Fitness journal book: Fitness Log Book & Workout Planner

Содержание Fitness Log Book & Workout Planner

A handy daily fitness planner can assist with proper exercise choice and their realization. While mobile apps often fail, a paper fitness journal never gets out of fashion. It keeps accurate data safe and sound. You can also take your workout planner with you and quicken your progress.

The fitness planner contains four different types of pages.

– The first one provides a schedule for you to date and fill with program details (body fat percentage, weight, workout rate, nutrition, cardio, reps, and exercises).

– Note body measurements (body fat, weight, chest, shoulders, waist, hips, neck, hips, biceps, thighs, calves, wrist, forearms) on page 2.

– Page 3 in the gym logbook is for progress tracking.

– Page 4 helps you focus on goals. Just write “I want to lose 10 lb. in a month (30 days),” and then think about an exercise plan and set a time frame. It could be jogging twice a day, two sets of daily cardio, or anything else.

The workout planner has enough space for personal notes. You can specify the muscles groups you want to develop, the supplements you take, missed training, your well-being, and the pros and cons of the chosen program.

The logbook is like a dairy. Leave comments, encourage your activity, and search for inspiration. If necessary, glue a picture of your idol in the gym journal. Just keep reaching for your target.

Our cool workout planner presents 177 pages. You can put the logbook in your gym bag along with your tracksuit. Its weight makes it durable so you can quickly jot down data and during a working.

Lacking motivation? Build your body by keeping a private workout log. Review your progress, list benchmarks, underline relevant data, and comment on program efficiency to achieve better results.

The 11 Best Fitness Journals of 2021

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Finding a fitness routine can be difficult. With scheduling conflicts, distractions, and the ups and downs that come with any health endeavor, it can be easy to lose track of your goals. That’s where a fitness journal comes into play.

Providing a space for your goals and fitness metrics, a fitness journal allows you to keep track of where you’ve been so you can focus on where your health is going. These journals can be customized based on interests, intentions, and the schedule that works best for you. 

To help you find a tracking tool and motivator that meets your specific needs, here are the best fitness journals on the market.

Final Verdict

Papier’s wellness journal (view on Papier) provides a comprehensive approach to both physical and mental wellness, affirming the notion that the two go hand-in-hand. Its additional variables, like sleep and self-care, encourage healthy and sustainable habits that will benefit individuals’ fitness journeys. For individuals looking for a more focused option, the Fitlosophy Fitbook (view on Amazon) offers more detail in statistics, pairing well with specific fitness goals.  

What to Look for in a Fitness Journal 

Time Frame

Fitness journals can range from a month to a year when it comes to how long the journal will last. If you’re doing a specific program, make sure that your journal won’t run out in the middle of it (or prepare to refill its pages).

Generally, the most common time frames are either 12 weeks or one year. 


Your fitness journal should be able to travel to the gym with you. Leave any extra-large journals behind; you need a book that won’t weigh down your gym bag.  

Trackable Metrics

Fitness journals provide a variety of metrics for you to track. This could be simple, like the amount of weight you’ve lost or the number of steps you’ve taken. Many journals will also provide space to track full workouts, down to the sets and reps you do for every exercise. 


Many fitness journals will include a section to track your nutrition. This should include your water intake, food, and perhaps a grocery store list for future meal prep. Some journals may also help you track macros and calories, too. 


What do I put in a fitness journal? 

What you put in your fitness journal is up to you, but it’s recommended that you track your workouts, as well as your daily nutrition. You can track these things at the surface level with metrics like what workout you did and what you ate, or you can go deeper with rep counts and macros for each of your meals. No matter how you utilize your fitness journal, it should help you track and plan for progress. 

How do I set up a fitness journal? 

Most fitness journals will already be set up for you. You just have to fill in the appropriate blank spaces. Many journals will provide space to put in current metrics (like your weight), so you’ll be able to track progress as you move through your fitness journey. Fill out all the preliminary information and make a plan for how often you’ll update it. 

Why Trust Verywell Fit?

As a former fitness coach, long-time wellness enthusiast, and current health editor, Lily Moe understands the importance of equipment that is made to help you reach your fitness goals, whether outside or in the gym. Most importantly, Lily always looks for research and first-hand reviews when it comes to deciding on a product.


Free Fitness Planner Printable Book

Free printable fitness journal to track your workouts and other activities related to your fitness. 

Bullet Journal Workout Tracker

When trying to improve your fitness, bullet journal spreads can be very motivating. 

I have run one marathon, tens of half marathons, and done many triathlons. Each time I trained for an event, I set a goal, divided it into steps, and set a workout schedule accordingly. I then tracked each actual workout compared to the original planned workout. I believe in setting fitness goals and tracking my workouts. It keeps me on track and accountable.

Select a fitness tracker bullet journal style from the selection below. You can edit each template to suit your needs. Either use an individual spread or create an entire workout bullet journal devoted to fitness, exercise, and health. If you don’t find a layout you love, you can create your own. The bullet journal app offers many templates to section your page and different tables you can use. You can add text/titles and doodles or other elements. Click on any image below to open the app.

Fitness Tracker Bullet Journal

Track whatever you want with this monthly exercise log.

Motivational Spreads

Make these free fitness motivational spreads your own by editing the text and changing the doodles. Every single element on the page is editable, so create a spread that works for you! Finding motivation is something I struggle with. When I am not sure how to find motivation to workout, I open my planner and read this page. I also keep a copy in my bedroom and in the area where I workout at home.

Yearly Workout log template

This workout journal template tracks your workouts for an entire year! 

This fitness tracker tracks your workouts over a year. You can edit the key. If you don’t do yoga, cardio or strength training then either add something else or delete. There is also an option to mark your rest days.

30 Day Workout Challenge

This 30 day workout journal template will keep you motivated for 30 days. Challenge yourself and see the results!

You can edit the activities in the key or delete any of them.

Running Log

Our running log template printables list the date, goal, distance, time, and pace, but you can edit the text if you prefer to record other parameters. You can use the running tracker for other purposes as well, such as to track walking if you prefer a walking log. If you want to calculate your total mileage, then select the running log spreadsheet which will calculate the total miles you ran for any given period.

You can add any border to this template and you can add doodles or embellishments.

This is a bullet journal style running tracker.

Since the text is editable, you can use the workout log for anything. For example, change the title to exercise tracker and track all exercises you do. If you want to change it to weight training, then change the titles to sets and reps instead of distance and speed.

Excel Workout Plan

The following workout template printables are available in Microsoft Excel, Word, as an editable PDF, or as an image (PNG). You can edit the templates and insert a plan or modify the plan. Fill out the exercise name, the planned number of reps, and the weight. Each time you workout, add the actual number of reps and the actual weight.

Workout Plan Without a Log

These templates have a workout plan only with no log to track workouts. They are perfect for an instructor who wants to give a client a workout plan to follow.

Excel Spreadsheet | Word | Editable PDF | Image

This template has the name of the client and the name of the instructor. It is helpful to present a workout plan to a client. If you are creating it for yourself, then see the version above.

Excel Spreadsheet | Word | Editable PDF | Image

This template has space to add info about the client including measurements, weight, BMI (actual and target).

It is a good printable for the first meeting with a client.

Track Calories Burned

We offer a free tool to track the calories you burn when you exercise. You need to burn 3,500 calories to lose a pound. With our online lose a pound challenge, each time you exercise you log the number of calories you burn. The app keeps count of your calories and lets you know when you reach your goal. 

Fitness Journal Template

This is a free fitness planner printable journal. You can either print all the pages and put them in a binder or select the ones you want to use and have them bound. Watching your weight and getting fit isn’t easy. Fitness journals make the process a little easier by helping you track your diet and exercise and putting your thoughts on paper. Writing in a journal keeps me motivated and on track. I hope it helps you too!


Grocery List

Grocery List with Meal Planner

Water Intake Tracker

Workout Planner

Menu Planner

Food Journal

Journal to Write your Thoughts or for Motivational Quotes

List of things to do when you feel like cheating (make the list when you are feeling strong so you can use it when you are craving something that you shouldn’t be eating)

Menu Planner

Meal Planner

Measurement Chart

How to Make a Fitness Planner Book

Using a binder will give you more freedom to add pages as you go, but you can also create a notebook.

  1. Select the pages you want to include in your fitness planner book. There might be certain pages that you want to include more than one copy of.
  2. Sort all the pages in the order you prefer.
  3. Insert into a binder or go to your nearest office supply store to have them bound into a book. If you are using a binder, then you might want to add a binder cover.

Tip: If you want to create a fitness notebook, you can add some blank pages before you have the pages bound. 

If you only want to make a workout logbook without the other printables, then print only those that you want to include in your workout planner.

Excel Workout Template

This Excel workout spreadsheet can be edited to suit your needs.  There are many more workout tracker (Excel) spreadsheets available above.

You will also find a free tool to track the calories you burn when you exercise. You need to burn 3,500 calories to lose a pound. With our online lose a pound challenge, each time you exercise you log the number of calories you burn. The app keeps count of your calories and lets you know when you reach your goal. 

How and Why to Keep a Fitness Journal

What is the purpose of a fitness log?

A fitness log keeps track of your workouts and your progress to ensure that you achieve your fitness goals. Some people have specific goals whereas others just want to see progress and improvement.

What are the benefits of a workout journal?
  • Set goals
  • Reach goals progressively. When you go too fast, you risk getting injured. When you set goals and plan to reach them slowly, you can prevent injury. For example, a running log can ensure that you don’t increase your mileage too quickly. You can also note any pains in your running journal and therefore prevent injury before it is too late.
  • Monitor your progress. Some we forget where we started and don’t realize how much we have progressed.
What should you record in your workout log?

Some people keep a workout log with stats for each workout. These include objective measures such as distance, pace, and speed. Others prefer to keep a workout journal that includes more information such as nutrition, hydration, sleep, injuries, etc. In my running journal, I record perceived effort and how I felt during a run. There are so many things you might want to add such as average heart rate, your running route, pre- and post-run food or drink, etc. We also offer printables for specific goals such as a 30-day shred calendar or other 30 day challenges.

Where should you keep your fitness log?
  • You can create a fitness journal by printing many copies of any of the workout tracker templates and creating a DIY fitness book.
  • Use a blank notebook.
  • Use a fitness app.
How to share your workout log?

If you need to share your workout log with your coach or training partners, download the Word version or the Excel version. Open  Google Sheets and import the document and then share it!

Whatever works for you!

Here’s Why I Still Won’t Give Up My Workout Journal

I’ve documented the past 20 years of my love affair with running in about 10 notebooks, training logs, and journals. I’ve almost always worn a running watch to capture metrics such as time, pace, distance, and heart rate. But I’ve also made it a point to write down the details surrounding my mileage—or, for that matter, any workout.

My analog approach doesn’t allow for cross-platform sharing, deep-dive data examination, or digitally optimized dashboards. But according to science, this may actually be beneficial. A 2014 study showed that writing down information (versus typing it or uploading it) can improve focus and retention—and provide the opportunity to process that information. All of that can help with goal achievement, some research suggests. Put that in the context of, say, establishing a daily walking habit or bettering your top 5K time, and you could be setting yourself up for success.

“Writing down your workout gives you a boost, which reinforces the behavior,” says sport psychology consultant Róisín McGettigan-Dumas, co-author of the Believe and Compete training journals. “It’s like giving yourself a gold star for getting the training done. You want more of that good feeling, so it increases motivation to keep the training—[the] good behavior—up.”

Here’s how to get started.

Choose a journal that fits you

Whatever you decide to write in should be inviting and speak to your style; you might find our guides to paper planners or notebooks and notepads inspiring (my current fitness notebook of choice is a bright red Moleskine hardcover). Once you’ve decided on your medium, don’t feel pressure to keep it perfect. Resist the urge to self-edit, and let the thoughts flow.

Also, give your journal a home. I like to keep mine in a dedicated place—on top of a stack of books in my living room—so I always know where to go when it’s time to jot things down.

Start small, keep it simple

It may seem obvious, but zero in on what you want to improve—speed on the run, endurance in the pool, the amount of rest you get so you’re ready to exercise again—to help prioritize your intentions. “Track the things that are going to make a difference and bring you closer to your goals,” says McGettigan-Dumas.

View journaling the details of your workouts as a work in progress, not an all-or-nothing proposition. Simon Marshall, sport psychology expert and co-author of The Brave Athlete: Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion, advises athletes to start by writing no more than 50 to 100 words at a time, to preserve enthusiasm and stave off burnout. The catch? Those words can be few, but they shouldn’t be far between. “Frequency is more important than volume or quality,” he says. “The old adage of ‘do something in very small doses, but very often’ is a far better strategy than a deep dive infrequently.”

McGettigan-Dumas takes it a step further. She recommends recording barebones summaries. “I like to use smiley faces, frowns, or other symbols that are easy to read at a glance,” she says. “You want to be able to flick through and recall things easily. It’s a good way to practice essentialism.”

She also suggests hitching log-keeping to an activity you already do every day—sipping your morning coffee, unpacking your gym bag, turning in for the night. It will help turn a flirtation with a training diary into a committed relationship.

Get in touch with the feels

Details form stories. Stories illuminate patterns. Patterns enable you to identify successes and areas in need of adjustment. The trouble is, running watches and other devices, with their constant streams of feedback, can mess with your ability to gauge how hard you think you’re working, a concept known as perceived exertion. That means you can’t always pinpoint those details, stories, and patterns that produce a holistic picture of your training. “The part of our brains that is processing effort-related cues is sort of withering away because we’ve outsourced effort to technology,” says Marshall.

Rely solely on what your watch tells you, and you begin struggling to pace yourself. You forget to trust how you feel. And that has the potential to keep you from evolving in your chosen activity.

Ditch the tech … some of the time

This doesn’t mean that people need to abandon their Fitbits or kick Strava to the curb in favor of all paper and pen all the time. The two can work together. “Checking in and making sense of the data happens when you write it down and consider the factors that went into it and how it fits with the rest of your life,” McGettigan-Dumas says. “I’ve had many athletes tell me they feel they can be more honest in their journals than they are online.”

If your running watch, fitness tracker, or Instagram feed is generating stress or anxiety, try going without for a day or two. Removing the impulse to compare—and, along with it, the pressure to measure up—allows you to remember that your workouts are just that: yours. Look for satisfaction (and maybe even joy) in personal efforts and progress rather than calibrating them to fit someone else’s idea of success. And don’t be surprised if you learn a thing or two about yourself along the way. “Something quite remarkable happens,” says Marshall, “when we turn thoughts into written statements.”

The Weightlifting Gym Buddy Journal

Preview the Journal for FREE (below)

What’s Inside

🏋️‍♂️ The Weightlifting Gym Buddy Journal is a complete 12-week personal training program aimed at helping you have the best workouts of your life.

The journal is designed to accompany you to the gym, to help you track your weight/reps for each workout, and to help you compete against yourself every workout.

  • 💪 A journal with 65 guided workouts (12-weeks)
  • 🏋️‍♂️ Workouts target 2 muscle groups
  • ⚡️ Built for lifters of all levels
  • ⏱️ Each workout takes 45-60 minutes
  • 🎯 Clear number of reps to aim for
  • 🔥 Pyramid style workouts will push you
  • 📖 Detailed exercise index
  • ✅ No thinking required

*Ships worldwide from our Los Angeles warehouse with tracking within 1 business day*

How It Works

📖 Step One: Learning

The journal starts with:

A 50-page crash course on the science & principles behind getting real results from weightlifting and nutrition.

🎯Step Two: Following The Workouts & Tracking Your progress

There are 12 weeks (60 workouts) of personal training in this journal. 

Each day you go to the gym, familiarize yourself with the exercises for each day’s workout and simply follow what it tells you to do.

After each set you complete, write in the amount of weight used and the number of repetitions you actually completed. 

🍿Step Three: Weekly Content

Every week you get content aimed at keeping you motivated, challenging you to prepare and find better ways to increase intensity, and increasing your understanding of how to get the best results from your workouts. 

Verified Testimonials


📓 Amazon #1 Selling Fitness Journal

300+ 5 Star Reviews

100,000+ Happy Customers 🙂


“I made a promise to myself that I would make better choices and invest in something that can help me evolve. I knew I would go back to the gym, but I would have problems figuring out the right workouts for the right areas. With the weight lifting Journals and the Badass Body Goals, I have the workouts set, but I was able to choose the days, the reps, and the weights to my liking. If it wasn’t for the journals, I don’t think I would be anywhere near where I’m at today. Thank you @HabitNest for giving me the tools I needed to get closer to my fitness goals. I recommend this to anyone who’s ready for a change, but may be struggling with getting their foot in the door.”

– Kallin J Norton

Shipping & Returns

All packages shipped directly from Los Angeles, California.

Shipments will arrive in 3-7 days (US orders) or 10-28 working days (international orders).

✅All products backed by our 50-year, any condition refund guarantee.

Journal Craftsmanship

Details matter. Our journals are built with a beautifully crafted 100% vegan cover that’s textured to the touch in a hearty, canvas-like material.

The inside pages are a buttery smooth 100 GSM that perfectly support fountain pens while keeping the journal light and portable.

Each journal in this series runs about 9.5″ x 7.0” x 1.0” and fits easily in most bags. Each volume has its own unique texture as well.


Q. What equipment do I need to use this journal?
A. You definitely need access to a gym with at least basic equipment (i.e. a dumbbell set and a cable tower). That being said, the journal is designed to work for people with limited equipment available (i.e. in a small apartment gym) as there are “Alternative” exercises listed for ones that there may not be available equipment for.

Q. What exactly comes with the journal?
A. The journal comes with a physical book with 60 workouts, a text guide explaining the proper form for each exercise, a link to videos demonstrating each exercise, and optionally a digital PDF of the journal.

Q. What size is the journal? What is it made from?
A. The journal runs 9.5″ tall, 7.0” wide, and 1.0” thick and fits easily in most bags. It’s built with a beautifully crafted synthetic leather (100% vegan) cover that’s textured to the touch in a hearty, canvas-like material.  The inside pages are a buttery smooth 100 GSM that are the perfect mix of thick enough to support fountain pens while still keeping the journal light and portable. 

Q. How long does each workout take?
A. Every workout can be completed in 45-60 minutes.

Q. How hard is it?
A. The journal is effective for lifters of all levels. It allows you to slowly scale up your intensity with well-timed suggestions for new challenges along the way. Every ~10-15 days we show you how to further challenge yourself (if you want to) by adding an additional set, supersets, and dropsets to your workouts.

Q. Should I only build one habit at a time?
A. This is entirely dependent on you and your situation. If you want to take it one step at a time, starting with one is enough. If you have a burning passion inside you to build multiple habits at once, many people use multiple journals alongside one another.

Q. How many days long is the journal?
A. Each journal contains: – 50 pages of introductory reading (optional) – 48 weight training workouts – 12 full body circuit workouts – 30 pages of interspersed content (i.e. form recommendations, pro-tips, and daily challenges) throughout the workouts – A system to track your progress, muscle growth, and weight fluctuations along the way.

Q. Where do you ship to?
A. All over the world!

Q. How long does shipping take?
A. Shipments will arrive in 3-7 days (US orders) or 10-28 working days (international orders).

Q. For international purchases, do I have to pay extra customs/VAT upon arrival?
A. No, you shouldn’t have any extra incurred fees.

Q. What is your return policy?
A. All our products have a 50-year, any condition return policy. Yes, really.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. All credit and debit cards are accepted. We also accept payment through Paypal and Amazon Pay. All currencies should be accepted.

Q. What currency are prices listed in?
A. All prices are listed in USD.

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Bodybuilding Journal, Fitness Tracker Journal, Fitness Log Book, Gym Log Book For Men & Women, 6 x 9, 120 Pages


Have you entered the gym totally confused without a clear and proper planning? Do you ever keep a track of the exercises that you competed last? Or did you skip out on some exercises and sets because you simply felt lazy? Having your workout written out ahead of time in your workout log book eliminates the mental struggle and saves your time too With this WORKOUT LOG BOOK JOURNAL, you can track every workout and check the progress of your weights you lift.Achieving the fitness goals takes a lot of hard work, pain and of course planning. Our fitness tracker will keep you charged up and motivated through your journey of getting fitter and better.-The key to achieving your goal at the gym is to stay consistent with your workout.-Keeping a log of your workouts in this personalized exercise journal will help you stay motivated and healthy.-You can track your progress with this fitness log. With hard work and determination you can set goals sooner and stay on course for the long term.-Get inspired, think positive and reflect on your fitness journey with this workout journal designed to inspire you daily.-Whether you’re training, trying to lose weight or just want to be aware of your workouts, harness the power Of journaling with this premium logbook. This book is a perfect gift for men women and kids who have the zeal to exercise daily and stay strong and fit. It is a great logbook which is simple and easy to use.This journal contains: -120 pages-Perfectly sized at 6″ x 9″-Matte finished for an elegant look and feel-Well organised tables to note down your name, goals, exercises, sets, repetition, weights, rest, time, notes You can also track your sleep hours and calories burnt.

Product Details




Independently Published

Publish Date

December 08, 2019




5.98 X 0.29 X 9.02 inches | 0.42 pounds







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Online magazine :: World Class Belgorod

More articles on fitness, health and nutrition in World Class Magazine
We all sometimes regret that there are only 24 hours in a day: still make time for the family. How to combine different sports and be productive after training, said Lydia Ershova, elite coach at the World Class Romanov club.

Balance and time management: how to be productive in the gym and in the office?

As practice shows, the main secret of productive work after training is the right load.Such individual training will not diminish your strength: on the contrary, it will give you vigor for the whole day. Of course, this applies to morning classes. Together with the charge of energy, they make it possible to structure the remaining time.

The trainer will help you to choose the right load – together with the doctor, he will assess your current physical fitness and state of health. In addition, the specialist will give additional motivation not to miss workouts. The company of like-minded people also stimulates well for classes. Try to find people among your colleagues or friends who are into the same sport as you.

Another important element of productivity is getting enough time to recover between sessions. Eight hours of sleep, water balance and a healthy diet with correctly calculated amounts of protein and carbohydrates are the best life hacks for effectively combining work and sports. At the same time, you can eat within an hour after fitness. Nutritionists recommend a 3-4 hour break between meals. If you eat an hour and a half before training, you will just get into the desired interval.

Another secret to being productive in training and at work is self-discipline and time management. Plan the tasks and goals for the day in advance: this will pump your prioritization skill. As a rule, a beginner athlete faces difficulties only for the first couple of months. Then training becomes a habit, and the body itself “asks” for physical activity.

As you know, productivity largely depends on the right attitude. Set a training goal – perhaps you want to shed excess body fat, get a beautiful body shape, or prepare for a competition.The realization that you are not just wasting time training, but are doing an important and rewarding task will add additional motivation.

Should you combine fitness with other sports?

Certain sports that an athlete may enjoy can be effectively incorporated into the program. For example, swimming can complement strength training and help you rest after exercise. Low-intensity exercise, such as yoga or walking, will be a good way to help your body recover.The main thing is to correctly calculate the strength and not engage in an additional kind of sport “for results.”

It is undesirable to combine fitness with heavy loads like boxing or weightlifting. In order to work out well and not lose your ability to work, schedule such workouts on different days. Be sure to inform the fitness trainer that you are doing another sport – he will adapt the load in the gym for you. This way you can avoid contradictions between workouts and not exceed your exercise norm.

Snowboarding, skating and other seasonal sports fit into the fitness concept. The main thing for a fitness athlete is to maintain a healthy lifestyle: proper nutrition, training, plus recovery. It can combine different types of physical activity, be it jogging or snowboarding. Distribute the load adequately – listen to your body and ask the trainer how to choose the exercises for your individual characteristics.

Signature wellness and fitness systems

Pro Trener.PTS (Pro Trener System). Trainers: ANDREY ZHUKOV AND ANTON FEOKTISTOV

Graduates of the Russian State University of Physical Culture, skiers, who were once recognized as the best trainers of the World Class, Andrei Zhukov and Anton Feoktistov developed their own Pro Trener system and opened a network of clubs with the same name. The system develops functional strength, cardio endurance and joint flexibility. You can put yourself in order in six months, during one macrocycle, which consists of three mesocycles: retracting, developing and stabilizing.Each nine week mesocycle consists of twelve workouts. The first stage is aimed at developing strength. This is functional training and Pilates, a circuit training of 6-8 stations, exercises on the Kinesis, Gravity, Flowin, TRX and Arc machines. The second stage exercises increase cardio endurance. In addition to simulators, Pro Trener offers outdoor sports, from the beloved cross-country and roller ski systems to bicycles, marathon races and triathlon. The third stage makes the joints more flexible and mobile.It includes the familiar Pilates and stretching. The author’s methods are used at all stages. For example, in addition to Pilates, Pro Trener features Tracy Mallett’s Booty Barre program using a ballet barre. There are different types of yoga, special programs for children, women and older people. All lessons are personalized. You can train one-on-one with an instructor, in small groups, with several trainers at once, or call a trainer at home. To draw up an individual program, comprehensive testing is carried out: ultrasound, echocardiography, vascular check, blood test.Based on its results, not only a fitness program is planned, but also a special balanced diet.

Complete Body. Functional training. Trainer: ALEX REZNIK

Reznik was born in Russia and graduated from the University of St. Petersburg. Having chosen a career as a coach in the Russian army, he worked with special forces soldiers. In the United States, Alex Reznik graduated with honors from the East Coast Instructor Training School and received a certificate in weight correction from the ACE (American Council on Exercise).In 1995, he founded the Sports Club Complete Body Personal Training (now Complete Body Development), whose work is based on six main components: strength training, aerobics, flexibility development, nutrition, meditation and relaxation. In his Environmental Wellness Design Studio, specialists help to find harmony between the inner world and the environment. Alex Reznik and his carefully selected team of trainers know how to improve not only the body, but also the quality of life. The programs include training elements from Soviet sports schools and ancient Indian practices such as Ayurveda.This is a kind of life coaching, not just fitness, but help in working on oneself, orientation towards a healthy lifestyle. The approach to each client is individual, because everyone has their own goals, objectives and problems. Everything is based on functional training: work with your own weight, traction machines, shock absorbers, balls and unstable platforms that activate both large and small (deep postural) muscles, which do not work on conventional simulators. A personal trainer can visit a client anywhere in the world, or assign it to Complete Body professionals in other countries.Three studios work in New York, one in Paris, and so far one in Moscow, at The Ritz-Carlton, which is run by former weightlifter, master of sports Nikolai Filippov.

Nikol’skaya Health Club, Kinesis, Trainer: TATIANA KOSHKINA

Kinesis is an innovative system based on the concept of “movement through balance, flexibility and strength”. The Kinesis wall allows you to move in any direction and from any position easily, naturally and without restriction. The number of exercises is not limited, the Fullgravity technology allows you to simultaneously train strength, flexibility and coordination.Training with Kinesis helps you achieve a wide variety of goals, whether it be shaping your body, increasing muscle tone, or gaining a better understanding of your own body. The training takes place in different planes, uses the full range of motion and the maximum strength potential of the muscles. Because it involves more muscle groups, it burns 30% more calories than traditional strength training. The absence of shock load on the joints and the spine ensures complete safety of training, allowing people with far from ideal health conditions to train.The unique wall is just a part of Nikol’skaya Health Club’s multifunctional wellness program, which pays equal attention to preventive medicine, fitness, healthy eating and cosmetology. The program is based on the preventive concept Arteprevent, developed by the Austrian MD Alex Vitasek. The fitness and wellness business is managed by Angelo Caroli, founder of the world famous Caroli Health Club. The club employs highly qualified doctors, cosmetologists, massage therapists, trainers and even its own chef at the Gourmed healthy food restaurant, who specializes in creating individual healthy and gentle menus.

World Class. Personal training. Coach: ALEXEY VASILENKO

Unlike most of the authors of the programs, Alexei Vasilenko does not have a sports past. He is a dancer, he performed in his native Belgorod, then, having arrived in Moscow in the early 90s, he danced in nightclubs. As a fitness instructor, at first he taught exclusively dancing – Latin, waltz, hip-hop, in general, everything. “I studied constantly and am still learning,” he says. Certificates and diplomas testify to his desire for self-improvement: he studied at EuroEducation and People In Motion schools, reached the finals of the Rookie of Russia 2006 and Newcomer International 2008 contests, participated in the international conventions Fitness-Express, Intersport, World Class and IslandFit.A little later I got carried away with tai-bo. Having slightly corrected the source material, I developed my own program – Fit-Bo. Classes are based on the elements of dance aerobics, boxing and martial arts. Dynamic training without excessive strength effort increases endurance, but does not build muscle mass. Fit-bo activates the work of the cardiovascular system, strengthens muscles, increases endurance and guarantees a great mood. Alexey Vasilenko conducts personal lessons at the World Class Romanov club, and his author’s show can be seen on the Live! Channel.In addition to fitbo, he prefers functional training, which develops strength, endurance, flexibility, improves coordination of movements and improves tone. He has his own unique recipe for each client. In addition to the obligatory check of the level of physical fitness, he seeks to understand what exactly can interest, captivate a person. It is not surprising that clients who once settled on him continue to visit him for many years.

Hard Candy. Author’s programs of Madonna.Director: IRINA RAZUMOVA

Brand ideologist, Madonna is a real symbol of will and great hard work. To maintain perfect shape and muscle tone, she trains every day, without interrupting her classes during her world tours. She visited many fitness centers and worked with the world’s best trainers and dancers. She embodied her experience in the philosophy of a new direction of fitness, presenting her own vision of optimal training processes, dance exercises and physical activity.The author’s clubs of Madonna in Moscow and St. Petersburg appeared thanks to Irina Razumova, not an athlete, but a promoter of a healthy lifestyle and an experienced administrator. Behind her shoulders is the management and development of the “Planet Fitness” club empire. The club presents more than 50 exclusive programs for group classes, including dance styles using Madonna’s author’s choreography (Addicted to Sweat, Cardio Dance). The programs are updated quarterly: Madonna Nicole’s coach comes to the club with a master class and sends video lessons.Choreography elements, cardio and strength exercises and blocks of dance combinations become more difficult at each new level. But Hard Candy is not only dancing, albeit the most diverse, from ballroom to hip-hop and belly dancing. Various areas of yoga (including anti-gravity), Pilates with large and small equipment are presented here, there is a boxing room, equipment for functional training, strength and cardiovascular equipment, cycling programs, swimming and water aerobics in the pool and much more (even pylons are installed ).And, of course, a great team of trainers who are ready to work with you individually.

Royal Wellness Club. Swimming, freediving. Coach: POLINA RAZBITSKAYA

Swimming has no equal among all types of physical activity in terms of the general strengthening and healing effect on the body, and especially on the heart and muscles. In addition, swimming is very effective in getting rid of excess calories. In the pool, the master of sports in synchronized swimming, coordinator of the Royal Wellness Club water programs Polina Razbitskaya is a real mermaid, especially when she conducts underwater speed swimming in a monofin.The spectacle is captivating: the “tailed” swimmer glides under the water gracefully and swiftly, like a fish, developing incredible speed – a hundred-meter distance is overcome in 15 seconds. Of course, without the help of an experienced instructor, it is impossible to learn how to control your body in this way. How impossible it is to master freediving on your own, a direction that has been extremely popular in recent years: long distance diving without scuba gear, holding your breath. In addition to teaching basic swimming techniques, Polina teaches in special programs, many of which she developed herself, such as functional and strength training in water, rehabilitation swimming for people with musculoskeletal problems, preventive classes to prevent herniated discs, etc.Of course, she also teaches synchronized swimming, and not only girls, but also boys, and not only children, but also adults. Polina is a versatile trainer, always ready to offer something new. RWC is famous for that. According to fitness director Igor Yuryev, the club has the most professional coaching staff in Moscow, even world record holders and Olympians are working. Absolutely all types and directions of fitness are presented, and all programs are copyrighted.

Lotte Hotel. Strength training. Coach: ROMAN SOLOVIEV

17 years of experience as a personal instructor in all types of strength training, stretching, boxing and swimming allowed Roman to create his own system.But he is in no hurry to “pack” it into some beautiful name. His task is precisely a personal approach to each client. Depending on the level of training, the presence of specific problems or injuries, he will create an absolutely individual program, where dynamic and static loads will vary, the main muscle groups will be worked out with special attention to problem areas. Soloviev recommends for beginners to start with cardio and strength equipment: fixing the correct position of the body during exercise develops “muscle memory” necessary so as not to harm the joints when moving to functional training, working with their own weight and special equipment, such as TRX or an unstable platform …Strength training is not as popular as it used to be, but it still remains the foundation on which you can “build” your body. It makes no sense to train the body for endurance and flexibility without having physical strength. “People come to the gym with their tasks,” says Roman, “but mostly to lose weight or gain muscle mass. If a person has never been involved in sports before, you first need to build a base. ” Recommendations about the intensity of training are quite traditional: 3-4 times a week, alternating loads by muscle groups (legs, back-chest, shoulders on different days, abs in each lesson).What exactly to do and how many repetitions is decided individually. The only thing that Solovyov advises everyone is an elliptical cardio trainer: it gives an effective load, but spares the joints as much as possible.

90,000 The Ministry of Health was invited to include fitness in the VHI – Vademecum magazine

The Association of Fitness Industry Operators (AOFI) applied to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation with a proposal to include fitness classes in voluntary health insurance (VHI) contracts – for this, the association proposed to develop a simplified system of medical licensing of clubs.

In a letter sent on March 29 to the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko, it is noted that now there is a request from insurance companies to include classes in fitness clubs in VHI contracts, but the licensing system does not allow the inclusion of activities in VHI. To provide VHI services, a fitness club must have medical equipment, and the head of the organization must have a higher medical education and work experience of at least five years.

Industry officials believe that obtaining a slow license is expensive and difficult.“Compliance with these requirements is not necessary for a medical office in a fitness club. For example, paramedics or nursing personnel are enough to provide first aid or to assess body composition, there is no need to have a doctor on staff, ”said Anastasia Yusina, founder of Orange Fitness and City Fitness.

Another proposal from AOFI is the creation, together with the Ministry of Health, of a program to maintain physical fitness of medical workers included in the public health system.According to the association, doctors’ own sports experience will change their approach to recommendations about the effects of regular exercise on health.

In early March, AOFI proposed to the Ministry of Health to consider the joint creation of a program to restore the health of patients who have undergone coronavirus infection. Such cooperation, the association said, could help cope with the increased pressure on the health care system due to the pandemic. The fitness industry, according to the authors of the letter, is ready to help those who have been ill and deal with their recovery in order to return the quality of life.

According to the AOFI, 55% of the fitness club members in the association practice fitness for medical reasons – injury recovery, cardiovascular disease prevention and non-medical rehabilitation. Now AOFI consists of more than 1.4 thousand fitness clubs from 76 cities of Russia.

On March 9, representatives of the fitness, sports, wellness and beauty industries in Moscow sent proposals to the city government to take measures to support their industries in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.In particular, entrepreneurs proposed introducing additional tax breaks, lowering rental rates and including part of fitness services in the voluntary medical insurance and compulsory medical insurance. At the same time, the mayor’s office was proposed to assign a single OKVED code for activities in the field of medical cosmetology, to create a joint program for post-eye non-medical rehabilitation with the Ministry of Health and to include business in city programs, for example, “Longevity”.

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JOURNAL: Fitness online | Vogue Ukraine

Alexandra Kaminska went into fitness online.Home workouts were so effective that after two month she had to change wardrobe

I hated sports since childhood: in kindergarten forced to walk on pebbles; grandmother taught to pour ice cold water; at school there was a run around the lake, along the perimeter of which were perverts hiding in the bushes,? – the world did a good job so that I disliked everything like training.

Having matured, I still did not understand what could be attractive in sweating and muscle tension if it is not sex and dancing in the club.And I used to consider myself a little plump, which almost did not interfere – neither sex nor dancing. As a result, I have successfully lived all 25 years of my life without fitness.

Everything changed in one day. Eating marshmallows I flipped through the feed of friends in LJ. And I saw a photo of a friend who for some six months she turned from plump to slender. Envy is not quite the correct definition of what I felt. Rather, it was what they call motivation. I was not ashamed turn to a friend with questions, and that’s what she told me told.

There is a virtual community . It unites girls who work out at home using the online fitness system Community creators translate bodyrock workouts into Russian and help each other with advice and personal experience. Total for 15 minutes of classes a day they promise minus 10 kg per month.

My first beginner workout ended in forty seconds. I did burpees – an exercise in which you fall on the floor, do push-ups, get up, jump up with your hands up, you fall to the floor again – and so on for 30 seconds.Then you try catch your breath in the allotted 10-15 seconds break – and again to battle.





This exercise is included in the so-called protocol Tabata. Japanese doctor Izumi Tabata and research team from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo have proven that short but very intense workouts with minimal rest between approaches is much more effective than training in the usual format.They forgot add that a fifteen-minute workout in Tabata mode is possible experienced user only. The beginner, on the other hand, lies face down on the floor. in the second minute, languishing with the weight of his own body.

However, body workouts have many pluses: an incredible variety of exercises, new items every day, the same weight loss and five meals a day. But I was scared: being asthmatic, I was suffocating, the skin took on the color of ripe raspberries after 30 seconds after the start, I really wanted to sit on the sofa.I tried to find support in my circle, to persuade my friends study together – each at home, but motivate a friend friend and report on success. Nobody agreed. Each had a dozen excuses. And in me there is a thirst for the strong beautiful body took over.

Every morning and every evening I tried to win his laziness and body not accustomed to sports. At 7.30 I started my morning workout. It consisted of running in place with high knees and mountain exercises climbers – from the support on the hands, as before push-ups, you need rearrange your legs as if you were running or climbing a slope.I set a timer for 20 seconds of activity and 10 seconds of rest. After 4 minutes of class, it seemed as if I went through all the circles of hell and went back to repeat.

Only a month later I mastered the training for the first time 10 minutes long. I was delighted. But exactly until I saw the number of reps done online trainer. Her numbers were three times more than mine. If I managed to sit down 8 times in 30 seconds, then she I did 27 with ease. So my race for the result began.And losing weight quickly ceased to be the main thing. Natural desire to win and competitive instinct made me a loyal fan bodiroka for another year.

In two months of training, I dropped 10 cm from the chest, hips and waist. Instead of 95-75-103, I got stable fit 86-64-93. I could not imagine even three days without classes. Drive from victory over yourself along with photos of beauties on the site and examples of success in the community have become my main interests.And only the downstairs neighbors were a little nervous when I started banging my heels in the morning any day of the week.

Online training there are some nuances. First, at first it is unclear if you are doing the right thing. exercises. A little later, I realized that it is best to practice before a mirror in which it is easy to take care of yourself and on time improve. Secondly, the sofa and the refrigerator are very demotivating. You need to stay away from them during the training time.There is a rule for beginners: with online classes, you need to clearly follow the technique exercise, not trying to cope with pain and other disturbing symptoms. If you neglect it, you can hurt yourself. I know what I say: after a particularly intense workout, I had a muscle spasm abdominal press, with which I got to the hospital. Midnight me examined to exclude appendicitis and other troubles, and the remaining half were injected with antispasmodics. There was little pleasant.

But the advantages of the classes outweighed everything. Home is not ashamed stumble, sweat, blush and make mistakes. You can train in what whatever the clothes you want, and you don’t have to match the sneakers to the color wristband. Finally, only the flu can reverse a home workout.

Now I threw the bodyrock – left it for times when it will be too lazy to leave the house. Passed to the classic gym. Sport does not let me go now: I I like to feel my already strong, lively and energetic body.


* The only investment a home requires online fitness program – sports shoes with a soft, non-slip sole. Most of these programs are exercise-based. with its own weight. Only occasionally do trainers suggest using items support furniture or water bottles as dumbbells.

* Warming up is an important part of your workout. The most simple exercises such as bends will warm up and help keep the ligaments and joints are healthy.

* Schedule and mode in home workouts required. They help you avoid temptations and optimize your schedule: before training, it is better not to eat for about an hour, after – it takes time shower and work fees.


Program with the self-explanatory name Insanity – perhaps the most difficult of all. It was invented by an ex-choreographer Mariah Carey, fitness trainer Sean Tee.The classes are so intense that they are suitable and for the training of special forces soldiers. Results: minus 6 kg for two months.

American Gillian Michaels is one of the most popular online trainers, there are many videos of her on the web. Exists also app for iOS and Android – Slim-Down Solution, which includes a calorie counter and exercise. Results: minus 12 kg in four months.

This portal is the undisputed foreign leader of domestic fitness: here you will find everything that a beginner and experienced athlete – from exercise catalog to nutritional advice and discussion clubs where you can discuss the benefits of training and the results achieved.

The creator of the project, ballerina Mary Helen Bowers, coached by Natalie Portman for Black Swan and helped recover from childbirth Liv Tyler. She wants every girl to feel your strength and your capabilities. Very graceful and at the same time intense training, without weights, but more than tiring.


A new hobby supported by an odious fitness dictator Lena Miro.There are no ready-made workouts here, but there are very convenient activity diary, friends feed and competitions. And at the same time it a nicely tailored social network for sports fans. New program and does not ask for money yet.

Ideal for those who don’t like to cross out favorite food from the diet and is too lazy to count calories. In the schedule activity and food are taken into account at the same time, therefore it is easy to track the moment, when to stop eating and start moving.Its own system of interval workouts based on basic multi-joint exercises – squats, push-ups, etc.? Simple and effective program. Is free.

A whole TV channel online, with video yoga lessons, Pilates, joint gymnastics and other pleasant and useful exercise. Classes from 10 minutes to an hour. Has its own weight loss program. Subscription to the channel is paid, but many courses are freely available on the web.

Channel of a network of fitness clubs with an incredible number of trainers, programs and valuable information for all occasions. Everything is very clearly and clearly explain, so it will be difficult to make a mistake. Resource free. The beautiful bodies of the trainers are very motivating.

90,000 site about a healthy approach to fitness, nutrition and beauty!

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Internet magazine “448 WURST” | Fitness day at the recreation center “Galdym”: how it was

On a sunny Saturday afternoon at the picturesque recreation center of the T.R. Derzhavin “Galdym” gathered about a hundred of sports and healthy lifestyle fans. They all decided to spend the weekend with benefit, becoming participants in a large fitness event. By the way, everyone was invited to visit it absolutely free.

Some of the guests arrived at Galdym in private cars, others got there by transfer, which was taken care of by the organizers.

Fitness day started with registration of participants. It was required only for those classes in which the use of special equipment is provided.Everyone, without exception, could participate in the rest.

Having greeted the guests, the organizers once again reminded them of the location of each of the three stages at which master classes were planned, wished them a good mood and productive training.

One of the main organizers, fitness presenter and trainer Alexander Firsakov was the first to enter the scene. In addition to his personal skill, he decided to demonstrate to the audience the successes of his “wards”: together with him, two beautiful girls shared the skills of explosive discipline – constant participants in his regular trainings.

The team held a BODY COMBAT Masterclass, a martial arts-inspired high-intensity training program that targets all major muscle groups and dramatically improves fitness. The great advantage of this direction is that it does not require special skills. Absolutely everyone can try themselves in it.

Then Alesya Romanova took the stage with a master class on STEP NEW STYLE.The main attribute of such training is the step platform. However, according to the instructor, even those guests who did not have enough platform could take part in the class. Can there be any obstacles if there is an irresistible desire to become a part of a fiery dance performance ?! Of course not! Some of the congregation followed the advice and participated in the class, repeating the cords on the floor.

STEP NEW STYLE is a mix of step aerobics and dancing. It’s not just fitness and movement to music.This is drive, expression and an unreal charge of energy. The direction is based on the basic steps of classical aerobics and step aerobics. Elements from dances are added to them as a “seasoning”. The pace and rhythm of steps changes. The dance link is built from simple to complex: each class member can independently choose a level and stop at it. In addition, this discipline opens a creative streak in people and teaches the brain to work in a different way.

Participants of the STEP NEW STYLE class were able to catch the mood, were imbued with incendiary music and together created what is called a real heat!

At the same time, on stage no. 2, on the other side of the river, master classes were held using suspension systems.Trainings in the TRX and ANTIGRAVITY directions were conducted by Elena Koroleva.

TRX is an effective method of functional training on special loops using its own weight. The sessions are suitable for people of all fitness levels and effectively promote the development of strength, endurance, flexibility, stability and balance.

ANTIGRAVITY training develops flexibility and strength. During classes, all muscle groups are included in the work. The result is a healthy, beautiful, toned body, as well as good spirits, grace and excellent coordination.The upside-down position, which is an essential part of training, in addition to improving physical fitness, contributes to self-renewal, improved blood circulation, mental clarity and improved memory.

Further, the participants of the fitness day were given an hour of free time to take a breath, walk through the picturesque forest of the recreation center “Galdym”, have a snack and take beautiful photographs as a keepsake.

After a break, the main guest of the fitness event, the methodologist of the RUSSIAN FITNESS COMMUNITY fitness school, international fitness presenter Dmitry Bragin appeared on the stage.

He has been known in Tambov for several years already. Dmitry regularly supports events of this scale, gives master classes and conducts trainings for instructors. This guest on the site was expected with special warmth. Local fitness fans fell in love with him for his ease of spirit, positive attitude and professionalism. Dmitry issued a slaughter complex for the buttocks and legs, presenting a class in the direction of L.A.B.

Then the audience was again invited to dance.Marina Abalmaz held a master class on DANCE MIX. The instructor introduced the training participants to all the subtleties of modern choreography, and also shared the skills of knowing all the beauty and grace of dance life.

The sports festival continued with the most jumping and fun class in KANGOO JUMPS, which was held by the charming Daria Gubanova. Fitness in spring boots is one of the most effective and fun ways to lose weight.The performance of any movement performed in Kangoo Jumps increases several times, which allows you to burn much more calories than with some traditional fitness classes.

The most patient, strong and enduring ones have waited in the wings. On the third stage, instructor Alyona Yurieva started to work. First, she gave a master class in the direction of TABAT. This is a high-intensity interval workout based on the method of alternating a load of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.Eight of these approaches will help you to get in shape in the shortest possible time and test your endurance.

The fitness day ended with a useful exercise therapy session led by Alena. This therapeutic and prophylactic method helps the body to recover and prevent the development of many diseases. Exercise therapy helps to restore not only the functionality of organs and systems, but also the mental and emotional state.

It was getting dark at the Galdym recreation center. The organizers and participants thanked each other for a chic productive day and excellent mood, exchanged impressions and promised that next year the fitness festival will be even more ambitious.

Photo: Kristina Bobrova, archive of the fitness day


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