on the right.

Helping children set the table / Maria Montessori Pedagogy Magazine: Articles, Reviews and News

Eating food among most peoples of the world is serious and meaningful ritual.Mom most often sets the table at home. or a grandmother, and in kindergarten, attendants are usually chosen who constantly changing. Children love to be on duty in the dining room. Special small. They like to set the table on their own for everyone. the rest. This work implicitly forces them to be attentive, neat, coordinate their movements. It is important that adults do not were afraid to entrust children with even such a dangerous job as pouring bowls of hot soup or sliced ​​bread.

From the guidelines for the sample program
“Kindergarten according to the Montessori system”

Little waiter in a white apron

This is how Yulia Ivanovna Fausek described the dining ritual in her kindergarten Montessori: “The attendants are chosen at the request of the children; usually there are more of them than is required, and with the help of the leader, a queue is established. The attendants, who can be from two to four, make tables two by two, thus forming one square table, at which eight children sit, cover them with tablecloths, set cutlery, lay out napkins, and arrange chairs.Each table is decorated with some kind of plant in a pot or in a vase, which are currently in kindergarten, and the children never forget to put them on the tables. At the same time, each child individually expresses his or her aesthetic taste in decorating the table. The attendants wear special white aprons, which makes them different from other children. The children sit in their seats, which they look for in the napkin bags with their names written on them; the attendants check if the comrades have everything, and serve food, if there is any, or only tea, if the children bring their own breakfasts.The supervisor takes part in the work of those on duty: she gives instructions, but not verbally, but by action; She spends little words, rather, she simply indicates how to act: how to make tables, how to carry chairs, how to arrange dishes, etc., and she does these instructions only where it is absolutely required, giving children, if possible, wide freedom of initiative and actions “(Fausek YI, 1923).

How to squeeze juice with a mechanical juicer

On a tray: oilcloth, apron, a bowl of pre-washed oranges, a cutting board, fruit knife, glass mechanical juicer, orange peel saucer, glass, cloth for cleaning the table, hand towels.
Direct: Learn how to squeeze juice from an orange using a juicer.
Indirect: development of independence, concentration of attention, coordination of hand movements, finger training, accuracy, sequence of actions.

The child, together with the teacher, bring a tray with the material to the work table. Teacher: “We will squeeze juice from an orange. First, I’ll show you how to do it, and then you will try. “Both put on aprons and roll up their sleeves. Oilcloth is spread on the table.

Items necessary for squeezing juice are placed on the desktop from the tray in a certain order.

From top to bottom left: a bowl with washed oranges, a plate and a fruit knife, a bowl for orange peels. A juicer and a glass for juice are placed in the center of the table. On the right are a cloth for drying the table and a hand towel.

The teacher puts a tablet in front of him, takes an orange and cuts it in half.She covers the juicer with one half of the orange and turns the orange clockwise, pressing on it. Juice collects in a saucer. The teacher puts the squeezed orange peel into a bowl for the peels. With both hands, she lifts the juicer along with the squeezed juice so that her spout is over the center of the glass. She tilts the juicer and the juice slowly drains into the glass.

The teacher invites the child to squeeze the juice from the second half of the orange on his own.The child does it. When the work is finished, the table is cleaned and the hands are washed.

“The sooner we begin to bring up in children the desire to achieve their own goals, the sooner we will create strong, and, consequently, independent and free people,” wrote Maria Montessori in the book “Orphanage. Method of scientific pedagogy “. We can help this by encouraging the child to serve himself and possibly other people who need it. A favorite pastime of five-seven-year-old children in this direction is cooking and treating friends and adults.In a kindergarten according to the Montessori system, children are given such an opportunity.

How to make sandwiches and serve the table

In many European kindergartens, self-catering is adopted for children. This means that when sending children to a group, parents put an apple, a sandwich or a jar of yogurt in their backpack. At certain times the children take out their little breakfast, set the table, sit down and eat.

In Russian kindergartens, breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea are prepared the same for everyone.In Montessori kindergartens, children help to set the tables for adults. Therefore, the children need to be shown how this is done.

Tablecloth folded several times, two shallow plates, two deep plates, two tablespoons, two forks, two table knives, a glass or cup and saucer, paper napkins in a napkin holder, salt shaker, bread bin.


Direct: The child learns to set the table in the usual way.
Indirect: introduction to culture, development of independence, accuracy, coordination of movements, sequence of actions, concentration of attention.

The teacher invites the child to watch how the table is set, preparing for dinner. All materials are on a special shelf near the dining table. First of all, you need to spread the tablecloth. They take it from the shelf, put it in the center of the table and slowly unfold it, trimming it on all sides. Then they take a bread bin, a salt shaker, a napkin holder with napkins from the shelf and put them in the center of the table.After that, the teacher removes from the shelf and hands the child one plate after another. The child carries them to the table and puts them in a mess. The teacher comes up to the table and shows how they put the plates in front of each place. First flat, and on it – deep. The child repeats these actions. Then they again go to the shelf, and the teacher gives the child one cup and saucers each. The child also carries them on the table with both hands. The teacher shows the place of these cups on the table behind the plates. Then tablespoons are taken from the shelf from a special stand.They are placed to the right of the plates. Each time the child repeats the actions of the teacher. You can decorate the table with a small bunch of flowers in a vase or a candle in a candlestick.

New words: table setting, tablecloth, cutlery, fork, spoon, knife, cup and saucer, salt shaker, napkin holder, deep plate, flat plate, set the table.

How to make sandwiches

Wooden board for slicing bread. Wooden board for slicing cheese and sausages.Cutting board for vegetables. Squeeze bag or oil bag. Bread cutting knife. Vegetable cutting knife. A dish for laying sandwiches. Apron. Headdress. Hand wiping cloth. Table cleaning accessories.

White bread, 300 grams of cheese, 100 grams of butter, a little greens, cucumber, tomato or red bell pepper to decorate sandwiches.

The child puts on an apron and washes his hands. An adult does the same.Together, they put everything they need on the desktop: materials and products. The teacher shows the child how to cut bread, holding a knife in his right hand with the blade down and holding the bread with his left. After two or three pieces, the knife is passed on to the child, and he works independently. When the bread is sliced, the child and adult move on to another board where the cheese is cut. The adult then takes a cooking bag, fills it with softened butter, and shows the child how the butter is squeezed onto the bread in a beautiful pattern. Following this, they together put pieces of cheese on bread and butter and decorate the sandwiches with slices of cucumber, pepper and herbs, which are finely chopped beforehand.Sandwiches are laid out on a platter. The child puts the dish on the dining table.

How to cook Russian vinaigrette with children

Wooden board for cutting vegetables. 1-2 vegetable knives. A bowl for stirring the vinaigrette. Salad bowl. Towel. Napkin. Apron.

Boiled vegetables: beets, carrots, potatoes. Raw vegetables: onions, garlic, pickles. Canned green peas. Sunflower oil in a bottle. Salt.

Child and adult put on aprons and wash their hands.They bring everything you need to make a vinaigrette to your desk. An adult shows a child how to peel boiled vegetables with a knife. The child repeats the actions of an adult and peels potatoes, carrots and beets on his own. Then the adult invites the child to cut the vegetables and shows how this is done specifically for the vinaigrette. The child cuts boiled vegetables on his own. Then onion, garlic and pickled cucumber are peeled and cut. All vegetables, as they are cut, are folded into a bowl and mixed, and at the very end they are seasoned with sunflower oil.The finished vinaigrette is transferred to a salad bowl, decorated with herbs and placed on the dining table.

Article from the magazine “Montessori Club” № 5 (45) 20014

Photo by Natalia Korocharova and an Internet source How and where to learn more about Montessori pedagogy? We invite you to become a member of the “Montessori Pedagogy for All” program. This is a paid newsletter in a series of 48 letters, each of which includes a selection of articles on Montessori pedagogy, self-control assignments and multimedia materials.

The author of the program is Elena Hiltunen: Montessori teacher, initiator and founder of the revival of Montessori pedagogy in Russia, expert of the Association of Montessori Pedagogics of Russia, author of more than 30 books about Maria Montessori pedagogy.

Table setting in kindergarten for children. How to decorate a children’s party table

To make the child remember his birthday, parents are ready for a lot, so they think over a festive menu, entertainment, contests, hire animators, etc.The first thing to start with preparing any birthday is to decorate the festive table.

If you are celebrating at home, then guests should be placed in the largest room so that the children have a place to turn around. If the decoration of tables takes place in kindergarten, this should be done only after agreement with the educators.

How to decorate a children’s table?

Today there are quite a lot of different decorations, consider what should be on the festive table for children:

  1. tablecloth …To decorate a table for a children’s birthday party, it is better to take a disposable tablecloth, which can be purchased at any supermarket. In case of unforeseen circumstances, spilled drinks or inverted food can be easily removed from its surface. If it has become unusable, for example, the candles from the cake have been burned, then it will not be a pity to throw it away, and the next birthday to buy a new one with a different bright color. If there is no plastic tablecloth on the shelves of the nearest store, do not despair, but replace it with a colored cloth or a combination of fabrics of several bright colors;
  2. crockery and cutlery …On a children’s birthday, the best idea would be to use disposable paper tableware. First, it comes in a variety of bright colors and looks festive. Secondly, it cannot be broken, thus it is safer than glass. Thirdly, the cost of a set of paper dishes is much less than the price of one glass plate, which, moreover, can be easily broken. The same goes for iron forks and spoons. They should also be replaced with colored, plastic products. This is one of the main ideas for decorating a children’s table, since today there are modern dishes with different characters that can be combined with the theme of the holiday, for example, Mickey Mouse, cars;
  3. holiday dishes …They should be bright and tasty, since the invitees are children, then most of them should consist of desserts. Children love original dishes, as described below. The most important thing is that the composition of desserts, salads, first and second courses should include only natural, fresh and environmentally friendly products.

It is important to remember that table decorations in kindergarten should be the same so that none of the children feel offended.

Ideas additional table decoration:

  1. fresh flowers are unlikely to surprise kids, but a bouquet of sweets, for example, chupa-chups, will certainly not go unnoticed;
  2. more brightness will be added by balloons that can be marked in the center of the table or on the backs of chairs.An additional surprise can be small souvenirs that can be hidden inside. This is a great idea if the party is organized in the garden;
  3. Name cards for seating guests can become a pleasant decoration. True, this is suitable for children who already know how to read.

Options for serving holiday dishes

For a children’s party, everything should be simple, but always eye-catching. The banal slicing of sausage and cheese can be replaced with kebabs, they will attract much more attention.Traditional decoration of dishes for a children’s table will not work.

To organize, you need to include imagination.

  • Merry snacks. It is very difficult to keep children at the table for a long time, so small sandwiches on skewers for seniors and simply in plates for babies will satisfy hunger and will not take much time. Canapes are very popular. The preparation of this dish is very simple – carefully cut the food into circles and cubes and put them on top of each other.Also, sandwiches will attract great children’s interest, the main thing is that they are beautifully decorated. Here imagination is important, you can make ladybirds, funny faces of different animals and much more;
  • Salads for children. Salad dressing for a kid’s table is very important, as it is usually a favorite dish of all children. All ingredients should be simple and tasty, bright presentation will add beauty to the holiday. We offer a simple recipe with an original presentation;
  • “Mouse”. The dish requires cheese, crab sticks, garlic, carrots and mayonnaise.All these products need to be made into a mouse. To do this, grate cheese and crab sticks. These ingredients are combined and poured over with a small amount of mayonnaise. It is needed to connect the components into one whole. Now we form a mouse on a plate, we make ears from pieces of carrots. We supplement the picture with pieces of cheese and parsley;
  • “Sunflower”. How this salad is prepared and decorated is known to many, the ingredients are the same for both adults and children. The components are simple and familiar to everyone, and olives and chips are needed for decoration;
  • Main dish.For a hot dish, you need to serve a side dish and something meat, there are many options, we suggest considering one of them;
  • Cutlets. We suggest making cutlets in the shape of hedgehogs. Minced meat is cooked as usual, however, in order to decorate the dish, you need to show imagination. Spaghetti looks good, which are stuck into ready-made cutlets, and then baked in the oven;
  • Colored puree. A simple dish that all children love. The juice of beets, carrots or spinach can add festivity and originality to it.It is usually laid out using a confectionery syringe in the form of different shapes;
  • Dessert. Children are waiting for this treat from the very beginning of the holiday. If the dishes were not very high in calories, you can serve a cake. Otherwise, you can make a fruit salad. An original solution may be to decorate it in a large fruit, for example, a watermelon or a melon. For this, the pulp is cleaned with a spoon, which is cut into identical pieces and combined with other fruits. Everything can be poured over with syrup or ice cream.It is recommended to prepare such a dish for the festive table just before serving. If the children are too young, you can divide such a dessert and serve it in cups;
  • Drinks. Tetrapakas, of course, are more convenient, but they are unlikely to add a holiday to the table, but if multi-colored drinks are poured into glass jugs and placed, it will turn out very elegantly. An additional decoration can be the decoration of the edge of the glass with sugar frost, and decorative umbrellas add color.

Taboo for a children’s party

In order to avoid trouble, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of things that should not be on the table:

  1. lighted candles – for babies it is more dangerous than beautiful.Leave this decoration for adult holidays;
  2. if you still can’t do without fresh flowers, try to choose those that do not have a strong smell and dangerous parts;
  3. If your party room is small, it is better to organize a buffet table, since it is much more important for children to have more space for games.

All of the above confirms once again that it is not difficult.

For the happiness of your baby, it’s worth working hard and organizing a first-class birthday.

Your baby is growing, and now another celebration of his birth is coming. Are you going to organize children’s birthday table children? I would like to please both the birthday man and his guests – and there is so much trouble ahead! We will help you with ideas for decorating a children’s feast and choosing a menu.

Table decoration: bright ideas

In order for the children’s holiday to be a success, you have to work hard: the children need to be entertained and fed with various delicacies.What exactly – more on that later. In the meantime, we have an important task ahead of us – decorating the children’s table.

If you are organizing a thematic children’s birthday party, then the table decoration must match: plates, cups, napkins and other attributes for young princesses or Winx fairies will clearly differ from the table accessories of pirates, fixies or smeshariki.

We don’t need smart adult tablecloths – the kids will obviously spoil them. Bright options from oilcloth, even from paper, are perfect – you can decorate them with an applique or invite children to draw something as a gift to the hero of the occasion.

It is better to prefer plastic dishes, they are available in a wide variety of colors.

Kids use elegant paper napkins for their intended purpose, and at the same time they are an excellent decoration of the table.

Candles and vases with fresh flowers are certainly beautiful, but we will leave them for adults, and we will decorate the children’s birthday table with bouquets of lollipops and sweets scattered between the plates, for example M & M’s.

It is better to serve children’s dishes not in large plates and salad bowls, but to place many small dishes with treats on the table so that it is more convenient for children to get them.

Favorite sweets such as jelly can be served in original decorated baby food jars.

The main thing is to arrange the children’s table so that it is not only elegant and beautiful, but also comfortable. Let every child be able to easily get that cheese basket or funny hedgehog (cutlet in the form of an animal).

Children’s holiday menu

Thinking over what to serve on the children’s birthday table, you can choose different options: appetizers, salads and dessert, only a sweet table or all of the above plus main hot dishes.

Children will not eat too much, the entertainment part of the program is more important to them. But a caring hostess, of course, wants to feed the little guests deliciously.

Note that it is better to prefer the usual dishes for children, something new can scare the child away. But cutlets, chicken, mashed potatoes, sandwiches – these children will be more willing to eat.

If hot meals are not planned, then let there be more options for appetizers on the table – pies, salads in tartlets, pancakes with different fillings, sandwiches.

Merry snacks

When choosing products from which you will make dishes for a children’s festive table, remember the age of the guests – little ones do not need smoked sausage canapes. It’s generally better to offer them tartlets (safer).

If the age of the young guests allows the use of skewers in serving dishes, you can hold a competition: let the children make canapes themselves from the proposed products, which you will cut into cubes or circles in advance.

Children will be interested in stringing pieces of olives, cheese, sausages, cherry tomatoes, quail eggs.

What a children’s birthday table without sandwiches! There is no limit to imagination – funny faces of animals, ladybugs, fish, stars – treats decorated in this way will be eaten much more willingly.

For example, you can make a ladybug by using half a cherry tomato and a slice of black olive, and it will sit on a slice of red fish that covers the cheese pillow.

Children’s salads

We will make children’s salads from delicious products – cheese, eggs, chicken, crab sticks.They must be designed in an original way. An interesting decoration of dishes can be very different – all sorts of flowers, butterflies, fish and funny faces. Or bees:

Children’s birthday table will be decorated with cheese baskets with delicious salad inside. To make baskets, you need to melt the cheese in a Teflon pan, let it harden slightly and put it on the bottom of an inverted glass. When the basket is completely cool, remove it and fill it with salad.

And how do you like the idea of ​​cute mice: you need crab sticks, grated hard cheese, garlic and mayonnaise.We mix the ingredients and sculpt rodents from this mass, make ears from carrots, decorate the composition with herbs.

Continuing the mouse theme, we propose to make animals from boiled eggs with cheese ears, and they will live in any salad, for example, the traditional “Mimosa”.

Main dishes for the children’s festive table

Do not get carried away with hot dishes. Let it be one thing, but brightly and unusually decorated.

From any minced meat – meat, chicken, fish – we make cutlets in the form of hedgehogs.Spaghetti will serve as needles. We bake the animals in the oven – the kids will definitely like them.

Chicken kebabs are a popular version of the main children’s dish for a birthday. Almost a win-win – tasty and healthy.

What about the side dish? Let it be colored pasta or multi-colored mashed potatoes.

By the way, even if the child does not eat vegetables, you can mix them a little in mashed potatoes, chopping them in a blender.How to color the garnish – with spinach, carrot, beetroot juice.

Desserts for children

That’s what no child will refuse – sweet desserts: marmalade, jelly, marshmallows, pastries, cake, muffins, donuts.

If cake is the main sweet dish for your birthday, then make more fruit desserts so as not to overload the children with high-calorie sweets.

It can be fruit cuts, canapes, jelly with berries, yoghurts with pieces of strawberries, bananas, kiwi, peaches.

Fruit salads and canapes are good to serve, using large fruits instead of plates – melons and watermelons.

Juices in packages should not be placed on the children’s table. Funky, multi-colored jugs are better suited for this. And the cups and cups are well decorated with powder, you can sugar frost. Don’t forget about decorative umbrellas too.

It is better not to offer small guests grapes and berries with seeds, so that no one accidentally chokes. They don’t need fruits, which have a dense peel – all children’s dishes should be eaten by kids without any difficulty.

Decorating a children’s birthday table and preparing delicious dishes, of course, will require time, energy, and imagination from you. But you really want to arrange a bright and cheerful holiday for your child!

Delicious recipes for a children’s holiday table – in this video:

If you are expecting children to visit, you will have to take care to give them a good mood. The child is not interested in how much effort you put into finding a rare delicacy or how many hours you stood at the stove.For him, pleasant emotions are important, so they need to be presented to a little gourmet, so decorating a children’s table is of paramount importance in all the festive turmoil. We invite you to look at the ideas of serving and decorating festive and daily dishes for young connoisseurs of beauty together with the Dream House website.

How to decorate a children’s table

Let’s start decorating the children’s table by choosing a tablecloth. What should it be? Of course, bright and juicy colors, with a print of cartoon characters, or plain.Perhaps the second option is more preferable if in the future you are going to decorate the table with bright decorative elements, otherwise it may look too colorful, and children will quickly get tired of the abundance of colors.

So, the tablecloth has been chosen, now it’s the turn. For home serving, choose earthenware or porcelain dishes with a beautiful pattern, plates and cups made of colored glass are also suitable. And for a picnic, you can pick up bright dishes made of high-quality plastic.

Children’s table setting ideas

Table setting for children’s party

No meal is complete without napkins. And if you can refuse from textile napkins (children are unlikely to use them), then paper napkins should be present on the festive table for children. But even here one cannot do without the ingenuity of the parents. Napkins can not only be put on the table, but you can make small masterpieces out of them. Origami in the form of flowers or animals looks interesting, a white swan or a bear on the table looks quite stylish.And for those who are not friends with the origami technique, there are simpler options, for example, everyone can roll a lotus-shaped napkin.

Children’s table decoration photo

We have sorted out the main details of the children’s table setting, now we will select decorative elements. Bright serpentine and carnival masks will come in handy not only if the celebration is timed to coincide with a meeting. Place the masks directly on the children’s plates, and use the serpentine to decorate the free space on the table.

Festive table for children

If you are puzzling over the question of how to decorate a children’s table, then add decorative candles in the form of bears, elephants or bunnies to the serving. And it is not at all necessary to light them, let them just stand as figurines.

Complement the children’s table in the fresh air with small turntables that will rotate from the slightest breath of breeze. You can also use helium balloons and attach them by string to chairs or stretch paper garlands between trees.

Decoration of a children’s festive table in nature

An interesting option for decorating a table for children is the idea with colored feathers. Just spread feathers in bright shades on the table, as long as they are not too small and do not rise above the table with the flow of air. Children will surely like orange, light green, bright blue feathers, and a beautiful peacock feather will become the main decoration of the table. Such a multi-colored decor can be purchased at any hand-made store.

If the holiday takes place in the summer, then you can arrange a thematic table c. Then the design will be dominated by blue and white colors, and pebbles, starfish can be used as table decorations. The element of water will not leave indifferent any child.

How to arrange dishes for a children’s table

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the beautiful decoration of the children’s table, but it is even more important to present festive dishes in an interesting way, so that the child has a desire to try each of them.Decorating dishes for a children’s table will certainly take some time, because figuratively cutting cheese, decorating a salad or making jelly will not work in one minute.

Who refuses to try sea salad with sour cream dressing if it is decorated with a goldfish? You can make a fish from carrots, seaweed will play the role of algae, and olives will appear as stones. A traditional salad “Mimosa” can be arranged in the form of a sunflower, where potato chips “grow” instead of petals.

Light snacks from tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs are generally easy to decorate. That only there are funny ladybugs from tomatoes, cute mice from eggs and radishes, as well as Crocodile Gena from cucumbers.

Instead of the usual sliced ​​vegetables, offer the children beautifully designed subjects, for example, a flower made from cucumber slices and a feather of green onions. The leaves of such a flower can be made from a sprig of parsley.

A car with passengers is made from fresh vegetables. The cabin of the car can be made from half a cucumber, the carrot circles will act as wheels (they will have to be fastened to the cabin with toothpicks), and the passenger can be a man made of a small cherry tomato.

For parents who own the carving technique, in general, decorating a children’s table from fruits will be easy, for example, you can cut a sweet vase from a melon or an owl from a watermelon for dessert.

Also, as a dessert, the idea of ​​a palm tree made from chopped bananas, kiwi and tangerine slices is often used. You can make funny ducklings from oranges, and you can make an unexpectedly realistic hedgehog from pears, grapes and toothpicks.

Prepared desserts for children are decorated with chocolate figurines, whipped cream, and colored shavings and dusting.After all, you must admit that at the final stage of the festival there are never too many bright colors.

How to arrange daily meals for little “naughty”

As you know, a beautifully decorated dish improves appetite, so mom will have to use all her imagination to feed a child who is too lazy to “work” with a spoon. If the decoration of the first courses is a little more complicated, then almost every caring parent can arrange appetizers and second courses beautifully.

Let’s see what can be made from sausages and sausages? A beautiful tiger is made from sausage rings, as well as a bicycle made from sausage circles, a few green onion feathers and a couple of olives. For breakfast, serve your child the octopus made from thinly sliced ​​sausage. Butterfly sausage sandwiches look funny. But a very simple option – using a mold, cut out a sandwich in the form of a circle or triangle and serve it on the table in this form.

Little reluctants will not refuse to try a hot dog in the form of a dog, and a hedgehog made of soft pate, decorated with shavings of processed cheese, will not leave indifferent any kid.Older children can be offered a snail made from a slice of red fish and cucumber rolled into a roll.

Even an ordinary casserole can be served in an unusual way, for this you just need to bake it not in an ordinary mold, but in a silicone mold in the form of a cat, dragon or boat.

And what are the sandwiches alone, which can be originally decorated with a variety of healthy products, or vegetables laid out in the form of funny flowers or animal faces.

Such ideas develop parental imagination – having built the Leaning Tower of Pisa from gingerbread at least once, it is already difficult to stop, and decorating the children’s table turns into an exciting hobby.Try to bring one of your favorite ideas to life, and you will surely be mesmerized by this interesting process.

Tasty cooking and decorating yourself is a serious and time-consuming business. But serving is also important! Bright details in the design will help create that very festive mood.

And the actual children’s table at the birthday party will be captured in the photo, and I really want everyone to have memories too!

Choose a style

Depending on the gender of the birthday person, the age category of guests and your own desire, you should determine: how to decorate a children’s table for a birthday , so that it does not annoy, but creates a pleasant background for the general festive mood?

The main rule: the table should be bright, but not “flashy”.One of the acceptable options for preschool guests – in the photo:

Everything is simple and fun at the same time. Red color prevails (vases, napkins, trays, dishes). Red is diluted with colored splashes (dragees are both a treat and decor), the ribbons with which the napkins are tied are also multi-colored. Few tiny toys (you can – from “kinders”), because small people adore them. And bright paper garlands-beads (flat) over the table will crown all this joyful feast.

Another option table decoration for children’s birthday – “girlish”, when everything is in pink-caramel color, as in photo 2.

As you can see in the image, the lilac tablecloth, pink cutlery complemented by glass look great. Add to this “glamor” cards with appropriate inscriptions (if guests already know how to read) or white, pink, coral elements (ribbons, spoons, napkins) and dilute this pink splendor with something bright. In the photo, for example, there are green candies.

But there are not only girls princesses. Girls, adventure hunters no less.

Idea how to decorate a children’s table for a little Amazon’s birthday , photo 3 demonstrates very picturesquely.

See – here the lilac tablecloth does not look “glamorous” at all because of the large number of dark green elements that evoke the spirit of adventure and danger. We supplement ordinary glass and ceramic dishes with homemade vases made of thick paper (any color). You can fill them with lean and dry treats so as not to spoil the look. Chocolate cakes, laid out in a slide in the center and crowned with a flag (cut from a sticker and attach to a skewer), looks like a real canyon, and if young adventurers find a crawling snake (of course, a toy one) between the products, their delight will overshadow any expectations! The decor as in the photo can be used for a boy’s birthday, but the amount of pink still needs to be reduced or completely replaced with yellow.

If there is a desire to create something fabulously magical, airy, pay attention to a festive table for a children’s birthday on photo 4.

Nothing complicated, but how rich it looks! The chiffon tablecloth, of course, may suffer, but it’s not a pity to make such a sacrifice if the guests gasp when they see such beauty! For serving, ordinary glassware and white paper cups for sweets on a stick will do. On the dais – to match the serving.

The wall can be decorated with stylized flowers or such delicate shades of crumpled paper circles. All you need is scissors, tape, a stapler and a few minutes of patience.

The guys will be delighted, and if is the decoration of the children’s table for a birthday, as on photo 5, will be decorated in a restrained color scheme, and triangles, squares and lines will prevail from the forms. Everything is simple and clear. Place turntables, flags, toy animals next to the treats.You can also put a photo in the frames where the birthday person is depicted, or even the whole company celebrating the name day.

The walls are decorated with garlands of pastel colors, consisting of geometric shapes familiar at a very young age: circles and triangles.

Children will love it if you attach “personalized” flags on skewers. This will be exactly “their” checkbox!

From the same series – almost without inventions – the design of a children’s birthday table in the photo: ceramic square dishes, a wooden slide, triangular flags around the perimeter of the table, balloons.The colors of the balloons can match the colors of flags and napkins.

The table in the photo below looks very elegant. This is an example of style. A combination of 2-3 pastel colors in treats, and in the form of ribbons, napkins, cards. This will create a summer mood for those present. In addition to ribbons or streamers of these colors, you can make cards in the same style with the names of dishes or the names of the participants in the feast. It’s even better if they contain a short greeting to the guests. A large calendar can be placed on the table so that the children remember the date.And all this is on a white tablecloth. Classic!

Do not be afraid of sudden movements

Now it is worth making a sharp turn from the classics in the other direction and … “kick up” something creative!

For example, as in photo 8: a cocktail of bright colors and shapes, a carnival mood. And if you decorate the table with drawings or crafts of the hero of the occasion? Instead of a tablecloth, you can use several cuts of multi-colored fabrics. It will turn out “… just some kind of holiday!”

The predominant yellow color will create an atmosphere of “sunshine”. In combination with red it will “warm”, and next to green and blue will make the table incredibly fresh, summer, childishly boundlessly joyful.

Together with the child, we can make something similar to petal-shaped bags of colored paper, where guests will begin to put small sweets, picking them up from vases.

A few words about decorations

Difficult, at first glance, decorations are made very simply.Take a look at photo 9!

Also – a classic, but in the Japanese spirit. Restraint in everything: in colors, shapes, sizes. The base – white – symbolizes purity and tenderness. Red and blue are the main accents of the decoration. Almost everything has the same shape – a ball, a circle. Only napkins and some spacing are quadrangles.

This design is suitable for a more adult category (14 – 17 years old), since it is no longer so bright.

If you can buy lantern balls, then these fabulous flowers are quickly created from thin (or corrugated) paper.The rest will be complemented by paper dishes and colored napkins, as well as ribbons, balloons and flags.

If you do not want (or have no time) to do this, see How to set the table for a children’s birthday is easy and advantageous without any man-made elements. Photo 10 shows only what can be found in every home. And this style can be correlated with “Eastern Tales” or “Ali Baba’s Cave”.

A lot of old dishes, oriental sweets such as Turkish delight, halva and sorbet, several bright scarves, you can, as in the photo, – an umbrella or a fan, and the decoration is ready!

This is how you can decorate the table if your birthday person is over 13 years old, prefers the romance of wanderings and exoticism to things familiar to other children.

Moreover, in the summer all this can be placed not on the table, but on the floor. Even better – on the lawn (as is customary in the East), placing guests around the perimeter on bedspreads or rugs.

Then umbrellas can fulfill a very specific role, protecting from the sun.

The proposed ideas are far from design canons. Let my findings give impetus to your indomitable imagination, because the work done exactly according to the model does not bring as much joy as the creative process gives it.

So … Stock up on paper, tape, glue. Encourage your creativity. Connect the whole family, and the result will surprise not only the guests, but also you!

Perhaps one of the most responsible and long-awaited holidays for parents is the child’s birthday. You always want this moment to be solemn, fun and memorable. Increasingly, adults have recently been organizing a separate table decoration for a children’s birthday. This allows parents to prepare special meals for toddlers and adults.In this article, you will learn ideas for decorating a nursery

Where to start

Children’s birthday table decorations should start with a list of invitees. List on paper the names of all the invitees. If your baby is not yet ten years old, then it would be advisable to invite his parents to visit. In this case, do not forget to prepare a separate menu for adults.

Make a list and think about how the interior should be. On this will depend on the children’s birthday.If your child loves any cartoon characters, then you can decorate the room with balloons and posters with their image. When the overall interior is thought out to the smallest detail, it will be much easier for you to come up with a beautiful design for the children’s table. It should be not only bright, but also interesting.

How to choose dishes

How to start decorating a children’s table for a birthday? Of course, from the cutlery. Everything here will depend on your desires and capabilities. If you do not want to get a mountain of unwashed dishes after the celebration, then you can purchase plastic and paper utensils.Kids will love these plates and glasses, because they depict their favorite characters.

Also, a similar children’s birthday table design will allow you to avoid broken dishes. After all, so often children in the process of playing can touch a plate or overturn a glass.

Hot dishes

Children’s birthday table decoration, which suggests serving should be as follows. You shouldn’t put all ready-to-eat foods in one bowl. After all, this is exactly what most adults do.Kids may be ashamed to put themselves hot and will remain hungry. Also, some kids will not want to eat at all, waiting for dessert. That is why it is worth making an individual submission.

Place some hot food in each plate and serve separately to each child. It is better to choose cutlery for such food for children. If you need to use knives for meat or other dishes, then you should first cut the food yourself. This must be done for the safety of the little ones.

Table decoration: snacks

Children’s birthday should not only consist of serving hot meals. Snacks and salads will certainly be present on the table. You can make sandwiches in the shape of interesting animals. So, take a slice of a round loaf and brush it with butter. Place a slice of red fish on top and cover everything with half a tomato. Shape the dots on top with chopped olives. As a result, you will get the semblance of a ladybug. Even children who do not have a special appetite will be happy to eat such sandwiches.

You can also make canapes. To do this, you need the so-called skewers. Cut the bread into small cubes. Process cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, or any vegetables in the same way. Place the cubes on skewers one at a time and place them on a shared plate.

If you intend to serve salads, then they can also be beautifully decorated. Use small tomatoes, herbs, and whatever comes into your head for this. If you wish, you can lay the salad itself on the dish in a certain shape.It could be a dog, a turtle, or a number that indicates your baby’s age.


Making a sweet table for a children’s birthday requires drinks. Make sure they are not very cold. Otherwise, babies can easily catch cold. As a drink, you can serve juice, lemonade, tea, or whatever the little ones love.

The liquid should be placed in a separate decanter, but it is better not to leave it on the table with small children.If your children have already reached the age of ten, then they will be able to serve themselves on their own and add a drink to the glass if necessary. Lemonade and juice can be garnished with fresh fruit. To do this, place the treats in a decanter.


As a dessert, you can use whatever children love. It can be cakes, cupcakes, candies of various types and colors. All this can be installed in general availability and the children will independently choose what they want to use.

The cake is best served at the very last moment. Otherwise, kids simply won’t want to eat hot meals and snacks. Nowadays there are a lot of craftsmen who will make a cake according to your wishes. If you want to make your own dessert, then get mastic and a variety of pastes for decoration. In large supermarkets, you can buy ready-made figures of cartoon characters that you just need to put on a prepared cake.

Fruits and nuts

There must be fruit on it.At the same time, they need to be cut and beautifully laid out. If you have a kitchen machine, it shouldn’t be too difficult to choose an attachment and shape the apples, pears and bananas. When preparing a dish yourself, you can use original ideas.

Make a pineapple hedgehog. To do this, peel the fruit and cut it in half. Divide it into small pieces and place on a plate. Stick toothpicks on top, on which you need to plant grape berries. A hedgehog’s face can be made from bananas, kiwi and any other fruits.Do not decorate the table with several different figures. Otherwise, it will turn out to be cumbersome. If you made a hedgehog, then the rest of the fruit can be spread around it in a sliced ​​form.

Nuts can often be found on children’s tables. Serve them only if you are sure that the kids are not allergic. Otherwise, you will have to take responsibility for the health of the babies. Nuts can simply be poured into a beautiful bowl in the form of an assortment. The children will enjoy the product on their own if they wish.

Making a children’s birthday table with your own hands: features

You need to decorate the table so that the children are as comfortable and convenient as possible. You already know about serving individual portions. However, all other dishes and treats must be within the access zone.

If the children want to take something from the table and cannot, it will not be very good. Don’t make a two meter table. If there are a lot of guests, it would be better to organize several small food areas.

In the very center, place a stand on which you can place fruits, nuts and sweets. There should be drinks and snacks nearby. Arrange canapes, salads and sandwiches a little closer to younger guests. Already immediately behind these dishes should be individual plates and cutlery. Don’t forget the napkins. There should be enough of them. Place large paper towels for the little ones to place in their lap. Also, place individual napkins next to each plate. They can be with the image of all the same favorite cartoon characters.

Summary of article

Now you know how to decorate a table for a children’s birthday. Don’t forget about the costumes. Currently, every major store has a department with a variety of decorative elements. Visit it and choose something special for your celebration. Happy holiday and success in cooking!

Master class on table setting and step-by-step instructions

How to set a table with your own hands is better than in a restaurant.Lots of ideas and step-by-step serving master classes for those more challenging.

You don’t have to go to a restaurant if an important event is approaching or you just want a beautiful and refined dinner. You can set the table that will delight you yourself. At the same time, you don’t even need to buy an expensive set – a couple of original decor details are enough. We have selected several master classes for you that will teach you how to set the table quickly, effectively and without spending a lot of money.

Start with Napkins

Have you noticed how just a neatly folded napkin transforms a table in a restaurant? At home, we usually take napkins from the napkin holder as needed, but for a special occasion, you need to put this item on each plate before dinner.It is ideal if the napkin will be fabric, but thick paper will also work. And how to collapse it, see below.

This napkin will become a pocket for cutlery or a flower:

An elegant rose napkin can be simply put on a plate or placed in a glass, supplemented with a green leaf napkin.

Focus on devices

Devices can not only be put on a napkin, but additionally decorated.The easiest option is to tie them together with a ribbon or string, adding a cute detail like a flower. For example, like this:

You can attach a guest card between the tines of the fork if you have a large event.

An interesting idea is not to put the devices, but to put them in individual jars.

For a dinner for 2-4 people, you can put cutlery in a common basket, which will also be a decoration of the table. By the way, the basket is also useful for bread, so here is a master class on how to weave it yourself from newspaper tubes.

Center Composition

On a large table where dishes and dishes fit freely, it would be appropriate to add a large decorative item or a group of smaller items. Ideally, their shape will emphasize the geometry of the table: a round vase will look great on a round one, and a rectangular vase or several small objects at a distance from each other on an elongated one. It is best if this decor is low, so as not to interfere with your communication with the person opposite.

The simplest thing is to place the flowers in the center of the table.Here are some inspiring examples:

If you want something more original, then go ahead! We liked these workshops:

1. Balloon from balloon

You will need a vase or pot of flowers, a basket, a balloon of helium and a little macrame skills. The step-by-step instructions in the second photo will help you master the technique. By the way, the balloon can be inflated with ordinary air, then a stick stuck into the flowers should hold it at the top. Option with ribbons and without flowers here: master class.

2. Turntables in the bank

Instead of flowers in a vase – bright paper turntables in a simple glass or tin can to surprise guests. They are especially good for summer feasts. How to make a turntable: a master class.

And do not be afraid to experiment with the unusual use of familiar objects: even if it is not entirely clear how it all turned out to be part of the table setting, every detail looks in its place!

Food as decor

Do not forget that beautifully served dishes are the main joy for the eyes and for the stomach.The table can be decorated purposefully with individual products. Of course, fruits are in the lead, but the carrot idea is also good:


table setting, table decor 90,000 choosing tablecloths – creating a mood, 46 examples for inspiration

You may have already decorated your home to suit the summer mood.Today, for those of our readers who live in a private house or spend the weekend in a comfortable dacha, we offer ideas for a seasonal positive during a meal – on the veranda or in the garden.

A summer lunch in the shade of the trees or a party for friends in the open air – it all becomes even more enjoyable when the table setting looks beautiful. That is why we suggest paying attention to the tablecloth, because, thanks to the large area, it is able to create any mood.

This guide is based on ideas and examples from French art de la table and American party decorators.

In the first two sections, you will learn how to create a summer themed mood and in detail how the design of the tablecloth affects the impression. If you already have your favorite summer tablecloth, our tips will help you complement it with the perfect tableware and accessories.

2 more sections – for those who have a preferred style. Again, many examples for inspiration.


choose summer tablecloths by theme:

Sea travel and gardening are perhaps the most popular summer themes, which are primarily associated with a particular color.Let’s start with them if you want to create a “thematic” mood.

nautical theme:
Traditionally, this is a combination of blue (light blue) and white. But the drawing is not limited to stripes. A cage or a thin strip-border along the bottom of the tablecloth looks no less original.

The ideal crockery for this style is white. If you manage to accurately match the blue (cyan) pattern on the dishes or glass to the shade of the tablecloth, it will look perfect.

The best addition – sailing souvenirs and braided accessories.

garden theme:
The key color is green, bright or light, but always “pure”, without any admixture of gray. If elegance is your thing, stick to whites and neutrals. To create a vintage style with green, you can combine any small floral patterns in pastel colors (pink, yellow and blue), this applies to dishes, napkins, pillows on chairs and flowers on the table. If you want adrenaline, add bright red napkins and a bouquet of scarlet roses.

Fresh cut flowers, any compositions of green plants in neutral or white vases will be an excellent addition to the “summer garden” setting.


summer tablecloth pattern:

Despite the fact that we will consider here several completely different drawings, they can all be reduced to one rule of “lightness and simplicity”. Leave complex drawings for winter and autumn days.
The most popular pattern for a summer meal in the garden. Usually associated with beach towels, which is why we are loved by decorators. The stripes contrast effectively with the soft outlines of the greenery and flowers in the garden and, thanks to their dynamics, look very colorful.There are practically no restrictions on the color range of stripes, except that at least 80% of the area of ​​the tablecloth should be light or “clean” tones.

To match the dishes to the striped summer tablecloth, you can use one of two techniques: white or matching the stripes. As for flower decorations, it is best to limit yourself to laconic compositions. If there are flowers that match one of the tones of the stripes on a dull tablecloth, you can use them. If the stripes are bright, it is advisable to do without flowers altogether, because the brightness of the tablecloth risks overshadowing their beauty.

A small psychological trick: if a company that likes to argue gathers at your table, it is better not to choose bright multicolored stripes, otherwise disputes can become very “hot”.

A great way to highlight the relaxed country atmosphere, looks cozy and family-like. The most spectacular tableware option is in two basic tablecloth colors. A spectacular addition – chair cushions in two colors.
If you like floral motifs, any option is suitable for summer – from bright on a white background to a sophisticated one on pastel.Instead of a whole tablecloth, you can also use flower “paths” laid on a neutral tablecloth.

When choosing crockery, pay attention to the one that repeats the brightest color of the flower pattern. Multicolor is not very appropriate here.

two-tone ornaments:
And one more drawing, which can be considered “summer” – ornaments, which are based on a combination of white with any other “not dark” color. The ideal crockery is white laconic forms, napkins are monochromatic.


choose summer tablecloths by style:

This section is intended for those who like to experiment with style, even in very small volumes.

If you already have a favorite style – transfer it to the summer table setting. If you are wondering what to choose for decorating your home in general, try starting with a tablecloth for your garden meal. Check out the most interesting options.



English manor:



summer tablecloths with a vintage touch:

Tablecloths with vintage charm look as democratic as possible.You might have inherited them, or you might have liked them at the European flea market. Or maybe you yourself sewed something like this yourself.

In addition to the popular “floral” ones, tablecloths with a pattern imitating a patchwork, as well as with a noticeable border of any width, can look vintage.

For tableware, the only advice is that it should match the simplicity of the vintage style. Therefore, give up everything expensive and overly elegant. But the usual “dacha” not too new dishes on such a tablecloth will look very adequate.



Table setting for the holiday (50 photos)

Festive table setting is a whole art, which implies the observance of certain rules and knowledge of the basic norms of etiquette. The ability to rationally set the table with a clear arrangement of cutlery testifies to the taste and level of intelligence of the hostess of the house. We will talk about how beautifully and economically you can decorate a festive table in our article.For clarity, we have selected simple but interesting ideas with pictures and photos for you, which will be a good help for you in this interesting and exciting process.

Tablecloth selection

Before serving, the table top is covered with a tablecloth. It should be made of high quality dense fabric. It is carefully ironed beforehand. Stains and smudges left over from previous meals are excluded. This item is washed after each use.

The color tone is selected in accordance with the general decor of the room.The most organic look are beige, cream tones that set off any color shades. A variegated or richly gilded tablecloth will require only very high-quality white dishes and flawless crystal.

Roses on the festive table are always appropriate, they give the celebration a special meaning

Luxurious and elegant table decor in white-pink color

The length of the tablecloth plays an important role in the setting of the festive table. On the parallel sides of a rectangular table, it should be the same.Ends hanging down to the floor are not recommended as they are uncomfortable as guests may accidentally snag on them.

In such a situation, it is necessary to provide special clamps, which will play the role of additional decoration. An overly short tablecloth does not look good either. They choose the “golden mean”.

Dark tablecloth goes well with white tableware

The worktop, made in an interesting design, does not need to be closed completely. It is enough to arrange decorative large napkins according to the number of guests.This technique creates a bright accent and serves as a unifying link for the rest of the accessories.

Several tablecloths, usually in contrasting colors, which intersect on the table in any order and create a picturesque look, look no less interesting.

If the tablecloth is not used in the decoration of the table, beautiful decorative napkins must be placed under the plates

Beautiful table setting at home: ideas, photo

One of the main stages of table setting is the correct arrangement of plates according to the number of guests.As a rule, three types of them are used – a canteen, a diner, a soup. Place at regular intervals.

Then you need to place the cutlery, selecting their types depending on the menu. For basic accessories, the classic scheme is followed. The place for the knife is located on the right side of the plate. The fork is placed with the teeth upwards on the left. The dessert spoon should lie perpendicular to the knife behind the plate.

Cute wine glasses in dark brown – a spectacular addition to the festive table

Snow-white starched tablecloth is traditionally used at significant celebrations

When choosing napkins for the festive table, it is important to take into account the theme of the celebration

To the right and above the plate, place glasses for certain types of alcohol and put a glass into which mineral water or juice will be poured.

A riot of colors on the festive table

Name and serving rule of cutlery

Types of glasses

You need to know that special glasses are used for a specific alcoholic beverage:

  • The elongated flute shape is designed for champagne, allowing you to admire the play of bubbles inside the liquid.
  • Red wines are poured into glasses on a thin stem with a rounded volumetric bottom, tapering upwards. But there are wine glasses even for certain varieties.
  • Glasses oriented towards white wine are distinguished by an oval elongated shape.
  • Cognac low glass has a thick bottom and an extension at the top. It is also suitable for whiskey.
  • A martini glass with an elegant long stem is easily recognizable by its tapered shape.

A set of glasses and glasses made of crystal for different types of drinks

Arrangement of napkins

Used when serving the table, in addition to decorative items, two main types of napkins – linen (on the knees) and paper (for hands).

Fabric products are beautifully folded or rolled up and fastened with a special ring. Placed on a plate. It is advisable to put an elegant plate next to it, on which they write a wish or indicate the name of the guest. May be completed with a dainty miniature flower.

Napkin on a plate tied with a weak knot

Decor elements placed on the table should be in good harmony with each other

Decorative napkins have the function of additional decoration.They are placed on the table in a certain order, highlighting a specific area.

Ideal combination of bright colors in the table decor

Several special holders are placed under the paper napkins, available to any guest. Be sure to have convenient containers with spices on the table. The main ones are salt and pepper. If the sauce is prepared separately for the dishes, then they place it in a convenient aesthetic dish.

The yellow color of napkins and tulips will add a special atmosphere to your festive table

Additional table decor (photo)

Completeness of the festive table setting is given by various decorative items, among which the most unexpected options can be noted:

  1. Fruit .They are folded not only in vases, but also create original compositions, placing them on a beautiful stand, greenery or a lace napkin.
  2. Balls . Decorators increasingly include balloons in festive table decorations. They can be located in the center or near each plate.
  3. Paper figures . The ability to create origami-style figures from colored, white or craft paper allows you to make a themed table decoration.
  4. Branches .Putting graceful twigs in vases or glass glasses and supplementing them with candles, you can add a little mysticism to the atmosphere of a festive dinner. Will enhance the decorative effect of painting branches with mother-of-pearl or fluorescent paint.
  5. Nibs . A hit of recent years has been the addition of feathers to the serving. They should be thoroughly disinfected.
  6. Greens . In different versions, greenery in the form of single twigs, garlands, wreaths, bouquets serves as a bright decoration of the table.
  7. Bottles . Glass bottles of an interesting shape or with unusual color shades can be used not only as vases, but also as a separate decorative element.
  8. Cans . Tin cans decorated with an openwork cut turn into charming candlesticks. You can decorate these items with feathers, a shiny cord, an openwork ribbon and put them on the table as an unusual flower pots.

Abundance of blue in tandem with beautiful dishes

A pot of fresh flowers – a great idea for table decor

The tablecloth on the table should not have folds or stains, and the dishes should not have cracks or chips

Decorating a festive table in different styles

Completing the festive table when serving is given by various decorative details.They should not create a sense of chaos, being positioned in strict accordance with the overall composition and a specific style.

Shabby Chic

The main features of shabby chic are cream, white, pink, beige, powdery shades. Used dishes are antique with scuffs. Candelabra with candles, flowers, decorative ornaments, sustained in a single decor are present in the table setting. On textiles and tableware, there is a floral, as if faded, small pattern.

Wooden furniture with forged details, vintage lace or natural linen napkins with striped prints complement the general entourage.Additional decor is given by photo frames, openwork pots and original flowerpots.

Gilded candlesticks and candelabra – an invariable attribute of the shabby chic style

Discreet and sophisticated decor in soft colors


The main differences of the refined style of glamor are luxurious materials, rhinestones, graceful forms of vases and wine glasses, fur. An abundance of feathers, mirrors and crystal is welcomed in decorating a table with your own hands in this popular style.Silk fabrics, silver cutlery, glossy surfaces are used.

Small sculptures, crystal candlesticks, complemented by pendants are installed to decorate the table. Snow-white lace is set off with notes of black.

Fashionable chairs and spectacularly decorated table for a glamorous party

Black and white tablecloth – this season’s trend is gaining great popularity


The modern dynamic techno style amazes with fantasy effects when decorating the table.The integration of illuminated mirrored surfaces creates a sense of being in an extraordinary world. The abundance of metal, glass, refracting light rays complements the originality of the created atmosphere.

Techno should feel constructivism in everything

Beautiful techno table decoration


Serving using elements of the minimalism style, they prefer the strict geometry of the table top without a tablecloth. Square plain linen napkins can be placed under the plates.

Important! Only the necessary cutlery and utensils should be present on the table. The main criteria are simplicity of forms, functionality, elegance.

Intelligence and subtlety of taste of minimalism style in black and white

Artfully and impeccably decorated table with Scandinavian minimalism


The character of the country style with rustic notes is emphasized by a small stripe or check on the tablecloth, linen napkins of a neutral tone.

Wicker openwork baskets for sweets and pastries, wooden cutlery, clay vases with wildflowers, ornaments made of branches, birch bark or ornate snags fit organically.

Wood and metal dominate the country-style table

Fashionable and non-standard table setting without tablecloth


A wooden table with no frills suits the naturalistic rustic style. It is not covered with a tablecloth or lace napkins. Among the elements of the table setting are glass jars decorated with lace ribbons with burlap, as candlesticks or flower vases, mats under the cutlery.

Advice! Wood cuts and even stacks of books are used for coasters and pots. Cones are sure to be present as a decor, and moss is also used.

To add idleness and sophistication, a white veil will be indispensable

The list of fabrics for table setting includes cotton, veil, linen, muslin


The popular eco-style assumes naturalness and organic simplicity in the design of the table. Earthenware or wood, painted in accordance with Russian traditions, dishes and vases are used.

Eco-style table decoration for the holiday

Eco-style decor usually contains a lot of green


White tablecloth, pastel napkins, light dishes, delicate lavenders in a bucket let you feel the gentle charm of the French province.

Provence style decor is created with ribbons, linen lace or embroidery on tablecloths, candles in elegant candlesticks. The main shades are olive, yellow, lavender. There is a blue, terracotta, gray tone.

Slightly worn wooden furniture with paintings or carvings, pots, woven from straw, complete the overall impression.

Provence style table setting


Graceful little things with a touch of antiquity, a lush floral ornament with bright shades on the dishes, a carved tray next to a white teapot allow you to decorate a table with elements of a charming vintage style.

The dominant shades in such a solution are white, pink, purple, delicate green, noble ash, blue.Their palette is extensive from pastel sound to rich juicy tones.

Antique vases, porcelain figurines, forged candlesticks, silverware, carved frames are welcome. Lace napkins, embroidered tablecloths made of natural fibers will fit organically.

Vintage style should be immersed in an abundance of white, pink and cream

English style

Luxurious and restrained English style is supported by emerald, rich red or gold colors.

For serving, expensive gilded dishes, crystal glasses and glasses for drinks are used. The composition is complemented by metal cutlery.

Holiday table decor with a touch of English style


The free from conventions boho style easily combines a variety of tableware, exotic and everyday. The bright shade of flowers is repeated on napkins, glasses, creating an amazing overall color scheme. Ethnic ornaments, unusual plants, and various materials look organically in a single composition.

An abundance of textile napkins, fringe on the tablecloth, candles in original candlesticks, voluminous vases with lush bouquets, small frames are welcomed.

Flowers on the table will help guests to plunge into the atmosphere of a real holiday and fun


Ignores strict rules for serving fusion kitchen style. Any plates, cups left over from commemorative sets will be used here.

Fusion combines expensive exclusive items with cheap everyday items on the table.Plastic and glass, obsolete shabby vases and ultra-fashionable devices will look charming nearby. It is important to observe the measure, creating an overall harmonious atmosphere.

It is a pleasure to celebrate a solemn event in such an atmosphere


A free-spirited loft style requires a lot of space and a bold mix of worn and worn items with a modern gloss.

Metal massive coasters and glassware are placed on a table with a rough wooden surface.Perfectly polished cutlery is placed next to it. Tablecloths in this design are not appropriate.

The charred wood table looks stylish and unusual


Popular and romantic eclecticism in table setting does not negate styles. This direction assumes their organic integration.

On the eclectic-style table, it is possible to create a modern harmony of Bohemian crystal, modest tableware and oriental patterns.It is necessary to carefully think over every detail, creating a single composition with the inclusion of elegant vases, original candlesticks.

Trendy, eclectic colors with carefully selected cutlery


Fashionable expressive freestyle style prefers minimalism in general serving and asymmetrical tableware. On the table, the edges of various salad bowls, vases, cups, plates have different heights, forming an unusual atmosphere. The stems of the wine glasses can have a creative curved shape.

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