Floral foam kmart: Bride’s genius Kmart hack to save thousands on wedding flowers


Bride’s genius Kmart hack to save thousands on wedding flowers

Sticking to a wedding budget can be difficult, so it pays to get creative, just like this Queensland bride who saved thousands with some help from Kmart.

A Queensland bride has gone viral after revealing she saved thousands of dollars on her wedding day with help from her local Kmart.

Erin Wasson, 24, from the Sunshine Coast, said she had been searching for areas to cut costs in her wedding budget after receiving exorbitant quotes from wedding vendors last year.

Erin and her fiance, Bradley, were shocked when they received a quote from a local florist totalling $3400.

“We got that quote back and were so taken aback because it was just crazy expensive,” Erin told news.com.au.

“I knew it was way too much to spend on flowers, so I wanted to find a way to cut back on costs, and flowers was a possible area to do that.”

With a September wedding booked in, the bride-to-be was strolling through Kmart when she spotted a selection of artificial flowers in the store’s home section and was inspired.

“We had decided on a gold, blush and burgundy colour scheme and these fit in perfectly with that, so I bought a few bunches to play around with,” she said.

The bunches of soft material flowers set Erin back $5 each and included six different blush and burgundy blooms.

She also picked up some bunches of artificial native greenery, which set her back $8 each.

With some help from her steady-handed mum, Erin said she was able to whip up her bridal bouquet and her bridesmaids’ bouquets months before the big day.

She even repurposed some burgundy ribbons taken from Kmart couch throws she had purchased to wrap her bouquets.

According to Erin, the Kmart flowers were used to make her bridal bouquet, her three bridesmaids’ bouquets, their hair pieces, as well as decorate eight reception tables and her wedding cake.

But instead of forking out more than $3000 on flowers, Erin spent just $178.

She told news.com.au she was initially quoted $60 for four fresh floral hairpieces, which she made herself for next to nothing instead.

“I was also quoted $250 for my bridal bouquet and $175 each for the girl’s bouquets,” she said.

Rather than spend the quoted $65 on cake flowers, Erin got crafty and repurposed some floral garlands she purchased from Kmart’s accessories section instead.

“I cut the smaller flowers off the headbands and then glued them onto a stem of greenery with a hot glue gun,” she said.

“It took a little while to get all the smaller pieces together, but it looked amazing in the end.”

To decorate her seven reception tables with fresh flowers in glass bowls, Erin was quoted a total of $770 — or $110 per table.

Instead, the savvy bride purchased seven $3 brass pots from Kmart’s gardening section to fill with her artificial arrangements.

“I split up the bunches of flowers and greenery and arranged them all well in advance for just $10 a table,” she said.

The whole endeavour set her back $70 for the entire reception.

According to Erin, the money the newlyweds saved on flowers was used for something much more meaningful.

“Originally, we weren’t going to be able to afford printing an album of our wedding photos,” she said.

“But we were able to use the extra money we saved getting an album, which is something we get to keep forever.”

According to Erin, no one knew the flowers weren’t real.

“I would absolutely recommend this trick to other people, but get the flowers as soon as you see them because Kmart changes their stock regularly, so they can run out,” she said.

Erin’s clever find has gone viral since she posted it online, with almost 2000 people liking her photographs and hundreds of others sharing her “creative” idea with their friends.

“Look at these, we could totally do this for my wedding,” one woman wrote to her friend.

“Wow! I’m debating what to do for my wedding in August, thanks for the inspiration,” another bride-to-be wrote.

The majority of comments praised Erin’s resourcefulness, claiming she had a savvy head for cutting costs and her flowers could “keep on giving” long after her big day.

“Oh my god, I just love everything you’ve done. You are very creative and a beautiful bride,” another said.

What are alternatives to floral foam?

Until the revolutionary invention of floral foam over 60 years ago, florists would use chicken wire, straw, and even newspapers to support flowers at the base of their arrangements. It was Vernon Smithers who invented OASIS® Floral Foam in the United States back in 1954. Smithers-Oasis® invented a green sponge like material shaped as a brick that holds water. The construction of the material allows flowers to be inserted and arranged easily and it quickly became the florist’s best friend. It made arranging flowers easier, allowed flowers to drink water for days and simplified transport of flower arrangements.

Unfortunately, wet floral foam is formaldehyde-based, is not biodegradable and will not break down in landfill. So the question being asked now is “what alternatives to Oasis® floral foam do I have”?

Prior to the invention of wet floral foam, florists and flower arrangers used flower frogs, clay or foliage as a base for floral arrangements and it seems that many of these floral foam alternatives are making a comeback.

So in today’s modern world, what can I use instead of floral foam as a more environmentally friendly alternative?

There are many wet floral foam alternatives that are more eco-friendly than Oasis® floral foam not only for floral arrangements but also for bouquets and larger flower structures. Many of the suggested eco-friendly mediums below work well when they are bound tightly with wire.

Here are just a few ideas:

1. Chicken Wire

Chicken wire has become one of the designer’s materials of choice and has been used for many years as an alternative to wet floral foam. It is easy to cut, manipulate and sculpt. The mesh holes provide an easy place to slot flowers and make arrangements. It can be wound around structures and arches to make a magnificent base for many types of arrangements. Many florists will roll the mesh into a ball and place this in a vase or a pot before pushing flowers through the variety of holes and making sure they reach the water source. Chicken wire is eco-friendly, re-usable and biodegradable via corrosion.

2. Flower Frogs

A time honoured Japanese flower art called Ikebana. This form of flower arranging uses a flower frog also known as a kenzan or stayput. A kenzan is basically a metal disc with pins that sits in the base of your vase. The flowers are then pressed onto the pins to create an arrangement. This process helps open the base of the flower stem allowing it to drink water easily. Kenzans can be secured in the base of the arrangement vessel with Sure Stik. They are easy to clean and reuse. Eco-friendly, re-usable and biodegradable via corrosion.

3. Gravel rocks and pebbles

Gravel rocks and pebbles tightly placed in a pot or vase can make a suitable base to either push flowers in and arrange. Pebbles can also be poured in and around a finished bouquet to stabilise the arrangement. Eco-friendly, re-usable, biodegradable.

4. Willow, rattan or pliable reeds

Just like chicken wire, you can create a mesh like structure to insert flowers using willow, rattan or pliable reeds. This structure can be in the shape of a wreath that can be placed and secured in the base of a vase or florist pot. Eco-friendly, re-usable, biodegradable.

5. Wood Wool

Wood wool that is commonly used for packing fruit, seafood and wine is shredded timber fibres. Clustered together it can form a firm base to insert flowers into. It can also be used inside plastic floral cages and shapes to create a brick effect. It has a certain level of water absorption as well. Eco-friendly, re-usable, compostable and biodegradable.

6. Straw

Similar to wood wool is straw or hay. Stray can be compacted to make a suitable base for flower arranging. Eco-friendly, re-usable, compostable and biodegradable.

7. Water vials

Water vials are small plastic tubes with a rubber cap that flowers can be inserted into. These are commonly used in the florist industry and are a great water source for flowers. These are used extensively when using chicken wire to decorate. Water vials are made of recyclable plastic.

8. Flower Foliage

Another alternative to Oasis foam can be flower foliage although this is associated with the possibilities of growing bacteria. Flower foliage is probably best for arrangements that do not need to last for days. Fill your pot or vase to the top with soft leaf foliage, compact gently then just push the stems through. The foliage will last for quite a few days in water.

9. Moss

Natural moss has been around for years as a favourite base medium for many styles of eco-green floral designing. It is dense, absorbs and holds water and is very easy to shape and use. Natural moss is used along with other wire work structures. Eco-friendly, re-usable, compostable and biodegradable.

10. Floral Clay

Floral clay is waterproof and is a plasticine or clay style of adhesive that is extremely sticky and will glue almost anything. It is waterproof and will hold most material together. It can be reused and is easy to separate once used. Re-usable and recyclable.

Many of the alternatives to floral foam mentioned are associated with florist techniques that have been taught during a time when floral foam did not exist. Now it’s time to learn these techniques again. Unfortunately the use of floral foam as a floral arrangement base cannot be avoided in many instances. Learning new sustainable floral mechanics to find the right balance between the use of floral foam and its alternatives is a first step towards an eco-friendly florist community.

We Took the Kmart Halloween Decor Challenge

The Halloween table decor I purchased from Kmart

Kmart Halloween Decor Challenge

This weekend is our dessert and coffee party, but that doesn’t mean we forgot about Halloween! Kmart challenged me to decorate with a $100 and since I’m too frugal to spend the full amount on items that can only be used for one holiday, I leveraged the decorations and planned them so that many of them would transition into Thanksgiving!

The first thing I picked up and my big splurge was a fabulous urn shaped garbage can ($24). Seriously cute and perfect for the top of the table, it’s gold, auburn, and brown with just the perfect amount of shimmer. Then I added a golden yellow tablecloth ($9.99) and gold tea light candle holders and three flameless candles (the only kind the fire fighter who lives here allows us to have).

Decorating for Halloween – it’s a family affair

Here I took a decidedly creepy turn! First I laid out a spiders web black table topper ($7.99) and then I filled the urn with florist’s foam wrapped in brown bubble wrap to fill the jar. I stuck two very realistic looking zombie hands (complete with shirt sleeves – $9.99) down into the foam and then filled in the top of the urn with natural dried potpourri – leaves, flowers, and twigs (5.99). I added black river rock ($2.99) and my creepy centerpiece was done.

Meanwhile the hubby hung the big creepy fake spider (7.99) in the corner. I’ve been attacking him with it for the last few days – he HATES spiders – and then he added spider webs. I worked on adding fake chains (Totally Ghoul  74in Rusty Chain – $5.99) from the urn out to the two place settings. I chose the black plates with stylish orange skull and crossbones ($2.99) and black bubble goblets ($1.99). I added just a bit of color and filled in with other decorative gourds.

We finished the whole thing off by putting spiders webs over the whole thing…they’re much more prominent in the photos than they are in real life. They add just enough creepiness to the hands and urn. We purposely ran the decorations down the center of the table with the two plates on either end so that we can set additional places for our party along each side without purchasing additional skull plates which don’t fit our dessert and coffee theme. This allows us to marry the two themes this weekend.

Halloween decor ready for a party

The tablecloth, urn, flameless candles, and tea light holders will be reused for Thanksgiving and I’ll add some fruit and leaves garlands ($19. 99) that I picked up around the base of the urn as well as a  floral arrangement in the “garbage can.”

Still need Halloween decor? You can find everything here and so much more at www.Kmart.com/Halloween – order online an pick up at the store or visit your local store. Don’t forget the Kmart Kostume Kreator contest is still going on – the winner will be announced on Halloween. Read: Kmart Kostume Kreator – Create Your Own Virtual Halloween Costume for all the details.

Our Creepy Halloween Centerpiece




Page URL:

HTML link:
<a href=”https://www.thefreelibrary.com/KMART+BOOSTS+SCOPE%2c+PROFILE+OF+ESSENTIAL+HOME.-a0137460622</a>

Byline: Barbara Thau

NEW YORK-Kmart’s exclusive Essential Home collection will
sprout 2,500 new SKUs come spring 2006, with botanicals, bold colors,
paisley prints and poolside looks among the season’s key design

A year after its initial launch, the expansion of the
modern/transitional collection to about 7,500 SKUs was spearheaded by
Kmart’s New York Design Office here, which has been setting the
merchandising vision for the discounter since opening in spring 2004.

Essential Home, the second-biggest home collection at Kmart after
the Martha Stewart Everyday line, was designed to bring a higher taste
level to the retailer’s home department; draw younger shoppers with
a variety of looks; and serve as a contemporary counterpart to
Stewart’s more classical, traditional collection.

It also marked a fundamental shift at the chain, with Kmart taking
control of product sourcing and design.

So how is it doing a year later?

“It’s on plan,” Matthew Morris, vice president of
home design for Kmart, told HFN during a sneak peek of the spring mix at
a photo studio. “Everyone is pleased with where it’s heading.
Management is committed to the brand and the customer is reacting

That everyone includes none other than Edward Lampert, chairman of
Sears Holdings, Kmart’s parent company, who just last month
expanded his leadership role at the combined Sears/Kmart chain to
include merchandising and design.

Lampert has been a big champion of the design office, Morris said,
“and is putting his money where his mouth is [by investing in the
division].” He added: “Eddie stands behind what we’re
doing 110 percent.”

With the second phase of Essential Home, the retailer has
fine-tuned the line by pruning “what was too advanced for our
customer,” he said.

Items such as a pop-artlike lamp and opaque, modern acrylic goblet
just didn’t fly, and were pulled from shelves.

Still, the line, which Morris described as “Garanimals for the
home,” includes the extension of the Chromatherapy subbrand from
bed, bath and tabletop into home decor, frames and candles.

Chromatherapy, which features products in “intense
colors,” will include a new mix of shapes, silhouettes and novelty
looks, Morris said.

Botanical motifs play a starring role in new Essential Home soft
lines, such as window treatments and kitchen textiles.

These include “big, happy, summery, ’40s-inspired
botanicals [inspired by designer] Joseph Frank,” Morris said.

Floral Fiesta and a pool collection will bow next summer.

The pool-inspired collection includes tabletop, beverageware and
coordinated bath, and “is inspired by the look of tile and easy
entertaining,” Morris said.

The Glam Girl whimsical, novelty tween bedding line is “doing
great, and we’re expanding that,” he said.

Morris also set out to “recreate classics,” as with a new
dish drainer that sits on an angle.

Acrylic dinnerware in retro shapes is also on tap.

In home, Morris, who previously served as a Donna Karan consultant,
has been reinterpreting high-brow references for Kmart’s mass

The idea is to “raise the bar of what people expect to find at
Kmart,” he said.

Morris stressed that the collection is largely direct import, and
the retailer is controlling the design of the products earlier in the
development process.

Kmart first picks the right materials for a product with its Hong
Kong sourcing office, then delves into product design. “It’s
smarter economically and gets the product into the store faster,”
he said.

“We have control over our assortment and planning our
assortment, versus working with a vendor and buying their looks, and
having no control of how it’s being manufactured and

While the retailer appears to have product development under
control, store execution remains an issue, Morris said.

“The biggest challenge is taking what we see here and
transferring it to our 1,400 stores across America.”

To that end, Kmart will start sending out staff solely devoted to
visual merchandising to stores to narrow the gap between the quality of
what’s on the shelves and how it’s being presented, he said.

And in keeping with the mission to enhance the store environment,
the discounter has applied its White Plains, N.Y., prototype, which
bowed last year and features a cleaner, more sophisticated store design,
to nine units.

“It’s all a work in progress,” Morris said.
“Our intention is not to look like Wal-Mart or Target.”

Morris could not yet comment on the merchandising synergies that
could arise between Kmart and sister chain Sears.

“I trust where [Lampert] is taking this company,” he
said. “Kmart is about value and Sears is about quality –
that’s so evident in the histories of these companies. We’re
not changing anything, we’re enhancing the strengths of each.”


Kmart has fleshed out its Essential Home collection for the fall:

– The bed, bath and tabletop Chromatherapy subbrand is expanding
into mix-and-match window solutions, including curtains in sheers,
patterns and valances that coordinate with everything from bedding to
home decor, adding about 60 SKUs to the mix. Kmart is also expanding its
assortment of Chromatherapy bedding with new patterns, such as
geometrics and solids, as well as florals.

– The retailer has also rolled out the Sensu Spa collection of
coordinated bath furniture with an Asian teak influence.

– The ready-to-assemble program, designed to evoke that of a
sanctuary, comes in bamboo, birchwood and white. The retailer is also
expanding its storage collection, which reflects a new twist on the
category with combination translucent/opaque items.

Caption(s): 1 Matthew Morris, vice president of home design for
Kmart, at the retailer’s 34th Street store in Manhattan / 2
Chromatherapy has been extended into window treatments this fall. / 3
New Essential Home bathroom furnishings have been added to the mix. / 4
New Chromatherapy vases / 5 The expanded line includes paisley patterns,
such as the one featured on this rug.

COPYRIGHT 2005 MacFadden Communications Group LLC

No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

Copyright 2005 Gale, Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.

If Only They’d Called It Kmartha . . .

Bankruptcy may have exposed a fundamental flaw in the relationship between Kmart and Martha Stewart: She didn’t redesign the stores.

Imagine the difference a shopper would feel driving up to a Stewartized discount box. There would surely be a decent welcome mat. Inside, butter-yellow walls and tasteful taupe floors (see Stewart’s paint chart) might replace industrial greige. Retooled shopping carts could be as slick and functional as her shiny new wire kitchen racks. The in-store cafe would be furnished with classic wicker instead of drab plastic chairs. Neat cushions covered in blue-and-white mattress ticking could provide comfort, even if the snack bar didn’t serve portobellos-and-cream cuisine.

For once, Target could turn sea-foam green with envy instead of the reverse.

The “big box” stores — Target, Kmart and Wal-Mart — have been brawling over consumers for a decade. Wal-Mart, the biggest of the three, outfoxes the competition on price alone, ignoring style-conscious consumers. But smaller Target managed to distinguish itself as the first mass-market design store, with hundreds of exclusive objects designed by the whimsical architect of Disney, Michael Graves.

What’s remarkable is that Kmart, with 2,114 stores across the country, had an exclusive allegiance with America’s most famous purveyor of good taste. Almost nobody knew Michael, but virtually everybody knew and trusted Martha. In the end, that wasn’t enough to cushion Kmart’s future. The reasons reveal an uncomfortable truth about the design revolution: Great products don’t necessarily equal great profits.

“I think most people totally appreciate a well-designed object or thing,” says Ron Johnson, the retailing executive who masterminded Target’s design strategy (he met Graves during the renovation of the Washington Monument, which Target sponsored). “When they see it, they get it.”

It’s true that Volkswagen’s investment in the New Beetle paid off. But Daimler Chrysler is suffering even with the success of its PT Cruiser. And Apple has produced one design icon after another, including the extraordinary new iMac, launched this month. But only 5 percent of computer buyers have bonded, which is why Johnson, now at Apple, is developing retail stores.

“The reality is, if it’s a great product, it can make money,” he says. “But design can only take you so far. Design has to be integral to the entire business strategy.”

On the morning that Kmart filed for bankruptcy, a handful of customers arrived at the Big Kmart store in Annandale, a faithful few in search of Marthadom.

None was worried about Stewart herself. “With seven houses, she’ll do just fine,” as one shopper put it. And her company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, announced it has $140 million in cash, thank you, and will find another partner for its Everyday brand if necessary. (The company also noted that Kmart owes it about $13 million in royalties, advertising and other costs.)

Shoppers picked up modest finds, such as a box of cream-color dinner plates (four for $8.99) and bath towels dyed to match a paint chip color-keyed to Stewart’s Araucana chicken eggs. Consuelo Ascunce of Falls Church had taken off from work to pile her cart high with muted floral-print pillows and tea towels.

“It’s a shame,” she says. “I like her prints, her style. It’s nice, clean.”

Stewart’s pima cotton bath linens were stacked in towers of blue, lavender, cream and latte, the kind of soft hues that distinguish her merchandise from goods that are cheap but garish. Elsewhere in the store, boxes specially designed for organizing — holiday lights or shoes — were in disarray. Amid the clutter of ironing-board pads and lint rollers, the distinctive Everyday brand logo all but disappeared, which may have been a good thing.

At the end of the aisles, it was also easy to overlook the obvious: Martha Stewart and Kmart, egged on by Michael Graves and Target, revolutionized the expectations of mass-market shoppers. Whatever happens to Kmart, that won’t change.

Stewart joined forces with Kmart in 1987, but the Everyday collection wasn’t launched until 1997. When Target upped the ante with hundreds of household objects from Graves, the shopping landscape changed, and the design world with it. Cheap became chic.

Stewart started by refurbishing America’s beds and baths. Graves began in the kitchen and living room. The two went head-to-head in the garden, from furniture to watering cans. Only Martha offered seeds, in packets so well designed they were included in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum’s first Triennial of American design,in 2000. Not long afterward, Bed Bath & Beyond jumped into the fray, showcasing a wall of Umbra plastic wastebaskets by Karim Rashid like a gallery display.

The stars were happy to play the game. Graves, when asked whether he was becoming the Martha Stewart of Target, replied: “No, no. Martha Stewart is the Michael Graves of Kmart.” The architect also pointed out a significant difference: He is a product designer. She is an arbiter of taste, who places her seal of approval on an object but relies on someone else to create it. The formula has succeeded well enough to propel sales of the Everyday brand, which grew 25 percent last year.

But in design retailing, there can also be too much of a good thing.

“Martha started out as better taste and quality,” says Johnson. “Two years later, Martha Stewart was the whole department. It became a packaging program rather than design.”

Back in October 2000, Stewart took over Manhattan’s exclusive Jean-Georges Restaurant to unveil her kitchen collection, 650 pieces of super-low-priced gear for Kmart. The aroma of omelets and blinis wafting from the open kitchen enhanced everyone’s appetite.

“The ultimate goal,” Stewart said then, “is to get everybody in America to go to Kmart to buy kitchenware.”

Right now, that would sure help. In Annandale, the shelves and racks were stocked with affordable versions of the classics: cookie sheets, baking pans, cutlery, cutting boards and teakettles. And the potato peeler looked fabulous, even if I could never get mine to cut.

Martha Stewart’s Everyday line brought high style to Kmart.A recent addition to Stewart’s Kmart line is her Everyday Keeping one-piece ironing board pad and cover, in various homey designs.

Kmart Cubby House Makeover Hack

The infamous Kmart Cubby House makeover hack! We thought we’d try our hands at renovating one as the main present for our son’s first birthday (23rd of July 2020), and this is the result! If you’ve had your eye on purchasing one of these, don’t delay! They sell out constantly! If you’d like to purchase a Kmart (Australia) Cubby House, click here.

If you’re thinking of starting this project, great! It’s really rewarding once you see your Cubby House made over with fresh paint and your style of decor. But be warned, we found it’s fairly time consuming, so give yourself more time than you think you’d need!

In addition to this, it can also cost a small fortune (see our total bill below!) to makeover this Cubby House (if you let your creativity blow out), but in my opinion, if this job is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. In saying that, it is a kids toy after all, and there’s no reason why quality (and safe) second-hand items or cheaper alternatives cannot be used for this makeover!



To renovate our Kmart Cubby House, we purchased the following items*:


1 x Wooden Cubby House from Kmart Australia– $149. 00 | BUY HERE


1 x Dulux 1-Step Oil Based Primer Undercoat 1L – $44.60 | BUY HERE

1 x Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen Paint in colour Vivid White 2L – $57.70 | BUY HERE

1 x Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen Paint in colour Ahoy 1L – $53.15 | BUY HERE

1 x Paint Brush Set- $8.78 | BUY HERE

1 x Painting Drop Sheet – $9.98 | BUY HERE


1 x Brass Ship Bell – $19.00 | BUY HERE

1 x Brass House Numbers ’23’- $18.28 | BUY HERE

1 x Brass Door Handle – $8.32 | BUY HERE

1 x Magnetic Strip for Door- $16.80 | BUY HERE

2 x White Children’s Chairs – $35.00 | BUY HERE


1 x Real Estate Agency For Sale Corflute Sign and Stand – $43.93 | BUY HERE


1 x 1m of Navy and White Striped Fabric – $10. 80 | BUY HERE

2 x White Sibbhult Brackets- $2.00 | BUY HERE

1 x plastic white sheet from Bunnings Warehouse – $5.00


1 x Navy and White Striped Floor Mat – $6.00 | BUY HERE

1 x Woven Semi Circle Mat – $12.00 | BUY HERE

2 x Packs of Wooden Flooring – $59.98 | BUY HERE


2 x Hanging Green Vines – $15.98 | BUY HERE

4 x Sunflower Stems $22.36 | BUY HERE

2 x Floral Foam boxes (to hold artificial flowers) – $13.89 | BUY HERE


* All links and prices were correct at the time of posting.



As the Cubby House arrives in a box in pieces, we found it’s easier to keep it this way while we painted. Using trestle tables and a painting plastic drop sheet, we painted the front and back of each piece with Dulux Primer Undercoat paint. I don’t think this step is necessarily detrimental to the Cubby House, but the painting shop assistants insisted that a primer is a must for its longevity in a hot and humid Australian environment, so we bought one. There are quite a few pieces to this Cubby House, it takes longer than you think you need so if you’re planning on tackling this project soon, make sure you plan ahead if you’re working to a deadline like we were for our son Brooks’ 1st birthday!


Once the primer was sufficiently coated on every piece, we started painting the walls, windows and trimmings in Dulux Weathershield paint in the colour Vivid White. We found a 2 litre tin was enough to paint the inside of the Cubby twice, and the outside three times. You might be asking, why so many coats of paint? Well, there are lots of little nail marks etc. that show through, so I was insistent on covering these up as much as possible.


We then started to paint the Cubby House door, roof and front flower-boxes in Dulux Weathershield paint in the navy colour Ahoy. We did two coats of paint and found a 1 litre tin was enough.


Once the painting was complete, Sam (dada) built the Cubby House as per Kmart’s instructions. It didn’t take too long, and an electric drill, Phillips head screwdriver (the star one), a hammer and a second set of hands were needed.


Once the Cubby House was upright and built, I went over it with a paint brush and the Vivid White paint to see if any touchups were needed. But once its dry and you’re happy with the paint job, its time to start decorating! The best part of this project!


This is your chance to decorate the Cubby House in your own personal style, to suit your children or your back yard. There are so many options, I’ve seen really cute Cubby Houses that have been transformed into cafes, lemonade stands and market stalls thanks to their creative parents! We chose a simple, nautical, beach shack theme of navy and white for our son Brooks, because we live near the ocean. Everything we purchased to decorate Brooks’ Cubby House is listed above.

So that’s it! We hope you enjoyed our little guide on how we did the Kmart Cubby House makeover hack! ♡ Any questions or comments? Are you starting this project soon, too? We’d love to hear from you! Tag us at @thejohannessenfamily or contact us!

1970s Kmart Shirt Permanent Press Tan Green Brown Made Korea Pocket Size Small Vintage Men’s Clothing Clothing tv69.co

1970s Kmart Shirt Permanent Press Tan Green Brown Made Korea. 1970s Kmart Long Sleeve Button Permanent Press, Tan/Green/Brown Graphic, Pocket, Made Korea Good Condition. Natural signs of use and wear. Some marks. Please see photos closely for blemishes or details. Measurements Size: Small (S, 14 – 14-1/2) Bottom of collar to hem: 30.5 Pit-to-pit: 21. 1970’s Kmart Long Sleeve Button Permanent Press, Tan/Green/Brown Graphic, Pocket, Made Korea。Good Condition. Natural signs of use and wear. Some marks. Please see photos closely for blemishes or details. 。Measurements。Size: Small (S, 14 – 14-1/2)。Bottom of collar to hem: 30.5″。Pit-to-pit: 21″。Please compare your measurements.。

1970s Kmart Shirt Permanent Press Tan Green Brown Made Korea Pocket Size Small Vintage

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LFB579 Long Artificial Scene Decor Wedding Flower Lead With Green Leaves Manufacturers and Factory China – Wholesale Wedding

Quick Details

  • Type: Decorative Flowers & Wreaths

  • Random Article

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: Luckygoods

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Packing details cartons or as per customer’s request
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L FB579 long artificial stage decor wedding lead flower with green leaves

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description LFB579 long artificial stage decor wedding lead flower with green leaves

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color as picture or customized
Application 1) home decoration
2) event decoration
3) ceremony decoration

4) wedding stage decoration

or central dining room decoration

5) Interoperability
6) Shopping mall
Advantage 1) OEM is welcome
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4) Mixed color is acceptable
Our flower products rose, bouquet, sunflower, wedding flower ball, wreath, etc.
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Customer Feedback

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1. How can I get the best price with good quality?

Our price is competitive. Usually the price depends on the quantity, design and size, if you order more than the price, the shipping will be cheaper.

2.How to place an order?

You can contact us online or in the application “What is” or by e-mail, in any way you can contact us.We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

When you confirm the order details.we will send you a PI and you can pay accordingly.

3.How can we check everything is good before packing and delivery?

We will send photos to you before shipment. And check if everything is ok so that we pack and ship. Because this is our responsibility to each client. We will not send bad things to anyone.

4. If we get good damage, how can I do it?

If you have any question after you receive the goods.Please feel free to contact us. We will give you a quick answer.

Packing and delivery


We make delivery according to customer requirements.
If customer has no requirement, we will usually suggest the best economic way
Various shipping methods are available
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Providing wedding and decorative lfb579 long artificial stage wedding decor lead flower with green leaves China, LUC welcome to wholesale flower wall / wall flower shape from our factory. 90,000 Decorate a cake for 1 year old boy with your own hands

How to decorate a cake for 1 year old girl, boy: recipes, ideas with photo

Everything will be for the first time on the baby’s first birthday. Therefore, parents are trying to make this holiday memorable and bright. Let it be a large themed banquet or a cozy family anniversary party – in any case, all the attributes, all the little things should emphasize the importance of the holiday. Among the culinary variety or humble treats, the cake will take center stage.After all, today a birthday cake for a child for a year old is assigned the role of not just a tasty treat, but also a thematic decoration.

What should be a birthday cake for 1 year old

A boy or girl who baked a cake with his own hands for 1 year will be a great addition to holiday treats.

But recipes for cakes made from standard biscuit or puff cakes, oiled with cream and decorated with roses and an inscription, are long gone.

Today, experienced pastry chefs and caring mothers are trying to give a birthday cake for a baby not just a presentable look, but to come up with a real fairy tale story.

This approach is especially relevant when preparing sweets for the anniversary.

A kid at this age is interested in everything bright, remarkable. Therefore, the decoration of the cake should be memorable.

The sweet product is decorated with edible color pictures, figurines, animals. Such a work of art will definitely attract the attention of the baby.

But do not forget about the preferences of the culprit of the holiday. And this applies to both the decoration and the taste of the culinary product.

If the crumb does not particularly like cottage cheese or strawberries, you should not use such ingredients for the sake of a beautiful picture or exact observance of the recipe you like.

Mom knows exactly what sweets, fillings, fruits the birthday boy loves. Therefore, there should be no problem with the choice of ingredients.

Immediately discard allergenic foods and new foods unfamiliar to your child.

Birthday is not a time for food experiments.Keep in mind that other little guests will try the cake as well.

If you do not want to conduct a preliminary survey about the intolerance of certain foods to babies, immediately cross off honey, nuts, citrus fruits from the list.

Separately, it is necessary to dwell on the quality of the components used, both for baking a cake and for making decorations.

To create a beautiful picture, many people use synthetic dyes. This approach is not suitable for preparing treats for young children.

There are many options for touching up mastic with natural, natural dyes that are safe for children.

Use juice of strawberries, beets, carrots, celery, parsley for coloring.

If you order a cake from a professional chef, ask what dyes will be used.

And don’t forget about the freshness of the cake itself.

Better to bake it directly on the eve of the holiday or pick up the order on the day of the celebration.

What is better for decorating a cake for 1 birthday, cream or mastic

Many parents doubt which one is better to choose a cake for 1 year old boy, girl, cream or mastic. Mastic seems to be a more topical solution, and cream seems to be safe. Let’s try to place the right accents in solving this problem.

Mastic for cake decorating

The cake with mastic looks just great. Thanks to the plastic sweet dough, you can create real masterpieces.

Mastic can not only cover all the cakes and hide the flaws, but also sculpt thematic figures, plot compositions.

The main advantage of this material is its plasticity and the possibility of dyeing, which allows even a beginner or an amateur confectioner to work with it.

What can we say about those real works of art that are created by experienced craftsmen. Such a cake will leave a lasting impression and decorate the most exquisite table.

And you can use milk, chocolate, velvet, marshmallow mastic.It is easy to prepare it yourself or purchase it ready-made.

But some people don’t like the taste of mastic too much. She seems too lusciously sweet.

In addition, parents of one-year-old babies try not to give them a lot of sweets.

Is it possible to upset a child during the holiday without letting him taste a colorful sweet car or a bright mastic bee? Therefore, be prepared for the fact that the baby will definitely try to taste all the bright elements of the cake made from sweet mastic dough.

Video: how to decorate a cake with mastic for a year old girl

Decorations from butter cream

If you really do not like the taste of mastic or do not want your child to be treated to too sweet dishes even for his birthday, consider other options for decorating the cake.

Cake for 1 year old girl without mastic can be decorated with air cream.

Such sweetness will be a decent competitor to the mastic cake, if you approach the process creatively.

It is difficult to work with cream without experience. Not every lover can handle a cream syringe to create unusual jewelry.

But the effort and training will pay off. After all, a cake covered with cream decorations looks more delicate, airy. In addition, it keeps its shape perfectly.

Any cream less sweet than mastic. But keep in mind that creamy sweets are more fatty and satisfying.

Therefore, parents who are more worried not about a beautiful picture, but about a healthy diet, we suggest considering safe options for making and decorating a cake.

Beautiful and safe decorations for a 1-year-old cake for a boy or a girl with your own hands

Let’s leave exquisite versions of cakes for 1 year, decorated with mastic or complex cream, for real masters to experiment. For caring mothers who have decided to please their child with a homemade cake for their birthday, we offer several ideas for decorating their treat.

Fruit jelly

For the preparation of colorful jelly, you can use ready-made compositions.But if you’re considering a safe option, make your own fruit jelly. Fortunately, the process of its preparation is simple and accessible to everyone.

For cooking you will need:

  • seasonal berries – 300 – 400 gr.;
  • water – 1 liter;
  • gelatin or agar-agar.

You will need berries, from which you can cook a concentrated compote or squeeze the juice. The resulting liquid is mixed with a jelly composition.

Regular food gelatin in granules, plates or vegetable agar will do.

From these components we make a prescription blank on a pack. We mix the fruit and jelly parts.

To decorate the cake, you can pour the slightly cooled jelly directly into the mold on top of the cake base. Pieces of fruit and citrus fruits will look original in such a jelly cake.

You can make several multi-colored layers of jelly or waves, stripes of different shades.

Another option: pour the jelly into a suitable size form and leave it to solidify.The thin jelly cake must be carefully removed from the split mold and transferred to the cake.

Cake decorating meringue

Wet meringue or meringue is great for decorating children’s cakes.

In addition, the protein cream perfectly holds the structure when properly prepared, which allows you to create real fabulous compositions.

For cooking you will need:

  • egg whites – 4 pcs.;
  • sugar – 1 glass;
  • vanillin – 1 sachet;
  • citric acid – ¼ h.l.

Whisk well cooled egg whites in an absolutely dry and clean bowl. Gradually add sugar, vanillin and citric acid.

It is not necessary to achieve a thick protein cream. The main thing is to get a homogeneous mass.

Place the bowl with the mixture in a water bath and continue to beat it with a mixer. Heat the meringue, whisking constantly, for about 15 minutes. An indicator of the readiness of the cream will be persistent marks from the mixer.

Remove from the bath and beat the cream for another 3 – 5 minutes.

At this stage, you can dye the meringue. It is impossible to use natural dyes, as they will disrupt the required structure of the cream.

It is better to use liquid food coloring. Dry ones will have to be pre-diluted in vodka.

Add the colorant one drop at a time, without stopping stirring, until you achieve the desired shade.

We send the finished meringue to the cold until it cools down. Then you can start creating with a cooking syringe or bag.Not only flowers and leaves can be made from wet meringue. Such a cream is perfect for creating towers, butterflies, inscriptions on a cake for 1 year old.

Meringue can also be used to decorate cupcakes, muffins.

Cakes with meringues baked after decoration look original. On such a cream, after baking, droplets stand out, which is visually perceived as “tears of an angel”.

Whipped cream

For making butter cream at home, it is better to use raw materials of animal origin.The optimum fat content is 30 – 40%.

Vegetable cream is a mixture of fats and stabilizers.

Therefore, you should not use them to decorate a cake for a children’s first birthday.

Homemade cream will not work either, since after beating it turns not into cream, but into butter.

For cooking we need:

  • shop cream – 0.5 liters;
  • vanillin – 1 sachet;
  • food coloring.

You will have to work with the cream of cream quickly, without being distracted by the search for the necessary devices, tools, ingredients. Therefore, we immediately prepare everything that is useful for work.

Cool the cream in the refrigerator in advance. Better to leave them in the cold overnight.

The temperature of the whipped cream should be within 5 – 10 degrees.

To maintain the required temperature during whipping, place the container with cream in a bowl with ice water or ice pieces.Beat the cream first at medium speed. After we go to high. You can now add vanillin and other flavors, sugar or powdered sugar if desired.

The readiness of the cream is indicated by peaks and traces that remain on the cream from the mixer.

Liquid colors can be added to the finished buttercream. We transfer the resulting mass into a bag with a suitable nozzle.

Do not store or freeze the creamy foam.Such material quickly loses its shape and settles in heat.

Therefore, a 1 year old girl can decorate birthday cakes with cream, if there is an opportunity to serve it immediately to the guests. Creamy peaks look great on fruit salads, cupcakes.

Cake painting with icing

Icing – sugar glaze, which can be used for original and colorful painting not only for Christmas gingerbread, but also for any cakes. Volumetric figures created using this technique look very attractive and unusual.

From glaze you can create not only inscriptions and drawings, but also thematic compositions, lace coverings.

To prepare icing you will need:

  • egg white – 1 pc .;
  • powdered sugar – 150 gr.;
  • lemon juice – 1 tsp

Separate the white from the yolk and place it in an absolutely clean and dry container. Begin to beat at medium speed until foam forms.

You can now add the icing sugar in portions, increasing the whipping speed.

When the mass has acquired a sufficiently thick consistency, you can add lemon juice, which will give the glaze a special shine.

Icing is ready to use. But craftswomen need to know a few more secrets with such an ingredient.

The mass can be divided into several parts, and each one colored with food dyes in the desired color.

To outline the contour, you need a thicker glaze, which, after drying, forms a side.

To fill the surface with icing, the mixture will have to be diluted with water.The main thing is not to overdo it.

You can draw figures for decoration both on a dried glaze surface and on a silicone board. In the second case, after drying, the figures are carefully removed from the board and transferred to the surface of the cake.

To prevent the elements from scattering and sticking to the board, it must first be greased with vegetable oil.

Elements are connected to create three-dimensional figures with each other using the same glaze. This glaze can be safely stored in the cold for 3 to 5 days in a closed container.

Therefore, at any time you can correct mistakes or touch up the pattern on the cake.

By the way, you can decorate the cake with painted gingerbread in an original way.

And also prepare beautiful gingerbread cookies with themed inscriptions as gifts for guests.

Ready-made cake decorations for 1 year

If you do not want to waste time on ingenious decorations or experience with labor-intensive technologies, you can find a solution by turning to professionals. And it is not necessary to order expensive themed cakes.

Feel free to bake a treat according to your favorite recipe and choose a decoration for cakes for 1 year old boy or girl from the photo.

Today you can easily buy ready-made edible decorations for your masterpieces.

Consider these interesting options:

Marzipan figurines. The network offers not only ready-made sugar flowers, leaves, bouquets, but also babies, babies in a stroller, babies in petals, stumps, fairy and cartoon characters, princesses, castles, butterflies, cars, animals.

From such a variety, it is easy to choose figures corresponding to the first birthday and the theme of the holiday. The main thing is to take into account the production and delivery time, so as not to be left without sweet decorations at all.

Wafer pictures. Thanks to the technology of printing on products, there are many interesting proposals for decorating cakes. Most often, this is a waffle base, on which a thematic picture is applied.

When choosing, pay attention not only to the composition itself, but also to the size of the workpiece.The size of the future cake for the baby’s first birthday will depend on him.

Individual printing of baby’s photo. If you wish, you can order printing not just a fabulous picture, but also a drawing according to your own sketches, and even a photo of a baby.

Just think a few times if it would be nice to cut a cake decorated with such a portrait.

The most delicious cake decorations for 1 year old

The simplest, but at the same time, the most delicious decorations will be your baby’s favorite products.

Chocolate. Ordinary chocolate can be used to make beautiful, unusual and delicious cake decorations. Chocolate can be used to make icing that is poured onto the surface and sides. You can make drawings, figures, lace from chocolate of another or the same color.

The easiest way is to decorate the cake with chocolate chips, which are sprinkled on the surface.

Fruits and berries. Cakes decorated with berries and fruits look exotic and fresh. Intense color and taste will add its own zest to the festive treat.

They can be laid out whole, in plates, in a fan. Create flower arrangements or fruit bedding.

Sweets, biscuits. Children love the cakes, which are decorated with bright favorite sweets. There can be many ideas here. Use chocolate and multi-colored dragees, glazed nuts, which are laid on the surface.

Boca can be overlaid with bars, long biscuits, wafer rolls. You can decorate cakes with toffee, gummy pieces, jelly candy figurines.

How to decorate cakes for a 1 year old boy: ideas from a photo

Boys are already quite curious at one year old. Therefore, we will prepare colorful, thematic cakes for them. The decor in the form of characters from your favorite cartoons and fairy tales is ideal.

Drawings and figurines of equipment will surely attract the attention of the crumbs. Feel free to make cars, spaceships, planes, helicopters.

You can not only decorate a classic cake with figures, but also bake cakes in the form of a one, a soccer ball, a toy car.

But just beautiful cakes with a congratulatory inscription, the name of the baby, drawn by one will do.

An original idea – to make a sweet set consisting of one cake with a candle and many small cakes.

In this case, you can safely give the main component of the composition to the birthday person, without worrying that the guests will not get treats.

Imagine and make your dreams come true. And they will help you decide on the choice of photos of ready-made cakes for boys for 1 year.

How to decorate a cake for a 1 year old girl: interesting ideas with a photo

For little princesses, it is better to cook a themed cake. It will complement the general theme and emphasize the importance of the first holiday.

Decorate it in gentle colors with air cream, chocolate or protein glaze, sugar lace. Beads, flowers, butterflies will be appropriate here.

If you choose decorations from figurines, you can stop at animals, princesses, bows, crowns, angels.

But remember that cakes with a neutral decoration can also be made for children aged 1 year. Therefore, any beautiful confectionery masterpieces in the form of cubes, a set of cupcakes, cakes with fruits or sweets are ideal for the first birthday of a child.

Video: Birthday Cake Decorating for a Boy

A mother of three is raising over $ 40,000 for a 16-year-old McDonald’s employee who paid for lunch

My McGero! A mother is raising $ 40,000 for a kind 16-year-old McDonald’s employee after he paid for her children’s food, when she forgot her wallet

  • Brittany Reed stayed at McDonald’s in Waynesville, Ohio on September 22nd and quickly realized that she does not have.any money
  • A mother of three left her wallet at home before going to football practice for her son
  • Employee Wyatt Jones pulled out his wallet and quickly paid for food
  • Reed made more than $ 42,000 for A 16-year-old hoping to buy a car
  • McDonald’s held a ceremony to honor Jones, declaring October 7 “Wyatt Jones Day”

Matthew Wright for Dailymail.com

Published: | Updated:

An Ohio mother raised tens of thousands of dollars for a 16-year-old McDonald’s employee who paid for food when she left her wallet at home and couldn’t pay. feed your three children.

Brittany Reed had just left football practice on September 22 when two of her three children started crying, prompting her to stop by for dinner at a local McDonald’s in Waynesville.

“We are passing across the road ordering food, all three children are now crying for one reason or another (and) I’m going to pay,” the mother shared in a Facebook post shared over 550,000 times. “I left my wallet at home.”

McDonald’s employee Wyatt Jones paid for Brittany Reed’s food after her mother realized she had left her wallet at home

Reed stayed in Waynesville, Ohio on September 22 after her kids started crying

‘Well, now I wanted to cry.I look at the young man with tears in his eyes only because of stress and irritation and say: “Hmm, I’m sorry, but I have to cancel the order I left at home when we went to football today.”

Reed shared that “without hesitation,” an employee identified as 16-year-old Whatt Jones took out his wallet and paid for food for the family.

Mother continued: “I said, ‘Wait, no, okay, I will’ come back through ‘, then he replies’ no, it’s okay, my pleasure.’

Mother (left) went home and received cash to pay the employee to feed her family

Reed said she pleaded with Jones to return home to get cash to pay for food, only for Jones to turn down any such offer from his mother.

“I just want his parents to know how GOOD and CONDITION your son was tonight! He paused this tense mom for a moment and realized that this is exactly what we parents are trying to do – to raise great people – said Reed.”Well, Wyatt, sir, you are an amazing person !!!”

Mother eventually received cash and went back online, paying for food and more. She shared that Wyatt struggled to take the money, but she insisted.

McDonald’s celebrated Jones by declaring October 7 “Wyatt Jones Day”

Reed concluded, “Wyatt, don’t let this world change your good heart, young man, for people like YOU who will change this world for the better.! ‘

Wyatt was honored by his local McDonald’s and his mom, who raised over $ 40,000 on GoFundMe for the teenager. Jones hopes to buy a car.

The company held a ceremony to honor Jones, declaring October 7 “Wyatt Jones Day,” according to WCPO.

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Meet a 13-year-old boy who hacked into his school computer system and online store but insists that he is using his powers for good and was just trying to fix their websites

Is this the youngest hacker in the world? A 13-year-old boy hacked into a school computer system to get homework answers… but says he was only “testing her weaknesses”

  • Wang Zhengyang was called a Chinese “prodigy”
  • A junior senior student already works with Tsinghua University in Beijing
  • Zhengyang spoke at a Chinese conference internet security in 2014
  • He says that “you first need to attack websites to find their weak points”
  • a popular Beijing software company about potential system flaws

Nelson Groom for Daily Mail Australia

Published: | Updated:

Most 13-year-olds use farcical excuses to avoid submitting their homework. Why not hack into your school’s online system and get answers directly?

And if it takes months to fill your piggy bank to buy the latest Xbox game, why not hack an online store and drop the price down to what you see fit?

These are some of the alleged antics of Wang Zhengyang, a teenager who has been dubbed the “hacker prodigy” of China.

Scroll down to see the video

Wang Zhengyang (pictured) is a teenager who has been dubbed a “hacker prodigy” and has created a profile in the Chinese media.

Tsinghua University in Beijing, where Zhengyang already has a branch, despite being only 13 years old

A high school student is already working with Tsinghua University in Beijing and has created a public profile in China.

But the media accused Zhengyang of using his hacking skills for evil.

Zhengyang referred to these reports when he spoke at the 2014 China Internet Security Conference in Beijing.Despite his nefarious reputation as online hackers, Zhanyan says he wants to use his powers for good.

“We first need to attack websites to find their weak points,” he said, and explained that the school website he hacked was not for his class, but for high school students in the same school.

Regarding the change in the price of an item on the online store from 2,500 yuan to 1 yuan, Shanghaiist reported that “it notified the online store of a security breach and did not complete the purchase.”

In April, a teenager contacted renowned Beijing software company Qihoo 360 about a potential system error that could affect more than 100 educational institutions in the country.

“I believe that those who hack for profit all day are immoral,” Zhengyang said at the conference.

“It’s interesting to look for security risks in websites, and I am overwhelmed with joy when I find them. But I will not use my talent for anything illegal. “

In April, Zhengyang contacted a popular software company in Beijing called Qihoo 360 about a potential bug in the system that could affect more than 100 educational institutions in the country.primary” data-track-pos=”static”>

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  • .

    Mom’s genius jungle-inspired cake using Kmart products amazes hundreds and sparks the online trend

    Perfect budget birthday trick: Kmart customer shows a VERY simple cake trick she uses to make dessert wow

    • Creative Mom impressed others on the Internet with her jungle cake
    • Beck baked white cake and bought toy animals from Kmart to paint with gold
    • She also bought $ 6.50 cake stands and fill it with decorative green stones
    • Hundreds of other people have been inspired by replica cake themselves

    Karina Statis for Daily Mail Australia

    Published: | Updated:

    A savvy Australian mom who knows how to bake impressive birthday cakes has shared her latest jungle-inspired creation with thousands of people online.

    On the Kmart Home Décor and Hacks Facebook group, Beck shared a photo of a cake decorated with safari toys, which she colored in gold.

    The cake was placed on a $ 6.50 refillable cake stand from Kmart and she used $ 24.30 White Knight Super Gold spray paint from Bunnings Warehouse on the action figures.

    To add more color, Beck also bought green stones from a local budget store for the inside of the cake stand.

    Posting to the Kmart Home Décor and Hacks Facebook group, Beck’s mom shared a photo of a white cake decorated with safari toys, which she colored with gold (pictured)

    The social media post quickly caught the attention of parents and launched an online trend, how others were inspired to copy the cake themselves.

    “We did the same with the animals for my son’s birthday,” said one mom and shared an image of her cake that looked like Beck’s cake.

    Another mom also shared a photo of a cake she baked for her baby’s first birthday, but placed miniature animals on top.

    The social media post quickly caught the attention of other parents and started a trend as others were inspired to copy the cake themselves. Another mom also shared a photo of a cake she made for her baby’s first birthday, but used miniature animals to place on top

    “We did the same with the animals for my son’s birthday,” one mom said and shared her image.a cake that looked like Beck’s cake (pictured)

    But while the spray-painted Kmart animals look fantastic, Beck warned that she could only use them once, as the paint formed a sticky outer layer.

    “They stayed sticky, then I threw them away,” Beck said.

    However, the other moms were eager to make a safari dessert for their kids and thanked Beck for sharing his creation with the Facebook group.

    But while the spray-painted animals look fantastic, Beck warned that she could only use them once, as the paint formed a sticky outer layer.

    “This is so smart! I would never have thought about it, it looks great, ”said one woman.

    “Animal spray is such a great idea, I can steal this for home decor, they look like what you find in a home store!” the other said.

    The third added: “Looks simple and elegant, well done.”

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    Air freshener; … ersaĞ liquid hand soap is a specially formulated product for washing hands, feet and skin. Our soap helps to soften the skin of your hands. If, after washing your hands with others …

    Liquid soap manufacturer | Europages

    Supplier of: liquid soap | liquid hand soap | liquid air freshener | Disinfectants, non-medical | Cologne [+] Cosmetics | Insecticides | flavors for…

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    Liquid soap for hands, for dispensers, for restaurants. Large selection of soaps at manufacturer’s prices. Buy liquid soap in the PROSEPT online store. Reasonable prices, call: +7 (391) 288-49-04

    Manufacturer of dispensers for liquid soap | Europages

    Supplier of: liquid soap | liquid hand soap | liquid air freshener | Disinfectants, non-medical | Cologne [+] Cosmetics | Insecticides | flavors for…

    Fridge air freshener, lemon

    Liquid soap with a gentle and moisturizing composition, suitable for washing hands and the whole body. Thanks to its delicate composition, the soap is suitable for children. The smell is given by essential oils of mint …

    Liquid soap, hand cream TORK

    Liquid soap, tork hand cream. In … Available Liquid soap for body and hair s1 tork 420601. … Air freshener (5) Medical sheets (1) Hygiene bags (1)

    EXOSUAL air fresheners

    Hand dryers… Liquid Soap: … Exosual automatic air freshener. Has a light sensor, three operating modes: day-night-day (injection frequency 7.5 – 15 – 30 minutes). …

    Liquid soap, hand cream TORK

    Liquid soap, tork hand cream. In … Available Liquid soap for body and hair s1 tork 420601. … Air freshener (5) Medical sheets (1) Hygiene bags (1)

    Buy liquid soap at a bargain price! – LLC …

    Here you can buy liquid soap, as well as household chemicals at an excellent price with delivery throughout the Republic of Belarus! Big choice! Cashless!

    Liquid hand soap “Wild blackberry” BIOSEA La Manche,…

    Liquid hand soap “Wild blackberry” BIOSEA La Manche, 250 ml BIOSEA, prices and photos in the Biosi Belarus catalog.30% discount on all BIOSEA products.

    MILI CARIBIC 200ml- Air freshener | Classic of Purity

    Shower Gel Dr. Grams – 5L Liquid cream soap “Adagio” Liquid cream soap Adagio – 5 l. Liquid cream soap Adagio – 500 ml. Isabella liquid soap Isabella liquid soap – 5 l. Liquid soap “Clover” Liquid soap …

    Aerosol, oil and other air fresheners for …

    Liquid soap, shower gel, hand sanitizer … Oil air fresheners for the toilet, home, urinals are also popular.Products are sold wholesale and retail …

    Air fresheners EXOSUAL

    Hand dryers … Liquid Soap: … Automatic air freshener Exosual. Has a light sensor, three operating modes: day-night-day (injection frequency 7.5 – 15 – 30 minutes). …

    Bar soap for hands to buy at wholesale price with delivery …

    Liquid air freshener … Bar soap for hands. … whose age is 2500 BC. But in those days, soap was liquid or it can even be called like a soap solution….

    Bar soap for hands to buy at wholesale price with delivery …

    Liquid air freshener … Bar soap for hands. … whose age is 2500 BC. But in those days, soap was liquid or it can even be called like a soap solution. …

    Aktiv-Duft / sanitary room air freshener …

    Aktiv-Duft / sanitary room air freshener (floral) Sanitary room air freshener

    Liquid soap manufacturer | Europages

    Supplier of: liquid soap | liquid hand soap | liquid air freshener | Disinfectants, non-medical | Cologne [+] Cosmetics | Insecticides | flavors for…

    Soap, liquid soap

    Soap is a product that everyone must have. To ensure high-level hand hygiene, you need to choose the right soap. In this section of the goods you can choose any soap: solid and liquid, household, etc. ..

    Liquid soap

    Liquid soap “Strawberry” Liquid soap new Perfumed cream soap “GOLD” Liquid soap MOISTURIZING PHYTO-SOAP for …

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    Liquid soap shower, hand sanitizer… Also popular are oil air fresheners for the toilet, home, urinals. Products are sold wholesale and retail …

    90,000 accidentally inhaled raid spray

    Work environment

    Collaborating partner

    Majeric Store – accidentally inhaled plaque spray , The best product selection on the market for health and longevity and disease prevention.You will find comprehensive information about any product and … Yuri Korchevsky ★ SMERSH time. “Cleaner” from … Yuri Grigorievich Korchevsky SMERSH of time. “Cleaner” from the future read online for free without registration the entire text of the book in Russian, as well as read the summary, annotation and …

    Nicotine withdrawal – how long does it take, how to relieve …

    Nicotine withdrawal ( nicotine hunger), and, in fact, abstention syndrome, begins, as a rule, 30 – 40 minutes after the last dose is consumed.For the tobacco lover, however, this withdrawal is easy …

    Spray with menthol for sore throat

    Spray with menthol for sore throat The use of aerosols for the throat is one of the methods of treating infectious diseases that cause inflammation.

    Why it stings the throat | First Doctor

    A burning sensation in the throat is an unpleasant symptom that is caused by irritation of the nerve endings in the oropharynx. Most often this occurs as a result of respiratory illness.Sometimes the cause is nerves, tumors and …

    Useful Tricks In Everyday Life – 5 – Household – Disput.Az Forum

    Dec 21, 2015 · I take cilit bang spray from plaque and rust. But it is only enough for a couple of times. … what kind of raids. If it’s not difficult you can expose the photo means. … Once I accidentally dropped it on a T-shirt for a child …

    Tablets for sore throat for oral administration

    Hexoral spray for sore throat can be prescribed not only for adults, but also for children. It is not toxic, but it can be used in children from an age when they understand that this remedy cannot be used…

    REID for bedbugs – reviews of the Raid tool

    Reid for bedbugs – the composition. If in the fight against parasites you preferred the drug Raid for bedbugs, you should read …

    Spray Grass Azelit cleaning agent for the kitchen …

    I have been looking for a tool for getting rid of fat deposits and cleaning kitchen surfaces for a long time. I want maximum results for minimum efforts! This foam spray is designed for just that.

    TOP-10: True stories when ordinary objects became…

    Tennessee had a bad habit of holding a bottle cork between his teeth. He tilted his head back a little and accidentally inhaled it. The playwright suffocated and died on …

    Dichlorvos from cockroaches: how to poison correctly

    Does Dichlorvos help to get rid of cockroaches. Instructions and method of using Dichlorvos from cockroaches. How much does the product cost and is it not dangerous for a person.

    Spray with menthol for sore throat

    Spray with menthol for sore throat The use of aerosols for the throat is one of the methods of treating infectious diseases that cause inflammation.

    Arbidol throat spray – sovizol.ru

    One of the most bought drugs for sore throat. And this is no coincidence – the positive effect of use, judging by the doctors’ reviews, comes on the 3rd day of admission.

    Which throat spray is better and not expensive

    One of the most bought drugs for sore throat. And this is no coincidence – the positive effect of use, judging by the opinions of doctors, comes on the 3rd day of admission.

    She put her panties on me porn stories.All …

    Having heard from them that girls love shaved boys, he diligently got rid of pubic and anus hair, perfumed himself and put on white panties.

    11, Track age – original

    Breathe in the stale air of the cabin. The faint smell of gasoline, engine oil, dust stuck in the passenger compartment covers, and the echo of the salty breeze of last summer when my mother and I drove along the road leading …

    Otolaryngology, page 48: free online …

    Otolaryngology, page 48: Online consultations of otorhinolaryngologists, free advice…

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    Insect spray Lifesystems Natural Plus 30+ Kids Free shipping across Kiev and Ukraine. Huge assortment of bivouacs. Promotional prices, discounts,%. ☎: +380939797925

    Antiseptics for angina | Stop cold!

    Contents Unfortunately, many treat such a disease as acute tonsillitis, popularly called angina, not seriously enough, preferring to get by with drugs that relieve the symptoms of the disease.

    Easy breathing | Pikabu

    Light Breathing – Lukaut pick-up post. Comments – 1212, save – 4262. Join the discussion or publish your post!

    Is mosquito spray dangerous?

    Is mosquito spray dangerous? July 4, 2013, 00:15 My husband began to spray me with mosquito spray, and I accidentally inhaled it, and even so deeply …

    Haliku 15 ml spray: instructions, price, reviews, analogs …

    Sep 20, 2017 · Khalik 15 ml spray to buy at a low price in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa and Ukraine Delivery of medicines home ️ Availability in pharmacies in Ukraine.🧐 You can pick up Khalika 15 ml spray at the nearest pharmacy Pharmacy24.

    Bruno Banani Woman Bruno Banani perfume – a fragrance for…

    Bruno Banani Woman Bruno Banani is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Bruno Banani Woman was launched in 2001. Perfumer: Thierry Wasser. Top notes: Water lily, Ivy and Orange; middle notes: Peach, Freesia and Lily of the Valley …

    Rebion sprays for ARVI and melancholy. Do they work? | Beauty Insider

    But how to assess protection against viruses and bacteria – I don’t know.I will try the spray in the autumn-winter period, when the cold, colds and flu begin, and he really will have something to protect from.

    Sprays Rebion from ARVI and melancholy. Do they work? | Beauty Insider

    But how to assess protection against viruses and bacteria – I don’t know. I will try the spray in the autumn-winter period, when the cold, colds and flu begin, and he really will have something to protect from.

    Jules Verne 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Files, News

    Mud Spray … and Bernach “met a huge floating mass five miles off the eastern shores of Australia.Captain Baker decided at first that …

    best natural carpet cleaner

    Work environment

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    Steam cleaner Karcher SC 1.020 | Customer Reviews- the best natural carpet cleaner , Away from Sifs, Myths, Proppers! Only PARRR! Only hard-core 🙂 My kitchen was not so clean even on the day it appeared in the apartment !!! VESCHAGA, underestimated by me and lying on the balcony for so many years: ((. 10 best carpet cleaners – rating 2020 Review and rating of the best carpet cleaners. The TOP includes the most popular cleaners on the household chemicals market: Karcher, Unicum, Amway, Vanish, Nordland, Udalix, Help and others.

    Ship chemistry UNITOR with delivery to regions

    Ship chemistry unitor. Marine chemistry is not only various detergents, cleaners and degreasers, but also various chemical preparations for cleaning marine equipment and components.

    Upholstered furniture stain remover | Mineral cleaner …

    Ominerel natural cleaner You can argue with us that now there are a lot of different products for cleaning stains on upholstered furniture, and you will be absolutely right.

    Cleaners and degreasers | AVV Cleaning

    Version CB 100 Alu – safe cleaner and degreaser based on natural ingredients, reusable, with a special composition for aluminum. STAR 100 – cleaner…

    Why Chem-Dry – CHEMDRY RUSSIA

    Why Chem-dry is DRY. PURELY. SAFE.® CHEM-DRY PROVIDES DEEPER AND SAFE CARPET CLEANING At Chem-Dry, we understand that when you call carpet cleaning you are looking for more than just a regular cleaning that removes…

    How to remove urine from carpet

    Oriental carpet: CitraSolve natural cleaner or borax Wool carpet: 1 teaspoon of neutral powder (Dreft, for example), 1 teaspoon …

    Top 10 sofa and carpet cleaners in the ranking. ..

    Methods for cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets at home. Rating of the best means for removing stains from the upholstery of sofas, armchairs, carpets, leather furniture in …

    Which carpet to choose: we will give 7 tips for choosing a carpet p…

    Which carpet to choose? When we talk about a soft and cozy carpet in a bedroom or in a children’s room, we immediately imagine a fluffy carpet with a long pile, in which the feet are literally buried in softness like in tall grass.

    Steam cleaner Karcher SC 1.020 | Customer Reviews

    Away Sifs, Myths, Proppers! Only PARRR! Only hard-core 🙂 My kitchen was not so clean even on the day it appeared in the apartment !!! VESCHAGA, underestimated by me and lying on the balcony for so many years: ((.

    Source of high quality Carpet Cleaner …

    Car Air Conditioning Carpet Cleaner & Drying Gun Hand Dry Steam $ 91.50 -92.99 / Piece

    10 best means for cleaning the interior of a car – rating 2020

    Review and rating of the best means for cleaning the interior of a car. The rating includes well-known domestic and foreign brands: DoctorWax, Liqui Moly, Turtle Wax, RunWay, ASTROhim, ELTRANS and others.

    15 environmentally friendly cleaning products – Recycle

    Attitude glass and mirror cleaner…. Foam for cleaning carpets Nordland. … self adhesive, safe and biodegradable. It contains natural turpentine, orange and pine essential oils. …

    Natural cleaner Mineral in Ufa will clean the oven …

    Cleaner for carpets and carpets … The ominerel cleaner does an excellent job of removing blockages not only in the kitchen. He is able to clean the sewer in the toilet, bathroom or shower. …

    Carpet steam cleaner: cleaning carpet at home…

    The steam cleaner for carpets is in trend today. How is carpet cleaning done at home? How to clean your carpet properly? How to choose the best steam cleaner? What are the advantages and disadvantages …

    The best cat repellents: natural, homemade,…

    Here you will find 11 of the best ways to repel cats, effective and approved by scientists, and a selection of the best cat repellents you can make yourself or buy online.

    13 Best Steam Cleaners – Ranking 2021 (Top for January)

    The steam cleaner is equipped with a 300 ml water tank that allows it to run for up to 10 minutes.The tank is removable, which greatly simplifies refueling.

    10 best carpet cleaning products – rating 2020

    Review and rating of the best carpet cleaning products. The TOP includes the most popular cleaners on the household chemicals market: Karcher, Unicum, Amway, Vanish, Nordland, Udalix, Help and others.

    Urine Smell: How to Remove and Get Rid of Permanently, Top 20 …

    Suitable for carpets and upholstery. Breaks down impurities rather than masking fragrances.Available in spray form. Dufta. Natural purifier …

    Which home air purifier to choose if you are allergic to …

    An air purifier is one of the means to fight against allergies. Naturally, the device is not able to cure the disease, but it will help create a hypoallergenic environment in the house, which will reduce the frequency of attacks.

    Cleaners and degreasers | AVV Cleaning

    Version CB 100 Alu – safe cleaner and degreaser based on natural ingredients, reusable, with a special composition for aluminum.STAR 100 – cleaner…

    Shampoo for cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture 5+ “Carpets …

    Shampoo 5+ for carpets. Is it easy to clean your home carpet from stains? Is it easy to remove an unpleasant smell? And he copes with it! Read the review, and you will learn how to clean the carpet at home …

    Steam cleaners – buy a steam generator for your home, cleaning in …

    Buy a steam cleaner for cleaning your house and apartment in the official Karcher online store. all over Russia.

    Shampoo for cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture 5+ “Carpets …

    Shampoo 5+ for carpets. Is it easy to clean your home carpet from stains? Is it easy to remove an unpleasant smell? And it copes with it! Read the review and you will find out how at home clean the carpet …

    Dreame V9P handheld cordless vacuum cleaner portable …

    Dreame V9P handheld cordless vacuum cleaner portable cordless cyclone filter cleaner dust collector for carpet sweep Promo Code : DREAME828V9P – buy at price from 149.49 RUB. Choose from 19 great deals from the internet …

    Cn Portable Anion Air Purifier trade, buy .

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