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9 Stores Like Staples – Find Similar Stores

89% Similar

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Wide selection of high quality cartridges, laser and fax toners at discount prices. This leading online supplier offers products for virtually any printer on the market.

79% Similar

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Office Max is a leading provider of innovative products, services and solutions for the home and workplace. Office Max offers office supplies, paper products, technology solutions, furniture and more.

79% Similar

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Quill is a leading retailer in business supplies and janitorial products. Quill makes it easy to find all your items in one place including snacks & beverages, technology, maintenance and furniture.

79% Similar

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Shoplet carries over 400,000 products for both small and large business needs. Shoplet offers items ranging from tools, hardware and cleaning supplies to office furniture and accessories.

79% Similar

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Vistaprint offers a wide array of print products and services for home or business. With high-production facilities and a unique business model, Vistaprint ensures great products with fast turnaround.

72% Similar

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Office Depot

Office Depot is a global supplier for office supplies for the home, school or workplace. Office Depot offers the latest in technological products and a top of the line in-house printing service.

67% Similar

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Stationery for those who love beautiful, colorful items of every description. Great quality items that let people work happy wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

67% Similar

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See Jane Work

See Jane Work is an online retailer for office style and organization. It has a wide selection of stylish office supplies for working women to stay organized and successful.

67% Similar

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Low prices on a wide selection of the best quality inks, toners, blank cds and dvds, and other media accessories required in the workplace. Rated as the Number One specialty online store.

Staples Store Locator Tool – Map View

Staples Store Locations Finder Web Service
Which brand of the Staples store you’re looking for? Where is the Staples nearest store? Enter search criteria, like a ZIP Code or City or State. Use Staples Store Locator Tool to find a Staples store near you as well as information like opening hours, closing hours, addresses, maps and locations. Very simple to find Staples store with Enter your city and state or ZIP Code to find a Staples store.

Online STAPLES Store Locator

Search by entering a ZIP code, or your city or your state
Example: STAPLES Store Seattle

After clicking on the “Search” button on the above, you will be directed to the locator result page on www. This website is not the official supplier of Staples. For all transactions please visit: Staples Offical Web Site:

Popular Staples Search Terms
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Staples, Inc. is a large office supply chain store, with over 2,000 stores worldwide in 26 countries. Based in Framingham, Massachusetts, United States, the company has retail stores, serving customers under its original name in Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States, while operating subsidiaries in Argentina as Officenet-Staples, Netherlands as Staples Office Centre, Canada as Staples Canada (Bureau en Gros in Quebec), and in Italy as Mondoffice. Staples also does business exclusively with enterprises in the United States and multiple European countries as Staples Advantage. Staples sells supplies, office machines, promotional products, furniture, technology, and business services both in stores and online. The company opened its first store in Brighton, Massachusetts on May 1, 1986. (Wikipedia)

We committed you that in no way we does not record your any information belonging.
If you have any questions about this website, please contact with CheDhoung (at)
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Staples Near Me | Locate Nearest Staples Store Locations & Hours

Are you looking for nearby Staples around you? You are in the right place!

There’s no need to search for anything here.

Simply click on any of the google map red pins below for the location’s address and direction.

Before you decide to visit the location, it’s best to give them a call to verify if they are indeed still around, just to be sure.

You can look up their contact number on Google Maps by clicking on the “View larger map”  link on the red pin you just clicked earlier.

That’s it!

Why Go To Nearby Staples Stores?

Are you excited to build up your stationery and basic supplies for school, college, or your office job? The closest Staples stores are the perfect place for you to establish that. Here we stock in different items that would interest anyone from the age when they start their education to the time they retire and relax, knowing that they have achieved a lot.

Staples closeby provide special offers to their customers and their members from time to time, which could benefit everybody. We have offers such as free deliveries with no minimum order value, clearance sales, and a lot more. Staples’ site has different categories for you to browse according to your needs.

We have a category for students in the range of kindergarten to 2nd grade, a category for third graders to fifth-graders, from sixth graders to eighth-graders, from ninth to twelfth graders. We also have basic supplies needed for college dorms and offices to help you function well. For all the teachers looking for supplies that could help you teach your students well, we have everything you would need.

How To Find Products At Staples Close To You?

If you click on Staples’ products list, you will again find their products categorized differently to make your search easier for you. If you need any services from us, we’ve got that covered too. Our services comprise printing services, business services, tech services, sustainability services, furniture services, and smart ordering.

Staples near you as a brand plans to keep you just a click away from your basic needs, and we are close to achieving that goal.

You would be stunned when you see the number of great deals that we offer. We have weekly deals, special deals for members, coupon corner, clearance sales, refurbished center, 1 hour pick up, rewards by us, furniture deals, office supply deals, cleaning and breakroom deals, electronics deals, and many more.

It can easily be assured that when you get back to your school, college, or office, you will be a new person altogether with all of your fancy stationery and basic supplies.


We also stock in other basic supplies that people need, such as snacks and food, products used for shipping services, etc. You can browse through all of Staples’ offers, check out our products list, and add whatever you like to your cart.

Make sure that you sign in for some more amazing offers that you can not resist. By signing in, you will also get daily updates about any new offers whenever there is one. Staples’ site is your one-stop for great stationery and more! Locate more locations around you here.

Where’s the TP?! Relish Launches Stock Checker to Help Shoppers Find Staples at Local Grocery Stores

Toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer and more are easier to find and shop for now – plus, plan weekly menus and shopping lists to fully optimize the trip to the store.

Seattle, WA – April 3, 2020 – Relish, owned by Fexy, is a free web tool that makes online meal planning and grocery shopping quick and easy for more than 100 million monthly users, and today, they launched the Relish Stock Checker, a tool that helps pinpoint the hardest-to-find grocery staples at nearby stores. With the new Relish Stock Checker, customers can enter their zip code and check stock on 50 of the hardest-to-find items from toilet paper to paper towels to diapers at nearby Target and Walmart stores before heading out the door.

Since COVID-19 related shutdowns and stay-home orders began to make their way across the nation and the world, consumers have significantly changed the way they shop and eat. According to a recent study by Adobe Analytics, grocery retailers have seen a 100% increase in daily online sales*. Research by Relish shows that nearly half of all consumers are considering online grocery shopping in the next 30 days compared to only 12% who said yes just two weeks ago**. And stores are having a challenging time keeping up – with stock AND with the volume of online orders.

Since the increase in demand, it’s been challenging to use online grocery ordering to book grocery delivery or pickup, leaving some consumers out of luck – and out of their homes to head to the store for themselves. To make matters worse, panicked shoppers are stockpiling the most common items, so it’s hard to know if stores are going to have essential household staples available. Shoppers are bouncing from store to store to find the things they need which increases the risk of coming in contact with the novel coronavirus.

“The goal of the Relish Stock Checker is to ease a pain point for shoppers, allowing them to efficiently build a meal plan and organized shopping list and then head to the store with added confidence that the hardest-to-find items will be there,” said Cliff Sharples, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Fexy. “These are stressful times, and we know the daily routines of our customers are significantly altered. The team at Relish is committed to providing solutions to some of the most frustrating grocery related challenges – from figuring out what’s for dinner tonight to finding TP – we’ve got you covered.”

Relish plans to continue adding additional grocery items and grocery stores to the site in the coming weeks. There is also a module on the site where shoppers can submit suggestions for household staples they are trying to find, so the Relish team can prioritize adding the most needed items. 

The Relish online grocery shopping experience allows for customers to find and save recipes on or sister sites Simply Recipes and Serious Eats as well as 20+ other trusted recipe websites including popular blogs like SkinnyTaste, Two Peas and Their Pod, Recipe Girl and more. With one click, the recipe ingredients can be added to a customizable shopping list which can then be easily passed through to the online shopping cart at one of many participating grocery partners like Walmart, Safeway-Albertsons, Instacart, Amazon, Target, Shipt, or Kroger for delivery or pickup – offering all the convenience of meal kits with more flexibility and less cost.

While online grocery ordering is a challenge for the foreseeable future as stores work to keep up with the new shopping habits – Relish Stock Checker can ease the uncertainty for millions looking for the best place to pick up the things they need most. For more information or to try out Relish Stock Checker, visit

*Adobe Analytics study featured in USA Today on March 31, 2020

**Research conducted by Relish via a survey of more than 1,100 people within the general population, and audiences on Simply Recipes and Serious Eats from March 6 – March 8, and then again with the same sample size March 24 – March 26. Please reach out for additional report details.

About Fexy

Fexy was founded in Seattle Washington in 2014 by tech veterans Lisa and Cliff Sharples and investment professional, Ben Sternberg. Fexy is ranked 5th in Comscore’s Food Publisher Ranking and growing 44% year over year. Fexy’s properties enjoy more than 32 million monthly visits across a portfolio that includes 5 recipe and food culture sites. Fexy’s two largest owned and operated food sites, Simply Recipes and Serious Eats, are the top two food websites in Comscore for millennials. The Relish Network and web tool reaches more than 100 million monthly users.  Fexy is backed by Tritium Partners in Austin, TX. For additional information on Fexy, visit:

Media Contact:         

Elan Mayhew

[email protected]


Staples in New York Store Locator. Find the closest Staples to you in New York



Home   >  Staples   >  New York

Address, Contact Information, & Hours of Operation for Staples Locations in New York

  1. Albany
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Astoria
  4. Auburn (Syracuse)
  5. Bayside
  6. Bellerose (Queens)
  7. Binghamton
  8. Bridgehampton
  9. Bronx
  10. Bronx (White Plains)
  11. Brooklyn
  12. Brooklyn (BENSONHURST)
  13. Camillus
  14. Central Valley
  15. Clay
  16. Clifton Park
  17. Commack
  18. Cortland
  19. E. Syracuse
  20. East Islip
  21. Elmira
  22. Elmsford
  23. Farmingdale
  24. Freeport
  25. Garden City Park
  26. Gates
  27. Geneseo
  28. Geneva
  29. Glen Cove
  30. Glenmont
  31. Harlem
  32. Hauppauge
  33. Hempstead
  34. Hicksville
  35. Howard Beach
  36. Hudson
  37. Huntington
  38. Irondequoit
  39. Ithaca
  40. Jackson Heights
  41. Jamaica
  42. Jericho
  43. Kingston
  44. Larchmont
  45. Latham
  46. Lawrence
  47. Levittown
  48. Manhasset
  49. Manhattan
  50. Maspeth
  51. Massapequa
  52. Medford
  53. Middletown
  54. Monticello
  55. Mt. Kisco
  56. Mt. Vernon
  57. Nanuet
  58. New Hartford
  59. New York
  60. North Babylon
  61. Oceanside
  62. Olean
  63. Oswego
  64. Ozone Park
  65. Patchogue
  66. Plattsburgh
  67. Port Jefferson
  68. Portchester
  69. Poughkeepsie
  70. Queens
  71. Queensbury
  72. Rensselaer
  73. Riverhead
  74. Rochester
  75. Rochester (Greece)
  76. Rome
  77. Rotterdam
  78. Saratoga Springs
  79. Scarsdale
  80. Shirley
  81. Staten Island
  82. Stony Brook
  83. Syracuse
  84. Valley Stream
  85. Vestal
  86. Victor
  87. Wappingers Falls
  88. Watertown
  89. Webster
  90. West Bay Shore
  91. West Nyack
  92. Westbury
  93. White Plains
  94. Woodside
  95. Yonkers
  96. Yorktown
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37 type of retailer: A particular type of retailer classified by floor space, methods of sale and / or forms of service to customers.

38 store: A stationary trade facility intended for the sale of goods and the provision of services to customers, which includes a sales area or trading halls, utility, administrative and amenity premises and warehouses.

39 general store: A type of store that sells a universal range of food and / or non-food items.

40 specialized store: A type of store that sells goods of one group or part of it – food groups (“fish”, “meat”, “sausages”, “mineral waters”, “bread”, “vegetables and fruits”, etc. etc.), non-food groups (“clothes”, “shoes”, “fabrics”, “furniture”, “books”, “pet supplies”, “seeds”, “flowers”, etc.)etc.).

41 grocery store: A store with a trading floor area of ​​400 m2, which sells universal food products with a predominance of gastronomic products (cheeses, sausages, fruits, wine and vodka products and soft drinks, etc.), mainly using individual serving customers through the counter.

42 supermarket: A store with a sales area from 400 m 2 to 2500 m 2 , which sells food and non-food items of daily demand, mainly by self-service method.

(as amended by Amendment No. 2, approved by Order of Rosstandart dated April 22, 2020 No. 175-st)

43 discounter: An economy class supermarket (supermarket) store with a trading floor area of ​​250 m2, which sells a limited range of food and non-food items of everyday demand at prices below the market average, mainly using the self-service method.

44 minimarket, “Near the house” store (“Products” store): A retail company with a sales area of ​​18 m 2 to 400 m 2 , in which, using self-service methods and / or individual service through the counter, they carry out sale of food and non-food products of daily demand of a narrow range, including a limited number of varieties of goods.

Note – Located, as a rule, within walking distance from places of residence and / or work to meet the daily needs of buyers.

(as amended by Amendment No. 2, approved by Order of Rosstandart dated April 22, 2020 No. 175-st)

45 department store: A store with a total area of ​​sales areas from 3500 m2 in an urban settlement and from 650 m2 in a rural settlement, where the sale of non-food products of a universal range is carried out.

46 showroom (boutique): A specialized store with a sales area of ​​18 m2 or more, in which a limited range of goods of one group or part of it is sold, mainly by the method of individual service by a seller-consultant.

Note – In shops-salons, goods of exclusive and / or rare demand are sold.

47 hypermarket: A store with a sales area of ​​5,000 m2 or more, where food and non-food products of a universal assortment are sold mainly using the self-service method.

Note – In hypermarkets, as a rule, they organize their own culinary, bakery and confectionery production and corresponding departments for the sale of manufactured products, as well as provide additional trade and catering services

(the note was introduced by Amendment No. 2, approved byBy order of Rosstandart of 04/22/2020 N 175-st)

48 self-service store: A store in which the sale of goods is organized primarily on a self-service basis.

49 stock store (Stoke store): A non-specialized store with a sales area of ​​at least 18 m2, in which a limited range of non-food items that are not in season and are not in demand are mainly sold at reduced prices using the self-service method.

50 store-warehouse: A trade enterprise in which, using the self-service method, they sell food and non-food products to individuals and / or business entities directly from transport packaging (boxes, containers, etc.) or in transport packaging.

51 thrift store (Second Hand store): A store with a sales area of ​​18 m2 or more, in which non-food items are sold by the self-service method, incl.h. used and / or accepted from the population under a commission agreement and other agreements.

52 store-receiving point: A retail enterprise with a trading floor area of ​​18 m2, in which, along with the sale of food and non-food products, on certain conditions, purchases from the population of agricultural products, medicinal and technical raw materials, wild fruits, berries, mushrooms, secondary and leather raw materials, handicrafts.

53 shopping center: A collection of trading establishments and / or service establishments selling a universal or specialized range of goods and a universal range of services located in a specific area in buildings or structures planned, built and managed as a whole and providing within the boundaries of their territory parking for cars.

54 trade complex: A set of trade enterprises that sell goods and provide services located in a certain area and centralize the functions of economic services for trade activities.

Note – The functions of economic services mean engineering support (electric lighting, heat and water supply, sewerage, communication facilities), repair of buildings, structures and equipment, garbage collection, security of retail facilities, catering for employees, etc.

55 Outlet Center: A shopping center with a total area of ​​over 5,000 m2, in which non-food products are sold from collections (groups of goods released into circulation under a single trademark or brand) that have not been sold during a season or several seasons in retail outlets of the original placing collections at a price lower than the price set for the sale of goods during the sale season.

56 mall: Multifunctional shopping and entertainment center with a total area of ​​100,000 m2.

57 online store: A part of a trade enterprise / trade organization or trade organization designed to provide the buyer via the Internet with information necessary when making a purchase, including about the range of goods, prices, seller, methods and conditions of payment and delivery, for acceptance from buyers via the Internet of messages about the intention to purchase goods, as well as to ensure the possibility of delivery of goods by the seller or his contractor to the address specified by the buyer or to the pick-up point.

58 petrol station: An enterprise that carries out retail sale of petroleum products and provides additional related services to consumers.

59 autoshop (commercial van, shop): Non-stationary commercial facility, which is a motor vehicle or vehicle (trailer, semitrailer) with commercial equipment placed in the back, provided that, as a result of its stopping (or installation), one or more work places of sellers are formed, which (s) carry out the offer of goods, their release and settlement with buyers.

60 vending machine (vending machine): A non-stationary trading object, which is a technical device designed to automate the processes of selling, paying and dispensing piece goods in consumer packaging at the location of the device without the participation of the seller.

61 tank truck: A non-stationary mobile trade facility, which is an isothermal container installed on the basis of a vehicle or a trailer (semi-trailer), intended for the distribution trade of liquid goods in bulk (milk, kvass, etc. ).), live fish and other aquatic organisms (crustaceans, molluscs, etc.).

62 trade pavilion: Non-stationary trade object, which is a free-standing structure (part of a structure) or a structure (part of a structure) with an enclosed space, which has a trading floor and is designed for one or more workstations of sellers.

Note – The pavilion may have premises for storing commodity stock.

63 kiosk: A non-stationary shopping facility, which is a structure without a trading floor with a closed space, inside which one seller’s workplace is equipped and stores stock.

64 trade booth: Non-stationary trade facility, which is an easily erected collapsible structure equipped with a counter, forming an internal space, not closed from the side of the counter, designed to accommodate one or more workstations of sellers and a commodity stock for one day of trade.

65 melon breakdown: A non-stationary trading facility, which is a specially equipped temporary structure in the form of a separate open area or an installed trading tent, intended for the sale of seasonal melons and gourds.

66 Christmas tree bazaar: Non-stationary shopping facility, which is a specially equipped temporary structure in the form of a separate open area for the New Year (Christmas) sale of natural coniferous trees and branches of coniferous trees.

67 shopping cart: Non-stationary shopping facility, which is a structure equipped with a wheeled mechanism for one workstation and is intended for the movement and sale of piece goods in consumer packaging.

68 shopping gallery: Non-stationary shopping facility made in a single architectural style, consisting of a set, but not more than five (in one row) specialized pavilions or kiosks, symmetrically located opposite each other, providing an unobstructed passage for buyers, united under a single temporary translucent a roof that does not carry a thermal insulation function.

90,000 KARI visited Tatarstan – CRE

The international company KARI opens the first hypermarket in Tatarstan on an area of ​​2000 sq. m in the shopping center “ESSEN”.

The first KARI hypermarket in Tatarstan was opened in the ESSEN shopping center in Almetyevsk on November 17. The grand opening of the store will take place in December this year. This was reported by the press service of Essen Development.

KARI is an international retailer of footwear, accessories and clothing at affordable prices.

The hypermarket is located on an area of ​​about 2000 sq. M. This scale allowed the chain to present an assortment of several thousand models of footwear for children and adults, accessories, goods and toys for children.The KARI HYPER format organically fits into the concept of ESSEN family shopping centers.

Olga Shoshina, manager of the ESSEN shopping center in Almetyevsk : ESSEN shopping center on Lenin street is one of the largest shopping centers in the city, its area is almost 7500 sq. M. There are popular chain hypermarkets of products and goods of everyday demand “Nakhodka”, “Vprok”, “EconoMarket”. Convenient transport infrastructure surrounding residential areas, including those under construction, provide us with a dense customer flow.I am sure that it will become even larger with the opening of a hypermarket of such a well-known brand as KARI. ”

This discovery is the result of a long-term partnership between KARI and Essen Development. It began in 2019 with the opening of a chain store in the ESSEN shopping center in Leninogorsk. Then a KARI store appeared in the ESSEN shopping center in Nizhnekamsk. The geography of joint projects of the companies is expanding: in October KARI with an area of ​​540 sq. M. earned money in the ESSEN shopping center in Belebey (Bashkortostan). The total area leased by the company from Essen Development is about 3,000 sq.m.

Essen Development – Commercial Real Estate Department of Essen Production AG. He specializes in working with family shopping centers in small towns of the Russian Federation. The company owns more than 300,000 m2 of area. These are 38 shopping centers in 27 cities in six regions of the Russian Federation – Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Mari El, Chuvashia, Udmurtia, Kirov region. Major tenants include Detsky Mir, Decathlon, Sportmaster, Burger King, H&M, Adidas, X5 Retail Group, M.Video “,” Magnet “and others.

KARI is an international chain of stores covering almost the entire territory of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The network includes more than 1270 retail outlets. The number of stores is constantly growing.

90,000 On the Hook – Blogs – Forbes Kazakhstan

I wake up and turn on my phone to check my incoming. Then I go to the app of a popular online retailer and order groceries, even if the house is full of them. I’m used to it, it’s part of my morning routine.Yes, I understand that I am hooked, and the company that hooked me is likely to become a “unicorn” after the IPO.

Clients of the Internet retailer can be divided into new and regular. The main value of the company is brought by the constant. They are the most resistant to price changes and also the most dependent on its products and services. The winners are those retailers with the largest share of regular customers and high customer loyalty.

Just imagine if the company will spend money on attracting new customers every time, but will not keep them.Is a large assortment and low prices enough to withstand the competition?

But retention of loyal customers is not easy: it requires significant investments in improving customer experience and building loyalty. Not everyone can afford them.

Amazon is an example of someone willing to invest. Jeff Bezos has made customer loyalty a top priority for a reason. Amazon’s capitalization exceeds Kazakhstan’s annual GDP by about 10 times. It’s like 78 companies the size of or 100 KazMunayGas. Meanwhile, Amazon has been unprofitable for almost 20 years and has existed only thanks to the patience of investors.

The formation of habits usually occurs in relation to frequently purchased goods and services. The most high-frequency purchases are made in the FMCG category, these are “consumer goods”. But this same category is the most unprofitable with the current level of competition. The loss is primarily related to delivery costs. Therefore, in the pandemic, retailers were divided into those who want to compensate for shipping costs in order to maintain profitability, and those who are ready to invest in expanding market share.

Companies are coming up with new ways to create habits in users and keep them. A prime example is Facebook and Instagram: the interface and content stimulate the constant use of the social network.

Russian retailers are trying to keep up. While some were choosing the optimal cost of delivery, such as Vkusville, they made it free in order to be the most affordable. After just a year and a half, it is not only a leading service for the sale of food products, but also has a significant market share – 14%.

A more sophisticated tool is a subscription, it is perfectly implemented within the ecosystem (for example, at Sberbank). The client does not want to pay for delivery every day, it is another matter when, within the framework of the subscription, the bundle includes delivery, free cinema, and also a discount on a taxi.

Another way to increase loyalty is to compensate the customer for late delivery. Thus, Yandex.Eda not only refunds the full cost of the order, but also calculates “rubbish-bonuses”.

Another find is the scarcity effect.Researchers have found that the less goods are left on the virtual shelf, the more valuable and tasty it seems to the buyer. I have never in any online store been able to put more than two units of my favorite bread into the basket. Especially if it comes with a discount. However, the product is in stock, and after two hours it is available again.

Internet retailers in Kazakhstan are already using a variety of techniques to form consumer habits. For example, this is free delivery with no limit on the amount of the order, sale of goods in installments without a down payment, or a subscription to ecosystem services. The local e-commerce market is still growing, however, due to its limited capacity, it is important to value each customer. It is much more difficult to find something new. If you want your business to grow as fast as Amazon does, compete for more than just prices and range. Learn to use all of the client habits toolkit.

REGIONS.RU – Federation news | We are doing everything to depend on imports as much as possible: parliamentarians on the failure of the import substitution program

Recently, Russia has been trying to reduce its dependence on foreign goods, writes Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

Certain progress has already been made in food production, although it remains critically dependent on imports. But in the field of non-food products, success is much less. Up to 75% of goods in all non-food retail are of imported origin, according to the Higher School of Economics (HSE). And in some segments of the non-food market, the share of imports reaches 90%. This share of imports means a high dependence on global inflation.

The average share of imports on the Russian FMCG market is currently about 75%, researchers from the Higher School of Economics have found.They excluded food, cars and fuel from their calculations. Over the past five years, this indicator of the share of imports has remained practically unchanged. Moreover, the rupture of logistics and commodity chains caused by the coronavirus pandemic even led to an increase in the share of foreign goods in Russian non-food retail. So, in 2020, the share increased to 75.8 from 73.5% in 2019.

The highest dependence on imports is in the auto parts segment – it is 95%. The share of imported children’s games and toys reaches 92%, footwear – 87%.Imported telecommunication equipment occupies 86% of the market. And these indicators remained almost unchanged. True, the share of imports in retail sales of clothing has slightly decreased – from 86.1% in 2017 to 82% in the first half of 2021.

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