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Like a magician with a particular flair for showmanship, Spanish maestro Nandu Jubany of Michelin-starred Can Jubany fame, produces a gastronomical spectacular of sorts, cloaked by the industrial facades of Hong Kong Street. With his lovely assistants Jordi Noguera of Foodbar Dada lineage, and Dario …More

Like a magician with a particular flair for showmanship, Spanish maestro Nandu Jubany of Michelin-starred Can Jubany fame, produces a gastronomical spectacular of sorts, cloaked by the industrial facades of Hong Kong Street.

With his lovely assistants Jordi Noguera of Foodbar Dada lineage, and Dario Nocentini plucked from the Catalunya bar, Jubany conducts quite a show of Spanish culinary arts. The restaurant has just the fitting look, with zany motifs reminiscent of Picasso, materialized as if from a dreamscape. Pepper grinder light fixtures and super-sized sculptures of familiar faces float above the dining space. A vintage motorcycle adorns the walls, and the food too has a quirky appearance that eclipses the unexpectedly classic flavours. Jubany introduces Catalan folk cuisine, and with a wave of the wand, adds brilliant Asian twists.

The black Mediterranean paella is filling yet nuanced in taste, and the patatas bravas and tomato bread both show a different side of the traditional tapas dishes. On the more Asian end of the spectrum, the Thai razor clams are delightfully piquant, while the roasted duck with orange zest dumplings show the chef’s hubris in remaking local favourites. The varied menu even includes gluten-free options like the chocolate hamburger, a dessert indicative of the humourous approach FOC takes to dining.

From the bar, brilliantly innovative cocktails are not in short supply. The menu is a clear demonstration of Nocentini’s flexing of his creative muscles, using such unique ingredients as Matcha powder, cornflakes vodka, and galangal rum (though not all in the same drink).

If the name of the restaurant sounds like the slip of the tongue could be a dangerous one, it’s not an unintentional coincidence. Meaning fire in Catalan, FOC certainly plays with fire both in its name, its daring dishes, and its unapologetically unconventional approach to nouveau dining. (Sep 2014)


“FOC pushes out conceptual tapas dishes with a modern edge, including some Asian flavors. Drinks-wise, don’t be surprised by Dario’s kooky creations with equally cheeky names. If Catalunya was anything to go by, he’ll no doubt pair incongruent ingredients to make one mean cocktail.” -SG Now “Anothe …More

“FOC pushes out conceptual tapas dishes with a modern edge, including some Asian flavors. Drinks-wise, don’t be surprised by Dario’s kooky creations with equally cheeky names. If Catalunya was anything to go by, he’ll no doubt pair incongruent ingredients to make one mean cocktail.” -SG Now

“Another Michelin-gilded chef sets up a tapas outpost here in Singapore – this time it’s Chef Nandu Jubany, behind the one-starred Can Jubany in Barcelona. Ex-Foodbar Dada Chef Jordi Noguera takes up the executive chef post, promising a menu of punchy Spanish flavours on small plates and mixed drinks conjured with the award-winning inventiveness of ex-Catalunya barman Dario Nocentini.” -Time Out Singapore


Toasted Bread with Tomatoes, Mushroom Croquettes, Cod Fish Puff Fritters, Octopus Galician Style, Watermelon Gazpacho with Smoked Olive Oil Ice Cream, Scallops “Ceviche”, Spanish French Toast with Vanilla Ice Cream, Madame Butterfly, Blacked Out In Bangkok

FOC: Singapore Spanish Restaurant Review

Having been awarded a Michelin Star for his restaurant Can Jubany in Spain, Nandu Jubany is en route to international expansion with FOC in Singapore. FOC (pronounced ‘fock’, and means ‘fire’ in Spanish) prepares exquisite Catalonian tapas dishes in accordance to the season and a plethora of personalized cocktails, of which the award-winning bartender Dario Knox formerly from Catalunya Singapore is in charge.

Ex-Foodbar Dada’s chef Jordi Noguera heads the kitchen at this new tapas joint.


Gigantes y cabezudos (or giants and big heads), is a popular festival celebrated in Spain involving these giant heads and is seen as a recurring theme in many of the interior features for FOC for that authentic, festive touch.

Because the whimsically adorned FOC accommodates only about 60 diners, many may find themselves standing in line during dinner begging for a seat underneath the glass ceiling or by the bar.

I would be lying if I said we weren’t in the least bit excited to have been invited to dine in the fast-popularizing restaurant below this colossal suspended head (or Cabezudo) for a lamp.

Thrilled with the cocktail selections, we picked a few before the slew of tapas dishes:

Smells Like Gin Spirit ($14++). Allegedly a taste of Nirvana, this green concoction laden with beautiful crushed ice infuses the fresh sourness and sweetness of lemongrass, agave, and lemon in gin to rejuvenate the drinker with a piquancy that not many cocktails can rival.

Watermelon “Gazpacho” & Smoked Olive Oil Ice Cream ($12++). Cold, sweet, and with a tinge of spice, I felt like I was drinking an olive-imbued salad dressing for appetizer. It truly is a visual delight, though I cannot admit to be the biggest fan of cold soups.

Bloody Jordi ($14++). On the other hand, the savoury Bloody Mary is my favourite cocktail. FOC’s version is the Bloody Jordi, one smoked-salt-rimmed glass of perfectly-balanced orange spice mixing cherry tomatoes, celery vinegar and lemon into tequila blanco. I can imagine returning for this amazing drink.

Professional Barman Dario truly lives up to his reputation.

“Coca” with Anchovies, Grilled Peppers & Spherical Cheese ($16++). This exotic fish sandwich loaded with tomato and cheese on a crispy traditional toast imported directly from Spain would set the tone for most of the other dishes that came in delicious tapas servings.


Mushroom Croquettes ($8++). In comparison with the other dishes, this deep fried mushroom croquettes dish is especially value-for-money and quite a technical feat to pull as the liquid mushroom within has to stay wet while the outer skin has to be fried dry.

Munch on the fragrant and thick skin to release a toothsome cream of mushroom that many covet. This is highly recommended.

Grilled Foie Gras Sliders with Marinated Shitake ($22++). Unlike what you may have expected from the photograph, the puffy homemade bread is intrinsically pillow-soft, and it packs a strong shitake mushroom scent and a delicate piece of creamy foie gras in bite sizes so you don’t get overdosed on umami. Generally an interestingly-flavoured mini burger of even consistency and fatty goodness.

Octopus Gallician Style- Slow Cooked & Charcoal Grilled ($22++). I was amazed by the tenderness of the sliced octopus, resting atop light-bodied mash and dressed in paprika spices. Smoky and fresh, it truly is appetizing.

Pulled Pork “Tapa Taco” ($14++). Little can be discussed about this taco without the mention of a dominant Chinese influence, which perhaps lends to a milder finish in the spinach and pulled pork. Unless you have a penchant for fusion, this could be passed on for better alternatives.

Grilled Scallops with Soy Caviar & Bonito Stock ($16++). A thick and salty sweetness drenches the 2 scallops that are served on a shucked sea shell. Consequently, flavours from the soy caviar and scallops were blended together – I did find the scallop to be sufficiently springy.

Black Mediterranean Squid Ink Paella ($22). The euphoria we experienced while digging into this hotplate was unparalleled at the lunch. A balanced saltiness pervades the slightly toasted rice grains and squid morsels, and the squid ink aioli that trumps the dish is simply delicious. I enjoyed the clams and shrimp as well, which complimented the excellence of the squid ink paella.


Grilled Red Prawns ($25++). A seasonal deep-sea prawn, we weren’t really informed in detail where this particular prawn came from but I’m guessing from the Mediterranean Sea similarly where the famed Carabineros shrimps are from, although the size and quality is distinctively different.

Grilled “Chuleton” Beef Steak with Garnish (150g) ($35++). This US Angus Beef Prime Ribeye is impeccably grilled to emit a smoky flavour in this tender, yet nicely chewy body. Match this with the piquillo peppers on the side for a wholesome taste of light spice and meat.

FOC Chocolate Burger ($12). This amazingly cute dessert ‘burger’ is actually made with white chocolate as the bun, chocolate ganache as the patty, mango as the ‘cheese’, strawberries as the faux tomato and mint leaves as the ‘salad’.

Creatively assembled and equally decadent to consume, this is a refreshing finish to the meal most girls will scream about.

For any interested parties, a private dining area obscured by red curtains is available at FOC.

Not surprisingly, FOC’s Spanish tapas fare for the most part tasted of a classy distinction unmatched only be a few selected other Spanish tapas bars in Singapore. As with tapas joints, portions are quite limited and I did leave not exactly bursting at the belt though, so you might want to get a larger number of staples.

The advantage is of course being able to sample a large variety of excellent dishes among friends, the standard of which is comparable to some of the best Spanish restaurants Singapore has to offer while not being as pricey. The cocktail creations are equally of stellar example.


Expected damage: $60 – $90 / pax

FOC: 40 Hongkong Street, Singapore 059679 | Tel: 6100 4040 | Website

FOC restaurant | Lagranja Design

At the end of 2014 Nandu Jubany, a Michelin Chef; Lagranja, Jordi Noguera, and Dario Nocentini, star mixologist, export the spirit of Barcelona to Singapore with FOC restaurant, a space that soon becomes a gastronomic reference. Just a couple of years later, FOC expands its roots to the recreational shores of Sentosa, Singapore, in Palawan beach. The new FOC is a reinterpretation of a combined Mediterranean beach bar with the Singaporean lifestyle: a bit of Barceloneta and a bit of Marina Bay: hammocks, parasols and a unique gourmet experience make the perfect match. Lagranja designed both the architecture and interior design, creating the perfect space for what FOC Sentosa wanted to offer. The building has an irregular floor plant that adapts to the beach vegetation. Located parallel to the sea and the promenade, a very simple module is repeated in slight variations and shifts to keep two large trees, an African Mogano and Samanea saman (Rain Tree). The top of the building is partly a solid roof and part covered pergola. Mixing sun and shadows, evokes the profile of a fisherman’s house. Floating above the first floor, almost completely glazed, it gives a light appearance to a building that is anything but small. Access – from the street – is barycentric, distributed on either side two levels of semi-open spaces. Along the pool, are the beach bar and restaurant where the visitor finds a bar made by a shelf lacquered Steel covered with tuve glasses filled with transparent dyed resin, designed and produced by Lagranja Design for this project. To furnish the terrace, the beach and tropical garden, Lagranja has created a collection of outdoor furniture: the Bold family (sofas, armchairs, lounge chairs, stools and chairs), which will be soon incorporated in Lagranja Collection catalog. The icing on the cake was the invaluable collaboration of Javier Mariscal. Who has given us a folder of illustrations that have become the corporate identity of FOC Sentosa and both outdoor and interior large murals.

Spanish restaurants in Singapore: FOC Restaurant on HongKong Street has a new lunch set menu that will transport you to Barcelona in a heartbeat

As F&B establishments are getting back the swing of dine-in services, many have taken the opportunity to revitalise their offerings – case in point Spanish restaurant FOC. Situated along the gastronomic hotbed that is HongKong Street, FOC (pronounced ‘fok’, it means ‘fire’ in Spanish) has gained a reputation for doing Catalonian fare like no others in Singapore. And since lifting its shutters just last month to welcome diners once again, FOC has some big guns to flaunt with a brand new set lunch menu.

FOC restaurant on Hong Kong Street brings the best of Barcelona cuisine to Singapore

For the uninitiated, FOC started off in 2014 as a collaboration between Michelin-starred chef Nandu Jubany and a group of Spanish food aficionados, with a shared goal of acquainting the city’s culinary landscape with authentic Barcelonian flavours.

We’re not just talking about what’s served on the table. The restaurant truly hits home with its Gigantes y Cabezudos-inspired interior, where guests dine in the company of peculiar-looking heads hanging from the ceiling. Here, Spanish tapas, while traditionally Catalan, is given a more contemporary spin, and best washed down with bottles of wine or cocktails.

Baby Gem Salad Spanish Garlic Soup Chargrilled Butcher’s Cut Forest Mushroom Spaghetti Traditional Cheese ‘Flan’

Everything on the restaurant’s set lunch menu is brand new, and includes starters such as Beetroot Carpaccio, Baby Gem Salad and Spanish Garlic Soup. But the mains are where chef Jubany truly pulls out all the stops – Chargrilled Butcher’s Cut, Roasted Chicken Thigh, Braised Angus Beef Cheek in Red Wine, and for the vegetarians, the Forest Mushroom Spaghetti. Kick your lunch experience here up a notch by adding an FOC bestseller from the à la carte menu to your order, or call it a day in true Catalan fashion with a Spanish Torrija (the Spanish version of a French toast) or Traditional Cheese Flan.

But a lot more Barcelonian magic lies beyond the menu here at FOC. Jubany and his army of chefs always have a few tricks up their sleeves in the kitchen, and their creative flair is brought to the fore with a spectrum of limited-edition specials that change daily. The restaurant remains open throughout the afternoon till 5pm, serving up drinks, wine and a selection of tapas, for those with time for a more leisurely experience to indulge in Spanish hospitality in more trying times.

40 HongKong Street
Singapore 059679
Tel:  +65 6100 4040

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Restaurant Review: A Fiesta Of Spanish Tapas At FOC Restaurant on HongKong Street, Singapore

PUBLISHED October 22nd, 2020 05:00 am | UPDATED November 18th, 2020 06:58 pm

Mention Hong Kong Street and a group of reputable restaurants and bars will probably pop into you head – and we’d bet good money that the vibrant and buzzy FOC Restaurant will be among them. A Catalonian affair that came to life as a collaboration between Michelin-starred Chef Nandu Jubany and a group of local Spain-aficionados, they are still delighting us six years later with gorgeously-plated tapas, tasty cocktails, and quite the exclusive wine list. 

Past the entrance of this intimate dining establishment, your eyes will either be drawn towards the Cabezudos-inspired decor hanging from the ceiling – we imagine them be silently approving – or the bustling movements in the open kitchen headed by Group Executive Chef Juanjo Carrillo. After helming restaurants in Barcelona, Hong Kong and London, his expertise in Haute cuisine and experience has translated to FOC’s current style of fine, fun gastronomy.


We start the meal with a creative cocktail handcrafted by the FOC Bar Team; the sweet, sour, and aromatic UNBELI-BUBBLE certainly makes an intriguing aperitif (S$20). Dangerously deceptive, this concoction of gin, Manzanilla sherry and green plum sikhye (Korean sweet rice punch) arrived topped with a mesmerising lavender bubble that releases floral notes when popped. A Penedès cava, Recaredo F. Serral del Vell Brut de Brut 2017 (S$135), followed. Aged for over 8 years on the lees, it’s elegant and full-bodied and oh-so-delicious with the first small plates to arrive.

Blue Belly Shrimp Crispy Tacos

The joy of tapas is in being able to indulge in (and fill up on) many small plates alongside quality booze – and we had no problems doing that at FOC. Delicately arranged on wafer-thin taco shells with avocado mousse and green apple, the raw Blue Belly Shrimp Crispy Tacos (S$10, two pieces) accentuates the sweetness of the crustacean in textural mouthfuls. The Manchego Cheese Churros (S$14) bring savoury to the table. Made with potatoes, cheese, starch and egg white, these fritters were crisp and addictive, particularly with the side of ultra-light black truffle cappuccino foam.

Smoked Cantabrico Anchovies on Charcoal Brioche

For a combination of sweet and savoury, look no further than the Smoked Cantabrico Anchovies on Charcoal Brioche (S$9, two pieces). Presented atop smooth white pebbles resulting in a vivid contrast of colour, this dark horse is one well synchronised dance between the sweet caramel butter and salty anchovies.

For your next wine, we recommend the Audacia 2016 (S$105), a Godello that balances freshness and acidity with complex aromas and flavours. Think notes of white flowers, pear, apple compote, and citrus, which also go with vegetarian options like the simple yet delicious Toasted Bread with Tomatoes (S$10, five pieces) and the nicely charred Josper-Grilled Leek (S$12) with hazelnuts and romesco sauce. 

Roasted Baby Lamb Shoulder

The Boston Lobster Brothy Rice (S$68) was as much of a showstopper as we expected. More brothy than a paella – known as arroz caldoso in Spanish – there is so much flavour in the rich lobster-and-vegetable broth and al dente grains of rice. Topped with a plump de-shelled lobster, this is one dish we’d happily dig into any day. For a meatier main, try the Roasted Baby Lamb Shoulder (S$32), drizzled with burnt onion sauce alongside a potato terrine and Idiazabal cheese foam. Amazingly tender, the cut retains an amount of gaminess to satisfy the folks that enjoy it and to pass with those that don’t. For a perfect wine pairing, look to a rounded Celler Del Roure ‘Maduresa’ 2016 (S$125) with supple tannins and hints of cherries and chocolate.

Basque Cheesecake

Picking the perfect dessert is no easy feat either. FOC’s Basque Cheesecake (S$18) finds the middle ground between creamy decadence and a firm foundation. Slightly burnt on the outside with a manchego aftertaste, spooning it up together with the whisky ice cream will leave you weak in the knees. Not much of a sweet tooth? The tart FOC Lemon Pie (S$12) with lemon curd and lime-mint jelly is balanced by yogurt and coconut ice cream, green tea sponge cake, and a touch of sweetness from the meringue. 

FOC Restaurant is located at 40 Hong Kong Street, Singapore 059679, p. +65 6100 4040. Open Tues-Fri 12pm-10.30pm, Sat-Sun 5.30pm-10.30pm.

Top Image: Boston Lobster Brothy Rice

When she’s not chilling with Netflix by herself or hiding another order of bubble tea with 100% sugar from her mother, Sheila is yelling at her friends in a game of Jackbox or boxing out her feelings at CruBox. She is obsessed with collecting earrings, constantly daydreams and believes dogs are a girl’s true best friend.

FOC Restaurant @ Hong Kong Street –

My meal of FOC Restaurant happened when it was in its second week of opening, so this post is long overdue. That said, I’ve continually heard great reviews of FOC, so time for you to read this review and see which dishes are worth the trip down! Just for formalities, FOC is the brainchild of Michelin-starred chef Nandu Jubany and award-winning mixologist Dario Nocentini (previously from Catalunya). At FOC, you’ll be able to experience the very essence of Catalan cuisine, using the best of produce and slow cooking.

The restaurant is rather narrow, with a long sitting bar facing the open kitchen and some very eclectic decor. You’ll find huge head mascots all around… and even a motorbike from the shelf mid-air.

More head mascots in the inner dining area.

Deep-fried Potatoes, ‘Brava’ Spicy Sauce & Garlic Mayo FOC Style ($8) – It’s definitely a novelty to have potatoes in such a fancy way. I must say that the first piece was rather interesting, with flavourful sauces but ultimately, it’s just potatoes.

“Scramble before you eat” Eggs w Spanish Chirozo ($10) – This was really yummy! Apart from the wonderful way of scrambling the egg into the ‘rosti’ variant, the potatoes and chirozo were pan-fried to crisp which had a nice, smokey flavour to it.

Cod Fish Puff Fritters w Green Apple Puree [5 pieces] ($10) – Morsels of fish being deep-fried into balls. This reminded me of Nasi Padang’s potato balls, pretty dense within and coated thinly with breadcrumbs. I was expecting the green apple puree to be a little tart but it turned out to be sweet. Not too bad I say!

Grilled Scallops w Bonito Stock & Soya Sauce [2 pieces] ($16) – This was pure food-gasm. By its sheer presentation, you know that these scallops are prized. Indeed, the taste of these precious shellfish was up to expectations. Each one was plump, meaty and juicy. If you put the whole scallop into your mouth, the generous teaspoon of caviar will burst into your mouth, leaving a saltish tinge that complements the essence of bonito stock. So fresh and perfectly cooked, there’s nothing more that you’ll wish for, other than a shorter wait for a second order of these lovelies.

Octopus Galician Style w Paprika, Olive Oil & Potatoes ($22) – A signature dish at FOC, I personally do not think that it lived up to the hype. Sure, the octopus was extremely soft but that fact also took away the chewiness of octopus that I look forward to. The seasonings definitely hit home, so did the potatoes (they tasted like sweet potatoes), so I’m really partial about this dish.

Crispy Pork Tacos [2 pieces] ($14) – Another must-order at FOC! When the dish arrived to the table, I had my reservations. I thought it was a knock-off of Mexican tacos, and I really do not fancy hard taco shells. However, I couldn’t be more wrong. The shell was a cross between biscuit and puff pastry, exuding so much fragrance that it was hard to ignore how much it contributed to the goodness of this dish. The pulled pork was warm and tender, filling up the taco shell to its brim. Love it!

FOC Restaurant is for sure of the better tapas places in Singapore and there are some outstanding dishes that are really memorable, up till today (2 months overdue). Highly recommended for some honest Spanish tapas!
FOC Restaurant
40 Hongkong Street
Tel: 6100 4040

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Tereshchuk Ekaterina Sergeevna is the general director of the organization. The founders of the company are INTRAVARE INVESTMENTS PABLIK LTD, KONSTANTIN VLADIMIROVICH VEKHOV, ANDREY NIKOLAEVICH RUKAVITSYN.

According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the main activity of the company is the LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY “PHYSICAL AND RECREATION COMPLEX” ROST-FITNESS “by OKVED: 93.13 Activity of fitness centers. The total number of activities – 21.

– -5 251 000 RUB, revenue for 2019 – 142 859 000 RUB The size of the authorized capital of the LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY “PHYSICAL AND RECREATION COMPLEX” ROST-FITNESS “- 8 163 265 RUB.Revenue at the beginning of 2019 amounted to 166,484,000 rubles, at the end – 142,859,000 rubles. Cost of sales for 2019 – 3,272,000 rubles. Gross profit at the end of 2019 – 139,587,000 rubles. The total amount of receipts from current operations for 2019 is 147,647,000 rubles.

Financial indicators LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY “PHYSICAL AND RECREATION COMPLEX” ROST-FITNESS “- worsened. As of April 09, 2021 the organization operates.

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Sports and recreation complex Domostroitel Tyumen

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Conference hall in FOC 360 350 250 250 250 250 350

The Lesnoy Resort Hotel has everything you need for quality rest and various corporate events.For example, there are three conference rooms on the territory, and there are also good meeting areas. For more informal events, BBQ gazebos and summer tents are provided.

The Moscow region is perfect for holding events. Clean air and some remoteness from the noisy city will allow you to focus on the event, and then, if you wish, have a great rest thanks to the well-thought-out infrastructure of the hotel and the presence of a large number of rooms. Rooms of various categories are provided to accommodate guests….

Conference rooms of various capacities. Much depends on the type of seating, the largest hall can accommodate up to 350 people. The necessary equipment is also offered for rent: DVD-player, TV, radio microphone, stands for speakers and a microphone, mixing consoles with up to 6 or more 8 channels, active acoustic set, smoke machine, lighting equipment, DJ console, additional flip chart , screen, projector, notebook, markers, flip chart notebook, pen, clicker, columns.It is also possible to rent special sets for conferences.

For weddings and other special occasions, you can rent any of the hotel’s restaurants, and there is also a summer veranda that allows you to arrange outdoor feasts. Thanks to the beautiful nature of the Moscow region, very beautiful photos will be obtained, and if the newlyweds want to arrange a separate photo session for themselves, then guests can find entertainment for themselves on the territory of the hotel, since the infrastructure is quite developed here.


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The capital continues to lift restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic.Restaurants and cafes will open in Moscow from June 23rd. Sergey Sobyanin wrote about this in his blog.

Fitness clubs, swimming pools and fitness centers will also open their doors to visitors. It will be possible to buy tickets and ride a river tram along the Moskva River. Restrictions on the operation of libraries and kindergartens are lifted. Institutions of social protection of the population are returning to the usual regime. Restrictions on the use of urban public infrastructure will be lifted.

“This means that kids will be able to swing on swings again, sports lovers will be able to exercise on outdoor exercise machines, and grandmothers will be able to relax on benches in courtyards, squares and parks of Moscow,” wrote the Mayor of Moscow.

In addition, it was decided to cancel the restrictions on the work of travel agencies. However, the organization of excursions in Moscow will not yet be possible.

The situation with the spread of coronavirus infection in the capital has stabilized. So, over the month, the increase in new cases of the disease has decreased by four times, and the number of hospitalizations has also decreased.

“The incidence of COVID-19 continues to decline. Compared to the week of June 8-14, the average number of detected infections has decreased by 10 percent. On Saturday, June 20, for the first time in two and a half months, less than a thousand new cases were recorded, ”said Sergei Sobyanin.

As before, mass events cannot be held in the city. In public places, you must wear masks, gloves and maintain social distance.

The gradual lifting of restrictions in the capital began on 12 May.At the first stage, industrial enterprises and construction sites started working, and public service centers began to receive visitors. A little later, companies selling non-food products, dry cleaners, shoe repair shops and a number of other organizations providing personal services were able to resume work.

Since June 9, electronic passes have been canceled in the capital, from the same day residents can go in for sports in the fresh air at any time, walk, visit parks and squares. Hairdressers, beauty salons, veterinary clinics and recruiting agencies have started operating.

On June 16, summer verandas were opened in the city. The capital’s galleries and museums have opened doors for visitors. Theatrical rehearsals resumed.

“Since mid-May, we have gone through three big rounds of lifting restrictions. And it would not be an exaggeration to say that, in general, Moscow has already returned to its usual rhythm of life, ”Sergei Sobyanin said.

You can find out more about the prevention of coronavirus and methods of combating the disease by calling the hotline: +7 (495) 870-45-09 (daily from 08:00 to 21:00), as well as in the special project

Hotel services in the center of Minsk “Belarus”

Guests at the hotel “Belarus” are provided with:
  • Wi-Fi,
  • pharmacy,
  • pool with water park elements,
  • business center,
  • baggage weighing,
  • cedar barrel,
  • stores,
  • panoramic elevator,
  • parking,
  • half board,
  • laundry,
  • pets allowed (additional charge),
  • bicycle rental,
  • exchange offices,
  • safe at the reception,
  • transfer (only to / from the airport Minsk-2 or auto and railway stations),
  • gym,
  • excursions.

You can keep fit in the gym with modern strength and cardiovascular equipment, and then visit the pool with saunas, jacuzzi, slide, waterfalls, underwater massage guns.

The interior of the pool is decorated with a unique mosaic panel “Belarus” (author – People’s Artist of Belarus Alexander Kishchenko).

Sanitary hour in the health and recreation center:

every Monday from 9:00 to 14:00.

Cedar barrel working hours:

from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00.

Pool opening hours from 07:00 to 22:00. The water slide is temporarily out of service.
The gym of the hotel “Belarus” is open every day from 10:00 to 22:00. Disinfection is carried out zonal.

Phone of the sports and recreation complex:
+375 (17) 209-71-62
+375 (29) 198-49-59

Prices for the services of a sports and recreation center
Rules for visiting a sports and recreation complex Special prices for visiting the sports and recreation complex

Sports and recreation complex “Arena” | MBU “Gatchina City Sports and Leisure Center”

The sports and recreation complex was put into operation in July 2008 with the co-financing of the government of the Leningrad region and the municipal district “City of Gatchina”.

On May 1, 2011, the Municipal Institution FOK “Arena” became part of the Municipal Budgetary Institution – “Gatchina City Sports and Leisure Center”, which has existed since 2006.

Today the following sports are represented in the sports complex: basketball, table tennis, mini-football, boxing, badminton, volleyball, floorball, modern dances, belly dancing, choreographic gymnastics, yoga, body shape, corrective gymnastics. And also a gym equipped with modern cardio and strength training equipment.

Photos of the sports complex FOK “Arena”

With the support of the Administration of the MO “City of Gatchina” we have organized a free social program.

At the moment, free classes are held with children of kindergartens of the Aerodrom microdistrict, mass training of children in badminton and floorball, as well as strengthening gymnastics classes with people of the third age (pensioners and veterans).

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