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Zoolar Toddler Boys Girls Cute House Slippers Warm Fuzzy Fluffy Kids Shoes Fur Lined Winter Animal Indoor Shoes

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Slippers Warm Fuzzy Fluffy Kids Shoes Fur Lined Winter Animal Indoor Shoes Zoolar Toddler Boys Girls Cute House, Zoolar Toddler Boys Girls Cute House Slippers Warm Fuzzy Fluffy Kids Shoes Fur Lined Winter Animal Indoor Shoes, Fluffy Kids Shoes Fur Lined Winter Animal Indoor Shoes Zoolar Toddler Boys Girls Cute House Slippers Warm Fuzzy.

120+ Best Fluffy Dog Names

Fluffy dogs are some of the best companions you could get to make your life happier and comfier.

Their fluffy coat of fur means there will be shedding. Furthermore, finer grooming is necessary to keep them in tip-top velvety healthy shape.

There are numerous fluffy dog breeds out there – both small, large, and everything in between. The most popular ones also tend to be innately friendly breeds, e.g.: Samoyed Chow, Collies, Malamutes, and Pekingese. The names of these cuddly fluffballs of love and comfort will often reflect their caring nature.

If you are interested in learning more about different dog names, you can look at our other articles Big Dog Names and Funny Dog Names.

Fluffy Dog Names For Boys

Here are a few funky male names befitting your fluffy friend that you may like.

1. Adiv (Hebrew origin) meaning “pleasant, gentle”.

2. Ambert (German origin) meaning “shining light”. Among the most popular white fluffy dog names.

3. Arlo (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning “fortified mound”.

4. Barack (Hebrew/Arabic/Swahili origin) meaning “blessing” and “blessed one”.

5. Barwyn (Welsh origin) meaning “a white mound”.

6. Baxter (Scottish origin) meaning “baker”.

7. Benigno (Latin origin) meaning “kind”.

8. Berne (Germanic origin) meaning “bear-like”.

9. Billy (German origin) meaning “resolute protector” (from ‘Wilhelm’).

10. Buddy (English origin) meaning “friend”. This scores highly among the more common fluffy boy dog names.

11. Charlie (Old English origin) meaning “free man” (from ‘Charles’).

12. Chewbacca (Russian origin) meaning “dog” (from ‘Sobaka’). In the ‘Star Wars’ films, Chewbacca is a major character who is Han Solo’s co-pilot on the Millennium Falcon.

13. Chi (Vietnamese origin) meaning “purposeful person”.

14. Clem (English origin) meaning “gentle” (from ‘clement’), Also a beloved non-playable round character in ‘Warframe’.

15. Coco (English origin) meaning “chocolate bean”. A cutesy name for fuzzy dogs who look like chocolate.

16. Cotton (English/Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning “soft fiber from cotton plant”. Suits white fluffy dogs, especially a Bichon Frise.

17. David (Hebrew origin) meaning “adored”.

18. Ethan (Hebrew origin) meaning “everlasting”. As everlasting as the bond between you and your fuzzy wuzzy pet.

19. Ezra (Hebrew origin) meaning “God’s help”.

20. Faven (African origin) meaning “light”. Although not popular, it is one of the most appropriate white fluffy dog names.

21. Gabe (Hebrew origin) meaning “God’s bravest man”.

22. Gerald (Germanic origin) meaning “rule with a spear”. The protagonist of the ‘Witcher’ fantasy saga, also known as ‘White Wolf’.

23. Gil (Germanic origin) meaning “bright young man”.

24. Grant (Anglo-Norman origin) meaning “large”. Perfect name for big fluffy dog breeds.

25. Gwyn (Welsh origin) meaning “white”.

26. Herz (Germanic origin) meaning “heart”

27. Hiroshi (Japanese origin) meaning “generosity”.

28. Hwan (Korean origin) meaning “bright”.

29. Iggy (Latin origin) meaning “fiery one”. A prominent dog character from the third volume of ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures’.

30. Kane (Irish origin) meaning “little warrior”. One of the cutest fluffy dog names for your feisty dogs.

31. Kylo (Latin origin) meaning “heavenly”. Among the unique names for dogs.

32. Max (Latin origin) meaning “the greatest”. One of the greatest dog names.

33. Nimbus (Latin origin) meaning “black cloud”. Perfect name for fluffy dog breeds with black fur.

34. Puffin (Latin origin) meaning “little friar from the north”.

35. Riley (Irish origin) meaning “rye field”. Among the cute fluffy dog names.

36. Siegmeyer (German origin) meaning “victory” and “noble”. Siegmeyer is a knight in ‘Dark Souls’ known for his comically round armor.

37. Snowy (English origin) meaning “covered in snow”. The adored pet sidekick of Tintin from Herge’s classic comic book series. The character was possibly a Wire Fox Terrier, but it suits all fluffy dogs who are white, such as a Bichon Frise.

38. Suave (Spanish origin) meaning “soft”. One of the elegant but cute names for dogs.

39. Teddy (Greek origin) meaning “gift of God”; From Theodore.

40. Toby (Hebrew/Greek origin) meaning “Good is Yahweh”.

Fluffy Dog Names For Girls

Fluffy girl dog names for your cuddly pooch.  

41. Abby (Hebrew origin) meaning “my father’s joy”; From ‘Abigail’.

42. Annie (English origin) meaning “gracious” and “merciful”.

43. Astrid (Old Norse origin) meaning “fair Goddess”.

44. Aurora (Latin origin) meaning “dawn”. Also, the Disney character better known as ‘sleeping beauty’.

45. Bailey (Latin/Old French origin) meaning “attendant” and “porter”. One of the sweet dog names.

46. Bella (French origin) meaning “beautiful”.

47. Cassandra (Greek/Spanish/French origin) meaning “shine upon mankind”. One of the best fluffy puppy names for breeds like Corgi and Samoyed Chow.

48. Charmin (Greek origin) meaning “delight”.

49. Chloe (Greek origin) meaning “blooming”. If you like Greek myth and have a fluffy dog, this can be a great fluffy dog name with sophistication.

50. Daisy (Old English origin) meaning “day’s eye”. One of the most popular female dog names.

51. Donna (Italian origin) meaning “lady of the home”. This could be among the fitting dog names for lady dogs.

52. Dory (Greek origin) meaning “gift of God”. It can be a great name for a fluffy dog and if you like ‘Finding Nemo’.

53. Doux (French origin) meaning “fluffy”. A literal yet fancy name for your dog.

54. Ebele (African origin) meaning “compassion”. Among the names for dogs which are sweet in sound and meaning.

55. Effie (Greek origin) meaning “well-spoken” (from ‘Euphemia’).

56. Elaine (French origin) meaning “shining light” (from ‘Helen’). One of the best white fluffy puppy names.

57. Ester (Czech/Persian origin) meaning “star-like”.

58. Fofo (Portuguese origin) meaning “fluffy”. Spiciest of female dog names for your fluffball.

59. Gusta (Latin origin) meaning “exalted”.

60. Heidi (Germanic origin) meaning “of noble birth” (from ‘Adelheid’).

61. Lacey (French origin) meaning “lassey”, a place in Normandy. One of the best name ideas if you braid your dog’s long hair.

62. Lily (Greek origin) meaning “flower”.

63. Lolly (Latin origin) meaning “laurel or sweet bay tree”.

64. Lucy (English/French origin) meaning “born at dawn” and “shiny”.

65. Maggie (English origin) meaning “pearl”.

66. Mia (Italian/Slavic origin) meaning “mine” and “darling”.

67. Millie (Germanic origin) meaning “strength”.

68. Moxie (American origin) meaning “spirited, energetic”. Among the cute and appropriate dog names.

69. Nana (French origin) meaning “grace”. A well-known large protective dog from ‘Peter Pan’, making it one of the most recognizable big fluffy dog names.

70. Peach (English/French origin) meaning “fruit”.

71. Penny (Greek origin) meaning “weaver” (from ‘Penelope’).

72. Pixie (Irish origin) meaning “fairy”. A sweet name for frolicking cute fluffy dogs.

73. Sadie (Hebrew origin) meaning “princess”.

74. Sasha (Slavic/Greek origin) meaning “defender of mankind”.

75. Stella (Latin origin) meaning “star”.

76. Tabitha (Aramaic origin) meaning “gazelle-like”. One of the graceful dog names.

77. Willow (Middle English origin) meaning “willow tree”. Works well for fluffy dog breeds with frizzy hair, like bichon frise and yorkies.

78. Winnie (English origin) meaning “one who makes friends with peace”.

79. Wren (English origin) meaning “small bird”.

80. Zara (Arabic origin) meaning “radiant”.

Gender-Neutral Fluffy Dog Names

Unisex names for fluffy dogs that go both ways.

81. Avery (French origin) meaning “elf king”.

82. Barry (Irish origin) meaning “fair-headed”.

83. Bear (Old English origin) meaning “the brown one”. A great name for a samoyed chow.

84. Bernie (French origin) meaning “bold as a bear”. One of the sweet unisex dog names.

85. Bertie (Old German origin) meaning “bright raven”.

86. Carmo (Hebrew origin) meaning “garden of God”.

87. Caron (Welsh origin) meaning “loving” and “kind”.

88. Cleo (Greek origin) meaning “glory”.

89. Cloud (English origin) meaning “condensed vapor floating in the atmosphere”.

90. Cupcake (English origin) meaning “little cup-sized cake”.

91. Dakota (Native American origin) meaning “friend”.

92. Dilshad (Persian origin) meaning “happy heart”.

93. Dusty (Old Norse origin) meaning “stone” (from ‘Dustin’).

94. Dylan (Welsh origin) meaning “born of the ocean”. Famous personalities with this name include the poet Dylan Thomas.

95. Fluffy (English origin) meaning “fleecy; covered with fluff”. One of the most obvious dog name ideas, but you cannot go wrong with this adorable name!

96. Gene (English origin) meaning “well-born”.

97. Gigi (English/Italian origin) meaning “earth-worker” (from ‘Georgine’), but also ‘famed warrior’ (from ‘Luigi’).

98. Jazz (American origin) meaning “a style of music”.

99. Joey (Hebrew origin) meaning “one who will grow”.

100. Laika (Swahili origin) meaning “angel”. Laika is the first dog (and the first living creature) to orbit the earth from outer space.

101. Milan (Slavic origin) meaning “kind and loving”.

102. Nova (Latin origin) meaning “new”.

103. Peanutbutter (English origin) is a portmanteau between ‘peanut’ and ‘butter’, a buttery paste made out of crushed peanuts. Mr Peanutbutter is a famous Labrador Retriever character from the popular Netflix animated series ‘Bojack Horseman’.

104. Reese (Welsh origin) meaning “ardent” and “fiery”. One of the best dog name ideas for your feisty Poodle.

105. Rory (Goidelic origin) meaning “red-haired king”. Perfect name for your ginger pup!

106. Sandy (Greek origin) meaning “defender of man”. Sandy Cheeks is a squirrel from the cartoon TV show ‘Spongebob Squarepants’.

107. Snowball (English origin) meaning “ball of snow”. One of the most literal small fluffy dog names, for breeds like tiny Pomeranians, Bichon Frise, and such.

108. Taylor (Old French/Latin origin) meaning “cutter”.

109. Woolly (Old English origin) meaning “a clearing frequented by wolves”. Also a punny name for fluffy big dogs with the wordplay on ‘woolly’.

110. Yule (English origin) meaning “of Christmastime”.

Funny Fluffy Dog names

A funny-sounding dog name compilation for your silly cuddly puppy.  

111. Big Mac (Gaelic origin) meaning “son” (from the Gaelic prefix Mac-). Big Mac is also McDonald’s iconic hamburger that once used to be its flagship item. A punny dog name for snuggly big dogs.

112. Droopy (English origin) meaning “hanging limply” or “drooping”. Droopy McPoodle is an MGM cartoon character, a detective Basset Hound known for his droopy face and lethargy.

113. Floof (English origin) meaning “to move in a fluffy manner” or “to make something fluffy”.

114. Fluffernutter (English origin) meaning “a type of New England sandwich with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff”.

115. Groot (Dutch origin) meaning “large”. A comic-book character created by none other than Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Groot first appeared in the first issue of Tales to Astonish, and was more recently popularized by the Marvel film ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’. A cute small twig in appearance, Groot is actually a flora colossus who can grow massively. An instantly recognizable name for your dog irrespective of its size.

116. Hooch (English origin) meaning “booze”. Thanks to the film ‘Turner and Hooch’, this is quite the epitome of brown big fluffy dog names.

117. Jabba (Somali origin) meaning “the Jubba river”. Jabba Desilijic Tiure, also known as Jabba the Hutt, is a Star Wars character that has become a popular name for Pugs and Bulldogs of late, because of their resemblance to aid character.

118. Peewee (English origin) meaning “diminutive in the form”. A funny dog name for small dog breeds such as Maltese.

119. Pompom (French origin) meaning “ornamental round tuft”. Best suited for Pomeranians because they look like cheerleader poms.

120. Pongo (African origin) meaning “orangutan”. Pongo is Perdita’s husband in the film ‘101 Dalmatians’. As a funny trivia, the term was used to refer to infantrymen because the genus of orangutan in question was known to dig holes in order to hide from threat – coincidentally, digging holes is a common activity for dogs as well.

121. Slinky (English origin) meaning “sleek” and “graceful”. A famous ‘Toy Story’ character which is a toy Dachshund dog held together by a spring.

122. Weegie (Scottish origin) meaning “resident of Glasgow” but also “foolish person”. Weegie the Norwegian elkhound was the pet of Herbert Hoover, the 31st President of the United States.

123. Woofer (English origin) meaning “a type of loudspeaker driver”. Befitting for loud dogs, especially because the term was originally derived from a dog’s ‘woof’.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for fluffy dog names then why not take a look at black and white dog names, Alaskan Dog Names, or for something different take a look at Names that mean friend.

Fluffy jumper – Beige/Time to Change – Kids

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West Alabama Boys & Girls Club CEO Honored at Annual Conference

Every year, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America bestow the Robert M. Sykes Award for Professional Excellence to one local organization each year, and this year, Tuscaloosa’s club is in the spotlight.

Kim Turner, the CEO of the West Alabama club, was named the 2021 winner at the Southeast Administrative Conference in Atlanta. The honor remembers the late Bob Sykes, a former Regional Director of the program who got his start in Boys & Girls Clubs in 1956.

Turner’s 18-year stint with the Boys & Girls Club of West Alabama has yielded “historic growth” for the program. Most notably, her work has created a culture of excitement and eagerness for children to come to the Clubs and participate in its activities.

“Boys & Girls Clubs create opportunities for lifelong success for so many youth in our community. It is my honor and privilege to lead a dedicated staff that works day in and day out to make a difference in the lives of children and teens right here in West Alabama. I can’t imagine spending my life doing anything else,” Turner said.

According to a press release, Turner is the face of the Southeast region for the Board of the Professional Association and led the Alabama Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs as its director for 2020 and 2021. She says above all this, her first passion is “being a wife and a mother.”

The West Alabama chapter was created in 1961 under its first name, the Tuscaloosa County Boys’ Club. Girls were later included nationwide in 1990 and 12 years later, West Alabama’s nine counties were included under the one organization: Boys & Girls Club of West Alabama.

The Boys & Girls Club of West Alabama is not done making its mark on the area, either: two new facilities are set to open in Tuscaloosa and Greensboro, and Hale County Middle School, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School and Southview Elementary School will include sites at their campuses soon. More than 3,000 children will benefit from these initiatives through the club’s “onsite and outreach programs.”

Why You’re Lucky to Live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Tuscaloosa isn’t THAT bad of a place to live. Here’s why you’re actually lucky to live in the City of Champions. 

The ULTIMATE List of Alabama Day Trips

Gas up the car, and let’s hit the road because it’s “Day Trip” season. 

Here are 21 Tips to Survive Living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama During Football Season

Believe it or not, some people don’t like football. They could care less if there is a game being played. If you ask me, that is completely sacrilegious. 

Top 20 Safest Alabama Cities

Take time to find out where your city ranks on the safest Alabama cities list. 


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Boulder durable 32″Tall cotton; THE Fuzzy adding just Pocket any 90,000 Sweet Tooth: The Antler Boy: Children’s Series vs. Dark Comic | Series Reviews, Series

Sweet Tooth: The Boy with the Antlers, written and invented by Jeff Lemire between 2009 and 2013, is one of the most successful comics about the American outback with its devout religiosity, respect for hard work and sports on Friday nights , with contempt for white collars and liberal values.

On June 4, Netflix will release an adaptation of the comic that seriously deviated from the original in terms of both the plot and the general atmosphere.We managed to watch it even before the premiere. We’ll tell you what are the differences between the comic book and the TV series, and at the same time talk about the topics that Sweet Tooth touches on.

About mice and people

Sweet Tooth: Antler Boy

Genre : Post-apocalyptic tale
Showrunner : Jim Meekl
Cast : Christian Convery, Nonso Anonzi, Adil Akhtar, Will Forte
Duration : 8 episodes of 52 minutes
Premiere 9000 , Netflix
Similar to: Video Game The Last of US • The Amazing Journey of Dr. Dolittle (2020) • Lilo & Stitch (2017)

In the story of Sweet Tooth, the world was devastated by a pandemic of an unknown disease.Billions of people have died, and the survivors are giving birth to children – human-animal hybrids. In the new world, they are considered second-rate and dangerous, they must be caught and destroyed. It is with such a “second-rate” child, on whose head deer antlers grow, that a certain man goes into the wilderness to save him from a society that seeks to lynch all hybrids.

More than nine years after the start of the worldwide catastrophe, a boy named Gus and his father live peacefully in the forest. The child’s mother died at the very beginning of the pandemic, and the father keeps a certain secret about his past life and the birth of the boy.In both the comic and the series at the beginning of the events, Gus is a little under 10 years old, but in the version from Netflix he looks younger. The father teaches his son to read, grow plants, get water and food. The only thing that the boy is forbidden is to go beyond the boundaries of the forest.

Gus wanders farther and farther from home until he catches the eye of the hunters. They lure him with chocolates – the boy loves sweets very much, hence the nickname. Seeing the hybrid, the hunters are happy – someone pays them well for the new species, but Gus’s ability to speak puts them into a stupor.Most beast children do not know how to express their thoughts, or rather, they simply do not have the opportunity to grow up and learn to speak. A stranger saves the boy from certain death – this is how Gus meets Geppard (from the English “leopard”), a laconic man wandering alone with unknown goals.

The story turns into a road movie in which Geppard travels with a little fawn. In the comic, Gus goes with him because he promises to show him a “preserve” – ​​a place where hybrids live in safety.This idea for the genre is not new – in every second post-apocalypse, a group of survivors is looking for a camp where life is adjusted. The difference is that the comic “Sweet Tooth” constantly deceives expectations – Gus expects to see the reserve, but is faced with something completely different.

The series is also built on the constant deception of expectations. Gus’s motivation here is different – he is not looking for a reserve, but for a mother, whose photo he carries with him – but the concept is preserved: we do not know how the characters will behave in the next moment. Is Geppard a good man? What’s in that reserve? What are the goals pursued by the heroes they meet on the way?

Each of the characters in the series, if not completely changed, then significantly altered the motivation.The obvious villains who did not fit into the children’s rating at all were removed. Some characters’ arcs are deepened with flashbacks, while the stories of others develop in parallel with the main storyline. This gives a broader view of the disaster, its causes and consequences. We can find out what happened at the beginning of the epidemic and how people live in different parts of the country.

And they live well. The comic is much more naturalistic and serious than its fabulous version from Netflix. The life of survivors in the series resembles self-isolation in 2020 – someone sits in an apartment and grows flowers, someone locked themselves in a country house, abandoning weapons and security.In the comics, the characters were constantly haunted by a sense of danger, even if they sometimes did stupid things – for example, walking on the highway instead of hiding in the woods. In the TV series “Sweet Tooth” not a trace of discomfort remained – the post-apocalypse is green, fluffy (the landscapes of New Zealand never disappoint) and in places resembles a country camp with harsh but kind teachers. What is the transformation of the “Animal Army”, which in the comics were a gang that resembled the “half-life warriors” from “Mad Max”, but in the series … see for yourself:

Yes, in the dynamic scenes of the series, suspense is sometimes injected – in Sweet Tooth there is excellent editing and camera work, and in general the events unfold very quickly, sometimes even to the detriment of the story.In the atmosphere of the world, he may remind someone of “Gravity Falls” – there are also enough gloomy moments, but in the end the main characters are always waiting for a warm, cozy hut and friends.

What the show really misses out on, unlike the comic, is the protagonist’s surprise at the world around. Gus has never seen anyone or anything in his life, not even in pictures – except those that his father drew for him. He had no idea what the other kids looked like! When he first sees a fawn in the forest, he looks at him spellbound.But in the series, whatever appears in front of Gus’s eyes, he perceives everything as a modern child. The only exceptions are music and sweets – in the series, Gus pounces on any food containing sugar.

Lion and Lamb

Geppard is the second most important character in Sweet Tooth. His story is inextricably linked with Gus, it is he who has the greatest influence on the boy’s personality. In the original, his backstory is revealed much earlier, however, here and there we immediately learn that this gloomy man with a mysterious past used to be an athlete.According to the plot of the series, Geppard is a former American football star, in the comic book he played hockey many years ago (Lemir said in an interview in 2013 that he does not see anyone in this role but Liam Neeson).

The relationship between Geppard and Gus in the comic begins with distrust and hatred, and only then, far from immediately, turns into something reminiscent of the codependency of Ellie and Joel from The Last of Us. In the series, Gus immediately sees in an adult man a protector who can replace his father.

In both the series and the comics, Geppard is Gus’s guide to a new world.He is by no means a positive hero and nevertheless acts as a mentor, a kind of Obi-Wan Kenobi. He reveals to the child the world around him – not a Christian paradise, where “the lion lies next to the lamb,” but hell, post-apocalypse, where surviving people gradually turn into cruel beasts, and the beast-children, in search of their own paradise, are trying to preserve the remnants of humanity.

Geppard explains to the boy that it was not God who descended from heaven and took almost all people to heaven (as his father told Gus), that the epidemic took the lives of millions.That the deadly virus infects everyone, except for hybrids like Gus, could be the key to eradicating the disease. That is why they are hunted for him.

In the original comic, Geppard’s forced evil pales in comparison to what the characters encounter along the way, but we have no doubt that Geppard will kill anyone in cold blood if need be. In the series, Geppard uses violence only in the most extreme cases.

Religious theme

One of the foundations of comics is religion; the relationship between Gus and his father is built on it.Since the father is the only intelligent living being that Gus has seen in his life, he is not just a parent for him, but the Creator, God. And Gus, his creation, is destined to become the first person – Adam. Those who will revive the human race after the end of the world. Netflix has dropped this framework.

In the comic, the father forbids his son to go outside the forest, not just because it is dangerous there. He builds a unique cosmology around the child, based on isolation, literally writing a new Bible.According to her, the forest around is a safe world, and everything beyond it is the space of hell, the otherworldly place where sin and hellish torments await Gus. If he disobeys his father and takes a step beyond the boundaries of the forest, he will flare up and burn for an eternity. To be saved from illness, the father recommends prayer. Then God will not be angry and will not infect the boy or father. You should also pray for your mother, because she is the most beautiful woman of all that God has created.

When a boy leaves the forest and goes to “hell” with Geppard, he disobeys his father and commits a sin.Feelings of guilt about this will haunt Gus in his dreams. In them, the father will accuse him of being forced to pay for the sins of Gus – for the fact that his son left the forest.

The theme of the accomplished Apocalypse, “the wrath of God”, stretches throughout the comic, but does not find the same obvious reflection in the series. Quotes from Father Gus’s “bible” appear more than once on the pages of the comics – explaining some events, and serving as a catalyst for others. In the series, the father’s sermons were replaced with a voice-over, voiced by James Brolin (Josh Brolin’s father), and it is disappointing – it constantly repeats the same thing, it does not move the story forward in any way and generally falls out of the atmosphere.In the original, the father’s lamentations about the cleansing fire as a whole complemented the madness of what was happening and therefore worked, in the series, Brolin’s text was supposed to create the feeling of a fairy tale-journey, but the scenes of murder sharply contrasting with it destroy this atmosphere.

As a result, the comic and the series turned out to be completely different in tone. In the comic, the first people Gus and Geppard meet are a married couple holding several girls hostage. They force them into prostitution by wearing hare ears; new times – new fetishes.In the series, they meet an idyllic family living in a large house in the middle of the forest – without weapons and guards, but with gramophone records, electricity and, apparently, an endless supply of food and water.

Netflix turned out to be a kind, sweet tale about “guys and animals”, in which there is something to close your eyes and strain, but overall, this is another good family series. What can not be said about the dark, gloomy primary source – it is as if you cannot read it to children at night.

“Good Hands” offer Bishkek residents to take one of the pets of the fund

“Evening Bishkek” and the charity fund for helping animals “Good Hands” continue the action of kindness, begun three years ago.Any of you can take part in it and give a home and your love, which means a new life to someone from the numerous dog and feline brethren saved on the streets of Bishkek.

Today we again present to your attention the fluffy wards of “Kind Hands” who are waiting to be noticed by caring people. Meet our four-legged candidates for adoption!

Active boy

Good Hands Animal Assistance Fund and VB.KG are looking for an owner for a kitten of four months. This is a very active boy. Healthy. Treated for fleas and worms. The future owner of the little furry will be brought directly home. Call: 0 (709) 784-537.

Cuties are waiting for their owners

Take a look at these little kittens! The cuties really hope that caring “moms” and “dads” will find them. Kittens are three months old. There are both boys and girls. All healthy, parasite-free. They already know the filler tray very well. Kittens are very affectionate and playful by nature.They are active, but they also like to lie on their arms and purr. The little ones eat boiled chicken breast, “Whiskas” soft food for kittens, as well as dry food for kittens. The babies will be given only to responsible people who understand the need to visit a veterinary clinic at the first signs of illness, as well as the importance of sterilizing girls at the age of seven months. If you are ready to give someone of them your love and care, then contact the number: 0 (555) 767-507.

Tri-color charm

Good Hands and VB.KG is attaching a kitten-girl. This tricolor beauty is very affectionate and playful. The animal is healthy, clean. The kitty was accustomed to the tray. Do you want her to live in your house? Dial 0 (709) 784-537 and representatives of the fund will bring it to you.

Beautiful and active

Attention! We are looking for owners for puppies. The photo below is one of them. The babies are now two months old. The animals are beautiful and very active. Already now they are learning from adult dogs how to guard the yard.We have both boys and girls. Everyone is healthy. Treated for fleas and worms. Phones for inquiries: 0 (555) 022-489, 0 (709) 022-488.

Eight playful puppies

These kids also need a real home and loving owners. There are eight puppies in total: seven boys and one girl. They are all very beautiful. The Fuzzies are a month and a half. The animals are very active, they play a lot. Healthy. Treated for fleas and worms. More information can be obtained by the following phones: 0 (709) 784-537, 0 (700) 064-560.

Short legs and a lot of charm

The fund for helping animals hopes that among our readers there will be a person who will take this little girl puppy. The beauty on short legs is three months old. She is healthy and vaccinated against infectious diseases. The Foundation guarantees her sterilization at the age of seven months. Do you need a guard? Then this dog will definitely suit you! Representatives of the foundation will bring her to her new place of residence. Contact: 0 (709) 784-537.

Home for a Button

And this is a Button! “Kind Hands” present to your attention this little good “bell”.The dog is healthy, vaccinated, already sterilized. She is calm and sociable by nature, attracts people. The pet will be brought to the future owner. Phone for inquiries: 0 (709) 784-537.

Meet! It’s Tera!

Animal Assistance Fund and VB.KG are looking for good hands for a gorgeous dog. Our Tera is healthy, vaccinated and sterilized. The dog is very active. Good security guard. They will bring it to the future owner directly to the house. Potential owners can contact this number: 0 (709) 784-537.

Cheerful “bell”

And the last candidate for adoption today. We are looking for a home for a small dog. This is an active, cheerful creature who loves children, and also a good “bell”. The dog is vaccinated and sterilized (there will be no more walking and giving birth to puppies!). The representatives of the foundation will bring it to the new location themselves. You will be given more information by phone: 0 (709) 784-537.

New stories of four-legged animals rescued by volunteers of “Kind Hands” on the streets of the capital, we will continue to tell on the site www.vb.kg.

For more information about the activities of the organization, its wards and how and what else you can help them, read in the groups of the Good Hands Foundation on Facebook, Instagram and Odnoklassniki.

90,000 At a European school, boys were asked to wear skirts: Phenomena: Values: Lenta.ru

The Castleview Primary school in Edinburgh, Scotland, approached the families of primary school boys to ensure that children came to school in skirts to maintain equality.As the Daily Mail clarifies, a similar request was addressed to teachers.

The European school noted that they are even ready to provide schoolchildren with skirts if the parents do not find suitable ones.

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00:01 – November 2

The appeal infuriated the parents of some students and they began to criticize the initiative on Twitter.“My son is only five and just got this from school! Let the children be children ”, – the user Megan was indignant.

“If a boy wants to wear a skirt at school, he should be allowed, but why pressure people to ask their son to wear a skirt or to be considered some kind of fanatic?” Wrote the user with the nickname Nicola.

Commenting on the complaints, the school said that in this way they want to support the action popular in Spanish schools. “We want our educational institution to be inclusive and promote the idea of ​​equality,” the school said.

Outraged parents were supported by the Campaign for True Education, a non-profit organization. The representative of the organization noted that adults impose their anxiety on children, instead of teaching them to treat others the way they would like to be treated.

Earlier it was reported that in Alma-Ata, students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School (NIS), after the death of an eighth-grader, came to classes in skirts.

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