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Daycare – Furry Friends

Furry Friends Gentle Pet Grooming is a family owned and operated open play dog daycare, boarding facility and spa.  While we have offered grooming for over 12 years in the same location we are excited to now provide dog parents with a safe and fun place to leave their four legged family members. Basically, we’re your one-stop shop to spoil your dog!

Dogs are pack animals and don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time.  Furry Friends provides an affordable solution for those days when you have to be away from home. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is highly trained in providing your dog with a safe, healthy and socially interactive experience.  

After your dog has successfully participated in our temperament test and behavioral3 assessment they will be assigned to a playgroup based on their size, temperament and play style, and they get to hang out and play with their friends for 8-10 hours.  All day care members participate in open-play environments where dogs can play, romp and receive lots of love and attention.

Your dog will play to their heart’s content in our safe, supervised and fully enclosed indoor and outdoor play yards.  In our day care, your pet spends their days interacting with peers and people, getting the attention they need and the play they desire so that they stay physically and emotionally healthy.   We offer both indoor and outdoor play yards depending on weather.  

We do require a temperament test and behavioral assessment be completed prior to integrating your dog into the Play Day system. The assessment is done on an appointment basis Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm.

Day Care is available from Monday-Friday 7:00am – 7:00pm and Saturday 8:00am-4:00pm.

Day Care Pricing:

Half-day Day Care (up to 5 hours) $14.00

10 Half Day Pass $115.00

30 Half Day Pass $300.00


Full Day Pass (up to 12 hours) $20.00

10 Full Day Pass $170.00

30 Full Day Pass $480.00

All passes are non-refundable and valid for one year from purchase date.

Age: 4 months and older. Puppies (under 1yr) will have mandatory Naps during the day to help prevent them from getting run down. Our senior guests may also receive naps for their wellbeing.
Spay/Neuter: All dogs must be spayed or neutered by 9 months
Vaccinations OR Titers: Every 3 Years

Rabies – We are required by law to maintain proof of Rabies immunization.  A 3-year Rabies vaccine is sufficient!  

DHLP, Parvo – Commonly called a Combo Vaccine.  We accept either vaccine OR Titer Tests these every 3 years.

(If your dog is older than 7 and/or has any health issues you should consult your Vet before re-vaccinating.  We will accept Titers or an Opt Out letter from your Veterinarian)

Every Year

Bordatella, Canine Influenza Vaccines for contagious upper respiratory conditions.

Documents accepted:

Proof of vaccination OR positive titer test results from a licensed Veterinarian showing the dates the vaccinations are due to be renewed must be submitted in writing before any dog can be accepted into our facility. Ask your Vet to email your records to us at [email protected]

Updated proof of required vaccination OR titer must be submitted to Furry Friends on an ongoing basis and is the responsibility of the parent.

Furry Friends Boarding & Grooming

Furry Friends Boarding & Grooming is your one-stop location for all your pet needs.  From day care and boarding to bathing and grooming, Furry Friends Boarding & Grooming provides top-of-the-line services for your very special best friend.


Located in Payson for over 37 years , you’ll find everything you need to enhance the quality of the life of your pet.  With state-of-the-art styling equipment and plenty of room to run freely, your pet will thoroughly enjoy a visit to our facilities.


Exercise – Most dogs need to get out and run around. Without exercise their sleep patterns and overall health can be affected. Older dogs or dogs with special conditions may need to not exercise as much. Dog boarding ensure that your pets get the proper amount of exercise and saves your furniture and floors.

Companionship – Dogs are pack animals by nature. If you ……have many dogs you see this all the time, if you have a single dog, you’re their pack. Boarding ensures that your dog has the companionship that they are used to.

Food – Boarding ensures that your pet will be fed on a regular schedule and the proper amount especially if your pet is on a special diet. Their water bowl will always be full of fresh water just as if they were at home.

Comfort -Dog boarding provides a good space with quality bedding and ventilation that keeps your furry friend as comfortable as they can be; out of the elements and at a proper temperature.

As you can see, dog boarding can do a lot to alleviate many concerns for your pets when you have to be away for any reason. You will not have to worry about their comfort, if they’re getting enough exercise, or the proper amount of food and water. We can assure you will return from your time away to a happy and healthy companion, who although they’re ecstatic see you, wouldn’t mind another vacation of their own again sometime in the near

New dog grooming business in Presque Isle welcomes furry friends and owners


Lexi Theriault, certified dog groomer and owner of Paws & Relax Dog Spa in Presque Isle, grooms her Irish Setter, Ivy, on Friday, April 26. Theriault opened her business in April after completing certification from the Nash Academy of Animal Arts in Lexington, Kentucky. (Melissa Lizotte | The Star-Herald)

Lexi Theriault, certified dog groomer and owner of Paws & Relax Dog Spa in Presque Isle, grooms her Irish Setter, Ivy, on Friday, April 26.

Theriault opened her business in April after completing certification from the Nash Academy of Animal Arts in Lexington, Kentucky. (Melissa Lizotte | The Star-Herald)

Lexi Theriault has always loved dogs and knew from an early age she wanted a career that allowed her to surround herself with her favorite furry friends everyday.

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — Lexi Theriault has always loved dogs and knew from an early age she wanted a career that allowed her to surround herself with her favorite furry friends everyday.

Lexi Theriault, certified dog groomer and owner of Paws & Relax Dog Spa in Presque Isle, grooms her Irish Setter, Ivy, on Friday, April 26. Theriault opened her business in April after completing certification from the Nash Academy of Animal Arts in Lexington, Kentucky. (Melissa Lizotte | The Star-Herald)

For nearly a month, Theriault has been the owner of a new dog grooming business in Presque Isle called Paws & Relax Dog Spa that offers hair cuts, nail clipping, mud baths, standard baths and hand stripping, the process of removing dead hairs from a dog’s fur.

Although Theriault is thus far the only groomer at Paws & Relax, she hopes to hire another groomer by the end of summer and begin offering hair coloring.

Theriault, who is now 19 years old, graduated from Caribou High School within three years and earned her degree in business administration from Northern Maine Community College in May 2018. She went on to become a certified dog groomer and stylist through the Nash Academy of Animal Arts based in Lexington, Kentucky. While studying at Nash, Theriault learned techniques from certified master groomers and also earned certification in canine CPR.

Lexi Theriault, certified dog groomer and owner of Paws & Relax Dog Spa in Presque Isle, grooms her Irish Setter, Ivy, on Friday, April 26. Theriault opened her business in April after completing certification from the Nash Academy of Animal Arts in Lexington, Kentucky. (Melissa Lizotte | The Star-Herald)

“The dogs have definitely been the best part of this business,” said Theriault, who officially opened Paws & Relax on April 9. “I’ve been super busy and have appointments booked until mid-June.”

At Paws & Relax, Theriault also sells dog toys, treats, collars, bandannas, rain coats and beds. She typically accepts four to five clients per day and allows dog owners to either drop off their pets in the morning and pick them up after work or wait at the spa during the appointment.

Lexi Theriault, certified dog groomer and owner of Paws & Relax Dog Spa in Presque Isle, grooms her Irish Setter, Ivy, on Friday, April 26. Theriault opened her business in April after completing certification from the Nash Academy of Animal Arts in Lexington, Kentucky. (Melissa Lizotte | The Star-Herald)

In the future, Theriault said she would like to open dog spas in other towns to help fulfill the need for dog groomers in those communities.

“I’ve gotten great response from everyone who’s come here. People love that they have another option for their dogs when there’s a waiting list at other groomers,” Theriault said.

Paws & Relax is located at 36 North Street in Presque Isle and is open from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.


Furry Friends Pet Grooming Glove – Furry Friends Hub

Perfect for Dogs & Cats with Long & Short Fur

Our Furry Friends Pet Grooming Glove is perfect for dogs, cat, horses and all other furry pets. Simply place the glover over your hand and begin to gently move over the hair and watch how shinny and beautiful they will look.

Dog & Cat Brush Glove For Long & Short Hair Pets. This Anti-Shedding Glove Stops Shedding In Its Tracks! 

Have you said “yes” to these Questions…
 Are you looking for a dog grooming brush that takes all the stress out of grooming time for you and your pet?
Q.  Are you tired of finding pet hair all over your floors, furniture, food and clothes?
Q. Have you spent more time on pet hair removal from your clothes than you have preventing shedding in the first place?

…if you said “yes” to at least one of these, then our Furry Friends Pet Grooming Glove is perfect for you!

Benefits & Features:
🐾 Pets love the way it feels
🐾 Engineered to safely and gently remove your pet’s loose dead hair
🐾 Removes dull dead hair, revealing a healthy, shiny outer coat
🐾 Stop shedding by removing excess hair.
🐾 Traps excess hair in mitt
🐾 Cleans and softens coat
🐾 Removes mats and tangles.
🐾 Gentle rubber tips massage and stimulate circulation.
🐾 Works well wet and dry, before, during or after baths
🐾 Easy to use and clean
🐾 Adjustable velcro fits all hands. Professional Pet Groomer approved

Available in various colours, pick which suits you and your pet best!

Our Furry Friends Pet Grooming Glove is one size fits all!

Don’t like your new Furry Friends Pet Grooming Glove later? We will be sad, but we will take it back.

✔️ Tracking number for every order
✔️ Safe payments via Stripe® and Paypal®
✔️ 24/7 assistance [email protected]
✔️ No hidden fees! 

*Estimated delivery time 7-20 days*. We processes orders between Monday and Friday. Orders will be processed within 5 business days of ordering and shipped out the next day after the processing day.

Home beauty salon: cats – combing, dogs – bathing | State TV and Radio Company “Kursk”

Groomer Ekaterina Nechiporenko knows everything about pet care. For 4 years of work, hundreds of dogs and cats have passed through her hands. She can find an approach to any animal. Even if the furry sees her for the first time, he still runs rather to the master. Due to the pandemic, pets are no longer passed from hand to hand and the groomer does not have direct contact with the owner.

Ekaterina Nechiporenko, groomer: “In terms of safety and disinfection, nothing has changed.After each animal, all surfaces, table, walls, shelves and bathroom are disinfected. And of course, the obligatory disinfection of all instruments ”.

Constant work with animals obliges Catherine to study the psychology of their behavior. Therefore, during self-isolation of her cats, she does not pester her with attention and asks the children about it. Playing with Shakira and Marsik is a favorite thing. There are four people in the Nechiporenko family. So many people are a lot of stress for cats.

– Cats are a completely different zoopsychology.They do not like encroachments on their freedom. As for the dogs, of course, it is better for them when the owner is at home. Now people have begun to pay more attention to their pets, given that it is allowed to walk with dogs, they walk with them constantly. As a master, this makes me very happy, because if you don’t walk with the dog, then the coat deteriorates and very long claws grow.

Free self-isolation time should be devoted to caring for a pet and training it: combing cats more often, and bathing dogs, trimming them and teaching commands.

– As for dogs, the most important thing is like with children. You need to play. You need to constantly come up with some kind of games: hide and seek, catch-up.

Those wishing to bring beauty to a furry friend since the beginning of self-isolation have decreased, Ekaterina admits. The main backbone of clients – exhibition animals – has disappeared. The transition to remote work also made itself felt.

– People cannot get to the groomer because the groomer is not in the immediate environment and they are afraid to go somewhere.They observe the regime of self-isolation. Someone suffered financial losses.

Then you need to take care of the pet yourself. This is especially important now. In May, the animals began to molt. If you do not help them – combing the coat, it will affect both the appearance and health. It is possible and necessary to instill home friends during self-isolation. Veterinary clinics work as before.

90,000 Fashion season is open! »Kuzbass main

Summertime is eagerly awaited not only by gardeners, but also by their adorable pets.Before traveling “to nature”, responsible owners take their dogs or cats to the veterinary clinic, collect a special first-aid kit. A trip to the zoo is also on the list of urgent matters. True, some prefer to cut their pet before the trip, while others – after the holidays in the garden.

Large portion of cuteness

Alexandra Khromina is a professional groomer from Kemerovo. For those who do not know yet, let us explain that a groomer is a zoo hairdresser. And it should also be added that specialists are not only engaged in shearing of animals, their field of activity is wide.They wash and unravel the mats (often just after trips to the country), and trim their claws (which is especially important before the opening of the gardening season), and carry out many other procedures. It is noteworthy that the pet can not only be trimmed to make life easier for him on the site, or, conversely, after a fun pastime in the beds, but also to make him a big fashionista. There are no names for haircuts in pet salons, there are only directions. So, for example, in the wake of popularity, the Asian style is now, it is cartoonish, cute, kawaii.It appeared in Japan, and this is very predictable, because the Japanese love everything puppetry. So the house dog, which the groomer has done a haircut in such an up-to-date style, looks like a stuffed toy. By the way, “kawaii” in Japanese means “pretty”, “cute”. It is not at all surprising that such haircuts are adored by the owners of tiny dogs.

Often beautiful suits, bows and ornaments are used for a complete puppet image. But before going to the garden-vegetable garden, this is useless.

Here is such a mod in the garden – the main “fruit”. Photo from the personal archive of Alexandra Khromina.

As noted by professionals in their field, the Asian style in the haircuts of four-footed friends originated around the same time when the anime industry began to develop rapidly. He arrived in Russia at the beginning of the 2000s. And it began to spread over the territories closer to 2010.

“And here there is a nuance: it was during this period that Russians began to show particular interest in Asian culture in all its diversity,” said Alexandra Khromina.- It’s about food, festivals, fashion. And now in Kuzbass cities more and more local residents are bringing their pets to the pet salon to make them look like charming cartoon characters. In some areas of our large country, there is a real excitement for haircuts in the recognizable style of kawaii. ”

There are also gardening cats. Photo from the personal archive of Alexandra Khromina.

Affectionate Predator

There is also a fashionable solution for fluffy cats. Groomers here, too, offer a lot of original options.

“One of my favorite haircuts can turn a cat into a domestic, tame lion,” said Alexandra. – Even affectionate cats and cats after the author’s upgrade become like real predators. And even in this way there is less wool in the apartments ”.

But there is also an important point here. As Khromina noted, many owners mistakenly believe that a zero haircut is the most reliable option to save pets from problems in the garden. It should always be remembered that wool is an armor that protects animals.For example, Igor Viktorov, a Kemerovo resident, has a briard, who spends every summer with him at his summer cottage. And every time before the opening of the season, the first thing they do is go to the zoo. Recall that the briard is a French shepherd’s shepherd dog. Her special pride is her long hair and a shaggy rosary that hides her eyes.

“The groomer removes only the length of the coat, flattens the bangs of Chervonts,” says Igor. – Not only the dog is happy with such a haircut, but also I, first of all. And combing it is much easier, and washing, and problems with mats can be avoided. “

In the photo is a groomer from Kemerovo Alexander Khromin.

90,000 Zooprestige – animal salon. Dog grooming in Kolomna

With the appearance of small pets in our life, it is important not to forget that in order for them to always feel great and delight their owners, it is not enough to pamper them with delicacies, it is necessary to competently and carefully take care of them.After all, tangled hair and sharp claws can cause a lot of inconvenience to your pet and deprive him of his cheerfulness.

For the first time, a VIP salon for animals was opened in Kolomna. Now you do not need to look for where in Kolomna they provide a “pet grooming” service at the highest level. We are also glad to welcome guests from Lakes, Lukhovitsy, Zaraysk, Voskresensk and other cities.

Highly professional masters of our salon, with many years of experience, will be happy to help your furry friends get a great appearance and good health. Our salon provides its clients with a full range of services, from the classic grooming of animals: grooming of dogs and cats, and ending with spa treatments and the application of ornaments and glitter tattoos on the backs of your pets.We carry out all work only with the help of professional equipment and specially designed lines of cosmetics for the care of different types of skin and hair of pets. Our masters are real wizards of their craft, they approach each tailed client with care and attention, after our professional work you will be pleasantly amazed at how great your pet can look. Without a doubt, the masters of our salon will create the most amazing and elegant image for your pet and it will delight your eyes again and again.

We also carry out professional training of dogs and cats for exhibitions.

The advantage of our salon is attractive prices for dog grooming and other procedures.

We will be glad to see you daily from 9 to 21-00 at the address.Kolomna, Shilova str., 14, without lunch breaks. You can call us at 8 (496) 623-10-23, 8 (919) 970-34-34 , our administrators will advise you and answer all your questions.

While waiting for the completion of the master’s work, you can spend a pleasant time with a cup of coffee or choose stylish clothes for your pet, or watch the groomer work in person.We value your time, so you can leave your pet in the safe hands of the master and we will call you when the work is over. We hope that the hospitable and friendly atmosphere of the ZooPrestige beauty salon for pets will become a guarantee of strong friendship.

Stars in our salon

Nadezhda Angarskaya, participant in the comedy show “Comedy Woman” and her dog named “Muzhik”.

90,000 An exhibition-walk with dogs from the Solntsevo shelter will be held on June 1 in the Central Park

Trace the day on the calendar! On the first day of summer – Children’s Day – our furry friends are waiting for you! To all those who have not yet come to visit us and are thinking how to spend their first summer weekend – now we are going to you!
On this day we do not invite to our place, we ourselves will come to the city, to the Central Park Solntsevo and invite you to the exhibition-walk with more than 20 of our fluffy pets!

You can just walk with the dogs from the Solntsevo shelter and give them your attention and tenderness (or even gifts), or even better – take a closer look at your future friend.There will be only dream dogs – one more beautiful than the other, cheerful and affectionate, intelligent and loyal. We will not tell you for a long time – just stop by and see everything for yourself.

And, of course, on Children’s Day all cool master classes for children will be held:

  1. Master class on making educational toys for dogs.

  2. Family competition “Teach your dog to five!”

  3. Zoological quiz with prizes.

  4. Master class “How to meet and communicate with an unfamiliar dog.Dog body language. “

  5. Master class on photos of dogs.

And adults at this time will be able to get advice from a zoopsychologist, groomer and zoological volunteers. If you want not only to come to visit, but also to grab some presents for our watchdogs, but do not know what can and should be brought to them? We have compiled a list of the most relevant:

– canned food for dogs of any brands, both regular and veterinary diets
– dry veterinary food – for allergy sufferers and animals with gastrointestinal problems, liver, kidney problems,
– cereals (buckwheat, buckwheat),
– disposable absorbent diapers 60×90 or 60×60,
– unnecessary bed linen, towels, blankets and blankets, springless mattresses, carpets,
– medicines.

You can see a more detailed list on our website:

And also go to our social networks, click “I’ll go” and get acquainted with all the exhibitors:




Where: Solntsevo Central Park, Bolshoi Solntsevsky Pond (2 meters from the station.m. Solntsevo)

When: June 1, 11: 00-14: 00

Free admission. Age restrictions 0+. See you!

Syktyvkar groomer about the intricacies of haircuts for our four-legged friends. | MyDog.su

In Syktyvkar, exhibitions of dogs and cats are often held, where four-legged pets appear in all their splendor. They are neatly combed, the fur is shiny, and there are bows on the top of the head. This beauty is inspired by groomers – animal care specialists. Groomer Ekaterina Molodtsova told the portal “My Syktyvkar” how to properly care for pets.Get acquainted with useful information and “shake your head”.

Grooming is a fairly widespread profession, which includes not only animal hygiene procedures, but also creative grooming, taking place at an international level.

Cats and dogs have different temperaments, and work with each animal is structured differently. Someone needs to constantly look into the eyes and talk, with someone you need to speak strictly, and praise after a haircut. There are some “daredevils” who cannot do without muzzles.The muzzle is not bad. It is an accessory designed for dogs and human safety. I don’t take aggressive dogs. A dog handler should first work with them to correct the dog’s behavior.

Of course, the fashion for animal haircuts also exists, but in all my practice I can conclude that minimalism and practicality are more important for clients. Not many take bold steps in the personality of their furry pet.

All dogs are very different, some are given a long haircut, some are short.In my works, I try to take into account the individual characteristics of the animal and choose a haircut, taking into account all the nuances whenever possible.

Daily care for animals is very important, because without care, mats can form on the coat of cats and dogs. They will hurt the animal when moving. In the worst case, various types of eczema can begin to form. At home, it is imperative to bathe your pet, carefully comb out the coat. Every animal owner should be able to cut claws, but if suddenly problems arise with this, then you need to contact a specialist.Brushing your teeth is equally important. Decorative dog breeds are more prone to tartar formation. It leads to gum disease and tooth loss. Animals suffer greatly from pain, and eating becomes painful. To avoid this, I advise you to brush your teeth daily. It doesn’t take long and will prevent further health problems.

90,000 Groomer services in Yoshkar-Ola, pet salon Mari El

Specialists of the Yoshkar-Ola animal salon “Fluffy Mod” told how the services of a groomer (stylist for animals) will help the owners get rid of fur on the floor and clothes and make life easier for the pet.

Far in the past are the days when cats were brought up to catch mice, and dogs to guard the home. Now cute cats and dogs are real family members who are looked after, bought clothes, taken out for a walk, arranged photo sessions with them, and much more.

In order for pets to always be clean, beautiful and not cause unnecessary trouble, they need very careful care and regular inspection. This is where specialists come to the rescue.Not many people know yet, but the groomer profession is gaining popularity with great speed. After all, they know how to properly cut their claws, clean their ears, take care of their teeth, and treat parasites. Their services help keep your pets healthy, as well as make them beautiful and fashionable. So, let’s take a look at why you need to cut animals?

First of all, is hygiene. Cats lick their fur, and then constantly regurgitate it. Unpleasant incidents happen when the animal visits the toilet.And in general, when a pet has a long or thick coat during molting, it becomes a “seasoning” even in the food of the owners.

Secondly, during the summer period and during the heating in the apartments, four-legged friends suffer from the heat. By giving them a haircut, you will make life easier for him and protect him from the occurrence of skin diseases.

Now there are many types and methods of shearing animals, which are performed with different tools. Specialists conduct grooming and haircuts depending on the breeds of cats and dogs, they observe all the subtleties.

Still have questions? Come to the salons, call the phones:

Yoshkar-Ola, Petrov street, 18 v, Yyvan Kyrlya, 15 a. Phone: 440-540

By the way, now in the Zoosalon “Autumn Cenopad” – a 20 percent discount * for any haircut! Hurry up!

* The promotion is valid until 09/30/18. Details by phone.

# voyage. Dog paradise

# voyage. Dog’s Paradise

This year, the Belmond collection presents a special offer Pet Set , designed for companion dogs and their owners traveling around the world, because, according to the Eastern calendar, 2018 is the year of the Yellow Dog .

Luxurious property Belmond , located in the most wondrous corners of the planet, offers a range of activities for dogs to please your pets. From personal spa treatments and dog concierge services to wondrous dog beds and puppy pajamas, a journey into the amazing world of Belmond with your best friend will be a truly unforgettable adventure.

Belmond Hotel Splendido offers personalized treatments designed to improve the well-being of four-legged guests, as well as charming fluffy bathrobes.In the outdoor massage area, which offers stunning views of Portofino Bay, specially trained therapists will perform Swedish massages while the owners learn basic massage techniques at home.

In Belmond Reid’s Palace in Madeira, a real Puppy Place was equipped – a fenced area where animals can get groomer services, play from the heart and gain strength, resting on soft beds. Physiotherapy treatments and personal training are just some of the special services for furry travelers.

The first to greet four-legged guests at Belmond Miraflores Park in Lima will be the hotel’s Shariri puppy. Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice and Belmond La Residencia in Mallorca offer a wide range of personalized dog supplies, from toy balls to embroidered name down pillows and delicious treats. At the Belmond Hotel Cipriani, dogs can also walk in the Casanova Gardens, and try on a bow tie or tie for an elegant Italian look.

Belmond Hotel Splendido offers its guests a dedicated dog concierge service. In his company, guests and their furry friends will go on personal shopping at the luxurious Dog Boutique in Portofino, where they can purchase custom foldable travel cups, dog robes, perfumes and glamorous party decorations. The dog concierge can also recommend a dog taxi service and the most stylish groomer.

When creating the special offer Pet Set , special attention was paid to the gastronomic component of the dog journey. Belmond Reid’s Palace has a gourmet menu that includes meat stews, hearty meatballs, salmon rolls or boiled rice with vegetables. Belmond Miraflores Park will offer a balanced, healthy veterinarian-approved menu including vegetables, quinoa and lean meats. Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons and Belmond Hotel Splendido offer all-day room service – perfect relaxation after a long walk and exploring the hotel grounds.


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