Feng shui plant for office desk: Feng Shui your Office with Plants for Prosperity, Health and Harmony


Feng Shui your Office with Plants for Prosperity, Health and Harmony

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There’s no doubt there is something magical about adding greenery to your indoor space: it’s a very tangible feeling. Take your office for example. You may fit it out with beautiful furniture and hang stunning pieces of artwork on the walls.  But it’s not until you add indoor plants to your space that the feeling shifts at a visceral level for those who work or visit there. A certain ambience is created. And if you use the right plants in the right way, that ambience is amplified and even channeled.

It is this tangible feeling that’s at the heart of the age-old Asian concept of Feng Shui. It is the art of arranging our environment to promote proper flow of chi which is in turn beneficial to people. And yes, it includes methods of arranging the aforementioned lovely furniture and art pieces about which a huge body of knowledge exists. But here, we’ll focus on the use of indoor plants which are especially beneficial in your workplace from a Feng Shui perspective. Because if you were thinking of getting plants for the office regardless, aside from the aesthetic appeal, by making choices according to Feng Shui principles, you could help your business prosper, and increase health and harmony among colleagues. And yes, you can select certain plants (and put them in certain pivotal places) which amplify these intentions.

But first, a little about where to place the plants. In Feng Shui, there is an energy map called a Bagua which divides a building into nine parts or energy centres representing important areas of life. They are the four cardinal directions (north, west, south east), the four points between the cardinal directions (such as northeast, southwest, etc.) as well as the centre. Each of these are linked to various elements: water, earth, wood, heart, metal and fire. Some of the elements—wood, earth and metal—are linked to two parts (or energy centres). The wood element is the one that is linked to health and wealth. 

Because Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, the east is linked to health (wood element) and northwest is linked to wealth (also a wood element). This gives you a great indication of where to put plants within your office to really amplify the intention behind the attributes you would like to attract and retain.


The Top 5 Feng Shui Plants for Prosperity, Health and Harmony


Because Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, the east is linked to health (wood element) and northwest is linked to wealth (also a wood element). This gives you a great indication of where to put plants within your office to really amplify the intention behind the attributes you would like to attract and retain.


1. Money Plant

Also called the Jade Plant. Place it in the northwest part of your office or at the entrance to draw in money energy. Although this succulent plant is low maintenance and grows quite easily, it must be still maintained so it doesn’t dry and wither by being kept out of direct sunlight and watered sometimes. It is thought that the greener and leafier the plant, the more money it attracts as the leaves themselves resemble coins. New business owners traditionally received it as a good-luck gift.


2. Lucky Bamboo Plant

This plant brings health, prosperity and luck and can be placed in either the east (health-related) or northeast (wealth-related) part of your office. It too is characterised by an odd number of stalks, and the more the better: three stalks represent longevity, happiness and wealth; five represent wealth; seven represent good health; nine stalks represent good luck; or for a super-powerful blessing in all these areas, get a 21-stalk plant. Given it doesn’t like too much sunlight and fares well in a cool climate, the Lucky Bamboo Plant is an ideal plant for air-conditioned offices. Just keep it in a pot with stones and water, and change the water regularly.



3. Rubber Plant

Like the Money Plant, the Rubber Plant is mostly associated with money and is best placed in the northwest (wealth) corner of a building. Its attractive big round leaves not only symbolise wealth but are great at removing indoor toxins, so of course contribute to better air quality and health too. It’s very well suited to offices because it grows well with limited sunlight in cool temperatures.


4. Palm trees

Here’s good news for Brisbanites, who likely already have a few of the ubiquitous palms in their offices. From a Feng Shui perspective, these beauties attract, activate and radiate positive energy and remedy spaces where the chi flow is stuck or missing. Think of them as that vibrant friend around whom you feel energised.



5. Peace Lilly

Not only is this one of the best indoor air purifying plants, the Peace Lily, with its graceful white leaves promotes mental and physical balance and gives strong protective vibrations. Place it in the health corner (the east) and nearby to your electrical equipment such as computers and printers to help reduce the effects of positive ions. As its name suggests, it helps to harmonise the atmosphere, which in turn encourages colleagues to get along with each other.



And while all these are relatively low maintenance, they must not be entirely neglected because withered, sick or dying plants have the opposite effect on health, wealth and harmony. That means someone should be nominated to regularly care for your plants. If office life is too hectic and all-consuming for somebody to purchase, place and care for your plants, you may want to consider the services of an office plant hire company to do this for you. 

We hope this helps you understand the basics of Feng Shui as it relates to office plants and gets you inspired to get some of these plants and use the placement principles in your office. The team at Prestigious Plantscapes is right here to help you if you would like to use our plant hire and maintenance services in and around Brisbane. Call us today on (07) 3345 3385 for a chat and quote.


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10 Best Feng Shui Plants for Your Office Desk

The Best Plants to Boost Productivity, Creativity, and Draw Positive Vibes to Your Office Desk

Whether you have a home office, a desk at a co-working space, a desk in a cubicle, or a corner office, decorating arranging your desk not only for utility in your work but also to foster the free, productive flow of positive energy is essential. Use the principles of feng shui and an indoor plant or two to attract just the right kind of energy into your daily purpose. Here we’ll take you through 10 of the best feng shui plants to consider for your office desk.  

The Best Plants for an Office Desk in Feng Shui

The best plants for office desks in feng shui are those that draw positive energy and good fortune to the wealth and relationship corners of the desk. Display a jade plant, lucky bamboo, or a money tree in the wealth corner. Choose cut flowers or flowering plants for a desk’s relationship corner.

About the Office Desk in Feng Shui

In feng shui, a desk symbolizes your reason for being or purpose in life. If you have a profession or business, then the desk symbolizes your career. If you’re retired or not currently working, then it symbolizes other pursuits in life.

So, keeping your desk organized and its design balanced will encourage the right energies to flow into your life and support your most important goals.

Decorating Your Desk for Different Energies

Any of the five elements can be incorporated into your desk’s design, construction, and decor to encourage different energies to come into your life.

  • Earth Element: stability and grounding energies (wood materials and neutral colors or earth tones)
  • Metal Element: clarity and efficiency (metal materials and colors in metallics, white, and gray)
  • Water Element: flow and networking (metal materials and black)
  • Wood Element: activity and growth (wooden materials and greens and blues)
  • Fire Element: fame and inspiration (painted wood and reds, oranges, yellows, and pink tones)

Feng Shui Desk Placement

For good feng shui, the desk should be in the commanding position of the room. This means you should be slightly to the right or left of and facing the door or the room’s entry when sitting at the desk. A windowless/doorless wall or another solid backing like a credenza should anchor you behind the desk.

If your desk must face a wall, place a mirror at your seated eye level so that you can still see the doorway when sitting at the desk.

Your desk also should never face a wall of windows because this can lead to positive energy escaping your workspace, causing you to become distracted. Instead, keep the windows to the right or left of your desk.

The Role of Office Desk Plants in Feng Shui

Positioned on an office desk, a plant can offer many benefits including purifying the air, neutralizing radiation from electronics, creating serenity, and generating a positive flow of energy in feng shui.

Plants are of the wood element which means they encourage energies of growth, activity, and vitality. On an office desk, plants bring this type of energy to the section of the Bagua map where they are placed.

On an office desk, the principles of feng shui recommend placing plants in either the wealth corner or the relationship and marriage corner of the desk. Respectively, these are located in the far-left corner and far-right corner from your desk chair.

More specifically, green plants that symbolize prosperity, abundance, and good fortune draw the right energy into the wealth corner of your desk while flowering plants or arrangements of freshly cut flowers draw the right kind of energy into the marriage and relationship corner.

The Best Plants for Office Desks in Feng Shui

Here you’ll find 10 of the best plant types to consider placing on your office desk according to feng shui best practices. We’ve included essential tips and considerations on where to position and care instructions for each. 

1. Lucky Bamboo

Although lucky bamboo isn’t actually bamboo (It’s a type of dracaena.), it doesn’t represent mischieve or dishonesty. Instead, it’s considered to be one of the most auspicious plants in feng shui.

Feng Shui Benefits: Wealth, prosperity, good fortune, open heart, happiness, humbleness, growth, and upward energy
Where to Position: Place in the wealth, relationship, or both corners of your desk.
Care Considerations: Change water frequently to prevent bacterial growth and keep your bamboo fresh.

2. Jade Plant

A jade plant (Crassula ovata) is a type of succulent that is a favorite plant in feng shui decorating because it has beautiful, glossy, green leaf segments that are shaped almost like coins.

Feng Shui Benefits: Health, harmony, new beginnings, scholarly pursuits, wealth, prosperity, and good luck
Where to Position: Place in the wealth corner for prosperity and the relationship corner for harmony in your marriage.
Care Considerations: Water when the soil has dried completely and avoid cold drafts.

3. Freshly Cut Peonies

Peonies symbolize love, marriage, trust, and lasting relationships. In feng shui, they’re often used as a cure for romantic problems and relationship issues. They’re also beautiful in arrangements of freshly cut flowers.

Feng Shui Benefits: Relationship healing, love, and romance
Where to Position: Place a vase of freshly cut peonies in the far-right corner of your desk.
Care Considerations: Change water daily to prolong the life of your cut flowers and discard once the blooms begin to wilt.

4. Orchids

Orchids can be appropriately placed in both the wealth and relationship corner of a desk. In white, they foster harmony and peace. In violet and pink, they symbolize fertility and love.

Feng Shui Benefits: Peace, harmony, family, and fertility
Where to Position: Position in either the far right or far left corner of your desk.
Care Considerations: Prefers moderate humidity and a well-draining potting mix.

5. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are lovely to look at with their lush, green foliage and blossoms that resemble white flags of peace. They’re a good choice for an office desk in feng shui if yours has enough space to accommodate the plant’s size.

Feng Shui Benefits: Neutralizes negativity and attracts positive energy, harmony, peace, calm, and serenity
Where to Position: Place in the relationship corner of your desk to bring peace and harmony to relationships.
Care Considerations: Peace lilies can tolerate low light conditions, making them a good choice for darker office spaces.

6. Money Tree

A money tree is a perfect choice for adding a bit of green to your office desk and your bank account, according to feng shui principles. Their strong, upward growing stems and softly ovate leaves will attract positive energy to the wealth corner.

Feng Shui Benefits: Prosperity, wealth, abundance, and good fortune
Where to Position: Place on the wealth corner of your desk.
Care Considerations: Money trees dislike hot or cold drafts, require evenly moist soil, and prefer filtered sunlight.

7. Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese money plant (aka Pilea peperomioides) has pretty, coin-shaped leaves that bring the perfect prosperity-drawing energy to your desk.

Feng Shui Benefits: Good fortune, abundance, wealth, and prosperity
Where to Position: Place on the wealth corner of your desk.
Care Considerations: Prefer filtered sunlight and light moisture. Allow the soil to dry before watering.

8. Blooming Jasmine

Blooming jasmine offers a sweet fragrance that grows stronger at night, making this plant perfect for relaxing you when you’re working late.

Feng Shui Benefits: Peacefulness and romance
Where to Position: Place in the far-right corner of your desk to draw positive energy into your romantic relationship.
Care Considerations: Prefers full sun and lightly moist soil.

9. Golden Pothos

Golden pothos is one of the strongest plants for neutralizing negativity and attracting positive energy into a space. They have lovely trailing vines, heart-shaped leaves, and are perfect for a desk.

Feng Shui Benefits: Attracts positive energy and eliminates negativity
Where to Position: Wealth or relationship corner of the desk
Care Considerations: Tolerates a variety of light and moisture levels. This plant is a good choice for black thumbs.

10. Boston Fern

With softly bursting tendrils, the Boston fern has a lovely, calm silhouette that will bring tranquility to your workspace.

Feng Shui Benefits: Positive and welcoming energy
Where to Position: Place in either the wealth or relationship corner of your desk for an infusion of positivity and vitality.
Care Considerations: Prefers medium to low filtered light, evenly moist soil, and moderate humidity.

Types of Plants to Avoid Locating on an Office Desk

Overly Large Plants

Any plant that obstructs your view or that’s larger than the space allowed in the wealth or relationships corner of your desk should not be placed on an office desk. Overly large plants can attract too much energy disrupting focus and can also hinder the free flow of energy around the desk’s commanding position.

Plants That Shoot Poison Arrows

Spiky, sharp, pointy, and/or rigid plants like cacti and some succulents are said to shoot poison arrows of negativity in feng shui. To promote positive energy flow, avoid using these plants altogether.

Unhealthy Plants

Dead, dying, bug-infested, or diseased plants drain positive energy and attract negativity. Discard unhealthy plants right away and only choose plants that will thrive in the light and humidity conditions found around your desk.

Improve Focus, Breathe Easily, and Prosper

Indoor plants have a lot to offer when it comes to improving the feng shui of your office desk. In addition to attracting positive energies, plants will purify the air, reduce stress, and improve your focus to help you prosper

Office Desk Feng Shui FAQs

What Positive Energies Can Plants Bring to Office Desks?

In feng shui, plants can draw a variety of positive energies to an office desk including prosperity, good fortune, wealth, abundance, harmony, calm, happiness, peace, creativity, growth, and vitality.

Can I Have Multiple Plant Types on an Office Desk in Feng Shui?

It’s important to avoid clutter, but you can have more than one plant on your office desk. Try placing a plant that attracts wealth and prosperity in the wealth corner (back left) of your desk and a flowering plant that fosters good relationships in the love and relationships area (back right) of your desk.

What Are the Worst Feng Shui Plants for an Office Desk?

The worst feng shui plants for an office desk include any plant that takes up too much space, hindering the free flow of energy around the desk’s surface. Additionally, cacti, sharp or spiky succulents, and unhealthy plants can draw negative energy to your workspace.

What Are the Best Plants for Attracting Good Fortune to My Office Desk?

The best plants for activating the wealth area of your desk to attract good fortune include the jade plant (Crassula ovata), Chinese money plant (Pilea peperomioides), money tree (Pachira aquatica), and lucky bamboo (Dracaena braunii).

Everything You Need to Know to Feng Shui Your Desk

So it’s a new year. You’ve pledged to be healthy, to be nicer, to drink less wine (ha), but how about at work? A raise? Maybe a promotion? As much as you can go above and beyond at the office, let’s face it: sometimes we could all use a little help from, let’s say, alternative powers. Enter: feng shui, the ancient Chinese system of arrangement that is said to bring peace, health, and prosperity to one’s life. Read: if you get your feng shui in check, the rest will follow. And if not, let’s be real, we could all use a little bit of decluttering to begin 2017 on the right foot (or with our office succulent in the right place, as it were). It’s time to cleanse, kids.

In order to get our “qi” in check, we turned to Jennifer A. Emmer, feng shui master, interior designer, and founder of Feng Shui Style, to give us the rundown on the history, the technique, and finding your “Gua.”


The basics:

“Originating in China almost 6,000 years ago, feng shui literally means ‘wind’ (feng) and ‘water’ (shui). It is an ancient method of constructing and optimizing residences and businesses to bring about happiness, abundance, and harmony. It includes architecture, urban planning, interior design, and garden design.”


The benefits:

“Some of the benefits you can look forward to after a feng shui consultation are: an increase in wealth, great health and vitality, a new career or business, a new or improved relationship, a strong family dynamic, finding your purpose, peace, cleansing energy that doesn’t feel right, activating creativity, and much more!”


Why you should feng shui your workplace:

“Having good feng shui in your workplace will make you feel balanced, supported, and powerful, and, very often, happy! It can also prime you for a promotion, a raise, or even an entirely new career. Tailoring your feng shui to your ‘Gua’ number can give you an incredibly dialed-in solution to maximizing your working environment.”


Water = Success

“‘Pump up’ the career sector (north) of your office or desk by adding the colors blue, black, or the element water. You could also add symbols of water, such as a blue glass paperweight, or a pattern with wavy lines, or images of water, such as a lake, river, or the ocean. The single best way for anyone to pump up their career sector would be to add circulating water in the form of a fountain, in the north sector of their office, or the northern portion of their desk. This would keep the qi (energy) moving in the career area, in addition to bringing in the correct element.”


How to organize your desk:

“When choosing what to put in a section of your desk, refer to the table below. Think of the symbolism of things, so, if the element of the northeast is ‘earth,’ you could place an agate paperweight there, because agate comes from the earth. If the west is ‘metal,’ you could place your silver letter opener there. You can also place objects that are any of the colors mentioned for each sector.”

The best (and worst) plants for your qi:

“Plants allow us to bring the outside in, and feel more connected with the world around us. They introduce organic shapes into a space and balance out all the straight lines that usually appear inside. Plants represent the wood element. You should choose ones with rounded leaves rather than those with spikes or thorns. Never bring a cactus inside, as the spines are considered ‘poison arrows’ in feng shui. They would be more suitable in the south side of your yard, as the spines represent fire. Succulents are fine inside, as long as they don’t have spiky leaves.

“If you’d like to display a plant on your desk, place it on the east (family and health sector) or southeast (wealth sector) side of your desk. This is because these sectors benefit from the wood element.”


These are the best plants to put on your desk:



“Everyone knows about ‘lucky bamboo,’ which is actually a dracaena, not technically bamboo. It’s a great choice, as it’s easy to grow and wonderful to give as a gift. Place dracaenas in the east (family and health) or southeast (wealth) of your room or home, for vigorous growth in these areas.


Jade plant:

“The jade plant is a type of evergreen with thick branches. The leaves are round, shiny, smooth, and a rich jade green, which is probably why they’re referred to as a ‘money plant.’ They are a popular good-luck charm in Asia, and the color represents growth and renewal. Jade plants are easy to propagate and they should be placed near an entrance, as a welcome sign, or in the southeast corner, to stimulate abundance. They can also be placed in the east for family harmony and good health.”


Peace Lily:

“Peace lilies remove many harmful pathogens from the air. They have delicate white flowers, and a supportive, peaceful feeling to them. They’re easy to care for, and excellent in office situations.”



“The pothos purifies the air beautifully and lends itself well to propagation. It grows prolifically, and the heart-shaped leaves are delightful. The pothos is suitable for absolute beginners.


Potted orchids:

“Orchids are graceful, elegant plants, and fairly easy to care for unless you overwater them. Always test the dirt in your plants with your finger to see how dry they are before watering. They really only need a small amount of water once a week. Orchids release oxygen at night, so they are excellent in a bedroom. To stimulate your love life, buy two of them, and put them in the southwest corner of your bedroom. Many people give up on orchids after they bloom, but with proper care and fertilizer, they will re-bloom. In fact, when an orchid re-blooms it’s sort of a feng shui barometer: the better feng shui you have, the more likely the orchid is to re-bloom.”


Rubber Plant:

“Rubber plants are especially auspicious when placed in the southeast (wealth) corner of your home because the round leaves suggest good fortune, abundance, and wealth. They like bright, indirect light, but dislike heat, so southern exposure would probably be too hot. Be sure to do the ‘finger test’ for dryness before watering. The plant’s water needs to fluctuate throughout the year.”


Split-leaf philodendron:

“A personal favorite of mine, the split-leaf philodendron has leaves that remind me of Swiss cheese. They’re funky, organic, and gorgeous. They like a good dose of water once a week. I use them as a design element.”

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5 Plants You Can Keep on Your Desk for Good Luck

Read about the best

Plants You Can Keep on Your Desk for Good Luck and fortune while adding a touch of greenery to your workplace.

Offices can get stressful over a period of time. To take off the stress and add positivity, there are Plants You Can Keep on Your Desk for Good Luck. They also look good and bring in a calm demeanor to space.

Have a look at the best plants and flowers for fortune here

Plants You Can Keep on Your Desk for Good Luck

1. Jade Plant

Botanical Name: Crassula ovata

According to Feng Shui, jade plants are considered to attract fortune and prosperity. It is believed to be a good luck symbol as it’s an evergreen plant. You can put jade plants on your desk in both homes and offices.

Choose your favorite jade plant variety from this list

2. Braided Money Tree

Botanical Name: Pachira aquatica

Another feng shui plant that brings good luck, the money tree, holds magical powers. It can make you fortunate and prosperous while looking great on office desks!

Here’s all the information you need about growing a money tree

3. Lucky Bamboo

Botanical Name: Dracaena sanderiana

You must have seen lucky bamboo on the desk of offices or other commercial places. This good luck plant portrays five elements of feng shui, a symbol of fortune and prosperity. Lucky bamboo can be grown in water without soil.

Discover 25 awesome lucky bamboo home decor ideas here

4. Chinese Money Plant

Botanical Name: Pilea pepermioides

This beautiful houseplant is admired for bringing good luck, prosperity, and money. The large green leaves pile on top of each other give an impression of coins hence the name.

Find out the best indoor pilea types here

5. Cactus

Botanical Name: Cactaceae

According to the Mesoamerican culture of Mexico, the Aztecs consider blooming cactus very lucky. It epitomizes positivity and brings good news to the owner. Check out some beautiful flowering cacti here.

Explore the best indoor cactus plants here

10 Good Luck Plants that Attract Money, Energy & Prosperity

Decorating one’s office is a significant action that helps you make your workspace more pleasing and comfortable for you. Adding good luck plants is one way to make your workspace greener, and pleasing. Plants always bring happy vibes along with them so everyone loves having them.

If you are working from home, you can think of getting plants that bring good luck in the house. The major well-known benefit to have a plant is that they make your workspace greener and more refreshing. Office workers tend to be more productive if they have certain plants planted close to their workstation.

People usually think that the real reason behind a plant making one more productive is due to the fact that certain plants bring a certain luck factor with them. There are plants for luck and prosperity, and even wealth. You might have heard office workers adding Feng Shui plants for wealth in a hope that it will bring more money in their bank. The truth is, plants do have such capabilities and you can use them for your benefit.

We have shared some of the good luck plants for houses and offices to give you an idea of how you can make your workspace look more refreshing and greener along with boosting your luck factor. So, lets have a look at them.

Good luck plants for houses and offices

1. Pachira Money Tree

Being a Feng Shui plant, Pachira Money Tree is ideal for your office as well as your remote work station where you wish to create a positive environment. Pachira Money Tree is especially known for bringing wealth, good luck and prosperity.

Since these plants come braided, it is said that it is better to get the ones that have three to five braids and at least five leaf fingers to favor your luck.

2. Lucky Bamboo

Commonly called a Fu Gwey Zhu plant in China, Lucky Bamboo is regarded to bring luck, fortune, power, and honor. Being a Feng Shu plant, Lucky Bamboo promotes positivity. Since this plant is quite a low maintenance one, it will be pretty easier for you to look after them. So, getting a positive environment will not be a big deal here.

3. Snake Plant

Snake Plant is among those good luck plants that promotes positivity. The reason for that is the ability of a Snake Plant to absorb any harmful gases from the air and absorb toxins from your surroundings. When you have a clean and green environment, you get a better focus at your work, so you tend to be more productive.

4. Peace Lily

Peace Lily is among those office desk plants that tends to bring fortune. Having the ability to cleanse one’s work environment, Peace Lily makes your workspace more healthy and work-friendly. Since this little buddy does not require a lot of light or high-quality maintenance, you can get the most out of it by spending minimal time in its maintenance.

5. Rubber Plant

Being a tropical Feng Shui plant, the Rubber Plant is known to eliminate any common toxins from the surroundings. The round leaves of this plant are regarded as a symbol of money and prosperity, so adding them anywhere close to your office desk will attract fortune and prosperity.

6. Orchid

One can use Orchid to decorate home offices or the office workspace to attract luck. Being a Feng Shui plant, Orchid is known to bring luck to a family when you bring them home. Having a bright purple color, Orchids stand out among other green plants, hence are known to promote prosperity.

7. Parlor Palms

Parlor Palms are one of the best types of good luck plants that you will find in the Feng Shui culture. These little indoor plants are known to be air purifiers, and do not require any much maintenance.

If your office space has carpets, the chances of having dust are quite common, so planting a Parlor Palm plant will help you have a clean and healthy environment. Overall, this plant radiates a very positive energy; thus, keeps a worker ever ready to work on his tasks.

8. Jade Plant

Jade Plant is considered a lucky plant for house, and is often gifted to businesses. Being among the Feng Shui plants for wealth, Jade Plant is known to attract wealth and success, so you often see them placed at the entrance of offices and houses.

9. Tulsi or Basil

Highly regarded in the Indian philosophy, Tulsi or Basil plant is known to be among the good luck plants that promotes peace and prosperity, and radiates a lot of positive energy. Tulsi absorbs any toxins from your surroundings, thus makes it more breathable and work-friendly. So, you can say that a worker becomes more productive in such an environment.

10. Citrus Trees

Commonly considered as plants for luck and prosperity, Citrus Plant attracts money and luck. You can plant these plants in small pots close to your workstation or at your home. These plants are usually of lemon, ornamental orange, and lime trees.

The Bottom Line

While setting up your office workspace, one can add a good luck plant close to their office standing desk. The plants that we shared above are all considered Feng Shui plants, so they attract luck, wealth, and power. Therefore, they radiate a lot of positive energy. Hence, you can add them along with your smart office accessories to become more productive and successful.

7 Vastu Plants for Your Office

Both Feng Shui and Vastu believe that office plants help to maintain the balance and flow of energy in an office. Although every plant brings in fresh air and positivity to the environment they are kept in, there is something special about Vastu plants for the office. If you choose the right plants for office according to Vastu, then you will be able to avail maximum benefits along with positive vibes. And believe us when we say so! It’s not irrelevant or magical stuff; it has proven to be true in most of the cases and even according to Vastu Shastra if the plants are placed in wrong directions can bring forth bad luck. So, let’s get started with the list of plants for the office desk as per Vastu.

1. Holy Basil Plant

Tulsi or Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) is viewed as exceptionally auspicious and sacred. It must be placed in the North, East or the blend – North-East direction. Its leaves refine the circulatory and digestive system by expelling poisons from the blood. It is likewise a magnificent air purifier which is the reason its work in Vastu Shastra is profoundly respected. Ensure that the Basil plant gets adequate air and daylight.

2. Money Plant

The must-have plant on any list of plants according to Vastu. Money Plant in Vastu Shastra is said to bring prosperity and wealth for people. It should be placed in either the north or east direction of the office or office desk. If placed on the northeast side of the balcony, the plant is believed to be very lucky. So, according to the office architecture, place this plant at a perfect spot.

3. Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena braunii) attracts peace and luck. It brings in fame and wealth. It is not the same as the regular bamboo plant (Bambusa vulgaris). Also, ensure that the dwarfed bamboo plant isn’t used, as it’s against nature. Yellow-shaded bark should be favoured over the dark-hued bamboo bark. This is one of the most generally used Vastu indoor plants.

4. Lotus Plant

The Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) represents morality, strength, and purity. It should be placed in front of the office to get maximum benefit. It can be placed inside the office as well. The Lotus is related to the Goddess of wealth, Lord Buddha and Lakshmi. The presence of Lotus attracts prosperity and wealth, and that’s why it is known to be one of the best indoor plants for office as per Vastu.

5. Lily Plant

The Lily (Lilium genus) spreads harmony and happiness. It purifies the environment, helps individuals with keeping up their self-restraint. If you have some medication centre in the office, then this plant should be placed there. Lilies are the blossoms of advanced spirituality. These also make the perfect gift choice because of their significance and flawless beauty.

6. Banana Plant

The banana plant is believed to be holy and is even blessed. As indicated by the sacred writings, Banana Plant in ‘House Vastu’ is said to symbolize Lord Vishnu. On Thursdays, individuals worship the banana plant alongside Lord Vishnu. That’s the reason it is one of the best indoor plants as per Vastu. Vastu Shastra says that Banana Plant should be kept in the north-east direction of the office.

7. Snake Plant

Well, no list of office Vastu plants can be complete without the mention of snake plants! A virtually indestructible plant that can accommodate in any environment. Snake plant is a hub of positive energy according to the Vastu Shastra and is one of the best air purifying plants according to NASA. It removes toxins from the air and reduces stress, which makes it a perfect match for the office desks.

So, these are the top seven Vastu plants for office that you can add to your office for money, happiness, and positivity. Buy these online plants from any online nursery and bring in fresh air and luck to your office. Goodbye, good luck 🙂

Variants of arrangement of office cabinets and tables – Infokam

Correctly arranged furniture has a beneficial effect on the performance of employees. However, it is not enough to correctly place cabinets and racks for an office. Many factors are considered:

  • lighting;
  • aisle width for free movement;
  • table arrangement and equipment.

The layout of the premises also affects the arrangement of office items – the presence of separate offices, open space (no partitions).The Feng Shui technique is used to create a favorable atmosphere.

Despite the large number of ready-made design projects, most managers make one significant mistake. They try to fit the maximum amount of furniture into the office within the confines of the limited space. This creates a clutter effect and prevents employees from performing their duties productively. To create comfortable conditions, it is necessary to study the features of the office layout.

Particular attention is paid to the arrangement of shelves for storing documents, office supplies and office equipment. In addition, placement requirements are set for the cabinets:

  1. Direct access for company employees.
  2. Keeping free passage. Furniture should not obstruct movement.
  3. Compliance with the corporate style of the company. The wardrobe is selected in the same design as the rest of the furniture.

Capacity is also taken into account. This criterion is determined by the specifics of the company’s work.

Workplace organization

The following subjects are involved in the zoning of the premises:

  • work tables, chairs;
  • cabinets, shelves for documents;
  • office equipment.

Additionally, the installation of a sofa, a cooler, a reception desk, a waiting area for visitors can be considered. The furniture placement plan is drawn up based on the company’s area of ​​activity.

Within a small office, the focus is on the layout of the desks.The remaining space is distributed between cabinets, appliances, lighting elements.

Pay attention! When arranging office furniture, the width of the aisle must be taken into account. Employees should not touch objects while moving.

If there is not enough space for the installation of cabinets, hanging structures located above the workplace are used.

Arrangement of tables

There are several options for arranging furniture:

  1. The outer edge of the table rests against the wall.Not the best way to organize your workspace. In this case, the monitor will be directed to the hall. In a small office, you will not be able to hide important information from prying eyes.
  2. Window. Here you need to take into account the presence of blinds. If there is no curtain, sitting with your back or facing the opening is uncomfortable. In the first case, glare on the monitor interferes. In the second, the sun will blind the worker. This option is appropriate when the room is located on the shady side of the building.
  3. The office table is facing the door.This arrangement is relevant when arranging a manager’s office. To increase the level of comfort, a wardrobe is installed behind the chair. This layout creates the effect of security.
  4. Opposite each other. This concept is used in open office spaces with a large number of employees (call center, data processing, IT companies).

After the desktops are installed, employees should be given the opportunity to test the new layout.They will give an objective assessment of the changes.


This way of designing office space is gaining popularity. The principle is that each workplace is fenced off at the worker’s eye level. The concept is used in open space planning with the absence of offices and blank walls.

Fences can be installed locally, or delimit the territory into sectors. Partitions separate the area for receiving visitors, recreation, and workplaces. Wardrobes and office equipment are distributed according to the number of people.Often, large furniture stands separately, but within walking distance.

Bench system

An economical way to arrange tables in the office. It is a single worktop that unites several workplaces. If it is necessary to expand the surfaces, they are joined by additional segments. It is mainly used in large rooms. The table is mounted in the center, the rest of the furniture in the form of cabinets, pedestals, shelves is placed along the walls.

Company owners use the system to cut costs.Savings are achieved by reducing the supports. At the same time, the strength of the structure remains at a high level.

Pay attention! Bench tables in the office are maintainable. The damaged element can be easily replaced with a new one.

The design is appropriate when a team is working on a common project. Meetings are held here, working moments are discussed. No need to waste time looking for a colleague in an office building.

How to arrange office furniture in Feng Shui. Feng Shui office and home office decoration

“If you want to be successful, your heart must be in your business, and your business must be in your heart.”

Thomas J.Watson
, former president of IBM

A cozy office environment or in the language of the Labor Code of “working conditions” affects the productivity of office staff. This fact has been confirmed for more than one year by global corporations, which take into account how a new employee will feel at his workplace.

The Feng Shui environment encourages workers to be active during their work. The ancient Chinese science of the correct organization of space, of interaction with the vital energy of qi – feng shui – is increasingly attracting attention.The basis of Feng Shui is the principle of five elements: wood, metal, water, fire and earth must interact and harmoniously influence a person. The first four elements correspond to the cardinal points, magical animals, colors, materials and shapes. Positive thinking of employees brings financial stability to the company. How to arrange office furniture in Feng Shui?

office furniture

Five Basic Rules

1. The reception or reception is the most influential room. As the client is greeted, this is the opinion he will have about the company as a whole. Depending on the room, the reception area can be rectangular (large area), have rounded corners (medium area), or round (small area). Comfortable chairs and a sufficient number of them play an important role. There must be enough space for visitors. This can be Chairman 279v JP fabric or sofas.

Place furniture so that the secretary does not pass through the waiting area.Fresh flowers will help to revive the atmosphere and relieve tension, the chosen interior color – green or blue – has a calming effect on the psyche.

It is advisable not to clutter the table with unnecessary documents; company brochures, business cards of managers, pens and paper for notes should be freely available.

2. Workplace safety.
The most uncomfortable workplace when you have to sit with your back to the front door or aisle. To maximize concentration during activities, it is important for the employee to see the front door.

If, due to architectural features, you cannot sit facing the door, position the mirror so that you can see the person entering or hang a bell. If there is a passage behind your back, fence off your back with a niche or a large flower to feel the rear protected. Otherwise, while working, walking behind your back will distract and annoy you. Key workers or specialists for whom a high concentration of attention is important – it is better to place them in separate zones or rooms
… For the top talent, use the respectable Chairman 750.

If there is a window behind your back, be sure to cover it, otherwise you can lose the support of influential persons and fail in business.

It is best if there is a wall behind your back, and your table is located diagonally to the front door, which will allow the beneficial qi energy to flow smoothly.

3. Place of the chief.
The higher the position of the head of the company, the further his workplace should be from the front door. Otherwise, your subordinates will control you or sabotage your orders.

To build a reputation in the office, use fire symbolism, which is associated with reputation, fame, red and the south. The Chairman 750 red armchair in the southern part of the room will look harmonious in an office where the main activity is female activity – beauty services, or just a woman manager.

. Organization of workspace in the office.
Consider the convenience of each worker when arranging furniture. Excess items, waste papers, and items that block the aisles not only interfere with your work, but also impede the free flow of qi energy, which brings success to your business.If the office provides open work areas (open space), then it is advisable to divide them among themselves by partitions. Thus, employees will have the opportunity to focus on their work. Working materials that are in constant use should be nearby – at arm’s length. Chairs on casters are a great option for Chairman 795.

5. Where to orient the table
? By orienting the table to the east, you attract the energy of the sun, the growth and rise of your business.Northwest direction is favorable for leadership. The western direction contributes to stability. Avoid heading south: it is too overwhelming and stressful.

If the desks are in rows, then, according to Feng Shui, employees should be seated so that during work their gaze is directed to one side, and the direction coincides with the desk of the head of the organization. In this case, subconsciously, all employees will work harmoniously, as one team, and this will certainly attract the success of the company.

6. Symbols that bring success.
Set up a goldfish aquarium in the north of the office. This element will not only attract cash flow and promote career growth, but also allow employees to give rest to their eyes.

The colors of the north are blue and black. Use the color scheme of the chairs to amplify the impact of financial success.

In the tree zone, in the southeast, and it is this sector that is responsible for wealth, it is very useful to place a plant
, not a cactus.A small tree plant like dracaena is best. Wooden furniture will symbolize wood. Alternatively, use the Chairman 417 wood trim .;

The colors of the southeast zone are green and purple. Here you can use furniture with appropriate furniture upholstery. For example, use Chairman 289 green chairs, or make office walls light green.

The Most Important Key to Business Success
is to put your soul and passion into the business.After all, if there is harmony in the heart of a leader, your employees, clients and partners will feel it. The arrangement of furniture in the office according to Feng Shui can have a beneficial effect on the atmosphere in the team. Build long-term relationships and your business will always be successful.

In ancient China, it was considered extremely important to successfully position the emperor’s palace and his throne. These traditions have been preserved since ancient times, and it is still believed that the success of the company directly depends on the successful location of the manager’s office.

And in fact, there were cases when, after changing the location of the director’s desk, a prolonged streak of failures ended in the company, and the business began to develop rapidly.

And not only in China – in any office there are such as if enchanted places where employees do not work well, they constantly have a headache, and they try to quit. And those who have come to their place do not stay long either.

The arrangement of tables in the office must obey the rules of Feng Shui.So, the table of the head of the company should be located away from prying eyes, especially if he does not have to personally receive clients.

It will be better for the entire department if the manager works at a table located in the right corner of the room, away from the door, but so that the door is clearly visible to him. Farther corners away from the entrance builds authority, confidence, and the ability to concentrate.

The table should not be in the middle of the room, with a void behind it.There should be a wall at the back or at least a solid partition – this will provide a sense of security. Yes, and the leader, behind whose back there is a wall with a picture, is perceived to be much more solid than the one sitting in the middle of the room.

Working with clients with the correct arrangement of tables in the office

For your information!
When working with a client and selling him your product, sit him with his back to the door and facing you. This will lead to the fact that he will lose control of the situation, and you will gain this control.

If the chair is soft for the visitor, he will relax and lose the sharpness of his thinking. Place the client at the side of the table and face the door, and your negotiations are successful whether you buy or sell.

If there are glass partitions in the hall, it is undesirable to sit with his back to them: the visitor should not see the boss before he saw him.

It is necessary for the visitor to form the correct opinion. If the executive’s desk is close to the door, and the secretary is far away, then the visitor may confuse them.Therefore, the first should be the secretary’s table, and then the chief.

The arrangement of tables in the office should promote a harmonious relationship between the boss and the subordinate. The boss should not turn his face or back to the subordinate, and if this is unavoidable, a vase or aquarium set on the table will help.

In a large office space, the manager sitting at the door seems to be keeping the employees running. He provides himself with negative energy and harms the general work.

This situation can be corrected with a bouquet of bright flowers presented to the manager – the boss will feel that his subordinates are taking care of him.

Think about how to arrange tables in the office

Feng Shui theory may or may not be accepted, but in most cases its recommendations are truly rational advice. Therefore, listening to them clearly does not hurt.

Wishes on how to arrange tables in the office will ultimately cause positive emotions and good mood, create an atmosphere of friendliness and optimism in the office.As a result, the productivity of employees will clearly increase, which can lead to the rapid development of the entire company.

But when settling in a new office space, thinking over the options for arranging tables in the office, one should not forget about the design of the office as a whole: it is necessary to think carefully about the color design of the interior and its correct lighting.

Each of us at least once in our life wants to rearrange furniture and objects, regardless of whether we are talking about a home or an office.After these manipulations are committed, many people notice that positive changes begin to take place in their lives – relations in the family or with colleagues, bosses have improved, things “have gone uphill”, and profits have increased.

Changes in your life can be replaced by putting your desk in Feng Shui. If you are planning to do a rearrangement, you should familiarize yourself not only with what kind of practice it is that, with the right approach, allows you to attract prosperity, luck, money, but also with how you need to set the table in order to achieve such results.

Key Points of Feng Shui Practice

We learned about it in our latitudes relatively recently. Nevertheless, over the past decades, we have heard more than once about what Feng Shui is, but everyone has a different attitude to this technique.

Someone is happy to practice it, while someone sees in it something supernatural, and therefore frightening. In fact, it is based on the interaction of the main elements. His person can “tune”
myself to achieve harmony, good luck.

To be more precise, Feng Shui is the practice of disposition, thanks to which it is possible to attract good luck, to get the favor of all the elements.

Many of the provisions of this practice are based not only on the interaction of the elements, but also on psychological aspects. If you do not pay attention to them, a person, without realizing it, may feel uncomfortable, which often becomes a source of trouble.

As a rule, Feng Shui is used to arrange home furnishings, but it has long been noticed that the situation in the office is of no less importance.The arrangement of things, furniture plays a huge role in how rapidly a person’s career will develop, whether he will be able to get along well with colleagues, find a common language with his superiors.

The location of the table also plays a significant role in all these issues.

Some of them will seem very simple to you, however, in the daily hustle and bustle we do not always follow even simple rules.

Here’s what to consider first when setting up your office desk:

  • Do not put it in such a way that you sit with your back to the entrance to the room.At the subconscious level, such an arrangement is perceived as potentially dangerous, and from the point of view of energy flows, such an arrangement can bring betrayal. This is especially true when the door opens inward;
  • You should not sit with your back to the window, otherwise there is a risk that it will be difficult for you to enlist not only the support of your superiors, but also your colleagues;
  • Don’t ignore the Water symbols. Do not position your table so that they are behind you. Water symbols, which include, for example, paintings depicting water, a fountain, an aquarium, etc.should be in front of you. Nothing bad will happen if these characters are above you;
  • Pay attention to the top. There should be no overhanging structures (air conditioners, beams, columns, shelves, etc.) over your head. When placing a desk in an office according to Feng Shui, this should be taken into account, since such structures not only create a feeling of pressure, but also block positive energies;
  • Hide the wires. Being in a conspicuous place, they are a symbol of the outflow of finance, so telephone and computer wires must be removed behind racks or panels.

A good table arrangement is one in which a person sits facing the door, not directly opposite the entrance, but diagonally from it. At the same time, it is important that your place is clearly visible when entering the room and that no foreign objects obstruct it.

Try to have a wall at the back of your work area, and if this is not possible, hang heavy curtains over the windows.

We correctly design a workplace in the office

Currently, in offices, places for each employee are often set up in booths or behind partitions.Because of this, a person may feel that he has little space, and interior items, equipment take up too much space. This is not a very favorable arrangement in Feng Shui, therefore, in order to expand the space, to make it more pleasant for perception, you can use a picture near the desktop or above it. It can depict a landscape, and it is better if it is any symbol of Water (lake, sea, river, etc.).

The presence of an item in the workplace that you really like will save you from feeling tired and routine.Looking at him, you will feel joy, and fatigue will recede. You can put a photo of someone close to you.

It is not recommended to work between racks, shelves, cabinets, and other furniture. All these office interior items limit career growth, interfere with the perception of new information, and development. If there is no other option, free up all these shelves and racks as much as possible.

According to the feng shui of the workplace, a person needs protection. It can be provided by a large plant or other bright large object.This is especially true for those people who cannot afford to settle in another place, except near a large window. People who also work in an office located on high floors need even more protection.

Another recommendation on how to put your desk in a Feng Shui office concerns
lighting. It is desirable that, in addition to natural light, your workplace is illuminated by a lamp, which should be placed over your head or from the side opposite to the working hand.

Often in offices, windows are covered with curtains or blinds, since bright sunlight can interfere with work.

You should not completely abandon natural light, because it is also necessary for harmony and helps to attract money. When working in a room without windows, it is necessary to place a picture in it, which depicts a natural landscape. It can be replaced with a small aquarium, flowers in a vase, a large plant on the table.

One of the main rules of this practice is that your desktop should always be clean and there should be no foreign objects, papers or documents on it.

A cluttered environment makes it difficult to circulate positive energy. The room must be regularly ventilated, cleaned in it, preventing the accumulation of dust, and the papers must be constantly sorted out and sent to the archive those that are not needed in a given period of time. All this is important for attracting good luck, money, prosperity.

Feng Shui Table Sectors

Your desktop can be divided into three parts, each of which is worth paying attention to.


This is a zone of luck, money, fame, aspirations and future achievements.This sector also symbolizes the successes of the past, and if you want to find an incentive for achievements in the future, you can put your awards, framed certificates, cups, etc. in this part.

If there are none, it is better to leave the central part altogether empty in order to open a free path for yourself to the future, rosy perspectives.

Left edge

It symbolizes prosperity, wealth. If you strive for a good profit, it is worth putting a money tree on the far left corner of the table, it is better if it is alive.

Creating a cozy atmosphere in the premises of companies is the key to a successful career. The preparation process includes a competent approach to the arrangement of office furniture. The correct organization of the workspace is carried out taking into account the tastes of not only managers, but also all employees.

Arrangement of workplaces through a partition and a free-standing conference table

It is also necessary to create convenience for visitors to the company. Finishing work, selection and arrangement of furniture in the office are carried out in the same style of the interior.Everything should be in harmony with each other – color shades, furniture configuration and materials, in order to subsequently avoid an uncomfortable atmosphere.

An interesting layout of several workplaces in a spacious room

First, create a design work plan, taking into account all the details of space, lighting, location of windows, doors.

Standard sets of furniture for each employee in the same color scheme in a room with huge windows giving a feeling of freedom and light

Items necessary for full working capacity:

  • tables of appropriate shape;
  • cabinets for office supplies, shelves for documents;
  • office chairs;
  • wardrobes, hanger

Workplace of an office employee with shelves, side tables and comfortable shelves

Correct planning of the arrangement of the furniture interior in the office should provide for the dimensions of the space so that nothing interferes with the passage of employees and access to the shelves.It would be ideal to leave a passage in the middle of the room for easy movement.

Arrangement of tables in the room in such a way that each employee can move through the center of the room

Depending on the specifics of the company’s activities, workplaces can be divided using special partitions. Wardrobes, clothes hangers are always placed near the door, and document racks, along the wall, are at hand for employees.

Arrangement of workstations one after another with shelves with documents and books along the wall

The modern market offers options for office desks in a variety of configurations, from simple rectangular to complex curved and safe shapes.The presence of bends and smooth lines, the absence of sharp corners, high-quality materials make the models more comfortable and practical.

An interesting variety of table shapes in one room, made in the same color scheme

small rooms It is very convenient to use modular furniture to reorganize the location of personnel. With the help of an extension section and 2 conventional tables, you can create a place for the manager. For the task of how to arrange tables in the office, there are several general rules.

Layouts of office furniture for different offices and a different number of people

As far as possible, it is necessary to adhere to them to create an effective working day:

Ergonomics is the key to employee productivity

An interesting arrangement of office corner tables with small partitions

Today, many companies have a certain number of employees, with the prospect of increasing the number of staff.It is beneficial for such firms to organize workplaces ergonomically, dividing the space into zones.

The point of the plan how to arrange office tables is different here. This is how the analogs of Western open space offices are created, where all employees are in the same room, but with separate compartments.

This arrangement of workplaces assumes 2 places for teamwork and 2 places for people whose employment does not imply interaction

Such an arrangement of tables in the office allows employees to work separately and at the same time “step in step” with the whole team.The room is divided into insulated parts using partitions made of different types of material, taking into account sound and visual insulation.

Parallel arrangement of workplaces one after another allows employees to be in the same room and not interfere with each other

Most people spend most of their lives in the office. Particular attention should be focused on purchasing high-quality comfortable chairs. The chair should be designed to minimize stress on the spine.A healthy person works more productively.

Comfortable office chair in black

Therefore, it is better to think in advance how to conveniently arrange office furniture items. The most ergonomic and popular tables are models with curved corner shapes.

Delimitation of individual personal zones of employees by office partitions for those companies whose employees rarely contact each other on duty

Necessary elements should be at hand for employees – cabinets, cabinets and shelves.Convenient and accessible arrangement of office furniture will ensure high productivity.

Arrangement of employees’ workplaces opposite each other for a working dialogue between employees

Correct arrangement of Feng Shui sectors for a workplace

How to arrange furniture in an office will help the Chinese science of Feng Shui and its forecast for finding a favorable energy flow in any company. Recently, it has become very fashionable to take into account design and interior design tips for rooms.Practice shows that these recommendations are actually aimed at the benefit of people.

Feng Shui workplace in the office

In every space there are workplaces with negative energy, where there is no active life and efficiency. The correct placement of tables and chairs in the office requires a special approach.

Feng Shui advises:

  • to avoid furniture elements of irregular shapes, such as L- and U-shaped tables;
  • diagonal arrangement of desks and chairs in some cases causes disagreements between employees;
  • in small dimensions it is recommended to use mirrors for visual enlargement;
  • the territory of the secretary should not be located facing the door;
  • place the boss away from prying eyes, and behind the back there should be a void or a wall

Your Feng Shui workplace

If you have enough space, you can arrange desks in the office with options depending on the cardinal points.To the north, you get more energy, to the west, you get creative ideas, closer to the south, you get easy solution to complex problems, and to the east, you get creative ideas.

Scheme of the correct arrangement of tables in the office

Scheme of incorrect arrangement of tables in the office

We remind you that citizens who are not adherents of the ancient Eastern teachings do not have to follow the rules of Feng Shui.

Video: Office furniture for staff

More and more people are successfully using the feng shui of the workplace in order to quickly achieve success, to create the most favorable conditions for themselves.It is extremely important to provide comfort, a good emotional state in the work area, to take care of the design of the study, office. All this largely affects the efficiency of labor, the state of a person, his potential and success.

Of course, a proper Feng Shui study should be not only comfortable, but also harmonious and aesthetic. It is necessary to ensure good circulation of positive energy. Remember simple tips and tricks to make it easier for you to achieve your goal, and work really brings pleasure.You will notice that you become less tired, faster to complete planned tasks.

Tips from a specialist about feng shui workplace:

Colors, shades and their meanings play a huge role in Feng Shui. Experts and admirers of this ancient teaching have already managed to find out not only the abstract symbolic meanings of various shades, but also their influence on a person in different conditions.

It is necessary to dwell on the most important points so that the general range of the cabinet and the colors of individual objects do not distract you and do not take away your energy.You can make the color scheme of the workplace your serious assistant in business.

For example, you can focus on shades of gray, blue, sand, light green, beige. These are the perfect colors
to relieve stress, stabilize the emotional state, better concentration and enhance intellectual activity.

  • It is worth noting that excessively saturated, deep shades, as well as dark colors, are also undesirable to use when decorating a feng shui workplace.They act overwhelmingly, extinguish positive energy and contribute to the appearance of dark thoughts, self-doubt.

    Brown, black colors often cause aggression, depression, exacerbate stressful conditions.

  • Feng Shui of the workplace does not recommend keeping the office exclusively in light colors. Stop only on white is not worth it. He will not tone up, give positive energy. In addition, too much white can also cause apathy.It is better to complement light tones with delicate shades of yellow, green.

Now you know the basic rules for color design of the workplace in the office and at home. Following the recommendations of Feng Shui specialists, you will be able to significantly affect your performance, create comfortable conditions in the working area.

Creating a comfortable Feng Shui work area in the office and at home

Try to make the working area in the office and at home as comfortable as possible, correctly design it in Feng Shui.A few simple tips will help you avoid mistakes, create a special space around you, where the positive Chi energy rushes.

  • Be sure to pay special attention to the design of the workplace at home. This is very important if you mainly work in your own apartment. When you only do part of the work at home, the condition of your workplace should not be neglected either.

Never mix work and rest areas!

  • At home, you need to keep your workplace isolated.It is advisable not to divide the room with large items, such as a wardrobe. This will prevent the Chi energy from circulating freely. However, a light screen can be used. There are also special transparent mobile partitions, which are also perfect for zoning a room. You should be able to concentrate, retire in your impromptu office.
  • If you most often work at home, you should allocate a study for this. The thing is that Feng Shui does not recommend dividing rooms.But at the same time, it is difficult to argue with the fact that working in a room when people are constantly walking through it is extremely difficult. Therefore, a separate office will be the best option. To do this, you can even rebuild the room.

Sometimes people prefer to set aside a small area for “breaks” right in the work area. It is not right. The rest sector will constantly distract you, reduce concentration, and distract attention.

  • At home you will be able to create any interior design in accordance with the basic principles of Feng Shui.But even in the office, you can initiate some change. If necessary, you can rearrange or unfold the table, add accessories to the interior, even agree to repaint the walls. It is more important for any manager to make his employees work more efficiently, so they will certainly help you to make small cosmetic changes.
  • Feng Shui of the workplace includes one more point: you need to make sure that the design, accessories and arrangement of objects orient you towards work, and not towards relaxation, rest.

In the office and at home, your work area must be perfect. It’s great if it motivates, gives strength and a charge of positive energy, sets you up for success.

Feng Shui workplace registration rules

Be sure to remember a few rules for designing a Feng Shui workplace. They should be adhered to in the office, at home, equipping a study.

When you have learned the important rules of Feng Shui at the workplace, you can safely proceed with the arrangement of the office.

90,000 Sit in the corner in Feng Shui. How to design a desktop in Feng Shui

Is it possible to achieve career growth and salary increases by rearranging the desktop? It turns out you can. Our expert, a feng shui specialist, an interior designer, a member of the Guild of Architects and Designers of the Republic of Tatarstan, Elena Kolesnikova, shared the secrets of how to do this with the readers of KV.

To the door facing

The most important thing is to choose the right direction for the desktop.If a person sits in a bad direction for himself, then various obstacles, difficulties, conflicts will inevitably arise in his work. Determining a favorable direction is easy. This requires an ordinary compass and a gua number. It is calculated for each person individually, according to the date of birth. This can be done on the Internet by typing “the number of gua” in the search engine. There you will also find detailed specific recommendations for each number. But there are general principles for creating a good working atmosphere around you.

– What are they?

– Rule one.You can’t sit in front of the front door. If a person sits straight facing the door, he will not stay long in this place. Place your desk diagonally so that you can see the front door.

Rule two. Try not to sit with your back to the door. Also avoid sitting in the corner.

Rule three. Do not sit with your back from the window. If it is impossible to rearrange the desktop to another place, then close the window with a thick curtain or blinds.

Rule four. Never sit under beamed ceilings, bookshelves, or air conditioning.Any overhanging structure is a symbol of piled up problems and failures.

– What about mirrors?

– You have to be careful with mirrors. It is impossible for a working person to be reflected in the mirror. In this case, he will have to work twice as much. If a window is reflected in the mirror, this is also not good. But if your certificates of honor, letters of thanks, prizes for professional activity are reflected, this is a plus.

– What if several people are sitting in one small office and their tables are opposite each other?

– Sitting opposite each other is unfavorable.This situation can lead to confrontation, tension in relations. It is easy to fix the situation – turn both tables slightly towards the center.

This principle is also important when dealing with clients. Prepare your workplace so that you sit with the person who comes to you half-turned to each other. And if possible, it is better to organize a customer reception area in the southern sector of the office – where the glory zone is located.

– But if the head of the organization does not approve of these reshuffles and changes?

– If he is interested in ensuring that his employees work efficiently and they feel comfortable in the office, he will support these changes.Moreover, it is not difficult to comply with such rules, they do not require any financial costs.

Back to the wall

– What is the most favorable position for the desktop?

– The desktop should not be obstructed by safes, cabinets, armchairs, chairs. There should be free space in front of the table – it symbolizes the opportunities and prospects that open up before you. If you work in a booth or a partition in front of you, hang a picture or photograph of some beautiful landscape in front of your eyes.It can be an image of a flowering valley or a field that expands the space and opens up perspective. If you like the image of water – please, but it should not be a mountain waterfall or sea waves, but, for example, a beautiful calm lake.

– If a lot of people work in the room and there is not enough space, how in this case to protect your personal space?

– Defining the boundaries of your personal space is very important. Put some bright trinket on your desktop: a mug, a souvenir, a photo that reminds you of pleasant moments, a postcard, a beautiful notebook, a desk calendar.All this serves as a protective shield. Sometimes one glance at these objects is enough to recharge with positive emotions and cheer yourself up.

Of course, ideally, have a wall behind your work area. If there is a passage behind your back and people are constantly walking there, then hang your vest, jacket or scarf on the back of a chair or chair, which will become your talisman. No need to take this thing home, let it hang in the office all the time. It is good to hang a picture or a photograph depicting majestic mountains on the wall behind your back.It will give you confidence, a sense of security and stability. But behind the back there should not be symbols of the elements of water – seascapes, an aquarium or a fountain.

– Does the shape of the table matter too?

– Yes, the table should only be rectangular, without any design delights. And it shouldn’t be transparent – it’s a taboo.

Order is the key to success and wealth

– What feng shui techniques can be used to activate the career and money zone on the desktop?

– In the north-east of the table, in the sector of wisdom and knowledge, there must be a cup or bottle of water.Also in the northeast is a place for working documents, folders. In the southeast, in the wealth sector, place a money envelope with a bill. If there is no bedside table with drawers in this sector, then attach the envelope with tape under the table. This will work great too.

– For many, the main element of the desktop is the computer. In which sector is it better to place it?

– The computer can stand anywhere. It is important to sit at the monitor in a direction favorable to yourself, which is calculated by the number of gua.It is good to put a crystal in front of the monitor, for example, a rock crystal, a small money tree or another flower with round leaves. Another rule is to hide all telephone wires, computer cables behind panels. According to feng shui, all visible pipes and wires lead to an outflow of money.

Always keep your workplace tidy and clean. Wipe the table regularly with a damp cloth, adding a little salt to the water: salt has the ability to absorb not only visible dust and dirt, but also negative energy.At least once a week, conduct an audit of all papers and get rid of unnecessary business cards, documents, notes. Cluttered and crammed with various folders, books, tables, wardrobes, racks, shelves mean the inability to perceive new things and limit your professional growth. Therefore, paper deposits must be disassembled, all unnecessary and obsolete thrown away.

Also, regularly clean your computer – delete unnecessary documents from its memory and unnecessary letters from your email inbox.Try to follow these simple tips and very soon you will notice that the situation at work will begin to change for the better.

A third of our life is spent in the workplace, so it is advisable to take care of its correct organization. Feng Shui experts are sure that all troubles come from the wrong environment. You can be convinced of their correctness if you listen to their recommendations.

We spend too much time at work to allow ourselves to erase these hours, days and years from our lives.I will not reveal a secret: work does not always become a source of joy, often it does not even bring financial well-being. So it turns out that during the bleak hours spent in the office, a person manages to become sad in anticipation of the end of the working day and weekends, to fulfill his official duties without much zeal and receive a salary that certainly does not become “synonymous with happiness.” Let’s try to change the situation together.

Feng Shui experts convince us that all troubles come from the wrong organization of the workplace.It is quite possible that they are right, it is easy to see this if you try to organize the space in accordance with their recommendations. Even if miraculous changes do not happen, time will not be wasted – any creative process is certainly useful.

Focusing on the terrain

First, let’s see how the desktop is located in relation to windows and doors, what colors prevail in the room. Where is the computer, paper tray, telephone, flower pots, bookshelves, mirrors, etc.e. There are no trifles in the science of Feng Shui.

So, look at the opposite wall from your workplace. Is she too close to your desk? The distance between you and this wall symbolizes your plans and perspectives. There should be a lot of space, the more the better. The table should not stand next to beams, columns, protruding corners. Keep in mind that you cannot sit facing the door – this is a bad sign for a career. However, sitting with your back to the door is also not worth it. It is best to sit diagonally.

It’s great when the room is bright, with large and clean windows, but you don’t need to be located right next to the window. It is also not recommended to arrange the workplace with your back to the door or to the corner – such places are considered a symbol of danger, and constant stress will certainly affect the general atmosphere.

Most likely, you will have problems when rearranging furniture: bosses may oppose, and employees will not necessarily share your aspirations. Still, try to arrange yourself so as not to sit face to face with employees – this arrangement often leads to conflicts.And, as we said, do not push the table against the wall, which, if you constantly look into it, will become an insurmountable barrier and interfere with your realization.

Very often modern offices are open spaces – space without partitions. Some people feel great in such rooms, but more often people cannot concentrate in such an environment. There must be mirrors, paintings and plants in the open space. This also applies to rooms with irregular shapes. Each workplace should be pleasant and special so that employees feel comfortable.To some extent, glass partitions soften the influence of open space, but the feeling of an individual place still does not appear thanks to them.

For novice businessmen, the orientation of the table to the east is ideal. For leaders, the direction is northwest. The southeast direction attracts creative and constructive energy. The West is able to stabilize your position. The southern direction has a detrimental effect on everyone – this is disharmony, tension and stress.

Your desktop should not be cluttered with large objects, and no large things should be hung over your head, so as not to attract the energy of dangers and diseases.All cables – telephone and computer – should be removed behind the panels. Visible wires lead to an outflow of money.

Correct lighting

The workplace must be well lit, no doubt about that. Moreover, not only natural, but also artificial lighting should be sufficient. Place the lamp above the workplace and be sure to put a lamp with a golden shade on the table – it will attract wealth.

The mirrors in the office should be given special attention.Sitting at the table, you should not see your image, otherwise the mirror will absorb all the positive energy. This recommendation especially applies to accountants, economists, bankers and other specialists working with money – they are contraindicated to be reflected in the mirror while working.

Table & Chair

Wherever your desk is located, it should always be tidy, and that is within your power. Feng Shui laws do not allow any piles of papers, magazines and other things on the table, and in the working room as a whole.Now let’s take a closer look at the table surface:

  • At the edge of the table directly in front of you is the career area. It should remain empty so that it is convenient for you to work – this is the first thing. And secondly, the clean edge of the table symbolizes the infinity of your career growth.
  • On the right – the area of ​​creativity, there may be a folder with already completed cases.
  • Left – health area. This is the place for a folder with cases that you are still working on or just about to start them.
  • The center of the table symbolizes the beginning and should not be occupied either. This can be easily achieved by moving the keyboard away from the monitor or by sliding the laptop toward you.
  • The lower right corner is the area of ​​patronage and assistance. This is a good place for a phone.
  • The lower left corner is the area of ​​expertise. Label it with something that symbolizes knowledge, such as an owl figurine or the reference book you are using.
  • The upper right corner is the area of ​​personal relationships and marriage.A suitable place for photographs of loved ones.
  • The upper left corner is the welfare area. A money tree or a three-legged toad with a coin in its mouth should grow here.

The chair should be neither too small nor too large, but always stable, with an adjustable backrest and armrests. You need to feel comfortable and secure in order to receive support in all your endeavors. As you can see, there are no trifles in the organization of the workplace, all the details are important and require attention.

Color scheme

Executives prefer minimalist hi-tech with an abundance of glass, metal and black and white designs. The trend is trendy, but not the best. You can add bright colors to this bleak picture yourself by acquiring multi-colored stationery, flower pots, paper trays, etc. Yellow and orange are symbols of wealth, red stimulates action, dark red promotes career advancement, green calms …Natural shades of beige, brown, green, orange and gold are very good.

By equipping your workplace according to the rules of Feng Shui, you will achieve a favorable energy climate, and your working time will no longer be tiresome. We hope you will be visited by new fruitful ideas that will bring you financial stability and career growth.

Career growth can be accelerated if you organize your space correctly. Feng Shui provides some powerful tips.

Work occupies one of the main places in our life. After all, we devote to her as much as 5 days a week and only two are left for us to relax. It is very important that work, in addition to material benefits, brings emotional satisfaction. It turns out that it depends not only on how much you love what you do, but also on how well your workplace is organized.

And it doesn’t matter whether you are a large businessman, director of a small company or an ordinary ordinary employee – your desk must have good feng shui.When the subtle energy around you is favorable, you are able to withstand any trials and achieve incredible heights.

Feng Shui rules for the workplace

The main rule of Feng Shui for the workplace is not to sit with your back to the door. According to Eastern teachings, this means that you will always face a stab in the back. You can be betrayed, and you will fail at any intrigue inside the office. In this case, no talismans will help.

Non-peaked mountains

Feng Shui experts recommend hanging an image of a non-peaked mountain on the wall behind you.It may be snowy, but it shouldn’t look ominous. It is preferable to choose a mountain landscape without water areas. Snow in this case is not considered water. Also, your position will be strengthened by an image of a large sea turtle or a photograph of a bank building.

Another important rule – try to sit facing in your most favorable direction or in one of the best directions, and so that no “poisoned arrows” are directed at you. Poisoned arrows can be the corners of cabinets and walls, desks of other employees, holly plants, and a ceiling beam.

Position your desktop like this. so that your rear does not remain symbolically unprotected. It’s bad if you sit with your back to the window, especially on a high floor of a building. In general, in the office it is important not to show your back to anyone. At home, this rule is not so relevant. If it so happens that you have a window behind you, then put the plants on the windowsill, if there is no other place, but only a place with your back in the door, then you need to fence yourself in with a cabinet. If this is not possible, then look for another job. Sooner or later, you still have to quit.

Feng Shui talismans for the workplace

Even if you work in an office where there are several other people besides you, and, therefore, cannot particularly influence the choice of your place, you still have the opportunity to slightly change the space around you … From the point of view of Feng Shui teaching, it is very good if there are cabinets on the sides of the desktop as the personification of security. Windows to your left are preferable to your right.

Money Talisman Hotei

Remember, the north of the desktop is where you sit.Accordingly, the south is opposite. There is a place for a crystal pyramid. On your left, diagonally from you, place any symbol of abundance. The most common is a Hotei with a bag of money, a dragon dragon or a three-legged frog with a coin in its mouth. If the corporate routine does not imply the presence of Chinese symbols, put any item that symbolizes money for you. For example, an expensive writing set. Don’t forget about the amazing power of Chinese coins, especially those tied with red silk thread. Place them under your computer or phone.The Gkneeshi statuette to your right will help and protect you in business. The figurine of a rooster is an excellent means of protection against envy on the part of colleagues. Put his image on your desktop and let him “peck” all your problems. This will be very effective if the office is cramped. The golden colored porcelain rooster is believed to have more power than other colors.

Sometimes people suffer because of a single person who spreads gossip and interferes with work.Place the happy Buddha figurine on the table facing the person who is the source of your troubles.

Correct work table

For the “right” from the point of view of Feng Shui workplace
natural wood tables are preferred.

Six crystals on your desktop will ensure that your work is appreciated and recognized, and therefore promoted. Place them in the far right corner of your desktop. On the stones, you can write or even engrave any wishes.Choose crystals to your taste.

For the growth and prosperity of the company, it is necessary for its employees to be happy, energetic and cheerful. Eliminate bad energy sources regularly. Seating employees according to their individual favorable directions. Happy staff is the best asset of the company.


Feng Shui for the office means a harmoniously organized workplace. It is advisable to sit with your back to a blank wall so that it is convenient to communicate with colleagues and clients entering the office.You can hang a picture with your favorite image on the wall. This will allow you to feel the support coming from the rear.

If, due to insurmountable circumstances, you are forced to sit with your back to the front door, then you can fence yourself off with a wardrobe or a screen, and if you have a window behind you, put a plant on the windowsill. According to Feng Shui teachings, a wide variety of plants can be used in the office workplace, but the most common are Dieffenbachia, Croton, and Chinese rose.

No sharp corners should be directed at you when you are at the table.Such objects, like a poisonous arrow, send you negative Sha Chi energy. This energy constantly interferes with your work, provokes various diseases and unfounded accusations directed at you.

Your desk should not be between close-spaced cabinets or in the corner of an office. Leave easy access to your workplace. It will symbolize your perspective.

Even in a confined space, it will not be difficult to organize a feng shui workplace.If you are forced to work in a cramped cubicle or there is a partition not far from you, then you should expand the visually opening perspective in front of you. To do this, you need to hang a reproduction on the wall with the image of the sea surface, a blooming field, etc.

We equip a study in Feng Shui

Office Feng Shui is a complex but fascinating process that builds up gradually. Decorate your workplace with a figurine or a symbolic image of the wise Turtle and the mighty Dragon.To implement the plans, install in the eastern part of the room, which will be illuminated by the sun’s rays for at least three to five hours a day.

The table should not be under an air conditioner, bookshelf or ceiling beam. A threateningly overhanging structure is a source of disease and adversity. In feng shui at work, it is unacceptable.

Choose a chair with a high back and armrests. It is a symbol of confidence, stability and support. A chair that does not fully cover your back is not good luck.

Keep your workplace tidy at all times. All necessary papers should be kept in special folders. Shelves, cabinets and a table should not be cluttered. Otherwise, stagnant energy will begin to accumulate in the room. Can be installed in the work area. This powerful feng shui talisman helps attract financial flows.

Keep all the necessary papers and documents close at hand. If you hide them somewhere far away, then later you will search for a long time and lose the positive energy that comes from them.Never put off cleaning until later. Get started now and get rid of all the unnecessary!

Collect the wires used to connect office equipment into one bundle. Cables that lie haphazardly create erratic energy flows.

The workplace should be sufficiently bright, but it is desirable that the light does not irritate the eyes. Choose comfortable and well-adjustable table lamps. Any metal object or table lamp standing on the left side of the table attracts material prosperity.

A feng shui desk for money should be relatively light (so that it can be easily moved), but at the same time sufficiently stable. Place your own photo on the table, in which you are captured during the workflow. This will help attract the energy of professional success.

Office windows that open outward will promote career growth. On the other hand, windows opening inward will limit your perspective.

Feng Shui desktop to attract money

Feng Shui is used by many people for work and career.There is a special hieroglyph that provides well-being and activates monetary energy. This powerful amulet is suitable for any company that offers its services or products. He attracts customers like a magnet and helps to acquire useful connections. To make a talisman, you need two cards with his image.

You’ve probably already noticed that in addition to the hieroglyph, the picture also contains three coins. This is a monetary symbol of wealth and material success.

The business mascot is used as follows. You need to print a couple of cards and then carefully cut out the image. On the reverse side, your own name and wish are indicated. For example: “I am the best seller.” It is recommended to print the image in the following format – width 2.82 cm, height – 5.35 cm.

The received card must be placed in the most prominent place – the desktop, so that it is always in front of your eyes and activates the positive feng shui processes of the office.The second card should be kept with you at all times, for example, in your wallet or in any other convenient place. From now on, wherever you are, the attention of customers will be drawn to you. Nothing more is required from you, trust the magic energy of Feng Shui!

There is no such person who would not agree with the statement that work should be purely enjoyable, and a career should constantly move upward, without stagnating in one place. To achieve this, try to design your workplace according to the laws of Feng Shui.

Work is an integral part of every adult’s life. It is worth remembering that location, as well as the design of the workplace, will affect not only financial well-being, but also career success. Nevertheless, this whole combination will have a tremendous impact on the mood and well-being of the worker.

When equipping the workplace according to the laws of Feng Shui, it is necessary to locate it as close as possible to the main entrance to the premises.The ideal room should be rectangular or square. If the room does not have four corners, then the shortage can be compensated for with a mirror in the place of the expected corner.

Not less important for professional success is the color design of the office. Among the unwanted colors, black and white alignment is distinguished. The ideal color options are:

  • golden;
  • beige;
  • yellow;
  • light orange;
  • pale green;
  • warm red tones.

The attraction of the creative energy of Qi is also facilitated by the required lighting, which should not be too bright or harsh.

Excess sunlight is also not encouraged. Dim or diffused lighting with a source directly above the working person or on the left side of him is considered favorable.

A properly designed workplace according to the laws of Feng Shui cannot contain any dirt and rubbish. All items in the room must be kept perfectly clean.If the room has shelves or filing cabinets, it is imperative to get rid of everything unnecessary.

It is recommended to assign honorary places to those attributes or subjects that relate directly to the position or profession held, but exclusively in places favorable for this. For example, a laptop, personal computer and phone must be located in the success zone.

Placement of the workplace

It is impossible to correctly arrange a Feng Shui office without correctly arranging the workplace itself.In particular, the correct positioning of the table will help to avoid a lot of troubles.

  • it is impossible for the desktop to be located in the south direction – this will provoke constant stress and overvoltage;
  • orientated table to the east will help budding businessmen;
  • northwest is always supportive of leaders;
  • western direction stabilizes the business;
  • southeast – will attract streams of creative energy.

Placing a table under overhead structures such as shelves, beams and air conditioning or ventilation systems will attract bad luck and illness.

Do not sit with your back to a window or doorway. This disposition promotes betrayal and deprives the person of any support. In the event that another arrangement is impossible, the negative influence of the window is mitigated by closing it with thick curtains, and in relation to the doors, a mirror is installed on the table so that all those entering are reflected in it.

You should never place your workplace directly opposite the entrance doors to the office. It is better to move it diagonally, but in such a way that those who enter can see the person working at the table.

In pursuit of the goal of arranging your workplace in accordance with the laws of Feng Shui, it is worth making sure that the desktop can be freely approached from all directions. This location will contribute to expanding prospects and opportunities. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that there should be some free space around it.

A table located close to the wall or placed in the corner, as well as between the cabinets, can bring a lot of difficulties.

If there is a high partition or wall directly in front of the table, you need to hang on it an image with an open space or an image of a calm lake, flowering meadows, which will significantly reduce all restrictions.

Any corner of office furniture aimed at the desktop is also undesirable. In this position, a person will begin to absorb the maximum amount of negative energy. A houseplant located opposite this corner will help neutralize this negative flow.

A person will also be adversely affected by the location of the aquarium, shelves or open cabinets behind him.

In turn, a blank wall behind the back is considered an excellent location.She provides excellent support from influential people and is considered a wonderful support in life. You can enhance the effect by hanging a picture on it, which depicts a sloping mountain.

If you want to arrange your workplace in Feng Shui, you need to place something blue or gray in the center of the table. Even a mouse pad. Compliance with this condition will contribute to the flow of creative energy and a more complete use of your abilities.

It is desirable to have a green indoor plant in a red pot in the left corner of the table, but warm in color to get rid of the negative energy emitted by the sharp corners of the desktop or other office furniture.Among other things, living plants tend to absorb the negative energetics of anxiety and stress.

An excellent solution would be the presence on the work table of a glass or two with drinking clean water, which should be located as close to the worker as possible.

Water, located on the right side, activates the inventiveness and creative powers of a person, and on the left side – contributes to the acquisition of new skills and knowledge. It is worth noting that the water in the glasses must always be fresh.Otherwise, it will begin to accumulate negative energies in itself, which, in turn, will be absorbed by a person completely unnoticed by him.

If the workplace is located in such a way that a person sits in a crowded office with his back to other people, it is necessary to hang one of the available things on the back of the chair to protect against the impact of negative energy on the back of the chair – a scarf, sweater or jacket.

If a person sits facing the door, then you need to try to keep them always closed, since half-open or open doors suck creative energy in the literal sense of the word.

A table in a Feng Shui study: location, size and shape

In this article I will tell you how to choose and put a table in a Feng Shui study so as to accelerate career growth, increase welfare and attract good luck in business. I will also share tips on how to organize your workplace at home or at work with maximum comfort.

How to put a table in the office according to Feng Shui

First of all, you should sit with your face in one of the directions favorable to you personally.To do this, you need to determine the number-gua. It is very good to put the table in the Feng Shui office so that there is a wall behind you. It gives a sense of security, a reliable rear. This is especially important for those who do not live alone or who work in a busy office. After all, it is psychologically comfortable to work, being sure that no one will suddenly come up to you from behind.

Andreas Dress / Unsplash

Avoid overhanging shelves and adjacent sharp edges of furniture that could cause injury.Instead of a shelf, it is good to hang a picture of mountains or green hills on the wall behind your back.

Regardless of the size of the room, it is important that there is free space in front of the table in the Feng Shui study, as it symbolizes plans for the future. The wall or closet, against which our gaze rests during the working day, psychologically pressures, makes us closed, narrows the perception of the world, deprives us of space for imagination and creativity, hindering the flow of fresh ideas and solutions.

So, to summarize.Ideal table location:

  • Near a window so that daylight falls from the side: on the left if you are right-handed, and on the right if you are left-handed.
  • Diagonally away from the door so you can see people entering at a glance.
  • You should sit with your back to the wall so that no one can unexpectedly invade your space from the rear.
  • There should be a clear area in front of your work area.

Feng Shui desktop dimensions

An important condition for attracting good luck is the size of your desk in the office.In Feng Shui, a writing or computer desk should always be large and stable – the dimensions of the workplace reflect our ambitions, ambitious thoughts.

The most favorable table sizes in terms of feng shui:

  • Height: 81–86 cm
  • Width: 84–109 cm
  • Length: 147–195 cm

If the table is too high for you, place it under the chair platform: in the process you should be comfortable.

View of the table in the office according to Feng Shui

It is favorable when the front of the table is closed, that is, your legs are not visible from the side.Decor elements should not be flashy or sharp. It is best to purchase a table made of solid wood and with rounded corners.

Arnel Hasanovic / Unsplash

It is always necessary to maintain perfect order on the table in the Feng Shui study. A mess, piles of papers and piles of folders create not only confusion in business, but also impede the movement of positive qi energy. Therefore, create a clean, bright and comfortable workplace for yourself and attract good luck in business!

Feng Shui office chair

First of all, a Feng Shui chair must be ergonomic.A computer chair with an elastic and rigid frame adjusts to the working mood, promotes composure and drives away drowsiness.

The back of the chair should be high – the higher the better. She symbolizes health, longevity, support and patrons. If at work or at home you sit with the back of your head to a window, to a door or to an open space, such an office chair will psychologically support you, “cover your back.”

Chinese businessmen choose comfortable chairs with a back above shoulder level and comfortable armrests, and for visitors they use hard, low-backed and no handles, or even stools.This was done so that negotiations would be faster and on more favorable terms for the owner of the office.

Oleg Ivanov / Unsplash

The left armrest of the Feng Shui chair symbolizes the Green Dragon, which is responsible for financial success. The right one means the White Tiger in charge of the sphere of relations. High, comfortable armrests attract money luck and improve interaction with other people.

People who are prone to bouts of blues and find it difficult to get up should get red, orange, yellow, purple or pink stools.These colors refer to the element of fire and increase vitality.

Success in your work and good feng shui!

Cover photo: Mateus Campos Felipe / Unsplash

How to choose a Feng Shui executive desk?

Today, few people can afford to give up their daily trips to work, and if you are in a managerial position, then almost all your working day must be within the office.As a rule, the manager has a separate office where you can conclude deals or conduct business negotiations, and often even take a break (if there is a recreation area). Today we will talk about the organization of the workplace and the choice of a table for the manager.

It is important to understand that the correct arrangement of each element of the interior, the color scheme of the space and the filling with various accessories play a primary role in the productivity of your activity, affect energy and well-being.

The first thing to consider is providing adequate sunlight and natural light . This is accompanied by a light shade of the walls, with possible color accents. Do not give preference to dark shades or too bright, your eyes need rest and concentration on the working moments.

The second is the choice of the manager’s table and its further location . Before buying, we advise you to determine as accurately as possible the size of the desired furniture.The executive table is the centerpiece of the office. It should be of sufficient size to allow for a comfortable work area. Manufacturers offer both designs of standard shapes and sizes, and willingly take individual orders.

As materials it is recommended to choose natural materials, for example, wood and refuse to use unnecessary metal finishes. If you believe the Chinese teaching, then natural wood will help further stimulate activity.In addition, the naturalness of the material will give you the appropriate status.

Regarding the location, we note that you will experience minimal stress if you install the table diagonally from the front door. An important point – do not leave a door or window behind your back. This layout will significantly reduce the concentration of attention at work.

Provide free access to the direct workplace. According to Feng Shui, this symbolizes perspective and wide opportunities in work.And from the point of view of psychology, such an arrangement will help more fruitful communication with colleagues and show your openness and readiness for contact.

Accompanying furniture for the study

For a harmonious organization of space, it is recommended to select furniture from one collection, which creates unity. It will not be superfluous to pay attention not only to large elements, but also to think over the rest of the interior details. You can purchase a ready-made set of furniture for the office of the head, which, as a rule, includes a table, a rack for documents, a wardrobe for personal belongings and clothes, side tables.Take care of buying comfortable chairs / armchairs for your visitors, and when choosing an armchair for yourself, pay attention to its ergonomics and material of manufacture, because you have to spend a lot of time behind it.

If the area of ​​the office allows, then allocate a section for a recreation area, where you can place a comfortable sofa or armchairs, install a coffee table with entertainment literature. You can zone the space using a rack or even an office partition. However, the latter option looks less presentable.You should be able to completely abstract yourself from office affairs.

What do you need to have on your desktop?

In this matter, the main rule will be to completely get rid of unnecessary trifles, garbage, scribbled pens and papers. Order on the leader’s desk gives additional status in the eyes of colleagues and partners. It will be advisable to install organizers with the necessary stationery, and store important papers and documents in boxes or organized folders.

The presence of emotionally expensive elements will have a beneficial effect. These can be family photos, significant tickets or certificates. Visually distracting from work, pleasant details will help you take a break.

We wish you a good choice!

Author: Andrey Davidenko

Feng Shui: how to organize a workplace

Today more and more companies prefer open offices. The indisputable advantage of open space is the ability of employees to communicate freely with each other.Nevertheless, experts say that such an office arrangement is alien to human nature. And this despite the fact that we spend almost a third of our lives at work!

Therefore, not only the work process, but also your peace of mind depends on how correctly you manage to organize your space in the office. 10 rules, borrowed by us from feng shui, will help you with this.

Find your place

It’s good if, working in an open office, you feel like a fish in water.But, as practice shows, being open to the views of other people most often causes a feeling of discomfort. Even if you are in a friendly team, still try to isolate yourself a little. Feeling protected from intrusion into your personal space will allow you to focus on work as much as possible. A comfortable and eye-pleasing environment can be created with mirrors, temporary partitions and ornamental plants. This way you will get your little cabinet area. When choosing a location, avoid massive and heavy light sources directly overhead, as well as any overhanging or bulging objects.

Table – important element

Most of the working time is spent at the table, so it should be in an optimal position. Avoid the stab in the back position with your back to the door in the first place. If this is not possible, place a mirror at eye level on a wall or shelf so that you can see the door through it, or attach an object that makes a sound, such as a bell, to it. So you will hear that someone has entered, and you will not subconsciously strain yourself, reacting to any vibrations, sounds and shadows from the side of the door.It is also not recommended to sit with your back to the window. Working in this position, you doom yourself to the fact that your projects will not have support and are unlikely to ever come true. It is bad to sit under the gun of directed sharp corners of furniture and walls, as well as in the corner – to avoid being “cornered”. The correct position of the table is when there is a wall behind your back and you can look around the whole room, see what is happening around and follow the entrance and exit, that is, you are in a controlling position. It’s also good if the front door is diagonally from your desk.Do you want to secure yourself the support and understanding of your superiors? Position your desk so that it faces the boss, even if he is sitting over a wall or even on a different floor. If you don’t want to lose your job, don’t sit in front of the opening mirrored or polished surfaces of cabinets and doors.

Everything you need is at hand

Place the materials and documents you use most often within easy reach from your chair. So you will save a lot of time, energy and effort without running after them to cabinets and distant shelves.If you cannot provide this condition, then at the beginning of each working day, assessing the tasks ahead, lay out the necessary materials on the table or nearby. You can not adhere to this rule if you are determined to lose weight: after all, constant running around is an additional physical activity that is useful for the figure.

For the convenience of their employees, companies often purchase swivel chairs on wheels, without getting up from which you can get to the items you need, but in feng shui such a device is considered an obstacle to stability in business.

Create a positive attitude

Place slogans, inspirational items and sayings within sight. For example, putting in front of you a photo of a speech at a prestigious conference, you will activate your luck in your career. Place an image of a staircase or road going up in the northern sector of the workspace – and you are guaranteed a brilliant career growth. Unfortunately, some companies’ rules prohibit the use of personal tabletop items. No problem! They can simply be placed in the top drawer of the desk.Every time you take out the things you need for work, you will see photos of people close to you or your favorite trinkets. You can also decorate your desktop background with landscape screensavers or photos of your family. In the design of the office, it is advisable to use building materials of natural origin and live indoor plants – natural is always perceived better than artificial. Wooden furniture is conducive to conversation, while glass surfaces cause subconscious fears, and transparent ones – distrust.Shiny, metallic and polished elements provoke rash decisions.

Time for rest and socializing

Communication at work is a natural and necessary process. It is good to have a place where you can exchange ideas, discuss work issues, or just have a casual conversation. Probably, you yourself have noticed more than once how during a five-minute session, standing with a cup of hot “doping” or a glass of soft drink, colleagues, without noticing it, share operational information or urgent problems and come up with unexpected solutions.Not to mention how much relaxation such coffee breaks give. If you need to focus on your work, just go out to lunch an hour earlier than the rest. By the time you return, everyone will go to lunch, and you will have an hour to think about a project or spend time alone with thoughts.

Insulate yourself from the hustle and bustle

You have a huge number of people working in your office and there are frequent visitors. In order not to get tired at the end of the working day, put on your table some bright or favorite object, for example, a faceted crystal ball, emitting beneficial rainbow reflections from light hitting it.Convince the chief that it is better to install all office equipment (scanner, printer, etc.) at the intersection of all work routes and use multifunctional devices that combine a scanner, copier, printer, fax. Place your phone on the side of your dominant ear. Make sure the cord does not cross the work area. It is better to set your mobile phone to vibrate. This way you can work actively without disturbing anyone.

Surround yourself with objects of pleasant color

What to do if the color scheme of the office does not suit you, and its furnishings do not evoke a feeling of comfort? Use a complementary color in your workplace to neutralize an overall office tone that does not match the style of the work you are doing.For example, if your work requires energy and your office is decorated in blue, add a few specks of orange. You can put an orange rug under your arm or hang a painting in orange tones. According to feng shui, there are five fundamental elements: fire, water, wood, metal and earth. Each element has its own color.

FIRE – RED . This is the color for dynamic and successful people. However, an overabundance of this element can lead to exhaustion and anger, and you will constantly have a lot of things to do.

WATER – BLACK, NAVY BLUE . The more symbols of this element in your work, the calmer, more creative and flexible you are. But be careful: too much water can turn you into an easily injured and indecisive person.

WOOD – GREEN AND BLUE . This is the color of slowness, caution, but at the same time confident steps towards victory. Too much green and blue can make you a boring and bilious person.

METAL – SILVER, GOLD, WHITE AND GRAY .Metal colors attract wealth and success, and in large quantities, greed and despondency.

EARTH – BROWN ALL SHADES, UP TO PALE BEIGE . It is the color of stability and confidence. However, its overabundance leads to stubbornness, self-criticism and weakness.

Get rid of old unnecessary things

This is simply necessary in order to make the workplace comfortable. And it is important not only from the point of view of aesthetics, but also psychology and health.Throw away any accessories that you never use and that have been covered in dust for years. Move unclaimed folders and documents to the archive. You will not only free up space, but you will also gain the mental clarity and wisdom you need to succeed in your career. For something new to appear in life, he needs to free up space.


There are office equipment that you use most often. Most of the day you spend in front of your computer.How dull your workplace would look if it did not bear the imprint of your personality! Your favorite picture as a background for the monitor, a desk calendar with joyful emoticons, a bouquet of flowers – all this sends you a life-affirming message: “I am” and inspires you to work.

Workplace cleanliness

For some reason, people quickly get used to the mess. Cleaning begins only when clients or big bosses are about to visit the office. You may not pay any attention to it, but dirt and clutter in your workplace negatively affects your efficiency and accumulates bad energy.To keep things clear, clean your work area after a hard day and keep dust free on desk surfaces and elsewhere. As you can see, observing fairly simple and logical rules, you can radically change your attitude to work and make many hours of stay in the office pleasant. Feng Shui will help you learn another simple truth for yourself: in order for work to bring success and reward, you must love it!

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90,000 Feng Shui teaching recommendations for organizing a workplace in the office

An integral part of people’s lives is work and striving to achieve success in their careers.A person spends a huge part of his time in the office. Feng Shui rules for organizing a workplace will help to attract positive energy and financial well-being at the enterprise.

General rules for organizing office space:

1. It is better to put the work table on the southeast or north side of the office, “facing” and diagonally to the front door. It is not recommended to place the table in front of the front door, it does not help to attract positive energy.

2. If you have to sit facing the wall, you need to move the table slightly away from it so that there is free space between them. You can hang a picture with a picturesque sunny landscape on the wall, but it is better if it is without water.

3. Do not sit with your back to the window. If this is not possible, you should hang blackout curtains or blinds on it. Place indoor plants on the windowsill. Better if the window is on the side.

4. The arrangement of tables facing each other can lead to conflicts at work.

5. It is important to keep order on the table, the central work area should be spacious enough, as it is responsible for career growth and achievement of goals.

6. In accordance with the division of space into zones, you can zone the surface of the desktop. The Bugois octagon will help with this. On the right side of the table are the sectors of patrons (bottom corner), relationships and family (top corner), creativity (center). On the left side of the table are the finance (top corner), health (center) and knowledge (bottom corner) sectors.The central part of the table is divided into two zones – the one that is closer to the career, the next one – for goals and dreams. Depending on the zone and to attract energy flows, you can place objects on the table: for example, put a frame with a family photo in the relationship zone, in the finance sector – a money tree or a frog figurine on coins.

7. It’s good if the office has an aquarium. Water enhances mental activity.

8. Do not place a large number of plants in the office.A couple of pots on the windowsill and a money tree will suffice.

9. Do not sit in front of mirrors or any reflective surfaces, this may result in loss of work.

Furniture and interior items

When choosing office furniture, it is worth stopping at items of natural, brown tones. Leather sofas and armchairs promote brain activity, focus on work. Cabinets and racks should be closed with doors. If the work consists in doing business, then the table is better to choose a geometric shape with sharp corners, creative activities – with smooth lines.The work chair should have a high back and armrests.

You can decorate the interior with a painting depicting mountain peaks, small talismans that strengthen the zones according to Eastern teachings. There should not be too many talismans, 5-9 pieces will be enough.

Feng Shui office decoration contains many nuances, but the implementation of even some of them will positively affect the work process and the financial well-being of the company and employees.

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