Feng shui for couples: 10 feng shui bedroom tips to improve your marriage, Lifestyle News


10 feng shui bedroom tips to improve your marriage, Lifestyle News

Not feeling the love in the bedroom these days?

Turns out, feng shui can help keep that romance alive by optimising the energy in your bedroom.

“It’s not just about the physical presentation of the room and the accessories in it,” according to Laura Cerrano, a New York-based feng shui consultant.

As is common in feng shui, she says, “It’s important to have an emotional connection that aligns your intentions with your heart, allowing yourself to open up and feel the energy of the room.”

She shared some tried-and-true strategies for improving the energy of a bedroom to bring luck and prosperity into your married life in this Year of the Rat (but especially during the extended circuit breaker!).

Get the right bed

In order to promote feng shui in marriage, you have to make sure you get the bed right. Make sure the bed is not pushed into a corner.

The bed should be easily accessible from all directions. This promotes positive energy and balance in the room. This is symbolic of creating equal space for you and your partner.

Opt for a wooden headboard (or bedframe)

Your headboard and bed frame play a significant role in optimising the feng shui of your bedroom and therefore, your relationship.

Choose a solid wooden headboard and frame because the element of wood relates to the symbolic nature of supporting your body and energy when sleeping alongside your spouse.

Always keep the doors shut

No door should be open in the bedroom, especially during the night time, when you and your spouse go to sleep. An open door is a good sign of opportunity, but only when it comes to business.

It is not a good sign for your personal life, as it provides an invitation for external influences.

Avoid bodies of water

One of the most important tips for feng shui for romance would be to avoid water bodies in the room. This does not necessarily mean a waterfall.

Even a small fountain or even an aquarium would be a bad idea to put inside a bedroom because water will “dilute” your love.

Remove the television

Having a television or even a radio in the bedroom is a disruptive force and can draw attention away from more important things like marital sex.

There are some feng shui theories that even state that having a television in your bedroom is like an invitation for a third party to come into this relationship.

Keep some plants or flowers around

Plants and flowers have always been symbols of love, beauty and life and it would be beneficial for you to have some greenery in the bedroom or even the house.

Keep them in the southwest corner as much as you can. Remember to take care and remove all dead flowers and leaves as regularly as you can for this is an unwelcome aspect of feng shui

for love.

Have twos of everything

Feng shui for romance dictates that you have things in pairs around the house. Have twos of everything, as much as you can.

For example, instead of having one side table, have two side tables. Instead of one frame on the wall, hang two. That may help to improve your love life.

Choose the right colours

Your bedroom colour has to be compatible with feng shui for married couples as well. Go for the romantic colours, for they will enhance the romance aspect in the relationship. Pink or red are good options.

Avoid using black, brown and green in your room decoration.

Mirror, mirror not on the wall

From a feng shui perspective, mirrors in the bedroom are a no-no because they possess past energies that have the potential of bringing in a third party to your marriage.

Also, mirrors are said to be particularly charged, which can lead to restless sleep. It’s best to keep your bedroom reflection-free and look at each other instead.

Be strategic with artwork

The photos and pictures you choose to bring into the bedroom directly correlates to the energy you bring into your life. Keep busy, street scenes off your walls and instead swap it out for calm, romantic scenes like a couples photo.

It’s also wise to avoid artwork with groupings of three, which can bring the thought of a third party into the relationship.

This article was first published in The Singapore Women’s Weekly.

Feng shui bedroom tips to improve your love life

When you’re cohabiting with an S.O., lots important stuff goes down in the bedroom: snuggling, binge-watching, and, yes, getting it on. For a number or reasons, your shut-eye sanctuary is an intimate space, so it’s important to set it up in a way that helps it best work for you (and, of course, your relationship).

Tisha Morris, feng shui expert and author of

Clutter Intervention: How Your Stuff Is Keeping You Stuck, says the space is so important and telling that she can determine the status of a couple’s relationship simply by looking at their bedroom. Because the space and romantic relationships are so intrinsically intertwined, she suggests decorating it to be as love-inducing as possible. “You really want make a sanctuary around the relationship,” she explains, noting that the bedroom is “the one room in the house that’s dedicated to the relationship.”

Sounds great, but how

can you maximize your bedroom’s ability to support your relationship? Here, Morris breaks it down.

Check out the feng-shui-friendly tips for building a bedroom that supports your romantic relationship.

1. Minimize your stuff—AKA clutter

“The bedroom should be focused on relaxation, intimacy, rejuvenation, sleeping,” says Morris. Anything that isn’t conducive to that doesn’t belong there: Minimize the amount of books and photos that are lying around or displayed, and get rid of anything work- or workout-related (so, store your WFH desk station elsewhere).

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2. Decorate with symmetry

A symmetrical room promotes a relationship that’s in sync, so having one nightstand on each side of the bed is key, says Morris. The two pieces don’t have to be identical, but they should be of similar height, weight, and include comparable elements. For example, if one nightstand has a lamp, the other should too. “If there’s an imbalance of the nightstand, it mirrors an imbalance of the relationship. Immediately correcting that will immediately shift the relationship.”

3. Mirror, mirror, not on the wall

There may be certain allure of having a mirror in front of (…or above?) the bed when it comes to sex, but from a love perspective, it’s best to keep your bedroom reflection-free. “Mirrors can provide a past energy that has the potential of bringing in a third party,” Morris explains. According to feng shui, mirrors are particularly charged, which can lead to restless sleep—so it’s best to keep ’em in other spaces and look at each other instead.

Photo: Stocksy/MaaHoo Studio

4. Choose artwork strategically

No matter your relationship status, the artwork you hang in your bedroom directly correlates to the energy you bring into your life. “In the bedroom, you want to have calm, romantic scenes,” says Morris, who suggests swapping out photos of busy street scenes for imagery that appeals to your love, like a #couplesphoto or a shared memory. Avoid artwork with groupings of three, like three people or three animals, which can bring the thought of a third party into the relationship. And if you are single but looking for a partner, avoid any artwork containing solo figures.

5. Don’t push a bedside against the wall

Not only is the act of climbing over your partner to get out of bed annoying for both of you, but having a bed with only one open side can actually be indicative of bigger problems. “Whoever sleeps on the [wall] side has to energetically go through the other person, so there’s a loss of power,” says Morris. “Having equal access on both sides of the bed is important.”

6. Buy that supportive headboard you’ve been eyeing

A headboard provides support for a relationship, so consider that your expert-sanctioned reason to buy a chic wooden or fabric one, which Morris suggests are the best materials. “Having a solid surface behind you is more energetically supportive than one that is, for example, framed out with [negative] space.”

Photo: Stocksy/Milles Studio

7. Splurge on bedding

“The more comfortable your bed is, the more you’ll want spend time in the bed together,” Morris says. For some ideas about how to make your sleep sich feel as cloud-like as possible, check out these non-boring ways to totally revamp your bed.

8. Be mindful of how much physical space you’re taking up

The physical space you absorb reflects the space you taking in your relationship, explains Morris. So, it may be time for a massive closet purge, as it should be a priority to have equal space in every facet of your relationship.” If one of you is more of a minimalist while the other is more maximalist, that’s fine, but it’s important that both partners feel represented in a way that feels equitable to them.

9. Pick the right color and lighting scheme

The bedroom should be a relaxing oasis reserved for intimacy and restoration, so warm, monochromatic color schemes—not bold or bright ones—are best. Another thing to keep in mind? Lighting. “You want to, ideally, have a variation of lighting. So kill the overhead light, which doesn’t make anyone look good,” says Morris. “Soft ambient lighting options set a mood for romance,” i.e., just the mood you should be seeking to set.

Originally published on April 27, 2018; updated on August 19, 2018. 

Your phone might also be getting in the way of your relationship. And if you’re officially inspired to redesign your bedroom for the sake of your love life, here are discounted buys you can score at HomeGoods. 

Feng Shui tips for couples | Feng Shui symbols for married couples

Married life can really get tough for some people, especially if they are not doing enough to keep the romance alive. In fact, one of the main reasons why marriages fail is the lack of romance or positive energy in the relationship. However, there are some feng shui tips that will certainly promote romance in a married couple’s life.

Feng shui is all about promoting the positive vibes around a house, a structure or a person. When you are married to another person, there is an innate need for both of you to have positive energy around each other, because one person’s negativity will certainly influence the other as well. Feng shui for love, especially for married couples, will let them find their grounding and certainly make them more capable of leading a happy life together. And knowing the amount of pressure that is being put on individuals and couples nowadays, they will certainly need all the help they can get.

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How to make your house reflect feng shui for romance ?

The house that you share with your loved one is a sign of your love and is also the first place to start if you are looking towards using feng shui to improve love life. You can make your house reflect the status of your relationship and also the status of your marriage. The better your house is, the better the chi and this will certainly make your marriage much happier.

  1. Clean out the clutter: A cluttered mind is always bad news in feng shui. It stands for disorder and chaos, which is exactly what we don’t want if we are trying to promote feng shui in marriage here. Hence, if you want to start implementing feng shui, the first step would be to remove all the clutter from your house, so that the energy can flow right.
    Cleaning out the clutter can come in handy for it will also help you get rid of your past, especially your romantic past, so that the house is purged of any influence other than that of you and your spouse.
  2. Get the right bed: The right bed is an important aspect of any relationship. This is the place where you and your spouse connect on a deeper and more intimate level. In order to promote feng shui in marriage, you have to make sure you get the bed right.

    So, what exactly do you have to do for this?

    • Make sure the bed is not pushed into a corner. The bed should be easily accessible from all directions. This promotes positive energy in the room.
    • Make sure that the bed is not put right under the ceiling fan, support beams etc. This will create ripples in the energy or the pressure level on you.
    • Make sure that the feet of the bed does not face the door that is you should not sleep with your feet pointing towards the door.
    • Make sure that there are no mirrors on the side areas of the bed.
    • Make sure it is at least 18 inches off the ground and do not store anything under the bed.
    • A king size bed might sound like a good idea, but that is bad feng shui for married couples. A king size bed can keep a couple far from each other, which is the kind of thing that one would like to avoid.
  3. Always keep the doors shut: A bedroom is an intimate place and the reason why you are reading this is because you want to use feng shui to improve love life. Now, there are some small details that you have to keep in mind, especially when it comes to the bedroom. No door should be open in the bedroom, especially during the night time, when you and your spouse go to sleep.
    The open door is a good sign of opportunity, but only in the business field. It is not a good sign in the personal world, for it provides invitation for external influences.
  4. No water bodies: One of the most important tips for feng shui for romance would be to avoid water bodies in the room. This does not necessarily mean a water fall. Even a small fountain or even an aquarium would be a bad idea inside a bedroom. Having water bodies is really not a sign of good feng shui for love.
  5. Remove the television: You should certainly not keep a television or a radio inside the bedroom. This is also a disruptive force and it can really draw attention away from the more important things. There are some feng shui theories that even state that having a television in your bedroom is like an invite for a third party to come into this relationship.
  6. Greenery:

    Greenery can be really handy as a tip for feng shui for love. Flowers have always been symbols of love, beauty and life and it would be beneficial for you to have flowers in the bedroom or even the house. Keep the flowers in the southwest corner as much as you can.

    Greenery, especially flowers, is best when it is fresh, so keep real plants and flowers around in the house. But if you cannot really take care of plants that much, get plants or flowers that are made of artificial materials, like silk. You have to take care and remove all dead flowers and leaves as regularly as you can for this is certainly an unwelcome aspect of feng shui for love.

    When buying a plant, buy a big plant with big leaves- they are the best kinds. However, you have to avoid cacti and other prickly plants, at all costs.

  7. Have twos of everything: Most people have walked into houses of couples, seen things that are kept in twos and just think that it is precious. Well, it is quite romantic, but that is not the only reason why you should keep things in twos. Feng shui for romance dictates that you have things in pairs around the house. Have twos of everything, as much as you can (except for gadgets). For example, instead of having one side table, have two side tables. Instead of one frame on the wall, hang two. That is certainly feng shui to improve love life.
  8. Choose the right colours for the house: When it comes to wearing clothes or painting the house, you have to choose the right colour. It has to be compatible with feng shui for married couples as well. Go for the romantic colours, for they will certainly enhance the romance aspect in the relationship. Pink, red, etc. are good options (pink is more of romance, whereas red is sensual energy). Avoid using black, brown and green in the decoration.

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Feng shui symbols for married couples

Feng shui is all about using the right symbols to draw bring harmony and peace to one’s life. So, when you are decorating your house with your new spouse, you should make sure that the place has some good feng shui for married couples, for this will certainly spice up your life and keep the romance levels high.
Here are some of the best feng shui symbols that you could use:

  1. Mystic knot: The mystic knot is a Chinese Feng Shui symbol. This is a knot that is supposed to represent harmony and eternity (for it looks like a snake eating its own tail). This is a symbol that can represent eternal love and harmonious existence. It is known to bring good luck as well. This is a must have symbol for any feng shui house.
  2. The two Eights: The symbol of two-eights, again, symbolizes eternity. This is a good representation for love, for it can represent love that is undying and eternal, the kind of love every marriage should have. It is a powerful feng shui symbol that can bring a lot of harmony and peace to the house.
  3. Pictures: Pictures can be used to symbolize strong aspects of feng shui as well. Hang pictures of the two love birds or something romantic, so that the element of romance will be seeped into your house and hence, your life as well.
  4. Mandarin ducks: Mandarin ducks are the Chinese feng shui symbols for love. They come in twos, they are love birds and they can certainly enhance the romance aspect of the house.
  5. Crystal sphere: It will be good luck for you to have a hanging chandelier in the house. If you don’t want that, then you can settle for a small crystal ball. These draw good chi to the house and promote luck and cooperation as well. They are a sign of opportunity and positive outcomes as well.

These feng shui tips for love will certainly help you spice your married life up. It can help you realize your own place in the world, realize inner peace and also help you have a successful relationship.

27 Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Improve Romance

Love is complicated and confusing. The feng shui love tips found around the web is no different.

I’ve seen ones that suggest you do rituals, like writing something on a piece of paper and keeping it somewhere for 49 days. I’ve also seen ones that asks you turn on your bedroom lights a certain way every night for several consecutive nights.

Although I’ve witnessed and studied the power of intentions, those tips and suggestions do not belong in the realm of feng shui. (If you’re interested in the power of intention, I suggest you read “The Intention Experiment.” The book reveals how our thoughts generate its own energy, backed by research conducted at Princeton, MIT, and Stanford.)

Some of the tips you’re about to read is similar to the concept of clutter, which belongs to modern psychology and not classical feng shui. Nonetheless, I have listed them not just because feng shui experts included them as feng shui tips, but mostly because they actually worked for most people that I talked to.

Keep in mind that these feng shui tips can only get you so far. What’s important is that you make the effort to find love or improve your relationship. Don’t ever expect feng shui to do all the work for you.

So here are the feng shui love tips from around the web, along with a few of my thoughts and comments.

Feng Shui Bed for Love

1. Get a Good Solid Headboard

A good solid headboard is important for your sleep quality because it gives you a subtle sense of security. Scientific studies have concluded poor sleep quality can be detrimental to your mental and physical health, including a depleted sex drive. So it’s not just the headboard, any bedroom feng shui that helps improve sleep is a necessary foundation for improved romance in the bedroom.

The above image shows a bed with a good solid headboard.

2. Freshen Up Your Bedsheets and Linens

Some feng shui experts say that new bedsheets and linens can help freshen up your romantic relationship. Others tell you to use colors such as white, bright green, or pink to heat up your relationship and avoid red because it could burn up your relationship. Though I’ve never tried these, I personally think that the effects of colors on feng shui are limited, and these tips can only bring short-term results.

3. Place Your Bed Properly

In addition to not sleeping with your head under a window and other feng shui taboos, you should avoid placing your bed in a corner because you or your partner may feel trapped. In other words, this means that both sides of the bed should be easily accessible where you or your partner doesn’t have to climb over another body to get on and off the bed. Place your bed properly to prevent one person from getting the less desirable position. This way, getting out of bed will be less disruptive and conflicts regarding sleep can be completely avoided.

The above image is an example where both sides of the bed are easily accessible.

4. Remove Extra Pillows or Stuffed Animals

Though this is not exactly a feng shui tip, some consultants have included this as part of their feng shui advice. If your bed is filled with pillows or stuffed animals, it sends the message that you have no room for anyone else to join you.

Feng Shui Bedroom for Love

5. Colorize Your Walls and Window Treatments

The colors of bedroom walls and window treatments should complement each other to create a balanced flow of love and sexual energy. If possible, use a splash of pink because it represents love, joy, happiness, and romance. Similar to what I stated earlier, I personally think that the results of just using colors is short-lived.

6. Carefully Select Your Bedroom Art

Artworks have a profound impact on our emotions. Do not hang paintings that depict violence, sorrow, or religion (such as angels) in your bedroom because it can invoke strong emotions that’ll distract you from your sleep and bedroom romance. Instead, try to use artwork that symbolizes love, such as two lovers kissing each other, because they can influence your behavior through social proof. In other words, you’ll feel more comfortable connecting intimately when you see another couple doing the same.

This is an oil painting that depicts love and is suitable for the bedroom.

7. Get Rid of the Television

Television is a distraction to bedroom romance and sleep. If the TV is on, your attention is given to the TV instead of your loved one that’s right beside you. It prevents you from making intimate connections or have meaningful conversations with your partner. Further, TV is an electronic device that belongs to the fire element and brings Yang energy, which is not the energy you want in your bedroom.

8. Get Rid of Work in Your Bedroom

Some feng shui experts suggest that you remove work-related furniture in your bedroom because it reminds you or your partner of work. Some experts go even further for the same reason, telling you not to bring laptops or even your smartphone to bed because of our constant need to check emails. When your mind is fixated on work, you are less likely to give your partner any kind of attention. Further, constantly being reminded about work is likely to create stress that’ll adversely affect bedroom romance.

In today’s world, work is not the only factor that’s affecting people’s intimacy in bed.

9. Bedside Furniture should be Symmetrical

Like many other tips listed here, this tip is more of a modern feng shui approach. Furniture on both sides of the bed should be the same because it promotes feelings of equality and the notion of partnership. No one is having extra space on the nightstand, and there really is no better side of the bed. This seems to me that it’s really one less thing for a couple to fight about.

10. Declutter Out of Love

You should declutter not just your bedroom, but your whole house as well. Although decluttering is not part of classical feng shui, many feng shui experts still include this as part of a tip that’ll improve relationships and romance. Clutter is a stress factor that can affect us mentally, and when the stress boils over, patience and tolerance for your partner can decrease significantly which can lead to constant fights. Plus, having less clutter around the house prevents couples from confronting each other with statements such as “clean up your stuff!” It is one less thing for couples to fight over.

11. Remove Photographs of Friends and Family in Bedroom

Though this has more to do with modern psychology than classical feng shui, I think this is a good tip to follow. Having photographs with people’s faces, not just your friends and family, can adversely impact bedroom romance. This is because most of us are uncomfortable displaying affection in the public, and having photos in your room will sometimes feel like as if people are looking at you.

12. Get Rid of Mirrors Facing the Bed

Many experts have mentioned that mirror facing the bed tends to bring the energy of the third party into your intimate relationship. I’m not sure how this is, but I can imagine that this feng shui saying originated from accumulation of experiences. In any event, mirror facing the bed is just bad feng shui that can affect your sleep in various ways.

Stare at yourself and you may actually see a distorted version of your own face when you’re about three feet away from the mirror in the dark room, according to the strange face-in-the-mirror illusion experiment.

13. No Additional Rooms in Your Bedroom

By additional rooms, I mean an actual living space with sofa or even a bed (and not a walking closet) that’s divided by a sliding door or some kind of divider. Though this is rarely seen, some experts have claimed that an additional room invites infidelity into your relationship.

14. Increase Bedroom Privacy

This tip does not have much to do with classical feng shui but can help some individuals. Some people are just uncomfortable displaying affection publicly. But sometimes it’s not just the sight, it’s the sound as well. If your partner is more introverted, you can improve bedroom romance by closing the window or installing heavier doors to increase privacy that’ll shield not just sight but sound as well.

15. Remember the Yin of the Bedroom

Yin energy helps people relax. That’s why the bedroom should use dimmer lights, soft music, or colors that induces relaxation. As mentioned earlier, stress decreases bedroom romance. A bedroom with more Yin energies can help you and your partner relax, which will naturally open the doors for the both of you to connect intimately.

Feng Shui Bathroom

16. Beautify the Bathroom

Some suggest that the bathroom should be transformed with healing energy that gives off a sense of beauty and spa-like pampering energy. Others suggest to include beautiful heart-shaped decors, flowers, and artworks. I think these tips can definitely help with your relationship because it communicates love and care. However, I think this tip is not really related to classical feng shui.

Adding some flowers can always create a more sensual energy in your bathroom.

17. Bathroom in the Love Area

The Southwest corner of your home is considered the love area, and bathrooms in the Southwest area is said to negatively affect your love relationships because bathrooms are notorious for its bad feng shui. To minimize its effects, experts have suggested to use Fire and Earth elements to strengthen that area because Southwest belongs to the Earth feng shui element. Also, don’t forget that good habits, such as closing the toilet lid and keeping the bathroom clean can help minimize a bathroom’s bad feng shui.

Feng Shui Items for Love

18. Use Flowers to Promote Love

Many have suggested that flowers can be used to promote love. Singles who wish to marry should display a vase of peonies in the living room. Just don’t put it in the bedroom because plants are generally not suitable for the bedroom. If placed correctly, flowers have the ability to bring “peach blossom luck” (more below), which is suitable for singles but NOT for married couples because it’ll invite other parties into your relationship.

19. Use Artworks that Depict Love

These artworks can range from paintings to other types of home décor. As mentioned earlier, they are most suitable for the bedroom and sometimes the bathroom. Artworks with a pair of Mandarin Ducks are the most popular, well known, and widely used traditional feng shui cure for love. I personally suggest that you pick the artwork that you have the most feel for.

Swarovski Mandarin Ducks Figurine.

20. Removing Objects from Previous Love

Some say that feng shui suggests that you remove objects from your previous relationships because it’ll help you move on. Though I don’t disagree with the tip, I don’t think this is related to classical feng shui. Other more credible tips ask you get rid of the bed and mattress from a previous relationship because you’ll be sleeping with the negative energy from your former lover.

21. Hang Mirrors and Crystals

If your bed is at the end of a long hallway or corridor, or is lined up with the front door, your romance could be negatively affected. If that’s your case, an expert suggested that you hang mirrors diagonally opposite of each other in the hallway, or suspend a small crystal sphere from a silver thread directly inside the door as cure.

22. Use Candles to Inspire Love

Candles have the ability to add sensuality to an environment, and red, pink, and multi-colored candles are said to be feng shui love cures. Candles have the ability to strengthen the fire element and conflicts with the water element, so be sure to use candles wisely according to the feng shui element of that area.

23. Place Happy Photos of You and Your Partner

If you’re married or in a relationship, you can place happy photos of you and your partner around the house. That includes the kitchen, hallways, or any high-traffic area. Though I don’t think this is feng shui related, I do agree that reminding yourselves of happy times together creates inner positive energy that’ll boost the intimacy between you and your partner.

Happy photos bring back pleasant memories and creates inner positive energy.

24. Put Furniture Legs on Rugs

The idea behind this is that furniture should be arranged to support communication. So if you can put the front legs of all the living room sofa on a rug, people will tend to sit there to talk, thereby increasing the chances of an intimate connection.

Feng Shui Concepts Related to Love

25. Use Roosters to Cure Bad Romance

Relationships can be loving, toxic, or both. If you are (or were) in a bad relationship that is hard to end, one way is to use a small rooster figurine to help break off that relationship. To do so, place the rooster on a shelf that’s higher than the average human height with its beak pointed towards the front door.

A typical Feng Shui rooster figurine.

26. Place Flowers in the Peach Blossom Luck Position

The Peach Blossom Luck is only suitable for those looking for love (not for those who are in a relationship), and its area in your home differ by the person’s animal sign.  To activate your Peach Blossom Luck, the easiest way is to place fresh flowers in that area of your home. Below is a chart to help you find the direction of your Peach Blossom Luck.

Use your animal sign and this chart to find your Peach Blossom area.

27. Take Good Care of Your Love Area

The Southwest area of your home is your love area. It is the Earth element, and Earthly colors can promote tenderness in that area while strengthening the Earth element (especially needed if that area is missing or has limited space). You can also use objects related to Earth or Fire elements to activate the Earth element in that area.

27.5 Know Your Personal Lucky Areas

Here’s an extra tip. There are many other feng shui factors that influence the love and romance in your life, such as the location of your bedroom and how your personal Kua fits with your home. These are big concepts that cannot be communicated in just a few tips, but I just wanted you to know that they’re out there.

Feng Shui is Just ONE Solution

Even if you follow all these tips and received help from Feng Shui Masters, YOU still have to work on finding love or to improving your current relationship. Meaning, you still need to be attentive to your partner’s needs while making sure that both of you spend time together. You are the one that can make the difference, despite all the obstacles that come to you.

In other words, do not expect that after all the feng shui improvements, your true love will come knocking on your door or that your current partner will love you even if you never make the effort to spend time together. I hate to break it to you, but feng shui is NOT magic, nor is it a love spell. But I can tell you this: it’ll definitely help a great deal if you put in that effort. You’ll notice that your relationship will face less hurdles, and your love life will grow stronger each day like a tree that’s properly fed with clean air and water.


Using Feng Shui and some psychological principles can definitely help with seeking love or improving your relationship. If you truly want feng shui to assist you, I suggest that you seek professional help because following these tips can only get you so far.

Has any of these tips worked for you? What other feng shui love tips have worked for you? Please share your thoughts by commenting below!


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20 Tips To Feng Shui Your Bedroom To Boost Your Love Life

Creating romance is as easy as revamping your room. Follow our 20 feng shui dos and don’ts to breathe new life into your boudoir!

1 DO revamp your bed.
Air out your mattress, turn it over and kit it out with inviting linen, luxurious cushions and a throw rug, preferably in sultry earth tones. Also centre your bed if possible, so that it’s in a position that encourages romance, making sure that it’s accessible from either side and ideally not pushed up against the wall.

2 DON’T look elsewhere.
Mirrors on the ceiling or in front of the bed may be all the rage in Hotel California but in feng shui it’s not only tacky but majorly bad juju! Save the kink for the kitchen and move your looking glass to a more discreet location.


3 DO get rid of the “single” mindset.
Ditch any images of lonely people and replace them with sensual, romantic artwork and pictures of happy couples. You can also create couple-dom by placing items and ornaments in pairs, from a picture of a loved-up twosome to matching candles. Place them in the south-west corner of your room or against the wall opposite the foot of your bed. A round mirror, which is the shape of unity, also gives the room a sense of fulfilment and completion.

4 DON’T fill your room with electrical appliances.
The television should be the first to go – being a late-night viewing junkie is a surefire way to kill the romance in your existing relationship and ensure that you don’t get any in the future! So curl up with a good book, buy a clock radio that runs on batteries and ditch the electric blanket – in winter, use a good old-fashioned hot water bottle or have an extra doona.

5 DO create romance with rose quartz and amethyst, just two of the crystals associated with love.
Strategically place these pretty ornaments throughout your bedroom – on a windowsill, dresser or side table to create romantic and harmonious vibes.

6 DON’T mess with metal.
As a conductor of electricity, metal tends to interfere with the “chi” or energy flow of the room. So if you have a bed with a metal frame, swap it for a more organic wooden structure.

7 DO tinker with other parts of the house to bring love into your life.
Construct a “Relationship Gua”, a shrine of sorts, in the corner traditionally designated to love and romance. This is the far-right corner of your home, using your front door as a reference point. Again you can use some simple feng tools, such as rose quartz crystals and pictures of loving couples, as well as written affirmations and jasmine surrounding a cosy two-seater couch.

8 DON’T invite external forces.
If your bedhead is directly under a window, it’s a primo position for letting negative energy into the room. Move the bed, quick smart!

9 DO be careful what you wish for!
Be specific in your mind about the sort of relationship you want. You could formalise your intentions by collecting images, key words and anything that, to you, symbolises romance and pasting them on to a collage. Place it in a spot that you will see every day. If you’re in a relationship, you can ask your partner to contribute their ideas.

10 DON’T leave yourself open.
Try not to place your bed directly in line with a doorway. If it’s unavoidable, hang a rose quartz crystal, or a clear one, somewhere in between.

11 DO think pink!
You may not be thrilled about this girlie colour but, like it or not, it’s a feminine hue that smacks of romance. You don’t have to deck out your digs to resemble a cupcake – a hint of pink here and there will do the trick. You can also turn up the heat with a splash of red and crimson – the colours of passion and lust.

12 DONT play with knives!
Get rid of any sharp metal objects within the bedroom such as knives, swords or scissors. It may be a little kinky and oh-so Angelina (pre-Brad) but, ultimately, these items are symbols of aggression and animosity.

13 DO move your bed
Move it to a “romance friendly” position, aligned north-south if possible, not east-west.

14 DON’T treat your room as a gym.
Exercising, as well as storing weights and other sports equipment in your room, particularly under your bed, creates an atmosphere of hard work and toil, which will eclipse the romantic vibes you’re trying to foster. The only workout going on in your bedroom is best left to your imagination!

15 DO go with the flow.
Take a deliberate walk from your front door to your bedroom, checking to make sure that the flow of energy – “chi” in feng shui – is even and unimpeded. Once you’ve cleared a path to your bedroom, suss out the other areas of the house, particularly the space leading to your “Relationship Gua” and, if necessary, rearrange the furniture.

16 DON’T live in the past.
Purge your home of any residual energy from past relationships. Go through the entire place, not just your bedroom, and remove remnants of exes – and that includes everything from the oversized T-shirt you still wear to bed to photos, trinkets, letters and any gifts that may evoke feelings of melancholy or disappointment.

17 DO look after the doorway to your heart.
Make sure both the front door of your home and the door to your bedroom open easily and completely. Doors that become stuck, squeak or can’t be opened fully will also obstruct your romantic energy. Doors with faulty or loose doorknobs also symbolise losing your grip and can cause a hard time with romance.

18 DON’T make it a family affair.
Photos of parents, the kids and other family members, while sweet and sentimental, are a major romance killer. Who wants Mum keeping an eye on your bedroom action!

Optimise Your love life by changing your bedroom – add Lavender

19 DO follow your nose!
Create the perfect mood with sensual incense or a candle burner. The aroma of jasmine, lavender and vanilla are olfactory aphrodisiacs.

20 DON’T get wet! Apart from making you want to get up and head for the loo in the middle of the night, any running water, whether a fish tank, fountain or even a picture that shows water, makes for a shaky relationship. Move the water features into the lounge room

Have you feng shui’d your bedroom? Tell us your experience in the comments below! 

Romantic Feng Shui Items to Place in Your Bedroom | Home Guides

In feng shui design, poor accessory and furniture choices can result in badly directed energy or chi — not a favorable result, especially if your goal is a more romantic bedroom. A balanced bedroom promotes relaxation, rejuvenation and romance. Feng shui is largely about balance and placement — so the types of items you use, from the biggest piece of furniture to the keepsakes in the “love corner,” may not be as important as where you put them.

Begin With Bed Placement

Before you start to arrange romantic feng shui items or accessories throughout your bedroom, place your bed in the “command” position, if possible. You should be able to see the door from your pillow, but should not be directly in line with it. If your bed is on the same wall as the door, the placement can negatively affect sleep, and directly across from the door, your love life, explains feng shui consultant Ken Lauher.

Behind and Under the Bed

The area around the bed is as important as the bed’s position. Use a solid, attached headboard to create a sense of stability in your marriage or relationship. Keep the area under the bed clear or at least free of metal objects for unobstructed chi.

The Love Corner

You may have heard that placing a pair of decorative mandarin ducks in the room’s Love Corner — the far right corner, looking in from the door — helps improve your love life. But if ducks — although interesting birds that stay with their partners for life — don’t suit your style, chances are you won’t experience positive change, explains Lauher. Instead, he suggests placing something there that truly appeals to you, such as a vase of roses, carnations or lilies, or an attractive statuette that works with your decor.

The Happy Couple

In feng shui, placing bedroom items symmetrically and in pairs — two candles, matching bedside lamps, a couple of reading chairs, identical bedside tables — keeps the room and romance factor balanced.

Clutter-Free Chi

Avoid clutter — you don’t need too many pairs of items or single pieces to create balance. Not only is clutter visually unromantic, it can cause relationship friction, fatigue and even depression, says the Institute of Feng Shui website. If you don’t love or need something, it likely doesn’t belong in your bedroom.

All About Ambiance

Design is personal, but with pliable feng shui rules, you can create a satisfying bedroom atmosphere. Use only decorative items that portray “love” to you — romantic artwork is a good start. Style the room with just a few of your favorite things for ambiance: incense, lush fabrics, hanging crystals, and maybe a photo of you and your partner sharing a peaceful, happy moment.

Romantic Wood

The Open Spaces blog suggests using plenty of wood, such as the bed frame, carved art and wooden lamp bases, along with soft elements, such as a padded headboard and lush bedding, in the bedroom. Wood signifies both new beginnings and family. It “feeds” the fire element that symbolizes emotions, passion and heart, or, ultimately, romance.



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5 Powerful Feng Shui elements for a happy and blissful married life

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that adds a touch of beauty to your home decor and welcomes abundance, love and harmony. The word Feng Shui literally translates to “wind and water”.

Moreover, it all depends on where and how you place these Feng shui items as they bring prosperity to our life by catching all good and positive energies and warding off negative ones. This positive energy can also be utilised to make your married life happy and blissful. Hence, Kaveri Sachdev, Co-founder and CEO of MyPoojaBox talks about the Feng Shui elements for a happy marriage.

Feng Shui elements for a happy married life:

The Right Bed

The bedroom is an integral aspect of your love life after marriage as it is where you build a connection with your partner. Your bedroom should be a place where you and your partner feel safe and happy. According to Feng Shui, the bedroom should always be filled with brightness to attract positive energy. Your bed should be easily accessible from all corners of the room to symbolize equal space for both you and your better half.

Keep fresh flowers or plants in your home

Fresh flowers are a symbol of love, and plants, a symbol of life. When you bring flowers or plants in your home, you are attracting love, peace and beauty to your abode. According to Feng Shui, any plants or flowers should be kept in the southwest corner of the room.

Add a showpiece of Mandarin Ducks

A pair of Mandarin ducks, also known as love birds, are popular as a Feng Shui cure for love. For the Chinese, birds are the ultimate symbol of the union between man and woman and in Feng Shui, two birds, as opposed to one, help enhance love.

Use Rose Quartz showpieces

Rose quartz is a beautiful pink crystal that symbolizes healing, love and peace. Adding rose quartz products to your home decor will bring good luck to your marriage. For better results, place the rose quartz products near your bed or under the mattress.

Add Feng Shui Elephant Figurines

The elephant is an important figure in Feng Shui. It is the symbol of strength, wealth and fertility. The trunk of the elephant brings positive energy. Keeping a Feng shui elephant showpiece in your home will bring happiness and strength to your marriage.

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90,000 Feng Shui how to attract love. Feng Shui of love or how to attract love into your life. Feng Shui Love Signs

According to Eastern philosophy and Feng Shui, everything in this world should have its own pair. This is very important for achieving overall harmony. Loneliness does not add positive emotions to anyone, and there is no such person who would not want to attract love into his life. If you are still single, use these simple Feng Shui tips to attract a guy or a girl, a man or a woman into your life.

The sector of love: where Love lives

Love always lives next to us, regardless of whether we feel this fact or not. She even has her own place in the house. Feng Shui calls this place the sector of love. It is located in the southwestern part of the house. Don’t be sad if the love sector ends up in the bathroom or toilet. Of course, in feng shui, this means that you wash away your love every day, and it is difficult for you to achieve harmony in your personal life. With the help of feng shui, the problem can be solved: it is recommended that the doors to these rooms are always closed, by placing mirrors on the doors, you can reduce the loss of the energy of love to a minimum. Alternatively, feng shui suggests strengthening the southeastern part of the bedroom or living room. These recommendations can be used if the love sector is in the kitchen.

In the Chinese, the concepts of love and marriage are inseparable, therefore, increasing the energy of attraction of love, you need to be ready to marry. Feng Shui cannot help if you want to attract the love of a person who does not love you. It will help you attract true love and move to a new stage in your life.

Ways to attract love according to Feng Shui

The most important thing that needs to be done first is to do a general cleaning, and it concerns not only the apartment, but also thoughts, and all life in general.All the old things that have been idle for a long time in our house create obstacles for the flow of the vital energy Qi, therefore, throwing them out, we will free up the energy space. The energy of love is the element of fire. See if there are any elements that destroy love in the sector of love: water, wood, metal. A very good element can be an ordinary stone, preferably of a rounded shape, a composition of stones placed in the zone of love. To enhance the effect, the stones can be tied with a red ribbon. It is very good if you place crystals in the love sector, especially rose quartz.They must first be rinsed in slightly salted water.

To attract love, Feng Shui recommends hanging hearts, placing your photo in a frame in the shape of a heart or with doves. Chocolates and candies can be added to enhance the romance. In the love sector, you need to place paired things – 2 candles, 2 red lamps. It will help you to fulfill your desire if you light the lamp every evening for 49 days for 3 hours. You will see the results very soon. It is imperative to place the “Music of the Wind” with hearts and metal tubes in the love sector; it activates the Qi energy very well.
Amulets, love talismans, figurines, vases placed in the southeastern sector help. If this is not a bedroom, it is good to put flowers – peonies, roses, or their colorful images. Roses will very quickly bring love into your life. Remember that according to Feng Shui, fresh flowers in the bedroom can scare away love, they cause distrust and frequent quarrels.

How to get rid of loneliness

If you are lonely, look closely at what surrounds you at home – a sculpture of a lonely girl on a shelf, posters on the wall, paintings.If you are a guy, then you may be surrounded by purely masculine images – weapons, racing cars, robots and space wars. From the point of view of feng shui, this is an indicator of an overabundance of male or female energy. If you want to attract a partner of the opposite sex into your life, you need to use images to make a difference. For a girl, hang pictures of attractive men and other attributes of masculine energy. The guy, respectively, is female. It is best to hang pictures of happy couples in love.From a feng shui point of view, this will create a certain balance of yin and yang energies and help correct the situation. Feng Shui advises adding as much red as possible to the love sector, you can even paint one wall red. If your family members oppose such drastic changes, you can simply paint a piece of the wall in a place that will be invisible.

An effective way to attract a guy (girl)

You need to choose your photo, be sure to the one on which you like yourself the most.If you have a photograph of your beloved – great, if you are still waiting for a meeting, take any magazine or find on the Internet an image of a guy or a man (girl or woman) that outwardly meets your expectations as much as possible. This image needs to be cut from a magazine or a photo printed from the Internet on a printer.

It is important that the reverse side is clean, if you cut out a photo from a magazine, you need to cover up all letters and pictures with a proofreader. Next, you need to decide what qualities our prince (princess) should have.You need to think through everything to the smallest detail and then write down your wishes on paper. There is no need to be shy, because it is about your happiness. All wishes must be affirmative, no particles are not. The phrase “does not smoke and does not drink” is not good, the Universe does not know the word “no”. More suitable “no bad habits.” Let there be a lot of such wishes, so you yourself can figure out what you really want. Then all the requirements for the chosen one (s) must be written in order of importance to you: first – the most important, then in descending order.It is unlikely that there is a person on Earth who will meet all these requirements, but 5-7 of the most important of them may well come true. Write them down on the back of your photo.

Then you need to put in a frame two photos – yours and your ideal, let it be beautifully decorated with hearts, flowers or birds. Place this image in the love sector or in the southwest part of your chosen room. Maybe you don’t want someone else to be aware of your dreams and it will be uncomfortable for you to place the image in plain sight. No problem, according to Feng Shui, it doesn’t matter where the element you need for work is located – in plain sight or hidden. You can safely put the image in the closet. You don’t have to put your photos in a frame, you can put them in an envelope (you will have to glue it from pink or red paper to avoid folding the image, which will be larger than a regular envelope). Show your imagination, paint it with all kinds of hearts, doves, everything that, in your opinion, symbolizes love. Invest in it the maximum of emotions and feelings – this will give an impetus to the realization of your dreams.This envelope can be hidden anywhere, as long as it is in the sector of love: a table, a wardrobe, a shelf, a favorite book. You can reach out and look at it, you can not think about it at all. The person who will soon appear in your life will be somewhat similar to the face from the photograph, and he will certainly possess the ordered qualities.

As we can see, attracting the love of a guy or a girl in Feng Shui is quite real. A significant meeting can happen literally the next day, on average, the waiting period can drag on up to 4 months.But you should not look for familiar traits in every new acquaintance, we can be very, very mistaken. The main thing is to believe and wait that the Universe will not ignore our dream.

To attract love? It is important to properly organize the space in the house, get rid of objects – symbols of loneliness and fill the rooms with love talismans.

Apartment design

The most important thing in Eastern teaching is to properly organize the space in the house in which you live. This must be done first of all, and only then select talismans and symbols of love to decorate the interior.

General Tips:

  • Print photos of handsome men (strangers only) and hang them around the house. It is very important that they are abstract people, not stars or guys from your environment
  • Remove all objects that symbolize loneliness. These can be sad, decorative figurines. Replace them with paired ones. For example, it is better to exchange a figurine of one angel for a figurine, where there are already two angels. And so on
  • Birds, according to Feng Shui, are a symbol of love.Therefore, fill the space with paintings, figurines, figurines and any other images of birds. Best of all, if they are phoenixes or peacocks
  • All gifts from ex-men must be thrown away or destroyed. Do not regret anything, otherwise the past will never allow you to build normal relations with new chosen ones. Burn photos mercilessly, hand out expensive gifts and jewelry to your friends. If you feel sorry for it, sell it, and spend the money at your pleasure
  • Store all “female things” in one place, do not distribute them throughout the apartment.These are cosmetics, jewelry, lace underwear, little things dear to the heart, etc.

The most important place to attract love is considered. Therefore, the space in this room must be organized very carefully. Observe the following rules:

  1. You can hang pictures of the Moon and everything connected with it at the head of the bed. This attracts lunar energy, which is very important for a woman to be filled with.
  2. Mirrors should be placed in such a way that they are not reflected in them.It is believed that mirror reflection takes love energy
  3. You cannot keep fresh flowers in the bedroom, it is better to place them in the sector of wealth and luck, in the southeastern part of apartment
  4. Keep more paired objects at home. A double bed, two pillows, two toothbrushes, slippers, etc. – all these things attract men into your life
  5. It is undesirable to place the bed so that you sleep with your feet to the door
  6. ideally it is a private room with one front door
  7. Objects symbolizing marine objects attract love.Decorate your bedroom with seashells, sea stones, themed appliques
  8. Store children’s toys in your child’s room. If there is no separate room for the nursery, place them anywhere but in the bedroom

Natalia’s tips for attracting love and marriage:

  1. If the bedroom is oversaturated with feminine energy, the chances of meeting the other half are small. Therefore, you need to get rid of the little things that are dear to a woman’s heart: soft toys, pink items, an excessive amount of pillows
  2. Imagine that every night in your bedroom you fall asleep not alone, but with a man.What will the room look like then? Place not one but two pillows on the bed. Empty the shelf in the wardrobe of the future husband, do not litter the place under the mirror with cosmetics
  3. Do not store electrical appliances in the love sector. From there, you need to remove all household appliances: from the TV to the hair dryer. So you will remove the “non-living” energy that prevents love from appearing in your life
  4. Fill the space of love in the house (south-western part of the apartment) with symbolic things. These can be pictures of happy couples, figurines in the shape of hearts, red scented candles
  5. To maximize the energy of love, make a wish card.Fill in the appropriate section of the card with images of happy couples, weddings, romantic dates, sign with the correct affirmations (“I met the love of my life”, “I married the man of my dreams”)

In addition, in order to meet your chosen one, you need to clearly understand what he should be. Therefore, try to first visualize the image of a suitable partner, and only then start decorating the house in Feng Shui.

Watch a video on how to attract love with the help of Feng Shui:

According to Eastern philosophy, you need to not only ensure the correct organization of space, but also follow some other recommendations.

They are as follows:

  • Take some time and think about what kind of man you want to meet. Write on paper in detail all the features of the future chosen one. What it should be, and what qualities can push you away. Visualize pictures of your acquaintance, imagine how the relationship will develop. The finished list can be tied with a red thread and put away in a secluded place
  • Sometimes light red scented candles at home. Red color and the energy of Fire attract streams of love energy, fill a woman with attractiveness and beauty
  • When going on a date, put on a red dress.As a last resort, use accessories of this color
  • Keep your house tidy. Set a place for each item and always put it away after use. Get rid of broken and damaged items that block the flow of energy in time

You will be surprised at how quickly Feng Shui methods start to work. Once you organize the space correctly, many opportunities will come into your life to meet the man of your dreams.

“Love is like the sea.Its width knows no shores. Give her all the blood and soul – there is no other measure here. ”Hafiz Shirazi (Eastern sage)

Feng Shui to attract love claims that any suffering person can bring cupid into his life if he wishes. We’ll help you make friends with this eternal source of happiness with a few tips.

We master the style of minimalism in the interior. Energy should circulate freely throughout the house, so get rid of all that is unnecessary. Remove from the walls all sad pictures, photographs with the appearance of lonely, sad people.We do not need to attract the energy of loneliness. Instead of them, you can place images of peacocks or phoenixes (these birds show love the right path). Plants will also help you, especially peonies – signs of passion.


The interior of this room is best done in peach-pink tones. To attract harmony, there should be two red candles. Place sympathy talismans (seashell or pink crystal) on the southwest side of the room.

Remember, you cannot in the bedroom:

  • Place mirrors
  • Have flowers, especially artificial ones (they turn feelings into dust)
  • Hang heavy shelves on the walls
  • Decorate the room with souvenirs and paintings depicting water (it washes love from destinies )


Get a double bed.To attract falling in love, there should always be a large blanket with a couple of pillows on the bed. Place the bed on Feng Shui so that both sides are freely accessible. There should be no iron talismans in this room.

Paintings on the walls

Remove from the walls all drawings depicting lonely, wounded animals and birds, abstractions, as well as get rid of dynamic images that radiate fury and speed. It is better to see a panel depicting the Moon (it has the energy of attracting pure love), gentle lovers or peony flowers.

  • PIONE. This national sign of China, it personifies passion, ardor and, accordingly, a meeting with just such a man. But for a married lady, it is better to remove the peonies, otherwise the spouse’s betrayal is possible.
  • MAKI. They will help to attract a persistent, decent and generous partner. A real defender who will become a reliable support for you.
  • SAKURA, FLOWERING PEACH. This is tenderness, romance, kindness. You will have a sensual, devoted man.

Remember: peonies cannot be used in an apartment where a married couple over 40 years old lives.There is a risk of one of the spouses leaving and having an affair on the side.


Various talismans can be used to stimulate the attraction of the energy of love, which must be used to decorate an apartment. Choose for yourself those that are closer to you in spirit.

Mandarin ducks

One of the most powerful symbols of a successful marriage and family. This is a relationship where trust and harmony reign. According to Feng Shui, the amulet of mandarin ducks is very highly valued and promises a strong affection between two people.For lonely hearts, such talismans will give a long-awaited meeting, and for married couples they will help to attract stable happiness in marriage.

Paired souvenirs

These are any objects, talismans, figurines of birds, animals or people. An important condition is that they must be heterosexual.

  • People in love. An indicator of sincere emotions, mutual attraction. By the way, such souvenirs attract love well if you place them in the bedroom.
  • Candlesticks. They will be able to attract fortitude in the event of difficulties on the way to harmonious connections.
  • Wolves. These are talismans of family fidelity, idyll and devotion.
  • Dolphins. Good luck in choosing a life partner.
  • Swans. The emblem of love and fidelity to the last breath.
  • Flamingo. Tenderness, caring for each other.
  • Plants. Especially peonies to attract love and trust.
  • Pigeons. Happiness in married life, reciprocity.

Rose quartz

This mineral is very popular in awakening the senses. Quartz souvenirs are powerful talismans for attracting feng shui love.They will find a life partner, increase harmony in relationships, and bring more romance. also able to attract and develop self-love. After all, this is the basis for a happy relationship.

Affection Zone

The romantic feeling is always close by. Moreover, it has its own place in the house. This is the southwestern part of the house – the love sector. Wipe this area regularly with clean water, remove dust in time. Remove all unnecessary from there, remove broken things. To attract a relationship, put paired objects there (maybe two chairs or armchairs) hang a picture of a loving couple, peony flowers will also benefit.

Make sure that there are no elements of water here – they have a destructive effect (love is a fiery element, water extinguishes it).

The element of the Earth rules in the zone of love. Her color scheme is yellow, beige, brown. Here, each item needs to be matched to match. You can put chocolate in there, which will help attract romance to intimacy.

What to do if this area enters the bathroom or toilet

Of course, according to the rules of Feng Shui, this means daily washing away of love, as well as difficulties in understanding each other.This is fixable.

  1. The entrance to these areas should always be closed so as not to miss the attraction of the senses
  2. Place mirrors on the inside of the doors to prevent energy leakage
  3. Reinforce the southwest part of the bedroom or living room

Sector activation

To activate, we need the element of Fire, since fire awakens the earth. This element requires bright objects with characteristic colors: orange, red, pink.Candles, images of the sun, fire. To attract feng shui love, to activate the zone, you need to add several bright accessories of the appropriate tone.

Light red candles every night for 49 days. They should burn for three hours. Place the candles themselves among the composition of stones or crystals. For more effect, tie the entire ensemble with a red ribbon to attract reliability in a relationship. The stones are especially appreciated those that you have brought back from your travels. They already have your positive energy and good emotions.

The whole composition should be on the red fabric in the center of this sector. Crystals can be used instead of stones, but they must be rounded. If stones or crystals are dirty, wash them in salted water.

Star of Romance

In addition to the love sector, you also need to activate your symbol of romance. This symbolic sign is responsible for attracting love, it makes a person more harmonious. All 4 stars are named after animals (see table).

How to activate the required zone?

Having identified your Feng Shui sector, you need to find this area, which, when activated, will help you find love. When searching, you can arm yourself with a compass. Here it is necessary to arrange live cut inflorescences (there can be 4 or 9 of them – these are the numbers of romance). Next to them, place a souvenir figurine of the animal that matches you. Buy a pendant or keychain with your animal, carry it with you at all times.

Do not use this method for married couples, otherwise an amorous triangle will happen

Our advice

  • When you go to the store, buy some things “for two”
  • To attract love in Feng Shui, try to use red items in clothes
  • Plan your workplace in the northwest of the room, and in the east, place things in a red shade (vase, drawings, souvenirs)


Affirmations or thought-form words that must be said constantly, especially if you activate the feng shui sectors.It can be any expressions like these:

  • I am open to harmony and happiness
  • The universe is calling me to meet the only one
  • The energy of enchantment fills my soul
  • I am happy, I found my beloved
  • My happy meeting awaits me, I ready for her

Such practices are guaranteed to help you become a happy, in love person and create a long, harmonious connection!

Suddenly the magic of love will open your doors.Believe and wait? No! Believe and act with Feng Shui.

These birds symbolize home comfort, cleanliness and success in love relationships, as well as numerous offspring.

How and where to place swallows in Feng Shui

The image of these birds will be appropriate anywhere in your house or apartment.

Butterflies in Feng Shui will bring joy to your relationship

Butterflies are a talisman of love, joy and fulfillment of desires. The butterflies should be arranged in pairs or flocks, as if they naturally flew into your room.

How and where to place butterflies in feng shui

Fluttering butterflies can be used to decorate the walls of the bedroom to intensify romantic relationships, to add a fresh stream to the sex life of partners and make cherished dreams come true. Butterflies in the bedroom will help single people to improve their personal lives more quickly and keep the fire of existing relationships. Every morning, opening your eyes, you will see butterflies fluttering and start the day with joy and new hopes.

Mandarin ducks in Feng Shui harmonize love relationships

The most famous symbol of love in Feng Shui according to Chinese beliefs is the mandarin ducks.They are really very affectionate and cute creatures. A pair of tangerines symbolizes a strong and tender love bond.

The duck is generally an emblem of good luck. The royal duck or mandarin duck got its name for its unusually beautiful plumage and superiority over other species. This talisman will give your family well-being, prosperity and good luck, shake up cooled feelings and significantly improve marital relations.

If you are single, mandarin ducks will save you because they tend to attract good luck in romantic relationships.

Ducks fly in pairs, so the bird is considered a symbol of marriage. In Feng Shui, in general, any paired sign is especially favorable for family relationships, and these birds, as the Chinese believe, choose their partner once for their whole life and die if they have to be separated. Therefore, tangerines are also a symbol of marital fidelity.

Legend has it that a Chinese Mandarin decided to divorce his wife and send her to her parents’ house. In the evening, before telling her about his decision, he decided to take a walk along the lake.He walked for a long time, pondering the upcoming conversation with his wife, and suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by a noise – two mandarin ducks sat on the water. The mandarin involuntarily admired them: they so gently bowed their graceful necks to each other, cleaned each other’s feathers with such love that the man remembered all the wonderful moments that he experienced with his wife. The love that had been extinguished flared up in him with renewed vigor. So the ducks saved the marriage, which was on the verge of collapse.

How and where to place mandarin ducks in feng shui

Mandarin ducks are one of the best Feng Shui talismans for activating the love and marriage sector.The best place for this symbol is the south-western sector of the apartment, the sector of love and relationships, or the bedroom, regardless of the sector in which it is located. If you already have a partner, then the ducks are put next to them so that they seem to say: “we are sailing through life together.” It is good if they are fixed on the same stand. If you want to attract new love relationships into life, then it is better to put the ducks so that they are directed towards each other, that is, symbolize a search and a meeting.

Geese will save you from infidelity

Geese symbolize fidelity in marriage and spiritual unity of spouses.It is believed that geese miss their soul mate very much and never fly alone. Geese are so devoted to their partners that they never create families again,

which makes them also a symbol of eternal love. The Chinese even say about those who remain faithful to their deceased loved ones that they have the soul of a goose.

If the lifestyle of your family is such that you have to spend a lot of time apart (frequent business trips, work away from home, unforeseen circumstances that provoked separation), then an image or a figurine of a couple of flying geese will help you not to lose emotional closeness with your soul mate.

How and where to place geese in Feng Shui

The paired image of geese is appropriate in the southwestern sector of the house.

A pair of lovers for positive energy

The energy of love is very lively and strong. Remembering this and dreaming of a life partner, you will be able to realize your thoughts into a real picture, that is, after some time your chosen one will visit your house, conquering your heart forever.

Images that embody love in our understanding, create the appropriate atmosphere, tune in a certain way, enrich us with romance and sensuality.

Such a picture not only contributes to harmony in our life, saturates us with positive energy and self-confidence, but also positively affects success in other areas of life. This image symbolizes the natural combination of two principles – male and female.

How and where to place the image of a pair of lovers in feng shui

In the love sector (southwest), almost any pair of symbols and talismans work well. And a picture of a couple in love will be very appropriate here!

Two doves in Feng Shui to strengthen the marriage union

Two kissing doves with open wings mean love, friendship and marital fidelity.A pair of pigeons are also used to maintain long-term partnerships.

How and where to place pigeons in feng shui

This symbol would be appropriate in the southwest sector.

Feng Shui symbol “double happiness” (double luck) for the stability of relationships or new love

The symbol “Double Happiness”, drawn on or cut out of red paper, decorated with gold, the Chinese place in a conspicuous place at any wedding. This symbol is very effective in activating romantic luck.

This mascot has its own legend. During the Tang Dynasty, a student went to the capital to take a very important exam for him, according to the results of which candidates for ministers were selected. But, passing through a small mountain village, he felt that he was ill. A rural physician and his daughter took in a student. Thanks to the skill of the doctor (and maybe not only him), the guy quickly recovered, but when it was time to move on, he realized that it was difficult for him to part with the daughter of his savior.Young people fell in love with each other. At parting, the girl wrote to the student the first part of the shape-shifting poem and asked him to compose the second. In a very loose translation (otherwise it is impossible to translate verses from Old Chinese), the stanza sounded like this:

“Mist blows green trees into the sky. Spring rain”.

“Well, I can handle it, even though it’s not easy. But only after the exam, ”the student said. The young man passed the exam best of all, and the emperor himself noted him. The monarch personally talked with the winners and offered them several riddles.One of them was to add the first stanza to the poem. The second was like this:

“Scarlet flowers in the grass swaying in the breeze. The earth blushed in a kiss.”

The young man realized that the first stanza that the girl gave him perfectly suited this text, and immediately wrote it. The emperor admired the young man’s talent so much that he appointed the young man a minister, and before taking office allowed him to see his family. The guy returned to the girl and read the emperor’s stanza to her.They were soon married. Before the wedding, they wrote two connected Chinese characters for “si” (“happiness”) on red paper and hung the sheet on the wall. This is how the Double Happiness symbol was born. It is double because it is intended for both spouses.

How and where to place the Double Happiness symbol in Feng Shui

This symbol can be placed in the southwest sector of the house. If your life is desperate for love, place a double luck symbol in your bedroom. You can put the appropriate amulet under the mattress or carry it with you in your purse.The sign of “Double Happiness” is used to decorate the matrimonial bed, chairs and other furniture that is used in the bedroom. In addition, it is applied to silk and brocade intended for wedding celebrations.

Red Chinese lanterns in Feng Shui will help bring back lost feelings

Lanterns are used to attract good luck and prosperity. Red Chinese lanterns are a very effective talisman for the love zone. It is customary to hang Chinese lanterns in pairs, since paired things in themselves are strong activators of the zone of love and marriage, and the red color of lanterns further enhances their effect.Place two lanterns in the south-western sector of the apartment, and they will help to return the lost ardor of feelings. In addition, they create coziness and decorate the interior, thereby attracting positive energy and activating almost any sector of Feng Shui.

How and where to place red lanterns in feng shui

They can be hung in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the living room or in the hallway, and believe me, they will liven up your home with their festive look. You can hang Chinese lanterns at the front door, thereby attracting positive energy into the house and preventing it from going out.

Chuanggong and Chuanmu – Feng Shui mascot for married couples

Since ancient times in the East, near the matrimonial bed, especially among newlyweds, there have been images of the deity of the marriage bed Chuangun (“master of the bed”) and his wife, Chuanmu or Chuanpo (“mother of the bed”). They fostered harmonious relationships in marriage, guarded the spouses’ bedroom and helped to give birth to numerous offspring.

Where and how to place Chuanggong and Chuanmu in feng shui

Figures of these deities are best placed in the bedroom, as close to the bed as possible.

A pyramid of three turtles – a talisman to strengthen the bond of generations

Three turtles in the form of a pyramid: the largest one on the bottom, the middle one on it, the small one on the middle one – this is a wonderful symbol of family unity, in which everyone supports each other and cares for each other. The largest turtle is the head of the family, on whom the whole house rests. This talisman is especially good for families in which several generations live together – parents, children, grandchildren … Such a talisman will bring peace and tranquility to the family.

Where and how to place a pyramid of three turtles according to Feng Shui

The very place for this symbol is the eastern sector. And also any room in the house (regardless of the sector) where all family members like to get together, for example: dining room, living room, etc.

Snail-Makara (dragon snail) – will create harmony between lovers

This mythical animal is a hybrid of a snail, crocodile, snake and dragon. Agree, a very unusual combination! An image or figurine of a snail-makara helps maintain harmony in the house, in relationships between people who love each other.The presence of this symbol sharply reduces the likelihood of misunderstanding and conflicts between spouses, as well as among children (which is especially important if there are two or more children in the family). Also, this symbol personifies the search for the right solution and finding a compromise in case of quarrels in the family.

How and where to place a Makara snail in Feng Shui

It is best to place the Makara snail figurine in the family sector (east) or in the room where households gather most often.

Dzaoshen – keeper of the hearth

Dzaoshen is the keeper of the hearth, and it is also a symbol of the fulfillment of desires, health, happiness, wealth and prosperity.Dzaoshen protects the house from destructive influences, helps to overcome family problems, brings peace, reliability and family happiness. Sometimes he is depicted with a round tablet in his hand, where all the needs and wishes are recorded. On December 24, Dzaoshen goes to heaven and reports to the heavenly office on how he guards the house and helps in the household, conveys all the wishes, and they are sure to be fulfilled.

Often Dzaoshen has attributes symbolizing health and longevity, such as a magic peach, a gourd with clear water, and a deer.If a bag is depicted next to Dzaoshen, then wishes of wealth and prosperity can be added to the wishes of health and happiness.

How and where to place Dzaoshen in feng shui

Traditionally, the Dzaoshen figurine is made in the netsuke style. It is beneficial if such a figure will be located in the eastern sector, or in the living room, regardless of the sector of the room

Unicorn in Feng Shui – a symbol of fertility for those who want to get pregnant

In principle, this kind and magical animal will bring good luck in many endeavors.We know about unicorns mainly from medieval knightly legends and fairy tales, but in India this animal is revered as a symbol of fertility (pregnancy).

Where and how to place a unicorn in feng shui

Mascot feng shui stork for early pregnancy

The stork symbolizes the arrival of spring and new life, is a bird of the Annunciation, as well as an assistant in the early appearance of an heir in the family.

In different cultures, the stork as a talisman has slightly different meanings.For example, among Christians, the stork symbolizes chastity, purity, reverence, it is considered a symbol of new life. According to Russian folk beliefs, the stork is a bird that brings happiness. The stork protects the birth of children. Among the Egyptians, he personified filial piety, since it was believed that the stork fed its parents in old age. In Greek mythology, the goddess of storks was portrayed as a woman – the giver of life, a wet nurse and was an attribute of Hera. Among the Romans, the stork symbolized piety, filial affection.

Particularly beneficial if you purchase a Lao Tzu figurine on a stork. Lao Tzu is an ancient sage, holding a peach in his hands (a symbol of longevity and good health). Lao Tzu flies on a stork, which symbolizes the imminent birth of a child.

Where and how to place a stork in feng shui

The stork figurine can be placed in the hallway, as if it flies into your house, at the entrance to the bedroom or in the western sector.

Kuan Yin – patroness of women

The name Kuan Yin means “Hearer to the sounds of the world.”As Buddhists say, Kuan Yin hears all people’s prayers and helps everyone who turns to her.

Altars dedicated to this Mother of Mercy can be found in temples, houses, roadside grottoes throughout the East. She is revered as the image of the Mother, the divine mediator who takes to heart the daily affairs of everyone who turns to her. Kuan Yin’s role as a Buddhist Madonna can be compared to that of Mary – the mother of Jesus – in the West. In China, as well as in Korea and Japan, Quan Yin is perhaps the most popular image of a Buddhist saint among the people.

Faithful adherents of Kuan Yin often visit local temples and make pilgrimages to larger ones when important events occur in their lives or when they are especially burdened with any problems. Every three years, festivities are held in her honor on the nineteenth day of the second month (her birthday is celebrated), the sixth month and the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar.

Quan Yin can often be seen in the image “Patroness of Children”, which is in many houses and temples of the East.A large white veil covers her entire figure, while she herself sits on a lotus. Sometimes Kuan Yin is depicted with a child in her arms, at her feet, or on her lap, or with several children standing around her. In the eastern tradition, it is believed that Kuan Yin bestows longevity, youth, fulfillment of desires and immortality for many thousands of years, and also helps those who wish to have children, protects pregnant women and facilitates childbirth.

Where and how to place Quan Yin in feng shui

A figurine or image of Kuan Yin can be placed in the north-west or west sectors, as well as in the bedroom near the sleeping place, for example, on the bedside table.

Pomegranate fruit symbol of multiple pregnancy

The pomegranate was the symbol of fertility in Greek and Roman mythology. He was also a symbol of Pluto’s wife, Proserpine, who returns every spring from the underworld to renew the earth.

In the East, the flowers and fruits of the pomegranate symbolize friendship, therefore, when visiting, they often take a pomegranate with them as a gift. And also the fruits of the pomegranate symbolize multiple pregnancies.

In the Bible, the pomegranate is mentioned as a symbol of the unity of the universe.In Christian culture, the pomegranate has become a symbol of hope for resurrection and immortality.

Where and how to place pomegranate fruits according to Feng Shui

Pomegranate fruits or a pomegranate tree (you can picture a pomegranate tree with fruits) should be placed in the western sector of your house or apartment.

Glomer-amulet (five elements) protection of pregnancy

This symbol protects children and pregnant women, brings peace and peace of mind.It symbolizes the five primary elements: Space, Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. The glomerulus helps to preserve the harmony of elements even in an unfavorable place and protects its owner from all evil.

The amulet is a thread twisted into a small ball, where one color smoothly passes into another. In principle, you can make such a ball yourself: take five threads of different colors (green, red, yellow, blue and white), twist them together and twist a small ball.In the East, it is made according to the old Tibetan method, passed down to us by the Tibetan master Sa Che.

Where and how to place a ball-amulet in Feng Shui

This ball can be placed in a baby’s bed (for example, under a mattress or pillow), and expectant mothers can carry it with them or put it in their bed.

Chronic loneliness is not a diagnosis. And even less a sentence. This is a situation that needs to be resolved. If there is no man in your house, you need to attract him.How to attract a man into your life with Feng Shui – technologies – will tell you one of the most ancient teachings about the harmonization of external space and internal state.

Make Way for Qi!

First of all, Feng Shui masters recommend bringing complete order to the house. Dirt, dust, debris, unnecessary things interfere with the healthy flow of life-giving Qi energy through the house. Dull windows, dull chandeliers, deposits of old magazines – all this prevents sunlight from entering the house, and with it – the male element of Yang.

It is necessary to clean up conscientiously, because invisible and invisible dirt under sofas, cupboards and in cupboards can be one of the main reasons for stagnation in your life.

  • carpets and pillows – dry cleaning;
  • dishes with chips and cracks – into the trash chute;
  • unnecessary but good things – sell;
  • what is left – distribute;
  • full rubbish along with old fur coats, grandma’s towels and chargers from non-existent phones – also into the garbage chute;
  • Wipe or vacuum the books in the cabinet;
  • sort clothes into bags or organizers;
  • disassemble and wash the computer keyboard, vacuum the laptop keyboard;
  • Remove the computer or laptop from the sleeping area for good.

This amount of work does not have to be done in one day. But you shouldn’t stretch it either. A week is a very realistic time to prepare the home for the second stage and find out how to attract a man in Feng Shui.

Room zoning

In the practice of Feng Shui, the Bagua octagon is used actively. This is a handy tip for adjusting the energies in the zones of each room. The southwest side of your bedroom (or other room) is responsible for love.

The color of the sector on the octagon is pink. So the love zone in the house should be determined by the same color. Red, beige, ocher are also considered favorable colors. And unfavorable ones are black, blue, green.

Squares and triangles are the optimal shape for everything that falls into this zone. Rectangular things are best moved to a different location.

Talismans for love

In order for feng shui to start working to attract a man, special talismans must be installed in the love zone, attracting feelings – these are pink quartz crystals.Ideally, hearts from it.

Peonies are also considered a symbol of love in this system. Therefore, a picture with their image will become a very powerful talisman. Figurines or dolls in the form of happy couples also normalize the yin-yang balance.

And in general, everything in the bedroom should be paired: pillows, candles (2 red candles – in the love sector!), Bedside tables, frames. Be sure to have two birds – live or porcelain. Mandarin ducks and cranes work especially well.

But paintings depicting lonely girls are unacceptable.

Elements at the service of the senses

In the southwest sector, the main element is Land . Therefore, it is imperative that a houseplant be present there (but by no means trees!)

Feeding element – fire . Light two red candles in the love zone regularly.

Wood and metal should be present there at a minimum, since they weaken the zone.

An excellent island of the “Earth” element will create a stack of flat stones, pebbles.To enhance the properties, you can tie it with a red ribbon.

House for Love

To the question of how to attract a man into your life, Feng Shui gives an unambiguous answer – prepare your home for the life of two. The bed should be double, with two pillows and comfortable approaches on both sides.

The rooms should contain purely masculine things that carry the Yang energy. These are magazines, shirts, hygiene items, slippers.

To balance the energies, you need to hang crystal balls on the windows, the light, laid out on a spectral rainbow, brings the desired harmony.

Thoughts for Love

Feng Shui to attract a man suggests repeating special affirmations aloud or silently every day.

These are short texts that calm internal storms and set you up for results. For example:

My life is full of joy. I love myself and accept who I am. I love the whole world. And love enters my life freely and easily, I learn to accept it with dignity and gratitude.

Choose the formula that is optimal for your inner state, clothe it in beautiful words and repeat it several times a day.In doing so, be sincere!

Waiting for Miracles

The house is cleaned, the love zone is all in pink, the bed is pushed away from the wall, flowers and rainbows are all around. And where is the prince? Calmly! He’s on his way. And in the meantime your house is being transformed, the flows of energies are normalized, it seems that even the air has become fresher and cleaner. This is the beginning of great changes. It is important not to stop and move on.

  • Always wear beautiful lingerie;
  • Bring food to the house that could please the man;
  • occasionally play sports channels during football or hockey matches;
  • Learn to tie a tie and cook borscht;
  • Tidy up your hair and manicure;
  • write down on two pink sheets of paper the qualities that the future loved one should have and the traits that should not be, roll the sheets into tubes and place them in the love zone;
  • Yes, it’s very cool at home now, but the prince will not come here himself, so go out, communicate, meet, soon He will meet you.
  • do not share your deeds and achievements with friends or relatives, the dream you have told comes true with great difficulty;
  • If you feel discouraged, buy flowers. Another easy way is to wash off the melancholy with water and scented oils. A candlelit bath will tell your body that you love it;
  • Maintain order every day. It only takes half an hour and saves a lot of nerve cells.
  • Dispose of one item each day in addition to household waste.Unnecessary, of course. This will free up space in the closets for your man’s belongings.

Feng Shui to attract love and marriage: photos, tips, talismans, accessories

Save itemVase “red heart” | – 1st floor of Tsvetnoy department store Before we start – one important note: it is not necessary to do absolutely everything described in the article. You can choose only one technique, and which one – only you know, listen to your own intuition. There is no need to make excuses to guests and relatives – we will use familiar interior accessories.

Where to start
Draw a plan of your own apartment and divide it into nine squares. We pick up a compass, for example, on a smartphone. Usually we look for that and act on the part that falls into the Southwest Sector (responsible for love). Unfortunately, with the onset of the Chinese New Year, unfavorable stars control it, but the Romance star flew to the Eastern Sector. And therefore, in 2017 we will activate the East – not the South-West.

Save productMug ARTMUG | – 1st floor of Tsvetnoy department store

Step 2.We draw up a shopping plan
Our task: to find personally your associations with love. It can be any things that are associated with romance, relationships, passion. Heart-shaped figurines, hugging porcelain couples – great! Caskets, frames, any accessories with the inscription “love”, sponges – great. It is important that these are your associations and your interpretations: after all, the stripes on this circle may remind someone of an explosion of passion.

Save itemCandlestick J&C | – 1st floor of Tsvetnoy department store Do you think hearts are vulgar? – Fine! Act at the level of color and association.It is not even necessary to go beyond fashion trends in interior design: look at the photo – dusty pink goes well with brass accessories: here you have both “romance” and “shine of a wedding ring”.

Perhaps you have a more developed channel of “smells”, and quite certain aromas are associated with love – look for them among interior diffusers or candles.

Important: love accessories should be bought or paired. Two frames, two pillows, two candles, even boxes with a heart – two are better.

Save productHeart | – 1st floor of the Tsvetnoy department store

I would also like to say a few words about light and lighting devices: floor lamps, night lamps, sconces. If you are ready to hang a stationary lighting fixture in the room where the “love zone” falls – the light will activate it; personally, you don’t even have to do anything special – just turn on the night light every evening.

Save ItemCandlestick Feeling Text | – 1st floor of Tsvetnoy department store

If there is no place (or desire) to buy a lamp, a couple of candles is a simple and effective technique.Look for pink or even scarlet, light it up for a short while in the evenings in the area of ​​the apartment that matches love and romance in your case.

DECORATIVE PILLOW SHANNON I – 1st floor of Tsvetnoy department store It is a little more difficult with accessories – someone will look at a couple of swans with emotion (and this is really a very strong Feng Shui symbol for the zone of love and the search for a monogamous and noble partner). But if this is an unnecessary “melodrama” for you personally, look for your own associations and visualize them.The main thing is not to forget about the principle of pairing.

Step 3. Expand the bed
For a comprehensive study of the issue, calculate your Gua number (any online calculator will help). Having decided on the number, find your direction “romantic luck”. It is advisable to sleep this way this year – if possible, turn the bed in the right direction. Remember, you do not just rearrange, but unfold the bed with a specific purpose and intention (keep it in your head).If the rearrangement is impossible, try to assume in a dream a position oriented in the direction you need (head to the northwest, for example). So your romantic luck will accumulate in your sleep.

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Save item PINK COVERED PAPILLON | – 1st floor of Tsvetnoy department store

Step 4. Buy peach linen – several linens in an ideal bed shades of peach, pink, with floral prints; new partners come for everything new.And all the more insistently I advise you to change the bedding if parting with a previous partner was painful.

Save itemDecorative basket “Rooster” Step 5. Looking for accessories for the bedroom
Here you will have to “run” for certain interior figures and figurines. By color, theme and texture, they must correspond to your year of birth (almost all of their animals know, but if you don’t remember, there are tables on the Internet for determining). Further check with our list and do not ask me why exactly these animals and such colors: this is Feng Shui, and it has its own logic.
  • Tiger, Horse, Dog – look for a green wooden rabbit and place it in the eastern part of the bedroom.
  • Buffalo, Snake, Rooster – put the red horse in the south of the bedroom. Ideally, a “red fiery” is needed, but it is not clear how to convey fire in the case of a horse.
  • Rat, Dragon, Monkey – choose the golden metal rooster and place it to the west of the bedroom.
  • Rabbit, Sheep or Pig – look for a blue water rat (the “Water” element can be represented by crystal or glass – transparent, blue, blue and black).We put to the north.
Important: every year the stars fly from place to place, and if an unfortunate star nevertheless got into the favorable sector of your animal from the table, then this year, 2017, you do not put your figure in this sector. Try other methods from this article.

Chinese New Year: How to Catch Flying Stars in 2017

Save ProductKaiser Blanket Step 6. Cocoon Ritual
This option is not for the faint of heart, but it works 101%.Take out an extra blanket from the mezzanine – soft, plump and pleasant to the touch. Or take a large pillow. Or go to the store, buy new ones. Roll a “cocoon” out of the blanket and carry it to your bed. When falling asleep, hug the “cocoon”, trying to visualize the future partner.

We are all in different situations: someone already wants a family, and someone, on the contrary, wants variety after a difficult divorce. So try to feel exactly who you need: a reliable spouse or a “one-night stand” – you hug them in different ways.One client of mine hugged a huge teddy bear instead of a blanket with the same intent. And it worked!

Save item DOUBLE CASKET TESORA | – 1st floor of Tsvetnoy department store Step 7. List in the box
What articles on psychological sites do not read, they advise the visualization of desires. And so everyone is sitting and writing, as if by a template: “smart, kind, handsome” and stuff like that. The lists work, this has been verified, but there are nuances.
  • Write only those traits that are important to you, and not those that are customary to want in society.Empty desires will lead to you “not your” person.
  • Look at the finished list and feel like all the features together, everything as a whole. Do you like such a person? Is it attracted to him? Otherwise there will be a “nine out of ten” kvaler, but there is no happiness.
  • Put the list in the box that you associate with love or romance and put it in the love sector. To be sure, you can enclose the list in a red or pink envelope.

Secret Feng Shui: How to compose an envelope of desires Save item – 1st floor of Tsvetnoy department store Many people have a certain ideal of the appearance of a future partner.But personally, I do not advise you to frame a photo of Brad Pitt – why do you need “fake Brad”? Much more correct if you compose a photopanel of desires. Yes, you will have to spend some time selecting high-quality images (you can use clippings from magazines) that make you feel intensely romantic. But remember: everything that you put in the frame has already begun to be executed. This means that random images should not be there. Choose consciously, with pleasant emotions and trust in the magic of the Universe.

If you have now begun to sneer internally, go back to the beginning of the text: remember, I did not advise using a method if it does not evoke an internal response from you.

Save productAroma Esteban Paris | – 1st floor of Tsvetnoy department store Instead of conclusions
Before using the recommendations, think about whether you really need a loved one now or you just don’t want to look like a “black sheep”? If this is not your desire, but an imposed desire, the relationship that has appeared will not bring happiness.

The Universe gives us the opportunity to see and work out our own mistakes. In any case, a person will appear, but do not expect that he will miraculously take over all your problems and after the meeting, an eternal paradise will come. In any case, you will have to start with yourself. And new linen or candles won’t hurt anyway.

For those who are ready to use my recommendations, I guarantee that you will succeed. You can write to me in my personal mail through messages on Houzz or in public comments – we will analyze the errors, correct and direct your activity.

Feng Shui: 12 most important talismans

Even in ancient times, people tried to exist in accordance with the laws of nature, while being in full harmony with the world around them. The Chinese have achieved the highest skill in this direction.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese teaching that can be called both science and art about energy, space and the person in it. Chinese philosophy claims that every person at birth receives heavenly happiness, which is his destiny and is destined from above.A person forms human happiness for himself. But there is also earthly happiness, which embraces what surrounds a person. It is this that can have an impact on a person’s entire life. After all, many objects are spiritualized, which means that they can affect the fate of an individual.

1. The place where we live or our home

Home protection rules:
• When you come home, be sure to wipe your shoes, take a shower and change into your home clothes.
• After a visit, never leave unwashed dishes.Immediately after the guests leave, thoroughly wash the dishes with running water, wipe the floor with a damp cloth to remove any, even random, negative information.
• A new item or clothing bought or donated must not be worn without first cleaning or fumigating. You run the risk of getting unnecessary energy waste.

2. Cleansing with bells

The sound of a bell drives away evil spirits. This is common knowledge. But why? It turns out that bells create vibrations that negative energy cannot bear and simply collapses.There are several types of bells. Some are similar to ours, there are bells, similar to hollow tubes, in which there is a tongue, they are metal and ceramic. The sounds of all these bells are different, but they are all tuned to expel that stagnant, negative energy that could not be expelled by clapping. Therefore, after slamming the room, you must make another round, now with bells. Be sure to wash your hands after handling them. This is done just in case, as a rule, when working with sound, negative energy is not as sticky as during claps.

3. Whatever one may say, but wealth plays an important role in our life. And it mainly manifests itself in money. Therefore, it is good if there are always his symbols in the house.

“Goldfish” – a symbol of wealth and prosperity in China, literally has two meanings: “Goldfish” and “Gold in abundance.” You can limit yourself to a ceramic figurine, or you can have live aquarium fish at home.

Another popular symbol of wealth is three-toed frog .She usually holds one or three coins in her mouth to symbolize wealth. Accordingly, it should be located “facing” inside the house, and not vice versa. Sometimes the frog is without coins, but with a slit in the mouth where you can insert a real coin. The more this frog looks like a real one, the better. But the best three-legged frog is made of yellow shiny metal, reminiscent of gold, or actually gold. The most suitable place for a frog is the living room.

Also one of the most popular and most effective symbols of Feng Shui wealth, “bowl of wealth” is considered. This is a real bowl or vase that is filled with a variety of objects. The bowl itself must be made of metal: copper, gold or silver. It is perfectly acceptable to use a ceramic or crystal bowl or vase, but in no case should it be glass or plastic. The ideal shape for the bowl of wealth is round and squat, widening downward, generally reminiscent of a cut-off pumpkin. It was in such a vase, according to ancient beliefs, that divine nectar was kept. The “throat” of the bowl should be wide enough, but not wider than the middle.It is believed that it is easy for wealth to enter such a bowl, but difficult to get out.

4. And an assistant for health

Did you know that feng shui also helps for health. And even has several healing exercises in its arsenal. First, to eliminate the imbalance in the distribution of Qi flows in the human body. And secondly, they are especially beneficial for those of us who suffer from hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

So let’s get started. Concentrate on the hands and imagine that you are holding a weightless ball that you are submerging in water.Concentrate on the chest and imagine that you are standing on the top of a mountain, and only in front of you is the boundless, air-filled space and light, towards which you open your chest. Take in light and space, fresh mountain air!

Feng Shui also helps to regain lost, harmony and flexibility. Tilt to one side, tilt to the other. Imagine that a rainbow soars above you and gently sways under light gusts of breeze.

5. Love is perhaps the most important concept not only for Feng Shui, but also for every person in this life.Therefore, Feng Shui attaches great importance to creating an atmosphere of love, romantic bright relationships in the house. So, let’s go …

Painting with peonies is considered a very strong love talisman in Feng Shui. If you are a single girl and want to get married, a picture with peonies (and, if possible, live peonies) should be placed at the entrance to the bedroom. If you are already married, peonies in the bedroom will make your husband more loving, but there is a danger that he will look to the side. Therefore, the ideal option is a picture with peonies in the living room.

Paired characters . They symbolize the natural combination of two principles – male and female. The most striking paired symbols of Feng Shui are a pair of mandarin ducks, a pair of frolicking fish or dolphins. However, you can place any symbols that symbolize love in your ideas – swans, doves, figures of a man and a woman, and other images. The main thing is to have two and be sure to be of different sexes.

6. A mirror is a necessary thing in the life of every woman and man .It accompanies us everywhere and always. From the point of view of Chinese feng shui, the complete reflection of a person is especially important, because in this way his inner strength is always one, and his creative and energy potentials are very high. It is especially good if the mirror leaves a free area above the person’s head, thereby providing people with the opportunity to “grow” where it is needed: physical, spiritual, career, financial.

Mirrors should be framed – this way they will store good energy and direct it in the right direction, rather than scatter it around.Mirrors must be clean, then the energy emanating from them will be clean and positive. There is no need to hang mirrors in front of doors or in front of windows – in this case, all good things, instead of going into the house, will go back to the street. And yet – it is very important to immediately remove, throw away the broken or cracked mirror. The mirror works the same way, taking on everything bad, and it is important to throw this bad out of the house as soon as possible.

7. Angles and triangles

As our grandmothers tell us: “Don’t sit on the corner!”.Marry then, according to them, as if in the next seven-year plan does not shine. According to Feng Shui, a protruding corner aimed at a person, be it the corner of a table, cabinet or any other, sends “poisoned arrows” to the poor fellow, which will leave him not only without reciprocity, but also without money, health and good luck.

8. Four sacred animals

China is a country with a rich and highly developed mythology. And, according to the ideas of the ancient Chinese sages, the house is surrounded by the spirits of four sacred animals: Black Turtle, Red Phoenix, Green Dragon and White Tiger.Each of these shapes serves a different purpose.

Among all the variety of terrestrial and mythical creatures, these animals were not chosen by chance. Each of them is associated with its own element: Black Turtle – with Water; Green Dragon – with a Tree; White Tiger – with Metal; Red Phoenix – with Fire. And the Earth is the house itself, located in the center.

9. Runs under the rainbow – you will catch happiness!

Those who remember physics understand that it is impossible to do this. But even seeing a rainbow – a symbol of the Heavenly Gate – is considered a good sign.And Feng Shui recommends to “tame” the rainbow and settle it in your own home. That is why arched openings are so favorable – passing under them, each time we “step under the rainbow” and receive the protection of Heaven.

10. Mandarin ducks

Mandarin ducks are one of the best feng shui talismans for activating the sector of Love and marriage. They attract romantic luck and symbolize a long and happy marriage.

These ducks got their name for their extraordinary beautiful plumage and superiority over other ducks.These are royal ducks. They say that these birds choose their partner only once and die if they are separated. Therefore, these animals are a symbol of marital fidelity.

To activate this talisman, it is best to place the ducks next to the aquarium or houseplants. You can also put an object next to them that you associate with a feeling of love and a cloudless relationship

11. Chinese characters are one of the most powerful and effective means of Feng Shui. You can purchase ready-made panels with hieroglyphs in specialized stores, or embroider yourself. You can try and draw them, or just print them on a printer.

The hieroglyph “Double Happiness” will bring to the house the fulfillment of all dreams and harmony in marriage. Since this is double happiness, this hieroglyph helps not only the owner of this symbol, but also his half. Success becomes the success of both, happiness becomes double!

The hieroglyph “Wealth” helps to increase income and receive all kinds of material benefits.This hieroglyph can be placed in the wealth zone, wallet, safe and other “money” places.

The hieroglyph “Fulfillment of desires” promotes the awakening of energy that is associated with your dreams and desires. It is very good to have such a hieroglyph at home, it will help with the fulfillment of desires and the implementation of all plans, both personal and business. It is customary to present this calligraphy to friends with the best wishes and the fulfillment of all cherished desires.

The hieroglyph “Eternal Love” will give the flame of eternal and inextinguishable love.This hieroglyph is used as a love amulet so that nothing can destroy this deep and tender feeling.

12. A lot of people are fond of Feng Shui. Someone at the user level, hanging hieroglyphs and symbols of good luck around the house. Someone in more detail, delving into the history of Feng Shui. But be that as it may, we often hear that feng shui is a waste of time and it does not help. No money, no health, no success.

Then you have to remember a few simple but eternal rules.

Firstly , never jump to conclusions. In order for the activated sector to work, it is necessary that at least a month has passed, and in some cases even a couple of months.

Secondly , do not forget about a positive attitude, in which you should arrive as constantly as possible.

And remember, at that moment when it seems that the whole world is against you, try to find at least one bright side in this situation. After all, as you know, “the darkest hour before dawn.”

how to put the bed correctly and what color the bedroom should be

It’s no secret that the arrangement of furniture in the bedroom is very important. It depends on her not only the opportunity to have a good rest and sleep, but also to keep the most tender relationship in the family, the love that once arose between two people. Arrangement of furniture according to Feng Shui will help to arrange everything in the best possible way, to create the most comfortable place in the house, which will delight property owners with its aesthetics, functionality and practicality.

The influence of color on human life

The color scheme of any room is important for each of us. If we take into account the science of Feng Shui, we can come to the conclusion that different shades are capable of attracting different energies into a person’s life. Therefore, having certain knowledge, you can choose the most necessary of them. The arrangement of the bedroom, if all the rules are followed, will help to positively affect the state of health, as well as bring the desired changes to life.It does not matter at all whether a loving couple or a bachelor lives in the apartment. Correctly chosen feng shui colors will have a beneficial effect on all areas of life.

When decorating your own home, you should not just use a ready-made design solution from a magazine, even if you liked it at first glance. Not every color is capable of attracting positive energy. Therefore, it is useful to spend time studying the most interesting science of Feng Shui in order to do everything right.

What colors can be used in the bedroom does not only depend on individual preferences. It matters where and how a given room is located in an apartment or private house. It is also useful to ask how to put the bed in the bedroom and other furniture according to Feng Shui. This science teaches us holistic complex solutions in which it is necessary to think over everything to the smallest detail. She provides fairly clear recommendations, so it will not be difficult to figure it out on your own. The energy in the bedroom should be harmonious, so it makes sense to delve deeper into the study of science.In addition, this is not only useful, but also very exciting, since it will turn out to check that what was done earlier was the reason for any negativity in life.

Bagua Bedroom layout and color choices

The choice of colors for the bedroom will depend on the bagua area. Each specific positioning of space implies the need for a specific energy requirement. The location is determined in accordance with the parts of the world.It is best to use a compass to determine all four main areas of the location, as well as the four intermediate ones.

Feng Shui teachings give us the knowledge that everything in the existing world consists of energy, everything is interconnected, since it is able to circulate and flow. Changing the colors of decoration has a serious impact on the lives of apartment and house owners. It is recommended to use specific shades for each zone in order to attract the necessary energy.

Location of a bedroom in a house or apartment

If in a city apartment with the existing layout the choice of rooms is limited, then the situation in a private house is completely different.Here you can arrange everything inside at your own discretion. It is important not only to correctly give preference to certain colors, but also to correctly arrange the furniture in the bedroom according to Feng Shui. This teaching gives advice for absolutely all occasions, so it will also be easy to cope with such a task.

Science, which is already several centuries old, tells us the following:

  • The northern region is conducive to sound restful sleep. For couples and people who have a soul mate, this arrangement of bedrooms is the most favorable.It is not suitable for people who are lonely. There is no sun on this side, and this can only aggravate the sensations. It is also not suitable for active young people, since it can lead to a slowdown in the circulation of positive energy.
  • The northeastern disposition of the bedrooms is unfavorable. Here everything is influenced by the Chi energy, which promotes motivation and activity, so it will not be possible to fully relax. It is also not recommended to do a nursery here.
  • The Northwest Side of the World is an excellent choice for the bedrooms of middle aged adults who are already established and independent.
  • Orientation is an excellent choice for the bedrooms of active young people, it helps to find their place in life.
  • Southeastern bedroom layout is suitable for business people running a business. It promotes career development and building.
  • South direction will be an excellent choice for furnishing bedrooms, the owners of which are passionate young people and are interested in the versatility of intimate life. It is important to understand that in such conditions, sleep will not be sound and full.
  • The western location of the bedrooms will create the best conditions for a romantic relationship, but it will become an obstacle to success in building a career and developing a business.
  • Unbalanced energies reign in the southwestern part of the property, they can cause self-doubt and anxiety. Therefore, it is undesirable here to equip bedrooms for children and adolescents. If it so happens that it is not possible to create conditions for sleeping in another place, you will need to pay attention to choosing the right place in order to best place the bed in order to neutralize negative influences.

The location of the bed in the bedroom

Arrangement of furniture in the bedroom according to Feng Shui, first of all, involves finding the right place to favorably position the bed. The rules say the following:

  • The bed must not be placed in front of the front door;
  • If it is important to see the front door, the bed can be placed diagonally in the room. In this case, you need to install a bedside table or other rectangular piece of furniture in your legs;
  • Do not place the bed with the headboard towards the window;
  • Avoid placing the berth too close to or directly behind the door;
  • Avoid placing the bed against a wall that borders the toilet.

If the bed is to be used by two people, provide sufficient space on three sides.

The shape of the back of the furniture is of great importance, since the science of Feng Shui studies each geometric figure, giving it a certain meaning. Oval or round backs will bring good luck to businessmen, as well as officials who want to build a successful career.

Square refers to the element “Earth” and is suitable for people working professions. Waveforms will be the best choice for creative people, i.e.to. referring to the element “Water”. The triangular shape of the back of the furniture is appropriate for active individuals who strive to do absolutely everything every day and do not sleep for a long time.

Science tells how to arrange furniture in the bedroom according to Feng Shui in order to maintain harmony in the room, not to interfere with the favorable circulation of energy. Such a room should have a wardrobe, unless a separate dressing room is provided. The presence of bedside tables will increase the level of comfort in the bedroom. You will need to adhere to simple guidelines when arranging furniture.Therefore, this process will not take long. Use high-quality furniture for arranging real estate, and oriental teachings will tell you how to put it correctly.

Feng Shui in the bedroom gives precise advice on the use of mirrors. The main rule is to prevent the bed from being reflected in it, and even more so from sleeping. It is also undesirable to place this item opposite the front door. As you can see, equipping a bedroom using Feng Shui is quite easy. Therefore, everyone can easily cope with such a task.

Color set for the interior

Color set is also described by the teachings of Feng Shui. Shades can have a variety of effects on us, which can be both positive and negative. Among all colors, the symbol of vital energy is red. Its shades are capable of exacerbating reactions and even causing aggression. Therefore, it is not the best choice for decorating bedroom surfaces.

Yellow symbolizes the Sun, the source of life, wealth and abundance.Its bright shades can cause overexcitement, which will not allow you to fully relax. Therefore, in the decor of bedrooms, it is better to use them as additional ones.

A deep blue stands out among other colors with anxiety. It is unlikely that it will be appropriate in the bedrooms. If we talk about softer shades and their combinations with others, then it is quite possible to create a cozy atmosphere, to make the bedroom comfortable.

Orange is a combination of red and yellow and therefore has the same properties as both.In the bedrooms, shades of pastel colors look good and create a favorable atmosphere for relaxation. If you follow all the rules of Eastern teachings, you will be able to choose not only the most pleasant, but also beneficial gamma to decorate the bedroom.

Design depending on the cardinal direction

According to Feng Shui, the zone of family well-being and health is the eastern zone. It is best to use any shades of green, brown, blue in bedrooms, etc.e. flowers related to the elements of Earth, Water, Wood. For a southeastern location, according to the rules of teaching, combinations of the shades of Earth and Water, as well as Earth and Wood, are suitable. Then the bedroom will be comfortable and harmonious.

For bedrooms located in the south or southwest zones, all shades of red, yellow, purple are suitable. It will be good to add some shades of Wood as it feeds the Fire. Suitable also green.

The western area of ​​the bedrooms allows the use of white and gray.You should not use flashy shades and color mixing here. Since Metal is the symbol of the zone, therefore the choice of shades is appropriate. Earth is important for metal, so its shades are a good choice.

How not to be mistaken in the choice

Studying the ancient teachings, it will be possible to decorate each bedroom in the best way. You just need to organize the data and select everything you need in accordance with the location of the room. After choosing the decor and completing the renovation, it’s time to choose the furniture.Modern manufacturers produce a large assortment, so it will not be difficult to choose everything you need in a certain color scheme.

With furniture, each of us creates comfort in real estate. Therefore, it is important to consider not only design, but also functionality. The teaching will help you arrange the furniture correctly so that it provides free circulation of energy.

Paintings and their designation according to Feng Shui teachings

Paintings not only decorate our interior and evoke aesthetic feelings, they can also influence our life.There are healing pictures and icons, there are pictures that you want to look at endlessly, and which simply radiate a sea of ​​positive energy. What a particular picture emits depends on the author, on what he has put into his work. It is not for nothing that icon painters, before starting to paint an icon, prepare for this event for a long time, fast and pray.

Paintings can significantly affect different areas of our life, according not only to the teachings of Feng Shui, but also to the most ancient Slavic signs, you just need to know and follow some rules when choosing and placing them.

Try to follow a number of guidelines when choosing a painting for your home.

First of all, you should like the picture and evoke positive emotions!

The painting should not depict anything negative, aggressive, lifeless, or dying.

Not very favorable, from the point of view of Feng Shui, in a residential building, paintings with abstract images.

Teenagers, especially boys, are very fond of pictures or posters with images of grinning animals, skulls, weapons.Try to convince them that this is highly undesirable. Such images can cause aggression in a person and a negative perception of life, show negative character traits.

Do not hang in the room in which you sleep or spend a lot of time, portraits of deceased relatives and great people, photographs of deceased famous singers and actors. These images carry yin energy. As a last resort, you can hang portraits of your idols in your study or office.

Feng Shui paintings: Plants and insects………
Many people like to hang dried butterflies, insects under glass. This is bad feng shui. Especially in the bedroom.

It is believed that panels using dried flowers also spread dead energy around them. But this does not apply to objects made of wood and straw. On the contrary, these materials absorb and spread around them the Yang energy, the energy of the Sun.

If the picture was presented to you, it matters who exactly and with what thoughts gave this gift.From the science of Feng Shui, it clearly follows that a loved one who wishes you well will give a picture that contains only bright, positive, warm feelings and perceptions.

The calm range of colors will create a feeling of tranquility and harmony with the surrounding space, and the image of nature will bring additional positive energy to your home.

Consider pictures with a waterfall, sunset, and also with the image of mountains, we will reveal their meaning according to Feng Shui. All of them personify the good and will be very useful in almost any home.

A painting depicting a sunset

Amazing pictures of the sun at sunset can evoke thoughts of something beautiful and calm in some people, while in others – conflicting feelings. It all depends on personal perception and, perhaps, even on the character of the person. To decorate your home with a picture of a sunset or not – your intuition will tell you.

It is important to note that the sunset image can be combined with something else. Then the picture takes on a completely different interpretation. For example, a sailboat sailing towards the sun on the horizon can mean the pursuit of a dream, the fulfillment of desires.

A Feng Shui professional will always prefer dawn to sunset, since the latter means an initiation, the birth of something new, life. However, the sunset itself does not necessarily mean the end, its interpretations can be completely opposite.

As a rule, sunrise and sunset contain bright reds, oranges and yellows, so such pictures are not recommended to be hung in the northern sector of the house. The western side of the dwelling will serve as a favorable place for such an image.

If you personally like this or that picture with a sunset, which gives you a storm of romance, why not find a place for it in your home.

A waterfall in a painting

An image of a waterfall in a painting or photograph symbolizes wealth in the house, attracts cash flow and good luck. The symbol of prosperity and wealth is best placed at the entrance inside the house or apartment itself.

A small decorative fountain with flowing water can serve as the same magnet of abundance.However, you always need to make sure that the water in your miniature waterfall is clean and transparent, then money will come to you quickly and easily.

Mountains in the painting

The mountain in Feng Shui is a symbol of support, protection and help. It is not for nothing that wise leaders and entrepreneurs hang pictures and images of mountains in their office behind their chairs. Mountains have always been a kind of symbol of balance, stability and support. Therefore, mountains are given a special place of honor in the science of harmony.

In the image of mountains, as a rule, calm color shades are present, which cause a person to feel a sense of unshakable calmness.Even after truly visiting the mountains, you feel calm and some kind of stable peace.

It is important to remember that a picture that symbolizes your striving for something and that really “warms your soul”, will bring the energy of good into your living space, will be a source of positive changes in your life path.

Place the paintings by sectors.
Do not hang in the southwest sector, as well as in your bedroom, paintings that show only one object or more than two.There, only paintings that depict paired objects (couples in love, birds, etc.) or mountain landscapes are appropriate.

It is not recommended to hang or place portraits of children in the bedroom and in the south-west sector.

In the north, do not hang pictures of sunrise, sunset, saturated reds or oranges.

In the east and southeast, paintings of water, trees and other plants, especially bamboo, as well as embroidered paintings, paintings on silk are suitable.In the east it is also very good to post pictures of all family members. Ideal for a family portrait.

Feng Shui paintings: Some decoding of symbols.
stork – a symbol of longevity and happy old age
quince – a symbol of fertility and happy marriage
pineapple – a symbol of fertility
orange – a symbol of gold
butterfly – a symbol of love and joy
910 , longevity, flexibility.It is a conductor of favorable energy
bull – a symbol of reliability and strength, a long, stable and fruitful life
vase (vessel) filled with something – a symbol that attracts wealth
fan – a traditional symbol of protection. Protects not only the house, but also the person himself from misfortunes
grapes – a symbol of abundance, fun
water – a symbol of health, well-being
waterfall – a symbol of attracting wealth and good luck to the house
crow – a symbol of fidelity of the marriage union
globe – a symbol of success in learning
pigeon – meekness and purity.A pair of doves – love, friendship and marital fidelity
mountain – a symbol of support, protection and help
open pomegranate – a symbol of numerous offspring
a pair of geese – a symbol of faith and fidelity in marriage
two butterflies – a symbol of marital happiness
dolphin – a symbol of dignity, hope, security
tree – a symbol of longevity
dragon – a symbol of luck, creativity, brings success in business
thrush – a symbol of new opportunities, joy, happiness
toad – a symbol of longevity, wealth and enrichment.Its three paws symbolize the three phases of the moon.
giraffe – a symbol of wealth
crane – a symbol of good disposition, tranquility and loyalty. Long life ability. Often depicted under a pine tree – another symbol of longevity
hare – a symbol of sensitivity, abundance, longevity
stars – a symbol of happiness and eternity.
zebra – a symbol of calmness and equanimity in any situation
kingfisher – a symbol of grace, nobility, marital fidelity
snake – a symbol of movement and renewal.Represents wisdom and deep knowledge. work
carp (goldfish) – a symbol of good luck and spiritual achievements. Nine carps symbolize prosperity and material well-being
two carps – a symbol of complete harmony of relations between a man and a woman
goat – a powerful symbol of goodness, happiness and material well-being
hummingbirds – a symbol of the joy of life
horse – a symbol of victory, courage and power
a basket filled with something – a symbol of abundance, fertility, prosperity
rat – a symbol of prosperity, prosperity, well-being
swallows – a symbol of success and abundance
swan – a symbol of purity and fidelity
lion – a symbol of energy and valor.Protector of home and public places
leopard – a symbol of bravery
bat – a symbol of happiness. Five bats – five blessings – longevity, wealth, health, virtue, life to the end, predetermined by fate
boat – a symbol of arriving good luck in business, security, hope
horse – a symbol of speed and perseverance, bestows strength and endurance, and for children – rapid development. This symbol is the patron saint of children
bear – a symbol of strength and courage
monkey – a symbol of originality of thinking, ingenuity, ingenuity
deer – a symbol of career.
eagle – the strongest symbol of success, power, courage and sharp mind
peacock – a symbol of beauty and nobility. Loose tail – titles and awards
palm trees – a symbol of victory
sailboat sailing in full sail – a symbol of career growth and forward movement
landscape – a symbol of good luck and good opportunities
rooster – a symbol of vigilance, vigilance. Bearer of masculinity. The image of a rooster in a house or office – protection from fire
peach – a symbol of longevity
parrot – a symbol of a cheerful disposition, friendly communication, good memory.
birds – a symbol of joy, beauty and happiness
bee – a symbol of hard work, success in science, art and trade
twisted shell – a symbol of prosperity and good luck in travel
fish – a symbol of success in financial affairs, successful development
sakura – a symbol of good luck, love, beauty, youth and renewal
elephant – a symbol of power, strength and insight
owl – a symbol of erudition, reputation, wisdom, protects against irrational monetary investments
dogs – a symbol reliable protection
forty – a symbol of a good meeting
sun – a sign of providence, abundance, truth
pine – a symbol of long life, loyalty and devotion
dragonfly – a symbol of grace
tiger – symbolizesDefender from evil spirits
ducks (pair) – a symbol of happiness in love
persimmon – a symbol of joy
turtle – a symbol of longevity, strength, endurance. It symbolizes a steady movement forward
apple – a symbol of fertility, love, joy, knowledge and wisdom

“Bedroom Feng Shui or happiness in love. Tips ”, plots on real estate – Kingisepp-today.rf

Bedroom, according to the ancient teachings of Feng Shui, is a dual place. On the one hand, Feng Shui considers the bedroom to be a recreation area, on the other hand, the Feng Shui bedroom should contribute to a vivid love relationship.

How to combine it? Here are some tips for the bedroom of Feng Shui experts:

1) Let’s start with the colors that Feng Shui recommends for the bedroom. If your task is to maintain vivid love feelings, during the first years of marriage, decorate the bedroom with something red, and if it does not fit, bright pink or peach. Red, according to Feng Shui, creates passion and brings happiness to the union. As for linen, white is ideal, followed by natural pastel natural shades.Blue linen is extremely unfavorable, it is always better if the main color is white, but blue wallpapers and carpets are very good. With this combination, your bed will be a place where you will feel very warm and cozy.

2) Feng Shui has a special relationship with indoor plants, which we love to place in the bedroom. On the one hand, beautiful plants will only decorate the interior, on the other hand, the energy of a large number of flowers can interfere with your personal life.Therefore, according to Feng Shui, there should be a minimum number of plants in the bedroom, no more than two, they should be in perfect condition and, very desirable, bloom. All other flowers from the bedroom down, let there be only two of you.

3) The paintings decorating the bedroom should depict what you are currently striving for. If you want to find personal happiness, it must be an image of a couple in love. Children in pictures are good when a couple starts thinking about their own child.Bright flowers (especially feng shui loves red peonies) are suitable for a couple who are at the peak of love passions, and ripe fruits, calm views of nature (but not autumn), philosophical pictures are suitable for mature couples who want to maintain their relationship for many years. It is strictly forbidden to hang Feng Shui pictures in the bedroom with any kind of water – lake, sea, and also to put up an aquarium.

4) Crystals that scatter light, create a play of the sun – an excellent addition to the Feng Shui bedroom for both girls and married women.They create a great mood, attract the stronger sex, and if a couple is formed, they help to conceive a child. According to Feng Shui, you can use individual crystals as decorations in the bedroom, as well as whole curtains made of transparent stones. Another good option for placing them is a chandelier, where they will play not only during the day, but also under artificial lighting.

5) Feng Shui is categorically against the presence of mirrors in the bedroom, which they lead to the destruction of love and marriage. According to Feng Shui philosophy, mirrors are guides to otherworldly worlds, through which, under certain conditions, ghosts or poltergeists can penetrate (remember, by the way, we also often use a mirror in fortune telling).All this can not only ruin your sleep, negatively affect your vacation, but also seriously upset your personal relationships. Therefore, the requirement for a mirror in the bedroom in Feng Shui is as follows – it will be better if you remove it, and if this is not possible, it is on the dressing table or mirrored cabinet doors, close it with a light curtain so that sleeping people are not reflected in it in any way …

6) Great importance in the feng shui system is attached to the bed. It is important to put it in such a way as to avoid clearly negative factors that negatively affect both sleep and rest, and the relationship of people sleeping together.So, the feng shui of the bedroom says that you cannot put the bed so that: the feet are directed to the door; so that the bed is reflected in the mirror; so that the head or legs are directed towards the toilet; that a sharp corner of a wall or a large object is directed at the bed; so that the head of the bed is by the window. If you cannot move the bed to get rid of some negative factor, we recommend using curtains or a screen to block the problem and remove its negative impact on you.

7) And one more thing – if there is no double bed in the bedroom, Feng Shui advises so – it is better to sleep on separate beds than on two beds pushed side by side or two mattresses, otherwise there is a lot of love and sexual harmony in the bedroom hair dryer -shui does not promise.

Source: arabio.ru

objects in the house, dooming to loneliness

Feng Shui rules: objects in the house, dooming to loneliness PHOTO: roswellpark.org

One of the common problems in modern society is loneliness.It’s good if a person is happy with everything, he is satisfied with his life, but more often it happens in a different way: you want relationships, love and warmth.

Any problem can be solved. Of course, one should not avoid communication, new acquaintances, but those who want to change their marital status should make a rearrangement in their home, remove some things that attract loneliness.

Once your apartment is transformed, your personal life should change too. Feng Shui rules: objects and home decoration, dooming to loneliness.

Feng Shui rules: objects in the house that doom to loneliness

Feng shui rules: objects in the house that doom to loneliness

Things that are better to get rid of

Often we do not even suspect that we keep things in our house, condemning us to loneliness. A little rearrangement in the house can change a lot:

  1. Unpaired items. When buying something for the home, it is worth buying paired items, because they will attract love. And, on the contrary, objects without a pair are saturated with the energy of loneliness, attract failures in love to the owner.All things must have their own pair, and those that were bought in one copy must either be thrown away, or bought a second one of the same thing.
  2. Paintings depicting one person. It is worth choosing carefully the pictures, photographs with which you decorate the walls of your house. There is no need to buy images of a lonely person, in this case the owner of the house is doomed to a hermit. And if the picture depicts a sick or beggar, then you can attract poverty, health problems and other troubles.
  3. Old things and magazines, newspapers. It is better to get rid of them in time, because they contain old stories and news. Leaving piles of old newspapers at home shows that you are not ready to let go of your past, and this prevents you from attracting good events into real life. You should not store clothes or shoes if you have not worn them for the last 2-3 years, things that you do not use, broken equipment. Those who dream of change should take it all to the trash heap.
  4. Old calendars. You cannot keep last year’s calendars in the house, as well as pages of past months, all this should be thrown away, because they keep something new out of your home. If an interesting recipe remains on the calendar, rewrite it, and throw the old sheets themselves in the trash, so as not to become attached to the past.
  5. Incorrect room decoration. Girls often cannot improve their personal life; there is too much female energy in their apartment. Lilac, pink, green, blue, black and white colors attract such energy.Conversely, red, yellow, orange and brown colors have masculine energy, and these shades should be present inside the house. You should not hang a mirror near the bed, reflecting a sleeping person, it takes away his life energy. The mirror in the lonely girl’s bedroom condemns her to loneliness. And according to feng shui, it can deprive a person not only of love, but also of health and well-being.
  6. Thorny objects in the bedroom. Many girls like to spend time at needlework. But don’t embroider or knit in the bedroom.You can hide unfinished products, scissors, needles, knitting needles left in plain sight, prevent the girl from finding personal happiness. Married women should also not forget about this rule, thorny objects in the bedroom can provoke quarrels and scandals.
  7. Empty dishes in plain sight. It is believed that any container, unless it is filled with something, will attract loneliness. Empty dishes should be hidden in cabinets, and unnecessary jars or bottles should be thrown away. If you really like a container, you can leave it, but fill it with something, for example, sweets.It is worth paying special attention to the vases. They shouldn’t be empty either. If there are no flowers in them, you can put coins, nuts or grain in them, which will help improve your financial situation.
Feng Shui rules: objects in the house that doom to loneliness

Objects that can attract love

A lonely girl should work on the interior of her house if she really wants to change something in her life. You need to keep the balance of Yin and Yang, try to arrange your home according to all the rules of Feng Shui.

The central part of an apartment or room is considered a male territory, it cannot be filled with rubbish. In this part of the house, you cannot keep things reminiscent of some kind of tragedy, as well as water.

It is better to put some bright piece of furniture, for example, a painting or an armchair. There are other tips to help you fight loneliness:

  • Dining table. There must be a dining table in the house, even if you are used to eating at work, because it is responsible for happiness in your personal life.The table should not be broken, this portends quarrels and scandals. Its size is important. Those who dream of a big family should buy a large table at which the whole family can be seated. If there is only room for one person, his life will be alone.
  • Empty shelves and bedroom decoration. Those who want to find their soul mate should empty a few shelves in their closet, this is a place for the things of a loved one who will soon appear in your life.It is also worth spending money on a double bed or a sofa bed. You can add the color of passion to the bedroom interior by purchasing a red bedspread or bright bedding. You can splurge on a rug or a fluffy blanket by your bed. Such things fill the house with coziness, warmth, emphasize the femininity of its mistress.
  • Add feminine energy. All you need to do is buy a few indoor plants that can be placed in your kitchen or bedroom. Choose blooming species.Vessels with water have a strong female energy. You can put an aquarium with fish or a watering can filled with water for indoor flowers. It is worth hanging a picture on the walls with a beautiful landscape, for example, with a green forest or mountains.
Feng Shui rules: objects in the house that condemn you to loneliness
  • There should be objects with masculine energy in the apartment. Instead of stools, you should use chairs with high backs, which are considered attributes of masculine energy. Instead of pink curtains or curtains with ruffles, you need to purchase classic curtains with a striped or checkered pattern.In such a room, a man will be more comfortable, because a too feminine setting can push him away.
  • Buy men’s slippers. Lonely girls need to go to the store on the new moon and buy new slippers, trying not to skimp on this purchase. It is worth imagining that she is buying a gift for a loved one. You need to go shopping with these slippers, visit a cafe or restaurant. Then, having brought home, leave in the corridor for 3 days, then transfer them to the bedroom. If you believe the signs, soon the owner of the slippers will appear.Until that moment, you cannot give them to other people.
  • Painting with peonies. Girls who dream of getting married need to acquire the image of peonies, they must attract love and passion to her house. The picture, which she embroidered with her own hands, has a special energy. According to signs, as soon as the girl makes the last stitch, a loved one will appear in her life. You can also draw a picture, trying to think about your happiness at these moments, and then hang it in the bedroom, above the bed.

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