Formula one fashion: Ferrari’s New Fashion Collaboration Hits Back At Formula One Rivals

Ferrari’s New Fashion Collaboration Hits Back At Formula One Rivals

Formula One has always been a particularly stylish sport, but it seems that Ferrari’s keen to up the ante.

The legendary Italian constructor has just unveiled a wide-ranging partnership with famous designer fashion label Giorgio Armani, which will now see the entire Scuderia Ferrari team – including 2021 drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. – wearing Giorgio Armani for all their off-track activities.

Incorporating sportswear technologies from his Emporio Armani line, the legendary designer has crafted a bold yet functional navy blue collection of clothes for the F1 team, dark blue being a colour traditionally associated with Italian sporting livery.

This comes off the back of rival F1 constructor McLaren’s recent collaboration with LA-based luxury streetwear label Rhude, which sent waves throughout both the sport and the fashion world. They’re clearly keen to show that McLaren’s not the only stylish outfit in F1 – but it’s also part of a push by Ferrari to refocus their brand’s image.

Ferrari isn’t just a car maker or an F1 team but a fully-fledged luxury brand – one of the world’s most iconic luxury brands, too. But their exclusive image has been diluted in recent years by selling too much merchandise for too cheap a price. As Ferrari Chief Executive Louis Camilleri told Business of Fashion, Ferrari’s “current offerings are too stretched and are in danger of diluting our very precious brand equity.”

Partnering up with Armani is part of a broader push by the Prancing Horse to rationalise their merchandising options and restore some of the glory to their name. As a bonus, it’ll have their F1 team looking stylish as hell, too. Leclerc and Sainz must be pretty happy.

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Ferrari and Armani’s new relationship, much like Italian watch manufacturer Panerai’s partnership with the Prada Linea Rossa America’s Cup team, speaks to a growing trend of patriotic collaborations between Italian luxury brands. Armani himself puts it this way:

“Today, more than ever, we need to find a way to promote Italian excellence in a dialogue between different areas and disciplines. Ferrari is recognised around the world as a symbol of Italy and I am proud of this collaboration. I have come up with an elegant wardrobe for the drivers, which is suitable for their travels in the hope that we can all be on the move again soon and that, all together, we are ready for our country’s recovery.”

This week has also seen Scuderia Ferrari unveiled a new car, which they’ll use for the next few years. The SF21 is very much an iterative design, with the FIA’s strict regulations shaping Ferrari’s updates.

“This car is the 67th to be built in Maranello to compete in the Formula 1 World Championship and is an evolution of last year’s SF1000, as dictated by the regulations, which require the use of the same chassis as in 2020, thus limiting the opportunities for change in many areas,” Ferrari relates.

“Therefore, the SF21 was developed in all the permitted areas, from the engine, which is completely new, to the aerodynamics and, at the rear end, which is where the two development tokens allowed in the regulations have been used.”

We’ll see Leclerc, Sainz and the SF21 in action at the 2021 Formula One World Championship, which is set to kick off with the Bahrain Grand Prix on the 28th of March.

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Giorgio Armani + Scuderia Ferrari Formula One Team

Venetia Tyler takes a look at the new collaboration between two of Italy’s most famous luxury brands

Armani recently revealed some exciting news to expectant Formula One fans in preparation for Italy’s recovery and comeback on the road to a post-pandemic world.  Coming a couple of years after their formal partnership made news back in 2019, Giorgio Armani has announced they will be supplying all the formal attire and travel wear for the entire Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team from next season, including all management and technical staff.  The news comes at a time when fashion houses and designers are now starting to look towards a brighter future, where countries can begin repairing economies and paving the ways for new creativity to thrive.

The formal attire has been designed for all the official events that the Ferrari team will attend, while the travel wear covers things like transfers to and from Formula One Grand Prix races (because you never know who could be watching or who you’ll run into). With all members of the Ferrari Formula One team suited and booted, they’ll be dressed in modern-cut formal suits, with jackets crafted from jacquard wool fabrics and embellished with a micro-chevron pattern. All wool overcoats and matching accessories – shoes, belts and ties – are presented in a palette of navy blue and, of course, everything is stamped with the stylish and iconic Ferrari logo, perhaps one of the most recognisable symbols of luxury in the world. For the women’s formal attire, we find classic-cut suits in wool, silk georgette crew-neck shirts, and smart navy-blue leather pumps.

The collaboration between two of Italy’s most famous luxury brands seems so obvious it’s a wonder it has taken this long.  This particular collaboration represents the meticulous blending and consideration of so many different elements to be able to tell one consistent story over two entirely different disciplines – the mechanics, the technical, the race-driving, the events it all revolves around, the sport itself, combined with everything involved in fashion design had to be crafted into one coherent theme to feel authentic and unforced to the wider public. The unification of all of these elements also had the added benefit of allowing supremely creative minds to promote Italian opulence and design with one ‘face’ to the rest of the world.

Today, more than ever, we need to pull together as a system to promote Italian excellence, creating a synergic dialogue among different disciplines. Ferrari is a world-renowned symbol of Italy, and I am proud of this collaboration. I have created an elegant wardrobe that the race drivers will wear during their travels, hoping that we can all get back moving, ready for the recovery of our country, all of us together. – Giorgio Armani.

Not only is this new collaboration bringing stylish formal attire, but it’s also coming with water-repellent outerwear for transfers and travelling. Sporty-cut trousers and polo shirts are important parts of the collection, as are the sweatshirts, a parka, and a two-button deconstructed jackets. The world is about to experience a Ferrari team who have just had serious makeover of their wardrobes.  Not only will they be racing in style on the circuits, they’ll now also be the team to compete with in the style stakes off the circuits and beyond.

To read our last feature on Armani click here.

Click here for more information about Giorgio Armani.

The Powerful Influence of Fashion & Formula 1 — Parc Fermé

The high end, statement pieces received mixed reviews from Formula 1 fans on social media. A common opinion being that while the throwback designs were awesome, the prices were going to be an issue. For others, typically the older and more traditionally minded fans of racing, they were angry that a Formula 1 team would even try to go down this route. But fashion is subjective and understandably the collection wasn’t designed to please everyone. If anything, perhaps the aim of these collaborations is to catch the eye of non-fans and spark their interest in the sport, rather than to appease its existing ones. 

The fan base of Formula 1 spans across generations and demographics, all expecting a certain output from the sport and consuming it differently. Younger generations want to feel connected to it and to see more personality from the drivers. With this in mind, teams have been pushed to re-imagine themselves as lifestyle brands, and McLaren are a prime example of this. Not only through their collaboration with Rhude, but with new media output like McLaren Unboxed, and by selling their driver’s own merchandise designs. Leaning into these demands shows a more human side to the sport which is crucial to the longevity of Formula 1 and to keeping its younger fanbase interested.

The truth is there is so much more to Formula 1 than what happens on the track. By focussing on the lifestyle around itself, Formula 1 has began to open itself up to a wider, more diverse audience. An audience that cares about more than just racing, and one that is more reflective of society today. Formula 1 no longer wants to be seen as a white, rich-man’s game, it’s a sport actively pushing for change through its many initiatives, and by working together with fashion brands it shows a more culturally relevant and open minded outlook for its future.

For us at Parc Fermé, we are excited to see Formula 1 and its teams take these new avenues, and to make a change to the traditional output it provides. We hope to see these collaborations align further with some of the ideals of sustainability and inclusivity that the sport is working towards, perhaps partnering with environmentally and socially conscious brands that fall a little closer to the average viewers budget. The power of collaboration is undeniable and it is an opportunity for Formula 1 to transform itself from a sport into a truly compelling brand.

Ferrari Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Ferrari is famous for competing on the Formula One circuit: Since 1952 the Italian motorsports thoroughbred has won 16 Constructor’s Championships and 15 Driver’s Championships, and seen its gorgeous, throbbing Rosso Corsa-clad cars start in pole position (a.k.a. first in line) a mighty 251 times. Tonight, though, Ferrari stepped up a gear to make its debut on a circuit so fast-moving and cutthroat it makes F1 look restrained: the fashion circuit.

Designed by Rocco Iannone—who cut his teeth at Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, and latterly Pal Zileri—this first Ferrari fashion collection comprised 52 looks, of which 80% were unisex. It was shown in Ferrari’s home town of Maranello, Italy, on the assembly line where its automotive artisans are usually employed to hook up mighty V12 engines to hand-sculpted 812 GTS.

Opened by Mariacarla Boscono and closed by Natalia Vodianova, the collection was watched by design luminaries Jony Ive and Marc Newson, as well as John Elkann, grandson of Gianni Agnelli and the man currently behind the wheel of Ferrari (plus a gazillion other interests held by Exor conglomerate). Iannone integrated fabrics (such as carbon fiber) and silhouettes inspired by the anatomy of Ferrari’s automotive catalogue while adding house iconography drawn from its archives but recontextualized to rest next to bodies rather than bodywork. Partners including Puma and Ray-Ban provided sneakers and sunglasses that featured recognizable Ferrari motifs without being too pit-lane loud, although there was plenty of overtly Ferrarified sports-sock sporting, and an interesting adaptation of the marque’s Prancing Horse logo into crystal-etched jewelry.

The collection was indisputably thought through, intricate, and embedded with the heritage of this motor house. Plus it was for sure more evolved than the badge-heavy petrolhead merch long produced here—and at pretty much every prestigious car marque—to attract those who relate to the brand but cannot afford the $200,000-ish (in Ferrari’s case) it takes to buy an entry-level model. But all of this Prancing Horse–themed pomp and fashion ceremony did beg one big question: why? After all, last year Ferrari made a profit of 534 million euros on revenues of 3.46 billion euros—pretty sweet numbers—and was also named the world’s strongest brand by Brand Finance for the second time. So why venture out of its lane to deliver this fashion diversion?

The answer seemed to lie in a comment by Iannone, who spoke pre-show of wishing “to enlarge our fan base, including young generations and women especially—although women have always been part of our fan base but it has never been well told.

Furthermore, as this collection was launched, Ferrari simultaneously debuted a serene, terra-cotta-clad retail concept overseen by Simon Mitchell of London’s Sybarite, and reopened Cavallino, the Maranello restaurant that was originally Ferrari’s staff canteen, under the directorship of Modena-based superchef Massimo Bottura and the Paris-based architect India Mahdavi. As Ferrari’s chief brand diversification officer Nicola Boari said, the aim is “to build a bridge to a wider audience.”

Even on its home turf, Ferrari is embracing change: It will launch an SUV this year, before debuting its first all-electric vehicle in 2025. Fashion-wise, Iannone’s decision to size his collection from XXXS to XXXL was another indication that Ferrari is attempting to alter the aerodynamics of its perception in order to broaden its appeal and adapt to changing, 21st-century tastes. 

Lawrence Stroll: the F1 boss and fashion tycoon rescuing Aston Martin | Aston Martin

Film fans everywhere know that James Bond always offers a blend of sartorial refinement and expensive sports cars. Beleaguered shareholders in Aston Martin, 007’s favoured car in the movie series, will be hoping that same glamorous combination will work in the boardroom, as the investor overseeing the latest bailout of the beleaguered British carmaker is a billionaire fashion tycoon.

Lawrence Stroll is the lead investor and controller of the consortium pumping in £182m as part of the luxury marque’s £500m rescue fundraising. The Canadian will also join the board as executive chairman.

Stroll made his $2.6bn (£2bn) fortune through a series of investments in the global expansion of fashion brands.

He grew up in Montreal, learning from his father, Leo Strulovitch, a Quebec businessman who brought the Pierre Cardin and Polo Ralph Lauren brands to Canada. Stroll then built on the Ralph Lauren connection, taking the label to Europe.

That was followed by an investment in the American designer Tommy Hilfiger that helped his brand become a household name, and then the £100m purchase of a majority stake in Michael Kors in 2003. That investment paid off for Stroll and his business partner Silas Chou as Michael Kors products – especially its leather tote bags – became hugely popular around the world and the value of the business rocketed. Stroll’s company, Sportswear Holdings, finally sold the last of its stake in 2014.

The immense wealth generated by those investments has given Stroll an almost archetypal billionaire’s lifestyle. As well as his base in Geneva, he has homes in London, Quebec and on the Caribbean island of Mustique, according to the Telegraph.

He also owns a 62-metre superyacht, Faith, complete with helicopter landing pad. The boat is regularly sighted in party spots favoured by the super-rich and famous, with Sarah Ferguson, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas among the famous guests at a Great Gatsby-themed 60th birthday party in July.

While he made his name in fashion, Stroll is also a petrolhead. He collects vintage Ferraris and more recently has taken an increasing role in the high-octane world of motor sport. He became one of a select group of Formula One team owners when he led a group of investors to buy the Force India racing team in August 2018, which he renamed as Racing Point.

Stroll’s son Lance is a racing driver who has risen rapidly through the ranks. The 21-year-old made his Formula One debut in 2017, and last year moved from Williams to his father’s team, which will be rebranded in Aston Martin livery next year.

Lewis Hamilton in Pole Position in New York Fashion Show

A new-look Lewis Hamilton with Kanye West (extreme right), Nicki Minaj (centre) (Credit: Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram)© Instagram

Lewis Hamilton’s interests beyond the F1 circuit is becoming increasingly clearer. The Mercedes driver, who has ruled the 2015 Formula One season thus far, was in the spotlight at a New York fashion show last weekend. Hamilton joined a host of Hollywood celebrities at the Alexander Wang Fashion Week show in the city that never sleeps.(Hamilton Single After Splitting With Rihanna)

Hamilton’s interest beyond racing includes music and on Saturday, the 30-year-old British driver swapped the cockpit for a front row seat alongside music royalty to pay homage to the very latest in fashion. Wearing a black leather jacket and shades, Hamilton sported his new blonde look at the star-studded event. He was joined by music stars Kanye West, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj among others.

Hamilton claimed his seventh race victory of the season at Monza last Sunday to stretch his lead at the top of the drivers’ championship to 53 points ahead of team-mate Nico Rosberg, closing in on his third world title.

Hamilton, who is Britain’s richest sportsman having increased his wealth from last year by 20 million Pounds to a whopping 88m Pounds, can make it three straight wins with victory in the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend.

“I am at a point in my life where I know that I have a certain amount of years left in F1 and I am conscious of what will be beyond that,” Hamilton is quoted as saying by

“I look at people like Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and David Beckham — sports stars who have continued to rise beyond their active careers and created businesses and futures for themselves beyond sport.

“Now I am in a phase where I am trying to build foundations to be able to do the same.” Hamilton’s passion for fashion may well be one option he may choose to explore.

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Lewis Hamilton Formula 1

F1 Merchandise – Grand Prix Legends

Whichever driver or team you support, you’ll find all the latest 2019 Formula One merchandise at Grand Prix Legends. If you’re a Lewis Hamilton fan then we have an extensive range of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport clothing, accessories and caps. Or if you’re a member of the Tifosi, you’ll find a vast range of official Scuderia Ferrari merchandise, including replica teamwear and classic scudetto T-shirts, polo shirts, caps and outerwear. We also stock genuine merchandise from the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team and Racing Point F1 Team (Force India). We also have driver merchandise from a range of current F1 stars – including Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly – as well as official merchandise from the legendary Ayrton Senna.  


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90,000 Fashionable clothes from Formula 1 racers

Formula 1 is a royal race full of passion and fierce struggle. Here is the triumph of technology and the supremacy of speed. Car pilots are among the few who are able to harness incredibly powerful cars and practically dominate the passage of time. It is not without reason that motor sportsmen are considered one of the most privileged in sports: around them are the best cars, their names are known all over the world, and the list of sponsors includes the most popular and premium brands.Even such conservative “monsters” of modern fashion as Hugo Boss and Armani did not ignore them. High fashion, saturated with adrenaline, smelling of oil and gasoline, but at the same time not losing its usual gloss and status – what could be better? Perhaps there is something.

How about a simple and, at the same time, recognized and relevant casual from the speed trainers themselves? Some teams and pilots keep up with their eminent environment and release not only boring team “merch”, but also real clothing collections that are popular with both fans and athletes around the world. Want to be part of the creative drive of legendary racers? Let’s see what Formula 1 can surprise us with besides spectacular racing battles.

Collection of clothes and accessories from AlphaTauri

The subsidiary team of the great and mighty Red Bull, AlphaTauri, together with its pilots launched the whole AlphaTauri fashion brand, producing men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and accessories. By the way, Daniil Kvyat, who played for the team last season, managed to have a hand in the produced models.The collections have turned out to be surprisingly versatile and are suitable for almost any occasion, whether it is an ordinary walk or a business meeting. Several low-key casual looks, which we have selected for you from the youngest “stable” in the entire peloton:

The entire line can be viewed on the team’s website. If you liked something, then any item can be ordered without any problems with delivery to Russia and enjoy a piece of Faenza any day.

Daniel Ricciardo’s clothing and accessories collection

Daniel Ricciardo, perhaps one of the brightest and most charismatic drivers of modern Formula 1, also did not stay away from the fashion world. Committed to a sporty vibe, he launched a small line of menswear and accessories for fans around the world in his undeniably recognizable style. And, it seems, he made the right decision. The total sold out on the store’s page subtly hints that sweatshirts, T-shirts and caps with a branded three are becoming a rare exclusive.

Do you like the style of the smiling Australian? Then you are here. A couple of clicks, and a piece of positive Daniel is always with you.

Fernando Alonso Accessories Collection

Legend of Formula 1 and the entire world motorsport, two-time world champion, winner of Le Mans, participant of the Dakar and Indy-500. Guess who we are talking about? The incomparable Fernando Alonso not only smashes his rivals on the racing surface and actively develops his karting academy. For several years now, under his KIMOA brand, sunglasses, caps, T-shirts, sweatshirts and other accessories have been produced. How about a design inspired by the laurel wreath of the main marathon in your wardrobe?

By the way, most of the models are absolutely unisex and will look great on both men and girls. You can verify this here.

Max Verstappen Clothing Collection

The loudest formula sensation of the last decade.An uncut diamond, hand-picked by Helmut Marko in the vast expanses of Formula 3 and cut to exacting Austrian standards. Flamboyant and uncompromising – he not only became the leader of Red Bull, but also brought a whole army of fans with him. Yes, the same “orange sea”. In a short period of time, Max Verstappen turned from an ordinary boy into a super-star and has already released several small limited collections with denim brands, but in addition to occasional collaborations with famous brands, he, together with Red Bull, prepared a separate collection of clothes for his fans. Max’s style is definitely recognizable on the track, but on the shop windows? Let’s get a look.

Kimi Raikkonen clothing collection

Heading Man. Remember how many funny and ridiculous stories are associated with the icy image of Kimi Raikkonen. Of course, glory, youth, a few strong drinks and a specific Finnish character are to blame. But after all, the whole world fell in love with Kimi not for numerous “misdeeds”. He’s just real.The way many might want to be. He doesn’t care what the press says or what strangers think of him. Raikkonen doesn’t care about the stars and journalists scurrying around him. There is only him, his path and vision of the world, which, it seems, has not changed either fame or money. He remained the same as he was at the very beginning of the journey – an ordinary Finnish guy, but with only one difference: now millions are equal to him. The collection of clothing, released in collaboration with West Coast Choppers, is literally imbued with the spirit of the Iceman. And what is this spirit like? Everyone feels it differently. What will you see in this collection?

World champion, Le Mans competitor, famous dog lover, triathlete, wonderful father of two, Sky Sports commentator … The list goes on and on and everything will be about one person – about Jenson Button. They say that a talented person is talented in everything, and the radiant Jenson is proof of this. I don’t know how the ex-Formula 1 pilot took a little time to create his collection of sportswear, but a joint project with the Dare 2B brand exists and is developing successfully.

Lewis Hamilton clothing and accessories collection

The main trendsetter in modern Formula 1. Not only a seven-time world champion, holder of an uncountable number of records, but also the main guest at the shows of the world’s best designers. The image of Lewis Hamilton is always thought out to the smallest detail. According to the racer himself, fashion is his second passion after Formula 1. And, of course, the legendary Lewis could not do without his clothing collection.Back in 2020, an extremely successful line was released, released in conjunction with Tommy Hilfiger, but by 2021 only crumbs remained of it … The solo collection of clothes has been announced, but it is not yet dazzling on the shelves, so, regrettably to realize this, but for now you will have to be content only a collection of glasses co-produced with the Mercedes AMG F1 Team sponsor Police. But we will definitely keep our finger on the pulse. By the way, you can choose the frame both for ordinary sunglasses and for lenses with diopters.

Formula 1 Encyclopedia: 1950-2021

Gonki202120202019201820172016201520142013201220112010200920082007200620052004200320022001200019991998199719961995199419931992199119901989198819871986198519841983198219811980197919781977197619751974197319721971197019691968196719661965196419631962196119601959195819571956195519541953195219511950TrassyA1-RingAdelaidaAidaAyn-DiabAlgarveAnderstorpAFUSBakuBolshaya NoydaBremgartenBrends-HetchBuenos-AyresValensiyaDallasDetroytDzhiddaDizhon-PrenuaDonington-ParkZhakarepaguaZandfortZolderImolaIndianapolisInterlagosIst-LondonYonamKatalunya-MonmeloKlermon-FerranKyalamiLas-VegasLe Mans (ring Bugatti) Long-BichMani KurMelburnMehiko-SitiMon-TremblanMonzhuik-ParkMonrealMonsanto-ParkMonte-KarloMontsaMosport-ParkMudzhelloNivel-BolerNyurburgringOsterrayhringOstinPedralbesPeskaraPol-RikarPortuReymsReyms- GuRiversideRuanSahirSebringSepangSilverstoneSingaporeSochiSpa FrancorchantIstanbulSuzukaWatkins GlenPhoenixFujiHaramaJerez de la FronteraHockenheimHungaroringZeltwegShanghaiEintree Days biAvstraliiAvstriiAzerbaydzhanaAyfelyaArgentinyBahreynaBelgiiBraziliiVelikobritaniiVengriiGermaniiEvropyIndiiIspaniiItaliiKanadyKitayaLyuksemburgaMalayziiMarokkoMeksikiMonakoNiderlandovPeskaryPortugaliiRossiiSan-MarinoSahiraSingapuraSShASShA-VostokSShA-ZapadTihogo okeanaToskanyTurtsiiFrantsiiTsezars-PalasShveytsariiShvetsiiShtiriiEmilii-RomaniYuzhnoy AfrikiYuzhnoy KoreiYaponiiGonschikiABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWYZShassiABCDEFGHIJKLMOPRSTVWZDvigateliABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPRSTVWYZShinyAvonBridgestoneContinentalDunlopEnglebertFirestoneGoodyearMichelinPirelliNatsiiAvstraliyaAvstriyaArgentinaBelgiyaBraziliyaVelikobritaniyaVengriyaVenesuelaVetnamGDRGermaniyaGonkongDaniyaIzrailIndiyaIndoneziyaIrlandiyaIspaniyaItaliyaKanadaKitayKolumbiyaLihtenshteynMalayziyaMarokkoMeksikaMonakoNigdeNiderlandyNovaya ZelandiyaPolshaPortugaliyaRodeziyaRossiyaSShATailandUrugvayFinlyandiyaFrantsiyaChehiyaChiliShveytsariyaShvetsiyaYuzhnaya AfrikaYaponiyaStatistikaGonschikiShassiDvigateliShinyNatsiiTrassyGran PriChempionatyReytingiGonschikiShassiDvigateli

90,000 Formula 1: the best drivers – photos, facts from the biography


Michael “Red Baron” Schumacher

Perhaps, it needs no introduction – very few people become a household name. The most successful, the most titled and many, many “most” in the history of the championship. Set a colossal number of records more than ten years ago, and many of them are not even close to being threatened yet. For example, in order for Lewis Hamilton to get ahead of him in the number of victories, he needs to win 21 more races.

Given that there are exactly 21 Grand Prix in the championship, the current champion will need several more years.As well as catching up in the number of champion titles: Schumacher has seven of them, and no one else was able to achieve such a result. Moreover, five of them were won in a row – in the period from 2000 to 2004 inclusive. And no one will beat this achievement in the near future.

His nickname, as you might guess, received in honor of the ace of the First World War, which is logical: they are both Germans and both performed in red. And both churned out record after record.

2. Lewis Hamilton

Despite his difficult character, the Briton has forever inscribed himself in the history of motorsport: besides him, only two managed to become five-time world champions: Michael Schumacher and Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio, who competed in the 1950s.At the same time, Hamilton is perhaps the most secular pilot in the history of Formula 1. Between arrivals, he is constantly seen at fashion shows, at film presentations, or in the coolest clubs in the world. And in this he is very different from almost all championship riders – they most often lead a closed lifestyle and carefully hide all information about themselves.

3. Sebastian Vettel

Hamilton’s main rival and antagonist: four titles, repeated wheel-to-wheel wrestling and extreme intransigence on the track towards each other.He is distinguished by excessive irascibility (which is so uncharacteristic for the Germans) and extreme secrecy in matters of his personal life – the journalists managed to accidentally find out that he became a father twice only after some time.

Vettel is the most successful representative of the Red Bull youth program. The beverage maker helped him in his career literally from his teenage years and made him one of the most titled racers, after which he joined the team of his idol Michael Schumacher – Ferrari. He has not yet become a Red Baron, but he is still one of the most legendary pilots.

4. Fernando Alonso

Although the last title of the two-time world champion dates back to 2006, and the driver left Formula 1 just now, he still remained one of the fastest and strongest drivers in history. A man of truly phenomenal talent, he is distinguished by a manic hunger for racing. Alonso is one of the few to have competed in two championships at the same time: Formula 1 and the FIA ​​WEC Endurance Championship. In the second, by the way, he won the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans.And with all this, he still manages to anonymously compete in local championships! They say about him that he can go fast on anything.

However, his character is so-so: wherever he performed, scandals always took place in this place and terrible undercover games arose. For example, at McLaren, he quarreled with young Hamilton so much that he declared war on his own team and told the organizers that they had stolen the Ferrari blueprints, and at Renault he and his friend and manager Flavio Briatore managed to rig the race results.Briatore was expelled from Formula 1 for five years. Fernando also got out of the water and did not even lose the victory. At the end of his career, he calmed down and began to just drive for pleasure, squeezing 120% of the possibilities out of the car.

5. Kimi Iceman Raikkonen

A pilot who is loved by everyone without exception. If a Formula 1 fan does not sympathize with Kimi Raikkonen, then this is an insensitive cracker and in decent society they won’t even give him a hand. The absolute personification of a typical Finn: categorically laconic, damn fast, extremely naughty and loves to drink. Yes, yes, in this matter he is a professional no worse than in driving a car. The video of how he rested in St. Petersburg in December (again, as befits a Finn), several times flew around all fan communities around the world.

At the same time, he is one of the few who was not inferior to either Alonso or Schumacher – in 2005 he lost 21 points to the Spaniard, but was ahead of the German by 50, and in 2007, in the last race, literally miraculously snatched the champion title from Alonso and Hamilton : ahead of them by one point, despite the fact that three races before the end of the championship, his chances of winning were almost mathematical.

The Iceman got the nickname for several reasons at once: first, again, laconicism. Secondly, an amazing composure even in the most difficult situations. Thirdly, the almost complete absence of emotions, including off the track. A truly ice man.

6. Max Verstappen

A young, but already very bright pilot – he made his debut at a record 17 years old. Despite his young age, he is now one of the fastest racers in the world. He is very hot-tempered, which, coupled with speed, makes an incredible show almost every start.Max is the son of another Formula 1 driver, Jos Verstappen, who did not show outstanding results on the track, but outside the race track he regularly got into scandals and even sat in prison a couple of times. And Max’s irascibility definitely inherited from his dad.

7. Felipe Massa

Massa was remembered by several extremely striking episodes at once. The first is a defeat in the championship in literally the last race – which is the worst, in his native Sao Paulo. At the same time, he personally did everything he could: confidently lead in the pouring rain, came to the finish line first, and even the first 30 seconds after the finish was considered a champion.But literally in the last corner, Lewis Hamilton overtook Toyota driver Timo Glock, which allowed him to be one point ahead of Massa. A ringing silence hung over the whole of Brazil, and only in the garage of the McLaren team (for which Hamilton played) hysteria broke out – two hours ago no one could have imagined such an outcome.

The second striking event is a terrible injury: during the qualification for the Hungarian Grand Prix, the spring of Rubens Barrichello’s suspension, who was driving in front, flew into Massa’s head at full speed.The Ferrari driver instantly lost consciousness and crashed into a wall at a speed of about 200 km / h. After that, he had a long recovery period, but in the end, in 2010, he returned behind the wheel of a scarlet car.

And in the same 2010, another extremely unpleasant event for his fans happened: during the German Grand Prix, he, who was leading in the race, received a very thinly veiled order to let his teammate, Fernando Alonso, pass. As a result, the Brazilian was deprived of a 100% victory, and Alonso once again demonstrated that in every team where he plays, he cannot do without scandalous situations.

8. Robert Kubica

The first and only Pole in Formula 1 history – and one of the fastest drivers of his generation. The phenomenal speed allowed him to become one of the fastest in his debut season. Everyone expected that within a couple of years he would become the world champion.

But in 2011, while performing at a rally in Italy (and competing in a rally was his hobby), he had a terrible accident, in which he injured his right hand. So much so that it was literally collected in pieces for six months.Everyone thought that this incident would put an end to the race car’s career (the hand still hasn’t restored functionality). But after a few years, Kubica returned first to the rally, and then to the circuit races. Moreover, in 2019 he will be the combat pilot of the Williams team, and this is one of the most phenomenal comebacks in the history of Formula 1.

9. Daniil Kvyat

Ufimets was included in this selection not because he is the most successful Russian, but because his career is more like a roller coaster. Judge for yourself: in 2014, at the age of 19, he becomes one of the youngest Formula 1 drivers in history and competes for the Toro Rosso team. Just a year later, when Sebastian Vettel decides to leave Red Bull, Kvyat is transferred to Vettel’s place, and he shows an excellent season, ahead of his teammate Daniel Riccardo, who, in turn, was able to defeat Vettel.

It would seem that everything is fine, and in 2016 he even rises to the podium for the first time in his career. But after a couple of unsuccessful races, literally a month after the podium, he was urgently “demoted” back to Toro Rosso, where he “breaks down” and goes very badly.Everyone expects that he will definitely go next season, but in 2017 his results are even worse. And therefore, right during the season, he is removed from the races. Then they return one stage. Then they are finally fired.

And after all these setbacks, he suddenly becomes a Ferrari development pilot. Having traveled all year on the simulator and the test site of the legendary Italian team, at the end of 2018 he absolutely suddenly signs a new contract with Red Bull (from where he was fired) and since 2019 he again becomes a combat racer.And, judging by the amplitude of the ups and downs, now a white stripe awaits him. In any case, I want to believe it.

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Photo: Getty Images

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The hosts of “Your Day” will wear Ukrainian art

Producer Yegor Gordeev has chosen what the hosts of “Your Day” will wear on the podium of Ukrainian Fashion Week.

Stars of the show “Your Day” on channel 1 + 1 will take to the podium of Ukrainian Fashion Week! Timur Miroshnichenko, Stasya Rovinskaya, Vladimir Rabchun, Ruslana Pysanka, Vlad Yama, Irina Vannikova and producer Yegor Gordeev will wear overalls of the Ukrainian art brand OVERALL with prints of paintings by young Ukrainian artists from Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, as well as Berlin, Barcelona and Tel Aviv …The show will take place on September 4 as part of the brand’s social project – “Draw the Ukrainian mystery.”

“Your day in art! The hosts of the project “Your Day” will appear on the podium of Ukrainian Fashion Week in overalls with the work of talented Ukrainian designers from all over the world from the OVERALL brand. To acquaint viewers with the stories of Ukrainian contemporary artists, it should be shown in everyday things. And clothes are one of them. Therefore, expect an amazing collaboration from the world of television, art and fashion in September, ”says Yegor Gordeev.

The open call received 282 applications from young artists from Ukraine and diasporas from around the world! As a result, 12 winners were selected. They were chosen by the jury: host 1 + 1 and producer of the show “Your Day” Yegor Gordeev, Ukrainian art dealer Igor Abramovich, chairman of the organizing committee of Ukrainian Fashion Week Irina Danilevskaya, director of the Department of Culture of the Kyiv City State Administration Yana Barinova, editor-in-chief of the publication “Ukrainian Truth” Sevgil Musaeva, curator and founder of Tuasho agency Anna Avetova and editor-in-chief of VIVA! Ivanna Slaboshpitskaya.

“Artists will receive royalties on every item sold. We consider this principle of support with copyright protection to be the most influential. Anyone can join simply by purchasing an item, ”says the founder of the OVERALL brand Anastasia Bratkova.

Among the winners: Odessa duo Françoise Oz and Bohdan Perevertun, whose works are already on display at the Odessa Art Museum, Rivne artist, teacher and popularizer of the Ukrainian ethnic group Inna Kharchuk, Ukrainian street art artist and muralists DIMA FATUM, known for creating a mural for “Formula 1”, and his work can be seen in Germany, Italy, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan and Gritsa Erde (Germany), who creates digital collages using rare photos of the late 19th – early 20th century and paints them in a visual editor.

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After signing contracts with the winners of the competition for young artists, the brand team will begin preparations for the fashion show, which will take place in September, as part of the 49th season of Ukrainian Fashion Week.

“The theme of art is very close to me – the youngest daughter, Maria, is seriously engaged in drawing and dreams of entering an art academy. And I would like that when she becomes an artist, I also find such support, because it is very important in the beginning. Creativity is a hard road. You just go and work a lot – patiently, persistently … And I have never walked the catwalk, so I will willingly try myself as a model, especially with such a noble goal – to support young Ukrainian artists, ”adds the host of the show“ Your Day ” Irina Vannikova.

“As a woman who lives in this country, as a mother of two teenagers, I want my children to also wear Ukrainian clothes and know Ukrainian art.And if they distribute it in this way, the goal of our project will be achieved, ”says the editor-in-chief of VIVA magazine! Ivanna Slaboshpitskaya.


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