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Flip Chart Stands | Tripod Stands for Taking Notes

Floor Stands with Flip Charts, Whiteboards, and Magnetic Surfaces

Looking for a convenient way to write down ideas and take notes during meetings? Flip chart stands help keep track of the important details in offices, schools, and at seminars. These write-on pad displays make it easy to record the conversation and highlight the main points. Flip chart stands are excellent for classrooms, conference rooms, and meeting halls. These note taking fixtures are made of steel and aluminum for stability while writing down information. Our flip chart stands are offered with a number of options that still keeps them relevant in the digital age.

What types of presentation easels are available?
  • Flip chart stands are compatible with standard 2-hole paper pads. Some models have a clamp at the top that holds sheets in place, with or without perforation.
  • Our tripod models have a collapsible design that makes them great for transportation.
    Simply fold up the three legs for a compact design that’s easy to carry and fit into vehicles. No tools are required to assemble or disassemble these portable note taking tools.
  • Height adjustable flip charts are ideal for accommodating different environments. Professors in large lecture halls may need a taller display that everyone can see, while conference rooms require a short angle that’s more accessible. Tripod fixtures require adjusting each leg but some models have designs with a single extending pole.
  • Presentation board stands with dry erase boards have a dual-use function that excel for schools and offices. These write-on fixtures give note-takers options for how they want to record information. Write it down on a paper pad or mark it on an easy-to-erase markerboard? You decide! Each dry erase board is magnetically receptive to easily pin print-outs and other sheets. Browse our markerboard accessories, including utensils, erasers, and magnets for a fully featured flipchart/whiteboard display.
  • Flip charts with wheels are great for large offices and schools that share supplies. These note-taking tools for meetings and lectures are easy to roll into classrooms and conference rooms. Wheeled flipcharts create an affordable solution for recording information in organizations with a tight budget.

Why choose these flip pad holders over other options? These boards offer a convenient way to quickly jot down info from a presentation or meeting. It’s easy to start writing with a pen or marker on a piece of paper and rip it off the pad at the end. Save the sheet to keep your organization’s strategy and goals in mind. Simply write, rip, and repeat!

The tyranny of flipcharts – Chris Corrigan

Flipcharts.  Let me count the ways that we are tyrannized by them:

1. Power accretes around a flipchart. The next time you are in a meeting, see if you can tell where the front of the room is.  It’s likely that, even if you are in a circle, the “front” will be where the flipchart is.

 As I wrote this I am in an Open Space meeting where people are gathered around flipcharts, and rather than organize in tight circles, several groups are arranged in semi circles facing one person holding a marker and writing on the flipchart.  This defeats the purpose of a conversation in which every voice is equal.  Who controls the flipchart, controls the story.  Be very careful about having an easel stand in the room.  People are easily silenced and controlled by them at a deep unconscious level.

2. We have to write everything down.  Having a flip chart in a meeting seems to demand that everything spoken gets written down for all to see.  This does not facilitate a good flow in a conversation, and it is rarely a useful harvest of a discussion.  In free conversations, not everything is useful, not everything is weighted the same, not everything matters.

3. Flipcharts are linear beasts. Unless you use a flipchart creatively, such as by mind mapping or the way Jim Rough does it in Dynamic Facilitation, flipcharts are useless linear beasts.  Most people simply write lists of points on them, in sequential order and when the page is full, they flip it over and keep writing.  Wisdom disappears over the fold, every point is given equal weight and conversations tend to proceed in linear ways rather than emergent ways.

4. Renting easel stands is a scam. Hotels charge exorbitant rates to rent a flipchart stand.  It is not un common for these things to go for $50 a day and at one hotel I worked at, the Sheraton in Atlanta, they charged $170 for a flipchart stand with half a pad of news print paper on it.  NEVER rent them.  (Look at this scam!)

5. Post it flipchart pads are a bigger scam. If you use flipcharts in any kind of creative way you will have already discovered that the overpriced post-it flipcharts are incredibly confining.  You can only hang them one way, it is difficult to cut them into smaller pieces, it is awkward to roll up notes at the end of a meeting because everything sticks to everything else.

 Give me a pad of 75 sheets of large white paper, and I’m happy.  I can cut them into quarters for Open Space topics, or tape them on a wall together to make large murals, or cover cafe tables with them. Seventy-seven dollars for a pad is plain wrong.

So what is a GOOD way to use flipcharts and easels?

1. Put the paper in the middle.  In small meetings, say in a board room, take the paper off the easel stand and put it flat on the table.  If possible, allow everyone access to the paper so that multiple notes can be taken.  Putting the harvest tool in the middle of the table allows everything we are doing to be directed towards the centre.  This is the basis of the way we harvest in World Cafe and it is brilliant.  It democratizes the harvesting tools in a powerful way.  Your conversations WILL be different.

2. Make a mind map.  Get used to taking notes in a non-linear way.  Mind maps are much better ways to capture the essence of a conversation because the group can see linkages and watch the emerging whole of the conversation.

3. Use easels to make signs.  Easels are useful for static signs pointing out times and places, instructions and so on.  The moment they become the focus of attention, you will notice that they play on different levels.  The note taker is above the group, and the notes are elevated.  In improv we call this a status game.  So neutralize the status.  Use easels for signs.

4. See what you can do with tape, scissors and paper. Tape helps you make flipchart pads bigger by taping several sheets together.  Scissors help you make flipchart pads smaller.  In these three tools you have everything you need to scale your work.

5. Learn how to do graphic recording. The Grove teaches this skill.  And what I love the best about the graphic recorders I work with is how they quietly listen and create harvests without being a dominating presence in a room.  even though the murals they create are huge, their presence is small as they are working, allowing groups to focus on conversation and listening rather than “speaking to the record.

”  Also, learning to use basic graphic recording tools such as icons, diagrams and pictures helps make your own notes less linear, more meaningful and more useful in general for a group.

So, banish the easel, liberate the pads, be creative, be aware of power.  Have fun.


How to Build a Folding Flip Chart Easel

Brushy Fork’s own contribution to the secondary wood industry is a plan for a folding wooden flip chart easel. To make your own easel, follow these instructions:

1) All parts in the prototype are 2″ x 13/16″ poplar. Hardwood is recommended. 2″ x 3/4″ pine could be used, but should be clear of knots to assure strength.

2) All fixed parts are screwed together with 1 1/2″ wood screws. For ease of construction, self tapping screws (such as drywall screws) may be driven in with a drill or power screwdriver.

3) Two additional screws are set in the top crosspiece to hang the flip chart pad on.

4) The folding legs are attached with 2″ carriage bolts and wingnuts. The lower set of bolts are removed to fold the easel, and reinserted in the uppermost holes to hold the legs in the closed position.

5) The pivot bolt at the top should be 4″ long, with washers on each side, and fastened with two nuts to prevent loosening. The bolt should not be so tight as to cause the back leg to bind excessively. Note that the holes in the side legs must be drilled at an angle to allow insertion of the bolt. This may be accomplished by assembling the lower crosspiece to the A-frame, then holding the tops of all three legs in alignment and drilling them all at once.

6) Short lengths of chain and screweyes may be used to connect the back leg to the front legs.

7) (Optional) A piece of plywood or masonite may be added to the easel if desired to allow the use of single sheets of paper instead of flip chart pads.

Wood parts:

Number; Size; Description

  • 3; 44″ x 2″ x 3/4″; Upper leg sections
  • 3; 34″ x 2″ x 3/4″; Folding (lower) leg sections
  • 3; 27″ x 2″ x 3/4″; Cross pieces (upper, lower, and pencil ledge)


  • 10 1 1/2″ Wood screws
  • 6 2″ Carriage bolts with wingnuts
  • 1 4″ bolt with 2 washers and two nuts
  • 3 screw-eyes
  • Approximately 4′ of lightweight chain

Download this PDF to print as a handout.
(Acrobat Format)

Flip Chart Easels & Flip Pads

  • £73.75

    An entry level tripod easel but with the features of a more expensive model….

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    Economy easel with class beating features. Tripod easel has rear leg tie bar for extra stability and durabilit…

  • £151.00

    Mobile Flipchart easel mounted on a five star base with locking castors. Metal pad clamp with hangers to take…

  • £175. 00

    Our stunning new magnetic glass flipchart easel. 1000 x 700mm glassboard, steel backed to accept super strengt…

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    Blue version of our most popular Mobile Flipchart easel. The board is mounted on a five star base with locking…

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    Top selling colour framed easel. Loop leg design creates very steady base, and foot bar to aid stability when…

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    New heavy duty mobile Ultimate easel – now in 6 colours. The mobile version of our bestselling Ultimate easel….

  • £401. 50

    Premier feature packed easel – the best on the market. High quality flipchart easel with large 1000 x 700mm co…

  • £30.50

    Holds any pre-drilled A1 flipchart pad. Sprung clamp neatly covers the mounting hooks. Rear magnet adheres to…

  • From

    £27. 89

    Ideal for easels, mobile whiteboards, and Trapease wall rail – 40 sheet pad with perforated top, supplied in a…

We have a range of flipchart easels for mobile and static use. These flipcharts are a must for every training environment and are great additions to a brainstorming session. All of our flip chart easels are height adjustable and accept magnets.

Our flipchart easels and flip pads offer great portable solutions for presenting information in both educational and corporate environments. We have a variety of flipcharts, all of which have a drywipe whiteboard surface that also accept magnets to display pre-prepared printed information. All easels are height adjustable and come as standard with clamps designed for use with A1 pre-drilled flip chart pads as well as a pen tray.

These flipchart easels are great tools to use for brainstorming, content gathering, training sessions or for displaying a meeting agenda and taking notes. Our Conference Pro and Buzzard flipchart easels feature extension side arms for additional display area.

Easels for All Applications

We have flipchart easels to meet any budget from our entry level tripod easels with height adjustable telescopic legs, to mobile design and top of the range Conference Pro design featuring with fantastic design features that also makes it ideal for use by wheelchair users.

Our mobile flipchart easels are available with either a curved or a five star wheel base on lockable castors, the castors makes them easy to wheel from room to room.

Our best-selling range of Ultimate flipchart easels are available in 6 popular frame colours across two designs. The portable loop leg design is lightweight and come with an optional carrying bag making it ideal for portable presentations, whereas the Ultimate mobile magnetic easel is easy to manoeuvre to ensure maximum view angle for audience participation.

Paper Hanging Systems

Please also view our range of Trapease® paper hanging systems; these are ideal for use in meeting rooms alongside flipchart easels to display pre-prepared notes and information across the wall and eliminate the requirement to use sticky tack on the walls that can often leave ugly marks. The flip pad range we have are able to display information easily, in a non-damaging way.

Browse our range and find your flip chart easel today, for your meeting or educational facility.

Whiteboard flip chart easel | party rental game night


Rent 1, 2, or 3,  U-Stand Whiteboard Flip Chart Easel

  • Two-In-One display – adjustable easel & markerboard for your convenience!
  • Adjustable height for countertop & floorstanding use!
  • Tilt angle is adjustable for displaying at optimal viewing angle!
  • Spring-loaded clamp for displaying flip charts!
  • Dry-erase marker board surface is great for use during meetings or family game nights!

is your BEST CHOICE for office, home, classroom or any commercial area.

Smooth & Durable  Writing Surface
The whiteboard’s writing surface requires ongoing cleaning care to ensure the best performance and resist ink staining and ghosting. Simply use any dry erase board eraser after continuous use to clean the writing surface.

Can Be Used as A Bulletin Board
Simply use the elastic clip on the top of the whiteboard directly to display anything you like.

Standing more Stable
The U-Stand Whiteboard flip chart easel comes with 4 plastic base, making the whiteboard stand more stable. No worrying about stability of the board when writing.

Long Lasting Use
The classic black finished aluminum frame provides a firm and rigid board construction. It is scratch-resistant and sturdy, and it will ensure a long lasting reliable product.

Easy Organization
This board comes with a convenient organizing tray to keep your markers, erasers and cleaners within easy reach. Keep the area neat and presentable by storing supplies on the tray, instead of in random places.

Works with All Dry-erase Markers
All dry-erase markers work well with this large white board (4 dry-erase markers are included with the magnetic dry erase board). It is easy to dry wipe without leaving any stains or ghosting traces.

Package Includes
1 x U-Stand Whiteboard
4 x Dry-erase Marker
1 x Eraser
1 Flip Chart chart 24 x 36″

Rent a Whiteboard Flip Chart Easels for your family game night or business function.

  • This whiteboard rental is truly a versatile adjustable easel. Featuring a dry erase surface, the adjustable easel is ideal for use during presentations, company meetings or organizational game night , in such locations as conference rooms, classrooms and more. An adjustable easel provides a useful tool for teachers to prepare lectures in advance. Double-sided, you can easily flip the whiteboard flip chart easel around without having to erase part of your lecture! With its fully rotational easel hinges, you easily transform the adjustable easel from a floorstanding fixture into a countertop display. Simply turn the knobs on either side of the adjustable easel and alter both the height and viewing angle with ease!The classroom display, adjustable whiteboard flip chart easel features a portable, folding design for your convenience. When not in use, simply fold up the adjustable whiteboard flip chart easel and store it until your next lecture or board meeting. The adjustable easel also includes a foldable pen tray on one side for holding your dry erase markers and erasers. The easel even features a spring-loaded paper clamp for holding standard, two-hole drawing pads (pads with 17-1/2″ to center measurement). Each adjustable whiteboard flip chart easel also includes rubber feet to prevent sliding during use, as well as to prevent your floors from being scratched or damaged. We import this adjustable easel from our selected overseas vendor and offer it as an economical, sturdy presentation solution. The two spring clamps visible on top of the frame are the only tradeoff to much higher priced comparable easels.


Flip Chart Easels | Desktop Whiteboards

We stock a superb range of both whiteboard easels and flip chart easels

Not only are flip charts and whiteboard easels practical and useful, they’re also a great commodity in many environments, allowing for individuals to better express themselves. We provide a wide variety of products to suit all needs, including child friendly options for the classroom, see our Whiteboards for Kids here.

For those who are looking to solve their problem with a cheap solution, our Economy Flip Chart Easel is perfect for those who are money conscious. Featuring a tripod stand, this product is easy to transport, easy to put together and includes a clip-on pen tray as well.

Also featuring a tripod stand, our Hawk Flip Chart Easel is a stable and durable product ideal for business environments. It comes with telescopic legs that are fully adjustable and can be bought in either black or white.

Available in a variety of six colours, our Loop Leg Flip Chart Easels are the perfect compact solution and also feature a drywipe surface. The loop leg design provides a very stable base and the height is fully adjustable.

Easily the most popular flip chart in our range and currently a bestseller is our Ultimate Mobile Flip Chart Easels. Highly mobile whiteboard with flip chart clamp, available in 6 colours and comes complete with a height adjustable column. The whiteboard is magnetic and the frame made from tubular steel making it the ideal all round easel for your meeting rooms and offices.

If you’re looking for a more premier product, the Conference Pro Flip Chart Easel could be just what you need. This product consists of a height adjustable board and features a side arm with paper clamps to display completed sheets – ideal for business meetings and conferences.

In a classroom environment, it’s important to have child-appropriate equipment and our Junior Mobile Writing Board Easel is ideal for encouraging an interactive learning space. Easy to store and simple to assemble, this product is ideal for the classroom and is designed with a harlequin colour theme.

The Share and Write Junior Easel is a double-sided desktop writing board designed to encourage collaborative projects between children. One side of the board is a magnetic drywipe and the other is a chalk board, allowing children to become involved with different materials.

Our Read and Write Folding Desktop Whiteboard is a handy portable whiteboard that features a full-length book ledge and carry handles for practical reasons, including easy transportation. Ideal for business situations where you may be required to give a presentation offsite, this product can be folded flat and comes with a five year guarantee.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or have specific requirements, please contact our friendly team on 01234 240 007.

90,000 Flipcharts, boards, easels for Rent. Equipment rental for an event in Kiev with delivery, low price Flipcharts, boards, easels for Rent. Equipment rental for an event in Kiev with delivery, low price

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Magnetic whiteboards and flip charts | Useful articles from the company “Alex”

Magnetic marker board are intended for writing with markers and fixing paper documents on magnets. Boards are used in the office ah , to visually record current tasks, in conference halls – during presentations, in classrooms 2 of universities and in during classes .

Flipchart board is a mobile and a compact type of a stationary board, resembling additional easel holders. Its is easy to move, therefore it is often used e t for various x business x events .

Varieties of whiteboards and flipcharts

  • Coating type

    The simplest types of boards are plastic models with laminated and melamine surfaces .

    Metal variants with varnish coating can be attributed to the middle price and professional segment.

    Luxury products are ceramic and glass boards .

  • Mounting type

    In addition to stationary wall-mounted whiteboards, there are floor-standing (mobile, with supports on stands or on castors ) . For some variants there is also a fastening to the door or to the wall .

  • Design

    Marker models can be single-sided and double-sided , as well as folding .

    Flipchart board is usually one-sided, but the type of paper block attachment differs from version to version. There are products with a flip (like a notebook) and roll mechanism for changing sheets. In addition, flip charts can be folded and rolled into a tube.

Key Points When Choosing

  • If you plan to write a lot on the board, it is important to choose the surface of the board wisely. Budget options with a laminated and melamine surface will not last long – from six months to 3 years. The service life of models with varnished coating is longer – up to 5 years. Ceramic and glass versions are highly reliable and can be used intensively over 10 years .

  • The choice of a magnetic board design depends on the purpose or premises for which it is purchased.Large wall-mounted options, including fold-out ones, are good for large conference rooms and classrooms, while compact flipcharts are good for miniature meeting rooms.

    Mobile boards are convenient for use in small offices for setting work tasks, as well as in large business premises where they can be used for zoning.

  • When it comes to a flipchart board, you need to pay attention to the type of paper fixing. Flip options are optimal for presentations where it is necessary to separate the information of each block from the next.When it comes to solving business issues that require continuous consideration of a large amount of data, roll-to-roll models are better suited.

Related accessories

  • Markers. Only specially designed writing utensils may be used on the magnetic surface, otherwise the writing will not be erased with a sponge. Such products include board markers, the ink of which, when dried, turns into an easy-to-erase powder.They come in different colors and differ in line thickness. Flipchart paper blocks require markers with a similar prefix in the title.

  • Magnets. These accessories come in many varieties: magnetic holders of different sizes, magnetic tapes for attaching large-scale documents, magnets with printed symbols (dates, numbers, etc.), magnetic files. The selection is carried out depending on the tasks performed on the board.

  • Flipchart paper. Produced in the form of notebooks for flip-top models and in the form of rolls for roll-up models. Sheets can be tear-off or adhesive. It is important to choose thick paper so that the ink will not be printed on another page when writing.

  • Sponges. Necessary for gentle cleaning of the board surface without leaving scratches. Using other materials for this may damage the coating.

You can buy magnetic whiteboards and flip charts, as well as everything you need to work with them, right now in the Alex online store.

You can easily place an order online or by phone: (4872) 24-50-42 . Our company is the largest supplier of office equipment and stationery in the Tula region. To shop, you can visit one of our 19 stores in the region.

90,000 is a completely different type of whiteboard based on sheets of paper

A flipchart is a reliable tool for transmitting information, the main difference from classic magnetic whiteboards is that it is drawn on sheets of paper that can later be saved.

Flipchart (office easel) is a magnetic marker board on wheels or a tripod, on which you can draw, draw and attach different materials. The main difference of this equipment from a marker or magnetic board is the ability to attach A1 sheets to the structure.

Our company Boardsshop.ru has been selling school, chalk, cork, information, slate and other boards from world brands for over 12 years. You can order goods of any size with different coatings from our own productionToday online store boardsshop.ru contains the most complete range of products in the field of visual display and information transfer in Russia.

Where Flipchart is Used

The use of an office easel allows you to solve many organizational issues during seminars, consultations, group meetings and lectures, where a stand is needed for visual information. The structure support can be made on wheels or in the form of a tripod.

Flipchart paper is sold today in all stationery stores. It is affordable, dense and does not float when highlighted. On the board or directly on the sheets, you can draw with a pencil or markers. It is easy to draw a table, draw a diagram during classes. A visual example is always better perceived by the audience than words.

In addition, these constructs help in drawing up a list of participants or a workshop outline. Such boards are especially in demand at lectures, where there are no stationary options for presenting information.

Field of application for magnetic whiteboards

The use of flipcharts eliminates the need for the lecturer to hold posters in his hands, hang all this on a regular board, change diagrams during a conversation, and so on. In this case, the structure can be positioned in the hall so that the material is visible to all participants of the seminar.

Let’s look at the most important areas of using boards in the Boardsshop.ru store:

  1. During events where work with a large audience is planned.
  2. For holding seminars, lectures, trainings, webinars and other educational programs.
  3. During a presentation, where you are introduced to a new technology, product or service from a company.

Magnetic whiteboards are in demand not only in offices. Products can be taken for schools, kindergartens. Representatives of network marketing have actively introduced such products. The easel is often used in insurance companies, as well as in colleges and universities.

Large variety of flipcharts on Boardsshop.ru

The assortment of modern information boards is varied. In the catalog you will find domestic products, goods from China and European brands 2×3 and Magnetoplan.

Office easels are available in the following sizes:

  • 70x50cm, which are convenient to put in small halls with a small number of listeners.
  • 90×60, 97x68cm are presented in light structures, usually of a stationary type.Due to their weight, they can be moved to other rooms or provide a wider viewing angle to the audience.
  • 100×66, 100×70, 100×71, 100x75cm can be used both in large spacious halls and compact offices. A number of models have additional side strips, which, during the presentation process, help not to lose thought when the page is turned, if it is already completely covered. All data is located on the side bar.

The working surface of structures can be varnished or ceramic.In any case, these are reliable and wear-resistant coatings. Color – white, green with white or solid green. All our products have two working surfaces.

How to choose the right board

When choosing whiteboards, rely on the frequency and location of lectures and seminars. If we are talking about one room, then here you need a large and heavy version, which is convenient to move around the hall on wheels. There is storage space in the room.

When trainers or teachers do not have the opportunity to conduct trainings in one room, then choose a compact and lightweight model on a tripod that is easy to carry from one room to another under the arm. Today, flipcharts are used with great success by both small companies and corporations striving for success.

Purchase and delivery of goods

The catalog contains models of boards of different shapes, specifications and sizes. Together with the basic purchase, you can pick up a set of accessories – markers, paper, magnets, etc. products.

Consultants will help answer all questions about flipcharts regarding their characteristics and design features. For the convenience of customers, an information line has been opened in the “Reviews” section, where you can get complete information about our products, assortment and selection rules.

All goods in the online store boardsshop.ru are certified, the manufacturer’s warranty is valid. Making a purchase does not take much time, just click the “Order” option right under the product and place an order through the “Cart”.

Employees of the information center will call you back, once again clarify the nuances of the order. The transaction data is duplicated to your mailing address specified in the application. In Moscow, there is a courier delivery, dispatch to the regions of office easels is carried out by transport companies.

Music stands for rent | Easel rental | Flipcharts for rent

It is known that in order to maximize the attention of the listener to the performance, it is necessary to influence all the senses.

Therefore, a speech, supplemented by a visual demonstration, is much better perceived by the audience than an ordinary oratorical presentation.

Flipcharts are used for demonstration – this is a modern analogue of ordinary wall boards, especially significant points of the presentation are marked on them. Renting a flipchart is one of the most important components of a successful seminar or training, which speaks of the high level of its organization.


  • Externally, the flipchart looks like an easel with three legs.
  • The solid size of the flipchart and irregular paper size can cause some inconvenience during storage or transportation.
  • In addition, this is not entirely cheap equipment with expensive consumables that can be easily damaged.

The exit is simple – rent a flipchart from us.

The flipchart has a magnetic surface on which you can write notes and images with markers.

Easels are also very popular today. We offer rental of easel on favorable terms, we have a choice of easels of various designs and colors.


  • Easels are widely used for displaying material at exhibitions, corporate events, celebrations or simply as a decoration for a room.
  • We guarantee the quality of the presented models.
  • The most popular among easels is the tripod: this stable structure makes a good setup for photographs or paintings.

Music stands:

  • The music stand is a stand for easy viewing of information; it can be floor-standing, table-top or it can be mounted anywhere.

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