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You want to install a good man! I put the shoes out of the door, his legs trembled a little – I always thought I would be a very calm and quiet man, encountered anything uneventful encounter any woman is Liuxia. wholesale jerseys cheap ” As I approached wanted to touch her, the girl suddenly stood up and rushed over to me, I do not have any of these incidents preparedness, almost He was knocked down.
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Is this Ryan’s cheap replica football jerseys fault? Sure, at least partially and possibly more than that. The Jets’ worst quarter, by far, has been football jerseys replica the third, a sure sign of an inability to properly adjust within games. More replica football jerseys china importantly and perhaps tangibly, some of Ryan’s defensive leaders, including star lineman Muhammad Wilkerson, have consistently cited the team’s lack of focus and preparation, dating back to training camp. Ryan’s in-game management has replica football jerseys cheap also cost the Jets points in at least four of their eight losses and his timeout wholesale replica nfl jerseys management has bordered on atrocious.

Much like in Atlanta and Chicago, the Jets’ roster and the front office also deserve part of the blame. Idzik cheap replica jerseys nfl has significantly improved the roster since arriving two years ago, upgrading the talent at running back, receiver, tight end and on cheap replica nfl jerseys from china the defensive line. However, his first two draft classes haven’t paid immediate dividends beyond Sheldon Richardson and he chose not to spend most of the millions available to him in free agency this spring. wholesale nfl replica jerseys Idzik has instead opted to fill the roster with the type of low-cost, moderate-reward veterans to fill holes rather than blow his budget on a wholesale replica nfl jerseys china high-priced free agent on a risky long-term deal.

Ryan is almost sure to lose his job – failing to develop two young quarterbacks over six years wholesale replica football jerseys and four straight non-winning seasons will do that. Smith, too, is likely on his way out, while Trestman will probably survive long enough to be back in this nfl jerseys replica conversation again next November. That’s just how the blame game works.


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    DHgate NFL Jerseys Review 2021

    Nobody trusts those Chinese NFL jerseys, especially the really bad ones we’ve seen online.

    The thing is, there are replica jersey sellers and people who make absolute crap. The former is what we’re going to cover today!

    DHgate has a reputation for really amazing football/soccer jerseys and have an awesome reputation for selling some amazing fakes. Bridging this together, it only makes sense that they have amazing NFL jerseys.

    At least that was my hunch and I was proven right. Boy, are these DHgate NFL jerseys amazing. I mean, people rarely rate products on DHgate and these jerseys are always rated high.

    But ratings could be fake! So I wanted to find out, if DHgate has those NFL jerseys with the right fit, the right color, the right texture, the right text and every other detail!

    DHgate NFL Jerseys Review

    Let’s look at a few jerseys. Some have been purchased by me and some have been purchased by my friends. These are your super cheap $20 Jerseys. This is how they look.

    Here’s another $20 Brady Jersey

    Purely, in terms of quality. I think the DHgate jerseys are top draw. For the price, they are amazing and considering the jerseys change every year, this is a very good budget option.

    The NFL Dhgate jerseys have the NFL Logo, good quality stitching and the colors are on point. The numbers are perfectly sized and raised. From inside and out, these NFL jerseys are amazing.

    NFL jerseys online from China

    Cheap NFL Jersey Sellers Dhgate 

    Based on my research, the stores below have some of the finest jerseys at the best possible prices.

    These jerseys ship to the US at a cost of $6 per packet and it works out cheaper, if you buy in bulk. 


    The New_Style_Jerseys store is another top jersey store that caters to jerseys from all sports that includes NFL jerseys. Their most popular product in NFL jerseys is the Tampa Bay jerseys and the Cincinnati Bearcats jersey.  

    They are a Top Brand store and have a 98.9% positive rating with over 26,000+ successful transactions on their store. 

    Ships to the US? Yes, via ePacket

    Sizes Available : L, M, S, XL, XXL, XXXL 

    Check out the store here on DHgate 

    Big King Shop 

    The Big King shop is a DHgate recognized ‘Superior’ store that keeps updating their jerseys. They sell cheap NFL jerseys of Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Packers and more. 

    They have a 97.9% rating and over 10,000+ transactions. Their jerseys cost around $15 to $19 for one jersey. And it’s obviously cheaper when you buy in bulk as DHgate deals with wholesale NFL jerseys too. 

    Ships to the US? Yes, via ePacket

    Sizes Available : L, M, S, XL, XXL, XXXL 

    Check out the store here on DHgate 

    Flying Jersey 88 Jersey Store Dhgate

    The Flying Jersey 88 store is probably the most popular jersey store on DHgate. They are a top rated store with a 98.5% positive rating and over 49,280+ transactions. One of their popular NFL jersey products is the Atlanta Falcons jersey and the other is the Philadelphia Eagles jersey. 

    Ships to the US? Yes, via Epacket 

    Sizes Available : L, M, S, XL, XXL, XXXL 

    Check out the store here on DHgate 

    David Jersey Store 

    The David Jersey Store is a top seller on DHgate with over 20,000+ transactions and a 99.4% rating. They are a super popular store and have been around for more than 3 years on Dhgate. 

    They are known for their LSU jerseys and apart from NFL jerseys, they sell jerseys of other sports like Baseball, Basketball and hockey. 

    Ships to the US? Yes, via Epacket 

    Sizes Available : L, M, S, XL, XXL, XXXL 

    Check out the store here on DHgate 

    Drew Brees Jersey Dhgate

    If you are a big Drew Brees fan, then you can check out the link below and there you can also find cheap jerseys of New Orleans saints and cheap Alvin Kamara Jersey, Michael thomson jersey amongst others.   

    Check out the jerseys on DHgate

    Aaron Rodgers Jersey DHgate

    If you don’t want to spend too much on an Aaron Rodgers jersey, especially when buying in bulk, check out this collection of cheap green bay packers jerseys. 

    Check out the jerseys on DHgate

    JJ Watt Jersey Dhgate

    Big Houston Texans fan? Then check out these good quality Houston Texans jerseys that are super cheap too. That includes the JJ Watts jersey apart from Deshaun, Deandre and others. 

    Check out the jerseys on DHgate

    Odell Beckham Junior Jersey Dhgate

    Cleveland Browns jerseys are all too popular and that includes Odell Beckham’s jerseys. You can get it here for cheaper and also you can get a hold of Mayfield’s jersey, Edelman’s jersey and more. 

    Check out the jerseys on DHgate

    Cheap New England Patriots Jerseys 

    There is no NFL without the New England Patriots and if you are in the market for either wholesale jerseys of New England Patriots or even one off pieces that are cheaper, then you can check out the link below.  

    Check out the jerseys on DHgate

    Cheap Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey

    The Pittsburgh steelers have one of the best jerseys in the NFL and you can get cheap jerseys of Conner, Fitzpatrick and others in the link below! 

    Check out the jerseys on DHgate

    Popular NFL Jerseys on Dhgate 

    Check out the jerseys on DHgate

    Soccer Jersey Dhgate

    One of the best stores for soccer jersey on Dhgate is the aptly named Soccer Jersey store. It’s the best selling fake soccer jersey store on Dhgate. They are a Top Seller and have a 99% positive feedback.

    You can find jerseys of the biggest clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus and also the jerseys of the national team.

    Check it out on Dhgate

    Where can I buy fake NFL jerseys?

    If you are looking for replica NFL jerseys, then one of the best replica jersey stores is DHgate. They sell NFL jerseys at a fraction of the cost of the original jerseys and the quality is great. Dhgate is a wholesale platform and if you are looking for NFL replica jerseys in bulk or custom NFL jerseys in bulk for your team, then the best site is DHgate. 

     Where to buy Cheap NFL Jerseys?

    DHgate has the best collection of Cheap NFL jerseys. They have a good collection, good price and also solid customer service. Your transactions are protected by DHgate Buyer’s Guarantee and hence you can buy high quality cheap jerseys for a fraction of the cost. 

    How much do you save by buying these NFL jerseys from China?

    You save at least $30 per jersey. One of these jerseys on Amazon

    Is it safe to buy Jerseys from Dhgate?

    DHgate has sellers who sell their products in wholesale and DHgate acts as a middleman to ensure there are no issues between the seller and buyer. There are refund policies, buyer protection guarantees and more.

    How do you find the right NFL Jersey seller on DHgate? 

    This is where it takes a bit of researching and analyzing to find the right sellers. 

    This is where I come in. I’ve listed the best DHgate NFL jersey sellers and also listed out the best individual jerseys for teams and players.

    So if you are looking for Tom Brady’s jersey or Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys, it’s listed below 🙂 

    Where can I find cheap NFL jerseys?

    There are so many online sites that sell Cheap NFL jerseys, but if you need good quality, then you can find them in Chinese wholesale jersey stores. Their expertise is in making super high quality NFL jerseys. So don’t look further than China for your jersey needs! 

    Are jerseys from DHgate good?

    Jerseys from Dhgate are unparalleled. If you see a lot of reddit threads on fake dhgate jerseys, you’ll clearly see so many examples of people who can’t recognise the real one from the fake one. Not only from a perspective of NFL jerseys, but also NHL jerseys and soccer jerseys and basketball jerseys. Dhgate is the go to destination for fake jerseys.

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    15 Best Wholesale Team Jersey Sites in China (Soccer/ Baseball/ Basketball/ Hockey)

    Wholesale team jersey is promising. In this article, I will list some wholesale websites where you can get authentic sports team jerseys at affordable prices, besides , you can also find some useful tips and FAQ of team jersey wholesale.

    Let’s learn more…

    There has been an increasing demand for sports jerseys as sports of different kinds become popular in the world today. Typically, you will find the stadium and sports arenas full of people, as they watch games. You will notice that most of these people wear their favorite team jerseys. You would have also noticed the new trends of people wearing sports jerseys as normal clothes. Wholesalers and retailers have continued to patronize wholesale team jerseys sites for their business. 

    First, I will share some wholesale team jersey sites with you.

    Top Website for Wholesale Team Jerseys

    Here is a list of Chinese jerseys wholesale websites.



    This is one of the biggest marketplaces in China for your China wholesale jerseys. They offer a unique platform where you can search for various sports jerseys on the platform. They offer international shipping and offer discounts and codes to help you reduce prices when you buy wholesale jerseys on this platform. You can use PayPal, MasterCard, Visa card and other payment systems to purchase on this platform.



    This is the best platform for your authentic wholesale hockey jerseys. The platform specializes in NHL, MLB, NBA, and NFL jerseys directly from the factory. You will enjoy more benefits when you buy more on this platform like huge discounts and free shipping anywhere in the world when you order more than 10pcs. You have 60 days 5o make returns and get full refunds, but the items must be unused and be in good conditions. You can pay with Visa card, Master cards, Maestro and other payment systems. 


    Chinabrands is a leading global drop shipping wholesaler from China. It offers full catalogs, including jerseys, cheap branded clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories, beauty, 3C products, household necessaries and so on that totally more than 500000+ SKU. Also, new and trendy arrivals added every day.


    It’s a very considerate supplier for covering low-end to high-end products lines at wholesale price. Purchase from this wholesale clothing distributor, you can buy tops in $0.29, and the quality is quite good. If you look for high-end fashion brand, it may just cost about $40. 


    Besides, every purchase in the site, you receiver CB points as rewords, and you can use as cash next buy. If you register as a member, you can get much more discounts as well as get more CB points. Extremely low price and CB rewords points can maximize cut you cost and make exciting more profits.


    What’s more, Chinabrands provides extra valuable services. 


    1) This drop shipper offers SEO-optimized product descriptions that you can download and upload to your online stores like Amazon, eBay or any other online shopping platform. That will save much time for you to write products descriptions and help your stores rank better.


    2) It has professional teams to choose trendy products that will sell well. Most store owners get crazy and have no idea which products should sell. Chianbrands’s team do the market search and add those data-proved hot sell in site everyday. And you can upload any products you like to your cheap clothing website.


    3) Also, Unlike Alibaba is just a third-party platform for hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and suppliers, that may have poor quality problems. Chinabrands has highly trained QC teams ensure the quality of every single product manufactured by major brand suppliers.

    Best-Selling Sportswear Wholesale on Chinabrands

    More >



    This platform provides you with authentic wholesale jerseys for your business and gets discounts shopping on this platform. They have responsive customer services where you can make inquiries about products before shopping online. You get 10% discounts using western union or money gram, and other payment methods include Visa cards, MasterCard, Maestro, and others. You have three days to ale a return when the products get to you, which is a shorter time than most platform offers.



    This online Site is suitable for your authentic football jerseys wholesale, wholesale basketball jerseys and wholesale hockey jerseys. Enjoy the best possible prices you can find anywhere online with huge discounts. You can use MoneyGram and Western Union where 6ih will enjoy 12% discounts, as well as make use of other payment systems with Visa cards, MasterCard and so on. They offer free shipping and international shipping of goods.



    You can get wholesale authentic jerseys at affordable prices as you enjoy huge discounts on jerseys when you shop on this platform. They ship internationally, and you get free shipping when you order more than ten pcs. They have numerous payment methods, but you get 10% discounts when you use western union and money gram. They have a flexible return policy, and you get 365 days to return your orders in good quality.



    One of the best online sites for wholesale custom jerseys where you can get cheap jerseys for your business. You get to use their fast payment system and get quality customer help when you register as a member on this platform. They ensure fast delivery with the use of UPS, EMS, and DHL and you can get your items delivered to you within 2 to 5 days. You can try the platform by buying samples of minimum products.



    For your football-loving customers, you can order quality wholesale soccer jerseys of the various football teams. You get free shipping and up to 30% discounts which are an added advantage for your business. They have a fast delivery service using top services such as EMS, DHL, and other delivery service company. You can find authentic wholesale football jerseys for kids to cater for those young football fans. You get good customer services that are willing to help you using this platform.



    Alibaba is one of the biggest online platforms for your chain wholesale jerseys. You can find a wide range of jerseys of different sports for men, women, and kids. You enjoy affordable prices and discounts for wholesale authentic jerseys. Get your products delivered to you within five days as they make use of fast courier services. They have a wide range of payment methods which make it easy for you to do business and you can return your orders within seven days of delivery.



    This platform offers you affordable prices for wholesale jerseys for your business, and you can also enjoy other benefits. The benefits of shopping online from this platform include free shipping for orders more than 10 pcs, discounts on prices, a wide range of sports jerseys for men, women, and kids and you can get 10% off using western union to pay for your orders.



    Get your quality soccer jerseys for your wholesale business from Minejerseys and enjoy up to 59% discounts.yiu will find quality jerseys from worldwide teams on this platform and give your customers the opportunity of buying thief g favorite football team jerseys. You enjoy 10% off when you pay with western union, and you can also use Visa cards, MasterCard and maestro for your secured payment on this platform. They have a flexible return policy where you have 365 days to return your orders for returns provided they are in good conditions.



    For your quality wholesale basketball jerseys, you should take a look at this platform and purchase quality products for your wholesale business. There are quality sports jersey products on this platform, and when you register as a member, you can enjoy quality services and discounts on prices. You can make payment using Visa card, MasterCard, Western Union for your secured payments. With their flexible return policy, you have 365 days to return jerseys in good conditions.



    There are quality sports jerseys on this platform, and it is one of the best places for your wholesale hockey jerseys. You enjoy free shipping of your ordered jerseys when they are more than ten pcs and you can get discounts from products on this site. You get fast delivery of products and can make returns 60 days after you have received the items. They have a wide range of secure payment gateway which includes western union, Visa card, and MasterCard.



    This is one of the best platforms in China for your wholesale jerseys with over 20 years experience in the business. You find quality cheap jerseys on this platform with top quality directly from manufacture in China. They provide you with support for your business, helping you to grow. They have numerous payment methods which I Claude PayPal, American Express, Visa card, MasterCard and western union.




    This is a unique platform where you can find suppliers in China for your wholesale China jerseys. This platform makes it easy to do business as they connect suppliers with buyers. They offer Professional services to your business is not just helping you to find the best suppliers in China that help you grow. They have been responsible for linking numerous businesses to quality suppliers in China and helping them do business successfully. 

    Tips for finding Cheap Soccer Jerseys

    Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and their jerseys are fast selling. Here are a few tips that will help you find cheap jerseys online for your business.

    1.    You can search online for online sites that offer cheap authentic wholesale football jerseys.

    2.    Always look for online sites that offer discounts, voucher codes, membership ship benefits. With such benefits, it will become cheaper when you order your soccer jerseys.

    3.    You should compare prices between suppliers and ensure that the one you choose with lower price offers authentic products.

    4.    Join related forums and follow topics where wholesalers share their experience and what they know about the business.

    5.    Register and become a member of online platforms that supply football jerseys to enjoy the benefits they offer. 

    Where can you buy cheap NFL jerseys?

    For your cheap NFL jerseys, you can buy them online at Chinabrands. com and, where you will be sure of getting quality products. 

    What is a good website to buy sports jerseys?

    If you want a variety of sports jerseys, your best option is Chinabrands offer affordable products of high quality, and you can find a wide range of sporting products. One other advantage of shopping on this platform is that they have good customer service which will provide you with the right support. They help make it easy to handle your wholesale business as they take care of logistics of your business. 

    How do people review wholesale jerseys from China?

    People from China use various channels to review their wholesale jerseys as we will share here. In most cases, the online platforms provide a room for you to share your experience with the products you bought from the platform. People usually place a review of products on these platforms after they had completed their orders. It is a good way to find the first-hand experience in using a platform.

    They also share reviews of platforms and products on online forums where people of similar interest gather to discuss their experiences. 


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    var endspan = ”;

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    Logo T-shirts
    T-shirts with a logo are one of the most actively used tools in the advertising business. And there is a completely logical explanation for this. The cost of making such a T-shirt is quite low. compared to other advertising media. With the current level of development of technology for printing on textiles and fairly large circulations, the cost of one product is low.For an advertising agency, this translates into an opportunity for additional profit. Add to this the long lifespan of the advertising medium, which is definitely an important point for the client.
    The cost of a promotional T-shirt is actually made up of three factors.
    First, the cost of the T-shirt itself. The higher the quality of the T-shirt, the more expensive it is. Often, agencies, in an effort to increase their profits, purchase the cheapest T-shirts for printing. But this is a double-edged sword.Very cheap T-shirts can have a large percentage of defects in the batch and, not being able to check each one, the agency is forced to buy with a “stock”. With a high degree of probability, the manufacturer of such products does not have proper quality control in production, whose functions include not only rejecting products before they enter the finished product warehouse, but also checking the quality of incoming raw materials. This means that you are not insured against the situation when the first batch of T-shirts was of excellent quality, and the second one almost went into marriage.You can imagine the consequences yourself. We urgently need to buy new T-shirts, because the return of funds will take precious time, which, by the way, may not be available. And, if everything is more or less clear with white and black T-shirts, then with colored ones they will certainly be of a different shade. And how the client will react to the fact that T-shirts lose their shape after 2-3 washes (the eternal trouble of cheap Chinese and Indian T-shirts) is not known at all. Maybe he doesn’t care, or maybe he doesn’t. If a client is concerned about the quality of T-shirts with his logo, then you will not see him again.Secondly, the cost of design work affects the cost of promotional T-shirts. Preparing an image for printing is a painstaking process, but necessary. In principle, it is almost the same as training in the printing industry. The quality of the printed image and the general appearance of the advertising T-shirt largely depend on the designer. Even if a designer gets raw materials in perfect quality, his experience and taste are still needed. And what can we say about a situation when there is only a verbal description of the client’s wishes.Thirdly, the cost of the actual printing on T-shirts. As a rule, the choice of the method of applying the image depends on the type of the image itself. Placing a simple logo in 1-2 colors may well be done by the thermal transfer method. At the same time, the size of the circulation will not greatly affect the price. But the application of a high-quality full-color image will require the use of stencil printing (silk-screening), which will affect the cost. The price significantly depends on the circulation for technological reasons. Stencil printing is not done.Even more expensive is the application of a photographic quality image on the entire surface of the product. But this method removes any restrictions on the designer’s imagination.
    The Modern company has been making T-shirts with a logo for over 20 years. We use the most modern methods of application to the fabric. In addition, as a manufacturer of our T-shirts, we control the quality from the stage of fabric production. “90,000 Bat or W? China” shocked “T-shirt from the Canadian Embassy

    Collage based on sohu

    China has demanded clarification from the Canadian Embassy about the ambiguous pattern on the T-shirts, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said.

    In July 2020, an employee of the Canadian Embassy in China ordered T-shirts with the Wuhan lettering and a provocative image resembling a bat. However, this became known only six months later, when the information got into Chinese social networks.

    Chinese diplomats took the T-shirts as an insult.Wang Wenbin stressed that the coronavirus is a common enemy of humanity, therefore, it is unacceptable to associate its appearance with a separate country. Many scientists believe that the coronavirus was transmitted to humans from bats, but this has not been proven.

    The Chinese have reacted differently to the incident on the Internet. Some believe that this whole story is fiction, others are more negative.

    “Canada Virus can now be printed on maple leaves,” commented a Weibo user.

    “It would be nice to replace the maple leaf on their flag with a hemp leaf.”

    Some Chinese recalled the name they came up with for Canada in 2018 after marijuana was legalized there. Instead of the correct version of 加拿大 (Jiānádà), users write 加 麻 大 (Jiāmádà), since one of the meanings of the character 麻 is hemp.

    Screenshot: Weibo, @ 声响 碧空

    The Canadian side hastily apologized and stated that there was a “misunderstanding”. The bat that users saw in the picture is actually a stylized letter W.It is the symbol of the famous American rap group Wu-Tang Clan. The Wuhan lettering did not appear on the T-shirts by malicious intent either. At the beginning of 2020, embassy staff were engaged in the repatriation of Canadian citizens from Wuhan, which is why the city’s name was placed on the logo.

    Wang Wenbin noted that the Canadian side’s explanation is not convincing:

    “It is difficult for us to believe that high-ranking diplomats who have worked and lived in China for many years could have unknowingly made such a mistake,” he stated.

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    90,000 Components of a quality T-shirt.How to correctly determine the quality of a T-shirt.

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    1) Web density

    Usually, this number will be given to you first. But she says nothing about the quality of the T-shirt. They only tell you how much one square meter weighs the fabric from which the T-shirt is made.

    The Hindus invented this myth many years ago, when our consumer did not know much about raw materials, and most of the T-shirts brought to Russia were either stock or sewn from equally bad fabric.And, in order to somehow distinguish in quality, well, absolutely disposable dollar T-shirts from almost disposable others, they told the world about this supposedly all defining characteristic.

    And since then we have been constantly confronted with this misconception: customers ask for a T-shirt with a weight of 200-220 g / m2, believing that this is an indicator of good quality.

    At the same time, they buy T-shirts of expensive brands for themselves. And those – well, as for selection – are thin.

    So, is true : most of the high-quality T-shirt is made from fine yarn on high-end knitting machines (where the needles are thin and are located as close to each other as possible).The canvas should be thin but dense. Then the product itself is durable, and the seal fits perfectly.

    If the yarn is thick, you cannot knit it with thin needles. Therefore, knitting machines of a low class are used, the fabric is loose and heterogeneous. After washing, such a T-shirt is deformed, and the print lays down unevenly, “falls through”, and then cracks, crumbles. Printers know – sometimes, in order to level the surface, it is necessary to lay 3-4 layers of substrate.

    2) Country of origin.

    True : the country of manufacture indicated on the tag will say almost nothing about the quality of the T-shirt.

    Let’s face it, nothing has been produced in Europe for a long time. And recently it has been difficult to bring something from Southeast Asia legally. Therefore, when buying a plain T-shirt for applying a logo, you choose between:

    – products ordered by Europeans in Bangladesh (less often in China) were brought to a European warehouse, and then shipped to Russia.The costs of all these trips are naturally included in the cost.

    – T-shirts from India, Bangladesh or China: usually shipped here by hook or by crook.

    – jersey brought legally from Uzbekistan

    So, the country of origin will tell you more about the legality of the origin of the goods, about the speed of its delivery (if you have signed a supply contract, this may be critical). But is not about quality.

    3) Appearance, quality of tailoring.
    Looks like you can tell a lot about the quality of a T-shirt.

    What to look for:

    – Proportions. The width should not be more than the length, the sleeves are the same, the shoulders are the same, the bottom is even. Try on your shirt. If the bottom is pulled up, and the cut is warped, twisted into a spiral, the product is of poor quality.

    – Color, shrinkage. Must be the same throughout the entire batch. Take the time to wash your T-shirt. You may discover a lot of interesting details.

    – Difference between dimensions.Take several sizes, fold them together. Each subsequent one should be larger than the previous one both in length and in width.

    – Seams: straight. Mandatory reinforcing tape at the neck – from shoulder to shoulder.

    – Ribana (elastic band on the throat). Stretch it a little and look at the light. If you see shiny colorless threads inside, it means that lycra is added to the elastic and after washing it will not stretch.

    4) The quality of the web.

    This is the highlight of the that should be decisive when choosing a T-shirt to print.Both well-known brands and unknown ones save on the quality of the canvas. Not everyone can quickly and correctly determine the quality of the canvas.

    – Kind of yarn. There are three main levels of yarn quality: openened (or p.u.), carded (carded) and combed (combed).

    The first is rough, poorly cleaned of impurities. The threads are thick, the fabric is loose, with impurities of debris.

    Carded yarn is made from more expensive cotton, it has already been cleaned of impurities, but not yet soft enough.

    And the third level, the highest grade – this is combed yarn , made from the most expensive varieties, with long fibers, which are thoroughly combed, pulled and twisted into the finest threads. The canvas turns out to be thin and delicate.

    Everyone loves to write that they use “combed super combed cotton”. Moreover, they write this even about cheap promotional T-shirts. This is most likely not the case, because combed yarn is expensive. We only make Vivezza T-shirts from combed yarn. For the rest, we use a cheaper card.

    – Dyeing. In order for the color of the T-shirt to remain clean and bright after multiple washes, the fabric must be dyed with reactive dyes. Such a dye is part of the fiber macromolecule, and, as a result, high resistance of the colors to sunlight, washing and friction is ensured. You can read more about active dyes here –

    We advise you to be especially careful with black T-shirts. There are cheap black dyes (the Indians are especially fond of using them), which over time destroy the fiber structure.They brought us such T-shirts for printing: you take them off the printing table, and they crumble in your hands. Why did it happen? They saved money on production, used a cheap dye, and then the container with the T-shirts stood for a year in the port … Therefore, we repeat once again: do not be lazy, wash the sample of the T-shirt.

    After washing, you will also find shrinkage of the fabric . Normal shrinkage is 0.5-2% both in length and in width.

    Good factories have special equipment – machines for pre-shrinking and stabilizing knitted fabrics.If there are no such machines, the behavior of T-shirts after washing is unpredictable.

    So, summary – the main components of a quality T-shirt :

    – Quality refined combed yarn.

    – Reactive colorants.

    – Good patterns.

    – Use of modern equipment and technologies for knitting, dyeing, cutting and sewing.

    – Constant control over all components.

    Well, a little bit of advertising in the end)

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    White Suffering Fashion Brands publicly condemn slavery.Why do they still use slave labor in China? the Chinese authorities took up the Muslim peoples of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Representatives of national minorities are herded into camps and used as slaves in cotton production. This circumstance seriously alarmed the largest clothing manufacturers.The use of slave labor is contrary to the principles of most global brands, while China not only supplies them with raw materials, but is itself a promising market. In response to criticism from European and American manufacturers, the Chinese have staged a real persecution of Western companies on the network and began to refuse to cooperate with them. “” found out whether global brands will be able to follow their principles to the end and abandon the “wrong” Chinese cotton and whether these sacrifices will help Chinese slaves.

    “That is, you support the rumors and refuse cotton from Xinjiang, but at the same time you want to make money from the Chinese? What else, H&M! ” – In recent weeks, Chinese social networks are full of such publications. The country has loudly announced a boycott of the Swedish clothing brand: the condemning post of the youth communist league – the Chinese Komsomol – with the hashtag “snow-white Xinjiang cotton” (新疆 雪白 的 棉花) has collected half a million likes in a few days.

    Related materials

    00:05 – October 8, 2020

    00:04 – August 22, 2019

    Thousands of users, the largest media and brand ambassadors in China joined the online campaign – they refused to cooperate one after another.The Chinese staged a real digital pogrom for H&M: they tore T-shirts on videos, removed the brand from the largest marketplaces, and store locations from navigation applications. Some shops in shopping centers have also closed.

    The situation quickly got out of control: attacks on ordinary employees of H&M stores began. This provoked new online calls to leave ordinary employees alone, because they have nothing to do with the brand’s statements. However, in some cities, the wave of outrage backfired, and people lined up in front of shops in anticipation of discounts.

    The threat of a boycott is not limited to H&M. The Chinese also criticized other brands – Nike, Adidas, Uniqlo, Gap, New Balance. Chinese TV programs even smeared their logos on their clothes. Companies have fallen victim to a culture of withdrawal with a Chinese identity for one simple reason: they are all trying to disown the use of the “wrong” cotton from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

    A policeman asks not to take pictures near an H&M store in Beijing

    Photo: Thomas Peter / Reuters

    Xinjiang is one of the largest regions of China, located in the northwest of the country.Small ethnic groups live there, mainly professing Islam. Under the pretext of fighting extremism, as well as the backwardness and poverty of local residents, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has established a special security regime in Xinjiang. Data on residents is collected and entered into databases, security cameras are installed everywhere, and constant checks are carried out. In general, no one can hide from the gaze of the “big brother”. It comes to the point that members of the Communist Party are placed directly in their families – for “cultural exchange”.

    For several years now, there have been reports in the media about the so-called concentration camps: places of re-education for Muslims, where they are taught to love their homeland, speak Chinese and sing patriotic songs

    According to some reports, this is not limited: prisoners are tortured, forced to work, and women are raped and forcibly sterilized.The USA, Canada and the Netherlands have recognized such actions as genocide.

    According to researchers who are studying what is happening in Xinjiang, cotton production there is also accompanied by forced labor of Muslims under the supervision of the CCP. And there are many such raw materials on the market: Xinjiang accounts for more than 80 percent of all Chinese cotton and 20 percent of the world. Despite the fact that for the most part cotton production is automated – it is harvested using combines and then sent to factories for processing – mechanization has not yet reached some regions of the XUAR.The high-quality long-fiber cotton is still harvested by hand in the south of the Autonomous Region.

    Workers in the XUAR manually remove leaves and other dirt from cotton

    Photo: Chien-min Chung / Getty Images

    In recent years, with the widespread income growth in China, it has become increasingly expensive to attract seasonal workers from other provinces to plantations. For example, picking cotton by hand on one acre of land costs about 5.7 thousand yuan (about $ 870). The harvester fee comes out almost five times cheaper.In Xinjiang, poor local residents and probably prisoners from re-education camps are sent to the fields to save money, according to a report by German researcher Adrian Zenz.

    The scientist claims: according to Chinese documents, hundreds of thousands of villagers are sent to plantations every year in September-November as part of a government program to move farmers and shepherds to production.

    While adults work, their children and elderly parents live in special boarding schools, where Chinese values ​​are imposed on them and the Chinese language is taught.

    According to Zenz, the practice of separating children from their parents violates human rights.True, at the same time, in other remote corners of China, the second generation of parents are forced to go to cities to earn money, leaving their children in the villages for years with elderly relatives who cannot properly care for them and engage in their education. Boarding schools are not provided for them. As a result, children who are left behind have less academic performance and are less likely to succeed in life.

    In recent years, Xinjiang people have also been sent to so-called trainings, where they teach discipline and explain what the correct political attitudes should be from the point of view of the authorities.This is done in order to change the thinking of representatives of “lagging behind in the development of nationalities” from “I need to work” to “I want to work.”

    At the same time, they do not work on a voluntary basis in the collection of cotton. According to official figures, pickers receive up to 20,000 yuan in a couple of months. This is a good salary, given that the poverty line in 2019 in China was the same 20 thousand yuan, only a year. At the same time, Zenz notes: there is information about a much more modest payment – 1.6-1.8 thousand yuan per month.However, he admits that it is very problematic to find out how things really are.

    Picking cotton on a plantation in XUAR

    Photo: Reuters

    Locals cannot refuse an offer to work, but they are allowed to choose an enterprise. Some, probably, themselves show a desire to change their field of activity and go to work, get new skills, the scientist points out. However, due to the lack of information and the trend for the ever-increasing securitization of Xinjiang, it is impossible to understand how many program participants signed up for the move voluntarily, and how many – forcibly.In general, the expert concludes, cotton in Xinjiang is likely to be produced using forced labor. And global brands are better off taking this into account.

    Beijing, meanwhile, draws attention to the fact that “forced labor” is a derivative of slavery, and it was not invented in China at all.

    “Americans are much more familiar with this concept,” Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said in a recent interview. The official pointed out that when slaves worked on plantations in the United States, they had neither basic rights, nor personal freedoms, nor did the fruits of their labor belong to them.“In Xinjiang, people are free to choose which job to go to, they voluntarily enter into labor contracts. Their rights are protected, and besides, picking cotton is a well-paid job in the XUAR, ”Le added. In the West, however, they are guided by the “presumption of guilt” and do not believe the reports of the PRC authorities only because they do not want to believe.

    Although global companies have long preferred to ignore Zenz’s research findings, public pressure has grown. In the fall of 2020, one after another, brand statements began to appear that they were stopping cooperation with Xinjiang due to “increasingly less acceptable working conditions.”“We are concerned about reports of forced labor and discrimination against ethno-religious minorities in the XUAR,” H&M said in a November announcement. The company assured that it does not work with Xinjiang suppliers and does not receive cotton from the region.

    True, it is practically impossible to find out what kind of raw materials goes into production: supply chains turn out to be quite confusing, especially if factories are located in other countries. it only in March 2021.This coincided with news of European sanctions against China. The European Union, following the United States, introduced restrictive measures against Chinese officials serving in Xinjiang for human rights violations. This was the first such move since the bloody crackdown on Tiananmen Square demonstrations by the Chinese military in 1989. This time, Beijing responded in a mirror-like manner, and scientists, including the author of reports on the situation in the XUAR, Zenz, were also sanctioned.

    Materials on the topic

    00:01 – December 3, 2020

    00:01 – June 4, 2019

    Celestial hundred

    Why China shot peaceful demonstrators and why is trying to forget about it

    The retaliation force from the PRC was enough, for H&M to back down.No apologies have yet been issued, but the company hastened to release a new statement, this time about its commitment to the Chinese market – one of the largest for the brand – and a desire to regain Chinese confidence. Under pressure from Beijing, the H&M website even published a Chinese version of the PRC map, which included the water area of ​​the South China Sea. Such an attempt to “make amends” is fraught with a new wave of boycotts – now in Vietnam. Beijing and Hanoi have long been arguing over the belonging of the Paracel Islands, which were included on the H&M map as a Chinese possession.

    A wave of Chinese indignation also led to the fact that the statement about the forced collection in Xinjiang disappeared from the website of the Better Cotton Initiative – it includes many global manufacturers of cotton products, including companies that fell into disgrace in the PRC. BCI was one of the first in 2020 to suspect that something was wrong with cotton production in the XUAR, and it was at its suggestion that brands issued their own statements. However, now on the page where it was once reported about “the termination of cooperation with Xinjiang” hangs a self-explanatory error announcement with an explanation: “It turned out somehow inconvenient, didn’t it? We can’t seem to find information on your request. “

    Cotton picker in Merket County, Xinjiang, 2005

    Photo: Chien-min Chung / Getty Images

    Some brands have prudently either removed the denouncing statements from their websites or rushed to issue announcements that they have nothing against Xinjiang cotton. Among them is the Spanish Zara, which has already inflamed Chinese consumers. The company was offended in the PRC more than once: either a Chinese model with freckles is removed in an advertisement – they portrayed her as “ugly”, then the brand closes stores in the midst of protests in Hong Kong – “lets employees go to demonstrations.”

    Related materials

    00:01 – November 24, 2020

    00:06 – January 11, 2018

    Chinese Internet users have long ago gotten their hands on criticism of companies and celebrities who do not agree with the Communist Party’s course and do not take into account the local public opinion. For example, in 2017, boycotts of Korean products coincided with the news of the installation of American THAAD missile defense systems in South Korea. Then the Korean conglomerate LOTTE did not manage to recover: the Chinese did not buy the products, the stores were tortured with checks, it became more and more difficult to open new points.

    Experts advise companies that find themselves in a difficult situation of choosing between Western liberal values ​​and Eastern consumers, to lay low and wait for the scandal to subside. A good example of how this tactic works is the National Basketball Association. In 2019, the NBA was banned in China after a manager spoke out in support of the Hong Kong protests. Despite this, the organization did not disappear into oblivion. At the end of 2020, when the incident was forgotten, American basketball returned to Chinese television screens – after all, it is one of the most popular sports in the country, and there is still no alternative to the association in the world.

    Sculpture in the Li Ning Center in Beijing

    Photo: Jason Lee / Reuters

    The largest sellers of sporting goods in the PRC, Nike and Adidas, are advised to follow the example of the NBA, until their place is taken by the Chinese counterparts Anta and Li Ning. Amid the scandal, sales of the latter are already breaking records.

    However, neither side wants to lose sponsorship contracts for the 2022 Winter Olympics, which will be held in Beijing, so brands have a good chance of getting out of the cotton scandal.Moreover, the International Olympic Committee has already decided on a company that will manufacture the official sports uniform for the event. The contract went to a Chinese textile company associated with Xinjiang cotton production.

    Similar incidents related not only to political or historical, but also cultural (recently a dispute broke out over who owns the kimchi cabbage) contradictions are growing. Since 2009, the Chinese have announced their dissatisfaction to companies 120 times, 40 of them in 2019 alone.Researchers associate this with the growing economic role of the PRC in the world, which forces an increasing number of companies to take into account the country’s market and focus on it. For example, last year, China was the first to emerge from the coronavirus crisis and restore consumption, and the local population saved many international brands from losses.

    Beijing’s political role on the world stage is also growing, and therefore corporations that want to do business with China find it increasingly difficult to dodge controversial topics

    We have to take into account the factor of Chinese nationalism, which is rooted in overcoming the “hundred years of humiliation” – when China centuries ago he found himself in a semi-colonial position and was forced to obey the will of the “overseas barbarians”, primarily the British.Modern online nationalism dates back to the patriotic education campaign launched after the 1989 protests.

    Today, the heightened sense of patriotism among the population is a good help for the authorities and their foreign policy.

    Although some believe that the trigger for the start of such campaigns is “at the top”, the representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying, assured foreign journalists: what is happening is just a manifestation of the fact that how the Chinese enjoy freedom of speech, the lack of which China is accused of.At the same time, online actions allow the authorities to avoid the threat of mass gatherings of especially active citizens on the streets – after all, who knows what else they may be dissatisfied with.

    To what extent do the cotton scandal-like methods of drawing attention to internal Chinese problems help to solve them? On the one hand, the Chinese leadership has repeatedly made it clear that its policies are not subject to external influence. At the same time, such situations are more likely to push the authorities to tighten the screws, and this is not only about sanctions against Chinese researchers, but also about the oppression of foreign journalists in the PRC.Thus, in the midst of the cotton scandal, the country was forced to leave the country because of threats, the correspondents of the BBC, whose reports on what is happening in Xinjiang are one of the most important sources of information about the region.

    A girl from a Uyghur family is waiting for a bus next to things in Urumqi, XUAR

    Photo: David Gray / Reuters

    At the same time, Western sanctions against Chinese officials allegedly involved in organizing forced labor on plantations are rather symbolic. The Chinese, who fell under the restrictions, only execute orders from above, and are truly responsible for the current leadership of the country.In addition, the persons involved in the sanctions list hardly often travel to Europe and keep their money in European banks.

    The example of Hong Kong is also not encouraging. Sanctions were also imposed against China due to the limitation of the autonomy of this special administrative region. However, the measures and restrictions did not prevent the authorities from passing the Security Law and initiating electoral reform, as a result of which Beijing will be able to appoint more city deputies.

    No matter how hard Western politicians and human rights activists try, while the huge Chinese market takes its toll: it is difficult to find those who do not want to grab a piece of the pie and cash in on the growing consumer society.And as long as the Chinese, albeit with disgruntled faces, are ready to buy goods from Western brands, they are unlikely to make a decisive choice in favor of values ​​and suffering peoples.

    I import from China myself. Part I

    How Russian business receives Chinese goods

    There are three options for how a businessman can buy a Chinese product.

    Through wholesalers. Russian wholesalers independently choose and purchase goods, deliver them to Russia and then sell them to small wholesale entrepreneurs.

    Through intermediaries. Entrepreneurs ask intermediaries to buy something in China. The intermediary finds this product from different manufacturers and invites the entrepreneur to choose from whom exactly to buy. Then an intermediary helps to organize the transportation of goods from a warehouse in China to a warehouse in Russia, so that everything is in accordance with the law.

    Mediators are white and gray. With White, the main problem is the ratio of quality and price: they charge too much for a good job; small businesses cannot afford it.With the gray, which carry goods semi-legally, the risks are higher.

    Self-import. An entrepreneur himself goes through all the stages of purchasing goods: from negotiations with a Chinese supplier to customs clearance.

    We will tell you about it.

    The article deals with official import, foreign economic activity (foreign economic activity). For example, when you officially bring a container of tires into Russia from China, this is an import. If you order covers on Aliexpress as an individual in small quantities, without paying customs duties, and then sell with a surcharge, this is not an import, but a shady business.We will not talk about him.

    Why you need to import yourself

    You can save money and time on imports, but that’s not the point. It’s all about opportunities: you can become an intermediary for other firms; launch your own production in China or in Russia – whatever you have the courage to do.

    I’ll tell you a few stories.

    The boutique owner survived the crisis due to the flexible selection of the assortment. At first, he transported goods from China in small batches – the so-called “consolidated cargo”, because there was not enough money for a whole container.He himself found the best suppliers, high-quality and unique things – this would not be offered to him by any intermediary. The business grew, and after a year he had enough money to fill four containers a month. Then he decided to start sewing clothes under his own brand in China. Now he is sewing test batches of T-shirts for contests on Instagram, and I am watching what happens next.

    The owner of computer shops manufactures equipment from Chinese components. DNS first mastered independent import, then opened production in China.Now she has stepped even further: near Vladivostok, she has built a plant that assembles computers, laptops, phones and much more under the DEXP brand from Chinese spare parts. They are preparing to take the next step: some household appliances are already being assembled from Russian components.

    A small tire shop became the official representative of the Chinese brand in Russia. At first they opened one tire shop and sold tires at retail. In four years, it has grown to five stores.In the fifth year, the volume of imports became so large that the Chinese manufacturer made them the official representatives of its brand in Russia. Now they sell tires in bulk.

    Self-import is not about saving on every piece of paper, but about business development: you get opportunities and immediately figure out how to use them. But let’s talk about saving.

    Independent import is cheaper than

    You know that baking bread yourself is cheaper than buying it in the store (especially if you bake in batches).It’s the same with imports: it is cheaper to fill out the customs declaration yourself than through an intermediary. You will save money at every stage, on every piece of paper.

    Lower taxes. Logisticians on forums often complain that customs are taking money from them: difficult cost determination, adjustments, security. But only logisticians complain about this. Why do you think?

    For a logistician, a duty is an additional cost, and for an owner – savings. The entrepreneur pays taxes on profits, and increases the cost of goods in his interests.The more the owner pays at customs, the lower the income tax base will be paid. And since the tax is almost always higher than the duty rate, the owner saves money at customs.

    Cheaper than transportation. If you contact the liner carrier directly, he will request $ 850-950 for the delivery of a 40-foot container along the Qingdao – Vladivostok route. Intermediaries will ask for $ 1200 for the same service. For connoisseurs – no terminal costs. If you get rid of the middleman, you can save $ 250 on each container.

    You can also save on groupage cargo. If you do not have enough goods to fill a whole container, you can transport it along with goods from other companies. Everyone will pay for the space they occupy. There are special services to find container neighbors. They sell the space for $ 150 / m3, while logistics companies charge $ 300–400 / m3 for the same service.

    Cheaper paperwork. To fill out a declaration under the seal of a broker for a batch of 3-5 goods, an intermediary will require a minimum of 15-20,000 rubles.But bargaining can be up to 30, and up to 60,000 rubles. If you file a second declaration through the same broker, 80% of the work has already been done, but he will again require the same amounts. To file a declaration on your own, you will spend 100 rubles – this is how much it costs to use the ED2 channel to transfer documents to customs.

    No surcharges at customs. Customs tariffs for small and large cargoes do not differ – the tariff is the same for everyone. But they pay less attention to small cargoes: the customs are not interested in checking them for too long, because they cannot close the plan for deductions to the budget.If you import yourself in small batches, then customs will go through without nagging and surcharges.

    Cheaper currency transfers. Intermediaries take 2-10% of the commission from the transfer amount. But bank charges are 0.15-0.2% of the amount and $ 50 per transaction. Even without playing with the courses, intermediaries get a good profit.

    Usually, the intermediary charges at least 50,000 rubles for the delivery of one batch. Even if you carry once a month, even if groupage cargo, you will still pay the intermediary 50,000 rubles.A full-time logistician costs about the same. Surely even you already have it, it just needs to be trained. Then his salary will pay off by the fact that you will no longer pay commission to intermediaries.

    Self-controlled imports

    I do not know how your logistician will cope with the work: maybe he will do everything on time and accurately, but maybe not. But at least you can control it. If you hire an intermediary company, you have no control over anything.

    Most intermediaries work “as the card fits”.Only a few companies use project or process management in deliveries: when each process has a deadline and a responsible employee. As a rule, these are large logistics operators that take a large commission; it is not profitable for small businesses to work with such. The rest simply react to a change in the operational situation: something has happened – they are running to save the situation. With them, every delivery becomes an adventure.

    To make sure, conduct an experiment: ask the intermediary for a rate for the carriage of goods from Qingdao to Vladivostok.The rates of the lines are known and do not change, all logisticians know them, there is a route, it is not difficult to determine the type of transportation – which means that an answer can be received within a minute. No matter how it is! In reality, if you get an answer in a day, then you are communicating with professionals, which are few.

    I often see intermediaries preparing documents, calling an agent or booking a container at the last moment. “There is still a carriage of time!” They say. As a result, a fire breaks out, and then they tell amazing stories about the heroism and resourcefulness of logisticians.Of course, isn’t it a feat to get a couple of containers out of the port when everything has been standing for a couple of weeks? Who would have thought that it is necessary to apply for transportation and order a certificate with a margin ?!

    If you organize the transportation yourself, you do not splash on dozens of different projects, prepare documents on time – this way you will avoid downtime and save several days. When you manage your cargo traffic, you are burying less money in the goods, that is, you reduce the illiquid goods in the warehouse.

    In the next article, I’ll show you how to find and verify a supplier in China.

    P.S. Import is not a big deal.


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