Flimsy binders: 5 Durable Presentation Binder Options


5 Durable Presentation Binder Options

Nobody wants to have to replace something they bought due to inferior craftsmanship — therefore, heavy duty binders are your best bet if you want a durable marketing tool that lasts a long time. Wear-and-tear is unfortunately par for the course, so your binder should be able to withstand the normal weathering that afflicts any printed marketing tool. If you don’t know what provides the best durability, here are a few things to look for to help you make the best possible custom presentation binders.

Choose a protective coating for your binder to make it last longer and protect it from smudges, fingerprints and scratches.

Protective Coatings

Adding a protective coating to your finished binder design can add an extra level of durability, depending on your choices. Aqueous coating is a water-based coating that can protect the surface of your materials from scratches, smudges, fingerprints and general weathering. However, aqueous coating will not protect your binder much from liquids or other spills.

Apply laminate coating for a sturdier, thicker coating that is water-resistant, allowing you to wipe down the binder with a damp cloth to keep it clean.

Stock Choices

Heavy duty binders are made with durable materials like vinyl, leather or poly material. However, these materials do not always suit your binder’s aesthetic needs. If you decide to go with a paper binder, the default paper stock for a binder is at 18-point thickness, which provides a stiff, crisp binder that holds its shape without being brittle. Going too thick for your stock can cause the binder cover to crack or break, while a stock that’s too thin makes your materials flimsy.

Check the quality of your three-ring binding so that its strong enough to hold all of your files.

Quality of Binding

It doesn’t matter how sturdy your binder cover is if it completely falls apart on the inside. A strong binding mechanism is found in all heavy duty binders — one that can be opened and closed multiple times without breaking. The adhesive that holds your binder’s pockets and other accessories together should also be strong so that the pockets don’t become detached. Ask for a sample and inspect the sturdiness of the binding and glue to make sure it’s to your liking.

Reinforced Edges

Another way to make your binders more durable is to outfit them with a reinforced edge. Reinforcing your edges makes them less susceptible to tearing and prevents the edge from looking ragged from frequent use. The binder’s edges are folded over from the front cover into the interior and then glued down. If there are pockets in the interior of your binder, the reinforced edge will help to fortify them so that they aren’t accidentally torn from the binder.

Binder sleeves help you store and protect the contents of your binder.

Durable Add-ons

Sometimes, even heavy duty binders can use some assistance in keeping their contents free from damage. Consider add-ons and accessories that help to increase the lifespan of your binder.

Put stick-on reinforcements on the holes of your documents so that they aren’t accidentally ripped out of the binder, or use reinforced binder sleeves to store your files. A slip case is a protective accessory that goes over your binder to maintain its shape and integrity, while providing a sort of armor for the binder itself.

The best way to find out if a binder is durable or not is to obtain a free sample and test it yourself. Put your heavy duty binders through the ringer and find out which one is the sturdiest before committing to an order.

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3-Ring Binder. 1-1/2″ capacity D-ring with label holder.

Customer Reviews

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11-5/8 x 13-1/8 x 2-1/4″ (L x W x D).
Use for extra wide binder pages.”/>

1. Sean on 6/4/2021, said:

Perfect Binder for holding the CD Binder pages. Together they form the best solution I could find for storing not only the CDs, but also the CD booklets and tray cards.

11-5/8 x 13-1/8 x 2-1/4″ (L x W x D).
Use for extra wide binder pages.”/>

2. Anonymous User on 1/1/2019, said:

I have continued to purchase these binders for lack of a better similar product. I still believe the construction is too flimsy to support the weight of CDs and DVDs adequately.

11-5/8 x 13-1/8 x 2-1/4″ (L x W x D).
Use for extra wide binder pages.”/>

3. Anonymous User on 8/2/2018, said:

I have purchased many of these binders and use them solely for DVD & CD storage. I am quite happy with the quality. I would recommend these to everyone.

11-5/8 x 13-1/8 x 2-1/4″ (L x W x D).
Use for extra wide binder pages.”/>

4. Anonymous User on 2/2/2018, said:

I bought these binders because the other vendors I’ve used have stopped selling Univenture pages and the associated binders. Your binders strike me as a bit flimsy to support the weight of CDs and booklets, and are slightly too small to fully accommodate the storage pages you are selling.

11-5/8 x 13-1/8 x 2-1/4″ (L x W x D).
Use for extra wide binder pages.”/>

5. Anonymous User on 8/19/2013, said:

Wish the cardboard in the binders was of a stiffer variety. Otherwise, a fine product.

11-5/8 x 13-1/8 x 2-1/4″ (L x W x D).
Use for extra wide binder pages.”/>

6. Anonymous User on 10/25/2012, said:

I use it for my glitter tattoo business. I file my stencils in your CD binder pages and place them in the binder. Great quality.

11-5/8 x 13-1/8 x 2-1/4″ (L x W x D).
Use for extra wide binder pages.”/>

7. Anonymous User on 4/9/2012, said:

They do the job but I thought the construction would be a bit heftier. They’re your basic three ring binder sized up to hold the binder pages. It is good that it’s the D-ring style that lies completely flat when open.

11-5/8 x 13-1/8 x 2-1/4″ (L x W x D).
Use for extra wide binder pages.”/>

8. Anonymous User on 11/25/2011, said:

These binders are about the best you will find. They hold my large DVD/movie collection. Only the best for my movies!

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Custom Paper-Made Turned Edge Binders

Custom paper turned edge binder FAQs: common question and answers

What is a paper turned edge binder?

A paper turned edge binder (also referred to as “paper casemade binders”) is similar in construction and durability to hardbound book covers, but made from high-quality paper compared to linen, vinyl and other cover materials. They can be custom designed with full-color images, rich textures and sharp graphics, then upgraded using special techniques such as metallic foil stamping and embossing/debossing.

Paper turned edge binders are often preferred over traditional binders for presentations, proposals, non-profit materials, schools, and government agencies, and any other situation where you would like to show your support for “going green”!

Why is it called a “turned edge” binder?

The term “turned edge” refers to how the binder is constructed. Similar to traditional hardbound bookbinding, a turned edge binder is created by wrapping and gluing a cover material (often printed or laminated) around a sturdy and rigid paperboard or chipboard. The edges of the cover material bend around the paperboard and are glued down on the inside cover of the binder, creating a smooth edge. This overlapping is where the name “turned edge” comes from.

What are the different types of turned edge binders?

Here at Binders Inc., a premier North Carolina binder manufacturer, we can customize your paper-covered casemade binders any way you want! For this reason, our paper turned edge binders come in many different shapes, sizes and types.

Here’s a handful of common examples:

  • Traditional. This is our popular standard casemade binder with a custom printed cover.
  • Roundback. These turned edge binders have a curved, or rounded, spine. They are also referred to as casemade binders with a “European hinge” or “Euro hinge” spine.
  • Wraparound. These are casemade binders with a flap that can fold around the front of the binder for optional closure. This type of binder can help keep your files more secure and protected.
  • Mini. The size of your binder will depend on the size of the paper material you want it to hold. Generally, the smallest a turned edge binder goes is 8.5″ x 5.5.″ However, at Binders Inc., we can build a memo-size binder to hold any material, even if your sheet size isn’t listed. These types of binders are common for membership directories and phone lists.
  • Easel. Casemade easel binders are great for presentations and turned over a sturdy, durable board material. 
  • Landscape. Turned edge landscape binders are custom-built to hold landscape-oriented pages in a professional and durable location.

What are the benefits of paper turned edge binders?

One of the main benefits of paper turned edge binders is their polished look and feel. Many businesses use them to give their company a sense of professionalism, importance and designation. Other advantages of turned edge binders include:

  • Sustainability. One advantage that is particular to paper binders is sustainability. Our standard paper covers are made with 20% recycled fibers in the base stock, and coatings are water-based (no solvents or heavy metals). While our paper cover is not “re-pulped,” it is recycled along with other plant type waste into fuel cubes, which are used for energy. Ink on the paper doesn’t affect any of the above statements. Our metal rings are recycled like other metal materials, containing lead.
  • Durability. Our paper binders are constructed using the highest quality materials and are extremely long-lasting.
  • Color. Our binders can be printed with vibrant full-color artwork, logos and graphics, adding an extra pop to the final look and feel.
  • Graphics. In addition to full color, these binders can feature sharp, intricate graphics that give your binder a professionally branded look.
  • Creativity. Since most turned edge binder covers are seamless, they can be printed with artwork that extends around to the spine and back of the binder — or even inside! This gives you more freedom to design a binder that is truly a piece of art.
  • Options. As with all our binders, we can customize your casemade turned edge binders for your exact needs — including specifying the ring capacity ( standard 3 ring, 2-ring, 4-ring, 6-ring, 7-ring and more), sheet sizes, number and type of pockets, ring type, colors/finishes, and even a case slip.

What are the common applications of paper turned edge binders?

Turned edge binders are perfect for any situation where you need to make a good impression with a professional book-like binder. A few of the most common examples include: 

  • Presentations and displays
  • Proposals
  • Menus
  • Sales meetings
  • Catalogs
  • Portfolios

Custom casemade binders are commonly used in many different industries — including athletics, education, hospitality, automotive, financial, agriculture, manufacturing and healthcare.

BINDER – Translation in Italian

Among those papers, was this binder entitled “FINFISHER.”

Tra i documenti c’era un raccoglitore con scritto “FINFISHER”.

You feel as if you are facing a wall full of binder files.

Ci si sente come davanti a una parete piena di faldoni.

And what we could use as a binder was actually small amounts of cow manure, which they used ordinarily for their fuel.

E ciò che potevamo usare come legante era in effetti una piccola quantità di letame di vacca, che usavano comunemente come combustibile.

The chicken is fed corn, and then its meat is ground up, and mixed with more corn products to add bulk and binder, and then it’s fried in corn oil.

Il pollo viene nutrito con mais, la sua carne viene tritata e mescolata ad altri prodotti a base di mais per aggiungere volume e consistenza, e alla fine viene fritto in olio di mais.

Compared to the sugarcane charcoal, where we actually have to teach people how to form it into briquettes and you have the extra step of cooking the binder, this comes pre-briquetted.

Paragonate con il carbone di canna da zucchero, per il quale bisogna insegnare alle persone come farne formelle e bisogna compiere l’operazione di cuocere il legante, queste arrivano pre-legate.

How to Get Organized as a PTO Treasurer – PTO Answers

Drowning in a mess of disorganized bank statements, reimbursement requests and receipts?  Getting your treasurer life organized doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming.

I have the best step by step solution for you right here to get organized as PTO Treasurer in just a few minutes!  

One note before we dive in, this system works equally well for PTA, PTSA, and all other school parent groups!

Beyond the obvious need for a sturdy binder (find my recommendation below), you’ll need something to provide the internal structure for your organized system.  Enter this…

The Treasurer’s Planner

What you really need to stay organized is an overarching system that has not only the structure for your treasurer’s binder, but also all the forms and checklists you’ll need as well.

The Treasurer’s Planner is all that!  

It’s flexible to meet your needs as PTO Treasurer and will whip your hot mess of papers into shape in no time!  


The Treasurer’s Planner comes with a Front and Back Binder cover.

Plus, you can print an extra copy of the back cover and trim it down to use as a binder spine.  

There’ll be no mistaking which binder is your treasurer’s binder with these colorful covers!  



The structure of the binder comes from 8 separate sections.  

There’s a place for everything!

After printing out the Treasurer’s Planner, follow the included set up instructions or freestyle it if you have a vision for a customized set up.  

Either way, this system will give you an organized planner in just a few minutes!




The planner also comes with loads of forms and suggested weekly, monthly, annual suggestions actions to take!

Use the To Do List and Monthly Reminders to stay organized with your tasks, and never fall behind again!

Essential Supplies

In addition to the fabulous Treasurer’s Planner, you’ll need a few more physical components to ensure the binder stays perfectly organized.  

Heavy Duty 3 Ring Binder

Now’s not the time to try to get by with a flimsy binder that won’t stand up over time.  

Make a small investment in a quality binder now, so your planner will look fantastic for months and years to come!

I highly recommend Avery heavy duty binders.  

They have a lot of features (D shaped rings, reinforced seams, pocket covers and spine) that all combine to make a terrific binder!

What size?

You’ll probably need a 2 or 3 inch binder.  

A 1 inch binder won’t be big enough for everything you’ll need to keep.

Anything bigger than 3 inches gets to a bit unwieldy plus a pain to lug around!

3 Hole Punch

If you don’t already have a 3 hole paper punch in your home office supply collection, now is the time to add a quality one!  

Putting papers in your binder in the rings versus using pockets makes keeping the binder super organized much easier.

Nothing to fall out if your binder gets turned upside down!

And this version of a punch requires less force to push the holes and you can punch up to 20 sheets at a time.  Such a time (and wrist) saver!

Binder Pockets

Having more storage options for papers you get at meetings is exactly what you need to keep your binder organized!  

Carrying around a 3 hole punch isn’t exactly practical, so using these slash pockets for temporary storage is so smart.

I especially like these clear binder pockets.  Avery products typically hold up really well and pocket pages are no exception.  

Plus, I really like that these pockets are clear, so they don’t add any visual clutter.  

Lord know there’s enough going on in the planner already, so not having anything else to distract your eye is brilliant!

Divider Tabs

The last thing you’ll need to keep your binder organized is two sets of divider tabs.  Get one set of 8 and one set of 12 tabs.

After printing out the Treasurer’s Planner, put the divider sheets in the order you’d like them.  

Then trim them down and adhere them to front of the 8 tab divider set.  

Make sure to note the page name on the tab for custom tabbed dividers in mere minutes!

For the second set of tabbed dividers, write the name of each month on the tabs, and add into the 3 ring binder.  

Then keep everything organized by “filing” receipts under each month.  

Slip the receipts into an open top page protector or punch holes in the receipts to eliminate needing the page protector.

Organizing the receipts this way makes it so easy to prepare for the annual audit at the end of the year!

Printable PTO Treasurer forms save so much time and make it easy to get organized as treasurer! All the forms you need to succeed as Treasurer in the Treasurer’s Planner.

Load in everything else

Now that you have the bones of the binder set up, you’ll want to load in all of your existing paperwork and incorporate it into the binder.

For example, load in your monthly treasurer’s reports into that section.  Load in your receipts that you’ve gotten so far this year under the appropriate month.

Add any and all paperwork from this year to your binder, under the appropriate section.

Continue to work until everything is in your binder, nice and tidy!

Wrapping up

What you’ll need to get organized as treasurer:

The Treasurer’s Planner
3 Ring binder
3 Hole punch
2 set of tabbed divider sets
Page Protectors

Disclosure: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.  This means that when you click and make a purchase at a site via a link I have provided, I make a small commission at no additional cost to you. 


Regardless of whether or not I receive a commission, I only recommend products that I personally use and genuinely recommend, and I always have my readers’ best interests in mind.

Watch this!

This video also dives into this topic, so give it a watch!

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Planner Use Instructions – Sweet Anne Designs


Obviously you can just pop the planner into a regular 3 ring binder. I tend not to like binders because they are so stiff, and the rings get in my way while I write, and they don’t fold back on themselves like a regular notebook. So I searched for an alternative. I came up with two.

Flex Notebook $5: 

Five Star has a new notebook line called “Flex.” It is basically a 3 ring binder, but with flexible rings and a cover that folds back on itself. They come in a variety of colors and only cost about $5-7 depending on the version. I think this is a great potential planner cover.


  • Inexpensive
  • Flexible
  • Color variety
  • No special punch needed


  • None of the regular 3 ring binder folders fit. They stick out of the edges. (Although, I did just notice there is a Flex “Note Binder” for $16 on Amazon that might not have this problem.)
  • Cover is a little flimsy.
  • Might not hold enough paper. (Pictured holds 120 sheets- again, the Flex “Note Binder”).

I think for most people, this option will be perfect. I even found that a good eraser and some elbow grease will erase the brand markings on the cover. Then you could leave it as is, or decorate!!

Staples Arc System/Martha Stewart $30- $70:

Staples has a line of “discbound” notebooks called the Arc system. In recent years Martha Stewart has come out with some office products, including a rebranded, Martha Blue leather discbound notebook for $29. Between the color, the business card pockets and the pen sleeve, I knew this planner cover was perfect for me. I armed myself with a coupon and bit the bullet.

The main drawback (and its a big one) for this notebook is also what makes it so flexible. The cover doesn’t use any sort of ring binding. It uses a special, solid disc that the specially punched paper sort of grabs on to. Key words: specially punched. I went ahead an invested in the $40 punch since I’ve been book binding for years, and I’ve used my custom planner for 4 years already. You might not be willing to jump in at that cost. (I’ve recently read that this punch on Amazon also works with the Martha/Staples Arc system. If anyone tries it, let me know)


  • Professional, business card pockets and pen holder
  • Flexible, folds back easily.
  • Plenty of accessories to add (I got 3 pocket folders and a clip in ruler.)
  • Easily add/remove pages without opening a ring.
  • Can purchase larger discs for more paper.
  • Can punch and include smaller scraps of paper in with larger pages, since it doesn’t have to be large enough to reach 3 rings like a binder.


  • Expensive to start
  • Must use special punch
  • Limited color selection in covers
  • UPDATE: It appears Martha Stewart has discontinued her line of these covers, so now the colors are even more limited.


A personal planner is always made better with accessories! Here is what I use:

  • I LOVED my Avery stick on printable tabs from last year (#16281). So, I did the same thing again.
  • Like I mentioned above I bought some clear paper folders to go inside my planner. These have been ESSENTIAL in keeping me from losing stuff that I normally just “tuck” in.
  • I used those folders to hold some post it flags in pretty colors. I just take the backs off the pad and stick them to the folder. (Martha and Staples had a bunch of shmancy post-its and page markers etc but when I buy expensive stuff like that, I’m too cheap to use them. Its plain Jane Post-it Flags for me!)
  • I tend to write with my Pilot G-2 pens. I get them in all sorts of colors and change by the day =D

Be sure to use accessories to further customize your planner and make it exactly what YOU want it to be!



Printing the planners should be easy. For the regular letter sized version, simply open in up in a PDF reader, select “Print Two-Sided” or “Duplex” (each printer is different). Then follow your printer’s instructions on feeding the paper. Done!

  • TIP: If the words are coming out faint, you might need to set your printer’s quality setting to “high” or “fine” or “best”.

The Junior (half size, 8.5in x 5.5in) planners might be a little trickier. I held off on offering these planners for quite some time while I figured out how everyone would be able to print them at home. Printing two to a side when there are two pages to a sheet gets really tricky.

Then it hit me. Don’t print two to a sheet. Cut the sheets first. I tested this method on inkjet and laser printers, and everything worked with no headaches! Here are the steps:


  1. Cut your paper to 8.5 x 5.5 sheets. Staples or OfficeDepot will do this for a nominal fee. ($4 or so per 100 sheets). I did mine on my rotary cutter.
  2. Load your paper into your printer’s tray, being sure to use the side you would normally use for envelopes. If your printer has paper guides, be sure to set them to 8.5 x 5.5.
  3. Open the planner file and click print. This should bring up some settings. Every printer is different, so it is difficult for me to tell you exactly what to click. But usually there is a “page setup” or “advanced” or “Printer options” tab. In that tab, you’ll usually find the paper size. Change it to 8.5 x 5.5. Here is what mine looks like. I had to click Setup > Preferences > Print Preferences to get here.
  4. Navigate your menus to find the double sided print option. Make sure that is on too. For most ink jet printers, they will print the back side of all the pages first, then have you put the paper back in (per your printer’s instructions) to print the other side.
  5. That’s it! If you aren’t printing at home, taking the cut paper to a place like OfficeMax or Staples should work the same way.



DIY Divider Tabs – The Easiest Trick for Binder Organization

Tired of a disorganized notebook? Open any binder up to exactly the page you want to with these DIY binder tabs. They make binder organization a breeze!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.

I recently put together a Recipe Binder to organize my massive collection of recipes. Wow, what a project! But the biggest hangup came when my next step was to add divider tabs to my pages.

You see—I wanted tabs that would coordinate with my Recipe Binder design AND be customizable with text {yes, I’m very particular}. And while I could find various printables tabs on Pinterest to customize myself, there wasn’t a succinct tutorial on how to adhere those tabs to my pages.

Laminating the tabs made them too bulky, and simply attaching them to the page made them too flimsy. But after multiple experiments, I finally found something that worked!

Just for reference, I’ll be using the printable Divider Tabs that come with my Recipe Binder for this tutorial, but you can go through these same steps for any tabs you print online.

Supplies Needed:

  • Printable divider tabs
  • Scissors
  • Packing tape
  • Double-sided tape


What binder was I working on with this project?

The Printable Recipe Binder Kit is a complete recipe organization system to help you declutter, categorize, organize, and meal plan, with just one tool.



The Project:

Step 1: Carefully cut out divider tabs, fold in half, and lay one side {color side down} onto a piece of packing tape.

Step 2: Fold over the packing tape.

Step 3: Cut excess tape away from the divider tab.

Step 4: Open up the divider tab and place one strip of double sided tape inside each of the rectangular “wings”.

Step 5: Place tab on front and back side of the page protector and press down.

And you’re done!

Total Cost: I didn’t have to buy anything new, so this project was free for me! 

I’m obsessed at organizing my life with notebooks, so I’m thrilled to finally have a workable solution to my customizable {and coordinated} tabs. Oh, and if you’re interested in learning more about the Recipe Binder I referenced during this tutorial, here’s where you’ll find all the details!

What project do you plan to use this tutorial for?


Disclosure: Some of the links in the post above are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. Read my full disclosure policy here.

90,000 Like seals, but “black wolves”: new American radicals

Joe Biden finally gave his first press conference. Feelings are mixed. It lasted only an hour and 2 minutes.

Joe Biden was late for his first press conference, as no American president was late in either the 20th or the 21st century.

The silence of the head of the White House lasted for 65 days, which was interrupted only by a couple of agreed interviews, and by rare reporters who miraculously managed to ask a few questions. The improvisations surrounding Biden in a zone of endless media comfort were not allowed.

“We really need to ask who is hosting the Pennsylvania Avenue show. Is this Vice President Harris? Is this Chief of Staff Ron Klein? Is this Sumer? Is this Pelosi? Barack Obama? Is this Susan Rice? weak and flimsy boy, whose suffering we had to watch. If Joe Biden is not able to do this job, he should not work. There is a lot at stake. And our enemies are watching, “- said Sean Hannity, TV host.

The directors of the show remained in the shadows. From the side door of the East Hall of the White House, only the property manager briefly emerged. In a black mask and a puffy black folder.

Inside the folder were not only crib cards (in large print so that the elderly US president could read or find the data he needed), but actually the script of the entire conversation. A questionnaire was prepared for each of those who asked the questions. With a photo and a name. Opposite some of the names were handwritten numbers in circles. Apparently in order to keep the order. But Biden got cut anyway.

Confused Biden not only names, but also numbers. I could not figure out what place the United States occupies in the development of infrastructure in the world, 13 or 85. By the way, the head of the White House spoke about infrastructure for some reason in response to a question about mass shootings. Most likely, I didn’t hear. Those, whose questions, on the contrary, did not want to hear, simply did not give the floor.

Poor fellow Peter Dursi, a FoxNews correspondent, prepared so much, he had a whole volume of questions for Biden, but he was never given the floor.Peter Dosey is not liked in the White House. The young reporter tortured Biden about the corruption of his son Hunter during the election campaign. Now, what good, I could ask either about the story with Trap, or about Russia, with which relations are rapidly deteriorating under the new American president, as well as with China.

“Xi Jinping is not a democrat in spirit at all, but he is a straightforward and very smart guy. He is one of those guys who, like Putin, think that autocracy is the future and that democracy is unable to function in an ever-complicating world,” Biden said. …

How American democracy functions is best seen on its Mexican border, where waves of migrants from Central America roll in one after another. The situation is critical.

Since February alone, almost one hundred thousand illegal immigrants have been detained. Refugees from the beggars of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador cross the border river Rio Grande on rafts. It happens that they drown. Many have plastic bracelets on their hands with the inscription: “Delivery”. Bracelets are hung by those who make money from human smuggling.

Many went on the road with children. A warm welcome awaits none of them. But the hardest thing is for those without parents. 18 thousand children – from very young to teenagers – have crossed the US border in the past couple of months.

But it was the Democrats who invited all these people to the “non-rubber” America, who based their election campaign on criticism of Trump’s migration policy. They believed, and instead of the Trump wall, they are now met by Biden’s cells. This is the name of the temporary isolation wards, where, due to terrible conditions, American journalists are diligently not allowed to film.5000 children are also kept there, but the President of the United States, it seems, cannot influence this in any way.

– Will you provide transparency in this matter, Mr. President?

“I will provide transparency as soon as I can implement what we are currently preparing,” Biden said.

– How soon will it be?

– I don’t know.

Republican Senators do not need permits. Under the leadership of Ted Cruz, a descendant of migrants from Cuba, 18 members of the upper house of the US Congress landed on the border.We went on patrol personally. By boats. Into the night thickets of reeds.

“It’s past midnight. I’m standing on the banks of the Rio Grande River. On the other side is Mexico. And from here we hear and see members of criminal cartels, human traffickers waving their flashlights, shouting and taunting the Americans and our border guards, because they know : With such a policy that Biden is pursuing, they can easily flood here, “Cruz said.

The White House is not going to adjust the policy, but once and for all make it so that no one interferes, please.Abolishing Trump alone is not enough. Biden, speaking out, as if he was voicing the program as much as possible.

– Do you think your rival could be former President Donald Trump?

– I have no idea. I don’t even know if the Republican Party will survive by then. Can you be sure of this? Biden said.

In general, America will face such a struggle for peace in the country that it will not seem to anyone.

“We can inform you that Joe Biden has already chosen the theme for his next election campaign.This leitmotif is unity. You’re probably thinking: wait a minute, wasn’t unity the theme of Biden’s last campaign, the one that ended in November? Yes it was. But then unity was not enough, more unity awaits you, ladies and gentlemen! Whole excavator buckets, whole trucks of unity! This is the scale of unity we are talking about. And, of course, by unity we mean political measures that make Americans hate each other more than ever before, “said Tucker Carlson, anchor for Fox News.

The residents of the city of Rochester have recently experienced the full power of this unity. BLM hosted there all day. The protesters blocked the bus station. Then they laid siege to the supermarket. About 100 buyers were trapped inside.

Smash BLM came out on the anniversary of the death of black Daniel Prude. Last year he came to Rochester from Chicago to stay with relatives and went crazy. Running down the street naked, he was stopped by the police. The patrolmen put a package on the detainee’s head.Prude died a week later. Floyd came later.

Beginning in May last year in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd, violent protests under the BLM banner swept 60 countries and 2,000 world cities. More than 14,000 people were arrested. About 20 died. BLM came closest to its goal after all in the USA.

Suburb of Chicago. Provincial Evanston is ahead of America on reparations. The first city in the United States where local authorities decided to pay money to African Americans during the years of oppression. The first $ 400,000 will go to those who have been able to prove that they are descendants of people who have been discriminated against in matters of housing. Each of them will receive $ 25,000. Real estate agent Vanessa McCoy is among the first sixteen lucky ones.

The money is going to be taken from taxes on recreational marijuana, which was recently allowed in Illinois. Double meaning. African Americans were especially often imprisoned for possession before legalization.

According to polls, 73% of Americans do not support the idea of ​​reparations.But Robin Simmons, who came up with the idea in Evanston, was not embarrassed. Now she is being cursed from all over America.

The scientific basis for the local reparations law was summed up by the historian Dino Robinson. 10 million dollars over 10 years. They want to spend so much on payments in the Chicago suburbs. But across America, the amount will be astronomical.

“The strategists have tentatively estimated the reparations to be between $ 14 trillion and $ 97 trillion. This is a huge gap, and we do not know what the final amount will be.That’s more than the entire amount of American debt, “Robinson said.

But Hoku Newsom lives well without reparations. On my feet are sneakers for a thousand dollars. The former political consultant took off when he became one of the BLM leaders in New York last summer.

“The racists in this country play very dirty games. Every time we stand up for our rights, we are called racists. The whole world is convinced that we are second-class people, when in fact we were kings and queens in Africa.Our civilization appeared much earlier than the civilization of the whites. These are facts, this is known from history. Blacks were kings and queens while whites lived in caves. But the world has convinced us that we are savages, “says Newsom.

At meetings of thousands of people, Newsom said something different: “Give the black people rights or we will burn this country to the ground!”

As a result, BLM Newsom became crowded. With like-minded people, he founded his own organization Black Opportunities, and in it the military wing “Peace Officers” or “Civil Police”, as they call themselves.In the 60s, the Black Panthers were doing something similar in Oakland.

“Our symbol is the black wolf. BLM is one thing, but this is a new organization, we go to Houston, TX once a month to train with weapons, we do tactical training. We train snipers like Navy Seals.” Call it what you want, “Newsom said.

Classes on the Texas ranch are going on in conditions as close as possible to the conditions of street fighting, which America has already seen enough.

Proud Boys is the name of a well-known neo-Nazi ultra-right group in the United States, whose members also always carry weapons. On May 25, there is a risk that both of them will meet face to face. On the anniversary of George Floyd’s death, Hawk Newsom’s troops will patrol the streets of New York and Atlanta.

Oil Pastels ArtBerry® Neon

I wanted to draw something like that. Either autumn-red, or vanilla-delicious, or gray, like the September sky.In this regard, I opened a pack of Erich Krause ArtBerry Neon oil pastels for everyone. This review will be about her.

ArtBerry packages are always so cosmically beautiful that they can be described all day long. So, the pastel is sold in a cardboard box, protected by a sticker (on the side). On the front side, of course, there is an enchanting carnival of all colors of the rainbow. Already at that moment I realized that the pastel would be just that bright. In addition, on the sides of the pack there are windows through which all the crayons are visible. They did not stagger there, did not rattle, the pack looked very confident.The date of manufacture is indicated on one of the sides of the pack. When buying stationery for children, always look at these numbers. In addition, oil (fats) are the basis in pastels, and they, as you know, deteriorate faster than synthetics. On the back there is an annotation. Here, in several languages, description, contacts and information about the manufacturer, barcode, storage conditions, environmental data, article number, etc. In principle, I know all this without annotation. Important things are highlighted in circles (in the upper right corner). Brightness of colors, quantity of pastels and UV protection.

Even my cat did not remain indifferent, but she was only interested in the box for some reason. The pastel itself did not smell. I only had an association with watercolor pencils from my childhood. Well, you know, there were such, thin, without a wrapper, and smelled somehow in a special way, creativity, or something. These do not smell, although pastel is almost always different in this.

There is a window-button on one side of the box. You need to press on it, and then the palette with crayons will be squeezed out from the other side. A kind of pencil case, safe for pastels and convenient for the owner.And the hands are clean, and the whole crayons. This palette comes out on the other side. This is a plastic palette with compartments for each pastel separately. The palette is in a cardboard blister, which adds even more rigidity. But all this is light, pulled out without problems.

All this inside of the pack was, however, packed in mica. Probably, this is necessary so that the pastel does not dry out and deteriorate. The pastels that I bought earlier (and they were sometimes more expensive) were not so carefully protected. This is very pleasing.Opened without problems, cut off the edge with scissors. The crayons were pip-to-pip, with the writing tips pointing in opposite directions.

1 set includes 8 pastels: yellow, green, pink, scarlet, orange, fuchsia, blue and purple. And also in the kit there are 2 contours – white and black pastels. They are needed in order to clearly delineate the areas of painting. But there are many nuances, depending on the drawing technique. Let me explain below. But I will say right away, if you are guided by this review, prepare a bowl of water, cotton pads and wet wipes in advance.

Let’s call these pastels sticks. I’m more comfortable this way. Each of them is 7 centimeters long and almost 1 centimeter in diameter. If you do not bother, then they look like a third of a good pencil.

Pastels are based on oil, so even a hard lead seems pliable, greasy, but adults would compare it to the softest black lead pencil, for example 8B. Well, an unknowing person can compare such a stick with ordinary children’s soap. Hard, but pliable and greasy to the touch, leaving an aftertaste on the hands if rubbed hard

Each pastel has a dark blue paper label with the name of the brand.The paper is not flimsy, there is no glue edge, but it is not circular. Then, when the tip of the stick is erased to a piece of paper, it can be partially ripped off, tearing off in a spiral, a strip of about 1 centimeter. Then again, and again, until the pastel fades away. All this allows you to relatively keep your fingers clean.

Round, cylindrical sticks. It resembles a wax crayon in shape. A very comfortable and familiar shape for those who started with crayons. For example, children are primary school students. Their memory still retains lessons with crayons, so they will quickly figure it out.

Pastel draws with a blunt cut, bold, like a polymer pencil. At an angle, you can create the effect of a brush pen and write thinly, creating a clear line. And if you wish, you can smear a solid spot. At the same time, you do not need to press hard, the pastel draws quite boldly, but the consumption is economical. Much more economical than the same wax crayons. However, the speck can be made more even by shading it, for example, with your finger. Well, either a synthetic soft brush or a painting sponge.Or just a cotton swab. I do everything with my fingers, it’s more comfortable for me, I want to feel everything.

Children were the first to try pastels. Beloved Bee and his earthly modification, the Chevrolet Komaro, were painted with the brightest pastel colors. I only painted the Autobot’s face. I can proudly talk about how the car’s glass was painted over. Blue pastel, finger, then white outline in the center and finger again. Voila – glass with glare reflection. You can see how easily the pastel colors blend. Orange merges with yellow, red with purple, and so on.Of course, for this, I had to drag my fingers over the paper.

So I got out a sketchbook. I tried to portray the horse from the cover of the sketchbook. It turned out, how it happened, it is rather complicated without pencil sketches, but the pastel showed itself perfectly, nevertheless, I pulled the lines with my finger from the center to the edges, towards the intended pencil lines.
I tinted different areas with all the colors of the rainbow to create a shadow effect without black. Cool purple and blue are dark shadows, pink and yellow are light.

The softness of the pastel on the horse’s forehead is clearly visible. One touch with chalk, one touch with your thumb and a small stroke. The edges of the flowers are perfectly matched, even with strong contrast. I then summed up the ears with a black outline to give a clearer shape. Very cool I liked how the second strand of the mane was smeared. She directly reminded me of the wind, a watercolor landscape and a cartoon about a girl and a dolphin. Something weightless, glassy, ​​even crystal.

Up close, of course, you can still see flaws, but from a distance it’s beautiful.I don’t flatter myself, but I really like it. Anyone can draw in the same way. It’s very simple. And very quickly. It took about 5 minutes straight, try it.

Well, here it is. Pastel neon, oil, I painted with the brightest colors. You need soap. At least for children. And the water must be very warm to wash off all the fat. Aftertaste, plaque, odor, tint and other things do not remain on the skin. At least the child washed away the blackness with soap.

Lifehack – these stains were washed off from me with antibacterial wipes.There is alcohol in their impregnation, and apparently, it dissolves the remnants of the pastel. But everything is fine, the skin is in order, the hands are happy that they were able to paint with such wonderful pastels, so this is not a problem at all.

Pastel is incredibly bright! So bright that it is not photographed, as in reality. And it promises to be bright for a long time. It is easy to shade, colors are easily combined with each other and layered. And there are 10 colors along with contours! For such a ridiculous price (even I’m surprised) – this is a very cool set! I will definitely order a couple more of these packs (I feel that the black one will go out quickly – my son fell in love with him), one – for my niece, let her study too!

If you liked what drawings can be created without paints and expensive pigments, then I definitely recommend ArtBerry Neon pastels!

Oil Pastels Erich Krause ArtBerry Neon:
+ there are contours
+ Beautiful
+ Sticks protected by
paper + Washes off hands
+ Convenient packaging
+ Stews well
+ Colors mix
+ Spared
+ Bright

Author: anksunamoon2
Source: IRecommend

Self-assembled cardboard folders and production of die cut folders with logo.

Advertising folders made of cardboard with a logo and their sizes.

The most common typical size of these folders is naturally 220 mm by 310 mm for A4 folders. However, our production has a wide range of different ready-made dies of all kinds of designs and sizes. We can also promptly produce an individual dies of non-standard size and geometry for our customers.

Sizes of cardboard folders are usually standard: for A4 or A5, but we have an extensive database of stamps and non-standard sizes, for example, cut for A3 cardboard folder format.

Materials used for the production of branded cutting folders from cardboard.

Coated thick paper 300-350 grams is often used to reduce the cost of folders. However, folders made of such paper look “flimsy” and not solid. This can be partially remedied by using a matte or glossy film to cover one or both sides of the folder. If you want your logo folders to look more presentable, you can consider a more “chubby” cardboard. For example, with a density of 250 to 300 grams. Cardboard can be coated on one side or on both sides. For folders with inner seals, double-sided cardboard is best.

Which design of an advertising folder made of cardboard to choose?

So, the location and shape of the self-assembly valves are different. The most common options are the bottom and right flaps on the right half of the logo folder. Very often, a cut is made in the bottom flap for a business card. If advertising folders are printed in small quantities, for example, digital printing is used, then these valves are quite narrow.Such a “classic” design is not very convenient, although it is quite cost-effective in production, since materials can fall out of such folders during transportation. This can be avoided by adding a third flap from the top, and we get a folder completely closed on all sides.

Technologies for printing cardboard folders and colorfulness

We print branded folders with a logo using several technologies:

  • Digital printing of folders with a logo
  • Offset printing of corporate folders made of cardboard
  • Silk screen printing
  • for folders cut-out folders made of designer cardboard

Additional finishing options for advertising folders made of cardboard with a logo.

As we said above, you can cover your folder with a protective decorative film – lamination. There are two types of this film – matte or glossy. If you want to make your branded folders more attractive, you can apply, for example, a glossy selective UV varnish on the matte lamination.

The embossing with gold or silver foil on a matte laminate especially looks advantageous. On folders made of designer papers or tinted cardboard in the mass, they are usually printed with silk-screen printing, but the embossing on these materials looks quite advantageous.

Printing of cardboard folders by silk-screen printing and pantone printing.

You can choose these methods for making your folders, for example, if you have pontoons or dense fillings, the so-called “dies”. Silk-screen printing, although it is a rather expensive method of printing, allows you to fill your final substrate with dye tightly without streaks.

Remember: when choosing materials, when making folders from cardboard by silk-screen printing, you must remember that paint can be absorbed into uncoated cardboard and the image will fade, so you should choose proven types of cardboard.

Replacement witch. Guardian of my body


– Stupid woman! – Jumping in place in front of my nose, exclaimed Bomka. Now he was in the shape of a large, fluffy ball, but in fact he was a werewolf cat, the familiar of the black witch that I was.

– Don’t scream! – answered quietly, holding on to the splitting head. I don’t remember how I ended up here, but the red spots on the hem indicated that it was rubbish!

– Of course! We are in a punishment cell, but there is no need to panic.Pfff … They put us here every day. When should I panic? Maybe when the execution will be dragged in shame? – Bom was always very emotional, I still don’t know by what miracle he managed to become my familiar.

– Don’t scream! – for the umpteenth time repeated her request, it seemed, a little more and my head would just burst.

My cat did not have time to open his mouth for another brilliant tirade, when the bolt on the door clanged, letting in a large, overweight middle-aged man. He reached the middle of the cell, when the door banged shut behind him.

– Good morning, Agidel! – he politely bowed his head and sat down on the only piece of furniture, which even I did not dare to sit on. The chair looked too flimsy.

– Is it as good as you say? – raised her tired eyes and waited for an answer.

– Undoubtedly, but depending on who. … I will not beat around the bush. There is no need to delay such a moment and finally ruffle your nerves. Your execution will take place at dawn tomorrow. The decision was made in absentia and is not subject to appeal! – only the opened folder in the man’s hands closed again with a bang.

-Can I find out why? – diligently restraining rage deep within herself, tried to utter the question as indifferently as possible. Judging by the instantly distorted face, the reaction was expected to be violent.

– You stole a decent amount and jewelry from Monsieur Favier! – he looked suspiciously in my direction.

– And why do I need all this? – I made good money back in school years, grabbing for any opportunity to earn extra money. It is good that the services of a black witch were required everywhere and decently paid.

“I don’t know,” he hesitated a little, convulsively turning over the pages in the folder, which he opened again.

Looking at all this, I understood that the man was very nervous. Still, not everyone will dare to slander the black witch. And all because we did not have enemies, or rather, we did, but not for long.

– My girl, we cannot leave you among us, so as not to incur the wrath of the Gods. You have a night to pray, thereby purifying your black soul and asking the last favor from your patroness – the Moon.Then the executioner will come for you! ”The man chewed his wrinkled lips and, without expressing any emotions, left the room. But before leaving me, he turned and said. – Pray, maybe the Moon will be kind to you, taking you into her palaces!

The door slammed loudly, hiding from me a man who had no idea what he was dooming himself to. If only to survive and get out of here! And I will definitely get to the bottom of the truth and take revenge on everyone who is involved in this. For a short time there was deafening silence in the prison cell, but then the cat could not stand the oppressive atmosphere and began to speak.

“I propose to cool down and sit down at the negotiating table,” Bom breathed calmly.

– While we think, we will be executed! I must run – but as soon as I finished my sentence, the door to my cell opened, and another man appeared on the threshold. More personable than he had come before and dearly hated by me. Mister Isarius de Berry is a respected magician who is a member of the Council of the Strongest and has unlimited power.

– I do not advise you to run, especially since I am here with a favorable offer …

MAC hotkeys in one convenient plate

Mac computers are perfect for the job.Users appreciate them for their convenience and speed. And if you master certain keyboard shortcuts, you can speed up your Mac experience even further. Remembering all of them is not easy, but our handy sign at the end of the article will help you with this.

These keys are most commonly used in various combinations:

Command (or Cmd) ⌘

Shift ⇧

Option (or Alt) ⌥

Control (or Ctrl) ⌃

Caps Lock ⇪


On keyboards for Windows computers, use the Alt key instead of Option and the Windows logo key instead of Command.

Hotkeys for the most frequent operations

  1. Cut and place on clipboard: Command-X
  2. Copy anything, including files in Finder: Command-C
  3. Paste clipboard contents: Command-V
  4. Undo of the previous step: Command-Z
  5. Redo undone previously: Command-Shift-Z
  6. Select All : Command-A
  7. Search for in the document or open the Find window: Command-F
  8. Navigation through the found matches : go to the next match found through the search – Command-G , go to the previous match found through the search – Shift-Command-G .
  9. Hide window of the active program: Command-H
  10. Leave window of the active program open, but hide all others : Option-Command-H .
  11. Minimize the active window to in the Dock: Command-M
  12. Minimize all windows of the active program : Option-Command-M .
  13. Open the selected object or call a dialog box to select a file to open: Command-O
  14. Print : Command-P
  15. Save : Command-S
  16. Open a new tab : Command-T
  17. Close active window: Command-W
  18. Close all windows of the program: Option-Command-W .
  19. Force Quit Program: Option-Command-Esc
  20. Open (hide) Spotlight search: Command-Space
  21. Open (hide) Spotlight search in Finder window: Command-Option-Space
  22. Open Symbols panel with emoji selection: Control-Command-Space
  23. Switch to full screen : Control-Command-F
  24. Switch to the next recently used application among open applications: Command-Tab
  25. Take Screenshot or Record on macOS Mojave or later: Shift-Command-5
  26. Create a new folder in Finder: Shift-Command-N
  27. Open the settings window for the active program: Command-Comma (,)

Hotkeys for Sleep, Logout, and Shutdown

  1. Turn on or wake your Mac : Press the power button
  2. Put your Mac to sleep Press and hold the power button for 1. 5 seconds or Option-Command-Power button
  3. Force shutdown your Mac Long press Power button
  4. Put the display to sleep : Control-Shift-Power button or Control-Shift-Drive eject key
  5. Call up the dialog box to choose between restarting, putting to sleep and shutting down the computer: Control-Power Button or Control-Disk Eject Key
  6. Force restart Mac without prompting to save open and unsaved documents: Control-Command-Power Button
  7. Quit all programs and restart the computer Mac prompted to save open documents: Control-Command-Eject Disk
  8. Close all programs and shut down the computer Mac prompted to save open documents: Control-Option-Command-Power button or Control-Option-Command-Eject disk
  9. Lock Screen : Control-Command-Q
  10. Log out of macOS user account and ask for confirmation: Shift-Command-Q

Hotkeys for Finder and System

  1. Duplicate selected files: Command-D
  2. Run Spotlight Search : Command-F
  3. Open properties for the selected file: Command-I
  4. Display the original file for the selected alias in Finder: Command-R (in some programs, such as Calendar or Safari, the combination is used for update or reload page )
  5. Open Computer window : Shift-Command-C
  6. Open Desktop Folder : Shift-Command-D
  7. Open the Recents window with a list of files that were recently viewed or edited: Shift-Command-F
  8. Open Go to Folder window : Shift-Command-G
  9. Open the personal folder of the current macOS user account: Shift-Command-H
  10. Open iCloud Drive : Shift-Command-I
  11. Open Network window : Shift-Command-K
  12. Open Downloads : Option-Command-L
  13. Create new folder : Shift-Command-N
  14. Open Documents : Shift-Command-O
  15. Show or hide preview areas in Finder windows: Shift-Command-P
  16. Open AirDrop : Shift-Command-R
  17. Show or hide tabs in Finder windows : Shift-Command-T
  18. Add the selected Finder item to the Dock (OS X Mavericks or later): Control-Shift-Command-T
  19. Open Utilities : Shift-Command-U
  20. Show or hide the Dock : Option-Command-D
  21. Add selected item to sidebar (OS X Mavericks or later): Control-Command-T
  22. Show or hide the path bar in Finder windows : Option-Command-P
  23. Show or hide the sidebar in Finder windows : Option-Command-S
  24. Show or hide the status bar in Finder windows : Command-Slash (/)
  25. Show view parameters : Command-J
  26. Open “Connect to Server” : Command-K
  27. Alias ​​the selected object : Command-L
  28. Open a new Finder window : Command-N
  29. Create New Smart Folder : Option-Command-N
  30. Show or hide the tab bar when one tab is open in the current Finder window: Command-T
  31. Show or hide the toolbar when one tab is open in the current Finder window: Option-Command-T
  32. Move files on clipboard from their original location to their current location: Option-Command-V
  33. View selected files with Quick View: Command-Y
  34. View Slideshow Quick View for selected files: Option-Command-Y
  35. Move to Previous Folder : Command-Left Square Bracket ([)
  36. Go to next folder : Command-Right Bracket (])
  37. Open the folder containing the current folder : Command-Up Arrow
  38. Open the folder containing the current folder in a new window : Command-Control-Up Arrow
  39. Open selected object : Command-Down Arrow
  40. Move selected object to trash : Command-Delete
  41. Empty Trash : Shift-Command-Delete
  42. Enable / Disable External Display Mode : Command-Increase Brightness
  43. Open the “Monitors” settings window : Option-Increase brightness
  44. Change the brightness of the external display : Control-Increase brightness or Control-Decrease brightness
  45. Open Mission Control settings window : Option-Mission Control
  46. Show desktop : Command-Mission Control
  47. Show all windows of the active program : Control-Down Arrow
  48. Open the “Sound” settings window : Option-Increase the volume
  49. Open Keyboard preferences : Option-Increase keyboard brightness
  50. Open the object in a separate window and close the original window : Y Option-click
  51. Open the folder in a separate tab : Y Command click pressed
  52. Copy Object Being Dragged: Option-drag
  53. Browse folders containing the current folder : Press Command and click on the window title

“Hot” keys for documents

  1. Bold the selected text : Command-B
  2. Apply italics to selected text : Command-I
  3. Add Web Reference : Command-K
  4. Apply underline to selected text : Command-U
  5. Show or hide the Fonts window : Command-T
  6. Select the “Desktop” folder in the file open or save dialog: Command-D
  7. Open the Spelling and Grammar window : Shift-Command-Colon (:)
  8. Look for misspelled words in the document: Command-Semicolon (;)
  9. Delete word to the left of insertion point : Option-Delete
  10. Scroll up one page : Fn-Arrow Up (Page Up)
  11. Scroll down one page: Fn-Down Arrow (Page Down)
  12. Scroll to start of document: Fn-Left Arrow (Home)
  13. Scroll to end of document: Fn-Right Arrow (End)
  14. Extend text selection by one character to the left : Shift-Left Arrow
  15. Extend the selection by one character to the right : Shift-Arrow Right
  16. Extend the text selection to the beginning of the current paragraph , when pressed again, to the beginning of the next paragraph: Option-Shift-Left Arrow
  17. Extend the text selection to the end of the current paragraph , when pressed again, to the end of the next paragraph: Option-Shift-Down Arrow
  18. Extend the text selection to the beginning of the current word , when pressed again, to the beginning of the next word: Option-Shift-Left Arrow
  19. Extend the text selection to the end of the current word , when pressed again, to the end of the next word: Option-Shift-Right Arrow
  20. Move to the beginning of a line or paragraph : Control-A
  21. Move to end of line or paragraph : Control-E
  22. Center cursor or selection in viewable area : Control-L
  23. Insert a new line after the insertion point: Control-O
  24. Align Left : Command-Left Curly Brace ({)
  25. Right Align : Command-Right Curly Brace (})
  26. Align Center: Shift-Command-Vertical Bar (|)
  27. Go to search field : Option-Command-F
  28. Show or hide toolbars in program : Option-Command-T
  29. Copy the formatting options of the selected object to the clipboard: Option-Command-C (Copy Style)
  30. Apply the copied style to the selected object: Option-Command-V (Paste Style)
  31. Apply a surrounding text style to the pasted object : Option-Shift-Command-V (Paste and Match Style)
  32. Show or hide Inspector window : Option-Command-I
  33. Display ok but to select document settings : S hift-Command-P (Page Setup)
  34. Bring up the dialog box “Save As” or duplicate the current document: Shift-Command-S
  35. Open the Help menu : Shift-Command-Question Mark (?)
  36. Decrease the size of the selected object : Shift-Command-Minus Sign (-)
  37. Increase the size of the selected object : Shift-Command-Plus sign (+)

By the way, you can change and add your own keyboard shortcuts. For this:

  • Open System Preferences
  • Go to the Keyboard menu
  • Select the Keyboard Shortcuts tab
  • Then – “Keyboard shortcut for the program”
  • Add a new keyboard shortcut.

Helpful! With the CheatSheet utility, you can quickly find out all the possible hotkeys for the current application. To do this, you need to launch the program and leave it in the background. If necessary, hold the Command (⌘) button to make CheatSheet list all possible combinations.

Especially for the blog readers, we have prepared a handy memo in PDF format, which is useful to print and store at the workplace. Using the “hot keys” often, very soon you will remember the most relevant combinations for you.

Leave your e-mail in the subscription form under the article, and we will send you a link to download the memo.


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