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Chart Paper Staples Chart Paper Staples Label Paper Label .

Chart Paper Staples Chart Paper Staples Label Paper Label .

Flip Chart Easel Flip Chart Easel Flip Chart Easel Office .

Chart Paper Staples Chart Paper Staples Label Paper Label .

Flip Chart Easel Flip Chart With Easel Flip Chart Easel .

Pin By Valerie Hahne On Classroom Wish List Easel Pad .

Chart Paper Staples Chart Paper Staples Label Paper Label .

Flip Chart Easel Flip Chart Easel Flip Chart Easel Office .

Tabletop Flip Chart Sfatshow .

Tabletop Flip Chart Sfatshow .

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Easel Pads Flip Charts 27 X 34 White 50 Sheets 2 Carton .

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Educators will flip over a new kind of smart board

By: Dave Haynes

Smart boards were already growing more common in classrooms, but in hybrid and blended learning scenarios, educators can benefit from a new kind of interactive screen — one that allows them to collaborate with students more engagingly, even while they’re collaborating remotely.

Samsung’s Flip 2 series digitizes conventional dry-erase boards and paper flip charts, loading them with intuitive and modern educational tools.

The goal of Samsung’s Flip series was simple: design an interactive smart board that anyone can walk up to and use, without any training. This means the board has capabilities such as:

  • Navigation with a pen-like feel and familiarity
  • Easy storage for instructional notes and lessons
  • Automatic power-on when the stylus is removed from its holder
  • Versatile design that allows for easy movement and relocation
  • Engaging creative tools, including watercolor and oil painting modes

Supported by these core functions, teachers can easily integrate a Flip 2 into their classroom, their lesson plans and their student workflows.

The original Flip display, launched in 2018, was inspired by easel-based paper flip charts and came in a single 55-inch form factor. Like the Flip 2, the Flip’s display was designed to pivot between portrait and horizontal modes. The second generation features 4K-capable interactive displays ranging from 55 inches to a visually commanding 85-inch wall-mounted version.

A better flip chart

Flip charts and dry-erase boards have long been classroom staples because they allow for quick and easy idea generation and collaboration. Students can write out their ideas, draw sketches and even make calculations on a large visual platform that all their classmates can see.

The conventional version works, but it’s a clunky and inefficient way to capture information. And as students’ workflows grow increasingly digital, they’re more often using computers and other digital technology to complete their assignments and in-school activities. Paper flip charts and dry-erase boards are no longer an easy fit for their educational environment. They need collaboration tools that allow them to quickly find, mark up and share whatever they need.

Transform learning with digital signage

See how displays are enhancing the student experience from the lobby to the classroom.
Download Now

All the work done on a Flip 2 is digitally saved and stored. As many as 20 pages of notes can be contained in a single document, and you can retrieve your files by scrolling or by built-in search. You can share documents directly from a Flip 2 by using the display to send them via email, save them to the cloud, download them to a USB or print them.

The largest Flip 2 supports as many as 20 different users at once, each writing with their own stylus — or virtually any other writing utensil. Users can pick from pens or highlighters of various colors and thicknesses. The display’s user-friendly interface means teachers don’t need technical support to install it, or any training to use it.

Students and teachers can connect their computers numerous ways, including USB, HDMI, DisplayPort, an optional slot for a compatible PC or via screen mirroring from their mobile devices. It’s also easy to push photo and video content to the Flip to illustrate concepts and enhance discussions.

Flexible design and versatile use

In the classroom, Flip 2 displays are primarily used for group collaboration and sharing educational materials. But its ultra-high-definition (UHD) screen also allows the Flip 2 to serve as more than a conventional presentation tool. The Flip display’s wheeled easel lets it swivel seamlessly between portrait and widescreen mode, so students can use it to present projects in apps such as PowerPoint or Prezi.

The Flip 2 series also has key technology partners in Cisco and Logitech:

  • Cisco’s Webex Room Kit Mini enables remote conferencing features for hybrid or blended learning environments, and allows teachers to incorporate virtual lessons with guest instructors. Webex on Flip provides crisp, high-quality video and audio streaming, allowing for real-time, two-way whiteboarding with multiple participants, whether they’re on-site or remote.
  • Logitech’s high-res meeting cameras pair seamlessly with Flip 2 displays to offer a highly intuitive solution for classrooms of all sizes, and with diverse needs. For example, the Logitech MeetUp all-in-one conference camera has an ultra-wide lens for small meeting rooms, plus an integrated microphone and speakers.

The Flip 2 brings the next step in education technology — and offers many more capabilities for the classroom, its teacher and their students. Especially in remote and hybrid learning models, digital collaboration tools like the Flip 2 can help everyone feel connected and engaged.

As you strategize how to continue evolving your classroom technology, consider Samsung’s other remote learning solutions, designed to help teachers and students perform their best.

Boards & Easels – Quartet Aluminum Easel With Telescoping Legs, Lightweight Easel, Silver – Quartet 50E – Staples Coupon Codes – Staples Promotions – Gaebler Ventures

Quartet Aluminum Easel With Telescoping Legs, Lightweight Easel, Silver – available at Staples.com via our site. Use our links and Staples coupon codes to take advantage of Staples promotions. Visit our Boards & Easels catalog page for more good deals and great prices on office supplies.

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Product Features

  • Light-weight aluminum easle features 3/4″” tubular steel telescoping legs
  • Adjustable display holder
  • Height: up to 38″-66″ and supports materials up to 25lbs
  • Locking cross-braces ensure stability
  • Twist-lock legs secure at desired height
  • Plastic feet won’t skid or mar floor
  • Optional pad retainer, Item #519272, attaches to the top of the easel to hold flip charts and presentation boards

Manufacurer/Model: Quartet 

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1 1/2′ x 2′ Nonmagentic Melamine Board w/Plastic Frame, No Marker Rail. Another product to consider is the 2′ x 3′ Prestige™ Gray Diamond Mesh Fabric Board w/Mahogany Frame.

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Legamaster Magic-Chart Flipchart Elektrostatische Schreibfolien 600 x 800 mm einschließlich 25 Folien und 1 Edding 330 Permanent-Marker – Staples

Das Legamaster Magic-Chart Flipchart ist eine elektrostatische Schreibfolie, mit der Sie Ihre Ideen in jeder Situation präsentieren können.

Das Legamaster Magic-Chart Flipchart ist eine elektrostatische Schreibfolie, mit der Sie Ihre Ideen in jeder Situation präsentieren können.

Dieses Magic-Chart kann ohne Klebstoff an Oberflächen angebracht werden und hinterlässt keine Spuren. Das elektrostatische Folienmaterial haftet problemlos an fast jeder Oberfläche (Holz, Beton, Glas, Tapete). So können Sie Ihre Ideen immer und überall präsentieren. Das vielseitige Magic-Chart Flipchart lässt sich mit jedem Textmarker beschreiben. Das Flipchart verfügt über Gitternetzlinien zur Präsentation von Diagrammen und Abbildungen. Sie können auch Präsentationskarten und Notizen ohne Klebstoff anbringen. Das Chart ist vollständig recyclingfähig und somit eine umweltfreundliche Wahl. Die Packung enthält einen Edding 330 Permanent-Marker.

Magic-Chart Flipchart
Für Präsentationen in jeder Situation
Elektrostatisches Folienmaterial haftet auf nahezu jeder Oberfläche
Mit jedem Textmarker beschreibbar
Gitternetzlinien zur Präsentation von Diagrammen und Abbildungen
Präsentationskarten haften ohne Klebstoff am Board
Vollständig recyclingfähige Folien
Inhalt: 25 Magic-Chart Folien + 1 Edding 330 Permanent-Marker
Abmessungen: 600 x 800 mm

Magic-Chart Flipchart
Für Präsentationen in jeder Situation
Elektrostatisches Folienmaterial haftet auf nahezu jeder Oberfläche
Mit jedem Textmarker beschreibbar
Gitternetzlinien zur Präsentation von Diagrammen und Abbildungen
Präsentationskarten haften ohne Klebstoff am Board
Vollständig recyclingfähige Folien
Inhalt: 25 Magic-Chart Folien + 1 Edding 330 Permanent-Marker
Abmessungen: 600 x 800 mm Mehr Produktdetails Weniger Produktdetails

Flip Charts – The Creative Trainer

Flip charts are a great tool for anyone who needs to capture information and ideas on the spot. In this article, you will read how to make flip charts more effective so that you can maximize the visual impact for your learners or attendees.

If you are like me, you love to use flip charts in training and educational settings and in meetings. They are definitely low-tech but are so versatile and useful that I recommend every manager have one in his or her office to capture key ideas during meetings during mind-mapping or brainstorming and to make concepts visual and more memorable. The same applies to any learning event. You can add color, flip chart art or graphics, and virtually all sorts of effective enhancements to your charts to make them “speak” to learners.

The following are a few things I have learned about preparing effective flip charts throughout my four decades of experience as a trainer and facilitator.

Each Word Should Be Legible From the Back of the Room

To ensure that those at the far reaches of your room can read your text, be conscious of where you position your flip chart easel or flip chart stand and — keep the layout simple and avoid “data dump. ” Too much information makes reading difficult or impossible and can frustrate or anger participants who cannot read or follow what you have written.

Remember that your goal in using a flip chart is to highlight keywords and concepts, not show your entire presentation outline on paper. Focus on enhancing the clarity of your message and reinforcing your presentation.

I can recall one business presentation that I attended recently where I am convinced the speaker did everything she could to make the information unreadable. There were no title lines used; numbers were haphazardly spread around the page; she added more in the small margins as she spoke; and, she selected only a red marker even though she had an entire box of assorted colors to choose from.

I had to keep telling myself, “Bob, don’t be so critical just because you know the ‘rules’ of flip charting.” However, after the meeting, I asked someone else what they thought of the marathon meeting we’d just attended. Her reaction was, “I have a headache from looking at all those numbers and trying to follow her meaning.”

No more than 6-8 lines per page

One of the more common mistakes I see presenters and facilitators make with flip charts is to jam too much information on a page. This cluttered look is typically ineffective and frustrating for the reader. As with overhead transparencies, I recommend limiting the number of lines per flip chart page. A good rule of thumb is six to eight words per line; using two to three-inch (appx 5-7.5 cm) lettering size, and having a maximum of six to eight lines of text per page (including your title line using approximately four-inch [appx 10cm] letters).

There are actually three good reasons for limiting the amount of information you put on each line and page:

1.  Aesthetically it looks better since you eliminate unnecessary detail and clutter.

2. It aids the reader’s flow across the page since they do not have to read as many words and can now focus their attention on what you are saying.

3. Most importantly, research shows that the human brain can effectively retain seven units or chunks of information (plus or minus two).

Like any rule, there are going to be exceptions. For example if you are writing a long list of items or capturing ideas during participant brainstorming or mind mapping, and it is obvious that you will run on to a subsequent page. In such instances, you might go to the bottom of the page, tear it off, and have someone tape it high enough on the wall where you can add a continuation when finished. You can then continue on the next page. Once finished, you can tape the second page at the bottom of the first providing a continuing list.

Limit information

Putting just one idea or concept on a page helps participants follow your presentation. When you complicate the page with too many or unrelated details efficiency is often lost. This is especially true when showing columns of numbers. Limit yourself to about 25-35 individual numbers on the page. If you have a lot of information, I suggest that you consider summarizing your flipchart, then give a handout with the details. Simpler is better, with flip charts.

Fixing Your Mistakes

You do not have to throw away a page or obliterate a word with a marker when you make a spelling or grammatical error on a pre-drawn page. You have a variety of options for correcting errors or misspelled words.

One technique is to quickly cut a piece of blank flipchart paper large enough to cover the error, put tape on the back of it, then attach over the mistake. You’re now ready to continue drawing, and the correction probably will not be noticeable to most people in the room.

If you are preparing a fancy flip chart for a presentation and make a mistake, place a blank sheet of flip chart paper over the mistake you’ve made. Using an artist’s Exacto knife or single-edged razor blade and cut out the misspelled word through the blank page. You now have a blank section exactly the same size as the section where the misspelled word was earlier. Place the blank piece into the opening on your original sheet, tape it from the rear with scotch tape, and even the people in the front row will have trouble seeing the correction.

There are many other ways to enhance your flip charts, but these should get you started. For more information about creating, using, storing, and transporting flip charts, consider purchasing a copy of The Big Book of Flip Charts.


Consumer Staples Relative Strength Near Extreme

As the stock market has continued its move lower, one chart has proved helpful as a warning (and an indicator) to investors. That is the Consumer Staples relative strength chart (vs the NYSE).

I shared this chart a couple weeks back with the note that the stock market likely hadn’t bottomed. Here’s an excerpt from that post:

I’ll likely flip sides from cautious to bullish when consumer staples strength subsides. As you can see in the charts below, the Consumer Staples $XLP performance relative to the broader market (NYSE stock market index – $NYA) has been strong.

I’m waiting for the target shown in the chart below (updated) to be hit, followed by a weekly reversal candle.

As you can see in the updated chart below, this ratio has been SPOT ON with providing market inflection points. In short, the pattern recognition targets show investors “risk on” and “risk off” flow of funds based on the consumer staples relative strength.

In times of risk off the big guys go to toilet paper, toothpaste, canned goods and blah blah blah… i.e. consumer staples stocks (defensive).

On this weekly chart, you can see a SELL PATTERN on the ratio. That’s good for equities IF IT HOLDS. Personally, though, I’m not doing a darn thing till that pattern is hit because, until then, we are likely to see more downside.

The probability that the ratio sells off after the target is hit (along with equities bottoming and going higher) is increased due to the fact that since the Consumer Staples ETF (XLP) came into existence, the Consumer Staples Relative Strength Index has never been this high… so, stay tuned. But, it’s still my belief that we should wait to go long stocks until this pattern hits its upside target.

Thanks for reading and be safe out there.


Twitter:  @BartsCharts

Author does not have a position in mentioned securities at the time of publication. Any opinions expressed herein are solely those of the author, and do not in any way represent the views or opinions of any other person or entity.


List of EDH Chaos Cards (Commander / EDH MTG Deck)

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Flipcharts what they are and where are they used

Reports, reports and information in companies are presented in the form of lists, graphs and presentations. Trainings involve a lot of structured information. It takes a lot of time and effort to put together a presentation on a computer. It is important to choose the right design, draw up graphs, diagrams and tables. It is necessary to present information in such a way as to visually show and explain all the subtleties and nuances. A flipchart comes to the rescue. This is one of the alternative ways to present all the necessary information.

What is a flipchart

The very concept of a flipchart comes from two English words: flip – toss, turn over; chart – drawing, diagram, table, map. The device is a board on a stand. The tripod helps to set the board to the desired height. The regulator sets the angle of inclination. The sheets are thrown over like in a regular notebook. The set may include markers, magnets and a board cleaner. The board is easy to care for and use. It can be folded up and stowed away in a cupboard or table.Flipcharts are of several types.

Types of flipcharts

Several classifications of boards can be distinguished.

Depending on the type of coating, flipcharts are:

  • Plastic type with laminated and melamine coating. This is a budget model.
  • Metal version – varnished. Representatives of the middle segment.
  • Ceramic and glass products. They are classified as premium.

According to the type of installation, the boards are divided into:

  • Wall-mounted stationary flipcharts.
  • Mobile models require tripods or casters. If necessary, they can also be attached to a door or wall.

According to the method of fixing the paper, there are:

  • Folding mechanism of paper blocks. Outwardly it resembles a notebook on legs.
  • Roll type. The paper can be stored in the tube.

According to the variant of the surface on which the information is applied:

Paper Flipchart

This type of board is easy to use.Information can be printed on a sheet of paper in advance. This is useful for presentations and pre-scheduled talks. If necessary, during the event, it is easy to make adjustments, apply pictures, inscriptions or tables on a blank sheet. The paper is sold in stationery stores. It has a dense structure, so it can easily withstand the marker. The secret of the convenience of this type of boards is the tube. Sheets are comfortably placed in it. It is convenient to carry them without fear of rain, snow or other bad weather.

Marker Flipchart

This option can be considered a budget option.You will only have to buy markers and special washcloths for erasing. This popular type is widely used in group training. It is convenient to record the necessary information on it. To more colorfully describe or highlight something meaningful, you can use multi-colored markers. They are sold in stationery stores along with washcloths.

Magnetic Flipchart

Its advantage – no need to spend money on consumables. The board is bought once. This type is one of the most expensive.It uses magnets. In the manufacture, magnetic fine powder is used. It is located on the back of the product. A special magnetized marker attracts powder to the front of the board, displaying inscriptions and drawings on the surface visible to viewers. A special washcloth demagnetizes the board.

Mixed Flipchart

It works on the principle of both a marker and a magnetic board. You can choose which option is more convenient to use in a particular situation.

Where Flipcharts Are Used

Boards are widely used in large firms and corporations.In schools, the marker species is more common. It is convenient to use a flipchart at trainings, lectures and seminars for a more structured presentation of information. Some parents buy such boards for children who are actively drawing, writing and drawing on a new “toy”.

90,000 Boards, flip charts and accessories – Stationery XXI Veka

Office board is used for presentations, visual demonstration of information during a report, which is applied to it in various ways.Office boards are needed for meetings, sessions, lectures and seminars. They are used in the case when the presenter needs to apply any data by hand, erasing them in the future or saving them.

Office boards are classified according to the method of attachment. Depending on the need for a presentation, wall, table or floor options are used. An office board with legs or a stable stand, with a holder for a sheet of paper, a roll or a special notepad is called flipchart .The data on paper shown during the performance can be saved for later. In addition to them, there are office boards of the following principles of action:

  • Dry erasable. Their surface is plastic, drawing of graphs, numbers and letters is carried out with special markers. Erasing is done with special sponges and napkins.

  • For chalk. They have a dark surface, graphics and text are applied with chalk of different colors.

  • Cork. Such a surface is used for pinning information on paper – for example, announcements.

  • Magnetic. Any of these types can have a magnetic substrate on which you can attach a message to a sheet or other object.

The design may contain additional elements: a frame made of wood or aluminum, a shelf for markers, wheels for a stand.It is also possible that there are two or three drop-down flaps. The working plane can be one-sided or two-sided. As a rule, they are supplied in sufficient quantity with accessories.


By default By price descending Ascending price By name (from Z to A) By name (from A to Z)

122436Show all

Home Catalog Presentation equipment Flipcharts

Block of paper for flipchart “deVENTE” 67.5×98 cm, 20 sheets, density 80 g / m², no line, 6 holes, perforation

Article number: 6040401
Trade mark : deVENTE
Country of origin: Russia

450 ₽

* RRTs

Flipchart paper block “deVENTE” 67.5×98 cm, 20 sheets, density 80 g / m², checkered, 6 holes, perforation

Article: 6040400
Trade mark: deVENTE
Country of origin: Russia

499 ₽

* RRTs

Flipchart magnetic board on a tripod, adjustable in height, with an aluminum frame, MDF base, with a plastic shelf

Article: 6041002
Trade mark: Attomex
Country of origin: Ki tay

7 205 ₽

* RRTs

Flipchart board magnetic marker “Attomex” 700×1000 mm, on a tripod, adjustable in height, with an aluminum frame, MDF base,

Article: 6041003
Trade mark: Attomex
Country of origin: China

7 898 ₽

* RRTs

Magnetic marker flipchart board deVENT.Highline “700×1030 mm, on a mobile stand, adjustable in height, MDF base

Article: 6041301
Trade mark: deVENTE
Country of origin: China

18 098 ₽


Flipchart board magnetic marker “deVENTE. Highline “700×1030 mm, on a tripod, adjustable in height, MDF base

Article: 6041300
Trade mark: deVENTE
Country of origin: China

11 503 ₽


9000 Board -flipchart magnetic marker double-sided rotary 360 ° “deVENTE.Highline “1200×900 mm (total height 193 cm) mobile, MDF base, with aluminum shelf

Article: 6041900
Trade mark: deVENTE
Country of origin: China

24 784 ₽


Magnetic marker double-sided rotary 360 ° flipchart board “deVENTE.

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