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Mini Desk Calendar 2020 Free Printable

Mini Desk Calendar 2020 Free Printable

Calendar Template Features

  • Template Name: Mini Desk Calendar 2020 Free Printable
  • Calendar of the Year: 2020
  • Type:Printable 2020 Desktop Calendar with Holidays
  • 12 months and US. federal holidays on one page
  • Sunday is the first day of the week (US. edition).
  • One-Page horizontal design, landscape layout template.
  • Template suitable for Microsoft Word versions from 2007 (.docx), pdf and image (.png)
  • File Size: PDF: 78 KB | Image: 74 KB | Microsoft Word: 35 KB

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How to Download this Mini Desk Calendar 2020 Free Printable?

To download this Mini Desk Calendar 2020 Free Printable, you should click the links below.

For Microft Word, PDF or Image: Click once on the link download for Microsoft Word (.docx), PDF or Image (.png) links. Depending on your browser, choose: ‘Save Target As…’ , ‘Save Link As…’ or ‘Download Linked File As…’. You can then save your template on your computer.

Mini Desk Calendar 2020 Free Printable

DOWNLOAD as IMAGE (.png) | DOWNLOAD as PDF (.docx) | DOWNLOAD as WORD (.docx)

Thousands of Free Printable 2020 Monthly Calendar with Holidays , with the US. federal holidays (US. edition version) or with notes space in a clean layout Microsoft Word (docx), Microsoft Excel (xlsx), pdf and image (png) document. Multi design for horizontally in the landscape layout, vertical in portrait layout. All are avaiable for download customizable and print. Hope you will be satisfied with

Also you can download and customize this template for Desktop Calendar 2021 desk calendar or Desktop Calendar 2022 desk calendar edition. Click links below to download your templates

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Feeling a bit shut in? Keep track of time the old fashioned way, with tally marks!

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How to Create Your Own Desktop Calendar

Ansel Adams once said “12 significant photographs in any one year is a good crop”. Creating a desktop calendar is a fun way to share your photography with family and friends, and they make great gifts. These calendars can feature any and all subjects; family members and gatherings, vacations, wildlife, landscapes, or whatever you enjoy shooting. Small enough to set on a desk or mantel, this type of calendar displays your best images all year long.

What do you need?

  • Software – Creating these calendars requires some type of design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, CorelDraw, Mac Pages, or Microsoft Word. If you have no other design software, Adobe Photoshop may be used, though it presents more challenges than the others. You can also do a Google search for “2016 desktop photo calendar templates” and you will find several like these, or these for MS Word.
  • Inkjet photo printer and 4×6″ photo paper – Depending on the number of calendars you want, you may choose to send out the calendar pages to be printed by an online printing service, such as Mpix.
  • Paper cutter – To easily and accurately trim your calendar to its finished size, a paper trimmer works better than scissors!
  • Jewel case – The jewel case (CD case) is used to package and display your final calendar.


  1. Select 12 photos: Sometimes selecting your images can be the toughest part of creating a calendar! Finding 12 images of which you are really proud, or having too many favorites to whittle them down to just 12, may present something of a dilemma! Not only do you need 12 photos, you need to select which photo to feature in any given month of your calendar. Try to choose photos that depict a season or month in which you plan to place it, such as choosing a snowy landscape for winter months, or budding flowers for spring.

    Collect your 12 final images into a folder for use in your calendar.

  2. Set up your page size: In your design software, set up for a 4×6″ page. (If you’re using Photoshop, set the dpi to 300 which will allow for sharp resolution for printing.) Be aware that the size of the jewel case is actually only 5.5″ tall, which means the 4×6″ prints will need to have half an inch trimmed off the bottom for finishing.
  3. Design the layout: The layout can be as simple as placing your photo at the top of the calendar and placing the calendar dates below. Be creative and add interesting elements to your page by adding rules or borders around your photos. Keep in mind the font you use is a factor in the calendar design. (Setting the text for the calendar is much easier in software like Adobe Illustrator. ) You will need to keep your calendar high enough on the page that they will show above the bottom of the jewel case.

    The red line on the bottom (0.5″ from bottom) indicates where page will be trimmed after printing. The blue line (1″ from bottom) indicates the area of the page that will be below the edge of the jewel case.

  4. Add some color to your calendar: Choose colors from your image to use as background colors, or for any text or rules, to add zip to your calendar page (most design software features an eye dropper tool that is handy to accomplish this). Using complementary colors such as red and green, or blue and orange works well. You may need to lighten the background colors as you don’t want them to overpower your image; rather, let them accent the hues within the photo. If you are using dark colored backgrounds, your text will need to be white, and  vice versa, with light colored backgrounds your text will need to be black, or a very dark color to make it easily readable.

    Notice how the green borders highlight the green color of the water in the image.

    Holidays can be printed in another color to mark their importance and add color (note the red dates above).

  5. Template: Once you have completed your first page you can use it as a template for creating the other 11 pages of your calendar. You may also want to create a cover page, which will give you the opportunity to add a 13th image to your calendar if desired.
  6. Check your work: Once you have all your calendar pages created, double check all of your dates for accuracy. It may also be useful to have someone else check them for you, as another person can often catch the errors that you missed.
  7. Print out a test copy: A print of all your pages, trimmed to size and placed in a jewel case, will ensure that all pages are properly displayed.
  8. Save file or print: If you are sending your calendars to a service like Mpix for printing you will need to save each page as a high resolution jpg image, and be sure to give each file a unique file name. Of course, you may print the calendar pages on your personal printer using 4×6″ inkjet photo paper.
  9. Trimming your pages: Cut each calendar page down to 5.5″ high so they will fit nicely into your jewel case.
  10. Load your pages: Place all calendar pages, January through December, into the jewel case.

    Including a cover page is a great option for calendars that depict a special event or location.

Your calendar is now ready to use, or give to a friend or family. You may want to ask your recipients to save the jewel case, so you can create a refill calendar with a new batch of images next year.

There are many unique items you can design featuring your photography. What ideas do you have for creative photo projects? Leave your ideas or suggestions in the comments below.

Calendar App: Tasks & Calendar for PC

What’s Cool

1. Tiny Calendar has features like nature language input, drag and drop, gestures and other smart methods to predict your intention and help you create and edit your events more easily.

2. Tiny Calendar syncs directly with Google Calendar and also works with iOS local calendar to supports events on iCloud, Exchange and other calendars.

3. Never forget about a meeting! Like Google Calendar, Tiny Calendar allows you to set reminders via push notification, or email for all events.

4. Tiny Calendar supports 8 standard views – day, week, month, 4-days, year, mini-month, week agenda and agenda.

5. Tiny Calendar will cache your changes and sync back to your Google account next time you’re online.

Software Screenshots

Download and install Calendar App: Tasks & Calendar on your Laptop or Desktop computer

Hurray! Seems an app like calendar app is available for Windows! Download below:

SN App Download Review Maker
1. Period Calendar Deluxe Download 3.9/5
210 Reviews


Cheesecake App
2. Calendar Live Tile Download 3.3/5
209 Reviews


3. Calendar Paper Download 4.5/5
79 Reviews


Đạt Trịnh Quốc

Not satisfied? Check for compatible PC Apps or Alternatives

Or follow the guide below to use on PC:

If you want to install and use the Calendar App: Tasks & Calendar app on your PC or Mac, you will need to download and install a Desktop App emulator for your computer. We have worked diligently to help you understand how to use this app for your computer in 4 simple steps below:

Step 1: Download an Android emulator for PC and Mac

Ok. First things first. If you want to use the application on your computer, first visit the Mac store or Windows AppStore and search for either the Bluestacks app or the Nox App >> . Most of the tutorials on the web recommends the Bluestacks app and I might be tempted to recommend it too, because you are more likely to easily find solutions online if you have trouble using the Bluestacks application on your computer. You can download the Bluestacks Pc or Mac software Here >>

Step 2: Install the emulator on your PC or Mac

Now that you have downloaded the emulator of your choice, go to the Downloads folder on your computer to locate the emulator or Bluestacks application.
Once you have found it, click it to install the application or exe on your PC or Mac computer.
Now click Next to accept the license agreement.
Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application properly.
If you do the above correctly, the Emulator app will be successfully installed.

Step 3: for PC – Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Now, open the Emulator application you have installed and look for its search bar. Once you found it, type Calendar App: Tasks & Calendar in the search bar and press Search. Click on Calendar App: Tasks & Calendarapplication icon. A window of Calendar App: Tasks & Calendar on the Play Store or the app store will open and it will display the Store in your emulator application. Now, press the Install button and like on an iPhone or Android device, your application will start downloading. Now we are all done.
You will see an icon called “All Apps”.
Click on it and it will take you to a page containing all your installed applications.
You should see the icon. Click on it and start using the application.

Step 4: for Mac OS

Hi. Mac user!
The steps to use Calendar App: Tasks & Calendar for Mac are exactly like the ones for Windows OS above. All you need to do is install the Nox Application Emulator or Bluestack on your Macintosh. The links are provided in step one

Need help or Can’t find what you need? Kindly contact us here →

Calendar App: Tasks & Calendar On iTunes

Download Developer Rating Score Current version Adult Ranking
Free On iTunes Fengge 18267 4.61296 7. 4.4 4+

Download on Android
Download Android

Thank you for reading this tutorial. Have a nice day!

Calendar App: Tasks & Calendar Software Features and Description

Tiny Calendar is an intuitive smart calendar works with all your calendars. It inherits the simple and clean look of calendars but makes it more accessible, powerful and reliable on your iPhone and iPad. With Tiny Calendar, you can access and manipulate your google calendar events and tasks more easily, anyway you want. SMART ENOUGH TO CREATE Tiny Calendar has features like nature language input, drag and drop, gestures and other smart methods to predict your intention and help you create and edit your events more easily. SYNC & MANAGE GOOGLE TASKS You don’t need to download another app to manage Google tasks. MULTIPLE WAYS TO VIEW Tiny Calendar supports 9 standard views – Forecast, day, week, month, 4-days, year, mini-month, week agenda and agenda. You can instantly switch views to discover events or find a time you’re looking for. REAL-TIME SYNC Tiny Calendar syncs directly with all your Google calendars and also works with iOS local calendar to supports events on iCloud, Exchange and other calendars. WORKS OFFLINE You can still create, edit and delete events when you don’t have an Internet connection. Tiny Calendar will cache your changes and sync back to your calendar account next time you’re online. ADVANCED REMINDER SYSTEM Never forget about a meeting! Tiny Calendar allows you to set reminders via push notification, or email for all events. ACCESS FROM EVERYWHERE Tiny Calendar works with your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. You don’t need to pay extra money to download multiple copies. Privacy Policy:

Top Pcmac Reviews

  • Nice Functionality, Merges Multiple Calendars

    By BusyBusinessOwner56 (Pcmac user)

    I’ve tried several calendar programs and have actually come BACK to Tiny Calendar. Of all the ones I’ve suffered through these many months, Tiny Calendar is the most user friendly and synchs with and consolidates my iOS and Google bits so I can accept a Google calendar invitation on my desktop, for example, and it will then get pulled into Tiny Calendar (i.e., you can continue to use your other calendar and reminder apps for easy data input, and use Tiny Calendar as the hub of everything. Why not 5 stars? Well, even the paid version of Tiny Calendar doesn’t have the ability to add details to Tasks (besides due date and a label.) I can setup repeating events, set reminders for events, etc. – but not for Tasks. I live and die by my to-do list and like to have it on a real piece of paper, so I’m really bummed. I like to have that oh-so-small-but-gratifying experience of crossing stuff off with a pen. I do like that you can choose to export (email or print) your calendar in a few different versions. Unfortunately I can’t export Tasks… if I could just have a way to print my Task list… <hint hint>

  • Great app, but trouble on iOS 12

    By IAmAKat (Pcmac user)

    This is by far the most convenient calendar app I have tried. I’ve been using it for over a year, and it has been great. I particularly like that in the month view, dots for events have the color of the calendar they are from, so I can quickly glance at the month view and see what days have different types of activity. Unfortunately, ever since upgrading to iOS 12, I’ve been experiencing a random/intermittent issue where if I am typing the name of an event to add the calendar, it sometimes freezes. Mid-typing, with the last letter I pushed still expanded up from the keyboard. The only way to get out of that is to close the app. I hope the developers will release a new version that fixes this. One other time issue: when typing the number in an event name, the number sometimes gets removed and converted to a time. Eg. when putting in my class schedule, “Biology 101” would get shortened to “Biology” and the time changed from what I had input to 1:01 PM. I hope future versions will include an option to disable this feature.

  • Can be frustrating!

    By AndyMudPuppy (Pcmac user)

    For the most part, I’ve always liked my Tiny Calendar. There are many features that are very helpful. However, one of the features that is intended to be helpful isn’t! Most of the time, any birthdays or anniversaries that are recorded in your google contacts list are automatically transferred into your Tiny Calendar, although for some reason, Not All of those recorded dates make the jump. In addition, once that data from your contacts list is in your Tiny Calendar, it’s in there permanently. [Events that you load into the Tiny Calendar directly (and are not transferred automatically from your contacts list) do not have this issue.] This is frustrating because if there is a mistake in your contacts list, even if you correct it there, the mistake remains in the Tiny Calendar and Can’t Be Removed!! It is especially aggravating that even if the contact is deleted from your contacts list, the data from that contact remains on your calendar! Ugh!! I have an iPhone 8 (which at this point, is the newest iPhone available), so the problem is not that my phone is old.

  • Great so far.

    By anasazi4stx1 (Pcmac user)

    It’s a handy smaller version of the Google calendar (obviously). Unlike some claims, I’ve had no syncing issues as far. It works as advertised…I will update this review as needed. Sadly the best calendar app I have ever used is found on a 20-year old device. Say whatever bad things you want about Apple’s Newton MessagePad, but it is still–even now–far and away the all-around best at managing one’s agenda. From the decades-old but still-current Get Things Done (GTD) system to an ability to link with other functions, this device was unparalleled. Unfortunately the inability to synchronize with a modern-day PC or Mac has forced its dedicated users to keep essentially two calendars, the Newton one and another on a PC or Mac, with no easy way for one to update the other. This app shows some promise, though, toward that Newton ideal.

12 Best Calendar Apps You Should Look Into In 2021

We all have so much to organize in both our work lives and our personal lives. And while paper calendars can be useful, it’s impractical to carry them everywhere we go. So in 2021, it’s essential that we all use at least one of the calendar apps. 

But with so many on the market, how do you choose? To help you out, we’ve tested dozens of calendar apps on a range of devices and platforms. In this article, we’ve explained the 12 best calendar apps in 2021, that we truly think are truly best in class & functionality. 

While they all take different approaches and offer different features, all the apps on this list are easy to use, stable, and robust. Plus, each of them offers a few standout features that distinguish them from the rest of the pack.

Best Calendar Apps of 2021 for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android

Check out our list of the best calendar apps below, and find out which ones are best suited to your personal needs.

Best Cross-Platform Calendar Apps

1. Google Calendar 

The best calendar app for GSuite users & in-general use

Google Calendar is free, easy to use, and allows you to plan your life, seamlessly, across all your devices.

Most suitable for: Anyone using G Suite for Business, or using Google apps regularly.

Pricing: Free

Platforms: iOS, Mac OS, Android OS, web browser

Google Calendar – Desktop View

Key features

  • Easy to set up and use: Google Calendar is very simple to set up and use, and lets you access your calendars on all of your devices easily and quickly; especially if they’re already logged into Google.
Google Calendar: Mobile View
  • Browse Calendars of Interest: Google Calendar includes prepared lists of dates, such as sporting events and religious holidays, to drag and drop to your calendar at will.
  • Add events from Gmail: With Google Calendar, whenever you receive event invitations via Gmail, they’re added to your calendar automatically. Here’s how they’ll look in your Google Calendar:
Automatically add events to your Google Calendar from Gmail

Works with can help you connect your apps with Google Calendar in many useful ways. For example, you might want to create Google Calendar events from rows on Google Spreadsheet or update a card in Trello when a Google Calendar event is modified. 

2. Woven

Best Calendar App for arranging meetings 

Woven is a calendar app specifically designed to help business people arranging meetings and other events with others.

Most suitable for: Busy professionals

Pricing: Free

Platforms: iOS, Mac, Windows, Web

Woven – Desktop View

For the Woven app, the mobile view doesn’t show the calendar view with each day but does show key dates and recent updates from your plan.

Woven: Mobile View

Key features

  • Smart Templates: Most professionals have meetings where the details repeat often; for instance, perhaps your marketing meetings always take place in the same building and room. Smart Templates let you create a template for these meeting types, to save you entering the same information each time.
  • Scheduling Links: Scheduling Calendar feature allows people to agree on a meeting time without having to get involved in endless email discussions. Instead, you just share a special scheduling link. Guests click on the link and select the most convenient time from those you offer.
Scheduling Links are an easy way to arrange a meeting
  • Availability Sharing: The Availability Sharing feature allows other people to see if you are free or busy at a specific time, without letting them see all the contents of your calendar.
  • Group Polls: Group Polls are one further way of agreeing on the time of a meeting collectively. Once you activate your poll, Woven collects the votes, and reports back the results, leaving you to make the final decision on when to schedule the meeting.

3. TimeTree

The best calendar app for your personal life

TimeTree brings together your work and social calendars to help friends and relatives share information and keep track of what everyone is doing.  

Most suitable for: Couples, families or small groups

Pricing: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android OS, web browser

TimeTree – Desktop View

Key features

  • Contextual calendars: Whenever you create a new calendar, you’re asked whether it’s for personal, family, friends, work, relationship, or group use. This categorization really helps to keep the different aspects of your life organized.
TimeTree Contextual Calendars
  • Chat rooms: TimeTree encourages collaboration, so each event you create is given its own chat room, to allow comments, ideas, questions, and images to be exchanged.
  • Map of the event in the view: TimeTree allows you to add locations to each event, and automatically pulls in a Maps view.
TimeTree: Map of an event in the calendar view
  • Undecided dates: If you want to plan an event, but don’t want to commit to a date as yet, the ‘Keep’ tab lets you create and store an event to be worked out later on. You can store To-do lists and simple notes around these events.

4. My Study Life

The best calendar app for education

A calendar created specifically for anyone studying or working in education, My Study Life makes it easy to plan your educational activities around the academic year, including classes, exams, holidays, and term times. 

Most suitable for: Students and teachers

Pricing: Free

Platforms: iPhone, Android OS, Windows 8, Chrome, web browser

My Study Life Calendar – Desktop View

Key features

  • Add academic schedules: The minute you open up the app, you’re prompted to add the dates for your academic year, term times, and holidays. This is all incorporated into your calendar automatically, saving you a lot of time.
  • Add classes: You don’t have to add every date of each class manually. Just tell My Study Life how your schedule works – for example, class times, start and end dates – and it will work out the rest. My Study Life makes adding classes much easier than with a normal calendar app.
Adding a class in My Study Life calendar app
  • Add holidays: When you add holidays to your schedule, not only can you see which days you have off but you can also shift rotation schedules. Usefully, you won’t get reminded about your classes while you’re on holiday.
  • Track your homework and revision: Often you’ll start a study task but not finish it the same day. So My Study Life lets you specify how much of a task has been completed. You can also set reminders for unfinished assignments.

Below is the clean mobile view of the My Study Life Calendar app:

Mobile view of My Study Life Calendar

Best Calendar Apps for iOS & Mac


Apple Calendar

A powerful and lightweight calendar app for iOS and Mac

Installed for free on Mac and iOS, Apple Calendar is a great option for keeping your calendars synced across all your Apple devices.

Most suitable for: Apple users.

Pricing: Free

Platforms: macOS, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch

Apple Calendar – Desktop View

Key features:

  • Built into Apple: Apple Calendar is pre-installed on all Apple devices, so there’s nothing to download, and it’s easy to sync your calendars across all of them. Plus, you can view and update your calendars via the iCloud web app.
  • Clean and simple design: The beauty of the Apple Calendar lies in its simplicity. As with almost all Apple software, the interface is super-elegant, the features work smoothly and the app is very intuitive to use.
  • Colour coding: Apple Calendar allows you to create multiple calendars for different areas of your life, and color-code them accordingly. That way, you can glance across your work, family, and personal events without fuss.
  • Travel Time: Travel Time calculates when you need to leave for an event based on the likely length of your journey, using Apple Maps, and what mode of transportation you’ll be using to get there. Apple Calendar syncs with Apple Maps, although not with Google Maps.
Travel Time: Apple Calendar

6. Fantastical 3

The best calendar app for Mac

Fantastical 3 has long been the best calendar app for Mac, and the latest version brings even more improvements.

Most suitable for: Mac power users.

Pricing: $4.99 a month

Platforms: macOS, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch

Fantastical 3 – Desktop View

Key features

  • Streamlined interface: While Apple Calendar is nice and simple, Fantastical (now on version 3) has an even better looking and more streamlined interface, particularly on desktop and iPad.
  • Events and tasks templates: You may have a recurring event or task that doesn’t always happen at the same time; eg, you visit the dentist every six months, but not always on the same day. For this, Fantastical lets you create templates to save you adding all the information each time.
  • Weather forecast: When you attach a location to an event, weather forecast information, up to 10 days ahead, is automatically pulled in, and updated on a minute-by-minute basis.
Mobile View with Weather details
  • Event time proposal management: Need to get people to agree on a time for an event, such as a meeting? Fantastical 3 lets you suggest multiple dates and time options in an invite email. Invitees don’t have to reply to the email (saving your inbox from getting cluttered), but just click on the options within it. If there are date and time that works for all of them, that’s set and added to your calendar automatically.
Event time proposal management in Fantastical 3



A very customizable Mac calendar app for business use

BusyCal is a Mac calendar app aimed at people who need to stay on top of a lot of events, meetings, and tasks. Its flexible and customizable features allow you to do so with a minimum of effort.

Most suitable for: Busy professionals

Pricing: $49.99

Platforms: macOS (iOS app sold separately)

BusyCal – Desktop View

Key features:

  • Customizable views: BusyCal doesn’t just offer day, week, month, year, and list views; it lets you customize these views precisely. For instance, you can choose the number of weeks shown in the month view and the number of days shown in the week view.
  • Customizable info panel: Redesigned for version 3, the info panel that appears in the sidebar helps you view and edit event details quickly and easily. And if you want it to show different information than the presets, the panel itself also customizable.
Customizable Info Panel in BusyCal
  • Integrated To-Dos: To-Dos are integrated into your calendar, display on the date they are due, and carry forward until completed. Alternatively, you can add Timed To-Dos, which are set to occur at a specific time of day.
  • Travel Time: Similar to the Apple Calendar, BusyCal has the Travel Time feature to let you block out time for travel to an event or location. You can add your own estimate for how long to block out, or ask Location Services and Apple Maps to calculate it automatically. With this, you can ensure to build enough space into your schedule to get places on time.
Travel Time in BusyCal

Best Calendar Apps for Windows

8. Microsoft Outlook Calendar

The best calendar app for Windows and Outlook users

Outlook Calendar ties in nicely with both Windows and Outlook, and helps these systems work together efficiently and seamlessly.

Most suitable for: Windows and Outlook users.

Pricing: Free

Platforms: Web browser, Windows, Windows Phone, Android, iOS

Outlook Calendar – Desktop View

Key features

  • Integration into Windows and Outlook: Outlook Calendar is integrated smoothly into Windows and Outlook. So if you use either, you’ll find Outlook Calendar very simple to use. For example, in your Outlook email inbox, you can launch Outlook Calendar from the icon in the bottom left-hand corner.
Outlook Calendar: Mobile View
  • View side-by-side calendars: Outlook lets you view multiple calendars side-by-side, as well as calendars shared with you by other Outlook users. You can also view calendars on top of one another in the overlay view. Outlook Calendar lets you create multiple calendars and control their look and feel.
Outlook Calendar – Multiple Calendars
  • Share only part of a calendar: Outlook Calendar allows you to share your calendar via email without sharing everything. The other person can open it in Outlook, but you control how much information they can see.
  • Manage another user’s calendar: With the Delegate Access feature, you can manage another person’s Outlook Calendar once they give you permission. A personal assistant, for example, would be able to create, move, or delete appointments on their employer’s calendar.

9. OneCalendar

Best calendar app for Windows users & managing multiple calendars 

OneCalendar is a great way to manage multiple calendars from different providers, bringing them all together in one, beautifully designed place.

Most suitable for: Windows power users.

Pricing: From free

Platforms: Windows 10, Windows, Windows Mobile, Android

OneCalendar – Desktop View

Key features

  • View all your calendars at once: OneCalendar lets you pull in calendars from a range of platforms, including Google, Live, Outlook, iCloud, Exchange, Office365, Facebook, and more.
OneCalendar – Mobile View
  • Multiple views: OneCalendar offers a variety of ways to view your calendars, including day view, week view, month view, year view, and list view. We especially like how all the views display week numbers.
OneCalendar – Multiple Views
  • Customize your calendars: OneCalendar lets you choose different colors for each calendar, and select different colors for specific appointments.
  • Lock screen and glance screen: To save time, you can quickly view all your upcoming appointments on the lock screen. For Windows Mobile, they can also be shown on Glance.

 Best Mobile-ONLY Calendar Apps

10. ACalendar

The best calendar app for android users to customize calendars 

If you’re an Android user but don’t like the way Google Calendar displays your information, then ACalendar can let you customize how your calendar looks, in several different ways.

Most suitable for: Android users.

Pricing: Free

Platforms: Android OS

ACalendar – Mobile Calendar App for Android Users

Key features

  1. Easy interface: ACalendar’s interface is brilliantly intuitive. Switching between day, week, month, and agenda view using swipe and tap feels so natural that there’s virtually no learning curve.
  2. Colors: Many calendar apps only offer a limited range of colors, but ACalendar provides a generous 48 colors for each case type.
  3. Synchronized photos: ACalendar allows you to synchronize photos from your contact lists and social networks, to add an extra visual reminder on your calendar for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days.

Special mention to its Charity donation: When you upgrade to a paid-for version of ACalendar, the makers of ACalendar will donate 10% to environmental groups such as the World Land Trust and the Rainforest Trust.

11. Calendars 5

Calendar app for iOS users to view events at-a-glance 

Calendars 5 is a powerful, feature-rich calendar app that’s comparable to Fantastical, for iPhone and iPad.

Most suitable for: iOS users.

Pricing: $2.99 for 3 month subscription; $8.99 one-time purchase

Platforms: iOS

Calendars 5 – Calendar App for iOS

Key features

  • Natural language input: Natural language processing makes adding events easier. For instance, if you just type “Meet Tom at Starbucks on Sunday”, the event will be created automatically.
  • Drag and drop to reschedule: Calendars 5 lets you reschedule events with drag and drop. You can do this online and offline.
  • Set up to five reminders: You can set up to five reminders for an important event like a meeting, dinner, or a birthday, by alarm or email.
  • Timeline view: The simplified Timeline view just shows you colored dots for events and colored checkboxes for reminders. This is great for getting a quick sense of your day at a glance.

12. Cozi

The most suitable calendar app for family activities 

Cozi is specifically designed to help everyone in your family to keep track of each other and take part in activities together.

Most suitable for: Families

Pricing: From free

Platforms: iOS, Android OS

Cozi – Calendar App for iOS & Android OS

Key features

  • Family schedules in one place: Your color-coded calendar makes it easy to see the whole family’s schedules at once, or to filter by an individual. Reminders go out to each member of the family so that everyone stays on track.
  • Shopping lists: Create online shopping lists that every member of the family can access, and add to. You can cross items off the list, and add others, whenever you like. You can also email your shopping lists to other people outside of your family.
  • Recipe Box: Save recipes from the ‘Cozi Picks’ tab, and transfer the ingredients into your shopping lists. You can also drag and drop recipes onto specific days in your calendar to help with your weekly meal planning.
  • Family Journal: The Family Journal feature allows you to write quick notes and store photos, to help build up a store of memories that you can look back on in years to come. You can share your journal updates via email or as a private family website.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Calendar App

So, that was all about the 12 Best Calendar Apps of 2021 based on the ease of use, pricing, platforms they support, best features that make them stand out, and who is it the most suitable for. To sum it up for you, the below infographic can give you all this at a glance.

Table: Best Calendar Apps 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 What is the best free calendar app?+

The best free calendar app is Google Calendar. It’s free, easy to set-up and can be used on any device syncing it with multiple other apps. Some lesser-known free calendar apps are

  1. Woven
  2. Timetree
  3. My Study Life
  4. Apple calendar
  5. Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  6. ACalendar

🌟 What are the best calendar apps for Windows 10?+

The best calendar apps for Windows 10 are

  1. Microsoft Outlook Calendar (free)
  2. OneCalendar

🌟 What are the best calendar apps for iOS and Mac?+

The best calendar apps for iOS and Mac are

  1. Apple Calendar (Free)
  2. Fantastical 3
  3. BusyCal

🌟 Which one is the best calendar app for android?+

The best calendar apps for android users are

  1. ACalendar
  2. Cozi

🌟 Can I connect my Google Calendar with other apps for easy workflows?+

Yes, you can use the integration platform – to integrate your Google Calendar with other apps for easy workflows and event notifications on apps like Trello, Slack or Google Sheets, for example.

Download Desktop Calendar for Windows

Plan your life directly on your desktop

Desktop Calendar lets manage your schedule with a customisable calendar, similar to Google Calendar and Proton Calendar.

As the name implies, Desktop Calendar lives directly on your desktop, laid on top of your wallpaper. This makes it easy to access and convenient to view at a glance without having to open a separate programme.

Plan your day straight from your desktop

Desktop Calendar is a free calendar app that enables you to easily view, add and edit events on a monthly basis directly on your desktop. Desktop Calendar also works on mobiles and can synchronise your calendar between desktop and mobile with cloud sync.

How do I get a calendar on my desktop?

Desktop Calendar makes it easy to access your calendar directly from your desktop. After downloading the programme, it will overlay itself on your desktop wallpaper without requiring you to open it. The calendar background is transparent, so you’ll still be able to see your wallpaper behind it.

Can I personalise my calendar?

Desktop Calendar can be personalised and customised to your liking. You can add background colours to each individual day, add notes, display local holidays and events and much more. You can also print any page of the calendar to take with you or display off of your device as you wish.

An easy to use free desktop calendar

Desktop Calendar is a free calendar app that can be synced in the cloud for easy backups and to use across devices. As it is always open on your desktop, it’s easy to browse and manage your schedule at a glance. It offers several personalisation options so that you can customise it to your liking. For users with very basic calendar needs, it is a good app that is convenient and easy to use, though it doesn’t have many particularly compelling unique use cases.

However, it does not feature integrations with many other programmes and apps that competitors such as Google Calendar and iCloud Calendar offer. This means that events from outside sources must be added manually, rather than being automatically added and synchronised.

How to make a calendar online: an overview from Logaster

There are many reasons to create a personal photo calendar. He is an element of interior design, a gift, and a way to promote your business. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a calendar and use it creatively.

A calendar is primarily an information table that includes 12 months from January to December. It is convenient in that it helps to determine or schedule a meeting date, plan a vacation, and more.Information that is contained in the table: days of the week (from Monday to Sunday), dates (for example, from 1 to 31 January, etc.) and the name of the month, and sometimes the ordinal number of the week.

In the age of modern technology, people use calendar apps on their smartphones. But time is a slippery thing, and in an endless maelstrom of things we forget to go in and check appointments, dates, etc. And when the schedule is always in front of our eyes – either on the wall or on the table – the brain spontaneously remembers what needs to be done.

Before we start creating, let’s take a look at the types of calendars.

1. Poster

Typical poster sizes are 11 x 17 , 18 x 24 and 20 x 28 . When choosing a size, consider the quality of the images, the purpose of the calendar, etc. It is important to remember that the poster is meant to focus on the image rather than the dates.

2. Wall calendar

This is a traditional element of all post-Soviet apartments.It constantly attracts attention, being an integral part of the interior.

A calendar like this is good for promoting a company because there is plenty of room to show off products and services, offer specials, slogan, etc.

3. Desk Calendar

In other words, it’s a glider. Choose a daily, weekly or monthly block design based on your busy schedule.

4. Pocket calendar

Its popularity is explained by the fact that, reflecting 12 months, it does not take up much space.In addition, the shape varies from desire: a business card, a postcard, or a different size.

Calendars are basically a grid of blocks, each of which represents a unit of time. Make a personalized calendar in a program or online constructor that allows you to create tables. Each week is a row, each column is a day.

In this article, in order to make your life easier, we have prepared a digest of ways to create a calendar: using online services, mobile applications and PowerPoint.

5 Free Online Calendar Builders

We present to your attention 5 Free Calendar Creators. Some designers allow you to add photos, save a PDF file for printing.


The service offers to create annual and monthly calendars. Of the interesting functions – displaying 48 months at once. The generated calendar can be printed out without any problems. The constructor offers a choice of templates: school, photo calendar, etc.In addition, creating and customizing a template will not be difficult.


Create personalized calendars for free with this designer in a couple of clicks. You only need to upload an image, choose one of the proposed templates, specify the language, font. It is possible to automatically add public holidays and vacations. The nuance is that each month is filled in separately.

Canva Calendar Maker

Canva Calendar Maker is a free calendar maker with a simple interface.Templates and customization options allow you to experiment with photo positioning, text size, etc. Uploading images is possible either from a PC or via a URL. Before downloading, you can share the calendar with your friends or family. You can download the product in different resolutions.

Create Photo Calendars

A platform for creating personalized gift items that include calendars. An accessible interface and many templates will allow you to create a calendar without wasting time and effort.The templates available are categorized by industry, size, and more. Since you are downloading a high quality calendar, printing shouldn’t be a problem.

Time and Date

The basic calendar constructor allows you to select the country, display type, languages, etc. If you need more complex customization, such as changing the calendar template, formatting the title and text, colors, the advanced menu will help you to resolve that too. After creation, save the design in PDF format.

How to Create a Calendar in PowerPoint: Video Tutorials

Microsoft Presentation Software is a great way to create your own calendars. The post-2013 version of the Microsoft suite offers ready-to-use templates. In addition, since PowerPoint is part of the office suite, the editing functions are plentiful.

Here are three quick video guides on how to create a calendar in PowerPoint :

How to create a calendar with App: 5 IOS / Android apps

Smartphone with us anytime, anywhere …We use it for a variety of purposes – both working and not. Since not every service provides an intuitive-to-use mobile version of the website and constructor, consider 5 IOS / Android apps for creating a calendar.

Pixum Photo Calendar

Pixum Photo Calendar is a portable solution for quickly creating photo calendars on your smartphone or tablet. Use pictures on your phone, change the font, fill in the dates and save.

Price : Free (IOS only).

Optimal Print

Turn photos into personalized calendars in minutes. The application allows you to download images both from your phone and from social networks (Facebook, Instagram).

Price : Free (Android only).


Application for creating photo calendars with the option of adding up to four photos. The app offers 45 customizable templates to choose from.The language layout of the calendar depends directly on the device.

Price : Free (only for IOS)


The application does not differ much from the online service, both in terms of interface and functionality. You just need to select a photo, upload and customize. The advantage of the program is integration with AirPrint Device. With one click of a button, you can immediately print your personal calendar. As they say, without leaving the checkout.

Price : Free (Android only).

Photo Calendar Maker

Intuitively simple application for creating photo calendars. Here you can create a personalized plan with your own photo every month. The program does not offer to create calendars for a year and there is no customization function.

Price : Free (Android only).

Where and How to Use a Printable Calendar: 8 Creative Ideas

There are many ways to use a printable calendar. Here are ideas for where to start.

  1. Birthdays, anniversaries, anniversaries, etc. . We often forget about important dates of our loved ones. The phone does not always send alerts, and the printed calendar is at hand or in front of your eyes.
  2. Meal Plan . If you are trying to accustom yourself to proper or at least regular nutrition, this little artifact can help you with this.
  3. Brand calendar . Are you the business owner? Then surprise your employees and customers. A brand calendar is a good present.Plus, it will increase the credibility of your business as a whole.
  4. Vacation and Holidays . The work week lasts so long, the days circled on the calendar or days with a photo will clearly increase your inner motivation and desire to wait for a vacation or weekend.
  5. Decor element . Why is a photo calendar worse than pictures? It will ideally serve as the decorative element you’ve been looking for for so long. Moreover, this is another way to remember friends, rest, good moments and endure until the weekend.
  6. Every month – photo recipe for a delicious dish .
  7. Comment-calendar. Why not paint emojis or write your best moments every day after work? So to speak, and distract from work, and then at the end of the month to remember all the good and funny that happened.
  8. Anti-stress calendar . Upload an anti-stress coloring instead of a photo – and it’s in the bag.

It would seem that a printed calendar is an outdated thing from the last century. But it can greatly diversify your life, the main thing is a little inspiration and desire.In this article, we gave you an overview of three ways to create a calendar in a few clicks. Finally, we suggest looking at some original template designs.

Content marketer at Logaster. Knows everything about business and is willing to share this knowledge with readers. Interested in the success stories of famous brands. Chief interviewer for successful clients of Logaster.

90,000 quarterly (calendar grids), pocket, wall, flip, table

Calendars are one of the most popular types of printing products.They are indispensable for advertising purposes, not only is this functional product, but also a very good advertising medium. Works all year round.

Calendars are:

  • quarterly;
  • wall-mounted;
  • cross-over;
  • tabletop;
  • pocket;

Let’s consider each of the types in more detail, what paper and printing methods are used in the manufacture of calendars.

Let’s start with the fact that the main materials are different cardboard with a density from 300 to 350 g / m.Printing methods – mainly digital (if not a lot is needed) and offset (printing in large quantities), you can also use silk-screen printing if we use high-density design cardboards.

Quarterly Calendar

The most popular type of calendars. The main difference between the quarterly calendar is advertising fields (3 small and 1 large). One of the best options for advertising media, it constantly hangs in front of your eyes and reminds you of your campaign. Consists of 3 blocks with calendar grids fastened to a metal spring.If you print corporate quarterly calendars, pay a lot of attention to the design, this is the face of the organization, it will be looked at all year round. Although the design of any printed product is very important, it is especially important in this case.
The sizes of quarterly calendars are often standard. These are 4 blocks of A4 format. But, in principle, you can order any size, it all depends on the capabilities of the printing house in which you plan to order. So check in advance. The price of “quarters” in the market is different.Many printing organizations simply outbid each other, so before ordering, check with the printing house for the availability of your production base.

Quarterly grid 2021

Follow the links below to download ready-made quarterly calendar grids for free, both in vector and with the ability to edit, change fonts, sizes, layout on the sheet, etc. Calendar grids for Russia and Ukraine are available for download. For Russia in Russian and English, for Ukraine in Ukrainian, Russian and English.Calendar grid templates are available in .cdr (CorelDraw) and .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) formats. The size of 1 sheet of the grid is 297×140 mm, the layouts are made in the vector without overhangs on the A3 sheet 420×297 mm. The months December 2020 at the beginning and January 2022 at the end have been added to the templates.

Calendar grids 2021 for Russia:

Editable quarterly grid (.cdr)

Editable quarterly grid (.pdf)

Quarterly calendar grid 2021 in vector – layout on A3 (.cdr)

Quarterly calendar grid 2021 in vector – layout on A3 (.pdf)

Calendar grids 2021 for Ukraine:

Editable quarterly grid (.cdr)

Editable quarterly grid (.pdf)

Quarterly calendar grid 2021 in vector – layout on A3 (.cdr)

Quarterly calendar grid 2021 in vector – layout on A3 (.pdf)

Wall calendar

Wall calendars are loose-leaf, consisting of 13 sheets (12 months + cover), or just a calendar in the form of a poster. The size of loose-leaf wall calendars is most often A3 format. It’s just that digital printing is limited to this format. A calendar poster of large size (A2, A1, A0 and more) can be printed using large format printing.
Wall flip calendars of A2 format can be printed with offset printing, though then you need to order a considerable circulation, if the advertising budget does not allow, then it is better to print in A3 format on “digital”.
One of the most popular types of wall calendars is the photo calendar. An excellent gift for family and friends, a calendar with their photo will delight the whole year.

Desk calendar (flip-top, house)

Table calendars are made, as a rule, in the form of a “house”. There are desktop flip-flops “houses” and just a calendar “house”. Here, too, we proceed from the budget, just houses are cheaper than flip-flops, and much more. There can be any printing methods.

Pocket calendars

The cheapest and simplest version of calendars in the printing industry.They are printed both digitally and offset. The size of a pocket calendar, as a rule, is 100x70mm, this is a kind of standard. It is best to print pocket calendars in multiple runs (offset printing, from 1000 pieces), this is the best price / quality option. If you need 100-300pcs digital printing.

Calendar Design

No matter what type of calendars you want to order, design is the most important thing. If you know how to work in graphics editors CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator, and make a layout yourself, check with the printing house the requirements for the layout.If not, then it is better to develop the layout where you plan to manufacture, if there are any problems with the layout or color rendition, then this problem will be easier and faster to solve with the designer and production. There is another option, online editors of any printing products, including calendars. Without the knowledge of graphic editors and without leaving home, you have the opportunity to create a calendar layout and immediately send it to production.

We wish you quality prints,;)

90,000 How to Create a 2021 Calendar with Photos: 5 Best Ways

Author: Anna Dragunova


Do you want to prepare an unusual gift for a loved one with his photo or make a beautiful glider for yourself? It’s a great idea to create a calendar yourself. So you will have the opportunity to come up with your own individual design and edit the poster for specific purposes: for example, create a monthly to record affairs and events, or create a customized weekly planner.In this article we will tell you how to arrange a layout and look at the main ways to create a photo calendar.

Download the program for creating calendars:


Method 1. Calendar in Calendar Design
Method 2. Calendar in Google
Method 3. Calendar in Publisher
Method 4. Online

Method 1. Calendar in the program Calendar Design

Use the Calendar Design program – this is the most convenient and fastest way to design your calendar.The software offers hundreds of ready-made designs, allows you to upload your photos, place text and mark important dates. To work on a photo calendar, you do not need to have special skills: the friendly interface in Russian is suitable for novice users. Download Calendar Design and design the perfect layout in minutes:

Run the installation file. During installation, read the user agreement, select a folder and add a shortcut to your desktop.

Select type: wall-mounted, desktop, pocket, flip-flop or monthly. You can also do everything yourself from scratch.

When choosing, consider how you plan to print and on what paper

Please specify the design. There are more than 300 templates in the program, you can choose any you like and personalize it.

Blanks are divided into vertical and horizontal

Import photos of any format: JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, PSD and others.

You will have the opportunity to add more pictures during editing

Set the reference date : start at the first month or the middle of the year.

Also specify the page size and resolution (for printing – at least 300 dpi)

Adjust the details : you can change the appearance of the months manually or choose a different style, set up holidays and highlight your own important dates, change the background color, add text, image, collage.

Set the reference date : start at the first month or the middle of the year.

It is also possible to change the language

Retouch images : crop, apply shadow, outline, frame or mask to them. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation settings.

You can change the transparency of the picture and rotate it

Decorate your calendar layout with cliparts . They are broken down into categories: tourism, romance, flowers, animals, beauty, zodiac signs and others.You will also have the option to upload your sticker and place it on the canvas.

Just drag your favorite to the canvas

Save work as image, PDF file, CMYK, export as PSD or print. For output on paper, adjust the size, resolution, and orientation of the sheet.

If necessary, set crop markers and margins

As you can see, the program offers all the necessary tools to make a calendar with your own hands.With it, you can easily decorate a gift, decorate your home or create a tabletop glider. Download the editor and implement any idea!

Try it now! Install Calendar Design on PC:

Method 2. Calendar in Google

A free calendar can be made in an online service from Google. There is no need to install anything on the PC, the function is available in the browser. Unfortunately, the platform does not provide any options for colorful design.You can enter information about events, important dates and appointments, and then export to PDF or print on a printer. To do this:

  • Sign in to your Google account;
  • select the corresponding Google service in your browser;
  • Fill in information about events or leave notes for specific dates;
  • indicate the time period: day, week, month, schedule of affairs in general, etc .;
  • click on the settings icon and select “Print”.Here again you can
  • specify the print range, font size, page orientation, color and style;
  • then specify the printer, and you’re done!

The printed project will look just as simple

This method does not allow you to change the visual component, but you can easily make a simple weekly worksheet or a monthly planner.

Method 3: Calendar in Publisher

Publisher is an application that helps you design professional looking print products quickly and easily.It is available in certain editions of Microsoft Office, and the company also offers to purchase it separately.

Publisher combines the capabilities of a text and image editor in one tool. Use it to design newsletters, brochures, letterhead and business cards. To create a calendar:

  • Purchase Office or Publisher and install it on your computer;
  • Open Microsoft Publisher and click on “Calendars” in the main window or in the list on the left.Choose the blank you like;
  • , you can leave the default design or adjust it to your liking by clicking the down arrow to the right of the Checkout function;
  • press the “Set dates” button and select the time period;
  • Save the result as PDF or print to your home printer.
  • Office software subscription is $ 6.99 / month

    You can also draw a calendar in other programs from Microsoft – Excel and Word.But it will take a lot of time and require certain skills in working with software. Also, these applications do not allow you to colorfully visualize the material.

    You will have to manually create a table or search the Internet

    Method 4. Online

    Create online calendars with Canva. It offers a variety of design templates. You will be able to upload your pictures and personalize the project. The work will not take much time, thanks to ready-made design elements, a catalog of pictures, photo filters, cliparts.The service will also help with the design of invitations, postcards and posters. To get started:

    • you need to register on the site or log into your account;
    • create a project. Choose a template: monthly, weekly, photo calendar, diary or birthday present;
    • customize the element fill, font and text size, add photos from the collection or upload your own, place icons and cliparts, set a new background.

    The image can only be downloaded in three formats: JPG, PNG or PDF.

    The blank can only be applied to one month or to several at once

    In the free version of the service, you cannot adjust the size and set the resolution. When you print on large paper sizes, the picture will be poor quality. Canva also gives access only with the purchase of a subscription to a variety of elements, photos, backgrounds.

    Method 5. Using Android and iOS applications

    You can create a wall or desktop photo calendar on your smartphone on the road, on the subway, with a cup of coffee or on an airplane.Here are some handy apps:

    Pixum Photo Calendar

    Free app for iOS and Android that allows you to use templates, adjust project size, add pictures from your smartphone, change the font, mark important dates and save the final material. Using Pixum Photo Calendar you can also design photo books, posters, magnets.

    Share the result on social networks

    Optimal Print

    Utility for Android, with which you can make a calendar with a photo.There are three types to choose from: wall, poster, family glider. You can download images from your device or from social networks. Optimal Print will also allow you to create postcards, books, posters. You won’t be able to get a calendar layout for free, each product costs a certain amount, on average $ 20-30.

    You can upload your photos and choose the background color


    Software for iOS, which provides 45 templates for photo calendars. The maximum number of uploaded photos per layout is four.At the end of editing PhotoCal will offer to purchase the printed result.

    For the delivery of the finished product, the company charges an additional fee


    Application of the online service of the same name. Contains templates for monthly and weekly magazines. You only need to upload photos and customize the layout. In Pically, you can change the scale and orientation of the sheet, saving the result to your phone.

    The utility allows you to create a primitive design

    Photo Calendar Maker

    Free software for Android, which will allow you to quickly create a simple calendar for a month or a week.Photo Calendar Maker does not allow you to customize the layout, so you can only use ready-made templates.

    The software will not allow you to change the design, you can only add your own images

    Now you know how to make a calendar. It’s simple and doesn’t take long. You can use any of the described methods. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, these are:

    • Google does not allow you to design the layout and change the elements.
    • Publisher is hard for beginners to learn, and Excel and Word are very basic.
    • With online platforms, you will not be able to resize the canvas or set the print resolution. Consequently, it will not be possible to implement complex ideas.
    • Modern applications on a smartphone often do not allow you to save the result in high quality, and the companies that created the software offer to print and purchase goods through their printing company.

    The best option would be to use Calendar Design.The program contains many ready-made calendar templates for 2021, allows you to edit each element, change the size of the sheet and print the result in high quality. Download the app and create a colorful project right now!

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