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The Fisher Space Pen, Model AG7 (image: Fisher Space Pen Co.)

Recently on Design Decoded, we looked at President Obama’s favorite technologically advanced pen and today we’re looking at mine. During my last visit to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, there were two things I had to do: see the original 1903 Wright Flyer and buy a Fisher Space Pen. I couldn’t help but wonder though, just who was this “Fisher” and what makes the Space Pen so space-y?

The Fisher Space Pen was created by inventor, pen manufacturer, and (brief) JFK political opponent Paul C. Fisher. Fisher had been an innovator in the pen industry for years, even before he started his own company. His mastery of the ballpoint pen can be attributed in part to his experience working with ball bearings in a airplane propeller factory during World War II. Fisher also invented the “universal refill” ink cartridge, ultimately leading him to create the very first “Anti-Gravity” pen, the AG7, which was patented in 1966 and famously used by astronauts during the Apollo space missions. However, it’s a popular misconception that NASA invested millions of dollars into the development of the zero-gravity writing instrument. They didn’t. Nor did the space agency approach Fisher to develop a pen for use by American astronauts. According to a 2006 piece in Scientific American, the truth is that Fisher had been working on the design for years and had invested $1 million into the pen’s development. But Fisher wasn’t dreaming of astronauts writing postcards from Earth orbit, he was just looking to make a good pen that worked without leaking. After years of research and prototypes, he created what he believed to be the perfect pen – a pen with ink that wasn’t exposed to air and didn’t rely on gravity so it wouldn’t leak or dry up; a pen that could write underwater and function at temperatures ranging from -30 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Fisher’s breakthrough was perfectly timed with the space race and he offered the pens to NASA for consideration. After two years of testing, it was approved and Fisher’s pen accompanied Apollo 7 astronauts into space.

However, Fisher seems to enjoy perpetuating the NASA myth a little himself. In a 2004 interview, he claimed that the design came to him in a dream after NASA approached him in 1965 with their problem:

About two nights I had an interesting dream. My father had died about two years before, and in that dream, he came to me and said Paul, if you add a minute amount of rosin to the ink, that will stop the oozing. I told the chemist about that, and the chemist laughed! He said that won’t work. He tried every type and quantity of rosin. Three months later he came back to me and he said I was right! He said he was trying to find a way to make rosin work, but then he realized that I meant resin! He used two percent resin, and it worked fine…. I called NASA and told them we could do it, and we developed the most valuable patent in all of the pen industry.

In the end, Fisher sold NASA 400 pens for the Apollo program for a 40 percent discount but, perhaps more importantly, he got some amazing marketing from the deal. Who wouldn’t want to write with the pen used by some of the first men in space? Early advertisements for the pen claimed it could write for 100 years (“even upside down!”). Contemporary product literature uses a very different but no less impressive metric, claiming that the newest space pens can write for 30.7 miles. Either way, it lasts longer and is much more reliable than standard ballpoint pens.

But did we even need a space pen in the first place? It’s said that Russia’s answer to the same problem was the pencil, bringing to mind the old Russian saying: “better is the enemy of good enough.” But wood and lead shavings in a zero-gravity, oxygen-rich environment can be incredibly dangerous, liable to interfere with instruments or catch on fire. Soon after its proven use by the Apollo crews, cosmonauts also started carrying the Fisher Space Pen in their space pocket-protectors.

Patent #3,285,228, The Fisher Anti-Gravity Pen (image: Google patents)

The secret to the space pen is in the cartridge. It is a hermetically sealed tube containing thixotropic ink, pressurized nitrogen gas, and a tungsten carbide ballpoint tip. During development, Fisher found that while the pressurized cartridge successfully pushed ink out the tip of the pen, it also successfully leaked uncontrollably. Rather than redesign the cartridge, Fisher redesigned the ink. He developed a thixotropic ink that is a gel at rest, but turns into a liquid under pressure. Sort of like toothpaste. With this new, thicker ink, the pen didn’t leak and would only write when pressure was applied to the ballpoint. Success.

Paul C. Fisher died in 2006 but the legacy of his Space Pen continues. In 1998, “Seinfeld” famously built an episode around the pen (TAKE THE PEN!) and that same year, the QVC shopping channel showed the pen in use on the Space Station Mir, making it the first product sold from space.  Today, there are nearly as many space pens as there are stars in the sky. Actually, that doesn’t quite hold up, but there are a lot of different space pen models, hundreds of different designs, and multiple engraving options. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the groundbreaking –or perhaps I should say atmosphere-breaking– ink cartridge that makes the pen possible.

Fisher Space Pen

Europe online shopping site.

The site is designed to allow customer’s to purchase any item from the Fisher Space
pens range by selecting the categories from the top of the page.

The Fisher Space pens range was designed for use in Space, when astronauts began
to explore the reaches of outer space, Paul Fisher realized that there was no existing
pen which could perform in its freezing cold, boiling hot vacuum.

Countless experiments and a common sense approach to findings resulted in the invention
of the sealed and pressurized Fisher Space Pens cartridges (Fisher Space pen refill)
and in 1967, after 18 months of rigorous testing by NASA, the Space Pen was selected
for use by astronauts.

2008 saw the 60th Anniversary of the design classic the Fisher Space Bullet pen,
which today is the most popular selling item in the Fisher Space pens range. The
bullet pen given its name due to its bullet shape appearance looks and feels like
the ultimate write weapon.

The Fisher Space Pens Refill (Space pen refill) The refill is the technology of
the Fisher Space pens. The sealed pressurized ink cartridge writes in almost any
condition the Space pen refill writes at -30 degrees F (-34 degrees C) to +250 degrees
F (121 degrees C), underwater, at any angle, even upside down!

So with that said you could say that the Fisher space pen refill is the most advanced
writing instrument in the world.

On the site you will find:

Bullet pen (bullet space pen) Brass
based bullet space pens with different coated finishes , Chrome bullet Space pens,
Lacquered Bullet space pens, Titanium Bullet space pens

  • Open Length: 135mm (5.5 inches)
  • Closed Length: 95mm (3.75 inches)
  • Fitted with a black medium point pressurized refill

Fisher Space pen refills

Fisher Pressurized refills (space pen refills)

The fisher space pen refill is unconditionally guaranteed to write:

  • Upside down
  • Under water
  • At any angle
  • In freezing cold
  • In burning heat
  • On most smooth surfaces
  • On coated papers
  • On photographs
  • On wet paper
  • On X-rays

In the gravity free vacuum of outer-space The Spacepen refills come in a number
of colours and point sizes

Fisher Space Pen How it’s made!

3. Uni Power Tank Features & Reviews

But the Power Tank by Uni-ball also has a pressurized ink cartridge and is capable of writing on wet or dry surfaces and from any angle, including upside down. It, too, is resistant to temperature extremes and performs well under adverse conditions. This pen, as well, uses low-viscosity Uni Super Ink (which is waterproof and fade- and tamper-resistant.) And, while Uni-ball makes no claim the pens can write underwater, there doesn’t seem to be any reason they shouldn’t.

OfficeSupplyGeek wrote an outstanding review of the Power Tank last year. He found that the pen wrote equally well right-side up, upside down and at low temperatures. He even conducted an experiment that involved putting the pen in a tube of water, freezing it and then seeing how well it would write. Frozen, the pen managed to write about as well as it had at room temperature.

Alex also wrote for us a fantastic in-depth review of the Uniball Power Tank which is well worth checking out. and Kim asks the question The Uni Power Tank Ballpoint Pen Does It Live up to the Hype?

Reviewers on also give the pen high marks for performance, including this one:

These are great all-weather pens. I use them at home and work, but I initially got them for geocaching. I needed something that could withstand cold temperatures as well as wet conditions. The old “space” pens came to mind, but they had lots of problems and were clunky. These seemed to have fixed all those problems. My pen works when other pens, and even pencils, have failed. Oh, yeah, they do write upside down and for long periods when writing on a pad against a wall (i.e., vertically).

Of course, the Power Tanks don’t have sleek metal bodies and aren’t precision-machined like the Fishers. Instead, the retractable pens are made of tough plastic, have comfortable rubber grips and are translucent so you can gauge when you need a refill.

4. Conclusion

But you want to know the main difference in the pens? Cost.

You’ll spend almost £20 for a Fisher Space Pen. A Power Tank will cost you less than £2.

There may be something to owning a pen with the storied history of the Fisher. And the pens do look good, especially the original astronaut pen and the bullet pen, which fits as neatly into a pants pocket as any pen could. Is that worth the extra money, though?

Not really, especially given how often people lose their pens. Most of us just want a good, reliable pen that fits well in our hands and will do its job even in difficult conditions. If it’s got a little style, all the better. The Power Tank does everything we want it to do, for about a tenth of the price.

You just can’t beat that.

What do you think, readers?

Fisher Space Pens – Knife Country, USA


Fisher Space Pens was founded by Paul C. Fisher in Nevada USA in 1948. Paul Fisher’s focus always remained on new inventions like “Universal Refill Cartridge” a standard refill that could solve the problems faced by stationers in carrying different refills. The company got recognized only after the first space pen AG-7 which was the Anti-Gravity Pen which could write in zero gravity, aboard the first manned Apollo mission in 1968. As a symbol of American industrial process, iconic Bullet Pen is still showcased at the Museum of Modern Arts permanent collection and the series is still available in the market.


Carrying the vision of his Grandfather Matt Fisher is successfully running the family-owned business with a small team of 65 people in 30000 sq. ft warehouse in Nevada. The company has carved its niche in making handcrafted space pens which allows writing on all surfaces, underwater, in extreme temperatures and in any angle. Where the space pens are registered trademark and considered a prestigious gift, on the other hand, stick pens are used and admired widely by customers all over the world.


AG-7: Space Pen with Patented Design

In 1965, Paul Fisher patented the design for a pen with a special ink which is not exposed to air pressure and does not depend upon gravity and hence would never dry up or leak. The Space Pen AG-7 was specially invented to fulfill the requirements of astronauts which could help in writing in anti-gravity without smudging. Paul Fisher was a man with a vision, who always wanted to mark his imprints with his inventions like Universal Refill Cartridge, Bullet pens which are widely applauded even today all around the globe.


Makes to Most Space Expeditions

The graph of Fisher Space Pen elevated when NASA approved to send Space pens to first ever manned expedition to moon i.e.  Apollo in 1968. Fisher Space Pens makes to most of the space expeditions of Russia and America. The pressurized cartridge used in making most Fisher Space Pens is admired by military personnel, astronauts and travelers for its smudge-proof technology which enables to write in extreme temperatures, all-weather situations and oily surfaces without any difficulty.


Exploring the space of Fisher Space Pens

Fisher Space Pens have registered a patent on the name of the company. Apart from Space Pens, the brand offers a wide range of products all possessing a common feature of anti-gravity cartridges. Some special products available on Fisher Space Pens are Space Pen Apollo series, Bullet pen series, Cap- O- Matic series,

Fisher Space Pens Pressurized Refills. The Pressurized Refill Series includes universal refills with a fine point and medium point nib. These refills have pressurized ink cartridge which allows writing on all kinds of surfaces and in any temperature and angle. With a choice of Blue or black ink, these refills are widely admired by military personnel, rescue teams, travelers as a dependable writing tool.


Fisher Space Pens American Flag Series: The series features metal body pens with American Flag printed on it. These pens are considered dependable when it comes to writing over greasy, wet or extreme cold or hot situations. The easy to open and close pens in the series have amenities like pocket clip which keeps the pen safe from getting lost. The pens in American Flag series flaunts patriotism in fashionable style and can make a topmost choice as a gift for patriotic people.


Fisher Space Pens Apollo Series: The pens feature unique design by engaging the point with the entire top of the pen. Solid aluminum construction provides grip to the user and makes the pens ideal for rough usage. Most pens in the series use Fisher pressurized refill in blue or black ink ensuring comfortable writing experience in all-weather and all-temperature situations and even allows dependable writing at any angle, over wet papers, fingerprints— a big reason why these pens are highly admired.


Fisher Space Pens Bullet Pen Series: As the name suggests, the pens in the series are designed in shape of a bullet. These easy-to-carry, around 4-inch pens have pressurized ink cartridge which allows writing in any angle and in all-weather situations. The manufacturer offers a color choice between Gold, Brass and Black body. The pens are delivered with elegant box making the bullet pens an elegant and classy gift. The series also consists of Brass Bullet pens which can be polished to restore the original look of the pen.


Fisher Space Pens Cap-O-Matic Series: Being admired greatly by military personnel and travelers all over the world, the pens in the series are slim and designed to provide comfortable usage. The pens in the series are available in an aluminum body with a choice of colors like Black, Silver, Red and more. In order to provide reliable and dependable writing under extreme conditions, Space Pens Cap-O-Matic series uses Fisher pressurized refills only. Among all, the brand also features a uniquely designed pen Black Barrel Cap-O-Matic with Stylus with Fisher pressurized cartridge and a stylus at the top of it, which can be used with smartphones.


Fisher Space Pens Clutch Industrial Series: The pens in Clutch Industrial series is specially designed to cater to the needs of oil field industry. The pens in the series are designed in a hexagonal shape to provide comfortable grip, even when used with gloves. The strong anodized aluminum body of the pen provides stability and durability in the long run. The easy to open and close pen have smooth touch. These pens are highly demanded by military personnel, adventurists.


Fisher Space Pens Eclipse Series: The pens in the eclipse series can be considered an all-in-one pen, The brand showcases its design and creativity by introducing pens with both Red and Black ink, a pencil, a stylus and all disguised under one sleek body. The pens in the series are manufactured with dark gunmetal finish along with a rubber lower barrel allowing easy and non-slippery grip. All pens in the series are durable and easy to write on wet papers, greasy papers irrespective of the angle or temperature.


Fisher Space Pens Infinium Series: The brand offers another revolutionary series of pens having chrome body with a Titanium finish. Available in Blue and Black inks, these pens have a removable pocket clip. Most pens in the series have medium point cartridge with no removable refills that have enough ink to last long. The length of pens in the series is about 5-inch offering comfortable storage in wallets, pockets and purses. The pens are delivered in elegant gift boxes.


Fisher Space Pens Original Astronaut Series: The series comprises of replicas of the pen used by astronauts in space missions by NASA. These lightweight pens are specially crafted to allow easy openings and closings. Also, the pens in the series are tried and tested over the years in zero gravity, extreme hot and cold conditions. The pens in the series have always been part of NASA space expeditions since the very first Apollo mission after rigorous tests of 18 months. This makes these pens worth collectible.


Fisher Space Pens Police Series: The Police series pens are in highly demanded because of its design and functionality. Most of the pens in the series feature black matte body with a triangular grip allowing maximum grip in the long run. These medium point pens have black ink cartridge which enables the user to write in extreme hot and cold conditions and in any angle. These Police Series writing tools are ideal pocket pens with retractable click action cap and pocket clip. Performance wise Police series pens are dependable for military purposes.


Fisher Space Pens Q-4 Quad Function Series: The multipurpose pen series features four functions in a single pen. Lightweight pens offer Red ink, Black ink, pencil and stylus all-in-one. The pens in Quad function series have replaceable cartridge having the capacity to write up to 1200 ft. The ink does not smudge. It is usable on all surfaces and in all temperatures irrespective of the angle, or gravitational pull. These high-performance pens are tough and durable.


Fisher Space Pens Shuttle Series: The pens in the series are an advanced version of first AG7 Space pens but are thin and slimmer. These writing tools are manufactured with high-grade material and hence used in almost all manned Space flights of both America and Russia. The pens in the series are easy to use with side release button. The brand also introduces Space Shuttle Commemorative Pen which comes with a box packing and medallion style colorful coin for 30th year anniversary. The pens are delivered in gift boxes making these perfectly usable and collectible gift items.


Fisher Space Pens Space Shuttle Commemorative Series: The series includes a popular range of Space Shuttle pens ideal for gifting purpose. These highly functional pens showcase a slip slim built with the grooved barrel. The pens in Commemorative series features a sealed ink cartridge that works fine in varied temperatures (from -50°C to +200°C) and in extreme conditions. These high-performance pens are chrome finished and come in gift packaging to add a visual delight to already appealing stylish pens.


Fisher Space Pens Stowaway Series: The pens in the series features compact aluminum construction and available in vibrant colors like Black and Red. A lightweight and small pen is the foremost choice of outdoor enthusiasts and adventurists which can write through water or in extreme conditions. Most pens in the series have a brass clip attached to the aluminum body ensuring safe carriage. Pens in the series are loaded with Fisher pressurized refill FP1211 (blue ink) or FP1241 (black ink) ensuring smooth writing on all type of surfaces like greasy, oily, or wet.


Fisher Space Pens Trekker Series: The pens in the series is just another one of the inventions of Fisher Space Pens allowing travelers, outdoor enthusiasts a pen with Posi-Lock Cap which can be easily attached to keyrings, backpacks, pockets, and bags for easy carriage. The pens in the series are a specimen of just another expert design by Fisher Space Pens with a rubber grip, keyring, carabiner, and break-away lanyard.


Fisher Space Pens with Stylus Series: All pens in the series have retractable caps with attached keyrings. The pens feature legendary Space Pen ink for easy and smooth writing even in adverse conditions like extreme high and low temperatures, in any angle. These compact writing tools are available Black, Orange and Silver shades with Anodized aluminum construction. The caps of most pens are attached with keyrings which can be comfortably attached with backpacks, purses, etc. The stylus attached to the cap works with most smartphones and proves useful for travelers and military personnel.


Fisher Space Pens X-750 Series: The pens in the series feature sleek and compact pens with rubber gripper, allowing strong grip while writing in humid conditions. Fisher Space Pens have detachable caps with a pocket clip which can be easily attached to pockets or paper if required. Most pens in the series have pressurized ink cartridge containing permanent ink which does not smudge or vanish even from wet surfaces. The nib of most pens in series is made up of tungsten carbide balls for smooth and clean operation.


Fisher Space Pens Zero Gravity Series: The zero gravity pens in this series have a rubberized body with a triangular grip allowing speedy writing even on damp surfaces. The manufacturer uses a special formula which does not allow ink to dry up so that it can run as twice the normal cartridge. The Zero Gravity pens are convenient for carriage with push buttons for opening and closing. These pressurized refills have medium point nibs and pressurized ink cartridges.


Fisher Space Pens Zombie Apocalypse Series: The pens in the series are available in combinations of silver with vibrant colors. These pens use high-performance ink cartridges allowing the ink to liquefy. The sturdy pens have a unique bullet shape. These Zombie pens have actual 375 H & H mag shell caps which is easy to slide for opening and closing with a single head. These pens perform well in all-weather situations, underwater and in zero gravity.


Warranty Information

Fisher Space Pens stand strong with their products with a guarantee against all manufacturing and designing defects. All pens pass through high-grade processing and tests before delivery minimizing the chances of any inconvenience to customers. In case of any malfunctioning of any product, the product can be sent back for repair or replacement via proper packaging only. After a thorough inspection by the specialized department for repair and replacements, the product will be sent back without any charge to the customer. 



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Fisher Pressurized Refill Catridges

Fisher Space Pen’s Sealed Pressurized Ink Cartridge Performs in temperatures from -30ºF to +250ºF, underwater, in zero gravity, at any angle–even upside down! The ultimate in dependability! The choice of ski patrols, search and rescue teams, law enforcement agencies, armed forces, and everyone who demands reliability in a writing instrument.

  • $5.31

    Fisher Check Guardian Refill, Blue Med

  • $5.74

    Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Refill, Bold, Black

  • $5.74

    Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Refill, Fine, Black

  • $5. 74

    Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Refill, Fine, Blue

  • $5.74

    Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Refill, Fine, Green

  • $5.74

    Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Refill, Fine, Red

  • $5.74

    Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Refill, Med, Black

  • $5. 74

    Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Refill, Med, Blue

  • $5.74

    Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Refill, Med, Brown

  • $5.74

    Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Refill, Med, Burgundy

Fisher Space Pen – Goldspot Pens

Fisher Space Pen – Goldspot Pens

. ..


Fisher Space Pen Bullet Grip Stylus Ballpoint Pen with Stylus in Chrome




Fisher Space Pen Eraser Refills for Tan and Q4



. ..


Fisher Space Pen Cap-O-Matic Ballpoint Pen in White Stylus with Chrome Trim



Fisher Space Pen Thunderbirds Ballpoint Pen & 0.

9mm Mechanical Pencil Set in Chrome




Fisher Space Tec Touch Ballpoint Pen with Stylus Black



. ..

Fisher Space Pen Stowaway Ballpoint Pen with Clip & Stylus in Red Anodized Aluminum




Fisher Space Pen Bullet Ballpoint Pen in Matte Black with Fisher Space Pen Logo



. ..

Fisher Space Pen Bullet Ballpoint Pen with Hard Stylus in Matte Black




Fisher Space Pen Bullet Ballpoint Pen in Matte Black with Shuttle Emblem



. ..


Fisher Space Pen Bullet Ballpoint Pen in Gold Titanium Nitride




Fisher Space Tough Touch Ballpoint Pen with Key Chain in Silver



. ..


Fisher Space X-750 Ballpoint Pen with Stylus in Matte Black





90,000 30 mile track | PC world

Evgeniy Kozlovsky

I have already written more than once that I have a lot of hard drives. More than fifty. External. Mostly – 3.5-inch. I store different data on them.

The question of where to store information was solved elementarily.

But at first I left another question unanswered: where and how to store the hard drives themselves.

They’re … made of iron. Designed to be rigidly mounted inside closed computer cases. And when they are outside, they tend to slide over each other, fall. Moreover, from the higher the height – the more likely it is irreparable breakdown.

But this problem was accidentally resolved. It turned out that a small and unremarkable Taiwanese company SSI, especially for people like me, produces silicone covers for hard drives, which I enthusiastically and in detail, accompanied by a photograph, described three years ago in a text with a somewhat ironic title “The Highest Achievement of High Technologies” ( http: //

Whoever does not want to climb there, I will describe in a nutshell: tightly stretched silicone with a window for an information hard drive sticker and with bulges and depressions at the ends – for safe storage.

I bought it, put it on – and you don’t know grief.

In general, everything would be excellent if … if not for one detail. When the hard drives are stacked, their upper surfaces with the “information hole” are covered by the next ones. And to understand where one of them is in this pile is simply impossible without disassembling it, and this gets tired very quickly.It seems that you could write the names on the ends or make stickers there. But it was not there! The silicone of the covers does not adhere to pencil graphite, ballpoint pen paste, or paint from a felt-tip pen filler. It does not stick at all, or, at best, lasts a couple of days, until the first touch. No glue will stick. “Teflon standard”.

And quite exhausted with the search for discs in piles, I threw a cry on the Internet. And the most common advice I have been given is to try the Fisher Space Pen (http: //

I began to understand. It turned out that this is a special ballpoint pen that was invented and released by a certain Paul Fisher back in the 60s of the last century – and which to this day remains unsurpassed in its unique abilities. Of course, later some clones were released (and are still being released). But … just clones. The name Space Pen (“space pen”), or Zero Gravity Pen (“weightlessness pen”), it got because it is able to write without the influence of gravity, which ensures that ordinary paste flows out from under the ball of a regular pen.By the way, this is what made it, as they say, an indispensable attribute of all space flights – both American and ours.

They even say that in those very 60s, Fisher tried to sign up for funding from NASA with his idea. However, he did not succeed, and he invested about a million of his then (!) Of his own dollars in the development of the “space pen” and its production, which has been going on since (and still) in the town of Boulder City, Nevada. So there are stickers on the boxes with the inscription MADE IN USA, which is rare at the present time.

Inside the “space handle” there is a special, almost solid, thixotropic paste, which liquefies at the exit through a super-strong ball made of perhaps the most unwavering material of today – tungsten carbide. And there nitrogen is pumped under a pressure of about 2.5 atm (as in a typical automobile wheel), separated from the paste by a special piston. The handles (or rods for them, if any) are hermetically sealed, and, according to Fisher, they can last at least a hundred years.

No matter how you hold the pen – sideways or upside down, it still writes, because, again, it doesn’t need gravity – it is replaced by nitrogen pressure.

But besides the fact (which just gave me the hope that Fischer’s pen will help me inscribe my winchester cases), this pen can write under water, on oiled paper, on glass, at temperatures from -35 to +120 o C … I checked it, writes everywhere, only with the temperature the real check did not work.

In the rod, according to the manufacturer, there should be enough paste to draw a line 3 km long. It is difficult to imagine who would undertake this, but still impressive. Consider how long the line you draw in a day – it will turn out, even if you write a lot, years.

But this is in the core (it costs about $ 8). And then there are “space pens” without rods, completely filled with paste. From the Millenium series. It turns out that they are, on the one hand, disposable, on the other – eternal, like Ilf’s needles for a primus.In any case, as applied to one life – but, perhaps, it may be enough for both a son and a grandson. True, this is already more expensive, under 80 dollars is the simplest, but it is needed only … for special purposes. Most often – psychological. Well, like a watch for tens of thousands of dollars. Or a Vertu phone. However, she is able to draw a line as much as 30 miles, i.e. almost 50 kilometers.

The price for ordinary “space pens” is quite sane, it starts from about $ 10.However, our sellers sometimes tend to raise prices above the clouds. So look carefully or order them over the hill. With a completely identical design (two options), outwardly they are very different (but always made of metal!). For example, I ordered myself with a stylus, i.e. its cap ends with a kind of stylus blotch.

The stylus, however, is purely mechanical, which means that it does not work with current capacitive screens. However, with the old, resistive (and with completely new, “glove”, with increased sensitivity) – as much as necessary.True, it is difficult these days to find the owner of a resistive screen, so it is possible that Fischer’s company, after reflecting on this, will also release a capacitive stylus.

One of the striking features of Fisher’s pens can be considered their surprisingly small size – about 10 cm. Conveniently, it becomes full-size after, having removed the cap, you put it on the handle from the rear.

And yet – a huge variety of design. From pure gold or, for example, titanium – to different colors, coloring, ornaments and pocket snaps.In general, looking at the above address, you can see all this …

And finally, did this fantastic pen, which I am in any case very pleased with, solve my hard-silicone problems?

I decided. Partially. But it is noticeably best of all that I have tried before.

First, she writes clearly on a silicone surface, although to make it brighter, you have to circle the letters twice, or even three times.Actually, the “space” handle, in principle, has a very thin mark. When you write, for example, on glass, it’s just hair. What can be considered dignity. Moreover, on different silicone, the handle leaves traces of different intelligibility. But always enough.

Secondly, the inscriptions, although they slowly fade away, still do not erase for almost a year. So, perhaps, over time, they will have to be updated, but that’s all.

In addition, with the advent of a pen and a practical solution to silicone problems, she also found other activities that are very pleasant to do.

I ordered it, by the way, on the Internet, it cost a relatively inexpensive, and delivered it to me the next day.

And don’t think that I have deviated from the hi-tech topic in this column: isn’t such mechanics High Technologies? Maybe even higher than electronic ones in some places!

For example, the famous Japanese printer company Kyocera, which started with the production of knives, does not stop producing them to this day. Fantastically spicy. From ceramics. A couple of these are in my kitchen, and for now I am giving myself to my hands so as not to write about them.

But it is possible that I will still write …

9 facts about Fisher Space Pen + the most popular models

The innovative pens of the American company Fisher Space Pen write in any conditions: at height, in zero gravity and even under water.

1. Space pens were developed by American engineer and entrepreneur Paul Fisher in the 1950s specifically for spaceflight .

2. Fischer pens write where ordinary pens are powerless : on damp, oily, dusty, laminated paper or thin plastic, under water, in zero gravity and in any position (even upside down), when exposed to extreme temperatures from -34 up to 121 degrees Celsius.

3. The secret of the “space” pen is in the unique refill, which ensures smooth and smooth writing in the most difficult conditions. At the same time, she writes without streaks and dirty spots, and you can write with such a pen three times more than with a regular one.To the remarkable properties of space pens, you can also add that, according to the manufacturer, Fisher ink will not fade for 100 years.

4. An inert gas is pumped into the rod under pressure, and the ink is separated from the nitrogen reservoir by a movable float. For refilling the refills, special thixotropic ink is used: solid in its normal state, it liquefies when writing.

5. The refill uses heavy-duty , perfectly fitted to the tungsten carbide ball .

6. Fisher suggested to try out his revolutionary invention NASA . Model AG7 Space Pen was adopted by the American space agencies for further use and became a permanent attribute of NASA space crews, and even the Soyuz and Mir orbital stations.

7. In addition to astronauts, the Fisher Space Pen is used by the military, police, pilots, sailors, travelers, explorers of the natural world, as well as many of those who in their work or hobbies are associated with activities in difficult weather conditions and who need to write on different surfaces – soft, wet, greasy, laminated … For example, the list of active users of the Fisher Space Pen includes the armed forces, the National Guard, the police and the parking service and the US SEAL squad, the FBI, the Snowbirds aerobatic team and the mountain the Canadian police, the team of Jacques Yves Cousteau, the captains of yachts and large vessels from all over the world …

8. Thanks to the adapter supplied with the Fisher Space Pen, the fits all pens that are compatible with the Parker (G2 standard). This means that any such pen can become “cosmic”!

9. There are several series of “space” pens , each of which is recognizable and unique.

Cap-O-Matic is a classic case with a retractable mechanism that is activated by light pressing.

Shuttle is a limited edition commemorative pens with an interesting engraving, released in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle program.

Handles from the Astronaut series were used and tested in space missions for the first manned spacecraft Apollo 7 (1968).

Bullet Space Pen is one of the most popular Fisher pens. She often appears in movies and is mentioned in books, and one copy is even kept in the New York Museum of Modern Art as an outstanding example of modern design.

Streamlined and compact, the pen resembles a bullet when closed, and when opened it is a comfortable full-size writing instrument.

Bullet handles are available in a variety of body finishes, such as chrome, black or gold plated, with a clip or even in the style of a passenger plane – with portholes engraved on the body and a decorative element indicating the tail (model Bullet Airplane )

Bullet “Caliber .375” is a bullet-bodied grip with a cap that mimics the exterior of the .375 Holland & Holland Magnum, one of the world’s most popular medium and large game calibers.

Pen of real astronauts and other extreme sportsmen Trekker Space Pen has a well-recognizable shape and is equipped with accessories necessary for a long journey. The cap with a ring resembles a grenade pin; the set also includes a holder and a detachable string for carrying the handle on a belt, backpack, camping equipment, etc.

And finally, the most expensive of the “space” pens – Infinium from the collection of exclusive writing instruments Luxury Space Pens – proudly bears the title of eternal.There is no traditional ink refill in this model, but the ink tank is the pen body itself! The service life of such a pen can reach 100 years, that is, the ink should be enough for the entire life of the owner of the pen or for a continuous line 50 km long. Otherwise, the Fisher Space Pen promises to refuel the space pen for free.

90,000 Handle selection. 11 best pens for writing

Top-ranking of the best pens for writing 2019

It is worth noting that such copies have not been particularly popular recently, since they are significantly inferior in functionality to pens on a rosette.Nevertheless, the demand for a number of models on the bar, in particular stylized antique ones, does not fade away. Such fittings are more compact than lever fittings, but they are not always ergonomic. For example, you cannot turn the ball with busy hands, while the lever can always be pressed with your elbow.

Nobs are always neatly executed and presented in various decorative variations. They are often fitted with a latch in the center of the ball. It is impossible to say for sure which door handle is better to choose, depending on the shape and principle of operation.


It all depends on for what purposes and in what specific conditions they are installed. Want to bring a fantastic design idea to life? Feel free to take stationary Italian handles for interior doors – they are stylish, original and reliable. Do you prefer brevity and minimalism? Stop your choice on a rotary model.

We live in a time of active adoption of electronic technologies.At the same time, we ourselves do not notice how we increasingly prefer computers, phones, tablets and other gadgets.

Are you creating a classic interior? Lever handles on the bar are the best option for you. Do you appreciate in things a harmonious combination of aesthetics and ergonomics? The maximum operating pleasure will be brought to you by handles on a square or round rosette. In addition to the form and principles of work, door handles for interior doors also differ in the materials from which they are made.

The main topic of the interview is how to decide when choosing pens from different price segments, different types. We are looking forward to the release of the program, and you can read what topics were discussed in the interview right now.

Wood, metal, plastic, glass – there are a lot of options, and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.Thanks to the various finishes, they can both shine in style and radiate a soft, unobtrusive shine. Brass samples are especially popular – this is an ideal combination of price and quality. Cons: Most metal handles are very cold to the touch; budget models with poor-quality coating quickly lose their presentable appearance; Inexpensive alloy handles can bend or even break with heavy use.

They are made from wood of various species, including valuable varieties.

Which handles are better for interior doors

Such handles can be decorated with decorative inserts, inlays, carvings. Cons: categorically not suitable for doors to the bathroom and to the kitchen; models made of soft pine and spruce wood are not resistant to abrasion.

They are presented in a wide range and often boast of an original design. Basically, they purchase it for installation on the doors of utility rooms.

There are models of plastic handles imitating glass or stone.An exciting question for every customer – how much does the hardware cost? The price of handles for interior doors depends on a number of factors: Brass products will cost a little more. The stainless steel and bronze models are traditionally the most expensive.

The nature of the finishing of the material also directly affects the cost of the handles. The door hardware market never stands still. New interesting models are released every year. Products of the brands Archie, Morelli, Palladium, Apecs, Armadillo are especially popular with the Russian buyer due to the democratic prices and high quality.

Recent entries

Handles for Archie interior doors are beautiful, stylish, reliable, durable products from a world-renowned manufacturer. We are looking forward to the release of the program, and you can read what topics were discussed in the interview right now.

Many people ask the question – which handles for interior doors are better? Door hardware is a functional and aesthetic element of decor, on which the durability of doors depends.In order for door handles to become not only a functionally necessary part, but also an aesthetic component, it is necessary, first of all, to pay attention to the quality and purpose of the part. This part of the interior should have practicality, quality and be organic to the whole interior.

Among ballpoint pens, there are unusual items – for example, the space pen Fisher space pen, on the development of which NASA spent $ 1 million.This pen writes in zero gravity, upside down, at extreme temperatures from to degrees.

And the school hit is the “write-and-erase” gel pens that allow you to correct the lettering many times without damaging the paper. There is no such variety in the color palette, usually it is a standard set: blue, black, red, green, purple, but there are rare models that can be refilled with ink for fountain pens using a special cartridge, this makes it possible to write in almost any color.

The line width that the pen will write with depends on the presence of the ball at the end of the pen and its size. There are about 20 sizes of nibs with a ball produced in the world, the most common sizes are extra-fine very fine, fine fine and medium medium, and wide calligraphic nibs without a ball are very popular.

Previously, all nibs were flexible and the writing style was very beautiful, calligraphic, with pressure, thick and thin lines. All nibs are hard now, except for some calligraphers.The fountain pen can be refilled with a cartridge, ink converter or built-in piston, the ink fills the sealed body of the pen.

The imagination of manufacturers in the choice of body material is almost limitless. Handles are made from wood, plastic, metal, precious metals, for example, completely from silver, titanium and even glass. One of the most unusual models is the pilot capless push-button fountain pen.

Which handle should I choose?

Started in production this year.Inside the pen, the nib is protected by a special spring-loaded valve and the ink does not dry out. The life of disposable pens is often limited by the ink supply, rather than the quality of the body materials. Among disposable pens, ballpoint pens can be called real centenarians, they are able to provide writing without interruption for several months, usually from months to six months, and in some cases even longer.

Disposable gel and fountain pens typically last from a month to two. In general, in the world of pens, it is customary to measure the durability of a particular pen or rod by the number of kilometers for which ink is usually sufficient.

And while writing, I watched the children.

The best ballpoint pens: firms, price category, usability and quality

Then I studied the written texts. It turned out that the main violation in writing is non-observance of the tilt to the right. Left-handers complained of constant pain in their arm. A typical mistake is the low position of the fingers in relation to the shaft. But their pens are the same as those of other children.

It is inconvenient for them to write. I did not find left-handed pens on sale, however, as well as other types of correct pens.Our students have already replaced their writing utensils.

Internet resources. How to choose the right pen Details Views: We live in a time of active adoption of electronic technology.


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