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Extra Large Wall Clocks for sale

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Extra-Large Wall Clocks

You want to know what time it is without referring to your smartphone or tablet, and stylish large wall clocks are a good choice. Affordable large wall clocks create an appealing aesthetic to a home, office, classroom, or other space. On eBay, you can choose from many brands, styles, colours, types, and features for large wall clocks at reasonable prices.

Features of large wall clocks

Some of the features available in large wall clocks on eBay include the following:

  • Atomic or radio-controlled wall clock: This type of extra-large clock syncs with the atomic clock via a radio signal for accurate timekeeping.
  • 24-hour display: You may prefer extra-large clocks in the UK with a 24-hour display for differentiating AM versus PM.
  • Multiple time zones: These extra-large wall clocks in the UK can track different time zones. You also have the option to change those time zones.
  • Day, date, or calendar: With these large black clocks in the UK, you can see the day, date, and month.
  • Illuminated: These large kitchen wall clocks can have a night light or illuminated numerals or hands.

When should you choose a used large wall clock?

There are many times when a used large wall clock is a good choice. You may be on a budget, and buying an inexpensive large clock allows you to stay within your budget. You may want to change your style of decor, and certain themes or characters of large wall clocks may only be available on a used or preowned basis. If you are setting up an office, guest room, or classroom, you may want a stylish large wall clock that is more affordable than new large wall clocks.

How do you choose extra-large wall clocks?

When shopping for extra-large clocks in the UK, consider their:

  • Colour: There are metallic gold and silver, black, and solid colours available.
  • Material: Choose from glass, metal, plastic, or wood.
  • Shape: Select round, square, oval, or rectangular.
  • Power source: The options include quartz, battery, electrical, and mechanical.
  • Number type: Choose Arabic or Roman numerals.

The display and movement types of large clocks

The available display and movement types of big wall clocks are:

  • Digital: These show the hour and minute, and they may include seconds.
  • Analogue: These show the hour and minute with clock hands.
  • Mechanical: These clocks use mechanical parts that work by winding.
  • Quartz: These include battery-powered and electric-powered clocks.

13 Best Alarm Clocks To Buy For Returning To The Office 2021

Returning to the office is on the horizon. Thank goodness for that. Was anyone else starting to get serious screen fatigue? Working from home was beginning to look like this: smartphone alarm goes off (screen number one), log on to the work laptop (screen two), put on Netflix in the evening (screen number three). One thing’s for sure, we need a break from looking at blue light after blue light all day. Blue lights can affect our sleep, speed up the ageing of our skin, and negatively impact on our wellbeing.

You probably can’t ditch the work laptop and Netflix is a saving grace when it comes to unwinding at the end of the day, but looking at your phone first thing in the morning (even before your commute) is something you can easily change by investing in one of the best alarm clocks.

Pre-Coronavirus, we relied on our smartphones to get us up and ready in the morning. But with the pandemic making us want to prioritise our mental wellbeing – be that with a weighted blanket to help soothe our anxiety and sleep better, or by taking supplements to boost our brain function – more of us are choosing to go to bed without our phones in sight. They’ve been demoted to the other side of the bedroom, in a bid to reduce pre-kip blue light exposure and increase our chances of falling into a deeper sleep more quickly. So, we’ve been on the hunt for an alternative way to wake up that doesn’t involve Mr. Smartphone. Hence the resurgence of the humble alarm clock.

Silk pillowcases are here to save your skin (and hair!), so here are the best to help keep maskne and bed head at bay

Recent research has even shown that waking up to a melody (read: not Apple’s jarring alarm bleeps) can leave you in a better mood, as can being woken up gently. Luckily, there are all manner of sunrise alarm clocks out there (like this one) which wake you up slowly with gradually-intensifying light. It starts gently, and by the time the alarm goes off, the clock is as bright as a lamp so your body feels more like it is waking up to a natural sunrise. It’s a genius tool to help overcome a sedentary lifestyle.

In short, ditching your phone and choosing to be woken up by an actual alarm clock is much better for your mood, quality of sleep and sleep schedule. So, we’ve whittled it down to the very best options to suit everyone (even heavy sleepers and those on a budget). From smart clocks to stylish, quirky, retro and unusual alarms that act as a welcome decor upgrade, here are the very best alarm clocks to help you seize the day.

Keep scrolling for your new wake-up call.

21 plants that survive and thrive in low light (so even the darkest room in your house can be green)

11 Best Kids’ Alarm Clocks of 2021


There’s nothing like getting woken up in the middle of the night by kids who think it’s already morning (especially when it’s the first week back at school), or having to use the jaws of life to get your kids out of bed in the morning. But the key to getting kids to wake up on time and make it to the bus stop? A good alarm clock.

Below you’ll find the best kids’ alarm clocks for toddlers to teens, vetted by expertise from the Good Housekeeping Institute and popular online reviews. These child-friendly picks come stocked with cool features, but most importantly they will get your kids out the door on time (and get mom and dad off wakeup duty).

No matter how old your little one is, we’ve got picks for pre-schoolers, high schoolers, boys, girls, and everyone in between. From clocks that teach kids how to tell time, to loud alarm clocks that force heavy sleepers out bed, here are the best kids’ alarm clocks for boys and girls in 2020:

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Best Value Kids’ Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm Clock

If you’re looking for a no-frills option, try this staple that thousands of Amazon reviewers swear by. It doesn’t come with any fancy features, but we’d be surprised if your kids can snooze through its obnoxious buzz. Plus, its simple design means this alarm clock can stay with them as they grow older. 

  • Under $10
  • Large digital display


Most Popular Kids’ Alarm Clock on Amazon

Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Trainer

amazon. com


A reviewer fave with a 4.3 star rating and over 4,000 reviews, the Mella is a sleep trainer, sound machine, night light, and nap timer in one. Like other kids’ alarm clocks, the Mella uses light to help kids learn when to wake up and sleep. It also uses facial expressions, including a napping face when it’s time to sleep, a bright chipper smile when it’s time to wake up, and a calm grin for the rest of the dayReviewers especially love the nap timer function that flashes a light when nap time is over.  


Best Alarm Clock for Elementary School Kids

Telly The Teaching Time Clock

The Learning Journey


Thanks to cell phones and tablets, your primary schooler is used to seeing digital time everywhere. Telly’s here to teach them how to analog time, too! Kids can see the digital time displayed on the screen, then look at the analog clock to start figuring out what each hand means. There are even two quiz modes to practice time-telling skills, and it functions as a night light, too! Here’s hoping that translates to being on time for the bus. 

  • Has analog and digital elements to teach time


Best Alarm Clock for Toddlers

My Tot Clock

Having a hard time keeping your early riser in bed long enough in the morning? (We’ll never understand the 5 a.m. energy burst.) This alarm clock for toddlers lights up in five different colors to show what they should be doing: Blue means bed time, cyan means nap time, yellow is time to be awake, green is play time, and red is thinking time (or timeout). It may be on the pricey side, but you can play sounds on it, like bedtime stories, lullabies, and white noise!

  • Helps create schedule structure


Best Alarm Clock for Tweens

The Runaway Alarm Clock

Dragging your middle schooler out of bed is the most frustrating thing ever, so let Clocky do it for you. The alarm clock rolls around the room while beeping and bumping into furniture. Kids will need to physically get out of bed and chase it down to shut it off. How’s that for an alarm clock made for heavy sleepers?

  • Won’t roll as well on carpet


Best Alarm Clock for Teenagers

BEDDI Charge Alarm Clock

This app-controlled pick doubles as a bluetooth speaker and a charging port, so teenagers can wake up to a fully-charged phone and their favorite songs playing. The built-in light simulates the sunrise to make those 8 a.m. classes easier, and everything can be controlled with the free BEDDI app (there’s even a customizable button that can play music or ping a missing phone).  

  • Features a phone charging port


Best Unicorn Alarm Clock

Unicorn Double Bell Alarm Clock


Unicorn alarm clocks are one of the most sought-after kids’ alarm clocks on the internet, and this one is popular among online reviewers. This classic style double bell alarm clock is small enough to be carried by tiny hands when traveling, and the brand claims that the second hand is completely silent, thus allowing better sleep for your kids. A side button casts a soft glow over the clock for a subtle night light. The clock also comes in white.

  • Won’t tick while you sleep


Best Radio Alarm Clock

Small Alarm Clock Radio

For a clock that’s simple in design and won’t go out of style, this digital clock is a solid choice. It has a huge snooze button to mute the loud alarms in the morning (whether you opt to choose the available nature sounds or a standard buzzer sound). AM and FM radio availability makes this clock unique, along with its ability to operate on three AAA batteries when not plugged in. 

  • Multiple alarm sound options


Best Alarm Clock Night Light

Sunrise Wake Up Light Alarm Clock


If your child has trouble relaxing in the dark, this night light alarm clock can be changed to different colors and adjusted at various brightness levels to help put your child at ease. It also features warm light modes for reading and plays 18 soothing sounds for when he wakes up in the morning. The time, date, and month is clearly displayed on the LED screen in easy, legible letters. 

  • Also acts as a sound machine


Best Cute Alarm Clock

Bunny Night Light Alarm Clock



For an aesthetically pleasing option that works beautifully in the day and night, this clock is a fun choice. Reviewers like that the light display dims as time passes and that the rigid structure of the clock can be handled by little ones. “Kids can shake the alarm to turn it off or hit the button,” says a reviewer. It also features a thermometer and timer. 

  • Easy to use
  • Long battery life


Best Superhero Alarm Clock

Digital Display Batman LCD Alarm Clock

DC Comics
amazon. com


To make the morning routines with little ones a little easier, reviewers swear by this Batman alarm clock. It is lightweight and designed with hard plastic, making it durable for rough play. Reviewers appreciate that the alarm starts off with a soft, slow beep and progresses into a louder and faster alarm. It runs on two AA batteries, which aren’t included.

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Amina Lake Abdelrahman, Good Housekeeping Institute
Editorial Assistant
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Wall clocks Clocks | Argos

Be your best organised and punctual self with our beautiful selection of clocks. If you’re looking for a small alarm clock, or decorative wall and mantle clocks, we have a wide range to suit your style and needs. Clocks do more than just tell you the time. They can also serve as a decorative feature in your home to create a focal point to enhance your surrounding décor and home furnishings. So, make the most of every hour with our exquisite collection of stunning timepieces from top brands like Seiko, London clock company and many more.

Wall Clocks

Give an empty wall a pop of character with a stylish wall clock.  Wall clocks make a great addition to any room. Whether you need to keep track of the time whilst getting ready in your bedroom, cooking in the kitchen or catching your favourite shows on time in the living room make sure you have one of our handy wall clocks in every room to help you keep track of time. Choose from sleek metallics, sophisticated square shapes, or an Ola Kiely wall clock for a distinctive contemporary design or minimal finishes for a modern touch. Whatever your style, we’ll have wall clock designs to suit you and your home.

Digital clocks

Never miss a meeting or deadline again with our trusty digital clock range. With clear LCD screens and large easy to read displays packed full of useful features. Discover alarm clocks with built in backlights so you can check the time at night. Not to forget the all-important snooze button for when you want to catch some extra Zs. Our multifunctional alarm clocks that show the date, time and temperature all in one are perfect for preparing yourself for the day ahead. Why not opt for an alarm clock with a built-in radio to get you up and energised to some feel good tunes in the morning!

Analogue Clocks

If you’re after sophistication, then an analogue clock from our range is the one for you. From large easy to read numbers to vintage Roman numerals for a splash of elegance; whilst no numerals at all make for a marvellous modern twist on an otherwise traditional design. Our mantel clock selection will look great placed amongst your ornaments and family photographs. Whilst our carefully crafted wooden pendulum clock collection will add an undeniable touch of rustic charm to your country home, study or reading corner. Our pendulum clocks are still true to their classic design with some handy updates such as volume control to customise how loud they chime and automatic silencers between the hours of 11pm – 5:45am to ensure you get a peaceful night of uninterrupted sleep. 

Kids’ Clocks

Featuring Disney, Marvel, Lego characters and more, our kids’ clocks, and alarm clocks are clear and colourful making them easy to read and playful, perfect for setting alarms to get them up for school every day whilst inspiring their imagination. If your little one is learning how to tell the time then our special rainbow themed children’s wall clock is specially designed with big numbers, colour coded sections and clearly labelled arrows for the hour and minute hands to help them tell the time. Perfect for popping up in their bedroom and playroom to keep them motivated to learn.

Keep all your clocks and alarm clocks going strong with one of our trusty batteries, long lasting and efficient, you can count on them to keep your timepiece going for months on end. So, you can spend every second, minute, and hour making time for the things that truly matter to you.

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Best wall clocks: Make a statement with a stylish timepiece

We’re never more than 3ft away from a smartphone or tablet these days, so we are less reliant on a wall clock for actual time checking. But, far from becoming a redundant homeware piece, the analogue clock (retro by its very nature) has moved further into the realm of the decorative – and that’s something to celebrate.

Beyond aesthetics, there are some practical considerations to think about when buying a wall clock. If you’re the type to get easily annoyed

by a loud ticking, choose a style that specifies its silent sweeping action. For accuracy, you might want a wall clock with a second hand – not all have these. And consider the whole family when purchasing a clock: while you might be au fait with a minimalist, numberless clock face, little ones learning to tell the time will appreciate some guiding digits.

In our round-up, we’ve included some vintage-inspired finds that are marvellously mid-century, while putting some ultramodern and minimal timepieces to the test. You’ll also find some stylish wall clocks that are traditional in design but effortlessly chic – timeless, even.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent.

Newgate The Chrysler modern copper wall clock

Taking its design cues from the dashboards of classic cars, this sizable wall clock offers big impact with its easy-to-read modern numerals in a choice of black-on-white or white-on-black. At 40cm in diameter, it is larger than average and protrudes a whole 11cm from the wall. The stylish monochrome face is offset with a shiny copper case, which gives a hint of glamour. This one boasts a silent swoop with no ticking noise and is equally at home in the living room or kitchen.

Buy now £100, Limelace

Price comparison


  • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
  • {{/items}}


John Lewis & Partners wall clock in gunmetal/brass

Chic, contemporary and unfussy, this large design-led wall clock is a stand-out piece among the classic styles. Its unusual gunmetal frame offers an industrial aesthetic, while its bright brass hands make a stylish contrast. We loved the different design of this clock. The stark white and numberless face sits at the back of the frame, giving it a lightweight feel despite its hard-edged metallic makeup.

Buy now £40, John Lewis & Partners

Price comparison


  • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
  • {{/items}}


Habitat metro brass pendulum wall clock

Offering so much more than a practical timepiece, this stylish pendulum clock is all about the retro charm and translates from living room to bedroom to home office with ease. Crafted from powder coated iron in a soft gold finish, it panders to the metallics trend without being overly gaudy. We loved its curves: the round clock face and pendulum weight sits inside a perfect oblong, while even the clock hands are rounded to reflect the contours. This one gives any living space a sense of calm with its mesmerising pendulum swinging back and forth.

Buy now £50, Habitat

Price comparison


  • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
  • {{/items}}


Karlsson origami wall clock in pink

Karlsson is our go-to for design-led but affordable wall clocks, and this striking, sculptural number is entirely in keeping with that ethos. Inspired by the Japanese paper folding craft, the clock offers an intriguing texture that plays with shadows and light. It is, in fact, ceramic in material, and we love that trick of the eye. Furthering the paper perception, the wall clock is finished in a soft pastel pink. The multifaceted clock is a medium-sized 27cm in diameter and just 6cm in depth. It has a pleasingly quiet tick, too.

Buy now £35, Red Candy

Price comparison


  • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
  • {{/items}}


Newgate box office clock in gold/brass

For big-impact Seventies vibes, this rectangular wall clock is a statement piece and a half. But look closer and you’ll notice some delightful details too, namely its multicoloured hour markers and the soft texture of its spun brass face. This one works beautifully in a mid-century inspired living room setup and would not look out of place set within a chic gallery wall of contemporary prints. The clock is loud visually but offers a silent sweep movement that won’t distract you come movie night.

Buy now £100, Newgate

Price comparison


  • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
  • {{/items}}


Umbra Ribbon wall clock

Umbra’s ribbon clock offers a contemporary take on the starburst clocks of yesteryear, giving midcentury sass along with clean-lined minimalism. The handiwork of Canadian designer Michelle Ivankovic, the 30cm clock is crafted from powder coated stainless steel with its 12 hour markers creating an arresting asterisk on the wall. Face-on, you don’t see its hollow interior but at an angle its sculptural makeup is to be admired. This one comes with a second hand, for those who really like to keep track of the time.

Buy now £40, Beaumonde

Price comparison


  • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
  • {{/items}}


Block Design origami wall clock

Another origami-influenced wall clock, but one with a more minimalist approach, this powder coated steel timepiece is a design-led beauty. The neat pleat fold plays a cunning trick on the eye, giving the illusion that the clock hands are off-centre, while it playfully casts shifting shadows throughout the day. It’s available in off-white or blue, both of which are equally arresting. We loved the contrast of its delicate second hand in a pop of bright orange.

Buy now £48, Block Design

Price comparison


  • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
  • {{/items}}


Jones copper spin bee wall clock

Proving that a stylish wall-hung timepiece doesn’t have to break the bank, Jones’ bee clock would make a charming addition to any living space. At 20cm in diameter it is a diminutive number but is not small on impact. We loved the way its anatomical bee illustration is pleasingly symmetrical, offering limbs, wings and antennae that echo the lines of the clock hands. The bee is pleasingly tonal with the warm copper casing, too.

Buy now £12, Dunelm

Price comparison


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Karlsson discreet 40cm silent wall clock

Effortlessly elegant, this large timekeeper comes in black or grey with silver dials, or white with gold accents. The analogue wall clock is fashioned from wood with elongated metal hour markers that jut out from the frame, offering a subtle sculptural element. Best is that the lightweight and slimline clock is completely silent, for those who are easily annoyed with ticking. A quietly beautiful piece.

Buy now £62.99, Wayfair

Price comparison


  • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
  • {{/items}}


IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.

More watches – a huge selection at the best prices

Key Ring Watches

A key ring watch offers the dual functionality of a keychain for your keys and rewards cards as well as a watch that tells you the date and time. Rather than wearing this type of timepiece, it is integrated into the keychain and fits into your pocket. Key ring watches often have additional smart and helpful features and decorations to suit your style.

What are the features of a key ring watch?

  • Display options – The key ring watch may have an analog or digital display.The analog keychain watches use a liquid crystal display to show you the time. These keychain devices often have a back light so you can see the display in the dark.
  • Decorative fobs – A key ring watch may have a visually appealing fob or covering. Some of the popular decorative touches on these watches include flowers, animals, coins, owls, and medallions.
  • Keychain functionality – The keychain is fully functional for holding your keys. The keys are easy to insert on the keychain because it opens like a carabiner or a key ring.Once the keychain is closed, the keys stay in place.
  • Clock functions – The watch on the keychain may offer clock features such as an alarm or a timer. The watch may also have stopwatch functionality, allowing you to time yourself while exercising, cooking, or breathing.

What materials are key rings with watches made from?

  • Stainless steel – The watch and the key ring may be made of stainless steel. Stainless steel resists corrosion, and it is the same type of material that most keys are made from.This helps to ensure that there will be no reaction between your keys and the metal of the watch.
  • Other metals – Other metals, such as chrome, bronze, silver, or pewter may be used for the case around a keychain watch. These materials are designed to be durable, resist extreme temperatures, and withstand exposure to rain, sweat, and salt if you take the keychain outside or to the gym.
  • Plastic and other materials – The case around the watch on a keychain may also be made of plastic, silicone, or acrylic resin.These materials come in a full range of colors and offer durability against impacts in case the keychain is dropped onto a hard surface.

How do you use a key ring watch?

To use the key ring, open it with your two hands by pulling each end of the ring away from the other. Doing this allows you to put your keys or store cards with a key hole on the keychain. To set the time on the watch, use the set function or mode button on the side of the case. If it has a pinhole, insert a safety pin into it to reach the time setting function.On a digital display, the seconds, minutes, or hours will begin to blink. Continue to press the button until it switches to the unit of time that you want to set. Press the set or mode button on the watch once again to set the time.

Funky Monkeys Kennedy Center, Belfast – address, phone number, opening hours, reviews

Photos Funky Monkeys Kennedy Center, Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Unit 57 First Floor, Kennedy Center, Falls Rd, Belfast BT11 9AE, UK Address

Opening hoursClosed


09:30 – 18:00


09:30 – 18:00


09:30 – 18:00


09:30 – 18:00


09:30 – 18:00

Saturday today

09:30 – 18:00


09:30 – 18:00


564-568 Falls Rd, Belfast BT11 9EA, UK

13 meters

Belfast BT11 9AF, UK

418 meters away

Falls Rd, Belfast BT12 6FD, UK

515 meters away

Funky Monkeys Kennedy Center Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Funky Monkeys Kennedy Center opening hours Funky Monkeys Kennedy Center address
Funky Monkeys Kennedy Center phone Funky Monkeys Kennedy Center photo Cafe

90,000 Longines News and Events | Longines®



On Wednesday 17 November Longines participated in the 2021 FEI Awards Ceremony in Antwerp, Belgium as the lead partner of the FEI event, which since 2009 celebrates the contribution of individuals and organizations to the progress of indoor and outdoor equestrian sports.In recognition of the outstanding success of promising young talents in equestrian sports between the ages of 14 and 21, Longines presented German eventing athlete Greta Busaker with the Longines FEI Rising Star Award 2021. watch as a gift from Longines Vice President of Marketing Mathieu Baumgartner.

At the age of 19, Greta Busaker became the European champion in individual and team competition in the category of young riders in eventing.% Break%

As the daughter of Ingrid Klimke, an eventing legend, she made her name in the sport. The young athlete kicked off the season on a high note with her European title and has done better by winning several international competitions this year and taking bronze at the German National Youth Riders Championship. In addition to being a very successful young eventing athlete, Greta also competes in test dressages, winning victories up to the Prix St. Georg level.

Over the years, Longines has striven to promote the rigorous standards of quality and elegance inherent in outstanding equestrian talent at the Longines FEI Awards alongside the FEI.This includes supporting the FEI brand in its quest to recognize the contributions of a wide range of talent to the equestrian community – awards have been presented this year in a number of other categories to highlight the achievement of outstanding personalities. In the evening, Peder Fredrickson (Sweden) took home the FEI Best Athlete Award Peden Bloodstock. In addition, Marie Johansson (Sweden) was awarded the Cavalor FEI Best Grooming Award for her unparalleled contribution. In recognition of the achievement of a person who pursued equestrian ambitions despite a handicap or extremely difficult personal circumstances, the FEI Against All Odds was awarded to Beatrice de Lavalette (USA) in recognition of her outstanding achievement.The winners received the elegant Longines timepieces for their inspiration and exceptional contribution. Equulus Charity – Chasing a Dream (CHN) has received the FEI Solidarity Award for its equestrian development project.

Complex on Pokrovsky Boulevard – National Research University Higher School of Economics

Body A

HSE Administration

Academic Council Rooms
Green, Blue)

Information board

More info…

Body D


Bookstore “BukVyshka”


Internationalization Directorate

Directorate for attracting foreign students

Institute of Ecology

Organizational and Control Department

International Cooperation Department

Management for the organization and support of events

Center for training foreign students

International Student Support Center

Technology Transfer Center

Exits to the parking lot P4

Information board

More info…

Body K


Scientometric Center

Center for Digital Cultures and Media Literacy

Department of postgraduate and doctoral studies

Center for Basic Research

Office of Academic Examination

Academic Development Department

Institute for Institutional Research

More info …

Body F

Buffet / cafe

Information board

Housing G

HSE Administration


Analytical Center

Directorate for Internal Research and Academic Student Development

Directorate for the development of student potential

Development Program Directorate

Institute of Agricultural Research

Institute for Institutional Research

Information and rating center

HSE Science Foundation Program

International Cooperation Department

Department of Educational Innovation and Special International Programs

Management for the organization and support of events

Scientific Integration Center

University Partnership Center

Exits to the parking lot P4

More info…

Body L

Children’s playroom

HSE Administration

Academic Supervisor of the National Research University Higher School of Economics

Directorate of basic educational programs

Directorate for the development of student potential

Legal Department

Personnel management

Exit to parking P3

More info …

Housing M

HSE Administration

HSE Unified Reception Office

Big Professors’ Club

Medical office

Security Directorate

Directorate for Land Relations and Real Estate Management

Directorate for capital construction and repair

Directorate for the development of student potential

Financial Engineering and Risk Management Laboratory

Department for the placement of personnel, control and accounting of premises

Office of Regulation and Business Intelligence

More info…

Housing N

Dining room



Student coworking

International Laboratory for Experimental
and Behavioral Economics

Information Security Center

Digital Transformation Center

HSE Student Council

Exit to parking P2

Information board

More info…

Housing R


Buffet / cafe


Exit to parking P1

Information board

More info …

Body S


Department of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

Big Data and Information Retrieval Department

Department of Applied Economics

Software Engineering Department

Statistics and Data Analysis Department

Department of Theoretical Economics

Directorate of the administrative and educational complex “Pokrovsky Boulevard”

International Laboratory for Macroeconomic Analysis

International Laboratory for Stochastic Analysis and Its Applications

International Laboratory for Theoretical Informatics

International Scientific and Educational Laboratory for Intelligent Systems and Structural Analysis

International Institute for Professional Statistical Education

Fire Safety Department

Faculty of Computer Science

School of Finance

Study offices of educational programs

Buffet / cafe

More info…

Body T


Department of Mathematics

Directorate for the development of student potential

International Laboratory for Stochastic Algorithms and Multivariate Data Analysis

International Scientific and Educational Laboratory for Analysis and Choice of Decisions

International Scientific and Educational Laboratory of Financial Economics

International College of Economics and Finance

Printing house

Faculty of Computer Science

Faculty of Economic Sciences

Study offices of educational programs

Buffet / cafe

More info…

Housing Z

Great Hall
Cultural Center

Small Hall
Cultural Center


Information board

Clubs – Newspaper Kommersant No. 72 (3889) dated 26.04.2008

26, 27 April



Masha Katz, Leonid Gutkin and Balls of Fire

Jazz Town

Vadim Ivaschenko, Evgeny Borets and Jazz Town Band, “Old Guard” / Vitaly Andreev, Yuri Kaverkin and Big Blues Revival

“Apartment 44”

The Jazz Passengers


Natalia Smirnova Trio

Blue Bird

Sergey Zhilin and “Phonograph”

“Union of Composers”

Alexey Kozlov, “Elite Accordion” / “Marimba Plus”



“Hummingbird” / “Breeze Nebrosko”


“Vopli Vidoplyasova” / Salvador

Music Town

Nikolay Arutyunov and Funky Soul / Brazil Jazz

Plan B

Dope Stars Inc (Italy), Sacrament / “Vagant Legacy”


No Use for a Name (USA) / “Epidemic”

“B1 Maximum”

“My leg has cramped!” / God is an Astronaut (Ireland), Mooncake


The Rakes (UK) / Chattanooga Ska Orchestra


“Moral Code”


Trash tent “Kach”




“Lyapis Trubetskoy”


Arma 17

Clarence (Netherlands), DJ`s Rafa Ariza, J.Louis (Spain), Danila, Bobrov


DJ`s Borisov, Cat, Losev, Ivan Martin


Akiko Kiyama (Japan), Lee Curtiss (USA), Daze Maxim (Germany), Steffan Linzatti, DJ Agaric (Sweden)


DJ`s Makoto & Deeizm (Japan – Great Britain), Electrosoul System, FM Device, Nphonix, Soulset, Ice DJ, Jazzman


DJ`s She, Neutrino, Yastreb, Four


DJ`s 2QT, Technician, Shirshnev

Sorry, Babushka

DJ`s Mark More (Great Britain), Roger, Selecta, Zafar


DJ`s Vorontsov, R-Tem, Filatov, Electric, Pakhomov


DJ`s Causelove, Mishakov, Taran, Sasha Fish, Maxim Isaev, Start, Rocket / DJ`s Stylezz, Mike Mildy, Demyan, Koveks

“B1 Maximum”

DJ`s High Contrast, Spor, Friction, Dillinja, Influx UK, MC Biggie (Great Britain)


DJ`s Santos (Italy), Amigo, Melody, Arkady Air, Stealth, Kip.Hive, Electrocat, Pilot 72


DJ`s Krasnov, Dukhov, Zorkin / DJ Sapunov


DJ`s Pushkarev, OnLee, Da Vinci / DJ`s Kuka, Tony Key


DJ`s Eric Morillo (USA), Miller, Neutrino, Shevtsov, Niki


DJ`s BCee (Great Britain), Electrosoul System, Sanchez, MC Kapustin


DJ`s OnLee, Pushkarev / DJ Martin Landers

Apps of the Week – Max Payne Mobile, the story is here, the funky smugglers and more! – Android

We’re getting closer to the time of year when device rumors are circulating, but when it comes to us, we still make sure to find the best apps in the Play Store every week for your enjoyment.When we find them, we will let you guys know. We have a couple of games (as usual) and some utility apps for your enjoyment. Read on after the break to see how we did this week.

Richard Devine – Max Payne Mobile

Over the past seven days, my Nexus 7 had a shiny new factory set of Jelly Bean, which meant it was completely empty to start filling apps over and over again.First on the list was Max Payne Mobile. A game that I’ve wanted to play on my Android devices for a long time since it was released, but didn’t get to. Basically to the required storage space.

Yes, it’s massive. However, it used to be an amazing mobile game. Anyway with the original console version, with the same storyline, with the same graphics, and who ever gets tired of using Matrix-esque time to kill bad guys? Nice touch – customizable touch control positions, which means if you have small hands – like mine – you can bring all the controls close together for maximum effect.I love the original, I love this port, and for $ 2.99 it’s great value for money too.

Sean Brunett – The Story Is Here

This app is for all history lovers and is brought to us by the official HISTORY channel. The purpose of the app is to present locations on a map that are historically significant so that you can read about them, visit them and learn more about the history of a particular place.The app allows you to search for locations or use your GPS to find interesting sites that are near you. The Google Map will then display clickable pins and information about why they are important. You can save the sites that you especially like to favorites, share them with friends and view their images. This is a smart app that is great for the history buff.

Simon Sage – Happy Smugglers

Funky smugglers hit Google Play later this week, offering fast, stylish scrolling-based gameplay.You play as an airport security officer scanning travelers with an X-ray. You need to tap and drag dangerous items like uzi and hacksaws while leaving safe items like rubber ducks intact. If you missed a dangerous item or accidentally confiscated green, you lose one of three health points. Players earn bonus points for removing multiple items in a single move, which can be complemented by useful buffs that sometimes appear in sight.Completing three random missions active at any time can also earn you bonus money. Of course, the more planes you subsequently land, the more difficult they get, but you also earn big coins for long safety lanes. After paying at the end of the day, you can spend your coins on new passengers, themed packages, or limited-use bonuses. Yes, coins can also be purchased through in-app purchases, but it’s easy enough to ignore. If you’re feeling competitive, there are also only Team Battles Leaderboards.

The funky soundtrack and exaggerated cartoon graphics give this game a ton of replayability and is bound to keep you entertained for a long time.

Chris Parsons – TunnelBear

Whether you want to protect your privacy, bypass Internet censorship, or use the Internet like people in other countries do, a VPN is a great solution. The problem is that some of them are expensive and don’t always work the way you would like with your tablet or smartphone.Enter TunnelBear. Free VPN app that works in both the US and UK. For starters, TunnelBear will give you 500MB of data to use as you see fit on their servers and add to that if you add it to Twitter every month they will give you an extra 1GB added directly to your account. The app is simple, beautiful, free, and it works – it can’t ask for much more.

Andrey Martonik – Starbucks WiFi Auto Login

If you’ve spent any decent amount of time at Starbucks, you’ve probably connected to their free Wi-Fi before.Connecting on a laptop is easy enough. Connect to open Wi-Fi, open a browser, accept the terms and conditions, and you’re done. It’s a bit more of a pain on your phone though, and I found an app that can take care of this automatically. This simple open source app will automatically accept the terms and connect you to Starbucks Wi-Fi when you turn it on. Once set up, once when you come back, your phone will automatically login if you turn on Wi-Fi first.This is something simple that will probably save you 30 seconds, but I would prefer to do it automatically when I select it.

Jerry Hildenbrand – Wallbase HD Wallpaper

Half the fun of having a smartphone is customizing its appearance and reflecting it in yourself. There are many ways to do this with Android, but probably the easiest one is with unique wallpapers. There are many ways to get a custom wallpaper for your phone, including our very own wallpaper gallery, but in the spirit of choice, I’m picking another one this week – Wallbase HD Wallpapers. is a site where 4chan collects the best wallpaper from the boards and publishes it elsewhere so you don’t have to look into 4chan’s dirt to find them. They offer an incredible collection and something to suit all tastes – including the NSFW flavor (you were warned). With Wallbase HD Wallpapers app, you now have an easy way to search through all of them and apply one directly to your phone, without using any wires or sending files. If you love changing the wallpaper on your Android phone, it’s worth a look.

Of course, we can’t discuss wallpapers without showing them, so here are mine. To keep things simpler, I have uploaded it to the AC wallpaper database right here. Now find your loved one and head to the forums to show him off!

90,000 Westbury 5 * – London, UK – prices for tours


In the hotel:

246 rooms different categories, including 197 standard rooms (Superior Queen, Superior Twin and Superior King), 29 junior suites (Deluxe King Room) and 20 Suites (Junior Suite, Superior Suite, Deluxe Suite, Deluxe Terrace Suite and Penthouse Suite).

  • Superior Queen Room (80 rooms) – This is the simplest room category with a queen size bed. The bathroom is adjacent to the bedroom. The interiors of the room are decorated in a classic British style with modern design elements. Room Size 220 Square Feet (20 sqm)
  • The

  • Superior King / Twin (117 rooms) is the next largest and most categorized room with either a King size bed or two beds (when using a Twin) with an attached bathroom.Rooms are decorated in a classic British style with modern touches. Room Size 275 Square Feet (26 sqm)
  • Deluxe King / Twin Room (29 rooms) – a category of rooms that is especially popular with family accommodation (3 people). The room is large enough to accommodate a third extra bed. The room also has a mini-living room with a sofa and a desk and a spacious bedroom with King Size or Twin beds and an en suite bathroom. This is the first category where triple occupancy is possible.Room Size 385 Square Feet (35 sqm)
  • Junior Suite (7 rooms) – rooms are decorated in traditional English style, in pastel colors. Convenient to accommodate a family (3 people). This room has a mini-living room with a sofa and armchairs, and a table. This room has a spacious bedroom with a king size bed and an en suite bathroom. Room Size 425 Square Feet (40 sqm)
  • Superior Suite (3 rooms) – overlooking Bond Street; consist of a bedroom, a living room with a sofa and a desk and a bathroom.The interiors of the room are decorated in British style with stylish, sophisticated elements of modern design. Room Size 517 Square Feet (48 sqm)
  • Deluxe Suite (3 rooms) – overlooking Bond Street; consists of a bedroom, a living room with a sofa, an armchair, a coffee table, a writing table and a dining table for 4 persons and a bathroom with a bathtub and a shower. The interiors of the room are decorated in a classic British style. Room Size 700 Square Feet (65 sqm)
  • Deluxe Corner Suite (4 rooms) – the room consists of a bedroom, a living room with a sofa, an armchair, a coffee table, a desk and a dining table for 4 persons, a bathroom with a bathtub and a shower, a guest bathroom.The interiors are done in warm colors, there are many stylish, expensive design details. Room Size 840 Square Feet (78 sqm)
  • Deluxe Terrace Suite (2 rooms: Berkeley & Hanover) – 2 similar rooms (Hanover Suite and Berkely Suite) overlooking Bond Street, located on the 7th floor; consist of a bedroom, a living room with a sofa, an armchair, a coffee table, a writing table and a dining table for 4, a bathroom with a bathtub and shower, a guest bathroom and a large terrace with stunning views of Hanover and Berkley Square.The interiors are done in warm colors, there are many stylish, expensive design details. Room Size 840 Square Feet (78 sqm)
  • ST. George Penthouse Suite (1 room) – located on the 7th floor; with panoramic views of Mayfair; consists of 1 or 2 bedrooms, living room with sofa, armchair, coffee table and writing table, dining room with dining table for 8 people, bathroom with bathtub and shower, guest bathroom and large terrace. Room Size 1215-1600 Square Feet (120-150 sq.m.)

In the room:

Satellite TV (including Russian-language channels: Euronews, RBK, Channel One and RTR Planeta), Pay TV, wireless and high-speed Internet, telephone with answering machine, safe, minibar, hairdryer, bathrobes, ironing board, iron, bathroom accessories from La Bottega in standard rooms and Hermes in suites. On additional request: fax. Possibility of express check-in and check-out. Additionally in Deluxe Suite, Deluxe Terrace Suite and Penthouse Suite: stereo system, DVD-player.Most even standard rooms have balconies overlooking Mayfair and Bond Street.


Alyn Williams at the Westbury

1 Michelin Star – October 2012

3 Roses as part of the AA Rosette Award – October 2012

Chef Alain Williams Named 2012 Chef of the Year by National Restaurants Award

The restaurant entered the 15 best restaurants in the UK according to the National Restaurant Awards

In October 2011, the new signature restaurant Alyn Williams at the Westbury opened its doors at The Westbury on the site of the former Artisan restaurant! London was looking forward to the event as Chef Alan Williams previously worked at a number of iconic Michelin-starred restaurants.Alyn Williams at the Westbury serves modern British cuisine, but Alain notes that its culinary style is based on French cuisine with a mix of modern and classic cooking methods. The ingredients used are mainly of British origin and Alain is proud to work with suppliers from all over the United Kingdom.

The restaurant’s menu offers scallops with cucumbers, Aquitaine caviar and Granny Smith apples; sweet agnolotti with fried red seaweed and puree onion soup; Rag Estate suckling pig with candied chicory, potato croquettes and chanterelles; fillet of red Cornish beef with oxtails, parsley and truffles; whipped cream with walnuts, vanilla and ice cream, and honey jelly with gingerbread cookies.Alyn Williams at the Westbury is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Friday (12:00 pm to 2:30 pm / 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm) and Saturday dinner (6:00 pm to 10:30 pm).

Brasserie Chavot Restaurant

NEW !!!

1 Michelin Star – October 2013

Another famous and talented chef, Eric Chavot, chose The Westbury for his eponymous project and opened his restaurant in the hotel in March 2013.

Main dishes include marinated sardines and rabbit with black pudding and apples.A roast venison with fried root vegetables and licorice juice gives an insight into the culinary traditions of France, including Eric’s hometown of Arcachon, located in the southwest of the country. The inimitable dessert menu showcases the influence of British tradition on Chaveau’s craft, while reflecting his original take on cooking. Signature dishes: traditional Basque pie with cherry ice cream and an espresso-based Baileys liqueur chocolate mousse, served with whipped cream.

For hotel guests, breakfasts will be held in this restaurant (Monday – Friday from 6.30 to 10.30, Saturday – Sunday from 7.00 to 11.00), and at lunchtime and in the evening, the restaurant will be open to all guests (lunch Monday – Friday from 12.00 to 14.30, Saturday – Sunday from 12.30 to 14.30; dinner Monday – Sunday from 18.00 until 22.30).

Tsukiji Restaurant

The restaurant is designed for 20 seats, and its interior, which is dominated by mahogany, conveys aspects of the philosophy and spirit of Japan.

Tsukiji’s chef, Mr. Shou Chong, prepares sushi and sashimi from the most exclusive and freshest ingredients sourced from different countries: for example, Hon Maguro tuna from Spain, crabs from Canada.If you or your customers are not staying at The Westbury this time, we still invite you to visit Tsukiji Restaurant, which is located right next to Burberry Boutique (left wing of The Westbury), the entrance to the restaurant is from Bond Street.

The restaurant is open from 12.00 to 22.30

Sunday is a day off


The POLO bar evokes associations with the famous Westbury Polo Bar in New York. This is a part of the hotel where life is in full swing in the evenings, where exquisite cocktails are made to stylish music, expensive champagne is poured, where every evening you can see the faces of famous business elite and representatives of the fashionable London crowd.During the daytime, you can stop by for a good cup of coffee or for lunch (especially after the great shopping on Bond Street).

The style of the bar is enhanced by Swarovski crystal and Gucci furniture.

Every day in the famous POLO bar from 14.30 to 17.00 guests will find an unforgettable traditional English tea ceremony, which costs from £ 38 per person, including a glass of champagne. (do not miss!)

Bar opening hours: 09:00 – 01:00 Monday – Friday

11:00 – 01:00 Saturday

12:00 – 00:00 Sunday


In the hotel lobby, guests can order tea, coffee, light snacks around the clock.From 10 pm to 8 am the lobby is served by the room service, and from 8 am to 10 pm – by the POLO bar.

Guests can also have a great meal in their rooms; for this, the hotel has a Room Service 24 hours a day. Breakfast is served from 6 to 10.30 am, then until 22.00 you can order any dishes from the excellent, varied menu, and after 22.00 guests are offered a more reduced, but no less interesting “night snack menu”.

And, of course, guests are provided with a fine selection of alcoholic, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks from the minibar.

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