Friction erase pens: Friction Erasable Pens – Value Pack of 6 Black & 6 Blue Pens with Ultra Fine 0.38mm Point – 12 Erasable Gel Pens – Best for Smooth Writing & Easy Correction Friction Erasable Pens – Value Pack of 6 Black & 6 Blue Pens with Ultra Fine 0.38mm Point – 12 Erasable Gel Pens – Best for Smooth Writing & Easy Correction


Mistakes are a prickly subject in everything from writing a letter to documents. Even the talented people can make the mistakes in writing. So there should be some peace with all the mistakes, grammatical errors, or miscalculations! Also, use of white-outs or conventional ink erasers are not professional ways of correcting the mistakes and finally you will end up with damaged papers, sometimes with holes.

Look no further! We have a perfect solution to say bye bye to all the above hassles!


Now you can write smoothly like a regular gel pen, but if you make any mistake you can erase it like a pencil. How simple it is, just write, erase, repeat as many times as you like! The secret behind is the magical thermo-sensitive gel ink formula that completely disappears when exposed to heat by rubbing it with the eraser at the end of the pen.

Once you open the impressive package received from Amazon, you will get 12 soft gel pens, 6 from blue color and 6 black colors, so you have enough supply of gel pens till the course ends.


✔ Smooth and quick drying gel ink for flawless and smear-proof writing.
✔ 0.38 mm ultra fine point for crisp fine lines.
✔ Comes with a protective cap for long-lasting use.
✔ Ideal for journaling, diaries, greeting cards, taking notes and all day-to-day writing activities. Pen with eraser, erasable pens disappearing ink.


– 12 pcs friction erasable pens in a paper box



com: Amazon Basics Gel Pens

My husband likes to use red pens to write at work, mainly so that his coworkers cannot take his pens without it being obvious… For years, he’s been getting red Pilot G2 pens, but when I found these, I thought we’d give them a shot.
To compare, my husband and I each used one of these pens at work for a few days. So far, we’ve only used two pens because we don’t want to open all of them at once, but both of these write nicely straight out of the box. Neither one of us has experienced any skipping or any issues writing at slightly different angles, or anything like that thus far. Both of us think that they’re comfortable to write with – personally, I think these are MORE comfortable to write with for longer periods of time. The cushion feels a little weird if you’re just playing with it, but it’s nice when writing. Compared to the G2 pen, the ink on this pen is a little brighter, and not as dull looking. This is a lot more obvious on colored paper, but I have included a picture of a side-by-side comparison on white paper. I like the brighter, slightly shinier ink of this pen better, especially on colored paper. The ink runs out a little faster than regular pens do, but not nearly as fast as many other gel pens. I have included a picture of the ink level of my pen after several days of use, next to an unused pen, so you can see how much I’ve used.
The main reason I’m giving four stars instead of five is because the top part of the pen, by which I mean the white clip part, seems kind of cheaply made. The plastic of this piece feels cheap, and several of them squeak fairly bad if you twist this part of the pen. This seems particularly true for the pen I’ve been using; it squeaks much worse than the other ones, and has some white stuff in the top of the pen, which I have tried to show in a picture of it by itself, and next to another pen so you can see the difference. This does not, however, affect the use of the pens, so I’m not truly bothered.
Finally, when these pens arrived, none of them had any bubbles in the ink. .. Now, about a week later, half of them have bubbles in the ink. I don’t think this affects anything either, but it is curious to me, especially since bubbles have only appeared in exactly half of the pens.
Overall, I think these are pretty good pens. I’m not sure what the price is on them, but I found a 12-pack of blue AmazonBasics gel pens for $8.99, so assuming these ones are a similar price, they’re worth it! I would like to see a wider variety of color options, though… especially metallic or glitter pens!

Are Pilot FriXion Erasable Pens Worth the Hype?

Pilot FriXion pens have been popping up everywhere I look lately. Are they really that good? Let’s find out, shall we?  

|Are Pilot FriXion Erasable Pens Worth the Hype?|

Hello, my productive pals, my goal-getting gurus, my Page Flutter friends, my jaunty journa–ok, this could go on for a while. Hey, everyone! I have a quick review for you today! I put together a post of 10 Sure-to-Please Pens for Bullet Journaling a little while back, but I hadn’t tried Pilot FriXions yet. These erasable gel pens have been getting a lot of praise in various bullet journal forums, so I thought I’d check them out for myself. But first, let’s hit one of the big hiccups for many journal users: Mistakes.

Mistakes are a prickly subject in journaling circles.  Most of us love admiring the artistic pages we see online, especially from bullet journal bloggers out there. These are exceptionally talented people who can make their pages come alive with ink. They’re tidy, impeccable designed, and almost always, mistake-free! It only makes sense that we see those pages and think, “If my pages looked like that, I could finally get things done.” But you make mistakes, right?

Well, my first piece of advice is to make peace with the mistakes. They are a part of life, after all. >>Head over HERE to read my post about taking creative risks (mistakes and all). If that doesn’t work–and you really, really, really can’t face the spread when it’s a squiggly mess–an erasable pen is in order.

Full Review: Pilot FriXion Erasable Gel Pens

Let’s get this out of the way before I get any sarcastic “Ever heard of a pencil?” comments. Pencil smears. Everywhere. Moving on… I wanted a good sample of black ink (for everyday writing) and the color versions (for labels, headings, color-coding). In this review, I’ll give you a close look at two sets of pens I purchased:

There are many more colors available, and I think it’s safe to assume the other colors behave similarly to the ones I’m trying. When I hear “erasable pen” I think of those old skinny, goopy ballpoints with the hollow erasers on the end. Remember those? They skipped on the paper, smeared like crazy, and dropped what can only be described as ink boogers. So, just to put your mind at ease, FriXion pens are NOT your grandma’s erasable pens.

Overall Writing Experience

The first thing you’ll notice is that these are gel pens. They write quite smoothly, without sticking or skipping like a large ballpoint. The lines are dark, crisp, and fine (although the black was not quite as dark as a Uni-Ball Signo, Vision or Pilot G2). FriXion packaging lists the tip as 0.7mm, and it writes like most other “fine” pens I’ve used. That’s just about the right thickness for me. I write quickly, but this pen keeps up nicely, no splotches, bleeding, or skipping. I tried the colored ones with equal results. It was  a nice, smooth, clean writing experience. No complaints!


Now, here’s the part that really matters! FriXion pens are not technically erasableFriction makes the ink invisible, but it’s still on the page. The ink inside these pens is thermo-sensitive, so its properties change under different temperatures. That doesn’t make them any less useful, but it may affect how you use them. Here’s how it’s different:

  • Ordinary Pencil: Friction rubs graphite off paper –> pencil marks are physically removed from the paper –> words can’t be brought back.
  • FriXion Gel Pens: Friction causes heat –> heat makes the ink turn clear –> ink is still on the page, you just can’t see it.

I really wanted to see out how this worked, so I put my test page through the ringer. Eraser test: These pens surprised me with how well they erased. I wouldn’t have expected a gel pen to erase so cleanly, but it does. Also, the eraser doesn’t flake everywhere like a pencil eraser. It’s a gummier rubber that doesn’t wear down as quickly. There is a slight shadow of the ink left, and you can’t really get rid of it. Rubbing harder doesn’t change anything, because you aren’t really removing any ink from the page. It’s light enough that no one would notice once you wrote over it. Hairdryer test: Hey, when I test something, I test it. I wanted to see what would happen if I ran a hot hairdryer over the ink, and as expected, it faded just like it had under friction. You can use the hairdryer trick to erase an entire page, if needed.  **Note: Be careful that you don’t accidentally blast adjacent pages, or they’ll erase, also. A little demonstration from my IG account:

Freezer test: So, if the ink is still on the page, does that mean you can bring it back?  YES! After blasting the ink away with my hairdryer, I stuck my test page in the freezer for about 10 minutes. When I pulled it out, the ink had all turned back to its original color.

You Shouldn’t Use These Pens IF…

–>If you frequently leave your bullet journal/notes in a hot car, you might not want these pens. –>If you don’t want your “erased” spreads to reappear on your frequent Arctic expeditions, don’t use these. Other than those extreme conditions, these are great pens that perform very well! **I noticed some online reviewers felt they received dried-out pens, or highlighters that didn’t have any ink in them. If your FriXion products don’t write when you receive them, it’s likely they turned clear because of excess heat during shipping. You can stick them in the freezer for 20-30 minutes and they’ll return to their intended color.

Other “Perfectionist-Proof” Products from Pilot

All of these products have thermo-sensitive “erasable” ink. Erasable highlighters come in handy for me since I tend to go highlighter crazy. I had a professor in college tell me, “If you highlight everything, you’ve highlighted nothing.” Good advice, doc. Erasable Highlighters


All things considered, I was very pleased with how these pens performed! I will definitely use these pens for note-taking. They won’t replace my Sharpie pens anytime soon (only because gel pens aren’t my favorite for journaling), but I’m also actively forcing myself to accept more mistakes. It’s helping my productivity. FriXions are a great option if you need smooth, dark lines with the freedom to erase. Over to you! Have you tried FriXion or another brand of erasable ink? Comment below to share your tips for stress-free journaling.

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Frixion Erasable Pens | Cool Tools

Erasable pen uses heat to make the writing disappear

Frixion erasable pens are hugely popular in Japan, but relatively unknown in the States. I didn’t even hear about them myself until 2012, though the product has existed for 5+ years.

Frixion pens are not the smearing horror pens that you may have used in school — the ink is not rubbed away — it actually becomes invisible when heated with an erasing motion of the rubber tailcap. No eraser dust is generated.

This pen allows me to take correctable notes at work at the speed and detail I desire, yet have the text be dark enough that the resulting documents can be read when scanned.

As electronic documents become more popular, I think Frixion pens will have a bigger role in replacing mechanical pencils, whose gray output is not always clear when scanned.

The pens come in gel, marker, and highlighter types with various colors. They are easy to come by at your local office and grocery stores, and are as cheap as $2 a pen.

Of course, I wanted something with a finer tip, and more business-appropriate, so I sprung for a 0.4mm, metal-frame LF-2SP4-B business-style Frixion pen.

Note: Because the ink disappears under heat, do not leave your notes in a car on a hot, summer day, as they will disappear. They are recoverable by putting the document in the freezer, however. That brings up a concern about whether or not text erased by the tailcap can be recovered in the freezer. From my experience, when the tailcap is used to erase text, it’s mostly unrecoverable by the freezer method.

— Kaz Mori


12 Best Erasable Pens Reviewed and Rated in 2021

Have you ever felt restricted with the limitations of the traditional pen and pencil? While pencils are erasable, it only offers one monotonous color. On the other hand, even though pens may come in different color selections, there is no chance that anyone can erase it quickly and properly. Fortunately, erasable pens have been invented. This provided artists and toddlers alike a whole new way to improve their craft and learn to write. If you need to get the best erasable pen for your project or practice sessions, this article can provide you with good insight.

Arming yourself with useful information about erasable pens will help you pick the right brand. If you proceed to purchase without knowing anything about these wonderful items, you will definitely end up buying a substandard product. This article will help you learn a great deal about the popular brands of erasable pens in the market today.

Best Erasable Pen Reviews

1. PILOT FriXion Clicker Gel Ink Pen

If you love using writing or doodling on a paper, you know that there is no better tool to use than an erasable pen. Erasable pens allow us to explore our creativity without wasting paper. All we have to do is to erase it and continue bringing the idea immediately. If you want a good erasable pen for your own projects, the PILOT FriXion Clicker Gel Pen is the right pen for you.

What I love about using the PILOT FriXion is its ease of use. The pen is comfortable in my hand. The rubber tube gives my hand a firm handle. Because of this, the pen doesn’t slip even if my hand gets sweaty.

Another thing that I love about this FriXion Clicker erasable pen is the color selection. There are seven color options in this pack – black, blue, light blue, red, green, purple, and turquoise. The erasable ink pens are very clear and write smoothly on paper.

What I don’t appreciate about this product is that the ink dries quickly even if I’m not using it. In a span of three weeks, the ink in my FriXion erasable pens dried. I cannot determine the reason why it happened in the first place. I was assured by my friends who are using the same brand that this doesn’t happen on their pens. However, I’m still disappointed because I have to buy another set to continue practicing my doodle art.


  • Comes with 7 multi-colored pens
  • Retractable
  • Uses ink that is sensitive to heat
  • Easy to use


  • Ink dries after three weeks

After considering all of the important features of this erasable pen, I can say that PILOT FriXion Clicker Gel Ink Pens is a wonderful product. It writes legibly, easy to use, and has seven different color choices. This product is absolutely perfect for students who are practicing their penmanship, reviewing for examinations, or those who just want to have a bit of fun. If you are interested in erasable pens, this brand is just right for you!

2. ParKoo Retractable Erasable Gel Pens

Writing manually is very prone to mistakes. This is due to the fact that the hands and the mind do not work at the same time. If you are writing something, you will notice that there is a significant delay in what you are thinking and what you are transcribing into a paper. If you want your writings to be free of mistakes, you certainly need an erasable pen like the ParKoo Gel Pen.

Using this product brings nothing but pure joy! It is very easy to use. I did not have any difficulty holding the pens. The tip comes out easily using the spring-loaded clicker located at the other end of the pen. The eraser is very effective and doesn’t break easily.

Another pleasant surprise is the number of colored pens. Other erasable pen brands offer only up to seven pens. This one, however, has 10 pens that I can use with my art projects. The color selection is also wider compared to other brands. ParKoo erasable pens offer black, red, blue, light blue, royal blue, indigo, violet, green, light green, and orange.

What I don’t like about this product, though, is the fact that it doesn’t write smoothly as advertised. Although the ink is as bright as they come, it is skipping some portions whenever I’m writing. I tried using the other colored pens and the result is still the same.


  • Comes with 10 pens
  • Writes clearly
  • Eraser doesn’t ruin the paper
  • Wide color selection
  • Ink doesn’t bleed on the other side of the paper


  • Doesn’t write smoothly all the time

Once all of the features have been discussed, I can say that the ParKoo Retractable Erasable Gel Pens is one of the best pens with eraser in the market today. It has 10 pens with various color selections, writes clearly, and doesn’t bleed. If you want to perfect your handwriting or your drawing skills, this pen can certainly help you improve a lot.

3. Pilot Frixion Ball Erasable ColorSticks Pens

Creativity certainly knows no bounds. For those who are just discovering their passion for writing or drawing, a good erasable pen will help you improve. If you like using barrel-capped pens for your writing or drawing, you will certainly like what the Pilot Frixion Stick Ballpoint Pens have in store for you.

I like using this amazing pen. It looks and feels like a traditional pen. The overall feel in my hand is very comfortable. It doesn’t slip out of my hands even if my hand is wet. In addition, this pen writes smoothly. The ink is dispensed without evenly and without blots. Also, the ink doesn’t bleed on the other side of the paper.

Another feature that I like about these gel ink stick pens is the color selection. With 10 colored pens, I will never get bored in class again! I can use them for my studies, my art projects, and most of all, for practicing my penmanship. After I am finished, all I have to do is to erase what I wrote or drew and I can use the same paper again for other purposes.

My only problem with this particular pen is that the ink dries out quickly. In as fast as three weeks, some of the pens in the set got their inks dry. I only use three to four of the 10 pens so I keep the rest of them until I need them. But when I’ve decided to use green, purple, and orange, I found out that they don’t write as smoothly as the other ones.


  • Barrel-capped
  • Writes smoothly
  • Erases cleanly
  • Doesn’t bleed on the other side of the paper
  • Offers a wide color selection
  • Ink is sensitive to heat

In a nutshell, I can say with conviction in this FriXion pen review that the Pilot Frixion Gel Ink ColorSticks Pens is the best FriXion pen I’ve tried. It is barrel-capped, writes smoothly, doesn’t bleed, and has a wide variety of colors. If you are planning to get an erasable pen, this brand will definitely satisfy you.

4. Paper Mate EraserMate Erasable Pen

Having an endless supply of erasable pens means unlimited fun. However, with the cost of individual erasable pens, it would surely make a dent in your wallet, especially if you’re still a student. If you want to use erasable pens continuously without worrying about your budget, the Paper Mate Erasable Pen will supply you with 12 pens!

I am glad I purchased this brand of an erasable pen! The pens are very easy to use. It doesn’t hurt my hand. It stays firmly in my hand when I’m holding it. The ink is very clear when it comes into contact with the surface of the paper. In addition, the ink doesn’t bleed on the other side of the page where I wrote something. With this, I am confident that I can write in my notebook endlessly.

Another feature that I really like about this particular erasable pen is its ability to write on any angle. This feature is certainly not available in any erasable pen brands. This is because of the pressurized ink chamber. With this, I’m not worried that the ink won’t reach the tip because of the way I hold the pen.

My only regret is that the pens have only one ink color — black. As much as I enjoy using a black ink pen, I still want to experiment with other pen colors such as red, blue, green, purple, and orange. I just hope that this brand will include other colors in one pack next time.


  • Has 12 pens inside a pack
  • Allows you to write on any angle
  • Writes smoothly
  • Erases perfectly


  • Comes only with one color per pack

All things considered, I can say that the Paper Mate Erasable Pen model 3930158 is an excellent product. It has 12 pens inside a pack, it writes smoothly, it erases smoothly, and most importantly, it can write on any possible angle without interrupting the flow of the ink.

5. Vanstek Retractable Erasable Gel Pens 

Color selection is a major consideration when choosing a brand of colored erasable pens. Without it, you would surely get stuck in using one color – which is usually black, blue, or red. If you wish to improve your drawing or writing skills, you certainly need to have a wide color choice in your arsenal. Fortunately, Vanstek Retractable Gel Pens can help you with your goals.

Of all the erasable pen brands that I’ve used so far, I can say that this one is my favorite. This pen writes clearly. The color selection is also mind-blowing. It is bright but easy on the eyes. Moreover, the ink doesn’t have a bad smell. It doesn’t drip or bleed. Once the ink is in the paper, it doesn’t smudge because it dries fast.

Another amazing feature of this pen is the eraser. It erases the ink in a very smooth manner. In addition, the eraser itself is very durable. With this, I am confident that it won’t crumble easily especially at times when I need it most.

What I don’t appreciate about this erasable pen is that the ink flow gets interrupted sometimes. This is quite disappointing because I have to shake the pen to keep the ink going. Because of this, I have to use other pens just to continue what I was writing at that moment.


  • Comes with a whopping 15 color choices
  • Colors are bright but easy on the eyes
  • Writes smoothly
  • Durable eraser
  • Stores conveniently


  • Ink flow gets interrupted

Summing up the main points discussed above, I can say that the Vanstek Retractable Erasable Gel Pens is a must-have product. It has a wide variety of colors in one pack, writes smoothly, has a durable eraser, and most of all, the pens store conveniently. If you want to expand your artistic horizon, this erasable pen brand is the one that you should include in your shopping list!

6. BBLIKE 12-Pack Gel Ink Erasable Pens

Losing a pen is a common problem for students, professionals, and even artists. The pain of losing cheap erasable pens is even worse. But what if you could get yourself a good supply of pens? Presenting BBLIKE Gel ink Erasable Pens – these pens come in 12 pieces in one pack!

This particular brand of an erasable pen is very easy to use. It writes and erases smoothly. The eraser, which is located on the opposite end of the tip is durable. The tip is very fine; 0.5mm to be exact. This allows me to write and draw more without consuming too much space on my paper.

For a pen that you can erase, the ink dries quickly. It does not bleed on the other side of the paper. It also doesn’t have a bad smell, making it good for children who are learning to write. Finally, this pen is very easy to store. I can store it neatly inside the pockets of my bag or the front pocket of my jacket.

While this pen is definitely fun and easy to use, my only complaint is that there is only one color available. I just hope that the manufacturers will consider including other colors. This will definitely save me the trouble of purchasing them separately.


  • 12 pens inside a pack
  • Tough eraser
  • Tough casing
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t bleed

After listing down all of the good and the not so good features of this erasable pen brand, I can say that the BBLIKE 12-Pack Gel Ink Erasable Pens is a worthy choice. It has 12 pens inside a pack, easy to use, and the ink doesn’t bleed. Furthermore, the eraser is tough and removes the ink smoothly. If you want to get a quality erasable pen without hurting your budget, this brand is the one to look for.

7. PILOT FriXion Point Refillable Gel Ink Erasable Pens

If you love writing in your notebook or doing crossword puzzles, there is one writing instrument that can give you the chance to correct yourself. This instrument is called an erasable pen. There is one brand that stands among the rest: PILOT Frixion Point. And the best thing about this product is it is completely refillable!

I have definitely enjoyed using this erasable pen! It felt very comfortable in my right hand. It didn’t slip in my hand. I was able to write a few lines smoothly. In addition, this pen dispensed ink consistently. I was also able to observe that the ink did not bleed on the other side of the paper.

The eraser was tough and removed the ink smoothly. The paper didn’t suffer any damage as I erased the ink on its surface. This is good news for those who have a limited supply of paper but want to have unlimited fun.

What fascinated me the most was the fact that this erasable pen is completely refillable. This is a good feature because no matter how much I use this pen, I can still keep the body which houses the ink chamber and replace it with a fresh supply of ink. This is very beneficial to those who want to save money.

My only issue with this erasable pen brand is that it only has three pens inside. Other brands offer several different pens inside a pack. I think that the manufacturers should include more so that people can get the most of it.


  • Fine tip writes clearly
  • Refillable
  • Does not bleed
  • Eraser doesn’t wear and tear


  • Comes with only three pens

Once all of the important features have been discussed, I can conclude that the PILOT FriXion Point Refillable Gel Ink Erasable Pens is an impressive product. It has a fine tip, the ink writes clearly, and the eraser is tough and reliable. If you want to have a good erasable pen at your disposal, this brand will certainly provide you endless possibilities.

8. TANMIT Erasable Pen Retractable

If you are using a traditional or an erasable pen, it is really important to have a reasonable supply of it. This will allow you to have choices, especially if you are going to use it for artistic purposes. If you need assorted color inks for your erasable pens, the brand that you should look for in the market is TANMIT.

There are so many things that I enjoy with this erasable pen. First of which is this pen’s level of comfort in my hand. The pen is very easy to control. I can make lines and strokes without straining my hand. Even after a long time of using it, my hand is still not tired.

Another feature of this product that I consider positive is the wide color selection. With this, I can use different colors especially if I’m practicing my drawing. This is also good for parents who have children that are learning to write or just want to simply express their creativity.

My only issue with this particular pen is that the ink comes out a little too much. The tip lets too much ink to come out, thus depleting the supply quickly. Just a day of writing on a piece of paper


  • Has 10 assorted colors in a pack
  • Writes smoothly
  • Erases smoothly
  • Doesn’t bleed on the other side of the paper
  • Durable

After listing all of the qualities of this erasable pen, I can say that the TANMIT Erasable Pen is a nice product. It writes smoothly and erases without damaging the paper. The eraser is tough and easy to use. In addition, the ink doesn’t bleed on the other side of the paper. If you want to have fun writing or drawing, this is definitely the perfect pen to use.

9. ParKoo Retractable Erasable Gel Pens

If you’re tired of using erasable pens that actually just scratch the paper away and don’t actually remove the pen’s ink, then this erasable gel pen from ParKoo will definitely keep you satisfied.

You can’t complain about the gel ink itself, as the colors are so bold. Furthermore, they write smoothly, I loved using them over and over! The inks don’t skip at all. I chose the box which contains four colors: black, blue, green, and red. I don’t have any complaints about the colors.

These are retractable, which means the tip can be hidden and shown as needed. However, this nice feature can also be the pen’s downfall. It doesn’t have a proper cap, which might be the reason why the ink dries out quicker than other pens.

When it comes to erasing my writings and sketches, these work pretty well. It doesn’t damage the paper, so I can still write on the paper without any issues. Also, the ink gets removed completely, without residue, which is awesome if you’ll be using this for your artwork.


  • The colors are bold
  • Contains 12 pens per pack
  • Writes smoothly
  • Erases completely
  • Doesn’t damage the paper


  • Dries up quicker than other

ParKoo Retractable Erasable Gel Pen is a nice choice if you don’t want to use white-out for your projects or your journal. It writes smoothly and cleans out nicely, which are great qualities for an erasable pen.

10. BIC Erasable Gel Pen

My interest in crafts never faded even if I have a family and a business to run all at the same time. As a businesswoman I always keep records even if we already live in what we so-called “digital world”, what can I do? I’m old school, I want my records to be color-coded and neat, this way my records are organized and I can easily identify which is which.

I like using erasable gel pens by BIC because they show up more clearly on dark or slick surfaces than the typical inks used in an erasable ballpoint pen or felt tip pens. I can keep my record neat & clean using the eraser on its end.

I always lose my grip whenever I hold on something, the good thing is this pen has a rubber grip and makes my writing easy and fast. The pack has three vibrant colors which make my records pleasing to the eye, I can identify things easily and it gives a different shade to my records. If you value your money this is a good investment as it is refillable and it is made to last.

I only dislike one thing, I have to wait for a few seconds for the ink to dry to erase erroneous words or phrases. I always keep my mini fan with me just in case I need to dry something fast.


  • Value for money
  • You can easily do a refill once the ink ran out
  • Comfort grip
  • Handy & lightweight
  • It will last long as it is durable


  • You have to wait for the ink to dry prior to erasing

If you are looking for a reliable partner in crime who does not let you down in the first place, choose BIC Erasable Pens. Choose a pen that has good quality and good value for money, as both quality and price will determine how good the pen is.

11. BunMo Ocean Clickers Erasable Pens

I love answering crossword puzzles, but one of my biggest frustrations is having to write over a spelling mistake, or a wrong answer. A friend suggested that I try and use Ocean Clickers Erasable Pens by BunMo. My kids and I immediately fell in love with the pens due to its fun and cool designs.

Aside from the fun and cool designs of each pen in which my kids love these pens are fun to use and it brings out all their creativity. This pen is erasable, it cleans paper thoroughly and doesn’t tear up the paper. I do not have to worry even if my children made mistakes while writing, they hate their writing to be untidy and the eraser solves the problem. Also, these pens write way better than any erasable pen they’ve used before. I can say that these pens have great value for their price because it has 12 blue ink pens plus refills with cute baby ocean animals that can last for months.

The only thing we don’t like is that this erasable pen was not ergonomically designed. It’s just a long straight pen that can be painful to hold over a long period of usage. Sometimes, it slips through my fingers.


  • Great value
  • Refillable
  • Erases cleanly and easily
  • Doesn’t leave rubber bits
  • Writes smoothly
  • No residue or ink left once erased


  • It isn’t ergonomically designed

Despite not being light ergonomically-designed, we will still continue using this pen because the eraser erases easily, cleanly and it doesn’t compromise the cleanliness of my children’s works. The awesome design is a plus because it helps my children to be creative and use their critical thinking.

12. Lineon Erasable Gel Pens

I love journaling! I started this trait when I was a kid. I write whenever I feel like doing it, depending on my mood, feelings, thoughts, and events in my life. I am very particular when it comes to pens. And my love affair with Lineon started when my best friend gave me a set on Thanksgiving.

What I really love about this pen is that it has a fine point which is pretty perfect for writing. It doesn’t slip whenever I’m using it and it is comfortable to hold because of the rubber grip feature, I can always put it on my pocket or on the collar of my shirt to ensure I won’t miss it using the clip. Not only that, but the barrel is also transparent which makes it easier to see if the pen ran out of ink or if it needs a refill. The set has 15 eye-catching colors and I like how it gives life and lovely hues to my journal. It is lightweight and just like pencils, I can easily erase erroneous words or phrases with no sweat and without compromising the neatness of my journal.

What I dislike about this Lineon pen is that some colors are so light they don’t show up on normal papers, so whenever I use light colors I use dark papers to ensure words will show up.


  • It writes smoothly
  • Affordable compared to other brands
  • Perfect for color-coding
  • Erase completely
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Some colors are too light

Overall, when it comes to pens that erase, Lineon’s erasable gel pens are something you shouldn’t overlook. It would be perfect for your color-coding needs, and may even look nice for some artworks.

What to Look for When Buying Erasable Pens

There are literally hundreds of erasable pen brands in the market these days. Each one of them offers a kind of quality that you will not expect to see with other brands. There are some brands that will offer you with bright colored ink, but the delivery is very inconsistent. To avoid this scenario either at your home or during your art class, you need to find the best erasable pen.

So what, then exactly, are the things that you should look for when buying an erasable pen? Here are some simple suggestions that could take a huge worry off your mind:

  • Tip size. When it comes to erasable pens, the size of the tip really does matter. Some people prefer using 0.7 mm while some prefer 0.5 mm. The size of the tip determines the thickness of the lines that you are going to make.

For those into doodling, the ability to control the lines lies with the right size of the tip. This way, you can produce the best image without having to run the same lines over and over again.

  • Color options. Artists and toddlers alike are attracted by the prospect of using pens with different ink colors. If you are going to purchase erasable pens, you need to weigh in on the number of color choices on the pack.

If you are going to give a multi-colored set of erasable pens to a toddler, this will definitely encourage them to practice their writing. It will allow them to experiment with colors, thus broadening their knowledge about colors.

  • Erasability of the ink. Determine the level of the ink’s erasability before buying any brand of erasable pens. If the ink doesn’t erase easily, then there’s no point in buying it. On the other hand, if the ink can be erased but the eraser damages the paper, you might want to move on to the next brand on your list.
  • Does it bleed? Most pens, while they write clearly, bleed ink on the other side of the paper. This is going to be troublesome especially if the paper is too thin. If you are going to purchase erasable pens, make sure that it doesn’t bleed on the other side of the paper to ensure the smoothest writing experience.
  • Consistency. When buying an erasable pen, you need to see the consistency of the ink. Does it dispense the same quantity and quality of ink with each use? Does it blot when you make a stroke? If the ink is not consistent with each stroke, it means that the pen is not worth it.

The consistency of the ink provides the quality of writing experience. Without it, the lines or words will be indiscernible. Moreover, the poor quality of ink distribution will lead to doing a stroke over and over again. However, if the quality of the ink is good, you can efficiently write whatever you want without wasting time and effort in the process.

Choosing an erasable pen is an exhausting task. You really need to take into consideration lots of things before you make a decision to purchase it.

Other Important Factors to Consider

What is an erasable pen?

An erasable pen is a kind of pen which uses a specially-formulated ink. This makes erasing the ink on the surface of the paper more possible.

If you are tired of using the traditional pen and pencil, the erasable pen will definitely suit your writing or drawing needs without needing to waste paper.

How does it work?

Erasable pens work just like traditional pens do. The only difference is that the ink that was transferred to the paper can be erased anytime you want.

The ink of an erasable pen is stored in one tubular storage or reservoir. This is then dispensed slowly on a nib downwards. The nib or tip is either made of ballpoint or felt.

Basically, there are two kinds of inks that erasable pens use. These are:

  • Rubber cement solution ink. This is made from elastic polymers (usually latex) that are mixed with known solvents such as hexane, heptane, acetone, and toluene. The solvents dry quickly and the rubber solidifies. The resulting product makes a strong yet highly flexible bond.
  • Thermosensitive ink. Thermosensitive ink is also known as thermochromic ink. This is a kind of dye that changes color when different temperatures are applied. This kind of ink becomes transparent when the surface is heated up to 60°C and appears once more when it is cooled down to -10°

Once the special ink has been transferred to paper (by writing or drawing) and has dried enough, it can now be removed by the rubber eraser situated at the opposite end of the pen. The friction between the eraser and the paper causes the ink to vanish on the surface of the paper.

Who is this for?

If you are an aspiring artist, or a student who wants to experiment with doodling, or if you are a typical person who wants to correct a spelling mistake when it happens, then pens that can erase are definitely for you. The possibilities that erasable pens can bring is totally boundless. As they say, the only limitation is your imagination.

You have to be warned, though that this kind of pen is not to be used during examinations. In addition, you are highly discouraged from using this pen if you are filling out government forms. The ink may disappear over time and the information that you have written may vanish. This could get you in trouble with the law in the long run.

What are the different types of erasable pens?

As you go on your quest to find the best erasable colored pens, you will certainly encounter different types of it. Don’t be confused; each one is not just a fancy version of itself. All of them have specific purposes that are shown by their respective design.

Here are the different types of erasable pens that you will see on the store and online:

  • Ballpoint pen. This is the most common type of erasable pen. Just like traditional pens, this has a tip of 0.7mm to 0.5mm. This pen is commonly used in writing. Students are the most typical users of this pen. If you have a toddler who is learning how to write, this is also an ideal tool for them. With this, they won’t have to waste paper again because the lines can be easily erased. Moreover, the color selection will keep them interested for a very long time.
  • Fountain pen. This kind of pen dispenses the ink in a liberal fashion. This type of erasable pen is good for inking illustrations or doodle drafts. If you are a student reviewing for an examination, this is a good tool for underlining important words, phrases, and sentences that you wish to remember. The erasable fountain pen ink also looks wonderful in calligraphy works.
  • Retractable pen. Retracting erasable pens are spring-loaded pens. Since they do not have the traditional cap to prevent the ink from drying, it uses the metal spring to bring forth and retract the tip whenever you need to use it.
  • Chisel-tip. The chisel tip erasable pens are ideal for those who are into calligraphy. The width of the chisel tip gives you a full control on different strokes, creating a magnificent lettering.
  • Felt-tip. Felt tips are very useful during review sessions. This makes highlighting the words, phrases, and sentences a breeze. If you are a student who wishes to remember so many things in your subjects, this is definitely the perfect erasable pen for you!

Once you get to know all of the different types of erasable pens, using them according to your needs would be a piece of cake! Plus, you won’t overspend on other brands in the market that are surely low quality.

Why do you need good erasable pens?

Erasable pens are good products to use if you wish to stop wasting ink crossing the words or lines that you made to cover it up. If you are the type of person who always makes a mistake when writing using a pen, the best erasable highlighters will definitely keep your paper clean and organized at all times.

If you are learning how to draw or doodle, a trustworthy erasable pen is the best tool that can help you improve your skills. The impermanence of the ink of an erasable pen makes it an ideal tool to further hone your artistic skills.

In addition, an erasable pen can help you improve your penmanship. If you think that your penmanship needs a bit of work, then the erasable ink will let you practice over and over again until you perfect it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted erasable pen brands?

There are currently hundreds, if not thousands of erasable pen brands in the market these days. Choosing the worst brand is an easy mistake to make, given the number of choices available. However, if you are informed, you can easily separate the

Here are the most trusted erasable pen brands:

  • Pilot FriXion Pens
  • Vanstek
  • Paper Mate
  • ParKoo
  • M&G iErase

These brands have gained the approval of satisfied customers all over the world. Aside from their popularity amongst children, erasable pens are also quite famous amongst artists. This is because they can be erased whenever a mistake is made on the draft.

If you are planning on getting an erasable pen, these are the brands that are worth trusting and spending money on.

Does erasable pen ink fade?

While the charm of the erasable inks appears to be magical, it is far from reality. As a matter of fact, the erasable ink is made of a solution from liquid rubber cement. This is the ink that comes into contact with the surface of the paper.

Once it dries, it can be erased by the rubber tip at the other end of the pen. The friction that is created by rubbing the eraser on the surface of the paper facilitates the removal of the hardened ink.

The ink can only be erased for up to 10 hours. Once it’s settled on the paper, it will be harder to erase. Only then that the ink will begin to fade slowly.

How do you get FriXion ink to reappear?

If you wish to remove the ink from the paper that you are using, just turn the other end of your FriXion pens and rub the tip of the eraser. The friction produces up to 60°C and the ink will disintegrate on the surface of the paper. You can also press a clothes iron to remove the ink.

While the hardened part of the ink is eliminated once it is heated, it still will leave a fair trace on the surface of the paper. Cooling the paper up to -10°C, the ink will appear again. You have to take note, though, that the traces of ink may not be as clear as it was before. But still, you would be able to read the words and numbers or see the lines properly.

How do you use erasable pens?

Using an erasable pen is just like using a traditional pen. The only difference between the two is the ability of the erasable pen to remove the specially-formulated ink.

You write whatever you want on a piece of paper. If you made a mistake or you simply want to do over, you can remove the ink using the eraser on the other end of the pen. The friction between the eraser and the paper increases the heat, making the erasure possible.

You can do this step as many times as you want or until you have achieved your writing goals!

Where should I buy erasable pens?

You can buy your own erasable pens in any art supply or school supply store near you. You can also purchase them in Walmart, Lowes, Target, and other supermarkets. If you want to check if these can be delivered to your home, just use Google and type the product plus the store, for example, type “erasable pens Target”, and you’ll be able to see if it can be.

If you can’t find the specific brand of erasable pens that you are looking for, you can always search the internet. There are plenty of online stores that sell this kind of product. is a perfect example of that. Here, you choose from a wide selection of brands starting from the most popular ones down relatively unknown ones. You can also read customer reviews to learn a little about each brand’s performance. This way, you will have an idea about each brand before making a purchase.

How to care and clean?

Taking care of your things can prolong its life. If you want to enjoy using your erasable pens, you certainly need to learn how to take care of them.

Here’s how you can extend your erasable pen’s life:

  • Wipe the tips after use. After using the erasable pen, wipe its tip in order to remove the excess ink. The excess ink may harden and block the opening of the reservoir. This may result in the improper transfer of ink to paper.You can do this on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the frequency of use.
  • Don’t store the pen upwards. Pens work with gravity in order to dispense the ink properly. If you write upside down, this will stop the flow of the ink. Storing the pen upside down will have a huge impact on the pen itself. The ink will stay away from the nib if the pen is stored upside down for a long period of time.
  • Don’t drop it. Some pens’ inks get messed up inside when the pen is dropped. Sometimes, the ball mechanism gets loosened up and causes the pen to release uneven ink on a surface. This effectively ruins your writing experience.
  • Don’t use it as a beating stick. Artists get inspiration from different sources. One of which is by banging the pen against a hard surface to imitate a drum beat. Doing this to your erasable pen might lead to leakage, resulting in poor performance when you need to use it.
  • Don’t use it on other surfaces aside from paper. Writing on other surfaces aside from paper can affect the performance of any erasable paper. While there is no limit in imagination, you have to know that erasable pens are made to work properly only on paper. If you can stop yourself, avoid using the pen on wood, concrete, metal, and plastic.


While traditional pens and pencils have ruled the world for a very long time, the charm of erasable pens has certainly made their permanent impression. However, not all erasable pens are created equal. Some may give the best writing experience while some may provide a terrible encounter. It is a chance that may happen all the time if you don’t know anything about this product. The only trick that you can do to overcome this is to find the best erasable pen through research.

Erasable pens are awesome tools that help you feel confident that whenever you make mistakes, whether in your notes or when you overstretched a line in your drawing, you can easily correct it. They say nobody’s perfect, but a spot of ink that can be erased can may one’s work appear perfect.

Frixion Pens-All you need to know | Quilt Skipper: Jenny K Lyon

This is my fourth and hopefully my final post on Frixion pens. A recent discussion on FaceBook prompted me to explore this one last time. Some prominent quilters and artists have said things about the Frixion pens that I have not found to be true in my own experience, so I needed to get the facts. I ended up talking directly with a rep at Pilot to get the facts.

Frixion pen

If you’re not familiar with Frixion pens, they are a line of pens and highlighters made by Pilot that are heat erasable. Frixion pens make a crisp, clear mark which goes on smoothly and easily with no skipping. After quilting, you simply steam the ink lines away and poof, they are gone! This seems like the Holy Grail of marking methods for us quilters. It is important to note that Pilot did not design the pens for fabric and did not test them on fabric while developing the concept.

But quilters/textile artists had problems with the pens, namely two:
-Sometimes they left what I call a “ghost” mark after steaming the initial mark away. It was faint, but certainly not something you would want to see on your quilt.
-If the quilt got cold, the marks reappeared.

Quilters wrote articles noting that if the marks reappeared in the cold, it was because the quilter did not thoroughly steam the marks. This simply is not the case. The ink combination used in the pens has two parts-one part makes the mark and one part makes the mark disappear. There is still ink left on your quilt after steaming, you just can’t see it. The ink is still there and will reappear in the cold.

I know it sounds odd talking about a quilt getting cold! But if you throw your quilt in a suitcase or the back of your car or, in my neck of the woods, drive up to Tahoe in the winter, your marks will come back. But even worse for competition quilters, if they are shipped and get cold, the marks will be back on your quilt at the show you sent them to-not a good thing.

Ghost marks

As to the ghost marks, I did not find a pattern as to which fabrics would show the marks. Some say that if you pre-wash your fabrics you won’t get those marks. That was not the case for me. So I had to test on any fabric I wanted to use them on to make sure I would not be left with ghost marks after steaming the ink marks away.

I felt like I needed to know for sure the answers to the problems with the Frixion pens. I called the Pilot pen company and asked for a representative knowledgeable about Frixion pens and their use on fabric. She was quick to note that Frixion pens were not designed to be used on fabric!

She explained some important things to keep in mind when using Frixion pens on fabric. The Frixion ink is actually a combination of two things: gel ink, and a thermo ink. The addition of the thermo ink is what makes the gel ink disappear with heat. But note, Frixion pens are basically gel pens with some added thermo ink. That means that you are putting gel ink on your quilt when using Frixion pens. That ink will disappear only because of the thermo ink-the gel ink is still there on your quilt unless you take additional steps to remove it.

Mötsenböcker’s LIFT OFF® #3

Because so many customers were using Frixion pens on fabric, Pilot did some testing to try to remove the stains. They tested two specific products that will help remove the stains: Amodex and Mötsenböcker’s Lift-Off 3. I can find the Mötsenböcker’s in my local grocery store but I have not heard of Amodex. She noted that just like removing any other ink stain, sometimes you would need to spot scrub to remove the mark. Ugh-editorial comment!


So in summary, straight from the manufacturer’s mouth so to speak, a summary of using the Frixion pens on fabric:
1.      Frixion pens combine gel ink and thermo ink. You are marking your quilt with a gel pen that disappears.
2.      The marks will reappear if the quilt gets cold (anything below freezing I think-I did not confirm the specific temperature) unless the mark is completely removed with an ink remover. Even after a thorough steam of the marks, they will reappear in the cold. This is part of the inherent chemistry of the ink combination.
3.      To completely remove the ink so that it will not ghost or reappear in the cold, you will need an ink remover and also may possibly need to scrub the area. The manufacturer has tested Amodex and Mötsenböcker’s Lift-Off 3 and found them to be fairly effective in removing the ink.
4.      Frixion pens sometimes leave a ghost mark after steaming. This is the thermo ink showing on the quilt, not the gel. The Pilot rep said to rid the piece of ghost marks you would need to treat it with the ink removers listed above.

So this is a definitive summary of the Frixion pens straight from the pen’s manufacturer.

For me, I will not use these pens very often because I frequently do competition pieces. I cannot risk having any problems with the marking method I use. I think they are great pens for other marking needs but we need to be aware of their limitations. And remember that the Pilot pen company did not design these pens for fabric.

FriXion Clicker Design Series – Power To The Pen


FriXion Clicker Design Series

Erasable Gel Ink Pen

    Full Star RatingFull Star RatingFull Star RatingFull Star RatingHalf Star Rating4.6


Point Sizes Available


Extra Fine

Barrel Designs Available

( Point) *Black Ink

Packs and Refills Available

( Point, )



Why FriXion Clicker Design Series?

The new FriXion Clicker design series features a brilliant white barrel with a tonal geometric design that adds a subtle but stylish touch to every writing task. Pilot’s FriXion Clicker is America’s first retractable, erasable gel ink pen that allows you to write, erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents. Featuring a Striking white tone on tone geometric barrel design and an Extra Fine Point, This FriXion Clicker will keep your writing on Point.

  • The #1 selling erasable pen brand*
  • Writes Smooth, Erases Clean
  • Write, erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents. No wear or tear!
  • Combines the convenience of a retractable pen with incredible FriXion erasable gel ink
  • Eraser is at the top of the pen, tip is retractable by pressing clip down
  • Unique, thermo-sensitive gel ink formula disappears with erasing friction**

Create and Share Fearlessly

Looking to share your remarkable creations with the world? Use #PowerToThePen to upload drawings, illustrations and more.

Be The Firs‌t To Know

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*FriXion is the #1 Selling Erasable Pen Brand/The NPD Group/Retail & Commercial/US Dollar Sales/Data on file **Erasable pens are not recommended for use on legal or official documents. Do not expose to extreme temperatures (140°F). If pen is exposed to temperature that reaches 140°F, the ink will be colorless when writing. To restore color, cool to at least 14°F in freezer and the ink will again write in color. ***Review data provided by Amazon

90,000 Write-and-erase pens

Write-and-erase pens

Did you have to persuade your schoolchild to rewrite homework because of a few blots or mistakes? How many of us have not had a situation when, filling out any form or questionnaire, we ourselves made a mistake, and we had to start all over again? At such moments, one involuntarily recalls a pencil or a computer, where things are much easier with corrections …

Fortunately, in these situations, write-erase pens can help us! They allow you to easily make corrections to an already written text.

Advantages of write-erase pens over other pens:

  • can be corrected;
  • you can conduct “secret” correspondence;
  • Leaked ink is much easier to remove from clothing.

Advantages of “write-erase” pens over simple pencils:

  • the lead will never break;
  • no need to sharpen;
  • multicolored ink selection;
  • Do not lubricate by hand after drying.

Today there is a huge variety of write-erase pens.How do they differ from each other?

There are three main types of erasable ink:

1. Thermal Sensitive . The ink of these pens becomes transparent when exposed to heat (such as friction). In terms of their structure, heat-sensitive inks most often resemble roller or gel inks, although the range of application of this technology is much wider, and today markers, highlighters and even colored pencils already exist, the pigment of which is neutralized when exposed to heat.As a rule, pens and other products with heat-sensitive inks have a small dense elastic band on the body or cap, with which you can quickly and without dirt remove the inscription, while the eraser itself does not erase as quickly as a regular eraser, and is suitable for repeated use.

Due to the sensitivity to heat, we strongly advise against leaving the writing made with this ink or the pen itself in the open sun or near any other heat sources!

It is noteworthy that when the pigment is discolored, the base itself remains on the paper, and the inscriptions can be re-colored by simply cooling to -10-18 ° C.In this case, you can transfer “secret” notes, heating them (for example, with a hairdryer or a lighter) before sending and freezing them upon receipt.

Advantages of : do not smudge, easily lay on the paper, can be erased without leaving any residue, without damaging the paper.

Disadvantages : afraid of heating and prolonged exposure to the sun.

Handle examples : the entire range of Pilot Frixion, Uni Fanthom, Uni Signo TSI.

2. Ink erasable with special solvent .The ink disappears by reacting with the components of a special solvent. The ink of these pens is liquid, so the nib is either felt-tip or roller-type, or the latest trend on the market is fountain pens with erasable blue cartridges.

A) Some pens of this type have a thin marker nib on the back, through which the solvent is fed. In this case, the pen body is divided into two parts: one is filled with ink (≈ ⅔ of the volume), and the other is filled with a solvent.

B) For other pens, the solvent must be purchased separately (manufactured in the form of a thin marker or capillary pen). Since the chemical composition of ink from different manufacturers may differ, it is better to use a native solvent for them, otherwise there is a risk that the inscription will not be completely erased, but smeared into a dirty wet spot.

The advantage of this type of “write-and-erase” pens is that the ink is not afraid of heat and sunlight, and also does not erase with an eraser.However, due to the abundant supply of solvent and often the need for several passes over the inscription until it is completely erased, the paper in this place can go in waves. Also, you cannot write over the erased one until the solvent is completely dry (the time for complete drying is on average from 5 to 8 minutes), otherwise the written inscription will spread into a dirty stain. And even after the solvent has completely dried out, the new inscription on this place may be paler. Thus, the writing made with these pens is better than others for long-term storage, but does not imply instant fixes.

Advantages of : not erased, not smudged, can be left in the sun. Liquid ink pens are suitable for long writing as they do not require strong pressure on the nib.

Disadvantages : the solvent dries for a long time, you cannot immediately write on the erased one, the inscription at the erasure point is lighter.

Examples of handles : Stabilo Easy S’move roller (EasyOriginal) (solvent – Stablilo Colorkilla), Herlitz My.Pen and fountain pens with blue cartridges Pelikan Junior, Pelikan Pelikano, Pelikan Twist (thinner – Herlitz My.Pen), fountain pens with blue Lamy cartridges, e.g. ABC (thinner – Lamy).

Washable blue ink cartridges manufactured by Lamy, Pelikan, Herlitz, Waterman

Erasable ink in bottles : Diamine Washable Blue, Parker Quink washable blue, Lamy ink blue

3. Ink washable …This type of pen is as close as possible to a simple pencil. The ink lies on the paper without absorbing into its structure, so that the inscriptions can be removed with an ordinary eraser. Often, such pens resemble ballpoint or gel pens when writing. The lettering made with this ink is not afraid of heat, but you need to be careful not to rub it with your hand. As with a regular pencil, you can immediately write over the erased one. However, the writing is often not completely removed, and with intensive use of the eraser, the paper is injured in this place.

Advantages of : can be left in the sun, can be written over the erased immediately.

Disadvantages : injure the paper when erasing, traces remain at the erasure site.

Handle examples : Uni Signo Erasable Gel, Zebra Erase Away.

Important! Write-and-erase pens (of any type) are not suitable for signing and filling out important papers, where high resistance of ink to external factors and a long storage time is required!

F9014 Ball

Replacement tip black, red, violet






Refill Uni-ball Fanthom

Gel cap

Gel cap

Exchange bar



Corrector Pen

corrector pen

9013 Lamborghini 901 Viewer



Ink type Erasing method Eraser available Consumables Available colors Rigid eraser tip Replacement tip Blue, black, green, red, purple
Pilot Frixion Point Gel Heating Rigid eraser

Blue tip
Pilot Frixion Clicker Gel Heating Hard eraser on the tip of the pen Refill Blue, black, purple
Pilot F134 Hard eraser on Refill Blue, black
Pilot Frixion marker Marker Heating Rigid eraser Disposable Green, pink, yellow

Rigger Thinner Corrector Pen Required Refill Blue
Uni-ball Signo TSI Gel Heating Rigid Eraser


Black Refill Gel Heating Hard eraser on the cap Refill Now they do not supply to Russia
Uni-ball Signo Erasable Blue, black.Now they do not supply to Russia
Zebra Erase Away Ballpoint Eraser Soft eraser on the cap Refill Blue, black
Refill Refill Blue
Pelikan Junior Pen Thinner Corrector Pen Required Refill Cartridge Blue Pelikan Solvent Replacement cartridge Blue
Pelikan Pelikano Pen Thinner Corrector pen required Replacement cartridge Blue Corrector pen required Replacement cartridge Blue

The write-erase pen can be an excellent study aid when making plans, keeping a diary and writing manuscripts, which simultaneously require cleanliness and free flight of thought not overshadowed by long fixes.

Write with pleasure!


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Classes of MKTU and the list of goods and / or services: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 16, 17, 20, 22, 28, 35, 37, 39, 42 1 – antiknock agents for fuel of internal combustion engines; antifreeze. 2 – varnishes; anti-corrosion tapes; anti-corrosion oils; mastics [natural resins]; coatings [paints]; protective soil coatings for frames, chassis of vehicles; antifouling coatings; polishes; anticorrosive preparations; protective preparations for metals; mordants; anticorrosive greases; untreated natural resins; compositions for preventing tarnishing of metals; anti-rust compounds; fixatives [varnishes]. 3 – abrasives; polishing bars; abrasive paper; sandpaper; polishing paper; rust removers. 4 – technical petroleum jelly for industrial purposes; industrial wax; belt wax; fuel gas; fuel; lubricating graphite; cutting fluids; technical fats; lubricating oils; technical castor oil; motor oil; lubricating materials; greases; greases for belts; diesel fuel; motor fuel. 6 – metal tanks; metal barrels; metal screws; metal screws; bushings [hardware metal products]; metal crimping bushings for handles; metal signboards; metal nuts; nails; metal dowels; metal containers for packaging; spring locks; spring constipation; metal locks for containers; metal latches; tension connecting links; metal connecting links for chains; metal ropes; keys; metal retaining rings; metal construction brackets; metal structures; mobile metal structures; metal containers [for storage and transportation]; metal tool boxes; hooks [metal hardware]; metal belt tensioners; tensioners for metal bands [tension links]; wire tensioners [tension links]; binding metal threads; metal strapping for transportation of goods and loading and unloading operations; metal battens; lattice metal fences; metal limiters; metal stops; springs [metal hardware]; metal tanks; metal grates; metal knobs; metal nozzles; metal strapping means; metal couplings for drive belts of machines; non-electric metal cables; tin packaging; metal pipe clamps; metal chains; metal safety chains; metal cotter pins; untreated or partially worked cast iron; metal washers; steel balls; metal hinges; metal pulleys, except for machine parts; pins [hardware]; tongues for locks; metal tool boxes; boxes made of common metals. 7 – expansion tanks [machine parts]; drums [machine parts]; axle boxes for necks of shafts [machine parts]; crankshafts; valves [machine parts]; bearing shells [machine parts]; water heaters [machine parts]; blowers [machine parts]; emergency power generators; alternators; DC generators; current generators; hydraulic control for machines, motors and engines; mufflers for engines; engine cylinder heads; diaphragms for pumps; membranes for pumps; jacks [machines]; rack jacks; injectors for engines; cutting tools [machine parts]; hand tools, with the exception of hand-operated tools; control cables for machines or motors; carburetors; crankcases of motors and engines; pressure valves [machine parts]; check valves [machine parts]; pressure reducing valves [machine parts]; casings [machine parts]; piston rings; lubricating rings [machine parts]; compressors [machines]; lubricating boxes [machine parts]; car bodies; cranes [machine or engine parts]; cranks [machine parts]; lubricators [machine parts]; oiler [machine parts]; ignition magneto; automatic manipulators [machines]; flywheels of machines; pumps [parts of machines or engines]; air pumps; oil pumps; fuel pumps with automatic regulation; carburetor feeders; pneumatic control of machines, motors and motors; anti-friction bearings for cars; roller bearings; self-lubricating bearings; transmission shaft bearings; ball bearings; pistons [machine or engine parts]; shock absorber pistons [machine parts]; engine pistons; cylinder pistons; catalytic converters of exhaust gases; fuel converters for internal combustion engines; springs [machine parts]; regulators [machine parts]; pressure regulators [machine parts]; speed regulators for cars and motors; fan drive belts for motors; driving belts for DC generators; driving belts for engines; friction belts for pulleys; oil seals [machine parts]; spark plugs for internal combustion engines; glow plugs for diesel engines; bearing cages; connections of shafts [machines]; starters for engines; stators [machine parts]; heat exchangers [machine parts]; transmissions for cars; turbochargers; connecting rods for engines; sealing joints [engine parts]; devices for ignition in internal combustion engines; devices for controlling machines or motors; filters [machine or engine parts]; filters for cleaning the cooling air in engines; pins [machine parts]; engine cylinders; cylinders of machines; universal joints [cardan joints]; pulleys [machine parts]; brushes [machine parts]; DC generator brushes; brushes with electric drives [machine parts]; ejectors; fuel economizers for engines. 8 – hand jacks; cutting tools [hand tools]; hand tools with hand drive; punching tools [hand tools]; center punch [hand tools]; keys [hand tools]; wrenches [hand tools]; hammers [hand tools]; files [tools]; air pumps with manual drive; hand pumps; screwdrivers; cutting tools; hatchets [hand tools]; non-metallic tool handles. 9 – electric batteries; electric batteries for vehicles; remote control equipment; electric batteries; electric locks; electric cables; couplings for cables; fuses; electrical fuses; voltage regulators for vehicles; revolution counters; vehicle thermostats; devices for automatic control of vehicles. 11 – fans [air conditioning]; fans [parts of air conditioning installations]; water heaters; taps. 12 – Engines for land vehicles; traction motors for land vehicles; screw propellers; brake discs for vehicles; crankcases for mechanisms of land vehicles, with the exception of engines; brake kits for vehicles; transmissions for land vehicles; power mechanisms for land vehicles; overrunning clutches for land vehicles; clutches for ground vehicles; engine mounts for ground vehicles; axles for vehicles; gear transmissions for land vehicles; torque converters for land vehicles; gearboxes for land vehicles; brake segments for vehicles; hydraulic systems for vehicles; clutches for land vehicles; vehicle brakes; transmissions for land vehicles; undercarriage of vehicles; transmission chains for land vehicles; car chassis; vehicle chassis; connecting rods for land vehicles, with the exception of those being parts of motors and engines; axle necks; electric motors for land vehicles. 16 – fountain pens; albums; almanacs; posters, posters; tickets; forms; notification forms [stationery]; notepads; notepads [stationery]; loose-leaf notebooks; bracelets for holding writing utensils; brochures; booklets; packing paper; filter paper; information bulletins; paper or cardboard signs; newspapers; holders for documents [stationery]; holders for pencils; page holders; holders for checkbooks; boards, billboards for announcements, paper or cardboard; magazines [periodicals]; money clips; clips for catalog cards; clamps for pens; bookmarks; printed editions; graphic images; calendars; tracing paper; the pencils; automatic pencils; Pictures; transfer pictures; pictures [drawings] framed or unframed; cards; collectible cards, except for those used for games; directories; paint brushes; typographic clichés; books; receipt books [stationery]; comic books; envelopes [stationery]; cardboard or paper boxes; adhesive tapes [stationery]; adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; self-adhesive stationery or household tapes; leaflets; paper or plastic sheets for moisture control, used as packaging material; viscose sheets for packaging; recycled cellulose sheets for packaging; bubble sheets for packing or packaging; lithography; postage stamps; graphic materials; training materials [excluding instrumentation]; stationery materials for sealing; packing materials [cushioning, stuffing] made of paper or cardboard; filter materials [paper]; bags [envelopes, packages] for packing paper or plastic; self-adhesive stickers [stationery]; cardboard or paper bottle wrappers; covers [stationery]; elastic plastic shells for stacking; greeting cards; etchings; paper bags; folders for documents; pencil cases; printing [stationery]; seals for sealing wax; clipboards; plastic films for packaging; desktop mats; coasters for beer mugs; holders for pens and pencils; paperweight; writing instruments; writing accessories; printed products; brochures; rubber bands for erasing; graphic reproductions; fountain pens; marker pens [stationery]; a board made of paper or cardboard for advertisements; notebooks; binding fabrics; banners [stationery]; stencils for drawing; cardboard or paper packaging for bottles; textbooks [manuals]; paper flags; photogravures; photographs [printed]; cases for stencils; drawings [blue]; templates; emblems [paper stamps]; labels, excluding textile labels. 17 – rubber shock absorbers; rubber buffers; non-metallic pipeline fittings for compressed air; putty; insulators; valves made of natural rubber or vulcanized fiber; rubber valves; rubber rings; waterproof sealing rings; insulating tapes; adhesive tapes, except for medical, stationery or household tapes; self-adhesive tapes, with the exception of medical, stationery or household tapes; insulating oils; non-metallic reinforcing materials for pipes; materials for sealing; materials for brake linings partially processed; soundproof materials; insulating materials; thermal insulation materials; packing materials [cushioning, stuffing], rubber or plastic; sealing materials for connections; filtering materials [partially processed foam or plastic films]; bags [envelopes, packages] for packing; pipe couplings, non-metallic; rubber couplings to protect machine parts; clutch pads; rubber stoppers; insulating plasters; anti-glare films for windows [tinted]; rubber stoppers; spacers to compensate for thermal expansion; cylinder gaskets; ring gaskets made of rubber or vulcanized fiber; sealing gaskets for pipes; flat sealing gaskets; gaskets; pipe connections, non-metallic; chemical compounds for eliminating leaks; connecting pipes for vehicle radiators; seals are waterproof. 20 – non-metallic bolts; non-metallic screws; showcases; wooden or plastic signboards; non-metallic nuts; non-metallic dowels; containers for liquid fuel, non-metallic; plastic containers for packaging; clamps for cables and pipes, non-metallic; non-metallic rivets; gates for containers, non-metallic; non-metallic latches; plastic valves [valves] for drainage pipes; non-metallic containers [for storage and transportation]; platforms for loading operations, non-metallic; platforms for transportation of goods and loading and unloading operations, non-metallic; platforms for transportation of goods, non-metallic; pillows; inflatable pillows, except for medical; non-metallic plugs; wooden or plastic boxes; boxes for toys. 22 – packing materials [cushioning, stuffing] not of rubber, plastic, paper or cardboard; bags [envelopes, packages] for packing, textile; bags for transportation and storage of mixed goods; slings for transportation of goods and handling, non-metallic; tarpaulins made of synthetic materials; awnings made of textile materials; car towing cables; non-metallic cables; vehicle covers are dimensionless. 28 – cars [toys]; means of transport [toys]; toys; toys with moving parts; surprise toys [practical jokes]; models [toys]; models [toys]; large-scale prefabricated models [toys]; scale models of vehicles; radio-controlled vehicles [toys]. 35 – subscription of telecommunication services for third parties; rent of space for advertising; maintaining accounting documents; demonstration of goods; organizing exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; organizing trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes; window dressing; design of advertising materials; providing a place for online sales to buyers and sellers of goods and services; presentation of goods on all media for the purpose of retail sale; promotion of sales for third parties; production of advertising films; rental of billboards; outdoor advertising; distribution of samples; distribution of advertising materials; distribution of advertising materials; advertising; interactive advertising on a computer network; television advertising; management of commercial licenses for goods and services for third parties; procurement services for third parties [purchase and provision of entrepreneurs with goods]. 37 – restoration of fully or partially worn out engines; restoration of fully or partially worn out machines; battery charging of vehicles; installation, repair and maintenance of machinery. 39 – delivery of goods; packaging of goods; storage of goods. 42 – research and development of new products for third parties; engineering; technical research; calibration [measurements]; consultations on technological issues; creation and maintenance of websites for third parties; external services in the field of information technology; services of designers in the field of packaging; engineering and technical expertise.

5pcs Cartoon Doll Erasable Pen Cute Bear Cookies Rubbing Gelpen Signature Hot Eraser Ink Neutral Pen Office School Stationery

5pcs Cartoon Doll Erasable Pen Cute Bear Cookies Rubbing Gelpen Signature Hot Eraser Ink Neutral Pen Office School Stationery

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Tags: school pen, friction erase pen, Bicycle Wrench, cute friction pens, girly pen, felt-tip pen friction, carbon fiber pen, bear gel pen, friction nib, lot pen

Gel pen with erasable ink ErichKrause R-301 Magic Gel 0.5

A simple miracle on paper, which both adults and children will surely find application. A perfectionist’s dream. Two ink options: black and blue.

Since childhood, I have an insane love for interesting office supplies. Here and the gel pen with erasable ink ErichKrause R-301 Magic Gel did not leave me indifferent.

I have a package format – a bag. This is a plus, because there is a guarantee that no one has written with a pen before you and that the core is definitely full. This model is available in two ink colors: black and blue.But I want to dwell on all the elements of the handle in more detail, because I really liked it and turned out to be very convenient.

First of all, I would like to note the exterior of the case. Very nice design. The body color matches the ink color. The plastic has sparkling sequins. The body is marked with the handle model. It is comfortable to hold the pen in your hand. The caps are securely attached. So they will not get lost or dirty everything around if you put them in a bag or briefcase.

There are elements on the top of the pen that erase the ink.These are not erasers. More like hard matte plastic.

The rods can be pulled out. It can be seen that the rods are almost completely filled with ink. The nib ball diameter is 0.5 mm thick. Average line thickness is obtained. It can even be called thin. I really like lines of this thickness, because my handwriting is fine and it turns out quite neatly.

Since the ink is gel, it is very easy to write with a pen, it seems to slide on the paper itself. But at the same time, it is different from the usual gel pen.The ink color is not so saturated and the pen dries instantly. Ink cannot be accidentally smudged and will not print on the back of even a thin sheet. I would call this pen as a cross between a ballpoint and a gel. She took into herself all the best properties from one and the other.

And now the fun part. I wondered if I could neatly erase one letter from a word. The erasing part of the handle is made in the form of a blunt cone. Thanks to this shape, even a small element can be erased.

Specially photographed close-up, as you can see, the paper did not deform due to friction. Although I honestly admit that, unlike writing, you still have to put in a little effort during erasing. Since the eraser at first glance looks like a simple plastic, I simply could not help but try to erase the ink with other plastic objects: the paper is scratched, the erasure effect is partial. Another interesting fact: the ink is erased not only immediately after writing, but also later, when it is completely dry.

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