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Today we’re taking a look at some extra safe, perfectly sized (under 15 oz.) reusable water bottles, specifically made for babies and very young kids or toddlers.

In other sections of the reusable water bottle guide, we’ve looked at stainless steel, BPA-free plastic and glass bottles suitable for adults, teens, and older kids. Now we’re going to focus on your youngest family members because they deserve reusable bottles too.

Are plastic water bottles safe for kids?

Although there is BPA-free plastic available, the most popular type being Tritan, it’s unclear how safe BPA-plastic really is. While a plastic bottle may not leech BPA, it may very well leech other chemicals. Research published in Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) last year showed that most plastics, even BPA-free plastics, possibly contain harmful chemicals with estrogenic activity.

BUT you posted BPA-free plastic water bottles for adults…

In my new reusable water bottle buying guide, I included a section of BPA-free plastic water bottles. I did this because reusable water bottle use is going down instead of up and I know many people who refuse to buy stainless steel or glass water bottles. With this in mind, I’d rather have an adult buy a BPA-free plastic reusable water bottle vs. disposable water bottles.

However, babies and young children are developing quickly, and we also know, via plenty of research, that their bodies are more affected by issues such as pesticides, chemicals and other body altering substances than adults. With this in mind, I highly suggest you skip plastic water bottles for babies and toddlers, at least until BPA-free plastic manufacturers decide to be completely forthcoming about all chemicals.

Luckily there are lots of safe reusable stainless steel and glass bottles on the market that are perfect for babies and toddlers and will help keep your child hydrated year-round.  Check out your options below.

Klean Kanteen makes lots of great bottles, including many for young tots and babies, in sizes ranging from 5oz baby bottles to 12oz kid-friendly water bottles.

See the handy size chart below!

Klean Kanteen bottles for kids have many cool features such as “soft” silicone spouts, available attachment loop and a dust cover, plus all have a leak resistant slim design that fits in most cup holders. Bottles also feature rounded corners that are easy to clean with no hard angles where dirt, germs or bacteria can hide and a large opening that allows for ice cubes.

Lifefactory baby and kid bottles

You may think glass bottles are the worst choice ever for babies and young kids, but many companies are now making very safe glass bottles for the younger set and they’re not as fragile as you might think. For example, I have a Lifefactory glass bottle and although I’ve dropped it (a lot) while hiking and jogging, it’s never even cracked. Lifefactory makes bottles just for young kids too which are well worth checking out.

Lifefactory carries the following sizes for your tot:

*NOTE: You can customize these bottles for toddlers with the Lifefactory sippy cap (BPA-free as well).

The baby bottles are made of high quality, thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass which means the bottles can transition safely from freezer to boiling water. Each bottle comes with a grip-minded silicone sleeve that little hands can easily hold, plus the sleeve protects the bottle if dropped. The bottles feature silicone nipples and plastic caps and all baby bottle components are BPA-free and phthalate-free.

The Lifefactory toddler 9-ounce bottle has a sippy cap that’s leak-resistant with steady flow control and the same protective silicone sleeve featured in other Lifefactory products. The entire bottle is dishwasher safe (no need to remove silicone sleeve) and all bottle components are BPA-free and phthalate-free. If you’re not a fan of sippy cups, Lifefactory also offers a 9-ounce non-sippy glass bottle. However, one downer is that the 9-ounce bottle comes with a flat lid, not a flip lid, so expect a few spills.

Greens Steel kids water bottle

The Greens Steel Kids Stainless Steel Water Bottle 12 oz has a beautiful curvy, ergonomically design, perfect for kids to grip. Greens Steel caps have a kid-friendly flow, so kids can drink with a straw, or not. Plus, this bottle comes in an array of colors, packaged in a colorful little box that’s fully recyclable.

Safe Sporter Water Bottle

The 12-ounce Safe Sporter Water Bottle by Kid Basix is made from clean, non-leaching stainless steel and the bottle is free from BPA, phthalates and other harmful chemicals. This bottle has a single walled design to maximize volume, a wide mouth for easy cleaning and ice cube use, an easy pull sports top spout, a removable mud cap to keep the spout clean, a colorful waistband to protect hands from cold liquids and a coaster to protect the bottle from dents.  If your child needs a sippy vs. a sports bottle, Kid Basix makes an 11 ounce Safe Sippy that’s a convertible sippy-to-straw reusable drink cup.

Thermos Foogo Phases Leak Proof Stainless Steel Straw Bottle

Thermos Foogo Phases Leak Proof Stainless Steel Straw Bottle  – 10 oz. These stainless steel bottles feature Thermax double wall vacuum insulation keeps beverages cold and fresh for 10 hours yet the exterior stays condensation free. These bottles also offer a “kid-proof” design, meaning it won’t break even if your kid tosses it around. This also features an unbreakable stainless steel interior, easy to open hygienic push button lid with pop up silicone straw, leak-proof valve and is interchangeable with other Foogo Phases cups.

Foogo Leak Proof Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

For tots not yet ready for a straw, Thermos makes a Foogo Leak Proof Stainless Steel Sippy Cup (7-ounce) with ergonomic handles that are removable so the cup can fit in a car or stroller cup holder.

Pura Kiki Stainless Sippy Bottle

Pura Kiki Stainless Sippy Bottle is an 11-ounce sized water bottle made with anti-bacterial, No. 304 stainless steel. These bottles are 100% plastic-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, plus comes in lots of cool colors and a slim design.

Eco Vessel Kids’ Straw Bottle

Eco Vessel makes an Eco Vessel Kids’ 13 oz. Straw Bottle that is made from thicker stainless steel and a stronger paint than other single wall bottles to hold up to your child’s active lifestyle. The spout is tightly bonded, non-removable TPR (thermoplastic rubber) a recyclable, Earth-conscious material.

If you’re seriously not into glass or stainless steel…

I suggest you skip plastic water bottles for kids, especially considering how many nice plastic-free choices are posted above. However, if you really feel the need to purchase a plastic reusable beverage container, try to choose a safe one. I’ve rounded up some that I think are safer than most and posted them below.

Boon cups for kids

Boon beverage containers: Boon products are made especially for kids and are latex-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free and PVC-free.

Skip Hop zoo bottles for kids

Skip Hop Zoo Straw Bottle – a 12-ounce reusable bottle featuring Skip Hop’s signature Zoo characters. The straw flips down to seal closed and stay clean while a handy Velcro grab-strap attaches to anything. BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free.

Read more: Reusable water bottle guide >> 

Best Reusable Water Bottles for Kids

If you’re a parent and you’re concerned about the environment, there are probably some questions that you want answering. Are reusable water bottles for kids sustainable? How much do they cost? What bottles are BPA free? What are the best water bottles for kids? What can I put in a reusable water bottle?

Let’s answer some of those questions.

Currently, single-use plastic bottles are one of the most littered items on the planet. They regularly turn up in beach clean-ups, block waterways and fill landfill sites even though they are technically recyclable. Teaching kids to refill a plastic-free water bottle is a stepping stone for teaching the future generation about environmental issues and the importance of minimising plastic waste. 

Eco-friendly water bottles for kids don’t just provide peace of mind for eco-conscious parents; they’re useful too. The best reusable water bottles for kids are leak-proof, condensation-proof, difficult to spill and easy to clean, which is sure to save you some time and give your washing machine a break!

There are many more reasons to buy an insulated reusable stainless steel water bottle for kids, to start with:

  • Stainless steel water bottles are BPA-free and protect kids from the potentially harmful chemicals found in plastics.
  • They help to reduce pollution from plastic waste and teach kids to adopt sustainable habits.
  • They will keep your kids’ drinks at the right temperature.  
  • A personal water bottle can encourage kids to drink more water and stay hydrated, improving mental clarity, energy levels, and concentration in the classroom.
  • It will save you money in the long-term.
  • Your kids will love the cool FLASKE bottle designs!

At FLASKE, we’re as dedicated to minimising plastic waste as we are to providing practical alternatives to single-use plastic. FLASKE’s water bottles for kids are made from top quality stainless steel that’s safe for your little ones to drink from. Our bottles are also leak-proof and condensation-proof so you can pack one in your kid’s backpack without fear of soggy sandwiches. Because our stainless-steel water bottles are easy to clean, you fill them with anything from water to your child’s favourite fruit juice. 

Plus, FLASKE offers a selection of child-friendly water bottles that your kids will be proud to show their school friends. Take a look. 

FLASKE’s 5 Best Reusable Water Bottles for Kids

FLASKE Rainbow Bottle Series

We know that kids like to be different and the FLASKE Rainbow Series caters to all. Your child can choose their favourite colour reusable water bottle, from baby pink to sea blue and sunshine yellow to chilli pepper red. Plus, our Rainbow Series bottles come in three different sizes; 500 ml, 750 ml, or 1000 ml, and all 500 ml bottles are compatible with FLASKE’s sports lid and carabiners.

FLASKE Camouflage Bottle Series (500 ml)

Where are the kids? Out playing soldiers in the garden again? An army-inspired camouflage bottle would be the perfect piece of kit for their next top-secret mission. The 500 ml FLASKE Camouflage bottles are ideal for boys and girls. They’re the right size to keep kids well hydrated while out on an adventure and also compatible with FLASKE’s sports lids so it’s easy to drink on the go.

FLASKE Wild Bottle Series (500 ml)

Whether your kids’ climb trees like Mowgli from The Jungle Book or they’re just inspired by nature, these jungle-themed water bottles are sure to bring out their creative side. Better yet, the unique designs are unlikely to get mixed up with other bottles in the classroom, so you can be sure that your kid will bring it home at the end of the school day.  

FLASKE Zebra Bottle (260 ml)

The Zebra bottle from our Wild Series is the best reusable water bottle for toddlers. Its small size makes it easy for little hands to hold. Meanwhile, the funky Zebra print is a popular choice for animal lovers. Plus, the Zebra bottle is compatible with the FLASKE sports lid, so your toddler can drink from the bottle like a Sippy cup instead of lifting it.


FLASKE Personalised Water Bottles for Kids

If you really want to make your kids bottle unique, why not personalise it with their name. FLASKE offers laser-engraving on a selection of bottles, including all reusable water bottles in the Rainbow, Match, Deep and Gradient Series. 

FLASKE’s child-friendly features

Aside from the colourful designs and unique prints, you’ll find a selection of child-friendly accessories for FLASKE’s water bottles. A durable flip-up sports lid will make it easy for kids to drink from any of our 260 ml or 500 ml water bottles and minimise mess at the same time. You can also replace lost lids instead of buying a whole new bottle.

Additionally, in case FLASKE’s range of designs and name engraving isn’t quite enough, your child can personalise their bottle even more with a lightweight carabiner in the colour of their choice.  

Children’s eco-friendly water bottles are practical and stylish, but, most importantly, they teach the next generation to live more sustainably. Why not let your kid choose their favourite FLASKE Bottle and start saving the planet today?

The Best Water Bottles for Kids That Won’t Crack, Break, or Leak

Parents have always struggled to goad their children into drinking water. Amid the screaming and running and crying of play-dates, any dad might worry about the hydration level of his kid. Well, if there’s anything we’ve learned over the years, it’s that the cooler-looking and more user-friendly the kids water bottle, the more water a child will actually drink. Gone are the days of bottled or pouched water from the supermarket; filtered water is readily available from your kitchen sink, at airports, and at many schools. So what water bottle is best?  Like your own personal favorite, there’s no shortage of options claiming to be the best water bottles for kids.

The best kids water bottles (and what your child will use) should be easy to open and close and sized just right for their hands. There are thermos-like insulated kids’ water bottles, which keep drinks cold longer, and plastic water bottles, which are lighter and simpler for them to handle. Some can be paired with a slew of different lid types, depending on your child’s sipping or gulping preference. More importantly, whatever bottle you choose has to be as leak-proof as possible, because you don’t need the drama of a soaked backpack. With so many great kids water bottles available, you’ll soon forget what it was like to badger your child to drink and more time chaperoning them in public bathrooms.

The Best Water Bottles for Kids 2021

S’well, like others on this list, may be an adult favorite, but its kids bottles are sure to please. Made from stainless steel, which sterilizes completely, it’s double-walled and vacuum-sealed to keep drinks at their intended temperature longer. Its top is also attached, making it more difficult for your child to errantly lose it.

Leakproof and easily sippable by small hands and tiny mouths, this bottle is also dishwasher-safe and durable, and it comes in a bunch of fun kid-friendly graphics. But really, this company makes us nostalgic for our own youth.

A tiny version of your favorite personal bottle, the 12-ounce Wide Mouth features the same double-wall, vacuum-insulated features of the full-size options. Its dishwasher-safe package includes a straw lid for kids. Take note, the lid is not considered leakproof and shouldn’t be used with hot liquids.

There’s a lot to love about the Thermos Funtainer. It holds 12 ounces, keeps a drink cold for as many as 12 hours, and it’s also made of stainless steel for use after use after use. But who’s kidding whom? It’s got Batman on the front, and your kid is into Batman, so buy this mug already.

The signature CamelPak Big Bite Valve is probably the best feature here, allowing a kid to bite down on the straw to get the water, an easy-to-use mechanism that helps eliminate spills. Every part of this bottle is dishwasher-friendly and easy to (dis)assemble. The integrated loop handle makes it easy for kids to carry this bottle everywhere.

No surprise that Yeti wins the water bottle wars. Not only is the lid absolutely hardy. Not only is the construction absolutely crack-proof. But the magic is in the details. Like the straw cap, which has a wide toggle hook that keeps it in place when your kid is drinking but then secures it back down when she’s done. So there are no spills. Ever.

It’s made from food-grade stainless steel and has a double-wall design to keep drinks cold. The exterior has a powder coating so it won’t fall out of kids’ hands. Best of all is the lid, which pops up when kids are ready to gulp down some aqua, and then goes back down when they’re done. The clip is a nice touch for backpack attachments.

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10 Best Stainless Steel Water Bottles for Toddlers

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Best water bottle for kids: Leak proof styles for their school bags

By now we all know that we should avoid single-use plastic wherever possible, and instead buy items that are built for repeat use – hence the sharp rise in popularity of reusable water bottles.

But where children are concerned, there’s also the added benefit of these water bottles being easier to use: they take away the danger of spillage that is always present with “normal” cups, and good quality designs can be packed into bags with no danger of leaks. Add this to the experience of the last 18 months, where personal hygiene has never been more important, and it’s easy to see why most schools now ask that children bring their own individual water bottle to school with them each day.

Wherever they’re taking it, the most important thing a kids’ water bottle can be is leakproof. We’ve seen countless vessels that look lovely or have elaborate straw systems and lids, but cannot be relied on to do the job of simply containing water without spillage, so we’ve ensured that all the bottles in this round-up can withstand bouncing around in school bags, knocks and shakes.

One of the main factors when it comes to children is appeal – so decoration and design are important, but never at the cost of functionality. Bear in mind that any water bottle with built-in straws or nozzles makes drinking easy, but cleaning a little bit harder.

Many schools require that children have a clear bottle, so we’ve included plenty of options if this is the case for you, but there are also many water bottles made from metal that are brilliant at keeping water cool and are in some cases more durable than their plastic counterparts, so we’ve included these too.

Read more:

We found that the children who helped us with this review loved any bottle that required a button to be pressed in order to be used. This cause-and-effect aspect is a real winner, although the sound of it on repeat in the back of the car can begin to grate. We also kept an eye on the environmental credentials of each bottle, opting for more eco-conscious brands where possible.

How we tested

These bottles were tested over three weeks, by children aged between 3 and 14 years old who took them on long car journeys, to summer camps, gymnastics classes, countryside walks and even to bed with them.

The best kids’ water bottles for 2021 are:

  • Best overall – Contigo gizmo flip autospout kids water bottle: £15.60,
  • Best button mechanism – Mepal campus drinking bottle: £11,
  • Best for older children – Accessorize willow water bottle: £12,
  • Best value bottle – Sydney the sloth water bottle: £6.95,
  • Best all-rounder – Super quench no spill cup: £8.05,
  • Best smaller bottle – Endangered animals water bottle: £6,
  • Best for keeping drinks cool – 2.0 kids bottle: £29.98,
  • Best for long days – Flip & Clip water bottle: £10, Tinc.
  • Best for durability – Kleen Kanteen kid classic: £22.95,
  • Best as part of a set – Splish splash steel bottle: £12,

Contigo gizmo flip autospout kids water bottle

Best: Overall

Rating: 10/10

More fold out than pop-up, from the moment this 420ml capacity BPA-free water bottle was in our hands, we knew it meant business. With one press of a button, the silicone leakproof mouthpiece instantly folds out and can be pushed back into its “closed” position just as easily. From a hygiene perspective, this was great as children don’t actually have to touch the area they drink from. Our five-year-old tester was delighted with the mechanics of the lid/straw/mouthpiece – thankfully it’s so well made that no amount of fiddling is going to cause it to break.

The leak situation was brilliant, in that there wasn’t one – whether the mouthpiece was out or in, whether the bottle was shaken or dropped or rolled, not one drop came out.

One of this bottle’s UPSs is its “easy clean” claim – and we can vouch for this being the case. You simply take the lid and all of its components apart in what is actually a really intuitive way, before putting the whole lot in the dishwasher to ensure a thorough clean. Putting it back together is just as easy. There are lots of different colourways to choose from, too.

Buy now £15.60,

Price comparison


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  • {{/items}}


Mepal campus drinking bottle

Best: Button mechanism

Rating: 8/10

With a 400ml capacity, this is a decent-sized bottle for younger children to take to school for the day. We love the design – an extravaganza of line-drawn sea life on pale ocean blue BPA-plastic that is totally dishwasher proof. There is a side button which when pressed releases a short drinking spout which is easily pushed down once used. This process is easy and works without a glitch – our five-year-old tester is obsessed with it.

We were impressed with how sturdy this is – it was dropped from a great height one day and survived without a dent, and the pop-up mechanism was unaffected. Its claims to be leakproof are true – notthing comes out even when held upside down and shaken.

Buy now £11,

Price comparison


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  • {{/items}}


Accessorize willow water bottle

Best: For older children

Rating: 5/10

This is one for older children – secondary school age and beyond – on account of it being made from sturdy glass, boasting a screw top and having a wide opening to drink from.

Covered in a tactile (BPA-free) silicone casing, it’s easy to hold, will bounce if dropped, which we did, twice on concrete, and looks fresh and contemporary, too, especially thanks to its bamboo lid. It’s wipe-clean only, which isn’t ideal but not a deal breaker.

Buy now £12,

Price comparison


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  • {{/items}}


Rex London Sydney the sloth water bottle

Best: Value bottle

Rating: 7/10

Like unicorns and llamas before them, sloths are having a moment. These sleepy creatures are everywhere and Sydney is the star of the show as far as this 500ml bottle with integrated straw is concerned.

That’s not to say this is more style than substance – we were in fact really impressed with how well this worked and how sturdy it was given the low price point. We wondered if this would be truly leak-free – and it is, provided the lid is pushed into place. We found there were no leaks, at all, even when shaken upside down.  Our five-year-old tester loved the fabric wristband, which turns the bottle into a rather fabulous accessory. Although this is hand wash only it’s still an absolute bargain.

Buy now £6.95,

Price comparison


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Nuby super quench no spill cup

Best: All-rounder

Rating: 9/10

This 540ml BPA-free, shatterproof bottle ticks all the boxes: it doesn’t leak, boasts a rigid handle to make it easy to carry and has shiny, dazzling iridescent design for little magpies who like a bit of bling in their backpacks. It can be used in the dishwasher (while it promises no warping the design might fade over time).

The straw part is essentially a soft, silicone spout that has been dentist-approved and is therefore gentle on growing teeth. This flips up at the press of a button and is easily pushed back down: in either state, there is no leaking at all. The only time you’ll see leaking is if the components in the lid are not all in place – for example after washing – so do double check. We loved the larger volume – perfect for hot days and long journeys.

Buy now £8.05,

Price comparison


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  • {{/items}}


Endangered animals water bottle

Best: Smaller bottle

Rating: 6/10

This diminutive aluminium bottle is so sweet – depicting a map of the world and boasting a round lid covering a nozzle that little ones must pull up to drink from, and push back down when they’re done to avoid leaks. This process might be tricky for younger children – our four-year-old tester had to be repeatedly reminded to close the nozzle. For this reason, we think this bottle is best suited to situations where there are flat surfaces or cup holders available – however, when closed properly it is absolutely leakproof.

Buy now £6,

Price comparison


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  • {{/items}}


Sho 2.0 kids bottle

Best: For keeping drinks cool

Rating: 8/10

Obviously using a reusable water bottle is environmentally friendly in and of itself, but the SHO bottles really up the ante as far as eco credentials are concerned. They are BPA-free, and more than 10 per cent of SHO’s profits are given to charity. Made from stainless steel – which is durable and robust – these bottles, which are at the top end of the market in terms of price, do have so much to recommend them.

We loved how they are packaged in recycled cardboard and their temperature control – icy water for 24 hours, yes please! Not only are these bottles leakproof under any circumstances, but they are also one of the few bottles that won’t produce condensation, which can create unwanted dampness. The lid is a simple open bottle top but you can order a straw lid (£4.99, separately which is best for younger children. If you aren’t happy there’s a lifetime guarantee, too.

Buy now £24.99,

Price comparison


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  • {{/items}}


Tinc flip & clip water bottle

Best: For long days

Rating: 8/10

This long, tall bottle can contain 500ml of liquid making it brilliant for long days. It’s made from BPA plastic and has a relatively wide opening to drink from.

But what we – or more accurately – our six-year-old tester liked best about this was its clever lid. It flips open and clips shut – but that’s not all. It also has a lock mechanism – once in place the bottle is completely sealed and leak-free. There is an assortment of colours to pick from, all with a monster theme.

Buy now £10,

Price comparison


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  • {{/items}}


Kleen Kanteen kid classic

Best: For durability

Rating: 8/10

This version of the Klean Kanteen with a sports cap doesn’t promise to be totally leak proof – more spill proof, but we found it didn’t leak at all if the cap was put back in place properly. It is also compatible with other Klean Kanteen caps.

With a capacity of 355ml this can be used for children to take to school or on long journeys, but we think it comes into its own when the water vessel of choice for outdoor adventure. This is thanks to its stainless steel composition, which ensures top notch durability – sayonara to dents – not to mention the Klean Coat powder coat finish means the pristine paintwork will never chip. It’s also dishwasher safe. This bottle is truly built to last.

Buy now £22.95,

Price comparison


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  • {{/items}}


Splish splash steel bottle

Best: As part of a set

Rating: 7/10

This 400ml stainless steel bottle is eco-friendly, durable and rust resistant. The lid is a simple screw top, with a wide opening – an alternative to straws and spouts – that echoes more traditional means of drinking, so best for children who have mastered controlling water flow.

It’s not dishwasher-proof, but it’s easy enough to hand wash – no fiddly bits to contend with. Oh, and there’s a whole host of matching items including a backpack (£28, and lunch bag (£16, if you fancy expanding your set.

Buy now £12,

The verdict: Kids’ water bottles

The Contigo is probably the cleverest as far as lid/straw design goes – especially as it can all be cleaned so thoroughly in the dishwasher, but the Nuby is a close second, and we love its bigger size. The stainless steel offerings are a brilliant shout in terms of durability and keeping water cool – notably the Sho which is totally leakproof.

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Why Stainless Steel Water Bottles are the Best Water Bottles for Kids – Iron Flask

This school year, help your family ace their daily water drinking goals with a kid’s water bottle, the practical and affordable solution to ensure every member of your family is healthy and hydrated.

Why Your Kid Should Start Using a Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Whether your family needs a kid’s water bottle for school, during virtual music lessons, social-distant hikes, or the daily commute, a high-quality stainless steel model makes day to day water intake as easy as 1-2-3. A steel water bottle for kids can keep your little ones happy and hydrated, at home or on the go. For more on Children’s Hydration 101, here are the ABC’s of why insulated stainless steel is the best water bottle for kids:

  • A Healthier Hydration Option

Not only is hydration important, but the type of drink also makes a difference. There are many different options for kids’ drinks, but many of them contain a high amount of sugar, which can lead to health problems over time such as diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay. Don’t let your kids flunk out on health with sugary drinks — a kids insulated water bottle encourages them to drink more water and fewer sodas. And stainless steel is the best material for a kid’s water bottle because they’re non-toxic with BPA-free durable plastic lids.

Stocking your home with BPA-free reusable water bottles for kids will also prevent dehydration by making it easy to access water anywhere, anytime. And with symptoms like headaches, fatigue, dry mouth, and muscle cramps, dehydration is no fun. How much water a child needs depends on many factors — including what sorts of activities they’re up to, their age, and the weather or other environmental influences. But as a general rule, pediatricians recommend between 7 to 14 cups of water for children ranging in age from 4–18. Find the approximate amount of water your child needs with this handy chart.

A kid’s spill-proof water bottle with fun, personalized decorations is a must-have for every back to school wardrobe. Make it even more extra when you encourage your kids to jazz it up with decals, art supplies, and more. With different stickers to choose from, such as inspirational sayings and seasonal decorations, kids can turn their bottle into a creative project that brings out their artistic side. Available in a wide range of fun colors, from eye-catching pastels to classic neutral shades, a stainless steel water bottle can also be easily coordinated with any outfit.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Water Bottles for Kids

The best water bottle for kids is a stainless steel model with double-walled vacuum insulation. That way your kids can enjoy icy cold drinks or warm beverages that stay the right temperature, all day — whether at school, at home, or on the go. Here are some other reasons why a steel water bottle for kids is at the top of its class:

With a kid’s stainless steel water bottle, your family can steer clear of water fountains — a good habit for everyone during COVID-19. In fact, when it comes to health and safety, a high-quality kid’s water bottle gets an A+. Stainless steel never rusts and can be easily sanitized with a bottle brush and warm, soapy water. In contrast, water fountains can carry dangerous bacteria like Influenza A and norovirus, with water coming from unfiltered municipal sources typically. tap water is not filtered. But when you invest in a kid’s reusable water bottle, you can maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and also keep it filled with high-quality filtered water at just the right temperature.

The lightweight stainless steel body for your kid’s bottle can be accessorized for easy portability. Try one with a sturdy handle and a carabiner for a simple solution that’s as easy as carrying and clipping the bottle onto your child’s backpack. For more convenience, a kid’s water bottle can also be upgraded with accessories like a paracord handle, which provides more storage options, as it can easily be hung from backpack straps or day bags, and includes extra survival tools like a compass and whistle.

A reusable water bottle for your kids also saves money, especially if you buy one for every family member. Available at an affordable price point of around $20, high-quality stainless steel water bottles for an average size household are a cost-effective investment that will lead to a significant amount of savings over the years. In fact, according to one study, a household of four can save $123,000 in 5 years just by using reusable water bottles every day. Buying plastic water bottles might be the most convenient option when you’re out and about, but the costs can add up over time, especially if it becomes a daily habit.

Along with the savings, encouraging your family members to use stainless steel water bottles means less plastic ones harming the environment — and that’s something you and your kids can feel good about. The persistent problem of plastic pollution can seem overwhelming when you look at the research and statistics. But living a more sustainable lifestyle gives you the chance to inspire not only your own family but also friends and coworkers — either IRL or through social media. With a reusable stainless steel water bottle for your family, the formula for sustainability is easy: Reduce, reuse, drink water, repeat!

Customized Kid’s Water Bottle Accessories

The best insulated water bottle for kids can be customized with interchangeable lids and accessories to accommodate your family’s different activities and hydration needs.

For high impact exercises like running around on the playground or playing sports, a kids water bottle with a straw provides fast, easy access to icy cold water. The straws can also be trimmed with scissors for the perfect length. Cleaning and sanitizing is also a breeze with the straw cleaning brushes, which are included in the replacement lid sets.

A more versatile hydration option is the kid’s water bottle with a spout, which is designed to provide drip-free access to both hot and cold drinks. Simply switch out the lids and your kids can enjoy warm beverages in the cooler months and ice cold water in hot weather. With a selection of replacement lids available for Iron Flask bottles, you also don’t need to worry about lost or misplaced parts.

When you buy reusable water bottles for your family, let the network of love spread far and wide as you and your kids influence others to join Team Sustainability. Shop for an Iron Flask water bottle and take the first step in promoting a lifelong appreciation for health, hydration, and sustainability in your kids today!

8 Best Water Bottles for Kids (2021 Reviews)

What’s the best way to keep your kid hydrated? Buy them a snazzy new reusable water bottle!

Reusable water bottles are environmentally friendly and can help keep your child hydrated while on the go.

We’ve rounded up the best kids’ water bottles that are durable, spill-proof, and easy to carry.



Product Comparison Table


Best Lunchbox Bottle

CamelBak Kids

  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA- and BPS-free
  • Drip-free experience

Best Straw Bottle

Zulu Torque Bottle

  • FDA food grade silicone straw
  • Won’t crack, stain or smell
  • Hard to break bottle

Best Leak Proof Bottle

Nalgene Tritan

  • Affordable and dishwasher safe
  • Fits your toddler’s hands
  • Made in U.S.

Best Hygienic Bottle

Thermos Funtainer

  • Hygienic push-button lid
  • Keeps liquid cold for 12 hours
  • Integrated carry handle

Best Insulated Bottle

Snug Kids

  • Child-friendly designs
  • Rust-free
  • Screw-top lid

Best Stainless Steel Bottle

Anature Stainless

  • No metallic taste
  • Won’t sweat on the outside
  • Perfect size for kids to hold

Best On-the-Go Bottle

Contigo Autoseal Trekker

  • Leak and spill proof
  • Fits perfectly in cup holders
  • One-handed drinking system

Best No-Slip Bottle

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth

  • Double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Powder coat finish
  • Lifetime warranty

What’s Wrong with Disposable Water Bottles?

Disposable water bottles are convenient, widely available and you don’t have to worry about cleaning them after use.

But they’re also a complete waste of resources — that includes your money and the materials used to make them.

These bottles won’t break down for 450 to 1,000 years — that’s an awful lot of waste that could have been avoided. Last year, around 50 billion plastic water bottles were used in the U.S. alone, and the majority weren’t recycled either — they just went straight into the trash.

What’s worse is that when we throw these bottles away, we might as well be tossing our hard-earned money in the garbage along with them. Not only are they a waste of money, but they’re also a waste of natural resources like gas needed to transport them all over the globe.

Environmental issues aside, if you think that bottled water is the safer, healthier option, think again. Bottled water isn’t any better than the water you’ll get out of your faucet at home (1).

How to Choose Water Bottles for Kids

Choosing a material is the first decision to make, but there are some other considerations as well.


If you want your baby to be able to lift the bottle without help, steer clear of glass and stainless steel. Plastic is the lightest option here.


Stainless steel and glass bottles are both pretty pricey. Plastic ones are usually the cheapest.


Plastic bottles aren’t made to last forever — that’s why the price tag is so low. Aluminum will last longer than plastic, but generally not as long as stainless steel or glass.


If you want a bottle that appeals to your child with their favorite cartoon characters, you need to be aware that this will shorten its lifespan. Kids usually don’t want to use anything too babyish as they get older.


If your child goes on a lot of road trips or is outside a lot sweating up a storm, you might want a water bottle that holds a greater amount of liquid.


A soft straw spout is best for your toddler to learn with, and it won’t accidentally hurt their developing teeth. A softer spout is also a good idea for younger kids who like to walk around while they drink. If they trip and fall, a soft spout won’t do much damage to their gums, roof of the mouth or teeth.

The Best Kids Water Bottles of 2021

Here are our favorite kids’ water bottles currently on the market.

1. CamelBak Kids Water Bottle

Best Small Lunchbox Water Bottle for Kids

This charming bottle is small enough to fit in a lunch box without hogging too much space. It won’t spill in your child’s lunchbox either, ruining their lunch.

Plus, kids will love all the different colors and designs they can get, from unicorns to dragons.

Recommended for kids from ages 3 to 8, this has a redesigned cap and valve to give your kids a faster flow rate than their older versions, so your child won’t get impatient waiting for their drink.

  • Dishwasher safe.
  • BPA- and BPS-free.
  • It uses a bite valve for a drip-free experience.
  • Some parents complained that the tubing in the bottle fell out of place repeatedly.
  • Mold may collect in the spout.

2. Zulu Torque Kids Water Bottle

Best Kids Water Bottle With a Straw

These modern-looking water bottles hold 12 ounces, and they do it in style with a silicone sleeve over the plastic bottle.

They have a locking flip lid with a soft straw that won’t hurt the top of your baby’s mouth, their lips, or their teeth if they happen to fall while walking around and drinking.

Although it’s made of plastic, it is BPA-, phthalate-, and PVC-free.

Even though you can’t put this in the freezer to chill your water, the top is big enough to fit ice cubes in if your baby prefers cold water.

  • You can put this in the dishwasher.
  • The straw is big enough that your child will be able to get enough water out without having to suck too hard.
  • It’s hard to break this bottle, even if you drop it.
  • These are fairly expensive.
  • If something happens to the straw, they don’t sell replacement ones.

3. Nalgene Tritan Grip-N-Gulp Bottle

Best Leak Proof Water Bottle for Kids

This water bottle holds 12 ounces and comes in more than a dozen vibrant colors to choose from, some of which have fun designs if your child prefers those.

The plastic used to make these don’t contain BPA, and the smooth mouthpiece should feel comfortable against little mouths.

This is tough enough to stand up to the rigorous use a toddler will put it through. And since it’s spill-proof, you won’t need to follow your toddler from room to room mopping up little puddles.

  • It’s affordable and dishwasher safe.
  • This bottle is small enough for your toddler’s hands.
  • Made in the U.S.
  • The spout doesn’t close.
  • Some parents said this bottle is hard for their toddler to get much liquid out of without getting frustrated.

4. Thermos Funtainer 12 Ounce Bottle

Best Hygienic Water Bottle

You can’t protect your child from everything, but you can protect them from germs with this hygienic water bottle.

The key feature is the special pop-up straw. It’s hidden beneath a cover, so it can’t be grabbed by germy hands or exposed to dirt, dust, or whatever else your child may have gotten into.

When it’s time for a drink, your child just needs to press the button. The lid will open and the straw will pop up. If your child is the rough and tumble sort and always getting into messes, this water bottle will help keep the germs away.

It’s made of stainless steel, holds up to 12 ounces of liquid, and can keep your child’s favorite liquids cold for up to 12 hours. We also really like that it has an integrated carry handle so smaller hands can keep a good grip on it.

These can be used at a young age, and kids love how the cover pops open with a button.

Editor’s Note:

Katelyn Holt RN, BSN, BC

  • A hygienic push-button lid protects the straw from nasty germs and exposure.
  • Stainless steel thermos system keeps liquids cold for 12 hours.
  • The integrated carry handle is perfect for little hands.
  • You’ve got a lot of different parts with this bottle, so there’s more to clean and children might lose the pieces if they take it apart.

5. Snug Kids Insulated Water Bottle with Straw

Best Insulated Water Bottle for Kids

Your toddler won’t be able to break this, no matter how hard they try! There’s a single push button to help their little hands launch the straw, which is great for parents who worry about their child’s hygiene.

You can’t use this for hot drinks, but it does an excellent job insulating your cold drinks for the entire day.

The vacuum-insulated bottles will never rust and comes in some bright, fun colors to interest your child.

  • Child-friendly designs.
  • This bottle keeps your drink cold for up to a day.
  • Will never rust.
  • It holds 12 ounces, which is a bit much for smaller children.

6. Anature Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle for Kids

These are brightly colored and hold 9 ounces, which is just the perfect amount of liquid for a child. Plus, since there aren’t any childish characters on these bottles, so they’ll still be cool enough to use as your child grows up and gets pickier.

This double-wall bottle is vacuum insulated, which means it will keep the water cold all day. If you want to change it up a bit during the winter and use it for hot chocolate on a cold day, it’ll keep your drink hot for around 10 hours.

  • You won’t get that annoying metallic taste to your water.
  • It won’t sweat on the outside of the bottle, so you don’t have to worry about your child forgetting to use coasters on your nice tables.
  • It’s small enough that a child will be able to hold it.
  • It doesn’t use a straw but has a screw off lid, which might be less convenient.
  • It may be a little heavy for some toddlers.

7. Contigo Autoseal Trekker Kids Water Bottles

Best On-the-Go Water Bottle

Children are always on the go! Whether they’re shuffling about with you or starting to fill their lives with school, hobbies, and friends, you want to keep them hydrated while preventing spills.

That’s one of the reasons we appreciate this on-the-go water bottle. It has a specially sealed lid so it’s both leak- and spill-proof, preventing accidents, small and large.

Your child can use it clumsily without fear as they learn to drink from a water bottle, but it can also end up rolling around in the car or dropped on the ground without liquid bursting everywhere. It’s even designed to fit in the cupholders of your car.

This is also a great option for active kids because it can be used with only one hand. If your child loves to walk and play outdoors, they can carry and use this water bottle without stopping.

  • Leak and spill-proof, so you can take it on-the-go without fear of accidents.
  • Fits perfectly in the cup holders of your car.
  • Features a one-handed drinking system.
  • There isn’t a straw or spout, so younger children may struggle to drink from it.

8. Hydro Flask Kids Sippy Water Bottle

Best No-Slip Water Bottle

Developing fine motor skills is an important part of growing up. Your little one has been grabbing and reaching for things from the very start, and they especially love it when they can hold things on their own. Unfortunately, many water bottles are too big or slippery for little hands.

This special no-slip water bottle aims to help children get a good grip and stay hydrated. Its smaller size is perfect for a child while still holding 12 ounces of liquid. The double-wall vacuum insulation and stainless steel material keep the liquid cool for up to 24 hours.

Our favorite features, however, are the unique powder coat finish and silicone boot. The powder coat is designed to give your child extra grip when they’re holding the bottle. The silicone boot provides added protection and traction when your child sets it down.

We love this water bottle for younger children who still need a bit of extra help.

  • The smaller size is ideal for young children and their little hands.
  • With the powder coat finish, your child can get a good grip.
  • Keeps liquid cool for up to 24 hours.
  • Because it’s smaller, children at sporting events or activities will run out of water quickly.

What’s the Best Type of Reusable Water Bottle?

There are pros and cons to each type of material. Some parents still don’t trust plastic since the BPA scare, and they wonder what frightening chemical will be next to get banned out of the plastic products they’ve trusted for years.

But stainless steel and aluminum water bottles also have drawbacks. Stainless steel is pretty heavy for a child to lift and it can do some serious damage to toes if a baby drops it while trying to take a drink.

Metal bottles have also caused some freak accidents — some kids have gotten their tongues stuck inside when they try to get the last drops out of the bottle. When that happens, the tongue is difficult to get out because a vacuum is created (2).

Glass bottles are easy to break, and no parent relishes the idea of their child having to walk through or around broken glass.

You’ll have to weigh the risks involved with each type of material and decide what’s most important to you to figure out which kind of bottle is right for your child.

90,000 Water bottles are distributed free of charge to children in the parks of the Moscow Region

Ksenia Sidorova

In parks near Moscow, because of the heat, all children are given free bottles of water; in 16 parks, on the first day, more than 1,000bottles, according to the Instagram account of the press service of the governor and the government of the Moscow region.

“There is an abnormal heat in the Moscow region. On such days, parks where you can hide from the sun in the shade of trees are especially in demand. Therefore, on June 24 and 25, we began to distribute water to children in them, ”said Mikhail Khaikin, Minister of Improvement of the Moscow Region.

Park employees and volunteers in Balashikha Pekhorka Park, Central Park of Bogorodsky District, Kryvyakino Estate Park and Voskresensk Moskvoretsky Park, Volokolamsk Culture and Leisure Park, Domodedov Yolochki Park, Ivanteevka City Park of Culture and Leisure, Klina Sestroretsk Park joined the action , Central Park of the Lenin District, Central Park of Mytishchi, Park of Culture, Recreation and Sports named afterL. Lazutina, “Razdolye” and Malevich – in the Odintsovo district, “Skitsky ponds” of Sergiev Posad, Khimki park named after Tolstoy and Shakhovskoy city park.

The promotion will continue until the end of the summer season on days when the air temperature will be above plus 25 degrees.

What should be the temperature in public transport in the Moscow region in the summer. Infographics >>

A source:

Is it dangerous to drink and eat from plastic dishes – Wonderzine

Different types of plastic are marked with a code of numbers placed in a triangle.The safest categories for food and drink are considered categories 1, 2, 4 and 5.

01- PET (PETE) – polyethylene terephthalate – used in the production of disposable bottles for water and soft drinks, disposable plastic packaging, blisters. Suitable for single use; when repeated, it is possible to release phthalates, potentially associated with disturbances in the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

02- HDP (HDPE2) – high pressure polyethylene – it is used for production of opaque plastic bottles for juice and dairy products, containers for household chemicals, packaging of food products and motor oils.This is the most environmentally friendly and safest option.

03- PVC (V) – polyvinyl chloride – used in the production of pipes, floor and wall coverings, bathroom curtains, plastic bags, some toys. It can emit vinyl chloride and phthalates, is practically not recycled, and when it is burned, 90,021 dioxins are released into the environment. They are toxic to various body systems, and under chronic exposure they caused various cancers in animals.Today, it is believed that absolutely every person has a background effect of dioxins on the body and it does not pose a danger – according to the WHO, the risk is increased in workers of certain industries, and in some regions also in people who eat a lot of fish.

04- PELD (LDPE) – low pressure polyethylene – used mainly for the production of bags, cling film, garbage bags. This plastic is not resistant to temperatures, and its integrity can be compromised even when exposed to direct sunlight.

05- PP – polypropylene – is widely used in the production of food containers, syringes, buckets, yogurt cups, toys, baby feeding bottles. It can be heated up to 100 degrees.

06- PS – polystyrene – used for the production of food containers, packaging, cutlery, dishes, heat-insulating materials. It should not heat or store alcoholic beverages, as styrene can be released, this substance was recently reclassified from “possibly carcinogenic” to “probably carcinogenic” to humans.The risk of complications is again high for those working in the plastic industry.

07- PC (polycarbonate) and others – may release bisphenol A if washed or heated frequently.

90,000 Choose hotels with FB and all inclusive in the Maldives


Recently, the Maldives has begun to position itself as a family-friendly resort. On New Year’s Eve, from 30% to 50% of Russians go there with their children.What all-inclusive hotels in the Maldives to consider for family tourists and how much does such a New Year’s holiday cost – in a master class from ANEX Tour .


A trip to the Maldives with the whole family for the New Year is not cheap. Flying to the “paradise islands” with transfers is rather exhausting for children, so most family tourists are looking for direct flights.

Aeroflot flies from Moscow to the capital of Maldives – Male – on these flights ANEX Tour has blocks of seats at favorable prices. However, you can save even more by choosing a direct charter flight to the Maldives. Charter flights of AZUR air to Male are operated twice this year – on December 25 and January 3. Those who fly on the first flight will be able to meet the New Year 2020 in the Maldives itself, the second flight is for those who prefer to celebrate this holiday at home and continue during the holidays.

When the word “charter” is used, tourists often have doubts about the convenience of this type of flight. In fact, the flight is no less convenient than that of Aeroflot: both flights are operated by a comfortable Boeing 777-300ER (the famous Mishkolet) with a long seat-to-chair distance, a controlled air humidification system and starry sky lighting in the cabin. There is also a full-fledged business class – 40 seats.


All ANEX Tour flights are met by a Russian-speaking representative in the form of a tour operator and accompanies guests to the transfer.At the airport, in the arrivals area, there is a counter at number 27. Here, employees meet tourists, provide introductory information on recreation at the resort, share their contacts, and accompany them to the transfer. Please note that employees do not accompany guests on the transfer.

If the transfer is carried out by speedboat, then a representative of the resort is present on it, if the transfer is carried out by seaplane or domestic flight, then the representative of the resort will meet tourists at the place of arrival.

Due to the geographical specifics of the Maldives, guides do not meet with clients at the hotel, all communication is carried out through instant messengers, information support for guests in Russian is available 24/7.

All excursions are organized directly by the resorts of the Maldives, so clients can book excursions through the hotel staff.

Return transfers are also organized by the resorts, so hotel staff will provide information on pick up times the day before departure (usually in the evening, the day before departure).


For family tourists in the Maldives on New Year’s charters, it is better to offer hotels on FB (“full board”) or with an “all inclusive” system.

Such a tour for the New Year for 9 nights will cost around 400-450 thousand rubles. for two. Tourist tax is already included in all tours, except for tours with accommodation in RIU hotels. In RIU hotels, you can pay for it only on the spot.

The all-inclusive system in the Maldives has many variations depending on the concept of a particular hotel: the higher the level of the hotel, the more choice of services provided.It should be remembered that in the Maldives there is practically nothing “local” (except, perhaps, tuna) – all products and alcohol are imported. In luxury hotels, the all-inclusive system can operate around the clock. Children’s clubs in this concept are most often free, but the nanny is always only for extra. fee.

ANEX Tour specialists have selected for you hotels in the Maldives with the All Inclusive concept, which should be offered to family tourists for the New Year 2020.

Please note: each hotel name is a hyperlink, following which you can see a detailed description and a photo gallery of the hotel.

Lifehack : first of all, for the New Year, ANEX Tour should consider hotels of the chain Villa Hotels : these are Sun Island, Holiday Island, Royal Island, Fun Island, Paradise Island. Why? Now all tour operators have this network in stop sale, but ANEX Tour is an exception, there are guaranteed room quotas, which are sold at special prices.


Where: Ari Atoll

Price: from 490,764 rubles.for “all inclusive” for two with a flight on charter AZUR air

Possible concepts: BB, HB, FB – breakfast, lunch, dinner (buffet), AI.

The FB concept includes the following services:

  • Drinking water bottle (500 ml) per person in room
  • Tea / coffee in the room (one set of tea and coffee per day per room)
  • Free Wi-Fi internet in all rooms
  • Gym (personal trainer at extra charge)

Badminton, snoker / billiards, table tennis, beach volleyball, squash.All drinks for an additional fee.

AI – All Inclusive:

  • The concept includes: breakfast, lunch and dinner in the main restaurant, local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • All Inclusive drinks (main restaurant, pool bar, beach bar, coffee shop):
  • Included: tea, coffee (regular), soft drinks, fruit juice (only in bags or bottles), house wine, beer (draft / in cans, alcoholic drinks (gin, vodka, rum and whiskey).
  • With charge: premium wine and champagne, premium alcoholic drinks, fresh juice, cappuccino, espresso, branded drinks and cocktails, wine list.

Opening hours of restaurants and bars:

  • Maaniya Restaurant for Beach Bungalows guests (breakfast from 07.30-09.30, lunch from 12.30-14.00, dinner from 19.30-21.00)
  • Sun Star Thai Restaurant (10.00-23.00)
  • Southern Star Restaurant for Water Bungalows guests (breakfast 07.30-10.00, lunch 12.30-14.00, dinner 19.30-21.00)
  • Restaurant with an assortment of salads ZERO (10.00-17.00)
  • Vaani Coffee Shop (24/7)
  • Italian restaurant Al`Pontile (10.00-23.00)
  • Mekunu Bar alcoholic drinks and cocktails (24 hours)
  • Sunrise Beach Bar (09.00-01.00)
  • Golf Bar (from 10.00 until the last guest)
  • Lobby bar (from 17.00 until the last guest)
  • Pool Bar (09.00-18.00)


Where: Dhaalu Atoll

Price: from 627 218 rubles. for “all inclusive” for two with a flight on charter AZUR air

One of the new hotels, large territory, 2-storey rooms. ANEX Tour has its own blocks of places in the hotel.The hotel is for entertainment, offers an interesting photo session for newlyweds, but it is also good for families: there is also a children’s animation.

Possible concepts : HB, FB, AI DINE AROUND, PLATINUM AI.

HB – half board – breakfast and dinner at the main Flavor or Zest restaurants (buffet), limited selection of soft drinks included: water, tea bags, instant coffee, Coke, Fanta, Sprite carbonated drinks.

FB – Full Board – Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the main Flavor or Zest restaurants (buffet), limited selection of soft drinks included: water, tea bags, instant coffee, Coke, Fanta, Sprite carbonated drinks.

Dine Around All Inclusive

  • breakfast and lunch at main restaurants Flavor or Zest (buffet)
  • Dinner at Flavor, Zest or Chef’s special menu at Smoked, Sea Dragon or Azure
  • set for making tea and coffee in room
  • unlimited amount of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks of standard (non-premium) brands during lunch and dinner; at the Beach Club bars (10.00-18.00), Breeze (10.00-00.00) and Forbidden (19.00-00.00)
  • non-motorized sports, kayaks, windsurfing equipment
  • mini club, group yoga, fitness classes, beach games
  • unlimited access to the fitness center, hydromassage pool, use of the tennis court and football field
  • Additional charge: Deli, Aroma restaurants, room service; minibar in the room, special and special events organized by the hotel.

Platinum A ll Inclusive:

  • breakfast, lunch and dinner in any restaurant or bar (items in the menu of a la carte restaurants are paid)
  • unlimited number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including premium brands, large selection of wines, cocktails, mocktails, beer, juices, soft drinks in all restaurants and bars
  • mini-bar (refilled once a day): soft drinks and snacks
  • set for making tea and coffee in room
  • non-motorized sports, kayaks, windsurfing equipment
  • special Maldivian night – food and drinks included (once a week), beach barbecues, pool parties, karaoke, live music
  • mini club, group yoga, fitness classes, beach games
  • unlimited access to the fitness center, hydromassage pool, use of the tennis court and football field
  • guests can use the $ 30 resort credit per adult.people per day for services of water sports, diving, excursions and SPA-center (details at the reception)
  • cigarettes and hookah in bars


Where: Dhaalu Atoll

Price: from 466 710 rubles. for “all inclusive” for two with a flight on charter AZUR air

The hotel consists of 1- or 2-storey villas with different rooms, some of them are located on the water.

AI is three meals a day and snacks ( FB +):

  • Breakfast: Varied buffet with cooking demonstration
  • Lunch: Buffet with hot and cold dishes and cooking demonstration (pasta, salads and a wide selection of desserts)
  • Dinner: Buffet and meals prepared in front of you. Vegetarian dish.Buffet with desserts.
  • Theme nights: theme buffet (3 times a week)
  • Alternative dinner (by prior arrangement; à la carte menu):
  • Steakhouse
  • Italian restaurant (buffet with appetizers and desserts)
  • Snacks 24/7
  • In the afternoon: light snacks: a choice between the offers of the hotels Riu Palace Maldivas and Riu Atoll
  • Local and imported drinks around the clock (24 hours at Riu Atoll)
  • Minibar replenishment in all rooms Spirits dispenser replenishment in waterborne junior suites and superior waterborne junior suites

90 016 Restaurants: 90 017

Dhoni main restaurant with outdoor terrace, Beef Steak House with outdoor terrace, Sofia Italian restaurant, Boduberu lounge bar with outdoor terrace, sports bar, Sunshine pool bar with water bar

Hotel infrastructure:

Swimming pool with water bar, children’s pool, sunbathing terrace, spa center, gym and steam room.

Diving, diving school (paid services)


Where: Dhaalu Atoll

Price: from 543,327 rubles. for “all inclusive” for two with a flight on charter AZUR air

The hotel has 1- or 2-storey villas with different rooms, some of them located on the water.

AI is three meals a day and snacks ( FB +) and minibar and spirits dispenser refill in rooms

  • Breakfast: Varied buffet with cooking demonstration and champagne
  • Lunch: Buffet with cooking demonstration and a wide selection of desserts (pasta, salads and a wide selection of desserts)
  • Dinner: Buffet and meals prepared in front of you.Vegetarian dish. Buffet with desserts. Theme nights: theme buffet (3 times a week)
  • Alternative Dinner (upon reservation; à la carte menu): Krystal Fusion Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant

RIU hotels are the only all-inclusive hotels 24 hours a day, hotels RIU Atoll and RIU Palace Maldives are connected by a bridge. From 01.11.2019, the tourist tax (GREEN TAX) is not included in the tour price and is paid on the spot by tourists upon departure from the hotel.


Gym and steam room, RiuFit sports program (daily), stand-up paddle surfing (SUP), kayaking, pedal boats, scuba diving, 1 scuba diving lesson, adult daytime activities (daily), live music or DJ and beach parties (daily).


Where: Ari Atoll

Price: from 796,049 rubles.for “all inclusive” for two with a flight on charter AZUR air

AI power includes:

  • premium brands of spirits in restaurants, bars, and 2 brands of cigarettes.
  • sumptuous breakfast buffet with champagne at the Reef restaurant until noon – ideal for those who wish to soak up longer in room
  • a choice of 3 restaurants to dine in – International themed buffet at Reef (14 themed buffets with a separate counter for kids), Italian and seafood at Azzure Mare, all Thai at Suan Bua
  • afternoon tea with cake or cakes, wheat tortilla or sandwiches, and a large selection of ice creams for children.Guests at lunchtime are entertained by Tropical Sings
  • specially prepared dinner with a choice of 3 different locations, including international buffets and teppanyaki shows at Reef, Thai food at Suan Bua, Italian food and grill at Azzuri Mare (reservation required)
  • there are 2 bar zones, as well as the Island Club. Drinks are served daily from 10 am to midnight, including house wines. Includes red, white, sparkling, rose, beer, spirits, cocktails, soft drinks, tea, coffee and juices
  • Mini bar replenished daily including soft drinks, mineral water, beer, 2 bottles of wine and snacks


Reef Restaurant, Suan Bua Thai Restaurant, Azzuri Mare Restaurant, Aqua Bar, Coral Bar & Lounge, Children’s Pool, Infinity Pool, SPA Cenvaree, Fitness Center, PADI Diving Center, Tennis Court, Volleyball , there is even a sunken diving ship.


Where: Addu Atoll

Price: from 348 345 rubles. for “all inclusive” for two with a flight on charter AZUR air

Catering All Inclusive includes:

  • breakfast lunch dinner.
  • regular brands of alcoholic beverages (whiskey, gin), bottled water, packaged juices, soft drinks, table wine in glasses, beer,
  • evening snacks (sandwiches, cakes or cookies) with tea / coffee,
  • BBQ lunch on a small uninhabited island 1 time during the entire stay (min.1 week stay)
  • The all-inclusive bar is open from 9: 00-00: 00, drinks ordered after 00:00 – for a fee.


Bicycles, 1 snorkeling daily (no equipment), diving, snorkeling, water sports, fishing


Unique and largest resort complex in the Maldives.It consists of individual resorts and entertainment islands. Guests will find more than 60 different shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, on a separate island, a cultural center, which hosts exhibitions of local artists and a “marine life center”, which provides interesting information on the conservation and growth of corals. At the moment, two hotels are open in the Crossroads Maldives complex – Hard Rock and SAii LAGOON by Hilton.


Where: South Male Atoll

Price: from 676 182 rub.for two with a flight on an AZUR air charter (FB, breakfast + lunch + dinner)

This is an exclusive, luxurious and sophisticated holiday format. Incredibly beautiful, spacious, stylish and ultra-modern hotel offers its guests accommodation in three types of accommodation. These are suites, beach villas and water villas.

Power FB :

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner at restaurants and Hard Rock Cafe or set menus at select restaurants at The Marina Crossroads.

Hard Rock is a magical cuisine, a mini-club for children and teenagers, an excursion center, restaurants and cafes, a huge swimming pool, SPA, wonderful territory, excellent service and much more. Perfection in detail – this is the principle guided by the hotel administration.


Where: Gaafu Alifu Atoll

Price: from 666 256 rubles.for two with a flight on an AZUR air charter (FB, breakfast + lunch + dinner)

Brand new hotel. The hotel has 198 villas and rooms.


  • pool,
  • pool bar,
  • hub-lobby,
  • Miss Olive Oyl Restaurant & Bar,
  • Restaurant Mr Tomyam,
  • cafe bean / Co,
  • gym,
  • Aroma Lab,
  • water sports,
  • diving,
  • organizing weddings


Where : Gaafu Alifu Atoll

Price: from 903 817 rub.for “all inclusive” for two with a flight on charter AZUR air

The hotel is located on an island in Gaafu Alifu, one of the largest and deepest atolls in the world. VIP hotel, new, green, with large rooms.


  • infinity pool, 42 m long
  • main restaurant “The Dining Room”
  • Cantonese and Vietnamese restaurant “Li Bai”
  • bar “Long Island”
  • “Cafe del Sol” Mediterranean cuisine
  • beach club


Where: Gaafu Alifu Atoll

Price: from 570 787 4 * r.for two with a flight on AZUR air, all inclusive

A cozy hotel located in the very south of the Maldives archipelago.

Power AI :

Alita restaurant

  • Breakfast from 07: 00-10: 00 (included in the concept: fresh juices, tea and coffee)
  • Lunch from 12: 00-14: 00 (included in the concept: International cuisine). Mediterranean cuisine a la carte menu available at extra cost
  • Dinner from 19: 00-22: 00 (included in the concept: themed buffet).Mediterranean cuisine a la carte menu available at extra cost
  • Afternoon snacks at Alita Pool Bar are served from 15: 00-18: 00
  • Vistas Gastro bar: dinner (2 dishes a la carte menu) – bottom free admission for guests staying at the hotel from 1-6 nights (preliminary reservation)
  • Vistas Gastro Bar: Dinner (2 courses à la carte menu) – two free visits for guests staying 6 nights or more (reservation in advance)
  • 30% discount on additional meals at Vistas Gastro bar


  • Liqueurs, cocktails, cocktails, soft drinks, wine, sparkling wine and beer in glasses are served on site from 10: 30-23: 00
  • Vistas Gastro bar (11: 00-23: 00, bar closed on Wednesdays)
  • Pool Bar (10: 00-23: 00)
  • In the room: soft drinks, juices, beer and snacks

Additional concept services

  • Unlimited use of snorkelling equipment and non-motorized watersports equipment while on holiday
  • Free introductory scuba diving in the pool
  • Free snorkeling training in the pool or lagoon
  • Tennis court
  • Gym
  • Billiards
  • Yoga
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

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