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The pieces are set. The players have all come together to decide the fate of Westeros. An enigmatic conquering queen who can control dragons. A valorous man who fights against the dead. A knight who struggles with his sense of morality. A dwarf who seemingly has all of the answers, despite his tainted reputation. Each plays an important role in the Game of Thrones series… and now it’s easier than ever for you to become a part of that.

The series struck a cord on HBO back in 2011, the George R.R. Martin inspired show has kept us completely captivated ever since. The twists and turns made us laugh, cry, and hiss at devious villains. Of course, since it holds such a strong place in culture, it makes perfect sense that everyone wants to dress up as their favorite character to recapture the magic of the shows. And we made sure to gather up some of the best Game of Thrones costumes in the land!

So, what can you expect to find in our selection of outfits? Well, first, let’s start at the top of the list! Daenerys Targaryen costumes have been one of our most popular choices and we carry various options to help you craft your perfect Khaleesi costume. We also have a selection of accessories that go perfectly with your Dany look, like wigs, dragon accessories, and even House Targaryen themed gear.

Jon Snow costumes are also one of our specialties! He’s come a long way from being a scrappy lad living in Winterfell and his outfit in the show evolves along with him. We carry plenty of cloaks to help you look like a man of the Night’s Watch. We carry plenty of toy weapons to help you fight against the army of White Walkers that are approaching. We even have some toy version of the iconic Longclaw! You can even check out some of our wolf costumes to reenact scenes with Ghost (maybe that good boy can finally get the pet that he deserves).

Jaime Lannister is another great character to cosplay as. We have a large selection of items to give you the greatest Jaime Lannister costume in all of Westeros. From his days as a simple swordsman traveling with Brienne to his later days as a commanding general for Cersei, you can customize your look with our various Game of Thrones accessories. Speaking of Cersei, we have Cersei costumes that you can use to step into the role of the conniving queen. We do, however, recommend getting out the Red Keep when you wear one (especially if there are dragons around)!

The imagination truly is the limit when you choose one of our Game of Thrones costumes. From Arya Stark to Tormund, we have everything you need to put your look a step above the rest! Whether you’re trying to relive the early seasons or you want to create a group costume look based on the epic (and controversial) final 8th season of the series in 2019. 

Winter Dragon Queen Costume for Women

Note: Measurements are of the actual item, please make sure to double check size chart.

Note: Measurements are of the actual item, please make sure to double check size chart.

X-Small Chest 36″ 91cm
X-Small Waist 30″ 76cm
X-Small Sleeve Length 24 1/2″ 62cm
X-Small Coat Length 49 1/2″ 126cm
X-Small Chain Length 46″ 117cm
Small Chest 37″ 94cm
Small Waist 31″ 79cm
Small Sleeve Length 25″ 64cm
Small Coat Length 50″ 127cm
Small Chain Length 46″ 117cm
Medium Chest 38″ 97cm
Medium Waist 32″ 81cm
Medium Sleeve Length 25″ 64cm
Medium Coat Length 50 1/2″ 128cm
Medium Chain Length 46″ 117cm
Large Chest 40″ 102cm
Large Waist 37″ 94cm
Large Sleeve Length 25″ 64cm
Large Coat Length 52″ 132cm
Large Chain Length 46″ 117cm
X-Large Chest 46″ 117cm
X-Large Waist 40″ 102cm
X-Large Sleeve Length 25 1/2″ 65cm
X-Large Coat Length 52″ 132cm
X-Large Chain Length 46″ 117cm

Game of Thrones Costumes – TV & Movie Halloween Costumes

Game of Thrones Characters

Jon Snow

The four primary families in Game of Thrones all hail from different parts of Westeros and dress in very different ways. Winterfell in the north is cold, with a severe winter on the way (a popular saying from the show is, after all, “winter is coming”). As such, the Starks and citizens of Winterfell dress in long, heavy costumes with fur stoles and capes to keep them warm. Though the entire Stark family is featured heavily throughout the series, one of their most noteworthy members is Jon Snow. Jon is often seen wearing layered dark clothing, armor and heavy fur capes. In the early seasons, when he resides at Winterfell and later at the Wall as a member of the Night’s Watch, his black curls are worn loose. However, later in the series, as Jon takes on more of a leadership role, he pulls his hair back into a low bun and sheds his cloaks as he travels to warmer climates.


Jon is particularly close to who he is led to believe is his half-sister, Sansa. Sansa’s alabaster skin is complemented by her fiery red hair, a trait she received from her mother Catelyn. Sansa is initially excited to be betrothed to Joffrey, son of King Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister. As a young girl, Sansa is seen wearing pretty dresses and her hair in elaborate braids. As the series goes on and Sansa is exposed to trials and tribulations, she grows up and is seen wearing her hair long and straight. This choice of costuming is common in Game of Thrones; as characters evolve, so too do their costumes, hair and makeup.

Daenerys Targaryen

Another character whose appearance evolves over time is Daenerys Targaryen. When we first meet her, Daenerys is sold into marriage by her brother Viserys to Khal Drogo, leader of the Dothraki. The Dothraki are a tribal nation of horse riders who live in arid climates, and we often see Daenerys in more revealing costumes with her long, white hair in simple waves. As Daenerys grows more confident and seeks the Iron Throne for herself, we see her look change: she begins to wear elaborate coats and apparel that make it easy to ride dragons, with her fair hair in elaborate braids, much like Sansa Stark’s.

Cersei Lannister

Cersei Lannister’s look also changes throughout the series, though not necessarily for the better. She does, however, look regal, both as the wife of King Robert Baratheon and as the Queen of Westeros herself. Cersei is known for wearing floor-sweeping dresses with long bell sleeves and intricate detailing. Early in the series, she wears her long, strawberry blonde hair in loose waves; later in the series, she dons a pixie cut underneath her crown. Like the other female characters in Game of Thrones, as Cersei becomes more of a leader, her appearance changes.

Jaime Lannister

Cersei’s relationship with her twin brother, Jaime, also changes throughout the series. Jaime Lannister, a knight in the king’s army, killed the “Mad King” Aerys II Targaryen so that Cersei’s husband Robert Baratheon could take the throne. Henceforth, Jaime is also known as the Kingslayer. Jaime is often seen wearing knight’s armor and a red cape; later in the series, he loses his right hand and it is replaced with a bronze prosthesis. Jaime and Cersei have an unnatural relationship, which we discover early in the series; however, Jaime later becomes infatuated with Brienne of Tarth, a knight in everything but name. Brienne has sworn to protect Catelyn Stark’s daughters, but because she is a woman, she cannot be knighted. Brienne, who stands at over 6 feet tall, wears her blonde hair short and is almost always seen in metal armor, carrying a sword.

White Walkers

Other key fixtures of the series are the mythical White Walkers, who are thought to have been extinct. However, in the first episode of season one, a member of the Night’s Watch survives an attack by one of these creatures, which are known for their zombie-like appearance and ice-blue eyes. People and animals killed by the White Walkers are reanimated as the undead wights, which are nearly impossible to kill, except by means of fire, Valyrian steel or dragonglass.

Game of Thrones Costumes | Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Winter is coming… so prepare yourself with Game of Thrones costumes. With masks and beards for extra screen accuracy, people will have no problem telling that you’re Jon Snow.  Ride on your horse through the kingdom as you battle your enemies and fight for the Starks or the Lannister depending on who you want to be. Masks are an easy way to put together your own costume – no makeup necessary. With our easily recognizable masks, everyone will know who you’re fighting for. Preparing for the next season of this popular TV show? There is no better way to prepare with any of these Game of Thrones costumes and accessories.


Game of Thrones Luminaries

For eight seasons, the characters of Game of Thrones have been anticipating winter and fans got to finally see what winter would bring. With the White Walker army breathing down their necks, our favorite characters faced off in an epic battle. Over the series, we said goodbye to so many great characters and this battle yielded the same results. 

Besides the cold, we learned that winter is pretty dark too. The Battle of Winterfell might’ve been hard to see for some, and that’s why we think they needed some luminaries to help light the battlefield. Create your own DIY Game of Thrones Luminaries to keep the Lord of Light on your side. Decorate your luminaries with the sigil of your favorite house and let it light up your space long after the tears from the series finale dry. 

Game of Thrones Costume Ideas & Inspiration

We wish you luck; many who enter the Game of Thrones do not end up surviving. But to help you on your way may we suggest perusing a digital catalog that may help give you an advantage through a regal and austere new look that will leave looking as if you were born to rule and at court appearance is often everything.

Show you’re a die-hard fan of this breakout medieval fantasy sensation with a new and exciting costume that looks as if it came right out of their wardrobe department. This diverse and varied offering includes both officially licensed wear and garments as well as those inspired by the show providing you with all sorts of options in creating a Game of Thrones look that is unique to you. So whether you’re dressed up as the Queen of Dragons or looking for something a bit more on the Lannister side-of-things be sure that you’re playing to win.

Game of Thrones Watch Party Ideas

Winter is here! The epic conclusion to the tale of Westeros is upon us. If you’re sitting down the watch the final season of Game of Thrones, you need to do it in style. Throw a watch party fit for King’s Landing with the help of these Game of Thrones party ideas. With these tips and tricks, people will bend the knee and accept you as the king or queen of throwing parties. 

DIY Dragon Dart Party Game

They say those who play the Game of Thrones will win or die. If you’re looking for a game with better odds, this DIY Dragon Dart game might be just what you need. While you and your guests wait for the final season of Game of Thrones to begin, you can test your skills against the Ice Dragon. Winter is here and it’s important that you’re on the right side when the fight is over. 

Best “Game of Thrones” Halloween Costumes 2020


HBO’s Game of Thrones has come to an end, but that just means it’s even more important than ever to bring life to your favorite characters this spooky season. Throughout eight full seasons, the show served viewers with heartbreaking deaths, emotional romances, and countless iconic outfits that would all make for pretty great Halloween costumes. Embrace your inner Targaryen, Stark, or Lannister (and by that I mean pile on lots of faux fur) and prepare for a night of epic proportions.

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1 Daenerys Targaryen

On top of being a total badass, the Mother of Dragons’ wardrobe is stunning. This is one of her most legendary looks and can easily be DIYed with an old prom dress and a white-blonde wig.

What you’ll need: Starfun Queen Gown, $100


2 Sansa Stark

In season 8, Sansa Stark’s persona starts evolving to a powerful character and that becomes even more visible through her costume. The necklace she wears is a prominent symbol – buy one yourself, then recreate her braids and you’ll basically be twins.

What you’ll need: ComfyCamper Sansa Stark Necklace, $30


3 Arya Stark

All hail Arya Stark! She’s the hero of the series and thus, deserves a tribute in the form of your Halloween costume. Get yourself a faux leather jacket, a grey skirt, and various weaponry.

What you’ll need: Ancocs Leather Corset, $27


4 Melisandre

Only true fans will recognize this character: the Red Woman, Melisandre. Try this by wearing a maxi dress and a chunky choker.

What you’ll need: SheIn Flowy Maxi Dress, $29


5 Cersei Lannister

One of the most evolving wardrobes in GOT is that of Cersei Lannister. The progression from soft tones and fabrics to rigid, dark tones is noticeable. Opt for her short hair/dark dress combo for a recognizable vibe.

What you’ll need: Voste Queen Long Dress, $99


6 Missandei

It is impossible not to love Missandei’s character and wardrobe. Belt a blue maxi dress and let your natural curls roam free to DIY this costume.

What you’ll need: Maxi Dress, $30


7 Ygritte

Although Ygritte isn’t in all the seasons, she does play an important role in GOT. Try recreating her outfit with a faux shearling coat. To mimic a snowy effect, apply some baby powder, then top it with hairspray for hold.

What you’ll need: Faux Shearling Coat, $28


8 Tyrion Lannister

You can easily recreate Tyrion Lannisters’s look with items from your closet. A striped long sleeve shirt, a thrifted leather vest, black pants, and a belt is all you need.

What you’ll need: Dark Horse Hand of the King, $10


9 Brienne of Tarth

Put last year’s Daenerys wig to use by dressing up as Brienne of Tarth for 2020. Rub a little pomade on your hair for a fresh-from-the-battle hairstyle.

What you’ll need: Medieval Collectibles Spaulders, $102


10 Jon Snow

Jon Snow’s fury cloaks are a Game of Thrones staple. Since all you need is a black faux fur jacket, this costume might be the easiest to dupe.

What you’ll need: Costume Culture Medieval Cape, $38


11 Leaf

Leaf is one of the Children of the Forest and is responsible for the creation of the white walkers. Her appearances are limited, but she plays a big role. Weave some greenery into your hair and go heavy on the contouring to make your face both terrifying and gorgeous.

What you’ll need: Artificial Floral Crown, $14


12 Bran Stark

What do you need for this look? You guessed it: more faux fur. An earthy brown coat will help you become GOT‘s favorite king.

What you’ll need: Women’s Faux Fur, $20


13 Grey Worm

Grey Worm is commander to the unsullied and Missandei’s eternal love. His look is surprisingly chic and can be duped with a leather body harness.

What you’ll need: Medieval Victorian Waistcoat , $30


14 Margaery Tyrell

Margaery had an outfit and hairstyle for every occasion. Pick your favorite and transform yourself into the icon herself. Don’t forget her signature hairstyle.

What you’ll need: Maxi Dress, $33


15 Catelyn Stark

Catelyn, the mother of the Starks, played a crucial role in their lives. She gave Arya inherited her bravery, Sansa her tenacity, and Bran her wisdom. Go for a high-collared blouse to help recreate her style.

What you’ll need: Forum Novelties Women’s Medieval Cape, $37


16 Lady Oleanna

Pay tribute to Lady Oleanna by DIYing her epic headpiece and veil.

What you’ll need: Dragonpipes Medieval Headpiece, $69


17 Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys had countless amazing looks throughout the eight seasons. Her blue ensemble might be the most iconic outfit of the entire series – AKA: it’s perfect for a DIY costume.

What you’ll need: Daenerys Targaryen Style Costume, $30


18 Missandei

Missandei, Danearys’ right hand, had some pretty sick outfits. Rock her crop top if you’re looking for a flirty Halloween costume.

What you’ll need: Aimeio Crop Top, $19


19 Cersei Lannister

Cersei’s covetable gowns are all great Halloween options. This particular one is easy to put together with a burgundy maxi and a leather belt. To top it off, try the below wig.

What you’ll need: Wavy Wig, $23


20 A Dragon

If you are planning a GOT group costume, at least one person is required to go as a dragon. That’s the the law of the game.

What you’ll need: Jakeers Dragon Wings, $29


Andrea Zendejas Senior Accessories Editor f Andrea Zendejas is the accessories editor for the Hearst Fashion Group, who loves all accessories, but especially jewelry.

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Game of Thrones Costumes | Daenerys Targaryen Costumes

Game of Thrones is one of the best TV shows of all time—there’s no doubt about it. Even though it’s over now, Game of Thrones costumes are sill all the rage! Whether you want to be strong and feminine like Daenerys, or rugged and cool like Jon Snow, we have the costume for you. Check out our favourite Game of Thrones looks for Halloween 2021! See More Dress Up Ideas


Game of Thrones Costumes: Khaleesi Costume, Jon Snow Costume, Lannister Costumes and more!

Are you looking for a Game of Thrones Costume? Whether or not you liked Season 8, you can still dress up as Game of Thrones character! The Game of Thrones TV series, inspired by George R. R. Martin’s saga of novels, has become a true landmark of popular culture. The Game of Thrones costumes, notoriously breath-taking, are part of what makes the series so incredible. If you’re a fan, you know that the violence of certain scenes has also gotten people talking about the series. Indeed, there is a running joke about how Game of Thrones consistently kills everyone’s favorite characters—usually in a violent, gruesome way. If your favorite character died, you can bring him back to life with one of out incredible Game of Thrones Costume! Whether you’re looking for a Jon Snow Costume, a Daenerys Targaryen Costume, or a White Walker Costume, we have you covered. Claim the Iron Throne and get what is rightfully your and rule the seven kingdoms of Westeros with our great selection of Game of Thrones Costumes. Dress up as a character from one of the most popular shows on television. Dress as Daenerys Targaryen, the mother or dragons and Pair up with a Khal Drogo Costume to rule the Kingdom. A true fan favorite, the Daenerys Targaryen Costume or Khaleesi Costume will allow you to transform into one of the coolest female characters currently on television. After all, what girl hasn’t dreamed of being the Mother of Dragons? Don’t forget to pair it with this wig to replicate Khaleesi’s signature braided hairstyle! Did you know that in true Dothraki fashion, Daenerys adds more braids to her hair as she continues to collect victories? Travel through the fantastic land of Westeros and play the roles of Jon Snow, Jaime, Cersei or Tyron Lanister. Join the House of Stark or work the magic as the Red witch Melisandre and fight for the Iron Throne! A Jon Snow costume is also a popular  choice for fans everywhere–but be prepared to hear the famous line “you know nothing, Jon Snow” when you wear it! Whichever Game of Thrones character is your favorite, you’re sure to find a Game of Thrones costume or Game of Thrones Accessory you’ll love. Conquer the Iron Throne and the Night King’s army of White Walker and rule Westeros with an Iron hand, join Arya in her quest to explore unnamed parts of the world, pledge your loyalty to Sansa in the North or to the ruler of the 6 kingdoms in the south, join Jon Snow and the Night Watch…the choice is yours!

32 Best Halloween Costumes For Men 2021

Halloween somehow finds a way to sneak up on all of us every single year. While making time for pumpkin picking and carving is an obvious necessity of the season, so is shopping for a top-notch Halloween costume. But much like carving a pumpkin, choosing a costume can be unexpectedly irritating and troublesome.

Before you start Googling every costume under the sun, hone in on who you want to be this spooky season. Are you looking to become your favorite Marvel character with all the bells and whistles? Are you looking to keep it simple with just a one-piece costume? Are you hoping to channel your favorite show or movie of the year? There are hundreds of options out there, but many times the best Halloween costume is the one where you’re going to feel the most comfortable.

If you’re a guy who’s more into the DIY aspect of building a costume, there’s something on this list for you. But even if you’re the type who wants to get all the parts without any scouring (in other words, an easy Halloween costume you can pull together at the last minute), there’s definitely something on this list that will fit your needs. Check out the 32 best (and easiest) Halloween costumes for guys.

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Courtesy of Retailer

Squid Game Tracksuit Costume

Squid Game is the breakout show of 2021, capturing everyone’s attention. No wonder a numbered aqua tracksuit is the costume everyone wants this Halloween. Play red light, green light with your friends in this show-accurate outfit reproduction. If you dare…

Courtesy of Retailer

Squid Game Jumpsuit and Mask Costume

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If you’d rather be a Squid Game guard, this set makes the costume a sinch. You can even choose if you are a circle, square, or triangle guard by customizing the face shield. Just don’t reveal your face or else.

Courtesy of Retailer

Be the Squid boss with the angular black mask inspired by Squid Game. All you need is an all-black outfit and a black cloak to complete the costume—and to speak in a menacing voice.

Courtesy of Retailer

Channel Ted Lasso with this sweatshirt from the official WB store. Add a pair of track pants (which you can also buy on the WB site), a white visor, and a whistle to complete the look. Oh, and that must-have mustache.

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Adult Rick Costume


Hit that smeeze for your TikTok in this spot-on Rick costume. Enlist a friend to be your Morty and crank that Soulja Boy all night long.

Courtesy of Retailer

Forrest Gump Running Costume with Wig and Beard

Run like Forrest in this costume inspired by the iconic movie, flowing beard included. Just be prepared to hear “Run, Forrest, run!” the entire night.

Courtesy of Retailer

Xcoser Kylo Ren Cosplay Costume

Kylo Ren might have ditched his mask in the latest Star Wars movie, but who cares. The mask adds major badass vibes you want for the spooky evening.

Courtesy of Retailer

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet Costume


This mildly amusing costume is a great conversation starter for any single guy on Halloween night. Tacos not included.

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CosplaySky Loki Costume



Can’t stop thinking about Loki? This is the Halloween costume for you.

Courtesy of Retailer

Stranger Things Hopper Button Down Shirt


If you didn’t try the Hawaiian shirt trend this past summer, Stranger Things fans can sport the look this Halloween in a subtle costume that doesn’t require a giant mask, fake blood, or any uncomfortable polyester.

Courtesy of Retailer

Black Panther Costume Deluxe


Black Panther 2 won’t be released in theaters by Halloween, but if it’s as good as the first one, you’ll be happy you went full-on “Wakanda forever” before every other guy scores this costume next year.

Courtesy of Retailer

SIDNOR Game of Thrones Jon Snow Cosplay Costume

All you need is to grow out your mane, throw on your black jeans and combat boots, and, bam—you have the easiest and most stylish Game of Thrones costume for men.

Courtesy of Retailer

Before you get ready for No-Shave November, try out an adhesive mustache and an easy apron costume from your favorite cartoon sitcom. Pro tip: Bring your own burger to the Halloween party as an accessory for your costume. It doubles as a snack.

Courtesy of Retailer

Fun World Adam And Eve Costume

Sure, you can go to a Halloween party as one of the biggest couples in Hollywood, like Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas or Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber. Or you can go for something a bit more classic—and scandalous.

Courtesy of Retailer

Aquaman Costume Accessory Kit

Whether you decide to dress as Aquaman, Khal Drogo, or just everyday Jason Momoa in full-on pink garb, this wig is necessary if you want to do the Haka this Halloween.

Courtesy of Retailer

Authentic Replica Chewbacca Costume


It doesn’t get any more real than this furry, life-size Chewbacca getup. Sure, it’s a hefty investment, but if you count yourself among true Star Wars fans, you’ll look like you stepped straight off the movie set. Prefer a hero? Han Solo is always an option.

Courtesy of Retailer

Rubie’s It Deluxe Pennywise Costume

Spooky red balloons not included. A little too intense for your liking? You can also go as a regular clown, not the famous villain from IT.

Courtesy of Retailer

Rubie’s Deluxe Aloha Elvis Costume

Put on some blue suede shoes and be prepared to rock ‘n’ roll throughout the night.

Courtesy of Retailer

Eggplant Costume


Everyone’s favorite vegetable gets the life-sized treatment.

Courtesy of Retailer

Ghostbusters Deluxe Costume with Proton Pack

Honestly speaking, it doesn’t get more classic than a Ghostbusters costume. When in doubt, you can wear this year after year—no one will ever get tired of it. Plus, you can always wear it with your friends for an iconic group Halloween costume, too.

Courtesy of Amazon

The Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Turn into everyone’s favorite classic dinosaur in this inflatable T-Rex costume.

Courtesy of Retailer

Patriotic Party Uncle Sam Costume

Forum Novelties

Wear your American pride on your sleeve quite literally in this starry get-up that would make Uncle Sam proud.

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Courtesy of Retailer

Roaring 20s White Costume


When your social schedule calls for something a little more sophisticated and less creepy, any costume that involves a blazer or a suit can work. You could also double as Jay Gatsby, if you prefer.

Courtesy of Retailer

Leather Spider Jacket



Spiderman and Avengers are rolled into one in this statement jacket that’s perfect for a casual Halloween house party or trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.

Courtesy of Retailer

Pug Costume


Life can be “ruff,” but your costume doesn’t have to be. Any other animal will also do the trick, though dogs reign supreme.

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Courtesy of Retailer

Daddy Shark Deluxe Adult Costume


If you’re a dad to a toddler, you need no introduction to Baby Shark. Carry around your tot in a costume that will make them giggle all night long.

Courtesy of Retailer

Instead of eating your favorite Mexican dish, why don’t you dress like it? You never know where you’ll find your salsa and guac.

Courtesy of Retailer

Remember that object you loved putting under your teacher’s desk? Who knew you could dress like it?

Courtesy of Retailer

Sometimes the best costumes are the ones that feel like real clothes. Go the funny route this year with a Where’s Waldo ensemble and play the part by mysteriously disappearing all night.

Courtesy of Retailer

80’s Rocker Wig and Tattoos Costume Set

For one night and one night only, show the people what your childhood dream looked like. This badass ’80s rockstar wig comes fully outfitted in sleeve tattoos—all you need are some dark shades to complete the look. Practice your air guitar in the mirror before going public with it.

Courtesy of Retailer

Flint Tropics Semi Pro Jackie Moon Basketball Uniform Costume

Athlete uniforms from the ’80s just hit differently. This Halloween, show off just how great being a ball star looks on you.

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Courtesy of Retailer

Top Gun: Maverick Flight Costume

Putting on a Halloween costume may not get any easier than stepping into this Top Gun-inspired flight suit. The tough and cool factor is just an added bonus.

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Game of Thrones costumes: history in detail .: la_gatta_ciara – LiveJournal

As an excuse for the long silence – a long post))

I was asked to write about the costumes of the Game of Thrones series for a long time, but I dodged everything. As one of my friends said: “Yes, according to your LJ it is clear that you do not like fantasy.”
This is true, but although I am not a fan of the fantasy style, nevertheless, I watched many films made in this genre. Artists working on such projects always have room for creativity, and I am curious to puzzle over the sources of their inspiration, to follow the process of style formation.Again, it is interesting to see what happens with huge budgets and technical capabilities that we, in Russia, have never dreamed of.

So, let’s get started.
Frankly, I was a little surprised that two women are responsible for rendering this rather tough, I would even say, male story: production designer Gemma Jackson and costume designer Michelle Clapton .

Michelle Clapton

Michelle did a tremendous job: dresses, armor, fur coats, camisoles – there is a huge amount of all this in the film, and everything is carefully thought out and executed.Of course, she did not come up with everything herself, she had many assistants (again, we never dreamed of such a staff of assistants and costume designers: you can look at it here in the column Series Department Wardrobe and Costume) , but nevertheless, she oversaw the whole process it was she who also set the style and direction for the costumes of the series, also Michelle. For this work, she, along with her assistants Alexander Fordham and Chloe Aubrey, received the 2012 Emmy Awards. Europe (including the southern and northern regions), where several royal houses (families) are fighting for the Iron throne of the united kingdom.
Each kingdom and its subjects, including nobles and peasants, the costume designer needed to come up with their own style of clothing, as well as think over the materials from which all this would be made.
Evaluate the diversity and scope of work by several pictures:

The project budget is huge, which allowed the artists to pay attention to any detail: from creating homespun textiles to embossing symbolic decorations.

Who better to tell about the work of a costume designer than himself? Therefore, we read excerpts from various Michelle interviews.

“14 weeks before filming started, I met with my assistants and talked about the direction I would like to set for each character. We also discussed the general appearance of different groups of characters, how their place of residence and climate affects the costume, etc. I also met and spoke with production designer Gemma Jackson, writers, producers, etc. After these discussions, we created mood boards (boards on which fabric samples are pinned, photographs of prototypes, drawings on the topic, etc.)) for each new object and I started drawing the concept.

We also traveled to Italy, Paris and Madrid to look at the fabrics and also sent a scout to London.

Michelle at work. But the costumes of the series are not only the lovely women’s dresses of the main characters …

We spent 10 weeks in our workshops with cutters, manufacturers, gunsmiths. I love to visit the workshop, where I spent two out of five years, watching the cut, sewing, studying fabrics.We try to do as much handmade work as possible because it is practical and much more seamless. I have 99% banned overlocking and 100% encouraged hand finishing, even on extras. We have our own weavers, embroiderers and fabric designers because many of the costumes are created from scratch. ”

Michelle corrects the texture of the suit before the exhibition

All suits are textured – we do everything: from sweat stains to the state of a shabby rag – and this is one of the most important aspects in the work of the wardrobe department.We have a team of about ten people, including designers and textile artists, whose job it is to customize the costumes accordingly.

First we dye the fabric, then we process it, then we invoice it, and then we pat and darn again. If you try to do in a short time what could happen to clothes in 10 years of wearing it, then it won’t work. You won’t be able to spray the costume with spray paint and dust it with dirt, because that’s how it will look then. “

Each royal family claiming the Iron Throne has its own coat of arms and its own symbol. They are everywhere: on banners, on armor, on the fasteners of tunics and on embroidered dresses. And it is very interesting to consider all these little things in the film.

The Stark symbol is a direwolf, and in these photographs you can see stylized wolf heads on clothing and on shields.

The Baratheons have a deer.

Tully has fish, we also see this sign everywhere – from embroidery on the collar to small brooches.

The Targaryens have a dragon.
And here not only brooches have dragon heads, but fabrics similar to dragon scales are also used.

Look at the “dragon” texture of the dress:

The Dothraki symbol has a horse … African tribes who live in tents and are constantly on the move – says Michelle Clapton – They wear a lot of horse skin.They are decorated with feathers. They steal jewelry, which, I assumed, they give to their women. ” photo on the left):

Lions are not only a Lannister sign, but also a sign of strength, power.

The image of Cersei is built on contrasts that emphasize the complexity of the heroine’s character: a rectangular face is framed by long, curly curls, beautiful silk dresses, embroidered with touching birds, which does not fit well with her cold, hard look.

embroidery “birds” is larger))

Another dress with birds:

Cersei’s dresses have metal belts that resemble armor.
The Lannisters are very rich, competitive, live in the capital and have power, which is very important,” Michel says. “The climate is mild and residents do not need warm clothes. And this is the coast, which means trade. They have many servants, and silk and jewelry are readily available to them.

Starks have less opportunity than Lannister and live in a cold, damp place. Only wool, leather, fur and some dyes are available for them. They have to think about warmth and wear high, soft embroidered collars for status. Women embroider to somehow decorate clothes. “

The very fish embroidered on the collar of Stark’s wife Catelyn. By the way, of all the” fighters of the invisible front “who help a costume designer, there is a lot of information on the Internet about the embroiderer Michelle Carragher , which has its own wonderful website

Another example of the work of an embroiderer:

But I digress a little, continuing the story about the costumes of the Stark clan.
“Also, the people of Winterfell hunt, kill and eat animals, and their clothes reflect this,” explains Michelle Clapton. “I tried fake fur, but it doesn’t work. patrol, very minimalistic and simple

Dark suits, mostly black and gray, layered with fur skins, borrowed from the Himalayan, Mongolian and Eskimo cultures Men do not wear metal armor because it is too cold there.

I start from the character of the character, revealing it through the color and cut of the suit. When we first see Sansa [Sophie Turner], she wears Stark-style clothes when traveling – they are a little awkward, and the textiles are homespun.

When she arrives at King’s Landing, she is influenced by Cersei’s [Lena Headey] style. After the death of her father Ned Stark, in which Cersei was also guilty, Sansa seems to freeze in her stylistic evolution.

“I had no idea how complex the suits would be, they were designed with amazing detail! – Sophie Turner, the performer of the role of Sansa, says in an interview – Even my corset, which I wear under the dresses in King’s Landing, was embroidered with dragonflies, but it is nowhere to be seen on the screen! ”

“I adore my embroiderer,” the costume designer confesses his love for Michelle Carragher, “she is very talented. We tell her the idea, which she takes and makes more beautifully than I could have hoped, her embroidery is like a painting. “

By the way, dragonflies and butterflies are Sansa’s theme: she has a pendant in the shape of a dragonfly, and a butterfly ring, her dresses are embroidered with dragonflies.

On the Internet, fans of the series are considering the version that Sansa loves this symbol, since it reminds her of the ballad about the Dragonfly Prince, who gave up the throne for the sake of love for a simple girl.

And it seems to me that the heroine herself looks like a dragonfly – light and quivering, a little bullet – the range of Sansa’s costumes also works for this, solved in cool soft lilac, gray and pink tones.
Sansa’s wedding dress is very interestingly conceived by the artist: fish (the sign of her mother’s house, before Tully’s marriage), wolves (the sign of the house of Stark’s father) and lions (the sign of the Lanester house) are embroidered on it, since she is now becoming the wife of Tyrion Lannister.

To be honest, the close attention of all art shops to detail is what immediately attracted me personally to the series. And I could still talk and talk about this … But in every case, the main thing is to stop on time))

Finally, an interview with Michelle

and its translation on the fan site dedicated to the series http: // / 2010/10 / the-artisans-michele-clapton /

Links: michele-clapton.html

http: //www.spin .com / articles / game-of-thrones-costume-designer-michele-clapton-interview-hbo /

HBO Home guide season3 / #! / guide / houses /

Amazing Game of Thrones Costume Details »

On Sunday, the long-awaited first episode of the 4th season of the series “Game of Thrones” will finally be released, which is loved by millions of viewers around the world. It takes a whole year to wait for each next season of the already legendary series, and all because the creators take its production extremely seriously. This manifests itself in every smallest and, at first glance, imperceptible detail, including the stunning costumes, to which we dedicate this post.

Photo: HBO /

1. The costumes of the heroes are incredibly diverse. What unites them is how amazing they look on the screen, playing an important role in the creation of fantastic worlds in which the events of “Game of Thrones” unfold. 2. But only looking at the details of the costumes as close as possible can you realize how complex and painstaking manual work is actually invested in them. All this unimaginable beauty is created by two British women – costume designer Michelle Clapton and embroidery specialist Michelle Carragher, whose work deserves special attention.4. The embroidery on the costumes usually reflects the symbolism of the houses. For example – the “signature” Lannister lions, as on this dress of Cersei. For this pattern, a lot of metal details were used, and the lions look almost voluminous – this is how the designers wanted to achieve the effect of armor on the dress. 5. A few more details of the dress. 6. And here is the symbolism of the Tully house – silver trout. 7. In the costumes of Catelyn Stark, née Tully, this symbolism is preserved in numerous embroidered collars. Unfortunately, all this beauty remains almost invisible to the audience.But the attention paid by the creators of the series to such “little things” is simply amazing. At the beginning of the series, Catelyn’s daughters Arya Stark also have their own collars … 10. … and Sansa Stark. This is her Winterfell outfit. 11. One of the most striking characters in the series – Daenerys Targaryen – and her dress imitating dragon scales. This effect on the fabric is made by hand, Michelle even shares the secrets of creating it on her website – there is a detailed step-by-step instruction there. True, even having familiarized yourself with it, it is still difficult to imagine how much time and effort it took for this dress.12. Details of the dress close up. By the way, this dress has evolved along with its owner. For him, three stages of the manifestation of the dragon’s scales were made, this is the last, the most obvious. 13. Sansa Stark’s wedding dress is not only one of the most beautiful in the series, but also filled with deep symbolism. The pattern on the lower back is a combination of Tully Silver Trout and Stark Direwolf. Above is the golden lion of the Lannisters, showing their increasing influence on Sansa. 15. This element symbolizes the battle between the Starks and Lannisters, in which the lion begins to dominate the direwolf.16. For Cersei Lannister for the same event, designers have created an equally chic dress made of burgundy velvet. The embroidery on the sleeves repeats the gold pattern on the fabric, but on an enlarged scale. 17. In addition to embroidery threads, small pearls, Swarovski crystals, metal beads and rings were used to create it. A ready-made pattern is sewn onto the dress, and all the painstaking work takes place on a separate piece of golden organza. 18. The men, for obvious reasons, didn’t get too much of Michelle’s embroidery on the show.Nevertheless, its details are also on the costumes of even the most brutal warriors – for example, Salladore Saan. 19. The exception is, perhaps, the inhabitants of the southern trading city of Kvart, whose costumes, both male and female, are simply strewn with various insects. 20. The Spice King. 21. Xaro Xoan Daxos and one of the beetles on his suit 22. Of course, all the insects are also handcrafted by Michelle. 23. But back to the main characters. This is another of Cersei’s dresses in traditional Lannister colors. During the episode of the Battle of Blackwater, the dress was complemented by a metal corset, also with lion symbols.24. Details of the dress. On the screen they are almost impossible to see under Cersei’s gorgeous hair. 25. Sansa Stark at the tournament in honor of the right hand of the king in a dress with roses. 26. Details of the dress. 27. Sansa in a dress that will be ripped from her shoulders in a few moments by Joffrey’s orders. 28. Cersei and another dress with lions on the sleeves. 29. Details. 30. Michelle also found several elements, the belonging of which we could not identify. Perhaps there are some real Game of Thrones fans among you who will help us with this!

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90,000 22 Unusual Game of Thrones Costume Facts

Still from the TV series “Game of Thrones”

The final season of the epic TV series The Game Of Thrones will be released very soon.During its existence, the series has become one of the most successful and large-scale projects and has won thousands of fans around the world.

They really had something to look at, and it’s not only about hot sex scenes or spectacular battles: the spectacular costumes of the heroes also brought fame to the series. SPLETNIK.RU has collected interesting facts about the fashion of Westeros.

It should be noted that the costume designer has done a tremendous job! Michelle Clapton was responsible for most of the outfits in the series: she interrupted work on the series only in the sixth season, then creating only a few costumes for key characters, including Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen.

Michelle Clapton

About the history of creation and the hidden meanings behind the attire of the characters, Clapton spoke in an interview, telling about 28 interesting facts.

1. The costumes in the series differ from the descriptions in the books

This is pretty funny. When I was offered a job, I, of course, read these books. But in the end we decided to move away from the literary source. We created a separate world,

– Michelle told.

Still from the TV series “Game of Thrones”

2.From the very beginning, each area came up with its own color code

According to the plot of the series, the action develops in several geographical areas at once. They also decided to support the drama with costumes, making life much easier for the audience: it became easier to follow the dynamic development of events.

We created costumes for TV shows, where it is very important for the viewer to instantly understand where the characters are now, so we decided to create a real color code. Especially in the first season there were a lot of such plot movements, so we tried to visually calm the audience in this way

– said Clapton.

3.The original colors of the coats of arms were retained in the series

Coats of arms are of fundamental importance. We took them unchanged, but with the outfits we allowed ourselves some liberties,

– admitted costume designer.

4. Due to the colors in the series, the rivalry between Cersei Lannister and Margaery Tyrell was emphasized

Clapton invented the signature colors for the characters based on the colors of the coat of arms.In Margaery’s case, these were shades of pale blue and turquoise, and it looked very organic in the world of King’s Landing (the capital of the Seven Kingdoms).

As a result, all these fiery shades of Lannister red were before the eyes of the audience, and then it was seen how this “sea” covers them. Michelle liked to play with this contrast: all the young people began to dress like Margaery, which was even more offensive to Cersei.

5. Colors reflect character development

This is especially noticeable in the example of Cersei, whose wardrobe, as the story develops, comes red.At first we rarely see her in clothes of such shades, but then, when she asserts her strength, she dresses in bright red, she is Lannister. And then the colors tend to an even more intense dark blood-red range, and then go to black, which shows that she is mourning her children.

It works similarly with Daenerys. At first, she wore a lot of blue and blue shades, because she was associated with Drogo, but then it was decided to move away from this.She becomes herself, a separate person: Daenerys appears in pale gray, milky colors – for her it is like a symbol of purity,

– Clapton explained.

6. Daenerys’ white clothes on the Great Arena of Daznak – a sign of internal disagreement with what is happening

White means her detachment from this scene, in which she is forced to take part. There is a lot of chaos, dirt, blood, variegation around – and the creators wanted to emphasize this white spot in the center in order to visually distance her from things with which she is not internally reconciled.

I like to use costume design and details to express the state of mind of each character, says Clapton.

7.Daenerys’ boots, trousers and dress combinations are the key to her character

This is actually the most important detail. She is always ready to run. No matter how formally she is dressed, she always has trousers and boots in case she has to escape. This is what I always keep in my head when I design costumes for this heroine,

– Clapton explained.

8. Cersei and Margaery have the most costumes

Cersei and Margaery among the female characters, I think, are in the lead, and Sansa is clearly catching up with them. Among men, I would name Joffrey Baratheon,

– Michelle confessed.

9. The most labor-intensive suit was Margaery’s wedding dress

If I choose one outfit, I would say Margaery’s wedding dress. Each rose has been rolled by hand,

– recalled the costume designer.

10. All armor in the film is handmade

All armor in the series is hand-forged. Some especially large armor and shields, such as the royal guard, took a long time,

– shared Clapton.

11. Making a worn-out look is harder than making a new one

Ironically, some of the costumes, which should look pretty shabby on screen, are very time consuming to make.We make them from new normal materials, and then we try to age them, and this process takes a very long time,

– shared Clapton’s secrets.

12. Maisie Williams really wanted to burn her character Arya’s old costumes

Macy was so excited about her new outfits for the Braavos episodes after spending three years in the same outfit that she said, “Can you guarantee me they never come back ?!”

Poor fellow, as I understood her! But now any costume we give her delights her: it’s new! And she is happy!

– Michelle confessed.

13. Sansa Stark Expresses Herself Through Embroidery

Sansa is revealed through her ability to sew and embroider. In one of the first scenes, Cersei asks her where she got her dress, and Sansa replies, “I made it myself.” So we decided to use this way of expressing her feelings: through embroidery and images on her dresses,

– said the costume designer.

In addition, the patterns on her wedding dress tell the whole story of her life.So, in the images of animals, the origin and further path of the heroine are encrypted: born from the houses of Stark and Tully (a trout and a wolf on the belt), she falls under the influence of the Lanisters (a lion on her back).

14. Sansa Stark’s outfits indicate her mood

At the beginning we see how Sansa tries to imitate Cersei, but then the palette shifts towards blue tones, but at the same time they are even closer to purple. And then we see “dark” Sansa when she changes her appearance dramatically: she has dark hair and dark clothes.In the seventh season, when she is back in Winterfell, she finally becomes herself, ceases to be all the time under someone’s influence,

– Michelle explained the evolution of the heroine.

15. Sansa’s dress in the season 4 finale is embroidered with feathers for realism

We thought about this dress for a long time, and in the end we decided to use raven feathers as a decorative trim. It would be weird to dress her dramatically in gem-embellished outfits, we wanted it to look realistic.Because crow feathers are what Sansa would actually use,

– said Clapton.

16. Costume design is closely related to the environment

When I design suits, I sometimes do not refer to the history of fashion, but simply try to imagine what opportunities people had at that time and in those conditions of life. How would they create these costumes themselves?

It gives a sense of reality. I study various techniques and how people live in similar climatic and environmental conditions,

– Michelle explained.

17. Cersei’s outfit for the season 6 finale was immediately invented

Sometimes it happens that you immediately see the finished picture in your head, you know in detail how the costume should look, and that was exactly how it was with Cersei. I quickly sketched a sketch and sent it to the showrunners, and they immediately agreed with this idea: “Yes, it should be!”,

– Michelle recalled.

18.Cersei’s Coronation Dress – a reference to her father Tywin

I wanted this leather tunic because it would remind of her father, she would become his reflection. After all, she always told him that she could do it, and now she has achieved it. It was necessary to emphasize the strength.

We chose black because Cersei was in mourning at that moment, but on the other hand, it emphasizes the inner steel core of her character,

– Clapton explained.

19. Cersei’s crown is made of silver and gold for a reason

Basically the crown is made of silver, and only in some places we see splashes of gold. Gold has always been associated with Lannister, and I wanted to keep that, but I wanted to put that cold metallic luster at the top. In Season 7, Silver becomes Cersei’s new color – goodbye Lannister gold!

– said Clapton.

20.By the end, the colors have become more subdued

Winter is coming, the world is plunging into sorrow, so visually the creators wanted to emphasize that the colors are fading away, everything is becoming faded.

21. Jon Snow’s fur coat is a status item

Actor Keith Harrington didn’t seem to like his costume. While other characters changed their outfits, his image remained unchanged: a huge fur cape became almost a symbol of the series, and netizens often used it in humorous memes.

It weighs a ton and smells terrible,

– Keith admitted in one of the TV interviews.

But Michelle Clapton has her own explanation for this fashionable stability.

In the early seasons, his cloak was lighter in color and reflected his humble status in the family. Later I made him heavier and more massive, as this added power and strength to his image, visually increased his figure. Many extras had to wear the same heavy costumes and did not have a personal assistant,

– said the costume designer.

22.Daenerys’ suits received special attention

I think that most viewers associate themselves with Daenerys: both men and women can find something close in spirit in her. There is something attractive in it, something medieval and modern intersects with it. Daenerys is a great character to work on, strong and inspiring!

– concluded Michelle.

Which character in the show do you remember most of the outfits?

what are the heroes of the series


The premiere of the 7th season of the popular TV series “Game of Thrones” took place today, and there is already a lot of discussion on social networks.And we are talking about the new costumes in which the heroes of the cult film are dressed this season.

Costume designer Michelle Clapton works out every element of the outfit in detail and carefully, because, according to her, with the help of the costumes, the plot is told and the character is created. With the help of clothes, a story is conveyed, the relationship between the characters and their characters is revealed. You need to consider the relationship of characters, scenery and color to find the perfect costumes, Michelle says.

The slogan of the new season is “Winter is here” and the characters of the series dress appropriately. Everyone is ready for the cold and warmed up with thick furs and heavy leather, and the colors of the outfits are extremely dark and gloomy. We’re taking a closer look at the Game of Thrones season 7 costumes and looking forward to new episodes!

Jon Snow continues to dress in his signature luxurious furs.

Daenerys Targaryen left her airy blue outfits in previous seasons and opted for a dark gray dress with fur lining, decorated with a chain.

The Queen of the Seven Kingdoms donned a new crown and donned a dark gray robe with embellished shoulders and a collar.

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Sansa Stark chooses a thick fur cape with chains and leather belts for a harsh winter.

Arya Stark in Game of Thrones season 7 wore a dark leather suit with fur trim and drapery.

Bran Stark wears a gray burlap suit and a fur cape to protect himself from the cold of the fierce winter.

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Jaime Lannister was outfitted for Game of Thrones Season 7 in a smooth, zip-up leather jacket that matches his golden arm perfectly.

And Tyrion Lannister is wearing a striped blue and black vest with leather sleeves protruding from under it.His chest is adorned with the Queen’s brooch.

Let’s take a closer look at the costumes of the rest of the heroes of the 7th season of “Game of Thrones” and are not overjoyed at the continuation of the series!

Brienne Tart costume

Missandei Suit

Tormund in a new suit

90,000 Revisiting the Best Game of Thrones Costumes!

We still cannot believe that the legendary series “Game of Thrones” has come to an end.And if you still do not know how it all ended, then read our retelling! By the way, HBO is now launching several sequels based on the series. Judging by the information on the web, they will save the entire film crew, including the genius costume designers!

Michelle Clapton Michelle Clapton Michelle Clapton

Three women are responsible for the outfits in the series – Michelle Clapton (costume designer), Gemma Jackson (production designer) and Michelle Carragher (hand embroidery specialist).So, Jackson develops the general style of images, Clapton thinks out the outfits, and Carragher is already realizing his plans. “We created costumes for TV shows, where it is very important for viewers to instantly understand where the characters are now, so we decided to create a real color code. Especially in the first season, there were a lot of such plot movements, so we tried to visually reassure the audience in this way, ”said Clapton.

For 9 years of filming, the staff of dressers, seamstresses and people in charge of costumes has increased to 300 people.Revising all the most beautiful outfits!

Caitlyn Stark

Even after marriage, Caitlyn remained faithful to her native Tully home, so on all her dresses you can find embroidery with the symbol of her house – fish.

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen’s style changes more often in the series than in other heroines. Firstly, it all depends on where she is: her heroine traveled more than him in Westeros. But always the creators of the costumes tried to leave dragon scales on her dresses.

Snakes from Dorn

Ellaria Sand and her daughters’ dresses are decorated with oriental motives. They are also designed in soothing colors so that you can merge with nature in the sandy area of ​​Dorn.

Sansa Stark

At the beginning of the series, the heiresses of House Stark, Arya and Sansa, wore dresses with patterns reminiscent of the char-tree, which are worshiped in the North. Later, Sansa became like her mother Caitlin. Therefore, in recent seasons, becoming a real ruler, she also begins to wear collars with the image of Tully fish.And when she lived in King’s Landing, she dressed in dresses with the Lannister crest – lions.

Cersei Lannister

In the early seasons Cersei prefers the colors of the Lannister house – red and gold. But after the death of her children, she begins to wear black outfits. First, mourning. And secondly, a symbol of strength.

Costume as a part of the Game.Game of Thrones [In the World of Ice and Fire]

Costume as part of the Game

Game of Thrones is a cult series for many reasons. Firstly, the film is based on a bestseller, which is read by the whole world. Secondly, serious passions are boiling on the screen. And, thirdly, the series has simply amazing costumes of heroes and weapons. The creators of the series regard them as works of art, which can be viewed endlessly, each time discovering more and more new details.

Artists working on large projects always have room for creativity, so it is especially interesting to follow the process of creating characters.It is the detailing of the costumes that completes the image, helps the actor to get used to the role, to feel the character of not only his character, but also his colleagues on the set.

Production Designer Gemma Jackson is responsible for creating the overall artistic concept of the series. She is responsible for the implementation of the part that is embodied “in reality” in order to then supplement it with computer graphics. Gemma thinks over in advance the general appearance, design of all elements, and all this is done from scratch.

Landscapes of different countries are taken as a basis without strict reference to any particular era or culture. The goal is to choose memorable, characteristic motives for all the numerous locations of the series, because the viewer should immediately understand what it is: King’s Landing, Dothraki Steppe or the Wall.

Gemma Jackson and costume designer Michelle Clapton took a serious approach to the task. They have done a truly titanic job: interiors created from scratch, hand-embroidered dresses and camisoles, armor, fur coats, accessories – this is a huge number of things, and everything is carefully thought out and executed.Of course, it’s impossible to do such a job together, and a huge staff of assistants and costume designers are involved in the project, but she oversaw the whole process and set the style and direction for the costumes of the series exactly Michelle Clapton . For which she was awarded along with her assistants, Alexander Fordham and Chloe Aubrey, the Emmy Award (2012 Emmy Awards).

The series takes place in a fictional world reminiscent of medieval Europe (including the southern and northern regions), where several royal houses (families) fight for the Iron Throne of the united kingdom.The costume designers were tasked with developing the style of clothing, as well as choosing the materials from which it would be made, for of each kingdom and its subjects, including the nobility and peasants. The volume of work turned out to be colossal, and the reason for this was not only the quantity, but also the variety of style solutions.

The huge budget of the project (about 60 million dollars for every season) allowed the creative workshops of artists to work in full force and pay attention to all sorts of little things: from creating homespun textiles to embossing symbolic decorations.

Michelle Clapton revealed some secrets of her work in one of her interviews:

“14 weeks before filming, I met with my assistants and talked about the direction I would like to set for each character. We also discussed the general appearance of the various groups of characters, how their place of residence and climate affects the costume, etc. I also met and talked with production designer Gemma Jackson, writers, producers, etc. After these discussions, we created mood boards (boards on which fabric samples are pinned, photographs of prototypes, drawings on the topic, etc.)) for each new object, and I started drawing the concept. We also traveled to Italy, Paris and Madrid to look at the fabrics and also sent a scout to London.

But the costumes of the series are not only the pretty women’s dresses of the main characters …

We spent 10 weeks in our workshops with cutters, manufacturers, gunsmiths. I love to visit the workshop, where I spent two out of five years, watching the cut, sewing, studying fabrics. We try to do as much handmade work as possible because it is practical and much more seamless.I have 99% banned overlocking and 100% encouraged hand finishing, even on extras. We have our own weavers, embroiderers and fabric printers because many of the costumes are created from scratch. All suits are textured – we do everything from sweat stains to worn rags – and this is one of the most important aspects in the work of the wardrobe department. We have a team of about ten people, including designers and textile artists, whose job it is to “render” the costumes accordingly.First we dye the fabric, then we process it, then we “texture” it, and then we pat and darn again. If you try for a short time to do what could happen to clothes in 10 years of wearing it, then nothing will come of it. Here you won’t be able to just spray the suit with spray paint and dust it with dirt, because the suit will look exactly spray-painted and sprinkled with dust. ”

Every house in the Game of Thrones world has its own coat of arms and symbol. Banners, armor, buckles of tunics and embroidery of dresses are covered with generic symbols.

It is very interesting to consider these entourage details in the film.

The Stark symbol is a direwolf, and stylized wolf heads can be seen in the show on clothing and shields.

The Baratheons have a deer. Pay attention to the crown of Robert Baratheon – it is made in the form of woven antlers. Tiara Cersei, crowns of Renly and Joffrey Baratheon – antlers everywhere.

Tully has fish, we also see this sign everywhere – from embroidery on the collar to silver trout on small brooches.

The Targaryens have a dragon. And here not only brooches with dragon heads, but even the fabric has an texture that imitates dragon scales.

The symbol of the Dothraki is a horse. A belt made of large metal badges with a picture of a horse’s profile is a very effective detail of Khal Drogo’s costume.

“For the Dothraki style, we took inspiration from the outfit of Afghan riders, American Indians and African tribes who live in tents and are constantly on the move,” says Michelle Clapton.“They wear a lot of clothes made from horse skin. They are decorated with feathers. ”

The costumes of the inhabitants of the southern trading city of Kvart – both men and women – are simply strewn with various insects.

The Lannister symbol is a lion, its heraldic image is visible on the clasps, armor, shield and embroidery of the dresses of Queen Regent Cersei.

Lions are not only a Lannister sign, they are a symbol of strength and power.

The image of Cersei is built on contrasts that emphasize the complexity of the character of the heroine: a rectangular face is framed by long, curly curls, and beautiful silk dresses, embroidered with touching birds, do not fit well with her cold, hard gaze.

Cersei’s dresses have metal belts that resemble a piece of armor. And if you carefully examine the Lannister lion on Cersei’s dress, one gets the impression that this is not just a satin stitch pattern, but real armor that protects the beauty.

“Lannisters are very rich, competitive, live in the capital and have power, which is very important ,” says Michel. – There is a mild climate, and residents do not need warm clothes. And this is the coast, which implies a developed trade.Lannisters have many servants, and silks and jewels are readily available to them.

Starks are less capable than Lannister and live in a cold, damp place. Only wool, leather, fur and some dyes are available for them. They have to think about warmth and wear high, soft embroidered collars for status. Women embroider in order to somehow decorate their clothes. ”

Wonderful embroidery on the dresses, in which the actresses of the series flaunt, were hand-made by one of Michelle Clapton’s assistants – Michelle Carragher, you can see many of her works on the web.

But back to the Stark suits:

“The people of Winterfell hunt, kill and eat animals, and their clothes reflect this,” explains Michelle Clapton. “I tried using faux fur, but it didn’t work.

The style of the Wall defenders, Night Watch, is simple and minimalistic. The costumes are dark, mostly black and gray, multi-layered, with fur skins, borrowing styles from the Himalayan, Mongolian and Eskimo cultures.Men don’t wear metal armor because it’s too cold there.

I start from the character of the character, revealing it through the color and cut of the suit. When we first see Sansa [Sophie Turner], she wears Stark-style clothes when traveling – they are a little awkward, and the textiles are homespun. When she arrives at King’s Landing, she is influenced by Cersei’s [Lina Headey] style. After the death of her father, Ned Stark, of which Cersei was also guilty, Sansa seems to freeze in her stylistic evolution. “

“I had no idea how complex the suits would be, they were designed with amazing detail by ! – Sophie Turner, the performer of the role of Sansa, says in an interview. – Even my corset, which I wear under dresses in King’s Landing, was embroidered with dragonflies, and you can’t see it anywhere on the screen! ”

“I adore my embroiderer,” the costume designer confesses his love for Michelle Carragher, “she is very talented. We tell her the idea that she takes and makes it still more beautiful than I could have hoped, her embroidery is like a painting. “

Dragonflies and butterflies – Sansa’s theme: the girl has a dragonfly pendant and a butterfly ring, her dresses are also embroidered with dragonflies.

Fans of the series put forward a version that Sansa loves this character, as it reminds her of the ballad about the Dragonfly Prince, who gave up the throne for the love of a simple girl. It seems that the heroine herself looks like a light, a little shy dragonfly – the color scheme of Sansa’s costumes, designed in cool pale lilac, gray and pink tones, also works for this.

Even more interesting is Sansa’s wedding dress: the embroidered pattern marks the union of Tully’s silver trout and the Stark direwolf. Above, however, is the Lannister golden lion, showing their increasing influence over Sansa as she becomes the wife of Tyrion Lannister.

Michelle Clapton told in her interview how she prepared for the upcoming filming: “A costume designer starts by reading the script, composing his idea of ​​the characters, then, in consultation with the director and actors, tries to create interesting costumes that match each other …After reading the first two books [PLiO], which somewhat overwhelmed me with the amount of information, I returned to the script. It was interesting to feel the scope of the piece. The first sketches turned out to be too versatile, because artistic freedom was needed to begin with. Next, we needed to fit them, giving each group of people a specific appearance, characteristic colors and style. We didn’t have a specific starting point, era or place – yes, it’s kind of like the Middle Ages, and at the same time this is a work in the genre of fantasy, but there are so many medieval fantasy around … So it was decided to look for inspiration in other places, study this the world is deeper.I needed to immerse myself in this world. For example, in Daenerys’ wedding dress, I tried to capture the color of the moon. And next to the costume of Khal Drogo, a great contrast is created. In the initial sketch of Cersei’s costume, the influence of origami is visible, the details are superimposed on one another, add up to different shapes. You can say it’s like a kimono, only with a medieval cut. A cape was planned for Jaime’s costume, but later this idea was abandoned. It took about six weeks to develop. ”.

An exhibition of the “Game of Thrones” series props was held with great success in New York

Tommy Dunn, who created the “Game of Thrones” weapons arsenal, also shared his impressions of his work.His responsibilities include the design and manufacture of weapons. “There is a separate group that thinks out the basic look of the weapon in accordance with the instructions of the producers and screenwriters, coordinates it with clothing, armor, the requirements of stuntmen and battle directors. You have to strike a balance so that the weapon ultimately fits into the picture, looks authentic, and not just cute. Actors should naturally move with him, performing their own techniques in battle – of course, different, depending on what kind of battle and what is the role of the given actor ”.

The foreman explained that when creating props, you need to take into account the characteristics of each actor who will use the weapon.

“The metal should not be too brittle, but at the same time we practically do not use steel – only for effect, for close-ups. For safety reasons, weapons for carrying and fighting are copies made mainly of aluminum, rubber (rubber) or even graphite – depending on what they will be used for. The size of the sword is selected for a specific person.So, the sword at the Galloping Mountain is huge, even grotesque, but after all, he himself is huge and powerful, he needs a weapon of non-standard sizes. For his 7 feet (2.15 m) height, we made a 64 “(1.60 m) blade that weighs in the 12-16 pounds (5.5-7 kg) region.”

Tommy Dunn is delighted with the work on the series, because he had the opportunity to show his imagination and bring to life his numerous ideas, knowing that the result of this painstaking work will be presented on the screen and will certainly be appreciated by the audience.

Game of Thrones Armor Supervisor Simon Brindle explains how body armor is designed that not only looks great in frame but is also comfortable.

While working on the armor, the craftsmen tried to make the warriors of different kingdoms differ from each other. The creation of armor begins with sketches and sculptural models, then parts are made from real materials according to a pre-designed design. After that, it is the turn of the fitting: the actor must put on the preliminary version of the armor and say how comfortable he feels.After the final fit to the figure, the time comes for the production of the last version of the armor, as a rule, from real materials – that is, steel, leather, chain mail chains, bronze. The end result is a functional yet effective armor.

In addition to the armor for the main characters, it was necessary to make the same armor for the stunt doubles. This doubled the workload, so it wasn’t easy for everyone.

Since the performers of the main roles had to wear armor for 8-12 hours a day, the gunsmiths tried to make the most comfortable armor for the actors, ensuring freedom of action.For Loras Tyrell, an armor was made, entwined with metal stems of roses. Shoots stretch up the armor, twine around the shoulders, climb onto the helmet, twine around the visor, and finally converge at the crown of the head. After the craftsmen created the armor for Finn Jones, I had to create a second set for the understudy from scratch (due to the difference in figures).

“It was hard to do it, – Simon Brindle shares, – but in the end, when they start looking the way they wanted in the fitting room, you know you did your job well.”

Fan Elio Garcia aka Ran, who “knows more about Game of Thrones than George Martin,” and therefore helps the writer as a volunteer archivist, returning from filming in Northern Ireland, said that the sleeves of David Benioff and Dan’s raincoats Weiss is adorned with an embroidered direwolf.

On the Web, Ran shares details of the work on the armor of the Royal Guard:

“I had a long discussion about armor with Simon Brindle, the head of the Armor Division. In particular, he asked about changing the armor of the Royal Guard, suggesting that perhaps the sheen of pure white armor would not look good on film, in response he nodded his head and confirmed that, in fact, in comparison with all other elements, white armor did not fit …So it was decided to change their appearance.

Put this down to George’s wild imagination, which is so ahead of reality that you can safely film the shiny white armor there.

I was able to personally look at the armor and even see a few shots of Nikolai Coster-Waldau. They look amazing, you certainly will not see such on everyone you meet. On the coat of arms of the guard there is only a crown with curls, I really liked this detail, since it uniquely identifies them as the royal guard.Looks like Martin liked it too.

Oh, yes, their raincoats are white, as Rimshot once said (from the crowd). I captured one of the raincoats in a photograph. White, as it should be! ”

Jim Staines is a graphic artist, responsible for the design of the coats of arms of the large and small houses presented in the first season. He was also in charge of maps and texts in scrolls and books.

The coats of arms of the great houses are constantly present in the frame, so they had to be developed in the first place.For the Lannisters, hundreds of possible options were revised: very ancient, medieval and even emblems with logos of the 20th century, in order to find a suitable image of a lion. It took a lot of time to create the Stark coat of arms, which depicts a dire wolf. These animals play an important role in the series, but they do not exist in our world, so we had to look for a close analogue to replace them.

“The Greyjoys are called krakens, and I didn’t even know what a kraken was,” Brindle laughs, “ but it says everywhere that it’s a giant squid, so we drew a big squid for their coat of arms.”

The image files were sent to the printers, specifying the size and color. This is how various banners, standards, and tents appeared. Coats of arms were applied to armor by hand painting or by stencil. For the great houses, shields of molded metal were used with the image of the coat of arms extruded by the press.

“I really liked the result when I saw it on the shooting of the tournament – the shields looked great,” says the master proudly. – Then I saw the fluttering banners for the first time – I looked at the ones lying on the table, and then they just fabulously curled in the wind.Hopefully there will be a strong wind during filming. ”

The famous Canadian fashion designer and stylist Brad Goreski commented on the images of the main characters of the series:

“Joffrey Baratheon looks very frightening for his age. I love the way he wears royal robes to solidify his position as king. I think he should continue like this and wear even more gold and gems. It may even be worth wearing the crown more often.

Daenerys Targaryen is always an example of experimental fashion for us.Throughout the series, she is a pioneer and trendsetter. Platinum hair color, snow-white skin and sharp eyes make her stand out from the rest of the characters. I also really like how skillfully she combines a dress with trousers.

Jon Snow may be a sexy character, but he hides it under tons of clothes all the time. I understand that it is winter there, but is it really necessary? On the other hand, I like that his clothes are of different lengths and textures.

One of the exhibition stands with armor and weapons of the heroes of the series “Game of Thrones”

Tyrion Lannister is simply incomparable. I love all of his looks, and the scar on his face makes the character even more attractive and even sexy. Now, to its multifaceted character, you can safely add the characteristic of “bully”.

Cersei Lannister has something of the Valentino house. She’s really gorgeous! Especially when he wears his metal medallion.The real queen of war.

Sansa Stark looks like a doll. She dresses too old-fashioned for her age. I would like to see her in something more youthful. I think this is one of the reasons why Joffrey changed his mind about marrying her. He clearly likes those women who know how to dress better.

Robb Stark looks like a model! It seems to me that he deserves victory in the war by his appearance alone. It’s a shame that he prefers heavy armor, which hides almost everything.He also has great hair, and the hairstyle suits him very much.

Catelynn Stark is a very green color that goes well with red hair. I would prefer to see her in a brighter color. Emerald green would be perfect instead of the current ‘camouflage’ which seems too dark. ”

This text is an introductory fragment.

Continuation for liters

“Suit” [almost] Mondays: Continuing “Game of Thrones”

The beginning of a new week, which means it’s time for a new “suit” post dedicated to the heroes of “Game of Thrones”.And as I promised you at the end of

, today we will continue the sartorial analysis of the images of one of the main characters, whose style undergoes especially significant metamorphoses throughout the film.

The costume designers created the first impression of Daenerys Targaryen through light dresses of pastel colors that do not have a clear shape, which should emphasize the softness and suppleness of their mistress. However, the changes in her life were not long in coming, starting the process of evolution of her personal style.

I have already mentioned several times that one of the central tasks facing costume designers is to visually reflect on the screen the character of the character, as well as the changes that are taking place in his / her life according to the script. The Game of Thrones costumes do this brilliantly, as we can see with Daenerys.

In the context of the film

Forced marriage with the leader of a nomadic tribe extremely changed the heroine’s lifestyle, literally tearing her out of the comfortable palace environment, forcing her to lead a nomadic lifestyle.And like a delicate indoor flower, Daenerys turned out to be completely unprepared for such a life, finding herself in the saddle in her thin and open pale pink “home” dress, unable to protect her during a long journey.

This image is also a kind of costume metaphor, a parallel of her marriage, where [at the first stage] Daenerys is completely unprotected from her strong, even aggressive spouse, for whom she is still a beautiful but weak-willed doll.This difference between them is also emphasized by the clothes – against the background of a light dress, the leader’s costume, consisting entirely of dense dark leather and complemented by metal elements that emphasize his status, looks especially belligerent and dominant.

However, in the difficulties that fell to her share and in the abrupt life changes, Daenerys manages to discern a chance to take fate into her own hands and turn from a weak-willed doll into a strong young woman, which launches the process of evolution of her image, so that we are witnessing a radical change.Daenerys changes delicate palace dresses in pastel colors for the clothes of nomads, as a result of which the charge of her image, associated associations and “message” / message completely changes.

The color scheme of Daenerys’ outfits changes – from the pastel shades that were customary in her past palace life, the heroine moves to the clothes of natural “earthy” tones, in which the people of her new tribe dress. Which at the most superficial level is a logical choice for those who lead a nomadic lifestyle and are in open areas and in the open air.However, here you can see a certain symbolism – dressing in “natural” colors, nomads thus note their closeness to nature, so that their images are associated with freedom, some savagery, with natural instincts, rather than with civilization and etiquette. What is additionally supported by what textures and fabrics are used in their images.

In nomadic life there is no place for light, airy refined materials, to which Daenerys was accustomed (also because the nomadic way of life does not imply the development of skills and crafts).Instead, preference is given to dense and sturdy materials that can last a long time and withstand much, like leather and roughly processed fabrics. So in Daenerys’ new outfits, smooth and thin fabrics are replacing rough and rough materials, which also symbolizes her personal changes – marriage with a leader and a nomadic lifestyle temper the heroine, during which time she herself seemed to be weathered and coarse, became less fragile, more confident in yourself, stronger. And therefore, it is no coincidence that primordially masculine elements are now present in her outfit – leather pants and high closed shoes, which are at the same time more comfortable for riding, but also symbolize such masculine qualities as independence and strength.

Metamorphoses in clothing also complement the changes in the image of Daenerys as a whole. So, earlier, costume designers reinforced the impression of tenderness and femininity that the rounded-soft appearance of the heroine tends to produce, they did this through loose fluffy hair, not gathered in a hairstyle and thus adding softness and fuzziness to the appearance. Now Daenerys’ hair is partly gathered in braids, which, on the one hand, imitates the hairstyles of the people of her tribe, and on the other, adds texture to the look, visually strengthening it.

and here you can also note an interesting connection between style and culture: for example, in many cultures, loose long hair symbolizes youth, girlhood and is characteristic of unmarried girls, while after marriage, it is customary to either hide the hair or braid it in braids

And for those who are especially attentive, it should also be noted that at the first stage, Daenerys braids only part of her hair, so that her hairstyle is still feminine, moderately soft, which, as we will see below, will still change, so keep this in mind.

So, we see very extreme changes in the image of the heroine, which symbolize not only changes in her lifestyle, but also personal metamorphoses. However, these changes have one important feature that is of interest to those who are looking for a personal style today. And in order to understand him, let’s analyze this stage of the “stylish evolution” of this heroine from the point of view of psychology and style.

Daenerys Targaryen is indeed radically changing his image, but if you look closely, you can see what these changes are…imitation, quite literal copying of the style of the surrounding nomadic women. And although in this way the heroine is very different from the previous version of herself, she is not much different when she finds herself in the group of her new fellow tribesmen.

In the new image of Daenerys, there are practically no elements that would distinguish her as a person from the general group (with the exception of a slightly more metal jewelry on her belt, symbolizing her status as the leader’s wife), and this tells us that at this stage it is the adoption of of the style of the group (similar to how representatives of a certain sub-culture dress in the general style today).Those. Daenerys really became stronger, copying the new style strengthens her, but so far this power does not come from within, its source is external – belonging to the tribe, their culture and free way of life. This is not yet a personal style, although the heroine is starting to move in this direction.

So, becoming more independent and confident, Daenerys turns to her roots, looking for a connection with the past, with her culture. As a result, her outfit is already complemented by a necklace that looks like dragon claws (for she comes from a dynasty that ruled living dragons in the past).And the next step in changing the image of the heroine leads to the fact that her new outfit now distinguishes her from the surrounding women of the tribe.

Although her new costume remains close to the natural color scheme and is also not smooth, with a pronounced texture, both colors and textures are chosen this time to make Daenerys stand out from the crowd.

Now in her image there are gold and blue colors – both symbolize her royal status. And if gold is simple, then blue, according to chief costume designer Michelle Clapton, is a godsend of her team – creating nomad costumes as a reflection of their [fictional] culture, the artists chose blue as their solemn and regal color, which is used leaders, as well as during large celebrations of the tribe (* so, during the wedding, the leader himself is painted with blue paint).

The silhouette of Daenerys’ costume has also changed – now her outfit looks less belligerent and athletic, more “grounded”, which is partly due to her upcoming motherhood. And thus, the change in silhouette marks that the source of the heroine’s strength has moved – from the outside to the inside, in the literal sense.

And no less significant is the appearance in the image of Daenerys of a new material, a new texture.

The heroine seeks a connection with her past and reflects this in her outfit, replacing the rough fabric and skin, characteristic of nomad costumes, with reptile skin, which binds it to the image of a dragon and imitates the surface of dragon eggs received by Daenerys as a dowry / wedding gift …In her new outfit, Daenerys seems to be putting on dragon scales, which, as it were, predicts that the hour is not far off when she is destined to become the Mother of Dragons. And in order to enhance this “dragon” motive, at the decisive moment we see the heroine with such a hairstyle, where the braids resemble a dragon’s comb:

All these are new elements that are not in the costumes of nomads, and which are unique for the new image of Daenerys , thereby denoting the formation of her independent personality, whose source of strength is inside, and also the formation of her personal style.

In the context of type and style Now let’s look at these first serious stylish metamorphoses of Daenerys’ image from the point of view of type and their applicability in real life. For the artists of “Game of Thrones” were solving an interesting problem here (and their principles may be partially relevant today) – how to visually strengthen the soft feminine type, without creating unfortunate contrasts with the appearance.

At the request of the script, the artists of Game of Thrones had to create an Amazon woman from the flowing Emilia Clarke (playing the role of Daenerys) – an image that is traditionally designed for a type that is significantly different from that of the actress – with an athletic physique, including height and fit up to some ” dryness. “Also, a little angular, exotic facial features, bringing the appearance closer to the tribal type, can give more convincing to this image.

But Daenerys-Emilia has a different type, therefore it is especially difficult to sculpt an Amazon out of her in view of her external data, which are not associated with physical athleticism, strength, strength – starting with the rounded geometry of features, continuing her soft constitution and small stature, general compactness … Plus, the color is light and the contrast is low.according to the script, the heroine has white long hair, so it is also not relevant to enhance the image by dyeing her hair in a darker tone.

Therefore, when “strengthening” such an appearance, it is especially important to maintain a balance – colors, textures, shapes, so that none of these parameters go beyond the permissible range and turn into overwhelming [their mistress]. And that is why the decision to add frankly warlike elements to the image of Daenerys was so successful, but to focus on the transition from sophistication to rawness, from smoothness and airiness to texture (as much as the type allows) and an approximation to naturalness and nature.

The color scheme of such outfits was chosen in such a way as not to “win” the low-contrast appearance (i.e. natural shades that are harmonious for a particular color), plus the texture of the materials (again, associated more with proximity to nature and rawness than with belligerence).

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